American Girl (2002) Movie Script

A couple of months ago,
I was happy and care-free
and full of
hope... comparatively.
I was secretly dating
the most popular guy in school.
Nice print.
Check it out.
Hey, Rena! Where'd you get
that snappy outfit,
lost and found?
How much wide-mouth
suburban trash
does it take to screw in
a light bulb?
How much?
If you don't know,
nobody does.
Where do you get off
calling us trash?
If you'd like to make a call,
please hang up and try again.
Hurry up before
someone sees.
Hey, Kenton.
You know the rule.
I know.
Stay put.
Stay down.
I know.
It's nice here,
don't you think?
It's better
than the car.
Oh, yeah.
I can't do anything
today, Kenton.
What do you mean?
Look... do you want to
come to dinner with us?
It doesn't have to be
anywhere public.
It can just be
at our house, right?
Wait here.
(car door opens, closes)
(engine starts,
car drives away)
Kenton and me had us
a real unusual relationship.
He summed it up once
by saying,
"put out or get out."
So I decided to get out.
Mama says that the road to hell
is paved with good intentions.
I was barreling
down the express lane.
And I sure as hell never saw
any damn exit ramps, either.
So I started to try
and construct
my own exit ramps.
So much is missing
with daddy missing.
I wonder who's going to miss me
when I go missing.
Mama married daddy forever,
until death do them part.
Ironically, that obligation
was killing her.
Rena Jo Grubb,
what the hell are you doing?
Dying a slow and torturous death.
Baby, I've been doing that
for the last five years.
You hear anything about your brother?
He'll be home tonight, mama.
Don't worry.
Honey, get dressed.
I'll bet he's grown a foot.
Hope y'all recognize him.
Hey, boys and girls,
moms and dads,
come on down
to fun fun city
with rides, attractions,
amusements, and candy...
you better come in here
and do the dishes.
Mama wants things nice.
'Cause Jay's coming home.
So exciting...
you got any idea why
your sister's in that pool
like some mental patient?
What are you doing out there?
Do they bite right in here?
Uncle Arno!
I got a...
thanks, uncle Arno,
for taking me fishing,
letting me tinker on the bikes
and stuff.
Don't you go changing.
That was the longest
four weeks of my life.
It's a lot like
being with daddy,
only he's a lot slower
and don't hit quite as hard.
Hey, Rena.
Welcome home, sissy boy.
Don't get up.
It is so good
to see you!
Oh, my goodness,
you grew.
Did you like fishing
with your uncle Arno?
It was okay.
Yeah? Did you catch
I don't know.
Does he have anything?
I'm going to go change.
Rena, get your butt in here!
Your skings going to get all pruney.
Honey, your daddy
sent you another postcard.
Don't you even think about
tracking that mud in here.
Jay, get your sister a towel.
Whatever, whatever.
Just give me this.
I love to read you
nursery rhymes
me and you, you know,
it's our private time
and I'll always
be with you
welcome home, Jay,
welcome home, Jay
welcome home, Jay,
Jay junior
welcome home, Jay,
welcome home, Jay
welcome home, Jay, Jay jun...
come on, you guys.
welcome home, Jay,
welcome home, Jay
welcome home,
Jay, Jay junior
Christ, he was only three trailers away.
Try eight.
I know, but we missed
our little baby boy.
So long as we're celebrating
and everything...
are we going to go
to daddy's picnic?
What picnic is that, honey?
The one they have every year.
The picnic.
You know, I think
it's the last weekend in June.
The annual picnic they have
every year in June, mama.
Honey, I probably
have to work that day.
It's been eight years.
I think it's important that
we go and see him sometimes.
We're not going.
I damn sure am not going.
Mama, I think we should go.
I'll think about it.
Yeah, well, don't hurt yourself,
all right?
I hate it when you think
about things.
It always means "no."
I wrote him saying we'd go,
so he's expecting us.
Did he mention the picnic
in his postcard?
Morning, Faye.
Morning, Madge.
Your garden is looking so nice.
I've been meaning to tell you.
What do you want, Madge?
I've been thinking about taking
the kids to see John.
You think that's a good idea?
I think it's a dreadful idea.
But you should take Rena.
She needs to meet the son of a bitch.
Okay, Faye, thanks.
You have a nice day now. OK.
Yeah, OK.
So we going?
I don't know.
What do you think?
I think it's a bad idea.
Well, I've still got a month
to get used to it.
You hungry?
All right.
Good night.
Night, baby.
"And slippery, slippery Sam,
he fell upon the ham."
It's bedtime now,
all right, Rena?
Your daddy loves you, okay?
Morning, Faye.
You know what I realized?
Our problems come
from not having a daddy around.
Everything sucks
'cause he's not around.
Why don't we just
go and see him?
It's not like
he's dead or nothing.
Especially since we practically
have ourselves an invitation.
I know he thinks about us.
I have every single postcard
he's ever sent me.
I thought I heard you
babbling away.
Want some cookies, hon?
No, that's okay.
But I made you... a rose.
I know you don't like
to pick yours, so...
how lovely.
I need it back, though, okay?
You know, Rena...
I think it is time
you did see your daddy.
You think so?
Yeah, I think so, too.
Hey, mama.
I brought you this.
Thank you, Rena.
What do you want?
Do you ever think that maybe
daddy doesn't do anything
because we never
tell him nothing?
Five minutes
of peace, please.
Well, I think he deserves
a chance to be a daddy.
Baby, sometimes I think
you don't remember
your daddy so good.
There's not that much
to remember.
A kiss on the cheek,
a bedtime story...
I just really
want to go, mama.
What is so important about
this damn picnic this year?
Because it is!
He's my dad!
Mama, please!
I really want to go.
Mama, please!
Okay, we'll go.
Okay, honey.
Will you go get me
a beer, please?
(delighted shriek)
Hurry up,
before someone sees.
You know the rule.
I know.
Stay put.
I'm staying.
(rap music plays
on radio)
Knock, knock.
What do you want?
Baby, I said, "knock, knock."
How do you feel about
going to see your daddy?
I don't know.
It might be a good idea
for us all to go and see him.
I mean, is it something
you want to do,
or do you want to talk about...
I'll go.
Okay, we might have fun.
I don't know.
I'll be home after 6:00.
Why are you so sweaty?
It's hot in here.
Hey, you ever think about
going to the magic kingdom?
Not particularly.
I bet it's just about
the happiest place on earth.
Yeah, that's why
they call it
"the happiest place
on earth," mom.
I sure wish we could go there
instead of to see your daddy.
You're not really thinking
about going there, are you?
Rena wants to go.
I want to win the lotto, so...
here, you want some?
No, no, no.
I missed my last
couple of visits.
The time there,
it's not so bad,
but it takes my soul
a day or two to recover.
You know how things is.
Yeah, I know how things is.
Barbie, I'm not going to
make you go, but...
your daddy
sure would like it.
He always loved you.
I know.
Just like you
was one of his own.
So what do you say?
I guess I will if I have to.
Didn't I just say
you didn't have to?
Come on, hurry up!
I have to go,
and I have to go now!
What's going on in there?
What's going on?
Yeah, I'm just feeling pukey,
Thats all.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
What kind of pukey?
I don't know.
I'm just sick, I guess.
You know what I'm thinking?
I'm thinking you shouldn't
be expecting to see
your ruby slippers
any time soon.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Who's the daddy, Rena?
What are you going on for?
Just tell me
who the daddy is.
Who is he?
What are you
going on about?
Mama's going to
just about shit.
Mama's got no reason
to shit, all right?
She was 15 when she had you.
Barbie, I need you for this once
just to be my friend.
Daddy's going to be so proud
of his little slut.
I've got a heart murmur,
you know!
(laughs derisively)
I do.
What are you looking at?
The news of an unexpected baby
can have a powerful effect
on people.
I couldn't wait to share
the good news with its daddy.
Hey, this is Kenton.
Leave me a message,
maybe I'll call you back.
If you're going to
have a baby,
you need to start wearing shoes
around the house,
brushing your teeth.
I'm not going to be shacked up
with some Jerry Springer
"Babies Having Babies .
Let's ask the audience what they think."
Are you going to keep it (the baby)?
Yeah, I want to.
I mean, if mama lets me, that is.
I'd like to.
Was uncle Arno's any fun?
Must be nice to travel...
who's the baby's daddy?
It doesn't matter.
It might matter to mama.
She'll want to make sure
it's not like
that one-legged Chinaman
who mops up the...
don't say "Chinaman,"
all right? Say "China-person."
The dad's something
special, Jay.
Therefore, I figure this baby
has at least half a chance
of being something special,
too, you know?
She's not going to hit you.
Mama's a screamer, not a fighter.
Hey, baby.
So, guess what.
I gotta pee, honey.
I gotta pee, hold on.
Wait, wait. I'm going to go in
and soak up the first wave.
If Barbie comes out,
just hit her or something.
Where the hell is she?
I don't know.
Rena, you better run!
You and I are going to
have a long talk about this
tomorrow morning, missy.
And you are damn lucky
I'm too tired
to fight with you anymore tonight.
Can we still go and see daddy?
Goddamn it, Rena!
You think we're going to
tell your daddy about this?
Look, I just thought that...
you thought?
If you'd been thinking, Rena,
you wouldn't be in this mess!
Don't hurt yourself thinking, sweetie!
Yeah, well, he might be happy, you know?
Having a grandbaby and all.
We won't know till we ask.
I didn't use a stomach pump
because your daughter is pregnant.
We just had to force fluids
in order to flush out those vitamins.
Well, lucky for you,
children's vitamins are non-toxic.
Do you have any idea
why she took that many?
I think she thought they were
good for the baby.
That's smart.
Well, they are,
aren't they?
Yes, in moderation.
I'm going to talk to her
about cutting back on those.
All right, you do that.
48, 49, 50.
Yeah! Look at that. Ooh!
Hey, your mama coming this year?
No, she aint never coming.
She in San Antonio
with my sister and her kids.
You can eat with us, then.
I don't want to horn in
on your family time, John.
My daughter's coming.
Hey, now, you never told me
you had a daughter. How old?
A couple years younger than the boy.
Well, maybe I will.
All right, I'll finish up work.
You're looking good, John.
One, two, three...
Jay, we should bring those
bottle rockets you been saving.
Mama, it says no explosives
of any kind right here.
It does not say that.
Mama, read it.
It says it right there.
That is just
the stupidest thing I ever heard.
Bottle rockets
never hurt nobody.
Actually, I saw uncle Arno
blow up a cat's butt
with a bottle rocket once.
When are you kids
going to stop telling tales
about uncle Arno?
"Uncle Arno tried to feel Rena up,
"uncle Arno tried to slip me the tongue,
uncle Arno is having sex
with the neighbor's dog."
I mean, Jesus!
That one I saw.
I like uncle Arno.
One day you kids are not going to
have me and uncle Arno
to blame everything on.
Mama, it says no whole chicken.
What? Why not?
I don't know,
perhaps it's a vegetarian institute.
Well, that's the stupidest thing I ever heard.
We're taking it.
All right.
We're good.
I'm running free
I'm falling down
I'm looking for
a little direction
I'm walking tall
I'm looking fine
but feeling so far from perfection
hey, but that's okay
junior, can you do anything with this?
I don't know.
Honey, honey, honey...
God, it looks like
it's going to explode or something.
Should we wake up Barbie?
It's the radiator.
Let's go over everything
not to upset your daddy with, okay?
All right, don't tell daddy
I dropped out of high school again.
Don't tell daddy that Jay junior
lost his box boy job at the Kroger.
Don't tell daddy about the two Koreans
that moved in
across the way.
Tell daddy that I'm planning
to go to beauty school.
That'll be happy.
Click your heels, Rena.
Maybe the wizard
will send us home.
Maybe he'll grant me a brain
so I have the good sense
to stay home next time.
Come on, you guys.
Let's hurry.
Jay: Don't ask daddy why he
got passed up for parole again.
Barbie: Don't tell daddy
about that queer boy
Jay used to run
around with.
And above all...
Jay: Don't tell dad
you're going to have a damn baby.
Just remember that.
Your dad's going to have
a real nice day.
All set, thanks.
Good to see you again.
Who, me?
I haven't been here in...
what is it, mama, three years?
Yeah, about that.
No, I swear you were
just here last week.
I must look like
somebody on TV.
No, I never forget a face.
Damn, it's the chicken.
I hope we don't get arrested.
No whole poultry.
How come?
The bones can be carved
into weapons and such.
With your permission,
I'll send this
over to the guards in the tower.
Are we going to get our bowl back?
See me on the way out.
Hey, welcome back.
Are we good?
All right, let's go.
Enjoy the picnic now.
Thank you.
You see them yet?
Not yet.
You sure they coming?
I don't know.
Mother: I want you to behave yourself.
Make your father proud!
We're Grubbs.
You know what that means.
What, we crawl on our bellies
and eat the dead?
Say "picnic."
Stop wasting that film on those criminals.
And could you smile, please?
I don't feel like smiling.
You'd better smile
for your father, Goddamn it.
Barbie, I don't want you
flirting with those guards.
This picnic only comes once a year.
As long as we're here,
we should try and make it nice for him.
That man is your namesake.
I don't care how many
consecutive life terms he gets,
he's always going to be your father.
I want you to remember that.
I don't think I'm going to
be able to recognize daddy.
You better hope he doesn't recognize
that special glow of yours.
There he is.
There he is. John!
I don't even look pregnant.
Girls! Girls, girls, girls!
Oh, yeah!
Come on, baby!
Come on!
Ah, yeah!
Daddy had some spell
over mama.
She was aware of it,
but what could she do?
She loved him.
It's a thin line, I guess,
between love and resentment.
The important thing was
we were a family once again.
Jesus, you two, get a room.
Hey there, Barbie girl.
You're looking prettier than ever.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, daddy.
Hey, boy.
How's your boxing technique
coming along?
Come on.
Maybe wrestling is more your style.
Come here.
Come on, boy, fight back.
You don't want to look like a homo
in front of your dad's
prison pals now, do you?
No, daddy, I don't want to look like a homo
in front of all your prison pals.
All right, just grab the blanket.
I got us a spot over by
that tree. Come on.
You are getting so big.
I'm not that big.
She's just become womanly,
Thats all.
I meant she's just...
yeah, I meant:
she's getting pretty, you know?
Radiant, even.
She don't look that radiant.
You're going to be fighting
the boys off with a stick.
Yes, you are.
Just like your mama.
Let's go over by the tree.
Come on!
Little late for a stick.
Look at that.
You must be Jay junior.
Your daddy saved you this spot.
Spread that blanket out here.
P.A: please be advised...
due to today's picnic, library,
gym, barber-shop will be closed.
I see you met Buddy.
Hey, this is Buddy, everybody.
Hey, Buddy.
I told you they would come.
Well, come on.
You look a little young to be a lifer.
That's 'cause I aint.
I'm a trustee.
Yeah, he got himself
three years for armed robbery.
I'll be out by labor day.
Good behavior.
Good for you.
Your mama must be proud.
John: Well, come on,
What did you bring us?
John Junior made his casserole.
It looked a lot better
till mama put potato chips
all over everything.
Well, this looks good.
Game time. Everybody come on
over for the tug-o-war
at the South end of the yard!
Let's go get them!
Come on!
I'm looking for a win here.
We're going to kill them, daddy!
That's an unfortunate choice of words.
I'm the biggest,
so I'm going to anchor from the front.
Jay, you fall in behind.
Buddy, you get the ass end.
All right, I got here.
Go, you guys!
Come on!
Hi, y'all.
We're the Grubbs.
Yeah, Grubbs,
Grubbs, Grubbs, Grubbs...
mother: Go, go, go!
Grubbs, Grubbs, Grubbs!
It's all right.
We'll get him some fresh clothes.
You don't mind?
No, go ahead.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Taking care of a little business,
that is all.
heard she went and left you
like she left the one before
you thought it wouldn't happen
if you loved a little more
you could've loved her endlessly
nothing would change
but now you'll have to figure
why life is so strange
you know I been down that road
you gotta move on
and let the cold wind blow
you get another chance,
you get another ride
make the best of what you got
and look on the bright side
it's wide open
anything you dream
is sure to set you free
wide open
anywhere you go
your love will always flow
I know you've been a friend
through my bad times
I was dumped, left in the dust
you helped me keep my mind
but through it all, I fell for you
baby, how I fell for you
Bronze medal!
Well, you showed them, Rena girl.
You shouldn't be horsing around, Rena.
You're going to hurt that damn baby.
Is that true?
Yes, sir.
Well, that's the best news
you could've brought your lifer daddy!
I'm going to be a granddaddy!
My little girl's going to have a baby!
I knew you'd be happy, daddy.
Mama said you wouldn't,
but I knew that you would.
Is that true?
Yes, sir.
I thought maybe...
you thought?
You thought?
Well, I'll tell you what I think.
I think somebody ought to
knock you upside the head!
Junior, you sit still!
She's going to be okay.
I was just going to make sure that she...
don't you talk back to your mama!
Sit down!
Just calm down.
I can explain everything.
I'm going to have some of that cake.
Yeah, daddy,
I made us a cake.
You did?
You'd never believe how
hard it was to keep that file
from sticking out the sides
of the cake and everything.
No, no, no, I was just joking.
He stepped on the fucking potato chips!
How many times have I told you
not to make jokes
about any motherfucking file in the cake?
Why don't I take these kiddies
on a tour of the facility?
That's a great idea.
Maybe we'll find your little sister.
I'm not hungry anyway.
What are you bawling for?
You're distracting me.
Just do your business and get out.
Business is slicing my wrists open wide,
so don't expect any privacy any time soon.
You got any hemlock?
The poison of Socrates.
Effective and permanent.
My name's Rena.
That's an ugly name.
What's yours?
Aren't you dead yet?
No, I was just practicing.
Practice makes perfect.
Goddamn, Madge, what the hell's
going on at home?
I guess we've just gone wild
with permissiveness
during your absence, John.
Well, Goddamn!
Please, please
don't be like this.
The girl just made a mistake
is all.
So, what are you
going to do about this?
Honey, she's torturing herself
enough as it is.
She doesn't need me
slapping at her.
So who's the daddy?
I don't know that she knows.
Well, at least
Rena's popular.
Well, John, let us think
for a moment about why that is.
I think it might be that heavy
boy from the wrestling team...
Drugan or Drury...
not red Dugan's kid.
I think so.
That whole family's
never been worth a shit!
no, no, no!
You know, I know what you're
trying to do, all right?
How are you raising these kids?
Just tell me that.
What the fuck
are you thinking?
Well, John, it's easy for you,
isn't it?
You're sitting in here
with your barbed wire
and your three free squares a day
and you get your bump-and-grind
with all those big old strangers
in the shower...
Hey! That's one.
Don't think that I don't know
what kind of party goes on in here.
That's two.
I'll slap your ass!
Why don't you just knock us all out
and get it over with?
Neither of them kids is going to
turn out to be worth a damn.
What, and that's all my fault?
I'm going to be having a baby.
Well, you look awful young.
What's a little thing like you
want with a baby?
Because then there's always
going to be somebody there
who loves me.
Just like I love my daddy
in spite of any bad things
or killings or whatever.
Things is as they is.
That's what mama says.
Pardon the intrusion, ma'am.
Is there anything
I can do for you?
Yeah, you any good
with that gun?
I'm just kidding,
I'm just kidding.
Besides, in this family
we do all our own killing.
Baby, things are
pretty good at home, actually.
I mean, you know, Barbie,
she's doing real, real good.
Jay's not so bad.
He looks so damn fruity.
No. Uncle Arno, he taught him
how to gut a rabbit.
I've seen him
spit sometimes.
You know, I thought maybe Buddy
would be a good boy for Rena.
Yeah, it's long been
a dream of mine
to hook her up with
one of the lesser felons
around here.
This here's the educational center.
We got computer learning,
and they even got a cooking class.
Up there's where they keep
the conjugal trailers at.
Yeah, that's right.
Mama told me about that one time.
Right over there we got the gym.
That's where the regular prisoners are at.
And right over yonder
we got maximum security.
That's where all the dangerous
inmates are kept.
Like daddy?
That's right,
just like big Johnny Grubb.
If I have a baby,
it's going to love me
in spite all my faults,
just like I love daddy.
Besides, the baby's daddy
is nice and normal.
I made sure of that.
You could maybe try calling
every once in a while.
That certainly wouldn't kill you.
What good am I?
I'm in here.
Well, John, you could start
by saying something nice to Rena.
Lord, she thinks the world of you.
Don't ask me why.
Hell, I don't know why, Madge.
Hell, I don't know either, John.
Is there a place around here
where a girl could get a load off?
They got the visitation center right up there.
Where it's air conditioned
and they got soda pop...
I was, kind of, hoping
we could finish the tour.
I'm going to have to
catch up to you, Barbie.
Come on.
Why don't you give me
some of that cherry pie, huh?
John, come on.
There are people right over there.
That's all right,
they won't say anything.
I'm serious, cut it out.
Oh, man.
Buddy: What do you say
after this
we get some hot dogs and fuck?
You don't like hot dogs?
Just a little prison humor for you.
This here is the library.
Folks come here and read.
How do you get to wander
all around like this?
I'm a trustee.
Trustees have master keys.
Open up all the locks.
Well, this is where old...
there we go.
This is where old Buddy works.
The barber shop.
Come on, let's go to the trailers.
No, I think the kids
are out here somewhere.
There's no one around,
let's go. Why not?
I can't.
Baby, I got me a yeast thing going on.
Why don't you have a seat?
Let old Buddy cut that mop of yours.
No, we should probably be getting back.
Well, you don't want to hurt
my feelings now, do you?
No, no, no.
Nothing like that.
Get in the fucking chair.
Somebody got you trained right.
Mel's only been in here about four months.
Most days,
I think I'm just going to die.
I'm a young woman, after all,
and he's not even going to
be eligible for parole
until he is a very old man.
I can't get the hang of it,
I just can't.
Congratulations on your bronze.
Thanks. Winning third place
in the shackle race
is just about the best thing
that's ever happened to me, I guess.
If that puts things in perspective for you.
I'm going to make you
look like a gentleman.
You got a rat nest
up in here.
Whoo, that's a big piece.
Look at that. Whoo!
Come on.
John, every time I come out
of one of them damn trailers,
I just feel like...
I feel like that's it,
you know?
I feel like that's all
I'm ever going to get.
I tell you...
you know, it's always hot,
isn't it?
I mean, while it lasts.
Folks do with
a lot worse, okay?
You got no more idea
what I'm talking about
than the man in the moon, do you?
Well, Goddamn!
Goddamn it.
I am here! I am stuck here
and probably will remain here!
What the hell do you want out of me?
I don't know, John.
Well, a man's liable to go looking.
That's all I'm going to say.
You're going to go looking?
Where are you going to go looking, Johnny?
Are you going to hit the singles bars?
I wonder where those kids are at.
Wow, that's pretty good.
How about a shave?
No, I don't think...
so, what'd big Johnny Grubb do
to earn himself
two consecutive life terms?
You don't know?
Big John don't talk
about it much.
He killed a couple guys in a bar fight.
They deserve it?
I guess.
Dad said they were faggots.
We can't have too many of them now,
can we?
Going around decorating living rooms
and gardening stuff.
Nah uh-uh.
Ooh, look at that.
Handsome gentleman and pretty.
Now that's very impressive.
Where'd you learn how to do that anyhow?
We have a neighbor named Faye.
She taught me how.
You must have a lot of patience.
And I believe with enough patience,
we can accomplish just about anything.
You're absolutely right.
We just have to have patience.
We just gotta keep at it.
Yeah, just... keep on.
Thanks a lot.
You got a hair right there.
Come on, let's go.
Thought I'd find you here.
So, what do you like folks
to call you? Junior?
Well, my name's John junior,
but everybody just calls me Jay.
Let me see that.
So you don't forget me.
There's not a lot of chance in that.
Forgetting you.
I promise I won't.
What do you say
I go take you
to see the show?
Let's go see the show.
It's what we do down here for fun.
What are we doing?
These are the conjugal trailers.
What's "conjugal" mean?
These are the fucking trailers.
I know what they are.
I live in a fucking trailer.
What is it?
You don't want to see this.
No, I want to see.
Think you can handle it?
All right.
Do I think I can handle it?
That's going to be
a hell of a Kodak moment, huh?
Come on, Jay.
Are you going to be all right?
Mama said all the pushing
and shoving daddy did
was just his way of teaching us
right from wrong.
And he never really hurt us.
Maybe this little get-together
was just too much for him
after so many years.
How you doing, sweetheart?
I'm doing good.
Just, you know,
Butterflies, that is all.
Baby, what happened here?
Those cuffs in that shackle race,
they were just too tight.
I'm fine, though.
You better put something on that
when we get home.
You seen your daddy anywhere?
Is daddy happy that we came?
Of course he is, baby.
I don't know what he expects
out of your brother, though.
Maybe Barbie's somewhere
putting some sense into him.
Excuse me... sheriff?
That's deputy, ma'am.
My friends call me Richard.
Okay. Richard, you wouldn't
happen to know
where that son of a bitch
I married
has gotten to, would you?
I'm sure he's
around here somewhere.
These guys don't go nowhere
unless we let them, you know?
But I'd sure be happy
to help you look for him.
Okay. Okay.
I'll be right back, sweetie.
Let me help you up there.
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
Hey, red.
Oh, my God,
you scared me.
Not as much as I'm going to scare you.
What do you mean?
I think you know exactly what I mean.
I'm going to go back
to the picnic area now.
Hey, you got any cigarettes?
This here's my last one,
and I have a heart murmur,
so I need it,
and I'm going to smoke it.
It's a filthy habit anyway.
You know, my silence can be bought
very inexpensively.
Well, I don't got any money,
I don't want your money.
No. I thought rather,
I'd really like
to hear you squeal like a piggy.
Excuse me?
Now, I know you've been
to the movies a time or two.
I'd like to hear you squeal like a piggy.
I most definitely will not!
Mrs. Grubb!
You'll never guess who's fucking your...
Shit, fine.
Oink, oink.
Mrs. Grubb!
All right! Fine.
Let me help you out here.
Real piggies would probably
like some grass,
so why don't you
come over here
and maybe get on all fours
like a real piggy?
What do you say?
Come on now,
I want to hear you... ree!
Come on now, on all fours
like a real piggy.
Yeah, come on, come on now.
Could be worse,
you could be in the mud.
You don't want to be in mud.
Nice soft grass.
Yeah, that's right,
good little piggy.
Come on.
That's right, that's right.
(snorts like a pig)
All right, come on, more,
I want more!
That's right!
Come on, like a pig!
I want to hear you reee!
That's real nice.
That's real nice.
Come on, everybody.
That's all, folks.
Today's annual picnic
will be concluded at 4:00.
All visitors will need
to begin lining up
at the gate at 3:30
with all belongings.
Commanding Officer Jones,
report to the visitors tent.
Commanding officer Jones,
please report to the visitors tent.
Hey, daddy.
Where's your mama?
She went off looking for you.
Give me a sandwich, would you?
I'm really glad that we came here, daddy.
I knew seeing you again
would be really nice.
You're getting' to be quite a gal, Rena.
You know...
your mama loves you.
Remember that...
you know, when she's a bitch
and all... that she loves you.
I know.
Hey, here.
Thanks for all those postcards
you've been sending.
I like them.
I don't mind that there's
no pictures on them.
You know, Kenton likes football,
so you'd like him.
He's a lot like...
you know, I still have those books
that you read to me when I was younger...
hey, look. Shovel pass!
They're under my bed.
Sometimes, you know...
Kenton would really like you.
I'm, like, tired and I get them out
and I just remember
how you used to read to me
until I fell asleep...
Here we go!
Come on!
Hey, what's up with this damn baby?
Go long! Go long!
Well, I kind of,
wanted to name it after you, daddy.
John Grubb the third.
When your last name's Grubb,
You, kind of, have to be careful
what you put before it.
Nice catch, jerk-off!
I was kind of thinking that
Russell Upsome might be a nice name.
Mm-hmm. Sidearm!
Russell Upsome Grubb.
What do you think, daddy?
Sure thing, baby-doll.
Oh, yeah.
You got any advice, daddy?
Yeah, go long! Long!
Don't worry.
I'll write a special suicide note
explaining the whole thing out for you.
Hey, you're not that far along.
So I gave your mama the name of a guy
who can take care of this for you.
Thanks, daddy.
Sure thing.
I mean, a daddy takes care
of his little girl, don't he?
All right, hit me!
Come on!
Hit me, I'm open.
That part, you know,
that's not really so bad, but...
I mean, yeah,
if John wasn't stuck here,
I would absolutely take my kids
and I'd leave.
And where would you go to?
Hey, I thought, alcohol wasn't allowed.
It's not.
Where? Anywhere?
Don't laugh.
Well, I was thinking maybe
I'd take the kids
and move to Disney World.
Ah, the happiest
place on earth.
Yeah, well,
that's what they say. Yeah.
I mean, not in the actual park itself...
of course not.
Maybe somewhere close by.
So what's stopping you?
John would just about
snap my neck if we left.
Not with two consecutive lifetimes, he won't.
Well, yeah, but I've got him
pretty pissed off,
missing all those conjugals.
What you talking about?
All those conjugal visits,
you know.
Well, I know what they are, Madge.
It's just, I've never
known John to miss one.
In fact, Johnny Grubb's been getting
all of his conjugal visits.
But you knew that.
we're all fuckered up here.
You don't belong in this place.
I think there's probably a better life
for you out there somewhere.
By God, you ought to go find it.
I want to thank you for, you know...
mama, hey! You want to be
my partner for the egg toss?
Sounds like a waste of eggs, Barbie.
Nice haircut.
I won't tell mom.
Get up and you fight me
like a man, you son of a bitch!
What's wrong with you, Madge?
You son of a bitch,
you horn-dog!
I know all about you!
I know all about you
and your conjugal floozy!
Your mama sure is pissed.
Yeah, she's usually a screamer,
not a fighter.
How about you?
Are you a fighter?
No, I'm more of a lover.
Life sure is worth living,
Aint it?
You take care now, Jay.
Why don't you tell your kids
that you been cheating on their mama?
I'm going to have to drop you.
Where the hell did you meet her?
Come on, now.
Where the hell did you meet her?
Is she some bull dyke
from the women's prison?
Or is she some pen pal,
some desperate whore you...
mother: Baby, baby,
are you okay?
Could somebody get somebody?
She's been in there a long time.
Hope she's all right.
She'll be okay.
She just got the wind knocked out of her.
They don't make them any tougher
than Rena, I'll tell you that.
It's that motherfucking guard's fault.
That motherfucking guard set me up.
He just wanted to get
some of that cherry pie.
John, shut up.
He's jealous.
Who can blame him?
Yeah, he's after you.
You're looking good.
Come on, let's get out of here.
John, we can't.
Yeah, we can.
Come on, let's go.
No, we're already in trouble.
I'm doing double life.
What's some more trouble?
Follow me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry...
well, hello there.
What are you looking at?
Trashy little harlot doesn't know
how to treat her mama?
Just a guess.
Fuck you.
Why don't you sit there
until I tell you to...
guess what! I don't happen
to be a prisoner here!
What the fuck?
What the fuck did you
just do to yourself, Rena?
you're not leaving me here
alone, Goddamn you!
Give me that!
Just sit down!
Hold this up!
If you want to die,
you sure picked
one hell of a shoving-off place.
I'm sorry.
Why? None of this is your fault.
Why don't you let me go, Jay?
'Cause you're my sister.
Hell, I don't even want to
see Barbie dead most days.
You love me because you have to.
I'm your sister and you have to.
I don't have to.
You don't love daddy,
do you, Jay?
Why not? He's your daddy,
just like I'm your sister.
I haven't done anything for you
to just give me your love.
Yeah, well,
you never tried to shit on it, either.
Somebody gives you their love,
you should try not to shit on it,
I guess.
I should write that down.
Maybe you should embroider it on something.
You know what else?
What else?
This shit gets better.
I promise.
What do you say I go get mom
and we get the fuck out of here?
Yeah, that sounds
like a plan.
Hold that on there tightly.
I'll be back.
What, Madge?
No, Same as always, John.
Same as always?
It don't matter.
Wait a minute, baby.
What's the matter?
John, I'm taking the kids.
We're moving to Disney world.
Fuck that!
Hey, hey!
Fuck that shit!
You can't do that.
Why not?
'Cause nobody lives at Disney Land.
We're going to.
And I said Disney World.
You never did listen to me.
Are you, fucking, nuts?
What about your job?
You mean jobs, John.
You know, it takes money
to keep these kids
in clothes and food and slurpees
and pay the bills
and do all the shit
that a real family does.
But don't you worry about us.
I can find myself a mind-numbing,
low-paying job anywhere I go.
You are so stupid.
All you had to do was be nice to us
for one day, John.
Just pretend for one day,
and you couldn't even do that.
All right, babe.
I gotta take a piss.
I'll catch up with you later.
Fucking bitch.
Hey, Rena.
Hey, daddy.
You're looking...
you're looking special.
That's my girl,
looking special.
Your dad's very proud of you.
You know that, don't you?
I haven't done anything
to make nobody proud, daddy.
Yes, you have. You won
that silver medal out there.
It was bronze.
Daddy, I lost it.
We'll go out there
and find it, baby.
No, not the medal.
I lost the baby.
there you go.
See there? Nobody can say
that my little girl
can't take care of herself.
It's not so hard to make
your daddy proud, right?
How's mama doing?
Well, you know your mama.
Some people just aint worth shooting.
Now's a fine time
for you to figure that out.
What was that?
Nothing, daddy.
I'll tell you what.
You better look at me
when I talk to you.
You and your brother better
learn some respect for me,
or I'm going to teach you some respect
with the back of my hand,
you got that?
You know what, daddy?
I'm not afraid of you.
I said I'm not afraid of you.
Come here,
I'm going to teach you...
Outside, Grubb!
OK, Grubb,
let's go. Outside.
You look like shit.
You know, if you could
just find it inside of you
to be nice to me just for once,
now would be a really good time
to do that.
You're so lucky.
Yeah, I'm really lucky,
all right.
Do you remember your daddy?
I met him once when I was little.
Were you upset when he died?
A little.
No, not really.
So I guess now
you don't expect nothing.
Well, nothings exactly what I got.
Nobody expects nothing of you
on account of that heart murmur.
Yeah, it's really great to be me,
all right.
It's just one big old fucking jamboree.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
There you are.
Where have you been?
Let's get the hell out of here
and go home.
Barbie: Don't have to tell us
more than once.
could you shoot us?
We tried.
I don't know, John.
There's some changes coming.
Goddamn, a man should be...
just kiss me good-bye.
Try not to wreck
my last raw nerve.
Bye, daddy.
Hey, Rena.
You come and see your daddy
real soon. Okay, Rena?
Yeah, I'll keep looking
for those postcards you send.
Why do you keep talking about postcards?
What's up with that?
I know it's not much,
but at least you make an attempt.
Honey, I'm so sorry.
I've been having Faye mail them
from the flea market.
I'm sorry.
Well, hey, whatever.
I just want to say,
you know, congratulations.
For what?
For getting your,
you know...
congratulations is not...
you know, daddy, I don't really
think that you should say that.
Don't get all weepy on me now. Come on.
Think of it this way, okay?
Things aint all that bad.
I mean, it didn't
cost you nothing.
Get her off!
Get her off me!
You're lucky
I don't have a gun!
She went fucking ballistic on me!
Let me go!
Just fuck it.
Don't even sweat it.
Dad's a dick.
He wasn't always, Jay.
Yeah, Rena, he was.
Daddy's always been a dick.
Then it just must be this fucking place.
I don't know what they did to him,
but he used to read me
stupid nursery rhymes.
"Slippery, slippery Sam,
he sat upon a ham."
Aw, for chr... what?!
She spilled the damn drink
on me, for Christ's...
what the fuck?
Get up! Get up!
You gotta stop being so damn dense
and knock some sense into that girl.
Let me tell you something, John.
Being stupid is something
I intend to overcome,
but you are stuck here
being mean for a lifetime.
That's me.
Mean and nasty.
If there is a God in heaven,
I hope that you are corn-holed
by the meanest, nastiest...
no, no, no. I hope you
are corn-holed by Satan himself.
Maybe then you'll understand
just a fraction of the pain
you have put us through.
In your dreams, Madge.
In your dreams.
You'll be back!
You can't get enough of big John Grubb!
You need the Grubb worm!
I'll see you next month, baby!
It went better than it could have.
No shit, ace.
I've been thinking.
Just because we was born and raised here,
we don't have to die here.
I think we should move.
Where to?
It's where they keep
Mickey Mouse at, I believe.
Madge Grubb, you've just
had the living dog shit
kicked out of you at a state penitentiary...
what are you going to do next?
I'm going to Disney World!
You guys are fucked up.
In the best way possible.
Good night, baby.
Good night.
Baby, you just wanted
a daddy so bad
that I thought if I could somehow...
hey, now I know.
I get it.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Come here.
Addendum to an abandoned
suicide note...
it's clear that whatever
we're to become as a family,
we'd be doing it
without big John Grubb.
And Jay applied to this fancy
culinary institute
up in the bay area.
So yeah, I guess sissy boy's
leaving us.
Regardless, I know
he's always going to love me,
even though he doesn't have to.
And Barbie landed herself a job
gluing on fake fingernails
and doing manicures
at a salon outside of phoenix.
She's doing just fine
for herself,
despite that debilitating
heart murmur.
Right, right.
Write me, too.
Come on, kids, let's go.
Jay: No!
hey, child, why you
look so sad tonight?
did your castle wash away
your only ray of hope...
we stopped by Kenton's
so I could tell him
that we were going to
have a baby,
but it died in prison.
Kenton was a real dick
about it,
having never lost
anything he loved,
so I put his car in neutral
and rolled it into the pool.
So now he can relate.
Get back here,
you fucking bitch!
my baby
my baby
my little girl almost died tonight
bye, bye, sweet angel
bye, bye, my love
if we ride all the rides
if we stand by each other's side
as for me, I've stopped
looking for exit ramps.
I'm just going to
stay on the road,
see where it takes me.
I learned you tend to remember
only what you want in this life.
And as far as that picnic goes,
I only remember leaving.
angel following the stars
in a '74 pinto with a broken belt
driving all the way to Mars
oh, my baby
my little girl almost died tonight
bye, bye, sweet angel
bye, bye, my love
if we ride all the rides
if we stand by each other's side
my sweet angel, good night
you got so many dreams inside
you're scared that if you think
your bus will pass you by
you don't know where
the rainbow starts for you
one day soon, the clouds will clear
and a smile will replace your tears
suddenly you'll see the open road
you're going to see the open road, baby
bye, bye, sweet angel
bye, bye, my love
if we ride all the rides
if we stand by each other's side
my sweet angel, good night
sun's shining
the candle's burned low
driving through the desert
round midnight
don't know where you're going
angel following the stars
in a '74 pinto with a broken belt
driving all the way to Mars
oh, my baby
my little girl almost died tonight
bye, bye, sweet angel
bye, bye, my love
if we ride all the rides
if we stand by each other's side
my sweet angel, good night
you got so many dreams inside
you're scared that if you think
your bus will pass you by
you don't know where
the rainbow starts for you
but one day soon,
the clouds will clear
and a smile will replace your tears
suddenly you'll see the open road
you're going to see the open road, baby
bye, bye, sweet angel
bye, bye, my love
if we ride all the rides
if we stand by each other's side
my sweet angel, good night
sun's shining
the candle's burning low
driving through the desert
round midnight
you don't know where you're going
angel following the stars
in a '74 pinto with a broken belt
driving all the way to Mars
oh, my baby
my little girl almost died tonight
bye, bye, sweet angel
bye, bye, my love
if we ride all the rides
if we stand by each other's side
my sweet angel, good night
you got so many dreams inside
scared that if you think
your bus will pass you by
don't know where
the rainbow starts for you
one day soon the clouds will clear...