Amazing Gracie (2023) Movie Script

- Hi, how are you?
- Good.
Yeah. Welcome.
Come on in.
- Hi, Beth.
- Hi.
Hi, Jack.
Miss Grace, how are you today?
I'm fine, thanks, Mr. Ian.
You said we're talking
about talents that
God give to us
and our families.
So, I prepared a presentation.
Gracie, you didn't have to.
I know, but I was
thinking that my topic
would be much better
with visual aid.
Well, I can't wait
for your presentation.
Why don't we have
you go first, hm?
I was hoping you'd say that.
See you inside.
Is she always this precocious?
Uh, I like to say she's
cutely annoying, but yes,
precocious is a very nice
way of putting it.
Walk on in.
God can give people
lots of different talents.
He can make people have
good voices for singing,
or be really smart.
He gave my grandpa, Bernard,
the gift of photography.
He used to travel all over
the world taking pictures.
Having those pictures he's taken
makes me feel like I was there
and helps me to remember him.
That's so sweet, Grace.
I'm not done.
This photo of him was
taken by my Aunt Lucy.
God gave her the
same talent too.
We used to go around taking
pictures of everything.
That's your talent
too? Taking pictures?
We don't do that anymore.
Now, she just takes pictures
of people getting married.
You may be seated.
Therefore, as God's chosen
people, holy and dearly loved,
clothe yourselves
with compassion,
kindness, humility,
and patience.
Bear with each other
and forgive one another.
Forgive as the Lord forgave you.
Blah, blah, blah.
And over all these
virtues, put on love,
which binds them all
together in perfect unity.
I need that arm.
Blah, blah, blah?
Come on, Lucy, what if
someone had heard you?
The verse is overused.
It's, like, at least try to
make your ceremony unique.
And you can't eat the
cake, the cake is for guests.
No one will know.
Well, I saw.
Kid, you had, like,
one job to do today,
and to be honest, you
didn't do it very well.
Okay, Dave, would you take
her to find the ring bearer
and see if he wants to dance?
Thank you.
Lucy, I love you, but we
live in the Bible Belt.
You can't pitch a fit each and
every time God is mentioned,
or heaven forbid, scripture
is read at a wedding.
You can't.
- Stop it!
- Okay, geez.
- No, you geez.
- Take this seriously.
I am. I do.
Okay, Lucy, y-y-you do, y-
y-y-you do wonderful work,
you do, and I'm happy
to recommend you
for the weddings I coordinate,
but you've been awful
to work with since your...
In the past year or so.
- You can say it.
- Since my dad died.
Look, you're
going through stuff.
I get it, but you gotta
keep it together, okay?
You can't berate the flower
girl or nearly ruin ceremonies
for people on their special day.
You're representing
me here, too.
I hear you, Mallory, okay?
Take responsibility.
I said I hear you.
And quit eating the cake!
All right.
Let's pray.
Dear Lord, thank you for the
food we are about to eat.
Thank you for the family
here at this table.
Thank you for Beth and
Stephen's opportunity
for a much needed
vacation tomorrow.
And thank you that Bernard
is in heaven with you.
We love you, in Jesus' name.
And please help Aunt Lucy
to come to family dinners too.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Grandma, how come you
never pray for Aunt Lucy?
Well, I did say thank you
for our family, didn't I?
You set out this table.
I just want God to know
that we love her too.
He knows, sweetie.
But why are you mad?
Can't you forgive her?
Gracie, Grandma loves Lucy.
It's just been a while since
they've had time to talk.
But tonight is about remembering
Grandpa, so let's eat.
Happy birthday, Grandpa.
Ugh, Mom, let me
help you with that.
No, no, no, no.
You guys need to go
home and get some sleep,
you've got an early
mornin' tomorrow.
Do you have everything
you need for the kids?
Um, I put their clothes,
their toys, their books
Beth, yes.
Everything will be just fine.
Grandma extraordinaire.
Okay, I'm sorry, just
first trip away from him.
They'll be fine, let's go.
Yeah, wait.
I'm sorry about Grace tonight.
She's been asking a lotta
questions about Lucy lately.
It's fine.
It's not.
I miss her, don't you?
She left us, Beth.
Can we not tonight, please?
Thanks again for
watching the kids.
And I love you.
Love you.
You guys have a great trip.
For what it's worth,
I've forgiven her.
It's 4:00 in the morning.
Wait, calm down, I
can't understand you.
Mom, take a breath.
Grandma, how long are
these people staying?
Just a bit longer,
okay, sweetie?
You know, they're all here
because they loved your mommy
and daddy very much.
Is Aunt Lucy coming?
Can you do me a favor?
Um, will you and Mr. Ian,
will you go upstairs
and check and make sure
Jack's still napping?
What do you say, Gracie, hm?
You're so big.
Grace, can I speak to Aunt
Lucy for a minute, please?
You missed the funeral.
- I know.
- And the visitation.
I know.
Well, it's over, so there's
nothin' for you to do,
whi-which is probably best,
because you can never make
it anywhere on time anyway.
I didn't come to fight with
you, I just came to see Grace.
What about Jack?
- Yes.
- You didn't even remember
you had a nephew.
I remember Jack, Mom.
Look, I'll go, if
that's what you want?
You know what? Actually, yes,
I think that might be best.
We didn't need
you at the funeral
and we don't need you here now.
You're exactly the same.
I have peace knowing
that God is working.
No, don't give me that!
There's no good to be
worked out in this.
- Mr. Humphrey.
- Hi, Susan.
Pleas, come in.
Hi, Lucy. It's good to see you.
I'm so sorry about
Beth and Stephen.
I was just on my way.
Uh, actually, I think
you wanna stay for this.
For what?
For the reading of
Beth and Stephen's will.
They had a will?
After Bernard died
suddenly last year,
they came over to my office
and we together made sure
that everything was covered.
So, it's pretty straightforward.
They had two saving accounts.
Um, they had no mortgage
left on their house,
and so they left all
assets, including the house
on 7459 Maple Court,
and sole guardianship
of both children, and including
all legal parental rights
to, to Lucy Higgins.
I'm sorry, what?
You, you can't be serious.
They couldn't have
been more clear.
Uh, this is a mistake.
Maybe it's in God's plan.
Stop it, Lucy.
Well, I can assure
you it's not a mistake.
They couldn't have meant me.
I've seen Jack, like, twice.
And I'm their grandmother.
Exactly, she should have them.
At least you have
the sense to see that.
Ladies, listen.
I read the will.
I wrote the will.
This is what they wanted.
And that being said, if you
two are unhappy with this,
then, Lucy, you can sign over
the sole guardianship to Susan.
That's exactly what
we'll do, right, Lucy?
Can I have a minute?
Beth, I am quite
possibly the single
most ill-equipped person
to raise your children.
I mean, help me out here.
What were you thinking?
I miss you.
You don't want us.
Aunt Lucy isn't a mommy,
and she doesn't know
how to be a mommy, okay?
But I do.
We're gonna work through
all of this together, okay?
You, and me, and Jack.
Have you even cried?
Send me the papers.
For once, you're
making the right choice.
I'm sorry, Gracie.
Put your sign up for me.
All right, and
gimme a big smile.
Big smile.
Big smile.
No smile?
I hate smiling.
You, you hate smiling?
How old are you?
You're five!
You know, you're almost
as old as my niece,
so that means you're
in first grade, right?
No, I'm a kindergarten,
duh, it says it right here.
You're right, it does, sorry.
Uh, you know, my niece,
she loves to dance.
Do you love to dance?
You don't?
Are you sure you
don't like to dance?
There we go. Yes.
Okay, family come in.
Oh, you guys, that looks great.
Yes. Oh, I love it.
You guys, that looks
awesome, good job.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I can't tell you how
nervous we were about today.
You guys did great.
You were awesome
with her, by the way.
Good idea with that dancing.
- Cool.
- Thanks.
- Have a good day.
- You too.
Thank you.
I am sorry I'm running late,
I just, I lost track of time.
Uh, when was the last
time you cleaned this place?
Uh, it's been a minute.
Look, I just need to find
my shoes and then we can go.
What are these papers?
Oh, um, legal stuff.
You didn't tell me
you had guardianship
over Grace and Jack.
I didn't tell you because
technically I don't, nor will I.
Found one!
Wait a minute, so, so you're
just gonna give them back?
Well, it's not
like I can just give
them back, since, you know.
I know, I know, but I mean,
you're just gonna let
your mom keep them?
- Yep.
- Why?
What do you mean why?
It was, like, less
than a week ago
that you verbally accosted
me about being irresponsible.
Oh, found it!
Okay, first of all, I did
not verbally accost you.
Secondly, I just want
what's best for you.
And you think that
raising two kids, by myself,
is what's best for me.
Okay, I mean, maybe not.
But Lucy, if it's in God's
will for you to take these.
You know, I have had just
about enough of wills lately.
I'm just saying.
There's no way that you
believe that it's in God's will
for Beth and
Stephen to have died
and left their two small
children in my care.
There's no way.
Luce... And you know what?
You have pushed and pushed
this God works all things,
and maybe it's in God's plan,
agenda ever since my dad died.
I get it enough from my mom,
I don't need it from you.
All right, okay.
I never meant to
make you feel worse.
Thank you.
Now, I have my shoes.
Can we please go?
But yeah, I believe
that in all the pain,
God is the only
way to find peace,
and I know you're mad at God,
but Lucy, all this
anger is keeping you
from seeing the good
things all around you.
You know, suddenly I don't
feel like going out anymore.
It must be all that anger.
When was the last
time you saw Beth?
No, don't do that.
Luce, you shut your
entire family out,
and now Beth is gone.
And whose fault is that?
God is not
responsible for the death
of your father or your sister,
but he's there with open arms
to help you get through it.
You can show yourself out.
Good morning, Luce.
Hey, Dave.
Beware, I heard
Charlotte's filling in today.
All right, my peeps,
is everyone ready
for the bike ride up their life?
Yeah, I can't do this.
Lucy, you're not giving
up so soon, are you?
Uh, nope, super stoked
to be here, Charlotte.
- Love that attitude.
- I'm so glad you're here.
Let's get started
with a quick warmup.
No Mallory?
Just me.
Everything okay?
She didn't tell you?
We got in a huge fight.
Ooh, what happened?
My sister died.
Maybe a little less
chatter in the back?
So Mallory murdered your sister.
Just working with the
details I was given.
Okay. Well, no.
Well, I'm sorry
that your sister died.
And she left me her kids.
Guess we're not
biking hard enough
if we can keep up that chitchat.
Let's ramp it up.
How many?
You even want kids?
So you're not
gonna keep 'em then?
I'm just saying, you,
you, you're you, you know?
No, I guess I don't know.
What's me?
Well, you said it yourself,
that you didn't want any kids.
And I'm not surprised.
You're not exactly
the mothering type.
Uh-uh, Lucy, keep
up with that pace.
Give it a rest, Charlotte!
You see me what, like,
twice a week at work
for a month and
suddenly you know me?
Lucy, uh... Well, you don't.
Lucy, I'm sorry.
Guess you guys didn't
know you were coming
for a spin class and a show.
Let's pick that pace back up.
I'm sorry.
I know. Me too.
Look, I just wanna
say that I remember
how happy you were when
those kids were born
and I know how
much you love them.
I'm with Beth on this one.
I think you can do it.
Hey, you know that Dave
is, like, really rude, right?
Like, really rude.
Yeah, I know, I
know, but he's also
a really good assistant.
Can't be that good.
- Oh, it's awful.
- I'm working on him.
I'm working on him.
Oh, breaking and entering,
that's a new one for you.
You're making the right choice.
I can't sign those.
This is a huge mistake.
Is it?
Beth didn't make mistakes.
If she thought that leaving
them to me was the right choice,
then she couldn't
have been wrong.
Well, she was wrong,
you can't do this.
I know you think that, but.
No, I know you can't.
You're selfish
and irresponsible.
You left me alone
after your father died.
You had Beth.
Well, now I don't.
I'm alone.
And I'm not gonna let you take
my grandchildren away from me.
I'm not taking them from you.
She's not here.
She's at school, and
Jack's at daycare.
Oh, okay.
What time do they
need to be picked up?
You're just not gonna tell me?
You know, sometimes it feels
like you want me to fail.
You'll need car seats.
Gracie gets picked up at
3:15 and Jack gets picked up
at 3:30 at Living Word Daycare.
Car seats are in the garage.
Thank you.
I'm still gonna fight
you for those kids.
You should sign those papers.
Bye, Mom.
Gracie! Hey!
Hey, kiddo.
What are you doing?
I'm picking you up from school.
But you didn't want us.
Well, you wanna leave school
at some point, don't you?
Thanks, I try.
Now, will you please
go get in the car?
We have to go get your brother.
I remember his name.
This is your car?
Go. Go, go, go.
- I got it.
- Okay.
Okay, off to get Jack.
Stay here, I'll be right back.
I gotta go get Jack.
You have got to be kidding me?
You left me, in a car, alone,
in an unattended off vehicle.
It was locked.
Then how did I get out?
You don't wanna know
the stat is-sitistics,
statics of... Statistics?
I got it.
You don't wanna
know the stistic...
- Statistics.
- Whatever!
Lesson number one, Aunt Lucy,
never ever leave
a kid in the car.
Got it?
Got it.
Good. Now, let's go.
It's like you've never
held a baby before.
I held you.
You turned out just fine.
You did not hold me like that.
How do you know?
Did you hold me like that?
Ah, of course not, I just...
It's been a minute.
- Here.
- Oh, thank you.
Okay. Okay.
Watch his head.
I got. It's okay, I got, okay.
Here we go.
Okay. Oh!
And watch your head.
Okay, buckle the
top strap first,
then it buckles into the
little one between the legs.
There, good job.
You did one thing right.
Okay, yeah, you have spent
way too much time with Grandma.
You passed it.
You passed it.
Passed what?
The library.
And there's the McDonald's.
And the grocery store.
You can wave at
them as we pass by.
We always go to the library
after school on Fridays.
Okay, well I didn't know that.
Well, maybe if you wanted
us in the first place,
you would know.
So the library, every Friday?
You must like books?
So you don't like to read?
- Can you even read?
- Yes! Ugh.
Hey, Mr. Ian.
Oh, no babies
allowed in the library.
Oh, I'm sorry, I,
I didn't know that.
Lucy, this is Mr. Ian.
Mr. Ian, this is Lucy, my aunt.
But now she's my guardian 'cause
my parents left us to her,
but she doesn't want
us, my grandma wants us,
but Lucy doesn't want
grandma to have us,
so now we're stuck with her.
I'll be in the kid section.
She's kidding.
Of course, I, I was kidding too,
a- about babies.
This is a baby-friendly library.
So you're Aunt Lucy, hm?
Oh no.
She talks about you a lot.
I teach her at Sunday school.
Oh, uh, so you know...
Uh, knew my sister.
Yeah, Beth and
Stephen were wonderful.
I'm really sorry
about what happened.
So what do you do?
Uh, I'm a photographer,
and now the guardian
of two small children.
Yeah, but Grace,
she's not a normal kid.
What gave it away?
She's precocious.
Well, that's a nice
way of putting it.
You know, that is the
last thing Beth said to me.
We were talking about
how great that kid is,
and I called her precocious.
She said the exact same thing.
We were always
alike, the two of us,
and my mom, just saying the
same thing at the same time.
I know you don't know me,
but if you ever need anything.
Got my books.
Okay, let's see what
we're checking out today.
Good choices, Grace.
Okay, well let's see.
One and two weeks.
See you Sunday.
Wait, Sunday?
He means at church.
Yeah, Gracie, I don't we.
We like church,
and we go every week.
And just because you don't go,
doesn't mean you're gonna
stop me and Jack from going.
Church it is.
Bye, Mr. Ian.
Precocious and demanding.
What happened to your apartment?
What do you mean?
It looks like a tornado
came through here.
Very funny.
I'm serious.
It didn't used to
look like this.
Well, I've been a
little too busy to clean.
Why can't we stay at
our house, in our beds?
Because it's too far from here
and way too close to Grandma.
You can go in, you know?
I know I can, but I
don't know if I want to.
Well, you don't
have a choice, okay?
Where are we gonna sleep?
In my bed.
All three of us?
Until I can think
of a better idea,
or get a crib, or
something, yes.
I already gave
you a better idea.
What are we gonna eat?
You don't have any?
That's not entirely true.
We'll get food.
What about baby
food and diapers?
It's all at my house.
Did you think about,
you know, anything?
You know, Gracie, no, I
didn't think about those things.
All I could think about was how
nobody thinks I can do this,
and the one person who did
use to live at that house,
and I really don't wanna
let her down, okay?
Just making sure we
don't starve to death.
Okay, and you can
chill on the dramatics.
Just saying, that would
definitely let her down.
What is that smell?
What is that smell?
Like I said, you're
gonna need diapers.
You change Jack and
I'll find some food.
Wow, nice room.
Okay, here we go.
Okay, little man.
I need you to know, I
have done this before,
but it has been a while, so I
need you to cooperate, okay?
Okay. Okay.
Okay, we're gonna do this.
That's good.
And we're gonna
take off the diapie.
Get it
together. Get it together.
Get it together.
Okay, lifting the legs.
And we're gonna do that.
And we're gonna roll it up.
That's good.
And I get a bit of that.
I need a diaper.
I need a diaper.
I need a diaper.
You know, I would be fine
if you never pooped again.
And we're gonna do this,
and we're gonna do this.
Oh, see, look, we did it.
Good job.
Okay. Okay.
Okay, here we go again. Okay.
Oh! Jack!
What did you eat, man?
Oh, we need lots a these.
Lots a these. Lots a these.
Lots a these. Okay.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
It's everywhere. Oh gosh.
Okay, we're gonna, we're
gonna lift the legs again.
No, no.
Oh, Jack!
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no!
Stop, stop, stop!
Gracie, help!
Use the diaper.
Use the diaper to cover the pee.
Oh, okay.
Okay, okay, okay. Oh.
Like that?
Help me. Help me.
Do you need anything?
Should I tuck you in?
I'm fine.
Okay. Good night.
We have to pray though.
I don't really pray anymore.
That's what Grandma said.
Yes, well, once
again, Grandma is right.
I can show you how.
It's not that I
don't remember how,
it's just that I
don't really want to.
It's okay if
you're not ready yet.
God will be there
for you when you are.
Okay. Good night.
Good night.
Thank you for today, even
though it's been really hard.
Please be with Grandma,
she's really, really sad.
And please help
Aunt Lucy and Jack,
but especially Aunt Lucy.
And, God, please tell
Mom, and Dad, and Grandpa
how much me and Jack miss them.
But thank you that they get
to be in heaven with you.
Oh, and please help
Jack to only poop
and pee in his
diaper from now on,
because it was really gross
cleaning that up today.
In Jesus' name, amen.
Oh my gosh.
You slept in.
Grace, it's 7:30.
Yeah, Jack's been
up for half an hour.
It's Saturday, go back to sleep.
That's not how babies work.
Get up!
Get up!
First thing we have to do
today is go get groceries.
What are you doing?
You said we needed groceries.
Yeah, and groceries are
from the grocery store.
Okay, it is too
early for your sarcasm
and too early to go
to the grocery store.
But we need food.
And we will get some.
You can order groceries on
your phone and go pick 'em up.
Magic, isn't it?
Yeah, that's the laziest
thing I have ever heard.
There is a fine line
between lazy and resourceful.
Wow, do we need all this?
Do you want to stop my growth?
Do you want Jack's brain
to be underdeveloped?
Again, no.
Then, yes, we need all of this.
Where'd you learn
these big words?
I go to school, you know?
That's not on the list.
I know.
We don't need those.
But I want them.
Well, we can't have
everything we want, can we?
You know, I'm the
adult and I'm paying,
so if I want them,
I'm gonna have them.
Now into the cart.
I've got the diapers.
- Okay.
- What about chips?
- We have chips?
- Okay, good, good.
See, wasn't that
lazy after all, was it?
Mr. Ian, hi.
Well, hi, Gracie.
Lucy, good to see you.
Oh wow, you've got
a lot of groceries.
Well, if Aunt Lucy had it
her way, we'd all starve.
Ian, that is not true.
When was the last time
you've cooked anything?
Not in a microwave.
She's hopeless.
I can hear you.
Well, I've got plenty of food
if you guys want to
join me for lunch?
Oh, no, that's okay.
Please, I'd love to have you.
Your wife wouldn't mind?
He doesn't have a wife.
She's not wrong.
Plus, um, you know,
I've just been jonesing
some good old mac and
cheese lately, from scratch.
Grace, we just bought
all these groceries.
We have plenty of food,
let's leave Mr. Ian alone.
- Please, Aunt Lucy.
- Can we please go?
Please, Lucy.
- Grace, we have Jack.
- Please!
How about I come to your
house and cook for you?
You can relax, I'll do
all the work, promise.
Okay, fine.
Very cute.
Okay, we'll see you later.
- See you later.
- Thank you for the invite.
I see what you did there.
Hey! Whoa, okay.
I draw the line at knives.
Did your mom let you use knives?
Then we're sticking
to that rule.
But you don't know
how to cut grapes.
They're grapes,
how hard can it be?
Wait, why are we cutting grapes?
Um, they're a big
choking hazard, duh.
Do you want Jack to choke?
And I?
Okay, what did I say
about the dramatics?
Wait, you look weird.
Thank you.
No, I mean like weird different.
You put lipstick on!
Yeah. So?
Because I wanted to look nice.
Yeah, but why?
Because I like it.
You put lipstick on for Mr. Ian!
Grace, quit it.
I absolutely did not.
You absolutely did too.
We are done having
this conversation.
Now, show me how to cut grapes.
You cut them long ways.
Like that?
Yeah. And then,
again, the other way.
Anything else we need to cut?
Pretty much everything.
I got it.
Mr. Ian, hi.
Hey there.
These are for you.
You didn't have to do that.
Lucy wore lipstick just for you.
That is not.
You look great.
Thank you.
Hey, are you ready
for some mac and cheese?
Right. Okay.
Okay, yeah, we got pasta there.
We, we need those.
There we go.
It smells good.
Well, you did a great job.
Shall we?
Heavenly Father, we
thank you for the food
that we are about to eat
and for the time we get
to spend together.
Thank you for my friendship
with Grace, Jack, and Lucy.
Please continue to
bless our time together.
We love you, Lord, in
the name of Jesus, amen.
Let's dig in.
- Grace first.
- Grace is first.
How much?
A lot.
A lot.
Grace, do you wanna
go play over there,
or hit the swings with us?
I wanna swing too.
Swings it is.
Wait, wait, wait.
Okay, have at it?
Grace, why don't
you like other kids?
It's not that I don't
like the other kids.
Just, sometimes,
it's hard playing
with people I don't know.
Yeah, that's true.
But wouldn't it be more
fun to play over there,
with them, than to swing alone?
I'm not alone, I have you guys.
Yes, that, that is also true.
Do you play with
kids at your school?
I'll tell you what.
Why don't we practice
asking someone
if you can play with them?
So, how would you
introduce yourself
to someone who is new at school?
Hi, I'm Grace Miller,
I'm seven years old,
Ms. Thatcher's favorite, and
I've never had a demerit.
Wow, okay.
A lot less bragging,
and just, like,
a lot less information
in general.
Just say hi, then your name,
then ask them their name.
- Hi, I'm Grace.
- What's your name?
Then, they'll tell
you their name.
Hi, I'm Lucy.
And then you just ask them
if you can play with them.
It's not that easy.
Yeah. I bet you it'll work.
And if it doesn't?
If they don't let
you play with them,
I will give you 10 bucks.
And if they do?
Then I will just be happy
that you made some friends.
You're not very good at betting.
No, I'm not.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Grace.
- Hi.
- Do you wanna play?
- Sure.
Thanks again for going
to the park with us,
and for making us lunch,
and taking us to dinner.
I had a great time.
I think it was a nice
distraction for Grace, you know?
She's been so...
Well, you know, Grace
about this whole thing.
What about you?
Yeah, uh, how are you doing?
Oh, well, Grace taught
me how to cut grapes today,
if that's any indication of
how prepared I was for this.
Well, if it's any consolation,
no one's ever really
prepared to become a parent.
Yeah, I'm not sure that
makes me feel better.
It's not just that I wasn't
prepared to be a parent,
I'm not really
prepared for anything.
What do you mean?
Oh, how do my mom put it?
Oh yes, I am selfish
and irresponsible.
For what is worth,
that's not what I see.
For what it's worth, you
haven't known me very long.
But you're trying,
anyone could see that.
I know, it's just I keep
hearing my mom's voice
in my head, telling me
that it's just not enough.
Uh, Ms. Susan can be tough.
Ms. Susan?
You know my mom?
I started going to Living
Word about a year ago.
I had lost my dad a
couple of years before.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
She and my mom kind of bonded.
Well, I'm glad she's
nice to someone.
Yeah, I heard you guys
are not on good terms.
Does she talk about me?
No, no, it's Grace.
Her prayer request every
week is that you two
will forgive each other.
Uh, I'll take that.
Can I help you?
Lucy Higgins?
Uh, yes.
- You've been served.
- Have a nice day.
Wait, what is this?
I just
deliver, I don't read them.
Hey, uh, what's wrong?
You okay?
She's taking me to court.
Susan's gonna try
and take the kids.
- Gracie.
- What?
Wake up.
Did I snooze my alarm?
Are we late church?
Whoa, old lady in a tiny body,
no, we did not miss church.
I wanna go early.
Who are you, and what
have you down to Aunt Lucy?
I thought you
didn't like church,
so why are we going early?
I need to talk to Grandma.
Let's go!
Long time no see.
Mr. Ian, hi.
Hi, you two.
Why are you here so early?
Well, Aunt Lucy just had to talk
to Grandma today before church.
Oh, there she is.
Well, how about you,
me, and Jack go hang out
in the classroom
while they talk, hm?
You've heard them fight too?
Yeah, let's get as
far away as we can.
Here, let me take him.
Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Well, look at you, actually
on time for something.
Early, actually.
I'm glad to see the
kids are in one piece.
Don't sound so surprised.
I worry, that's
what grandmas do.
So far, so good.
You are not what's
best for those kids.
So you think that
taking me to court
is what's best for them?
For them to see their
family fight over them?
We don't have to fight,
just sign the papers.
Lucy, you cannot handle
this responsibility.
But Mom, you haven't
even given me a chance.
They weren't supposed to be
with you in the first place.
It's what Beth wanted.
Or have you forgotten about her,
the same way you just
decided to forget about dad?
You can't have them.
And I can't let you
take them from me.
Tell Ian I will pick
them up after church.
That was a brave thing
for Prince Jonathan to do.
Gracie, look who's here.
Come on, Gracie,
let's go get Jack.
You seem quiet.
That's because I'm not talking.
Yes, that is the
definition of quiet.
Was church bad or something?
Do you wanna talk about it?
Are you mad at me?
Can we go to Grandma's?
No, not today.
The playground?
But I need to go by my apartment
and pick up a few things first.
Is that okay?
It still smells bad.
Well, you wanted to
go live at your house,
so it's not like I've had time
to take out the
trash or clean up.
It was messy before.
I know.
Wait, what are you doing?
Someone has to clean.
Yes, but that
someone is not you.
Then who?
That's funny, you don't
even know how to cut grapes.
I'm just tired of
taking care of you.
I have uprooted my entire
life to take care of you two.
And I had to cancel all of my
weddings since you came along.
I didn't ask you to.
Well, you kinda did,
and so did your mom.
Well, I take it back, I
don't want you to be my mom.
Gracie, wait,
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
You're okay. Gracie.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Gracie, are you okay?
Well, Mom, we've
got some good news.
She's not my mom.
She's my aunt.
Well, Aunt, the good news
is that it's not broken,
but it's just a bad sprain.
Um, we'll wrap it
with some compression,
put some ice on it,
rest it really well,
and you should be
feeling good pretty soon.
Thank you very much.
My pleasure.
The nurse will be
right in to wrap it.
Hey, what was that?
Are you deaf?
She said I have
a sprained wrist.
No, what's with the attitude?
What in the world is going on?
I'm sorry.
Are you trying to
burn the house down?
No, I just wanted
to make biscuits.
Why, Grace?
Because Mom used to make
with me before school.
But why did you have to
have them right this instant?
Why are they so important
to have at 6:00 AM?
Because I don't
wanna forget her!
I forgot her.
Gracie, what are
you talking about?
At church yesterday,
we were playing,
and singing, and I forgot.
I forgot they died.
And then you came
to get me, and...
Grace, you will
never ever forget them.
What do you know?
Grandpa died and you just
forgot about all of us.
Hey, that is not true.
You forgot about me.
No, I didn't.
You did! You left us!
I prayed for you every day.
And you only came
back when they died!
I'm sorry about this morning.
My friend Mallory is here,
and she wants to see you.
Do you remember her?
Do you wanna come down
and have dinner with us?
Come down if you get hungry.
No Grace?
No, she's still
mad at me for, you know,
stopping her from
burning the house down.
I just can't win with her.
She likes me, she doesn't,
she likes me, she doesn't.
Yeah, well, she's seven.
Yeah, but
with, like, the attitude
and brain of a 15-year-old.
I mean, I do not remember
being that much of a pain.
Lucy, you also didn't
lose your mom and dad
when you were seven.
All right, listen, she's
going through a lot,
she has no idea how
to get through this.
She's gonna need a lotta help.
It's a marathon.
You know, taking these
kids is for life.
I got it, Mallory.
I'm doing everything I
can to keep them alive,
and that's literally all
I can do right now, okay?
Yeah, okay, but they need more.
What if I don't have more?
Listen, I'm not trying to
get down on you, I'm not.
I think you made
the right choice.
I know you made
the right choice.
But you need to be with them.
Be present.
You know, you're treating
this like a prison sentence,
when you need these kids just
as much as they need you.
- Whoa!
- Okay!
No way did that come from him.
Man, no, we gotta
lose the grapes, pal.
I can't breathe.
- That's bad.
- That's not normal.
I hope you have a good day.
Hey, I'll pick you up right
here after school, okay?
I hope it's not too
much of a pain for you?
Excuse me, I'm looking for
Grace Miller, first grade.
She wasn't outside.
Hi, uh, you are?
Oh, I'm Lucy
Higgins, I'm her aunt.
I'm sorry, Ms. Higgins,
you're not listed
on Grace's authorized
family list.
What does that mean?
It means there's nothing
more I can tell you.
But you haven't
told me anything.
Um, look, her grandma
and I are in the middle
of a custody thing, but
technically I am her guardian,
so you can tell me where she is.
I'm sorry, I can't.
Okay, is she here at the school?
My niece is missing
and you're not
gonna tell me where she is?
I didn't say she was missing.
No, I said she was missing!
Please lower your voice.
Where are they?
They're napping.
We had a long day.
You kidnapped them!
Will you lower your voice.
I did no such thing.
I am their guardian.
No, not yet, the court
will decide that tomorrow.
You and I both know
that I am what's best
for those children.
I'm their family.
What am I?
Am I not in your family anymore?
Forget it, just tell
Gracie I came by
and that I said I was
sorry for earlier.
Sorry for what?
It doesn't matter.
Just tell her I said I was sorry
and that I said she could
spend the night tonight.
I'll see you in court tomorrow.
It got pretty bad?
We weren't
always like this, you know?
Beth, my mom, and I, we actually
used to be pretty close.
And then my dad died, and my
mom was just totally fine.
You know, I never
once saw her cry.
Not at the hospital, not
at the funeral, nothing.
She said she just gave it
up to God and was totally
at peace knowing that
he was in heaven.
And you weren't?
I mean, I knew he was in heaven,
but it's like I was the only
one who was sad he was gone.
It's like she felt nothing,
like 30 years of marriage
just didn't exist.
I cried night after night,
and she just told me over
and over again to just
give it up to God.
I was devastated, and
she was totally fine.
So I left.
I stopped coming around,
stopped answering calls,
stopped going to church, and
that's why she's so mad at me.
When my dad got sick,
I couldn't believe
something so horrible
was happening to him.
He loved God.
He was a great
husband and father,
and he loved his students.
He taught for as long as he
could, right until the end.
One of the last days
in the hospital,
I remember telling him how
I couldn't understand why he
wasn't angry with God,
when I was raging inside.
And he took my hand and said,
"Son, why would I be mad at God?
He's my best friend."
I think that's probably
how your mom feels.
Yeah, but she's never
said it like that.
She probably hasn't.
But it worked for me too.
Staying close to God
helped me through my anger
and through my dad's passing.
So it's just that easy?
No, I'm not
saying it's going to be easy.
As fighting for those kids
isn't going to be easy either,
but I think you can do it.
Oh, good.
Ian, Mallory.
Mallory, Ian.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Is it too much?
Not at all, you,
you look beautiful.
So, uh, you, you ready?
- Yes.
- Let's go.
All rise.
The Court of Wade County
is now in session.
The Honorable Judge
Morgan is presiding.
Please be seated.
Good morning, all.
Today we are discussing
Grace Miller,
age seven, and Jackson
Miller, age one.
This is a devastating
time for those children,
so I take what we determine
here today very seriously.
Now, I understand
that the deceased,
Stephen and Beth Miller,
left their children to you,
Ms. Lucy Higgins.
Is that correct?
Yes, Your Honor.
But I don't see it here.
Did you file your
guardianship request form?
Uh, no.
I have your mother's right here.
Why don't I have yours?
Um, I didn't know that I had to.
My sister's will
I know all about
the will, Ms. Higgins.
But the state is not
going to grant you custody
without making sure that
you are fully capable
and willing to be
their guardian.
Do you understand?
Yes, ma'am.
So I suggest you
file that form today.
Yes, ma'am.
Okay, the next matter
for today is this document
that I received this morning
from you, Mrs. Susan Higgins.
Yes, Your Honor.
Last night the
children stayed with me
and Grace told me
some disturbing things
that happened while
they were with Lucy.
Ms. Higgins, then
is it safe to assume
that you've not
read this document?
Uh, no, Your Honor, I haven't.
So that we are all
on the same page.
Mrs. Higgins claims, that
in the last five days,
that you left Grace
alone in a vehicle,
that you held Jack, and a quote,
"like an upside
down teddy bear."
You did not know how to
install or use car seats.
You did not have proper food
or diapers in your apartment
when you took the children home.
You let Grace use a
sharp knife, unattended.
You also allowed her
to use your oven,
which set off the fire alarms.
You took them and dropped
them off at a church
that you do not attend,
and then you left.
You also had to take Grace
to the urgent care center
for a sprained wrist.
And yesterday, you
were also unaware
of their whereabouts for
approximately three hours.
Do all of these sound correct?
Yes, Your Honor, but.
Ms. Higgins, I suggest
that you seriously reconsider
whether or not you can
handle being responsible
for two young children.
Everything in your
life must shift
and they must become
your sole priority.
Do you understand?
Yes, Your Honor.
We'll reconvene
Thursday at 11:00 AM.
Ms. Higgins, I better have
a guardianship request form
in hand, as well as a
written statement explaining
everything on this list.
In the meantime, I
grant temporary custody
to the maternal grandmother,
Mrs. Susan Higgins.
Hey, Gracie.
Hey, I know you're mad at me,
but I promise, you
are not a pain,
and I am so sorry
that I said that.
Really, really.
I missed you.
I miss you too.
Hey, listen, you and
Jack are gonna go live
with Grandma for just a
little while longer, okay?
But I don't wanna
live with Grandma.
I know, but
Grandma is so excited
to have you guys come
spend the night some more.
You guys are gonna
have such a good time.
And I'll see you soon, okay?
You wanted me out of
the family, I'm out.
Aunt Lucy?
- Wait!
- Sweetie.
Hey, Luce.
Hold on a second.
You gotta go back
and get that form.
I don't have to do anything.
Don't give up on those
kids, they need you.
Didn't you just
hear that laundry list
of reasons why they
should stay away from me?
Lucy, all of those
were taken outta context.
It doesn't matter, they're
not gonna look at context,
they're gonna see
what all of you see.
You said it last
week, right, Mal?
I don't take responsibility.
I'm unreliable.
Lucy, I did not
mean it that way.
You were just speaking
the truth, right, Mal?
Tough love.
And you...
I didn't know you last week,
and I don't wanna
know you anymore.
You don't mean that.
I'm done.
I'm done with Susan,
I'm done with the kids,
and I'm done with you two.
So you're just pushing away
the people you care most about.
You're so afraid of losing
them that you'd rather leave.
Just like when your father died.
Are you done?
All right, and done!
Great class, everybody.
Happy to see there wasn't any
outbursts or walkouts today.
Let's keep those pedals goin',
let's take a few
minutes to cool down.
No Mallory, again.
Look, I'm really sorry
about what I said.
It's fine, Dave,
and no, no Mallory.
Hey, where are those kids
you were telling me about?
They're not my problem anymore.
Huh. That's a good thing, right?
You didn't want them.
Hi, uh, Ms. Susan.
What are you doing here?
With all due respect,
and you know I mean that,
I totally respect you,
your my mom's best friend
and I love you, but how
could you do that to Lucy?
Uh, this is none
of your business.
I've watched her try her
absolute hardest for those kids.
She didn't deserve what
you told the judge.
Lucy deserves
everything she gets.
But she's your daughter.
My daughter's gone.
I'm not talking about Beth.
Neither am I.
Look, after Bernard died,
she wasn't my Lucy anymore.
And she left us, not
the other way around.
If you don't mind.
She's not gone.
I don't wanna
discuss this anymore.
And she's trying to
find purpose again.
Ian, enough!
Don't take that away from her.
You have no idea what's
been taken away from me.
My husband, my daughters,
and I am not going
to lose those kids, too.
Be kind and compassionate
to one another.
Forgiving each other just
as Christ forgave you.
You haven't lost Lucy yet,
you just have to forgive her.
She needs her mom just as much
as you need your daughter.
Please go.
My Lucy.
It's been a week
since dad's funeral
and I haven't heard from you.
I've realized that life is
so amazingly unpredictable.
We can't prepare for everything,
but that's what
God is there for.
He's there to guide us
through the good and the bad.
Stephen and I have
decided to accept
what we can't prepare for, but
to prepare for what we can.
And if you're reading this,
that means that I am no longer
with you, and that you
know we've chosen you
to take care of Jack and Grace.
I've never been so
sure about anything,
and I wanna tell you why.
Do you remember the
day Grace was born?
I was so terrified
of becoming a mom,
but you were right there with
me every step of the way.
And when you met her, I'll
never forget that moment
when I saw your
life change forever.
You loved my baby
just as much as I did.
I knew right then that you
would do anything for her.
I knew that in that moment
you saw the grace of God
in that tiny human.
And she loves you so much.
As she's grown, she's become
such a fierce little lady.
And while she's my daughter,
I see so much of you in her.
She's strong, and smart,
and funny, just like you.
And little Jack,
bless his heart,
he's gonna need lots
of help keeping up
with that big sister of his.
But you are going to be amazing.
They need you and you need them.
I love you.
Don't forget to trust
in the Lord always.
He's with you
always, and so am I.
Love Beth.
God, I miss my family.
I need them.
And I need you.
Father, please give
me the strength today
to fight for Grace and for Jack.
But even more, Father,
please heal my family.
And thank you for
walking with me
when I was running from you.
In Jesus' name, Amen.
If I had to pick, I
probably go with that one.
Okay. I don't even
know why I ask you.
Hold on a second.
Hey, Luce, I'm so
glad you called.
No, no, no, no,
now's a good time.
What's up?
You were right.
You know I usually am.
I love those kids.
I know you do.
I need them and I
want to fight for them.
Then let's fight.
Hey, can you do me a favor?
- Ian!
- Shh.
- Ian!
- Shh.
Hey, I'm looking for Ian!
Oh! Hi!
You're yelling.
I know.
In a library.
I know, but it's important.
Okay, shoot.
I really like you.
Lucy... I'm not done.
And thank you, because
you have been so helpful
in taking care of those kids.
And also, you were right,
I do push people away.
I do that, that's terrible.
And I did that to you,
and I am so, so sorry.
You're still
yelling in a library.
That's it?
That's all you have to say?
Is that all you have to say?
Ian, I love those kids, and
I want to fight for them.
Go get 'em.
Hey, hey, I've got
the guardianship form.
Ugh, thank you.
We're working on my statement,
it has to be perfect.
This is the one time I get to
tell the judge why I deserve
the kids, and she
already hates me.
No she doesn't.
Did you hear the list of
things my mom said about me?
This is it, this is my one shot.
- Don't worry, okay?
- We've got this.
- You wanna help?
- Is my name Mallory?
Let's do this.
We didn't set an alarm.
Ian, we didn't set an alarm.
Mallory, get up.
We didn't set an
alarm. We have to go.
We're gonna be late for court.
Oh, yeah.
- Ian.
- Yeah, uh-huh.
Your Honor, no one knows
my daughter more than I do.
She does what she
wants, when she wants,
with no regard for
anyone but herself.
She's irresponsible and
she is in no way fit
to be a guardian.
I've been a mother
for over 30 years.
These children need me.
Thank you, Mrs. Higgins.
Ms. Higgins?
Yes, Your Honor.
Do you have the
guardianship request form
that I asked for?
Yes, Your Honor.
Very good.
Now, Ms. Higgins, I know that
you prepared a statement,
and we will get to
that, but first,
let's bring in the little lady.
Aunt Lucy!
Hey, kiddo.
Okay, listen.
You see that nice lady up there?
She's the judge, and
she's just gonna ask
you a couple questions, okay?
Me and dad used to watch
"Judge Judy" all the time.
I know the drill.
Well, okay then.
Aren't you gonna make me
put my hand on the Bible?
You don't have to
do that, not today.
May I approach the
bench, Your Honor?
Yes, you may.
Hi, I'm Grace.
What's your name?
I'm Judge Morgan.
It's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you
too, Your Honor.
You're way nicer
than Judge Judy.
Well, thank you.
You can step back now.
Now, Grace, I need to ask you
some questions, is that okay?
Where's your grandma?
And where is your Aunt Lucy.
And you lived with
your Aunt Lucy
for a little bit, didn't you?
Did you have fun
living with Lucy?
It's hard sometimes,
but I really like her.
Why was it hard sometimes?
She's never been a mom,
so she's just kinda new.
Do you think she's
doing a good job?
Okay. Grace, I need to
ask you about the time
that Lucy left you in the car.
Um, how do you know that?
You told your grandmother
that Lucy left you alone
in the car when it was off.
Did she do that?
Yeah, but for,
like, two seconds.
I got out and I yelled at her.
She'll never do that again.
Okay, very good.
And your grandmother
also told us
that Lucy let you use a knife
and the oven by yourself.
Did that happen?
Well, no, actually,
she didn't let me.
I used it while she wasn't
there, and then she stopped me.
She even burned herself
on the oven trying
to get the biscuits out.
Grace, I have just one
more question for you.
Why do you think that Lucy
would make a good guardian?
When we went to the playground,
she put her hand on the swings
to make sure it wasn't
too hot for me or Jack.
That's what my mom used to do.
And sometimes we say the
same thing at the same time.
Me and my mom used
to do that too.
Oh, and when she hurt my
feelings, she said sorry.
Very good.
You've done a good job answering
all my questions, Grace.
Thank you.
Oh, one more thing.
She knows how to cut grapes now.
She didn't before, but
she wanted to learn how,
so I showed her.
Hm, very good.
Well, that was very cute.
But, Ms. Higgins, that
doesn't necessarily mean
that you're ready
to be a guardian,
so let's hear your statement.
Yes, Your Honor.
Ms. Higgins?
Your Honor, I
spent hours writing
this statement, telling
you all of the reasons
why I would be a great guardian
for Grace and for Jack.
The first reason, of
course, is that I love them.
I was there the day
that Grace was born,
and I remember the moment
that she first cried.
It was like all of the air had
been sucked out of the room.
It's like the axis of my
whole world just shifted
in one moment.
No, I know that doesn't
make me a good guardian.
I know that.
My mom was in the room,
and she felt it too.
So as I look over
this list of reasons
why I would be a good guardian,
I realized that every single one
of these reasons I got from her.
I learned how to be a
friend and a guardian
to Grace and to
Jack because of her.
And because of Beth, my
sister, who was a great mom.
And because of our mom.
We grew up in a house full of
God, and love, and kindness.
And when things were
tough, my mom was so strong
and she did whatever it took
to take care of her family.
And that's all she's
trying to do now.
So, no, Your Honor, I am
not ready to be a guardian.
As Grace mentioned, I
only learned this week
that you have to cut grapes.
Apparently that's a thing.
I, I didn't know that.
But I did learn.
I learned so much from
them these last few days.
So, well, I am not ready
to be a parent yet,
I know that one day I will be.
And that someday I
will be a good mom.
Just like my mom.
My mom has called
me selfish and irresponsible.
And I have been, but not today.
I would like to
officially withdraw
my request for guardianship.
Think very
carefully, Ms. Higgins.
Are you sure?
Yes, Your Honor.
I need those kids
and they need me,
but my mom will be the best
guardian for them right now.
Okay then.
As Ms. Higgins has withdrawn
her request for guardianship,
I hereby grant's sole custody
to the maternal grandmo-.
Mrs. Higgins,
please don't tell me
that you're withdrawing too?
No, Your Honor.
She's right.
Those kids do need her.
Every time Lucy walks in the
room, Gracie just lights up.
They do need her.
Which is why I would like
to request joint custody
with my daughter, Your Honor.
Now that's what
I'm talkin' about.
I'm sorry I left.
Me too.
And I haven't
forgotten your father.
I miss every single day.
Your sister too.
Me too.
Ms. Higgins, do you agree
to share joint custody
with your mother?
Yes, Your Honor.
Well, then let's
make this official,
bring those little ones back in.
I'm so happy today
to reunite a family
by granting joint
custody of Grace Miller
and Jackson Miller to Susan
Higgins and Lucy Higgins.
What just happened?
We're gonna be a family again.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
And you know what else?
This is a very special necklace.
It was my mom's.
She never took it off.
You have one too?
Grandma got them for
us when we were little,
to remind us that we
will always be a family.
And now you, me, and Grandma
will always be together.
And you know what else it means?
It means that you will
never, ever forget
your mom and your dad,
because they'll be with you,
right here, always.
It's customary for us to
take the first family photo,
so, you guys, come on up.
Mr. Ian.
You too, Mal.
Hey, Mal.
Let's pray.
Oh, can I do it, Grandma?
Dear Lord, thank you for
the food we're about to eat.
Thank you for our church,
our friends, and our family,
but especially our
new friend, Mr. Ian.
Thank you for Grandma
and Aunt Lucy.
And thank you that they're
not fighting anymore,
it was unbearable.
But, more than anything,
thank you for bringing
our family together.
Please tell Mom,
and Dad, and Grandpa
that Jack and I miss them.
In Jesus' name, amen.
Excuse me, I'm
looking for a Lucy.
I'm looking for Lucy.
Aren't we all?
Are you deaf?
She said I have
a sprained wrist.
Celina, I've never
seen you break character.
It's really be so cute.
All right, let's
try that again, sir.
Thank you.
Sorry, don't breathe.
Are we gonna keep going or
are we going back to the...
Oh my gosh, no.
It's not that kinda movie.
Yeah, I bet you it'll work.
Oh, was it a spider?
It was not on you.
Cool, cool, cool, cool,
cool, cool, cool.
Big spider!
Thank you for not
stopping the scene,
you did the right thing.
Hey. Nope?
Celina, I'm sorry.
We got it. We can do this.
And was it like hers?
Oh, don't make me eat the cake.
And great dancing with the...
That's all right.
I don't know my line.
Hold on, let me go back.
I got my books.
Oh wait, sorry.
Well, I mean, it's just,
like, one more second.
Yeah, just one second.
All right.
Hey, what's up?
We were rolling!
I'm so happy we
got that on camera.
Actually, we're not rolling.
Yeah, Lucy, so I've had a great
time hanging out with you.
If you do that, I'll die.
Sorry, it was my fault.
Why did you do that?
I don't know, it was, like, a.
We're that close now.
We need a secret handshake, so.
We're still shooting.
And action.
Hey, I just don't
want that delivery.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm the worst
actor, I'm so sorry.
And cut.
It was so funny.