Amazon Queen (2021) Movie Script

[exotic birds calling]
[waterfall hissing]
[thunder rolling]
[samba music playing]
[safe lock clicks]
All of it. Come on!
Let's go!
Get the case.
Let's go.
[airplane whirring]
It's okay, guys?
Change of plan.
But the money on the seat
or I'll kill your brother.
Piece of shit.
If something happens to him
I'll track you down
and I'll kill you.
Shut the door.
I'm sorry, brother. Lo siento.
You'll be okay.
Don't worry about it.
[airplane blades whirring]
- What are you doing?
- Money...
They took it all.
My brother
is on the plane, stupid.
I put a tracker on the plane.
Don't worry about it.
- Yeah.
- Let's go. Hey, hey.
[Jackie] I once ran a tour boat
on the greatest river
in the world;
the Amazon.
My mom and I owned
the river boat "Tucano".
We called her "The Queen".
But my mom's gone now
and my dad died
when I was a kid.
It's easy to fall in love
with the beauty of the Amazon.
The forest, the river,
the wildlife.
It's also easy to fall in love
with someone
who values Amazon
as much as I did.
[waterfall hissing]
It happened to me
with a man by the name of Flynn.
Never really said much
about his past
and he was a little mysterious
in that way,
so I never really asked.
We just want to make the time
we had together
last as long as we could.
I've come to know the jungle
pretty well.
Doesn't care if you love it,
doesn't care about you at all.
And it will eat you alive
if you're not careful.
I guess
that's the big difference
between the Amazon and people.
Are we so cautious
and so fearful of the jungle?
It's not the jungle
we must fear the most.
To survive here,
you have to know
who you can count on
and who you can really trust.
[birds calling]
And for Flynn and I
we still work together,
but well, we just couldn't make
the romance part work.
[fan blades whirring]
The world is screwed up, man.
You're telling me?
Mmm... I was just there.
Virus, fires...
burning forest
cattle companies,
[indistinct] leaders...
I take no pleasure
in pulling the stuff.
You're a reporter?
Interesting work.
Hey, the name's Flynn.
I am Romero.
What are you doing
in Manaus, Flynn?
I got a tour boat company
with a...
a friend.
We've actually got a boat
running up the river tomorrow
with a bunch of clients.
You think you'd be interested
in having
some promotional photography
done up on your trip?
I can shoot these photos,
add the stories...
What do you think of that?
Free of charge.
Free is good.
What's in it for you?
Well, I can get more material
for a big Amazon deforestation
article I'm finishing.
What do you think?
Trade-off for services?
Sounds like a deal.
Why don't you come on down
to the floating dock tomorrow
around 1pm?
- What should I look for?
- Look for the Tucano?
I'll let the boss know.
And I'll be there.
You got it, man.
[cart rumbling]
[indistinct talking]
[Jackie] Flynn, this is
the second notice
on the boat mortgage.
What happened?
I'm fine, Jack.
Are we gonna be able
to get underway tomorrow?
She's burning hot,
losing a lot of oil.
Okay, well,
what if you make a patch...
Jack, I got it.
I'll take care of it.
Thank you.
Can we just put all this
behind us, please?
This whole walk on eggshells
for the next five days
just isn't gonna work.
Let's make this
as peaceful as possible, please.
Sure, Jack.
All right. I'll go pick up
some customers.
[music playing]
Hey, I'm Jackie.
You must be Maggie and Leilah.
Welcome to Brazil.
Very nice to meet you.
I'm sorry.
It's going to take some time
to get used to it.
I love this heat.
It's a nice contrast
to where we came from.
Well, I'm sure
you're both exhausted.
What was it?
A 20 hour journey to get here?
[sighs] It was challenging.
The masks, the goggles,
the hand sanitizing, everything.
But I'm really excited
to be here.
So, my late husband and I
adopted Leilah.
We promised each other
that we would show her
the world.
A week on the Amazon
will be a great escape.
There's nothing
like the raw power of nature
to just be clear mind and reset.
It's an incredible experience,
to say the least.
But hey, let's get you inside.
I have you both all checked in
and ready to go.
- So, you actually live here?
- Yeah.
And do you ever miss the States?
No, not really.
Excuse me, but um,
are the rooms in the hotel
air conditioned?
Mom, stop. If they aren't,
we'll get acclimated faster,
That is very cute.
And once we're on the ship,
we won't need these.
That's great news.
But get some rest tonight.
I'll be back at 8am
to pick you both up.
- Eight o'clock!
- All right, thanks.
[car horn honking]
[fan blades whirring]
Dammit. The stopped moving.
The plane must have crashed.
I hope
your brother's okay, boss.
- That's in the river.
- What river?
The Rio Negro.
Pass me the map.
[dramatic music playing]
This is the Rio Negro.
Yes, it is.
Expedition cruises.
Looks like we're going
on a tour.
[birds chirping]
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
How's your first night
in Manaus?
- I hope you enjoyed the palace.
- Oh, the palace...
Well, it's a little rurn-down
to be perfectly honest.
- It was just fine.
- Fine? My back is killing me.
- The mattress...
- I liked it.
Well, I think you'll love
your stay on the boat.
But first I have a tour plan.
So let's show you some sites.
- Let's do it.
- Let's go.
[loud chattering]
[indistinct talking]
[Jackie] And this is
my favorite part of the city.
The Manaus Opera House.
Or we call it
the Jewel of the Jungle.
Well, ahoy, Maggie and Leilah.
Welcome aboard.
And ladies, your stay
in room number three.
It's just down this hall.
- Let me help you with those.
- Oh, thank you.
There you go.
- Please.
- Thank you.
Who are these guys?
They showed up this morning
and paid in cash.
And well, we kind of need it.
Lucky us. Paulo!
- Hello and welcome.
- Hello.
- May I have your bag?
- No, no, thank you.
- Cabin number five, please.
- Obrigado.
Hello, I'm Jackie.
Captain of the Tucano.
Oh, I'm Romero.
You are the journalist Flynn
told me about, right?
That's right.
Beautiful vessel.
A little old, but we love
our Amazon Queen.
Well, we welcome you aboard,
Mr. Romero.
And I have to say it,
it's nice to meet someone
who cares so much about
what's happening to rainforest
- and the ecology of our region.
- Thank you.
I am passionate about it.
Flynn might have told you also
that I'm completing an article
about the Amazon deforestation.
- Yes, he did.
- Oh.
Thank you for having me aboard.
Thank you for being here.
- You're in cabin number four.
- Got it.
Hey, welcome aboard everyone.
I'm Captain Flynn,
co-captain of the vessel,
the Tucano,
our Queen of the Amazon.
We'll begin
with the life preservers.
I want everybody
to put it over your head,
tie it around your back
and make sure your whistle
is available to use.
All right, let me
give you a hand.
Thank you.
Sir, can you get in
on this, please?
This really concerns everyone.
With all due respect, capitao,
I grew up on this river.
I just want to get going.
- It's matter of procedure.
- Thank you, Flynn.
And thank you all
for choosing the Tucano.
This ship has been in my family
for over 30 years now,
taking thousands of passengers
into the Amazon
for a life-changing experience.
I trust it will be
a memorable trip
for you as well.
But I'm sure you're all tired.
So relax.
Make yourself at home
and we'll be on our way.
[dramatic music playing]
- Now what?
- We lost the signal.
The plane is underwater.
We still have the map.
Where did you put them?
In my bag?
Hey, lovely ladies, bom dia.
My name is Silva
and I'm very enchanted
to meet you.
Please join us, Silva.
This is Leilah from Seattle.
- Hi, Leilah.
- Yeah, you know...
Space Needle, Nirvana...
All that.
Have you been
to the States before?
Yeah, for work.
This is my first time here.
I read about it.
I've seen the fires
and I want to help save
the Amazon, the rainforest.
That's great. Leilah. I'm born
and raised here in Manaus
and it's the first time
I take such a boat trip
for so many nights
out on the river.
I guess I'm more of a city boy
taking this beautiful land
for granted.
Excuse me,
I'm going to check on Flynn.
Sorry to be so boldly,
but I have to tell you
how beautiful you are
and how lucky I feel
to be here with you.
Never mind. You must have
a very sad boyfriend
back in Seattle.
No. There was someone but he
turned out to be a joke, so...
What's your story?
A hopeless and lonely bachelor.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- I am Maggie.
- Nice to meet you.
- Leilah's mother.
- Very nice to meet you.
I should be going.
[mosquito buzzing]
Hey, boss, this seems
like a nice boat.
Nice people out there too.
I'm glad you like it.
Listen, as long as we get
where we need to be,
we're gonna be fine.
Just keep an eye on them.
[bell clanging]
[camera clicks]
[camera clicks]
[slow music playing]
[champagne purling]
[glasses clinking]
[inaudible conversation]
You're a really good dancer.
Oh, that's very sweet of you.
Are you getting excited
about boat excursion tonight?
If that's happening.
I don't think I'll able
to make it tonight,
I have some writing to do.
But maybe next time.
Don't forget that life
isn't always about work.
To leave some time
for the fun things, too.
I'll keep that in mind.
- How about a dance?
- Oh, I'd love to.
Thank you.
- Join us.
- Thank you.
Good evening, gentlemen.
The engine's burning hot.
We're gonna need more oil.
We're basically
a floating kayak.
Please everyone,
enjoy this delicious dinner.
It's our famous
Amazon peacock bass.
And tomorrow
we'll be going on boats
to explore the real Amazon.
But first, tonight we have
some stories for you.
People have
many stories and legends
about our rivers and forests.
Some celebrate the beauty
and life giving spirit.
While others warn us
of the creatures
we must respect and fear.
And the one most special to me,
is the forest protector.
Takes the form
of a very old woman.
We never go
into the forest at night
for fear we might see her
or hear her singing.
And if you're lucky,
you'll catch a glimpse
of our beautiful
blue and pink dolphins.
The males
can transform themselves
into very handsome men
wearing the finest clothes
and a hat
covering their blowholes.
They rise up out of the rivers
and creep into the huts
of the young women.
They seduce them,
leaving their seed inside.
We say that's the accounts
for the sudden pregnancies
especially when none of the men
claim to be the father.
[birds calling]
Mr. Machado.
Why didn't you go
with the others tonight
on the rowboat?
What is that annoying sound?
Ah, howler monkeys?
That's a territorial call.
That's so horrible.
They can be heard
up to three miles away.
Strange to hear them
at night, though.
They must feel threatened.
I... I don't like animals.
Why are you on the Amazon, then?
That's one of the highlights
of this trip.
Good night, Mr. Romero.
[Maggie] You know
what he really wants.
[scoffs] Are you kidding me?
Do you think I can't see
what's going on?
- He's not like that.
- All men are like that.
Please don't project
your mistakes on me.
We're not talking about me.
You know ever since
we got here...
No, ever since I lost my baby,
you've been overpaid...
Your miscarriage,
when that happened,
- I told you...
- Please tell me not.
Oh, all right.
Just want you to be careful.
I'm 25.
Not your baby girl anymore.
I need to be who I am.
Not who you want me to be.
I don't know what that means.
Jamal may have been my first
but he's definitely not my last.
Okay, Jamal,
he knocked you off, he left you.
I mean he was not even
man enough to marry you.
You know understand?
Why do I even bother
to try and explain...
- I am your friend...
- But you're not.
So just stop suffocating me.
[Machado] Stop thinking
about how to get
in the girl's pants. Come on.
It's not what I'm thinking
about, Machado.
Oh, yes, it is.
This isn't
the damn Love Boat, okay?
We're here for a purpose
and a purpose only.
You're just doing great.
[Jackie] Can't sleep?
[Flynn] Nightmares, yeah.
[Jackie] No,
you've not really told me
- why you get those.
- [Flynn] It's not important.
[Jackie] Please.
I'd like to know
if something happened in there.
It's like you've locked
something away from me.
Like you're running
from something.
Everyone's running
from something, Jack.
Flynn, please tell me. Please.
About 20 years ago
I killed my best friend.
Not intentionally,
but it doesn't matter.
We were in my car,
had a few too many drinks
that night.
Got behind the wheel, my choice.
Took a turn too fast.
We rolled and I was thrown...
clear, bruises.
But he was crushed.
I told them he drove.
My friend took the fall for me.
I didn't know
you're going through that.
I'm sorry.
[birds calling]
[Flynn] Good morning, everyone.
We'll be out 15 minutes
till breakfast ends.
In about another hour
we'll be mustered in the boats
for an all day
and night excursion
to Barcelos village.
Please make sure to pack
your bug spray, sunscreen.
We've got plenty of water.
[inaudible conversations]
Sometimes you'll see the cayman
right along that water line,
just hanging out.
[camera clicks]
[birds calling and chirping]
- Can I help you?
- How is the Queen?
Still having trouble
with the injectors?
How do you know about the Queen?
I named her.
- I know this is a shock.
- No, no.
Who is this?
Ask him.
- I'm her father.
- Her father?
From the little I've heard,
I didn't think
I'd ever meet you.
What do you want?
I need passage on the queen.
I can offer US dollars.
It's not about that.
I'll have to ask her.
We've got
another paying customer.
Absolutely not.
- I came here in good faith.
- You have no good faith.
I wanted to see you
before I go away.
Okay. You've been away...
for almost 20 years now.
And you see me,
so you can go away again.
Go. I don't want to see you. Go!
Jackie, please.
Just give me another chance.
Sorry, man.
[birds calling and chirping]
[monkey screeching]
Watch your head.
[Jackie] We have many stories
and legends,
about our rivers and forests.
Some celebrate the beauty
and life giving spirits.
And others warn us
of the creatures
we must respect and fear.
But my favorite is a story
of the forest protector.
Who takes the form
of a very old woman.
We never go
into the forest at night.
As we're afraid we might see
this old woman
or hear her singing.
[monkey roaring]
If she sees you destroying
something in the forest,
she will come for you.
And you
will never be seen again.
Haunting cries come
from this old woman.
The spirit that protects
the great jungle
from those who want to harm her.
You know, 100 years ago,
the wealthiest slave owner
built this beautiful mansion,
along with a rubber plantation.
And indentured servants
or slaves
really would walk miles
every day,
collecting just
a few drippings of sap
and they made
just a few pennies each day.
Horrible conditions.
[Maggie] Leilah!
Leilah. Where are you?
[laughs] You are funny.
- You liked that?
- Mm-hmm.
Do you remember this place.
How can I forget?
It wasn't long after we met,
you had this bright idea
to go camping in the jungle.
I just wanted
a romantic night with you.
But you got to admit
the candles, the picnic,
the blankets
in the middle of the floor
to make a bed...
that was the night
you fell in love with me.
And being eaten alive
by mosquitoes?
Oh definitely did.
But, seriously.
That was the sweetest thing
anyone has ever done for me.
We should be heading back.
I love this country.
So beautiful, so romantic.
My heart is full here.
It's so wild. So beautiful.
Let's better enjoy it now
before it's all gone.
All they want, the people,
it's coming here,
take its treasures and go away.
It sounds like you want
to do something good
for your country.
I hope I can do something
four my life.
Oh, you'll find some meaning
for your life, some purpose.
It's rough.
- [Maggie] Leilah!
- We better go.
- No.
- We'll have other times.
Let's pack our bags and leave.
You could take us for a trip
around your country.
- Oh, crazy.
- I'm serious.
- I can't, Leilah, I can't.
- Why not?
Because... let's...
just let's go.
[birds calling]
[speaking native language]
[Francisco] Thank you.
[speaking native language]
Thank you.
All right guys,
let's circle up on over here.
Welcome to the Tucano village.
Before the Ayahuasca ceremony
the villagers would like
to perform
their traditional dance.
[tribal music playing]
Here in this place
our shaman will guide us
through a ceremony
of sacred transformation
using ayahuasca.
He is indigenous to this area.
Ooh, I'm not so sure about this.
Don't worry.
These people have been using
ayahuasca for hundreds,
maybe thousands of years.
Oh, wait. Yeah, I saw this
in a documentary, I think.
For some people ayahuasca
can be actually useful, right?
Yes. Often they use it
to go back to their lives
and revisit past mistakes
with a new understanding
and perspective.
Don't underestimate
the power of the jungle.
To these people, the rivers,
the trees, the animals,
the forest is very sacred.
[Maggie] I don't know
about this.
Go ahead, mom.
See how this high compares?
It's probably better
for your liver than booze.
How do you know such thing?
I know
about your drinking problem.
[retching up]
[vomiting and coughing]
[shaman chanting]
[birds calling]
[psychedelic music playing]
[shaman chanting continues]
[Silva] Thank you.
[howler monkey roaring]
[ominous music playing]
[chicken clucking]
Now you can go to bed early.
[boat engine whirring]
Kitchen close in 30 minutes.
Flynn to the wheelhouse.
[bell clanging]
Enjoyed your little acid trip?
- I'm all messed up, man.
- Yeah, I can see that.
The damn boat is going too slow.
It was the only choice, Machado.
I know we're going slower
than you expect,
but we're getting there, man.
And I'm kind of enjoying
the ride.
Well, stop enjoying the ride
and stay focused.
We have a plan. Stick to it.
- All right, all right.
- [Machado] Jesus.
[engine stuttering]
[Jackie] Where have you been?
Sorry, dear, we're dead
in the water.
I thought you bought enough oil.
The generator works,
but the engine is just dead.
We... I believe
it's the pistons.
- How much is it going to cost?
- Francisco's passage.
Flynn, there has to be
another option.
Jackie, I know
what he means to you,
but this is the only way.
Paulo, let's get the boat ready.
[Francisco grunts] Injectors.
Oh is the injectors.
[fly buzzing]
I thought you might need these.
Paulo, could you give me a hand?
Are we good on my passage?
- Yeah, we're set.
- Okay.
[Francisco sighs]
So, blackmailed you
onto the boat, huh?
Why don't we call it a truth?
How'd you get those injectors
so fast anyway?
All night boat to Manaus.
So, you haven't slept?
Not for 20 years.
[speaking Portuguese]
I apologize for all the pain
I caused you.
So why did you to do it?
Why did you abandon me?
I was a child when you left.
I am dying of cancer.
Doc is giving me three months.
I want honesty between us.
I didn't leave.
Your mother drove me away.
She hated this life.
It wore her down.
She took it out on me.
She went with another man.
You're a liar.
I can't handle this right now.
Please just go.
What's the delay?
We had to replace some parts.
Your advertisement said
that this boat will get
to Porto Braga I in five days.
Now it's gonna take
six or seven.
Well, maybe you
should have flown.
Or maybe you
should get this boat moving
and make up for the lost time...
Nobody can make up
for lost time, Mr. Machado.
You of all people
should realize that.
Me of all people?
Miss Jackie...
If you want me to get going,
please, Mr. Machado,
move out of my way.
He left me
when I was seven years old.
I didn't know.
My mom had to raise me
on our own and run the ship.
That woman worked herself
to the bone
and sacrificed
everything for me.
When she died, I blamed him.
I'll never forgive him
for what he did.
And for what he didn't do.
It's all right.
We can't, Flynn.
Jackie, I'm sorry.
- I never cheated on you...
- Please, Flynn.
We've talked about this.
I needed more from you.
I gave you so many opportunities
and I just... can't do anymore.
I think we're just better off
as business partners.
Beautiful moon, isn't it?
Oh, yes it is.
And the river...
it's so peaceful.
That's because it
has no fear or doubt.
But sure, it gets
to where it's going
and it doesn't want to go
anywhere else.
So, what brings you
on this little trip, Mister...
Francisco? I was visiting
an old friend in the village.
I'm Jackie's father.
Jackie's father?
Oh, so you're married? Great.
Oh, we're so nice on the...
What are you doing in my purse?
$400 is all?
You have no right to go
through my stuff.
I do if you've been lying to me.
You're broke.
[scoffs] Because of this?
You think that...
you think the money
is on my personal
checking account?
Oh, honey. [chuckles]
There are stocks
and there are a lot of bonds
and some annuities...
And I have assets.
Look at me.
When your father died,
there was...
there was enormous burden
that just descended
on my shoulders,
because he left us very little.
What burden? You had money.
I know you did.
I gave a lot of it to charity.
You drowned your sorrows
in alcohol
and went on one booze cruise
after another,
searching for middle aged men
to leech off of.
- That's where your money went.
- Just stop.
I took a few trips. So?
I was hoping to meet somebody.
That's one of the reasons
why I'm on this boat.
I'm hoping to meet a man.
But I mean, oh God, Machado.
No, he's creepy.
Francisco. He's nice.
But he's old and he looks broke.
But oh, hey, Romero.
He's cute.
I like him, he's nice.
Wait, don't go.
You have to listen to me.
All right? Look, look at me.
Silva, he only wants one thing.
- You know what...
- One thing.
[switch clicks]
Well, look at you.
Did he use you
and then throw you out?
- Just like Jamal did?
- No.
I chose to leave.
I'm my own person.
You act like that,
and you are no daughter of mine.
Good night.
[dramatic music playing]
Oh, wow.
Hey, come on in. Have a seat.
It's Leilah, right?
You okay?
- Yeah, kind of.
- Can't sleep?
[monkey roaring]
With jungle noises and...
Howler monkeys.
And other things and argument.
[Flynn] Hmm.
[Leilah] You love this place.
The river, the forest.
[Flynn] I do.
[Leilah] So do I.
I want to move here
and help save it.
I mean it.
Are you and Jackie...
are you together?
Uh, we were, but...
that's not going to happen
We are in a committed
relationship business wise.
We need to make this successful.
For the more important things?
I messed that up years ago?
Did you love her?
I did.
I do.
How do you know when you
really truly love someone?
When that person
is your other half,
all you think about.
Someone, honestly
that you'd do anything for.
I want that.
[crickets chirping]
You okay?
Something's not right.
I don't trust Machado and Silva.
Look, they might have stolen
a couple of million dollars
from a company in Manaus.
I'm not sure,
but back in Barcelos
I caught a glimpse
of a news report.
I saw a police sketch
with someone who looks a lot
like Machado.
I'm not sure.
But I got to call my editor.
There's no reception on board.
Okay, let's calm down.
Let's think this through.
If they were thieves,
why are they on a cruise?
I can't figure it out.
I got to call my office,
call the police.
Is there a satellite phone
on board?
Well, for emergencies,
there still should be one
on the bridge.
But wait, wait, take it easy.
This could be
your malaria pills talking.
How about we have
some breakfast, okay?
You'll feel better. Come on.
I need to take care of this now.
[Romero] Flynn, I need to make
an urgent call to Manaus.
Is there a satellite phone
on board that I can use?
[Flynn] We do have one
in the locker number nine.
But please, make it quick.
Santos, it's me.
What did you find out?
Okay, any names?
Are you sure about this?
Listen, this is
what I want you...
[Machado] I'll take that.
Any of the monkeys
in the fucking jungles
were not enough for you, huh?
You had to be the nosy one.
I'm a journalist.
What you'd expect?
What you find out?
You stole a lot of money
from the wrong people.
Your face
is all over the place, Machado.
- Everyone is looking for you.
- Bullshit.
Excuse me.
[dramatic music playing]
[Francisco] Mm, there's nothing
like Brazilian coffee
in the morning.
[Maggie chuckles]
First time in Brazil?
Yes, actually. How about you?
Oh, I've been here
for quite a lot.
Good morning, everyone.
I'd like to inform you
that your vacation
is officially over.
And from now on
you'll be taking orders for me.
[bangs the table]
This is my ship!
What the hell do you think
you're doing?
Shut up and sit down.
Sit down.
Listen, Machado.
You ought to be ashamed of...
Like I was saying
before I was interrupted.
I am in charge here.
Now put your cell phone
in the bucket.
With all your lovely, charming
Let's go.
You too, Missy. Let's go.
[Jackie] Where's Romero?
Romero, I saw him on the way.
He went for an early swim.
He'll be gone for a while.
- Silva.
- Yeah, Machado.
Get the machetes
and throw them overboard.
Now, everybody
on the upper deck. Let's go.
Let's go!
Silva. All good?
Y'all sit down.
You two, come with me.
Let's go.
Just do what he says, Paulo.
Is that the only radio
on board.?
Get out.
Let's go.
You think you're tough
with that gun, don't you?
Why are you doing this?
- Leilah, sit down?
- No, I want to know.
You, norte-americanos,
have no idea
how it is to survive here.
Come, enjoy your vacation.
Take whatever you want
and then go home.
Now, sit down, please.
What do you want?
Just go on a little trip.
You guys cooperate, and I
don't make your life hell.
That is simple.
You were a fighter, right?
[scoffs] Could be.
Don't be one today.
Paulo, get back here! Move.
Let's go.
Go that way, you go sit down.
Listen up. It's very simple.
Do what I say or bodies
will go over the side.
You got that, old man?
Hey, chefe, did you meant
what you said?
About body over the side,
we didn't talk about that.
I will do what I have to. Okay?
Now listen to me. I need you
to go downstairs to the boats
and pull the fuel lines
and hide them in the closet.
I don't want anybody
to leave the ship. Okay?
Where are they taking us?
I don't know.
But they don't want us.
Romero was right.
He was trying to warn me.
He knew too much,
so they killed him.
They're using this boat
to get somewhere.
They can't reach any other way.
Okay, but where?
There has to be something
that we could do.
They're not gonna hurt us
are they?
Stay calm. Do as they say.
If they get what they want
maybe they'll just go their way.
Don't count on it.
He's right.
We are pawns in their game.
You need to get to Silva.
You know him.
You know how to get to him.
Has Silva told you anything?
I just know
that he cares about me.
- He's dirty. He's filthy.
- Maggie.
He did vile things
to you, honey. He used you.
So, you're going to use him.
Do you understand me?
You're going to do
whatever it takes
to find out
what his plans are for us.
Hey, enough.
You talk too much.
I need to go to the bathroom.
Everybody will have a chance
to go to the bathroom, okay?
I hope you rot in hell.
I don't feel good.
I need something, because...
Silva, go to the kitchen
to make some sandwiches.
- Why are you doing this?
- Jackie.
Well, Captain America
has his woman
fighting for him again.
Jackie, please.
I would listen to him.
You murdered Romero, didn't you?
[cocks gun]
What are you doing
on this boat anyway?
Don't you know
this is a man's job?
I would learn how to control
your woman if I were you.
Now y'all be quiet.
[Machado] Come with me.
You too.
Flynn, go in.
You step back. Let's go.
In 1500 meter go
to that tributary right there.
Where are we going?
To the money.
Romero told me
he saw a news report
about a robbery in Manaus
the day before we sailed.
More than a coincidence.
You think you're smart,
old man, right?
How do you think
I got to be this age?
My guess is you're trying to fly
the money out...
Enough. Down!
If you do something, I kill him.
Now take us where we need to go.
Then, I'll cross the border
to Colombia.
We'll disappear
from your lives forever. Okay?
Keep going.
What's going on?
Machado is using us to get
his lost cash
somewhere in the jungle.
He's not gonna stop until he
gets what he wants, is he?
He's dangerous.
Minha filha,
I want you to have this.
She was a beautiful woman.
I never stopped loving her,
or you.
Why now?
Machado is a loose cannon.
We don't know
what he's gonna do.
Look, look.
Who are they?
Get rid of them.
Don't say anything stupid.
No, sorry. TenemosCOVID.
Many are sick.
Estupido! I told you
to keep an eye on him.
You, get away... Let's go.
Down here.
Keep an eye on them.
[Jackie sobbing]
That was fun.
He wouldn't have lasted anyway.
- You're proud of yourself?
- You are a monster.
Expect the same treatment
if you cross me.
I am a reasonable man.
[birds calling]
Silva, don't do this.
This is not who you are.
This is me.
This isme.
Look at me. I'm a criminal.
You wouldn't use that gun
to kill anyone.
How do you know?
I might. I could.
Just leave me alone. Sit down.
You, everybody else.
Just sit back and cooperate.
Silva, listen.
You're not like him.
He's a killer. Not you.
Work with us.
This can all end now.
Stop it!
Do not cross him.
Once we found the plane,
everybody go back
with your life.
- What plane?
- Just what I thought.
You try to fly the cash
out of Manaus.
Something happened.
Now you need us.
- We're you only way in.
- Come on, Silva.
is gonna keep killing people
if you don't work with us.
Please, please.
I can't go against him.
Now move back.
Stop the boat.
Drop the anchor.
Off the boat.
Get a machete.
Don't try anything. Go.
Just like I thought.
The plane is underwater.
There are tracks here.
Let's go that way.
Let's go! Go.
What is there?
Stay there.
[flies buzzing]
Son of a bitch.
Grab the case.
Put the machete down.
You know,
Silva's gonna turn on you
when we get back.
What's going to keep him
from taking the case?
Shut up.
Silva doesn't have the guts.
What about the company?
You know they're gonna keep
looking for you.
Listen, Machado, please...
You give me $50,000,
we'll take care of Silva.
I'll get you to Leticia.
I know Leticia.
- Get your Jeep...
- Shut up!
I am from Leticia, you asshole.
Keep walking.
You take me to Leticia.
Stop right there.
Give that back.
I'm sorry, brother. Lo siento.
You'll be okay.
Don't worry about it.
Come on, let's go.
Push the boat.
Silva's gone.
Tell us what happened.
The pilot drowned.
And there was another
dead body in the jungle.
And a briefcase, silver.
It had cash.
At least a million dollars.
Is there any chance that you
can overpower them?
- Don't be foolish.
- No, but if he did, then what?
- What happens to that money?
- We can split it up.
It belongs to someone else.
They'll come looking for us.
And if they don't,
the police will.
I'm too old to go to prison.
Well, I thought
that we split everything up
and I'll help save
the rainforest
and do something good
with my share.
Leilah, it's not ours
to split up.
All right, look,
there's just five of us.
I mean, that's $400,000 each.
We could just split it up
and be done with it.
And we'd be
five more dead bodies.
- Machado will not hesitate.
- Exactly.
[door opens]
Capitao, come with me.
We're going to Colombia.
That's a nice boat you have.
Alright, everybody upstairs
to the upper deck.
Now, now, now, now. Come on.
Come on, old man.
I don't have all day.
Walk a little faster, old man!
Come on.
[birds chirping]
[casette clicks]
[liquid purling]
["Good Morning Heartache"
Good morning, heartache
Let's dance.
You old gloomy sight
Good morning, heartache
I thought we said goodbye
last night
I've turned and tossed
Until it seemed you had gone
But here you are
with the dawn
Wish I'd forget you
But you're here to stay
It seems I've met you
When my love went away
Thank you.
Don't be jealous.
I know you want to dance.
Good morning heartache
What's new?
Stop haunting me now
Can't chase you no how
Just leave me alone
I've got those Monday blues
through Sunday blues
Good morning, heartache
Here we go again
Good morning, heartache
You're the one
who knew me when
Might as well get used to you
hanging around
Good morning, heartache,
sit down
Go ahead.
Stop haunting me now
[engine whirring] no how.
[engine revving up]
Whoa... Oh!
...straight to Sunday blues
Good morning, heartache
Here we go again
Might as well get used to
[liquid gurgling]
...hanging around
Good morning, heartache
All right, sit down.
Sit down
[engine rumbling]
[blades whirring]
[engine stuttering]
What the hell is going on?
Why are we slowing down?
I don't know.
Something's wrong
with the engine.
Go fix it.
Come on, lady.
[Machado] Hey you, come here.
[Flynn] Okay.
- What?
- What's going on?
We're working on it.
I'm not sure. It's the engine.
You think I'm stupid?
Show me where we are
on this map.
You're gonna take me
to Leticia Colombia
with one of the small boats.
It's not going to take
more than a day.
Get ready.
Silva. Hey, listen to me.
I need you
to be strong now. Okay?
After I leave, I want you
to kill everyone
- and throw them...
- I don't want...
hey, hey!
And throw them in the river.
I can't kill Leilah.
I... I don't give a [bleep].
Don't kill Leilah.
This is for you.
Then... Hey, you meet me
in Colombia
and we split the rest.
How do I know you keep
your side of agreement?
Come on, man.
You know you can trust me.
Hey, you're doing great.
Let's go.
You, missy, come with me.
Let's go.
[dramatic music playing]
Stop, stop! No!
[Flynn] Jackie!
No. Get off of me!
Stop at once.
What the hell
you're doing, Machado?
Mind your business, man.
Back up! Back up!
You get ready.
We're leaving soon.
Come on.
- Give her, water.
- Here, Jackie, have some water.
Jackie, are you all right?
- Jack?
- What's going on?
He wants me to take him
to Colombia by boat.
God dammit,
I'm going to kill him.
He will never make it there.
That's stupid, Flynn.
He's gonna see it in your eyes.
He will kill us all
if he has a chance.
- [Maggie moans]
- He's crazy.
We have no choice.
just make it back to me. Okay?
I should be the one going.
No, Francisco,
that's ridiculous.
He's ruthless, but he's no match
for this jungle.
I know these waters.
This is my element.
Francisco, no,
that's not safe for you.
- I'll get rid of them.
- No, no.
Jackie, I don't have
much time left.
The time I have is for you.
You take care of my daughter
and the rest of the passengers.
Please, Jackie. Let me do this.
No, you can't go. Please, no.
[door opens]
What's with the chit chat?
I know a shortcut.
I know these tributaries.
It won't give you any trouble.
Coming, chefe.
Keep these lovely people
But if you put any tricks,
I'll kill you on the spot
and then I'll come back here
and put a bullet
in your daughter's head.
- Understood?
- Understood.
Let's get going.
Let's do that.
Silva, get the case.
I am doing great. [scoffs]
We have enough supplies
to last us.
Okay, let's go.
Hey, watch for that bag. Okay?
Come on, come on. Let's go.
Hey, you're doing great.
[dramatic music playing]
[engine whirring]
Three more tributaries
to Leticia.
About two more hours.
The cash on the plane,
is that dough [indistinct]
Real Cattle Company?
Their bulldozers run 24 seven.
If they don't run, they burn,
they're destroying
the rainforest.
To hell with all of you.
So what happens
when we get to Colombia?
And your friend, Silva?
That's a clever plan.
Except for the fact
that you're going to shoot me
in the back when we get there.
It's over, Silva.
Machado is not coming back.
Can't you see?
He's gone. Your money's gone.
It's done. It's done.
- It's done with it.
- You guys don't understand?
- I'm begging you, Silva.
- [cries]
- Let it go.
- I'd never use it.
The bullets... I threw
the bullets in the river.
What did do you do
with the long boats?
It's in the cabin.
The parts is in my cabin.
- I'm going after Machado.
- [Jackie] All right.
- I'm sorry.
- Silva.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean.
I didn't want to hurt anybody.
I know you'd never hurt anybody.
I'm going too.
[ominous music playing]
On the other side
of this forest,
you'll be
on the outskirts of Leticia.
We'll be there
in a couple of hours.
A couple of hours? I thought
you said it was the shortcut.
Let's go.
We don't have the luxury
of the boat anymore.
[muted conversation]
[birds calling and chirping]
Let's go, Flynn.
Hey! Hey!
You're dead, old man.
I'll kill you.
- [Francisco yells]
- [Machado grunts]
Don't call me an old man.
I'm not going to kill you,
you bastard.
I'll let the jungle
do that to you.
[Jackie] No.
I love you so much.
No, we got to go.
Come on, come on, please.
We got to go and take the Queen.
- Come on.
- I'm not gonna make it.
[Machado grunting]
We got to go. We got to go,
please, please.
You know I love you.
I've always loved you.
[birds chirping]
[Jackie] No matter
how hard we tried
we just couldn't get
the engine to work.
My dad really did
a number on it. Bless him.
It was his plan all along
to get Machado away from us.
His way to try to save us.
With food and fuel almost gone
and no chance of a boat
passing by,
we decided to make a run
for the closest town, Leticia.
If we can make it there
we can buy the parts
to get the Queen
up and running again.
Silva offered to help us out
with some of the money
that he just happened
to have with him.
For the survival of the group,
I had to leave the boat for now.
But I would never
truly abandon the Queen.
And the case
with the stolen money,
we tried to find it,
but it just disappeared.
The Jungle always wins.
[raindrops splashing]
[river burbling]
[kids laughing]