Amar Akbar Anthony (2015) Movie Script

'Migration of laborers
from other states to Kerala'
'A thorough verification must be done
before such people were employed...'
'...the city Police Commissioner
announced emphatically'
'He suspects they may be involved
in several crimes committed here'
Blasted rain!
Where can I leave her
for a while?!
Stand here
I'll be right back
Don't go anywhere, okay?
Round like a coin 10 paisa
in my eatery hot dosa
lf you want many
come with money-
Ouch! Would have
burnt myself now
1 tea, bro
Sit down
Started again!
The minute they have an audience
they begin showing off
Things are so expensive these days
' Hell you!
- Yes?
- Speed! They are too fast
- Yes! You bet!
What the hell?!
Take it away, boy
What's wrong
with these fellows?
Audacity, that's what it is
What are you gaping at?
Move, man
What a performance!
My eyes popped out
This is nothing
There's another chap
who rides a Duke
My eyes popped out
seeing his stunt
Hey! Go away, guys
Those crackpots are
on their way here...scoot!
You'll learn only if you fall
and break your legs
What did you say?
You would have been plastered
on the road if I hadn't swerved
You dare curse me?
I won't get hurt
with such curses
Do you know from
when I've been revving?
This is not confidence
It's my arrogance
Oh God!
I warned you many times
If this is the way you behave
I'll discharge you right away
You think you can misbehave
just because it's a Govt hospital?
Fall and break you limbs somewhere
Then come here to trouble us
What the heck are you doing?
Don't you know this is a hospital?
I can't sleep
because of the pain
And the mosquitoes
sketch a pattern all over me
I smoked to chase
the mosquitoes away
Smoke in some places
Ashes all over the place
What is happening to people?
Must be the fire inside
that book causing the smoke
My job is to sell tickets
illegally at the theatre
Don't try to pull a fast one on me
- Fraud Swamiji!
- Get lost, mongrel
You have an injection
Not on your arm
On your buttocks
Turn around
Lower my underwear, Sister
No need! Plenty of holes
for the needle to go in
It was a new one
But I don't know... it became
hole-ridden so soon
My poor bum!
There are many patients in here
Next time you want
to smoke, go outside
That was exactly
why I called you
To help me
Call your wife to do it
Such a prude!
Hey! What happened to you?
You mean this?
I walked over a few people to
get tickets for a Mohan Lal film
One wretched fellow moved away
and my leg went for a toss
Hey nurse! Don't think
I can't go without your help
This is not confidence
This is my arrogance
Going by his arrogance
both his legs must be broken
Be quiet, you dog!
Sister, we haven't as yet got
our daily quota of egg and milk
Consider yourself lucky
you got a bed here
Whatever we do, they never
have a good word for us
What do you lack here?
We lack smiles
If only the nurses here smiled
half our illness will vanish into thin air
Help me!
I fell down
That's what happens
if you call a holy man a fraud
Can't you lie there quietly?
Look now! I had to
come and help you
That's exactly why I fell down
What happened to you, son?
I fell from a bike
It skid
Bhai, you fell from a bike?
Do you know who he is?
A well-known bike rider who takes part
in races at Fort Kochi, Madras and Maradu
I find it hard to believe
he fell from a bike
It was no ordinary fall
It's a long story
Doesn't matter
Narrate it as a short story
Be quiet, man
Anyway we've lost our sleep
Don't shorten it
Go ahead, full throttle
Can I also listen to the story?
Why are you all still awake?
It's past midnight
There she starts again!
Don't mind her
Just tell us the story, bhai
How can a mere fall from a bike
be such a dramatic story?
This is not a story
It really happened
'This is our own Koch?
Hey! Go away
with your camera
You have spread
enough stories about Kochi
Come out with
something new, dude
Okay, then why not
call it Ernakulum?
Kochi is not full of murderers
and freaks like they show in films
Most people who live here
are middle class like us
1st let me introduce my friends
Otherwise my story
will come to a standstill
'Meet him
A smart boy'
Lord! Only Rs 100
Please ensure she doesn't
splurge and ruin my day
Where were you?
I was delayed at work
Today is my treat
for your birthday
Let's go in here
We go here all the time
It's your birthday
We'll go to a special place
Tell me, Anthony
I'll tell you
as we go over there
Not this
Somewhere much better
- There?
- On top of this too
Sir, what do you want?
2 coffee and 2 cutlets
Cut the cutlet
Coffee will do
This is not a hotel
It's a furniture shop
How much does
this table cost?
'Someone had abandoned him
at a theater when he was a baby'
'Chakappan'chetan who had
come to see the film 'Thalapathi'...'
'...took him home'
'Everyone called him Dhalapathy '
Sweetie pie!
'I'll introduce you
to the next person'
'Meet him, he is
the mischievous one'
Give me way, please
Which number to press?
Sounds like a mobile number
Move, brother
This won't move
unless the button is pressed
- ls the doctor here?
- He's on leave
Wish I was a doc-
Hey! Out to kill me?
Get in
What are you up to?
It's over loaded now
You get out
You are not needed
on the top floor
This won't go up
unless I'm here
Some guys are perverts
Even a poster is enough!
'Breast milk'
Only now it is stuck properly
Poor chap, dad
He's handicapped
What did you say?
I'm handicapped?
Get me married
to your daughter
After 10 months she will
be sitting there like her
Only my leg is affected, okay?
Doling out pity on me?!
Out and out Leftist
Only son of Stalin Mammali
'Red salute'
'It's not his leftist views
that makes him walk leaning left'
'He was afflicted by polio'
What happened?
Everyone has ups and downs
in their lives
'He goes through it every day'
'Because he is a lift operator!'
- ls his fate sealed?
- Not yet
It will be, when he sees
the hospital bill!
- Going to the mortuary?
- No, 1st floor
All the same
'Now we'll get to
know his parents'
- Mother
- What?
Did you see my-
Hey! This is for your father
Your black tea is in the kitchen
At this rate father will
burst a muscle and die
Will you please feed it to me?
'Meet my next friend'
'Smartest of the lot'
'Who does he think he is?
Mega star in films, Prithviraj?'
I thought you said
all were middle class chaps?
Bhai, you are kidding, eh?
Let me finish, dude
Those are his aspirations
But what he actually drives
is a superb vehicle
- Are you afraid of speed?
- No
Is this what you drive?
Didn't you say you were a pilot?
When I get free time, I also-
Can you please park this airplane
a little away so we can pass through?
Shame on you!
Pilot, it seems
Who is Amalnath living
in the same address?
He's my younger brother
Father's name?
Anyone in need of money...
...comes running to me
What is your father's occupation?
A watchman at this ATM
He is a bit conscious of his looks
'This program was sponsored by...'
'...Lens and Frames'
'lndulekha Bhringa oil'
For hair fall and peace of mind'
'Colgate, #1 brand
recommended by dentists'
'Freedom from germs!
Switch off that damn TV
And your mother?
- How old are you?
- 32
Don't worry
Everything will soon be fine
- What is your star?
- Taurus
I want your photo also
The groom is a doctor too
32 years is not something
you should be defensive about
I will soon get you married
There hasn't been any issues
in any of the alliances I've fixed
If you have any doubts
enquire at Girinagar colony
See you, okay?
Don't go in for too detailed
an enquiry, okay?
'Like any other ordinary family
avail petty loans...'
' sumptuously on weekends
and live contentedly'
'A happy family'
Wait! Hold on
Who is that veiled girl
in their family photo?
That is the girl whose marriage
Chandrika chechi had arranged
'An orphan girl Resmina'
'Her marriage expenses were met by
the mosque and donations from people'
Look! He is a fine boy
Aren't you happy?
Now look up
You too
'But the groom she got for Resmina
stole all her jewelry and vamoosed'
'That very day she shifted residence
to Chandrika chechi's house'
Her husband whisked her gold
But left her holding a baby
Amar, Akbar and Anthony
are like usual boys their age
They walk in and out
of malls and window shop
'Bargain and buy
at roadside shops'
'Save money and go for tours to
places like Nelliampathy and Munnar'
'They have no idea
if vegetables cost more'
'Or the quota for cylinders
used for cooking'
'They don't even know who
India's Prime Minister is'
- Don't make us so cheap
- We are not so dumb
Who is it then?
Isn't it Narendra Prasad?!
- That's correct, isn't it?
- Must be!
'But in spite of all this they were
very focused about one thing'
'For the past 2 years
they are saving up for this'
'They are hand and glove about this'
A tour to Pattaya beach in Thailand
it was their dream destination
And it's an open secret boys don't
go to Pattaya to eat rice and dhal!
But God does not allow life to
endorse one's dreams all the time
Likewise their lives also
underwent a change
An incident that turned
their world upside down
Goodness gracious!
Where is that photo
of Mathai's daughter?
Look inside 'Ramayana' book
Mathai's daughter in 'Ramayana'?
I left it there myself
I promised to go there
with this photo today
Dear God! If this clicks
I can make some money
This boy watches
only English movies!
My teacher says, watch
English films to learn English
Which teacher asked you
to watch it without sound?
Go to school, kiddo!
Why are all of you
harassing me?
Did mother buy me
from the market?
If that was the case
I would've bought a good one
Are you trying
your Wha1sApp jokes on me!
My dear boy
Isn't it salary day today?
I was talking to you
Will you get your pay today?
You mongrel!
I was talking to you
You won't get
a paisa from my salary
You are always spending it on
some marriage, baby shower... warming and
using up all my money
This time we will go
for that tour we planned
Gracious me!
I don't want your money
Who wants your
niggardly money?!
Hey you buffalo!
When is the last day
to pay your fees?
It was 2 days ago
Tell them maybe
you'll pay it next month
You will be able to pay
only if I get my brokerage fee
Have you recovered
from your cough?
Of course I have
But we must continue
to buy your medicines
God! I have no money
for even my bus fare
Look at Unni
our neighbor
These chaps must learn
a few lessons from him
The mono-act was superb
God! Why did you
get him a job like this?
When I see his leg
my heart wilts
I want to try
Ayurvedic treatment
But where is the money?
I have taken too many loans
So that's out of question
If I repay it
I'll get some more
But where is the money to repay?
Hey! Isn't it salary day, son?
Get away from here
I know what you are up to
Come early morning
to lather me up
This isn't soap
It's oil
Good Lord!
This fellow isn't worth a dime
Useless fellow!
The theater he was born
is now a marriage hall
- Thanks to his 'fortune'
- Ask your mother to shut up
- What is the use?
- Be quiet!
Isn't our neighbor Unni
the same age as you?
See, how he looks after his family
Learn from him
This fellow here wants to sighisee
Glutton, worse than a pig!
Hey! Don't stop eating
Finish the whole thing
I wanted fried fritters
Eats for more than 2 stomachs!
Are you sure you want
to go only to Pattaya?
We have Ooty, Munnar, Lulu Mall
All that's too much
We'll stick to Pattaya
What shall I bring
from Pattaya for you?
Your choice
Anything except AIDS!
Drink this milk
before you go, son
I don't want
Only on the days I get my salary
you'll be magnanimous!
On all other days
only black tea
I have no money
How do you manage to give
Horlicks and Boost to father?
That's because your
father was once 'Mr Kochi'
So why should I drink black tea?
Chandrika'echi has brought
a good alliance for you
The girl is not on Wha1sApp,
Facebook or any love affair
Wonderful girl
If she isn't in any of these
she must be handicapped like me
What a strange boy!
No need for
anymore new stories
We are hell bent
on going to Pattaya
He and his blessed Pattaya
Faisal must be the bad influence
My throat has become
parched talking to him
My husband
Aren't you going for work?
Who will on a Monday?
Who's yelling out there?
What does he mean by 'so'?
Is he nuts?
Don't shout
I'm coming
- Antho?
- What?
What did your folks say?
Few cuss words
plus a curse, that's all
Dhalapathy, shall we go?
Your mother fed you
lots of milk, eh?
I didn't drink
Who wants milk when Pattaya beach
is waiting for us with yummy 'desserts!
I thought you weren't going
My wife is harassing me at home
This is why I won't get married
I'll woo all the girls
and then whiz away
I said that's why
I'll be single
Come again
That's why I don't get any girl
That's correct
That's the spirit
You can crawl
to master's house
We'll meet Pathu there
May your bike
have a flat tyre!
You have taken my
brushes again, huh?
What have you got
behind you?
Let me see your hands
Show me
This was painted by master
All the rest here
are painted by me
You minx!
Paint all over your hands
Come here
Quiet mischief!
Sanju, come here
Come here, Sanju
Path u'n1a!
Sanju is scaring me
It's alright
He isn't normal
- What, dude?
- Sanju frightened her
What went wrong with him, master?
He used to be quite normal
We have only heard of
kids winning in reality shows
But he is in shock after he lost out
in the elimination round
Anyone will become crazy with
high pressure at this young age
That's why though people insist
I don't participate in such shows
That's because he's already crazy
It's pay day today
What gift do you want
for your birthday?
Do I get 1 or 3?
Okay, 1 will do
What do you want, my dear?
I want a big teddy bear
- Beer?
- Bear
The stuffed toy
Oh! I see
Yes, that's the one
- Will it be very expensive?
- Who knows!
Time for your school bus
Before your mother
starts yelling, go to school
Go die, you Vagabond
Not you, Vagabond
That goody-goody U n n I
With his organic farming...
...saint like face and
taking care of his family
He is the sole reason we lose sleep
Everyone has a dialog on loop
Look at Unni and learn
Who is bothered!
Want a lift?
My exam is today
Not tomorrow
You carry on crawling
- You'll fail your exam
- Get lost, Vagabond!
Look! She comes exactly
when we cross this place
See! Jenny turned and
smiled at us even today
Why doesn't she
confess her feelings?
How can she tell her
feelings about me to you?
I'll woo her too
and just whizz away!
Partner! if Amar eyes a girl-
Anthony would have wooed her
- Challenge?
- Sure
Are you still here?
Hey! Look he's caught up with us
Your bike has picked up speed
Not at all!
Yours went into
slow motion seeing her
0h yes!
Stop running after that
worthless girl and do your work
Okay, see you
at 'Shake Sherbet'
He's on an advising spree lately
Don't speak ill of him
after he's gone, you rogue
Won't you do the same
about me tomorrow?
This junk! Didn't you
get it repaired as yet?
We'll be late today also
May be petrol is
not flowing freely
Or is it because you
did not fill up the tank?
- Let me try tilting it
- Go ahead
Only last week I had
filled Rs 30 worth fuel
Praise the lord!
Leis take a same, honey
Give me a muah...many
Are you on Facebook?
Just like you, full time
You never leave that
Kaniha Menon alone, do you?
You mean the girl
studying in 12th grade?
How did you know?
Have you seen her in person?
You can see her now
lam Kaniha Menon
You are always asking me
what dress I am wearing
I am always
in this traditional attire
Don't ever ask me
that again, okay?
What was all that?
Hey! Not me
Discard this bike and
buy a Harley Davidson
Heavy sporting
riding position
The back mono shock
gives super performance
It won't ditch you half way
Hey! This lady doesn't
belong to olden times
Chicken biriyani
for 500, right?
I take full responsibility
See you on Sunday
Big deal!
Hi Calamity Express
I stopped talking
about calamities
Hey! Wonder of wonders
Got your bike
repaired in half an hour?
Let's go
Reji bhai, shouldn't we celebrate
Shibu's wedding with fanfare?
Don't go yet
Hahn! That reminds me
What are weddings after all?
One day I too decked up and
went to church to get married
Look what happened to me
My bride eloped with the driver
who went to pick her up
How can you be sure
Shibu's bride will marry him?
I thought you stopped
talking about calamities
What to do?
I am a calamity myself
This fellow is the biggest
calamity in this house
You damn mother of my mother!
- I'll pickle you to pieces
- Just try it!
Hey! Aren't you going to Pattaya?
- I am coming too
- Me too
- Then I won't come
- I too won't
So you've decided on this tour
Once my uncle went
on a tour too
And their bus fell into a ditch
Everyone in that bus-
Hey! Let's get away quick
Not a single person lived
Hear me out how uncle's body
was brought back in 9 parts
This is not fair, sir
You can't deduct
my salary this time
As it is you pay me pittance
Chuck your job
and leave if you want
There are plenty of educated
jobless people to fill your place
But I don't intend going
First of all, you are late
delivering the pizzas
Plus there are many complaints
about a missing slice in your delivery
What rubbish!
Are you saying I eat a piece
and deliver the remaining?
Half baked theory!
From today I will
deliver on the dot
Fat chance!
Sujith Vaassudev?
Just 15 minutes
No, there won't be any delay
This order will be
delivered on the dot
This time I'll outsmart myself!
Am I not on the dot?
Where is the pizza?
Ooops! I forgot to get the Pizza
My dear lady! I swear
I don't know a word in English
People cook up stories
Look over there!
An accident
Don't go
You're asking for trouble
Don't you have
anything better to do?
- Let's just see
- Come back
Should I stop and look?
Better take the pizza fast
Otherwise your salary will be cut
I'm going
Move aside
Just move a bit
Looks quite serious
What happened?
Accident victim!
Can't you see?
He should be
rushed to the hospital
Why don't you take
a picture of this also?
Shameless fellow!
A man is almost dying here
And he wants to
click snaps in his mobile
Let me make a call
Brother, please call Jadayi
Jadayi Sabu
Who is dying, you are
rushing to buy medicine?
Your father
Then it's okay
Just look at
our Fort Kochi Beach
It's so vast and beautiful
Even your own mother
won't bear this stink
If this was USA, women would
have spread out like that algae
It's so long since I asked
for a 'Shake Sherbet'
Just a minute, bhai
It's so crowded these days
That is an understatement
Last week I had to
use political clout
What a lousy joke!
- Not good, eh?
- Terrible!
I wish I hadn't said it
Can't be more
of a damp squib
I thought so too
Where the heck is this Amar?
Did some girl's father
beat him to death?
So rFY
- Why?
- For my lousy joke
Get lost, man
Shake, shake, shake
you'll soon get your share
Bro, a shake for me also
Wait, you'll get one
Last week, to drink this I had to use
a letter of reference from a politician
What a dumb joke!
But I changed
politician to 'minister'!
This fellow is incorrigible!
I came up with a joke
that suited you guys
Where were you all this while?
An accident on my way here
At the ground, near the signal
a woman fell into a pit
Not a single soul
bothered to help
I got her into an auto
took her to hospital
And donated blood
before coming here
How old was she?
Around 45
Not the woman
Her daughter?
I didn't ask
Maybe around 17
Otherwise we know
you'd never offer to help
Bingo 2!!
Is there a photo of her?
Show me?
This is the politician
And this is the minister's quota
Where is mine?
Come with a letter
from a politician, bhai
With such stupid jokes
you won't get food at home also
Let me taste
That is our salary
for 1 month
'Interests, ration shop,
milkman, loans, petrol'
None of them should
hassle us this month
What about the gift for Pathu?
Rs 1000 will do for that
- Isn't it enough?
- Yes
Partner, our savings
and this month's salary... a round figure of Rs 24000
Minus Rs 30
For the 'Shake Sherbet'
You are such a pessimist!
Better buy the air ticket
while the offer is on
Faisal said we will
get it for just Rs 24000
So this time our dream
will actually come true
Tempting me!
She's already got a guy
It's Akbar'ikka
He's greeting us
Oh whatever!
Find out if we can
get the other items
Amar, your father
had an accident
He is in hospital
You must deposit
Rs 24000 immediately
I can't rope in a single rupee
except this belt!
What is it?
Father is in hospital
I have to pay Rs 24000
What about Pattaya?
How will you go?
Go and pay up
at the hospital
Are you sure this is the floor?
He isn't dead as yet
But critical, anyway get
an obituary bill board!
His photo
Not mine
- There you are!
- What is it, master?
A minor accident
Hope nothing is wrong
How can nothing be wrong?
It's an accident
Where did this happen?
At the signal near the grounds
He fell into a pit
Lord! Was that his father?
How are...
...the nurses here?
One or two are good
Was this room necessary?
Couldn't you have managed
in a common ward?
I have access to TV here
Today Deepti delivers
in the episode 'Nombaram'
Now we'll know if the father
of the baby is Ramesh or Babu
Is that Deepti?
Please bring a change
of dress for the patient
He will bring
You think he will go?
Go fast, dude
- This cash hasn't been paid
- I will do it
- The money-
- I have
I have the tour money
I am taking this rotten banana
Dying of hunger!
- Where are you going?
- To close matters
Oh! Is he gone?
I haven't informed your people
Regi just blew it
out of proportion
What if he had died?
My uncle just like this
during a baptism-
Ask this shameless fellow
to shut up!
Why are you like this?
Get lost, man
How many times
should I tell you?
If you come here
Rasmina will be left all alone
Father is fine
And I can stay
if he wants company
You also can go
Right, Sister?
I'll call you later
I am Anthony
Here's your shirt
This one?
Didn't I ask you to bring that
green collar with red beads party wear?
Party wear, my foot!
Green beads?!
He is on a 'high'
seeing those young chicks
No one on earth but your father
will demand party wear in a hospital!
Why are you here?
My mother is in ICU
Critical condition
We've been asked to
inform our near and dear ones
Sorry, dude
Your father is a better man!
Partner, I paid the bill
It was so crowded there
Thanks, dude
Why this formality
amongst friends?
- How much
- Rs 26000
Don't hike it
Exact figure
Don't pinch a commission
Tell me the exact amount
- Commission?
- Tell me the truth
I'll punch you
But don't hike the amount
What the heck-
Come with me
When his dad is lying like this
we can't afford to do this
How much was it actually?
Rs 22000
Bro, Rs 24000
Rs 1000 for him and Rs 1000 there
So it is Rs 22000
Next time you bet
I won't pay the bill
Amar, the ambulance driver is here
So what?
This is a hospital
He was the one who brought
your father to the hospital
He was the one
who called me too
Please go and meet him
Jadayu Sabu
Jadayu Sabu?
Jadayu Sabu
Okay, I'll take leave
Are you leaving?
Yes, I stayed to
just hear the thanks
if you had not reached on time-
All that is okay
I have rescued
so many like this
Don't think of this
as just a profession
Tomorrow if we lie on the road
hope no one abandons us
Why 'Jadayu'?
Is it your surname?
People call me that
because I fly to their rescue
Isn't it 'Dinkan' who flies
to everyone's rescue?
It's nothing
Nothing, bro
ls your father okay?
Okay, see you
How can you leave?
You must accept something
No, it's alright
Just for our sake
I don't have that habit
of taking money
That won't do
You must
Please accept
This is a real pain
Then give me Rs 100
That's a bit too much
Brother, let me explain
I was just joking
Do you take...?
I swim in it
He belongs to our group
We were supposed to go to Pattaya
Since that isn't happening
Let us splurge
I will name the place,
the time and the booze
Expense is yours?
Near Kurisupalli, eh?
I'll be right there
Strange fellow!
What a smart fellow!!
Good chap
I should have just
given him the 100 bucks!
What can I say!
When they split, all photos
were sent to her husband
For heaven's sake
speed up, Akku
This is the maximum it can go
No wonder we don't get
optimum mileage
Tell us about that nurse
Her husband came back from Dubai
- My dance practice went for a toss
- We get yelled at for nothing
She gets dropped by
a different guy everyday
Is she really going
for 'cinematic dance'?
Why don't you
ask her yourself?
- Yes, ask her
- I will
- Then ask
- Sure, I will
Look, he plans to ask
Quick, follow him
Let him
- I'll drop you home?
- Just stop here
Come early tomorrow
This will do
She gets dropped by
a different guy everyday
Is she really going
for 'cinematic dance'?
Hey! They copied your dialog
You missed that slap!
I stopped dancing
Now I am a hired killer!
Go and ask her now
Go now
This is the perfect time
Go and ask her
Best time
You cheapo!
After her father
became bedridden... support her family she had to
tie anklets to her feet and dance
But anklets aren't worn
in 'cinematic dance'
True, dancers in films
do not use anklets
That's right
Let's go
I'll go, but admit
there are no anklets
No anklets
Yes, no anklets
Didn't we promise Pathu a gift?
I don't remember
I don't want any gift
Mom said you need lots of money
because grandpa is in hospital
So I don't want
a gift for this birthday
But next birthday you can
get me a big teddy bear
That's okay
But not a big teddy bear
A small one will do
I want a big one
Yes, a smaaaall one!
I don't want a small one
I want a big one
Small one is okay
Then I don't want any
Path u dear!
I don't want any
Which bear do you want?
Give it to me
I want it
Look over there
Far away there is a ship
One day we'll go in that
- Where are you going?
- Nowhere
Come, I'll carry you
- Don't cry, okay
- Drink your milk
Where is our daughter?
Where is she?
My daughter!
I don't see her anywhere
Where did you find him?
Sit here
Sit, Sabu'cheta
Mother, he is Sabu'chetan
who admitted father in the hospital
I am very grateful
This man is so careless
He falls into any pit
he sees on the way
25 years ago I fell
into the biggest pit ever!
What a joke!
Look! It's streaming down
Your dye!
You could have brought him
home in an auto
Why did you
trouble that boy?
It's no trouble at all
This is my job
Just a 'thank you' will do
Come, my dear
Who are they?
Our daughter Rasmina
And her daughter Fathima
Our dearest Pathu
But how are Rasmina
and Fathima your 'family'?
I'll explain this evening
Okay, I'll leave
You must accept a payment
No, not necessary
Don't say that
Please accept something
I'll handle it
See you in the evening
They are all
the same kind
Go and pay him something
'Statutory warning: Smoking and
drinking alcohol are harmful to health'
I've fixed the board
We can get away
with anything we want
Bro, it's a great place
No one will disturb us here
We can be here
till tomorrow morning
Why are you sitting so glum?
Say something
What can I say?
Once, just like this, my best friend
sat near the backwaters, drinking
He fell into the sea
And was found only 3 days later
Are you satisfied?
Regi chem, don't ruin this
beautiful night with such stories
Let him say what he wants
Frankly, I feel like laughing
when I hear about such mishaps
Our friend Kumaran
died laughing like this
Take that glass
In memory of our Pattaya tour
that fell into a bottomless hole!
Abuses to all employers
who cut salaries
For the peace of all souls
who died in calamities
When you talk of calamities
come up with new stories
ls someone's house on fire?
Don't worry
It's my ring tone
Recorded it during a funeral
Don't call me
unless it's an accident
Now I am in the middle of
the Metro rail project discussion
Whose ring tone is that?
It isn't a ringtone
It's that buffoon moaning
Everyone moans
after a couple of drinks
I really love it
Love failure, eh?
How did you know?
A girl will cry
at the drop of a hat
But a man will cry
only for 1 reason
A girl
How did your love break up?
Don't be so thrilled
How did it break up?
Lizzie, Jessy, Sumi, Sherry
So many of them?
But none of them
made me cry
I loved only 1 girl sincerely
Only 1 who I really
wanted to marry
I even told
my mother about her
Look! She is the girl
Go and talk to them
She's good looking
But let me see
if she will match our family
That flirt's mother is coming
You sit in the car
Wait please
- What is your girl's name?
- Gowri Menon
- Is she studying?
- Yes
Who else is part of your family?
If you're thinking in terms
of an alliance, forget it
Her marriage is fixed
I just wanted to know-
It's so obvious when uncultured
people like you come to talk
Hey! It's not a proposal
My son wanted a chic chick
simply for time pass!
May be go for a movie
or drive around in the car
Won't I get refined girls from
a good family to marry my son?
Poor aunty!
Misunderstood me completely
Ruined it!
Marry a girl with
a bloody face like that?
Why did you mess it up?
How will I not be angry?
Her mother is
so damn arrogant!
She looks the riff-raff kind
Good for nothing!
That's gone too
It was a great catch
His own mother
ruined his chances
Since I was a good looker...
...I didn't have to lie
saying I was a pilot
High hopes!
She loved me knowing
what and who I was
She called me home one day
to introduce me to her family
She had only 1 condition
Her father must be
suitably impressed
How is everything?
Going on well
...told us everything
Anthony, meet Joe
My cousin
I simply love music
Me too
- Do you sing?
- A little
Then you must sing today
He always says
he likes to sing
But I've never heard him, daddy
Sing for us
Don't sing
Please sing
Don't sing
I did
"A chap who outsmarted
an already Smart Alec!"
Dreams dissolved, my heart too
Dear goblin who is an imp true
Don't sell ice to the Eskimos
Don't try to paint the chameleon!
We never knew
No one told us
the boy sings so well
Hey! Didn't you fall in love?
I did
Not now
Long back
In school
I like you very much
Yuck! I don't like you
Lame fellow!
If you did not like me...
...big boo to you!
From that day when I see girls
I turn my face away
After removing his knickers!!
You haven't got married
because of a broken affair too?
Nothing like that
But there was a girl in my life
What else?
She just left me
That is how a girl's heart is
Like water
It just flows on and on
Men are like mobiles
If mobile falls into water
or water falls on the mobile...
...the mobile gets spoilt
Even God can't predict
when an auto will turn!
Or when a girl
will change her mind
Sometimes it may even change
on the way to the altar
No heart
Girls don't have a heart
Have you ever heard of
a girl dying of a heart attack?
Not at all
Some men belong to
the imbecile clan
He won't touch a girl
claiming she's a Goddess
In the end when some
software engineer marries her...
...he'll sit and moan
What is the use?
That's why you must
get to taste the goodies-
I'll punch you hard
Only a thought
Men who got jilted
advise their friends like this
Let me ask you something
We gave our hearts
Should we give our body too?
Are they entitled to it?
That was superb
I like it, partner
We men love-
Stop it, I say
Love, bull and bunkum
Don't you have any other topic?
Don't say that, partner
Love is-
What is it?
Love is-
What is love, sweetheart?
A fire that sears the heart
What is love, sweetheart?
A fire that scorches the heart
What is love, sweetheart?
A fire that scars the heart
Hooch cannot salve the pain
nor will dope make the hurt abstain
Hooch cannot salve the pain
nor will dope make the hurt abstain
Even if you pluck your heart en masse
hand it over in your loved one's hands
Won't you say it is
a red hibiscus?
And fling it far away, lass?
We'll tuck the flowers neat
behind our ear lobes petite
And be named after the moon
'Shashi' or 'Shashank' dude
We'll tuck the flowers neat
behind our ear lobes petite
And be named after the moon
'Shashi' or 'Shashank' dude
What is love, sweetheart?
A fire that sears the heart
A fire that sears the heart
"if glamorous like Shah Rukh Khan"
Any girl will fall flat
but just for fun!
"if Shah Rukh Khan ends up a pauper
with An1jad Khan she'll elope proper!"
Only a guy loaded with cash is a lover
Any other beggar is only her brother
A leaf falls on a thorn suddenly
or vice versa as the case may be
Girl, why does the leaf then lodge a case
against the thorn for being a nuisance?
Even a snake in the grass
will go to court for justice
Life will turn worthless I say
As useless as a knife without a blade
Even a snake in the grass
will go to court for justice
Life will turn worthless, intolerable
As useless as a wheel without an axle
What is love, sweetheart?
A fire that sears the heart
Chatterbox of a girl garrulous
who is just full of nonsense
Pretends she reeks of intelligence
Falls into traps, begging for deliverance
Doomsday has come for men
when palm trees climbed by women!
Girl, that's it, once you get married
men are as good as blindfolded
Even if an elephant runs wild
won't a man still be a mahout kind?
Such gibberish is a waste of time
A poppycock song that has lost its rhyme!
Such Greek and Latin is a waste of time
An absurd song that has lost its rhyme!
What is love, sweetheart?
A fire that sears the heart
You rocked, man
I think it's about to rain
Let's go
Where is the other guy?
Let's go
Wait a minute
Let me empty out my sorrows
If there is love in my life
it will only be with my Jenny
Your Jenny?
- Your Jenny
- Mine!
Stop it
Let Jenny belong to anyone
Get up
Help me UP
lvly Jenny
Society's Jenny
Is it your or my leg
that has a complaint?
- Who is that?
- Let him go
Must have gone up
to get tender coconut
He should have
given me also one
Why don't we mind our business?
Why do you interfere?
Once a grandpa climbed
a tree to get coconuts
We know that story
Do such people even have grandpas?
He must be punched first
What a beautiful sight!
Has she been there long?
What is it?
Why drool over a lady
who is like our elder sister?
After all she's a policeman's wife
I'll click a snap
Will come of use later
I will woo this chechi also
and whizz away
Are you feeling bad?
There will be a teacher
in every school
And a chechi in every town
That is the law of nature
Wonder where
our society is heading
I'm quite fed up
of this saint!
- Aren't you going today?
- Today is Sunday
I know you've gone
for catering on Sundays too
Maybe we'll leave 10:30
Till then do you know why
they hang around here?
Oh! I see
Chechi, shall we go for a movie?
But didn't we plan it already?
- Yes
- Then why again?
This was just to remind you
You bet!
It will be very crowded
We must leave early, okay?
That's her idea
No chance!
Look at this winding queue
Shall I get it for you?
Watch the power of
a handicapped person
I am handicapped
3 tickets
Why do such people
come to these places?
Don't beat me
Go back to the queue
Didn't you get tickets?
Give us 2 and you can
sell the rest in black
Can you believe?
He really beat me
I will get tickets
I will make her buy them
She has to oblige
if I ask her to
Give me the money, you dog
Actually the theater owner is my friend
Looking at her smile
I think she fell for it
Shut up!
Since you are here
it isn't right to meet him
Don't beat me
She's my wife
Move back
What is the time?
Don't bother
I know
He says it is 4:30
Brother, can you
please bend a little?
You mean till the movie gets over?
You mean bend down
for two and a half hours
If you want
stand up and see, fool!
Let her go
She isn't bothered
Who are you waving out to?
Did you notice her face?
Not face
God-awful face!
Did you catch that shy-look...
...when I said she was my wife?
Yes, she was shame-faced
Any girl will feel ashamed
being your wife
Let me tell you
something honestly
No need
Don't mind him, go ahead
During the movie
I held her hand
You what...?
I caught her hand
You held Jenny's hand?
I swear!
Must be true
- I heard a loud slap!
- Maybe true
I meant I caught her hand...almost!
Everybody has a good opinion
How was the film?
Lower class people like the film too!
Here's you r 'd osa'
It's my treat
Especially because
she said she liked me
When did she say so?
She will soon
Anticipating that joy
Let her first profess
May be she'll choose me
But still you can pay
Are you footing the bill?
Bro, 1 more fish fry
with plenty of onions
Right away
Mackerel fried hot
Roasted pearl spot
Prawns in kokum gravy freshly caught
In spite of all this
do you know why...
...I am not scared I'll lose Jenny?
Because you know
you won't get her, right?
I have an item with me
A song,
Just 2 lines
If you look into a girl's eyes
and sing those 2 lines...
...consider her fallen
Angel's father fell, remember?
I am not talking
about the father
lam talking about the girl
That's how Angel fell for me
Bro, some chutney please
What are those 2 lines?
You mentioned that time
about...making girls fall?
Making girls?
To make them fall for you
Oh! Those 2 lines, eh?
You want to know?
Tell me, dude
Not in a mood today
Tell you tomorrow
Bro, chutney
I asked for chutney
Not your kidney
Tell me, dude
What's wrong with you?
He was just egging you
and you fell for it
You be quiet
Let him tell
Can't you just eat
and be quiet?
What did you say?
Be quiet and eat
Is it because you are paying?
I don't want anyone's charity
- Then don't eat
- I won't
Sit there, Akku
I don't want
- Don't show off
- I said I didn't want
- I order you, sit
- I won't sit
- Are you sure?
- Yes, very sure
Can I take your fish fry?!
Waiting for me to get up
to eat my fish fry!
What are those 2 lines?
All water-
What the heck?
That isn't correct
Come to me asking
for snacks this evening
Then take some more
Is it beef?
I remember, my aunt once ate beef
and the bone got stuck in her throat
Clear out
I only asked you to be careful
Pilot is catering
I feel like jumping
into the pool
Once my cousin jumped into a pool
They had to drain it to get the body
- I said it without thinking
- I only cautioned you
Hey! Don't dump it like that
This pit is only half dug
Where is the guy who
was supposed to dig it?
- Who was it?
- I don't know
A Hindi speaking guy
If we dump waste outside
it will create an issue
That's why we thought
we will bury it here
Where is this devil gone?
Hey you buffalo!
Get up, sir
Let's go home
Is he dead?
- Any waste to be dumped, bro?
- No, I have to take 'this' home
He drank like a dipsomaniac!
I understood something today
There is no rich or poor
Every single person is a base
Well dressed people build
skyscrapers on that base
He drank 12 of them
Did you remember to tell Regi
to keep a bottle for us?
Hey! Don't cover it up
There is some more trash
Don't go
Who the hell was that fool?
He covered up the pit
Now where do we dump this?
Into the neighbor's plot
That's our habit
Let's not break it
Haven't we seen him somewhere-
Come fast
You think this is
where we will all die?
Be quiet!
Every second
you talk about death
- What is it?
- Who knows?
There he comes
- These boys, huh?
- Yes, sir
In the house where you
went as caterers...
...a kid is missing
We called you
to enquire about that
But how are we concerned?
Was there any stranger
in your catering group?
No one
- Are you sure?
- Yes
I know these boys, sir
Okay Go
Someone was an uninvited guest!
Wonder if they found out
I smuggled some food?
Why should I be scared?
I do it all the time!
What were you about to say?
Yesterday that Hindi speaking man-
Don't open your mouth
and stuff your feet into it!
Our tour will go for a toss
We'll be hassled
with court cases
- Just come away
- He's looking at us
Nothing to do with us
Give it to me
No, I won't
- Give
- I won't
Gun dear
What will I tell your
Facebook friends?
Gun dear
G'ma, look Jenny has come
Ask her to dance and
make it colorful here
Come, let's go
- Got some?
- No
I drive the ambulance
No policeman will dare stop me
when I drive with the siren
- Over?
- I finished it
I shared it with him just now
How will it be enough?
Go and tell Regi'chetan
It is for his sake
Ask him, dude
Give it here
Wasted that also
Gun dear!
The stuff is over
Should we buy more?
- What brand?
- MH
Gun dear
I don't know if this is
the right time to ask
But still-
What now?
What were the 2 lines
of that song?
Are you still
thinking of that?
Don't take her away
How will she take
a 'selfie' now?
Let me take one
for the last time
Gun dear!
Get up, Akku
This cannot be carried in the lift
Move your leg
Tell me where the rest
of the booze is and then sleep
Wake up, man
Don't behave like rogues
in a funeral house
Wait until you have a funeral
in your own house!
I'll get back at you guys
I won't buy you
a single drink
I swear on my dead g'ma
- That's cheating
- Wasting money going after it
Why is that a different color?
He drinks only Horlicks
Of course
Such a baby!
Why are they drinking
senselessly like this?
Out of sheer sorrow, my dear girl
Why not?
Sorrow indeed!
He said he wanted to meet
Faisal regarding his ticket
Wonder if he'll wake up
He'll manage
Don't worry
They keep saying Pattaya
What is so special there?
There are many
statues of Buddha
They must be going there to pray
Lord Buddha!
What a stink!
Haven't you completed
this sewage work as yet?
They will finish it
You don't have to bother
What is this, my boy?!
You drink tea also like
you're gulping down booze
Did dad leave early?
Aren't you going to school?
I have fever
Don't pretend
Go to school
Really, she is running
a high temperature
I must take her to the doctor
Let me see
You are mad
Nothing is wrong with her
Go see a doctor
If she's sick...
hands and legs
start trembling in fear
Then it's better you
go and see the doctor
As the tour comes nearer
hospital duty beckons you!
Why don't you arrange more
alliances like you did for Rasmina?
I must cut my hair today
All salons are closed on Tuesdays
Guys always think of
a haircut only on a Tuesday
- Are you okay?
- You bet!
I actually came to talk to you
What is it, bro?
Shall we sit over
a cup of coffee?
Will you pay for it?
It's okay
I'll tell you right away
Just a minute
Do you remember me?
I was the one who
drove you to the hospital
So do you want money?
I don't want any darn thing
A good deed deserves
a simple word of thanks
What did you want to tell us?
What is it, mother?
What happened?
We'll be there at once
Sabu'cheta, I'll call you this evening
- What is it?
- Nothing
- Tell us what happened
- Just come
What is it?
What happened?
What is it?
I don't know
You find out for yourself
What happened, man?
What happened?
Answer us
Tell us what it is
Didn't you go buy the ticket?
I did, but I couldn't buy
Sorry, brother
This will be your last
Where were you looking?
I didn't see
It was so sudden
Couldn't you see?
Sorry, bro,
I did not notice you
You apologize
after banging into me
I was reversing and so-
Did you see the front of my bike?
Pay me for this damage
Who will repair this?
- No, brother
- Give me money, man
Did I not ask you
to stop, you pig?!
Who was he?
Forget it
Who was that guy?
He's one of them
from the 'Andhakar' colony
Let's go
They belong to that Sabbati colony
Don't go
Those boys are all rogues
Your son is very dear to our heart
Anyone who has hurt him
will pay dearly for it
We'll come back
only after we take revenge
Come, dude
Let's go
Get down
Get down for a minute
Why don't we take
our revenge tomorrow?
Yuck! Is this
the way to sleep?
Wake up, Akku
I brought you Horlicks
That was for him
That's mine
Who threw this?
What is it?
Bill for milk?
Hold this for a second
I like you a lot
You imp Pathu
Was that you?
Just you wait!
You don't have to tell us this
She wrote it to someone else
Tell me the truth
Who is it?
But I did not write it
- Then who did?
- I won't tell
You won't?
Tell me the truth
Hey! You better tell or
he'll squeeze you to death
Jenny chechi
My dear Jenny!
Over the mist laden hills and vales
Come sing with me o' beautiful Koel
What have you got to do
in my song sequence?
Your song?
What if she had
intended it for me?
At least come with
a good costume, man!
Look at the absurd way
you are dressed
Let's go, eh?
Golden deer honey sweet
Shimmering fish slipping neat
Apple of my eye, sugar
I dream of you forever
Just once let me caress
Don't say no please!
Let me whisper
sweet-nothings in your ear
You are my desire
Like the rainbow in a sky azure
Men will fall for your smile for sure
Golden figure blossoming
Like cadamba the love-flower blooming
Anklets tinkling
Mischief sprinkling
Golden deer honey sweet
Shimmering fish slipping neat
Apple of my eye, sugar
I dream of you forever
Just once let me caress
Let me whisper
sweet-nothings in your ear
Like the rainbow in a sky azure
Men will fall for your smile for sure
Golden figure blossoming
Like cadamba the love-flower blooming
Anklets tinkling
Mischief sprinkling
'This is not the way to make girls fall'
'I'll teach you how'
'Come, my love'
'Throw away this shameless fellow'
Oh youth, hey loony
I am in love with you madly
Say yes to love
'coz you live only once
Oh youth, hey loony
I am in love with you madly
Say yes to love
'coz you live only once
Whether you know or not
I am crazy, truly besotted
God made us
'Made for each other'
I am your hero forever
Whether you know or not
I am crazy, truly besotted
God made us
'Made for each other'
I am your hero forever
Love and be loved
"In my heart as long as I live"
My dearest, come near
Listen, I want to tell you, dear
Golden figure blossoming
Like cadamba the love-flower blooming
Anklets tinkling
Mischief sprinkling
Bless you!
My dearest Jenny, you will
fall sick dancing in this rain
That too with such crazy fellows
Hold this umbrella
I must tell you something urgent
I taught them that dance
Come with us
Jenny, go away
These fellows are not normal
All these days you hated girls
Now what happened?
You are excited after
reading her letter, aren't you?
Did she send it to your house?
TO yours?
She gave it to me
Read it if you want
Jenny, my dear
Are the dancers ready?
I like you very much
To my Akbar
What does she see in him?
The moment I saw you, my lovely
My words got stuck totally
As it is you're so sweet
It's music when you speak
That's why every night
chatting with you is a delight
Love makes me mad
Don't feel bad
That's my heart
Gold 24 carat
"if you fall in love true
is that the end of you?"
Will your mind filled with ego
forget me, tell me now
My heart beats there, my dear
Draws your face very clear
Golden figure blossoming
Like cadamba the love-flower blooming
Anklets tinkling
Mischief sprinkling
As decided at the meeting of
Girinagar residents association... Sunday we celebrate
our 1st anniversary
Jenny has offered
to organize a dance
Who else is performing?
I have a mono act to present
'A fisherman's mishap'
Shut up!
Jenny has promised to
teach us 'kitchen dance'
That's the last straw!
I am not joining you
These kids can dance
That too at this age-
What age?
You don't have to come
I will take part in all the items
Dyeing your hair
won't make you young!
Who is applying dye?
Enough! You can
discuss all that later
Master! Before that the sewage
canal must be covered
Kids run all over that place
They have promised
to finish it this week
Shall we wind up this meeting?
Just a minute
Do you have any item
for the program?
We have programs
only off the stage!
Sabu'chetan wants
to say something
Go ahead and say it
Opinions are always welcome
I don't belong to this colony
But many of you know me
I am Sabu
Jadayi Sa-
Some people call me that also
I am an ambulance driver
I don't know if this is the right time
But since everyone is here
All these days I was in a mad rush
saving lives of other people
Now I feel I too want
a life of my own
I feel awkward saying this
If caste and religion
are of no consequence...
...can I take care
of Rasmina and Pathu?
I may not be very affluent
but I will take care of their needs
They will not starve for sure
lam not doing this out of pity
I really like her
I also know you are
all the family she has
That is why I came here
to ask your permission
Rasmina is not like my daughter
She IS my daughter
This time we won't decide
about her life hastily
We understand how she feels
We are very happy
to entrust her to you
So let's clap and pass this?
Mom, wait
We should have
asked Rasmina first
He felt humiliated
in front of everyone
Why don't you call him?
He was quite upset
That's true
Call him
I think he is dead
He's moving
If we stop, we'll get into trouble
Let's go
'How does it concern us?'
'One day if we are
lying on the road...'
'...I just hope I don't die
like an abandoned dog'
Who brought me here?
For some actions
thanks isn't necessary at all
It's my turn now
No, it isn't
It's my game
You are cheating
No, you are cheating, grandpa
- Then I'm not playing
- Okay, don't play
- What is it, my boy?
- Where is he?
- He's in there
- Come out, dude
What is it?
Oh! You are here?
You are the one
who should see it
What is it?
Come with me, dude
It's a suspense thriller
Study well, okay?
Good morning, chem
- What is it, man?
- I'll show you
Is it a wedding?
See you
Go, but seeing you again
is highly doubtful
Anyway let's see
God help me
What is it?
- What is the matter?
- I'll tell you
Remember he used to
water plants on his terrace?
Do you know what it was?
Ganja cultivation
Bribe them and
try to come out
Bribing is wrong, isn't it?
Goody-goody U n n I!
How awful!
- That is too much
- It is very simple
I can't do that
Jenny is more of a match for me
Let us dance together
- Hear...hear!
- Made for each other
Toothless actor Prem Nazir
Count me out
Mammali's Body Show
is better than this
Next is Pathu's mono act
A round of applause for Pathu
I will do it on stage
No way
You rehearse first
and then on stage
- She will do it
- No, I won't
Come, Path u it
Look, she'll begin now
Do it
today to...! dear
What happened?
Fooled you!
This is how a kid with
stage-fright will act!
Smart girl
You scared us
out of our wits
My dear, you were superb
This is not super
I'll spank you for this
You can sing the poem...
...for which you won
the 1st prize in school
That's true
Then I can do what she did
Verrrry good!
Wait and watch
All of you will be dumbstruck
'Girinagar Residents Association
1st year Anniversary'
Open it
Hold the vessel
Don't be greedy
Just checking
if it was original
Bun is ready
Put it in
Chechi, care for a bun?
She doesn't like buns
These guys are always joking
- Sir, bun?
- Get lost
Isn't that what I also asked?
Next is a dance by Jenny
Which has never been
performed before
Raise the curtain
My girl's dance
- Move away
- Get lost
Move away
Hey! Move
I can't see
Now, no problem
What the heck?!
Sexual assault, eh?
Why would I hit on
such an ugly creature!
What are you up to?
I'm coming
Go quickly, man
I'll meet you outside, pig!
What are you up to?
He is reeking of booze
Our next item is-
Next is mine
Someone else has to perform
No, let me do mine
Remember what Pathu did the other day?
I'll do that
It will be a great act!
Now we have
a mono-act from Regi
Pathu, he's doing
what you did
Dear members of-
Why isn't anyone coming?
Get up and go!
I am acting
Get out, man
- He must be drunk
- I swear I am not
You'll laugh
I promise you it'll be funny
Get out, man
He is not even steady on his feet
Come, 9113/5
It's not over yet
It will be funny
You'll laugh at the climax
Please be calm
Next is a beautiful song by Fathima
Once in my garden in a corner
With love I grew a jasmine creeper
I watered it, my heart truly happy
with feathered dreams created a canopy
A cool breeze delightfully
touched those tendrils daintily
A few days later he came out of the blue
My cherished buds into darkness he threw
Once in my garden in a corner
With love I grew a jasmine creeper
A cool breeze delightfully
touched those tendrils daintily
A few days later he came out of the blue
My cherished buds into darkness he threw
Hands with bangles jingling clapped
I could not hear the parakeet's ballad
No game could I play happily
with the squirrel or magpie easily
When angels land in my garden
riding on chariots from heaven
I don't have garlands of jasmine
to welcome these fairies divine
I don't have gold or pearls either
but in my garden nurtured with care
Once in my garden in a corner
With love I grew a jasmine creeper
A cool breeze delightfully
touched those tendrils daintily
A few days later he came out of the blue
My cherished buds into darkness he threw
I wished, sweet spring will arrive
to befriend the moon and dragonfly
On lips sweet smiles to bestow
A never fading golden glow
Hoping koels with beaks caressing
sang on trees a special blessing
Wishing the forest streams saunter
like anklet bells ringing in laughter
I longed for my dreams to flower
Once in my garden in a corner
Once in my garden in a corner
With love I grew a jasmine creeper
A cool breeze delightfully
touched those tendrils daintily
A few days later he came out of the blue
My cherished buds into darkness he threw
Wow! What a resounding applause!
Fathima rocked
If that's how one gets applause
I too would have sung
Yes, and we'll have to run around
to arrange your funeral
I have an idea
Let's present that 2 line song
Which one?
The one you sing
looking at a girls' eyes
That can't be done here
That's for ladies only
Lungi dance?!
Go...she has started dancing
I am going
Let's go
What is it?
Look! That is the rascal
Which rascal?
Remember that fellow who hit me?
He's the one from 'Andhakar' colony
How dare he dance here?!
You Vagabond!
How dare you dance here
after hitting our partner?
Don't leave him
Are you running away?
Catch him
Stop right there
Don't let him go
Catch him
Have you seen Pathu?
Pathu is missing
Where is Pathu?
Did you see my daughter?
My daughter is missing
She must be somewhere here
She must be with the other kids
Don't cry
My little girl!
Once in my garden in a corner
With love I grew a jasmine creeper
I watered it, my heart truly happy
with feathered dreams created a canopy
A cool breeze delightfully
touched those tendrils daintily
A few days later he came out of the blue
My cherished buds into darkness he threw
'I am calling from
the travel agency'
'Sir, Pattaya tour tickets
have been issued'
'The tour package details!
Listen! Take it easy
You got one more
calamity to narrate
You must come to
the police station at once
The Chief inspector
wants to meet you
We haven't got
any more information
No, I am on a sacred vow
Otherwise I would've-
Please give me 2 days, sir
Where was the kid staying?
In my house
What is the matter?
What is the matter?
Recently there were
reports of missing kids
All of them were
girls below 10 years
3 of those girls were found dead
in 3 different places
Coincidentally, they had
all been sexually assaulted
Sir, what are you...
The post mortem report says
your Fathima also-
Wait! I haven't finished yet
Based on facts from locations
where these kids were found...
...we have zeroed in on a suspect
Dhapan, a Bengali
After serving a jail term in Bengal
for assaulting a 5 year old...
...he is just out
A habitual offender
He was seen in those areas
where the kids went missing
Have you seen him?
Yes, sir
'Who is that?'
'He must have come
for some tender coconuts'
'We've seen him somewhere'
'Come, dude'
We actually suspected him
And what did you do about it?
Tell me, what did you do?
What can you do, right?
None of your business, eh?
Why take unnecessary
responsibility for someone else
Never do anything worthwhile
But why are you affected now?
When it concerns your own family
makes your stomach churn, right?
If you had complained, a small hint
that girl would have been alive today
You wastrel-
God forgive me!
Sir, we never imagined-
Shut up!
You don't react promptly and
you come here and moan, eh?
Shameless fellows
Spineless creatures!
Call yourself youngsters
Full of booze and drugs
you're blind to everything
Didn't he kidnap that kid
right under your nose?
Suspected him
Go home kids
Go home, have dinner and
tuck yourselves into bed
You guys are fit only for that
This is our job, right?
We'll catch him
We must, right?
We will
We will for sure
I too have a daughter this young
You can go
Get out!
You won't get him
No other kid will have to go through
what happened to our Pathu
Yo u
Wait there
Pay me for the broken pots
Give me my money
No! Don't
Let me go
I want to chop him up
I want to kill the guy
who killed our Pathu
Chop him, dude
True! He ought to die
He was the one
who killed all of them
But your Pathu was
not killed by him
What the hell are you doing?
This is the man...who killed Pathu
and dumped her into the drain
Don't talk rubbish!
That poor kid was always
hanging around you, master
Don't believe them
They are crazy
Yes, we are mad
These simple souls
will easily believe you
Isn't that how you
made him also 'mad'
Why don't you
sing a song, Sanju?
- Then let's go home
- No, I won't come
You are evil
Better come with me
Otherwise I'll kill you
I won't come hereafter
I will tell your parents everything
No! Please don't
Then come with me
Beat him to death
The dirty pig!
Such a satanic fellow!
Beat him till he dies,
bloody lowlife
No one must ever
stoop so low ever again
Give it to him!
He isn't the only one to be killed
We don't want any one
like him here anymore
Sir, this is getting out of hand
Let them do
what they want, dude
We arrest them with great difficulty,
bring them to court, punish them
And send them to jail
For what joy?
To feed them mutton and
make their bodies beefy, eh?
There are already many of them
in there...minus a leg or a hand
Such perverted guys
must not be punished by us
The affected people must do it
Rip him to pieces, my girl
What they did
was perfectly right
We often read
about it in the papers...
...and felt like reacting
just like what they actually did
But your friends were a little too late
But why didn't we see you
even in a single scene?
'He and his blessed Pattaya!
Faisal must be the bad influence'
'Go tell Faisal
He'll set it right'
'He said he was meeting Faisal
to get tickets for the tour'
Get your tickets ready
I'll take care of the rest
But you haven't yet told us
how you fell from your bike
'A few months later
on a pay-day'
See you!
What is it?
It's Faisal
Put the phone on speaker
Sing the 2 lines of the song
you woo the girls with
There are many here
waiting to hear it
Sing it, man
Sing it at least now
- Bro, please
- So I sing it, eh?
After so long...finally!
New face...another new face
New face...
You rascal
- I'll finish you today
- Don't leave him
What is love, sweetheart?
A fire that sears the heart
What is love, sweetheart?
A fire that scars the heart
Hooch cannot salve the pain
nor will dope make the hurt abstain
Hooch cannot salve the pain
nor will dope make the hurt abstain
Even if you pluck your heart en masse
hand it over in your loved one's hands
Won't you say it is
a red hibiscus?
And fling it far away, lass?
We'll tuck the flowers neat
behind our ear lobes petite
And be named after the moon
'Shashi' or 'Shashank' dude
We'll tuck the flowers neat
behind our ear lobes petite
And be named after the moon
'Shashi' or 'Shashank' dude
What is love, sweetheart?
A fire that scorches the heart
A fire that sears the heart