Amara Kaaviyam (2014) Movie Script

'This is an ode to my guru late Mr Jeeva
who directs me from within' - Jeeva Shankar
'Immortal masterpiece'
Time to go to court
Stand against the wall
'Coimbatore 1989'
Handcuff and bring him
The boy is a bit strange
Escort him carefully
Thank you, sir
Your girl is coming this way
She's looking at me
Shall I go tell her?
Go...go fast
"I was a boy earlier
Now I'm a youngster"
"You're sandwiched in between"
"ls it right, this flow of adrenalin?"
"You were my friend true
Now you're my girl-friend new"
"Sandwiched in between is me"
"ls it right...te | | me frankly"
"Silhouettes do we represent?"
"Is it right, this magic present?"
"ls it it worthy?
ls this me, yours truly?"
"Will I fall or rise again?
Am I an adult from now on?"
"ls it fine...hunky-dory?
ls this I, myself, me?"
"Will I dive or climb new levels?
Am I a man now and hence?"
"I was a kid before
Now a teenager to the core"
"You're right in the middle
ls it right, just or sensible?"
"Teenagers view
world in a new hue"
"Picturing beauty
in eloquent eyes true"
"The song I heard yesterday casually
sounds peppy today, is it right, tell me?"
"ls it it worthy?
ls this me, yours truly?"
"Will I sink or float?
Will I be a man aloft?"
"In adolescence do minds waver?"
"When girls see, however,
do hearts seem heavier?"
"ls a friend's life partner,
his friend or sister?"
"Neither? ls this question proper?"
"We are doodles of delight"
"We are also roads infinite"
"Hereafter quiet mischief
of the cold Wind's whiff"
"Silhouettes do we represent?"
"ls it right this magic present?"
"ls it this the way?
ls this I in me today?"
You just keep looking at her
like that and the year will end
Didn't she smile at me or not?
Your dad and hers
work at the same bank
She comes to your house
and you visit her
Same class too
Obviously she'll smile at you
What else do you expect?
Don't think too much
After they cross that corner
she'll start walking alone
Just go look into her eyes
and tell her you love her
What are you thinking about?
Be brave and tell her
All of a sudden?
As it is, I'm tensed
Don't be scared
What can she do?
She'll either smile
or reject your love
At least you can study
in peace if you find out
What if she says no?
-First profess your love
Then depending on her reply
we'll think of the next step
Don't decide for her
Go now
I have an idea
I can't talk as boldly as you
So why don't you go
and tell her I love her?
Don't get tensed
I'll tell you why
What if she goes
and tells her folks?
It will be really humiliating
If you express love
on my behalf to her...
...and they find out at home
I'll deny it outright and escape
So is it okay
if I get humiliated?
You won't
She doesn't know anything about you
You won't have any problem
Go fast, dude
She'll leave
I'll go
But let me tell you this
If she rejects you... shouldn't
be upset with me
She won't
Just go
ca")! on!
Are you walking back home?
I want to tell you
something important
- You know Balaji?
- What about him?
He loves a girl in our class
But he's scared to tell her
That's why I thought
you'd help if I told you
What can I do?
Whom does he love?
You know him well
He's a very good boy
-Who is he in love with?
- You...he loves you
Are you his messenger?
Are you jobless?
I'm not a messenger
He said he felt scared to tell you
That's why I'm here
If you want, I will
ask him to come
No need
Tell him I'm not interested
Not interested?
Then why did you keep
turning around and smiling?
Don't deny it
I've seen you look at him
Yes...l looked, and I smiled
I'm not denying it
Then what?
-I was not looking at him
I was looking at you
I'll tell you why as well
Othewvise you won't get it
into that thick skull of yours
Because I love you
That's why I looked at you and
smiled every time I walked past
If the two of you are stuck to
each other like leeches all the time... will you know who
is looking at whom and why
Use your brain a little bit
before asking questions
Othewvise it'll rust
Talking utter rubbish!
Has your doubt cleared
or do I have to elaborate?
Karthika...Balaji loves-
Do you like me or not?
I like you very much
I'm under the impression
all along you like me too
If that's true, wait for me
tomorrow morning here, alone
Then I'll know
you feel the same way
If you're not waiting,
I won't bother you
What happened?
Did you tell her?
- What did she say?
- I didn't tell her
Was someone with her?
When I went near her,
I chickened out
When I told you
you acted so brave
Now do you realize?
Forget it!
But why are you standing
like you've seen a ghost?
Thank God you didn't say
anything and mess it up further
I'll tell her myself
Let's go now
Instead of face to face, I think
a love letter will suit my style better
Want some tea?
'I was not looking at him'
'I was looking at you'
'Because I love you'
'Just looking at Karthika
is enough for me'
'My life will be so happy'
'Do you know
how much I love her?'
'I like you very much'
'I am under the impression
all along you like me too'
Have you been waiting for long?
-No, I just got here
Do you really love me?
Sorry, I don't mean
to sound so doubtful
Till this moment, I don't
even know if you love me
I'm the one who
expressed my love
I won't ask you this again
How long have you
been in love with me?
I don't know the exact
moment I fell in love
But I remember the day
I realized I love you
You didn't attend school
for a few days at a stretch
Yes, I had fever
So I stayed home
First, I didn't realize
Then during lunch time, I thought
I'd ask Balaji why you hadn't come
Then I thought to myself
'Why should it matter to me?'
Next day, I kept looking
towards the door
When I knew you weren't coming,
somehow I didn't like being in class
I almost wanted to make up
some excuse and go home
The whole day
I was in a lousy mood
I could breathe only when
I saw you the next day
I love you
You came out with it
I was waiting to see
when you'd tell me
Who permitted you
to hold my hand?
Good to know
you're scared of me!
What happened?
Are you angry?
I thought about Balaji
- I encouraged him for so long
- But you didn't know
Explain to him patiently
I'm sure he'll understand
Tell me again
Tell me you love me
I love you
Now do you believe me?
I don't have a dad
When I was 4
he died in an accident
My mom and dad
fell in love and got married
2 years after my dad
passed away... grandparents
got her married again
My stepfather is a nice man
But everyone forgot my dad
Even if there are
people around me...
...I still feel so alone
The face I see last
before I die will only be yours
Don't say that again
"Handful of thoughts flutter
On my heart embroider"
"Assorted thoughts cluster
And on my heart embroider"
"Words you spoke casually
become gospel to me"
"Shall I see myself in your eyes truly?"
"if our shoulders brushed
shall I swim the skies flushed?"
"Honey drops in words you added
Sweetness in my heart padded"
"Several thoughts scatter
And on my heart embroider"
"After our caressing experience
I sensed in the breeze a difference"
"I saw the wind dressed
in hues of fragrance blessed"
"In the path we tread, silence will pain me
Still, distance we will gain steadily"
"Where the journey ends is of no relevance
I'll support you until lifeless I collapse"
"Random thoughts wander
And on my heart embroider"
"Strands of your hair on my shoulder resting
Umbilical cord nurtures a new nesting"
"if heart parched in thirst, scorching
resolved by your lap comforting"
"Father, mother, kith and kin
You are my bond akin a Siamese twin"
"Before my soul's imprint erodes away
to see you face to face I fervently pray"
"Various thoughts vividly appear"
-"Diverse thoughts in first gear"
"On my heart embroider"
-" | nto my soul as shareholder"
"Words you spoke casually
become gospel to me"
"Shall I see myself in your eyes truly?"
"if I brushed your shoulder
shall I swim the skies yonder?"
"Honey drops in words you mixed
Sweetness in my heart you indexed"
Guess what this is?
Love letter
If she reads this,
she'll fall flat for sure
I've poured
my heart out to her
I'm thinking of giving it
to her after school
Think carefully
Don't get into trouble
because of this
And your family knows her too
Why do you keep
changing your opinion?
You said I could at least
study in peace if I knew
It's not that, dude
Just by the way she smiles or looks
at you, you can't be sure she loves you
That's why I want you
to be patient
You don't worry
When I give the letter,
just come with me
That's enough
Not with me exactly
Stand a little bit away
I'll take care
of everything else
Listen to me
Tear up that letter
Why are you getting tensed?
If there's a problem,
I'll handle it
I'm telling you because
she loves someone else
Who told you?
She told me that day
I just didn't know
how to tell you
She's a very nice girl
She felt bad when
she knew how you felt
Did she tell you
whom she loves?
Did she or didn't she?
How will that help you?
What does it matter who?
Just let it go
-No, I need to know
I'll ask her myself
Sit down, I'll tell you
Karthika loves me
- Hello, Balaji
- ls Karthika there?
Yes, sit down
I'll call her
Hi, Balaji
I wanted to talk to you myself
I came this side
So I thought I'd drop by
Aren't your parents home?
They've gone to the market
I was talking to Jeeva
What did he tell you
that day after school?
That you loved me
What did you reply?
Tell me, Karthika
What did you say?
I said I didn't feel
the same way about you
You didn't say anything else?
Please, let's not talk about it now
Karthika, you don't like me
But can't you tell me directly?
I told him I like him
- You said you only like him, right?
No...that I love him
ls that enough?
Please, Balaji
Try to understand
The way I feel about Jeeva...
...I've never felt the same
with anyone else anytime
And it won't
Even Jeeva didn't know
I love him till that day
I told him only because...
...he pestered me as to
why I didn't like you
I swear I didn't know you felt
this way about me at all
If I did, I'd have told you first
that I was in love with Jeeva
I'm sorry if I've hurt you
Hope you aren't angry with us?
-No...see you
Do you have a Karthika
studying with you?
Apparently she wants
to borrow your notebook
She's here
Ask her what she wants
What happened?
Why did you come home?
ls something wrong?
It's the first time
I'm coming to your house
I thought you'd be happy
But you're wondering why I came
I'm leaving
No...l didn't mean it that way
I didn't expect you here
- You really got guts
- I felt like seeing you
So I just came
1 minute. I'll be back
- ls there any tea?
- I'm getting it for you
I'll bring it
What happened?
How dare you get up and go in
when I'm sitting right here?
I asked my mother
to make tea for you
Hope she won't be angry
I came over unannounced?
No, she won't
Have many girls
come home before?
You're the 1st girl
to come looking for me
Tell me
I love you
Bah! came home
No problem
I told him everything
- He understood
- Did he really understand?
Yes...he even apologized
Thanks, aunty
Talk to him
Don't be angry
even if he loses his cool
This is Karthika
My classmate
- Hello, uncle
- Hello, dear
That's Arjun
My brother
- Sit down, dear
- It's late, uncle
- I'll leave
- Take care then
Thanks for the coffee, aunty
- I'll take leave now
- Okay, dear
You wanted his notebook
Didn't you take it?
That's right
I forgot about it
Wait, let me get it for you
I blotched it
See you
She came to
borrow his notebook
They sat down and
spoke in whispers
She drank tea and
thanked me for the coffee!
She was about to leave without
the note saying she forgot
What are you
trying to say now?
He might ruin his studies
by thinking of love and such stuff
That's how they are at this age
Then they'll realize
and go their own ways
Only if you talk about this
and make it a big issue... will go wrong
Not just that
Instead of lying to us
and meeting her sneakily...
...he has brought her
home to talk, right?
Since he trusts us so much,
shouldn't we trust him too?
- Hello?
- Hello, Balaji
- Tell me
- Just thought I'd call
Karthika told me about
your conversation
I was worried
you'd be mad at me
Thanks, Balaji
-it's okay
I'm busy right now
I'll talk to you later
Okay, dude
Okay, see you
What happened?
It'll take till 1:00 p.m
for our case it seems, sir
All of you wait here
I'll go up and meet the Public Prosecutor
-Okay, sir
Sir, why don't you drink tea
and bring me a cup also?
Do you want tea?
-Let him be. You go, sir
Come, Arumugam
Let's sit there
Your folks aren't here?
Running around with
sickles inside a court?
Get up
Stand up
Where's that boy?
- Sir, he was right here
- Where?
- Where did you disappear?
- We went to drink tea, sir
Stop looking at
my face, go search
He must be here
He couldn't have gone far
Control room, a convict has
escaped from Coimbatore court
Brown shirt, black pants
and handcuffed
My name is Jeeva
Karthika's classmate
Karthika has told me
about you, come inside
Hasn't Balaji come?
She said he's coming too
He got held up
He'll be here soon
He'll come
-Hello, Jeeva
Ma, this is Jeeva
I told you about him
Sit down
Ma, we'll study in my room
Just make coffee for us please
Okay, dear
Oye! What are you doing?
Now I realize
why you are here
Did my mom ask you anything?
If you answer correctly,
I'll kiss you again
Othewvise your loss!
Thanks, aunty
If you close all the windows
how will you get enough light?
My mom is a smart cookie
As soon as I entered
she asked me why Balaji hasn't come
Now I understand why
You're like a tube light
You brighten up after a while!
Even now you don't know
why I'm yelling at you
I can tell from your face
You'd have been kissed again
if you had just answered my question
Now that's gone too?
My parents are going
to Coimbatore tomorrow
Will you come home?
I know why you're calling me
Find someone else for that
Now study properly
I love you
I love you too
Shall we study properly now?
Do you know
how much I trusted him?
Being a friend he betrayed me
I know very well
she loved me
He must have
poisoned her mind
Even if she loved him,
how could he accept it?
He should have said no
and pointed his finger at me
I'll get a chance one day
to show him how this feels
Let it go, bro
Grumbling about
the same thing all the time!
It's over now, no?
Why don't you leave it?
In the same city I want to open
a bigger tea shop than this
This owner acts too smart!
Where's the 100 bucks I gave you?
I'll slap you!
Give it back to me in 2 days
Can't repay my loan but
he plans to open a shop!
- "Sing a new song for adolescence"
- "Floral tune of youthful fragrance"
Hey! Come inside
1 minute. I'll be back
What happened?
I'm standing with just a towel
I'll get dressed in a minute
It's okay
I won't misunderstand
Open the door
It's okay for you?
I'm embarrassed
Just wait 2 minutes
I'll be back
If you don't open
the door now...
...I'll leave right away
You decide
Will you think twice about
opening the door to me!
If you don't let go of my hand,
I'll take off your towel
Better let go of my hand
Okay, take it off
I love you
Let go of my hand
Look into my eyes and tell me
I'll let you go
Then even I won't
Please, Jeeva
It hurts Let me go
"Angel from the sky showers
a scented deluge of flowers"
I love you
"Your side glance leaps afar
Caresses me like nectar"
Get dressed and come fast
Let's go out somewhere
Yes, you stay here trusting me
for a little while longer...
...I'm not responsible
for whatever happens
You rowdy!
"Beyond compare,
my soul mate you are"
"if you stare fixedly,
you'll know I'm not me"
"A boon to whisper
leaning on each other"
"Like the cool drizzle
as refresher sizzle"
"Loving glances encircled
in eyes whir | poo | ed"
"I stroll, I float, I fly
Come with me, comply"
"Lean, join, enjoy leisurely
Infuse life into my heart soulfully"
"Angel from the sky showers
a scented deluge of flowers"
"Your side glance leaps afar
Caresses me like nectar"
"Second to none, you're my soul mate truly
If fixedly you peer, you'll know I'm not me"
"Celestial cherub from the sky showers
a fragrant flood of flowers"
"Your side-glance leaps afar
Caresses me like nectar"
"Beyond compare,
my soul mate you are"
"if you look closely,
you'll know I'm not me"
Shall we go?
What happened?
I never knew there
was a place like this
I've come here so often
I'm wondering if you'll keep
your hands to yourself
Put your hands out
I barely finished saying it
and you've already started
I promise I won't touch you
without your permission
I trust you for now
But I wonder for how long
Even if you make a mistake,
I should apologize
ls that how it is?
Did I promise
I won't touch you?
You should think before
you say something, tube light!
This won't work
I'm going back on my promise
That's not fair
A promise must be kept
How do I love someone who
changes his mind every minute?
Tell me
What are you looking at
when I'm right here?
Rowdy. . .!
What guts you have
to kiss me, rowdy?
You closed your eyes
in anticipation when I kissed you
If you don't let me go,
I'll kiss you on your lips
Let's see if you are
brave enough to do that
Don't do this
- Jeeva, I'll scream
- Okay, scream
Get up
Come this side
What are you doing?
-We are lovers, sir
We were just playing, sir
Sir, what he's saying is true
Please let him go, sir
This is how you love each other
- Which area are you from?
- Kumaran Nagar, sir
Do you come here often?
-Yes, sir
2 days ago, did you
come this side?
Tell me. Did you?
I did, sir
Put him in the jeep
-Why, sir?
I didn't do anything wrong
Will you shut up and come?
Or should I beat you up and drag you?
Rajendran, we'll take him
to the station now
You go with the girl and bring
her father or any elder to meet me
Will you go quietly or do I
put you in the jeep too?
Karthika, don't be scared...go
I'll come to your house and explain
Go, don't cry
I told you to take her
and you're standing around!
Please, sir
He's a good boy
At least you tell him, sir
-He won't listen to me
He'll question him and release him
ls all this necessary
when you're just students?
Did you see any local guys that day
around 28-30 years of age there?
I went there only to study, sir
Looked like it would rain
So I left the place early, sir
You took that girl
to a real lonely spot
If some goons had come that way
and tried to do something to her...
...would you have been able to
handle them single handed?
Go stand in that corner
You can go only if someone
from your house comes
Come, sir
Sit down
My parents are really
not at home, sir
Will you stand there quietly
or should I take you to task?
Tell me, sir
Take down his father's name,
address and phone number
Then send him off
If his father is really not in town,
ask him to meet me when he returns
Okay, sir
Did the constable tell you about it?
-Yes, sir
I wanted to see you in person...
...because I have a daughter
around the same age as yours
2 days ago, there was a couple sitting
in the same spot while on their honeymoon
Some local goons beat up
the groom and raped the girl
No case was filed because
the couple pleaded with us...
...not wanting the misdeed publicized
So we were forced to let it go
We must take care of when
and where our girls go out
Please caution her firmly
When I went there, they were
in a compromising position
There's no point worrying
after the damage has been done
Brother, Mani here
Come to the shop immediately
That boy who stole your girl
is in big trouble now
What happened?
Come here and see for yourself
Put the phone down
I'll come there
Poor Karthika, master
She trusted me and came
I took her there
That Inspector sneaked
to her dad as well
They'd have found out
about you eventually anyway
Today they got to know
Take it on a positive note
No, master
Not this way
I've visited them
They trusted me also
If I don't go talk to them,
it will be a royal mess
And they'll have a bad opinion
about Karthika as well
Let me apologize and
take the blame for it all
Jeeva...they'll be angry with you
until they know you are a good chap
When they sound angry,
you should still be calm
Don't do anything stupid
You need a lover when
you should be studying?!
She shouldn't even take
any calls, let me make it clear
She won't do this again, dad
Calm down
When that policeman
told me he found them... a compromising position
do you know how bad I felt?
Dad, please
Ma, go inside
I'll take care
Dad, you too...get up
Let her study
Exam is round the corner
We have said
what we had to say
If she wants to ruin her life
it's her funeral
Why did you come here now?
-Don't take it the wrong way
I came to apologize to uncle and aunty
and take the blame for everything
They won't listen to
anything you say right now
They are very angry
Just go
- Who is it?
- It's me, uncle
I came to apologize
-Rasca | !
Dad...don't hit him
I trusted you and
let you into the house
And what have you done!
-, don't
-Shut up
Are you supporting
this bloody scumbag?
Go inside
How dare you hit her?!
-Oh gawd!
Why did you come here?
Go away now
I came only to apologize
He hit me first
You are coming here
and creating a ruckus, creep
Get out
Aunty, I didn't come to make trouble
We love each other-
Don't hit him
-Get out
I said get out!
Please, dad. Don't do this
You go inside
Karthika's father came
and met your parents
He told him everything, from you getting
caught with the police to slapping you-
Have you seen Karthika?
ls she still angry with me?
I'm telling you that
your family knows everything
And here you are still
worrying about her
I feel so bad for her
I have to go home now, see you
Change your clothes
and come eat
I'm not hungry
If he's not hungry, let him be
ls this more important to you
than finding out what happened?
Why trouble him when
he's already depressed?
Let's talk to him in the morning
For random men to hit my son,
is this why I gave birth to him?
What audacity that man has to slipper
my son and then come here and yell at us?
Does he think, we'll keep quiet?
Ask Jeeva what happened
Son, drink some milk
and then sleep, please?
Let's go
If you're not in the mood to study,
put your books aside and sleep
Don't waste the effort of having
studied all these months
-What happened?
- What happened?
- Shed is burning
Scooter is inside
Oh gawd!
It's burning
How is it up in flames?
Bring water
Come fast
Before the fire spreads
let's extinguish it
Pour the water on all sides
Call the fire service
before it gets worse
Come fast
Let's go out, Karthika
I put you to all this trouble
Forgive me, Jeeva
- You're not mad at me, are you?
- I can never be mad at you
Let's go out before
the fire spreads
How did you come here now?
I was scared you'd be mad at me
That's why I came
You set it on fire?
Open the door
What are you doing inside?
Karthika, I said open the door
Will you open
the door now or not?
What are you doing
locked inside here?
My clothes got wet
I came to change my dress
I heard voices here
Who were you talking to?
Answer me
My dear...!
Sir, I can't do anything else
This case is strong
I've already warned him once
Still he sneaked inside the house
and caused a problem
He has even hit her father
Bike and front portion of the house
have burnt to cinders because of him
He has done everything with a motive
Luckily no one died
because everyone was awake
The report has been filed
You can take care of it in court
You are the reason for everything
If you had let us go
when we begged you... wouldn't be this mess now
Jeeva, shut up
You could have let us go
when I said we were lovers
But you called her dad
and filled his head with stories
You became the good guy
and disgraced us
If another word comes
from your mouth...
...I'll nail you to a coffin!
If you leave,
I'll get back to work
Sir, he's just a teenager
Spoke out of turn
Even I know his age is
making him impulsive, sir
He'll come to court in the same
condition you see him here
Don't worry
You go home
Thank you, sir
That's all okay, sir
I can't say anything
without talking to my lawyer
I'll consult him
and let you know
Who was on the phone?
-That boy's lawyer it seems
Wants a compromise
He's asking us
to withdraw the case
He says they'll compensate
for all the damages incurred
I said I'll talk to our lawyer
and let him know
I can't even show
my face in public
How will I answer
our neighbors' questions?
What sin did we commit
we're suffering so much?
Why are you crying now?
Up to all kinds of mischief
and now you're lamenting!
Leave her alone, ma
Let her eat
How can I keep quite?
She's sitting at home
He's the one who has
to face the disgrace
And she knows everything
that has happened so far
'Dad, I'm sorryml made a mistake
I won't do anything like this again'
Did she utter a single word?
Arrogant female!
Not even an adult as yet
but wants to fall in love
That boy burnt our house down
How hard hearted can you be
to actually hide him under your bed
And lie to me saying
no one is there
If you don't listen to me
and obey, I'll poison you myself
- Come, sit down and eat
- Let her starve
Maybe then she will
come to her senses
Karthika, open the door
Open the door!
If you talk to her like that again,
you'll see my beastly side
Go and get food for her
It is clear by the course of events
that both parties are to blame
It is wrong to hit someone with a slipper
when he came to apologize
Karthika's family's loss of property
must be compensated within 2 weeks
Moreover, to Karthika
and her family...
...Jeeva must not in any form or manner
cause problems directly or indirectly
Even though Jeeva accepted he acted
out of anger because he was disgraced...
...his actions were dangerous
and liable for punishment
It is essential to find out
the reason for his revenge
It is a cause for concern
if he is not guided properly...
...his behavior can be detrimental
to an individual or to our society
I hereby order that Jeeva is
examined by a Govt psychiatrist
Reports must be submitted
to the court within 30 days
Taking into consideration
Jeeva's age, academics...
...and future, this court releases him
If the above orders are not followed
it is declared Jeeva will be duly punished
- What's your father's name?
- Saravanan
He's dead
Don't you think of
Chandrasekar as your father?
He's my guardian
Are you angry or disappointed with
either your mother or Chandrasekar?
- How long will this take?
- You can a while
Why did you decide to
set the house on fire?
Not the house. Only the bike
Sorry, I got it wrong
Why did you set
the bike on fire?
Karthika and I were-
Karthika's father hit us
If we fight with him,
our love won't be accepted
So I set the bike on fire
You could've run away
after setting it on fire
Why did you go
back to the house?
I thought only the bike will burn
When I saw the house
in flames also...
...I remembered Karthika
was inside the house
That's why I went in
- Are you that fond of Karthika?
- I love her...we love each other
But you've given it in writing
you won't see Karthika or talk to her!
Why did you change
your mind all of a sudden?
They announced it in court
But I didn't give anything
of that sort in writing!
Did that paper they made me sign
contain all those stipulations?
'Dr R Sekar
Forget that
You said you're in love-
I said 'we' are in love
-Let me ask you this
If Karthika herself
tells you tomorrow...
...'because of our love, we're both
facing too many problems at home
'So let's not meet each other
and let's split up' what will yo-
Why did you get UP?
I have an exam
I have to study
Your father said he'll come
to pick you up, sit down
You said I have given it in writing
Can I see what's written?
Sit down
I'll tell you
- Hello
- ls Jeeva back?
Not yet, but you said
you'll pick him up
Doctor wanted to speak
with him alone
So I dropped him
and went nearby
When I got back,
he had already left!
He'll come home
Don't wait for him
Doctor told him about the affidavit
I submitted in the court on his behalf
That's why he must have
walked off in a huff
Where could he have gone?
Doctor thinks he might
have gone to that girl's house
Okay if he comes home,
don't ask him anything
Especially nothing
about that girl
What did the doctor say?
Regarding that girl, I believe
his feelings are intense
So he asked us not to speak negatively
about any issue related to that girl
He has prescribed medicine
and suggested counselling
I'll look for him
and bring him home
You don't worry
- Okay, dear
This is the house, uncle
House is locked. No one is here
- Let's go
Uncle, Jeeva is here
Jeeva, what are you doing here?
You deceived me
by signing that affidavit
Won't Karthika think
I let her down?
So I'm waiting here
to tell her about it
You go
I'll come soon
Don't you see
the house is locked?
Let's go
Why...are you scared I'll set
fire to something again?
I won't. You leave
I'll come after
I talk to Karthika
Jeeva, listen to me
You don't talk
Whatever happens I'll do the talking
Go inside
Now why are you here, sir?
I came to apologize
for what I did
And also talk to Karthika
for a minute, uncle
Are you kidding?
Sir, I want to talk
to you alone for a minute
Okay, come inside
Wait here
Why is it none of them
understand what I'm saying?
I came here only because they
messed it up when they spoke
Even now they are
not letting me talk
Why is he here now?
Before things go wrong again,
ask him to leave this place!
If you complain about Jeeva now
his life will be ruined, sir
You tell me, if any chap harasses
your daughter continuously like this...
...will you keep quiet?
Even now I'm not
blaming you at all, sir
Just help me, please
Don't get angry
Karthika, where are you going?
I'll ask Jeeva what he wants
and send him away
Speak to him and
come back in 2 minutes
- Will you listen to me or not?
- I will, definitely
Until the exams get over,
we shouldn't see each other
If you still come home
and create problems...
...then I'll stop talking to you
Okay, I won't come
I swear I won't
go back on my word
They told me you signed an affidavit
promising you won't see or talk to me
I knew right then you'll come
and see me at the earliest
What did you want to
talk to me about?
I love you
- I love you too
I stipulated all that
because of our exams
Did you get it, tube light?
You don't have to
explain anything to me
I'll listen to whatever you say!
I'll leave
I don't want them
to mistake me again
- Bye
Bye, uncle
After all these problems,
what audacity to come here!
This girl also is talking
to him without any fear
You're also just observing all this
You keep quiet
Let Karthika's exams get over
I've come to a decision
"Silence speaks words countless
inflaming different desires joyous"
"Even flowers unadorned wilt away
when time's wand holds its sway"
"There's no partition line
when your life is now mine"
"You isn't you really
'you' is I, myself, me"
"Gently gradually
you rose in my respect truly"
"I will step into your heart quietly
laden with gallons of love daily"
"I will strive through births a million
to serve you in repeated reunion"
"Melting memories
serve the soul many stories"
"Hands of time! Lend a hand"
"For love to lengthen its lifeline
to many lifetimes sweet and sublime"
"Silence speaks words numerous
intoxicating various desires amorous"
"Even flowers unadorned wilt away
when time's wand holds its sway"
Don't tell Jeeva anything
until the exams get over
Othewvise he'll bunk his exams
and wait outside here!
"Like waves, love strikes hammer and tongs
Will it reach the shore it belongs?"
"Crest and fall of the waves
Ebb and flow always"
"Certainly one day will merge
That day will soon emerge"
- I left the 3rd question
- That's easy
- Tell me, Karthika
- Can you do me a favor?
- Yeah, tell me
Can you please give
this letter to Jeeva?
Give it without fail
"I will step into your heart silently
bearing bushels of love daily"
"I will strive through births a billion-"
'My dear Jeeva, we are moving to Chennai
since my dad has been transferred'
"Silence speaks words endless
kindling different desires rapturous"
"Even flowers unadorned wilt away
when time's wand holds its sway"
"There's no partition line
when your life is now mine"
- Did you see Karthika anywhere?
- Her dad came and picked her up
"Gently gradually
you rose in my respect truly"
"I will step into your heart softly
laden with tonnes of love daily"
"I will strive through births a zillion
to serve you in repeated reunion"
Here's your friend
Balaji, I need a favor
Karthika has moved to
another town with her family
Do you know anything about it?
She must've gone on
vacation somewhere
No, they have
vacated the house
Didn't Karthika tell you about it?
Then my guess is right
- What did you think?
Don't ask me
I'll tell you the truth
You won't believe me
You'll get upset
Then we'll both be fighting over her
No, I won't get angry
Tell me
Throw Karthika and your love away
Will you focus on your studies?
Karthika isn't the kind to love you
the way you think she does
She wanted someone
to go behind her in school
You were the feather in her cap
That's all...otherwise she is
the last person to fall in love
I'd have told you not to
believe her long ago
But you would've assumed
I'm saying it out ofjealousy!
I knew some day you'll realize
That's why I kept quiet
Think about it
She could've informed you
If not in person, at least through someone
Balaji, don't malign
Karthika unnecessarily
I don't like it
Can you find out from your dad
which town they're in right now?
- I'll ask him
- Okay, see you
- Hello, Balaji
- Tell me, Karthika
Hello, Jeeva
Janani, do you know
where Karthika has gone?
She told me her father is
getting transferred to Madras
Did Karthika tell you this?
Yes, she did
Did you both fight or what?
Because she told me not
to share this information...
...until our exams got over
- Balaji?
- Uncle...?
Did you see Jeeva?
He came home this morning
I didn't see him after that
We don't know
where he has gone
If you're free, can you
please come with me?
Let's go check that girl's house
Her dad got transferred
and they have relocated... another city is what
Jeeva told me this morning
Anyway come with me
We'll check, just in case
Okay, uncle
Uncle, I don't think
anyone is here
If someone sees us,
we will be in trouble
Let's go
1 minute, Balaji
What are you doing here?
Get up...let's go home
You go...I'll meet
Karthika and come
She won't come. Don't blabber
Get up. Let's go home
Just get lost, idiot!
My Karthika will come
Are you leaving or-
Let's go, uncle
What has happened
to him, uncle?
Stay here, Balaji
I'll get the doctor
Turn off the torch
We'll be in a soup
if someone sees the light
- Don't shake him
- Don't worry, Jeeva
Leave me
Okay, leave him
We can go now
Doctor, nothing to fear, right?
We must admit him and
observe him for 2 or 3 days
Only then we can plan the next step
- Aunty, this is Karthika here
ls Jeeva-
What mistake did my son commit?
Did you send him to hospital
for the sin of befriending you?
I apologize for all that's happened
We've moved to Coimbatore now
What do we do with your sorry?
When people ask us
what's wrong with our son...
...are you answering them?
Hereafter stop calling,
meeting or talking to him
Othewvise it won't
be good news for you
What happened?
- Jeeva's mother
Didn't you say
you were calling Balaji?
I tried his number
But whenever I call him
his mother picks up the phone
And she tells me, he has gone out
I somehow feel Balaji wouldn't
have given that letter to Jeeva
Janani is not in town either
That's why I called Jeeva
What did his mom say?
- She's angry with me
Shall we leave?
What did the doctor say?
- Shall we go out and talk?
She's in Coimbatore only
She called
I gave her a piece of my mind!
Jeeva's problem is only
because of mental stress
His disappointment in us
because we forgot his dad... deep seated in him
for quite some time now
Also the mental anxiety
caused by that girl
These are the reasons
according to the doctor
Will he be cured?
Nothing to fear but we must
watch over him carefully
How are you, dude?
- Come, Balaji
- Come, sonny
- Hi aunty
Let's go and meet him
Catch up with your news
We'll consult the doctor
Sit down
Karthika's address
I believe they're in Madras
'Vaithiyanathan, 10, P.T Rajan road
15th sector, K. K. nagar, Madras-78'
Thanks, dude
He's alright
That's why I am
discharging him now
I was initially worried
it might be a mental illness
But that's not the case
Jeeva was intensely
in love with this girl
That's why when she left town
without letting him know...
...he was unable
to bear that shock
He was frustrated and so
became violent and stubborn
This is one way of
showing his helplessness
I've counselled him and
tried to make him understand
- He has also responded
- Thank you very much, doctor
For a change, why don't you
take him to another place?
Okay, doctor
Doctor said you are fine and
we can take you home today
Jeeva, can we go to another city?
I wanted to ask you myself!
I don't like living in this city
I want to forget everything
and go peacefully somewhere
Tell us where you want to go?
Why not?
'Karthik K.A'
Everything is correct, bro
Bro, whenever you get a call...
mask him to call back
the next day at 11:00 a.m
- What's the name again?
- Karthika
I know your name
What's that boy's name?
Within a short time
after his father died...
...his mother remarried
That's why I believe he got
mentally afflicted from childhood
He'll make some kind of trouble
or other with people all of a sudden
Only now it all fits
If you had told us all this earlier...
...we wouldn't have
let him into the house
That's the worst
mistake I made, aunty
- Hi Balaji, how are you?
- I'm fine
Don't you have to meet
the marriage broker?
You'll be late. Leave now
You sit down
Balaji, don't share
any of this with Karthika
Okay, aunt!'
I called you thrice last week
But aunty said you weren't at home
I had some issues, Karthika
That's why I was
roaming around worried
What happened...?
Jeeva came home
and created a ruckus
What did he do?
He came home with
the letter you gave him
Seething with anger asked me
if you and I are in love!
He said 'why did she give you
the letter, why not me?'
And began to
suspect you and me
At first I didn't
understand anything
Only later did I realize that...
...he's not normal and
he has some problem
What problem?
He was repeating
the same question to me!
I told him to go home
But he refused
Then with great difficulty
I dropped him back home
Please explain
to me clearly, Balaji
He was being treated at
the Ooty hospital for a week
Now they've taken him to
Madras for further treatment
What treatment?
- For mental illness
Don't blabber, Balaji
I swear, Karthika
I'm not lying
He broke into your house, sat inside
and stubbornly refused to come out
Then we called the doctor,
gave him sedative shots
And carried him out
He's had this problem since
his mother's 2nd marriage!
Do you know how he is now?
Don't know
They don't want
this news to spread
So they haven't informed anyone
where he's being treated in Madras
Don't cry, Karthika
Aunty might walk in anytime
Did you share this
with my parents?
Let them not know
- Okay
'Dear Jeeva, since my father has been
transferred, we are in Coimbatore now'
'Forgive me for not
letting you know'
'Call me in 31815, phone number of
the grocery stores near my house'
'If you leave a message about the time
of your call, I'll wait accordingly'
'Awaiting your call eagerly
your friend, Karthik'
I wanted to give you this
That's why I called you here
This is the key for the new lock
I have fixed in your house
Keep the keys with you
Don't let your father know
I don't know why
you befriended Jeeva
But he's undergoing treatment
in the hospital because of you
By God's grace he's fine now
He wants to forget the past,
and start a new life
That's why he has decided to move on
with his life in a different city
if you truly believe
he should be happy...
...then allow him
to live in peace
Don't make him mad
in the name of love!
I'm not blaming you
Your family will never
accept your love
Let me also tell you
I don't see any future
in this love of yours
Hereafter don't make efforts
to get in touch with Jeeva!
Next time I won't talk to you
in such a pleasant manner
if Jeeva fell in love with me truly,
he'll himself come in search of me!
"Like a mirage love mirrors today
Thirst not quenched in any way"
"Pools of still water on the ground
satisfying the needs of the town"
"When tears dampen the eyes to spill
life leaves the body through the pupil"
"In that end time of love's yearning
mind searches the soul, heartburning"
"Like a mirage love mirrors today
Thirst not quenched in any way"
"Come, my dear soul mate, life partner
Like blue skies, let's live freely forever"
"Come, my best friend and equal half
Reader of love-gospel in your heart"
"Love captures souls with baits as wing
making hearts bear crosses depressing"
"Life by gifting gain injects pain anew
Plots hatched by kith and kin continue"
"I'm like a glory lily
stirred by love steadily"
(Madras to Ooty)
"Drenched in a tempest unexpectedly
searching for the sun desperately"
"Like a mirage love mirrors today
Thirst not quenched in any way"
"Pools of still water on the ground
satisfying the needs of the town"
"When tears dampen the eyes to spill
life leaves the body through the pupil"
In that end time of love's yearning
mind searches the soul, heartburning
"Come, my dear soul mate, companion
Like immortal skies, let's be in union"
"Come, my sweetheart and best friend
Reader of love's doctrine, my Godsend"
How are you, Mani?
I'm fine, bro
Do you want some tea?
Hmmm...where's Gnanam?
He has gone out
He'll be back now
Give me 1/2 kg
ooty varkey, please
- Jeeva, are you doing fine?
- I'm fine, bro
She looked like my classmate
Did you mean Karthika?
- Bro, she's in Coimbatore
- Who told you?
Balaji only told me!
They're both in love
They call each other often
and talk for hours together
She has joined
Coimbatore college
Balaji was desperate
to join the same college
But he didn't get admission
because of his low marks!
All colleges have closed admission
and started their courses
I've applied in 2 colleges
in Coimbatore
I'll check, if admission is over,
then I'll study in Madras
Okay, go check it out
He wants to study there
only to see that girl
Wait for 2 days
I'll myself go and
drop him in the college
Hey! Pay me for the tea
How are you, Jeeva?
Are you angry with me...?
Until few minutes ago,
I was really mad with you
But as soon as I saw you,
it disappeared into thin air
Hey, I was looking for you
I told you to wait and
we could both go together
I'll be delayed
I have some work to finish too!
Let me finish it and
we'll go together...okay?
This is my school mate
We are meeting after a long time
Don't know how long
it will take
- How are you, Jeeva?
- I'm fine
You came with him
in the morning, right?
Have you been here
from the morning?
- Yes...who's he?
- Family friend
Suja's fiance's brother, Gautham
He's studying here
- When was it fixed?
- Last month
He's addressing you
with familiarity already!
I'm not doubting you
But he has mistaken
your friendship for love
Just wait and see, very soon
he'll express his love for you!
Is there a place we can sit
and talk somewhere nearby?
Why did you tell everyone
you're going to Madras?
That's what my parents
told me, Jeeva
Only much later I knew
they had lied to me
Because I couldn't
tell you in person...
...I wrote a detailed letter
and gave it to Balaji
Since I had no other choice
I asked Balaji to give it to you
Until today he hasn't given
any letter of that sort to me!
In fact he advised me saying
'Karthika doesn't love you'
'Otherwise why would she leave
without telling you' he said
Creep! When I called and asked him,
he told me he gave the letter to you
He came home and said
you're mental-
Did he tell you I've gone mad?
After you left
I was very disturbed
I went for counselling
Othewvise I'm fine
I never thought Balaji
would stoop to this level!
Why are you staring
at me so strangely?
Do you think I'm mad?
Are you scared to look at me?
- No!!
- That's a lie
Why didn't you try
to contact me then?
Even if Balaji had lied
to you that I'm mad... didn't want
to see me, right?
I trust you but not
the others around you
That's why I've decided
Let's get married
What are you saying...?
I'm saying let's get married
What's the urgency
for marriage now?
It's a guaranteed way
so no one can separate us
Think calmly about
what I'm about to say
My sister is getting married
If we get married now
and others hear about it...
...her life will be ruined!
I'm scared, Karthika!
What if you forget me
in the 4 years I'm in Chennai?
You have to believe
I won't forget you
That's love...!
Don't talk to me like this again
Okay, I won't
But you won't leave me listening
to others for any reason whatsoever
Promise me
I'll believe you!
You left without telling me
Do you know
how much I suffered?
The very 1st time
when we spoke alone... asked me
this same question
I promised you
I won't leave you
I don't want to promise and
let you down again, Jeeva
What are you trying to say?
That your parents and sister
are important to you and not me?
No...I'm asking you not to
think about marriage now
Let's 1st finish our studies
We'll think of other stuff later
Okay, I'll agree
But I need a guarantee
you won't leave me and go!
Jeeva, honestly as it is I'm late
Even if I go home a little late,
they'll ask me endless questions
Without answering my question
you are changing the subject!
Can you come tomorrow?
We can talk leisurely
- Okay
- Thanks, Jeeva
You've changed a lot!
- What makes you say that?
I know the Karthika
who loved me very much
Will you come with me
till the bus stand...please?
I'm putting you through
a lot of hardship, right?
- Balaji?
- Yes, Balaji here
I'm Karthika here
I was thinking of calling you too!
- Tell me, Karthika
You hid the letter
I gave for Jeeva
And when I asked you
why did you lie to me?
You also advised him
not to trust me!
Why did you do this, Balaji?
Karthika, I can't give explanations
for all the mad things Jeeva does!
Don't talk rubbish
Why didn't you
give him the letter?
I gave it to him the same day
You tell me
What will I do with your letter?
Karthika, Jeeva is mentally ill
Please don't talk about Jeeva like that
Not only to me But to anyone
I met Jeeva and spoke
He has more clarity than you
Who is mad...?
Want to see what a mad man will do?
What happened...?
- Where's Karthika's letter?
- Why are you fighting?
Master, he's obsessing about
Karthika and her love letter
But she's happily flirting with
a chap named Gautham in Coimbatore!
Aren't you both ashamed
you're fighting over a girl?
I'm telling you for your own good
Don't trust her
Then it's up to you!
Sit down
Listen to me
Just sit down
Move...out of my way
This mongrel has gone to Karthika's
house and told her I'm mad, master!
Nobody will believe him, Jeeva
I'm scared Karthika
might have believed him
Why are you
imagining all this?
- It won't be true
- No, master
She wants to be her usual
spontaneous self
But something is stopping her
I don't know if she's scared
Or if she's consciously
on her guard with me
These days nobody
talks to me like before
I can clearly see
the difference, master
I'm myself wondering
if I'm normal or not!
When I talk I think a lot
before saying anything
At this time, if he
spreads such rumors...
...people are bound
to believe him
Trust me, Jeeva
You are normal
Don't believe anyone!
I know how scared
you are of me, master
What do you mean, Jeeva?
I've never been bothered
about what others think of me
That's because I believed
Karthika knew me completely
But now even she looks
at me very differently
Think of all this as a nightmare
1st study and find a good job
Then for your smart looks and brain
you'll have a solid fan following!
Will Karthika come?
- You must come to terms with this
If that girl thinks you have a problem...
...decides to move away from you,
then she won't be honest with you
She'll lie that her father
tried to commit suicide
Or claim a groom is waiting for her
However much you try
to convince her...
...she won't follow you blindly
I feel since she has already made up
her mind to move away from you...
...she has avoided you!
Jeeva, you reject her
before she dumps you
Gnanam, let me tell you something
Get it into your head
If you say once more
Karthika will ditch me...
...then I won't be
answerable for my actions
Just because I am
angry with Karthika... doesn't mean any random
scumbag can speak ill of her!
Whatever he confided in me
I changed words here and there...
...and spoke in his favor
Then why did he scold me?
Good lord!
Have you been waiting
for a long time? - Yes
Why are you looking so dull?
Any problem at home because
you went late yesterday?
Problems crop up only
if people talk to me
They look at me like
I committed a big sin
Even Suja doesn't talk to me properly
Don't worry
I'm there
If they are bad people...
...I'll toss them away and
do what you asked me to, Jeeva
They're behaving like this
only because they care for me
But I'll toss even my family
for you, Karthika
It doesn't mean they don't
love me or I love them any less
It means you are that important to me
I know, Jeeva
But I can't do that
Please understand
I don't have that kind of courage
I'm a coward
I'm bold only with you
I trusted you and didn't see you
until our exams got over
But what did you do?
You quietly came here
listening to your father
You didn't even let me
know where you were!
Even though you knew
I was in the hospital... didn't make
any efforts to visit me
When I come here to see you,
you're laughing away to glory...
...with some chap and
coolly attending college!
I don't know the reason
for all these changes, Karthika
Why are you crying...?
I should be the one to cry!
By the time I searched
and found you...
...half the population
decided I'm mad!
I'm the reason for all your trauma
That's why I'm scared, Jeeva
Until now you haven't
kept your word
That's why I need a guarantee
And you're refusing even that
But you want me to still trust you
I trust you even now
But tell me the truth
without hiding it from me
Is he in love with you?
Does he know about our love?
- No, he doesn't
If he gets to know...
...his family will also know
That'll lead to unnecessary
problems in my sister's wedding
You know he loves you
If you don't tell him
about us and encourage him...
...won't he mistakenly think
you are reciprocating his love?
I'll tell him as soon
as the wedding is over
I understand you are
scared of your parents
But if you're scared of
some random stranger...
...I'm really beginning
to worry, Karthika!
Do you really love me?
Or like the rest, have you also
decided I'm mad and changed your mind?
Your heart will know, Jeeva
Karthika, answer me
directly and then go
Dude, some problem
is brewing over there
Please, Jeeva, we're both not
in a good frame of mind now
Whatever we say
will end only in a fight
Let's not fight in
the middle of the road
We'll discuss this another day
- No, I need an answer now
Please, Jeeva
Let go of my hand
- What's the problem, Karthika?
- No problem, Gautham
Then why are you crying?
We're just chatting
You carry on
Whatever it is,
you can discuss later
Go home now
Hello...isn't she saying
there's no problem?
Then what? You can go
You better leave now
If I see you again
near this c:ollege...!
Please don't
What will you do?
I'm boiling mad right now
but still let me tell you calmly
Don't unnecessarily
disturb us, better leave
Karthika, I'm here
Don't be scared. Come with me
Right in front of me, you dare
hold her hand with such liberty?
Will you touch her?
- Jeeva, don't
Sir, is this the police station?
I'm watchman speaking
from Saraswathy College
How long has he been
suffering with this problem?
No problem, sir-
- Only a short while, sir
Stemmed out of mental stress
He's undergoing treatment now
He can be admitted in
a hospital and treated... avoid public nuisance
This is the copy from
the Judge for medical aid
This is a letter endorsing
his treatment from the doctor
- Sir, can I give it here?
- It's okay, go ahead
Please do your best, sir
Since the case hasn't been
booked, there's no problem
Make sure it doesn't happen again!
Constable, bring that boy here
Thank you very much, sir
Don't feel bad I declared a boy
who is normal to be a lunatic
If I hadn't said so
we couldn't have got him out
- Bro, go to Peelamedu
Sir, please wait
I'll bring the car
You should've registered
a complaint on that scumbag
My parents would have got
to know if I had done that
Then they'll wonder who he is
and how he's linked with Karthika
With the wedding round the corner,
I thought all this was unnecessary
So I didn't complain
He studied with Karthika
- He's mentally unsound
Karthika won't even
glance at him twice!
But he was following Karthika
like a puppy all the time
A police complaint has been
lodged in Ooty against him
We thought it was good riddance
but he's back here now!
Poor Karthika!
She got very scared
Where is she?
- She's inside
Will the police beat him up?
Then if he behaves like a rowdy
on the road, will they cuddle him!
He beat up Gautham too
If his family comes to know,
we'll be the ones in disgrace
Gautham was the one who
magnified it without reason
Why did you come here?
Get out of here, rascal!
Call Karthika
I need to talk to her
I said 'get out'
Don't spoil for a fight
- Bad penny back again! That's it!
Hey! He told you to get out
Showing your rowdy skills here
Not hurt, right?
I just came to talk to you
But he started the fight
Why did you
come here now?
Come out forjust1 minute
I'll talk and then leave
She won't come out
Get out of here
I wasn't talking to you
- Can't you hear him?
Why are you like this?
Won't you change?
Are you letting me change?
You're busy telling
everyone I'm mad!
Karthika, come out
forjust a minute please
We can talk later
1st leave this place
What do you mean 'talk later'?
Go inside now
Listen, take him away from here
Then it will turn nasty
Listen to me, Jeeva
Don't create a ruckus
I just want this clarified
Then I'll go. I won't disturb you
Jeeva, please I can't come out
You leave now
She is unwilling, right?
- Get out
- Aren't you ashamed? Let's go
Karthika, do you love me or not?
Karthika, you go inside
- Come, Karthika
Are you taking him away
or should I call the cops?
Karthika, don't go
I won't leave this place
without knowing your answer
Karthika, go inside
No...! Enough?
Get out of this place now
She said no Now get out
You said you loved me
Was all that a lie...?
All those hours you spent with me
Was all that a lie?
Come in, Karthika
What are you looking at?
Take her inside
Answer me, Karthika
and then go, please
Are you crazy...?
Don't you have any brains?
Won't you get it into
your head, if I tell you once?
Uncle, take him away from here
What I did to Jeeva
was a big blunder!
He would have misunderstood me!
If I tell him I spoke that way
only to send him away from here...
...he'll never believe me, right?
He's quite naive
He became like this only because of me!
Mistake lies with both of you!
Both of you lack the age or
tact to handle these problems
Jeeva got scared that
I'll leave him and go away
Only I should have assured him...
...I'll never walk out on him
Hereafter it's difficult
to make him understand
He'll trust me if I do what he asked me to
I want to marry Jeeva
Stop being stupid. Eat and go to bed
I'm not talking about
registering our marriage!
A wedding to make him believe
I'll never walk out on him
It's okay if only
both of us know!
Only then, we'll both
study without any hassles
ls it that moron's idea?
Don't deride him once more
But he gave you this idea, right?
No wonder...on | y he can
come up with such brainwaves!
Think whatever you want
But it's hard to find a guy like Jeeva!
He loves me
more than all of you!
The mistake I did was
being nice to everyone
I must do this, to make
amends for my mistake
I don't think this is right
Please don't share this
information with anyone
Do you think he'll come back
after all these problems?
Definitely. He'll come
Jeeva, everyone is looking at us
Don't let me die, Jeeva
I want to live with you
at least for a day!
Hurts like hell, Jeeva
'Before I die, last face
I'll see will be yours!'
'Jeeva. . . Karth I ka'
Jeeva Shankafls
'Immortal masterpiece'