Ambulance (2022) Movie Script

I'm sorry, brother.
I'm sorry that I brought you into this.
I just wanted things to be
the way they used to be.
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That's my brother, Will.
I could use some help.
And my wife needs this surgery.
This is real life.
How's that right?
You put your life down on
the line for this country,
you leave your family, your home.
How much do you need?
Two thirty one ...
How about more?
Thirty two million.
And I need an extra man.
I came to you for a loan.
Look, have I ever gotten you in anything
that I couldn't get you out of?
It's time for you to do
something for your family.
What can I do you for officer?
We're just doing a transfer in the back,
I'll let you in, in 20 minutes.
If I could just get it done real quick,
because I'm on the clock,
promise not to rob the place.
Seriously, because that
would be bad for my job.
I promise.
- All right, okay.
All right, come on in.
Whoa, ah ah ah.
Let's go D.
You are all going to
have the greatest story
to tell at dinner tonight!
Get down!
Don't shoot a cop!
Go, go, go, go!
Lock everything down.
Nothing gets out.
the leaves are brown,
Get out!
And the sky is gray,
What do you want?
I'm just going to borrow it.
I got a cop shot; I got to
get him to the hospital.
I'm going to need you to help us.
Why don't you help us?
We doing hostages now?
On such a winter's day,
We're not crashing into this ambulance.
We got a brother cop onboard.
Do you have EMT experience?
Combat triage.
You're a soldier.
We are trying to save you.
One, two, shi-
California dreamin
Hey! Don't
On such a winter's day,
You think you're so tough with that gun.
Yo Danny, relax!
I got to get back to my wife and my son.
Does your wife know you rob banks?
We're not the bad guys.
We're just the guys trying to get home.
We don't get to walk off into the sunset!
Danny, everybody knows
how dangerous you are.
Do you?
You get your helos out of here now!
I'm going to get your
back home little brother.
I gonna get everybody home.
California dreamin