Amanut (2004) Movie Script

How's it going?
Been waiting long, handsome?
Why even ask?
We said we'd meet so I had to wait...
Let's go
Let's go
I know the big guys here...
So we got to camp out here
and watch the stars...
For the benefit of education
Get to lie here and watch the shower
of stars on Panomrueng...
Can't get any better than this...
What about food supply?
...Where's the food supply?
I prepared all the food supply we need...
Even you can't eat it all in
3 days and nights
That's great!
Stop! Move! Move!
Hey! Get up!
Are you okay Rong?
Stop! I said, stop!
Freeze Mr! This is the police!
Take it easy, Mr.
Take him away
Thank you for helping us catch the worker
that escaped from the center, inspector
I heard villagers say you're doing
something crazy...
So, I came to see
What's it to anybody
what ritual I perform
Just don't do anything too crazy
I received warning
from the dark spirit world...
From this night evil spirits
are coming down
There'll be deaths!
Hurry it up, man...
We won't catch it in time
I know damn it!
Stop rushing...
Can't get it right...
Wait! Gotta set the stand.
Look over there!
It's clearer...
Hey! Shooting star!
It dropped there in
the ancient stone castle
What the hell is that noise!
What's that noise...
Hard to tell...
We'll know what happened
tomorrow morning.
Hey! I caught the shooting star on film
Inspector sir,
villagers claim they saw a fireball
fall into the valley at midnight
We'll head out tomorrow morning
and find out what happened
The villagers here believe ancient tale...
That dark spirits are buried under
the castle waiting to be awaken by a fireball
And their belief is more frightening
than a shooting star, inspector.
Hey! That's the crazy guy
from yesterday.
What happened?
Move back, Sak.
Be careful, Doc.
At about 10-11 pm.
We heard a loud cry coming
from the research center
There were lights flashing
from flashlights...
Don't know what they're looking for
Then at about 2 am.
Shower of stars fell here in the valley
Last night 2 people were
murdered down there
So, altogether there were 3 deaths
All the bodies were murdered
in a similar way...
I'll have to ask you all to come down
to the station for further questioning
Glad to, inspector.
But weren't we supposed to be
heading back to Bangkok today?
Awe... Just come on.
Okay then...
We'll pack up and get changed.
Didn't think Pichit was going
to question us for 4 hours...
The station was filled with villagers...
Don't know what really happened
Just think about it...
We all heard that strange noise
from the woods...
Then that fireball happens
to fall near the stone castle...
And remember what the inspector said...
3 bodies were murdered in a similar way...
If it was you,
wouldn't you want to know?
If I didn't,
would I be sitting here, Doc?
I have to go call in absent from work...
Then we'll see what we'll do next
If we all decide to stay...
I'll find us a place
Mr. Paew tried to escape twice...
Dr. Do you think if Paew hadn't
escaped from the research center...
He might not have been killed?
The Dr. Already explained it all...
Why do you keep asking
it over again, huh!
I must apologize for his lack of manners...
He must be stressed
from the work at the research center.
What kind of research is it?
That your worker totally lost his mind...
Sign here Dr. To certify your statement
Black scorpion to cobra 1,
Black scorpion to cobra 1...
Search team have now reached
target location...
Area surveyed no sign of alien form...
Moving in to clear area...
Moving in to clear area.
Alright then!
Since all of you are so afraid
of staying I'll help you out...
Take this charm
and place it in your home
Is there another problem again, Dr?
Don't antagonize me!
You think you're the biggest
share holder in here?
Don't forget that it was Dr. Willasinee
and I who set up this center
So, is there a problem or not?
It's the same problem over again
Will you let Dr. Mun speak...
3 of our workers escaped
and was killed...
The police are investigating...
They're becoming suspicious
of our center
How many workers do we have?
There was 75, now there's 62...
3 dead and 4 went insane
They were infected causing
them to have hallucinations...
We must use nerve stimulant
drug on the workers also
Excuse me, I'd like to ask you
Where are all the villagers?
Why is it so quiet here?
Villagers are afraid the spirits
will kill them...
Didn't you notice the charms
on doors and windows?
Some of them moved away
Are they so afraid of ghosts here?
It's the fireball that came down
the night before...
Spirits will take revenge on the villagers
I'd like to know who put this
crazy idea in their heads
I've read the autopsy reports...
It's unbelievable
It gave me quite a head spin too,
Looking from the flesh wounds...
It's similar to what a tiger
would do to it's prey...
Or by a huge bear...
But there's no sign of animal
skin tissue on the wounds...
Just the one's of another human being
So what the hell can it be, inspector?
There's ancient stone castles scattered
all around the Thai-Cambodian border
Last night we saw the fireball
drop south of the castle...
Then it should be right about here...
Where the meteor landed
Yep, should be this way.
Damn! Fucking unbelievable!
What are the soldiers doing in here?
Hey, I think we should get
a closer look...
I want to see it better
Are you insane!
Soldiers with guns standing
Freeze! Stay where you are!
Dad! What are you doing here?
I should be asking you.
So what actually happened here, Dad?
It's not any of your business...
It's top secret
I never knew the army
was interested in meteors
How do you know it was a meteor?
I caught the fireball dropping
down on VDO, sir
Yes, Dad... Rong caught
the fireball on his VDO camera
Sir, we should confiscate the tape
It's my tape...
You have no right to take it, General
Dad you're not really thinking
of taking Rong's tape, right?
No, we just want to watch
and draft it for further data research
I'll tell you what, sir...
I'll draft a set for you
when I get back to my place
Can't believe that anything
would survive out of this heat
Many villagers have already
been murdered, sir
You're thinking our
world is being invaded by aliens?
I don't believe it...
But there have been many
related incidents...
We must quickly find out the truth
Order your men to expand
their search to all premises...
To cover every area...
And let no one know what we're doing
There are 3 urgent orders from America,
France and Blue Nai
to be delivered in 24 hours
My father would like me to help out
with Mr. Mek's psychological profile...
I hope you've already received
contact accordingly
I've just received the documents
and contact from General Naris
We have no problems
Thank you very much
I hope this high technology equipment
from the special unit will help us
find out more
I'll report to you us soon as
I find out anything new...
If there's nothing else, then I'll be going
I'll be going also
My name's Narisara
I'm a physician...
I'm here to help you...
Can you tell me who killed Mr. Mook?
It was a ghost...
It's going to kill everyone it sees
Mr. Mek, please take it easy,
let's be sensible...
If you don't explain it to me
I can't help you
It's just like what Yaithong had said...
They were like the aliens
I've seen in the movies
Let's be sensible here, Mr. Mek
They're thousands of years old
Mek, look at me...
Look at me, Mek
I'm so afraid
We're all trying to help you here
Don't come any closer
Who killed Mr. Mook?
Frightening! They're going to kill me...
No! Don't come any closer!
Help me!
Mek, take it easy... Mek
Get the fuck away from me!
Leave me alone!
Mek, no!
Put down the gun, Mek...
Dad, I think it would be the right
thing to do...
If we sent his body
for an autopsy as soon as possible
No one suspects or doubts
anyone here Dr.
What's your hurry, beautiful?
What are you 2 doing here?
You bastard! What are you going to do!
I just want to be your man
You animal!
Get the fuck away from me!
Leave me alone! Get away from me!
Help! You bastard!
Let me go!
Both of you go keep a look out
No! Let go of me!
You bastard! Let go of me!
You son of a bitch!
Hey, what the hell is that?
How is it that your people
were murdered in these woods, Chief?
It's like this...
My son and his 2 men went around
the village for a safety check...
When they got to the stream they saw
a strange creature dragging Mayom
into the woods...
They went to help
and that's when it killed those 2...
It's a good thing that my son escaped
Is what the Chief just said true?
Yes it is, inspector
Are you sure you saw
this creature take Mayom?
What ever the hell it is...
We must find it...
Right now we have Gen.
Louis and inspector Pichit's men
out hunting it down
The body looks as though
it was hit by a grenade...
But it wasn't
Looks more like it was torn apart...
I notice the traces of nail scratches
and bite marks all over sir
What can tear human flesh
up like this?
Calling Panomrueng from Pichit 1...
Can't contact anyone, inspector...
The radio must be down
Try changing positions
I've changed so many that
my balls hurt
This means we'll have to go down
empty handed...
Wonder how the bait is doing
Hey, Sarge...
What is it?
Our radio can't get contact...
Does it have anything to do
with alien frequency?
Why don't you try tuning to their
channel and request a song
You want to listen to alien songs...
How did you come up with that?
I've just received report...
9 officials from the research center
heading towards the mountain range...
They look suspicious
They know that's a dangerous zone...
And they still insist on going
If that's the case...
Then I'll have to take the men back up
We'll come too, inspector
Don't you want to get some rest?
We don't see you resting, inspector...
So, how can we?
It's the village girl that was kidnapped
She's still alive...
But her pulse is very weak
Regain her consciousness as fast
as you can, Sgt. Nop
Sir, I see a whole police unit
entering into the woods
Where are they?
They're headed towards the cliff...
They're about a kilometer away
from us.
That means they cut short
ahead of us
Sir, what she says makes no sense
We have no choice...
We must take her back to the village...
Use the short cut
Yes, sir.
Where did that gun shot come from?
It came from over there, inspector
What's going on, inspector?
I don't know yet
Fahreng, Doc... Don't come out yet
Hey, what's happening?
Who's there?
It's me, Dr. Mun
Who shot off their gun just now?
It was one of us
What were you shooting at?
I saw about 3-4 of those strange
creatures in the bushes...
Looked like they were going
to attack us...
So, I had my men shoot at it.
Strange creatures?
There aren't any of those
around here, Dr.
I said they were strange creatures
because they aren't human...
But if you don't believe me,
I'll show it to you
Shouldn't have gotten away
bleeding this much
If we hadn't come in time
you'd all be dead
You wouldn't have been able
to take them on
How do you know?
We all have guns here
What are you and the Dr.
Doing in these woods?
We were hunting those creatures
that dropped down with the space ship
And this space ship...
Where and when did it drop down?
That same night we had
that shower of stars...
I saw it all happen because it
was close to the center
The same place that...
Yes, on the same location task
force have seized control over
I think only someone stupid
would believe that
When I saw that fireball drop
from the sky...
I knew it wasn't a meteor...
So, I quickly took my men to the site...
We got there in time to see them
struggling out of their wreckage...
Then they quickly disappeared
into the woods
So, what happened to the
remains of the ship?
The task force came with
large containers to transport it out...
They set up special security
to guard the premise...
No one can get through
Do they know about your alien
creature or these unhuman, Dr?
What do you think, inspector?
I sure don't believe any of it.
Either I believe it or not that's
another story...
But right now I have to
confiscate all your weapons
I'm sorry I cannot grant your
request, inspector...
This is a matter of life and death...
And I must defend for my own life
Where have you been?
What's going on?
Mayom is back, Chief
Yes, ma'am...
Came back early this morning...
The soldiers went searching
for her in the woods...
When they found her,
they brought her back here
Didn't she die like the rest?
How should I know, Chief...
Both of us just came to report
the news...
We told you what we heard...
But they say she's gone mad
Still warm
Remains of a living thing
was burned here
It's the alien we shot...
The one leaving traces of blood
we've been following...
It probably didn't survive so the others
destroyed any trace of evidence
I want everyone to spread out
and search this area...
We'll use this fire heap here as
a center point...
I believe that we'll find something
This way! They should be around here...
Watch yourselves
Are you alright Doctor?
Doc... Narisara...
Thank you for saving my friend,
I'll chop you up into pieces!
Creatures from hell!
We must quickly kill all of them...
Before they start to breed
and conquer the world
In the end those foul mouths
are all dead...
And the leftovers come crawling
for me to help
What are you babbling about?
I really want to know
what an old hag like you knows
I do know what evil you've done
to that Mayom girl!
Why the quick burial?
You should let me first see the body
I think all of you should leave
these woods...
And let us settle this revenge
with them one on one
An explosion!
What happened?
We got them!
Wait... What do you mean?
Private Tueng...
Back away! Move! Let me...
I'll help you, Doc
Stuff the intestines back in... Hurry!
Careful there, Doc
How you holding up there, Dabtang?
Private Tueng and I went looking
for those 3
They were setting up mine traps...
Tueng started running...
What a pity...
Private Tueng!
What's wrong with him, Doc?
You had your men set these
traps up, right Dr?
You let me go this instant, inspector...
It has killed villagers, people,
most of my men
We'd all be dead if we waited
for you, inspector
So good with that mouth of yours!
You are under arrest for possession
of war weapons
I received an urgent call
from the North unit...
They have requisition for the release
of Dr. Mun with no charges filed
Don't know if Dr. Mun claimed
he was hunting aliens...
What's this all about?
He says he reached the area where
the fireball struck before the task force...
That's not possible
Dad, can't we hold him for
I wish we could
You've failed terribly, Dr...
It was almost over for you
Don't talk to me that way...
You've done nothing to make it easier
The head board was displeased
about your failure, Dr...
Nobody trusts us at this point...
Nobody wants to take the risk
with our project anymore...
I had to persuade everyone
that they can rely on you...
The board then agreed to resolve
your little dispute
If this is about repayment
for your favors then...
Go right ahead!
If I go down,
I'll tell them the whole truth...
I'll expose everything!
Don't think you'll succeed
without me along
Just hurry it up...
We have important work to do
Hunting down alien life forms...
Good one!
Don't waste my time...
You agreed to help me get rid of them
Gen. Naris says by law it's illegal
to search the center
But we can search it outside
of the law
But if something goes wrong...
We'll be in deep shit, inspector
I'd like to take on this task...
I ask for one person who knows
ecology to come with me
Through their DNA...
They must be either near a stream
or anywhere humid
The thing I'm most sure about is...
They have strong sexual hormones...
More deranged sexual desires
than any ordinary human
Part of that was composed through
the fermentation of your DNA
From both of ours
Here they come, Dr.
You don't have to squeeze so tight
I was afraid you'd make a noise
I know what I have to do...
Let go
Follow me
What is this?
I'd never believe it if I didn't see it...
What I want to know is what the
2 of you want?
First, let us go...
You have no right to do this to us
Now why should we let you go, Dr?
I want to know what you have
locked up here...
So this is your alien
My guess is you're cloning
a new breed of humans...
By taking animal DNA injecting
it to clash both breeds...
What you're doing is illegal
You have no idea...
How much we can benefit
from this research
What you're doing has to be illegal...
Or else you wouldn't cover
up this center
Don't get too smart inspector...
What would you know?
You shouldn't interfere
with anything we do
But this is immoral...
You're breaking the laws of nature...
It's injustice towards medical science...
Most important you're challenging God
Police and army officials are
asking to search the center
What's happening here...
There are enough problems as it is
Hold them off as long as you can...
Wait until I finish setting
things up in here
Yes, sir.
2 of our people entered inside
the center...
And they haven't been seen since...
I'm afraid they could be in danger
Your people trespassed into our area...
And you have the never to accuse us...
You're either stupid or crazy
Alright, take it easy Dr. Willasinee...
Since you're already here...
To clear any suspicion you might have...
We'll guide you all through the center
I have no more doubts
You sure you don't
want to see the rest of our center?
Eat... I wouldn't want you to
die for nothing
Why are you cloning humans?
You know that it's illegal
There aren't really any aliens...
You're hunting for unhuman
that escaped out of here
You seem to know a lot, inspector...
The more you know the faster
you both will die
Where is everybody?
Why are they making so much
Why aren't they drugged?
Hurry Dr...
They're getting out of control
You fools!
Lock the room
What happened?
We were taking her to surgery
for these customer orders...
But this bitch really had a tantrum
Where are all of our workers?
How many times
will they repeat these mistakes?
We've lost a lost of workers...
Some just back from their mission
This is just perfect!
Someday I'll have robots instead of you
Why aren't they sedated?
We have no time...
We have urgent orders that came in...
We must make deliveries immediately
Keep it alive...
We need the organs
Take care of things here...
I'll handle them myself
This way
Use the electric shock
We have... But it doesn't work
Shoot the anesthetic
There aren't any left
Stop right now!
You can't use poisonous gas...
It'll danger the young ones
If we don't use gas no way
can we stop them
Poisonous gas will spread
throughout this center...
We have many young ones in fertilization
They won't survive no matter what
You're always hesitating...
That's how many of them were
able to escape
I don't understand why these
guns can't stop them
Because we increased the chemicals
to speed up cell construction
Come on, hurry!
Destroy everything...
Don't leave any traces behind
for them to find...
It's because of that Leonic
star shower...
All these damn problems
started happening
I just received a letter from
Internal Security
NASA analyzed the remains
of the wrecked ship...
They confirm it to be remains
from a ship...
Not an alien ship but an old
space satellite Firefox...
It's space garbage...
It was struck down by a group
of meteors...
The same night there
was the shower of stars...
It's possible but chances are
1 in a million
So, it's clear there aren't
any aliens or space ship right?
Or is it like what Dr. Mun had said
So, it's possible that Yaithong's
legend might be true?
But Yaithong knows our secret...
And you know her mouth
I'm planning for villagers to
run her out
I knew you were going
to play dirty, Chief
I think this place will be safe enough...
I'll go back to report everything
that happened
How can we be sure it's safe
for them to wait here...
What if someone sees them...
It's dangerous
Don't worry about us...
Can't be worse than what
we must face
Then the 2 of you wait for us here
Distance of about 500 meters
from basement to research center
Leading back up to the woods
Barely enough air here to breathe...
Very congested
What's wrong?
He's ice cold...
He's turning pale...
He didn't just faint...
He has a heart condition...
Take him to the hospital immediately
I don't know where they are right now...
No traces found to confirm
that they're dead
And now her father is ill
They've seen us...
This way!
How can anyone do
something this evil?
They clone humans then kill them...
Take out their organs
and sell it to rich people
They kill one life to extend
another life...
That's damn despicable
Don't know how far off they are now
Inspector Pichit...
Inspector already left...
He come a few times to visit
while you were unconscious
How about my father...
Does he know I'm here?
Since you asked
What is it, Fahrueng?
What's happened to my father?
Alright, relax Doc...
And listen to me carefully...
Your father had a heart attack...
Right now he's at the province hospital
Quickly take me to see my father...
Fahrueng... Sak
Jack... Rong...
Doctor says there's a problem
with his coronary...
If we don't transplant a false heart...
Then we'll have to find a new
heart for him.
Where are we going to find a heart?
If the doctors are willing...
I'll sacrifice my own
I'll be the one to sacrifice
my heart for your father
Now I understand why
they were cloning humans
To build up a human farm
and transfer organs
But if we look at it again
Think of the patients waiting
for a new organ
Somehow makes what
they do right and reasonable
I still disagree with it...
Killing a life to extend another life
What if we took a cloning heart
and changed it for your father
Your father needs a new heart...
If we don't find one he could die
I hope you're not thinking of
transplanting their heart into my father
There were 2 of them...
A woman and a man that Dr. Mun cloned
They asked to hide out here
in the temple
They were injured from fighting
their own kind
On that same night waiting for you
So you've seen them
The ruthless breed found them
They started battling one another...
I was out receiving morning offerings
Found them both at the entrance
to the temple
So I took them into hiding
Afraid that if other monks
or anyone else found them
They might be in danger
Would you know where
they were heading?
They told me they wanted
to go far away...
Where there aren't any people
They're afraid the others
might find them...
And the villagers will be in danger...
They are of weak mind...
Yaithong has them all under
her black spell
Chief Toh...
Tell the chief to come and talk to me
Father is very ill...
Can't get up
Inspector told you to call your father...
Go tell him to come down
What's the problem inspector?
Have someone alert the villagers
I just received word that this
village will be raided...
Villagers will be robbed and killed
Really, inspector?
Do I look like I'm in the mood to joke?
We must help them anyway we can
Everyone take anything you might have
Stack them up into a wall
and don't go out
Get behind the wall!
What the hell's going on?
Get in!
Back away please
Who did this?
Range patrol unit reported in sir...
It's true...
They're sneaking into hiding
with the border bandits
They're still in Thai territory...
300 meters away from the border
Let's get them!
We must quickly get out of here...
Cross over to the other side
Their people will take care
and protect us there
Isn't there a car or something
to pick us up?
We've paid them a lot of money
There should be more options than this
The border is filled with land mines
That won't be possible
I never thought that
we'd be in this situation
All because of that Leonic star shower...
Made everything worse
Stop blaming fate Dr.
Are we just going to stay here
Or go on to start fresh on bigger
project than this
Hurry! It's dangerous here!
Anymore delay we won't
ensure your safety
Hurry! What the hell!
What's going on here?
Our camp is under attack!
Who's attacking us?
Don't know...
Gen. Louis task force tracked
us to the border
When are they going
to get off my back! Bastards!
Are you sure we can handle them...
Don't worry...
These bastards have a plan
to handle them
How's the General Dr?
He's still in coma...
The bullet damaged his
internal organs
Especially the liver...
We've used all medical equipment
to prolong his life
But right now his condition is 30-70
If in 12 hours his condition
becomes worse...
We'll have to operate again
I smell them...
Why won't they die!
There must be some kind of a chemical
change going through them
You've brought them here...
Without following my command...
So, these are the foreign doctors
If you hate them then why
not kill them...
I'm going to kill you!
Let me go right now!
Evil fools!
I didn't create you for this!
That's your mother!
Buddhist father says that besides
me his only other follower must be a virgin
It's inside you.
Who are you old hag?
I'm the one controlling your destiny
You're a witch... an old witch Dr.
You must create more of them for me
I'll use my black magic to control them
Don't kill them...
Those 2 will be useful to me
What's happening?
They've been expecting us...
Don't use your weapon
No! Don't!
Kill him!
That's good.
The inspector and Narisara...
What have you done with them?
I'll turn them into zombies
Stop your evil doing...
Or you'll die wandering...
Never to be reborn
Are you alright?
My head feels dizzy
Stop! This is the police!
Don't shoot!
Those 2 are still out cold
We can't use this dump to create
the half breeds you want
Shut your mouth!
What you want us to do takes
scientific equipment...
It's not as easy as witch spells
and chants
Don't get smart with me
That smell in here is getting stronger
My eyes are getting blurry
How long will you keep marking
my destruction?
As long as you keep doing your evil...
I must teach you a chasten lesson
Why is the air so cold in here?
Everyone be alert...
I have a feeling something's not right?
Power of the almighty Gods...
Powers of all hell...
Grant me the power...
You again bald monk
When are you going to stop
your evil doing?
You burn your herbs...
Causing hallucinations to
those who inhale...
You feed them your boiled herbs
to brainwash them
What are we going to do with them?
Your cloning business...
Was set up for wealthy millionaires...
And only for few powerful people
What would you know?
It wasn't to help out the world
as you said
Just stop it!
In this world...
No one does anything for nothing
I can guarantee you this Dr.
No matter what happens...
We will build up a new lab...
There's no way until
we kill the old witch
Come on...
We must find the Buddhist father
What about those 2?
Forget about them
Everyone follow me this way
Let's go Dr.
This is our chance to get out of here
Where will we go?
There must be someplace we could go...
He doesn't look good...
Take the father out of here... Go!
We must hurry father...
Narisara follow me...
Go and find the doctor...
Don't worry about me
Yaithong stabbed me
We must get out of here...
Get up
All of you listen to me...
I'm the one that cloned you...
Created you...
You can't do anything to me
They won't listen to you...
They drank my herbal potion...
It's changed their soul...
Did you hear what she said...
She's drugged you
Kill her!
Do you hear me...
Kill the witch!
They won't listen to you...
They listen only to me...
Kill them!
I'll take you to the hospital...
You'll be alright
There's a statue that Yaithong worships...
If blood of a virgin touches the statue...
The curse will be broken
and it will become powerless
Let's quickly get out of here father
Anyone who goes against me...
Must die!
Devour them!
Kill them!
We came to help you...
Everyone's alright...
Are you alright father?
Let's go...
Hurry inspector
That damn woman's blood...
All my spells and curses are broken
What's happening?
For 50 years I've worshiped
you through my brahmacharya...
Don't leave me...
Come back to me...
I'm going inside
Wait! Don't!
Don't go in!
It's dangerous!
Come back!
Don't leave me...
What are you doing?
Get away!
Stay back!
In the end I'm smarter than all
of you in here
Stop torturing them!
I'm begging you
Begging me?
Get out! Hurry!
They've been operating for 6 hours now...
I've never seen an operation so long
He's the only one that's left...
I want him to stay with us
How is he Dr?
His wounds are sever...
He's very strong...
His body is constantly adapting and
healing itself...
This is new breed that was recreated...
It's the only one left in this world
We give him no more than 24 hours
Before we put him on anesthetic
for surgery...
He was still conscious
when he told us that...
He would like to donate his heart
to Naris and his kidney to Louis
Why would he do that?
He would sacrifice his life for another
If we don't do as he requested...
He will put a deadline on his own life...
Right now that's lesser than 24 hours
He was born to live for someone else...
By doing this he's just hurting himself
We don't really know how...
But we believe he can delay his death...
The truth is he should've
already been dead
I believe he speaks the truth...
He has a pure and kind heart...
There are lots of reasons...
To why he doesn't want to live
So we just let him die father?
We can't prolong his life for him...
He controls his mind and body
It's because he wants my father
to have his heart...
And Col. Louis to have his kidney
We've successfully transplanted
the new heart...
The body has accepted the heart
extremely well...
As for Col. Louis...
We've also transplanted the new kidney
The patient that donated both
organs has peacefully past away