Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958) Movie Script

There is a fire behind these rocks.
Want a closer look, Mr. Blake?
If it was an ambush not acenderiam a campfire.
Unless they are apaches, who in the attack.
No one who wanted to attack us would.
To protect themselves!
The squad, cease fire!
Hello! I'm Sergeant Blake, the 7th Cavalry!
We were information of Fort Waverly.
Who are you?
Keith! Hart! You too, Johnny!
No one shoot!
Not only seem the yankees, but also speak as the yankees.
They don't talk about how the apaches.
Come forth, Sergeant! Come one by one and not dispararemos!
If I don't return in 10 minutes, take command.
Of the agreement.
What this is doing, Sergeant?
Deleting your campfire.
Quiet, Keith!
Sam, let me kill a yankee clipper.
This exalted should not carry weapons.
The Confederate Army allowed to use, and did very well.
The war ended more than two years.
Does 4 years his mother and sister were victims of the troops of Sherman.
The War ended on 9 April at Appomattox.
"I know, Sergeant. I've been there.
I am the captain Sam Prescott, of the Confederate Army.
I imagine we were many who were there, Captain.
His war ended at Appomattox,
but ours does not.
We're surrounded, Sergeant.
We are all surrounded. By the apaches.
The best will be to stop discussing, and go out of here.
I only have four men in my squad.
Can I bring them?
Bring them in, Sergeant.
Schwitzer! Come on. Alone.
Said that are apaches.
Is lying. All the yankees lie.
Is secure that are apaches?
We are in apache territory.
Do you think that they will try to attack us?
Only left four soldiers and the beater.
What do you think happened to the rest?
Happened to us the same. We were used to Texas...
and the indians in attacked dressed in uniforms the yankees.
We lost our herd. We have not had time to negotiate.
Sometimes a man has to make unexpected things, Prescott.
Maybe that's what makes you a man.
Cable, take the horses!
Place them behind these rocks with our Cable.
And also get the prisoner.
Zach and Nathan will do the first shift guard.
Lasky will make the second with the Henry.
Acampem where they want, Sergeant. Not getting in the way.
We will try not to bother you.
Who shot and why?
Were these southerners hiding behind the rocks.
Thought that we were apaches dresses of soldiers.
It seems that this has happened before.
I don't like that shoot me.
Forget it. We'll put the horses behind those rocks this evening.
This coffee reminds me of the Fort Waverly.
It is cold before you warm up.
There is only one difference between this place and Waverly:
Sitting under the mast of a flag
seeing the stars and the flag waving over the fort.
You are wrong in two things, Watson.
To begin with, never makes a lot of wind
in Fort Waverly for that flag balance.
And in the second place, the flag arria at dusk.
Maybe that's why I still use currency of cable.
There are a lot of weapons.
It is as if the blues expected to face again with the ashes.
Will have this battle.
Maybe all of us.
Sergeant, do you mind that I ask a question?
What is your mission?
Take this prisoner back to Fort Waverly.
We drove to there.
The yankees make prisoners?
We have tried to.
When I have fought with General Meade take a few.
The prisoner, of which he is accused, Sergeant?
Of selling guns to the apaches.
Should be running right now,
but I have orders to take him back.
The civilians have it better than us.
Have the right to a trial that can last for years.
Sergeant, my name is Stanfield. Judge Stanfield.
You believe that the apaches are following us?
I know that you are following us.
The apaches made a deal
to buy 36 rifles repeating my prisoner.
And I have the rifles.
What do we do, Captain?
I have told him so. We will join these soldiers.
I don't like the idea, Sam.
Since, when we are together with a group of yankees?
Tell this young man that the war has already ended!
Or perhaps you would prefer to join the apaches?
This is not Atlanta,
nor Savannah.
If you want to confront someone, why not the apaches?
Thank You, Prescott.
I regret that lost his herd of cattle.
What happened?
We did not know that they were indians.
The first man we saw wore the uniform.
I wonder who stole it from some corpse yankee clipper.
Yes, I imagine that was one of my boys.
I came here with a squad full
and in the decimated completely.
These rifles, you said that you are repeating?
Are something new.
It is what makes us lack in the Fort Waverly.
There only we have guns for a single shot.
With these rifles dispararamos as much as a company.
Shoot 15 shots without reloading.
If the indians in the attack,
these rifles can compensate for the men that we lack.
Said they brought the herd in Texas. That part comes in?
Of Indianola. I bring my cattle to the Valley of the Walnuts.
This is a good area of boiadeiros.
Virtually the best.
Is there something wrong?
Is a coyote. It is best to have a look.
Come close to the two knights. Seem to indians.
Come alone?
There is something more but I can not distinguish.
Take up your weapons and if you hide behind these rocks.
Do not shoot until I say so.
Heyden, stay with the prisoner.
We Will, Of Prescott.
Are apaches.
Yes, with a small offering to the gods.
Keep your positions! Let's...
Jack, bring a blanket!
Bring a little bit of water.
Must be one of the girls from the Rancho Santos.
And that brought her here?
I do not have nor idea.
The horses, watch the horses.
Bring on the horses! Lasky, stay with the girl and watch the prisoner.
Let's go, Cobb is right there!
Cease fire!
They took it all!
Hey, Cobb!
Where is Cobb?
I was watching the horses.
Look around, see if you can find something.
And the horses?
You is the Rancho Santos?
Yes, I am Teresa Santos.
The indians... they burned our ranch.
My father and my brother...
were killed.
Kidnapped my sister and me.
They killed my sister...
and then.
I know. We saw the ranch.
Know why the indians brought it here?
And why not told us this?
Calm Down, Blake. Something happened very bad.
They said they can recover the horses if they deliver the rifles.
If you are willing to negotiate, shoot three times.
There is no trace of the Cobb.
Should have taken it with the horses.
Why would you when you could kill him?
Maybe to have something with which to negotiate.
Since there is no problem.
We provide the guns and we were on our way.
The weapons remain with us. It will not make any tract.
I don't see what more we can do, Sergeant.
One thing are the horses, and the other is Cobb.
I don't want a man to die for a few rifles.
You don't know the apaches, Prescott.
If you give the rifles, never again to see the Cobb with life.
Everything was going well until you arrived.
Wherever they go they cause problems, bellies blue.
I say that we should give the rifles.
And I say no.
I think that he did not hear me well, soldier. They have the Cobb, and is alive.
The weapons remain with us.
A moment. Fighting among ourselves is not the answer.
Let's stay calm and see what we should do.
And your men, Sergeant?
Download the weapons.
Let's see what possibilities we have to recover the Cobb and the horses.
I want them back,like the others,
but give the weapons is not the answer.
So what is the answer?
Approaching horses!
Is Cobb.
Look at his face.
You and your damn rifles the yankees.
Still not convinced that you can't treat apaches?
From now on we will do what I ordered.
If someone objects, please speak now.
How to get to Fort Waverly?
We will trek.
Will not attack as long as we have the rifles and we are to discovered.
Are 6 or 7 days of travel. We do not have food or enough water.
I know!
I am not opposed.
Good, we left two hours.
I'll do the first with the Henry, and Willows.
We will involve you in a blanket. After cavaremos a grave.
Yes, you.
What do you want?
Have a cigarette?
Do not smoke, but if fumasse not you would offer a cigarette.
It is not very user-friendly.
You know? Men like you deserve to be hanged.
Hey, Sergeant, where are these skins red?
I don't know. Henry is trying to figure out.
Hey, take a look at this.
Schwitzer, take this.
Hey you, miss.
While shows such willing could roll up these sleeping bags.
You will take them.
take them I? Ai, caramba! You think that I am a mule?
Not exactly, but while traveling with us will collaborate.
The bags are there.
Do not bring them.
And even more, go up this blouse. We already have many problems.
If you do not do, will I do likewise.
- Take the hands up!
- Come on...
The devil!
- Is a cat in the wild, huh?
- Yes, but very beautiful.
This well, enough already!
I think that the boys and I should help you carry the rifles.
So we will progress faster.
Of the agreement.
Cable, give them some rifles before we leave.
I asked Stanfield that would help us, but refused.
Good, boys, give a hand.
You also, Keith.
Take it. Prescott!
Thank you for helping us.
If we're all in this together, it is better to act as friends.
It would be easier if all your men share your point of view.
What worries me now is Stanfield.
What are its antecedents?
He was also a Judge of the District. He said that we will pay if we were to take with us.
And this is all we know about him?
Prescott, there are several days of the way, and I have observed his men.
But Stanfield is different.
Yes. As the Judge has to travel to various cities.
Before he was with a caravan. It was attacked by the indians.
Killed the whole group.
All least it.
Said he saved himself by playing dead.
I'm not saying that is a coward. Maybe I would have done the same.
Of course.
I think that a man must do what he believes is correct.
And calling it "correct"?
I should not decide this. I am not the judge.
Well I think that Stanfield also is not.
Very well, pay attention!
We will go in the order that I assign to it.
The guide believe that the indians will head to the southwest.
This means that we will come out through the Cimarron Pass.
And it also means that we will have to ration the water.
Schwitzer said to the men that keep
the shotguns and the use of the new rifles?
Well. The indians respect the rifles,
so I think I will keep the distance.
This is all Cable.
Good, on the march.
The weather is hot.
And will still make more.
I do not care to admit that I feel
a little lost traveling without my horse.
Still if you'd feel more lost if he had not the rifles.
Believes that the apaches will come back?
Sooner or later will come back, Mr. Prescott.
These southerners were very kind in giving us a hand.
The indians made them be kind.
Soldier, could you untie me?
Ask for the Sergeant.
This is okay, miss?
I will do my part. I will not give to the Sergeant that satisfaction.
You Know, Mr. Williams? I've been you watching,
and I believe that you are from Georgia.
How do you know?
It is a matter of character, Mr. Williams.
I'm from North County.
I was born near Macon.
Now I understand.
How is it that it takes no rifle, Mr. Stanfield?
I am a man of principles, sir. Please, don't get me wrong.
I understand that you have to do what the others do.
In fact, it has acted intelligently.
You know? Lead 16 valuable rifles.
What is this insinuating?
Now they need us.
The next step will be to assume the command.
This seems to me very complicated. I'm going to recover these horses.
Stay close to each other.
You never know when one will attack us.
Good, let's rest a little.
No, thank you.
As believe that we move forward?
10 or 12 miles.
It seems that were 50.
We are advancing quite fast.
Wait until tomorrow.
Will you hurt muscles that I didn't even know that existed.
The Sergeant, always makes that walk so hard?
Never, unless it is necessary.
Let Me tell you something. A sergeant, who does not treat his men with hardness
usually ends up burying the greater part of their troop.
Let's go ahead!
Where is Henry?
There is your hat.
Not have grasped it without a fight.
Look there.
I'm going to end up with a pair of these devils.
Maybe Henry is still alive.
What do you think we should do now?
Expect us to pick it one by one?
We will continue moving forward.
And what do we do with the guide? Let's not help him?
There is nothing we can do for him.
Sergeant, I think that they took your guide as a hostage.
I suggest that you reconsider and delivered the rifles.
I'm not interested in your opinion.
Sergeant, I inspired you to put put us in a grave danger.
When we return to Waverly I'm going to report you.
Is on your right. But while you are here, I give the orders.
It seems that you are wanting too much, soldier.
We will go up to Waverly on my way.
Because I think mine is better.
- You have much to learn.
- Yes, but not of any yankee clipper!
Keith! We already have many problems.
Prescott, any of your men know this area?
I know. It was the guide leading the cattle.
Because it already has work to do.
It seems to Me as well. It is better that you load these rifles.
I will lead you, but stay with your weapon.
You can come across some rabbits.
Those that have feathers?
I thought that with 4 years of struggle would have been enough.
Have to understand Keith, Sergeant.
Started the fight in the third year of the war.
Is a good guy, but is young.
- Never met a victory.
- I will try to remind you.
I would very much appreciate that you did.
Let Me that I take. You are in command.
Thank You, Prescott.
We have a good walk until we can go camping again.
I will go on the front.
Keep your eyes tuned, John.
Johnny Willows this of eyes attentive since she was born.
I would like that this young man was a part of my troop.
It will be better for us to go walking. Johnny's feet are light.
Continue walking until the day is over.
Schwitzer, give me these rifles.
Let's go, walking!
What did you find?
There are many traces of horses.
Some with horseshoes.
Are our horses.
I followed the tracks and are always the same.
What do you mean?
It seems that travelling making circles around us.
Sergeant, all the rifles are put together and stacked.
Thank You, Cable.
It is strange, isn't it?
They could have attacked today, but did not.
Do you think that fear of the rifles of repetition?
Yes, this is why they have avoided to attack us from the front.
But in the darkness the thing changes.
I thought that the indians never attacked at night.
Generally do not. But I have learned that
attack where and when it is advantageous.
Yes, I understand what you mean.
Do you think that they will try to attack?
But it will give us another chance to negotiate
before risking the lives of his warriors.
How do you know?
I have enough experience in these matters.
But before that happens, we must take the command
Blake to be able to negotiate an exchange for horses.
We can count with some of the others?
Sam calmed down,
and we can't count on Johnny.
But the miss.
And Corbin.
No, this is a bandit vulgaris.
It does not matter. We promise freedom and will kill anyone who mail you.
But Blake belongs to me.
Just wait for my signal.
- When it is dark. Understood.
Hey, how much will we move forward.
You question many things, for this is so tired.
Stops to ask questions, and get ready for another walk.
I enlisted in the cavalry because I hate walking.
And also hate it.
Already is protesting again.
Is protesting since the day he enlisted.
Schwitzer, why do you always meddle with me?
Look, asshole, if I did not believe that I am sick.
What are your plans once we get to Fort Waverly?
I don't know.
A beautiful girl like you should do well with the yankees.
It was already quite hard that they wanted to make me prisoner.
Now I don't know which is worse.
I believe, here, things are going to change very soon.
In what sense?
Already going to see.
Maybe you tell me?
I like you, you know?
What would you say if I asked you to come back to Texas with me?
Is declaring?
Not exactly.
So, you don't like Teresa.
I didn't say that.
We'll see you later, miss.
Let's go!
Take it, use it.
Come back here!
Me to untie! Me to untie!
Nor dream.
Cease fire!
You're also hurt?
No, it's only a scratch.
Blake, it may be that some indians are doing dead.
Can be. Zach, you and Johnny go, and
ensure that they are all dead.
The thing was near.
If the bullet turn 6 cm, would have me to bury.
Two less to worry about.
I thought you said you weren't going to attack without giving us another chance.
Who can predict what will make a wild?
But it is not too late.
- Thinks for a bit.
- I've been thinking about.
I hope you haven't forgotten what made us the yankees.
And Blake is a yankee clipper.
How is Prescott?
I am as well.
We have a long walk ahead.
Do you think that you may be able to?
I Can, Sergeant.
I feel sorry for Nathan.
Now I see that if we were given the rifles,
all would have died.
Last night we killed five of their own.
And we found this.
The old carbine from Henry.
I found in the wilderness.
Good, now we are overwhelmed.
We have to get rid of it.
Buries it, Johnny.
Let's, all. Raise the camp.
You are wrong.
We will be here until we are able to recover the horses.
You is uncompromising, right?
Do you the yankees think they won the war
can give us orders.
- We are already tired of it.
- Keith!
Shut up, Sam.
No yankee clipper points will tell me what I should do.
Boy, if this looking for a fight will find.
I'll give you one last chance.
You already had your chance.
Good, already that want to fight, disengage it.
It is a wild!
And see if you learn of a time.
We only have a chance to continue living, and is following below.
How much before you get fucked in the head, the better.
Now, to disassemble the camp.
You heard what he said.
I agree with your words.
Boy, some day you will learn to accept a man for what it is,
even if it is a yankee clipper.
And that goes for you, miss.
That is what you're thinking?
Only a few words, Sergeant.
Be brief.
Lord, I admit that I opus your decision,
but now I see that was right.
However, I have an idea that can save our situation,
and also allow us to save their rifles.
Continue talking about.
Already occurred to him that the indians may be more interested
in Corbin that in the rifles?
Where you want to go?
Good, if we surrender the Corbin maybe to let us from.
I already expected something like that. Now, target that in your head.
If you go back and cause more problems I'm going to lash with a whip.
If you regret it, boy. I promise.
I very much doubt.
And another thing, Stanfield,
from now on you will bear your part of the rifles.
Let's take a handful.
You can go ahead.
Do you mind if I take this carbine?
It was the soldier's Nathan.
I know.
It is a service weapon of the U.S. army.
I also know, Sergeant.
Thank You, Captain.
High! we will rest a little.
To download the packages.
The how long do you think that this following us?
Our mascot? About three or four hours.
It seems that he expects us to die of tiredness.
It will have a long wait.
How will the thing, Lasky?
Very well. Corbin this behaving like a good boy.
Make sure that it stays that way.
Sergeant, I can hit this skin-red here.
Do not try! Is what you want, that esbanjemos the ammo.
While it does not attack us we will leave him in peace.
Must be scheming something.
Let make the first move.
Still angry?
No, forget it.
Not you to blame how you feel.
Why that indian follows us?
Why not shut the fuck up?
I don't have water.
Me neither.
Here, drink of my.
Drink! We will get to a pit in like three or four hours.
A little bit of fresh water we know that wonder.
What do you think that this indian is this up to?
Simply this trying to provoke.
So determine the water.
It is clear that it is not a man resentful.
Against the rebels?
Good, all of the foot!
I'm going to kill this apache.
Not exalt and calm. They want in cause.
Only one, Sergeant. To avenge Nathan.
Calm down!
- I'm sorry, Matt.
- Schwitzer!
Zach! Lasky! Bring these rifles. We've got you covered.
Not separate, is what they want!
Let's untie it, Johnny.
If I could put my hands on top,
would kill, until the last of them.
What do you expect to achieve with this?
Probably want to scare us so that they hand over the rifles.
Let's get out of here.
First we will fill our casks.
Expect us to drink this water?
When you are quite thirsty, I guarantee you that will drink.
We have a long way to go until you find water.
We'll, fill.
Zach, give me my water bottle.
Now, fill!
Stanfield, fill your water bottle.
- Not!
- Not?
Then I will do for you.
Blake, come here!
You'll thank me later.
What you think this means?
A horse in exchange for a rifle.
Are giving us one last chance to decide.
I already made my decision.
Sergeant, look.
I think that waiting for a response about the rifles.
Because if you are looking for a response, already have.
Blake, let me that is I to whom they answer.
Sure, let's save ammo.
Already understood our message.
We already know what to expect from the apaches.
Let's go, we still have five days to walk.
Sergeant, we do not have food for five days.
Caaremos rabbits or anything.
I hope to meet some rabbit.
I also. Let's go, collect your things and let's get out of here.
Let us rest five minutes.
I don't see the indians. Where are they?
Relache, we will have a good rest at Cimarron Pass.
Hey, Stanfield. come here.
What do you want?
Know that I am the only one to whom the apaches will no longer with life.
I am their friend, and hope that they will be given the rifles.
If you want to save, help me.
Once they delivered the rifles, these skins red will
and in return the horses.
It is their only chance of escape.
High, stop there.
This is Cimarron Pass, Johnny.
We will camp here. They need to rest.
We all need to rest?
Johnny Willows could sleep for a week.
This is a good place.
We are protected.
Have not seen any apache there are several days.
What do you think?
I think that they expect us to resist.
We are approaching Waverly.
It is two days away.
Do you think that will leave us in peace?
Good, we'll make camp and rest here.
I will not be I who will contradict it.
Light up a bonfire, I'll see if I can get something to eat.
Want acendamos a campfire?
Prescott, are still following us. We will with or without fire.
We hunt some rabbit, Johnny.
Sergeant, would you mind if accompany you?
Come if you want. Lasky, and Zach,
to put their rifles next to these rocks.
This right.
It's not bad.
If you mind to fill the dish again, please?
Now the same.
I'm glad to see that you are hungry, miss.
I've ended up. It is for the Sergeant.
He still has not eaten.
Thank you.
Well, I was going to say.
No, thank you, but I'm not hungry.
Teresa doesn't like that the rechacem.
Is not nothing wrong.
What happened?
I've been waiting to see which is your appearance when you smile.
And what is my aspect?
Very nice.
I'm sorry to have bitten your hand.
Bit with a lot of force.
Before I was angry,
but now I'm not.
Now... now I think I like it.
What's this looking?
I think that we have to walk still, at least two or three days
until you get to Fort Waverly.
It is very far away.
What is your first name, Sergeant Blake?
Yes, I know that is Matt. But I mean your full name.
Matthew, but people who know me call me Matt.
You like Teresa?
Now I'm not able to like someone.
When you are, you will say to me?
It was her idea.
A woman is impressive, will have to see how it held up for the walk.
The man who stay with her will be a lucky man.
Come here!
There they come! Cover us! You come with me.
If you lower.
Be lowered.
What are you doing?
Are trying to in a care.
Probably they would have us hold here until the arrival of the others.
I'm going to hit them with this rifle where it hurts.
Not tripped.
Now don't bring a lot, they afraid of our rifles.
Want to make us waste ammo.
We will continue to covered.
They like the rifles? Want to buy some?
Our only chance of escape is to get
some of the horses. But for this we need rifles.
So, what do you think of these indians?
They are my friends. Already negotiating with them before.
You will help me?
Good, we can negotiate with the indians, we take some
rifles, and replace them with two horses and we leave here.
Of the agreement.
I will bring the rifles.
- This dirty...
- Keith, don't shoot!
He has the rifles!
Corbin, will kill you!
I am your friend! I brought the rifles!
Lasky! go retrieve the rifles.
Stanfield is there, with a knife in the back.
Not lost great thing.
Do you think that will return?
I'm not sure, but I think I've had enough for today.
And we also.
It will be better to be prevented if you go back to attack us.
If you do, you will die a few.
And most of our.
You may not be.
What's up, Sergeant?
Something that the apaches never would have expected.
Since we stole the horses, let's give them the change.
We will inspect your camp.
Lasky, give me this blanket.
What will you do with this blanket?
The apaches, you can hear me walking ha several miles away.
I will try to dampen the noise that they make my boots.
Will alone?
Yes, I will go alone.
Take care, Matt.
Be ready to leave as soon as I return.
What took you so long? I was worried about.
Give Me a little water.
Thank You, Zach.
- Everybody ready?
- Yes, we are already ready.
Well. Zach, enfaixe the feet with parts of the blanket.
- Found the indian camp?
- Yes, the end the I found.
- At what distance?
- Half A mile. There are twelve indians.
Are many.
I'm going to explain to you my plan.
Let's say that the camp is here. Are sleeping, least 2 sentinels.
One of them is in camp, next to some rocks.
And the other one here, next to the horses.
- Zach, you take care of the second.
- Ok.
- Johnny, you take care of the other.
- Ok.
I'll show you where they are when we get.
Prescott and Keith, you cover the camp from these rocks.
There is a large rock, 100 yards of where are the horses.
I want to take the horses to the back of this
the rocks, and ride them, and scare away the rest,
return here, pick up weapons and go to the Fort Waverly.
The indians did not tie the horses, leave them with the reins hanging.
Exact, want to push the horses out of the camp before you mount them.
Each man take a rifle. The rest leave you here.
Want me to wait here?
No, it will be best that you come with us.
You can hide behind this rock
until we are ready to assemble.
Lasky will come with me. Understood?
So, good luck.
Cover the!
Got it Johnny!
You are here, Sergeant!
We'll take you back to camp, Johnny.
There is no time.
Don't say that.
From now on, I will go alone.
Let's stop for a bit.
They are delaying a lot.
Perhaps we find some of the horses that espantamos.
These horses are already far, far away.
If we keep carrying these rifles,
never come out of this.
We still have a long way ha travel, the Lasky,
but we can do it.
I'm exhausted, Sergeant. And the point of collapsing.
I'm not going to last no miles more.
Should not have left it to load any rifle.
It is useless, Matt.
We can't continue carrying them,
maybe we could bury them and come back later to pick them up.
No, we cannot risk it.
We have to take them and we can not let them.
What we will do, Matt?
Something that I never wanted to do.
Sometimes a man has to do things that I never wanted.
It is the truth.
Let's stack up and burn them.
We carry these rifles for a hundred miles.
And it was all in vain.
No, it was not in vain.
Sometimes if you have to lose before you win in the end.