Amazonia (2013) Movie Script

The Amazon ...
the ancestral origins of the forest,
born more than 100 million years ago.
A forest of mist and fog,
hot and humid,
exuberant and always green.
A paradise of plants.
This forest needs light
to regenerate.
From the top of the trees
every day light opens
a difficult passage towards the ground,
which brings life.
The light, of which the young shoots
that sprout from the soil
they need to grow
and become high
and so reach the time.
It is also a paradise of water,
with the longest river in the world,
the Amazon,
that flows through,
together with its
countless tributaries,
on whose shores dwell
formidable predators.
When the forest and river
this universe reveals
his magic
and its mystery.
The forest needs light,
but also of water.
The water emitted by vegetation
forms clouds
and, making its eternal cycle,
back to the forest.
Water, source of life
and a key element of the richest
ecosystem of our planet.
The Amazon rainforest is the home
of endless types of plants,
birds, fish, but also
hundreds of varieties of mammals
and other species that do not exist
nowhere else in the world.
Water for the snails.
Water for grasshoppers.
Water for frogs pink
and green ones.
And for the hairy caterpillars.
A treasure trove of biodiversity
in a multitude of forms
and amazing colors,
in which species coexist
in perfect balance.
To survive, the more agile
must keep away from the ground,
its shadows and its dangers.
The forest is an inextricable
maze of lianas and trees,
offering thousands of shelters,
passages, passages.
Thousands of paths towards the sky.
Captured in the morning mists
in their wake,
the treetops
offer a perspective of the forest
yet different.
This is the realm of Records,
rich in fruits and light.
It is getting dark.
A symphony of bird songs
fills the forest.
Away, is preparing
a storm, is shaping up.
The wind increases, gradually.
It blows stronger and even more.
In the sky, black clouds pile up.
The storm breaks.
Within minutes the forest is flooded.
This is the rainy season,
when showers sweep away
everything in their path
and transform the placid rivers
in rushing streams.
the Amazon River overflows
and invades everything.
Within a few weeks
much of the forest is flooded.
The forest becomes aquatic.
Spectacular views
which is renewed every year,
a metamorphosis
that lasts almost six months.
In the heart of the jungle
animals adapt to new
characteristics of their habitat.
A mythical forest,
a forest of colors and sounds.
A forest of shelters
for species oldest and rarest.
A forest of wonders,
trees laden with fruit and flowers
throughout the year.
A forest of vastness.
An ocean of vegetation,
flowing endlessly.
A forest of miracles of nature.
But for how long?