American Carnage (2022) Movie Script

(upbeat music)
(dog growling)
(crickets chirping)
(majestic music)
Welcome to the land of the free,
home of the brave.
A country of the
people, by the people,
(plane engines roaring)
for the people.
Where if you work hard,
your dreams can come true.
A safe haven for families
from all walks of life.
On behalf of everyone
from this great land,
we welcome you, embrace
you, because we need you.
In Spanish, braceros means
a man who works
with arms and hands.
We need leaders.
And the Oscar goes to...
We need icons.
I'd like to thank...
Mi gente Latino.
We need entertainment.
Hi, baby bear, I'm Dora.
And I'm-
Miguel. (guitar riff)
Quite a run.
We get the job done.
We need fresh ideas.
Barbie in Mexico is stunning
in her ceremonial dress, and
her chihuahua is adorable.
(in Spanish)
But most of all...
(in Spanish)
We need villains.
So you can point
your fucking fingers,
and say, "That's the bad guy."
So we can scare people.
(upbeat music)
- They're immigrants.
They're invaders.
- Let me finish!
Let me finish.
Let me finish!
(Joker laughing)
These aren't people.
These are animals.
Why do you hate us?
Because we're Mexicans?
As the illegal invasion
at our southern
border intensifies...
We're gonna do whatever is
necessary to build a wall.
And a one-way ticket back
to where you came from.
It is an invasion.
I'm fucking American!
Don't fucking touch
my burrito, bitch!
So there's an enemy to fight.
If you don't speak English
and don't contribute, get out.
The best way to describe them
is to be more like
a summer camp.
To make money.
It does seem like the
America that we know and love
doesn't exist anymore.
To stay in power.
And most importantly,
to feel like heroes.
It does not mean,
because we created them,
that we somehow forgive them
or do not take
them out of society
to protect my family
and yours from them.
Do not come.
Do not come.
This American carnage
stops right here
and stops right now.
God bless you and God bless
the United States of America.
(crowd cheering)
(dramatic music)
(siren wailing)
(upbeat music)
To the people in the front
Whoop, whoop, yeah, yeah
To the people in the back
Whoop, whoop, yeah, yeah
To the people in the middle
Whoop, whoop, yeah, yeah
To the people on the side
Whoop, whoop, yeah
Hey yo, I'm the crazy
brother with the nose pierced
Known as the dragon flagon
Now my part is when it's
time to get full of paper
'Cause we rate on the funk
White, black and
or brown sugar
Check out this...
(indistinct chattering)
Brown sugar
Check out the sound and
flavor that I profile
Like a resume
You best to take a good look
at it 'cause you can't turn
Now 'nuff said, throw a dirty
nasty steak and walk out the water
Take his daughter to the
Moma then I slaughter
Like a ship because I'm
good at using my whip
When the mousse and the jacket
comes together, it's all good
Whoa! Whoa!
Ninja, what's up?
I need a favor.
You can't just grab a man
by the headphones anymore.
Could you cover
the drive-through?
Rosita just canceled
and I just need
to bring the kids
to their yaya's.
But Ninja, I'm
about to clock out.
Please, please, please.
- Stop it.
- Please.
(sighs) All right.
Fine. I'll cover
your shift, okay.
(speaking in Spanish)
Don't worry about it. Have fun.
Thank you.
Ha ha, you got stuck
in the drive-through.
Oh, shut up!
What can I say? I'm
just a nice guy.
People love me.
(upbeat music)
- Welcome to Lady Liberty.
Would you like to try
our new triple patty
bacon blasted combo for 5.99?
I'll have a smokehouse burger.
Take some fries, put
'em on the burger,
then cut that bitch in half.
Uh, we don't do that here.
I said we don't do that here.
Special orders.
We about to act up
(car engine roaring)
Yo bro, you can't
cut it in half?
You got knives, don't you?
You got hands, so what's
the fucking problem?
Yeah, we just serve the food
here as advertised, is all.
You see the whip I'm
driving? (car engine roaring)
- Yeah.
- You see the clothes I'm wearing?
Does it look like I give a
shit what you usually do?
Okay. So let me
get this straight.
You think because
I'm serving you
that I'm your servant, right?
You understand this?
Habla dinero?
Lameass wetback.
Wetback. Ooh, wetback?
Okay, so you've been a racist
your whole life, I'm guessing.
And you're telling me
the best you can come
up with is wetback?
Why don't I give you a
little help here? Excuse me.
Customers of Lady Liberty,
can I have your
attention, please?
I have these two lovely
gentlemen here in front of me,
and they're wondering if we
have any wetbacks here tonight.
What are you doing?
Do we have any beaners here?
Any greasers... Can
I just get my burger?
What about some vatos
or some cholos,
huh? Motor bandits.
Hey, go back to where
you came from, bro.
(car engine roaring)
Thank you valued
customer. Have a nice day.
Hey! Making friends, I see.
Dang, such a social butterfly.
You know me, girl,
just gotta call out
the haters of the world.
Oh, and Andrea look,
I got this very special
milkshake for you.
Oh, I'm vegan.
- She vegan, bro.
- You're vegan?
Girl, I'm an Aquarius,
I think the universe might be
trying to tell us something, huh?
Do you feel that?
It's in the air or something.
- I can almost hear it.
- Please stop.
Oh, shh, we're having
a moment. Shh, shh!
I hear it too.
What is that? What is that?
JP, code 12 in the bathroom.
Someone clogged
the shitter again.
(girls chuckling)
Nice try, twerp.
I'll take that.
Oh, mom wants us home at eight.
Try to make that.
- Wait, why eight?
You didn't hear?
Lily got into Columbia!
Oh, not now.
Oh God, I'm so sorry. I
didn't realise. I'm so sorry.
You got into Columbia?
Isn't that kinda far?
Come on, move
it. (car honking)
You got some people
in the back here.
Don't worry about it.
I love you, loser!
Bye! Love you, bye!
So, when were you gonna tell me?
Aren't you happy for her?
Yeah, it's just like New
York is far away, so...
She will always
be there for you.
You'll be there for her tonight?
Yeah, of course
I'm gonna be there.
(speaking in Spanish)
I love you too.
(ominous music)
(door bangs)
Get down on the
motherfucking ground!
Say hello to WorldStar, pussy.
Scott Williams of Riverside
once sharted in
third period French.
Come on, man.
Low blow.
Never should have told you that.
Well, so anyway, I heard
your sis got into college.
How you holding up?
It's always been her dream to
get into an Ivy League school.
So that's pretty good.
I'm happy for her there.
And now we got a place to
stay in the Big Apple, huh?
And college parties and
girls, it's gonna be lit.
My man.
You know, I cannot wait to
give one of those rich girls
the famous Scott's
special. (laughs)
What does that even look
like? Two inches of regret?
- Dude, I'm a five and half.
- Sure. Right.
Let's go with that.
And according to Cosmo,
that shit is average.
You're gonna help me load
these into the freezer?
(speaking in Spanish)
It's like that, is it?
No, that's cool. That's cool.
I'll just smoke this joint
with my real friends.
(gentle music)
(upbeat hip hop music)
I saw that milkshake
move with Andrea.
- Oh yeah?
- Weak.
Dude, what are
you talking about?
Everybody loves milkshakes.
Nah, for real, dude.
You gotta step up your game.
Do we even serve anything
that a vegan can eat?
Uh, pickles?
(both laughing)
Shit, no, no. I love a pickle.
I just, I prefer it
on a slab of dead cow.
(both laugh)
Later, man.
I don't care what he says,
everybody loves milkshakes.
That was my joint.
(menacing music)
(dog barking)
(upbeat music)
In the middle of the
LB and South Central
You can find me and
the D up in the limo
The rat hoe clique,
that's down for whatever
So nigga watch your shit
On Avalon 'cause
we'll get ya
Oh no, it's on as I
start my day early
Just finished taking out
Hey, look alive, baby boy.
Oh, wow.
Yo, anybody ever tell you
you have resting dumb face?
You just salty, all right?
Because you're jealous.
Okay, I'm gonna send
this to Andrea then.
Why you gotta do me
like that? Come on.
Hey, you don't see me
knock your hustle, do you?
Hashtag, is your
brain on Tide pods?
(JP laughs)
Very savage.
But you know what,
I'm gonna let it slide
'cause it's your big
day and all that, okay?
That's right!
My sis going to Columbia.
It looks like I got the looks
and the brains of the family.
Ooh, a lot of pressure
on my shoulders.
Gotta take care of us.
- Oh, do you now?
Hey, I'm proud of you.
Okay, who are you?
Not like I'd be caught dead
with any of those nerd bombers.
- Ew, nerd bombers?
- But it suits you.
Your whole aesthetic,
very nerd bomber-esque.
You could go to college as well.
Lily, Lily, Lily.
Lemme tell you something.
Lemme put you on game
real quick, all right?
There are two kinds of
people in this world.
There are workers.
Oh, yes sir. No, sir.
And they do that
their whole lives.
And then you got the hustlers.
They be doing it for
a little bit of time.
They're there, but then
they're always thinking.
They gotta find a way out.
They're percolating in the head.
That's me.
I don't even know
what that means.
It means I'm a buy
mom a big ass house
before you even graduate.
Oh, really?
With all that Lady
Liberty money?
Oh, 'cause you balling now
'cause you on that
burger chains?
More like that burger chain.
Uh... Wrong.
Here, let's take a
picture for mami.
Let me fix my hair.
Girl, what do you got
there behind your ear?
Nothing. What are
you talking about?
- Behind your ear?
- JP, just...
You get some ink?
JP, not a word.
- Snitches get stitches.
- Uh-huh. This is cute.
Come on.
Butterfly though, really?
Okay, because it's
my spirit animal.
Isn't that kind of basic?
(speaking in Spanish)
Spirit animal?
Isn't a butterfly an
insect? (upbeat music)
(singing in Spanish)
(indistinct chatter)
Oh, look at that.
Very nice.
- (speaking in Spanish)
(speaking Spanish)
And I'm very happy to share
my joy with everyone here.
Lily, I couldn't be
more proud of you.
- Salute.
- Salute.
Salute. (gentle music)
Lily, you deserve to enjoy
every moment of happiness
that surely lies ahead of you.
And start with this one, mija.
Ay, Mami!
(all clapping)
It's okay, mom, really.
I'm just gonna be
a phone call away.
Besides, JP's gonna be here.
He's gonna be
handling it, right JP?
You promise to take
care of things?
(dramatic music)
(door bangs) (girl screaming)
Immigration, get down!
(indistinct clamoring)
- Please, don't!
- Show your hands!
Hey! Lily!
Please, no... Please! No!
This just in from the capital.
Governor Finn has declared
a sudden state of emergency,
issuing a surprise
executive order.
(speaking in Spanish)
Issuing a surprise
executive order
commanding the task
forces across the state
to carry out widespread
arrests of illegal immigrants,
in what many are calling
a blatant political ploy
to galvanize his base
before the upcoming
gubernatorial election.
As a civil rights lawyer,
but more importantly
as a human being
and someone's daughter,
I find this executive
order just atrocious.
In response to estimates
that nearly two million
illegal immigrants live
in just his state alone...
(speaking in Spanish)
Governor Finn has
issued an executive order,
commanding task forces
to arrest the children
of these immigrants as well,
even if they were born
here in the United States.
For aiding and
abetting their parents
by not reporting
them to authorities.
I have only two words to
say about our recent efforts
to expel illegal aliens
from our beautiful state.
Zero tolerance.
(indistinct chattering)
Single file line.
No phone calls.
(menacing music)
Let go of me!
- Come on, let's go! Move it!
- I just wanna see my family again...
Lily, it's me. It's JP.
Lily! Lily!
(somber music)
(dog barking)
(buzzer ringing)
I saw you on TV.
You're the one trying
to get the judge
to overrule the governor, right?
It's overturn.
And yes.
We lost.
We're not done
fighting yet though.
We'll appeal to the Supreme
Court if we have to.
How long does that take?
Hard to say.
Weeks, months maybe.
This is bullshit.
Governor Finn will do
everything in his power
to drag this out
until the election.
Children of illegal immigrants
aren't exactly known
for voting Republican.
What? Is that a crime now?
No, but aiding and
abetting an illegal alien is.
You mean being raised by my mom?
What? Is my sister
like an accomplice now?
Listen to me, JP.
Governor Finn wants all
the detained immigrants
gone by election day.
Gone, like deported?
They wanna deport my
mom just like that?
Now, we can stop
that from happening.
If a natural born American
citizen claims her
as a member of their biological
family, she'll be released.
Me and Lily, problem solved.
No. As long as you and your
sister remain under state custody,
you can't bring forward
any legal claims.
But we do have another option.
(menacing music)
What's this?
The Elderly American Tolerance
and Understanding project.
This community service program
where volunteers help
care for senior citizens.
The DA is offering
to drop all charges
if you complete this program.
(menacing music)
So it's this or go to court?
Choice is yours.
No, it isn't.
(upbeat music)
You all know why you're here.
Successful completion
of this program
is your only chance to
return to your normal lives
and your families.
Juan Pablo Valdes.
That's Valdes with
an S, not a Z.
Here, I'll spell that for you.
See? No Z.
Camilla Montes.
(upbeat music)
Full-time activist,
part-time political prisoner.
What's your country of origin?
I'm a red-blooded American,
but my mom is from Mexico.
While you are a
participant in this program,
there will be no communication
with the outside world.
Chris Morales.
I got chronic anxiety
and delusional paranoia.
Is it really hot in here?
Is there even windows in here?
There's no air in this room.
My throat gets super dry...
There's water
there if you'd like.
Dude, what's in it?
LSD? Flunitrazepam.
- One mistake.
(dramatic music)
And I will personally
drag your ass back here.
They call me Big Mac.
Know what I'm talking
about? You wanna know why?
'cause I'll be
macking the big hoes.
The BBW.
Big ladies need love too.
What's your country of origin?
(speaking indistinctly)
Am I in here because
I'm Latino or black?
Or both?
These ankle
monitors will alert us
if you're not in your
assigned rooms by curfew.
If it starts beeping,
you have five minutes
to haul ass back to your room.
Micah Fuentes, gluten-free
vegan, Democrat socialist.
Is that a crime yet?
What's your country of origin?
United States of Americas,
Argentinian parents.
But you can just write down
divided states of America.
You ever been
affiliated with a gang
or any violent organization?
Housekeepers, landscapers,
busboys, construction workers.
We get together in secret,
and we work the jobs that
nobody else wants to do
for less than minimum wage.
Ever inhaled or ingested
any non commercial drugs
or state-altering substances?
That's some racist shit though.
To assume that I use drugs.
Clozapine, risperidone,
Xanax and Adderall.
Do I assume you dance
poorly to Vanilla Ice,
dressed in your khaki shorts
while stress eating
a kale salad?
And sometimes it
balances with carbamazepine
and diboplorex.
Do you have a criminal record?
Of course I do.
Y'all wanna know what I did?
I stole hearts in the
fourth grade. (laughs)
And if any of you geniuses
decide to try and escape,
you will enter a world of shit.
(bus engine revving)
(menacing music)
Mr. Davis.
Please, call me Eddie.
Everyone meet Mr. Eddie Davis.
Founder of the Elderly
American Tolerance
and Understanding project,
and your supervisor
for the next three months.
Thank you, Bruce.
At Alcove, compassionate
elder care is our mission.
It's what we do.
So we truly appreciate
you being here
to help out our seniors in
so many ways, big and small,
but maybe they can help you too.
I mean, the truth is we
all have so much to learn
from our most
experienced citizens.
And I promise you, you
stick with the program,
you're gonna leave this place
more mature, fully grown.
You may even gain a newfound
appreciation for life.
I'm gonna turn you over to
our operations officers,
Cynthia and James.
And I just wanna remind
you that you are doing
the residents of Alcove
and your country,
a tremendous service.
Thank you.
All right guys, listen
up. (dramatic music)
I'm gonna show you guys' room,
where you'll be
sleeping at night.
It's nothing fancy as you
will see, but let's be honest.
Between this and
foil sleeping bags,
I know which one I'd choose.
You got the essentials,
your bed, desk, lamp.
We'll get you anything
you need, just ask us.
Better be in there before curfew
or your ankle bracelet
will go off...
(indistinct chattering)
Water therapy and aqua aerobics.
Yes, the pool is heated
and no, you may not use it
under any circumstances.
Relaxation is big here.
So no matter what happens,
it's very important that
the guests remain calm.
The common area.
This is the true heartbeat
of our operation.
This is where you'll
spend most of your time
entertaining our guests.
Your job is to play chess,
read to them, blah, blah, blah.
Hey, Big Mac. Keep up.
This is our garden.
It's very popular
with the residents.
As you will see, they'll
come out here to relax,
close their eyes and meditate.
By meditate, I just
mean take a nap.
Think that you'll find if
you stick to the program,
follow the rules
and stay in line,
your time here should be pretty
fast and easy, all right?
Look at this. Look at this.
Well, I be damned!
How am I supposed to maintain
my superior intellect
eating this nasty ass meat loaf?
Hey. Psst!
White girl.
White girl.
- Is he talking to me?
- He's talking to you.
I suggest you say something.
You know, 'cause your skin.
'Cause us white people like...
I'm Argentinian,
(speaking Spanish).
So, you're not white?
Dude, all these old people,
do we have to, like, touch them?
Do you realize how
dumb you sound right now?
You're gonna be old one day.
We put my grandpa in a
nursing home and he loved it
'cause he got so much ass,
'cause every old lady
in there was DTF.
All of 'em.
Okay, you know what, we
really don't wanna hear
about your granddaddy
fornicating right now.
Yeah, grandpa died
five weeks later.
And when they did the autopsy,
they found like seven
different STDs on him.
Full head of herpes sore
at the funeral like...
(all laugh)
No, my point is, you
wanna get gonorrhea,
go ahead and touch a
few of these geezers.
You don't gotta touch
'em with your dick.
Um... Speak for yourself,
'cause I might want some
of that fermented vagina.
You know what I'm talk about?
Stop talking about
old people sex.
You started it.
You know what I want?
I would kill for a Lady
Libs fish filet right now.
It's not fish though.
Say what? What you
mean it's not fish?
What's in my filet?
You don't wanna know.
That's why I'm vegan.
I only eat what my mom cooks.
She's the only person I
trust not to poison me.
Okay, so you're not eating that?
No, man. Or drinking.
That's how they get you.
Would you all just shut up!
This isn't summer camp.
What is wrong with her?
She know what's in that
fish filet, don't she?
All right.
Time for you guys to
look the part. Come on.
(soft music)
Well, pick your poison.
Erectile dysfunction or
irritable bowel system?
It's syndrome.
Same thing.
Wow, where's my man with the...
There you go.
Uh, I'm JP and I'm
here with the...
The program, I guess.
So if you need
anything or like...
Hey sweetie, we're here to help.
What do we do?
We can read to them.
Oh God, please tell me
you know how to read.
(JP chuckles)
No, yeah. I
know how to read.
I can... I could read.
That doesn't sound
convincing at all.
I'll read. I know
how to say words if...
Good luck.
This is stupid.
Not you.
I'll just read.
You know.
He thought back on his family
with deep emotion and love.
His conviction that he
would have to disappear
was, if possible, even
firmer than his sister's.
(Greta mumbles)
I cannot make you understand.
I cannot make anyone understand
what is happening inside me.
I cannot even explain to
myself... You will die here.
You will die here.
I can... I can
pick another book.
You will die here. (sobs)
You will die here.
Back off. Back off.
You've done enough.
I was just reading a
book... Don't wanna hear it.
Doesn't... Where are
you guys taking her?
You really got a
way with the ladies.
Chris, you should
really eat something.
No. No way.
They're not gonna break me.
At least have some water, man.
You're not gonna last
unless you hydrate.
I won't have to, 'cause
I'm getting outta here.
What are you talking
about? You trying to escape?
Yeah, good luck with that.
(ominous music)
They're probably
watching us right now.
They're waiting to
see if any of us
have the nerve to defy them.
Who's they?
Exactly. Who are they?
I don't know. You don't know.
Maybe they don't even know.
You've gotta be kidding.
Do you honestly think
it's crazy to try to escape?
You know, I don't care if
I look crazy, all right?
Oh, you sure the hell don't.
Why don't you just stop
talking all this shit
and go try it then?
You know, maybe I will.
No, Chris. Chris. You're
a little fragile right now.
You're hangry, Chris!
- I don't think you should do it.
- Chris.
Don't do that. Don't...
(alarm blaring)
(taser buzzing)
Yeah, it was an accident.
I tripped. I'm sorry.
(taser buzzing)
- Oh.
(Chris whimpering)
Oh, you know he
pissed on himself.
Let go of me.
No. No...
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Moron.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
(thunder rumbling)
(metal clanking)
(ominous music)
(owl hooting)
(ankle monitor beeping)
(urine sloshes)
(toilet flushes)
(ominous music)
(ankle monitor beeping)
Will set you free.
It's Virgil.
Virgil will set you free.
Virgil will set you free.
- Relax, it's okay.
- Virgil.
- It's okay.
- Set you free.
- Virgil.
- Hey, hey, hey it's okay.
Will set you free. Free!
Virgil will set you free.
Virgil will set you free.
Virgil will set you free.
- I found her.
She's here.
Mrs. Wells, stop it.
All right, let's
get her off of him.
(JP panting)
(ankle monitor beeping)
It's okay.
Just come with us.
Go back to your room.
Nice job, black bean.
Get in your damn room.
Make sure her door's
locked this time.
(soft music)
(birds chirping)
I wanna apologize for what
happened to JP last night.
That never shoulda happened.
You guys should probably
see the entire facility now.
Where's Chris?
Don't even look at me.
This is ward B.
All of our residents
here have been diagnosed
with advanced dementia
or Alzheimer's.
As you can see,
they tend to regress
back to their natural instincts.
Unfortunately, our role here
is a purely palliative one.
Meaning what?
Keep 'em comfortable,
spoon feed 'em,
wipe their asses till they die.
That's morbid,
Camilla, but not wrong.
Anyway, someone left the
door unlocked last night.
Thus our wanderer.
Can we help them instead?
Oh, sure. You
can assist James.
He'll show you what to do.
(Big Mac mumbles)
- Why not?
Anyway, back to work everyone.
Kiss ass.
All right. (menacing music)
Mr. Yates here, we gotta
get him outta this chair
and into a bed.
Think you can handle that?
- Yeah, sure.
- Good.
So why is he strapped in?
It's for his own good.
Mr. Yates here is
a bit of a biter,
aren't ya?
Probably eat me alive.
Stupid old fuck.
Hey, don't do that.
Chill, hombre.
(dramatic music)
Just having some fun.
Hey man, don't call me hombre.
Don't call you what?
Kid, I'll call
you hombre, chico,
nacho, burrito, or whatever
the fuck else I wanna call you.
Comprehende, amigo?
Better back off, Supercuts.
Or what?
Everything okay?
Absolutely, Eddie.
Just showing JP here the ropes.
All good.
Welcome to my shit list, bitch.
Now, help me put
this old fuck to bed.
Get his strap.
(man growls) (dramatic music)
Get off me! Get off.
Hey, hey, stop.
Don't hurt him...
(JP mumbling)
(speaking in Spanish)
(speaking in Spanish)
But how?
You're not gonna
believe it, (soft music)
but turns out we've only
been like a mile apart
this whole time.
(JP coughs)
Hey, here.
Hey JP, save your strength.
Just tell me one thing.
You promise to take
care of things.
(ground rumbling)
Hey, welcome back.
- How long was I out?
- About a half hour.
Feels like a lifetime.
How's Mr. Mason?
I don't know, but
if I'd have to guess,
I'd say he's getting a lobotomy
for what he did to you.
Oh, don't say that.
He probably doesn't
remember that he bit me.
That, or maybe you
have a forgettable taste.
I taste a whole lot
better with hot sauce.
Oh, okay.
Well, maybe next time
I'll slip him a bottle.
(gentle music)
- Are you finished?
- Oh, yeah.
I've been done with
this for a while,
but I'd just rather
hang out here with you
than spend time with
James and Cynthia
and the rest of those assholes.
I get what you mean.
It feels like they
treat the patients
more like cattle
than actual people.
Exactly, and it's like
that's someone's
abuelo or abuela.
Hey, since we're stuck here,
maybe we can teach them
how to treat their own.
I am tired of
these damn noodles.
Okay? You know, I would kill
for a hamburger right now.
Fernando, I would choke him
out for a burger right now.
Murder somebody.
Guys, where's Chris?
Maybe he made his escape.
Busted outta here.
Flew the coop.
Wrap it up. Back
to work in five.
Cynthia, have you seen Chris?
They sent him back to
the detention center.
What the fuck!
(menacing music)
You try to escape,
that's what happens.
Look, that's a lie.
'Cause I found
this in the hallway.
Look, there's no way that
wheezy, half-a-lung dude
would leave without this.
All right?
He may not be eating,
but he using this.
(dramatic music)
(Big Mac whistling)
Mr. Phillips, my main man.
You know what time it is?
It's movie time.
Oh yeah, James says you
wasn't feeling too well.
So, I thought a movie
might cheer you up.
got you a date.
Oh yeah, get your little
elderly edition of Netflix
and uh... don't die on me.
Y'all laughing in the inside.
I ain't gonna let y'all
play with me. I'm funny.
I'm go ahead and
hook this TV up.
Is that a DVD, VCR combo?
That's how they doing
you, Mr. Phillips?
All right.
We gonna figure this out.
This is a relic, but...
let Big Mac go to work.
(Big Mac mumbling)
This is crazy. (Mr.
Phillips wheezing)
I don't even know
where to begin.
You got one of them fat backs.
Oh my, what type
of setup is this?
I don't even...
(fingers crackling)
It's all right.
It's all right.
(Mr. Phillips wheezing)
I'm a figure this out,
Mr. Phillips. Don't worry about it.
You know, I'll talk to James.
Gotta get you a new one...
Mr. Phillips? (ominous music)
You okay?
Mr. Phillips.
Mr. Phillips' not breathing.
Did you see anything
what happened?
(dramatic music)
(Mr. Phillips rasping)
(Mr. Phillips growling)
(Mr. Phillips growling)
(electricity crackling)
(ominous music)
(Big Mac screaming)
Chill! Chill!
(Mr. Phillips growling)
(Big Mac screaming)
(Greta screaming)
All right.
I know you all must
have some questions,
but I gotta be
honest with you guys.
I don't pretend to understand
what happened to Mr. Phillips,
The way he died is shocking
and frankly incomprehensible.
Uh-uh, it ain't right.
Dude last night was inside
out and upside down.
- What?
- Yes.
The origin appears to be...
Seriously, it's the
most disturbing thing
I've ever seen in my life.
We're conducting a thorough investigation
into his care, and I expect...
Man, you know where I grew up.
I've seen some disturbing shit.
- Big Mac.
- Hm?
Care to chime in?
No, no. Um...
I was just saying, man,
poor, poor, Mr. Phillips.
I feel bad for him.
That was my guy, man.
It's unfortunate.
Oh, Mr. Phillips.
I'll be here if anyone
needs any help processing.
JP, can I borrow
you for a moment?
(soft music) (owl cawing)
Meet Virgil, not that
his name really matters.
Why is that?
He's a barn owl,
no more, no less.
He never asks
himself, "Who am I?"
But rather, "What's my job?"
Look over there.
Tyrannus melancholicus.
Charming little species.
The only problem is, it's
not native to the region.
It's taking the jobs
of the birds who are
by eating the crickets and
leaving less to go around.
Virgil's job, aside from
eating and one day being eaten,
is to maintain order.
But he can't do it alone.
He does his part, trusting
that those just like him
are doing the same.
Let's say he's the
gatekeeper of Alcove
both inside the
facility and out.
But unlike Virgil, I don't have
eyes in the back of my head.
So I have to trust that the
two of you are doing your jobs
and not letting anything,
a stupid fight, to pick
a hypothetical example,
get in the way.
My entire business
hangs on this trust.
Am I wise to invest
this trust in you?
- Yeah.
- Yes.
I'll let you two hug it out.
- Okay.
I'm gonna make your
life a living hell.
Shh, shh, shh.
Don't kill the vibe.
What are you doing?
Fuck, man.
Jesus Christ.
(menacing music)
Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on.
(JP laughs)
(JP groans)
(upbeat hip hop music)
(JP chuckles)
It's Big Mac and
the haters after me
I only like big chicks
to eat hot calories
You know what, I'm not
even ashamed of this.
I'm a thug. I punch
people in the face.
No. Yeah, I know.
You mind just
giving me a minute.
Do you mind just...
Let me get myself.
Hey, hey.
You ain't gon' tell
anybody, right.
You good.
You ain't gon'...
Wait, wait, wait.
That don't sound too believable.
That don't sound too...
(JP laughs)
(soft knocking)
Pool party. What do you say?
Almost done with curfew check.
Get in!
Ooh, thanks.
No problem.
Gotta say, did not peg you
as a trouble-making type.
Mm-mm. Troublemakers
get caught.
So you're just a bad boy?
For who, I wonder.
Turn around.
Hey, if she were into girls,
I'd try to hit that too.
Oh, yeah?
Then again, maybe I could
change your mind about that.
Relax, bro. I'm not
gonna stand in your way.
(both laugh)
(loud knocking)
JP, what are you doing here?
It's way past curfew.
Care for a swim? (singing
in foreign language)
She called you a what?
A six.
- Wow.
- Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
She's clearly tripping.
Thank you.
You're a four at best.
Come on.
- At best.
- Seriously?
- At best.
- Oh, wow. Come on.
(speaking in Spanish)
What's that?
(speaking in Spanish) I
mean, you never heard of it?
What does it mean?
No, it's not...
It's like when all of
your senses come together
in a perfect way.
Hey, look, I'll show you.
Close your eyes.
Close 'em.
How does that smell?
Like brandy.
No. Come on, try harder.
Yeah, very good.
How does that feel?
How does that sound?
Sounds soft.
Very soft.
Open your eyes.
How do I look?
Well, there's only
one sense left, JP.
(speaking in Spanish)
(singing in foreign language)
So, are we gonna do this?
Oh, yeah.
I mean, that is if you want to.
Uh, yeah.
Very, very much.
(singing in foreign language)
(birds chirping)
(dramatic music)
(JP gasps)
Ms. Wilcox.
What are you doing in here?
Come here, let me help you.
You're not supposed
to leave your room.
I was so scared when I went in
there and you weren't there.
I'll get you back.
(JP laughs)
(gentle music)
You smashed Micah
last night, didn't you?
Didn't you? Didn't you?
You did.
That's right.
Okay. Respect.
Respect. Respect.
Did not know you had
that type of game, baby.
- Hey, now you know.
- Okay. I know.
I know. Now, tell me this.
Tell me this. Tell me this.
How much of a freak was she?
How much was a...
(JP laughs)
I'm gonna tell
like three people,
but I ain't gonna
tell nobody else.
All right, I'll tell 'em
about that face mask though.
Okay. All right.
That's our secret to the death.
To the death. (menacing music)
She nasty. I like that.
I'm gonna need to know
more detail though.
I tell you that.
What's up?
Give me a sec.
(ominous music)
Hey, Greta.
It's gonna sound weird, but
did anyone give this to you?
Yeah, no?
See, my sister, she used to make
the exact same cootie
catchers back at home.
Her name was Lily.
Do you know her?
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
(Greta whimpering)
Let go of him.
Let go!
Let go.
Let's transfer her to ward B.
Been a long time coming.
(dramatic music)
Hey, what's wrong?
What happened?
No, I'm fine. I just...
I think there's something
wrong with Greta.
Well, clearly there is, or
else she wouldn't be here.
Don't take it too personally.
I don't know why she
keeps freaking out on me.
All right.
It's official.
These people are fucked up!
But you know what's
really fucked up?
Last night was crazy.
I totally blacked out.
It makes two of us.
After the pool, I don't
remember anything.
And on top of that,
I'm dying out here.
Wait a second.
Back off, creep.
No, just look.
You got a weird mark on
the back of your neck.
Just look. (intense music)
Oh. Oh, that look
like a terrible hickey.
- Yeah.
- Might be those needles
that they're always using.
Wait, do you
remember being sedated?
Isn't the point of being
sedated that you don't remember?
There's some strange shit
going on around here.
(dramatic music intensifies)
(upbeat music)
That's not how I
would describe it.
All right. Well then,
how would you describe it?
It's not a scam if
you're getting paid.
Cynthia, you're
paid to get into it.
You think you're so
much smarter than me.
You have to start somewhere.
Right now I'm just at the bottom.
Of the pyramid...
(dramatic music intensifies)
(man snoring)
You're sure about this?
We can't have her
freaking out all the time.
Let's just double her dosage
and make our lives easier.
All right.
Let's go.
I can't wait till she's gone.
Just a matter of
days at this point.
(dramatic music)
Did you hear that?
(JP panting)
No, it's probably nothing.
I dunno.
Come on. I hate this job.
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
You will die here.
You will die here.
Holy fuck! Oh, shit.
(dramatic music intensifies)
Have y'all seen JP?
Cynthia told me he's been
on kitchen duty all morning.
No, that was me.
Why do you think your lunch
is so irresistibly
delicious, huh?
Your hands are blessed.
- What can I say?
I'm talented.
- (Big Mac chuckles)
JP missin' out.
Well, we know they're lying
to us about Chris, right?
What about JP?
You know what? I got a idea.
(dramatic music)
All right, Camilla.
You stay guard.
Why do I have to stay on guard?
I'll freak out if
anybody shows up.
Plus, you think
better on your feet.
That's blatant flattery.
But okay, I'll bite.
If you see anyone coming,
just give us a sign.
What kinda sign?
A bird call.
A bird call, really?
Yes, like ca caw, ca caw.
Come on, I can't even think
of anything more obvious.
That's not obvious.
Do you see birds?
- There's a lot of birds.
- Guys, when he comes out,
just fucking go.
- Ca caw, ca caw, that's it.
- No.
Yes, it is.
Okay, what are we
even looking for?
Anything with
Chris or JP's name?
This is nice.
Okay. I guess
I'll look over here.
This middle drawer's locked.
(ominous music)
There's gotta be
a key somewhere.
You know, maybe we
should just get outta here.
Ah, I found one.
That is not a key.
But it is.
And no, I don't
know how to do this
just because I'm black.
My father was a locksmith.
Thank you so much
for that clarification.
I can hear you judging me.
Give me a second.
A little rusty, but...
(Big Mac chuckles)
Got it.
Oh, yeah.
What is this?
What is that?
It looks like a machine
or something like that.
(menacing music)
Hey, James.
Just who I wanted
to see actually.
What is it?
- Here's Chris.
- Wait, look.
The fuck!
- James, so do you like...
What happened to the ca caw?
Okay, we gotta go.
He hasn't been eating.
Just go spoonfeed him
some tuna or something.
Dude, I just wanna know-
Camilla, be quiet and go, now.
(intense music)
What do we have here?
All right.
So James, what's it like to
run a summer camp for wetbacks?
Oh yeah, it's great.
Everything I ever wanted.
Fuck this place, man.
That dude is crazy.
I don't know. Let's
just get outta here.
(metal clanging)
- Oh, shit!
(menacing music)
Oh my God!
(machine whirring)
Hey, where are we?
What's going on?
Jesus Christ, what the
hell happened to you guys?
What'd you guys find out?
I found some crazy shit.
Oh, these fuckers are up
to something, aren't they?
(Big Mac muttering)
But I'm calling it, Freemasons.
No, no, no, no.
Lizard, no.
No! The Illuminati!
Stop talking like Chris
and tell me what happened.
Matter of fact,
actually, poor Chris-
Hey, Mac.
(ominous music)
Help me out with something.
No problem.
Come on.
Thank you.
(metal rattling)
- You hear that?
It's coming from the vent.
Screw must be loose.
Fix it before dinner.
(ominous music)
Fix it before dinner.
I'm onto you, James.
I'm onto you.
(upbeat music)
(metal clanging)
- Crap!
It's cool. I got it.
Guess he think the Mac
man can do everything.
You know what? I can
do everything, James.
I'm built for this.
Oh, shit!
Where'd he go?
Got all this money round here,
ain't got no maintenance man?
(dramatic music)
(man growling)
(Big Mac screaming)
- Big Mac.
- Get back. Everyone.
Somebody call an ambulance.
Nobody's calling anyone.
Now, get back.
We will handle this.
(ominous music)
James, you there?
We need some help
down here right away.
Sending someone right away.
You, go find Bruce.
(ominous music)
Looks like those
commercials are working.
Product's selling well.
Keep your voice down.
You ever tried one?
Have I?
Are you out of your goddam mind?
Eddie, don't tell me you-
But the kids have.
They tell the difference?
Apparently, they taste
just like the real thing.
Steak, meatballs, chilli
dogs, sloppy joes.
(laughs) Tacos.
(ominous music)
Open the door. Quick, quick.
Three, two, one.
Go back to the lab.
We'll deal with him now.
He's not responding.
Shit! Eddie's gonna kill us.
What do we do?
There's only one thing to do.
We're gonna jumpstart his system
and inject him with adrenaline.
No, no, no.
We'll just wake him up.
(menacing music)
(intense music)
He's the gatekeeper of Alcove
both inside and
outside the facility.
Virgil will set you free.
(intense music)
JP's gone.
I repeat, I cannot find JP.
(JP panting)
Talk to me about production.
Well, the supply
of raw materials
is going better than expected.
We'll never run
out at this rate.
And the kids?
Any discipline issues?
Nothing to worry about.
The sedatives keep
the kids in check.
We also lace 'em with
highly effective hormones,
tenderizing their
bodies by more than 20%.
So how's it working?
The machine.
The prototype produces
twice the number of patties
in half the time of your
average assembly line.
We have more product than
we know what to do with.
And the results are the same
across all 12 of our facilities.
(machine whirs)
We have a commercially
reliable product
that's safe to eat, tastes
just like the real thing.
And best of all,
all production costs
are covered by John Q taxpayer.
What's going on?
What are you doing?
They did this to me.
We gotta run before
they do it to everyone.
My God.
What happened to you?
Don't get any fucking closer.
(JP mutters)
Sorry, dude.
For the record,
we never happened.
I don't fuck the help.
Don't be afraid.
Fear releases adrenaline,
stiffens the muscles.
Spoils the meat.
You're a fucking cannibal.
Oh, come on. I
don't eat the burgers.
Fuck you.
I'm not a cannibal, JP.
I'm an American.
Something you'll
never really be.
People like you cry supremacy.
I call it manifest destiny.
One nation, all our own.
How's my little
spy doing tonight?
You know, JP, we used
to need people like you.
To pick our crops, sew our
clothes, build our cities,
and yes, wipe the
asses of our elders.
And boy, did you all deliver.
I mean, how else do you
explain the world we live in?
Where you can buy
virtually anything
from anyone, anywhere
and have it delivered
to your doorstep
before breakfast.
That doesn't just happen, JP.
It's by design.
(upbeat music)
Ask your lawyer.
(singing in foreign language)
She knows.
It's all thanks to
people like you.
Doing jobs that nobody
wants for basically nothing.
And for that...
I say gracias.
But look to the future, JP.
This is progress.
We don't need your
cheap labor anymore.
You're obsolete.
And frankly, you've
been consuming
more than you've been
contributing lately.
So for the good of my
people, you'll now supply
the only thing you
have left to offer.
(menacing music)
(ominous music)
- Ca caw! Ca caw!
If you try to escape,
you'll be sent back to
the detention center.
Do not test us.
We have eyes in the
back of our heads.
Curfew is mandatory
and non-negotiable.
(ominous music)
Relaxation's a big thing here,
so no matter what happens...
(glass shatters)
(intense music)
Don't apologize
for your privilege.
That's what Eddie says.
You know, I used
to fear my power.
I know you won't believe it.
But I used to feel like
I didn't deserve it.
Until I met Eddie.
What did you do to my sister?
She's alive.
Not for long.
Started drugging her
the moment she got here.
Promise you.
Anti-anxiety meds
dissolved in the water.
Chris was right about that.
Triggering night terrors,
paranoia, violent hallucinations.
That one's my favorite.
Next, we add hormone to the mix.
Converting lean
muscle to tender meat.
That's hard work on your body.
Your bones weaken,
dementia sits in,
as you become slow,
confused, disoriented.
The perfect livestock.
All the while,
your season salted
and tenderized to perfection.
Extreme aging wasn't an expected
byproduct of the hormones,
but fuck, it turned out
to be the perfect cover,
because no one wants to
look at old folks too close.
Age is disgusting.
Stick grandma in a home and
forget about her, right?
And no, you won't die peacefully
in bed from natural causes
because buried deep within
our genes is like this reflex.
A final gasp of rebellion
where your body
just destroys itself
and everything else in its way.
A surge of violence before
your body shuts down
to let us know that your
body's ready for the process.
There's a natural
order to this world,
and we're just
here to enforce it.
Here at Lady Liberty's,
we like to keep things simple.
We serve the best
tasting burgers
at the lowest prices, period.
Like our baby blues burger.
Available now from 5.99.
Made for our people
by our people.
The same low price as
the big fancy chains.
Psst! Hey.
Oh, shit.
Not now. You don't look
too good yourself, okay?
I remember the small
town I grew up in.
Where's Big Mac?
No one knows.
I just know he
tried to escape too.
We gotta get outta
here. I mean...
There's not much time.
Till what?
Until they come
in here, take you,
take me and churn
us into some...
(elevator dings)
Family, duty, self-reliance,
hard work.
So long as I am your governor...
After dinner.
That's when we make our move.
I'm Harper Percy Finn.
And I'm asking you,
remember who we are.
Remember who we are.
Remember who we are.
Remember who we are...
(soft music)
It's me. It's JP.
Your brother.
You remember?
You remember mom?
Remember the woman
who growled at me
for throwing water balloons
at the quinceanera?
You remember.
There you are.
(speaking in Spanish)
I'm gonna get us out of here.
I'm a figure it out, I promise.
(owl hooting)
Well, well.
Looks like someone's
having trouble sleeping.
Yeah, I think I
can help with that.
(ominous music)
(glass clanging)
- You little bitch!
What the fuck!
All right.
All right, you've had your fun.
All right, you old
fucks, back to bed.
Last chance.
All right, what do we do now?
(glass shattering)
Get back here!
Son of a bitch!
(door slams)
(metal clanging)
(Bruce growling)
(JP screaming)
(indistinct clamoring)
Let go of me.
Get the fuck off me!
(glass shattering)
It's crazy down there.
It's like the elderly
version of 300.
I been crawling through the vent
like I'm black Bruce Willis.
(dramatic music)
(Bruce growling)
(Bic Mac screaming)
(Big Mac heaving)
I got pee on my hands.
Don't tell nobody.
(alarm blaring)
(menacing music) We gotta go.
We gotta go.
Come on. Come on.
- Hey, Big Mac.
- What's up?
- Thanks, man.
- You're welcome.
You're welcome.
(dramatic music)
(intense music)
(indistinct clamoring)
These old people
are savages, man.
I got her.
(elevator dings)
(soft elevator music)
(elevator beeps)
Where the hell are we going?
(elevator dings)
I'm gonna find another way out.
Stay here.
(speaking in Spanish)
Can I count on you
to stay with her?
I'm an asshole,
JP, not a quitter.
(dramatic music)
Ca caw, motherfuckers.
Let's blow this bitch.
Let's go!
(all cheering) (upbeat music)
(energetic music)
(woman panting)
(car engine revving)
(ominous music)
- Excuse me.
Um... Hey, can I use
your phone real quick?
(woman screaming)
(car engine revving)
Okay, no wow!
Oh, it's 'cause I'm black?
Or because I got all
these old people with me.
Is that right?
JP, just... (dramatic music)
- Chris?
I tried to warn you guys.
Chris, you're alive.
Look what they've done to...
(dramatic music)
(glass shatters)
I gotta say, I admire you, kid.
You know, it doesn't
feel that way right now.
Nobody's ever made
it this far before.
You should be proud, and
all you had was hope.
But hope doesn't
change things, JP.
Power does.
(gears clanging)
You step up to take
care of your people,
just like I take care of mine.
It's nothing personal, JP.
Just progress.
(ominous music)
Come on.
Are you good?
- Uh-huh.
Let's get you outta here.
(dramatic music)
- Bitch.
(metal clanging)
(Chris growling)
(gentle music)
Hey. Hey, get up.
Come on. I got you.
Let's go.
(machine whirring)
(somber music)
(Big Mac laughing)
Oh, we did it.
(somber music)
(dramatic music)
- This is a pivotal hour
in the immigration showdown,
as researchers
discover how a madman
has taken advantage
of a broken system
for his own depraved agenda.
Amidst damning evidence,
authorities have shut down
Governor Finn's Lady
Liberty burger chain.
Meanwhile, the governor himself
appears to have
fled the country.
As researchers
scramble for a way
to reverse the damage Mr. Davis
and his co-conspirators
have done,
the state legislature has
agreed to a suspension
of the executive order which
set all of this into motion.
(speaking in Spanish)
Allowing for the
immigrants to be reunited
with their loved ones.
(upbeat music)
Did you just psst me?
Oh, y'all playing games.
That's what we doing right now?
Oh, you think it's a game?
(laughs) Y'all
think this is funny?
Oh, no, it's too easy.
Y'all playing games with
my emotions right now.
Y'all see me!
(Big Mac stammers)
Fuck the both of
y'all, all right?
I'm outta here.
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
don't be like that.
- No!
- Come back, Mac.
Come on. Come back.
Come back? Come back.
You almost gave
me a heart attack.
We were taking a
nap. We were tired.
We literally just saw a
guy get turned into a burger.
You know what? Come
on. Come on. Let's go.
You're lucky I
respect my elders.
Come on, get your ass up.
Oh, look at that.
Ain't that a bitch?
Uh-huh. Come on, old lady.
That hip is gonna be replaced...
(singing in Spanish)
(indistinct chatter)
I know
I know you feel
it in your soul
I know
You wanna dance
and lose control
I know
I know just what
you need and more
So baby come closer
When I tell you loving me
Body to body
Put it under pressure
Make that feel lamp up a dio
No need to mention me,
I'm coming for honey
(singing in Spanish)
(gentle music)