Ambushed (1998) Movie Script

(guitar ballad playing)
- I won't go to sleep.
- Yeah? Here.
- Go on, finish it.
- Thanks, dad.
(distant train whistling)
(silenced gunfire)
(rooster crows)
I know, i'll make it
crash into my bike.
Back it up again,
watch it get you again.
Come on.
Okay, now go.
And i'm sure
they'll paint the walls
with their toothbrushes.
Some of us are
on your side, you know?
That's not true.
Let me
get a pen.
It's 555-732-3222.
It spells rebecca.
It's easy.
You want some coffee?
No no.
I gotta go.
It's not that different
than being the only woman.
(phone ringing)
Detective robinson
i'll be
right there.
It looks a hell
of a lot like him.
(clears throat)
- Give us a couple of minutes,
would you, fellas?
- Okay.
Man, is it fresh.
It'sgonnabe fresh
for years to come.
I don't know. I just
started working here.
Do me a favor and put that
cigarette out, won't you?
Go around
the other way.
How you doing there, buddy?
You're up a little bit early,
aren't you?
What's your name, son?
I don't care.
Get the monkey
away from me.
You handle it.
Son of the grand dragon
of the great knights
of the ku klux klan.
Cut the horseshit,
all right?
You're not gonna
shoot him, are you?
Just in case.
Stop eyeballing me
i said stop
eyeballing me.
Ew, you smell like
a goddamn ape.
Well, it's about t
the kid
is a handful.
And investigate an actual crime
for once, let me know.
One phone call and you
're hanging from a tree.
But he doesn't have the sense
to use an untraceable car?
- Jerry: Yes, sir.
- All right, chief.
Who made up these
seating arrangements
you have the oppos
ite of an oreo.
- Why don't you
cool it, lawrence?
- It's a joke, sarge.
Make it quit,
all right?
I'll do my bes
t, sergeant.
- The same.
- How about anything
for you, kid?
Stretch my legs,
get some air.
I'm sorry
you lost your dad.
Yes, ma'am. I just need
a few cups of coffee, please.
Been lifting weights,
using the stairmaster
five days a week.
You think you can be a lit
tle closer to the gas pump?
Come o
n, come o
What's he do
you like pickled eggs.
Everybody likes pickled eggs.
Sheriff, got something
for you.
Yes, sir.
So, eric, you mean to sa
y you didn't see anythin
g, you didn't hear anythi
I'm just saying
you ought to trust us.
We're trying to help
What's t
get us
out of here!
Hang on!
(machine-gun fire)
Go go go!
Get back here.
Back here.
- You better damn well
hit them.
- I know.
- Hey, jerry.
- Yeah.
He ain't
coming back.
Shut your
pie hole.
Hey, lawrence!
Get down.
- He's one of them.
- What are you doing?
Get down.
Shit shit.
(machine-gun fire
Over here!
Hang in ther
e, lawrence.
Shot mike, dunbar.
Behave, damn it.
Come on.
You can't call the cop
s, you stupid nigger!
The men who
killed your father...
were they white?
The cashier
was a set-up.
Oh, christ.
What's it to you?
And i know that the powers tha
t control the media will claim
that a monster has been slain.
Put down your weapon
and come out with
your hands up.
Hell, that's about all
the car's worth anyway.
(engine knocks, stalls
Every time you
open your mout
h you piss me of
the weapon used, but...
hell, i'm angry too.
- We'll tell them
the same thing you told me.
- No way.
Who the hell
are they?
Yes, s
you or him.
(doorbell rings)
Uncle shannon!
- Ralph.
- Ralph?
I'm so sorry.
I promise you,
we'll find him, okay?
(country music playing
on stereo)
Aren't you
just a sweetie?
Oh, sure.
Let's not be
foolish, peopl
We'll show them
fucking niggers.
Leave me a message and i'i
i call you back real soon.
I'll call you back
as soon as i can.
3, 8...
7, #.
There's a quarter
right there.
I'll have to do the same
with my number.
Wrong number.
(man laughing)
I've got one out back.
- Four...
- uh-huh.
Thank yo
u very muc
(tv news playing)
He a close friend
of your family?
Has further compounded
the anger and frustration
we feel.
I'm gonna go see if i
can find us some clothes.
Almost the same
age as my son.
Get in there.
Get in there!
(continuing shouting)
At extremely close range.
I'll call you back
as soon as i can.
- Want me
to bring something back?
- No thanks, i'm stuffed
i got dunbar's gun.
- And don't
nobody know you.
- Like where?
Yeah yeah,
you told me about her.
- Semper fi, bro.
- (dial tone)
Well, it's a
bout time you...
And catch the kid
before he falls?
Take his head out
of the noose, now.
If you don't get
on the ground now.
You got your story
straight, nigger?
You don't
scare me, robinson.
Do yourself a favor, boy...
put that gun to your own head.
You're a dead
man anyway.
Come on!
- My hands are tied.
- I'll get them,
take your time.
What are you two guy
s doing here anyway?
Partners aren't
supposed to keep secrets
from one another.
Ugh... ahhh!
- (shouts)
- (gunshot)
(sirens blaring)
A neighborhood kid.
Why'd you save me
back at that motel?
It's my job.
Can i ask you a question
that you'll answer?
Go ahead.
I picked that up after
your first few dozen slurs.
They walk
in my neighborhood.
Shut up.
You know that,
don't you?
Did your dad
ever whip you?
"Rosy cheeks."
Ooh, just thinking
about it hurts my behind.
Usually he'd
just punish us.
I thought you only
had a sister.
How did your father punish
you and your brother?
Some of them would start crying
before we even started fighting.
Until he hit him,
but he wouldn't.
He'd lynch him
and his whole fami
So ronald starts hitting
brian over and over agai
but brian wouldn't
even hit him back.
What happened
after that?
And that he's not
my brother anymore
'cause he's a nigger lov
what happened
to your brother, eric?
What happened
to your brother?
It's a story
with a point.
Sometimes the truth
is easier to understand
when it's in a story.
You know
what i mean?
He didn't know when he bough
t it that the dog was a cur.
And it has no reason
for being.
Even a cur knows when it'
s not acting according
to its true nature.
Because i knew that my dad had
put that dog out of its misery.
Paperwork, what else?
Between 11:00
and 12:00 yesterday.
17 seconds.
Shannon herrold.
Hey, boy.
I don't know what
you talking about.
Don't you
blaspheme his name.
You got a bitc
h that raised yo
resident of the sunnys
ide rest home.
Down at st. Mary's chu
rch, isn't that right?
- I thought you would.
- (spits)
- Where's...
- i came by myself, j.,
just like you told me.
I can't.
Something's gonna
happen at 11:00.
- Go!
- (gunshots)
I know, i know.
I'll be back.
Come on!
Hurry up!
(distant gunshots)
I told you
, he's min
You take the others,
find where this lets o
oh, shit!
About your age
, adolf.
Go go go!
Oh, god.
Let me see
i'll catch up.
Cool breeze, silent death.
- Come on.
- (groans)
(footsteps approaching)
I got 'em.
We only got
a little ways to go.
My pretty faaaaaaaace!
- (gunshot)
- Ahhh!
You bitch!
All clear.
You don't look so pretty now
. let's go, come on.
It's oka
Must have got it
from lawrence at the ambush.
- Jerry?
- Hmm?
He was trying
to kill me.
Oh, don't...
don't say that
, don't say that
we'll fi
gure this out.
Don't worr
i smoke
fatboy cigars.
Can't even get a date
with whitney houston.
That's a good age.
Jerry doesn't even
know where his boy is.
Jerry's boy's
in heaven, scooby.
That's that
black disease.
He taught us to thank god
for diseases like that.
And tay-sachs
to the jews.
I'm so sorry.
It's a crazy world, son.
I don't hate nobody
that treat me good.
And you
treated me good.
You teach him love
right off the bat.
I love you. Tell karen
i love her too.
Shannon is at
your mother's hous
Did shannon
kill your father
Now you tell me
what's going o
- i said...
- watts: Jerry!
Now you need
to tell me.
Go on.
I don't know!
I thought everything
would be okay.
It's all rig
ht. It's all rig
it's all right.
Go on, get out of here.
I'm okay.
Jerry, jerry,
don't go in there
without me.
why don't you put
karen to bed, honey?
She'll see eric
in the morning.
Why... why would that cop
bring eric back now?
Trust me.
Karen, honey,
it's time for
sweet dreams.
You know tha
t, don't you?
Shut the fuck up.
I can convince him.
Make it happen.
- Is this your house?
- Yeah.
Well, we've got
five minutes.
Where you...
put it on the floor
and slide it over to me.
Now cuff him
to the radiator.
Do it, sheriff.
Don't turn
your back on him.
Detective jerry robins
on, i presume.
Hey, it's good
to see you.
And karen's up
in your mama's bed.
But i hope
that when i tell you why,
you're gonna understand.
Karen: Eric!
All right,
she's a big girl
I want to show you all
whose side this kid is o
and watch your broth
er become a man.
I want you to prove to
us whose side you're on
i'm gonna hang
him anyway.
(cocks gun)
Come on, eric.
Shoot it.
- (gunshot)
- Jesus.
- You satisfied now, shannon?
- Shut the fuck up, richter.
You would
have shot me
- over this nigger?
- (screams)
Bring the rope
Your father never could gr
asp the fact that we're at w
straight to hell!
You do it!
Come on.
You got it?
Come on.
You guys stay here,
do you hear me?
I'll be back.
I'll find eric.
And you don'
t have any ammo.
don't run.
- Uncle shannon!
- No!
To prove it
i'm gonna let her go.
Go find
your brother.
I said drop it.
(distant sirens wailing)
(country music playing)