American Bred (2016) Movie Script

I do my best to be an understanding man,
to understand the way things work,
be okay with that.
The way people are, the
way this country works.
A man is born somewhere,
therefore he is of that land.
What happens when the land is
built on the backs of others?
Are they of that land as well?
Americans spread up a country
built upon the backs of others.
Maybe you'd think they'd
be the most welcoming.
Still, in the country made of everyone,
no one is welcome.
Why is that?
I raised my son American.
I love my wife, American.
I speak American!
Kill him.
This is so fucked.
Angelo, it's Tio.
ANGELO: He fuckin' did
this to himself, Bruno.
I know I said I saw
him talking to the cops
when I went to meet Gino,
but what if it wasn't him?
What the fuck are you talkin' about?
Like, what if it was
somebody that looked like him?
What the fuck are you saying?
Was it him or wasn't it?
It was him, I fuckin' know it was him.
But Angelo, it's Tio.
Get the fuck up.
You gotta tell me somethin',
somethin' that I don't know.
Tio, say something!
You're breakin' my heart.
And I love you, and that
is why I'm gonna give you
one last chance tomorrow.
After that you are done.
There will be nothing I can do for you.
You make sure that no one
comes in and out of here.
Do you understand?
Hello, Chef.
What do you got on the stove over here?
I am starvin'.
MAN: And me too.
Angelo, Angelo, what are you
doin' here with your friends?
I'm hungry, Ma.
I'm starvin'.
Wait, wait a second.
Wait a second.
Is that blood, what is that?
What does your father
have you up to, Angelo?
ANGELO: Don't worry about
it, Ma, don't worry about it.
Love ya.
- Hey, where's Tio?.
- Bruno.
- Where's Tio?
- Sorry, Mrs. Adamo.
I can't really say.
ANGELO: Love you, Mom!
Jesus Christ.
Mrs. Adamo.
What's in there?
Michael, what's in there?
Can't say, but I'm
gonna be here all night,
so you could go ahead and lock up.
I need your help.
What is it?
Go grab your car and
drive it around back.
Michael, could you help
me with this box, please?
So heavy, I need to put it up there.
On top of the refrigerator.
Thank you.
Right here, right there, right there.
In that corner right there.
Open the door.
Leti, open the door!
Open it.
Get inside.
Get inside the car.
Wrap his legs.
Pull in.
Pull him in!
Get out.
Come on.
Get in the car.
Listen to me.
You drive us far away
as you can to Detroit.
You don't stop for anything,
you don't tell anyone.
When you get him really far away,
you let him out.
Take the gun.
Take the gun, you need it for protection.
Take it!
Look at me.
We all have secrets, okay.
Now you and I have one.
Don't you dear say a word to anyone.
I'm closing.
I like closing, Francis.
Angelo had blood on his shirt again.
As long as you're helping
other people, right.
As long as you're helping other people.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Well, where is it?
He's in the back.
Where were you?
Been around, Pop.
What's goin' on?
I told you specifically to kill him.
He's not dead, Dad?
You're asking me a question
that you should know the answer to?
We left Michael here with him.
Shut up!
Shut the fuck up.
Pop, listen.
He was practically dead when
we left him here last night.
Who was here when you left?
Ma, Ma was here,
MAN: Angelo.
The other waitress.
They were here, Ma and the other waitress
were here last night.
They were closin' up.
Okay, all right, that's okay.
I believe you.
You do?
Of course I do.
Is there some reason I
should not believe you?
The back door was
mangled, somebody broke in.
A little after your Mom left.
They were probably
waiting for her to leave.
Bruno, come here.
Bruno, come here.
Get over here, okay.
I want you and your boyfriend
to find out what happened here,
and I wanna know if he's alive or dead.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Where are we?
I know you.
You work at Salvatore.
LETI: You don't know me.
Then why am I here?
There was nowhere else to take you.
Were you gonna kill me?
You're alive, aren't you?
Can I trust you?
Then why should I let you go?
You're gonna come
inside until I figure out
what to do with you.
My hand hurts.
It's probably broken.
Oh, makes sense.
What are you thinking?
Someone knew Tio was here.
Maybe the cops?
You think it was an inside job?
A smart man knows not to fear the rain,
but to fear where it comes from.
Is it done?
He's far away from here.
Made something.
Can I have some water?
Drink this.
It's the best I could do with what I had.
Why are you being so nice to me?
LETI: There a reason not to be?
TIO: You don't know me.
And I have nothing against you.
Can you walk?
Come to the bathroom.
I was hoping I might speak to the don.
He's not here.
Everything okay?
Si, si.
I just need to know if my Alfredo
will be with the shipment tomorrow.
Agnese, you can't come to the restaurant
asking those kinds of questions.
You know that.
It's just I haven't seen him in so long.
I start to feel like I
forget what he looks like.
I know.
If I know Francis,
nothing's going to happen to Alfredo, eh.
God bless you and your family.
Catalina, thank you.
Are you able to bathe yourself?
Can you help me?
How did this happen to you?
I've seen good people do bad things,
bad people do good things.
But those bad things were
done for a good reason.
Then there's some bad things.
And you think it was a
good thing you saved me?
I don't know.
I think it's brought me to the center
of something I have no
business being apart of.
Do I regret that?
Whoever did this to you
would they do the same to me?
Thought so.
So you should have let me die.
That makes me no
different than the people
that did this to you.
If people like you don't learn
or understand from people like me,
then what's the point of living?
There is no point.
That's why we fight to make one.
The world has trained
man's sons for battle,
and their bodies for war.
Think violence is the only way.
Because sometimes a
bullet shot out of a gun
sends a louder message
than words out of a mouth.
What's your name?
What should be fought for?
Family is something worth fighting for?
Because the problem with Francis,
they'll betray you right to your face,
and let you know it's nothin' personal.
Just business.
I should get you a towel.
Help me sit down.
OFFICER: Are you guys for real?
Where's your fuckin' boss?
I told you not to contact me again.
No, Paulie, I didn't.
I didn't I swear.
Julius is the one who contacted you.
Don't be fuckin' smart, Francis.
What do you want?
We know each other a long time, Paulie.
I'm not one of your
little fuckin' puppets.
You don't pay my bills.
Money, money.
You know, I'm not here to talk about that.
I wanna talk about a business
proposition with you.
Okay, Francis.
You wanna play hardball?
Three dirty pigs.
OFFICER: I'm not takin' any shit.
You give me the names, I
give you what you want.
Oh, no no no.
You give me what I want,
then I give you what you want.
I don't make deals with criminals.
Christiano Greco.
We need to know everything
you know about him,
but more important who sent him.
I don't know him.
What makes you think he's with us?
Makes us think he's not
with you but above you.
Which makes him out of my jurisdiction.
Sorry, I can't help you.
Tired of being nice to you.
Go fuck yourself.
Give Paulie a reason to change his mind.
I don't think you wanna cross that line.
Nobody's ever knocked
off a chief of police.
No, no no.
I don't wanna kill him.
We need him.
Who should we send to visit Paulie?
FRANCIS: Send Adriano and Gabriele.
MAN: What are your thoughts
about delaying the shipment?
Deter it.
I'm too far old for this shit.
I'm too told for this shit.
Deter it, deter it.
You think he'd do to
us what he did to Tio?
For God sakes, you
idiot, he's my father.
Yeah, exactly, he's
your father, not mine.
Could you do me a favor
and not every breath
that comes out of your mouth
sound like words from a donkey's ass?
What the fuck, Angelo?
Tio is gone.
Not like he stepped out
and got a cannoli gone,
but he is fucking
walking dead gone, Bruno.
There's no way he just
walked out of there.
Somebody took him.
Well, for his sake, it'd
better be God Himself.
Who's got the balls big enough
to just walk into Salvatore's
and take him like that?
Your father may have enemies,
but with the feds up
everyone's ass these days,
everybody's too busy
just trying to hold on to
the last of their existences.
It ain't the other families
that we have to worry about, all right.
The government would like nothing more
but to deport our asses back to Sicily.
Oh, what, you think
Tio was apart of that?
You said you saw him talking
to the fuckin' cops, right?
Yeah, but...
I know Tio.
Okay, there's no way he
just rolled like that.
He doesn't wanna talk,
so they must have something on him.
Is that Donnie right there?
I think that's Donnie.
That's Donnie.
ANGELO: Donnie!
Hey, where you goin'?
Where you goin'?
What are you doin', Donnie?
I know I owe you money, man.
Dude, I promise I'll get it!
I'll get it to you, I'm good for it.
Are you?
Where's the money that you owe me, Donnie?
Now listen.
Donnie, I am looking for somebody,
and I may have eyes working on the street.
You fuckin' asshole!
I don't think theatrics necessary.
Donnie, please, listen.
I'm looking for Tio.
Why the hell would I have seen him?
I wouldn't even paid attention if I had.
That's not what we wanna hear.
If you see him,
please, you let me know.
As a matter of fact,
I want you to keep an eye
out all over the streets,
and next time I come in
and check in with you,
I'd like for you to have my money,
or I'm gonna have to shoot
you up your fuckin' ass.
Whoa, whoa whoa.
I got you.
I got you, man.
Have a good night, Donnie.
What's this?
We need more drinks, we
need to get more fucked up.
MAN: Please, you haven't
had the day we've had.
Talk about a shit show.
Yeah, but we fuckin' heard about it.
Let's get some drinks.
Hey, how can I help you boys?
Come on, baby, what's your name?
Come here, come over here.
What's your name?
Could we get some fuckin'
shots at this table, please?
Yes, what's yours?
My name?
You don't have to worry about my name.
That's a beautiful ring.
Thank you.
Can we get...
Hey, can we get some shots?
Shut the fuck up!
Can we get some shots?
And the bottle for the table.
Of course.
Get out of here.
So they're sayin' that
he's the fuckin' rat.
Who's sayin' that, stupid?
The family.
Your fuckin' family.
You're a fuckin' gossip
girl, you know that?
Take it easy.
I'm just fuckin' tired of shit heads
tellin' me shit I already know.
All right, all right.
We're all friends here.
Tio's been with us for what?
Four years now?
Nobody's a rat for four
years and don't get caught.
He got fucking caught.
It doesn't make sense.
Why would he wait so long?
He's been with us long enough
to see everything we know.
Yeah, well maybe the cops
were just waiting for him
to get diced up and fed
to the fuckin' sharks.
He practically was.
That's the part that I don't get.
He gets caught.
Why's he stickin' around?
Well, maybe, no matter
where he ran or where he hid,
we'll find him.
Don't know nothin' about
family and loyalty, you know?
That is the difference
between family and friends.
Family got your fuckin' back to the end.
La famiglia.
MAN: Salut.
IDA: There's that...
Was it Yolanda?
IDA: Ida.
Ida, yeah.
IDA: And what was yours?
Still not ready.
IDA: Okay.
Will you tell Bobby I
want him here, please.
IDA: Will do.
We're scouting the streets for him.
If he's hiding, we're
gonna fucking find him.
In his condition, he
couldn't have gotten far.
BOBBY: Angelo.
MAN: Bobby.
BOBBY: Fellas.
BOBBY: My man.
What's up?
What's up, baby?
How you doin'?
I'm here every night.
I know that.
Spendin' that money, spendin' that money.
So, fellas, what can I do for you tonight?
Could we get some girls for the fellas,
and I'd like to see Katherine.
All right.
All right, no problem.
Follow me.
Now you're talkin'.
Let's go.
Well, I guess I'll leave you two.
I told you never to come back here.
Now get out.
I'm working.
That's good.
'Cause I'm a paying customer.
No, you're just an asshole.
I gave you an inch, you took a mile.
You told me you loved me.
How is that taking a mile?
I do love you, Katie.
More than I know how to love you.
I fucking hate you.
Katie, come here.
God damn.
What are you doing?
I found it.
Are you going to shoot me?
I have to.
You know I'm alive and I
can't be alive right now.
Why did you trust me?
I told you you didn't know me.
I have to shoot you if you
don't tell me what you know.
What are you hiding from me?
Hiding something?
You haven't told me one thing about you.
Are you working for them?
Just in the restaurant.
This year I get my papers and I can leave.
Where'd you find me?
In the alleyway
behind the restaurant.
And I couldn't leave you there.
I don't know what you did to them
and what they did to you,
but the Adamos are good people.
I owe them my life.
TIO: Why didn't you
tell me this before?
Look in the mirror and
ask me that question again.
I don't owe you anything.
Why didn't you shoot me?
Because now, just like you,
I'm dead anyways.
Can I go back to sleep now?
Yeah, sure.
What are you doing?
The couch is out there.
And leave you here all alone?
So now I'm prisoner in my own home?
Oh my God, stop being dramatic.
Go to bed.
Why does it always
have to happen like this?
Like what?
You show up, you leave, I cry.
Come back and do it all over again.
Angelo, I want more than this.
Why can't I have it?
I can't let you in this world.
Then what do you want from me?
I've already told you.
Who we looking for?
He's on his own, he might have come back
for a little something.
BRUNO: Shit hole looks the same
as it did last time we were here.
ANGELO: He hasn't been here.
Let's go.
MAN: Rosie!
Hi, Mr. Richardson.
How's my baby?
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Nothing too serious.
I just wanted to make sure you knew,
we don't really mind if parents
send their kids gifts at school,
we just prefer if you
bring them in yourself.
Sending messengers makes it a little hard
to keep our kids safe.
It's a really cute bear though.
So we'll forgive him
this time, right, Rosie?
All right.
There you go.
I am so sorry, Mrs. Clark.
WOMAN: It's okay.
I promise it won't happen again.
What was his fuckin' name again?
Christiano Greco.
PRIEST: Catalina.
Need we pray for anyone?
Another lost soul?
I pray not lost, Father.
But on a new path of righteousness.
Well, God hopes that
for all His children.
When the wicked flee, no one pursues.
But the righteous are as bold as a lion.
But when a lamb transgresses,
it has many rulers.
But with a man of wisdom
and understanding,
its stability will long endure.
But a poor man who oppresses the poor,
is a beating rain that leaves no food.
For those who forsake the law,
they praise the wicked.
But those who keep the law,
they strive after them.
Evil men do not understand justice,
but those who seek the Lord,
they understand it completely.
Thank you, Father.
Thank you.
Isn't that the waitress
that was here the other night?
Looks like her.
What's your name?
You're alive.
Last anyone heard from you,
you were in a fuckin' meat locker
gettin' your cock handed to ya.
They got people searching
for you in the channel.
You think this is funny?
I fuckin' told you I wanted out.
I wanted out a year ago.
They nearly tore my
motherfuckin' heart out
and fed it to me.
I told you, I had nothing on them.
As far as I knew they were clean.
You lying prick.
Bodies show up in the papers everyday
with their markings on it.
Mysterious shipments
coming in out of Detroit.
Go fuck yourself.
You know, as far as anyone knows,
you're fuckin' dead.
And you will be fuckin' dead
if you don't get your fuckin' mind right.
We've never had a man
this close before, Chris.
You either get something on this family,
or I will fucking kill you myself.
You're a fucking asshole!
Where's Sam?
Let me tell you something Chris.
The bad thing about a rat,
there's more where that rat came from.
Don't call this number again
'til you have something.
Where were you?
Went to work.
Why didn't you wake me?
I thought I wasn't a prisoner.
Bought you something to eat.
Have you eaten?
Are you hungry?
I also bought you some
pills and some shoes.
TIO: You didn't have to do that.
I did it for me, not for you.
Yeah, fits.
Hope you like Chinese.
Don't you work in an Italian restaurant?
And more reason to eat Chinese.
Saw this picture here.
What's your story?
Yeah, I'm sure you got one.
You've probably been here for what?
Two, three years.
From Sicily?
Family didn't have much money,
and they had this grand fuckin' vision
where you sailed over here
to the United States of America.
First chance they got.
Is that about right?
As we have come very easy for you.
You think you're the only
one that's been beaten?
Who's been bruised?
You're so thick you think you
have to act like a bastard
in order not to feel anything.
Unless you're getting something
it doesn't matter.
They're from a poor family, yes.
From a family that
wanted to give her more.
Why haven't you left?
I'm not keeping you here.
I swear, she gets hotter and
hotter every time I see her.
Don't make me regret bringing you.
I love it when you boys dress up.
I'm sure it makes your father very proud.
I'm glad we could meet.
So, listen, it seems your father
has had a lot of attention on him.
The economy, the FBI,
things are very hard out there, Marcus.
I fuckin' knew it was you.
I'm sure your father
has made enough money.
He doesn't need to do this anymore.
Why doesn't he retire?
Retire the reins to you, huh?
I'm sure you could take the family
in a fresh direction.
It's been mentioned around the house,
but Mom won't hear anything of it.
She'd rather die first.
Besides, Pop's loves her,
and he feels I'll get my chance.
I've known Francis a long time.
Catalina was always his weakness.
He's definitely a family man.
As we all are.
This is the last time I'll
be able to provide my services.
Why's that?
After that shipment the other day,
three of my ships were seized.
I can't afford to lose anymore.
You can understand that, can't ya?
Who else knows I'm alive?
I'm not tellin' you shit.
Does Angelo and Bruno know?
Fuck you!
You motherfucker.
Are you gonna shoot me?
You think you're
bulletproof, but you're not.
Well, we all know who you really were.
They got everyone out
here searching for you
You won't get far!
And we'll be paying a visit to
your family on the east side,
and whoever else is helping you.
I said you weren't bulletproof,
and now you know.
That shipment that was
delivered the other day.
Shouldn't that be enough?
No, Marcus.
Is it never enough.
And without your ships, you
can't continue our shipments,
you know that.
Tell your father it's time to retire.
CATALINA: You okay?
Why do you ask?
I'm fine.
CATALINA: What's going on, Francis?
Lina, beats me.
Things are good.
What's going on, Francis?
Lina, if I told you what was going on,
you wouldn't be very
happy with me, would you?
So think it's better if I
don't tell you anything.
Tell me anyway.
Tell me something.
Anything, Francis, because
I used to understand it.
I thought I did.
I we were doing something right.
But at what cost, huh?
We lost everything,
just so that we can help others.
Good, I got a little reaction out of you.
Our son was four when you went to prison.
Angelo was four.
I know this.
He didn't even know his father.
- Let me finish.
- Please, this is history.
Don't give me a history lesson.
This is my library.
I study, I'm smart.
This is history.
Old shit.
I know about it.
Don't ring...
Don't, I don't need to
hear anymore about it.
Oh, good good good, you said old.
Haven't you had enough?
I tried to escape this.
And every time I do,
they pull me right back in.
You're a young woman, you're hot.
Go ahead, find yourself a lover.
Go head, see if I care.
That's your answer to me?
So I have no choice here?
Is that what you're saying?
I never had a fucking choice with you.
Hey Ma.
Where's Dad?
He's upstairs.
How's he feelin'?
As far as an old sick man can feel.
Have you been gettin' the money?
Yes, we've been gettin' the money.
But we haven't been spending it.
Because we know where
that money comes from.
Ma, I worked for that money.
WOMAN: What happened to your face?
So this is what you do for work.
You're a thug.
You used to be in the academy.
You used to be at the top of your class.
You don't understand.
I don't need to
understand, I can see it.
Have you looked in a mirror?
Do you see what you have become?
Look what you've turned into.
And even with all of
these bumps and bruises,
you are still so beautiful.
I have to go away for a while.
That's probably for the best.
Chris, these things aren't
going to change, honey.
But maybe you'll change.
Go ahead.
Go ahead and what?
Tell me the story
about how you found me.
Oh, Chris boy.
You know how hot-heated your father is.
He can't help it, he's Italian.
Well, he was so angry,
he raced out the door
and he almost stepped on you.
There you were sittin' right there.
You weren't but just a few weeks old.
Your little blanket.
And you had a little note tied to you,
and it said, "My name is Christiano."
And ever since that moment,
we have been your family.
TIO: You always will be.
Chris, Chris, just wait.
Paul, I'd like you to
meet Sam Standard, FBI.
Dan tells us you picked
up some information
on one of ours.
Tell me about him.
He's a regular.
Fresh out of the academy.
We wanted to get him on the
streets as soon as possible.
Now the cocksucker is
fuckin' up our whole operation.
Calm down.
So why'd he go fuckin' AWOL?
Shouldn't he come running
back home to you guys?
He did, asshole.
He called me a week ago.
Oh, so he's still alive.
At the beginning he was well onboard,
giving us plenty of information
to build a case against the Adamos,
but the closer he got to the family,
the less information we received.
The prick's fucking confused.
Got his lines blurred.
You think he skipped town?
Maybe, but it doesn't matter.
We have another inside the family.
We're waiting for the family
to make their next move,
and for our informant to correspond.
When we take down the
family, we'll pull Chris out.
Things are gettin' pretty fuckin' dark
out on the street, boys.
They're movin' a lot of stuff around.
Just so you know, this is a
federal investigation as well.
You'll give us any new
information that comes your way.
You're gonna be our eyes
on the streets, pal.
Roger that, pal.
I want these guys off my
streets as bad as you do.
Just know one thing.
They are watchin' us.
And I don't need a bunch of
fuckin' dead cops on my hands.
This is what you do.
You watch them.
We'll take care of the rest.
Good day, gentlemen.
Good day, officer.
You fuckin' dirt bag.
This fuckin' guy.
Why's this guy always runnin', huh?
Oh my goodness, did you see that?
What the fuck?
Get him the fuck up.
Get him the fuck up!
DONNIE: Fuck man.
MAN: Come here.
What the fuck, man?
You could have fuckin' paralyzed me.
Donnie, I told you
I was comin' out here.
I warn you, and you still
decided to run, baby.
Angelo, Angelo man, don't shoot.
All right, don't shoot, man.
I just needed more time to make sure
the shit on had on Tio was real.
- I swear.
- What shit?
What are you talking about?
DONNIE: You told me
keep my eyes open, right?
Oh, so you have seen him, huh?
You seen Tio and I gotta come over here
and chase you to get fuckin' information.
Are you stupid, Donnie?
There's a man pointing a
gun at your fuckin' face.
He killed Ezio.
I swear.
I swear, Tio killed Ezio.
Don't way, this little fucker's lyin'.
Shoot him, Angelo!
When was the last
time he talked to Ezio?
When was the last time he spoke to Ezio?
Last week?
When was the last
time you talked to Ezio?
He was answering his
phone when I called.
And none of you fucks told me?
Sorry, I didn't think
he was fuckin' road kill.
The cops scooped up his body
not too far from Tio's place, man.
How do you know it was Tio?
How do you know it was Tio?
That's what I'm lookin' into, man!
I swear.
But it's gotta be right.
Who else would it be, huh?
Donnie, Donnie if you were ever wrong,
please be wrong about this,
'cause let me tell you something.
I am gonna come back here,
and I ain't gonna fuckin' chase you.
I'll shoot you in your fuckin'
dick, do you understand?
In your fuckin' dick!
Fuckin' been here.
And he killed Ezio.
How do you know?
'Cause I fuckin' know, Bruno.
Still can't believe
this shit about Ezio.
If I see the guy...
Hey guys.
Don't even fuckin' think about it.
Stay where you are.
MAN: Go go go!
God damn it!
Let's go, let's go!
No wait!
Let 'em go.
We didn't come here for them.
What the fuck?
MAN: Come on, let's go.
Are you okay?
MAN: Son of a bitch.
I got him in the shoulder.
Son of a bitch.
And hey, you ever shoot
over my fuckin' head like that again,
I'll have you working
security at a strip mall.
You got it?
Reckless fuckin' cowboys.
Hey Sam, that body we
scooped up the other week,
he's with the Adamos.
Looks like Chris did us a favor.
You don't seem fine.
Is this still bothering you?
Of course it's bothering me.
How far did you take him?
I don't remember, it was dark.
I came to say that maybe you
should take some time off
from the restaurant.
You know, get yourself together.
You're acting suspicious and
people notice those things.
This should be enough to
take care of you for a while.
And don't come back unless you're okay.
Fuck fuck fuck!
What the fuck were they doing there?
Same fucking thing we were.
Gino, are you good?
Son of a bitch!
Yeah, I'm doin' good!
MAN: What the fuck is goin' on here?
Still lost your fucking mind.
I can't fuckin' believe him, man.
Tio killed fuckin' Ezio.
He is very much alive and well.
MAN: What the fuck happened to you?
Fucking cops...
The cops chased us earlier.
Pops, we were in the house, all right.
If we wouldn't have left,
they would have like asked
us all kinds of questions.
I didn't know what to do.
Francis, we're not being smart here.
We need to take control.
You think I'm afraid of Tio?
We have a rat out on the street
that we have no control of.
What is going...
I don't know, Pops.
You're fucking up all the time, Angelo.
I'm trying to help you,
and you're fucking up.
Are your brains on the floor?
I don't know, Pop.
Do you want me to put like a
lock down out on the streets,
get all the guys out there?
Don't you get it?
You keep on going out, trying to find him,
and you can't find him.
You lose him every time.
Get out of here!
Do you want us to put the streets...
FRANCIS: Get out of here!
We have a major shipment
coming to the country.
It's just not being smart.
You don't trust my judgment, is that it?
Of course I do.
Tio's not a rat?
Do you think we'd be sitting
here talking about this
if he blabbed to the cops?
Do you?
So why are we searching for him?
Tio fell from grace,
just like all of us have.
So maybe he can be of use to us.
If he's fallen out,
we can use an informant like this.
Someone who has a connection with the FBI.
You know, sometimes you really,
you astound me.
You do make sense.
You know, you can take
the rat out of a sewer,
but you can't take the sewer out of a rat.
CHRIS: Yeah.
Where are you?
CHRIS: I can't say.
Your boy Danny's bein' a bitch.
Yeah, we need a wiretap
from the third floor.
Well, you know how he is.
Why don't you come in?
CHRIS: I can't.
Not 'til I figure some things out.
Chris, I can't give you your life back
until you come in.
Why do you keep askin' that?
You fuckin' know I can't do that.
You're safe here.
Did we get anything?
Damn it!
Hey, what's up?
Ma, where you been, Ma?
I went to the bank.
Now listen to me, Mommy,
you can't not go anywhere
unprotected, okay.
I am gonna leave Marco with you,
he's gonna take care of you
wherever you need to
go, do you understand?
I'm not gonna need.
I don't know what you're talking about.
How am I supposed to
look out for something
I don't know what's going on?
Remember the other day
I had a little bit of blood on my shirt?
That was Tio's blood.
I thought he was your friend.
Yeah, Ma.
That's until I found out he
was a fuckin' snitch, okay.
Did you kill him?
No, he's not dead.
As a matter of fact, he
killed Ezio, all right.
And with him out on the streets,
I don't want you here unprotected.
Do you understand, Ma?
Yeah, yeah, I got it, Angelo.
I'm fine, Marco.
You don't need to stand there.
All right.
I'll be over there...
Did you think I wouldn't find out?
LETI: Hmm?
Do you realize what you have done?
This is all your fault, Catalina!
You lied to me, Leti!
If you would have known
I brought him here...
Wait, wait wait!
You brought him here?
I couldn't just leave him there.
I thought I could bring
him here, clean him up
and then tell him to leave.
You should have never involved me!
Oh, you're right about that.
I should have never...
Catalina, please!
Oh God.
I would kill you
if I knew he wasn't planning
on coming back here.
They're out there right
now looking for Tio.
LETI: He should be looking for you.
What's up, buddy?
Cameron, come on.
How are ya?
Come on.
How ya doin', pal?
CHILD: Good.
You takin' care of your Mama?
Bein' good to your Mama?
Hey, Ollie, sweat pea.
You're gonna go upstairs with Jessica.
Is that okay?
Hey baby.
I'll be right up, all right?
Okay, I'll just be a second.
What are you thinking?
Ollie just stopped asking about you?
Thinking that that kid
should know who his father is.
Quit the self-righteous act.
What'd you come here for?
ANGELO: I came to give you this.
Take it.
This is a lot of money, Angelo.
I need you to take this,
get yourself a better life,
get him a better life,
just get the hell out of here, okay.
You never gave a damn about us.
And now you wanna come here with this?
Always something with you, Angelo.
Never can get the full story.
Just walk away.
There's no use defending
yourself, I get it.
Catherine, please.
Please, look.
I'm just sayin'.
If something happens to me
in the next couple of days,
I just need to know
that I did right by you.
Please take it.
What are you talking about?
You know, sometimes you know,
when it rains it pours,
and right now I know that
I need to get some shelter.
All right?
I'm not gonna cry for you anymore.
Is there something else you need?
Bless you.
Tio is your rat.
But he didn't give them shit.
He may have turned,
but he's still in town.
Rogue on their side too.
Now, give me the names of the dirty cops.
Go ahead.
Carl Saunders, Victor
Brown, Andy Hernandez.
There's another rat in the family.
Take that as a headstart.
'Cause we're coming after you.
So you were right.
Tio's not a rat.
Yeah, I'm right, I'm right.
Big deal, I'm right.
Chris is in town.
Got him in the people mover.
MAN: I know.
He called me.
He's got some fuckin' balls
after his conversation with me.
You think he's gonna help the Adamos
with the shipment?
Wouldn't fuckin' surprise me.
Son of a bitch.
There's nothing worse than
losin' one of our own.
I try to tell you, Sam.
I knew his soft served ass would crumble.
I mean he seemed weak
right out of the gate.
What happened?
They came in looking for you.
How'd they know I was here?
I don't know.
Oh my God.
Could I clean you up?
Hey, remember that waitress
we talked to last week?
Ever since we did, I haven't
seen her in the restaurant.
Bruno, for once you're
finally payin' attention.
Let's go.
What happened here?
Nothing, right.
'Cause I always keep my place
all fucked up like this,
builds the neighbor's self-esteem.
Now, you are gonna need
to tell me what I wanna know
before I get really fuckin' angry,
and you got three chances to do it.
I don't know about Tio.
That's one.
Bitch, we didn't even
say anything about Tio,
so way to fucking confess.
LETI: I heard his
name at the restaurant.
BRUNO: That's two.
LETI: Why would I have
anything to do with this?
Exactly, which makes
you free of suspicion.
What is this exactly
that we're talking about?
Three is your brains all
over the ground, capice?
TIO: Hey!
You gotta fuckin' be shittin' me.
I'm gonna beat the
fuckin' shit outta you.
Grab 'im.
Do you have any idea what
I've been goin' through
trying to find you?
Do you have any idea what
you have done to this family?
To our business?
Do you have any idea how close
you've come to ruinin' us?
Family mean anything to you?
We took you in, gave you a home,
welcomed you with fucking open arms.
You fuckin' piece of shit!
I'm gonna fuckin' kill you.
I'm gonna fuckin' blow your
head right fuckin' off,
and let me tell you something, you fuck.
I am not gonna remember you as my brother,
but as a traitor that
you actually fucking are.
This way I don't lose sleep at night.
LETI: Stop.
It was Catalina who brought him here.
What the fuck did you just say?
LETI: I helped her take
him from the meat locker.
We put him in my car,
and she told me to drive
it far away from here,
and just leave him.
I couldn't do it, so I brought him here.
Why would she do that?
Why would she do that?
I don't know.
Shit, Ange,
it kinda makes things make sense.
I mean, we would never suspect your Mom.
Why would we suspect my mother, Bruno?
Why would we suspect my mother?
She's my fucking mother!
Right, right, I know.
But she has been actin' a little pazzo
ever since Tio flew the coup.
Are you believin' this fuckin' shit?
Whoa, whoa whoa!
Are you believing this shit?
She's my fucking mother.
No, no, I know.
Look, I'm just sayin'.
I don't know what I'm sayin'.
Just think about it for
a second, all right.
I mean, how would she know Tio
was in the meat locker, huh?
What reason does this
bitch have to lie to me?
She knows she's gonna die here.
If what you're sayin' is true,
if what you're sayin' is
true, how can I trust you?
You stay here and you make damn sure
their asses stay here, all right?
Holy shit.
You lied to me.
I'm so sorry.
I had no choice.
You always have a choice, Leti.
I trusted you.
BRUNO: Whoa, calm down.
Fuckin' shut up, Bruno.
You're real fuckin' brave for a guy
with a gun in his face.
Everything I just said was true.
Why did Catalina save me?
That's what I've been
trying to figure out
this whole time.
Who are you?
BRUNO: Are you sleepin' with Catalina?
Bruno, does shit just
live in your fuckin' mouth?
Get some sense.
Hey, I'm just trying to
figure out what's goin' on here.
I'm gonna need you to let me go.
You out of your fuckin' mind?
Angelo would kill us both.
That day you saw me talkin' to the cops,
I was asking for an out.
I didn't tell them shit.
So you were the rat?
I didn't tell them shit, Bruno.
I promise you.
I don't know.
I don't know about you.
Bruno, there's another
rat in the family.
I know how to find out who it is.
Why should I believe you?
Give me your fuckin' phone.
BRUNO: Come on.
I'm tellin' you, give me your phone.
It's Chris, I'm ready to come in.
5th and Amistad, three hours.
Tio, I cannot let you fuckin' leave.
You can't let me leave?
You can't let me leave?
Then fuckin' shoot me.
LETI: Tio.
Angelo, let me go.
ANGELO: It's not true.
CATALINA: How dare you do that to me?
Tell me it's not true!
Tell me it is not true, Mom!
All day everybody's telling
me that they're sorry.
Sorry about what, Ma?
What did you do?
I killed Michael.
I killed Michael and I told Christiano.
Mom, why would you do that?
Why would you do that, Mom?
I know that I've made a mess of things.
But in this family, Angelo,
everybody has secrets.
Ma, you better give me somethin'.
Somethin' that is gonna
keep me from hurting you.
Or worse, Pop killing you.
Does he know?
It's only a matter of time, Ma!
Let me tell him.
He deserves to hear it from me.
I'll tell him.
Hear what, Ma?
Hear what, Ma?
CATALINA: Oh God, Angelo?
Hear what, Mom?
My entire life I've seen your
father help these families,
and they get to have a happily ever after,
and what about me, eh?
What about me?
When do I get my happily ever after?
I lost everything when
your father went to prison.
Everything, I lost Christiano.
What are you talking about?
I knew that I could not bring
another child into this world.
I was alone,
and I wasn't strong.
So I had to make a choice.
And I chose you.
You're saying that...
A mother knows her son.
You told Pop that you had a miscarriage.
I lied, Angelo.
Oh God.
I lied.
And then the lies just kept coming,
and now all I have is regret.
He blames himself
for what he did to you.
Wait, why do you think
that he fights so hard
to give others a better life, Ma?
Oh Angelo.
I love you, Angelo.
You were there.
You gave me strength.
But you survived this because of me.
All right, Ma.
No, Angelo.
Oh my God.
DANNY: You look like shit.
Seriously, you motherfucker.
Chris, I'm glad to see you're
making the right decision.
I had to get them to
believe I was on their side,
even after the cover was blown.
I had to get them to trust me again.
Sam, you gonna believe this prick?
Fuck you, Danny.
People don't change, man.
They just find new ways to lie, asshole.
Okay, you dumb fuck.
Then that means I should be
the person you started with.
Fuck you, man.
Fuck you.
Let's arrest this cocksucker!
Danny, would you calm the fuck down
before you give me a fuckin' heart attack.
Now calm down, and take two steps back.
- Two steps back!
- Fuck you!
Move it.
What do you know?
Is he gone to kill Tio?
I don't know.
This is all kinds of fucked up.
I gotta get out of here.
Where's your keys?
Just tell me where they are.
Kitchen counter.
Don't leave town.
All right?
And clean this fuckin'
place up a little bit.
It's not respectable.
Once again, tellin'
us shit we already know.
Listen, you little guinea fuck,
as we speak the contents of
that cargo is bein' uncovered.
Who's your other rat?
You think we'd tell you that?
How am I supposed to work
if I don't know who I
can and cannot shoot at?
You know Daniel is right.
Does this guy know who I am?
Sam, does he know who I am?
How the fuck do you think
we knew about the meat locker?
Or the fact that you had
your panties in a twist.
Can you be professional
for two fuckin' seconds?
Chris, Chris.
When your intel didn't muster up,
I had to send someone else in.
Their job was to keep an eye on you
and report back to me, okay.
I have to cover my assets.
You let your guard down,
you blew your cover.
You blew your cover.
Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah.
You guys are a fuckin' joke,
and after this shipment I'm out.
No, we're gonna get you some help.
No, you just need to get
the fuck out of my life.
You just gonna let
him walk away like that?
He's not goin' anywhere.
MAN: Fuck.
Yo, what the fuck?
You talking to the fucking cops?
Is that what you fucking think?
Fucking talk to me.
Hit me, motherfucker.
Hit me.
You come near this family,
you come near this fucking town,
you come anywhere near this place,
I will shoot you myself.
Do you understand me?
Do you understand me?
In a few years, only as
good as my mother is alive,
after that I'm gonna
fuckin' come after you.
You fucking got me?
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
Been a while since my last confession.
Although I think it's
pointless to confess,
because my sins are beyond confession
to anyone who cared.
But maybe now if I confess
to myself and to God,
I can finally understand
why I did what I did,
and I can finally be free.
Angelo was a small child,
and we lost everything when
Francis went to prison.
I knew that I could not survive
if I had this other child,
so I had to make a choice.
I chose Angelo.
I chose him because he new
my face and I knew his.
Christiano would have a
different life, you know.
A better life.
He wouldn't know any different.
So I lied.
I lied to Francis,
I told him I miscarried.
But I didn't.
I left my baby boy
on someone's doorstep.
What kind of a mother does that?
I went back though,
but it was too late.
And then time passed,
and I saw this boy playing
soccer at Miller's Park,
and I thought that's my...
I played soccer 'til I was 18.
How long have you known?
When I didn't see you
playing soccer anymore,
I thought I'd never see you again,
and then years later,
Angelo, he brought me to the restaurant.
Please understand I never
wanted this life for you.
What life did you want for me?
We were in America.
I wanted you to be anything.
It's not who I can be.
It's who I am.
You have to understand.
Please, I tried to tell you so many times,
I just didn't know how.
I didn't know, I couldn't find the words,
I didn't know what to say.
I spent my entire life
feeling out of place.
I never once felt that with this family.
I felt my blood thicker than water.
I know now
no matter how in the
dark your secrets are,
there's always a light
on to guide them home.
First you forgive yourself.
Madone, you look like shit.
You see Tio?
We won't be seeing him around anymore.
You killed him?
Didn't have to.
He's already dead to anybody that matters.
Angelo, look, I know
you don't wanna hear this,
but I really think he's one of us.
Only by blood.
BRUNO: What?
Yeah, yeah.
They left that off the
breakfast menu here, huh.
What's that supposed to mean?
Let's go.
Shipment's coming in tonight.
TIO: Listen, I know who you are,
and I don't care about that.
I just wanna know why.
Tio, you lost your fuckin' mind, bro.
I don't know what the fuck
you're talking about, man.
Look, look, look.
I had to.
I had to.
If you were doing your job right,
I wouldn't even be here.
Your mind was fucked bro.
You were gonna tell the Adamos
everything about the cops.
We were gonna tell the cops
everything about the Adamos.
So, I wasn't get let years
of intel go to waste,
because you were having personal issues.
So, I had to remove you.
And the only way to do that
was to blow your cover.
So I had Bruno meet me
where I knew Sam and Gino
were gonna meet you.
You get it?
It was fucking Daniel's idea!
I'm sure it was.
Do you mind givin' him a message?
you know I loved you.
Why do you hurt me like this?
I never meant to hurt you.
I am going to kill him.
Francis, I never asked you for anything.
Just this one thing, please don't do this.
That's our son.
That kid was dead and buried years ago,
get over it.
Pop, shipment's seaside.
Angelo, that's your brother, please.
Talk to your father, say something to him.
Already talked to him.
Why do you think you're still alive?
Oh, this is fucked up.
Here it is.
Gino, it's about time,
where the fuck you been?
Gino's dead.
He was the rat.
What makes you say that?
'Cause you met with Marcus,
and Ezio wasn't there.
You gotta tell 'em to
call off the shipment,
or your ass is gonna
be fuckin' slaughtered.
Tell him yourself.
You're on speaker phone.
I know you don't trust me,
but put your fuckin' ego aside
for one second and listen.
Tio, quit while you're ahead.
What'd you do that for?
He just gave us the up on the cops.
Doesn't mean I have to
forget everything else.
This has been a long time coming.
The cargo should be confiscated,
and let's keep casualties to a minimum.
Is that understood.
Go ahead, let's get 'em.
ANGELO: Loaded up?
Bruno, help Gabriel get
the vans out of here.
Get the car.
Where the hell's my father?
He's with Adriano.
We have to get out of here.
OFFICER: Freeze!
Put it down, put it down!
Put it down!
On the ground!
I'm so sorry for you to be here.
Catalina, she said something to you.
Just wanted to tell you to tell Angelo
that we're going to Arizona.
Put the weapon down, Francis!
Put it down!
Made the trade, shipment's cleared.
Gonna bring the vans and
head back to the restaurant.
I gotta get the hell
out of here, all right.
Listen, I'm gonna get you out of here,
but you gotta fuckin' trust me.
Follow me, come on.
The van's burned.
Francis is dead.
So we got nothin'?
Why the fuck does this place
look like World War III?
We were tipped off.
By who?
Who the fuck do you think?
He's gonna die tonight.
Angelo, come on.
Come on, Angelo!
Let's go, we gotta go.
Come on.
You fuckin' kiddin' me?
Danny, put your fuckin' gun down!
Who the fuck you kiddin'?
Hand him over!
You know I can't do that.
Chris, Francis is dead.
I need him.
You fuckin' hand him over to me now
or I'll shoot you and take him anyway!
TIO: No!
Holy fuck, what happened to you?
I was with Angelo.
Where is he?
They killed him, Francis too.
Who's gonna take care of the shipment?
Where is it?
It's in the kitchen.