American Bomber (2013) Movie Script

This is from when he was
a cub scout.
All the kids loved him.
And he looked so smart
in his uniform.
Ironed it himself every
Wednesday before school.
Because he'd have scouts after.
He must have looked so fine.
Like a saphire
shining in the classroom.
We moved around a lot.
He never seemed to mind.
Made friends quick.
Always has.
Certain people, special people
are like that.
They have a way of just
attracting people to them.
John Hidell? Yeah.
Yeah, I vaguely remember him.
We went to school like 7th,
8th grade.
Most miserable kid I can
But he wasn't there
the whole year
He'd get into fights.
That's kinda the way it goes.
In gym class.
He'd be covered in bruises,
My friends did it.
He also had cigarette burns.
I don't know how he got those.
This is when we were
living with Phil.
JJ and him used to
get along so well.
I thought Phil was
gonna adopt him.
He didn't have a
taste for family life.
His loss.
Mr. Hidell?
Did I get that right? Hidell?
Yes, sir.
Have a seat, son.
You ever work in a
machine room before?
I took shop classes in high school.
Teacher said I did well.
High school.
Nothing professionally?
No, sir.
Any experience with
hand dyes?
No, not really.
You're a vet?
Yes, sir.
Hell, son.
You should've said so.
If Uncle Sam thinks you're
good enough to hunt Osama,
you can push a broom for me.
Any position you have
open would be great.
You see any action?
There were some moments.
Where were you? Iraq?
I got a nephew who's a
Marine over in Iraq
Maybe you know him?
Ben. Ben Engals?
I was in the Army, sir.
didn't get to meet many Marines.
Stupid of me.
Army and Marines being separate branches.
Says here you can start
Yes, sir.
How does next Monday sound?
That sounds wonderful.
That'll give us enough time to
run your piss test and
background check.
You won't have a problem
taking a piss test, will you?
I know when you guys get back
you need to
blow off some steam.
We can push this back to
a more convenient time
I'm clean as a whistle.
What's the background check?
It's just an insurance thing.
Criminal history,
that sort of thing.
Can't have any felons
working on the floor.
Nothing to worry about.
Welcome to the team, John.
Hidell. John W.
Shows up at 10:30am ON 9/11.
Didn't call his sweetheart.
Didn't ask for two weeks
from his job.
Saw the t.v. and got
his ass down here.
Only asked one question
wanted to get assigned
the same Ranger unit as
his brother.
Yes, sir, Mr. Hidell.
Like I have control of anything.
That's Jamie. JJ's half-brother.
JJ's daddy, Will, had him
with Anne,
this piece of white trash he was
shacking up with before
he met me
God bless her heart.
Will would pick up JJ for the
weekends and take him and Jamie
camping or fishing.
When Will took off,
Jamie had just gotten his
driver's license.
he'd come up all the way from
Bowling Green to
spend time with JJ.
Hidell and I were deployed here
in the same unit together.
Good soldier.
Except for one little
bout of temper,
but in this heat who could
blame him?
I've been here almost 10years
I like it. It's nice. Quiet.
The food's good.
Hell, I even met my wife here.
It's just the goddamn heat
you never get used to.
But that's Phoenix for you.
Bunch of keepsakes from
my time with Uncle Sam.
I haven't looked in this box
in forever.
I'm not gonna be able to
fit in this belt again. Ha ha.
I have a shot of Hidell.
Here it is.
We were assigned to guard the
nuke plant here in Phoenix.
Hidell was pissed about it
because he wanted to go to
I told him, better to be bored
at home
than dead in the ass end of
Radio Announcer:
This just in: the White House is
reporting that after almost
10 years
Osama Bin Laden has been killed
during a U.S. commando raid in
Remains have been postively
Once again, Osama Bin Laden
killed by U.S. forces.
We send our gratitude to all
troops who served abroad
and made this day possible.
Good work, fellas!
He kept getting these Dari
or Farsi or something tapes
he just listen to
'em over and over.
He read whatever he could
anything he could find on
One time he rented this godawful
documentary about Afghani
dirt farmers.
We gave him hell about
that for a month.
But we respected him.
He wanted to be in the fight.
We were shocked when he put
Sergeant Reed in the hospital.
Dear PFC Hidell.
My name is Ed Martinez and
I had the honor of serving with
your brother.
It is with a heavy heart that I
inform you that your brother,
was killed in battle at about
0100 hours, GM on the morning of October 15
while engaged with enemy forces.
he was an exemplary Ranger.
He spoke of you often and
Enclosed is his St. Christopher
I know he would want you
to have it.
I am sorry for your loss and my
condolences go out to you and your family.
Captain Ed Martinez, U.S. Army
I don't know why he
attacked Reed.
It was like a switch was
Shit just came outta nowhere.
Reed was in the hospital
for four weeks.
I never saw Hidell again.
After whatever happened
I know that sergeant had
to be outta line
for JJ to have to defend
himself like that
I didn't hear from him for six
or seven months.
I thought they'd shipped him
off to Iraq
and he might be, you know, hurt
or something.
When I found out where he was,
I was furious.
Here we are in the middle
of two wars
and you've got a nice
strong boy willing to fight
and what do you do?
Lock him in a box for
six months?
I was more mad about it than he
I asked him about it
and he said,
It just don't matter.
He said he met a man
who helped him see the
world different.
And he told me,
In the end we all end
up where we belong.
You can make it tighter,
if you like.
While you are at it,
mind getting my cigarettes
out of my pocket?
Ta da!
Sure you don't want one, Mark?
Maybe later, then.
Hidell. J.J. He lost his
It is an awful thing when your
brother dies.
I've had many brothers here and I
have seen many of them die here.
Each one is a tragedy
who could know you more or love you
better than your own flesh and blood?
Once you lose that, what have
you got left?
And poor, poor JJ.
He lost the only person in the
world who understood him.
He needed someone who could help
him keep his chin above water
in the sewer they call the
Someone to protect him and
teach him.
Someone to show him the way.
Show JJ the true nature of the rld
and where he might fit into it.
And now he's out there. Doing
his part.
We were watching this bomb
maker, Andrew Hall
trying to figure out where
he was getting his munitions.
We knew he'd been dishonorably
dischargedfrom Fort Garrett,
We're certain his supplier
was military.
We set up a surveillance team
at Hidell's mother's house
by the time we set up, he'd
I thought, he's a momma's boy
He's gonna call her sooner or
Plus he's on the federal watch
the minute he uses a credit card
we got him.
Heard you had a fire.
Yeah, lightning hit my house.
Sorry to hear that.
It wasn't exactly Graceland.
I gotta get dinner going before
Ray gets home.
I appreciate you
stopping by and all.
Anne, I came to give you this.
What the hell is this?
My signing bonus. I re-enlisted
and I'm shipping out tomorrow.
Jim would've done
the same for my mom
You stupid kids.
What wereyou thinking,
going off to war?
Didn't do my Jim any good.
Didn't do me any good.
And going back there isn't
going to do you any good.
Keep your
money. I don't want it.
Anne, I really-
I gotta get dinner going.
Hi. Can I speak to Special Agent
Hondo, please?
Yeah. I'll hold.
This is the Hidell house.
He lived here for four
years before he burned it down.
He lived with his mother 'til the
check cleared and then he disappeared.
When someone's scammin' insurance,
they know shit they couldn't know.
I dig around and usually they
fucked with the wiring
Or the gas line or something
There's always evidence you can
With Hidell everything looked
There was a thunderstorm that
There were lighting strikes to
the ground
There were statements
from his neighbors
That he was working on his car.
I asked him "what happened?"
"I don't know."
"What do you think happened?"
"I was sleeping and lightning
hit the house."
The fire originated in
the basement
His gassy clothes were next to
the fuse box.
A spark must've ignited his
gassy clothes.
And that's how the fire started.
The fire marshall confirmed
exactly that.
I spent weeks trying to figure
out what actually happened.
And I couldn't.
And we paid out the claim.
Thanks, man. Next one's on me.
Don't worry about it.
Speiler says good things about
How'd you hear from Speiler?
Friends of friends of friends.
How long you looking to stay
in town?
Couple days.
Gonna do some
sight seeing.
'Site seein'?
That's a way of putting it.
Any sites Speiler wanted you
to check out?
You tell me.
I'm trying to be helpful.
I'm just asking.
Anything he wanted me to
show you?
What he tell you about me?
You're a good man, despite
your problem with authority.
If I make my way to New York,
and I have,
I should look you up.
I did two years in the hole,
right next to him.
We'd play chess all night long.
No board or pieces.
Just in here.
Miles may have spent
two years here,
but he only spent two weeks in
my particular neighborhood.
I would say he has
a good imagination,
but that would imply
a certain level of intelligence
that the child was just
just not born with.
Never the less, if you believe
in Intelligent Design,
and I do,
then you know that everyone
has at least one use.
So do you like living
in Brooklyn?
Too many lesbians with babies.
How long you been here?
What he'd tell you about me?
What Speiler say?
I told you,
he said you're a good man
Shit. There must've been
a message or something.
He wants you to put me up
while I'm here.
I got some money. I don't want to put
you out. I can stay in a hotel or -
No. He sent you to me.
To me.
You sure?
Hell yeah.
I got a spare rack.
You play chess?
Never learned.
I'll teach you.
Alright. I guess I owe you
another beer.
Floor's all yours.
No smoking.
No smoking. Allergies.
Fuck am I doing?
You gonna sleep there,
try not to piss yourself again.
You want to sleep there, fine.
Just try not to piss yourself.
There's a Starbucks on the corner.
Go piss on their steps.
I don't have to piss.
Shit. Sorry.
Thought you were someone else.
The Pissing Doorman?
There's a dude who likes to
camp out
here and it took about a week
for the smell to go away.
Which step did he piss on?
That one.
You just move in here?
Naw. Just vistin'.
Staying with Miles.
Yeah. I don't know anyone
who lives here.
Mind if I bum one of those?
Sure, darlin'.
What are you from the south?
No. I'm from Kentucky.
Spent some time in Arizona,
What brings you to the big,
wormy apple?
Never been. Just thought I'd do
some sight seein'.
If you find yourself at
Albatross on 5th,
the bartender'll buy you
a drink.
Yeah, why'll he do that?
To thank you for the cigarette.
Welcome to New York.
Hidell was on K.P detail so every day
he'd bring meals down to the hole.
The guard on duty noted that Hidell and Speiler
started speaking in some sort of language or code.
We wired the unit for sound,
recorded a couple conversations.
It sounded like Arabic.
I put in a request for an Arabic
but as you can imagine the few
Arabic translators in green
are doing more
important work elsewhere.
It's two men discussing a
One man advising the other on
activities to engage in.
Visit the famous landmarks.
Pay respect to his fallen
Meet a pretty girl.
Before you push the button
and take them all to hell
with you.
Hey, bro. Wish you
were making this trip with me.
Place is funny.
Smells rank.
Garbage is piled a mile high.
I don't know where those
'Sex and the City' girls hang out,
but it's not where I've been
Everybody knows exactly where
they're goin'
and if you're not in the
flow with them, it's like
you're not even there.
It's like you don't even
But all kinds of food
No sand, no mountains.
Lord. You should see these
chicks, man. Jesus.
You'd really dig it.
It'd be nice if we could tear
this town up together.
Like two GI's on leave
in some old movie.
Beer in one hand,
girl in the other.
I guess it would've been
It would've been nice.
Well, I guess I'm gonna have to
do it up for both of us.
I don't know if your mom
told you,
but I left her some cash.
It wasn't a lot,
but it was the best I could do.
She's still with Ray,
so, you know she's doin' o.k.
That's all I got for you, Jim.
See you soon.
What's shakin', Kentucky?
Came to claim that drink.
If you're still offerin'?
I am. What you havin'?
I think I've heard of it.
Sit down.
I'll be with you in a second.
To your health.
Go fuck yourself.
The hell is this?
Taste of the motherland.
It's called Kentucky Tavern.
Tastes more like
Kentucky Latrine.
Hey, man. I say it be free,
doesn't mean it has to be good.
I can make you a Shirley Temple,
if you like.
No more bumming smokes
to strangers
My name is Amy.
Now we're not strangers.
And now that we're not strangers
can I bum another cigarette,
Don't you have to work?
I'm gonna go have a smoke
and you're welcome to join me,
if you like.
Troy, can you watch the bar?
You can leave that here.
No one's gonna fuck with it.
How's your reign of
tourism going?
Went to the Statue of Liberty
and then wandered around a bit.
Taking photos and stuff?
No camera.
Do you have a camera phone?
No phone.
How you gonna show your sweetheart back
home how big and ugly New York is?
I'm ain't really aiming on
going home.
One day walking around and you've
already decided to settle down?
Home must be a real shithole.
It is.
A guy I knew once told me
whereever you are,
that's your home.
Was he homeless?
Not at all.
He's been living in the
same place for 12 years.
Are you from here?
From New York?
I moved here about 10 years ago.
For school.
Feels like 10 million years ago.
Is there anyone in New York
who's actually from New York?
There's a native on the corner.
You didn't seem him?
He'll sell you wampum for
fire water and beads.
Where are you from originally?
I'm from PA.
Some shithole town in the
middle of nowhere
where the pinnacle of
human existence is
the big football game
down at the high school.
But you're probably into shit
like that.
Never been one for sports.
Big guy like you?
We do got our fair share of
douche bags here,
But most have got the god given
sense to stay in Williamsburg
and leave us be.
That's what I like
about this city.
Very little prejudice.
Everyone's prejudiced against
True. But New Yorkers deal
with it better.
Blacks, whites, gays, Hasides
You're a fucking hayseed.
Hasides. Hasidic jews.
And Muslims. And Christians
and Scientologists.
We all have to take the train.
And there's no back of the bus since
all the seats face one another, anyway.
Listen, I got to get back.
You mind if I ask you something?
You mind if I keep bumming
smokes on you?
Then maybe back at you.
You always buy drinks for strangers
hanging out on your stoop?
Only the cute ones.
God damn it.
Lord hates a coward. Huh, Jim?
What the fuck you staring at?
Haven't figured it out yet.
Fucking red neck.
You want a history lesson?
You know the Son of Sam?
He did his business
all around here.
Bernie Getz did his here.
Bernie Madoff did his here
and here
John Lennon got shot
right over here.
Dylan Thomas drank himself
to death right over here.
Sid did Nancy here.
And then also killed her.
Burroughs shot his wife
around here.
Solanis shot Warhol right around
Jam Master J took the loss
right around there.
Spaulding Gray drowned himself
right around here.
And Heath Ledger O.D.'d
right over there.
You know what's funny?
No one's ever died
on Staten Island.
So husband's pulling up
in the drive.
Wex is sneaking out
the bathroom window
boots in hand.
Ends up falling into
the next door neighbor's yard.
It's their 9 year old daughter's
birthday party.
And he's wearing nothing
but his dogtags.
Oh, my god.
What did the family do?
The father, who's like a
huge Mexican dude,
comes over and starts beating
the shit out of him
with a broomstick like he's
a fucking pinata.
Wex is protecting his head
and his manhood.
And when I could finally stop
I arrested him.
You arrested the father?
No. I arrested Wex.
I told the father I was an MP
and Wex was AWOL from
the Army loony bin
and if he kept hitting him,
I'd have to arrest him.
And that worked?
You'd be surprised what a man
in uniform can get away with.
Thanks for walking me home.
Hope it wasn't too far
out of your way.
Thanks for smoking half
my cigarettes.
What took you so long?
Just trying to maintain
a respectful distance.
What is this?
You are booby trapped
from head to toe.
What is that?
Was my brother's.
St. Christopher.
Not really the kind of
protection I was thinking of.
Speaking of protection.
I wasn't really expecting to, uh
Spend the night with a woman
of low moral character?
I know.
There's a box under the bed.
I lost a shoe down there
last year.
If you find it, let me know.
Got it!
You sure?
I mean we just-
Yes, that's exactly why I keep
a box of condoms under my bed.
For indecisive moments.
You're not putting this off
because you have whisky dick?
Guess not.
We do this,
I get to stay the night.
No kicking me out after.
You want to spend the night?
Yes, ma'am.
They grow them big and dumb
down south, I guess.
You're out of cigarettes.
You want me go get a pack?
No. That's okay.
I'm sure I have a pack around
here somwhere.
Do you have any plans for today?
Was going to go do some more
sight seeing.
Where were you going to go?
Don't know. Maybe Times Square.
Maybe Central Park.
Or the Trade Center.
Why don't you go see Mamma Mia
at the goddamn Winter Garden?
You fucking tourist.
Why the Trade Center?
It changed everything.
How could I not want to see it.
You know anybody who died there?
There? No.
So you are going to go to
a place where 1,000s of people
were murdered
some of whom still have
their remains there
because you saw
a special on CNN?
Like you would the Taj Mahal or
Eiffel Tower?
Do you know anybody who's been
murdered before?
So how would you feel
if every year millions
of people lined up
at their grave to take photos
and to gawk and to buy t-shirts?
The whole experience
would cheapen
your friend's death,
don't you think?
Yeah. Yes it would.
So fuck the World Trade Center
and let me take you
to the real New York.
Don't you have to work?
Not until eight o'clock.
Alright. Let's do it.
What are you so happy about?
I've never seen the ocean before
Wow. Land lubber.
You know what's in
that direction?
And all we have to do
is keep going straight.
Come on.
So why's Nathan's famous?
You're such a fucking moron.
I keep expecting to see
a Chevy Impala convertible
some greasers
tearing through here
like it was the
summer of '62
The Big C.I. is definitely
stuck in a time warp.
Guess it's why my ex brought me
here so much.
The whole retro bullshit
rockabilly thing.
How long you been broke up?
Broke up? Hell, I got divorced.
You were married?
I was hymenally challenged
before I met you.
Is that a problem?
I just can't picture you
being married.
Well neither can I.
So, how long's it been?
Two years.
Two wonderful, glorious years
of being who I want to be,
living where I want to live
and going where I want to go.
What's the point of living
in the best city in the world
if you got a ball and chain
on your ankle?
That why you brought us here?
Think about your ex?
You're the one
who brought it up.
I came to eat some Nate dogs
and get my feet wet a little.
Just the same
thanks for letting me tag along.
Don't thank me yet.
Date's not over.
Is that what this is?
A date?
Better be,
or you're finding your way
home alone, cowboy.
Alright, a date it is.
What next?
The Wonder Wheel.
Oh, yeah.
Thing looks like it'd give you
tetanus just looking at it.
C'mon, big boy.
Let's go.
How about now?
You fucking rotten bastard!
Fuck face.
There are people on this planet
who live their whole lives
never feeling hope.
But everyone feels despair
at one time or another.
Despair, like the speed of light
or the weight of hydrogen,
is a universal absolute.
Where the fuck you been,
Not acceptable.
Sorry, ma.
Didn't know I had a curfew.
Well, you do.
A little R and R's one thing,
but you've been flat out AWOL.
If you're gonna act the newbie,
maybe you're not the best man
for this job.
Maybe you'd rather spend
your time
boozing and balling
and forget the mission.
You don't even know what
the damn mission is.
Do you, Miles?
I know more than you do.
But if you like, I can
radio up the chain of command
that you're squandering
our opportunity.
'Chain of command'?
Are you kidding?
Take your chain of command
and cram it up your ass.
I'm the one
going down in history -
You're a fucking grunt!
Get your ass back here, Hidell.
I said get your ass back here!
You're one homeless looking
Sorry. I tried to wait up.
I fell asleep.
Isn't your friend wondering
where you are?
Yeah. Probably.
No, that's okay.
I owed you.
We going in or camping out here
all night?
I can't let you in.
Why not?
Look. I'm not oppossed to
bringing home the
occaisional stray
but I'm not running
a kennel here
I'm not looking for
anything heavy, you know?
This is nice.
Let's not ruin it.
You messing with me?
I just think it be better.
Not rushing into things.
Hell's bells, darling.
Did I do something wrong?
No. Not at all.
You're a dream, but
I've been in this position
I like the way my life is going
and I don't know you well enough
to let you come in
and mess things up.
No offense.
No. You're right.
I don't want to make things
Stop by Albatross tomorrow.
Yeah. Sure.
I forgot my bag!
I left it inside.
Your security blanket. Right.
Mind if I hit the head?
No. Go ahead.
Just wanted to say thanks
for taking me to the ocean.
Hey, cowboy,
Do you have a cigarette?
Well, this is me.
Yes, it is.
You want to come in
for a drink?
I think I learned my lesson.
Look at you.
All smart and shit.
For later.
You got any plans for tomorrow?
Don't have to be back
until eight.
What you say
I pick you up at noon
and we get some breakfast?
That sounds like a date.
It is.
I get off at four.
If you want to come by.
Unless you're sleeping
in the gutter somewhere.
It's worth waiting.
You're giving the regulars
bad ideas.
See you tomorrow.
Hey, bro.
Perfect timing.
Grub's about done.
Beer's in the fridge
if you want one.
Grab a seat.
Soup's on.
To the land of the free
and the home of whatever.
You like it?
It's alright.
Can't have the big man
hearing that
I didn't take care of you.
'The big man.'
I'm sure he thinks
of himself that way.
He's a great man.
Smarter than you and me
put together.
You should respect that.
What's he still doing inside?
It's where he wants to be.
It's like castling.
You bury the king
so no one can get at him.
So what's going on
with you and that girl?
Don't know.
What you mean 'don't know'?
It ain't like you got all
the time
in the world. Shit, man.
This is your last supper.
I don't know.
I just like being around her.
Maybe in another lifetime,
who knows?
You wanna switch?
I'll leave you the apartment,
my I.D., the whole thing.
You give me your wallet
and the bag
and I'll do the job.
It ain't your job to do.
Come on, man.
You can't have it both ways.
It's the cooze or the job.
Don't talk about her like that.
I'm trying to help you.
What's the target?
Forget it.
Not happening.
You're forgetting it.
You swore an oath, motherfucker.
To defend this bitch
against her enemies,
foreign and domestic.
Now if you're too pussystruck
to do what needs doing-
To hell with this.
What's the target?
It's the ragheads, ain't it?
Speiler's always saying that
we went after the wrong people.
Should've gone after
the Saudi's.
What's the target?
Now you listen to me.
I'm sick and tired
of your bitching and moaning.
I'm in command.
Now where is your bag?
Uh, uh.
It's at the cunt's house,
isn't it?
Maybe when I'm done with you,
I'll go down there
and give her what I got left.
Maybe me and your pig sticker
will have us a threesome.
Maybe I'll cut her tits off
like those niggers do
in Africa.
Maybe after I've had my fill
I'll cut me some new holes
to fuck.
When I'm done
there'll be more holes in her
than you ever seen-
Hi, yeah.
Is Hondo there?
Kentucky, you're early.
FBI Special Agent Hondo.
Can I come in
and ask you a couple questions?
God, I miss you, bro.
You always had
your shit together.
You knew what you wanted
to be and you did it.
Lived your life your way.
And I...
no matter what I do, man
nothing turns out right.
I don't wanna be here.
I don't wanna be anywhere.
Definitely don't wanna
spend the rest of my life
in a cage.
Feel like I spent
my whole life hiding.
I used to think
that if people could see me,
really see me for me...
I don't know.
I want a do-over.
You know.
Like when we were kids.
Something foul happened
you call "do over"
you get to do it again.
Doesn't matter.
They're gonna find me
sooner or later.
Christ, like there's
even anyone listening.
You're dead.
You're dead in a pit
halfway across the world.
And I'm just trying
to make myself feel better.
Look at that.
All this water
and not a damn
drop to drink.
Hey, Ames.
Another drink?
Hey, Sugar Tits.
Another drink, please.
Where the hell are you?
Yeah, no fucking shit.
Screw your bag.
Yeah, I know where that is.
I don't know,
four or five.
...yeah, whatever.
Up here.
And how are you doing?
Fuck you.
Fair enough.
What kind of bullshit
did you get me into?
What part of
'I don't want a mess
in my life' did you
not understand?
And what's up with
that wad of cash
you stashed at my house?
What was that?
So you didn't have
to use credit cards?
So your name doesn't
pop up on some
government computer somewhere?
And what about me?
Just a free bed
and a place to hide?
Cover for your cheap
James Bond fantasy?
No. Never.
I swear I would've told
you everything if I could've.
I didn't want you to get hurt
and then things got...
complicated. I
I didn't expect this.
I didn't expect any of this.
John, your face
is on every t.v.
in the city.
The FBI was
at the building.
Interviewing everybody.
I don't know what
you're doing here.
And I don't want
to know.
You have your damn bag,
have a nice life.
What ever you think
this is, it ain't.
You can't hate me
for this.
I just need some time
to figure this out.
Whatever the cops,
the t.v. is selling you,
I'm still the same guy.
I'm still the same guy
you went to the ocean with.
You are so full of shit.
You're right.
I need you to know
I never lied to you.
The past couple days,
they were real.
What ever happens.
What ever I do.
These past few days
were the best days of my life.
I know what you want
me to tell you,
but it's not
going to happen.
You should go.
You're not coming
with me.
I can't.
I gotta finish this.
When I'm done,
when this whole thing's
over with,
we'll celebrate.
We can go to Jamaica,
Youngstown. Wherever you want.
You're right.
I have to go.
I love you, too, baby.
People come here
and they find God.
But I already found God
before I was sent here.
In fact, seeing God
for what God truly is,
is what put me here.
You know how farm animals
are born and raised
in order to be slaughtered?
Well, God is a farmer.
Your Christians and Jews and
Arabs all grow up thinking
that there's order
in the universe.
That there is
divine intention
that the organizing
principle to the universe
is a benevolent one.
But what if it
isn't benevolent?
Look at our bodies,
designed to feel pain
in so many ways,
but the ways to joy
are so limited.
Look at man's place
in the planet.
An infinite number
of ways to die,
but only one way to be born.
And even being born
can be painful, terrifying
and potentially lethal.
I believe in
intelligent design.
I believe that man
was put here for
a specific purpose.
And that purpose
is to suffer.
It is what
God wants.
As long as there is a
master in heaven,
there will always be
slaves on Earth.
This whole world is
one huge concentration camp.
And we all strive
under the promise
that work will set us free.
Why the fuck not?