American Graffiti (1973) Movie Script

Hey, Curt, you guys gonna have
a little bash your last night in town?
Moose has been
lookin' for you all day.
He got worried. Thought you were
tryin' to avoid him.
What do you got?
- Oh, great.
- That's $2,000, man. $2,000!
Mr. Jennings gave it to me
to give to you. He's sorry it's late.
It's the first scholarship
the Moose Lodge has given out.
He says they're all very proud of you
back at the lodge.
- Why don't you hold it for me?
- I don't want it. Take it. It's yours.
I'll take it.
Listen, your sister calls.
I'll talk to you later.
- Wait a second. She can wait.
- Make it short and sweet, huh?
Listen, I don't think
I'm gonna be going tomorrow.
Come on.
What are you talking about?
I was thinkin' I could wait a year,
go to City for a while.
You chicken fink.
After all we went through
to get accepted?
We're gettin' out of
this turkey town...
and now you wanna crawl
back into your cell?
You wanna end up like John?
You just can't stay 17 forever.
- Get that through your head!
- I just need some time.
I gotta go talk to Laurie.
Now take it. Take it!
We're leaving in the morning,
all right?
We're leaving
in the morning!
We gonna rock and roll ourselves
to death, baby!
You got the Wolfman Jack Show!
Don't with the thing!
Will you stop it
with the Big Bopper stuff?
- Hi, John!
- Not too good, huh?
Why is it every girl around here
is ugly or has a boyfriend?
Where is the dazzling beauty
I've been searching for all my life?
I know what you mean.
The pickings are really gettin' slim.
The whole strip is shrinkin'.
You know, I remember
about five years ago...
it would take a couple of hours
and a tank full of gas...
just to make one circuit.
It was really somethin'.
Hey, John.
Someone new in town.
Are you gonna go after him?
Hey, listen, professor.
If he can't find me, then he ain't
even worth racin', right?
Big shot.
Where was I?
How you thought
high school romances were goofy...
and we started dating only because
you thought I was cute and funny...
but then you suddenly realized...
you were in love with me,
it was serious...
You were leadin' up
to somethin' kinda big.
You make it sound like
I'm giving dictation.
Well, seriously...
what I meant was that...
since we do care for each other
so much...
and since we should really consider
ourselves as adults now...
Could I have a couple
of those fries?
Where was I?
- Consider ourselves adults.
- Right, right.
I thought,
maybe before I leave...
we could agree that...
seeing other people while I'm away
can't possibly hurt, you know?
- You mean dating other people?
- It would strengthen our relationship.
Then we'd know for sure
that we're really in love.
Not that there's any doubt.
I think you're right.
I mean, we're not kids anymore...
and it's silly to think
that when we're 3,000 miles apart...
we shouldn't be able
to see other people and go out.
Laurie, listen.
I didn't ask for that back.
I know. I just sort of think
it's juvenile now.
I'll keep it at home.
It's less conspicuous there.
- You don't wanna wear it?
- I didn't say that.
I understand,
and I'm not upset.
I can't expect you to be a monk
while you're away.
I got a really neat
record collection.
I even got "Pledging My Love"
by Johnny Ace.
How can you love Nelson when
he's going out with Marilyn Gator?
- Since he dumped on you...
- He didn't dump on me, you little dip!
Oh, hi, Steve.
Hey, sis.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- What is it?
- Nothing!
I've decided to let you take care
of my car while I'm away.
At least until Christmas.
I'm comin' back for a couple
of weeks at Christmas.
I've got some very simple instructions
for you. Here's the keys.
First of all,
only 30-weight Castrol-R.
I've written the tire pressure
and stuff on a pad in the glove...
- Are you listening?
- Hey, what's wrong?
- Are you crying?
- I can't believe it!
I don't know what to say!
I'll love and protect this car
until death do us part.
This is a super fine machine.
This might even be better than
Darryl Starbird's superfleck moon...
It is! It's better than
Darryl Starbird's superfleck moonbird.
How'd you like to go
to the drive-in movies with me?
- You gotta be kidding.
- Would I kid about a thing like that?
I have a new car.
Did she do that to you?
Curt, you wanna bomb around?
I wanna try out my new wheels.
Well, I'd like to, Toad...
but I'm gonna go
with Steve and Laurie to the hop.
- Besides, I'd spoil your luck.
- Yeah, right.
Tonight, things are gonna be
Wait a minute.
You're goin' to the freshman hop?
Come on, man!
That place is for kids.
You two just got your ass outta there.
Don't go back there.
You ain't got no emotions?
We are going to remember
all of the good times.
- Yeah, well, go.
- Why don't you come with us?
- Bullshit, man!
- Come on. For old times' sake.
Listen, you go.
Go ahead, Curtsie baby.
You go on over there and remember
the good times you won't be havin'.
I ain't goin' off to some
goddamn fancy college.
I'm stayin' right here...
havin' fun as usual!
Jesus, Milner, you're really
in a great mood tonight!
What's the matter, John?
Did I do somethin' wrong?
I'm sorry.
Man, it's nothin'.
- We'll see you later, okay?
- All right.
We'll all do somethin' together
before Steve leaves.
Wait a minute.
Now you're not goin'?
I don't know.
- Hey, Milner!
- What happened to your flathead?
- What happened to your flathead?
- Your mother!
Your mother!
Hey, we been talkin' 'bout you.
There's a very wicked
'55 Chevy lookin' for you.
- Yeah, I know.
- Watch out for the cop at Jerry's.
Yeah, all right. Thanks.
Hey, Toad!
Is that you
in that beautiful car?
Jeez, what a waste
of machinery!
Hey, kid!
All right, baby.
Here we go with another call.
- Answer the phone, dummy.
- Pinkie's Pizza.
You got any more of those
secret agent spy scoops?
Hit parade
on a stethoscope?
No, secret agent spy scope, man...
that pulls in the moon,
stars, the planets...
and the satellites
and little bitty space men.
You have the wrong number,
What did you say?
Quick. Quick.
Hang a right.
- What? Why?
- Steven, cut over to "G" Street.
I just saw a vision.
I saw a goddess.
Come on.
You gotta catch up to her.
- I didn't see anything.
- Come on, Curt.
We can't be spendin' half the night
chasing girls down for you.
Laurie, this was the most perfect,
dazzling creature I've ever seen!
- She's gone. Forget it.
- She spoke to me.
She spoke to me through the window!
I think she said, "I love you."
That means nothing
to you people?
You have no romance,
no soul?
Someone wants me. Someone
roaming the streets wants me.
Will you turn the corner?
- Later.
- Alligator.
You're new around here.
Where you from?
- Turlock.
- You know a guy named Frank Bartlett?
No. Does he go to Turlock High?
Well, he used to.
He goes to J.C. Now.
- Do you go to J.C.?
- Yeah, sure.
Wow! Do you know Guy Phillips?
Yeah, sure.
I got him in a class.
He's so boss!
How'd you like to ride around
with me for a while?
I'm sorry. I can't.
I'm going steady.
- Come on!
- I just can't.
You're just ridin' around
with a bunch of girls.
Anybody else in there
wanna go for a ride?
You got nothin' to fear.
I'm as harmless as a baby kitten.
- I'll go! I'll go!
- Judy's sister'll go with you, okay?
Yeah, sure.
Judy, her sister, her mother.
I'll take 'em all.
Listen. We'll go up
and stop at that light.
It'll turn red by the time we get there.
All right?
If you ever get tired of going steady
with somebody that ain't around...
I'm up for grabs.
So, you're Judy's little...
Shit! How old are you?
I'm old enough.
How old are you?
- I'm too old for you.
- You can't be that old.
I think you better go back
and sit with your sister.
Where are they anyway? Are they
comin' back? This is a joke, right?
This better be a joke,
'cause I'm not drivin' you around!
You asked me. What's the matter?
Am I too ugly?
Judy doesn't want me with her,
and now you don't want me with you.
Nobody wants me.
Even my mother and father hate me.
- Everybody hates me.
- They don't hate ya.
- You throw me out, I'll scream.
- No, no. Stay cool.
Everything's all right.
We'll find your sister.
- Can't be too hard to find.
- John, you gonna be there tonight?
Shit! Hey, get down.
- Is this called "copping a feel"?
- What? No! Get up. Jesus.
- What's your name?
- My name?
Mud... if anybody sees you.
- What do you got in there, kid?
- More than you can handle.
Excuse me.
I think we've had an accident.
Damn it, I won't report you this time,
but next time, just watch it!
- Good evening. How are ya?
- Yeah, hi.
This is really a beautiful car,
you know? Of course you know it.
You know what I'd like to give you
for this car?
I'd like to give you $ 1,000!
I can't give you that, but I'm not gonna
give you a whole line.
I'm gonna tell you
what I can give you. Come over here.
How would you like, for $525,
to own this practically new 'Vette?
I'll tell you what
I'm going to do.
I'm gonna knock ten percent
right off the top. How about that?
- That's $98 down.
- No, I'm sorry.
$98 a month.
You ask me how can I do this?
I'll tell you
how I can do it.
My boss wants to get rid
of the sporty cars.
- You all right?
- I'm fine.
I don't think it's a good idea.
- I'm busy.
- I want you to listen.
I've gotta go!
Leave me alone,
for God's sake!
One, two, three, four
At the hop
You can rock it, you can roll it
Do the stomp, even stroll it at the hop
When the records start spinnin', you
can mix it with the chicken at the hop
Do the dance sensation
that's sweepin'the nation at the hop
Let's go to the hop
You can swing, you can groove it, you
can really start to move it at the hop
Where thejockey is the smoothest
And the music is the coolest at the hop
All the guys and chicks
can get their kicks at the hop
Let's go!
Why are you so depressed?
You'll forget him in a week.
After you're elected Senior Queen,
you'll have so many boys after your bod.
Peggy, the point is, I do not want
to go out with any other guys.
Laurie, I know
it's a drag, but you can't just...
Remember what happened
to Evelyn Chelnick?
When Mike went into the Marines,
she had a nervous breakdown...
and was acting so wacky
she got run over by a bus.
I just wish I could
go with him.
Laurie, jeez! Come on.
Hey, zit makeup!
Hey, everybody...
Just cool it, Steve?
Let me see
some of that stuff.
You leavin' tomorrow?
- You and Laurie engaged yet?
- No, but we got it all worked out.
We're still gonna be goin' together,
but we can date other people.
And screw around.
I know.
Hey, I hear college girls
really put out.
When I saw her
standing there
I had to pick her up
I couldn't fail
'Cause I knew
I had to make her mine
She's so cool
She's so fine
I was tryin'to think
of words to say
So I went up to her
and changed my fate
- Come on.
- "Come on" what?
- Let's dance.
- No, thanks.
- Laurie, I said I wanna dance.
- Who's stopping you?
I thought you might wanna dance with me
our last night together.
How sentimental of you.
You'll be back at Christmas.
- I want to dance now, not at Christmas.
- Get your cooties off me!
- Don't make a scene.
- Go ahead. Slug me. Scar my face!
I wouldn't dance with you
if you were the last guy in this gym.
- This is getting good.
- Come on, Eddie, I'll dance with you.
You don't mind, do you, Peggy?
Joe College strikes out.
Feel so good
Take me by my hand
And let's go strollin'
In Wonderland
Curtis, come here.
Help me, will ya? I'm surrounded.
- Come here.
- You won't dance? Come on.
No, really, I'd like to,
but I can't.
If old Mr. Simpson saw me dancing
with one of you sexy little...
excuse me... one of you young ladies,
he'd have my rear end.
Come on, gentlemen, back inside.
Put it out. Let's go.
Kids! Want a cigarette?
All right.
- I thought you'd left.
- No, not yet. I have no matches.
That's all right.
Brother! How do I get stuck
with dance supervision?
You goin' back east?
I remember the day I went off.
Got drunk as hell the night before.
- Blotto.
- Blotto. Exactly.
- Barfed on the train all the next day.
- Cute. Very cute.
Where'd you go again?
Middlebury. Vermont.
- Got a scholarship.
- Only stayed a semester.
One semester, after all that.
Came back here.
Why'd you come back?
Decided I wasn't
the competitive type.
I don't know.
Maybe I was scared.
Well, I think I may find
that I'm not...
the competitive type myself.
- What do you mean?
- I'm not really sure that I'm going.
Now, don't be stupid. Experience life.
Have some fun, Curtis...
Mr. Wolfe?
Can I speak with you a minute?
- Hi, Curt.
- Jane.
Good luck, Curtis.
Yeah. I'll see ya.
Thanks a lot.
A Wolfman Jack exclusive!
The Beach Boys, baby.
A brand-new group.
I predict they gonna go
a long way.
This is called
Let's go surfin'now
Everybody's learnin'how
Come on and safari with me
Early in the mornin'
we'll be startin'out
Some honeys
will be comin'along
The next night
we went out with ammunition...
Don't you have some homework
or somethin' to do?
No sweat.
My mother does it.
he thought he was had.
He started the car and couldn't see
through the windshield...
and zoomed straight
into the canal.
- I still got some... don't try anything.
- Watch it, will ya?
Jesus Christ!
Thanks a lot.
Hey, drivin' is
a serious business.
I ain't havin' no accidents
just because of you.
Come on. Don't give me any grief.
I'm warning ya.
Spare me, killer.
Oh, shit!
- Why did you do that?
- I don't like that surfin' shit.
Rock and roll's been goin' downhill
ever since Buddy Holly died.
Don't you think
the Beach Boys are boss?
- You would, you grungy little twerp.
- Grungy!
You big weenie.
If I had a boyfriend, he'd pound you.
Yeah, sure. Shit!
- Holstein!
- Good. A cop.
I'm gonna tell him
you tried to rape me.
I'm gonna tell him how old I am,
my parents don't know I'm out...
and you tried to rape me.
- Yeah, with shaving cream.
- Boy, are you up a creek.
Come on. Really, Carol,
don't say anything.
If you say:
"I was a dirty bird.
Carol's not grungy.
She's bitchin'."
Say it. I'll tell him.
I was a dirty bird.
Carol's not grungy. She's bitchin'.
I'll think about it.
- Where you goin', Milner?
- I'm goin' home, sir.
- Where've you been?
- We were... At the movies, sir.
You didn't happen to be around 12th
and "G" about 8:30 tonight, did you?
No. No, sir.
We were at the movies, like I said.
I stopped you because the light
on your license plate's out.
I'm gonna have
to cite you for that.
And the front end
of this thing you're drivin'...
Iooks a little low.
No, sir.
It's 121/2 inches, regulation size.
It's been checked several times.
You can check it if you like, sir.
Look, Milner. Listen.
You can't fool with the law.
We know that was you tonight.
We have an excellent
description of this car.
I could run you in right now,
and I could make it stick.
But I'm not gonna do that.
You know why?
I want to catch you in the act...
and when I do,
I'm gonna nail you but good.
Happy birthday, Milner.
Thank you... asshole.
You're a regular J.D.
File that under C.S.
Over there.
What's that stand for?
Chicken shit.
That's what it is.
Ain't he neat?
You know a guy around here
with a piss-yellow deuce coupe?
- Supposed to be hot stuff?
- You mean John Milner?
Ain't nobody can beat him, man.
He's got the fastest...
- I ain't nobody, dork. Right?
- Right.
You see this Milner,
you tell him I'm lookin' for him, huh?
Tell him I aim to blow his ass
right off the road.
Ain't he neat?
What a babe!
What a bitchin' babe!
You sure you don't
need a lift somewhere?
You know John Milner?
John Milner's a good friend of mine.
Did anybody ever tell you that you look
just like Connie Stevens?
- You do. I really mean it.
- For real?
Yeah. I met her once
at a Dick Clark road show.
- Yeah? You really think I look like her?
- Yeah, no shit.
I'm sorry. I mean... I mean that
I'm not just feeding you a line.
I really think you do.
You look like Connie Stevens.
- What's your name?
- Debbie.
I always thought
I look like Sandra Dee.
- Well, you look a lot like her too.
- Is this your car?
Yeah. I'm Terry, the...
- They usually call me Terry the Tiger.
- It's really tough-lookin'.
- What school you go to?
- Dewey. Can it lay rubber?
Yeah, I got a 327 Chevy in it.
It's got six Strombergs.
That's bitchin' tuck-and-roll.
I really love the feel of tuck-and-roll.
You do?
Well, come in. I'll let you feel it.
I mean you can touch it if you want.
I'll let you feel the upholstery.
- Peel out.
- What?
Peel out.
I just love it when guys peel out.
And they came all the way
from Stockton. Let's hear it.
I don't care
if you leave this second.
And we wanna thank Darby Langdon,
who did all these neat decorations.
Now the next dance
is gonna be a snowball...
and leading it off is last year's
class president, Steve Bolander...
and this year's head cheerleader,
Laurie Henderson.
- Come on.
- "Come on" what?
Steven, please.
Smile or something.
Quit pinching!
You think I care if you go off?
You think I'm gonna crack up?
- Boy, are you conceited!
- I don't know why I ever asked you out.
- You didn't. I asked you out.
- What do you mean, you asked me out?
Backwards Day.
If I had waited for you to ask me...
Oh, brother!
Even after that, you didn't call me
for two weeks.
- I was busy.
- You were scared. Dave Ogler told me.
When you did ask me out,
you didn't kiss me for three dates.
- Well, I was...
- Scared. Jim Kiler told me.
I even asked my father
why you hadn't kissed me.
- Your father. Great.
- You know what he said?
He said he thought
you were bright enough...
and that you'd probably
get around to it after a while.
You didn't, of course.
I had to.
Remember the picnic?
Out at the canyon?
Boy! You don't remember
anything, do you?
The first one,
up at the lake.
That was the first time
you kissed me.
I had to practically
throw myself at you.
I remember.
What's wrong?
Go to hell.
What are you doin',
stealin' hubcaps?
- Well, hey, Wendy.
- How've you been?
- Great. How you been?
- Wait a sec.
Wait a minute!
Bobbie Tucker.
She's got her car.
- Heard you're going away to school.
- Maybe, maybe.
- What?
- Same old Curt.
All the time we were going together,
you never knew what you were doing.
- I gotta go.
- Where ya goin'?
- Nowhere.
- You mind if I come along?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Louie, Louie
Me gotta go
A fine little girl
She's waitin'for me
Catch a ship
across the sea
Sail the ship all alone
Never think
I'll make it home
All right, Bolander, break that up.
You know the rules.
You and your girlfriend wanna do that,
go someplace else, huh?
Hey, Kroot.
Why don't you go kiss a duck?
- What did you say?
- I said go kiss a duck, marble-head.
All right, Bolander,
you are suspended.
Don't you even come in Monday.
You're out!
I graduated last semester.
Why don't we go out
to the canal?
What for?
Listen, I can get tough
with you too, you know.
Hard guy.
A double Chubby Chuck, a chili-barb,
two orders of French fries and...
- Cherry Coke.
- And two Cherry Cokes.
Right. Cool.
Hey, Deb.
How's my soft baby?
Come on. Beat it, Vic.
I'm not your baby.
Come on, honey.
So I never called you back.
I been, you know, busy.
Yeah, three weeks?
Besides, it only took me one night
to realize...
if brains were dynamite,
you couldn't blow your nose.
Look who's talking. Who's the wimp
you're hangin' out with now? Einstein?
Tiger happens to be
very intelligent, unlike you.
I know everything your dirty little mind
is thinking. It shows.
Hey, now, buddy, look.
The lady obviously doesn't want...
Look, creep. You want
a knuckle sandwich?
No, thanks. I'm waitin'
for a double Chubby Chuck.
Then keep your smart-ass
mouth shut.
I'll call you sometime, Deb.
- Some night when I'm hard up.
- I won't be home.
Get out of here.
You seem to know
a lot of weird guys.
That creep's not a friend of mine.
He's just... horny.
That's why I like you.
You're different.
L... I am? I mean,
you really think I'm intelligent?
Yeah. And I bet you're smart enough
to get us some brew.
Brew? Oh, liquor.
Yeah, this place is
too crowded anyway.
What about your hamburgers
and Cokes, sir?
Will you speed up?
You're gonna lose her.
Cut around him.
Just hang a right at the corner.
Lost her again.
- Who is she?
- I don't know.
But I'm gonna find out.
I know who she is.
Well, come on, Bob.
Come on! Who is she?
Come on!
You know Mr. Beeman?
He owns Hepcat Jewelers?
That's his wife.
Get outta here.
That's ridiculous.
That girl is young and beautiful.
- And married.
- And she was cruising Tenth Street.
You gotta be thinkin'
of someone else.
Did you know that my ex is going
to become a presidential aide?
It's a secret, so don't tell anybody,
but his greatest ambition...
is to shake hands
with President Kennedy.
How do you suppose you're gonna
do that, wishy-washy, at J.C.?
Maybe I've grown up.
Maybe I changed my mind.
- Doubt it.
- Maybe you don't think you can do it.
- Maybe you oughta shut up.
- Maybe I ought to, but I won't.
Maybe you oughta
come into the aft chamber...
where we can
discuss this in private.
Thanks a lot.
Come on, Wendy.
Move over.
I'm not sitting on your lap.
- To the opera, James.
- Drop dead.
Unless you want to go to Gallo Dam
and have a little orgy.
You wish!
I could pick up some margarine.
We could roll around in it for a while.
- I've been silly.
- Yeah?
I'm really glad
you're gonna stay.
We might even have
a class together.
- Maybe.
- Look.
There's Kip Pullman.
He's so neat.
Say somethin' to him
when we go by.
- What do you want me to say?
- Anything. I just wanna meet him.
Hey, Kip, buddy.
What's up?
Hey, Henderson, long time no see.
What you been doin'?
I just wanted to tell you
Bobbie here is madly in love with you...
and trembles at the sight
of your rippling biceps.
- Out of my car, you...
- Wait a second!
I hate you!
Get out of my car!
Temper, temper!
Here it is:
One ten-cent Coke with ice.
And don't take all day
drinkin' it. Please.
Rats! I thought
some of my friends might be here.
Probably a couple of weeks
past their bedtime.
There's Dee Dee.
I hope she sees me.
Oh, shit. Dee Dee.
Hiya, John.
- What do you say, Al?
- Not much.
You think if I brought my Mopar
by the shop on Monday...
you could spot-weld
the bumper bracket?
Sure, anything. Just come by
before noon, all right?
- You met Linda?
- No, no. Hi, Linda.
This is my cousin, Carol.
I'm baby-sittin'.
- Baby-sitting!
- Jesus! Watch it, will ya?
Been hittin' me all night.
Kids will be kids, you know.
Goddamn it! Why don't you
grow up, for Christ's sake?
We don't get along too well,
you know?
- Been like this all...
- You spastic creep.
Hi, cousin.
How's your bod?
Wolfman Top 40 is
Box 1300, Chula Vista.
Wolfman sweatshirts
is Wolf Enterprises, Bakersfield.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Yes, son?
I was wondering...
- Could you give me the time?
- Sure.
It's quarter to 12:00.
Quarter to 12:00.
Good. Thanks a lot.
Excuse me, sir.
I got a problem.
See, I lost my I.D. In a flood...
and I was wondering,
since you're going in there anyway...
could you pick me up
some Old Harper's... hard stuff?
- Would you buy me a bottle?
- Why, certainly.
I lost my wife too.
Her name wasn't Idy though...
and it wasn't in a flood,
but I know what you...
Yeah, good. Here's some money.
Old Harper.
- Quarter to 12:00.
- Right-o.
- Night.
- Night.
No, not wine!
- Was there an old man in here just now?
- Yeah. Just went out the back.
Want something?
Let me have
a Three Musketeers...
and a ballpoint pen,
one of those combs there...
a pint of Old Harper...
a couple of flashlight batteries
and some beef jerky.
You got an ID for the liquor?
Oh, nuts.
I left it in the car.
Sorry. You'll have to get it before.
I also...
I forgot the car.
Did you get it?
You got it!
You didn't get it.
Why didn't you get it?
I needed some things and
I thought as long as I was in there...
Look, Debbie,
can you loan me a dollar?
Are you for real? Come on.
Girls don't pay. Guys pay.
See, I've only got a 50,
and he doesn't have change.
I can't believe this.
I really cannot believe this.
- Excuse me. Could you...
- Buy you a bottle of booze?
Yeah, I know. You lost your I.D.
What kind do you want?
Gee, that's terrific.
Just some Old Harper?
That one over there...
that's Freddy Benson's 'Vette.
He had a head-on collision
with a drunk. Boom!
Didn't have a chance.
He was a good driver too.
It's pretty grim when a guy gets it
and it's not even his own fault.
Needs a paint job,
that's for sure.
See that over there? That '41?
That used to be... believe it or not...
the fastest car in the valley.
I never got a chance
to race Earl, though.
He got his 1955 in about
the hairiest crash we ever had here.
Jesus, you should've seen it.
Eight kids killed
and both drivers.
Board of Education was real impressed,
so they filmed the whole thing.
Now they show it
in driver's education classes.
Probably see it
if you get lucky.
Course, pretty tough
when they take somebody with them.
You've never had an accident though.
You told me.
Well, I come mighty close.
Almost rolled it
a couple of times.
But I've been just quick enough
to stay out of this graveyard.
Bet you're the fastest.
I've never been beat.
A lot of guys tried.
Seems to me there's more guys lately
than there's ever been.
with the Wolfman, baby.
This is gonna strike a raw nerve. Mama.
Here's The Platters.
Oh, yes
I'm the great pretender
that I'm doing well
My need is such
I pretend too much
I'm lonely
but no one can tell
What are you doin', creep?
Who, me?
No, I'm talkin'
to the other 50 creeps here.
You know Gil Gonzales?
No, I don't.
Don't know Gil.
Well, you oughta.
He's a friend of ours. That's his car
you got your butt parked on.
- Where you goin'?
- Nowhere.
You must be goin' someplace.
You left here, didn't ya?
Bring him over here.
I want to show him somethin'.
Bend down here.
Look across here. See?
Right across there.
You see?
- I guess so.
- You scratched it, man.
Where do you get off
sittin' on Gil's car, man?
It's really not much of a scratch.
I don't think you'd see it.
It ain't the size that's in question
here. It's the principle!
Jeez, this is gonna be tough.
What should we do with you?
Tie him to the car
and drag him.
You know Toby Juarez?
He's a Pharaoh, isn't he?
Sure, we know Toby.
We killed him last night.
Tied him to the car
and dragged him.
This is gonna take
some thinkin'.
You better come with us and maybe
take a ride with the Pharaohs, huh?
No, listen, I'd really like to,
but I've gotta...
I'd rather...
I know just how you feel.
- Shotgun.
- No, I called it.
- When?
- Before we picked you up.
You can't call it for the whole night.
I got it now.
Get in the back, punk.
Will you get in there?
Rock 'n'roll will stand, man!
Who is this
on the Wolfman telephone?
- Hello, it's collect.
- Your name is Collette?
- Yeah, collect call for Wolfman...
- Your name is Collette Call?
- Sir, this is the operator.
- Are you French, operator?
This is a collect call
for Wolfman Jack.
- I love you, operator.
- Is this Wolfman Jack?
- Is Floyd there?
- It's for Wolfman Jack.
I just love listenin' to Wolfman.
My mom won't let me at home.
Because he's a Negro.
I think he's terrific.
Do you know that he broadcasts
from a plane...
that flies around in circles
all the time?
Do you believe that?
Floyd, I love you, Floyd.
Floyd, is this you, Floyd?
Floyd, I cannot look on thee.
Love took my hand
and smiling did reply...
"Who made the eyes but I?"
Floyd, reach out.
Touch my soul, Floyd!
- Your party's ready, sir.
- Hello, Floyd!
You tell her, Wolfman!
He's my man.
When I graduate,
I'm gonna be a Wolfman.
- He broadcasts out of Mexico someplace.
- No, he don't.
I've seen the station
outside of town.
That's just a clearing station.
So he can fool the cops.
He blasts that thing around the world.
It's against the law, man.
- They'll never catch the Wolfman.
- No way.
Man, who cut the cheese?
"He who smelt it, dealt it."
There's that bad-ass Chevy again.
Look at that snatch
he's got with him.
- He looks like a wimp.
- Probably is.
Wimps get all the snatch.
Milner ain't gonna beat that.
His time has come.
He's gettin' old.
He ain't as fast as he used to be.
You got two seconds
to get your ass over in your corner.
Don't worry,
I won't rape you.
- You got a bitchin' car.
- Yeah, I know.
In fact, your car's so neat,
we're gonna give you our special prize.
You want me to give it to ya?
Sweetheart, if the prize is you,
I'm a ready Teddy.
Well, get bent, turkey!
Very funny!
What a chop! Ha-ha!
Quit laughing!
- Jump out and flatten their tires.
- Wait a minute.
- Just do what I say!
- All right, boss.
It's a really beautiful
night tonight.
It's a perfect night
for horseback riding.
I was going with a guy
who had horses once.
- Yeah? I had a couple of horses myself.
- Really?
I used them for hunting.
I do a lot of hunting.
Deer mostly.
Got a couple of bear last year.
Those were good ponies. Had to
train 'em myself. Took a lot of time.
Do you still have 'em?
We can go for a ride.
No, no. I had to sell 'em
to get these wheels. And a Jeep.
I got a Jeep pickup
with four-wheel drive.
It's got a gun rack.
I use that for hunting mostly.
Why do you kill little animals?
I think that's terrible.
Well, yeah.
I figure with bears, though,
it's me or them.
- I think you're really neat.
- Wait a second.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
I guess maybe it's the booze
or somethin'.
- Oh! You pinched me.
- I'm sorry.
Let me get my head
over here.
You get up. Okay.
My leg, my leg! Watch it.
I just love
tuck-and-roll upholstery.
Jesus, it's like
Grand Central Station around here.
- Why don't we go someplace else?
- Come on. They won't come back.
Wait a minute.
I got a blanket in the back.
Why don't we go over into the field?
All right. Okay.
- How old are you?
- I'm 13. How old are you?
- I'm only 14.
- I love you, Wolfman.
We're gonna do the weather
for the valleys and mountaintops.
It's gonna be hot.
About 200 degrees in Merced.
Four hundred degrees
out in Fresno.
And about 500 degrees
up around the valley somewhere.
You got
the Wolfman Jack Show!
This is terrific.
I love miniature golf.
Is that right?
I hate it.
I don't play it too often.
What are we doing here?
We're outta gas, man.
They don't sell gas here.
I know.
But we're outta money too.
What are you punks doin'?
What's goin' on here?
Hi, Mr. Gordon.
What's up?
Curt Henderson?
Are you with these punks?
These are just
some friends of mine.
We're just... You know.
You had me nervous there
for a second, huh?
You didn't leave yet, huh?
No, I'm not...
I'm not scheduled to leave
until tomorrow morning.
Hank Anderson's inside.
Come in and say good-bye.
He brought your name up
at the Moose Hall. You got the check?
Hank, look who's here.
How are you, Curt?
What a pleasant surprise.
Congratulations, my boy.
We're all proud of you. All of us.
The Moose scholarship went
to the right boy... you.
And we're all proud of you.
We're all done out here.
All done?
What's he mean?
He means we're all done
having loads of fun out here.
You can have all the fun you want.
This place is for fun.
Yes, it is.
Thank you. Thank you both.
Good luck, son.
Before I say good-bye, I hope
you'll be taking along with you...
a little piece of this place.
I think I have.
Good. Don't forget us.
No, I won't forget you,
and you won't forget me.
- Bye-bye.
- Good-bye and good luck.
- It was nice to meet ya.
- What he said goes for me too.
You just might make it
as a Pharaoh yet, boy.
Someday he'll make
a fine Moose.
What's the matter?
The radio's gone.
That means the car is gone!
Come on.
Oh, God! Not the car!
Oh, no! Anything!
Not the car!
You know,
it doesn't make sense...
to leave home
to look for home.
To give up a life
to find a new life.
To say good-bye to friends you love
just to find new friends.
- Wait, could you say that again?
- Something Curt said.
You must've talked his ear off
tryin' to get him to stay.
No, Steven. That's not true at all.
I didn't say anything.
Curt just said at dinner tonight...
that he didn't see
what the big hurry was.
He thought that he ought to stay
and go to J.C. For a while...
and try and figure out
what he wanted to do with his life.
- That sounds logical.
- Do you think so?
Sure. I think Curt's
probably right, for Curt.
Not for me, though.
Laurie, look at me.
You know what I want out of life.
And it's just not in this town.
I'm not going with you
to the airport tomorrow.
- No, Steven, don't.
- Come on.
It's our last night together
for three months.
I know. But we've been
through this before.
I'm gonna miss you so much.
I need something to remember you by.
You don't want me
to forget you, do you?
What's wrong?
You're just sitting there.
- You want to. Go ahead.
- Not like that.
If you're not gonna remember me
for anything else, just go ahead.
Come on.
You want it and you know it.
Don't be so damn
self-righteous with me...
after all that stuff you told me
about watching your brother.
You're disgusting!
Get out of my car!
I told you never
to mention that!
So, anyhows, the goat killer...
- Can't we talk about something else?
- No.
Whenever he strikes, he leaves
a bloody goat's head next to the victim.
Isn't that creepy?
They thought he went up to Stockton,
but two nights ago...
they found the bodies
of Carlie Johnson and Don White...
right here at this canal
all hacked to pieces.
Who do you think'll take
the regionals this year?
Not only were there bloody
goats' heads all around...
but he had switched parts
of their bodies.
She had on his arms
and he had on her legs and...
Wait a second!
Did you hear that?
- Do you think it's the goat killer?
- No!
Listen, I'll go for help
and you stay here.
No, let's get in this field.
Come on, come on!
Maybe if it's the goat killer, he'll get
somebody and we'll see the whole thing.
I don't want to see
the whole thing!
I can't see what he's doing.
Darn it,
I wish I could see.
I can't see anything.
I don't wanna see anything.
Just keep him away from me.
That's all I want.
How do I get into these things?
We're all right up...
- Oh, no! Please! Please!
- Terry.
- Steve!
- What are you doin' up here?
Oh, God, Steve.
Is it safe to come out?
- Where did you go, anyway?
- Over there.
- Let's get outta here.
- Where's my 'rod?
- Your 'rod?
- Yeah.
Did I introduce you?
This is Debbie. Debbie, this is Steve.
It's in the garage.
I put it in the garage
for safekeeping.
I don't want to take any chances
with it.
It's a good thing too,
because somebody stole our car.
- That's terrible. What kind was it?
- Where's Laurie anyway?
- I guess we broke up.
- You broke up? Bull.
Doesn't look like a gearshift knob.
What is it?
- Come on, give it back to me.
- What's wrong? You're a tough guy.
Go ahead and cream me.
Break my arm. See if I care.
I was just gonna keep it
for a little while.
You're an ogre, like my father.
He won't let me stay out late,
or play records, or anything.
Your father won't let you
stay out late?
No, he's terrible.
Once I was out late at a party.
He called the cops.
Can you imagine?
He had the whole police force there.
By the way,
where is it that you live, Carol?
Over on Ramona. Why?
Oh, no! You thought I'd tell you
where I live?
Not me. Not old Carol.
The night is young.
And I'm not hittin' the rack
till I get a little action.
What do you keep lookin' at?
Who's that? You know him?
- He's followin' awful close.
- Grab on to something.
Hey, man, I'm sorry
if I scared ya.
You'd have to do a hell of a lot
more than that to scare me.
I been lookin' all over for ya.
Didn't nobody tell you?
I can't keep track of all you punks
runnin' around here backwards.
You're supposed to be
the fastest thing in the valley.
But that can't be your car.
It must be your mama's car.
I'm sort of embarrassed
to be this close to you.
I'm not surprised,
drivin' a field car.
Field car?
What's a field car?
A field car runs through the fields,
drops cow shit all over the place.
That's pretty good.
I like the color of your car, man.
What's that supposed to be?
A cross between piss yellow
and puke green, ain't it?
You call that a paint job,
but it's pretty ugly.
I'll bet you gotta sneak up on the pumps
just to get a little air in your tires.
At least I don't have to pull over
to the side just to let a funeral go by.
Funny. You know what?
Your car's uglier than I am!
That didn't come out right.
Come on, boy.
Let's go. Prove it.
Why don't you go out and try
to win yourself a few races?
Then you come on back
and I'll show you a few things.
Race him. You can beat him.
That's a tough-lookin' girl
you got with you, man.
Tryin' to pick up
a few extra bucks baby-sittin'?
Doll, come and ride with me...
in about ten years!
Leave her out of this.
This is between you and me.
He's really fast, isn't he?
Yeah, but he's stupid.
Any of you guys know a blonde
in a white T-Bird?
I know her.
What about it?
I'm tryin' to find out who she is.
She's out of your price range, man.
- My brother's been out with her.
- Price range?
Are you trying to tell me
she's a prost...
That's right, she's a $30 Sheri.
Can you imagine that?
- Thirty bucks for that broad.
- We're thinkin' about different broads.
Watch it. Fuzz ahead.
- Where?
- At Jerry's Cherry.
You can barely see the fender.
Yeah. We oughta do somethin'.
I got an idea.
I got a good idea.
I think I'm gonna
go over to Burger City.
Yeah, Laurie's probably over there.
You think she's got me
worried about where she is, don't you?
I couldn't care less.
- Want to come along?
- Yeah, I do.
- No.
- Make up your minds.
No, thanks.
We got to report the car missing.
All right. I'll see ya.
Shut up! They'll hear us.
- Listen, Carl...
- Curt.
Despite you scratchin' Gil's car,
I like you.
And I know what you'd like
more than anything right now.
Like every guy in this town, you got
the same secret dream, right?
You wanna be a Pharaoh.
Go ahead. You can admit it.
But you didn't think
it was possible, did you?
Well, tonight...
I'm gonna give you your chance.
Get down.
Okay. Now, you got it?
- I'm stayin' here. You're on your own.
- Wait a minute, Joe.
- What if he hears me?
- Listen, listen!
Look at it this way.
You got three choices.
One, you chicken out.
In that case, I let Ants tie you
to the car and drag you around a bit.
- You don't want that, right?
- No.
Two, you foul up
and Holstein hears you, and, well...
- You don't want that, right?
- No, I don't.
Three, you are successful
and you join the Pharaohs...
with a car coat and
a blood initiation and all that.
Wait a minute.
What blood initiation?
Why don't we go get your Jeep?
- What are you talking about?
- Your Jeep.
The one you sold the hunting ponies for.
The one with the four-wheel drive.
You sure you got
enough slack?
Yeah, no sweat.
Let's get outta here.
Come on, Terry.
Stand by for justice!
I can't believe it.
Feeling so good
'cause you're 16.
Ooh, you come on
like a dream
Peaches and cream
Lips like strawberry wine
You're 16
You're beautiful
and you're mine
Why are we stopping here?
- Carol.
- What?
I don't think that I can
control myself any longer.
- You can't?
- I've got to have you.
All night you've been sitting there
and you've been so sexy...
and it's been so hot out here...
and I can't wait any longer.
A lot of that
was an act, you know.
Like my crying.
That was just an act.
It's been building up inside of me
like a volcano all night.
If you told me where you lived,
then I could take you home...
but you won't tell me where you live,
so here we are.
I mean, I've got to have you.
It's too late.
It's not too late.
It's never too late!
I'll show you.
It's easy to find.
Hi, Steve.
Mind if I sit down?
No. Have a seat.
Just got five minutes off
and I saw you all alone...
for once.
- Where's Laurie?
- I don't know.
I thought you guys'd be together,
this being your last night.
- We broke up.
- What?
- It's no big deal.
- What happened?
Budda, you got an hour left.
Let's get on it.
All right, all right,
you old fart! Relax!
I'm off in an hour, and I thought
you'd maybe like to come over.
- I don't know.
- Well, why not?
This time it'd just be for fun.
I'll see you later, then.
Budda, wait.
Listen, l...
I gotta get up early in the morning
and I don't think it'd work out.
I tell you somethin'.
That thing jumped about
five feet in the air...
Listen, I still gotta find
that blonde.
Anyway, we'll catch you tomorrow.
I guess so. I don't know.
What do you mean,
you guess so?
We don't admit a lot of guys
to the Pharaohs.
We got to steal your car coat,
things like that.
You gotta
make up your mind.
Rome wasn't burned
in a night.
- Let's go!
- I'll see you, boys.
You only got about five minutes
if you want to talk to the Wolfman.
Gonna make all your dreams
come true, baby. Hello!
Would you dedicate a record
to keep me and my girlfriend together?
- Are you separated?
- We're havin'a little problem.
I'll bring you right together.
Hold on a minute, man.
Everything's gonna be
all right now, man, understand?
I chased the evil spirits away.
Now let me play the record for ya.
Hey, baby.
What do you say?
Don't say anything
and we'll get along just fine.
This is the first time
you've been quiet all night.
I had fun. Good-bye.
- Do you like me?
- Yeah, I like you. You're all right.
But I mean do you like me?
I like you.
Couldn't I have something
to remember you by?
- Bye, kid.
- Gee, thanks!
It's just like a ring or something.
It's like we were going steady.
Wait'll I tell Marcia
and everybody!
- Don't go overboard with this thing.
- I'll see you around.
I haven't cried so much.
Tears and everything, man.
I leaned towards the microphone,
I almost shorted myself out!
- Hold that up.
- You're right about that.
But why should I leave home
to find a home?
Why should I leave friends that I love
to find new friends?
Wait a minute, wait a minute!
I've heard this already.
Aren't you the one that told me
for eight weeks...
that you have to leave
the nest sometime?
I realize that.
No "realizing."
You've been telling me all summer...
that it's time to stick your head
out of the sand...
and take a look at the big,
beautiful world out there somewhere.
Gimme this thing.
I feel like a midwife.
I may have been wrong,
Wrong, nothing!
You've been telling me for eight weeks.
- Goddamn it.
- Yeah, I know.
You're just mentally
playing with yourself.
Just relax and we'll talk about it
at the airport.
Where're you going?
It's awfully early in the morning.
- I have a dental appointment.
- Come on, Curt.
Just relax, will ya?
I'll see you at the airport.
Some enchanted evening
You will see a stranger
You will see a stranger
Across a crowded room
And suddenly you'll know
That she is the one
- He mustn't have been used to drinking.
- No. He likes to drink. He told me so.
I knew a man once
who got that sick.
Billy Weber.
That was ten years ago.
On his hands and knees like that
he looks like a dog, like old Ginger.
Sicker'n a dog,
that's for sure.
- Are you all right?
- Oh, rats.
I feel terrible.
The car!
Debbie, look!
Debbie, that's the car!
Look. It's sitting right here.
- Are you sure this is it?
- Yeah, sure. This is it.
They must've taken
the keys with 'em.
- Maybe we better go call the police.
- No. Wait a minute.
I got a better idea.
We'll just steal it back, all right?
You get some wire... about a foot.
We can hot-wire it.
Took the header plugs off?
Expectin' some action?
Yeah, I think so.
There's some punk lookin' for me.
Why the hell do they bother?
You've always been number one.
Been a long time, ain't it?
I'll see you. Thanks.
Hi, this is my car.
What I mean is,
somebody stole...
No, I mean, I lost my car, see?
And I want to thank
you two guys for retur...
I mean, now listen.
Now, listen, guys.
I've been sick, and this kind of
activity can really be hard on a guy.
Easy. Easy.
Stop it! Stop it!
Help! Police! Help!
Stop it, you creeps!
- Go, John!
- Get him!
Come on, get up!
Come on!
What the hell's
going on here, Toad?
Man, are you all right?
Yeah, I'll die soon
and it'll all be over, John.
Wow, you're just
like the Lone Ranger!
Are you with him?
You're talking
to the woman I love.
What happened, man?
- Hi, Steve.
- Hi, Judy. Hi, Karen.
Where's Laurie?
We know where she is.
So what?
So nothing.
It's just that she was
with a really cute guy...
in a really boss car.
And we thought you just
might know who it was.
- I'm sorry, but I wouldn't know.
- We know.
His name's Bob Falfa.
Bring two cherry Cokes
with lots of ice.
No, never mind.
Just bring the ice. Pronto.
Out! Out!
Get out of the car.
Steve, what are you doin'?
Just get out and shut up.
You too. Get out. Get out!
- What's going on?
- I don't know, but I'm gonna find out.
I can't believe it.
You practically get killed
trying to get your car back...
then you let him have it.
It's not my car.
It is not my car.
Well, then,
where is your car?
I don't have a car.
What about your Jeep?
How am I gonna get home?
Where's your car?
I have to hang 'em on a car.
I need a ride.
Toad, what happened to you?
Did you lose your car again?
No, Steve took it.
I want to go to sleep.
You got to take it easy
when you drive that car of yours.
You've got to cruise easy,
Don't be doin'any accidents
or anything on me now.
You know, Terry?
I had a pretty good time tonight.
- Come on. You're just...
- No, no. Really, really.
I really had a good time.
I mean, you picked me up
and we got some hard stuff...
saw a holdup
and then we went to the canal.
You got your car stolen.
And then I got to watch you
get sick.
Then you got
in this really bitchin' fight.
I really had a good time.
Well, I guess I have a pretty good time
just about every night.
If I'm not doing
anything tomorrow...
why don't you give me
a call, okay?
Yeah, all right.
I got a little Vespa I play around with.
Maybe, you know...
Well, that's almost a motorcycle...
and I just love motorcycles.
You do?
Why didn't you say something earlier?
We wouldn't have had
to go through all the fun.
I gotta go.
- Good night.
- See ya.
Hey, what do you want?
Push the red switch down.
I'm looking for this girl.
Yeah. Aren't we all?
She's not here.
Come on in the back.
You just go around the back.
This way.
Have a popsicle. The icebox just
broke down and they're melting.
- You want one?
- No, no, thanks.
- Listen...
- Have a popsicle.
Are you the Wolfman?
No, man.
I'm not the Wolfman.
Wait a minute.
Who is this
on the Wolfman's telephone?
That's the Wolfman.
He's on tape.
The man is on tape.
Where is he now?
I mean, where does he work?
The Wolfman is everywhere.
I gotta give him this note.
Here, let me see the note.
Hell, that's just a dedication, man.
What I can do is relay it.
- It'll be on tomorrow or Tuesday.
- No, no, this is very important.
I may be leaving town
tomorrow and it's very important...
that I reach this girl right now.
You don't know whether
you're going to leave town or not?
I'm supposed to go to college
back east tomorrow.
And I don't know
if I'm going to go. I don't know.
Wait a minute.
Have a popsicle.
- No, thanks.
- Sit down a minute.
- It's early in the morning.
- Damn.
I can't talk
for the Wolfman...
but I can tell you one thing.
If the Wolfman was here,
he'd say, "Get your ass in gear."
The Wolfman comes in here
bringing tapes, you know,
to check up on me and whatnot.
And the places he talks about
that he's been...
the things he's seen.
It's a great big beautiful world
out there.
And here I sit...
sucking on popsicles.
Why don't you leave?
I'm not a young man anymore.
The Wolfman gave me my start
in the business, and I like it.
I tell you what.
If I can possibly do it tonight...
I'll try to relay
this dedication in...
and get it on the air
for you later on.
That would be terrific.
Really. Thanks.
Just a minute.
- It's been a pleasure, really.
- Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.
Sticky little mothers, ain't they?
Six or seven of them, right?
I know. I got a whole
refrigerator full.
- Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.
- See you later.
Rock on, baby.
We gonna do it right here.
Rock 'n'roll
yourself to death.
Oh, mercy!
Give me some more!
My, my.
John, let me go with you.
Come on.
Nah, man, I can't take you
when I'm racin' somebody.
Just let me go. I just want to watch.
Or I'll flag you, okay?
All right. Go ahead.
Paradise Road.
Where's this Paradise Road?
Just follow this street
straight out of town.
If you're going to race John Milner,
let me out when we get there.
Why don't you shut up, baby?
You ain't said one word all night long.
You're a weird broad.
But you're gonna
appreciate me soon.
You'll be hanging on for mercy
when I get this sucker rollin'.
Headin' out to Paradise Road?
Paradise Road?
Some guy named Falfa's
goin' up against Milner.
- He's racing Falfa?
- Yeah.
Figured something's up. Saw 'em head
out of town real cautious-like and...
I got a dedication here
for a friend of the old Wolfman.
He wants me to play
the next song...
for a blonde young lady
in a Thunderbird.
A white T-Bird,
you understand.
My friend's name is Curt
and he wants to talk to you, baby.
So you meet him at Burger City...
or you can phone
He's a friend of mine, you hear?
Little girl, you better call him
or the Wolfman gonna get ya.
Laurie, what in the hell
are you doing in there?
- Is she gonna ride with you?
- Mind your own business, John.
Yeah, she's going with me.
You take care of yourself, man.
You guys ready?
You son of a bitch!
Come on, she's gonna blow.
I don't know.
Please, don't come near me.
I'm gonna be sick.
Oh, Steven.
Oh, Steven!
Please don't leave me.
- Don't leave me, please.
- I won't.
I couldn't bear it.
I'm not gonna leave you.
- I'm not gonna leave you.
- Promise me.
- I promise.
- Do you?
I'm not gonna leave you.
That was beautiful, John.
Just beautiful.
- I was losin', man.
- What?
He was pulling away from me
just before he crashed.
You're crazy! You creamed him
from right off the line.
Shit, Toad! The man had me.
He was beatin' me.
John, I don't know
what you're talking about.
It was the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen.
He might as well get a wheelchair
and roll himself home.
Man, you got the bitchinest car
in the valley.
You'll always be number one.
You're the greatest.
Look at your glasses, man.
Okay, Toad.
We'll take 'em all.
- All right.
- We'll take 'em.
Let's get out of here.
Jesus, what a night!
- Curt?
- Yes! Yes. This is Curt.
- Who are you?
- Who were you expecting?
- Do you drive a white T-Bird?
- A white '56.
I saw you on Third Street.
Who are you?
Do you know me?
Of course!
- How do you know me?
- It's not important.
It's important!
It's important to me.
You're the most beautiful, exciting
thing I've ever seen in my life...
and I don't know anything
about you.
Listen, listen...
- Could we meet someplace?
- I cruise Third Street.
Maybe I'll see you tonight.
No, I don't think so.
Tell me your name!
At least tell me your name!
- Good-bye, Curt.
- Wait a minute!
Little kiss on your ear.
Good night, sweetheart.
I'll see you later.
Oh, The Spaniels.
Good-bye, son.
Call us when you get there.
I'll miss you.
Good luck.
Same to you.
- Am I gonna see you there next year?
- I'll be there.
Bye-bye, Curt.
Stay cool, man.
And don't do anything
I wouldn't do.
I'll see you, buddy.
You probably think you're a big shot
going off like this.
But you're still a punk.
Okay, John.
- So long.
- So long!
Have a good trip.