America Is Sinking (2023) Movie Script

Pulling ice sample
Sample ID has been added
to the database.
How many more do we
want from this area?
I think a few more should do it.
Sounds good.
Shouldn't Ken be back?
I thought he was doing
a grid check.
Yeah, he shouldn't be long.
A few more samples like
deep within the glacier ice
of WR-63
should be enough.
That way it will give
us a precise picture
of when the magnetic field
degradation actually began.
Our smoking gun.
All right, fire it up.
[drill running]
[alarm beeping]
How are we looking, Michele?
We should head inside now.
Ken, Ken, you copy?
You guys felt that too, yeah?
We're still feeling
the tremor.
Ken, get back to
base camp immediately.
Copy that.
We'll need to confirm the data,
but these tremors could be
the prelude to the big one.
This means nothing if
we lose our data.
The glacier's splitting.
Our equipment!
The ice you're on is crumbling!
Ken, I got you,
I got you, all right?
Just hold on!
Just hold on!
I need you to
just keep holding on!
No, no, no!
We need to go!
It stopped.
[alarm beeping]
What is it?
One second.
It's the latest analytical data
from NOAA's monitoring system
in the ocean.
It's showing that the
Gorda plate on the Pacific side
and the Eurasian plate
on the Atlantic side
are both fractured.
Both coasts?
Have tsunami
warnings been issued?
Michelle, we're looking at the
sinking of all of North America.
Everything okay?
I've never had to
call someone before
to tell them their son died.
Still working on that?
Yeah, I just can't
get a solid connection.
The earthquakes must
have disrupted our signal.
Can you handle this?
I gotta make a call.
[phone rings]
Hey, honey,
how's the North Pole?
Oh good, you're home.
Is Kimmy with you?
Of course she is.
What's going on?
Okay, I need you and Kimmy
to pack whatever you guys need
and get out of
Los Angeles fast.
Okay, you're starting
to worry me.
Code ice, Danny.
It's Code Ice.
Kimmy, we have to go now!
Your father said
we have to leave.
What now?
What's happening?
The country is going to begin
flooding over the next 48 hours.
We need to evacuate.
What about everyone else?
They can take
care of themselves.
Mom, this doesn't make sense.
How does he know it's 48 hours?
Have you ever known your father
to not take things seriously?
I'm gonna call my friends.
[phone beeps]
-It's not working.
I can't reach...
Okay, we can't help others
unless we help ourselves.
Okay, just take
a deep breath, calm down
and go get whatever
you need and fast.
Maybe I can text them,
let them know?
Of course, in the car.
Where are we supposed to go?
We'll be safer
in the higher elevation.
Okay, okay.
Chase, I made contact.
This is Chase Heibert.
Do you read?
Dr. Heibert, can you hear me?
Yeah, Dr. Robbins, yeah,
I can hear you.
Sorry, we're
experiencing some...
Intermittent connection from the
satellite's position and the...
deteriorated magnetic field.
Okay, I just sent you both
all the information that I had.
Now, these are initial reports
from NOAA's own
monitoring system,
paired with what we
retrieved from
the United States
satellite network.
They show tectonic plates
along the east and west coast
shifting, causing tsunamis.
Satellite imagery shows
a massive section
of Glacier WR-63 broke off
due to the earthquake,
forcing a significant
rise in sea levels.
With the massive
flooding and tsunamis
resulting from when it
went into the Atlantic.
What's worse is the increased
flooding along both seaboards
with tsunamis pushing
the water inland.
I would say we have about
48 hours until
all of North America
is completely underwater.
We need to set forth
nationwide evacuations
as I would calculate the first
tsunami will probably strike...
probably strike
the coast immediately.
[phone rings]
This is General Glenn, report.
What is it?
It's the NOAA buoys that
were sending data earlier.
It's like they've
completely stopped altogether.
I mean, they should
still be picking up
some sort of
oceanic interference.
The ocean's never
completely still.
Could they be malfunctioning?
Well, maybe a few,
but all at once?
Ruth, I don't know if
you've seen this yet, but...
I see it, Chase.
It looks like the buoys
have stopped responding
on both coasts.
What does that mean?
It means...
We're blind.
We need to put the President on.
He should be briefed about
the current situation now.
The President's being briefed
by the United States
Geological Society,
followed by FEMA and
a list of others.
They don't have all the data.
The Geological Survey
doesn't understand
the ocean's full scope.
We specifically have
been dispatched to reinforce
our hypothesis on
the Earth's magnetic field
in tandem with Dr. Robbins'
own research.
What's happened, General?
This is General Glenn.
I'm issuing orders to
the National Guard
from every state along
the coast to assist immediately
with the efforts to
evacuation inland.
Send a retrieval unit
to our science team
at Glacier WR-63
at the North Pole.
Tsunamis have
struck both seaboards.
Florida's been hit the worst,
but the state of Washington
is reporting major casualties.
However, these
are isolated events.
For now.
If that's the case,
the President's going
to need options.
I'm open to whatever we have
at our disposal, General.
What do you think, Robbins?
General, I think bringing
Dr. Heibert back to work
with me is the right call.
Together, we can
tackle this crisis.
My research assisted Dr. Heibert
and Dr. Jorgensen
on their current expedition.
Very well.
Dr. Heibert, I want you back
in Washington
to assist Dr. Robbins
in resolving this issue.
A helicopter is en route to
take you to the nearest airbase.
From there, we will fly
you directly here.
ETA 10 minutes till arrival.
Get packed.
General, I'm concerned
as to what it will take
for a nationwide evacuation.
Whatever the cost,
we have to save the country.
Dr. Jorgensen,
I want you to stay put
and continue to monitor--
Come on.
We need to get you
to that chopper.
You're coming, too.
I'm staying, but we'll get
you out of here.
It's not safe here.
The door's blocked!
The hatch, it's our
only way out.
All right, go. Ready?
Come on, we've got to go.
Let's go. Are you okay?
I'm not going anywhere.
We have to go.
Let's go. Come on.
You're going.
I'm not.
No. Come on.
I will carry you.
I couldn't make it to the roof,
let alone the chopper.
I will carry you.
Okay? Come on. Let's go.
Before we lost connection,
the General mentioned
needing me here.
You're needed in Washington.
I need to stay here
and assist the General.
This will be over in a minute.
I'll be fine.
If you don't help Dr. Robbins,
the United States
will be destroyed
and all 333 million
people will die.
Think of Kimmy, Chase.
This is way bigger than me.
All right.
Send me that data
as soon as you can.
Will do. Good luck.
You too.
General Glenn wishes
to speak with you.
Thank you.
[phone rings]
You're on board.
You'll be working
with Dr. Robbins
as soon as you arrive.
We have 47 hours to
figure out how
to stop America from sinking.
Yes, sir. I'm already looking
at hundreds of models
in case
the Gorda plate shifts
or domino effects
into other plates.
Good. Dr. Robbins is doing the
same thing for the East Coast.
In the meantime,
evacuations are proceeding
along potential flood zones.
Has L.A. been evacuated?
It is in progress.
They're heading east to the
mountains, higher elevations.
Dr. Heibert,
all of us have family.
We're doing it for them.
Glad you could join us,
Dr. Heibert.
We don't have much time.
As of now, we currently
have 40 hours left
until the country goes under.
Washington and Florida
may have been first,
but they won't be the last.
Our analysts
estimate that tsunamis
will strike again off the coast,
but we don't know
where or when.
Worse, they'll converge
with the current floodwaters
and continue to submerge
and sink America.
I need to return to evaluate
the other teams,
of which you are one of many.
I need options, and
I need them fast.
So, from my own
studies and yours,
I've been able
to deduce that
with our magnetic
field deteriorating,
it is affecting
our tectonic plates.
Yeah, so much so that
these natural disasters
are way more powerful
than normal.
My idea is that we
use pre-existing oil rigs
off of each coast.
We drill down to the
tectonic plates
at their location to
relieve some of the stress.
Yeah, but the rigs
are immovable.
We need something
more mobile, precise.
What about...
What about massive sinkholes?
In what way?
Let me show you.
Man-made sinkholes, at key
points throughout the country.
It will swallow up the water
and help release the tension
created by the tectonics.
We don't have the time
or the resources for
a plan this drastic.
We have two days to
come up with a solution.
Or, Chase, we lose everyone.
I really think we should
have taken the I-15.
This feels like the long way.
It wasn't before traffic.
I still don't understand
why we couldn't stop
and help anyone.
We're all trying
to reach safety.
They can take care
of themselves.
They're not just people,
they're families like us.
Yeah, but we have to believe
that they're capable like us.
Just like us, they'll get
where they're going.
It's like you don't even care.
Don't mistake
my priorities for apathy.
Look around you, Kimmy.
Everyone here is just like us.
Desperate for safety.
Desperate is dangerous.
-Are you okay?
Okay. Hold on.
[cars honking]
What is it?
It's from Michelle.
She was able to go through
the data from our core samples.
I don't believe it.
She says there is
definitive evidence
of solar radiation
at that depth.
Okay, which proves
the presence and increase
of solar radiation beneath
the Earth's surface.
Which means that it's made
its way down
and settled into our
tectonic plates,
which is exactly why I
think we need to focus
on fixing the magnetic field
and destroying the glacial
ice that broke off from WR-63.
Won't destroying
the glacial ice though
add to the ocean's water levels?
General Glenn is head of
experimental weapons research.
They have sonic weapons that
could disintegrate the iceberg,
reducing it to nothing,
as well as EMPs that could
help fix the magnetic field.
They built something like this?
The United States spends more
on its military
than the next 26
countries combined.
Yeah, but destroying
part of the North Pole
is only a temporary solution
without stifling the tectonic
plates at the Earth's crust.
And besides, the U.S.
doesn't even own the North Pole.
I don't know what kind
of political loopholes
it would take to achieve
something like this.
Everyone has to be on board.
Or we're all dead.
Destroying the glacier
and fixing the magnetic field
will provide immediate results.
Might just give us enough
time to make those sinkholes.
I think it's a great idea.
Let's take it to Madam Advisor
and see if we
can get this cleared.
What do you have?
It starts with destroying
the glacial ice
that broke off from WR-63.
Currently 300 miles
out to sea.
With this massive object
in the ocean,
it has caused our
sea levels to rise.
Now, what we'd
suggest is sending
the military sonic arsenal
to disintegrate the glacier.
This should bring sea
levels back to normal.
And then we send a deployment
with any EMP weapons
to WR-63 to help repair
the magnetic field.
Combined with the
man-made massive sinkholes
and at key tectonic plates
across the country,
this will offset
the ocean flooding
and stop the sinking
of the United States.
EMPs, sinkholes and bombs.
That's what I'm supposed
to take before the president?
This is the best
solution that we have.
But we have to act now.
Or none of this matters.
Have you any idea how
much political finagling
this is going to take?
No, but if we're
to save America,
it's absolutely necessary.
Okay, then we'll move ahead
with the glacier plan.
I'll be sure the president
gives his approval
and to update General Glenn
about all this.
I'll contact Dr. Jorgensen
and let her know.
[alarm sounding]
What's going on?
That's the national
emergency broadcast.
Ma'am, a tsunami's
been spotted
heading to our location.
We need to evacuate now.
[powering down]
What's going on?
Doctors, this is Captain Pierce,
he's been assigned by
General Glenn to assist you
with everything you'll need.
He's meeting us aboard
the SS Atlantic.
We gotta move.
Everyone to the roof now.
We gotta get to those choppers.
Without power, we don't have
access to the cloud of any kind.
Which means we can't leave
without our research materials.
They're all in the lab.
Don't miss the helo.
Get them there
with everything they need.
Yes, ma'am.
Stay safe.
Lead the way.
Captain, this is
Miles of helo one.
We have a massive
tsunami inbound.
You have three minutes
to get the hell out of there.
Copy that, Miles.
What are we looking for?
Our laptops.
There it is,
there it is.
Move fast.
We've got to go now!
All right, let's go.
Come on.
Come on, move.
Miles, we're heading
to the roof.
Copy that.
All other helos have left.
With all due respect,
Captain, move your ass.
ETA is one minute.
I'll be gone after that.
Come on, let's go.
This place is about
to get real wet.
Move, go!
Come on.
Get in.
Ruth, you okay?
I hope this works
'cause we really need it to.
Glacial ice is two miles
and closing, General.
Lieutenant Green and
his men have deployed
our entire payload of
EMP weapons, sir.
Be sure Dr. Jorgensen
coordinates their efforts.
They are to remain
at her disposal
for the duration
of this operation.
Yes, sir.
The President has
secured cooperation
with the governments of
Canada and Greenland for this.
Dr. Robbins, Heibert,
why can't we deploy our weapon
from the deck of this ship?
Why 300 miles away at WR-63?
Well, the weapons need
solid ground in order
to provide a consistent laser to
help prepare the magnetic field.
Yeah, not to mention, General,
the field's weakest point
is at our site at WR-63.
While the EMPs repair
the magnetic field,
the sonic weapons
will effectively
sublimate the glacier,
turning it instantly
to water vapor.
-Lieutenant Green.
We need to deploy
them in a U-shape.
It'll maximize
the area of effect.
Copy that.
All hands on deck.
Doc says we need a U-shape.
Let's get them in line, people.
Move it!
I certainly hope you know
what you're doing, General.
We now know this is
bigger than just us.
Hey, don't worry.
Dr. Jorgensen knows
what she's doing.
No, it's not that.
It's my daughter, Kimmy.
I told her and her mom
to leave L.A.
and I haven't heard from them.
All west coast lines are busy.
All the cell towers are down.
Where's the sit-rep?
We've got a 40% chance
of success, Captain.
The weapon's yield isn't
viable in our current stance.
We need to relocate a couple to
increase the overall coverage.
All right.
Do it!
Lieutenant, move those vehicles.
Copy that.
Let's move them!
We need to stop for gas.
I'm not seeing
any gas stations.
I think our luck did hold.
For now.
Come on.
-What are you doing?
-We're going to get some gas.
Hand me the knife
from the glove box.
You can't do that.
That's against the law.
You're a lawyer.
You should know.
Yes, I do know.
Then you know it's wrong.
I'm doing what every
other mother would do.
Commit theft?
Whatever it takes
to keep us alive. Come on.
You've always told me
that there's doing right
and there's doing wrong.
Today has felt
nothing but wrong.
I know.
And in any other circumstance,
you would be right.
Do you see anyone around?
Car looks abandoned, right?
Which means so is the fuel.
I didn't know you had this.
It never hurts to be prepared.
Flat tire.
Whoever was here
is long gone by now.
Just be quick, all right?
Better wear these, doctor.
The EMP lasers can be blinding
without proper eye protection.
They can fire when
ready, Lieutenant.
Copy that.
EMPs on the ice have
fired, sir.
We're also in range.
The glacier is one
mile and closing, sir.
You may proceed, Captain.
This is Captain Rodriguez.
All ships proceed with
the firing of sonic weapons.
Your colleague's part in all
this should be over soon.
How will we know it worked?
We'll have to wait for
Dr. Jorgensen's analyst data.
She'll know better than us
whether or not
the field is fixed.
We're going to have a
delay in communication, sir,
due to the effects of
the electromagnetic weapon.
General, all ships
report weapons clear.
Did it work?
Looks promising.
The magnetic field is
I'll know more in
a few minutes.
See if you can get
ahold of the Atlantic.
Copy that.
General, all glaciers
have been destroyed,
all fragments disintegrated.
Nothing remains of the ice
from WR-63
and the ocean's levels
appear stable.
Well done, Captain.
Order all ships to stand down.
I'll alert the President.
I told you this would work.
We'll see.
We still need Michelle's
data to confirm.
This is General Glenn,
WR-63 Report.
Reading you, General.
Stand by for Dr. Jorgensen.
This is Jorgensen.
What's the report on
your end, General?
All targets eliminated.
Did we stabilize
the magnetic field?
Uh... the data's coming in now.
Give me one second.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
What is it, Doctor?
Dr. Jorgensen, did we repair
the magnetic field?
Negative, General.
The magnetic
field shifted polarity,
but it's not corrected.
Temperature readings are
showing a desired effect.
Wait a second.
I'm getting some
extreme readings. Hold on.
[alarm sounding]
Dr. Jorgensen.
Dr. Jorgensen, come in.
Michelle, Michelle, there
is a massive tsunami coming.
You gotta get to
wherever you can now.
Michelle, do you copy?
What's going on, Doctor?
The weapons broke the glacier
as planned, all right?
But it caused an
increased seismic activity
in the permafrost area,
which will lead to
a seismic shattering causing
a massive, massive tsunami.
Dr. Jorgensen, do you read?
We need to evacuate
the area now.
General, WR-63
has become unstable.
The weapons had
an adverse effect.
They seem to have
created another shift
in the tectonic plates.
You've got to get outta there!
Not until I save the data.
It's the only way that
we can save North America.
Listen, just get her out.
I'm going to get my computer
to monitor her data upload
because all the information
that she has
is vital to anything
else we might try.
We have to get you
out of here, Doctor.
Dr. Heibert needs this data.
There's no time.
I can't leave and risk
losing network connection.
You don't get it.
If Chase and the others
don't get this data,
then it doesn't matter
where we go.
All hands,
evac immediately.
Repeat, evac immediately.
You don't have
much time, Doctor.
What's happened?
They're evacuating the area.
She's refusing to leave
until we receive the data.
Coming through now.
Dr. Jorgensen, your data
is coming through.
I want you on one of
those choppers now.
That's an order.
I'm afraid I can't
do that, General.
The network is fickle at best.
If I move out of range,
the upload will stop
and everything
will be corrupted
or lost entirely.
I can't leave
until it's complete.
Where's the status
of the upload?
Time's up, Doctor.
It's not finished.
That's too bad.
We're leaving.
-Let's go.
I'm not asking, Doctor.
We need to evacuate.
We have to do our jobs.
Yours was to assemble
the EMP weapons
and reinforce
the magnetic field.
Mine is to make sure
they receive this data.
You can do all that
up at the helo, Doctor.
Let's move.
I can't risk losing connection
and corruption of the files.
It has to be here and
it has to be now.
You did your job.
Let me do mine.
Save yourself and your
team while you still can.
Green's gone.
I just wanted to say that
you were a good friend.
97... 98...
100 percent!
[water rushing]
What's the status
of the upload?
100%, general.
And the magnetic field?
From Dr. Jorgensen's findings,
we were able to
destroy the glacier.
But we couldn't repair
the magnetic field.
Not enough.
America will sink.
We will mourn,
but that time is not now.
Don't let her
sacrifice be in vain.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
This isn't a gas pump.
It's going to take a minute.
Mom, Mom, we have to go.
This might be our
only chance for fuel.
-We'll have to risk it.
-Come on!
Go, go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go.
Come on!
Time is of the essence.
We're losing cities
and people are dying.
Is there nothing more
that we can do?
The electromagnetic weapons
had an effect on the poles,
but in the process,
it caused a massive shift
in the tectonic plates.
Which brings us back
to our initial idea.
The sinkholes?
We don't have
the time or the manpower
to achieve what
you're suggesting.
Madam advisor, if we follow
through with our sinkhole idea,
it will stop the flooding.
Why these specific locations?
Basically, in short,
these 15 targets
will create a
hole 16 kilometers deep,
which will drain the floodwaters
and cool the superheated
tectonic plates.
Thus stabilizing them and
preventing further tsunamis.
We don't have any
options with this, doctor.
Michelle Jorgensen
bought us just that.
How much time do we have?
After the residual effects
of WR-63...
24 hours.
This will work.
This is our last chance to
save America from sinking.
I can't believe you're
seriously considering this.
If there's only 24 hours
left, Madam Advisor,
we have no choice.
Now what do you need?
We need something that can dig
down and deep extremely quickly.
What is it?
With the right payload,
it may work.
Might have the answer
for that as well.
Hold on, Pierce.
You can't be talking
about the moles.
There was a reason
they were shelved.
Wait a seconds, moles?
A few years back,
we created a covert weapon
that was able to drill
underneath a target
and detonate underneath it.
Kind of like a torpedo
does in the ocean.
We named that project,
Code Name Moles.
Now, it had some
positive results,
but then it was shelved.
And there's a reason.
It's because it was operated
by a single network,
and it was vulnerable
to remote hijacking.
Okay. I think the moles
are our only hope.
Now, I'll outfit it with
the right payload.
I think they could create
the vacuum that you guys need
to make your plan work.
I'll get approval.
Captain Rodriguez,
I need your consort
to steam to the nearest port
to assist in evacuations.
Let's get to work.
[clears throat]
What was that?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Kimmy.
It was a mistake.
Let me drive.
No, no.
I can handle it.
We can't help others unless
we help ourselves, right?
Come on.
Don't worry, Mom.
Just get some rest.
Thank you.
So the issue is going to
be the explosive yield.
We have to think big,
and I mean really big.
And make sure you spread
out the locations
to achieve the maximum
offset of the flood waters.
Chase, run the flooding
simulation through the ArcGIS.
Make sure those locations
are the best to ingest
and receive the flood waters.
Good news. The testing facility
suffered minimal flooding.
Everything should
be operational.
How many moles will
we have to use?
Last count, there was 15,
but we're not going to be
sure until we get there.
Okay, I still need
the data on what
kind of explosive
payload we can use.
Considering the depth
and the area that you need,
I have this really cool
explosive gel.
What's the yield?
The explosive yield
is the largest
non-nuclear option we have.
And it's stored in
these compact crates,
so it's easy
to transport and light.
Okay. Send me the technical
data on the explosive gel.
Will it have any side effects
on the moles?
Not at all. It's loaded
like a standard warhead.
Not to mention it's on the
same network as the moles,
and we can detonate it remotely.
My team is sending you
the specs as we speak.
More good news from the general.
He's spoken to the
president about your plan,
and he's approved.
We haven't had time to
brief them or run any--
San Francisco and
New York City are under water.
Tsunamis have been reported
all up and down the seaboard,
and rogue waves are
smashing our evac ships.
Yeah, but we...
Your orders are to
rendezvous with the SEAL team
at the mole facility.
Proceed for activation.
Get ready to pack up
your gear and move out.
Captain, Ruth, Chase.
I know time is of the essence,
but this might be
the last time I see you.
You've already sacrificed much.
Though more may be needed,
you cannot falter.
The citizens of the
United States,
the president, and I are
all counting on you.
We don't want heroes.
Get the job done
and come home.
This is Captain Pierce.
Do you read me, General?
Captain, I read you.
What's your status?
Based on our simulations,
our targets are set to aim
for Ruth's multiple ocean points
along the east and west coast,
as well as multiple points
along the Mississippi River.
I'm sending precise
coordinates now.
After looking over
the capabilities of the moles
and Captain Pierce's assurances,
they should have
no issues
getting to and
reaching their targets.
The ordnance will be provided.
Let me know if
there are any changes.
What is your current
location, Helo-1?
We're about 15 clicks
out now, sir.
Flying past Point Zulu.
We just crossed
the Utah border.
Excellent. You should be coming
upon your ground team
of trucks and Navy SEALs soon.
Negative, sir.
I have no visual.
The convoy you're looking
for is carrying your payload,
and their orders are to meet and
assist you in this operation.
Unless armed, the gels
themselves are safe.
I got 'em, sir
I got visual!
Do you think that'll
be enough?
General's not going
to leave us short-handed.
You got incoming!
Whirlpool forming on your six!
Move! Move!
The convoy hit a whirlpool!
Save the ordnance.
We need those gels.
Take us down now!
Everyone, hang on!
This is Captain Pierce!
Convoy, do you copy?
Convoy, anybody there?
Sir, yes, sir.
Convoy, we have got
direct orders from General Glenn
to transport the explosives
on the chopper ASAP.
Copy that, Captain.
The other two trucks were lost
in the sinkhole.
We're all that's left.
Copy that.
I'm sending the winch down.
Make sure it's secure
before you give the signal
to send it back up.
Captain, will the
remaining gels be enough?
How many gels does
each crate have?
Well, if Captain Pierce's
estimate of
about 15 moles holds true,
if we save eight gel crates,
we should be okay.
Hope so.
Good to go.
The crate!
Good save, Chase.
We saved 18 gels!
That should be enough.
Just one more thing.
You're good.
General Glenn, we've arrived
at the Mole Research Facility.
General Glenn, we've arrived
at the Mole Research Facility.
T-minus 30 minutes
'til we launch the moles.
General Glenn, do you read?
General Glenn.
Damn it.
There's got to be interference
with the communications.
Once we land, I'll go
into the comms room,
reroute the power
through the system,
try to bounce it
off a satellite,
then I'll get us back in
touch with the Atlantic.
Great, but we have to
communicate with General Glenn
if we have any
chance of this working.
Miles, Michaels,
begin unloading the crates.
When you're done, take them
over to the warehouse.
I want the warheads
prepped for armament.
Let's go.
Dr. Heibert, Dr. Robbins,
let's establish
this as our base
of operations.
These buildings
don't look too stable to me.
I'm going to go inside and
try to re-establish our comms.
Be careful.
We'll check in on you when
we're ready to begin our launch.
Copy that.
[powering up]
This is Captain Pierce
for General Glenn.
General Glenn, do you copy?
This is Captain Pierce
for General Glenn.
General Glenn, do you copy?
Where are you, Pierce?
Back here, firing up the comms.
Oh, I see you've got
the power up and running.
The ordnance has been
secured and accounted for.
Great. Yeah, I got the power
and the comms up.
I'm just trying to acquire
the Atlantic's signal.
Well, Chase and I are
going to run the simulation
as many times as we can.
We're not going to leave
any stone left unturned.
Good, good.
Take these.
Give one to Lieutenant Michaels.
We'll all be on channel three.
Tell him to radio me
if he sees or hears anything.
That goes for you, too.
I'll be out after
I get this secured.
General Glenn, do you copy?
-It's a tremor!
Grab the laptops!
Watch out!
Ruth, are you okay?
-I'm fine.
Okay, okay.
Here we go.
This is Captain Pierce.
General Glenn, do you copy?
General Glenn, sir.
Captain Pierce,
do you copy?
Loud and clear, General.
Captain Pierce, are you there?
Dr. Robbins,
Heibert, does anyone copy?
Yeah, this is Dr. Heibert.
Is everything okay, Lieutenant?
We're prepping
the ordnance as we speak.
We just heard a loud crash
and wanted to make
sure everything was okay.
We've got it handled.
As long as the moles are okay,
that's all that matters.
Moles are functional,
Dr. Heibert.
Okay, then. We'll check in
on Captain Pierce.
Just protect the moles.
I'll grab the med kit.
Just in case.
Ruth, come here!
He's alive.
Captain Pierce, do you copy?
Doctor, what happened
to Pierce?
He's incapacitated but alive.
Well, what's your
status to convoy?
Did everything arrive?
Yeah, we had some difficulty
but we managed to secure
the payload, sir.
Now that the power has
been restored to a facility,
I'm going to tap
into the computer.
I need a complete readout
of the operational status.
Hey, come on.
Come on.
I don't like what I'm seeing.
I've got red alerts
across the board.
The whole area is unstable.
I can assure you that the moles
are fully functional.
We are moving as fast as we can.
That's good.
But I can't get
a readout from the uplink.
The earthquake must
have damaged the system.
So what does that
mean moving forward?
The moles rely on
satellites for guidance.
Without that, they're just
glorified paperweights.
We have to re-establish
a connection to the uplink.
What can we do?
Head to the moles
storage facility.
You'll have to hook
up the uplink terminal
to an external power source.
That will reconnect the link.
[alarm sounding]
What's that noise?
That's a seismography alarm.
It's off the charts.
It's reading at
a magnitude 8 or higher
but I don't feel anything.
Let's go, now!
Chase, come on and
talk to me!
General, can you hear me?
Doctor, good,
you're still with us.
General, can you hear me?
Hello, can you hear me?
General Glenn,
can you hear me?
Must be broken.
Listen in, the off-chance
that you can't hear me.
Look, we can handle
it from here.
Ruth, I'm here!
Chase! Chase!
Come on, Chase!
Michaels, what's your status?
We're good.
Miles and I have already
moved the ordnance
to the warehouse
and have started
loading the payload.
Good, good. Go there now
and we'll meet you there.
What happened?
Take it easy, Captain.
Roof caved in on your head.
Yeah, but we gotta move,
so on your feet soldier.
All right, all right.
-Yeah, I'm good.
We made contact
with the general.
All the moles have been
disconnected from the Wi-Fi
and we gotta connect
them at once.
I'll take care of repairing
the network connection.
You input the data
and coordinates
into the targeting
system, all right?
Let's move.
[engine sputtering]
Great, we're out of gas.
I know you're frustrated,
just stay focused.
-Come on!
We're gonna have to
find and repair
the satellite uplink over here.
Otherwise, you guys
are gonna have to
individually upload all
the coordinates into each mole.
There's a control panel right
above where the ordnance goes.
Come on.
Chase, head out to the moles
in case we have
to upload the coordinates
for each one manually.
What am I looking
for here, Captain?
Operations and navigations.
Once we're online,
you're gonna have to upload
the coordinates to
each mole individually.
How are we looking?
Most armed and dangerous.
The floor is cracking.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no!
Michaels, get out of here!
He's on the other side,
we can't get over there.
What can we do?
We've got to do something.
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no!
Pull up, doc.
Chase? Chase!
Thank you.
We got to get out of here.
No, we have to go back
for the moles.
We can't do anything
with them if we're dead.
We gotta go.
No, we gotta go. Move!
The moles are gone.
What do we do now?
Follow me.
Come on, come on, come on.
Work. Work.
How come yours works?
Michelle always made
sure we had equipment
that could survive the elements.
That's how we're able to work
in freezing
temperatures of the North pole.
Look, we gotta go.
Come on.
Hey, come on.
We have to keep going.
I know.
Just give me a minute.
Baby, we don't have a minute.
I can't go if
I can't breathe.
Well, that's not gonna matter
if the floods catch us.
Come on.
Back off, okay?
Kimmy, come on.
We need to go.
No! Stop!
In one day I've lost my house,
my friends, my life,
all of it gone.
And I know we have
to keep going,
but I just need a minute
to catch my breath
and if you can't give me that,
just go without me.
Hey, hey, hey.
I am never going
to leave you, Kimmy, okay?
I know today has been hard,
but it's not over yet.
I am so sorry for
what you have lost,
but I understand.
I lost everything, too.
But right now,
we're lucky enough
to still have the most
important thing in the world:
each other.
That's my girl.
Come on. Come on.
Hello, this is Ruth Robbins.
General Glenn, can you hear me?
This is General Glenn.
You're coming in loud
and clear, doctor.
Good to hear your voice.
What's your status?
Have you activated
the moles yet?
What's the holdup?
Look, everything's gone.
The moles, the seals,
even Captain Pierce just
swallowed by an earthquake.
I don't believe it.
No frickin' way.
Let's just hope the engine is
okay and we can start it.
Holy crap.
[engine sputters]
No wonder they left it here.
Engine's flooded.
So what do we do?
Oh, ye of little faith.
I'm logged into the link.
15 moles are reporting
but they are still
disconnected from the link.
Now, one of you is going
to have to find your way
down into that hole.
At this point, the link has
to be input individually
and manually reestablished
to connect,
or I won't be able to direct
the moles to their target.
Once it is connected,
they'll fly out of that hole
and go directly to their target.
We don't have a way down there.
The last I saw the
helicopter was intact.
I can direct you
into flying it down.
It's drastic, but with more
or less four hours left,
we have no choice.
Mexico has finally
been hit from the Gulf,
and Canada is doing
as poorly as we are.
I'll do it.
You'll do what,
fly a helicopter?
One of us has to,
or America will be sunk.
General, if you can direct me,
I will do my best to fly it.
Get back to the chopper.
We still have a job to do.
Do you really think you
can do this?
Just pilot a helicopter?
What else do we have to lose?
All right, that should do it.
How'd you know how to do that?
Before I met your father
I had a bad boy phase.
Get in the car!
Get in the car now!
General Glenn, can you hear me?
Loud and clear, Doctor.
Now there should
be a switch
to turn on the floodlight
on your console.
Got it.
Now once you've done that,
you've got to turn on
the main power.
There's a blue toggle.
[rotors spin]
Okay, rotors are spinning.
Everything appears
to be working.
Now you've got
to watch your gauges.
Your altimeter will
tell you about
how close you are
to the ground.
You want to keep an eye on that.
Your turn indicator
tells you what direction,
if you're turning,
and at what rate.
That has an L or an R on it.
Your speed indicator
should be zero now.
If you see a flashing light,
or you hear an alarm,
you notify me straight away.
The joystick.
You push it down,
and that tilts you forward.
You pull it back, and
that stops your speed.
Do not do anything hastily,
or you could be in big trouble.
Come on, come on, come on.
I thought you fixed it!
Not now, Kimmy!
What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
It's going to work.
It has to work.
[whispers] Please, God,
let it work. Please.
[engine starts]
-Yes! Yes!
-Go, Mom, go!
This is too much!
Everything seems to be good.
Okay, Doctor.
You're clear for takeoff.
Now, I'm sending you the
schematics of the moles,
so you know what's
going on there,
and how to get them going.
Now, once you're
in that crevice,
more than likely
we will lose contact.
So good luck.
We gotta go, Ruth!
Help me watch my gauges.
We're in this together.
Let's do this.
General Glenn,
this is Ruth!
My altimeter shows we're
not far from the bottom.
Do you copy?
Well, just like he said,
looks like we're on our own.
Do you see anything yet?
Below us.
I think I see some of the moles.
The ground doesn't look even.
I don't think I can land here.
Well, then lower me down.
You sure?
Yeah, yeah, lower me down.
I can't lose anyone else today.
Ruth, can you hear me?
Clear as day.
All right,
I'm at one of the moles.
All right.
So there should be a small
panel next to the main drill.
If you open that up, you should
access the main computer system.
Should I set them
to dig their way out?
No, we don't have enough time.
Okay, there should be a
directionality function
on the touchscreen.
You can use that to move it
to a better angle.
It's going to be close,
but I can't
leave you down there.
It's starting up!
Okay, you're going to hold down
the button for three seconds
until you hear a loud hum,
then the touchscreen
should illuminate.
You all right up there?
Oh yeah, that was close.
One down, 14 to go.
I'll be sure to adjust the
launch radius moving forward.
It's working.
We have the connection.
Ready for the last one.
I'm losing control!
[alarms beeping]
Chase, it's too tight in here,
I need you to get
back in here now!
We have to ascend!
Chase, do you copy?
Chase, can you hear me?
Uh, General, this is Ruth,
we have activated
all but one mole,
which crashed,
it appears operational,
but it's not moving.
I need to see what you
can do from your end.
Chase fell in!
I'm not sure what his status is,
he's not responding.
I have it located.
All moles have struck
their targets with success
and are awaiting detonation.
There's the last one I'll fly
in on my own, manually.
General, are you sure?
I'll take this home, doctor.
You've done all you can.
We made it,
we're almost in Denver.
[engine sputtering]
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
What happened?
Looks like our luck's
about to run out.
Go, go!
What are we going to do, Mom?
Don't look back, just look
forward and keep running, go!
Come on, baby.
Kimmy! Kimmy, up on your feet,
up on your feet.
-Come on, come on,
-I can't!
-Kimmy, I love you.
-I love you, too, Mom.
You're the luckiest woman alive.
I think we both are.
Last mole was a success.
I repeat, last mole
was a success.
Come on, I'll help you.
You can lean on me.
Get out of there, Dr. Robbins.
I have to get Chase.
Then we're headed home.
Now I've done it.
Ah, geez.
Ruth, do you read?
Ruth, anyone, General,
General Glenn, is anybody there?
Can you hear me?
Anyone, can you hear me?
Listen, please, um...
please, just tell
my daughter and my wife...
Ruth, Ruth, Ruth,
you can hear me.
I'm here, I'm alive,
I'm in the crevice.
I'm in the crevice.
I'm coming for you,
just hang on.
Ruth, I see you,
you're almost here.
I'm sending the winch down now.
Ruth, I can't reach it.
You have to get it closer.
I can't.
Any closer, and I'm going
to risk cutting into the wall
and crashing the chopper.
Okay, you have to get it closer.
Come on, Chase,
you just have to try.
You just need to grab the rope.
All right, bring me up.
Just hang on, Chase.
Ruth, were you able
to retrieve Chase?
Yes, sir, he's right here.
Well, I wanted to
let you both know
that we have confirmation that
the flood waters have receded,
and there is no more
detection of earthquakes
in the United States,
Canada, or Mexico.
Job well done.
Come on home for food, rest,
and my thanks.
Look what I found.
I wish he could have
been here with us.
Look, we got
to make one more stop.
Daniela! Kimberly!
Come here, come here.
Oh my God, I thought I lost you.
I was so worried.
No, we can handle ourselves.
We were worried about you.
Yeah, Dad, that must
have been some story.
It's a better story than
my normal bedtime stories.
Dad, can we get out of here?
Yeah, yeah, before we do,
this is the woman that
kept me in one piece.
Ruth, this is my wife,
Daniela, my daughter, Kimmy.
Thank you for bringing
my husband back to us.
It was no problem.
You know what,
on second thought.
It was a little hassle.
All right, let's
get out of here.
All right, you okay?
Oh, you're both limping.