Amateurs (2018) Movie Script

- Headed home, Patrik?
- Huh?
Headed home? You coming back?
I've got the kids this week,
so I'm taking it easy.
Had fun?
Have you had fun?
It's lottery number 1970 -
one thousand nine hundred seventy...
The Viskan stream snakes its way down
to the textile empire and the west coast.
Wherever there are rapids, people have
gathered to harness this force of nature.
And thus the industrial town
of Lafors came to be.
The people of Lafors have thick skin.
Working these steaming cowhides
are the cowboys of Lafors
who produce top-quality leather.
You'd be forgiven to think
this was the wild west
but it isn't, even if life in Lafors
can be just as exciting.
Sweden, little over 50 years ago.
Almost half the population are farmers.
A far cry from the factory, Where
everyone worships at the altar of labor
and in the sewing factories,
mass production is underway.
These hard workers are assisted
by top-of-the-line machines.
Good fit, good quality, good price.
It's the mass that does it.
They say Lafors depends on
their leather and textile industry.
You'd bet your life it does.
- Aida, where is your dirty laundry?
- Check the bathroom.
- I've already checked there.
- Then I don't know.
OK... so what do we do now?
- Those look good.
- They're from Eva's caf.
Everyone has the agenda
from the last meeting.
- Will you get me some, honey?
- Of course.
Will you hand me a mug too, Lasse?
I don't want to share Musse's Riga mug.
- It's as dirty as the streets of Riga.
- Gotta represent our sister town?
- I hope you wash It occasionally.
- Never.
This is what's happening.
This is huge.
As you know, since February
we've been in continuous talks...
with this German
low-cost superstore...
- Superbilly.
- Right.
we've offered them a solution
for their establishment.
They're very happy about
the geographical location, logistically.
The land here is also very
attractively priced for their purposes.
What this all means,
is that the Town of Lafors...
is one of two...
- Are you serious?
Possible establishment sites.
And we are up against... Alingsas.
"Potato Town?"
In terms of cold, hard numbers,
what would this mean for jobs?
500 employees.
But it will also generate a lot of job
opportunities for contractors and so on.
So I think we estimated between
900 and 1,200 new jobs.
It's an insane amount of jobs.
- Amazing.
- Not bad at all.
I don't really need to tell you this,
but this is a fantastic opportunity.
- I'm sure you all realize that.
- Absolutely.
So we really need to put
our best foot forward here.
In every possible way.
Because in a month's time, a delegation
from Superbilly will come to visit us.
So we need to sell our town,
and put Lafors on the map.
How do we do that?
Any good ideas?
We need to do something
about our website.
This bugs me.
When you google Lafors
all you get are a bunch of drunken clips
from that Western weekend.
Before our official website.
I've been saying for a year
we need to do something about that.
We can't force people to remove them.
We have no legal right to.
I know, but have you
seen the comments?
We'll have to create our own image
of our town. Our view of it.
Let's make our own film.
There are so many towns
that do this. I'll show you.
Nowhere is as pretty as Tallkopinge..
Our motto is quality of life.
Take your whole family on an adventure
and enjoy life, here in Tallkopinge...
- A cow!
- Yes...
But isn't this film a little too...
Isn't it kind of shitty?
It's an example.
It doesn't have to be this.
- Hang on now...
- We need to be much more daring.
There's an economic aspect to consider.
A thing like this, it costs money.
We need to hire a...
There's no money left
in our arts and culture budget.
OK, so...
I might have an idea.
30 DAYS LEF We'll let Musse state
the reason he's here.
I'm so darn happy to be here.
I've got a pretty exciting,
and pretty big, question for you guys.
And it's this...
Who here would like
to save a community?
- That's an amazing offer...
- Let me fill you in a little bit.
This may be pretty hard
for you guys to take in, but...
We're currently in talks
with a German low-cost superstore.
And maybe, just maybe,
there's a chance they'll come here.
- Like the superstore in Ullared?
- Kind of, yes.
Lots of cheap goods.
Clothes, shoes, bags.
But right now they're choosing
between us and Alingsas.
And darn it, we don't want
Alingsas-is to get it, do we?
- Right?
Wouldn't that be just terrible?
So that's why we need your help
to make a film about Lafors.
We need a new image
that shows how great Lafors is.
Right, and there is no limit
to what you could do.
I mean, this is a super exciting project.
- You said they'd use their phones?
- Yes.
It's a democratic tool.
A chance to showcase your vision.
Your story.
What you find interesting.
- That In Itself Is an honor.
- Exactly.
There are so many stories out there.
I don't want to limit your vision.
Find the story you want tell,
and just go for it.
What should we film?
This is Dana and Aida's film about Lafors.
Here it is, the roundabout elk.
The pride of Lafors.
Hi. May we film you?
We're shooting
a local government film.
- And you want me to be in it?
- Yes!
- Why?
- Because you live In Lafors.
- Yeah, I suppose...
- Everyone counts to us.
- Why are you so fancy?
- Are you off to a party?
- These are my work clothes.
- Oh.
Why do you have such a nice car?
Are you rich?
This is the Lafors fountain.
It is forbidden to pour dish soap...
So cute!
Good! There we go!
Are you on your periods?
The 19703 was the heyday. Back then
we had the Lafors crayfish party.
We had big names like ABBA here.
Right before they hit it big
with Waterloo.
Jerry Williams was here.
Lill-Babs was here.
Bertil Bertilsson and "Burken."
We've had lots of great artists here.
- The Goinge Girls.
- The Goinge Girls!
- What a beautiful butt!
- Thanks.
Can you see my contact lens?
I've got one there...
What did you do there?
- Poor Aida! Habibi!
- I know...
But then I became friends with them
and we went on adventures.
- What happened?
- I'm telling you!
Aida. The kid from Skane...
What is the point of this film?
I don't get it.
You don't get what's cool.
You're too old.
Old? How old do you think I am?
Honestly, Aida,
it's time for you to grow up.
- What do you mean, grow up?
- Your parents should see you.
Your head is a little...
- What are you doing? Come here!
- No, I don't want to.
- You're small and need to learn boxing.
- Teach me!
It's me you have to teach!
- Come on!
- Habibi...
- Can you clean the break room?
- OK.
OK, what is your job
as the town council boss?
I do this, and I do this...
What else?
- I don't just work here.
- Oh?
I also clean.
At the Solforsen home
for the elderly, at the library...
What's the most Lafors thing
according to you?
Say it in Arabic if it's easier.
Maybe the air, the wind,
the sound of the water...
the shape of the fountain...
Julia street...
- It gives you this feeling... feeling...
- Such a poet!
Of peace.
Hey! What are you two up to?
We're filming.
And action!
That's enough.
Put the CD player back.
We need to move on.
Miss Dana, if you please...
So this is the oldest caf in Lafors.
And pretty much only caf.
Everyone who comes here
needs to eat here. Then I get money.
Turn the camera around.
That looks stupid.
Are you going to watch it like this?
- It's supposed to be like that.
- No. This is how you do it.
- Then you can't see the whole person.
- That's how amateurs do it.
OK. Shall we go inside?
Danish, cinnamon bread,
Thomas Ravelli cookies,
- saffron bread, almond tarts...
- Slower. Hang on.
- One more time, but slower.
- OK.
Danish, cinnamon bread,
Thomas Ravelli cookies,
saffron bread, fancy almond tarts,
raspberry tarts, carrot cake,
chocolate balls, Prince Bertil macaroons,
mocha cake - which is gluten-free,
latte cake, Grandma's squares...
My specialties are clairs, ptits choux
pains au chocolat, fraise noix...
But the hillbillies here in Lafors
have no idea what they are.
Mom, can't you tell us
about the history of the caf?
Well, it's the oldest caf in the region.
It's been here for 108 years,
here in this house.
- It's gonna be so good!
- Serious?
Yes! I die for this movie, it's awesome.
The Germans will love it.
21 DAYS LEF Look!
- The worst thing is I wrote it myself.
- This, too?
Hello. I'm Dan.
You'll see in these films...
that they've really gone
with a personal point of view.
This is so exciting!
OK, let's start.
Welcome to Lafors.
- It's dangerous here.
- So are we.
- This is our hood.
- Keep yourself away from here.
- Hey, bro. You got my stuff?
- Yeah, bro.
How much is it?
- Freezel
- Cover me! Cover me!
- Where's the money?
- Fillip?
Talk, man! Talk!
Filip! Filip!
No!!! Wake up, man!
Um... shall we maybe move on
to the next film?
I'm really looking forward
to the next one.
So here is the next one.
Why does the sun shine
when it hurts so much inside?
Why do I live here?
Nobody understands me here.
The people here are all the same.
If you're at all different,
you're weird and just all wrong.
- If I'm not wanted, I may just...
- Shall we move on?
OK. Let's do that...
Danish, cinnamon bread,
Thomas Ravelli cookies,
mocha cake - which Is gluten-flee,
latte cake...
What the...?
That looks like our offices.
Looks like our cleaner.
It's because those are our offices, Lasse.
Kerstin, thank you very much.
But... there's just one film left.
- Hey there!
- Hi, girls.
- How did you like the film?
- What?
Should we upload something or...?
You better not upload anything, OK?
No one will upload anything
until they get here, girls.
I liked the part in our offices
with the cleaning.
You were a bit naughty there.
That was fun.
- &III
- 50 are we done now, or...?
I speak for all of us when I say it's been
so darn fun watching these films.
Your commitment and...
Just so great!
You're the best!
Amazing, girls!
Watch out, Hollywood!
OK, go.
Put it in there.
Hang on, hang on...
- OK. We're fucking geniuses!
- Let's do it.
I mean, take it seriously.
Film our society.
Film something else,
what you see on the street.
Something meaningful.
- The council people like it.
- They said so?
They thought it was awesome.
- Hi, Kerstin. Nice to see you.
- Hi.
- You good?
- Yes. This is Roland.
- Hi! Welcome to Lafors.
- Hi. Roland.
- I'm looking forward to this.
- I'll take this.
Take this. It's heavy...
This looks like real
top-of-the-line stuff.
- It Is. This Is a big production, right?
- You bet.
Hollywood, here we come.
Right. So...
- Good luck now, honey.
- Yeah, yeah...
15 DAYS LEF The main thing we've got
are major industries...
The textile factory and the tannery are
what have helped create our identity.
And they are in a downward trend...
The kinds of jobs we used to have
before have been outsourced to...
- Bangladesh, the third world...
- Right.
It's all been relocated down there now.
- We need some positive vibes.
- Definitely.
We want to feel pride again.
- They love these views in Germany.
- Yeah, it's nice.
At first we were going
to use Kerstin's pupils.
But they weren't exactly little Bergmans.
No, but still, they had some edge.
And that's something we'd want.
We want something fun. Not another
boring local government video.
Most of them are like that.
But thinking outside the box,
that's a good thing.
You've got free rein, it's just...
We've got a local company...
Lafors Construction Company.
I mean, we really had no budget for this.
- So they're sponsoring this film.
- That's great.
So, except for that,
you have free rein.
- They may have some ideas...
- Absolutely.
- Cheers!
- Great.
- Let's take a swim.
- Let's.
Roughly, what, 18 degrees Celsius?
Well, cheers again if we're going in.
- Hey. Everything all right?
- Yeah, you?
- It's all good.
- Great to hear.
Hello, ladies, gentleman.
Musse! Who is it that you're
walking around town with?
We're making an epic film
to showcase Lafors.
- Is that really necessary?
- Yeah...
Son, are you cold?
Are you cold right now?
I'm cold. Do you wear good clothes
to protect you from the cold?
My feet are very cold.
But you're not wearing enough clothes.
Great to see Musse visiting today.
Great to see that you're talking.
Your hands are cold.
You have to wear some gloves.
We've been having trouble lately,
understanding what it is that Anusha...
She's speaking her old language.
What to do?
We have to live like this.
- Can you translate?
- No.
Not at all...? To help us
understand what she wants...
No... it kind of never happened.
Me and my sister
don't speak any Tamil at all.
There weren't that many people
in Lafors who spoke Tamil...
so it never...
Morn didn't feel it was necessary.
That's what happens sometimes,
when one gets old and sick.
One loses one's Swedish
and goes back to the old.
- It's not easy.
- No.
But it's great to have Musse
visiting here today.
Do you think so?
I have to find you a girl.
A beautiful old dream
has followed us for years
And never, ever shall we stop
believing it will one day be ours
Our happy dream, it will come true
Unemployment is so high these days.
It's a huge health issue.
But isn't Lafors a little better off
than the rest of Sweden?
Not anymore, unfortunately.
Many things are closing down.
Things don't work the way they used to.
- What's that?
- What is this?
Film it! Oh, my God!
What is it?
Go! Go!
It gives me no pleasure to say this,
but the council will make
its own film about Lafors.
- Oh?
- Oh.
Yes, because What you
and your classmates showed them,
it just wasn't...
It just wasn't good enough,
according to them.
- Oh?
- No.
So everything we filmed was bad?
No, I think you've become
really great at it.
And What you've been filming,
of your foster family cleaning,
there's a class perspective there
that's great.
By the way, hey...
It reminds me of my husband
Roland's early films.
Would you like him
to maybe visit the school?
He's a filmmaker.
He can tell you all about it.
Wouldn't that be something?
Come on. Focus.
Do you want to get hit or what?
Come on. One, two.
Great! Come on!
- Are you done soon?
- Soon.
Come in!
- Aida!
Public Enemy Number 2.
- Want some Ice cream?
- Yeah.
- Hi, Aida.
- Hey.
- What's that?
- A present.
- For you?
- Girls...
Don't let it get you down.
Who cares what they say?
Now you can film whatever you want.
- Make your film.
- Just keep filming.
- Be a pain in the council's ass.
- Hell, yeah.
Do you know what Mom did
before I met her?
Can I tell her?
She was a journalist in Istanbul.
- What? Is that true?
- A journalist in Istanbul.
- A journalist in Istanbul.
- The sharpest pen in Istanbul.
The sharpest pen in Istanbul.
Don't laugh...
Many people were terrified
of her writings.
The politicians, the police,
sometimes even the neighbors.
It's important, what you're doing.
Show the real Lafors!
This is looking great.
It's going to be super.
- What's he saying?
- No idea.
- Watch the white parts.
- I am being careful.
- Lisa!
- The man from Stockholm is shouting.
- Can you hear me?
- What's that, Roland?
You can stop painting now!
The light is perfect!
- OK...
- What's he saying?
Finish painting those boards,
then we start shooting.
- Only the front will be visible.
- He can't leave it like this.
- Is that clear?
- Yes, I hear you.
- This will be great!
- Is he going to leave it like this?
I think he wants to...
Guys! He's filming.
The man with the camera.
Finish, and then...
The guy with the camera
wants us to stop.
Then we go.
- You OK to take that yourself?
- Yeah, yeah.
A bunch of idiots...
Hurry up if you can!
- What happens?
- No idea. They're all nuts.
Do we paint or not?
- Gosta!
- You'll have to hide back here.
What's he thinking?
What's he doing?
That's a good question, Gosta.
We don't know.
How are you guys doing?
You don't understand.
Now what does he want?
- Be cool.
- It's us they're laughing at.
Ew, it smells bad in here.
Oh, my God, Aida!
It's, like, real animals!
- Hello.
- Hi, hi.
Why do you live in Lafors?
It's a good place to live.
A small town.
It suits me.
Do you work out?
Flex! Flex! Flex!
- When did you move here?
- Not long ago.
I moved to Lafors about a year ago.
Then you're just as brave as me.
I also moved here on my own.
It was 1986.
- Are you happy about Superbilly?
- Got mixed feelings.
I don't know. I guess I'm worried
they'll drive us out of business.
They've got cheaper leather
from poorer countries.
But everyone will be able to
afford Superbilly. That's good, right?
Do you know how they make leather?
- No.
- It's really, really bad.
There is no union,
the conditions are appalling.
- They splash around among of the hides.
- Oh.
Plus, the pay is also very bad.
No... Facing that way, yeah.
That looks good.
No, no. Hold it right there.
Ready on set.
- Cut! Typical...
- I think he's going to fish.
- What's that? He's going to fish?
- Yeah, people do that.
I see him begging
outside the grocery store.
- Talk about bad timing.
- He's going to fish.
Can't you try...? Why don't you...?
Tell him we're filming.
- You want me to tell him to move?
- No way.
- We could wait, but it will take forever.
Guys, how hard can it be?
- I'll tell him in a friendly way.
- Kerstin, darling...
How's it coming along?
The hardest part about this
is getting the depth of field.
What's the problem?
- But It's a nice bridge.
- Yeah.
Hello! Excuse me.
It'll be fine.
The bags! Kerstin!
Kerstin! Don't forget the fishing rod!
Kerstin! Hey!
- They're coming over.
- Over here? Why?
Don't ask me.
He doesn't speak Swedish or English,
so I figured...
we let him see through the camera,
so he understands why he can't be there.
OK, sure.
Please. Do you see the bridge?
It has to be empty.
No people.
If you just could wait for...
- Speak Romanian?
- Yes, you too?
- Yes, me too.
- Thank God!
You can't be on the bridge
because we're making a film.
You have to move.
Does it have to be that bridge?
- Just for a moment...
- He wants to know, why there?
Because we are doing
a film about this town.
And the heritage.
The history of the town.
- You have to move.
- And this bridge is so old.
No, sir, I won't move.
- Why not?
- Don't want to.
Yes, you need to move.
I don't want to.
I'm going to fish there.
Fish, what fish? You have no right...
No, we're making a film here.
- I won't move.
- Why not? You should be ashamed!
Me, ashamed?
You should be ashamed!
- I'm there fishing so I can eat.
- If you want to eat, get a job.
- Get a job, where?
- Get a job!
- Go to school and get a job.
- But how?
My parents came here just like you
and they got jobs...
I don't give a shit about your parents.
This is me here.
What do you mean? We all have to work!
You can't be there and wait for handouts.
- You can't!
- Yes, I can!
- No, you can't! Don't you get it?
- Get out of here!
Leave me alone!
Calm down.
Here, take 200 kronor. OK.
Take it easy now.
Go fuck yourselves!
Leave me alone!
What's he saying?
- Why are you saying that to me?
- Leave me alone, woman!
- I haven't done anything to you.
- Suck my dick!
Kerstin, come here!
Never mind that!
- I have been kind to you.
- Kerstin, come here!
- Come here.
- That's just terrible!
What's he saying?
I tried to be nice.
It's just awful. I don't want to...
And you don't...
What's happening?
Hey, please...
This isn't worth filming, is it?
Stop filming now.
- Let's go.
- No.
Put that away.
- Roland...
- Stop filming, I said!
- Why?
- Cut it out.
- No.
- Put that away.
- Cut it out!
Stop filming, I said!
You don't fucking film me!
- Calm down, girls.
- Put it away.
Cocksucker, don't you film Lafors!
- What are you saying?!
- Stockholm asshole!
- Girls, that's a no-no...
You don't say that! That's a no-no!
- Don't touch me!
- You don't say that to other people!
Come on, girls.
It's only a film, what does it...
film... film... film...
film... film...
film... film...
There are already tons of films.
Do something important instead
of getting driven home like a criminal.
So goddamn embarrassing.
I'm ashamed of you!
You know?
Stop it. Stop it, Ella.
I'll get it for you.
Did you have to film that?
- I want ketchup.
- I want food, too!
OK, I'll get you.
I'll get you your dinner.
Wait here.
I need another plate.
OK. I'll get you.
- I have no plate.
- I'll get it.
I want a plate, too.
Are you getting any of this?
After everything she's done for you.
And you just piss on it.
What do Dana's parents say?
What do they know? They haven't
struggled once in their lives.
Neither that Kurdish woman
nor that Yugoslavian man.
They have their caf and brag about it.
She doesn't even know how to bake.
Don't get me in trouble
with your filming.
Life is full of mysteries
Things you cannot understand
Doubts and questions grow stronger
And we'd love it if you could mention
Lafors Construction Company in the film.
This place isn't exactly scenic.
We feel it shows a kind of pioneering
spirit and a faith in the future.
And we want to show that we're capable...
of getting a company
like Superbilly to come here.
Maybe that's what we need?
Someone from local government
to put loving words to the images
and who can describe
the possibilities of this plot.
What do you say?
- Huh?
- Great idea.
- You want me to do it?
- Yes! It'd be perfect.
You've got great charisma.
Wouldn't it be better if...
Can't you do it, Musse?
- Me?
- You're charming, and cute
I had a speech therapist
all through middle school.
- I can't talk on camera.
- But why should I?
- I can't. I don't like cameras.
- You can do it!
I think he's ready now!
- Am I ready? Do I need that hat?
- You need to wear this.
Shall I walk and do a bit
of David Attenborough?
And Musse, think "serious but charming."
That's your specialty.
- Serious but charming.
- Is that even a thing?
- Oh, God...
- This will be great.
- I'll look into the camera.
- We're rolling!
Welcome to a growth area
in the middle of Vastergotland.
10,000 cars come through here daily,
a million square meters await you
and your business, so you
can find your home in Lafors.
- Great!
- That was great!
- I feel like you're biased.
- No, I think you were great.
- I couldn't have done It without you.
- And that hat.
Ask the experts.
Can't you do it instead, Lisa?
I don't want to.
And he was great.
- You were too cute. That was the problem.
- Too cute...
What's the problem?
Musse, I don't mean to be rude,
but if you're representing us,
people will start to wonder
why you're in this film.
- And than of other things.
- I get It.
We want to promote
Swedish building traditions.
I don't look like the typical
Lafors representative.
- But you are a Lafors representative.
- Yeah, but...
But it could get in the way of...
People might get other ideas.
It could get in the way of
our message. I totally get it.
- Microwave meal again?
- You bet.
Help would rarely get there.
Children who don't get help will die
from diseases or undernourishment.
Right, then, now you've seen
one of my documentaries.
A difficult watch, yes.
Heavy, yes.
But also important and urgent.
Or what do you think?
Kerstin and I went down there
to give people a voice.
But as a filmmaker, you always need
a moral compass. You know what that is?
You can't violate people.
You can't just barge in, you have to stop
and think, am I going too far?
Or have I done too much?
There was a guy in Class 98
who filmed us in the shower yesterday.
- What?
- Does he have the right to post that?
- That was a joke.
- Not really...
I'll tell you, that's totally immoral.
Absolutely not OK. It's a violation,
filming someone naked in the shower.
But didn't you film all those
half-starved dying people?
- Yes.
- You filmed them and they were naked.
Good, yes, well spotted.
And I think there's a moral compass issue
there. Should I film them naked or not?
If he feels violated, why wouldn't they?
Yes, but they don't live here
in Western Europe.
They'll never see these films,
nor will anyone they know.
Ever heard of YouTube?
If some Japanese came here
and filmed you naked
or while doing something private...?
Yes, you're right...
- That's a violation, right?
- Yes, but...
If they had filmed me without asking.
Did you ask those people?
Does anyone else who saw the film
want to say something?
I thought it was pretty good.
- Good to hear. It moved you?
- Umm, yeah...
Great. So you see,
there are different views...
Different opinions.
Hey, guys. This is the first step
in a debate about precisely this:
How do we see the world?
What influences our worldview? Remember?
Exactly. Like the council film.
Why show only bad stuff from down there
but make Sweden and Lafors look great?
They're two different films.
One is a commercial.
We want to show the best of the town.
The other one is a documentary.
The film we just saw is about my country.
It's about his country.
- He's from there too.
- Sit down, Aida.
Why only show bad stuff?
Yes, you're right...
You don't think about who sees it.
It's all of us...
Aida, why can't we talk about this
in a normal tone of voice? It's unpleasant.
We've invited a person
and you're basically yelling at him.
- Actually, yeah.
- Why are you so angry?
What do you think of Superbilly
coming here?
- Good, I guess.
- Is it good? Why?
I save more money.
We can't control what other countries...
I don't know what to say to that.
I guess it's sad,
but I don't know what to say to that.
Take me, I'm from South America,
from Colombia...
There's a lot of child labor there.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Did you work as a child?
- No, not me.
I came to Sweden many years ago.
Why did you come here?
I was adopted,
so I was selected to come here.
They have to work hard
in bad conditions.
Hey, could you move a little?
- Excuse me.
- I mean, it's cheap...
- Did you know she's filming you?
- I'm filming her.
- That's the lens.
- I'm not filming him.
- Are you OK with that?
- No, actually.
- Why don't you bag your stuff?
- We're here to shop.
- Think about what you're buying.
- That's on our conscience.
Do you have to attack the little man?
I'm the little man.
The little man?
Where do you want me to shop?
Some place I can't afford?
It's my paycheck which I use
to provide for my family.
I've got this much left after
all the bills and the car payments.
You don't pay those for me, do you?
That'll be 504 kronor, please.
Could you move it
so I can go on?
Leave him alone now.
Leave him alone.
We're not even talking to him!
We're just standing here.
You're filming, girls.
We're just here to do our shopping.
- People are suffering.
- Take it up with the corporations.
Why don't you take it up with them?
If you had given this some thought,
and cared a little.
I care about my family.
That's what it all comes down to.
At someone else's expense.
Can you move the cart?
That's rich coming from you. I'd imagine
your parents live on some benefits.
So you should shut up!
Film this.
What? Aida!
What are you doing?
- Hey!
- Aida!
But... what the hell!?
- Aida, come on!
- Go, go, go!
You're insane!
That's great!
Oh, no. Did it hurt?
Come on!
Hit me. Hit me.
Hit. Hit...
Not the eyes!
Just on the mouth.
What's that?
Let me see.
What have you done?
- What have you done, our?
Are you crazy.
- What have you done to her?
- What?
What's that?
I didn't do that.
What happened?
Come in!
- Welcome.
- Hi. How are you?
- Fine, thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Hey! Number 2...
- Hi!
- This is for you.
- You shouldn't have. Thank you.
- Shall I take your coat?
- Thank you.
Well, this is us...
- Ooh...!
- Wow...!
- This is genuine kebab.
- Is it kebab?
This is called sambousek.
Would you like to try the dolma?
Is it dolma? We have this in my country
as well - same thing.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Did you make the baklava
or is it store-bought?
- I usually make it in the caf myself.
- Me, too. I make it at home.
Thank you for having me.
I wanted to talk to you.
I'm worried about our girls.
What kind of trouble
have you been getting into?
We have just been filming.
They're causing trouble with their film.
I'm worried I'll get fired from my job.
I'm really happy there,
and they're happy with me.
But they're not doing anything wrong.
I think they are so talented, and smart.
If you want something in life,
you have to be brave.
Go against what people tell you.
Make sacrifices.
What is she saying?
If you want to make something of yourself
in life, you need to be brave.
You need 90 against what people say
and make sacrifices.
Listen to me, I beg you.
We can't afford to make sacrifices.
They don't know how we live.
They don't even know us.
- What is she saying?
- Translate! Tell her!
I understand that you get worried.
But you have to understand me, too.
I've sacrificed a lot for my daughter
to become whatever she wants.
For her to take space.
I want her to sing, play the drums, go out
in the streets, shout whatever she wants.
Have some compassion!
We are working people.
We can't eat or drink unless we work.
See how we live!
What could happen to her?
She will eat, drink,
she's got a home, the caf, a car...
What do we have?
We can't even dress warm unless we work.
Explain to her!
Explain to her what I'm saying!
Yes. That's a wrap!
- Ready?
- Yes. We are ready.
Why won't you eat?
Conversation in Tamil lesson one.
In this lesson we learn
how to quickly speak Tamil.
We'll just look at
some general rules in Tamil,
greetings, how to address family members,
and some simple words.
We'll just use English to represent Tamil
so you don't have to know how to write
or read Tamil to follow...
Come on!
Bottom's up, old chap.
I'm not telling you this
just because I love you. No...
I'm not telling you this
just because I'm drunk, but...
I love you.
From here to...
From here...
You know what?
From here to Boras!
To Borgs!
Hey, can't we just...
go canoeing.
Can't we do something else?
I'm here for you.
I do it for you!
I do it... I do it for you.
I'm not going to quit.
Can't we do something else now?
Other than filming?
It's no fun anymore.
I want to go fishing.
I want to go to camp, I want to...
do stuff with you, I don't
just want to run around and...
film all the time.
Look at me!
I'm with you all the way.
Can't you just explain so I can understand
why it's so important to you?
It's only a film.
Beers, coming up!
One round. My treat.
I'm really excited about this.
We've got a pro here,
so I reckon our film will be really good.
use, you've done a heck of a job.
- All of us.
I think they deserve a toast
at this point.
- We all deserve it.
- Cheers!
- Lafors is in your hands, Musse.
- No pressure.
Whose turn is it?
Thank you.
- Thank you for entrusting me with this.
- It's been fun.
It's been one heck of a journey.
- You've struggled.
- Yeah...
It's always hard.
Hey, Mussel
- Here you go.
- Cheers!
Beautiful lady!
You too, guys!
Let's do this.
Down it...
Into the fog.
The world's nicest and greatest...
co-worker. You're so great.
- Roland!
- You're great.
Roland! Stop being such a downer!
You're fucking up the good vibe, Roland.
- What the hell?!
- Check me out!
- It's cool, I'm right-handed.
- Come here!
- Eight more!
- Eight more.
- How many do we want?
- Eight more ones!
- When do we want them?
- Now! Eight more! Come on!
Eight more!
8 HOURS LEF Hey, girls.
Is that you?
I'm just a little... tired.
I'm gonna have a little rest.
What are you doing?
Musse from the town council...
- He's so lame.
- You're lame!
Forget you ever saw this.
Stop filming.
Just stop it.
Girls... Don't stop filming.
I think you should stop!
Just stop it.
The Germans are coming.
That's enough.
Come to the cinema.
Do your thing.
- Lee me the camera.
- No.
Just give it here.
Do your thing.
Give it...
Just give me the fucking camera!
Fucking cunt!
They are here now.
Good luck!
I'll check on the coffee.
Hello. Nice to meet you.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Elif.
- You have perfect food.
- Great.
- Typical Swedish food.
- You don't find this quality elsewhere.
Do you have something
similar in Germany?
Yes, we have Fleischklopse.
Buletten, as it's called.
Of course, quite common also.
- Was it called Buletten?
- Buletten.
- Do you like what you have seen so far?
- Yes.
But I would like to see
a little more, if possible.
OK. Can I have your attention, please?
We have a rather tight schedule today.
First of all, we're going to enjoy a piece
of cake baked here in the local bakery.
The oldest bakery in the region.
Then we'll have a VIP screening for you
where we'll show you a film of the Lafors
community in our old town cinema.
Quite a piece of work.
Nice film, very nice film.
And after that,
Peter from Lafors Construction Company
will take you to the construction site
for a little trip before you go back home.
Maybe it's time for the video conference?
Should we try to get this...?
Could you keep it down?
We're going to have a conference here.
Will it work?
Always exciting.
- Look!
- Hello?
- Hello, Frau Hohn!
- Hello!
We've just decided at HQ not to make
any further investments in Sweden.
- Oh..
- What?
Perhaps I should speak directly
to the Swedish parties?
- She wants to talk to you directly.
- Nice. Yeah. We are here for you!
Actually, I have no good news for you.
I'm sorry for that.
We just had an urgent meeting
with our head office here.
And all our investments in Scandinavia
have to be postponed indefinitely.
So the decision from the head office
is that our investments will be shifted
to Eastern Europe, which is financially
a more advantageous situation for us.
I'm really sorry that
I have to give you this...
Just short, so I understand
what you're saying.
Do you mean that the project ends here?
That is unfortunately what I have
to tell you. The project ends here.
You're not going to invest anything
in Lafors community? Is that understood?
This is unfortunately not possible.
So very disappointing.
So very disappointing.
Oh, no.
Frau Hahn, It's an unpleasant situation,
but we'll...
Could you continue in English,
so I can understand?
Elif, say something.
Please accept our apologies for this.
We did not anticipate it.
To apologize Is not enough.
I don't want to see that fucking cake.
Let the Germans take it with them.
What about the film?
Yeah... I guess we'll have
to enjoy that on our own.
Here we go...
Are you ready for this?
You're so awesome!
Oh, shit!
Oh my God!
Come in now!
That's what I'm talking about!
That's good. Thanks so much!
Give me a high five.
Lafors! Lafors! Lafors! Lafors!
That's what I'm talking about!
Check it out!
Come on! Yes!
What is this?
Did you get all these people to come?
Hi, Kerstin!
Let's go, let's go!
- High five, high five.
- High five.
You as well!
- Aida!
- You came!
Hi! You look so nice!
Thank you for coming!
- Hello! Hey, Musse.
- Hi.
- I've been trying to...
- What is this?
I've tried to get these people out,
but it's impossible.
- They're screening some other film, too.
- So many people!
Wow, a lot of people here
to see our local government film.
Where have they all come from?
Right. Hello...
A little...
Can you hear me now? Hello?
- Can you hear me?
- Yeah!
I'm pleased to see so many people here...
for what was supposed to be
a closed screening of our film.
Right, so the film is sponsored
by Lafors Construction Company...
Their representative Peter is here.
And now that you're all here,
I guess we just watch it together.
So, a five-minute feast for the eyes...
from our beloved home district.
- Are you ready?
- Yes!
Let's start the film.
Let it re.
Lafors - the little Swedish town
with great possibilities
and development potential.
Here, there is boundless freedom.
We welcome you here to discover
a countryside that's full of life.
We are more than just a long tradition
of tanneries and textile factories.
The people are friendly
and will give you a warm welcome.
Lafors offers many
recreational activity options.
You can fish in the Lafors rapids
and enjoy the pure Scandinavian nature.
Or simply enjoy
a traditional Swedish fika.
We offer attractive land prices for both
your firm and your red little cottage.
We value Swedish building traditions.
A million square meters
await you and your business.
Dear parents, give your children
a real Astrid Lindgren childhood.
With a focus on safety
and quality of life.
We thank the council for their film.
It sure was... original.
We all know why everyone is here.
It's to see the film that you,
Aida and I have made.
We want to thank Musse
at the town council for inspiring us.
Just be careful.
This is the great book on Lafors.
Here are some images from the past.
- Is that Albania?
- No, it's Lafors.
This is Lafors...
about a hundred years ago.
- These are flax hackles.
- Which were invented in Lafors.
- Exactly..
- Um, not really. They're everywhere.
- But we were the first ones.
- No, not really...
They've been around
since the middle ages.
This is a real camera.
This is no phone.
- What do you mean, real camera?
- Can't call anyone.
- How much does it cost?
- A lot. Film making was expensive then.
- Where do I look?
- There.
There, OK...
You can use our phone
to film for the day.
Do you want to film
your image of Lafors?
You press record and then stop.
- Do you think I can manage that?
- Y$, you can.
You click on this square.
When you finish filming, it gets saved.
Once you're done, we pick it up,
and you get to be in our film.
Goddamn it.
There we go.
Go away! Stop it!
Stop it, Misha!
Stop it.
It's great.
Everyone knows everyone here.
Maybe the air, the wind,
the sound of the water...
the shape of the fountain...
It gives you this feeling... feeling.
There is, or was, the sewing factory
where my mother worked.
She told me how they slaved.
They passed out from exhaustion.
They put the factories out here
because people here didn't make demands.
They wanted food on the table.
I've seen on TV
that in other countries
tannery workers get sick due to
exposure to dangerous chemicals.
Stop filming, I said.
Stop filming! Cut it out!
Put the camera away.
- Stop filming, I said!
- Cocksucker, don't you film Lafors!
Stockholm asshole!
Our specialty is magnifying
very tiny insects.
You discover little details
you would never know about otherwise.
Take ants, for instance,
if you magnify their feet,
you wouldn't think they've got hair
between their toes.
- Did you thank them?
- They didn't give it to me.
They told me to film.
We'll see. OK, so film.
Film the tent. Show them.
Be still so they may see the sky.
The Swedish sky.
Post it on Facebook.
What do you think of Superbilly
coming here?
- Good, I guess.
- Is it good? Why?
I save more money.
This is the wrong forum,
the wrong place. It's all wrong.
Why do you have to film me?
Couldn't you find anything uglier?
Who do you think is going
to watch this idiocy?
Hello? How long is this film?
Five and a half hours.
You're being so boring!
Aida! Are you messing with us?
My little boy.
Then we could do the next song
on the same page, "Ida's Summer Song".
Are you all on page five?
No, this is no good.
Can you be quiet while I'm reading?
Hey, you...
People are having coffee here.
Maybe you could be considerate of them.
You're welcome to sing.
Just keep it down a little.
OK? Could you...
Could you be a bit quieter?
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