American Battleship (2012) Movie Script

According to the U.S. Department of Defense is what you will see now, it never happened.
USS Enterprise aircraft fleet,
320 km off the coast of North Korea.
Prairie Home,
Flight Shelter.
Prairie Home Air Shelter,
Flight Shelter, Prairie Home here, arrived.
Residential Air here,
start patrolling the area.
1,400, nominal status, there is no surface contact or air-
. Dive to 10,000.
Hot Dog, are you there? So you Yanks
night? Rivera did it again.
Prairie Home Air Shelter.
Severe error here. Instrumentation and power died.
Prairie Home, do you hear me?
Emergency. Everything is dead.
Mayday, mayday, mayday.
Here is Alpha Bravo 200
I fell.
Sir! I have lost contact with Flight
Prairie Home, here is Watchbird.
Emergency. The engine was dead. I fell.
And Watchbird.
All hands to battle stations!
- Major.
- General, we have tried to call.
I do not have your cell phone, when I run
. What do you want?
Pacific Command had lost contact with
Enterprise Group.
- Located they do not come out of Korea?
- Yes, sir, you have to Military Management.
Get someone to take my clothes off.
We are running.
USS Iowa around the world farewell.
Port of Inchon, South Korea.
- One day, Admiral.
- Yes, a beautiful day, Captain.
I have tried to get back at sea for 40 years.
And be here now, in
Iowa last trip.
- 40 years?
- It's amazing.
I have to draw a lot of threads to get this job.
they send me back to the old sailor.
You have 20 years of you, Winston.
Do you want to retire?
Hard to imagine leaving Iowa.
To keep his command has become one of the biggest in my life.
And now he has to the museum.
Dr Flynn, it goes well with the signs.
Tough choices. Go to the star, perhaps
port on the back table.
Or dare to dream of another life outside the Navy.
- Welcome to the ship, Admiral.
- Thank you, Lieutenant. First woman.
Heaven, the fleet has changed.
Lt. Bradley intelligence officials. Just arrived.
I give him a ride to the next task.
Okay, folks. Now the end of
celebration, so the job calls.
The ship must be returned to the second
World War I, before we get to San Pedro.
Do you see anything built after 1945...
So that it passes.
Dr. Flynn? Should we be ready,
before we get to San Pedro?
Yes. The Navy pays all of it here, Jane
. This museum stands for everything.
We should be ready when we arrived.
Then they can start earning money.
- Seems a bit...
- Yes, but it looks like it.
We get at least a good sail.
- Are you married?
- Never married, never divorced.
- When you say, it's a difficult choice.
- You can think of the way.
Winston, why do not you sweat?
Admiral, a Captain
Do not ever sweat in front of his crew.
Captain! All the moorings were cast.
We are ready to navigate.
Well, mr. Bryant.
Notes in book entry,
Kps Great last trip had begun.
- Before we get out.
- Yes, Mr. Captain.
Captain, Pacific Fleet command
assert our departure.
Inquiry which we have contact with a power
Do Pacific Fleet command lost contact with the USS Enterprise?
I also tried.
Contact Satellite confirmed. Everything is fine here.
- However, Enterprise does not answer.
- Try again. Let me stay informed.
Wexler And, you do not surf anymore,
looking haircut.
Captain, we get
danger signals from islands Daecheong.
Let me hear.
Mayday! Mayday!
He said: "We are being attacked by the ship-based missile
"There is no sign..."
That's it.
Tell Pacific Fleet command.
Let's say that we are sailing against Daecheong -
- for control of the situation.
The answer that we keep our course. And asked him the power of Business
Still no response from the Enterprise,
either digital or voice.
Skipper, is the captain.
Change the path to Daecheong, full speed.
Tell commands.
Responsive company. We fight Daecheong.
- At the captain's responsibility.
- We are practically unarmed.
Rawlins Sergeant !
Should not you concentrate on the task?
I may be concentrating on other things.
They will not pay for
looking for women, sailors.
Even to maintain a floating museum, sir.
Sixth group gets all the credit.
What are we doing here?
We changed direction. Be careful,
what you want you, Donald.
Fair Ship!
All hands to battle stations!
High Officers to the bridge!
Dr. Flynn to the bridge, thank you!
Suppose Condition Zebra.
Clear ship!
Until we know more, I asked the dr.
Flynn museum set conversion.
The Great stick might get one last task.
- We hope it comes to communication.
- Pak, North Korea has...
I understand that it works as
festive cruise.
They are new,
so I take it quietly.
We are warships, not
naval intelligence think-tank.
And the crew of a tradition of allowing
captain speaking.
- Yes, sir.
- Excellent.
What has the intelligence to us?
Sir, North Korea
expanded its military exercises last week.
Marin activity also increased and the area has been debated Daecheong
This is one of Korea
island closest to the North.
- We might go to a keg of gunpowder.
- Yes, sir.
New things from Daecheong or Enterprise?
No, sir.
Commander of Juarez, I assume, that our
SEAL team ready?
- Always, sir.
- Admiral Hollins!
Can I change a word.
- Step off.
- To your battle stations!
Captain, the ship was not battle skilled
. This is a museum.
- Announce that our fleet is sailing home.
- Sir, management does not have any contact with...
Lookout reports that the island is in sight.
Bridge, incoming missiles!
Arms Control ! Enable Phalanx!
What is the ship?
- They're coming through!
- Switch to high-frequency homing.
This is close.
Bridge, it was demonstrated DPRK SSN2A
standard anti-ship missiles.
Weapons Officer, two Harpoon missiles,
walking in the middle of the ship.
- Bearing 315
- Harpoonerne online.
Winston, you are starting a war.
You can not shoot against North Korea without permission
They do an act of war.
Radarlsning missing.
Radar, sonar, thermal search,
find craft!
Bro, it just disappeared.
I'm sorry, Captain.
We have reports that China develop active camouflage.
We may have seen the first field tests.
If China gave it to North Korea,
they denied involvement.
This does not just disappear from the radar.
Are the Chinese people developed a holster?
It is possible, sir.
Weapons Officer,
12.7 cm guns right to the last position.
Fire ointment.
Sailor, give me the Pentagon.
- Where do I 12.7-inch guns?
- They are not manned. The focus now.
Iowa is not a museum yet.
Do your duty.
- We are short for battle.
- Weapons ready, sir.
- Lookout, the ship can be seen?
- Each force is taken away, too.
Wexler, informed basis in Inchon.
If Satcom does not work, try with
SSB radio.
- Sort of EMP?
- Definitely.
All PCB fire.
I will send people down to the Spare Parts -
- but now we can not even communicate
on the ship.
Including cannons.
We are an easy prey.
Send a runner with a weapon,
Fire ointment.
- Captain!
- Not now, Doctor.
- Telephone system works.
- What?
We reinstalled the sound-powered telephone system
the first.
You can call the troops a cannon, machine
virtually anywhere on the board.
Thank you, Doctor.
Lookout, here's the captain.
This is the captain.
Check surface disturbance.
As the waves without a boat.
Yes, sir.
Bridge, looking here. Possible contacts.
Bearing 38 degrees, 4,500 meters.
- On our way out into the Pacific.
- Rudder 352 alone, at full speed.
The delay in order!
Captain, we should not help the island and warn
stealth fleet?
We are not battle-ready.
This is a museum, not warships.
Do USS Iowa.
Most powerful warships ever, sir.
Sorry, sir, but the boat could
attacking our forces without warning.
Maybe it Enterprise.
This is a threat to U.S. security.
And it slip away now.
If we lose the wake of view,
, we thought it might never again.
Are you going to deny
I do command. Otherwise, I follow after that.
I'll find out who sent it
and what it does.
I do not immediately. Captain!
If you do it here, and it's not right,
may be the end of your career.
Do not you understand, what the ship
Korean, Chinese. Did they do anything,
wrong, it affects us all.
Skipper! Flew only,
full speed. Anyone can get the radio going?
Weapons Officer, prepares a weapon to spread the ointment
12.7 cm, in our course.
Captain, set
udkigger some overcome if the technology fails.
If we can not frame it,
maybe we can speed it up.
With any luck we
spray water on the hull, so that we can see it.
Here is Gangneungs air base.
We are under attack. Missiles fired from the sea.
Radar eliminated.
We are sending fighters to the top. Hear Us?
Naval Operations, this
helicopter Whiskey 35, Jinhaes naval attack.
With a strong fire. Severe damage to the property
U.S. and Korea.
Tower of Gangneung, Raptor
We were in the first place. There was no sign...
Wait! Possible targets up to the surface.
Missiles fired! There are locked on us!
- Raptor 2! Evasive maneuvers!
- Raptor both vertically Up.
It spurred me still.
The enemy is stealth surface ship.
- It fired a missile and disappear.
- Raptor 2, my orbit.
- Trying to coax from your tail.
- I can not forget it!
It is closer to 2,000 km / h!
I have it in sight! Fire the cannon!
Tower of Gangneung, I've lost the first Raptor
enemy ship is lost.
Waiting! I have lost all the electronics!
- Attention on deck!
- Pipe.
Sir, there's still no contact with the Enterprise Group crafts
and report missile attacks in three locations in South Korea.
A military, two civilian.
Madness. North Korea does not have
delete an entire carrier group.
- Something from our allies or NATO?
- No, sir. However, the night in Europe.
And the buds on the Korean ?
As I do not know.
They can not confirm anything.
They lost contact with reconnaissance aircraft.
The first place is full of
Daecheong island. On the border with North Korea.
- Iowa will investigate.
- Iowa?
He is the museum.
What do they report?
- We're getting a response, sir.
- Earn.
Alert at the base
8 Jagereskadrille Kunsan.
Send signalfly up with the convoy.
Find out what happened.
Damn Korea.
Do not they know that the world held their breath,
when they shoot each other?
General, here is the leader
naval base at Kunsan South Korea.
Pentagon, this is Jinhae Station.
We were attacked by a ship-based missiles.
All planes, we send,
loss of engine power at the shoreline.
- We got the warning.
- Captain?
- Captain?
- They do not send anymore, sir.
Getting a Head in Jinhae naval base.
Contact No, sir.
Contact USS Iowa, South Korea.
Major, puts us in a DEFCON 3 alert.
And self-defense.
Hold your fire!
We have too little ammunition to continue.
- Bad news?
- Captain.
Chief Engineer Thomas said that all electrical systems on board
have been eliminated.
Include communications, radar
and all computer-controlled weapons.
All integrated circuits on board the burning, including the forrdene.
We can only sail and sour, because Iowa is so old
that the system is mechanical and not electronic.
Be glad that we did not
on a nuclear submarine, sir.
Juarez commander here.
He has a plan for SEAL operations.
Take over for me.
Keep up with.
- They do not respond to the fire.
- You will not reveal their position.
As long as they are hidden, we clear our
source, and they can shoot at will.
We may need to restrict the game, sir,
in place to bet everything.
- Have a plan Juarez?
- We conduct our fight well.
Low in, the water faster than they can.
We see the water, a little squirt of their stomach.
- We're the border and take over their ship.
- I became an easy prey.
A small group with a RIB-boat?
All benefits and a smaller target.
Fair. Prepare your people.
Prepare for battle. On my order.
- Flynn, you have to stop working?
- They will be glad that I kept.
Dr Flynn They were civil, but
if you do not show respect for the military -
- for my crew,
I can not have you on the bridge.
I'm sorry, Captain.
But you are satisfied.
This is a short wave radio from 1944.
If mr. Wexler could give me a 12 volt
stream and connection to the top of the pole -
- I think that you can make contact with
... whom you now have to talk to.
- Why not burn it?
- Not having an integrated circuit.
Just solder in vacuum tubes.
We have restored -
- but not armed,
EMP as stricken.
Excellent, Doctor.
Mr. Wexler!
Give the doctor what to use.
I think I can be very helpful,
if you give me permission... Pak.
We do not salute indoors
... Physician.
General McKraken, I have to tell the president of
. What happened?
We received a report from the USS Iowa that Daecheong Island in South Korea -
- Is attacked, probably from the north.
We have some confirmation of a missile attack on South Korea -
- and we have lost contact with
Iowa and all of our coastal base in Korea.
And satellite photos show the rubble, where
Enterprise Group finally finds himself.
- How is it possible?
- Frankly we do not know.
They spent probably electromagnetic pulse weapons and missiles usual.
View of the place, I think
enemy at sea, ships or submarines.
What is our military system is not protected against electromagnetic pulses
Is an EMP does not cover a large area, not a specific goal?
And it does not need nuclear to make an EMP?
I guess you do not ignore the fact that North Korea has exploded a nuclear weapon
, General?
Give me a fucking answer!
Command the Pacific Fleet, Pearl Harbor
, here is the USS Iowa.
Captain, Pearl does not work, they have probably a
We achieved a military command, but
did not speak to us without your ID code.
They might not be familiar with the report
open channel that has been idle for 50 years.
National Military Command,
here is Iowa. Do you hear me?
Iowa, be prepared to confirm the identity of the tag
on my signal.
Yes, Mr. President, I agree.
Thank you, sir.
The president has demanded that North Korea attacks
set -
- or face retaliation.
North Korea claims to innocence.
And China's ambassador has told us that if we attacked
their allies -
- China will be forced to respond.
I do not expect a third World War I,
when I woke up this morning.
A stealth ship with EMP weapons.
- What can it do for us?
- That's what worries me.
Military systems are guaranteed against EMP
normal, but not this one.
So far only used on water
, so the range may be limited.
But almost all of our guns
depend on an integrated circuit.
Fly, submarines, even
Hummer cars.
Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles ?
- Yes, sir. Even those.
With the Captain Winston is a ship in
the way to Pearl Harbor or California.
I suggest a backup plan.
We can send some of the B2-fly -
- nuclear-
different directions.
Group A can fly over the North Pole.
You will end up land or ice to North Korea or China.
I do not believe that we've talked about it
Okay, General, was approved.
But beordr Captain
Winston to take the ship in every way.
We need to confirm their nationality, hell breaks loose
Put us in the second DEFCON
All of the units.
Here is the captain.
I just got confirmation that all abolished
Enterprise Group.
All aircraft and ships were sent out -
- placed hors de combat for the same
anti-gun electronics.
North Korea denies involvement,
but now our prime suspect.
This stealth ship, which we pursue;
may only lead us.
We're going to find it.
And we must stop it -
international tensions increased in even more.
Currently we have the best chance to prevent total war
I know that none of you
battle awaited on this trip.
But I'm sure Iowa remains
is one of the best naval vessels.
And it is the best crew.
We must do our duty.
We should do our best.
We must not fail.
That's it.
Tell Captain Juarez,
that the mission will be conducted.
- Send it to me Lieutenant Bradley.
- Yes, sir.
- Reporting according to the order, Captain.
- What do you have for me?
- Pak?
- All this does not feel right.
- Yes, sir.
- Although Korea has such a weapon...
... They will not think
that they can win.
- President Kim may not be that crazy?
- He was really mad, sir.
But I do not think North Korea wants
phantom rowboat -
- if it does not have
China designed and built for them.
So they move?
I think they will end their loans
and take us without a fight.
If not China,
, it does look like it.
- I hope I can get the video.
- Video?
A dozen camcorder
start running when you book the boat ready.
A modern ship that has been recording everything on the hard drive.
- And they are gone now.
- Yes. However, Iowa, an old VHS only.
If I can find a working players.
video from the ship before it disappeared, I could probably get an answer.
Discover dr. Flynn and hear whether he has the players
powered by a rubber strap.
Yes, sir.
I think we'll get more time.
It's supposed to be traveling pleasure.
You are not soft, says you
can not live if something happened to me?
- If you do, old man?
- It's called "the old man, sir."
It takes more than 3 World
to get me away from you... Pak.
Listen .
Since we used a toy is broken,
, we have to craft them here.
Destroyed but a wetsuit, Johnson?
Commander of Juarez,
I find a real camera.
I only have one roll of film,
so you have 36 images.
Unable to capture the ship, so that the shank
Lieutenant, I would give something to the front page
Something I will give night vision too little.
We are their last known price.
Keep your eyes open.
They are here somewhere.
This is it!
Bridge, looking. Boats lost, sir.
There is no sign.
Captain, permission for a rescue mission
- No one should go, sir.
- We can not risk the whole team.
We are waiting for better opportunities.
Step lieutenant.
Yes, sir.
We were lucky. Dr Flynn
people do not have time to put the camera up.
The first picture is when we approached our
. They had just fired on the island.
You can see a strange angle that
should attenuate the radar. No crane -
- no fences, no tower.
Looks like a stealth ship, our fleet is developed.
But we could not make it invisible.
This is fantastic.
But this panel could have come from North Korea
Najin class frigates.
And this from China Luda class destroyer.
Almost as if the ship was built the screen
Even more strange.
The next picture is when they fired two missiles
, and the third, when they leave.
I think they should be seen by a firearm.
It sounds reasonable. They disappeared
to avoid the target.
I would like to see the video for more secure -
- but I think that
the whole ship is covered by the LCD panel.
This project an image of, the environment that seems to disappear.
- Weapons that destroy electronics?
- The last type of EMP.
But it has a specific target was clearly focused.
So eliminate what it is,
and leave the rest?
Yes, but its scope should be brief.
Only targets in and around the affected water.
- Satellite we have done.
- Big Sticks are still struggling.
But if it is Chinese, and they have the advantage
first would order a strike with nuclear weapons.
nuclear bomb us.
- Could it be that China is so far ahead?
- I would say no, but...
However, there is.
Do not worry.
I'm not going to let the World
start on my watch.
We need to find the ship.
Be focused!
We have to do here at the sensation.
For three, take the other side.
O'Neil came to me.
There should be a hatch somewhere.
There should be a power source with high energy
a leak from a hatch.
Perhaps the nuclear-powered.
We just need to go. Crowbar!
It disappears when we reverse.
- To hell with stealth. C4.
- Gone, C4, crowbars, grenades.
Korean is difficult architect.
Unlike Korean ship.
I have never seen anything like this.
Drop conversation! Standard Formation.
Moore. Lots of pictures.
We're slipping.
This is not Korea, or China
Do not!
Let it go!
- Of course we feel here?
- No, but I have been digging for weeks...
... And it's like archeology, the longer the
down, the older equipment, I find.
A video player with no integrated circuits
old enough.
But on the machine?
I have found things in strange places
, Lieutenant.
- Caroline.
- What?
- You are a civilian. Call me Caroline.
- Captain taught me about the rules.
Yes. How did he.
To see the likes of sailors not
- sometimes makes it easier for him
to take difficult decisions.
He thought that he might not have
to take tough decisions in this way.
- Just...
- What?
Please call me Caroline.
Nice to hear my name and then.
- Yes. You can call me dr. Flynn.
- Well...
- I'm joking. Julia.
- Be careful, Julia.
- Thank you.
- See...
In the strangest places.
The reason the building is unknown,
but the tension on the peninsula -
- and in China came to the
in the final hour.
Pentagon declined to comment.
Matthew Valentine reported.
We can not lull to
Korean panic.
Seoul and asked why we do not defend them.
Everything we've shipped, lost or downed power
There should be more stealth ship out there.
The President will remove Korean,
if the attacks did not stop.
They still deny everything.
Chinese and say that we find in -
- for reasons to attack
What worries me is that I
can not see what they expect.
They should know that what they do,
provoke a response.
It is done. B2 bombers to bomb nuclear
Where are they now?
Jump to the East and West,
across the Atlantic and Pacific.
The way it flew north over the ground, but not above the North Pole.
Korean, my ass!
It's fucking Mars!
Captain, I'm probably crazy, but I think the monster
A kind of short... As "You are here."
Look, we've gone here.
Every time we get
intersection, they change.
It was like hell,
right candidate.
Like the way to get there.
Maybe the bridge. Or
important things. Maybe we can turn it off.
Abort! We go that way.
Rawlins, beware!
This is the dead venus.
- Caution, Rawlins.
- No buttons. There are no triggers.
Come on! We're slipping!
During the North Pacific.
Over the North Atlantic.
Total system collapse.
Can not stay the course.
More than Canadians.
- They are the only one, sir.
- Okay.
B2 Two groups that fall.
In the Arctic is still on track.
Who the hell do they think
that they make a song with?
President will have a plan to attack North Korea
in one hour.
Last Ball!
By the hatch!
- How long will it take?
- Almost done.
- Unbelievable that you find something so old.
- Stone? Next week, the smoke out.
No video is less than 2 World War II.
Julia, how one of your age
expert on ancient warship?
My grandfather served in Iowa.
During the battles in the Marshall Islands.
He helped to bombard Guam.
When I was a kid, we build the model.
How did intelligence specialist in the Navy?
I like to solve mysteries. Looking
My main subject is political science.
The Navy brought me right after college.
I think we have something.
Winston, why do I not hear the gun
? We must destroy the ship.
The president has sent B2'ere with nuclear
weapons, and China will attack...
... If we defend South Korea.
Admiral, there is nothing strange?
We do not have them visible.
Just a glimpse of what we believe to be behind them.
You can shoot at us,
but it did not.
It may be their only missiles,
and now they are afraid. We must act.
- I think it's something else, sir.
- I hope you know what you are doing.
Captain, do you ombestemt you
the rescue mission?
Suarez is one, the hardest bastard I know. Depreciation him.
- Rescue Inge.
- But sir...
Lieutenant, you have to prepare people in an attack on your
- A raid?
- We provide the support we can.
We will be ready, sir.
I'm out!
- Morning, Captain.
- Report.
- We're almost done, sir.
- Let me see.
It should be tracking.
- This is everything.
- None.
This should be seen by
missile fire, but we know it.
I rose to analyze it.
I wish I had a computer.
Good job. All together.
It's not your fault that does not exist.
Naval Base North Korea Haeju
The unprovoked attack the U.S. again
- revealed his plans for world domination.
North Korea will not tolerate acts of war.
It would be out of control.
Pentagon says we do not attack the base
. If we do it...
Who did it?
If the ship is not much of North Korea.
Lookouts, bridge.
Report all contacts.
There is no contact now, Captain.
Possible disruption in water.
Pads 352, about 1,800 meters.
- Is 12.7 cm guns ready?
- Yes, sir.
SEAL group... Move!
Weapons Officer, 12.7 cm, mirroring
352 degrees, a distance of 1,800 meters.
Fire ointment.
There! Shot toward the goal!
Bulletproof Shoot!
Incoming missiles!
We did it!
Winston, we do it.
Helmsman, astern at full speed.
Prepare to launch the boat.
Weapons Officer, a good shot.
Do gloves.
You do.
- Is not enough.
- What?
Not enough ruins. The oldest submarine
trick. I jumped at it.
- And now they got away.
- Look! Carcass!
- What happened to them?
- Rawlins, Moore, Juarez.
I'm sorry, Lieutenant.
He lives! Fits sick!
- How he, dr. Billman?
- He does not have to live.
Burned 95% of the body such radiation damage.
I've never seen anything like this.
He received morphine, but it is faster.
- Can I talk to him?
- They can try, sir, but he's a fairy tale.
- It will not connect?
- This will not help.
- Juarez, what happens?
- Men Mars!
Domingo... what happened?
- Cavern.
- Cavern?
In a cave.
Commander, what happens?
Space... alien.
Are you an alien?
They just got worse.
Physician... What is it?
He had cut himself to save it.
Navy SEAL.
Do I have to tell the U.S. president,
that the ships are on the hunt -
is not North Korea or China, but from space?
Minister does not know me, but the General
McKraken can vouch for me.
I think he would say that I was a little
See, Captain, I have no doubt your word
. But it may be bluffing?
I thought until now.
But this can not be understood.
Why did
Korea, or China, such an attack? Think about it, sir.
If you will take over the world, why launch an invasion of
Just get us to blow each other to pieces
Okay, Captain. I would like to speak with the president
. I'll be back.
Find the boat while!
Little green men?
Sir, what will they
atom bombed the planet?
They may have radiation. Who knows,
what environment they come from?
Do conjecture.
World Third will come, and no one knows why.
We need to find the ship and prove it here.
Lookouts, bridge.
Report all contacts.
There is no contact now, Captain.
But sir...
- Cont.
- I can not believe it, captain.
I'm looking all the time in the field of ruins.
I do not think a ship invisible -
Could get away without it for destruction. So I see it.
- I have seen something.
- I hope you're right, sailor.
Fate of the entire world depends on it.
Weapons Officer, an ointment with a weapon
12.7 cm -
test of 270 degrees to 90 degrees, with 9,000 yards -.
When you're ready.
Go down!
- Target: firing missiles!
- Wait! Fire extinguishers ready!
Bridge, we are surrounded!
Maximum Speed!
Get us out of here!
Captain, Defense
on shortwave radio.
- Minister, we were attacked!
- Help is coming, Captain.
The president believes that we can not risk getting into the bombers
- until we are safe. If the weapon is
Korea or China -
-, We have to attack them first, before they attack our troops out of
If you want to avoid
Third World must take an alien ship.
We're working on it, sir.
What helps you send?
Force aircraft carrier,
with all the aircraft that we could find.
- They are rendered harmless by EMP weapons.
- Players, Captain.
They have been working around the clock in the Pearl.
Ships from the mothball fleet -
and the plane of each museum and theater on the West Coast Air.
There is no single integrated circuit in the entire fleet. Cavalry is coming.
Julia, come!
- We're in trouble.
- Quiet. The vessel can withstand a lot.
Operator lowers modern aircraft.
This ship is 75 years old!
our modern fleet of high-tech weapons.
They were not found during both World War II.
Iowa is
armored ship most difficult ever.
If al-Qaida has struck Iowa,
they've just scratched the paint.
The Japanese hit him twice,
when my grandfather was on board -
- but he went through
hurricane damage.
We are fine as long as they do not use their energy
I hope so.
- It's just a missile platform.
- It drones.
Take some pictures,
then we blow it.
We blow up the screws and pull into Iowa.
Back to the small boat!
Fire you!
They are out of range for
12.7 cm, sir.
We ran out of fuel. Bro
, contact the military establishment.
- Where does the cavalry?
- Radio is still flawed, sir.
Wexler and Flynn are working on it,
but they may not have all the parts.
Most of the fires extinguished, repairs
start everywhere.
- Driving and the maneuvers are affected.
- I hope you have good news, Bradley.
Stealth ship, we had climbed,
less than the first. And completely automated.
- Only a stealth missile platform.
- An unmanned aircraft.
These maps show the whole picture at
fleet of aircraft -
- at key locations around the world.
They may be disguised as a ship of war.
firing EMP weapons and try to provoke a war.
Is this good news?
first go up instead of drones. Control can rest.
- Destroy, then we destroy the plane.
- Sin, we do not have them against EMP
Captain, we probably can not fix
radio again.
But the fleet may have
communication with...
A question of time, Doctor.
Both sides suspect each other.
And believe that the best defense is to attack first.
Cold War nightmare again reversed.
- That's what they think.
- We have to stop the ship.
No lowered and the flies with nuclear weapons.
Weapons Officer?
Can be used Harpoon missiles while their brains were burned?
No, sir, it is impossible to goals.
And they can not fly straight.
They're out there somewhere. On the run.
We need arms run-and-shoot.
With a longer range and striking power.
There is a reason,
that he called the "big stick".
We may not have a list of places.
has not fired a weapon in more than 20 years.
manufactured grenades do not even have them anymore.
Dr Flynn, this is the most difficult gunboats
no history of it?
And the people you want it
restored when we arrived at the port?
And my weapons officer said there were no shells in the magazine
Dr Flynn grenade 40.6 cm on the board?
Yes, sir. There.
- Weapons Officer.
- Yes, sir.
Prepare to fire the big guns.
Minister B2'erne across the North Pole right now.
Before long, we know
enemy can hit them with the EMP.
- What is happening in the Pacific?
- Iowa Navy meet in a few hours.
- Nothing new from Captain Winston.
- A six-hour attack on the decision?
For the first time in my life is my
glad that I'm not the president.
- 8309?
- No, not that one.
- 8310?
- No. Next.
- 8311?
- Yes! Try it.
Five next box should be the same.
Okay. Dangerous goods.
We do not have to blow ourselves before the Klingons do.
- They will talk to me?
- Lieutenant, I think we have something...
... That work against energy weapons.
- This matches lined with tin.
- Do I have to play the tin?
- They have to survive.
- Have you ever seen a weapon being fired?
- No. Do you?
Yes. In the first Gulf War.
I want to ship New Jersey. Right from the academy.
They sound like the thunder of God.
But the ship was to be pushed to the side... It is a myth.
Only the gun pressure waves, which act against the water
I do not know.
I returned to my job.
To be sure. Evacuate the foredeck,
all but one gun.
Yes, sir captain.
We're certainly not on our
secret so well as we thought.
Well, my first officer. Here is
is not much that he did not know.
But let's keep the old
of Hollis, the voyage ended.
If we achieve.
I want to marry you.
Though I have to fight to-3
World War I, female alien -
- or caring for museum staff...
What are the.
- Understanding the lieutenant?
- Yes, sir.
- Lieutenant?
- Pak?
Do you have something to report?
If B2'erne not shot down,
they can nuke China and North Korea -
- about six hours.
- Weapons Officer, the main artillery?
- Approximately ten minutes, sir.
We do not have ten minutes.
12.7 cm gun fire. The skipper, out of it now.
Captain, two reports ildafbrydelse tower,
they are working to fix it.
- Now comes the cavalry.
- Yes!
Now they must prove.
Captain, the
main artillery manned and ready!
The goal is the last enemy and...
bombs reached their initial position.
Every second of delay increases the risk of
that the Chinese see them.
I think a phone conversation that does not mean I have to make.
Alter Defense.
Ask me for president.
Mr. President, the time is right.
Damn, Alter, I'm not ready to loose Armageddon
Let's say that the bomb had to wait
and find a way to contact in Iowa.
Do not lose my battleships.
Slide head artillery!
Main Artillery, guys!
The goal Jump!
- Julia, you are not trained to fight!
- This is my grenade!
You will be killed.
I want to be on this ship,
since I was five, I'll help!
What is it?
- Where do they come?
- General, NORAD reports a new destination...
... China is believed to
prototype stealth. Just found.
When the west coast about two hours.
Bro! We have the ammunition back to 50%.
Weapons Officer,
let kanonrr all and wait.
A man kanonrr right on target.
23 degrees, the distance away.
We will catch them, not destroy them,
we have proof.
Captain, artillery major use of
50% of the ammunition.
Fully fit!
There are a few.
- Send a group of SEALs to go!
- Captain, there's more!
They are the coordinates of a target shooting!
No! Wait!
Sick Fits!
Fire on the front deck!
All hands to damage control stations!
Fire on the front deck !
All hands to damage control stations!
Move, Caroline!
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
What am I looking at? Here, nothing happens!
Return to your posts!
- Can you move your legs?
- Sick Fits, here!
Mr. President, we can not wait any longer
- Nothing new from Iowa or blue?
- No, sir.
We must assume that he failed
Captain Winston.
Our plan can be found every
seconds. And China is six hours away.
God help us.
Minister Alter, Authorization:
Victor, Zulu, Alpha Romeo.
Put us in the first DEFCON
Starting bomb approach.
I hit!
It penetrates!
20 minutes.
Captain! Contact Air!
- Some of the alien?
- China.
Weapons Officer,
small craft is the goal.
Main Artillery, the lowest elevation.
When you're ready.
This is the last of the enemy plane, sir.
Tell them that this is the last.
Captain, the Chinese still
plane to California.
- Got their usage fee?
- The SEALS have to destroy it.
Wexler, give me the Pentagon,
other third start of World War II.
I think I have it.
Back to boats!
Two, take it there.
Captain Winston, President
came on the phone.
Captain Winston?
Mr. President, we have taken the alien ship
- we have destroyed the plane,
, and we have evidence, sir.
- But you can not send me proof?
- No, sir. We can not do.
Sir, you have to believe in my words, not
vessels Korea or China -
- they're not from Earth.
Discharge into the attack.
Captain, I will order and wait for the bomb to
call to China.
But without proof, it will be
difficult to get them to stop the plane.
The ship is the destination!
Artillery fire chief!
It changed everything.
This is definitely a little radioactive.
We take care of us, but we have to isolate
remain until they can be examined.
So they try to make our small planet
to nuke us.
- It's not hot enough for them.
- There are some soldiers on board.
- If they nuke the whole planet?
- They might be spies.
team sent to prepare the planet for colonization.
- It can be shown forget now.
- This is an outstanding opportunity...
We saved the world.
You are very good.
- Thank you.
- For what?
Because I have seen,
what a real sailor to do.
- What do you think about your trip?
- I will retire in Iowa...
... So far from
, the sea I can.
A year later
Are you ready for the big
indvielsestur, mr. Winston?
I am determined, mrs. Winston.
Or should I call you Commander?
My name is fine.
I have waited long enough that you can say it.
Sad because they are filled with cement.
It would be sad,
if it's true.
- Admiral.
- No, only mr.
- I am retired.
- As Iowa.
But the old sailors run well
had to retire in earnest?
Navy has some desire.
Weapon useless.
Everything still works.
This generates even more grenades 40.6 cm.
For historical accuracy,
, of course.
I am glad that the old girl still has a big stick.
I? I've done
me for king and country.
- If you say it.
- Oh no, I said it.
- But I'm still wondering.
- Really? On what?
About the aliens send an alarm before you destroy them.
U.S.S. Return
current Iowa -
- for
soon become a museum in San Pedro, California.
In 2006, Congress passed the
"The National Forsvarslov" -
- demanding that the Iowa class battleships to be maintained and continue
standby in case needed.
Congress has ordered that the following should be done to make sure -
- for Iowa if necessary,
back in active service:
1: Iowa can not be changed, so that
reduced its military capabilities.
2: Battleship
must be maintained in its current condition.
3: Spare parts and unique equipment such as pistol
40.6 cm tubes and shells -
will be held in sufficient quantities to Iowa can be reactivated.
4: Navy must prepare plans for rapid reactivation
- for Iowa, where he will be returned
in service in an emergency.