American Dreams in China (2013) Movie Script

Do you have any plans in the United States after your studies?
No, I will come back to my country
Who are your idols?
Who, someone you admire?
Meng Xiaojun
Meng zi?
Mr Meng Xiaojun, congratulations!
Come back at friday to pick up your visa
Thank you
Sorry, I give up my application
I love my country!
He never knows
After 20 years, I am good at helping people go to America.
In the general view
Here is the place for teaching chinese people english
This is a cool place for them
Here are the scores from TOEFLGRE and IELTS from the NEW DREAM students
Americans ask me: how can the scores being so high?
You must cheating
Americans sometimes is so naive
10000 studens who are studying in U.S
3/4 from NEW DREAM!
Our flag has already inserted through the entire United States
Here is another one.
Wang yang says
For hundred years, Chinese people don't know how to speak english use their mouth.
Why don't you just open your mouth?
Because your confidence has destroyed by the traditional education
Scared your broken-english make other people feel bad.
But don't forget, your english sucks
That will only make other people suffering, what are your afraid of?
Meng Xiaojun, he doesn't like talk in public
He likes private chat
That's because you're not confident enough
You think he is talking to you about visa
In fact, he is talking about America
Self confidence is the most basic requirements for individual in America culture
I have no confidence
I am afraid of being rejected
Courage is resistance to fear
Mastery of fear
Not absence of fear
Mr Meng
I've fell in love with you over a year
I'm married
I know, but at least you can see my courage now
Meng Xiaojun's grandfather
is a doctor that returned after studied in U.S in 1925
gave him a English dictionary
His Father is a doctor that returned after studied in U.S in 1955
gave him another English dictionary
Meng xiaojun's family history is America
His destiny
Just like he and Liang Qin's love
I think a man's dream
aways begins from a woman
Before I know my frist love
I always help another girl to carry hot water
Then I found out she got a boy friend
I asked her
Why you still let me to carry hot water for you?
She said: That's because she wanted her boy friend to take a break
Although she kept refuse me over and over again
But I still wanted to see her everyday
Because she was my dream
What is dream?
Dream is a kind thing that makes u want to hold on
and feel happy
20 years ago, I was the one usually give the speech
Niu Yongxiao who came from the NEW DREAM says
You are the one of the most unprincipled person
he've seen in his entire life
Do you agree with him?
He should remove the "one of"
20 years ago, Cheng Dongqing has not yet learned how to talk about jokes in public
Meng Xiaojun also doesn't acting so serious
Only I got no change
Meng Xiaojun says he loved America
He does say: loved
But me, the godfather of the students
Never been to America
And today, America sues us
Cheng Dongqing was a loser in 1979
2 times failed the college entrance examination
I want to take another exam
Family can't afford anymore
If you want to another exam
Mom has to borrow money, get up
Uncle Get up
Dongqing, Just be reassuring be a farmer
Get up get up
How about
Let Dongqing take another exam
Yeah Rice still grow in the fields
Well, this will be the last time
That's it
Let's go
Please wait
Americans never know
Chinese hero can get down on his kneel
Even can crawl through other people's crotch
Shen Qing, I love you
My frist day in college
I met Wang Yang and Meng Xiaojun
Are you insane
I'm reading what are you yelling of?
Go taking your own shit
Damn you
Stop, People get hit!
Wait there, don't run!
Sorry dude
You should blame that neuropathy didn't mind his own shit
Who are you talking about?
You! What you just called me?
Are you alright?
I'm gonna beat you up
Try me
Don't stop him have a try
Since then, I began stay with Meng Xiaojun and Wang Yang
Cheng Dongqing, where's the place you most want to go
Tian An Men square
Tian An Men square
Cheng Dongqing, let me tell you
look, all water is boiling
Meng Xiaojun told me
The place everyone wants to go is
That's it, we finish reading today
Oh, there one last request
I wann you guys try to use a word to describe our generation
Catching up
The ideal
The pretty
Desire sincere
What about you, Cheng Dongqing?
Red flag never fall
Have you ever thought, right here
We've been talking too much thoughtsdoctrinesmethods
Because we all want to find a ready answer
We all hope someone can tell us
How to live our lifes
In fact
No one can tell us how to live our lifes
Lifes belong to our own
We should find the answers for our own questions by ourselves
So I think
The most important thing in our generation is
Change everyone around us
Change everything around us
And the only one thing won't change that's our courage
If we can do that
We will change the world!
Meng Xiaojun told me
Only one place can really change the world
So what do you think of U.S.A?
Wang Yang is always busy join dancing parties
Sometimes also accepts interview
Although it's violate the school's rules
USA In Chinese is "Mei Guo"
Means beautiful country
In Japan, it means
"Mi Guo"
It sounds like
"Rice country"
Rice country?
That's right
Later, Wang Yang asks Lucy to interview him very often
Cheng Dongqing
Have you been learned the japanese
Oh yeah, that one you have is legacy version
You should read the oxford version
Look, "Louse" means lice
lice from the animals
Can I?
It doesn't matter
I promise to Meng Xiaojun
In order to be like him
I will read 800 books during all my 4 years in college
I will sweep the whole Yanjing University library
I only have to ask Wang Yang for help
Let him to get a key from library manager
I thought I was the frist one
sneaked into the school library instead of stealing books
Stop following me
There is a kind girl will refuse you
Before you talk
Wang Yang says the love is like a video camera
Sometimes needs to fast forward, and sometimes needs to rewind
Sometimes, needs to pause
Now Lucy press the fast forward button
He vomited
also cried all night
I only cry for one thing
When I myself boared on the TIME magazine in America
Why don't you say when you become American president
Actually that's the only thing I can't do
You have to born in U.S
U.S will never get rid of racial discrimnation
If a white person
see 3 black men entered the elevator at same time
He will escape the elevator
right before the door close
In the opinion of white people
Black people are always the lazyignorant and savage race
So those chinese Americans should be clever and hardworking in America
But they say
Chinese people destroyed local people's job opportunities.
Have you been in America before?
All you know about America is from the book
Yes sir
Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth
What's the major of you two people?
The "American dream"
is the dream that everybody has the equal opportunities
Only U.S.A can do that in the world
Young man, you are too young
Too naive
Sir, I will go to America
I'll find out by myself
Sit down!
You need finish the class
Who the hell is you
He is my teacher
Non of your business
Teacher deserves respect!
What the hell is this world
Beat them up
If I didn't qualify
to become their good friend
Now I do
Meng Xiaojun says if I keep chasing Su Mei just like kicking against the pricks
Wang Yang says he gonna help me do the "kick" thing
She is coming
I gonna move away the ladder
Hold on
Good luck
What the...
Rorbert Frost says
A mother used 20 years to make her son cleer
while a girl make him a stupid
in 20 seconds
Hey, time's up
If you don't accept me
I will drag you jump with me
Would die rather than surrender
I can't swim
At last, Su Mei got acute pneumonia
Wang Yang says this "kick" just like a protracted war
The most important tactics is clingy consumption of the other side
At last you may get her
Beat it
I told you, beat it
Just leave
it's infective
Cheng Dongqing
Why you
Why you?
Why it can't be me?
Be accompanied by the cough sound
At last
I got tuberculosis, had to take a year off
One day when I was in hospital
Wang Yang asked Meng Xiaojun
to come to hospital visit me
May I leave now
I didn't see any thing, "Dai Yu"
I really can't go there
TOEFL exam is coming soon
What if I got infected
after I visit him
This is so important to me
Give this to him
I fulfilled my promise finished 800 books
My english no longer be heard as japanese
But in the end still got rejected
Who are you to reject me Who are you to reject me
I've got all materials done!
How many times I've been here
Please listen Let me explain!
American people needs me!
Lucy says she doesn't wann to leave China
Wang Yang gave up the visa for her
Why reject me?
U.S.A Here I come!
U.S.A Here I come!
Let's go, American people don't need you right now
Xiao Jun
Thank you for those words on the bookmarks
"Hope one day I will make you jealous"
Meng Xiaojun says he was born for this day
His grandfather and father all been studied in U.S.A
Then they back to China
But now he want to break his family tradition
I won't come back
Meng Xiaojun You got the guts
If you got the guts, Don't ever come back!
Xiao Jun, I've been busy having class recently
The students like my class
Because other classes make them tired, they can go sleep in my class
I love my country
I got 2 more times jejected
I love my country
Class over
Mr Cheng, here is the mail from U.S
Xiao Jun, don't you send TIME magazine
Because you haven't on the cover yet
I think this magazine is more suitable for Wang Yang
But I still need to check it frist with critical eyes
Got water?
The latest date of TOEFL ridiculously expensive
Wait a little longer
After I get payoff
Nevermind doesn't matter
Be careful
Xiao Jun, You have no idea
Timid people who like me
Also become a tutor to earn money
Da Ming
Very good!
Day break
Day Break
Cheng Dongqing Even you go into the business
We all will be better
As for me
Now I'm working in Oliver's lab as an assistant
in columbia university
Meng Xiaojun?
Zhang Xi?
Hi, Long time no see
How you doing?
I still learning biology, got my master degree
Really? Where are you working now
Tough time, couldn't find any job after graduation
Why did the rooster crow before the day break?
How about Liao Qin? You get married?
She is teaching piano in long island
So..why you here?
I've come for a job interview
I got go
Let's contact by phone
Take your time
Let's have dinner later
Director Gao
I've been teaching Dong dong for a long time
Mr Cheng, You have worked hard
Yeah, I should
Director Gao
Actually... I'm wondering
You haven't metion about my remuneration
Mr Cheng, Do you know why I ask for your help?
Because you are an honest man
School isn't the market
Money will change the nature
Take this
Other people go into business, I only cook dumplings
Where you got these money
It's the payoff from my tutoring
Eat more
I'm full
Pretend I am the visa officer now
No need ask
I've got the visa today
Cheng Dongqing, I told the visa officer
When I finish my study...
Lucy broke up with Wang Yang
Lucy said her VCR now only has the fast forward function
She wants to go back to America
Because the luggage has been more than enough
Will be overweighted if take Wang Yang with her
No one is willing to publish my book
Now you are just a pile of waste paper
I'm just a neuropathy
Wang Yang said His 80s die today
Very cheap
Please get me a few trucks then
Got dollars? Bill of exchange also ok
Wait, buddy, let's make a deal
What's the matter with you, Still reading Carnegie?
He is a liar
Why you moved here?
There is a American grandpa open a store in the front
Still got enough the soaptoothpastetowels?
I will send you more if you need
Oh right, Old Di went into business in Hainan
He mailed 2 boxes of coconut milk coffee to you
But it doesn't taste good, so I won't send no more
Cheng Dongqing kept come here to call Su Mei every week
Su Mei said she studies very hard everyday for the scholarship
Except that she goes to a restaurant wash dishes
Hurry up, we're off duty
Every time when I called, at last Su Mei would say
That's it, I'm tired
Cheng Dongqing
Professor Oilver treated me very nice, and the students also very friendly
The assistant needs high professional requirements
Although it's hard but compare with washing dishes
here is the heaven
Xiao Jun
Cheng Dongqing I with Liang Qin rented apartment
Near the school, only 2 blocks away
Although it's a little noisy but we got good lighting
If I keep teaching piano like this
I'm gonna lose my hands someday
But it's ok, You still got a laboratory job
So we can move away from here soon
We are still lucky
At least we're still doing our old profession
In the letter you wrote me doesn't say so
I got caught by school being tutor outside
They may fire me
You will long live in your students hearts
I'm in college now
My mom owns every neighbors money in the village, don't want her to repay
If I were you, I would resign before they fire me
Resign? It would take me starve to death
I already quit, Am I dead here?
If not me, you should've dead already
The world has changed
Selling eggs in the street even earn more than you did
Don't worry, you will be alright
Keep watching
I break the rules from school and run private english training class
deserve punishment
With a heartfelt admiration
But earnestly request the leadership give me a chance
to take the lighter punishment
Self-criticism person: Cheng Dongqing
Cheng Dongqing
Let's break up
This year, Beijing's bid failed
Both of them stayed behind
Stayed behind
You can not sleep in class
You are at the best university
You parents spent all their money sent you here
Not for sleeping
If you don't like my class
You can leave
Why you want to learn english
Go to America, Mr Cheng
Do you like English?
So am I
But you know my vocabularies is also good
That's because of you
One day a student bring up a english word
and ask me
How to read this word
It knows me but I don't know it
I feel so embarrassed
So I went back to read dictionaries
One by one
See any of you can got me
You know
The most thing I afraid of is other people look down on me
Because I'm from country side
So I always want to please them
My best friends Meng Xiaojun and Wang Yang laughed at me
Said: Don't act like you are stupid
I wasn't sure what they were talking about
and even refuted them
I'm not acting like stupid
I am stupid
And later I got a girl, the most beautiful girl in school to be my girl friend
Then we graduated
After graduation, we studied TOEFL, and went to get visa
In the end, she passed, I was rejected
So I become...
The man who was left behind
She slept with me right before she left China
Mr Cheng, Why you acting so different today
Cheng Dongqing, who from the forgein language department
Because run private classes outside the school
Has disrupted the order of teaching rules in school
Caused serious adverse effects
So the school decide
Give the teacher Cheng Dongqing dismissed faculty punishment
Cheng Dongqing became the frist teacher
dismissed faculty publicly
He was written into school's history
This is the thing even Meng Xiaojun can't be done
That day he was forced out of the teacher's dormitory
Mr Cheng
Mr Cheng
Where is your private school?
I will take the TOEFL exam next month
I'm afraid of examination, and I would like to join your english tutor class
No one knows better than me
He had no choice
If he didn't accept, He had to go back to his hometown
And speak english to rice in the field everyday
You should understand
Su Mei won't leave America
So she had to break up with you
What's wrong
I think my youth is over
And buried here
You are disgusting
When a lovelorn person suffering starvation
will acting abnormal
Whenever Cheng dongqing found a wall
He would start posting ads
Almost all the walls near this area
all damaged by us
He almost climbed all telegraph poles in Yanjing University
The way I used taught him to chase that girl
Now he is using it to sell his training class
Cheng Dongqing picked here for the training class
Only one reason
Order 1 chicken nugget, you can sit here all day
Lower your voice
Go get another chicken nugget
Today we talk about this
How to make your remember better?
(in chinese: I can't die)
(in chinese: I want a boy)
(in Chinese: A man jump to me)
In fact
the choice made by a person who under the living helpless
Always right
But this is not a permanet fix
We need a more bigger place
more students
How about you join with me to be my partner
You're better than me, and you well trained by American chicks
We're on same boat
All yours
Successful people always spontaneously with the needs of the times
Who said that
I thought you said he is a liar
The biggest liar actually is ourselves
Because we always want to change other people
And refuse to change ourselves
I'm in if there more chicken nuggets
This huge place is ours now
This is a abandoned country-owned factory
All workers here are laid-off at home now
Cheng Dongqing, the chicken thief
After he took advantage of American grandpa
and now he gonna take advantage of this country
Learn english just like learn bird chirp
When you are learning bird chirp in the woods
If there 4 birds land on your shoulders
That means you just passed english leve-4
If there 6 birds on your shoulders
That means you passed english leve-6
When there a flock of birds on your shoulders
That means you past the TOEFL
That means you become a bird man!
Outside there was a girl came to ask me
Mr Cheng, I fall in love with one guy
But except He has good looking face
No other advantage
How should I do
I told her
If this girl looking for a guy only for his good looking face
That's called "Hao se"
But if a guy looking for a girl for her good looking face
That's called "Shen mei"
But my aesthetic ability has been maintained
at the statutory range
Later I catched up with the most beautiful girl in legal system
This loser mocked his love in his class
For make students laugh
He was so mean Must very painful in his heart
But I'm using the Hollywood movie teaching method
Did you not hear me?
Most of it, Just...
You never seen this moive
Malone Brando's "on the waterfront"
So what moive you watched recently
"the same, like before"
Means: " Me too"
Using "Ditto" word
It gives affectionate
I and Wang Yang all have 12 classes each day
From morning to the midnight
Very tired
Wang Yang said he got bad memory when he was tired
Never ask why we are doing this
But feel happy
We got the money
- Bro - Stop!
What would you do if the life deceive you
You're drunk
You should deceive back from your life!
Meng Xiaojun
We can't change the world
The world is changing us
I did lied to you
But you lied to me too
You said we came to U.S for doing great things
Meng Xiaojun
We are here for what?
Hometown's rule:
After long way back
Cut hair before go inside the house
Wang Yang
Ask some girls tonight
We got a bro back from U.S
Not married
Keep the biggest room for us tonight
Wang Yang, General manager
Okay, see you tonight
Teacher's coming
Mr Cheng, Mr Wang
- Yours - yeah
Here is a little bit far from downtown
So the students have to live here
But Xiaojun
I think we might got good future
Of course we can't compare with you in the U.S
Comrade, Please let the chief finish his talk
How many students now
Not much
around 2000
Please allow me to introduce the keynote speaker for today
Mr Meng Xiaojun
He has just returned from the U.S
He's my idol
The one I want to catch up
but only approach his greatness
Please use the applause to welcome Mr Meng
truthself confidencespecificreasonable
Is the basic idea of the principles of philosophy USA visa
If Lack of confidence, He...
will be weak
very weak
He believes that the weak...
Mr Meng just returned from U.S
Still has jetlag
it's called "Suffering Jetlag"
Suffering Jetlag
Suffering Jetlag
Yes, very good
There another speech tommorow
Cancel it
He didn't sleep well
Doesn't looks like it
He is the one too harsh to himself
Maybe that's "Stage Fright"
He never had this before
You haven't seen him for years
I cleared myself
No body knows America more than me
I won't do any large lecture anymore
I will do the one-on-one interview for visa, mock interview
Oh yeah, if who wants go to U.S, they must get through...
As for the speech phobia
No one metioned it again
As it never happened
I don't understand
What's the matter with your girl friend related to your visa being jejected
She hurt me
She metioned break up with me only in a month after she arrived in U.S
That's good
That means she didn't cheat you
She could tell you about this after a year
Let's talk about your visa being rejected
It shows the reason you being rejected
because they think you have the tendency of immigrants
I don't want to immigrants
Even they give me that chance
But no matter how I tried to explain they just didn't listen
Well, since you have no tendency of immigrants
Why you wrote this on the application form
The purpose you go to U.S
for increase revenue
I was telling the truth
Everyone knows that in the America you can easily earn more than in China
If the applicant has any sign
shows the purpose he want to go to U.S
Not only for receive the education
It would be denied
You haven't even thought of this
means you don't know America
You blame your girlfriend means you don't know women
Long story short, You don't know yourself
Go back to modify the application form
Mr Meng
Thank you very much!
Let me tell you
The visa officer wants to see
active and enthusiastic students who eager to talk
You can't even speak clearly
Second day
The line of the students who came to join Meng Xiaojun's mock interview
Has been discharged into the street
Do you think Americans are easy to fool?
Can't you talk?
If you keep crying, I can't teach you anything
You should show the momentum as a green card is a piece of toilet paper
Even too hard to wipe your ass
The one who take Meng Xiaojun's interview is Wang Yang
Your moive methods of teaching
has slow effect
No structure
Have you ever thought
Why your oral english is better than me?
Because you are the only one used to got American chicks
Are you still contact with Lucy?
Non of your business
You think you can also guide me?
You know what is the core of the English
It's not expression
But logical thinking
You know what Americans think
So you speak like Americans
Teach this to your students
No other people can do this
One student came to ask me
I have correct oral english
Correct grammar
Huge vocabularies
I can easily read the "China Daily"
Better than read the "Beijing Evening News"
If that means I have good English
Then I gave to him a piece of news from "The Wall Street Journal"
Same one reported on "China Daily"
He hardly understand this news
He was so surprised and asked me why
I told him
"China daily" Just wrote in English
But the "The Wall Street Journal"
wrote by American logical thinking
So, if you really want to learn good English, you must remember
American English thinking
Good speech
But you should give a more vivid example
For example
An American go to your home
He knocked, you open the door
What's the frist words you would say
Americans don't say welcome to their friends
They are drect and not so polite
So he would say
Come in, Then you just go in
You with a foreign girl had 4 years relationship
And one day she came to you and say
I'm going back to America alone
How you suppose to answer this one
Don't you love me anymore?
Don't go, stay with me
Don't say anything
Turn around and leave
Otherwise she will treat you like a piece of luggage
Last person who took Meng Xiaojun's interview
Is me
Do you have a dream
You don't have to make the atmosphere so ecstasy
Be serious, ok?
As for me, I'm responsible for the visa consulting
Wang Yang teaches the American English thinking
Actually this is technological competitiveness
What do you think is the core competitiveness of the NEW DREAM?
It's you
This is not funny
I'm very sincerely
Alright, I say
I'm not sure whether you have a dream or not
But you should understand
No one can be more persuasive
than this incompetent president
Cheng Dongqing
You are our core competitiveness
Just read what've wrote
Subject: What is the dream
Your turn
I never have any dreams
And I don't know what is the dream
I only know what is failure
I'm not good at other things
Except failure
Chinese students are the most prone to failure students in the world
Because you have to face the most brutal test in the world
The Ministry of Education announced the enrollment rate in 1993
From middle school to high school is 44.1%
That means nearly 6 millions students have failed.
The college entrance examination's enrollment rate is 39.9%
1 million and 40 thousands students have failed
The students who came to NEW DREAM
to take the TOEFL and GRE exams
I already calculated the proportion
About 1/4 students can made it to study abroad and get the U.S scholarship
Another 30 thousands students have failed
Failure is everywhere
Life is so desperate
This is the reality
So what should we do?
Fall into the water you won't drown
Stay into the water you will drown
You have to swim
And keep moving forward
Those people who choose to give up from the beginning
They won't suffer failure
because they have failed from the beginning
Failure is not terrible thing
Fear of failure is the really terrible thing
We need to find the victory out of the defeat
Find hope
in despair
Who is responsible in here?
You are using abandoned factory as campus unauthorized,
without permission from goverment agencies
This is a very serious violation behavior
You lack of formalities for this campus
Accordance with the law, you will be banned
Is there something so wrong with that?
We have submitted the complete formalities
We can't do anything about they keep delaying the time
The condition to apply the school certificate
That the applicat must have the academic title of associate professor at least
Also must be approved by your original units
You have both unqualified
Listen, We are negotiating with the departments concerned
They have agreed to help us out.
We're just in accordance with legal procedures
Can't help
What makes you say to banned our school?
Now the country support the private schools
We are protected by law
Who are you
Let me talk
It's not like we do nothing
It's because they keep delaying the time
Also we are protected by law
If you breach of privilege
I will sue you
Then go!
I'm waiting, go!
You can't do that, sorry
Our friend got drunk
He just back from U.S
Still jetlaging
Is that makes you so different
If you got the guts why you're back
No, no, You say that again
Pleast, tell us how much?
We will take the punishment
Xiao jun
This is not U.S, it's China
Sue the cops doesn't work here
I didn't think you were so naive
Get in
I'm not going back to U.S
Cheng Dongqing
I will stay
Be your partner
If the NEW DREAM also be a VCR
Meng Xiaojun has the remote
(In chinese: I must win)
For him, the remote only has one funciton
Fast forward button
(In chinese: beat it to death)
The value of the marketing isn't newness
It's share
He launched 25 development project within a year
It's 30 project
This is the preparatory plan of the future internet education
One plan is
(in chinese: Fat to death)
Meng xiaojun said: Teachers are the centre of the traditional university
But the centre of NEW DREAM are students
Let our students give teacher's score
Students can fire the teacher
You still can be the teacher
If you can't take the simple job as a teacher
There only one way out
This job even suit for idiot
Like Principal
This is a bit too much
Nope, we can go futher than that
Wang Yang and I believe
Meng Xiaojun who from U.S
Has longer-term outlook than us
The internet
It seems far away from us
If it close to us means also close to other people
So I always say one word to him:
As the president of your campus I've seen, you are the coolest
This is the largest private school in China
I would like to ask what's your formula for success
Is there any? At least I don't know
My personal experience is
When you realize the failure is a detour
You've been walking on the track to success
Principal here
ready, shoot
Let's shoot more
Godfather of students
Cheng Dongqing
wow, On newspaper now
Do I look like him
Master Cheng, shareholding reform plans
Cheng Dongqing
Yes or No
This time I will say: NO
I know this is very important
Please consider again
I thought you would say "No"
Zhang Ji sure gives the lowest score
He was born with no sense of humor
Just like me
No, It's alright if he didn't accept the training
But he even openly opposed our teaching method
After all he still one of the senior statesmen
Has been with us since the abandoned factory
Otherwise I can transer him to the school office
So that means
He's not fired but just got promotion
I don't understand how come you don't even have the guts to fire a person
How can you be our leadership
I will change, eventually
Li Ping
Is there more food
Let's talk about the shareholding system reform
What do you think
I think we need to temporarily postpone this
it can't be postpone
You keep it being postponed
I don't know what do you want
Yes or No? Just tell me you don't want to decentralization
No, I never think so
I agree
You're the greatest contribution and this is your share
I take 51%
You and Wang Yang together 49%
You 25%
Him 24%
You cooked this?
Let's find another time to sign subscription agreement
Cheng Dongqing
Do you have a dream
Please, not again
I feel like vomit to talk about this everyday
Do you have a dream
You mean spring dream?
You know, When you listen to a person
Don't listen to what he says
But listen to what he doesn't say
What you don't say
Come on
You slept with a girl student
and make her pregnant
Meng Xiaojun
You can't do this
After all, I'm still a good friend with Liang Qin
You're cheating her
Shut up
Our own material part: The TOEFL and GRE test
haven't authorized by EES from USA education service center
it will be a great hidden danger in our future
Cheng Dongqing
The negotiations failed
Please be on the market
Yeah, be on the market
You really no need take too much pressure
I don't blame you about the outcome of the negotiations with EES
Still remember druing the 2nd day after I returned home
I said: This isn't just a school
I didn't say because I didn't want to shock you
You tell me
Why should we list to the stock market
To become number one
I thought we are already number one
certainly not if out of China
So we need to start listing as soon as possible, the sooner the better
This time I will say:
A friend sent me a bottle of 82 Lafite today
We are not lacking of money, why we have to be listed
I only know reading and only want to do the education
The NEW DREAM belongs to us
Barony cost is the lowest
The market is investment shareholders
Why give yourself a cage
everyone is in the cage
That backward thinking has became his imprison cage
To make the NEW DREAM become internationalization
it has to be listed
He is not totally oppose
He is just against to listed company right now
Every competitor wants to become the frist chinese education industry shares
He felt there is still time
Let me tell you
No one will remember the second man on the moon
Why should we leave the earth
He is too eager
Education for stability and capital for fast
They are not compatible
There not only 3 person on this boat now
We've got 50 thousands students here
Frist we need ensure the boat won't sink
He dared not risk because of his fear of failure
Afraid of getting back to the loser
There is only one reason
Because he doesn't deserve today's success
He really said so
He said that you are now more and more successful
He's very proud of you
Have you ever thought about what Meng Xiaojun really wants to
Merry Christmas
What's this
What's this
This isn't funny
Cheng Dongqing
Enjoy your christmas!
This is his christmas gift
The 300 square meters land that has the right to use for 70 years
He doesn't know
What I really want
He doesn't know what Meng Xiaojun wants
He can only be sure
What he doesn't want
Today is our NEW DREAM's
first time shareholders' meeting
Please read this business plan
What's this?
Our 3 person's stength is limited
We should reunite all forces we got
Now NEW DREAM belong to everyone who sits here
My question is why I got less share
Me too
I raised 30% of the shares
Some was given to these old employees
Others as part of our option pool
All of our shares have been diluted
But you and Wang Yang are still the largest shareholders except me
You know it
I just heard
But I agree
It seems that I was the last one know about this
This is my decision after careful consideration
You're doing this to prevent me continue my listing plan
I was right
You're too eager
I just want to slow it down
Some things only have to stopped to see more clearly
Yeah, it has stopped now
You gathered all people here
with the interests
You can deny any plans of mine in the future
You start taking over my job now, right?
I agree
Now this is system
History as a Mirror
a fundamental solution, right?
Absolute Wanli of the Ming Dynasty
But Cheng Dongqing, Don't forget what kind of age we are living in now
I think you may have misunderstood
That's it! Meeting dissmissed
You've got plan to learn swim with coach, you can go now
He has already learned
how to swim
I'm so surprise to see the way you are
Why can't we just talk about this in private
Not only 3 of us on this ship now
Let me tell you, Your ship has been out and it can't stop
Only have to keep moving foward
Nobody can stop the NEW DREAM listed on market
I have the most significant responsibility for the NEW DREAM
The person who should make the decision here
It's me
Because I'm the greatest leader in NEW DREAM
I was the one who give the "NEW DREAM" advise
The technology layer is given by Wang Yang
As for you
Except take money with sacks, What else do you know?
Cheng Dongqing, Lackeys of the US
NEW DREAM the lackey's school
Traitor Cheng Dongqing, you're a traitor
Who is the traitor
Call the police, quick
Who is the national sinners, Who is the traitor
Americans bombed Chinese embassy
You came to hit the english school
What if aliens blow the earth
Are you going to hit the space department?
He can always step in at the most inopportune times
This I can't do
What's the difference between 30 years ago and now
All you do is nest cross
Chinese people hit chinese people
Go to learn from the person who hit you
Until you become stronger than him
Now he is the godfather of students
Everyone thinks I'm gonna leave
the number of NEW DREAMS students have broke
Three million eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight
You know when I was fired from the school
I just started this private school
Everyday I carried the paste barrel ran into the roads and climbed wire pole paste ads
Now whenever I saw the wire pole, I can't help to climb up and paste more ads
This doesn't hurt
Do business
Bowing down is the basic skills
chick's attitudewidow's treatmentwomen's pursuit
What does he do recently
Reading various business management books
Also researching other company's listed plan book
This is the market survey report I've done
Adopted the views of all parties
I think it's not suitable for listing
We need to wait for an opportunity
What opportunities?
I'm still waiting
Waiting for a Feng Shui master
We've been waiting for 4 years
During 4 years
If a new company
can listed also
What we do is the education industry
It can't be blindly listed
Besides, America market isn't good during recent 2 years
The U.S listed Chinese companies
Either suspended
Or broke
Most became rubbish shares
Junk stocks still is stock
Still have more value than just put billions money in the bank
Let's ask our shareholders
Can we start listing now
I propose indefinitely postphone the NEW DREAMS's listing plan
Who agree with me please raise their hands
Cheng Dongqing, this is the public opinion
Today I am going to dictatorship for once
I'm the largest shareholder of the company
have the power of veto
I oppose the listing
You're a hillbilly
Master Cheng, as an senior consultant
I have the responsibility to remind you
The chinese money will appreciate in the future
It will impact on the domestic industry
But for international business...
You are...?
Xu Wen, I was your student
Now as the NEW DREAM's listed investment adviser
You're fired
I'm listening to you
Learning how to fire people
Cheng Dongqing, fuck you! Cheng Dongqing
Mr Meng, Master Meng
Cheng Dongqing, fuck you
What do you want?
You fooled everyone
For so many years, don't you feel shame!
Are you finished?
Then I have something to say
I'm getting married
Wait... Who are you getting married to?
Thank you so much for join my wedding
getting married is the coolest and the most sense of achievement thing
in my life
Also very grateful to my wife Li Ping
willing to marry me
She let me know
True love comes quietly without any toss
and I will love you forever
Finally, give you 3 pieces of advice
Never play mahjong with mother in law
Never sleep with the woman who has more ideas
Don't set up a company with your best friends
I hope everyone today can eat good and drink good, enjoy!
Bottoms up
I've only had one life
Not the same with others
Now I know
The way of life that most people pick
will be worthwhile
So I married Li Ping
I'm so happy, very happy today
I want to withdraw share
What did you say?
I'm done
Meng Xiaojun
the NEW DREAM can't without you
I decided
We've been friends for more than 20 years, man
You want to talk about feelings
When we were in school
I believed once
I went to America
You guys went to see me off at the airport I beleived once
Now? I don't believe
Let's talk openly
Remember that dictionary?
Those words I wrote on that note
that wasn't for you
It's for myself
Sorry to let you misunderstood
I know, in your mind
I've always been a
Stupid hillbilly
Meng Xiaojun, You carried it too far today
If not Cheng Dongqing, I wouldn't be friends with you at all
You always think your own business is more important than others
Do you remember that time
He had tuberculosis, and you said you have to take the TOEFL
You didn't want to see him
You're so selfish
So it's because of this
Since that day
You think I despise you
So you have been looking for a chance
to stop me doing one thing
then give me a lesson
Isn't that interesting, Cheng Dongqing?
I think it's interesting
Very interesting
If you want to quit
I will use 1 million yuan buy your each share, in cash!
What's your problem?
What are you talking about?
You called him back from US at the beginning
He has been worked so hard for company
and now you're treating him like this, are we still friends?
Am I not?
Do you think I doing this for myself?
Yeah, I'm doing this for myself
At least I admit
Cut it out, stop
Maybe you should make a fight like man
Come on, come on
Make a fight! Come on
You metioned quit first
Something wrong with you since you back from US, why?
At least I fought for once
And you? Got crushed by a US girl
What did you say?
Get away, stop!
I'm crazy
Godfather of students
Elite returnees
You all kickass
Look what we become now
What we become now
I've never been a overseas elite
Do you have any idea what did I do in US
How should I know
I wasn't even a waiter
I was a handyman
Even not eligible for tips
Do you understand?
I couldn't live any longer, so I'm back
I have no friends
except you two
I don't care if you are happy or not
I've told you everything
What about you?
Stage fright
I do have this phobia
I dare not say
Why don't you ever metion?
Have you ever disscussed about this with me, are we friends?
Wang Yang, you are wrong
I used to thought my own business is more important than others
Used to
I will go to Shen Yang tommorow
There is a person want to open a private english school
So many years
I've been tired everyday
I did all this for you two
I've had enough
Don't want to play no more
I've been numerously wanted to meet her again
I think she would say to me
I'm proud of you today
Cheng Dongqing
If we changed the world
or the world changed us
president Cheng is coming
President Cheng, president Cheng
President Cheng, if the success of the NEW DREAM because of the piracy
President Cheng, rumor says the NEW DREAM because face prosecution
will suffer large area closures
If the USA has formally request sealed up the NEW DREAM?
You haven't been to US, right?
At least tell me the way
Let's look for a chinese restaurant
Great! I miss chinese food
Come on
Where are we going?
Let me take you go a place, western-style food
This is the place where I used to work
Yeah, she is the woman
She gave me some small change
I earn the least
When I frist time came to America
fed the mice in the lab
and carried dishes in here
When I second time came here
I took our busniess came here
the busniess I'm proud of
I want to tell them that I'm not a loser
But they even...
They even didn't give you the most basic respect
They kept checking me up over and over again for a hour
They still think the people who come to American all want to illegal immigrant
I waited for 6 hours, and drank 8 cups coffee
At that moment I realized
We are really too young too naive
So I think
Only if
at the moment when we standing on the NYSE and swinging the hammer
They will really see you
Recognize you
Respect you
Cheng Dongqing
You're rigtht
We don't need listed
I admit I did that for myself
I'm sorry
Xiao Jun
After eat
Let's capture America
Xiao Jun
The laboratory now with your name
I did the donation with your name
The gift I gave to you last time, actually I don't like it either
Don't know how do you like this one?
I like this one
Second day, we went to Vegas
Cheng Dongqing lost bets till nose bleeding
Sometimes I still go back
go back to those bright days
As the host, Su Mei specially invited us to eat a meal
She told me, the most important thing is not success
But as a man, you can't lose dignity
That day I had a dream
Meng Xiaojun from 1980 walked in the street of New York
He looks so young, so confident
Just like the sunshine in the street
Then I told him, When wrinkles have carved on the forehead
All you can do is
Don't let wrinkles engraved in your heart
Cheng Dongqing replaced his sexual life with speech
Now he doesn't speak like human in public places
That makes me sick
He turns of the lights not for romance, but for saving money
He never want to change the world
But at least
He can make himself not changed by the world
To be a hillbilly boy forever!