Ambition (2019) Movie Script

Help me!
Please, somebody help me!
Are you all right?
Yes, Professor.
I'm fine. I'm sorry.
My E-string broke.
Yes. Indeed.
Can we have the lights, please?
I don't know.
Maybe I'm just cracking up.
Yes, Emily Foster.
No one could touch her.
I was amazed.
Even a bit jealous of her.
But she was the only
one of my students
to ever win the FAC Fellowship.
Next day she was gone.
Do you think I'm ready?
Jude, you... you know I...
I think you are very talented.
Just like Emily.
What do you want me to say?
The FAC tryouts
are not like here.
We're all friends.
You would be in a
huge auditorium.
A cold empty stage. Bright
lights in your eyes.
It's all designed to make
you feel threatened,
Of the 200 people that audition,
sometimes only two qualify.
Professor, I'm gonna work
just so much harder than
any other student you have.
do you remember what I told you?
The tension between
order and chaos.
Precision and passion.
Yes, precision is essential.
The two together will guide
you to what you seek.
Precision by itself is cold.
It has no feeling.
Passion by itself is... chaos.
Emily understood.
She achieved the two.
At a terrible cost.
So which one
are you supposed to be?
The soulless one or the...
what's the other one?
I don't know, both.
Because then I'm gifted.
I don't know.
I think he just wants
to mess with my head
or get into my pants.
Or both.
if we're talking about
getting into your pants,
I, for one, would very
much like to do that.
Yes, yeah.
Okay, later.
Is that Ben? Hi, Ben.
Jude's sleeping around.
She had sex with Mr. Murphy.
Ah, no.
Jude doesn't treat you right
you know I'm available, okay?
I can mistreat Ben
all I want, thank you.
- Uh-huh.
- Okay, I'm gonna go.
- Okay.
- All right, I love you.
- Love you too.
- I love you too, Ben.
Call me.
All right. Love you,
Jude and Sarah.
And hi, Veronica.
Okay, I'll talk to you later.
Hey, Ben!
Okay, bye. Muah.
What's up?
Hey, what's up?
My ladies.
Great news, my babies.
I have finally sublet
that upstairs room.
No way, that's great.
- Yeah? What's he like?
- Better than you?
Stop, Sarah. We both
know that's impossible.
I just hope he's not
crazy like that last guy.
Oh my God, that dude sucked.
Fucking nightmare.
Yeah, this dude's
pretty cool, though.
He plays the guitar.
Oh, that's so boring.
We want someone
interesting and exotic.
I want uncircumcised.
He's British.
That's all I really know.
Oh, homeboy thinks
he knows movies.
Oh, really?
We'll see about that.
Bon apptit.
Ah, fava beans
and a good Chianti?
Okay, no Hannibal.
Hey, Steve's new
roommate is British.
Does he go to the Conservatory?
I didn't check.
Hey, my beautiful mamacitas,
how long do I have to sit here
before you offer me
some of this food?
What do you bring
to the party, Steve?
You mean besides this
perfect personality and hair?
Yeah, besides
the personality and the hair,
what do you bring?
- Oh.
- Right.
Go get a plate.
Okay, um...
I want you.
I'm feeling your breasts.
I want to be inside of you.
What? What?
You can't just start at the end.
You have to ease into
it with some foreplay.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, I want to do it.
- You want to...
- Mm-hm.
- Okay, you wanna do it?
- Mm-hm.
Are you touching yourself?
- Yeah.
- Good.
So I'm touching you
and kissing you.
Where are you kissing me?
Mmm, your neck.
And I'm running my
fingers down your body.
Kissing your chest.
What else?
I miss you.
I miss you too.
This feels really
nice. Keep going.
I'm moving down.
Touching you.
Feeling you. Feeling
how hard you are.
Very, very hard.
And I move my lips lower.
- Yeah?
- And lower.
How low?
And then I finally
move my lips just...
Keep going.
Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!
- Jude?
- Shit!
What-what, Jude?
Did I lose you?
I'll call you back
in a little bit, okay?
Is everything okay?
What happened?
Last week of rehearsal.
Okay, again.
From the top. First variation.
And remember,
you came here because we're
one of the best, so...
I want my fucking
money, you stupid
piece of shit!
Give me a fucking break, Tommy.
I'll give you the money.
When? I want it fucking now!
A couple more days. I can't
be the first. Let it go, man.
- Fuck you!
- Hey!
Leave him alone! Get off!
No, no, no! Jude,
come on! Let's go!
Jude, let's go!
That crazy bitch broke my nose!
What was that about?
Are you gonna call the police?
No, I'm not gonna
call the police.
Because, Jude,
you know what I do.
Okay, that guy's an investor.
So he fronts me.
And I was short this week so
we had a failure to communicate.
And then I called
his mom a cunt.
What? I would've hit you too.
That's me. The guy people hit.
How was rehearsal?
It was great.
It was good.
Hey, you remember Emily
Foster, from the Conservatory,
Yeah, the girl who was
pushed off the roof.
No, I heard she
committed suicide.
I don't know.
Someone told me she was pushed.
They said she was so
good that she went crazy.
I don't know.
Jude, if you ever need...
If you ever need anything.
Speaking of your girl, Emily,
I heard they never
found her violin.
Aren't those like a
hundred thousand dollars?
Yeah, some are.
Mine isn't.
I'm moving all over the place.
I fought like Jiu Jitsu,
and I'm defending myself.
He's trying to stomp me out.
And all of a sudden I hear
these tiny, little footsteps
sprinting towards me.
And she woof, woof,
just starts going crazy.
He's like, spinning backwards.
Earth to Jude.
Come here.
Come here.
Hey, guys.
Whoa, is that
dinner on your face?
Come on, get up.
He's thawing them out for us.
At least it's not
dinner on his dick.
Hey, I ordered pizza.
Oh, thank you. Long day.
What is this?
"A center for ants?"
- Zoolander.
- Zoolander.
Oh, whatever. Anyways, guys,
this is months in the making.
Look at it.
Look at the detail.
So what happened to you?
Oh, Jude saved Steve
from a drug deal gone bad.
Well, it wasn't a drug...
Jude kicked ass.
Steve, where's the roommate?
Oh, you know, busy
eating crumpets and shit.
Can't come over.
Did you invite him?
I'm keeping all
of you to myself.
Keep yourself to yourself.
Steve, what are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- Are you serious?
I said months in
the making, come on.
You threw peas at me right now?
I just told you I've
been working hard on this.
Come on, man. You guys
are supposed be my friends.
Yo, I'm out of here. I need
to water my plants anyway.
You are so annoying.
Wow, cool.
Some friends. Thanks, guys.
He literally broke it.
He broke it, look.
Oh, fuck.
So annoying.
Anyways, um,
what really happened today?
It was nothing.
Nothing? Okay.
I got a little wound
up after rehearsal.
Must've been wound pretty tight.
Do you guys remember
Emily Foster?
The crazy violinist who
jumped off the roof?
- Sarah!
- What?
Okay, the crazy violinist
that fell off the roof.
You know what,
you are so horrible.
Come on!
Is that seriously what's
been bothering you?
- I saw a memorial poster today.
- Just kind freaked me out.
Some people are
just plain crazy.
Steve said she got pushed.
Trustworthy source.
It's a lot of pressure.
She was really driven.
She was a really, really
really great violinist.
Yeah and you're really good.
You're a great violin player.
So stop scaring yourself
with these stories.
Yeah, look, if you let what
happened to Emily get to you,
then you actually will go crazy.
What I'm saying is it's a lot
to handle that kind of genius.
A lot of strength. Skill.
A lot.
Talent's a really
dangerous drug.
It is.
Right, come on, Jude.
Stop obsessing.
You're gonna be great.
Mr. Murphy doesn't
seem to think so.
Oh, fuck him.
You're a winner, okay.
Babe, you got to loosen up.
You're too tense.
Tension is the
opposite of slack.
I told you I'd get
you your money.
She's my friend,
I'm not doing that.
Don't touch her.
Hey, loser!
It's you!
Here we go.
How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
Practice! Practice! Practice!
You suck!
You fucking suck!
You stupid bitch!
What are you afraid of?
- I just...
- You have been anxious.
You've been distracted.
Now, either you have done the
work of the last four years
or you haven't.
No, I'm fully committed.
Are you?
Have you been?
Do you think Emily was pushed?
Or do you think she
just went crazy?
Like the police said.
Jude, find your focus.
Talking about Emily
will not help.
No, I will. I'm trying.
Sometimes trying
is just not enough.
We have spent a lot
of time together
and I want to see it
count for something.
No, but that's my point.
That's the difference between
fiction and real life.
The fiction has to be logical.
Well, David Lynch makes
complete sense. It's just the
logic of a dream.
Give me a break.
"Do I make you horny, baby?"
Seriously, no, you don't.
It's too easy, Steve.
And too pushy, Steve.
Let's think here.
"Zampano is here."
Zampano is here?
I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, guys.
"Ah. Good evening, Mr. Torrance."
"Your regular?"
The Shining. Too easy, Steve.
this is my shiny new
roommate, Dave.
Oh, hey, Dave.
This is Veronica.
Wait, what happened
to "Zampano is here?"
Oh, you guys are playing
the movie game
- that Steve told me about.
- Yeah.
And this is Dave's
monster dog, Taliban.
It's not Taliban. It's Caliban
from The Tempest?
That makes sense.
That's Shakespeare, Steve.
Oh, thank you, Veronica.
You're welcome.
And he's not as
ferocious as he seems.
Wait, wait, wait.
Steve, I'm sorry.
So you're roommate was home
and you came over for dinner?
It's fine, I already ate.
Here, here. Take a seat.
Okay, just never mind that.
Can you say British things like,
"easy peasy" or um,
"can I get into your knickers?"
Say, uh,
say "bollocks."
Say, "Bob's your uncle."
"Bob's your uncle."
Is that what you guys say? Bob?
Yeah, we say that. Yeah.
I've got one.
"Bugger off."
That's pretty sexy.
The hot girl with
no fashion sense,
that's Sarah.
She's kind of like
Mata Hari, so...
Hi, Sarah.
What the hell's Mata Hari?
- Greta Garbo.
- Spy.
- Exactly.
- 1931.
1931. Um-hm.
- And this is...
- Jude.
Pleased to meet you,
Jude. And also,
La Strada.
- Huh?
- What?
"Zampano is here." La Strada.
It's from the movie, La Strada.
Steve, I'm sorry, you said
he thinks he knows movies.
He's okay, I guess.
And I have one.
- Okay.
- A line.
"You are all my children now."
Oh, um.
Sarah, come on.
Sarah, come on, we know this.
Freddy Krueger.
She's got it.
Jude nailed it.
- Nightmare on Elm Street Two.
- Bingo!
She got it! She got it!
Jude gets it. She wins.
Well, on that note,
I think that calls for a cheers.
Thank you. Cheers.
Cheers, Jude.
I win.
Yeah, she does.
Jude, you're done with
your laundry, right?
- Yeah, almost.
- It's in the dryer.
But just almost done.
You know we have to
stay on schedule if...
So Sarah's upstairs.
Yeah, she keeps
dropping her garbage
down the laundry chute.
I know, I keep telling her.
It's not my job to keep up
with other people's laundry
and garbage in this house.
Okay. It's fine.
I'm just saying.
Hey, what's up?
So this is?
This is art?
Yeah, it's raw
material for my lover.
Do you like him?
I was thinking about
doing a mnage trois.
Or do you think
that's too ambitious?
No, not for you.
You wanna try?
It's so therapeutic.
Go on, you've been
working so hard.
You got to let it out.
I'm good.
- But, uh, be careful.
- Don't hurt yourself.
I'm using protection.
As always.
And don't drop your garbage
down the laundry chute anymore.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
Do you ever get
the feeling like someone's,
like, watching you?
Not really.
Yeah, I just...
I've been having this
weird feeling lately
like someone's watching me
and following me and
messing with my stuff.
I'd like to mess
with your stuff.
I don't know, could it
be one of the girls?
Could they be going through
your underwear drawer?
Maybe Sarah?
I can totally picture
Sarah in your underwear.
Oh, really?
And not looking anywhere
near as attractive as you.
Or sexy.
Or talented.
Intelligent or understanding.
Did I mention sexy?
Really, you're sexy.
Yeah, you're not
so bad yourself.
You've got a really good
head on your shoulders.
Well, the rest of
me's not so bad either.
When am I seeing you?
Um, yeah, um... Not this week.
'Cause I got to work nights
and double shifts because
finals are coming up.
You know how it is.
Yeah, I know.
I'm pulling late rehearsals
too so it's okay.
But, uh...
I miss you.
And, uh, I love you.
Love you too. Talk to you later.
Hi, sexy!
Hi, you're home late.
I thought you were upstairs.
It's late?
Oh. I'm gonna go back out.
- No! No! No! You can't.
- Don't go back out.
So it's early when I come back.
Come back to me.
Let's go.
Oh, I did the dance.
No. You've had a little
too much to drink.
You should come out with me.
You're working too hard.
Yeah, well try-outs
first and then fun.
See? There's always an excuse.
How is your love life on
that tiny screen satisfying?
I don't get it.
You scare me, Sarah.
Just open up! God!
You have sex and then you
get in touch with your body.
Then you do better art.
I mean, seriously.
Ben is adorable.
Why aren't you having
sex with him yet?
Hear me out.
Veronica just made brownies.
I think we should have
two, not tell her.
And see if she notices.
That was terrible and that
was not what I was playing.
What were you playing?
Paganini's Caprice Number 24.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
No. No.
No. Sorry.
I'll get there.
Hey, were you watching
me last night?
That's really weird.
Last night, Cal was
barking and he woke me up
and I had the strangest feeling
that I was being watched.
I looked out the window,
I didn't see anyone.
I thought it must
be my imagination,
but now I'm thinking I was
wrong, Jude,
because how would you know
I was looking out my window
unless I was actually
being watched by you?
No, I was just, I thought,
I was looking...
Have you been spying on me?
No, I...
You know what,
this little British thing
it's not gonna work on me.
Oh, really? That's a shame.
Usually it works.
Been listening to
you play music.
What do you think?
It's good.
Not quite there yet, though.
So just pretty good?
I happen to be very good.
But are you excellent?
Yeah, I think so.
Your A-string's out of tune.
I knew that.
Ta-ta, Jude.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You're home early.
Yeah. Murphy had some
kind of faculty thing
so he let me go early.
was it at least better today?
Yeah. It was good.
That's nice.
This is Ben's jacket.
Maybe in your room?
Whoa, okay. I thought
he wasn't coming today.
Think he'll stay for dinner?
You said you
wanted to do it though.
Oh my God.
That feels so good.
Oh, that's so good.
Oh my God!
- Sarah, get out!
- Shit!
Get out!
It didn't mean anything.
Go, Sarah! Go, Sarah!
You fucking bitch!
I'm not a bitch!
This isn't what it seems like.
I hate that word.
Can you fucking hear yourself?
You're definitely a bitch!
- Please! It was nothing.
- Ben, get out!
- Jude, listen...
- Stop, Ben. Leave!
I wanted to surprise you.
I'm sorry, you wanted
to surprise me?
I wasn't even gonna be here.
Jude, come on, don't do this.
Don't talk to me, Ben.
Come on, don't do this!
What the hell's going on?
Jude, come on, hear me out.
This isn't what it
seems like, okay?
We weren't, it wasn't,
we didn't mean to...
Come on, will you open
the door, please?
Can we talk about this?
Jude, come on. What
do you want me to say?
If you had just been there...
I just want you gone.
Hey, can I join you?
Need a drink.
Where's Sarah?
Oh, she went out.
Told her to give you some space.
Thank you.
Where's the boyfriend?
He's gone.
He's dead to me now.
Screw him.
What are you doing?
What is this?
I don't even like this picture.
Here, take this.
This is...
This is the most important
time of your life.
You know that, right?
You can't let this get to you.
This Sarah shit.
This boyfriend bullshit.
This Murphy stuff
messing with your head.
You don't have time for that.
You know you need to
stay focused, okay?
You know what you want.
Yeah, you're right.
You're right.
And, um...
Look, I think you need to
delete these pictures.
- No, come on.
- We do. We do.
I'll be the first.
That was easy. Your turn.
Come on.
One more.
Delicious. Now let's
just take a shot. Do it.
I don't want to do it.
Move. Move.
Come on.
- Move over.
- Delete them.
All right.
- Delete.
- Yep. I hate that one.
Come on.
- Delete.
- Delete.
Delete. You do it.
Don't mind if I do.
Bye, bye, Ben.
Delete. Delete.
Can somebody get that?
Is anybody home?
What? Hello?
- Sorry.
- Hey.
We all go a little
mad sometimes.
With the knocking,
if I did it too much.
We all go a little
mad sometimes.
The line from the
movie, The Game.
Oh, yeah.
We all go a little mad.
Me being crazy.
Yeah, I'm not really in the
mood for that right now. Sorry.
Okay, well I came over because
Steve and I wanted to know
if you and the girls want to
join us for dinner tonight.
I can't make it but
I'll let Veronica know.
Okay, cool.
Okay, bye.
How about...
How about this?
You and I spend
some time together.
I'm just really busy right now.
Okay. Message received.
Loud and clear.
See you later.
It's the line from the movie.
Very impressive, Jude.
So, um, dinner tomorrow night?
We'll see.
We'll see?
What? You just ignore the door?
I was working.
Working. Working.
Yeah, you're the only one
to have work to do, Sarah.
Was it important?
He is cute.
- Hey.
- Hey.
A big storm is coming tomorrow.
Storm shutters.
Katrina big?
They didn't predict
that one correctly,
so let's just get ready.
How long's it supposed to last?
I have my try-out coming up.
I don't know.
- All done?
- Yeah.
All right, I'm
gonna go upstairs.
Hey, wait. Anything new?
Talked to Sarah?
Well, you two need
to work things out.
Because we live together.
She slept with my boyfriend.
I'm the one who's supposed
to make things nice?
Look, she can't help it.
She's a very open person.
You mean, a complete slut.
Jude, she's comfortable
with who she is.
And it wasn't only her fault.
Are you serious? Why
are you defending her?
Whose side are you on?
Are you on her side or
are you on my side?
this is just like that
order and chaos thing
you're talking about.
You need to pull it together.
It's time to get a
hold of your mess.
That was really good, Jude.
You're talented.
You wanna go for a drink
downstairs at the bar?
It's kind of a dive.
Well, I hear that the
bartender's very talented.
- Yeah.
- See you downstairs.
Hey, Jude.
Oh, Steve, hey.
Sorry, I was, I'm gonna...
Something wrong?
No, yeah, I'm good.
Jude, Jude, hi.
Uh, is there a guest list?
You guys talking about classes?
Uh, surely you can't be serious.
I am serious.
Don't call me Shirley.
Nice one.
So, what are you having?
The usual.
Which is what?
"Shaken, not stirred."
"Stirred, not shaken."
If it is a martini,
you're not allowed to look
where I get the olives from
'cause it is disgusting.
- Oh, okay.
- Okay?
So romantic.
That's me.
Okay, I grab a couple
of these bad boys.
There's at least seven types
of bacteria in this fridge.
I've named each one of them.
- You can look now.
- Damage is done.
Okay, and then I...
How do I do this again?
Don't knock it until you try
it. I know it looks gross.
Hang on.
It goes everywhere every time.
Maybe you should've done that.
I think I'm gonna
stick to music.
But thank you.
Um so, how long have
you been playing music?
I've been holding a violin
for as long as I can remember.
So the violin is
older than you are.
It's 103, yeah.
It's a Gagliano.
Great grandmother's.
I've heard of Battista,
are they similar?
They both have strings.
Okay, right.
I don't think this
will kill you,
but give it a go.
And it's good to
see you again, Jude.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Hi, Cal!
Hey, bud, get down. Come on.
Jeez, you know how to
steal a man's thunder,
don't you, boy?
You got to be careful.
I'm on a rebound.
Yeah, I heard about
that. I'm sorry.
You know, when you
find your best friend
in bed with your
boyfriend, it's uh...
First date, you're not
supposed to talk about exes.
So this is a date. Okay.
Thought it was
just a drink but...
What about you?
You're new in town.
Did you leave anyone behind?
Look, I... We just met.
I didn't want to make
this weird or anything.
I'm not taken.
I mean, I was seeing
someone and...
I'm not anymore.
Did you dump her or
did she dump you or
was it some, like, mutual thing?
Actually, she... Sorry.
She died.
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay. You wanted
to know. It's fine.
Hi, Steve.
I was reading something.
You know, they say that
we're the last generation
to enjoy sex.
Who's they?
A scientist.
Apparently it's a reaction
to over-population, so...
Pretty soon, sex drive's
just going to disappear.
No more pleasure.
No more sex.
No more people.
All right.
Well, yeah.
Quite the optimist,
Steve, aren't you?
Well, I mean, I know
mine still works.
What about yours?
I got to go.
I have rehearsal.
Yeah, but um... Thank you.
Okay, yeah. I'll see you.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
Oh, Jude.
Keep warm.
Thank you.
And, um, yeah.
See you later.
Jude! Please!
We really need a break!
For fuck's sack, Jude!
Can't you play
something different?
God, you make me
want to kill you!
What? What? What?
What? What?
Jude, I need to talk to you.
What? What's up?
It's about Dave.
Stop, I'm a big girl, okay?
- I don't need...
- What? Listen to me.
He's not who you
think he is at all.
He's some kind of stalker.
Seriously? A stalker?
I'm serious, Jude.
- I was up...
- Steve.
Hi. Lunch is ready.
You don't mind if I join, right?
I thought it was gonna
be just us two, actually.
Oh, well I wouldn't
want to intrude.
Why not?
Please, take a seat.
The more the merrier.
The following
message is transmitted
at the request of the Louisiana
State Police Department.
Civil authorities
have issued a warning
from Baton Rouge to Saint
Francisville vicinity.
Travel on interstate
highways and all river roads
is suspended due
to local flooding
on inland and coastal roads.
Stay tuned for further
details as they follow.
Well, looks like we're
not going anywhere.
Not until the rains
stops anyway.
Reminds me of London.
Yeah, as long as the
roads are clear by morning.
You okay?
You see, I came to a
terrible discovery.
You can be desperately in love
with someone you despise.
Day For Night.
Guys, seriously.
What's up?
Don't ask me, Jude.
Okay, Steve?
Love means never having
to say you're sorry.
Or does it?
So you two hooking
up now or what?
So I'VE drank all of your wine
and ate all of this
delicious food.
It's only right I,
myself, add something
to this beautiful festivity.
Shall we retire to my garden?
No. No.
You know what? Why not?
Do you think I'm funny?
Funny like a clown?
I'm here to amuse you?
Here's the thing, Jude.
I just wanna know how well you
two really know each other.
No, I know you know her.
How well do you know him?
If you've got something to say,
please, by all means, Steve.
Why don't you ask him
what classes he's
taking this summer?
That is why you're
here, isn't it, Dave?
"You shall not pass."
I mean I thought he would
be taking guitar, right?
No, I'm not actually, Jude.
Yeah, Jude, he's not taking
any classes this summer.
I checked.
Ask him yourself if
you don't believe me.
Hey, maybe I'm
just a bit paranoid
because of what I
do for a living.
There was always
something about you.
A little too perfect.
Like the handsome English
dude in the movies
that always ends up
being the killer.
See, I always thought it
was the comic relief
that turned out
to be the killer.
Isn't that you, Steve?
You wanna know what I found out?
You know what, okay.
I'm gonna go out into the storm
because it might be
a little less tense.
Goddamn it, Jude, that's
what I was telling you outside.
He's been taking
pictures of you.
He's stalking you.
What are you gonna
show her, mate?
Pictures that you
could've taken?
You could've planted.
I'm the stalker.
I just got here, Steve.
How long have you been
pining after Jude?
I've seen the way
you look at her,
that pathetic puppy-dog
look in your eyes.
I'm telling you, Steve,
you do not know what you're
getting yourself into.
This ends right now.
You understand?
Come on, Jude.
All right, whatever.
What? What is going on?
Why don't you believe me?
Jude, why don't you
ever listen to me?
I'm not some fucking joke.
I know, Steve, I know.
I mean, since I've known you
I've been the only guy
who's been there for you.
The only one who
has cared for you
and you just string me along,
while you go from one guy
who treats you like shit
to this guy who
is literally like
Stop, Steve. Stop!
I don't need to hear that.
Whatever problem you're
having with Dave...
Problem I'm having with Dave?
You think this is my problem?
Go in his room right now
and see what he's hiding.
You'll know whose
fucking problem this is.
Does every woman I meet
have to be a fucking whore?
Or can you not handle the truth?
Steve? Steve, Dave
knew Emily. He did it!
Breathe! Breathe!
Breathe, Steve.
Steve! Steve!
Jude, I need to talk to you.
Veronica! Veronica!
Can we talk?
What do you want?
What I've wanted since we met.
Oh, Jude,
there's just something about you
that gets me crazy.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
It's a shame.
I had a feeling that
you were perfect.
But alas, you're not.
What am I gonna
do with you now, Jude?
Will you open the door, Jude?
Please open the door.
Oh, my God.
Veronica? Veronica?
Wake up!
Here's Davey.
Power went out some time ago.
Steve was right.
Why are you stalking me?
I'm not stalking you, Jude.
What a rude thing to say.
I've been fascinated by you.
Watching you.
Listening to you struggle
with your music.
What a disappointment you are.
You're good.
You're not great.
Emily was great.
And this beautiful
instrument of yours
I fear might be a little
bit much for you.
I think it deserves to be
in a pair of better hands.
But that'll leave
me with a problem.
What to do with you.
What do you mean?
Just put it back, please.
Put it back.
It's a very valuable
instrument, isn't it?
Yeah. Yes.
Do you know how to determine
the value of a violin?
Well, I'll tell you.
There are a few things
to look out for.
it's the detail of the scroll.
You see?
The other,
is how refined the edges are.
But most importantly, Jude,
the graduation of the
wood at the back.
But this isn't the original
bow though, it is? No.
Because the maker's mark
would be here if it was.
But on the violin,
the original maker's sticker
would be inside the violin
and you'd have to look through
the sounding hole to see it.
I can't make it
out in this light.
You said this is a Gagliano.
Yeah, it's my Gagliano.
It was my great grandmother's.
Yeah, it's the Gagliano.
- You said it was a hundred and...
- Three.
That's old, isn't it?
Trying to find the
maker's sticker.
Here you go. Now we're talking.
Found the sticker.
No, this isn't right. What?
This isn't supposed to happen.
Wait. This can't happen.
This is supposed
to be a Battista.
Fucking die!
Fucking die!
Please die.
We good to go?
- Steve was my...
- I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm still mad at you.
I'm sorry about that too.
911, what's your emergency?
blood all over the place.
My roommate's been stabbed.
Can you give me your address?
My house, 613 Bank
Street. Send someone now.
Hurry up, please!
Most of
the roads are still unpassable
but we'll send police and
ambulance as soon as we can.
Is anyone with you?
My neighbor, Jude
Hunter. She just ran out.
Maybe to her house next door.
Okay, sir, stay where you are.
Found this little
guy alive upstairs.
Book him.
Come on, boy.
Excuse me.
Detectives, I'm Professor Murphy
from the university.
Tell us what you
know about this.
All I know is that
the woman that lives in this
house is a student of mine
and I came over because she
left me this frantic voicemail
and I came as
quickly as I could.
She kept on, she kept on...
Slow down. Settle down.
She kept on repeating
that she was on her way,
that she wouldn't be late for
our FAC Fellowship try-outs.
Where are those?
They're at the university.
But they aren't for
another three months.
And she...
She didn't even qualify.
We need to get her back here.
We need to ask
you some questions.
Yes, of course, anything.
Was Emily Foster
a student of yours as well?
What does Emily
have to do with this?
There may be a connection.
Emily and Jude
were both students of mine.
One of the victims
appears to have been
Emily's boyfriend.
Oh my God, that would be David.
He was a grad student.
When she died, he was convinced
somebody had killed her.
And you believe
that your student, Jude,
was involved?
That's what people say.
David was convinced she was.
Does every woman I meet
have to be a fucking whore?
You need to pull it together.
It's time to get a
hold of your mess.
He's cute.
If you had just been there.
Are you excited?
I'm so happy you're here.
I wouldn't miss it.
You're the gifted one.
I believe in you.
I've always believed in you.
You're perfect.
Step out of the car
put your hands on your head!
Honored judges and guests,
presenting Jude Hunter
from the Baton Rouge
auditioning with
Paganini's Caprice.
Number 24.
And the winner of
this year's FAC competition.
Miss Jude Hunter.
They're waiting for you.