Amelia 2.0 (2017) Movie Script

- Amelia, thank you for agreeing
to do this interview.
- Thank you for coming.
- Thank you.
- I'm a little nervous.
- Really? How so?
- Cameras, people watching,
kind of feeling the
pressure, you know?
- What I actually
mean is some people
may be asking how
it's possible for you
to even feel nervousness
considering what you are.
How did you feel
when you realized
that you were no longer human?
- What we're working on
is going to change the world.
- Scientists
have known for years
that the human brain is
essentially an electrical device.
- Beginning data stream in 10...
- Seven, six.
- That's where our memories
are, everything about us.
Our hopes, fears, dreams.
- Six, five, four.
- Transmitting neural
impulses from the brain
is nothing new.
This, this is the next step.
Containing those connections.
- We can't return life
that's already lost.
But, we might be
able to intercede
before the moment of death
and rescue a person's
before it's lost forever.
If we can do that,
then that is the key
to living forever, to
saving those we love.
To saving those who
leave us too soon.
That's what we're trying to do.
- Every day we learn new ways
to conquer the limits
of the human body.
We're approaching new
worlds, new frontiers,
and new possibilities for life.
And I will tell you, we
are already looking forward
to the students,
to the pioneers,
and the breakthroughs
yet to come.
Each day we hear new
ideas, see new projects,
and we meet new heroes.
Here's to building
a better future.
Here's to building
better people.
- Dad used to say that life
was like a light switch.
You die and you're
just turned off.
I don't think he
was ever afraid.
- What do you think?
- Still not used
to it, you know?
- Just...
Tell me what you need me to do.
- Stay safe out there.
- Here's the thing, Adah,
there's no such thing as
the natural order of life.
- You're saying in your
book that transhumanism
is humanity escaping the
bounds of the human body,
but again, keep in mind
we're talking to everyone
that has the main
idea that humanity
is having flesh and
bones, being human itself
and having a physical body.
- Everything that we engineer,
everything that we do...
- for lunch there is celery.
You need to tell
that partner of yours
that he's a bad
influence on you.
Gotta keep you
lookin' good, mister.
- Mm-hm.
Maybe I can just call
in sick to work and...
You know, one of these
days I gotta tell Amelia
I need more calories
than a ham sandwich.
- Enjoy it while it lasts.
Still have things about
each other you don't know.
- That's not true, Vaughan.
- Carter, I've been
married since college.
You got five months tops, right,
and then she accidentally
leaves the bathroom door open
or forgets to flush.
Next thing you know,
seven years go by
and you got a mortgage.
She starts talkin' about kids.
You guys have talked
about that, right?
- Yeah.
I mean, not recently.
What the hell's so funny.
- Oh, it's comin'.
Oh, welcome to the club
of former honeymooners.
You better start
picking out baby names.
Until then,
enjoy this time.
- I am.
And you know what, I'm
actually looking forward
to picking out baby names.
I am.
- All units be advised,
reports of a mentally unstable
man on Lily boulevard.
Can I get a responder?
- So much for lunch.
- Are you okay, Mrs. Summerland?
- Did you forget something?
- Yeah, my tablet.
- Yeah, right.
- Sir?
- Sir, I need
you to take your hands
out of your pockets.
- It's a beautiful
day, don't ya think?
Look, take it easy, okay?
- Why didn't you shoot me?
- It's all right.
It's all right, it's over.
You all right?
I'm gonna need you
to put your hands
behind your back, all right?
- Amelia!
- Carter.
- So, Andrew's leaning
up against the bar,
now bear in mind he's really
drunk right now, right?
And this woman, she
saddles up next to him
and she says, "when
a woman asks you
"how old you think she
is, take your best guess
"and subtract by 10."
And Andrew here
just goes, "I did."
Hey, Carter, we're heading
to the starlight tonight
if you wanna come.
- Yeah, I'll see.
- Tell her hey
for me, all right?
- Hey beautiful.
Brought you flowers.
I missed you.
Got big news today.
It has been exactly
six months this week
since I stopped energy drinks
and I've been taking
lunch to work.
I thought it was good!
- Really?
- I liked it.
- You couldn't have,
you fell asleep.
- It was, I...
But before that,
before I fell asleep,
I thought it was fun.
- For three minutes?
- Uh-huh.
- So, what else do you wanna do?
When you're not
ticketing adorable women
for going five over.
- Adorable, huh?
- And smart.
- Okay.
- And funny.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah?
- Uh-huh.
- What do you do?
- I don't know.
- Really? Come on.
There's gotta be somethin'.
Maybe a little
street piano playing?
- No, I could
never really push a
piano down the street.
- Ha!
They are heavy.
- Just sayin'.
- All right, okay.
So you're not very strong,
I got that.
How about something you can
do or that you like to do.
- How 'bout I show you?
- Okay.
What's that?
- Jesus.
Thanks for answering your phone.
- I thought you had plans
tonight with the guys.
- Yeah.
How are you?
- I'm great.
I paid off another installment.
I applied for the Wesley Grant.
I'm using my site
to raise donations.
- Oh.
Thought you said you were two
months behind on your house.
- Yeah.
Amelia's got maybe a
few more months, maybe.
But there's still time.
- Look, Carter.
I know it's tough
to let go, I get it.
If there's anything
you need, let me know.
- I need more time.
- Every day we learn new
ways to conquer the limits
of the human body.
We're approaching new
worlds, new frontiers,
and new possibilities for life.
So, while I thank you for
this award I will tell you,
we are already looking forward
to the students,
to the pioneers,
to the breakthroughs
yet to come.
Each day we hear new
ideas, see new projects,
and we meet new heroes.
Here's to building
a better future.
Here's to building
better people.
- Of course I can't believe it.
Paul Wesley.
- Well, congrats.
- Well, thank you.
So, Paul Wesley, when
are you gonna start
returning my phone calls?
- When your show stops pandering
to corn fed housewives.
Tell you producers to reach
outside the box they're in.
- Ooh, ouch.
- Ow.
- I was referring to
dinner, but I think
I'll rescind the offer.
- Good to see ya, Adah.
Take this.
- Yeah.
- I'm on a flight in
30 minutes, Ellen.
What have you got?
- I think we have a candidate.
- The leukemia patient?
- No, he's made a full recovery.
- That's unfortunate.
- Amelia Summerland,
age 26, coma patient.
Aneurysm two years ago.
Diagnosis of locked-in syndrome.
The brain is fully intact
but much left on her body.
- She's married?
- Yes, Carter Summerland.
- I'm sorry, do I know you?
- I'm Paul Wesley.
I believe you applied
for one of my grants.
We need to speak to you
immediately about Amelia.
Any other family
members our lawyers
have to worry about?
- She's an only child.
Her parents are deceased.
- Mr. Summerland, do you know
what a non-disclosure
agreement is?
- Yeah.
- Good.
Sign that.
- Max, just in time.
- Mr. Summerland,
nice to meet you.
Max Parker, lead robotics.
We're excited to
show you the lab.
Right this way.
- Now entering
cyber level four, section d.
- All right, all non-essential
personnel, clear out.
Carter, I want you to
meet Dr. Ellen Beckett.
- Very nice to meet
you, Mr. Summerland.
- Dr. Beckett is the
chief neurologist
for Wesley enterprises.
She's been studying
Amelia's scans.
- Most coma patients have seen
significant deterioration
by this point.
I think there's a
wonderful chance
that your wife is
still in there.
- Dr. Beckett is the main reason
we've made such progress
in brain injuries
over the past 10 years.
- You can fix Amelia?
- Better.
- Mr. Summerland, I'd
like you to meet Cindy 69.
Go ahead, touch her.
This is the latest generation
of the Cindy 69 companion robot.
My design.
- Max, couldn't you
have brought down
one of the elderly
assistance models?
- But Mr. Wesley,
this model has the latest
biosynthetic flesh, state of...
- Online.
- That feels real nice.
- Sorry.
- That feels real nice.
- Okay, sorry.
- That feels real...
- Sorry about that.
I didn't think she
was activated yet.
- I don't understand.
- I apologize, Carter.
Max's social skills
aside, you can tell
that this technology is
indistinguishable from human flesh.
- Mr. Summerland,
we can help Amelia
by putting her brain
into a new body.
- Into that?
- We can build an exact
replica of your wife.
Wait, Mr. Summerland,
we can help you.
- You wanna help me?
Put Amelia in a better facility.
Find me someone who
understands locked-in syndrome.
But that?
It's not even human.
- We have artificial
hearts, artificial hips.
We've been replacing
worn out parts
on ourselves for the
better part of a century.
- You can't tell me
that's the same thing.
- Mr. Summerland, can
I put it another way?
Okay, say I wanted to replace
the front end of this pen.
I take it off, put
a new front end on.
Ta-da, there's my pen.
But wait, what if I want to
replace the other half of it?
No problem.
I just unscrew that, right?
Screw a new backend on.
There's my pen.
Uh-oh, but look, here are the
two pieces that I replaced.
If I were to put
these back together...
Would that be the original pen?
Or is that the original pen now?
Do you get it?
- You've agreed to
complete secrecy.
You discuss this with anyone,
the offer's off the table.
- I once had a daughter.
In five seconds I went
from driving her to school
to a bed just like this one.
We chose Amelia
because she's young.
Her mind is healthy and
we know when and how
she's going to die.
We're offering you
the chance to see her,
to hold her again.
- If I say yes, what happens?
- You would
sign power of attorney
over to Wesley enterprises.
You would give consent
on your wife's behalf
to this procedure.
- When your wife passes
away, they take her body.
She gets officially donated
to scientific research,
but we stay discreet.
We then preserve her
brain and begin a process
we call mapping.
- How long does that take?
- We need to acclimate
her to a new body
and she'll require
therapy, physical, mental.
It's gonna be some time.
- We ask that you
comfort us in this time
and for the future.
It is with our faith in you
that we commit her body,
her heart, her being,
into your hands.
- Insiders suggest
something big on the horizon
for the multi-billion
dollar research facility.
Many may remember
Wesley enterprises
was in a similar situation
just a few years ago.
- What else do you wanna do?
When you're not
ticketing adorable women
for going five over.
- This isn't just Wesley
enterprises playing it safe.
- We've seen
literally everything
from this company.
Solar powered blankets,
mission heat tiles,
robot sex toys.
I think it's safe...
- to expect the unexpected.
- Is Paul Wesley sparking
another scientific revolution?
We'll just have to wait and see.
- And we say they fear
what they do not understand.
Talk about some of the good
that Wesley enterprises...
- It is with our faith in you
that we commit her
body, heart, her being,
into your hands.
Into your hands.
- Hello.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Step away from each other.
- Hey, that's enough.
Back off.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- You back up and stay there.
Don't move.
- You back off, asshole.
- Do not move.
- Oh my god!
- Hey, what the fuck
is the matter with you?
Get in the car.
- I wrote a poem.
- What about the soul?
What about the fact that we
are created in god's own image?
Quite frankly, I'm shocked
that a Nobel prize winner
like Dr. Beckett
would engage in work
that seems to suggest that
being human is nothing special.
Which on the face of it...
- actually, senator,
I think human beings
are extremely special
and worth saving.
- Senator, if someone has
early stage Alzheimer's,
then if the technology
that she advocates
becomes reality, it
could save them, correct?
- I believe there's a reason
why we don't live forever.
We're not meant to.
- Human beings weren't
meant to fly either.
We weren't meant
to travel in space.
We weren't meant to
talk to each other
from across the world.
- Doctor...
- Dialysis,
heart transplants,
bypass surgery.
You're familiar with that
one, aren't ya, senator?
- Well, since I see you
wish to make this personal,
I'd just throw that
question right back at you.
- That's a good
point, Dr. Beckett.
Many are familiar with the
tragedy that took your daughter.
Are you saying in
theory you'd really
be willing to
replace her this way?
Don't you think as
her mother that might
cheapen her memory?
- If you see what we're doing
as frankensteining someone.
Which is absolutely
not the case.
- That is exactly
what you're doing.
- We are talking
about transplants.
- The idea behind the technology
that god has given us?
That's not the problem.
But with what some
people might do with it.
This theory
that Dr. Beckett...
- this is not
a theory, senator.
This will happen.
You will see us save someone's
life with this technology.
And you will know that we did it
and not your god.
- That did not help us.
- These people don't
care about science, Paul.
- We're trying to lay
the groundwork here
to gain some credibility.
You can't go off book like that.
- Since when did credibility
involve arguing with the right?
That's the conversation
you shouldn't be having.
It validates their opinions.
- Dr. Beckett, you need
to come downstairs immediately.
- Why?
- Her patterns spike when
we speak directly to her.
She knows that I'm speaking
specifically to her.
Okay, let me try something.
Hundreds of years of
research and discovery
and the fix might be as
simple as a light bulb.
- What are you talking about?
- Voltage.
- Activity increase.
Consciousness to level six.
Beginning voltage
increase in 10,
Subject is online.
- Amelia,
can you hear me?
Do you know where you are?
Do you know who you are?
Can you tell me your name?
- I'm Amelia Summerland.
- I know, I
know, I know, I know.
- Wait, wait.
Quiet, quiet everybody.
- Oh shit.
Heart stop.
Heart stop!
Stop it.
- Get a hold of her.
- You're safe.
You're safe, Amelia.
You're safe.
You're safe.
- We've lost everything.
- We need to tell her.
- She won't be
able to handle it.
- It couldn't possibly be worse
than the episode we just had.
Blunt her emotions.
It'll keep her calm.
- So, um, what
that means, Amelia,
is that you will never age.
You'll never get sick.
You'll never die.
You're still you, Amelia, but...
You're different now.
- Tell me what you're
thinking, Amelia.
- Who are all of you?
- Wesley enterprises
experienced a record low
last quarter but
remain optimistic.
Insiders suggest something big...
- I want to announce it.
- She's not ready.
- She's talking,
for the love of god.
- She struggles
with motor control.
She can't walk
without assistance.
- Her nervous system
is a disaster.
The interface, it overclocks.
The computer can't keep up.
She's had several
catastrophic failures.
- When the computer resets,
we have to completely rebuild.
- We're six days from an
update with the board.
We have to make something up.
How long does it
take to rebuild?
- Weeks.
I mean, it's not a simple
- 23 hours to be
- Process.
- Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna put
her back on line.
I'm letting Carter meet her.
- It's too soon.
- We have to have something
to show these people.
Imagine how they're gonna react
when they see Carter
reunited with his dead wife.
- The emotional stimuli
might cause another failure.
- We have to do something.
- What about Carter?
I'm worried what
that might do to him.
- I'm worried about keeping
this project funded.
- Carter.
- Amelia.
You have a visitor.
- Hello.
- We'll be right outside.
- Do you know what
they did with my ring?
- Your ring?
- It's been missing
since I woke up.
- They wouldn't let me see you.
- Why not?
- They said there's
things they don't want us
to talk about yet.
They said it's the only
way that you'll get better.
- Am I sick?
- Not anymore.
- Then why do I
need to get better?
- Millie.
- There's something in my ear.
I can feel it there.
- I'll talk to the doctors.
- My ring.
Can I have it back now, please?
- Of course.
I never stopped believing.
- I don't understand.
Who are you?
I can feel my hand stall now.
- Really?
Somebody get in here!
- Get back.
- Tell me what's happening.
- Get her legs.
- Don't worry, Carter,
this has happened before.
- Get her to the chair.
- One, two, up.
- Tell me what's happening!
- Mr. Summerland,
you need to leave.
Mr. Summerland, you
need to leave now.
- What are you doing to my wife?
What are you doing to my wife?
- Get control of her, Max.
- I'm workin' on it!
Don't look.
We noticed when Ellen
would play Mozart
over the intercom your
brain activity would spike.
So, we figured this
might help you redevelop
some of those
broken connections.
And this little present.
This is a textbook example
of art meeting science.
When Dr. Beckett
developed microbes
that specifically target
cells to help them grow,
this was the first
clinical subject.
This plant hasn't
aged in over a decade.
- So it's...
- Absolutely.
But just, you know,
not all of it.
I guess it's like you.
- Like me.
- You are Amelia.
- I don't remember if I played.
- Oh, don't worry.
It's easy, here.
We're just gonna do the basics.
I'll show you.
Come look.
This is c.
Go ahead, play it.
What are you feeling?
- Nothing.
- Okay.
I'm gonna try
something different.
You're gonna feel something
completely different,
but it's a good feeling,
so don't worry, okay?
- Emotions
processing unit reacting.
- Okay, play it again.
- That...
Is beautiful.
- Okay, play it again.
But take it easy, okay?
Your mind's trying to catch up.
That's music.
- It wasn't my decision to
introduce her to you yet.
She wasn't ready.
We found the problem
and fixed it.
- Why isn't she moving?
- She's in standby mode.
Unaware of anything around
her until we give her
the verbal command
to wake up again.
It's like sleeping.
- No.
- Carter.
- You have her on
a remote control?
- It's not like that.
- This isn't right.
She was at peace.
- Carter, please, please.
I understand.
I really do.
It looks very strange
seeing her like this.
- Where is your
daughter now, Ellen?
- I beg your pardon?
- Where is her body?
- Carter.
- Where is she.
- In the ground.
- Where is Amelia?
Find a different test subject.
- You know we can't do that.
- Wesley enterprises,
the tech giant
positioned in cedar
rapids, Iowa...
- shocked the world today
when founder Paul Wesley
announced what he says is
the first successful copy
of a human brain.
- This will give new hope
to Alzheimer's patients,
to parapalegics, to those
suffering from terminal illness.
Our Amelia
is the future.
- Wesley released
no images of Amelia,
but promised to unveil her
publicly three months from now.
- Wesley's announcement
sent shock waves
through both the medical
and religious communities.
- Protestors rallied
outside the capital
calling for strict legislation...
- that clearly defined the
definition of human and machine.
Proponents of the new technology
suggest current definitions
are vague and open
to interpretation.
- My colleagues, it would
be foolish to suggest
that the world would be
better off without technology.
Without our advanced care
for the sick and elderly.
But these technologies
work in Harmony
with the human spirit,
not against it.
These are gifts from god
and if we attempt to
escape from these gifts,
to reach higher than we
were intended to reach,
we will have become
arrogant and foolhardy.
- Hi, Carter, this
is senator Williams office.
We received your message.
We'd like to speak with
you as soon as possible.
- More of her
memories are turning
but four weeks to
play twinkle twinkle?
- I am sorry, Max.
- Oh no, no, no,
it's not your fault.
Don't apologize.
The important thing is that
you're making progress.
- And that is good?
- It's very good, Amelia,
considering most of what you
remember was left in fragments.
We have the data here showing
you're making huge strides.
Yesterday you told us a story,
the one in the park.
Do you remember?
- Yes.
I'm by a lake.
I jump in.
This other man does, too, but
I can't remember his face.
Some kids nearby
are laughing at us.
My face is underwater.
I can feel summer.
Now we're sitting under a tree.
I'm reading a poem to the man,
something I wrote, I think.
I can't remember his face.
We're walking through a garden.
There's a dance by.
I don't understand why.
There's a feeling of happiness.
A girl walks in, she...
- I want you to keep
thinking about that, Amelia,
that exact moment.
- Everything is blurring
together, Dr. Beckett.
Where is the ring?
The screeching...
- Warning.
All systems offline.
- Well, it's very strange.
- It's too unpredictable.
There's nothing about
what she remembers
that makes any sense.
- She needs information.
- She doesn't know what to do
with the information
she has now.
Just keep her playing scales.
- Understood.
- Build.
- Good morning.
That's one of the few
advantages being a computer
has over humans.
The dreams, they're
more vivid, right?
Yeah, your mind is more free
to create than an organic one.
In fact, if I hadn't
fixed a small glitch,
your brain wouldn't
be able to distinguish
dreams from reality.
Incredible, right?
Look at this, look.
See that?
Every time I look at
these scans, I see growth.
Very important.
Look at all this growth,
all these new connections.
It's amazing, actually.
Looking at the mathematical
equivalent of your mind.
- You can see my thoughts?
- It's like looking at,
like a jpeg in binary.
Do you know, when I was
working on my thesis years ago,
I spent two years
with a neurosurgeon.
He likened the brain to more
of a plant than a computer.
He said the task
of making a mind
had nothing to do
with making it smart.
You had to make something
that was capable
of growing on its own.
Like, even something so simple
as a tree or our flower.
It's infinitely more...
You're not paying attention.
- Max, can you
tell me something?
- Sure.
- Am I still able to be a wife?
- Yeah, of course.
I designed your body
to be 100% functional
for sexual activity.
- You did?
- Yeah.
I used to head up a
love robot project.
Can you believe that?
I couldn't help but
pour a few things over.
There's some things you're
gonna have to do to, um...
Prep the system, kind of.
Ah, can we talk
about something else?
- I guess having children
is out of the question?
- Yeah.
- How long were
you married when it happened?
- Three months.
- Hm, well, any time is too
soon, but that is unfortunate.
- She had an aneurysm.
It broke the connection
to her spinal cord
but not enough to
damage the brain.
I thought they could
just repair her.
- That's what they promised you?
- Not the way I thought.
- Hm.
Well, Sam.
Well, you're right to be
angry, Mr. Summerland,
but for the wrong reasons.
I want you to meet my chief
policy officer and advisor.
Sam Patterson is an
old friend and he and I
have followed Wesley's
developments for quite some time.
- Hi, Carter.
The senator sent
me your message.
I'm sorry to hear
what's happened here.
- This is why we have been
on this from the start.
- Carter, did they ask you a
lot of questions about Amelia?
- Of course.
- Did they ask you for
photographs of you together,
private journals?
- Photos, yes.
- Journals, home movies?
- Yeah, whatever I
could get my hands on.
They said it would help
return her memories.
Is this a deposition?
- Are you familiar
with spiritual mediums?
- Excuse me?
- They use techniques
to fool people.
They say general things
like, "I see a person dying
"from the chest," ooh.
Well, most deaths do occur,
statistically, from the heart,
so it's not a bad guess.
But not to the
person who just lost
a father to a heart attack.
It's emotional manipulation.
- Carter, what they've built?
It's not your wife.
It's an imitation.
You believe it because,
well, you wanna believe it.
They're counting on
people to react that way
in order to sell
what they wanna sell.
- Immortality.
- People will pay
ungodly amounts of money
to have a chance
to fly in space.
You think they won't pay at
least a million for this?
Carter, most live
their lives day to day,
like you I imagine,
until something happens.
You're dancing through
a big beautiful field
and then suddenly a
snake jumps out and bites
and the reality of our fragile
lives is suddenly exposed.
We run to the one thing that
we understand to be true.
- Well, I don't know
what's true here,
but I know what's not.
- For now, you can fix
this if you help us.
- If congress passes
the humanity act
it will become illegal
to copy or sell
any element of the human
brain for monetary gain?
- Correct.
- I think the most obvious
critique of your viewpoint
is that it forbids others
from making a choice.
- It's a false choice.
It's something that takes
advantage of people.
Mr. Summerland
can speak to that.
- Mr. Summerland?
- What she is now,
it's not her.
They took my wife.
- Carter, you said that
they took your wife.
I assume you signed consent
papers, did you not?
- She was dying.
I didn't know what to do.
- I think that most
people would question
why you signed in
the first place.
- Well then, you have no
idea what it feels like.
- We need to change
the spin on this.
I got a call from Adah Allen's
producers this morning.
They want a one-on-one
interview with Amelia.
- No way, absolutely not.
Of course you're okay with this.
- We need to get ahead of
William somehow, otherwise...
- we are not having this
conversation again, Paul.
In 12 years you
have not ever once
rushed one of my projects, ever.
- Which is why you
need to humor me.
For 12 years I funded
this humanitarian work.
- Don't make this about
the goddamn money, Paul.
- I've given you a full
staff with technicians
for four years, not to mention
the cost with prototypes
and materials and
security and mark...
- the work we are
doing takes time
and you need to respect that.
- We don't have
the luxury of time.
- Paul we are making
progress, but you...
- no, Ellen!
- Do not destroy this.
- Just get Amelia ready.
- Got big news today.
It has been exactly
six months this week
since I stopped energy drinks.
And I've been taking
lunch to work.
- I had...
Another dream.
- Okay, why don't
you tell me about it.
- I remember Carter.
I remember everything.
It's all come back.
- Okay, wow.
- I need to leave this place.
I need to find my husband.
- Okay, shh, shh, shh.
- Hello?
- Carter?
- Yes?
- Where are you?
- Um...
- Carter, why haven't
you been to see me?
I miss you.
I love you.
- Beginning security lockdown.
- You are not
allowed to do that.
- What do you mean I'm
not allowed to do that?
Just like I'm not allowed
to contact Carter?
God, what is wrong
with you people?
You can't just keep me here.
- She doesn't log in
again for any reason,
do you understand?
- I'm sorry, but how much
longer can we keep her here?
- You know what would
happen if she got out there.
She doesn't have rights.
Will you stop that, please?
- Goodnight.
- I don't have rights?
- Amelia, you scared me.
Can you appreciate the magnitude
of everything that's
going on here?
- Now, you're saying
that electrical impulses
in the brain...
- oh, god.
I hate television.
I have to boil down
everything, all of the work,
research, nuances,
discoveries, everything
into something so
completely basic.
It's stupid.
But you know what?
It worked.
- How?
- Every day we learn
new ways to conquer
the limits of the human body,
and yet there are still
so many barriers to cross.
- Goddamn it, Paul.
How do you feel about going
on national television?
Convincing the world
of what you are
is the first step toward
your independence.
- Okay.
- We're very excited to
introduce you, you know?
And, like magic, there she is.
Adah Allen, I want you to
meet Amelia Summerland.
- Hello, Adah Allen.
- Paul, what is going on?
You know what,
maybe we should not
do this today.
- I'm totally messing with you.
- Totally messing with you.
- Hi, I'm Amelia.
It's so nice to meet you.
Decontamination complete.
- Welcome to my home.
- Your home?
- Well, yeah,
for the time being.
- We have every intention
of returning Amelia
to her life once
testing is finished.
I think if you
interview Max and Ellen
with Amelia alongside and
then do some demonstration...
- yeah, that'll be a part of it,
but I want to talk
to Amelia directly
about her life now
and about Carter.
- No.
I told you we can't do that,
not with a pending lawsuit.
- The viewers wanna know.
We need to show the full Amelia.
- The story is about
Amelia, not the legal case.
- Exactly, the story's
supposed to be about Amelia.
Her own husband doesn't
wanna talk to her,
congress is debating whether
to shut this program down.
Come on, how do you expect
me not to talk about that?
- That topic is off limits.
- There's no point in us being
here if we don't get this.
- No, you're trying
to paint some
conspiracy here,
- okay, Paul you're wasting
our time,
- and I'm not gonna let you.
- And painting a fake
picture of your corporation
is the least of my concerns.
And above all...
- quiet!
You've actually
talked to Carter?
- We thought that was
information best kept for later.
- This is why you blocked
my network access?
- Okay, enough.
She's not doing this.
You're concerned about some
soon to be forgotten lawsuit
and we have the most
advanced scientific feat
right here in front of us.
- We're concerned about whatever
Amelia is concerned about.
That's what the
people want to see.
- I want to talk to Carter.
- Amelia, do this interview
and you can tell Carter
whatever you want.
Well, I guess it's in
your hands, Mr. Wesley.
- Get out of my way.
- Roll open.
Stand by to dissolve
to one after the open.
- Challenge,
inspire, inform, and heal.
It's Adah Allen live.
- Amelia, thank you for
agreeing to do this interview.
- Thanks for comin' here.
- Thank you.
- I am nervous.
- Really? How so?
- Cameras.
People watching, kind of, um,
feeling the pressure, you know?
- What I actually mean is,
some people may be asking
how it's possible for you
to even feel nervousness
considering what you are.
How did you feel
when you realized
that you were no longer human?
- Kind of a loaded
question, don't you think?
- Why?
- 'Cause it assumes that
I believe I'm not human.
- Yeah, but you are
not flesh and blood.
- No, I'm not.
But human means different
things to different people.
- I would agree, actually.
I would.
So, then I'm gonna
rephrase that.
How did it feel
when you realized
that your old body was gone?
- Conflicted.
It was...
Shocking to not
have a heartbeat.
I didn't really like
myself at first.
But then I remembered
that I spent two years
in a hospital bed
watching the world go by.
It's like I was dead already.
So, to have a new body...
And to be able to speak again.
It's just this huge gift.
- I'm sure it is.
But I think you would
agree that there
are going to be people out there
that are going to have
a challenging time
in accepting you for
who and what you are.
Some are calling you
a sin against god.
And that's a direct quote
from republican senator
Thaddeus Williams.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Guess I'm not votin'
for him next fall.
- You have a wicked sense
of humor.
- I do.
- I would say that a
great sense of humor
definitely makes us human,
and certainly makes you
human in my opinion.
But I'm gonna change
it up a little
and ask you about
your husband, Carter.
- My husband's
been through a lot.
- Well yeah, but to be fair,
you've both been through a lot.
- Goodnight.
- And the last time he saw you
you had quite a
catastrophic meltdown.
- I don't remember any of that.
- From what I was told, the
reason you don't remember
is because the
physical components
that house your memory,
they literally melted.
And so, I think
this is where people
are gonna struggle
with the idea of you.
As human as you are and
as humorous as you are,
but on those physical levels,
see you as only a robot
and that you are
not the real person
that you quite represent.
- Yeah.
- What do you say
to people like that?
- I'm not an expert
on spirituality, Adah.
Or medicine.
I taught fifth grade.
Then one day everything
just stopped.
But one thing got me through.
My husband never gave up on me
and every day I knew
he would be there,
holding my hand,
playing me music.
- Reminding you of who you were?
But still, your husband, as
dedicated and devoted as he is,
is also going through
his own emotional
and moral struggles
with what you are.
And consequently, who you are.
And I know that's
gotta be heartbreaking.
So, if Carter were here,
looking at you,
and you can look
back into his eyes,
what would you tell him?
- Carter,
Carter it's me.
It's me.
- Amelia, are you up to sharing
with us what you've learned?
- Now?
- Please.
- I read your offer.
I don't think I understand.
They dropped the
restraining order,
so you can see her, and
if Amelia convinces you
that it is she,
you drop the suit?
- Carter, in the three
days since that interview,
complaints are
flooding our offices.
The humanity act may not
even leave the senate.
Things are very
precarious right now.
And you drop this bomb?
- I understand your objections.
- Do you understand
this, Mr. Summerland?
I have cancer.
I may not last out my term.
- I didn't know.
- Of course you didn't.
There was no way
you could've known.
I haven't even
told my family yet.
If I did, my family
would want me to consider
the Wesley procedure, so
don't just stand there
and think it's all about you.
If you don't help me
put a stop to this,
Wesley enterprise will
continue to commit this sin.
Again and again!
- Senator, I'm aware
of all that you've done
and I really can't
thank you enough...
- yes, you can, by
being true to your word.
- I made a promise to Amelia.
- A promise to Amelia?
She is not real.
Look, I can not stand
here as a man of god...
- to hell with god.
- All right.
This how you wanna proceed?
I can not support
you, I'm sorry.
- This isn't political, Carter.
It never is.
- You people are ones to talk.
- Listen...
You're here because
you know instinctively
that you need to defend
something valuable and precious.
But you don't know what
that thing is, Carter.
- I know exactly
what it is, Sam.
Amelia Summerland.
- That's the face
that it takes for you.
For me it's my son.
I see god every
time I look at him.
Other people, it's
something else,
but it's the same inside.
You need to ask yourself this,
how can you truly help
Amelia Summerland?
And others?
- Senator?
Come with me.
- Excuse me?
- If we go there
together and I prove
to everyone she's a fake,
wouldn't that reverse
what's happening right now?
- I don't even know anymore.
- Well, if that's the case
then it doesn't even matter.
- Listen, you're upset.
You're not coping well.
It doesn't matter
what the truth is.
You're gonna believe
it no matter what.
- Well, I could
say the same thing
about a lot of what you preach.
- How are you feeling, Amelia?
- If you could see
your daughter again,
someone like me,
what would you say?
- I don't know.
- Carter, good to see you again.
Senator, I'm sure you remember
the terms as well as I do.
- I hope you remember
all the terms.
He gets as long as he
wants in there with her.
No television crews
during, no technicians,
just the two of them.
- Of course.
- You look different.
Where have you been?
- I, uh...
- It's okay.
I had this entire page written
of what I was gonna say to you.
- You kiss like she did.
- Carter.
- They were so thorough.
Your breathing, even that
little scar on your lip.
I don't know what you are,
but you aren't Amelia.
- I am Amelia.
- No, no, Amelia, my wife?
Had a soul.
- I have a soul.
You know I do.
Part of you still believes.
Do you remember the
day at the lake?
When you asked me to marry you?
As if it was some
ordinary question.
I thought that maybe you just
didn't want to be romantic,
but then I realized
you were just actually
really, really nervous.
- I bet that all was in
your journal, wasn't it?
- I don't know.
- I bet Dr. Beckett knows.
I bet she could
find the exact page.
- All those things you
said in the hospital.
Our song.
- Our song that Dr. Beckett
knew full well about.
- I played that song for you!
- Amelia couldn't
play the piano!
- You know what,
I can't take this.
I'm stopping this.
- No, no, no interference.
- This is bullshit.
- That was our agreement.
- Hey.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me, look at me.
I'm different now.
Why did you let them do this?
- I'm sorry.
- Just tell me what you need.
- I know you're not her.
- I am.
- But when I look at you,
it's almost the same.
If I did it long
enough, I bet I could
make you her.
- I love you.
I love you.
- I miss you so much.
- Can't that be enough?
- Oh, I wish it could be.
I love you, Millie.
- What happened to Amelia
and Carter was a tragedy.
- Is this gonna hinder
further research?
- Well, I can't speak for
Paul Wesley and the company
for legal reasons, but I
fully intend on continuing
the work that, as
I've stated before,
will save millions of lives.
Is online.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.
- Max.
- Amelia.
- What happened?
Where's Carter?
- Okay, calm down.
I'm gonna fix everything,
but I need you to calm down.
- These, these aren't my hands.
- Amelia,
a lot has happened.
Listen, calm down.
- What are you talking about.
- Okay, um...
Do you remember when
Dr. Beckett said
that she'd let you go if
you did the TV interview?
- Um, everything, it's so foggy.
- It's foggy because I had
trouble porting you over.
Listen, you did the TV
interview and then...
Carter, um...
He didn't show up.
And then Dr. Beckett
changed her mind.
She said that she
wasn't gonna let you go.
She changed her mind.
- She did?
- But I'm gonna let you go.
I transferred you
into a new body.
In this body you'll be free.
You can survive on your own.
I don't know what's gonna
happen to this company, but...
All that matters to me is you.
You can come with me.
You're unlike anything
I've ever made before.
Okay, I'm, uh...
I gotta wipe some records, okay?
I'm gonna wipe them and I'll
bring clothes.
- There were redundancies.
Everything about Amelia can
be reproduced and fixed.
Her mind essentially
remains intact
inside the mainframe,
right up until the moment
before the accident.
So, we'll just pick up
right where we left off.
I've never given up hope
for this project, never.
- Henry Ford once said,
"if I had asked people
"what they wanted, they
would've said faster horses."
What Amelia taught
us is profound.
- Accessing visual records.
- The product isn't
immortality as we once thought.
What people want is a
higher quality of life,
not necessarily a longer one.
People love the idea of Amelia
and that's when it happened.
The idea.
A whole new line of
personal companions.
We can use Amelia's
brain to create
a custom designed
version of her.
It would look, sound, feel
like her, have her personality.
But the customer can
program her memory.
They can literally
make Amelia theirs.
- What do you
have to say to proponents
of Thaddeus Williams?
- It's okay to be scared, right?
- I would simply
offer my condolences.
- What did you see?
- Everything.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't want anything
to do with it.
Please come with
me, please, please.
We can run away you and I.
We could have the
life you never had.
We could adopt.
- Could you please just
give me a minute to change?
- Sure, just hurry up, okay?
We don't have a lot of time.
- Dr. Beckett,
what are you feelings
of Wesley's new announcement?
- I'm sorry?
- A press report this morning
announced a production
line of customized Amelias.
What are your thoughts?
- Amelia Summerland,
humanity's first and
quite possibly last,
embodiment of such an
awes inspiring question.
What is consciousness?
- Erasing back-up
files and redundancies.
- And does the
ideal of consciousness
evade death and all
its uncertainties?
Does the power to live
devalue what it means to live?
And just because we can,
does it mean we should?
- These fragile
moments slip us by,
one day at a time,
memories may dry.
But hold my hand and
let's sleep tight,
with open arms embracing
with all our might.
When the wind takes us past
we no longer have
such time to pass.
- 1,000.
- We all will
falter, we all will fall.
But nothing is ever
lost after all.