American Gun (2002) Movie Script

[ Indistinct conversations ]
the first gun I ever held
belonged to my grandfather.
Grandpa said he fought
alongside Teddy Roosevelt
at San Juan hill.
But we really never
believed him.
[ Child laughing ]
Whatever it was
he did there in Cuba,
one thing is for sure.
He brought home
a service revolver.
It was the most beautiful thing
i ever saw.
The first time I ever fired
a gun, I was 16.
[ Gunshot ]
Aim. fire.
It took a while
to get the hang of it.
[ Gunshot, laughter ]
What are you ladies
laughing at?!
We're gonna do that
again, gentlemen!
Ready. aim.
Good shot, tillman.
Aim. fire.
[ Airplane passing ]
[ Explosions in distance ]
[ Speaking German ]
[ Men shouting ]
[ Gunfire ]
Oh, god!
Oh, my god!
Medic, come here!
Come here! Come here!
Move! move!
Watch out!
Watch out!
[ Explosions in distance ]
[ Shouting in German ]
go, go, go!
[ Gunshot ]
[ Martin shouting ]
Oh! oh!
Oh! oh, sh--
[ Gasping ]
Sweetheart, sweetheart,
[ Both sigh ]
You want a drink, hmm?
[ Panting ]
[ Thunder rumbling ]
[ Horse whinnying ]
You need a new pair
of gloves.
[ Gasps ]
you scared me.
[ Laughs ]
how are you, kid?
I'm good.
Are you?
You look great, dad.
Ah, well.
Not bad for a...
An old man, anyway.
Let's go see mama now.
Penny? penny!
Hi, ma.
She just got here.
[ Laughing ]
oh. Sweet darling.
how was your trip?
It was fine.
We could have
picked you up, you know.
I know.
But I wanted to rent a car.
Come on in.
Wash up.
Dinner's almost ready.
Are you coming?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'll be in in a minute.
Come on!
In a minute!
[ Clock ticking ]
You, uh,
you need anything?
I mean, you have, uh, plenty
of, uh, hangers and all?
Oh, yeah.
There's plenty here.
Oh, good.
Uh, h-how would you
like to see, uh...
What you got your mother
for Christmas?
[ Exhales deeply ]
You know what?
I think it's too small.
You don't like it.
No, I -- it's...
The snowmen.
I mean, it's --
it's so christmasy.
Why don't you let me take it
back and get another size?
All right.
Here's the receipt.
But now, listen.
I want the same sweater.
Don't be telling me that, uh,
they're out of stock.
They'll never be out of stock
in this one, dad.
[ Laughs ]
thank you, father,
for the food
we're about to receive.
And bless the food
as it enters our body.
[ Chuckles ]
Okay, mama.
Are you serving?
Yes, I am.
It looks so great.
It's gonna be.
It turned out pretty good
for a change.
It's beautiful.
[ Laughter ]
What do you hear
from your daughter?
Her name is Mia.
Why do you always refer to her
as "your daughter"?
Well, where is she
and what is she doing?
I have no idea, mother.
You don't know where she is?
Just take it easy, huh?
She ran away.
The whole point
of running away
is so that I don't know
where she is.
And she never writes
or she never calls --
Well, I've never heard
of anything like that.
Well, now you have.
I'm -- I'm sure she's fine.
[ Sighs ]
She blames me
for her father leaving.
She blamesyou?
She blames me
for everything.
Every child blames
his parents.
That's why we're here.
Aw, well.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Sniffs ]
thank you for the dinner.
Did you have to go
and upset her?
Well, I didn't mean to
upset her.
Well, I know.
But you did.
Penny. honey.
sit down here a minute.
Now, listen.
Never mind your mother.
She's a --
she's a sweet soul.
But...she's a worrier,
you know.
She even worries
that I don't worry enough.
Hell, they all go away.
You -- you ran away.
That was different.
I was only gone for three days.
Yeah, but you came back.
Why did you come back?
I mean, not that we weren't
happy to see you.
But why'd you come back?
I ran out of clean clothes.
Aw, Mia's all right.
I know in my heart
that she's all right.
You're gonna find her.
And, uh,
I'll do whatever I can.
You know that.
I'll help.
Any way I can.
Man: ready?
Woman: Martin tillman,
please report to your office.
Martin tillman,
please report to your office.
Where you living now?
I moved.
Your mother said you, uh,
ran away.
Well, it depends
how you look at it.
why don't you, uh...
Why don't you stay here
for a while?
You know, you can run away again
after the holidays.
Well, we've got -- we've got
the guest room all fixed up,
and you'd have a room
all by yourself.
I don't think so.
How much you need?
How much do you need?
You didn't come here
just to have lunch with me.
Can you spare
a couple hundred?
Are you in trouble?
No, not at all.
All right.
I think I can...
I can give you, uh,
a hundred.
There you go.
That ought to hold you
for a while.
Thank you, grandpa.
You're welcome,
You promise you won't tell
my mother that I was here?
Why can't you
just come home?
I can't.
We'll talk to your mom.
We can do it together.
Soon, okay?
Um, I'll be --
I'll be right back, okay?
Hi. I need to exchange this
for another size.
Here you go.
You're all set.
Thank you.
[ Horn honking,
car door slams ]
Give me the purse!
Fuck off!
[ Gunshot ]
[ Woman speaking indistinctly
on radio ]
What's your daughter's date
of birth, ma'am?
no! no!
No! no! No! No!
Annie. Annie.
Annie. Annie.
No. [ sobs ]
Anne: what do you think
we should dress her in?
[ Sighs ]
I don't care.
Whatever you want.
What about this one?
that's, um...
It's, uh...
Oh, yes, it's fine.
She'd look great in it.
[ Bell tolling ]
Man: "when David saw
the servants whispering,
"he said to them,
"'is the child dead?'
"and they said,
'he is dead.'"
[ indistinct conversations ]
[ Sighs ]
thank you for coming.
I'm so sorry.
Thank you for doing this.
I know it's sudden.
Hello, dear.
How are you?
What did she get you?
Oh, she got me...
Some g--
some gloves for the garden.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Clock ticking ]
[ Man speaking indistinctly
on P.A. ]
[ Door opens ]
good morning.
How are you?
What can I do for you today?
[ Exhales deeply ]
military cut.
[ Razor buzzing ]
take cover! Get down!
Get the hell out of there!
[ Explosion ]
[ Mumbling ]
What the...
[ Sighs ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
"dear penny..."
[ Sighs ]
"I miss you more
than you can imagine.
"How is it up in heaven?
"You'll probably have to
tell me all about it,
"because the way I'm going...
"I might just end up
in the other place.
"Say, thanks for the gloves
you bought me.
"I'm sure
they'll come in handy.
I can't wait for spring
so I can start using them."
Now, today we're gonna
focus on theme.
"Your mother went back to work
three days a week.
"The pastor told her the best
thing to do was to keep busy.
"I asked my manager
for a leave of absence.
"And he said I could take
as long as I like.
"Who knows if I will have
a job to come back to?
"But after 36 years there,
i don't mind a break.
"There are two kinds
of reactions
"to a situation like this.
"There are those who want to
close the book --
"that's your mother --
"and there are those
who want to study every page.
That's me."
"I told your mother
that I'm going to look for Mia.
"But I don't think
she believes me.
"Perhaps because
we both know in our hearts
that there is someone else
that I must confront first."
Let it be.
Just give it some time.
Time is a great healer.
"Your mother is right.
Time is a great healer.
But how do you heal a person
who is already dead?"
Just a minute.
[ Man speaking indistinctly
on radio ]
Here it is.
"Dear penny...
"When the police closed
the case,
"i petitioned for the gun,
and they gave it to me.
I hope you don't mind."
I stopped by the, uh,
the police department today.
Well, they're closing
the case, Annie.
What did you expect?
Well, now it's official.
"There are questions
that I need to answer.
"And I cannot rest
until I have an answer to them.
"The gun...
That was used to kill you
was made at a factory about
100 miles from our house."
Man: American gun was
established in 1872,
which makes us one of the
oldest gun manufacturers
in the country.
We're also one of the few
that are family-owned.
We make single-action
and double-action revolvers
for both sport
and personal protection.
Peacemaker is
our most popular model.
Many folks refer to it
as a "gun that won the west."
This is the assembly room
where the various parts
are put together
to create
a fully functioning firearm.
There are over 30 working parts
in most models.
Uh, excuse me.
If you'll just follow me.
She was my daughter.
Mr. Anderson...
Listen, I own one of your guns
that you made here.
And I, uh,
i would like to find out
who the original owner was.
Can you help me there?
Well, um, do you have
the serial number on it?
Oh, yes, I do.
Right here.
Yeah, we keep pretty good
track of all of our weapons.
Let's, uh,
let's go have a look.
"Dear penny,
"the gun was manufactured
in 1983,
the same year you graduated
from high school."
[ School bell rings ]
hey, there, lady.
Honey, wait.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
Oh, that's good.
One more.
How are you, darling?
Don't bring her home
too late, now.
[ Chuckles softly ]
When are you leaving?
[ Groans ]
tomorrow morning.
What about work?
I have some time coming.
Why won't you tell me
where you're really going?
I've told you.
You don't have to
blame yourself.
It wasn't your fault.
Whose fault was it?
Why does it have to be
anyone's fault?
it happened.
It just happened.
No, jus-- don't!
Stop it!
Stop it.
Stop it!
just leave me al--
just leave me alone, please.
All right.
[ Silverware clatters ]
Do you have enough
There's more downstairs
in the dryer.
No. I have five pair.
I think that's ample.
You going to call me
You took a chance
picking me up.
[ Southern accent ]
well, you looked all right.
Where are you headed?
We're going down to the shore.
Just for the weekend.
What about you?
Fort Campbell.
Ft. Campbell!
You gonna hitch all the way?
No, I'm gonna --
I'm gonna take the train.
Well, I'll take you
to the train station.
That'd be swell.
[ Chuckles ]
Anne: are you going to
call me tonight?
It might be late.
i can give you, uh, a hundred.
You promise you won't tell
my mother that I was here?
Are you in trouble?
Not at all.
[ Martin sighs ]
Penny: she blames me
for her father leaving.
she blames you?
She blames me
for everything.
Man: what was the roofer doing
inside the house, huh?
Laying down
some new shingles for you?
Oh, fuck you!
[ Slaps ]
god damn it!
In my house!
In my own house?!
He was fixing the toilet!
Get out.
[ Door rattles ]
[ Man speaking indistinctly
on P.A. ]
[ Doorbell rings ]
How you doing today?
Hi. I'm -- I'm fine.
Thank you.
Uh, listen, I'm, uh,
I'm trying to trace
the owner of this gun.
It was shipped here, uh,
from the factory.
It's a .357 Magnum.
That's the serial number
From up north?
Yes, I am.
Why are you so interested
in this particular gun?
It killed my daughter.
Wally, why don't you see
if you can find out about that?
We don't generally give
that information out.
Except to the police.
Oh, well, yes.
I-i understand.
But I -- see...
This gun was, uh...
The case was closed on this.
You don't know me, right?
Of course not.
But, uh, thank you anyway.
[ Door opens, doorbell rings ]
[ Rain falling ]
[ Grunts, coughs ]
Looks like you're
overheating, ma'am.
Yeah, Theodore Huntley
at your service.
Chivalry ain't dead
as long as I'm alive.
Risking being obvious,
you carry some extra water
with you?
Unh-unh. No.
Oh, I got everything
in the trunk of the car.
[ grunts ]
you want to hold this for me?
[ Hissing ]
[ laughs ]
All right.
Why don't you open that?
All right.
But first, uh,
just get in my car now.
you must be kidding me!
It's okay, ma'am.
It's not a problem.
Just go on the inside.
Don't you --
[ Gasps ]
Just stay nice and quiet,
'cause I could get upset.
Wouldn't want to hurt
[ Muffled scream ]
[ Traffic passing ]
Oh, my.
[ Woman groans ]
get in the trunk.
Ma'am, you got to get
in the trunk.
Ma'am, i-i don't want to make
anything any worse.
[ Woman whimpering ]
[ Crying ]
Be quiet.
Nice and quiet.
[ Screaming ]
oh, no!
[ Breathing heavily ]
There you go.
[ Insects chirping ]
Oh, yeah.
...put this down.
Here comes the bride
all dressed in white
[ humming
"here comes the bride" ]
[ Gunshots, Huntley grunts ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
Oh, thanks.
You looking for me?
Are you Jasmine?
Yes, I am.
Well, I'm --
I'm Martin tillman.
Uh, I'd like to talk to you
for a few minutes
if you would like to
sit down.
Yes, I'm -- I'm --
I'm trying to find, uh...
Out about a gun
that you once owned.
I've owned a lot of guns.
Uh, this is a, uh...
.357 Magnum.
That's the serial number.
Does it ring any bells?
You a detective?
no, no, no, no.
But I read about the incident
you had with this gun, and I...
I must say,
i admire your courage.
Do you know what happened
to the gun after the incident?
I think it was the same gun
that killed my daughter
a few weeks ago.
I'm, uh, trying to find
the last owner of that gun.
I never saw that gun again.
The police kept it.
What do you suppose
they did with it?
I don't know.
Do you want me
to find out?
W-well, yes, if you would.
do you think you can?
Well, uh, here.
Here is where I'm staying.
If you, uh,
if you hear anything,
give me a ring, please.
I'll see what I can do.
Oh, thank you.
I'm sorry
about your daughter.
[ Indistinct voices on P.A. ]
[ Brakes hiss ]
Anne: you look like
you want to say something.
Yes, I do.
I'm pregnant.
W-who? I me--
well, I --
well, who?
And i-i think it's Mike's.
You think it's Mike?
How many possibilities
are there?!
Don't "oh, Martin" me.
If you'd talked to her
like I told you to,
this would--
oh, so now it's my fault?
Well, you're the -- you're
the mother, for god's sake.
My god!
Whatarewe going to do?
I'm going to keep the baby.
And Mike says
that he wants to marry me.
I never said that.
Yes, you did.
before the first time
we had sex,
I asked you what you would do
if you got a girl pregnant.
And you said you'd marry her.
That's what you said!
I was talking in general.
Well, I'm talking
real specific.
I'm pregnant.
You are not gonna have
that baby!
Yes, I am.
And if you're a real man,
you'll stick to your word.
By the power vested in me
by the state of Vermont,
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Mia, I baptize you
in the name of the father
and of the son
and of the holy spirit.
[ cooing ]
Oh...Oh, no.
Anne: everything looks fine
from the outside.
But I know he's not okay
on the inside.
And what is he doing?
He's on a crusade.
[ Sighs ]
I've told him there is no need
to do this now.
Everybody knows what happened
and how it happened, and...
What does he say?
[ Sighs ]
"I've got to find Mia."
He's just obsessed.
I can't talk to him
about it.
Not like I could before.
I...Not about this.
I can't talk to him
about it at all.
Gas it up.
little lamb
who made thee?
Dost thou know
Martin: You have to
tell the police.
Who made thee?
I don't want to call
the police.
Why not?
Because he has my address.
Gave thee life
[ Thunder rumbling ]
And bid thee feed
by the stream
[ Clock ticking ]
And o'er the mead
[ Sighs ]
Gave thee clothing
of delight
[ Thunder crashes ]
Softest clothing
woolly, bright
gave thee
such a tender voice
making all the vales
Little lamb
who made thee?
[ Explosion ]
[ Explosion, airplane passing ]
[ Machine-gun fire in distance ]
"Dear penny,
several years passed
before the gun was used again."
[ Woman speaking indistinctly
on radio ]
"After that night in the woods,
"the weapon was taken
as evidence.
"Then the case was closed.
"A policeman sold the gun
to a wholesaler,
"who in turn sold it as used
merchandise at a trade show.
"A medical student
in New York City
"bought the gun for protection
"because he lived
in a bad part of town.
"A few months later,
"the medical student's
apartment was robbed,
"and the gun was stolen.
"The gun spent several years
on the black market.
"There is no telling
how many times it was used
"or how many times
it's changed hands
"or exactly how it made its way
from New York City
to Los Angeles, California."
[ Brakes hiss ]
[ Whistling ]
Oh, thank you.
I remember feeling like
there was an earthquake
and all the walls around me
were tumbling down.
Now it all seems so silly.
We were just kids.
It was my first real date.
I was so nervous.
Valerie and j.B. Fixed me up.
They were a steady item.
Or at least they were
till that night.
Kyle was his name.
All the girls liked him,
including Valerie.
[ Laughing ]
Um, j.B.,
i don't want to get on this.
Uh, i-it's the front.
Aw, Kyle, what's up?
Just go.
Y'all go ahead.
All right, then.
Hey, we'll see y'all
Y'all have some extra fun
for me.
[ Screaming ]
[ Riders screaming ]
[ Sea gulls calling ]
Woman: nobody could believe
j.B. Bought a gun.
I don't think
he could believe it himself.
get. get out of here.
He just wasn't
that kind of kid.
Young woman:
Young women:
Let's go.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Hey, hey.
[ Tires screech ]
What the fuck
is going on, man?
J.b., man, what the fuck
is going on, man?
Come on, man.
You're my nigga, man.
I don't know what the fuck
is going on, j.B.
He's got a gun!
[ Gunshots, crowd screaming ]
Come on, man!
[ Gunshots ]
[ Woman screaming in distance ]
[ Siren wailing ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Sea gulls calling ]
[ Hitler speaking indistinctly
on radio ]
[ Crowd cheering ]
hey, mom.
Will you sign this for me?
What's this?
It's so I can enlist.
Well, you're only 16,
Come on, mom.
Everybody's going.
What did your father say?
He said it was up to you.
You're not going
in the army.
You're too young.
And you're too skinny.
[ Hitler speaking on radio ]
Hitler: sieg heil!
Crowd: Heil!
Sieg heil!
You took a chance
picking me up.
[ Southern accent ]
oh, well, you looked all right.
[ Chuckles ]
what kind of an accent is that?
Hey, I don't have an accent.
You do.
[ Laughs ]
No, really.
Where are you from?
I'm from Georgia.
you been there?
I've never been
out of Vermont.
Well, you won't get a train
until the morning.
What are you gonna do
until then?
Get some sleep, I guess.
[ Brakes squealing ]
You've written, what --
35 letters to this girl?
She hasn't
written you back once?
[ Indistinct conversations ]
You got that stamp?
You want me to lick it
for you, too?
What are you doing here?
I'll marry you.
all aboard!
All aboard!
[ Bell ringing ]
Hey, hey, hey.
[ Train whistle blows ]
Let's go!
Good luck!
See you later!
[ Gunshot ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Gunshot ]
we've all got a story to tell.
First thing we're gonna do,
and maybe the hardest --
we're gonna select which story
of ours we want to tell.
Does it have to be
a true story?
Yes, that would be
a very good place to start.
[ Sighs ]
Aren't you going to
say grace?
You can say it
if you want.
Do you realize
that since penny died,
you have not been to church --
not once?
And you stopped
saying grace.
Have you stopped
believing in god?
No, I still believe
there's a god.
I just don't know
what to make of him.
he's writing letters to penny.
I found a dozen of them
in his drawer.
I-i know I shouldn't have.
But I've been worried
about him.
I just...
What do the letters say?
Oh -- oh, I don't know.
I-i didn't want to read them.
Why don't you ask him
to come in?
[ Sighs ]
No,thank you.
Why not?
Because I have nothing
to say to him.
Oh, I bet you do.
No, I don't.
And I'm not going to be
counseled by any pastor
that's young enough
to be my...
[ Sighs ] my son.
[ Penny laughing ]
[ Engines humming, gunfire,
explosions ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Gun cocks ]
[ Soldier coughing ]
What happened?
He was --
he was just a kid.
[ Gasps ]
I -- it's, uh...
[ Sighs ]
It's as clear now
as it was then.
Maybe even clearer.
Are they always
the same nightmares?
About people I've known
who died.
People that I've killed --
I killed with my bare hands,
you know, and...
Oh, but there's nothing
like a gun.
Why is that?
Because it's easy.
Requires no more effort
than the blinking of an eye.
And you don't have to look
the poor bastard in the face.
At least most of the time.
Uh, perhaps we should
finish up today.
You're going to
get through it, Martin.
Believe me.
God never gives us more trouble
than we can bear.
So, uh...
If I were
a-a weaker person,
my daughter would
still be alive?
We don't always know
the reasons.
What possible reason could
there be for her to be dead?
If god --
if god...
If god what?
Believe what you want.
You know, Martin...
What puzzles me is that you've
told me many things here,
some things which took a lot
of courage to say.
But there's one thing
you've never said.
I loved penny.
That's not what I meant.
I loved penny.
I've said it.
You're afraid to say it.
I -- go to hell!
Try, Martin.
[ Breathing heavily ]
"Dear penny,
I'm in las Vegas tonight."
[ Up-tempo dance music plays ]
"It's hot as hell,
but I'm close.
I'm very, very close."
is this Louis Johnson?
my name is Martin tillman.
I'm, uh, I'm trying to trace
a .357 Magnum.
Oh, you did?
what pawnshop was that?
Thank you very much.
[ Women talking indistinctly,
cheering ]
[ Music intensifies ]
[ Women squealing, laughing ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Car door closes,
engine turns over ]
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
ready? come on.
[ Laughter ]
[ Up-tempo dance music plays ]
[ Indistinct conversations,
laughter ]
Who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck areyou?
[ Laughter in distance ]
Oh, my god.
Hey, you know
this fuckin' guy?
Get out of the way.
she's my
granddaughter, yes.
What are you --
we have to talk about
some things.
Ladies, if you'll
excuse us, please,
i want to talk to my
What are you doing?
Grandpa, these are my friends.
I know who they are!
Out! Come on.
You better go.
I'll call you later.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
what do you mean,
you'll call him later?
You won't call me at all.
I-i got busy.
Oh, you got busy.
What did you do?
Get busynotmaking
phone calls? What?!
[ Exhales sharply ]
I been all over this goddamn
country looking foryou.
[ Sighs ]
You have?
H-how's my --
how's my mother?
She's, uh...
She's good.
She's fine. Yes.
[ Sighs ]
Yes, she's, uh...
She's okay.
I think about her a lot.
Yeah, I think about her
a lot, too.
Really a lot.
[ Sighs ]
I just...
I just wrote her a letter.
Would you give it to her
for me?
"Dear penny...
"I found Mia today.
She's all right.
"I'm not crazy about her chosen
profession, but she looks good.
"She gave me a letter for you.
"Should I open it?
"No, she doesn't know
what happened to you.
It wasn't the right time."
are you in trouble?
Mia: no.
No, not at all.
You promise you won't tell
my mother that I was here?
I'll -- I'll be
right back, okay?
Ah, well.
[ Buzzer sounds ]
can I take that for you?
Ah, uh...
[ Clears throat ]
No, I think it's, uh...
I don't think
she's finished yet.
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Billiard balls clacking ]
[ Exhales slowly ]
this is quite a place.
Yeah, it's not bad.
You happy here?
i like it.
Is, uh...
Well, you never told me
why you ran away.
But is this, uh...
[ Chuckles ]
for a guy.
A guy?
Still with him?
i dumped him.
[ Chuckles ]
How'd you find me, anyway?
The gun.
The gun?
The gun I took
from your purse, yeah.
How did that lead you to me?
I traced it.
You know,
the place it was made,
through all the various people
that had owned it,
hoping that, eventually,
it would lead me to you.
Or the shop
where you bought it.
Why were you so desperate
to find me?
I have something
i need to tell you.
It's about my mother?
[ Keys jingling, footsteps ]
Give me the purse!
Fuck off!
[ Gun cocks ]
Just take it.
Just take it!
You have to tell
the police.
I don't want to call
the police.
Why not?
[ sighs ]
He has my address.
Your address at home?
No, he had
the address here.
It was on
the rental-car agreement.
Well, why would he
come after you?
I don't know, dad.
If I -- if -- if I identify him,
i mean, he might --
he might --
I mean, he got what he wanted.
Let's just...
okay, honey.
[ Exhales deeply ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Engine turns over ]
[ Glass breaks ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Weakly ]
[ Gasps ]
daddy, I'm shot.
is that...
Oh, god! Oh...
[ Penny moans softly ]
Oh, baby, look at...
Why did you shoot me?
what's going on?
oh, I got to
call the doctor!
Got to call somebody!
Penny, what happened?
Oh, hello? Yes.
Listen, my daughter's
been shot.
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
Here. come on, honey.
No, no!
Don't -- don't --
hold her, for Christ's sake!
No. no, it's, uh,
it's 401 elm road.
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
And please hurry.
[ sobs ]
.357 Magnum.
Serial number --
That was a very brave
thing you did.
You wrote those letters
for me, didn't you?
[ Sighs ]
Thank you.
[ Laughing ] oh!
You're welcome, darling.
"Dear penny...
"This will be
my last letter to you.
"It's not because
you're not on my mind,
"because you are always,
and you always will be.
"I just don't feel the need
to write anymore.
"I once thought everything
happened for a reason.
"But sometimes there is
no reason,
"just an emotion.
"Mia came to live with us
for a while
"so she can go
to community college.
"She's a good kid.
She reminds me more and more
of you every day."
How about breakfast?
Ah, I'm late.
"The gun that killed you rests
in the drawer of my desk.
"I suppose I'll keep it near me
until the day I die.
"I'm not afraid of intruders
or madmen.
"I only fear the demons
in my own mind.
"The demons that sprang forth
from their cages...
...the day you left us."
[ Penny laughing ]
[ Slow instrumental music
plays ]