Ambarsariya (2016) Movie Script

Hey Romeo,
this isn't your aunt's house.
Either sit properly or get lost.
You're doing romance openly!
It tickles the
mood of the people like us who watch you.
Get out of here!
- Sukhi!
- Yes, master?
Master? Did I teach
you how to play the flute?
Take money from
them and ask them to leave.
Hello.. Romeo & Juliet.
Vacate the table. You have
been here since past one hour.
Give someone else a chance.
I don't understand these girls.
How do these beautiful
girls end up with such idiots?
They don't look at
their personality..
They just fall for
their "borrowed" Yamahas.
Girls fall for the heart, bro.
Have a good heart and
everything else is forgiven.
Yamaha or my Yezdi doesn't
make a difference then.
You too have hooked up
with such a beautiful girl?
What do you mean by hooked up?
Stupid monkey...!!
Learn to respect women, will you?
The term you should use is "set".
Look at your thoughts
about the womankind...!!
I have never seen
you around here before...
But you're a smooth talker.
Sukhi, set up a glass for me too.
Ok boss..
You are shameless.
You'll drink 'borrowed' liquor?
I think you are very warm person.
I'm sure you would offer me..
And that too so politely
that I won't be able to refuse.
Pour me a drink.
Not just shameless, you're sleazy also...!!
What is it? You look so angry.
Did your wife throw you out?
I'll hit you with the bottle now.
You should show respect to
the one who offers you free drinks.
Forget it.
Tell me, how beautiful is
the girl you have hooked up with?
So not just shameless & sleazy,
you're vulgar also.
Stupid monkey.
So you were asking me about her beauty?
Yes. How beautiful is she?
Now what should I tell you about her..
She is so beautiful that
if you look at her once.. will set your Dhaba
on fire..
...and jump into the river and die.
Her beauty oozes off as Limca does,
when you add a pinch of salt in it.
When she walks wearing
those high heels..
...the floor too beats
like a lover's heart.
My beloved is just like fire.
And when she starts to speak,
you know what does she say?
India is an under insured country...
People spend Lakhs
on their car's insurance.
...but they hesitate to spend
Thousands on their life insurance.
But people don't
understand this, ma'am.
No one is ready to buy policies.
Then stop selling the policies.
I mean, this is where we go wrong.
We start selling the
policy from the word go.
Don't tell them what are
the benefits of buying a policy.
Tell them what they will
lose if they don't buy a policy.
Scare them...!!
Selling policies is an art.
Let me show you.
Who is this?
Excuse me?
Hello, mister.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
The entire class is quiet.
We can only hear
you snoring in the room.
A Jatt always roars alone.
- No tea as yet?
- Okay.
Look at your watch.
It's 2:30 pm.
I must have taken
my afternoon nap then.
But I was getting dreams
like I get in the night.
Wise guys say its
morning whenever you wake up.
- So good morning, madam.
- Shut up.
And which wise guy told you
to sleep during an ongoing lecture?
What a joke.. I'm that much wise myself.
I never heard any lectures in college,
when I used to pay the fees for it.
Here you are giving one for free.
Shut up and get out of the room.
Get out.
Ma'am seems hot-tempered.
She doesn't like jokes at all.
Leave. Go.
Okay now tell me,
who sold the most policies this year?
Go on, tell me.
- You didn't leave?
- I had left, ma'am.
But the thought of my office's
honor brought me back.
You are blabbering.
They don't have the reply
to the question you asked.
Actually, I am the one..
...who has sold the
maximum number of policies.
Have you seen your face in the mirror?
Face? I've to go sell polices
and not seek marriage proposals.
But those who buy the
polices do often ask..
"Son, are you married or do you
want us to set you up with someone?"
What a joke...!!
Ma'am, he is telling the truth.
He is the highest premium collector.
You'll have to accept ma'am..
...this Ambarsariya hasn't spared
anyone from Rajpura till Devigarh.
Jasleen madam, you still haven't left?
I am waiting for a rickshaw.
You are waiting for
a rickshaw when I am here?
You won't go in a rickshaw.
Come here.
Drop her to the bus stop.
- He will drop you.
- No, sir. l'll manage.
No, madam.
What are you saying?
You came to Patiala all the
way from Amritsar to teach my team.
I too have some
responsibility towards you.
Hurry UP-
Make sure she gets into the bus.
- Okay, sir.
Hop on.
Hurry up.
Madam, this isn't your class
that your orders will be followed.
Get down and push it.
- You want me to push it?
- Yes.
Couldn't you say that
in front of Bajwa sir?
I bought it second-hand from
Bajwa sir only, it a push-start.
Push it.
I cannot push it. I am wearing high heels.
You can wear my boots for some time.
But it won't work without a push.
I think you should
take the decision quickly..
...or else you will miss your bus.
Then you will have to
take a lift from a truck.
And you know how cooperative
the truck drivers are.
Ok.. Fine.
But not all truck
drivers are that bad.
My aunt's son is a transporter.
He is so sweet.
Sweet! What a joke!
Madam, then he must
be having an Innova.
Truck drivers aren't just sweet.
They're sweet & sour.. men of honour...!!
I suggest you push it.
Go ahead.
What a joke..
Almost done.
- Can't you drive faster?
- No.
You don't have any manners.
Yes, none at all.
Same to you.
Okay, bye.
I get a lot of phone calls.
So, say something.
Why aren't you talking...?
You sell the maximum policies
and yet you drive this milkman's bike.
Milkman's? I didn't ask you
sit by placing your legs on both side.
You should respect something
that helps you when in need.
I suggest you get conformable
and enjoy the long drive.
Long drive on this?
Yes, it takes 10 minutes
to reach the bus stop usually.
But on my Yezdi it takes 20 minutes.
So it ends up being a long drive,
doesn't it?
What a joke.
- Hello, uncle.
- Hello, son. Welcome.
Give me two kilos of each
veggies of whose prices have reduced.
- Right away, son.
- I am already late and you have stopped here.
Can't we hurry up? Please.
Madam, one works for bread.
And one cannot eat
bread without the veggies.
We will leave after
I take the veggies.
And don't say please to me.
I don't like anyone begging me like this.
Especially the ladies staff.
- Son!
- Yes.
- Here are your veggies.
- Hold these.
Son, here's this month's premium.
- Take this as well.
- Thank you.
How do I with these
packets in my hands?
What a joke! Now it's the
time for your milkman's style.
- Can't you drive faster?
- Of course, I can.
- But I won't because you have asked me to.
- Why?
To have cold food, to take hot showers
and to never get wheedled by girls.
Ambarsariya Jatt lives by this mantra
Actually, this is entirely
your fault that we're late
It's the fault of the Cobra Perfume
that you're wearing.. I'm smitten by it.
Here's your bus stop.
Oh no.. My bus left.
It's not a problem.
Take some other bus.
There are many buses
that go to Amritsar.
This was the last AC bus.
What do you need AC bus for..
One can never enjoy
the journey in an AC bus.
They don't have any
stoppage for food or drinks.
One gets bored in it.
Look, the government bus is here.
I suggest you should buy
some peanuts and get on it.
Peel and eat them.
And throw the shells out.
Enjoy it.
You won't even realize
when you reached Amritsar.
Stop your nonsense. Here are you bags.
Stupid guy.
Huh? Get in.
Remove your high heel sandals.
Push a little.
Get close to the auntie in blue.
Otherwise she will grab your seat.
Sit down. Sit down.
Buy a ticket for Jalandhar
and get down at PAP Chowk.
It will save half an hour.
I will meet you once
I am in Amritsar.
Don't you dare to call yourself
Ambarsariya or show me your face again!!
I will break your face
if you ever enter Amritsar.
I will have your posters
pasted in Jandiala..
...asking people to break your legs if
they see you coming towards Amritsar.
Break his bones.
Stupid crazy, ill-mannered idiot!
She has lost it!
My girl too is the same.
Here sweetheart, I have brought
veggies enough to last us a week.
Onions and Potatoes.
You are here, big-brother.
He is 20 years younger to you.
Auntie..l have told him so many times.
He just doesn't understand.
So what..Should I stop respecting
the young ones?
First gain some respect for yourself.
You don't work.
You sit idle at home all day long.
Who works, anyway?
Politicians sit idle on their chairs.
Officers sit idle in their offices.
They sit all day long
and then come back home.
I cannot do it.
Brother, she means you should
get out of house sometimes.
I should leave my old
mother alone in the house?
What are you saying..
She is my mother.
She isn't my landlady, unlike for you.
Oh god.. you're such a
thick-skinned shameless!!
I don't know how to deal with you.
I think we should concentrate
on the dinner now, don't you feel hungry?
Auntie, you prepare roti..
I will cook veggies..
Today we will eat tasty
food with onions and potatoes.
Desi and Costly.
Not today, son.
Tonight we've to attend wedding of Sharma
ji's daughter. You too should join us.
We will have to give Rs. 500 as gift.
And he will do all the eating.
That's just the amount of mango drink
I'll have there.
Son, but that much will give you boils.
Then I will have 15-20
glasses of lime juice as well..
It will beat the heat...!!
Please eat in proportion, big brother..
...or they will send us the food bill.
Yes, as if you pay all the bills.
Useless fellow.
We will hide brother-in-law's
shoes behind the wine counter.
His friends will
go crazy finding them..
...but they won't be able to.
That's the perfect plan.
Come on, hurry up.
Their cook is pathetic.
All the veggies are so salty...!!
But I have heard they have
spent a lot of money on food.
No doubt.. they must have
spent a fortune just on the salt...!!
Leave. And don't come back.
Come here, brother.
Cock-a-doodle-doo! Cock-a-doodle-doo!
It's been so long
since I last had chicken.
Go, and get a new
item after five minutes.
Sir, this isn't chicken.
It's cauliflower.
Damn you!
How will I recover Rs.
500 by eating cauliflower?
It will take me whole night. Get lost.
Hey hi.
Yes. Feed me some hot chicken,
This isn't chicken.
It's soybean cutlets.
Actually there isn't
any non-vegetarian food.
The groom's family
has pledged against it.
Then why have you pledged
to make my life hell?
Can't they tell us all this
before we give Rs. 500 as gift?
You could at least
mention in the invite.
Get lost.
Rs. 11,000! Rs. 11,000! Rs. 11,000!
Rs. 11,000! Rs. 11,000! Rs. 11,000!
Girls, I have Rs.
5,100 with me. Take it.
No. we will take Rs. 11000.
Rs. 11,000! Rs. 11,000! Rs. 11,000!
Rs. 11,000!
You danced well.
The Bhangra you did later, good?
- Very good.
- Thanks.
- Did you learn to dance or you are a born dancer?
Not a rupee less than Rs. 11000.
Rs. 11,000! Rs. 11,000! Rs. 11,000!
Rs. 11,000!
Rs. 11,000!
What a joke..
Don't you think it's way
too high than the market rate?
Hello? Who are you?
I am an agent. An insurance-agent.
It's okay.
I suggest you give Rs.
5100 to the girls.
And pay rest Rs.
5000 as the insurance premium.
I will tell you about a One
Time Investment plan. It's great.
No. Rs. 11000. His shoes
must be worth at least that much.
Which shoes?
The ones which the girl in blue has
wrapped in a paper and hidden back there?
I have seen them.
You get many such shoes
Near Amritsar Hall Bazaar for Rs. 2500.
No, you don't get them there anymore.
They aren't first copies.
They are fakes.
He is telling me about Amritsar!
You are from Amritsar?
I am sure you are
from BBK DAV college.
No, not all beautiful
girls are from BBK.
They could be from
Khalsa college as well.
I never said you are beautiful.
Actual beauty lies in the
Bhangra of Khalsa College.
Am I right, sister-in-law?
What a joke.
You know nothing about Amritsar.
Where in Amritsar do you stay?
Though I can knock any door I want.
But this Ambarsariya
stays in everyone's heart.
Brother-in-law, talk to your friend.
My friend? I don't even know him.
Brother, are you from the
bride's side or the groom's side?
I am from my Auntie's side
Which auntie?
Do you have an invite to come here..
I think he is a thief.
Blow up his brain.
Brother, it's a new turban.
I still haven't starched it.
Don't fire it unnecessarily.
You should be supporting me.
I am saving Rs. 11,000 for you.
I have come here for the wedding
of Sharma ji's daughter.
Son, you have come
to the wrong wedding.
This is the ceremony of
Gill Saab's daughter.
Sharma ji's ceremony is taking
place in the neighboring hall.
Actually what's the difference
between Gill & Sharma..
...when there's no chicken involved..
Right, auntie?
I suggest you should give Rs.
11,000 to the girls then.
It's a custom.
Give me 11 notes of Rs. 100.
Fine, then distribute
them on your own.
I'll see you when I am in Amritsar.
You ruined the ritual, you fool..
Don't ever come back to Amritsar!
Get lost from here.
Or I will hit your head with
sticks and make your brains mushy.
Stupid idiot...!!
She has lost it.
- Get lost.
- She has lost it.
I wonder where such people come from!
Tell me something, do you
have a brain defect since birth..
...or selling insurance
has made you go crazy?
What did you say?
Sane people don't behave like this.
First you made a beautiful
girl miss her bus.
If it were me, I would sell my
blood and take a cab on rent for her..
...and drop her to Amritsar.
The amount of blood
there is in your body.. won't even be able to
book a cab from Patiala till Sirhind.
- Hear him talk.
- You played your game with the insurance chick.
What about you pissing
in someone else's house?
This isn't right.
You cannot go to someone's wedding
uninvited and mess with the guests.
True. See my Boss didn't
even attend his own wedding.
This is the first time
I have seen someone so generous.
You've kept people
on pay-roll to insult you.
L will slap you.
- Good.
- Are you too just spinning a tale?
Get lost.
When I tie my turban and leave
the house the girls just dig me.
- And do you know what they say?
- What?
"I have fallen for you."
"Oh Ambarsariya!"
Hats off to you. You think
big of yourself. Self-Praises!!
I don't know true are your
But they are interesting for sure...
These girls seem out of your reach.
Tell me something about our business.
How do you manage
to sell so many policies?
What else have I done?
This is all I have done in my entire life.
Good evening, sir.
I have come from the
insurance company, sir.
I have brought an
amazing policy for you.
You are selling policies at this hour?
Competition, sir.
There is stiff competition.
You won't believe it..
I have spared no one from
Jandiala till Fatehgarh-Churian.
Go away.
I don't want to buy any insurance.
Sir.. at least hear out my plan.
I'll clear out all your doubts.
- Really? Get in.
- May I?
- Come in.
- Thank you, sir.
Let me close this.
You look dashing today sir..
- Looking good sir.
- Thank you.
Very good environment, sir.
Lovely atmosphere.
Who is he? Who have you brought in?
He sells policies. He said he
will suggest good insurance policies.
Yes, sir.
What insurance do you deal with?
Life insurance, sir.
Life insurance.
God forbid if something
happens to you..
You never know with life, sir.
Just assume that you are dead,
then what about your family?
They will get the money, sir.
What say?
You are right, brother.
But the matter is,
who will dare to kill us?
You are so naive, sir.
What else have I done in life?
This is what I do.
Competition, sir.
Very tough competition.
Agent 221 reporting to Alpha Base.
Yes, sir.
Sir, the information was about
five goons but I got only four.
Yes, sir. Heavily armed.
They were well-prepared.
All four terminated.
I will report to you in the morning.
Would've been better
had you guys insured first.
- A lizard!
- Damn you! Where?
He has killed people?
Where was your gun when you barely
managed a beating in the wrong wedding?
Gun's battery was low.
He had kept it on charging. Right?
It was okay with the girls.
But you included a gun into the stow.
Now that's hard to digest.
- You guys don't believe me?
- No.
- You guys really don't believe me?
- No.
Okay then let me give you
a glimpse of my pistol...!!
don't sprinkle the water on me.
Keep your toy gun inside,
we don't want to play Holi with you.
Keep talking.
- My naive friends,you don't believe me, do you?
- No.
Then let me tell you the
actual story..
"Like a tumbler made
of glass is a slippery thing"
"I might look naive but
I'm naughty inside."
"I might look naive but
I'm naughty inside."
"I might look naive but
I'm naughty inside."
He is so cute.
If he turns around and looks
at me then I'll give you a party.
You have kept such a small
desire hidden in your heart?
You should say it.
So you are getting a party.
Now say thank you.
- Thank you.
- Pleasure.
Since last night all
channels have been encrypted..
No Auntie, put the eye-drops in his
eyes and you wear dark glasses yourself.
It's eye flu. It spreads..
I'll talk to you later, Auntie.
Good morning, sir.
Look here comes your Super Hero.
Do you watch a lot of movies?
Mrs. Sandhu, why you keep sending
this impulsive guy for missions?
Sir, it was a very tough mission.
And he's our best
Agent for such missions.
Okay, but next time, be careful.
- And you too.
- Yes, sir.
He is always angry.
- He is right.
- He complains it unnecessarily.
You shoot first then you ask..
no matter where you go.
It is difficult to explain it to him.
But you can understand.
After all, there are
only two Jatts in this agency.
You and me.
But this Jatti is your senior.
I say the final word.
Okay, Jatti ji.
Yes, sweetheart. I am still in office.
You know how a call center's job is.
One keeps getting phone calls nonstop.
Yes, I know.
Okay, I have cooked the food and
kept in the fridge.
Heat it up and eat it.
Okay, sweetheart. Yes.
Also tell mummy that...
...Pinchu's diapers are on the top
shelf in the storeroom.
Okay, sweetheart.
I am getting another call.
Okay, I have to go.
Bye, sweetheart. Love you too.
It's been two years, you are
still pretending to work in a call center?
He is either very naive
or he has lost it, madam.
- Shut up. Be serious at least sometimes.
- Okay.
Okay, come with me. I need
to give an important information.
Is it more important
that Pinchu's diapers?
Everybody knows how drugs
have been ruining most of the Punjab.
But since past six months, all
drug businesses have come to a stop.
Reason? Punjab's Home
Minister Inderjeet Bajwa.
From the time he has
become the Home Minister..
...he has put such stop
on the drug business..
...that all the drug dealers
of the state want him dead.
We have the information that
they have planned to kill him.
Let me show you.
Our sources have told us..
There is going to be a huge function
here on Baisakhi day of 13th April.
And the Home Minister
is going to be the Chief Guest.
We think that he will
be attacked on this very day.
According to our information
the attacker's name is Manpreet..
...and that person
is hiding in this area.
But we have no other
information about this Manpreet.
We just know the name.
We don't know who that person is.
We don't even know whether
that person is a male or a female.
All we know is that Manpreet
is a huge threat to Punjab's peace.
And you need to find him and
eliminate him at any cost.
Madam, this is our Punjab.
And our Punjab's peace
isn't a child's sweet..
...which anyone can
snatch away that easily.
I won't let you down.
What else have I done in life?
This is what I have always done!
I trust you.
But we don't have much time on hand.
We only have seven days.
And your mission starts now.
Ma'am what will be my job this time?
Same, insurance agent.
My duty is to kill people yet
you give me job to sell life insurances.
I request you, please change it.
Am I not working in a call
center since the past two years?
You will know when you
have to wear a tie in this heat..
...ride a bike and sell
policies all day long.
And you will know when
you have to prepare the meal..
...give medicines to your mother-in-law
and arrange for Pinchu's diapers.
It's okay. I am sure your sweetheart
changes Pinchu's diapers sometimes.
Okay, ma'am. Don't worry.
From Fazilka to Mukerian,
I have not spared anyone.
And then, Amritsar is my birthplace.
Well done, guys. As you all know..
Once again our Amritsar':
branch has topped in Punjab.
And with this we are
starting a new scheme.
The employ who sells
maximum policies..
...will get the Employee
of the Month's title.
And believe me,
it's not an easy thing to get.
It's a difficult task.
And a very important thing..
Who is this?
Who is it?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
What are you doing here?
Now how can one lie into the face?
I was sleeping.
I had told you not
to show me your face again.
That's why I was sitting at the back.
I slept and started
snoring otherwise..
...I wouldn't have let you
know when I came and when I left.
Stop your nonsense.
I've heard enough of
your nonsense in Patiala.
This is "my" place.
As if your name is written all over
this place.
What a joke.
This is my office. Get out.
Stop blabbering.
I got transferred to this place.
Look at this. Head office
transferred me to Amritsar.
They didn't transfer you. They
have transferred their trouble onto me.
Madam, you don't know
what God has sent to you.
If you get something without asking
for it then this is how you behave.
I will sell a lot of policies and
you will run after me with this shield.
And then I will not accept it.
Are you even true to your word?
How naive.
Ma'am, what else have I done in life?
This is all I have always done.
Damru... hey Damru
l'll slap you if
you address me as Damru.
Don't address him as Damru.
Damru gets angry.
I have told them, Damru.
I have told them. Okay?
Is this how you talk
to your father as well?
Don't take this to my father.
Then should I take it to your mother?
Wait here..l will teach
you a lesson today...!!
Hey Tiger.. You don't get so angry.
Hear that.
He addresses me as tiger and
then says that I shouldn't get angry.
How will anyone fear him
if a tiger doesn't get angry?
But I mean, why are you fighting and
disturbing the peace of our country?
Our country's peace
isn't a child's sweet..
...which anyone can snatch
away that easily.
You have already mastered the
things which I learnt over the years..
Do you stay close-by?
Tell me where this place is.
I know where this place is.
But first go and beat them up,
then I will tell you.
Otherwise, I won't tell you.
- Really?
- Yes.
Go and teach them a lesson.
Kids, why are you troubling that kid?
Why? Is he your brother-in-law?
Look how these little popcorns pop!
Run away from here.
No, brother.
I came back from school tired.
I don't have the strength to run.
Can we go slowly?
The kids of this area are smart.
Run away.
While I am still being polite.
Then try being nasty with us.
Let's go, Bunty.
He is wasting our time.
Let's go.
Run away! Okay?
Look, I made them run away.
You made me do it,
otherwise I don't scold kids.
You can say that
to console your heart.
I know how you must
have gotten insulted.
Let's go.
Let me take you to your address.
Let's go.
So, you came back from school?
Don't act stupid, brother.
What's your name?
Although my name in
school is something else..
...but everyone addresses
me as Jaanu.
Jaanu? Who gave you
such a sleazy name?
You should respect someone
who helps you when in need.
This name has a lot of benefits.
Whenever my English teacher
says Jaanu and beats me up..
...I swear even her
slaps give me pleasure.
Now forget about me
and tell me about yourself.
Why are you asking for this address?
I want a room on rent.
I had heard that there
is a room vacant in this area.
It's my house.
You'll face a lot of problem.
- Go back.
- Really?
Is this the house
- Yes.
- Who else lives here?
- This house is nothing less than a zoo.
Here we are.
Let's go.
Where to, bro?
Don't you have any manners?
The landlord is standing outside
and you are eager to go inside?
Okay, go inside.
I will remove my things meanwhile.
Why are you ringing the bell?
Couldn't you just come inside?
I am not alone.
There is a stranger with me.
- Who is it?
- A tenant.
Hey! Hello!
She is the owner of the house.
Say good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- You have come here as well?
What do you mean by here as well?
I have been addressing
you as brother...!
And you have been trying
to act fresh with my sister!
Madam, please talk to Jaanu.
Tell him the truth.
Jaanu, give this to me. You go inside.
Hey, don't get too frank with her.
Why have you come here?
I heard you're selling
Ice Cream at discounted rate here.
So I thought of trying it out.
What a joke.
I have come to take a room on rent.
You won't get it. Go away from here.
Don't be so atrocious.
Don't give such a harsh reply.
I am having trouble finding
a room and my job has already begun.
Now one needs a roof
over his head, right?
No. Don't you say that
you live in people's hearts?
So why do you need a room?
Now my age is such that
I cannot stay alone in the heart.
Can you?
- What?
- Be alone?
I am better off alone.
Don't mind it,
but because of your nature.. might have to spend
the rest of your life alone.
I suggest you change
your nature on time..
...otherwise you won't get marriage
proposals after you grow a moustache.
Tell me the rent of the room.
I am fine with everything.
We will discuss that later.
You first need to clear the interview.
Consider it cleared.
I not only know how to dwell in
hearts, I also know how to read them.
Did you talk to him about the rent?
Yes. Rs. 3,500 per month.
Did anyone ask you?
There are some rules if
you want to stay in this house.
The first rule is that you
will only speak when spoken to.
The second rule..
A young girl stays here.
You won't roam around in
this house with your head uncovered.
And the third rule..
My daughter leaves
for college at 08:30am.
Tell me, will you be going
for you job before or after 08:30am?
I will leave after.
No, you should leave before 08:30am.
You shouldn't follow her.
you know what people will think?
That we've have allowed a boy to follow
her just because he pays Rs. 3,500.
True, people will start talking.
Chotu, get four cups
of tea and a glass of water.
No thank you, auntie.
I actually don't drink tea.
Son, we have asked
him to get water for you.
He is so naive.
Son, we are not making
to treat you as a tenant.
We are going to treat
you as a member of this family.
We still get phone calls
from the previous paying guest.
Give him his pajamas
back and he will stop calling.
Keep quiet.
He had gifted it to me.
Another thing.
There's more?
Don't get fish,
meat, alcohol in your room upstairs.
If you feel like having
them then bring downstairs.
We will eat together.
- After all you are making me a family member.
- Yes.
He is smart.
Auntie, he still hasn't brought water.
Has he brought tea?
Oh yes, a family member!
I thought you'd run away..
But you finally took the room.
I didn't just take the room,
I opened a can of troubles I guess.
Hello? Where are you?
- Coming.
- But where are you?
Here I am, madam.
I was tying my turban.
I have no one here to help me tie it.
Doing it by tying to
the doorknob is not the same.
But why do you
have such posters on the wall?
"The brother-in-law
should be milky white."
They don't belong to me.
They belong to Ram Khilawan.
You are sharing a room
with a person from UP?
No, madam.
He was their previous tenant.
The landlord doesn't
allow me to remove them..
...he says that the
wall behind it is ruined.
Sol have kept them as it is.
He seems to be a strange landlord.
Don't make me start, madam.
Your RAW agent is grating radishes
for parathas in the morning.
And frying ladyfingers
in the evenings.
And this evening the entire
family has requested taro in curry.
Apply mustard oil in
your hands while cutting them.
- It won't prick you.
- Okay, I'll apply the oil.
You too have got
a chance to joke today.
Okay, jokes apart,
I have sent a mail to you.
In contains our three suspects.
All three of them
go by the name Manpreet.
We have the information.
And all three of them
stay in this locality.
It's your job to checkout each of them.
And find out who is the one
who will shoot at the minister.
No, don't breathe.
You already have limited breaths.
You might run out of them right here.
There is nothing in there.
So he is suspect number one.
Dr. Manpreet.
Drums are playing.
It's just an empty pipe
from the neck to the stomach.
But there has to be
a medicine for it, doctor.
There are many medicines, ma'am.
But it takes around 15
days for the medicines to work.
He won't even last 15 hours I guess.
Don't mind it.
Please treat him.
He has just one desire.
He wishes to see his
child before he dies.
Oh my-
You said that you want
medicines for his knees.
So what is this treatment
that you are seeking from me?
We needs medicines for his knees, son.
If his knees don't work how will..
...he manage to go to
Bathinda to see his son?
Okay. I misunderstood.
Why do you want to take
him on foot to Bathinda?
Take him on a bus.
Here are his medicines.
Leave. There are other
patients waiting to see me.
Get up, sir.
Find a rickshaw. It's hard
to find rickshaws these days.
Take him along, ma'am.
Come on, who is the next patient?
He seems newly married.
No, I have already had tea.
No, I am asking for one.
I have attended 10
patients since morning.
No one offered me tea.
Your pulse seems fine.
No, doctor.
Actually I am not a patient. Okay.
I am an insurance agent.
Damn you.
Didn't you read the board outside?
Salesmen not Allowed.
That's placed in the neighboring shop.
But you read it, didn't you?
Rules are same for everyone.
No insurance. Leave.
Listen to me.
Think with a calm mind,
if anything happens to you tomorrow..
...then your children will
end up with some money.
Companies make Insurance agents
learn these dialogues by heart.
They will have no effect on me.
I don't want to get insured.
Ask me why?
- Why?
- Because I don't have a child.
You give potency medicine
to other people..
...whereas you don't
have any child of your own.
You too should take
some pill sometimes.
If just eating the pills would
give you children..
...then you would sow the pill and
children would grow in pots overnight.
Then you could pluck
children from them.
Actually, you need to
be married to have a child.
And I am not married.
Actually look,
let me tell you everything in detail.
Hello! Hold on, son.
Here, take this.
Eat this.
What is this for?
This is for your shamelessness.
You shamelessly enter inside anyone
shop and force them to buy insurance.
I don't want to buy any insurance.
Get out of here.
There are many other things
a person can do. Let him work.
He is after my life.
I think this doctor is insane.
Doctor, you should
at least hear me out.
You got scared?
Are you insured?
Then why are you scared?
This bee was troubling me a lot.
It came inside without permission,
just like you.
That wheelchair?
Actually, I treated a patient's knees.
He didn't have money to pay me.
He gave me his wheelchair
and I started using it.
Son, those who can hunt flying
bees don't need insurance policies.
I killed this bee with a dagger.
I can also kill a
mosquito with a bullet.
Get going-
You cannot sway your hands.
My name is Manpreet.
You cannot do Bhangra!
And change.
Bend your knees. Yes.
You have to bring Gold medal. Very good.
Hello. Hello. Fine.
Keep your bag and join the rehearsal.
Hurry up. Keep your bag there.
Come and do Bhangra.
Boys don't carry books these
days and he is carrying a bag.
I think he is a science student.
Luddi steps.
What brings a studious boy here?
No, master. My insurance
documents are in that bag.
I work in an insurance company.
Jhumar steps!
Right. You should work.
You have a good face.
You are handsome.
Work hard during the
Bhangra rehearsals...
...and I'll get half of
your college fees remitted..
Only half, Sir?
The way you are dancing, not even
one-fourth of it will be pardoned.
Let me tell you, not even
one-fourth of it will be pardoned.
Smile, smile.
The smile shouldn't
disappear from the face.
Die but don't stop smiling. Don't stop
But for how long can a person smile?
A person can get tired as well.
"A person can get tired as well."
Bhangra is as vast as the sky.
There is Jugni to take a breather.
Jugni steps!
Sir, there is a notice for you.
- Here.
- Now what?
"Oh my dear, My Jugni.."
Stop. Stop.
Take a breather. Drink tea, boys.
Come here. You are all dressed up..
Have you come here for a Bhangra
rehearsal or to get yourself betrothed?
Sit down.
I have a poor sight.
Please read it for me.
It is a threat letter, Sir.
It mentions that if this time your Bhangra
team doesn't qualify during the festival..
Then it says you
won't be paid your full salary.
Why am I facing this trouble?
What's my fault in this?
Half the boys are on drugs and the
other half are crazy over female dancers.
Let me tell you about these dancer girls.
The Punjabi teacher asked one Gidha girl.. are here to dance, so
tell me what do you know about Mahiya?
She said, only I know about Mahiye.
Others are just suspicious about him.
- I don't want water.
- It's tea, sir. Tea.
It's tea.
I have a poor sight.
Give him two glasses.
Two. You won't be having any at home.
After all, you are a bachelor. Single.
How do you know that I am single?
I have a poor sight,
but the second layer isn't right.
It is bad. How will it be right?
It can be right only if
someone else helps you fold.
How will you get good layers if you tie
the turban with the help of doorknobs?
I have a poor sight and
you ask too many questions.
If you cannot see then
go for medical insurance.
I am not like you.
You are wearing Raymond's shirt.
You are wearing a tie.
And an expensive watch.
And yet you ride the
milkman's bike, Yezdi.
How do you know that I ride Yezdi?
Have you seen a good breed of buffalo
move the tail after dunging?
Only Yezdi smears you with
grease and not the Bullet.
I have a poor sight but no
troublemaker can escape my sight.
I go after the troublemaker
like a bullet goes after the prey.
Notice, huh?
Here's the notice.
Your plan has worked, madam.
He still isn't here.
Ma'am has given him selective cases.
He won't find a place to escape.
He will now seek
a transfer on his own.
It was a great scheme, ma'am.
Well, what else have I done in life?
This is all I have always done!
Watch out!
Watch out! Watch out! Let me warn you.
Stop messing around with me.
I will slap you so hard that
you'll see the stars in daytime..
Then you will say, oh my gosh,
why I'm seeing such fireworks...!!
Back off! I am warning you.
Hang Up now ..will you...!!
Idiot Lady...!!
I get a lot of phone calls.
What happened, madam?
You look very scared.
Forget that.
I have given you some work.
Did you do it?
You call this work, madam?
This is cruelty!
No one ever gives such
tough cases to anyone.
This is how cases are over here.
This is what I thought as well, madam.
There has to be a reason behind it.
You gave me standard cases.
It's not like you
have some enmity with me.
So the only solution I could
find that I should ask for a transfer.
I should pack my bags
and leave immediately.
But then I heard my conscience speak.
"No, Ambarsariya."
"The high-heeled madam gave you
these cases with a lot of respect."
"So with the same respect
take God's name and go for it."
"And so, I entered the battlefield."
Here's the first of many policies.
A gift for you.
Major. Tittarpal.
What? How did that happen?
He is a very shameless person.
Even Jasleen ma'am couldn't
sell a policy to him.
This is where we go wrong,
my bespectacled sister.
Don't tell the buyers what
are the benefits of buying a policy.
No. Wrong.
Scare them.
I make them very scared.
It's just one policy.
I had given you ten cases.
What about them?
Ma'am, you had given him ten cases..
...but he came back with
11 policies in a single day.
Ma'am, he is too good.
My bespectacled sister,
you can calculate.
I have not spared anyone
from Jhabaal till Majeethia.
So guys, it's time to party now.
Yes! - Yes!
A party is due.
You can party on your own,
don't ask me, okay?
This is your success's party.
How is it possible without you?
Come with us.
And don't say please to me.
I don't like anyone begging me.
Especially the Ladies Staff.
There will be drinking in the party.
And I react strangely with alcohol.
Let me warn you.
Madam, I get a high if someone
gets drunk and just hugs me.
Don't ask me again.
I bind you with an oath.
Okay then it's final.
I mean I"IO excuses.
This party is for you so
you have to come. It's final.
I knew you would make me attend it.
How so?
I can read hearts.
So.. you're selling
alcohol without a permit.
Breaking law in
SHO Haakam Singh's reign.
You have no fear of Punjab police.
This is how brave you are?
You should arrest those who drink.
I have pledged in Maharaj's
name not to drink.
What is your Maharaj's name?
Now you'll tell the Punjabi police
whom it should or shouldn't pickup?
I didn't do anything, sir.
I was sitting there quietly.
You too seem pretty brave.
You are arguing with a police officer.
Sir, you are troubling us.
Whereas you aren't saying
anything to the main person.
Who is the main person?
He is sitting over there.
That fair guy.
Sir, from his face it looks like
he doesn't fear Punjab police at all.
We should investigate
as per the procedure.
If we do a raid and catch your
main person on the first day itself..
...then what will Punjab police do
for the next 29 days? Pluck mangoes?
- Lakha..
- Yes, sir.
Let's go. - Let's go.
Let's go and meet their
main person. - Okay.
Good evening, sir.
He seems educated, sir. Let's not
get into nonsensical things with him.
SHO Hakam Singh will talk to him.
And that too in his own style.
Do one thing,
throw others inside the jeep.
Let them go, sir.
It's not their fault.
We just got together coincidently
and started chitchatting.
People gathered, and then
I started telling them my stow.
As the atmosphere changed,
we brought our glasses out.
"We brought our glasses out."
Did you ask him whether
he has a permit to serve alcohol?
Sir, this isn't business.
We just go together
and started talking.
He is such a sweet-talker. Don't ask.
You should listen to his stow.
I am sure you too
will want a drink. - Hey!
Let it be, sir.
Don't get angry with him.
He fears the Punjab police.
He is not at all brave.
Really? - Yes.
Fine then.
Now you tell me,
what great epic do you know?
Tell me the stow.
Brother, now only you
can save us from the thrashing.
I spend most of my
days sitting on a chair.
Sir, if I begin from the beginning
then it'll become a very long story.
Let's begin from something
which your department has interest in.
- What?
- Alcohol.
He seems educated.
Yes sir... wisdom shows.
So, the girl thought
that I cannot hold my alcohol.
So she should get me drunk.
She too seems educated.
Wanna dance?
You are so cute!
Like this.
Not bad.
- Give me a water bottle.
- Here.
No, not that one.
Please give me branded.
This is the only one I have.
I don't keep any other.
Here's your brand.
No thanks. I will find it on my own.
Have it. It's just water.
I will earn a good deed.
Sorry, I didn't recognize you.
That won't change its quality.
Please Drink it.
Thank you.
For what?
Keep it. It's for the water.
People of Amritsar
are anyway generous.
Moreover they don't like
taking money from girls.
Thank God you don't
run a beauty parlor.
You would go bankrupt.
What a joke...
I have been noticing
you since morning.
You have been clicking photographs.
...of every place that
you have been visiting.
That means you have been following me,
you stalker.
I am giving you water
and you are abusing me.
Idiot, the one who follows
a girl is called a stalker in English.
I don't know what they
call them in Punjabi.
In Punjabi, they just get beaten up..
before they are called by their name.!!
One second.
Give it to me.
Hello? No,
no, I don't need a gym trainer.
I need a yoga teacher.
- Yoga teacher..
- Yes, Yoga.
Okay. Thanks.
You didn't tell me why
you clicked so many photographs.
Even a wedding photographer doesn't
click so many pics of the couple...!!
Actually I have come from Canada.
I am making a documentary on
Punjab and Punjab's culture. - Okay.
- Stay right there.
- Okay.
Oh wow, beautiful turban.
Will you include my
photographs in the documentary?
Of course. I have never seen
a man with such an elegant turban.
Then I would say you
haven't toured Punjab fully.
Though my Amritsar': style
is beyond comparison..
But if you go to Mansa city,
they keep their moustaches pointed..
...and they wear the Maanshahi turban,
simply amazing, I tell you.
And then those from Gurdaspur..
They wear white long Kurtaa Chaadra
and tie their turbans with Shamle..
They make everyone proud.
Those from Patiala tie Patialashahi
Those from Sangrur wear the turban
which is little heavier on one side..
It is incomparable.
Then Jalandhar's special
style of turban.
Then Samrala,
Ludhiana style of turban..
Then we have layered turbans of
men from Chandigarh & Ropar..
Girls stop and gawk at them.
Wait, did you forget
any other style of turban...?
Let it be, madam.
No jokes when it comes to turbans.
We've got our Sardaari after
a lot of Sacrifices.
Oh my God.
Why don't you compile an encyclopedia
on turbans.
Well, just..
Wait, wait, wait..
Is that Gurdas Mann?
What? Gurdas Mann?
No, no, no. Listen to the song.
Song.. Listen..
Not this band.
The sound of band, down.
Forget the traffic.
Traffic, down.
All the other sounds, down.
That's it.
Did you hear it now?
It's all about concentration.
Yes. - And remember..
Along with concentration,
also keep your eyes open.
You never know from
where you will be attacked next.
So watch out dude...!!
Minister saab, whatever you are doing to
stop the notorious drug network in Punjab..
What do you think..
...drug lords aren't going to sit idle..
...for how long will you be
able to stop their such a big business?
I will stop them as long as I can.
Youth used to be
the future of our Punjab.
But nowadays they've succumbed
to this evil drug problem.
70% of Punjab's population
is in the clutches of these drugs.
But I feel proud of
those police officers..
...who are fighting
against this menace along with me.
We will fight together.
Sir, today's visit was a good one.
Please sir, have a seat.
And sir, NGO has arranged
a program for Baisakhi.
You're invited to be there
to motivate school children.
It's a fancy dress program sir.
Okay Mr. Sharma, you can
make me dress as Chacha Chaudhary.
And you can become Sabu.
What, sir!
The situation seem quite
serious as you had to come here.
Yes, the whole agency is in action.
The information of the
attack is absolutely confirmed.
Hence, I had to come here.
We have to be very careful.
Baisakhi function is going to take
place right here after three days.
- What's your progress report?
- Have a seat.
Manpreet Number One:
He is an Ayurvedic Doctor by profession.
He seems stupid but his aim
is even better than Arjuna.
Very sharp guy.
Manpreet Number Two:
He is a Bhangra Coach
in Khalsa college.
He claims to have a poor eyesight,
but he can..
...look at the grease stains
on the pants and know that..
...the person drives
a Yezdi and not a Bullet.
Clever like a fox.
My Manpreet.
She's a bombshell...!!
She is making a documentary.
She keeps clicking photographs.
She can also defend herself well.
How can she kill someone..
Yet anyone can die over her good looks...!!
I mean to say that all three of
them aren't what they seem to be.
It's a difficult job..
and we haven't got any clue to move on.
By the way, we have got a clue.
We are monitoring all incoming
and outgoing calls of this locality.
We have found out that the real
Manpreet has a birthmark behind the neck.
You may identify real
Manpreet with that mark.
Tell me about it, already we have limited
information, and now this weird situation.. to look for this
birthmark behind their necks...?
I think I will have
to undress them to see it.
You do whatever you want to..
But please, hurry up.
Ma'am don't say please to me.
I don't like anyone begging me.
Especially the Ladies Staff.
My dear,
this Lady Staff is your boss.
If you don't stop joking
then on the next mission..
...I'll send you to such a place,
that you will start begging me.
Just a second.
Look this way.
Oh God!
I don't believe what nonsense you do.
What's wrong with you?
Stupid fool.
But what to do?
He's our best agent.
Oh my my my...
She is so fair.
It will be hard to find
even a pimple on her body.
Such a beautiful girl
doesn't deserve a birthmark..
Her hair is obstructing
the view of the neck..
How's she?
She's a bombshell...!!
What's going on?
I can see that.
Your eyes are working out, right?
You are very naughty, Keerat.
You have no shame.
You are teasing girls
in a decent locality.
I wanted to discuss
something with you.
Look, some teasing is going on for sure.
But I am not the one doing it.
She is the one doing it.
Her mobile is more expensive
than your motorcycle.
And she gives me missed calls
from that very mobile phone.
- Hi!
- Look, she is saying hi.
Hi. She must have said it to me.
After all, she is my neighbor.
No.. Him.
Your turban's looking nice.
I told you, she is after me.
So you also get up
early in the morning?
Yes, since childhood.
I get up early and start doing yoga.
I have been looking for a yoga
trainer from quite some time now.
But I can't find any.
Hey.. he is right in front of you.
Hey hello! From when
do you know yoga?
A talent cannot stay
hidden for long, Keerat.
What else have I done all my life?
This is what I have always done!
My Manpreet, tell me,
when should we keep the session?
During the day or at night?
Nothing in the night, okay?
Whatever you want to do,
do it during the day.
You are very naughty, aren't you?
What will be your fees?
How can I charge a neighbor?
It's a job of "good deed"..
to teach yoga.
Then give me the address of "good deed"
I will learn it from him.
You might first have
to teach her Punjabi.
She has come from abroad..
she is naive
at least she doesn't manipulate
people like you local girls do.
Manpreet, jump across the
terrace and come tomorrow at 06:00am.
We will make yoga poses
and make your neighbors jealous.
What a joke.
Oh, thank you so much.
See you tomorrow, okay?
Okay, bye-
Okay, see you.
We have done enough
"see you" from a distance.
Now we will have a close encounter.
Some good deed and some fun.
If you want to do a good
deed then do it on a large scale.
I will invite everyone
in the locality in the morning.
You can teach yoga to everyone.
Why are you ruining this for me?
L will.
I say, you should let it go.
You won't let it go?
Then invite them.
It makes no difference to me.
But don't invite two
people from our locality..
I will tell you, but if you invite them
then you & me won't be friends anymore.
At least tell me. I won't invite them.
That ayurvedic doctor
and that Bhangra coach.
I don't get along with them.
Now I might not invite anyone else,
but I will surely invite them.
Our Local girls are
also very naive actually.
Tell me something.
What does she see that I don't see in you?
She is going crazy about you.
All the time your eyes
are laden with kohl..
How the hell will you see
this Ambarsariya Jatt's beauty?
Go and wash your eyes.
Then you will start singing.
"Oh I have fallen for you,
Oh handsome Ambarsariya"
Good morning, Yoga Sir.
Good morning. Good morning.
So you didn't listen to me.
You invited them anyhow.
The need yoga the most,
I couldn't help it.
Don't worry, bro. I am in your team.
You can carry on with
your foreigner bombshell
I will handle the rest.
You seem to be acting
like a messiah towards me.
If you end up with that bombshell..
...then you obviously
won't be eyeing my sister..
You are a scoundrel.
Not as much as you are...
Come on, start doing yoga.
How long will you take to begin?
Hold on. What's the hurry?
Let the foreigner come.
Then we all will do it together.
What are we working on the field??
We are here to do yoga.
But I have a poor sight.
But my sights are still set on her.
I have been waiting
for her since morning.
Have you ever waited
for you sister as much as.. are waiting for that foreigner?
Good morning, everybody.
Hello, Guru-ji.
- Hello. Good morning.
- Hello.
Good morning.
Myself Manpreet.
- Good morning.
- Give it here.
- Here, close to me.
- You let it be.
Come here.
Adjustment is done.
- Shoes.. We have the same size.
- White ones.
- He deserves them.
- Same size.
Are you guys done?
- Yes. Let's begin.
- Yes.
Concentrate okay?
First, close your eyes..
Now we will take deep breaths.
Deep breaths
Brother, take this with you.
It will come in handy.
So, keep taking deep breaths.
Keep your eyes closed.
Keep your eyes closed.
Breathe from the navel.
Keep your eyes closed.
So we should keep our eyes closed?
Also keep your mouth closed.
And also your eyes.
Take deep breaths.
Well, yoga doesn't help
as much as the local medicines.
I have helped form many generations.
Oh. So then why are you here?
To tell you the truth,
I am here to see you.
Otherwise, I've so many patients
that I don't have time to spare.
My clinic runs well
because of well-wishers like you.
I told you to take deep breaths.
I didn't invite you here to boast...!!
Keep your eyes closed.
Don't open your eyes at all.
Can you do Giddha?
Giddha! Shame on the one
who doesn't learn this Giddha dance.
No. No Giddha.
You should learn it.
It's a dance as well
as a form of exercise.
We are anyway falling short
of one girl in our troupe.
If you want, I can teach it to you.
You can dance later,
first concentrate on doing yoga.
Keep your eyes closed.
Can we smile?
Die but don't smile.
So the next one is..
Our next asana is..
The asana is..
Are you sure you know yoga?
Why do you need the book?
He has published
a lot of books on yoga.
He has written about so many asanas.. he sometimes forgets about them.
Yes. - Yes.
Yes, so the yoga's
book basically says that..
...a person should do
the asana in an openly manner.
So do one thing, remove your
tops and keep them on the side.
What are you saying, boy?
You are asking us to strip?
I am not wearing any vest inside.
Why are you insulting
me in front of madam?
My body will be visible to all.
Oh no, Mr. Bhangra Coach.
Even if you were wearing a vest..
Your vest contains so many holes..
...that we would be able to
see your body anyhow...!!
You understand Pinda?
Pind? Village, right?
No, Pinda.
Okay. I will tell you later.
Rather, I will show you.
Shut up.
I know why you are so jealous.
You think I will teach her
to do Giddha and "set" her for myself.
You should be inspired instead..
You don't get jealous.
You should try to compete
with talented people.
Only if a person is talented.
You steal from YouTube
and teach Bhangra to the kids.
Shame on you. - YouTube!
Is it your private property?
What is this that
you have said, Doctor?
You called him a thief?
He didn't call me a thief.
No, may be it was a slip of a tongue.
- But it means the same, right?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Yes? Yes?
Okay, I said it if I said it.
Do whatever you want to.
- I am not scared of you.
- Right, you aren't scared.
I know you. I know what you are.
You are a fake. You lie all the time.
You crush Anacin and Disprin tablets
and make your Ayurvedic Medicines.
And then you tell people
that you are a doctor.
You are a fraud.
He abused him.
- He shouldn't have abused him.
- Damn you.
Then why for four years did you
take medicines from me to grow taller?
Shame on you for calling me a fraud.
Tell everyone,
I was 6 feet tall young man.
After having your medicine,
I ended up being only 4 feet tall.
Then you should have continued
eating them for another three years.
Then you might have
disappeared altogether.
Wait, I will make you
disappear with my dance!
No! Now don't tear
each other clothes, please.
No matter how many words you exchange,
don't tear each other clothes.
And it's torn..
Somebody stop them.
Don't tear each other clothes.
My God! Guys! Stop it!
Why are they fighting?
Guys, please stop it. Oh my, God!
You tore my clothes,
now you see what I do!
What's wrong with you guys?
What's wrong with them?
You want to mess around anymore?
Guys, stop it!
Do something, stop them.
No one will!
- Now tell me..
- Stop, stop, stop!
The two of you are so violent.
You fight like dogs.
Shame on you both!
- Sorry.
- Stupid.
Ma'am that Doctor and
the Bhangra coach are not our suspects.
They don't have the birthmark.
That leaves us with my Manpreet.
Be careful. She seems very clever.
I am not fifth grade
student either, madam.
I too am very sharp.
I will handle her well
and you will praise me.
There she is.. Miss foreign returned!!
Okay, I will send you
detailed report in the evening.
Yes. Hello?
I will also send our coffee bill.
Oh my God!
Please keep clicking..
So cute!
When did you come?
Just. When you pulled your
phone out to click a selfie.
I thought let's turn
your selfie into a "family selfie"..
Oh so cute, Mr. Charming.
Tell me what will you have?
What should I present you with?
Black coffee?
Obviously without sugar.
No wonder you have kept yourself so fit.
So cute!
Bro, give me two black
coffee "without sugar"
One with no sugar,
and one loaded with sugar.
Yes, sir?
What a joke..
Give me coffee.
My Manpreet is waiting.
Okay, sir.
Whose phone is it?
This Insurance Office Boss
of mine is after my life...!!
Take up a job of cleaning the streets
but never take up an insurance job.
She is a very shameless woman.
She won't stop.
It will be her for sure.
Look.. It's her.
Wait, I will show you.
- Hello!
- What hello?
Hey where have you been?
You didn't come to
office for two days.
Madam, a person may
have other things to do.
I was busy. - What work did you have?
I sell insurance policies.
It's not like I clean the streets.
Okay. Bye. See you. I am busy.
What do you mean you are busy?
That too during office hours?
I have come in relation
to office work only...!!
A very big client is over here.
How big?
Have you seen Godzilla in the movies?
That big a client.
Madam, I will tell you once we meet.
Why are you wasting my time? Okay bye.
She is a very irritating woman.
Actually she should've been the
one with that birthmark behind her neck..
I wouldn't have thought twice
before pulling the trigger on her...!!
Yes, what are you doing
in this shopping mall all decked up?
Which client are you entertaining?
There are my clients.
Big shops, big clients.
You can enter any shop you want.
Oh really?
As if they are ready for you..
And will ask,
"Please Sir. Sell us an Insurance Policy"?
Madam, from Bhikhiwind till Qadian,
I haven't spared anyone.
Don't take me lightly.
Really? Then tell
me who is your client?
There.. there he must be..
Look over there...!!
That? - Yes.
Then let's go. Let me see
how you sell policies today.
I suggest that I go alone.
No, I want to watch you work today.
Let's go.
Let me see how you do business.
Okay. Let's go then.
Take this.
One with sugar and one without.
Just go for it. Come on.
Stupid.. stood me up...!!
Let's see if you can amaze us
with your products.
...we are here with loaded pockets...!!
Welcome Sir..
Please have a seat.
Are we here to buy
jewelry or sell insurance?
This is where we go wrong.
We go straight to selling policies.
May I know for whom
are you buying the jewelry?
Of course you can.
There is nothing to hide in that.
My wife, my better half.
Oh hello, don't get too frank.
I'll insult you in front of everyone.
She is a typical Punjabi wife.
If you get romantic in front of others,
she gets angry.
Mine is just the same.
Tell me what "item" should I show you?
What "item" can you show a married man?
Show us a necklace
which matches her beauty.
Tell us, how is madam's choice?
Ever so naive.
You can gauge it on your own.
Her choice is right in front of you.
Okay. Chotu,
then get a cheap necklace.
Okay.. joking, right? It's okay.
Ma'am, is it a love
marriage or an arranged one?
Love marriage with him?
He doesn't even deserve my hatred.
Punjabi wife.
She loves me a lot
but never expresses it.
Same to you, sweetheart.
It will be a flop show for you today...!!
Okay, fine. Look around.
Let her tour the shop. She is choosy.
Show me the necklace, will you...?
Look at this one, brother.
It's nothing special.
What are you doing? Show him this one.
This one is very good.
Look at this,
handy work of artisans from Lucknow.
Sir, show me something
that makes a person say..
"Oh my God, it's so beautiful!"
Oh my God, it's so beautiful!
Look at that. She has already chosen...!!
- It is worth just Rs. 85 thousand.
- Yes.
Chotu, get the bill.
Rs. 85 thousand...??
Even my Yezdi isn't that expensive.
You got confused.
She saw me in the mirror.
She is calling me beautiful.
She has lost her mind
after looking at the jewelry.
Oh on girl,
you have fallen for the jewelry?
If you would've seen at
yourself as you see the jewelry.. would know how
beautiful God has made you.
In my beloved's eyes
that resemble the sunlight.
...let me put the dark kohl
resembling a moonless night.
Twinkle twinkle, all the little star..
...let me weave them into your veil.
Ringa-ringa taking all
the roses in the world..
...let me paint them on your lips.
Two little dicky birds,
let me use them to adorn your beauty.
Let me tell you,
don't take it as a joke.
You are really very beautiful.
So then, why do we need this?
Now keeping my thoughts
in mind show us a necklace.
You shouldn't keep something
so expensive out in the open.
Keep it inside.
Brother, God has made
your wife with His own hands.
Our workers cannot prepare a
jewelry that can match to her beauty.
It happens sometimes.
In our business as well
we sometimes get clients..
...whose wishes we cannot fulfill.
Business? What business do you do?
Insurance Company.
Brother, don't mind..
Insurance agents are the worst.
Once they attach themselves
to someone like a leech..
...they are very
difficult to get rid of.
You should first check
who is standing in front of you.
Brother, God is making
us do this good deed.
She is the greatest wealth of my life.
Sister, God forbid if something
happens to me tomorrow..
...I will at least be
assured that my love is safe.
You won't be taking your
money to your grave with you, brother.
There is nothing greater
than love in this world.
Do you understand?
Brother, what you said is so true.
I never thought like that.
Then think about it now.
Do one thing then.
Send me an agent tomorrow itself.
I too want to get myself insured.
- You want to insure yourself?
- Yes.
You have kept a lot of staff here.
Who sits on the cash counter.
We both personally.
This is how any business runs.
I never consider myself the
owner and my staff as my staff.
I always carry at least one form with me.
Brother, I want the
most expensive insurance.
I don't have a pen.
- Let me fill it, Mr. Husband.
- Thank you.
After all, a Punjabi wife.
Make it over Rs. 10 lakhs. Okay?
- Can I say something?
- Yes, of course.
That necklace did
really look good on you.
I'll have to agree that
you have a great choice.
I indeed have a "great choice"
Here you go.
The insurance girl has fallen for you.
Shut up.
Sir is sitting over here.
Who are you to interrupt?
Let me advice you. No matter
how crazy the woman is over him..
But he shouldn't marry
that insurance girl.
Ask me why.
Speak up. Have you come
to your uncle's funeral?
What do we do, sir?
We are scared of the police.
Really? - Yes.
You need to reply to the department.
...or else the department
extracts a reply out of you.
Now the fact is,
she is her senior officer.
A woman already holds a senior
position in the house itself.
If he gets married to
her then he will be like..
...someone who has been arrested
by the police without any fault.
I too suggest the same.
You should let go
of the insurance girl.
You should go for the landlady.
You will never have to pay rent again.
That's all you can think about?
You are born a cook
and you will die a cook.
Ask him, whom does he like?
He has gone so far into his
memories that he still hasn't spoken.
All of you are selling
your thoughts to him.
No matter whom he lives,
once sir said that.
...he should not marry the insurance
girl then he shouldn't marry her.
We don't know what happens ahead.
It is possible that
he got married to her only.
Then let's place a bet on that.
Hold on.
Here's my Rs. 100.
It will be the landlady.
Place Rs. 100 on the landlady,
on my behalf as well.
Here's his Rs. 100.
None of them.
I too bet Rs. 100.
You are gambling openly?
Sir, we are just doing it for fun.
Within family. - Yes.
- Just for fun?
- Yes.
- Lakha.
- Sh.
Put police's share in it as well.
Rs. 100.
Okay, sir.
This Rs. 100 is ours.
The police department's.
Listen now..
...he can marry anyone on this earth..
I don't have a problem with that..
...or he can choose
even a ghost for instance..
I place a bet that he
won't marry the insurance girl at least...!!
Okay then, I am done for.
The government has defeated me.
Give me my money back.
Hey! Hold on...!!
Bets once placed cannot
be taken back. - Right.
Well done. Now he speaks.
So what happened next?
What should I say..
even I was fully prepared by now...!!
Enough of preparations.
Now it's time for action.
As soon as it is clear that
she is the our real Manpreet, kill her.
See I have already arranged for that..
I'll look into her eyes,
say a few sweet words..
...set the atmosphere and
make her wear this necklace..
You don't need to
set such an atmosphere.
Don't disturb me when
I am telling you the sweet plan.
Otherwise, things don't work out.
Fine, continue.
I will put this necklace
around her neck.
I will turn her around and
look at her neck for the birthmark..
And then I will shoot her.
I will shoot directly
at the birthmark itself.
It's a very nice necklace.
How much is it worth?
Rs. 85,000.
Rs. 85,000? Who will pay the bill?
Hey! I am working for RAW.
Agency will pay the bill.
Madam, she is a very beautiful girl.
Before I kill her, I should
give her a good feeling at least, right?
I am wondering..
...we won't know where the
necklace will go after she is dead..
I suggest,
I should get it back for you.
Fine, as you wish.
I have to say no matter
how principled a woman is..
...she always gets soft
when she sees jewelry.
What a joke.
Get back to work.
The bombshell is calling.
Okay madam, bye.
Hello hottie, how are you doing?
You will live along life.
I was just thinking about you.
You won't die for another
100 years I guess.
Rest is upto God if
He is in mood to pick you early.
I thought I should ask whether
you will once again disappear..
...on me, after inviting me for coffee.
I kept looking for you that day.
You don't have to look for anymore.
Now I have found you.
It's nice that we are meeting today.
You know, I had a lot of
stress on my mind in the morning.
Oh my moon, my beautiful boon,
you just keep shining brightly..
You don't need to take any stress?
I will take away all your stress.
Oh my God. Mr. Charming.
You say such sweet things.
Now what else can I say?
I won't give you a chance to speak now..
Only the silence will prevail...!!
What else have I ever done?
This is all I've done all my life.
Time has come to fulfill
the vow I took 21 years ago.
No, not like this.
Concentrate and read, only then
will you be able to memorize it.
I, Mohammad Ram Singh Azad?
Sir, what kind of a name is that?
Ram Mohammad Singh Azad.
This is the name Shaheed Udham
Singh has told to the British.
Brother, day after
tomorrow at the festival..
...there is a play on Udham Singh.
And he still cannot memorize
his share of dialogues.
- Hello.
- Hi.
I am his school teacher.
I handle the dramatics
department in the school.
I am tired of making him memorize.
Now you can make an attempt.
Sir, this isn't my best friend's
essay which should be memorized.
He was our community's martyr, Jaanu.
You have to make
him dwell in your heart.
You have to live his thoughts.
But I am still just a child, brother.
How will I understand everything?
Have you read about
the 1919's Baisakhi?
Jallianwala Bagh?
Udham Singh too was
just a child back then..
...when he took the vow
of Jallianwala Bagh's soil..
...that he will kill that
butcher General O'Dwyer..
The one who had ordered the shootout.
After 21 years..
...that brave man fulfilled
his vow in London's Caxton Hall.
He went to their country
and shot him there.
He didn't feel scared
while doing all this?
Our martyrs have taught
us only one thing.
To fight for the truth and for our rights.
To stand against Injustice.
Neither to scare anyone
nor to be scared of anyone.
Hey...!! Death beckons you,
you sinful Englishman!
Today, after 21 years,
I am about to fulfill my vow.
I, Mohammad Ram Singh
Azad have come today.. seek revenge of the
atrocity done to my community.
You should not aim at your tenant who
is like your family member now.
Here you go, sir. I think
he understood the real meaning now.
Very good.
I always wish everyone
on their birthday..
But today no one
remembers my birthday.
Whether anyone else remember
it or not, how can I forget??
I can read hearts.
What if I was planning
on to surprise you...!!
It takes time to find beautiful
gifts for beautiful girls.
W ow.
I love surprises.
Hurry up. I am waiting.
Okay sweetheart, you reach there.
I am coming.
You remembered?
Yes. What?
How did you know that
today is my birthday?
Oh. You are so naive.
Doesn't he say that
he can read hearts?
He must have read it already.
- Should I wear it?
- Yes please go ahead.
No, it must be fine.
Let me wear it and show you.
Wearing it won't change it.
Shut up.
So my dear Jaanu, how dare you??
Sorry, brother.
How will you feel if no
one wishes you on your birthday?
Just a little bit
of lie made her so happy.
Look, I acted smart I agree
but you should forgive me.
Otherwise, if you want,
I'll get your gift back right away.
Let it be, she must have worn it by now.
Good "family member"
Let's cut the cake and get it over with.
It is her birthday or yours?
At least let us light the candle first.
Where are you now?
Coming. Wait.
- Come.
- I couldn't find the matchbox.
- Oh my.
- Here you go.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
My birthday is being
celebrated because of you.
Are you are not singing?
I don't know how to sing.
Great. As if we all
are trained singers here...!!
We consider you as a family member.
And yet you behave as a tenant only..
Sing. However you can, just sing ..
- Sing and get over with it.
- Come on, sing, son.
"May this day keep coming."
"May this day keep going."
"May you live along life,
this is what I wish for."
"Happy birthday to you!"
"Happy birthday to you!"
Stood me up again...!!
Your parents deserve it before me...!!
Now you will have to eat it.
Well, it is your birthday.
You should be the one eating it.
Then do the honors please...
You guys enjoy, I am going.
I wanted to talk to you.
I wanted to apologise.
Yes, rightly so...!!
Yes, I have always been
spoken bitterly with you.
I am sorry.
It's okay. You are my landlady.
It's your right to say whatever you like.
Not anymore.. henceforth,
I am just "Keerat" for you..
And thank you for this.
Beautiful, isn't it?
Oh my moon, my beautiful boon,
you keep on shining brightly..
These ornaments aren't of
any use to a moon like you..
Why don't you just remove
it and throw it on my face...!!
N eve r.
I will never remove it.
I will keep it close to my heart.
Can I say something?
When I saw for the first time,
my heart said..
"Oh my God,
how can something be so beautiful...!!"
So, didn't I say
it will be the landlady eventually?
Give me the money.
Wait. She has just smiled.
She isn't hooked as yet.
What do you mean by hooked?
How many times do I have to tell you?
He doesn't know how to respect women.
The word to use is "set".
- Lakha Singh.
- Sir.
Take the money. Let's leave.
Okay. Give it here.
Wait, sir. The stow hasn't ended yet..
We still have that
foreigner bombshell left.
Who knows what turn
the stow will take further...?
Except for the insurance girl alone,
if he elopes even with your wife..
...sir is bound to win.
Sir, if you want the money,
just ask for it.
At least don't cheat while gambling.
Really? You are getting very frank.
You are gambling
in front of the police?
You are very brave.
You too are a part of it, sir.
You aren't playing
cricket here either.
Gambling is for normal public..
Police just enjoys some fun and frolic.
Thank you.
Give it to your boss.
You need to drive.
I think he is smart.
Listen, I have an advice for you.
Forget these two girls.
Go for the foreigner.
You will get Canadian Visa straightaway..
She is upset with you.
You should go and cajole her.
"If you are the Disco queen
then I am the Bhangra king."
Join me.
"If you are the Disco queen
then I am the Bhangra king."
How are you?
I don't wanna talk to you.
Does dancing increase
the blood pressure?
My hottie seems to be very angry.
Anyone is bound to
get angry at a person like you.
Very funny.
As if you don't know.
You sometimes meet
and then just disappear.
You sometimes ask me
out and then don't show up.
I kept waiting for
you at the restaurant.
And I was so hungry also...!!
So you are angry
because you are hungry.
Tell me, what will you have?
Gyan's Lassi or Gyani's Tea?
If you want to eat Chole Bhature
then we need to go Pahadganj.
If you want to eat Matthi Cholle..
...then we'll have to
go to telephone exchange.
If you want to try Pateesa,
Daal or Pinni..
...then we'll have
to go to Durgyana Temple.
If you want to eat at Kesar's
Dhaba then let me know..
If you want to eat at Bhrawaan
Da Dhaabe then let me know in advance..
I will have to first call up there
as it is very crowded.
Hurry up now because
even I am feeling hungry...!!
You are an encyclopedia
on food as well!
I don't eat all these things.
You should eat.
It will make you healthy.
Girls! Hello! That's enough. We need to talk
privately now.. go dress up and leave.
Get going now all of you...!!
You seem tired? want to wrestle...??
Let it be. Or else you will say:
Ambarsariya, oh boy,
don't uproot the delicate buds.
Look what I brought.
Oh my God!
It's so beautiful.
- That's so sweet of you.
- Yeah.
Where did you get it from?
Don't ask me where did I get it from
I just got it anyhow...
why don't you make me wear it?
Really, whenever you are
close to me, I feel happy.
My life has been so complicated.
I have tried to keep myself
busy with documentaries.
...and dance and tried to stay normal.
But it's only you whose
presence gives me peace.
Why is this stupid calling me again?
I will file divorce papers
as soon as I go back to Canada.
Whose Divorce?
Mine and Jass's..
Jaspreet, my husband.
I can't stay with him anymore.
When life takes something from you,
it also gives you something in return.
Hold on babes, it doesn't
give anything just like that.
- It that your husband's call?
- Yeah.
Let me talk to him.
From your voice,
I feel that you aren't handsome.
And from the way you just cursed.. also tells me that
you aren't smart either.
It's not you who is unfortunate..
She is the unlucky one that
you came into her life.
Beauty of your wife is incomparable..
you don't deserve her actually...!!
You should be thanking God,
but you are pushing her away instead.
She is fed up of you.
If you mess this up you
will have to give up Canada.
Use your brains and fall at her feet.
Or book a return ticket to India?
Do you understand...??
He's crying-
- Yes.
Oh baby, don't cw.
Oh my God, baby I love you so much.
I am so sorry. No Jass..
Now what's the point of taking such
expensive gifts from strangers.
- Now talk to him.
- Okay.
Why do you fight with me?
I love you so much.
Good photography.
Everyone knows that Punjab is
the biggest strength of our country.
That's why it is targeted the most.
But today, thanks to you,
another danger was averted.
Madam, if that accident
hasn't taken place..
...then I would've caught him alive.
- But you did good.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
We will get the postmortem
report by tomorrow morning.
But I think we have got our man.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Send the complete report
of the case to the head office.
- Okay, ma'am.
- This case is closed.
By the way,
both the girls are very beautiful.
But who is the lucky one?
It's not so, ma'am.
I can see the truth in your eyes..
Hey now you want me to
fall in love and get married?
So that you can tease me
about the diapers like I tease you?
But you forgot one thing, ma'am..
Always have cold food, take hot showers
and never get wheedled by girls..
...Ambarsariya Jatt
lives by this mantra...!!
You are leaving?
Yes, I have got transfer orders.
I will have to leave.
Transfer orders?
Are you an insurance agent or an army
officer that you got transfer orders?
You won't leave.
I mean, you have paid
the rent for a year.
And you didn't even
stay here for a month.
Tell the company that if you
keep wasting your money like this..
...then how will you get your own house?
You cannot keep wasting money on rent.
I am talking to you
and you are busy packing.
I wanted to tell
you something important.
Tell me.
You say that you can read hearts.
Why don't you read it and tell me?
You like someone?
Who is that poor guy?
Someone crazy.
But he is very good at heart.
He used to fight with me a lot.
This is how it happens.
She too used to fight with me a lot.
She used to be very bitter
with me in the beginning..
Then I didn't release when I slowly
started falling in love with her.
Now the problem is,
I don't know how to tell her.
You don't need to think
that much actually...
Just tell her.
Who knows she might already
be waiting for this moment..
What if she rejects me?
Just say it.. don't worry..
I love you...!!
Shall I go and tell her that?
Hold on.
Isn't she beautiful?
She is beautiful.
And lucky too.
You read her heart,
but now what about other hearts?
Well, I guess others are
nothing more than a joke..
What, man!
You ruined everything in the end.
I feel like getting you
locked up behind the bars...!!
Come on, everyone take
your money back and disperse..
Come on.
Usually people blame the
Police for being harsh and rude..
But we merely break bones ..
Whereas you broke hearts there..
not even one..but two loving hearts.
Shame on you heartbreaker!
Whenever I narrated this stow to anyone.. one could understand
what this Ambarsariya went through...
Not just the two.. but three hearts..
...were broken that day.
Bad news.
We have got the postmortem report.
...and there is no
birthmark on the dead body.
He is not our Manpreet.
The real Manpreet is still alive.
But what about the one who is dead?
Remember in the previous mission we
had sent you behind five terrorists..
...and you eliminated four of them?
He was the fifth one.
He was following you everywhere.
And he was keeping an
eye on your every moment.
Today is 13th April.
Minister must be on
his way to the function.
Not just the minister..
Even the real Manpreet who
will shoot him must've reached there.
Do something.
Hey Jaanu! How are you?
Everyone said that you have left.
But I knew you would surely
come to wish me good luck.
I am going to perform today
in this Baisakhi function.
How could I have missed
Jaanu's performance?
What is it?
You seem to be in quite a hurry.
- Have you performed already?
- No, sir. Mine is next.
Fine. Okay. Good luck.
Do good.
Excuse me, sir.
Sir, the home minister's
life is in danger.
We have information that he
will be attacked today at this function.
The intelligence's
report is confirmed.
And the killer is already here.
We still don't know who he is..
we just know his name...!!
Come with me.
This is a limit!
This is totally unacceptable...!!
Is this a joke?
You should have informed us.
I wouldn't have brought the minister here.
Sir, we thought that
we had eliminated the threat.
But the threat is still there.
Punjab's drug mafia is behind all this.
This evil drug problem...!!
There is such a tight security here.
RAW itself is involved in it.
In spite of all this.. you think Manpreet
will come here and shoot at him...??
Not Possible...!!
It is possible, sir.
When household's own Dog colludes with the
Thieves then anything is possible...!!
I don't understand.
You already understand everything sir..
Without me having to tell you anything... already know
that the killer's name is Manpreet.
See my boy.. I understand..
But the minister doesn't understand.
Plan is not just to kill him..
But to spread a strong message
down everyone's spine..
The Honesty that he is sticking to,
we want to get rid of that...!!
His honestly has ruined
our illegal incomes...!!
Such honest person should
be taught a lesson then, right?
What do you say?
Rightly said...!!
Having cold food,
Taking hot showers..
...and Teaching our
enemies a strict lesson...!!
These are three principles
all Ambarsariya people follow...!!
And now when I'm here, how can anyone
come and shoot at the Minister like that??
It's not a child's play, sir.
It is easier than
a child's play my son...!!
And today no one can
stop this bullet from being fired...!!
Take care of him.
Jo Bole So Nihaal...
Sat Shri Akaal...!!
And now it's time for a
special performance by the kids.
Our Home Minister is also
going to motivate them through it.
So I would request Honorable Home
Minister to please join us on the stage...
...and become a child
with these children.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please give him a huge round of applause.
Please come, sir.
Come, sir. Come.
No, what are you doing?
At least try.
As you say.
Ladies and gentlemen, please give him
a huge round of applause.
Oh no, he forgot his book over here.
Manpreet is so careless.
Oh God, the act has already begun.
Manpreet is about to enter the stage.
It's okay, madam.
Now that we have sent
the Udham Singh on the stage..
...he will return only
after getting the job done.
We have made the minister..
...O'Dwyer for a reason, after all..
It's all planned out..
Oh, Manpreet has entered
the stage already...!!
Your Jaanu.
Look, he forgot the book over here.
Which book is he carrying then
if he has forgotten his book here?
Death beckons you,
you sinful Englishman!
'What's your name?'
'My name in the school papers
is something else..'
'..but everyone addresses me as Jaanu.'
Today, after 21 years,
I am about to fulfill my vow.
'After 21 years, that brave man fulfilled
his vow in London's Caxton Hall.'
'He went to his country and shot him.'
'There is a birthmark
on the real Manpreet's neck.'
'Brother, day after tomorrow at the
festival there is a play on Udham Singh.'
'It is indeed a child's play...!!"
'To fire the bullet.'
Udham Singh, shoot him.
I, Ram Mohammad Singh
Azad have come today.. seek revenge of the
atrocity done to my community.
Community and Sardaari are
more important than one's life.
These were the thoughts
of Sardaar Udham Singh.
Son..listen to me..
Udham Singh didn't think that
long while pulling the trigger..
21 years..
He kept the fire of revenge
burning in his heart for 21 long years.
He found General O'Dwyer, he went to their
country and shot him then and there...!!
I'm telling you to shoot him...!!
The Generals of Community
don't take orders like this...!!
They make their own decisions...!!
Like Shaheed Udham Singh made his own...!!
I said FIRE...!!!
Exactly these orders
echoed in Jallianwala Bagh...!!
That Butcher O'Dwyer ordered to "FIRE"
O'Dwyer, yes.. he is O'Dwyer.
Look here.
Shoot at him, son. Shoot at him.
Look, O'Dwyer is standing before you.
Likes of O'Dwyer don't have the courage.. stand in front of the gun
and yet smile ...!!
The real O'Dwyer was the one
who stood scared before Udham Singh.
He is the real
O'Dwyer who "orders" to SHOOT...!!
SHOOT at him, son. SHOOT at him!
He is the real
O'Dwyer who orders to "FIRE"
I said FIRE...!!
Death beckons you,
you sinful Englishman!
Today, after 21 years,
I am about to fulfill my vow!
I, Ram Mohammad Singh
Azad have come today.. seek revenge of the
atrocity done to my community!
He got trapped in his own trap.
Hey, they didn't know they were messing
with someone..
...who can outsmart them anytime.
But they played such a big
trick around an innocent child.
And the child wasn't even aware that
he was holding a real gun and not a toy.
But still Jaanu made the right decision.
He shot at the PA on his left thigh.
He has made such a cunning scheme.
Someone from the school
had to surely be involved in it.
Don't you remember the school teacher?
The one who was helping
with Jaanu's rehearsals?
'Now that we have sent
Sardaar Udham Singh on the stage..'
'..he will return only
after getting the job done.'
Oh yes..
You consider yourself
to be a great hero..
But the main pawn managed
to get out of your hands.
And you talk like a commando.
But you couldn't even catch a teacher.
- Sukhi..
- Coming.
Make this a rule henceforth.
Never drink with such a loser.
Even if it's for free or if he
is paying you to have a drink with him.
Let it be.
You have been spinning
a tale from quite some time now.
Hats off to you, bro.
He lies a lot.
Mr. Teacher... have been quite busy making
that innocent child rehearse those lines..
...but yet you didn't understand
the real meaning of that story...!!
Shaheed Udham Singh didn't
just shoot his enemy..
...he hunted him down
and then shot him...!!
Spare my life, bro.
I didn't see anything.
I won't tell anyone about you.
You can't tell even if you want to...
Actually if you think hard..
you still don't know my name...!!
His name?
What was his name?
'To have cold food, take hot showers
and never get wheedled by girls.'
'These three things define me.'
'Ambarsariya! Come here.'
'You are here, big-brother.'
'A family member!'
'Hello? Who are you?'
'I am an Agent.'
'An Insurance Agent.'
'Look there is your Super Hero.'
'Madam, what else have I done?'
'This is all I have done my entire life.'
'I am an Insurance Agent.'