American Assassin (2017) Movie Script

Here we are in beautiful Ibiza, Spain.
Beautiful sand.
Beautiful waves.
My favorite shorts.
And my favorite girl who is about to get...
Oh, my God!
- Come on, give it to me.
- No! Stop! Come on!
- Mitch!
- This is great!
I'm serious.
Oh. Oh, my God.
That is so cute.
Honey, this is like...
Let me film for just
a couple minutes.
- It's like we're honeymooners.
- Oh, my God!
We're not married.
Katrina Harper...
You're my best friend
in the whole world.
Oh, my God.
Babe, stop it.
You're gonna make me...
If you get emotional,
you're gonna kill me.
I'm trying to get
through this, babe.
I love you, more than anything.
Will you marry me?
Oh, my God!
- Yes!
- Yeah?
Yes, Mitch Rapp.
I'll marry you.
Sorry, it's hard one-handed.
You like it?
It was my mom's ring.
I love it.
I love you.
- I'm still...
- Are you filming? Oh, my God!
Yeah, I'm still recording.
I'm trying to get this.
Come on, Mitch!
This is why I was filming now.
You see, now you get it.
I'm gonna get drinks.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
Don't be too long.
I won't, I won't.
I love you.
I'll be back.
Engagement drinks in
the water, people.
Oh. Thank you. Thank you.
Very sweet, thanks.
Babe, we're getting applause.
I love you.
Thank you.
Hola. Como estas?
What can I get you?
Um, can I just get
two drinks, please?
Dos bebidas, if that's right...
Um, I just got engaged,
so something special.
It can be anything, though.
Oh, you lucky guy.
Oh, can they be kinda
strong too? Is that cool?
Thank you, man.
Oh, whoa.
Maybe not that strong.
How are you tonight my brother?
I am ready to go on vacation.
Click encrypted link,
then download file.
We're gonna fucking set
your shit on fire, man!
Fuckin' burn,
motherfucker, burn!
To our brothers
across the globe...
Come join our fight against
American imperialism.
They will pay for the
murder of our families,
our friends, and all children.
Hold it, hold it, hold it.
What is in your heart brother?
I want to bathe my hands in
the blood of the infidels.
We are logging your
keystrokes. Answer quickly.
Who was taken in the
Year of Sorrow?
Khadijah and Abu Talib.
Who was with the Prophet
for the Isra and Mi'raj?
The Angel Gabriel.
All right, stop! Come on, man!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let him go, let him go.
Let him go, let him go!
Break it up. Let him go!
What the fuck is your deal, man?
That's it. You're
done, Rapp. Get out.
He keeps doing this shit.
Get out!
Have a nice fucking day.
You were out of line.
Back to work. Keep moving.
Get outta there!
You're gonna get yourself killed,
you dumbass!
What's up with this guy?
Rapp, why I gotta
tell you again?
Sorry, Mr. Nazir. I didn't
realize it was past 10:00.
I'll try to keep it down.
Yeah, enough with the sports.
Copy that. All right.
Thanks, Mr. Nazir.
He's up again.
Will you come here?
Allah wills that I join the
struggle wherever I am called.
If it were up to me,
I would not have chosen you.
But others have
decided differently.
Whomsoever Allah guides
there is none to misguide.
What is the name of the sister
of the Prophet, peace be upon him.
Huzafa bint Al-Haarith.
She was not the
Prophet's sister.
She is honored as the sister of
the Prophet, peace be upon him...
...because both suckled from her
blood mother, Halimah al-Sa'diyah.
Why have you come?
To help Adnan al-Mansur
achieve his people's destiny.
I wanted to look in your eyes.
I don't trust you.
I'm prepared to die a martyr.
What can I do to
earn your trust?
Step away, now!
Come on!
The fuck off me!
He's dead, it's over.
Easy. Easy. Take it easy.
Area's secure.
You wanted to kill them all,
and then go on killing.
Pretty extreme, don't you think?
No, I don't think
that's extreme at all.
I think people like
that deserve to die
in the worst ways
you can imagine.
What do you remember about
your parents' death?
Car crash.
I was in Massachusetts.
They were in Tunisia
at the time.
I was 14.
That's what I remember.
You started having
discipline problems.
Got yourself kicked out of
three boarding schools.
Yeah, yeah. I know.
I wonder what that was about.
Let's talk about what happened
after that day on the beach.
Oh, Jesus Christ. Again?
Are you kidding me?
Yeah, again.
You gave up everything
after that, didn't you?
Your grad studies at
Brown University.
I must have lost interest.
In everything?
No, not everything.
See you later, Dr. Frain.
See you tomorrow, same time?
I like the new look.
Irene Kennedy, CIA
Deputy Director
in charge of Counterterrorism.
I know who you are.
Any idea how long you been here?
30 days.
Enough time for you to
figure out a couple things.
Yeah, yeah. I've figured
out a lot about myself.
It's been a very reflective
time. Thank you.
You wouldn't have made it through
the next 20 seconds there alive.
I guess we'll never
know now, will we?
You told Dr. Frain you thought
you were gonna kill Mansur
and wipe out his whole cell.
For starters.
You had an even bigger
agenda, didn't you, Mitch?
What did you think,
you were gonna jump from cell
to cell taking out terrorists?
Righting the world's wrongs?
Got to Mansur, didn't I?
I mean, it's more than
you accomplished.
I'm gonna let you
in on something.
Our people here, they don't
know what to do with you.
A lot of them think we should
just throw you in a supermax.
I like your agenda, Mitch.
I can help you with it,
if you throw in with us.
We can teach you how to
play with the big boys.
Yeah, let me stop
you right there.
You don't think I considered
that 18 months ago?
Joining the CIA?
I made the decision to
pursue Mansur on my own
'cause I knew I could get it done.
What you need to understand
is that I'm the only way.
To get what you want.
Why the hell would I trust you?
Because I believe in you.
And I'm all you've got.
What's been confirmed is
the enriched plutonium
has been stolen
from a decommissioned
Russian nuclear facility.
If they get their hands
on a nuclear trigger
and a physicist to build it,
they'd be able to arm it and
detonate it at any time.
He's testing through the roof.
Might be the best
I've ever seen.
We've had him under
surveillance for six months.
Martial arts, gun skills.
I've surveilled dozens
of these vigilantes.
This one is different.
Yeah, well, I've gone
over these, Irene.
He's noncompliant,
he's oppositional.
He got us into Mansur's cell.
That's a hell of a lot
more than we ever managed.
All right, Orion is
an elite unit, Irene.
A secret unit.
Reports to you, me,
and no one else.
I don't want to be responsible
for that kind of mistake.
Now, that's Hurley talking.
Yeah, well, he's called
me twice about this.
This kind of psych profile
scares the hell out of him.
As far as he's concerned,
you're sending him a Section
8 with an ax to grind.
What happened to that
kid on the beach,
it changed him.
You can't train
that into someone.
His psych profile is exactly
what I've been looking for.
Flying colors.
All right. Good
luck with Hurley.
Oh, Irene.
We'll have fresh
intel on the Russian
plutonium situation
in two hours.
Stay by your phone.
You can take the blindfold off.
So, what do I need to
know about this guy?
Stan Hurley.
He's a warrior.
Ex-Navy SEAL.
My daddy served with him
in the Persian Gulf.
Did you go through this program?
I went through a program.
Not this one.
It's not like becoming
a spy or Special Ops,
none of those things.
So, what are your goals, Mitch?
My goals?
My goal is to have them
lie awake at night,
knowing I'm coming for them.
I thought you were supposed
to be on the patch.
You saw those tests.
Yeah, I saw them.
He's off the charts.
I've seen off the charts before.
And he's got none
of the bad habits
he'd have to unlearn if
he had military training.
Come on, Stan.
You drop one of your Navy
SEALs in an urban setting,
you can spot the boot
camp on them a mile away.
We're not fighting the...
Cold War?
Yeah, I know.
You keep telling me that,
Miss Deputy Director.
Oh, wow. "Miss
Deputy Director."
Your daddy would agree with me.
I'll be checking in with
you every 48 hours.
I'm on a plane to
London in the morning.
And go back on the
patch, for God's sake.
Don't prove me wrong.
She ain't coming back.
Eyes front and center.
"Sorry"? Do I look like one
of your college professors?
You talk to me, you
call me "sir," son.
Yes, sir.
What the fuck you doing here?
Did you have some bad
things happen to you,
some shitty things
happen to you?
Now you wanna kill those
mean old terrorists.
Go get some bad guys.
What makes you think
you can make it
through my selection process?
Permission to speak, sir?
Sure, go ahead if you
got something to say.
Like this is all a big mistake
and you wanna go home.
You wanna go home? Good.
Get the fuck out of here.
I'll drive you myself.
Not at all, sir.
I was gonna suggest we maybe
speed this whole thing up?
My guess is, if you and
I go hand-to-hand,
you could probably figure
out inside of 20 seconds
whether or not I have
what it takes to make it
through your selection process.
So, what do you think?
We got an empty cot,
empty footlocker.
They're both yours as
long as you can last.
Sounds good.
Follow me.
See you out there.
Heard a lot about
you, by the way.
Excited to see what you got.
Kill me.
People think you can slice
a man's throat like this.
That's only in the movies.
Right there.
Do it.
No noise. No mess.
Victor, you're up.
What the fuck, man?
Who grabs a fucking blade?
Come on, you fuckin'
pussy. Let's go!
You gotta have eyes in
the back of your head.
You flinch, you die.
Orion is about the mission.
It ain't about you.
You go down out there, you're
a ghost, you don't exist.
There's nobody, nobody
coming back for you.
You're about to be captured.
We now know 15 kilos
of plutonium-239
went missing during
the Russian breach.
It's enough to build a
full-scale nuclear weapon.
But that would likely require the
resources of a nation-state.
As Iranian Chief
of General Staff,
I share your concern.
We have been monitoring the
situation as you have.
I'm afraid we too
are in the dark.
For Iran, of course,
a nuclear weapon
is off the table.
We have a treaty.
You have countrymen who are
not too happy about that.
We monitor your nuclear enrichment
program pretty closely,
but black market
plutonium-239 from Russia...
Would be difficult for
inspectors to detect.
Ms. Kennedy, yes?
I assure you as
Minister of Defense
that we in Iran recognize how
much the spirit of comity
between our nations
would be compromised
if we were to acquire
weapons-grade plutonium
from any source.
Yes, it would.
Same goes for your
clients outside Iran,
Hezbollah. Hamas.
The Houthis.
Nuclear weapons are a danger
in any hands, Director.
Wasn't that your pretext
for your invasion
of our neighbor to the west?
One that cost
500,000 Iraqi lives
and left a wake of destruction
from which our region
has never recovered.
General Rostami, we came only
to tell you what we know.
Is that a threat?
Of course not, Minister Behruz.
Gentlemen, I very much
appreciate you meeting with us.
Not at all.
I only wish we could
offer more insight.
Thank you.
I don't trust General Rostami.
We need to keep this quiet.
How ready is Orion?
I'll check in with Hurley.
Why is there no one on watch?
You're all dead.
Yeah, yeah.
I got it, I got it.
You're dead.
You wanna say something to
me? Say it. Go on, say it.
You got 30 seconds!
These are your targets.
Memorize them.
It's your responsibility to
be able to identify them.
You shoot a combatant,
you get a point.
You miss, you get a shock.
You shoot a noncombatant,
you get a bigger shock.
Combatant shoots you...
Let's just say you're
gonna feel it.
What's Hurley doing?
He's fucking with his head.
Fucking AR bullshit.
Shall we?
That's clever.
Raw plutonium.
Highly enriched, as promised.
Let's hope.
Wow, that's a beautiful
sound, gentlemen.
May I?
Wire the money.
That, I can do.
This is a cell phone.
Gotta move all the vans. The
Cardinal's visiting.
Okay. Five minutes.
What's going on in there?
Possible code red,
backup needed.
There's nothing going on.
Come in.
It now appears that
all seven victims
were shot with a single weapon,
believed to be a Glock 29.
Traces of weaponized plutonium
were detected inside the van
where the bodies
of three Russians
and two Warsaw police
officers were found.
The Russian government
has confirmed
that the chemical footprint
of the plutonium in question
is a match to the
plutonium that was stolen
from the decommissioned
processing facility in Tobolsk.
Security footage is being
analyzed by Polish police,
now working in conjunction
with Interpol,
to identify the shooter
and his connection
to the missing plutonium.
The identity of the shooter
remains unknown...
Hi, excuse me.
- How can I help you?
- Question.
May I help you?
No, thanks. I'm okay.
- Ow! Ow! Ow!
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
Rapp! God damn it!
You have to stay under control.
Asshole doesn't
know when to quit.
You're kidding me, right?
I just saved your ass.
You've gotta know when the
mission's been accomplished, Rapp.
- Sir, he's a fucking...
- Which he did.
Never assume your target
is the only target.
The enemy dresses like a deer
and he kills like a lion.
And that's what we gotta do.
We just gotta do it better.
All right.
You're an asshole.
We got a problem.
Six weeks ago,
there was a breach
at a decommissioned Russian
plutonium facility.
I'm aware.
What you don't know is 15 kilos
of plutonium went missing.
That's a shit-ton
of plutonium.
And it just changed hands.
I wanna show you something.
Take a look at this.
Does that face bong
a gong for you?
Or is it just me?
It can't be him.
Our drones took him out after
the embassy bombing at Bamako.
We never got a positive ID.
That's our mad dog out there.
All right. Let's say it's him.
It's him, Irene.
This gives us a chance to kill
two birds with one stone.
Hamdi Sharif.
He's an arms dealer
working out of Turkey.
Four days ago, he purchased a
Russian-designed nuclear trigger.
And he's gonna be selling it.
Sharif's got the honey.
Now we just wait for the bee.
We go in, we fuck up their deal.
And we take 'em both out.
You're going to Istanbul.
We have an agent in place.
She'll meet you at the airport.
All right.
Annika Ogden. We've had her
on the ground over there
for five years.
I want Rapp on the team.
He's ready, Stan.
Actually, Irene, he's not ready.
But he will be.
You wanted to see me, sir?
Yeah. Shut the door.
We're shipping out.
Set those down there.
You like movies?
I got something for you.
What the fuck is this?
Yeah, I thought so.
You thought so?
Why are you even alive, Rapp?
You ever asked yourself that?
Why you? You know,
of all those people?
You're special, I guess.
Oh, my God!
You want me to turn it up?
- I'll marry you!
- Take it!
You're a fucking coward, you
know that? Turn that shit off.
What do you think?
It's my mom's ring.
You gonna turn it off?
Am I supposed to
feel sorry for you?
I don't.
You made a big mistake.
You let emotion cloud
your judgment.
Never, ever let it get personal.
You understand?
Yeah, I got it.
Be ready to go by 5:00.
See you at 4:30.
You know what you're
gonna do here?
No, sir.
Correct. You don't.
So keep your eyes open
and your mouth shut.
And wait for my orders.
Hamdi Sharif, a real-estate
mogul/arms dealer.
He's like Santa Claus
for terrorists.
Spare me your
moral opinion, would you, Rapp?
Not really an opinion, sir.
Sharif's a piece of shit.
It's not a crusade.
This mission is practical.
Don't make it...
Yes, sir.
Victor, you're with me.
Rapp, you and
Annika are eyes on.
Sharif has a routine.
Let's see if anything
breaks his pattern.
- Got it?
- Yes, sir.
All right, we got 48 hours.
Quick, clean. No footprint.
This town's ready
to blow as it is.
Where the hell are you going?
Excuse me.
That was fucking reckless, Rapp.
I took the initiative, sir.
- He could've been made.
- Well, I wasn't.
Here we go.
11:00 a.m. tomorrow.
A meeting at a restaurant
on Akbiyik Street.
That's right before Sharif
goes to see his mistress.
That breaks his pattern.
I'll tell you what'll
break his pattern.
When that fucking
assistant tells his boss
he lost his goddamn phone.
He won't.
He's too afraid of Sharif to
let him know he screwed up.
All right. We go tomorrow.
What's the mission, sir?
Eliminate the target.
Eliminate the recipient.
Obtain the package.
And what's the package?
We'll know it when we see it.
You're lead.
You're backup.
We will watch from
across the street.
We get to play lovers.
How long have you been married?
He thinks we're married.
Don't think too much.
You'll lose your nerve.
No, I don't think so.
It'll be your first time.
Yeah, not in my mind.
Lead, your friend's
arriving now.
And he brought a shitload
of military protection.
I'll take care of the MPs.
Oh, come on, now,
honey. Don't be mad.
No, no, no.
I had a few.
Yeah, I did.
I'll make it up to
you when I get home.
You know that.
Car bombing, near
Beylerbeyi Palace.
Call it in. Call it in, or
I'll cut your fucking throat.
Lead, you're a go.
Survey 2, get in place.
- Be careful in there.
- I got it.
The nuclear trigger
is in the sedan.
Target's gone. Target's gone.
Get back!
Mission terminated.
Exfil to secure
location. Confirm.
Survey 2, you better let me
hear you fucking confirm.
God damn it, this is a fucking
mess. We're out of here.
Drive! Drive!
Follow your boss!
Please, I'm just the assistant!
Don't hurt me!
Drive! Drive!
He's there right now
on the fifth floor.
Please I don't approve
of what Sharif does.
Don't kill me.
Don't worry, I'm not
gonna hurt you.
I'm gonna hurt your boss.
The American mercenary
has the nuclear trigger.
I've done my job. It's
your problem now.
Hurry up!
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
No, please.
Please, don't. Don't.
You disobeyed a direct order.
No, I made a decision
to pursue the target,
and I completed the mission.
And, sir, isn't that what I'm
here to do? Isn't that my job?
Your fucking job is to do what
I fucking tell you to do!
What, you prefer I
leave him alive, then,
let him go? That
piece of shit?
Good, you're here.
I wanna show you something.
Wait here.
Look at that. That's
the kind of bullshit
that could shut us down.
Kid can't even follow
a fucking order.
Victor got made. Rapp didn't.
Why does this kid give you
such a fucking hard-on?
Don't talk to me like
that! I'm your superior.
My superior, Irene?
Your superior, God damn it.
Do you have any idea how
long I spent looking
for someone with that
kid's talent and balls?
Rapp stays.
You're giving me an order?
That's an affirmative.
Can you give us a minute?
Look at this.
The trigger must have
been in that car.
Look at him.
Lookin' at me.
Everything he did there,
I taught him how to do it.
I should've left
him in the Navy.
I'm gonna kill that
son of a bitch.
Stan, listen to me.
The only thing that matters now
is that fucking lunatic
has everything he needs
to build a nuclear weapon.
He's got a trigger. Now he
needs to buy a physicist.
We just have to figure out
where they're gonna
build this thing.
That computer our boy Rapp
lifted from Sharif's house,
there's evidence of a $2 million
transfer to a bank account in Rome.
Cash prepped for withdrawal.
Your money.
I've been reading up, Minister.
You Iranians probably all
learn this growing up,
or at least you did before
you signed that treaty.
But me, I had no idea
about these fun facts.
Yeah, I wouldn't do
that if I were you.
Inside three miles,
apparently you just vaporize.
Some folks don't.
They get all black and charred,
and dense as lead, and
no one knows why.
Inside five miles, everything
is sucked into a void,
hotter than the core of the sun.
How about that?
Where's the rest?
You'll get the rest of your
money when the job's done.
Where is my physicist?
He'll pick up his money,
then we'll pick him up.
He's staying at a hotel in Rome.
We'll need an extra day
to configure the weapon,
then it's all yours.
Kill as many Jews as you want.
Do you practice Salah, brother?
I receive my payment,
complete the project.
That's my practice, brother.
Very well.
Who was that guy?
In Istanbul.
It seemed like he was
a step ahead of us.
Hey, you gonna fill
me in here or what?
There's some bad people planning
on doing some bad things,
and it's our job to stop them.
You still haven't said
anything about Victor.
Victor's gone. Victor
doesn't exist.
What is it you think
we do here, Rapp?
I think we kill people
who need to be killed.
And who do you
trust to tell you?
I follow orders.
No, you follow orders
when they suit you.
This whole thing is pretty much
just a means to an end
for you, isn't it?
A lot's happened
in my life, sir.
Really? Huh.
So you think you were sent here
as an outlet for
your self-pity,
and your anger, and all
your guilt. Right?
Patriotism exists
because people like you and people
like me need a higher cause.
Something bigger than us.
That stink coming outta you
you like to call "revenge,"
the rest of us call "shit."
And as soon as it
starts to feel good,
that's when you stop
being a professional.
And then what are you?
Tell us something good, darling.
We're in their system.
The moment that transfer from
Sharif's account is picked up,
we'll know it.
Boy, you just smile,
and the Red Sea parts.
Works in the Med, too.
I'll bet it does.
Cash withdrawal from Sharif's
account. $2 million, U.S.
There's our
physicist. Let's go.
Welcome to the Boscolo
and enjoy your stay.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
He's in 1448.
And we're next door.
Code in.
Victor-Charlie 1109.
Suite 1448.
We're in 1449, right next door.
All right. We'll
grab the physicist,
and we'll take out
whosever coming for him.
Signal every 15 minutes.
I know what happened to you.
I'm sorry.
I understand you.
More than you know.
I know what it's like to
lose people you love.
We're gonna get these fuckers.
Where the hell are you?
Hurley... Where is he?
I don't know what
you're talking...
Where is he?
He outside?
Please, no.
Hurley, what the fuck?
I thought you were eyes on,
why didn't you spot 'em?
They were already
in the damn hotel.
Local mafia's working with 'em.
I'll tell Kennedy we
have the physicist.
What the hell just
happened out there, huh?
That's twice now this guy's
blown up our entire op.
What's the target? Huh?
What's the target?
- I don't know, mister.
- Yeah, you do.
Do you think I'm stupid?
He's an American.
He said your name.
Did you train this guy?
You like to smoke?
Oh, Jesus Christ!
- Are you a smoker?
- I don't...
- Wait!
- Bad habit.
Wait, stop! Wait, wait!
I know something.
- What do you know?
- I know something.
There is a man... There
is a man they call Ghost.
Ghost. I think it was
an Iranian man said it.
Where are they building the bomb?
I just...
- Where are they building it?
- Took the money.
Where are they building it?
All right, here. Take some
time to think about it.
Ghost. Is that his name?
Why is this guy after you?
Something personal, sir?
They're building a nuke.
Hotel Navona.
- Clean yourself up.
- Wait.
Don't go.
America's president has
ordered the Sixth Fleet
out of the U.S. Naval
base in Naples, Italy.
The Sixth Fleet is now
southwest off the coast...
Let me help you.
No, it's okay. I'm fine.
You're not.
How are you holding up?
I was afraid today.
I thought we were going to die.
Yeah, I'm either always
afraid or never afraid.
I don't know which.
There you go.
Just relax now.
We'll search for Ghost tomorrow.
You scared me.
Who are you?
What do you mean?
You said "Ghost."
What about him?
I never told you that name.
Hurley did.
Yeah, I think you're
full of shit.
- Mitch.
- Who are you?
- Mitch, what's wrong with you?
- Who do you work for?
I'm CIA.
Now don't fucking lie to me!
I'm not lying!
You're Iranian, aren't you?
Get the fuck away from me!
Are you working
with the Iranians?
Tell me the truth.
Tell me the truth!
Go to hell!
You Iranian intelligence?
Are you Iranian intelligence?
What do you know about Ghost?
We're gonna need the
decryption device.
You were right, Mitch.
This Iranian mole is a
tough nut to crack.
All I could get from
her was her handler.
Azad Ashani.
Happens to be a friend of mine.
I'm gonna go pay him a visit.
Okay, I'm going with you.
I need you to stay here.
Kennedy's on her way
with the CIA team
and a Mossad team.
She's gonna ask me
where you went.
What the hell am I
supposed to say?
That's right, she is. And
you're gonna be smart,
and you're gonna keep
your mouth shut,
and you're gonna cover my ass.
I still have it.
Very nice.
I am always happy to
meet you, Stan...
But never happy why.
Well, maybe next time
we'll meet for pizza.
Your girl's tough, by the way.
Go easy on her.
She's my niece.
What have you got for me?
The men behind all this
are General Rostami,
our military chief of staff,
and our defense
minister, Behruz.
Both are very powerful,
and both are very angry about the
nuclear treaty we made with you.
They have been trying to acquire
nuclear materials for
the past two years.
And they are the ones
who hired the mercenary
called Ghost.
Rostami is now in Tehran,
but Behruz is here in Rome.
Annika has been tracking his
movements through his cell phone.
And they're building it here?
I wish I knew.
We have their physicist.
They can't build it without him.
The mercenary asked Behruz
to use one of ours, an Iranian.
Behruz agreed. That was rash.
It means they are in a hurry.
And the target's Israel?
I wish I had better
information for you.
Where the hell is Hurley?
You gotta tell me what's
going on here. Now.
That guy he trained,
who the hell is he?
That's not something you
need to know right now.
What are you covering up?
When you've got a level-5
security clearance
and 20 years'
experience, talk to me.
Until then, shut up
and do your job.
I want her cell phone
decrypted and scanned.
Local PD pulled a body from
the harbor an hour ago.
Gunshot to the chest.
Iranian intelligence
officer, Azad Ashani.
That's the guy
Hurley went to meet.
Stupid son of a bitch!
All right, so what do we
do? We gotta go after him.
There's a fucking
nuke in play, Rapp.
That's the mission,
and the only mission.
This is now a joint
CIA-Mossad operation,
whether we like it or not.
Can you get the
Director on the phone?
So you're just gonna
write him off then?
That's the plan?
Stan Hurley is the closest
thing to family I've got.
And if he were standing
here right now,
his only question would be,
why are we wasting our
breath talking about him?
You're through here.
You're going home,
that's an order.
Now, sit down and shut up.
Why are you helping me?
Your handler Ashani was killed.
Hurley was with him.
Something happened.
I'm going after him.
I need your help.
We gotta go.
I've looked forward to this.
I'm sure you have, Ronnie.
I wanna show you something.
All right.
Savages. Right, Stan?
But you know something?
I don't blame them.
I blame you.
Never would've happened
if you would have
followed orders, Ronnie.
"You go down out there,
you're a ghost."
"You're a John Doe."
"You get captured?"
Oh, you remember.
That's very gratifying.
Thank you.
You made me proud today, Ron.
You should've come for me.
Ten men would've died.
You put 10 men's
lives in danger,
'cause you couldn't
follow a fucking order.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck orders.
- Fuck the mission!
- Fuck you.
This was me. I was your
boy, I believe that.
You made me believe that.
Ashani had their people
tracking Minister Behruz's
secure cell phone.
So, we find Behruz,
we find Hurley.
Oh, yeah, look at that.
Did you learn that in Aleppo?
You always told us
what to expect, Stan.
Now, where's the
rest of your team?
Come on, Ronnie, really?
Don't call me that. Where's
the rest of your team?
Your new boy out
there, he on my tail?
Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie.
There's your first mistake.
You never start with
a real question.
You start slow.
You get inside your
subject's head.
Stan, I'm gonna ask
you one more time.
There's your second
mistake. Number two.
You don't say, "one more
time." You already...
Now, what's that
third mistake, Stan?
Huh? What is it?
Go ahead! Go ahead!
I got nine more! I like this.
I like it. Go
ahead, bring it on!
You motherfucker!
Ronnie wants to know
if I got a team outside.
Right, Ron?
If it's safe to move your bomb.
Are we being followed?
Where's the new me?
I've done my research.
I know all about him.
"The new me..." Oh,
you mean Mitch?
You know, Mitch,
he's unpredictable.
You never know about Mitch.
He might be here,
he might be there.
He's like you, but
you're a real Section 8.
Schizo mom.
Where are they?
- Loser dad.
- Where are they?
Where's the rest of your team?
Half-wit mom, psycho dad...
Where's the rest of your team?
- You're pond scum.
- Where are they?
Pond scum! You're fucking...
I'm sorry about your handler.
Ashani was my uncle.
I'm sure it was Minister Behruz
and General Rostami
who had him killed.
They want nuclear
war with Israel.
We tried to stop them.
My brother and father
both died fighting them.
Corviale. Turn here.
You know what my
real mistake was?
I trusted you.
You made me feel like I
was the Second Coming.
And you acted like my father.
I trusted you and I trusted
the United States Navy.
U.S. of A. Does it, it's
gotta be good. Right, Stan?
nobody told me the business
y'all are really in.
You create monsters.
That's just what you do.
Those people who did this to me,
you think they're barbarians?
Where's the decryption
I asked for?
Rapp grabbed her smartphone
before we could get any of it.
And we can't find him.
Surveillance cameras
picked up Rapp
taking out our agents
five minutes ago.
What the hell are you doing?
There's not a single
thing happening here
that you didn't make happen.
God bless fucking
America, huh, Stan?
I can tell you where Mitch is...
What's that third mistake, Stan?
Mitch... I can't hear you.
Third mistake, never
get too close.
Finish your personal
business here.
Your work is done.
The bomb is armed.
- Timer is set up?
- Yes.
He's playing you.
Bomb's not for
you, it's for him.
It was his plan all along!
Dead zone.
We're not getting
any signals here.
Come on. Come on.
Wait a second.
What are you gonna do with it?
No, Stan.
"What are we gonna
do with it?"
Why are we in Rome, Ronnie?
I like Rome.
It's good food.
Never, ever thought
I'd die in the field.
Ain't it crazy?
I always figured it
would be, I don't know,
some cabin in the
woods with my dog.
I think I want water.
There's just something
peaceful about dying at sea.
All right.
Let's get it over with.
No, you'd like that,
wouldn't you?
I ain't gonna kill you.
You're gonna live to see
the crown of your
creation, Stan.
Thousands of Americans
are gonna burn.
All because of you.
Enjoy the show.
Get ready.
Please help me.
Your family were
very well respected.
They were my friends.
I knew them very well.
Please I beg you.
We've got an explosion detected.
A half click off the
Fiumicino waterways.
It's underground.
- Delta One, go!
- Let's go.
Get a chopper out there.
You're not supposed
to be here, Rapp.
Yeah, what are you
gonna do, fire me?
There's another passage down
there. He's got the nuke.
You gonna be good?
Go. Go!
Put the gun down.
Or she's dead.
I want to see my family, Mitch.
No, Annika, you don't.
I want to see my family.
Come on, Mitch. Be nice.
She wants to live.
She wants to see her family.
Put the gun down.
The bomb can't be stopped.
Just like you couldn't stop
that beautiful girl from
dying on the beach.
The bomb's on a boat.
How do you know?
Ronnie wanted to die at sea.
Is the Sixth Fleet
out on maneuvers?
Oh, my God.
Bring up ISR feeds.
Get me eyes in the sky
over the coastline
and put the Sixth Fleet
on nuclear alert.
The target is the Sixth Fleet
and it's 25 miles offshore.
It's a shame.
The last thing your girl saw
was you not saving her.
General quarters.
All hands, man your stations.
This is not a drill. I
repeat, this is not a drill.
Inbound, small vessel-borne
nuclear device.
Man decon stations.
Didn't Hurley teach you anything,
little brother?
To never make it personal.
This isn't personal.
The bomb has a timer
and a release trigger.
We take out his boat,
it'll detonate.
If it goes off above
the waterline...
There'll be fallout
all over the mainland.
USS Flynn... Prepare to engage.
The boat is turning, sir.
Who's driving that boat?
- Sir?
- Go!
What are you doing? Hurley.
Trying to get our boy to
throw the bomb in the water.
Flynn, you are clear
to fire when ready.
Do not fire, Commander.
The boat is turning.
If we don't engage, that
guarantees detonation.
I understand there's a risk,
but this is the best
chance we've got.
Shit! God damn it!
There he is.
Get me on that boat's
marine bandwidth.
Can you hear me?
Pick up the radio!
Throw the bomb overboard!
No way, sir, I gotta get
further away from the fleet!
For once in your life,
take a goddamn order!
The Sixth Fleet is about
to blow you to hell!
Command, Delta Two, the
bomb's in the water.
Commander, hold your fire!
The bomb's in the water.
Flynn, hold fire!
Hold fire!
Got less than 30 seconds.
All right, go! Get outta here!
Brace for impact.
Sir, yes, sir!
Holy shit.
Hold on!
You shouldn't have come for me.
Don't get used to it, son.
Looks like we're gonna
be all right up here.
I think.
Damage control
central. Report.
Pressure is normalizing.
We have multiple hull breaches.
Radiologicals, Eisenhower?
Low... Low levels.
Initiating countermeasure
Commander, any casualties?
The Flynn took some
serious damage.
The casualty reports
aren't in yet,
but if it had gone off above the waterline,
I don't think we'd be here.
my prayers are with you all.
Hurley, is Rapp there?
Hold on a minute.
Yeah, go ahead.
You okay, Mitch?
Oh, yeah. I'm fantastic.
You saved a lot of lives today.
Took some losses, too.
What the hell are
you looking at?
You look like a mummy.
A mummy doesn't have
to write up reports.
Dictate them. You
should be good at that.
Iranian official,
General Rostami,
the leader of the minority
opposition in Tehran,
claims that he has proof
that a secret group
of assassins within
America's CIA
are responsible for last
week's nuclear event.
With the Iranian
presidential election
just two weeks away,
General Rostami continues
to rise in popularity.
They say General Rostami is
gonna be the next
President of Iran.
He didn't even have to blow
up Israel to get there.
He's gonna be a major
pain in the ass, too.
Where's Rapp? I
can't reach him.
How the hell do I
know where Rapp is?
I'm a mummy in a hospital.
Rostami has full support
for restarting.
Iran's nuclear program.