American Heart (1992) Movie Script

Mmm, mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm
I'm walkin' on air
Oh, I've left all
my blue days behind me
Oh, baby
I've learned how to care
And that's really low
on my mind
I'm the world's most
handy creature
Tell me what
can worry me
I'm crazy 'bout my baby
And my baby's
crazy about me, yeah
Oh, Mister Cupid
was my teacher
Only reason we agree
I'm crazy about my baby
And my baby's crazy
about me
Yeah, whoa
Possum, get that book out
Get down, bug out
Hold it steady
Steady in your hand
I understand
the near one combination
Perfect he and she
I'm crazy about my baby
And my baby's
so crazy about me
Whoa, possum,
get that book out
Hold it steady
in your hand
Look out
You can't understand
It's a near one combination
The perfect he and she
Oh, I'm crazy
about my baby
And my baby's
crazy about me, yeah
[Man humming]
[water running]
[Man on P.A.]
Now boarding, the 10:00 bus,
service to Seattle,
with intermediate stops
in Pasco, Bridgeland,
Prosser, Grandview,
Sunnyside, Granger,
Toppenish, Wapato,
[Man] I got-- I got
to clean right there.
Right where you're standing.
Door number five,
service to Seattle.
[wheels clattering]
I was lookin'
all over for you.
Bear said
you're getting out today.
Well, you look good,
other than your hair.
'Course, mine should talk, hmm?
Tell you what, there's
a caf across the street.
Why don't you
go over there, and, uh,
get us a table
by a window.
Go on. I'll meet
you over there.
Go on.
I'll meet you.
[Man on P.A.]
Now boarding,
through door number five.
Service to Seattle.
Could I have
five dollars' worth
of those Lotto tickets,
Thank you.
Bus number 7 is now
ready for boarding,
with service to
Spokane, Washington.
Yes. Get in.
Thank you, sir.
[engine starts]
Come out of there.
That was a dirty
little con you pulled!
You tried to ditch me
back there.
You can't strong-arm me!
[pounding on door]
Come out of there!
It's a holiday.
Milly's birthday.
How old is she?
Looks like she's put on
some weight.
How much she weigh now?
One hundred
and seventy-five pounds.
I'm not going back.
Listen, you can weep and wallow,
but I wouldn't be doing you
no favors if I kept you with me.
I was talking to a lady
Just a few days ago
And these are
the words she said
Oh, Lord
Hey, I'm going
to check this out.
Hey, baby. What's up?
To tell him I'm waiting
For my child to come home
Thank you.
To come home
You play fair or hard ball,
Mr. Normandy?
That depends on you.
You a middle-weight criminal.
And I'm hoping for your sake,
you retiring.
Well, I'm seriously
considering it.
This early release is
a six month
conditional period, Jack.
If I think it's more
than you can handle,
I'll send you back to serve out
the rest of your time.
One year.
Uh, ten months, sir.
It says here, um,
you got a son, Nick.
What about him?
Where is he at?
Oh, he's living
with my sister, Vera,
on her farm.
He loves it over there.
I think he's, you know,
a hick, 4-H'er,
cows and peas and all that.
Maybe that's best for now.
Looking for a job?
I sent over 152 letters
asking for one.
Didn't get no reply.
Special skills?
No, I can't do nothing.
Well, here's an opening
for a window washer.
They hire ex-cons?
They might.
Can I bum one
of your cigarettes?
Yeah, get one, but don't make
no habit out of it.
Keep your piss clean.
Maybe you'll make it
on the outside.
You won't get no trouble
from me.
Planning to come
through this like a giant.
Be strong, brother.
Yes, sir.
Because you're his aunt.
He's a part of you.
You still got
my shoes over there?
Yeah, well, bring them
when you come collect the kid.
Yeah. I'm over
at Rainey's, 913 Spruce.
[knock on door]
You got my jacket?
That's my jacket, man.
No. Come on.
I need this.
No, I had this jacket
for five years, man.
Come on.
It don't even fit you no more.
Mm, look at that.
That's your old man
right there.
Yeah, feel like
a human being.
Oh. Yeah, how about my end?
Where's my end, Rainey?
Your end?
You're sitting on it, Jack.
No. Yeah, I got something
for you, man.
Just a second.
There's, uh...
Not much.
Yeah, I can get you
another 200 tomorrow, man,
but that's the best I can do.
For a six-large haul.
That was five years ago, Jack.
That's taking into account
all kinds of costs
over a five-year period.
I was real sad to see you
take the fall, Jack.
And gratefully
you didn't give me up.
Hardly worth it
for four stinking C-notes.
Yeah. So where are you at, Jack?
You up for some action
or are you walking Spanish?
I haven't even passed
my last prison meal yet, Rainey.
Yeah, sometimes I think
about giving it up.
But it's like they say,
"It's in the blood,"
you know?
The way I figure, man, you're
either the doer or the do-ee.
I cased out a jewelry store
up on Pill Hill, man.
Very sweet. Security guard
is deaf and blind.
Keep it to yourself.
I ain't interested.
Younger generation
taking over?
Nah, I ain't looking
for a new partner.
You remember me, kid?
He don't remember me.
I boosted flowers
from the hospital grounds
when you were born, man.
I been there
from the beginning, man.
Kind of makes us
like brothers, don't it?
Uh, we're just hanging out.
In fact, Vera and Larry's
coming to collect him tonight.
Larry's a dick.
I ain't going back.
I'm sending for you
when I get myself settled.
You can't expect to walk
out of the joint
and live a normal life.
What do you mean, bullshit?
You'll never get settled, Jack.
What's a matter
with Vera's anyway?
You got fresh air,
that pig of a friend.
Come on,
be a stand-up kid.
Vera did a lousy job
raising you.
Here, a present
from your old man.
Jack London.
Maybe Vera got lost.
Is that the only
razor you got?
I got one face,
I got one razor.
So, what are we doing today?
Here, take the bus
back to Mount Vernon.
It's good to see you, kid.
[horn blows]
Hey, where's that ferry going?
[loud music]
You got a room?
65 a week. Is it just you?
If there's another person,
it's an extra 10.
Rent's due every Friday.
Don't be late.
I get very upset.
I break out in a rash.
That's okay.
I'll still like you.
You're going to follow
my three rules to a tee.
Don't tail me, shadow me,
or in any way, shape,
or form, jam me.
Don't ask me to hold
your stinking hand...
'cause I don't need
the aggravation.
Don't let Rainey in here
to hang out with me.
That's five.
Help me with this.
Grab on to that end.
Pull it.
Pull it.
All right, we're going to shoot
to see who gets what.
What's you got,
odds or evens?
One, two, three.
The mattress.
Get out of the way.
I saw a cow
give birth last week.
I'm sleeping.
See you in the morning.
[siren in distance]
What are we doing today?
I'm going to work.
You're going to school.
What school?
I don't know. Find one.
[bell rings]
I need to sign up for school.
Did you just move here?
Do you have your transcripts
from your old school?
Your immunization records?
You got some stuff to do
before you can register.
[bell rings]
Well, certain places don't
work out for certain people.
Since this last time
in the joint,
I been thinking--
About what?
Climbing up the the roof
of the world.
Where is that?
Ever since I was a kid,
I dreamed about Alaska.
I never knew that.
This time I aim
to make it up there.
Um, I get through parole,
spring time.
I wish we had binoculars.
What'll you do
up there, Jack?
I'll buy into
some entrepreneurial
type enterprise.
Steak and bait.
Oh, catch a meal,
bring a reel.
Perpetrating cons isn't
the only business there is.
Didn't work you for me here,
but up there
it's going to be different.
A man can get a fair shake
without everybody
breathing down his neck.
Yeah. I never really thought
about Alaska.
That's because it's my dream.
It's not yours.
What kind of job
are you working downtown, Jack?
Building supervisor.
I'd like to do that.
You want to get yourself
an education.
Of course, without one,
a man of my own technology,
I made whole bunches of money.
Several fortunes spent.
I'll be making big money
real soon.
Real big money.
You got a quarter on you?
I think so.
Old pen pal.
I wonder what
she looks like.
Yeah, is Charlotte there?
Roe, Charlotte Roe.
She works there, right?
A friend.
Can you tell me
where she hangs out then?
All right.
Yeah, thank you.
Hit the ball, Charlotte.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Ah, ha ha. Next.
Rack 'em up.
I'm in the middle of a shift.
Come on. It's your break.
I'm not in the middle
of a shift.
You're in the middle
of something.
I'm a little rusty at this--
this whole scene.
"Bam, a piss called Patag,
a white fang."
Vernon, I want
a Diet Coke to go.
You don't know how many times
I've dreamed of sitting
here like this.
About a million times.
Man, what a line.
Watch out for this one.
I'm not trying
to hustle you.
But you're hitting them all.
Next thing you'll be saying is,
"Don't I know you
from somewhere?"
I see you--
For crying all night.
Let me guess.
A unicorn.
What are you? Are you
some kind of psychic?
They say...
the eyes are the windows
of the soul.
I'm into windows.
Where are you going?
I told you. Back to work.
Uh, when can I
see you again?
You tell me, Mr. Psychic.
You mind paying the tab here?
See you.
Meter's on.
105, you want
that fare on 1st Avenue?
Unit 105-- Oh, don't.
Don't what, 105?
You start touching on me
and you think
the sky's the limit.
105, I'm not touching you,
and you're walking
on my transmission.
You want that fare
at 1st Avenue or what, 105?
Oh, my God.
Does he have an easy night?
You're right.
I'm pushing this.
You do.
What? "Thank you.
I'm using that?"
Do you want to come up
for a beer?
I can't. I'm--
You're right in the middle
of a shift.
Oh, God.
Who's that?
This is Charlotte.
Go on.
Is that your--
Yeah. Come on.
You didn't tell me
you had a kid.
Uh, I forgot.
My kid's been with relatives.
Come on.
Hey, there's a all-night...
...down the block.
It's open all night.
You want me to bring you
back a root beer?
Just take your time.
I might.
And I might
just come right back.
And I might take you
to a goddamn home.
This doesn't really feel right.
Don't worry about him.
He's used to it.
Come on. Let's get
a couple of beers. Relax.
What kind
of a father are you?
Oh, I'm probably
the worst kind,
but I make up
for it in other ways.
You know,
you are a big talker.
Where are you going?
This doesn't feel right.
So can I see you tomorrow?
I'll get a babysitter.
I'll catch you next time.
[door closes]
[door opens]
Give me back my money.
Man, I was trippin'
so fierce yesterday, man
I thought my heart was
just going to go boom
right out my ears.
Yeah, I had a heart attack once.
I was running away
from my uncle.
Name's Riley, man.
Later on.
[dogs barking]
Stop it, Roy.
I'm going to roast you.
Not you, Creamo.
Come here.
You're getting me
all jacked up, Roy.
She likes me.
Don't you, Creamo?
She likes anybody.
Stop it, Roy.
She's got sheep dog in her.
How do you know?
The shape of her paw.
Her coat.
Could be a herder.
It's starting Molly.
Who's there?
My crib's upstairs.
You sleep in a crib?
So what was it you wanted?
You subscribe to The Post?
Celeste had her abortion.
Are you ever going
to go to school, man?
I don't see the point
in perpetrating that?
Yeah, I dropped out
in sixth grade.
My parents made me
go back, though.
It sucks.
What does your father do?
Uh, he just got a job
in construction.
What did he do
before that?
He was in the penitentiary.
What for?
He robbed some banks,
I think.
A bank robber.
Whoo-ee. Wow.
Hey, Jack. How are
you doing, man? Long time.
Come on around!
I wanted to talk to you
about that jewelry store, man--
get some advice.
My advice is get yourself
a new partner.
Come on, Jack.
Let me give you a lift.
Ride shot gun.
I got wheels, man.
Come on around!
Get out of this house!
Get out of this house!
[Girl] I'm leaving.
[Woman] Good!
[door slamming]
Go to hell!
you got an extra crib?
[knocking on door]
[dog barking]
Jack, you in there?
[dog barking]
Hey, hey.
Come on, get up.
Beat it.
Out the window.
I ain't going out no window.
Jack, open up.
Jack, it's Normandy.
Just don't open it.
I got the landlady here.
She's got the key.
Oh, God.
This is a shame.
Thank you, ma'am.
I can handle it from here.
Oh, it makes me sick.
I can explain this,
What, do you think
I'm a pervert?
Dating a 16-year-old, Jack,
is one thing,
but she's 12,
if she's a day.
I'm 15.
15 will get him 20.
Stay put.
Normandy, I wasn't
in the rack with her.
I've never even
seen her before.
What did you do,
black out, Jack?
It-- It-- See, it's my kid.
I thought you had a son.
Turn around, Jack.
Normandy, please.
Get 'em up.
Man, don't bust me.
What do you expect, man?
Missed your appointment
You don't show up
at work today.
And I come to your place
and you drunk
with a minor
in the middle of the day.
Dad, uh, this is Molly.
Nick, this is my parole officer.
Somebody tell me
what the hell is going on here.
She lives downstairs
and she needed a place
to sleep last night.
I'm bailing.
Creamo, come on.
I thought your son was staying
at your sister's.
We're working
on a relationship kind of thing.
I figured, why"pronasticate"?
So why did you miss
the appointment?
He was helping me
register for school.
That's right.
That kids got
to get an education.
What high school
did you put him in?
That's right.
You're not going to arrest him,
sir, are you?
We're just starting out,
and he's a real good guy.
I need to know
you can handle this.
Yeah, I can handle this.
You sure you can handle this?
Yes, sir.
Get out of the way.
Jack, you better mind
how you go.
Yes, sir.
See you in my office
in a week.
And you take care
of little brother.
Got out of that jam, huh?
I wouldn't have been in it
in the first place
if it wasn't for you.
If I wasn't drinking, I could've
handled in myself just fine.
PO's got his thumb on me.
I've got to walk a line.
Do you understand that?
My life would be a hell
of a lot easier without you.
Are you going to dump me?
You really going to school?
Yeah, sure.
How come I never see
no love notes
from your teacher then?
I leave them in my locker.
Take Roy. I have to work.
Kids. Jesus!
What can you do?
You just got to know
what you're doing,
I guess.
You hanging out with her?
You pissing on my leg
and telling me it's raining,
farm boy?
You're not ready
for these streets.
Fucking little selfish tramp.
I'm not selfish.
Yes, selfish.
You're just jealous.
Because you're old and you're
used up and you're ugly.
You stick with school.
Here, hold that.
You don't have to take math
or science or any of that crap.
Now, cooking,
that's a skill.
You could be a banquet captain
or some such thing.
Or a writer. Jack London.
He graduated high school,
I think.
You didn't.
Never mind about me.
You want to wind up
with your joint
in your hand like me?
How about being a person
that plans on making it
past the ninth grade?
Tell you one thing.
You got good timing.
Could've died of old age
in the joint
before Normandy sorted
that one out.
So I'm not going to a home?
You're here, ain't you?
You anywhere else?
No, you're here.
Hey, baby, you looking
for a date?
I know what you're looking for.
How are you doing?
What do you want, the works?
Let me see your dick.
I got that babysitter.
Beer is in the refrigerator.
Where's your refrigerator?
It's right here.
Where's the bed?
It's behind you.
I just want you to know,
I used to be a virgin.
So are you involved
with anybody?
Now's a fine time to ask.
[both laugh]
Well, I'm just curious.
Um, I don't know.
Sort of, yeah.
There is a guy.
Beautiful woman like you.
I wouldn't mind being
in his shoes.
Oh, yeah, you might.
He's in prison.
You know this guy
before he went up?
Not exactly.
There's this--
There's this magazine.
American Heart?
The magazine
that puts you in touch
with your inside main squeeze?
P.O. Box 553
Walla Walla State Penitentiary.
You son of a bitch.
Pig dog, con man.
All that stuff about seeing
into my soul
and that psychic shit.
God, I'm so stupid.
Charlotte, come on.
Ease it up.
You screwed me just
to check me out, didn't you?
A little test drive, huh?
Char-- Hey,
you didn't visit me.
You never gave me
your home address.
I was afraid you wouldn't
want to go out with me.
All right, hey,
okay, I'm sorry.
I should've been
up front with you.
Let's start over.
Hey, I think you like me.
You express yourself real nice
in those letters.
Yeah, well, they were good.
You made me feel
like a human being.
Hey, Nick!
Come on down.
I got something for you.
I'm getting a rash, Mr. Kelson.
A big rash.
Oh, that's okay.
I won't think
any less of you.
You owe me a month.
I can give you half that.
Not good enough.
I want the whole amount.
I'm not going
to be stuck with your kind.
Come on.
What is it?
No, never mind. Get on.
All right, get out of there.
All right.
What's the matter?
I thought you wanted them.
Yeah, I did.
It's just kind of expensive
when we're late on the rent.
Don't you have any faith
in your old man?
I'll take care of it.
I don't know what's
the matter with you, kid.
That's just it.
You're not a kid.
You're like some loan officer
gloom pussing around.
Hey, tomorrow's Sunday.
What do you want to do?
When are you going to teach me
how to play the ukulele?
It's a guitar.
You can learn that anytime.
How would you like
to do something
with a lady friend of mine
and me?
She the one you brought home?
You'll like her.
Here, take a look.
We'll have a beautiful day.
Am I the only one in here
who can't breathe?
All right, Nick, we're getting
"fixicated"in here.
Open that window.
Is there any ketchup?
Oh-- All right.
You're staring at her
like a goddamn yard bull.
That's one fine lady. What do
you got to say for yourself?
Is she going to Alaska with you?
Nobody's going with me.
Start acting
like a stand-up kid.
Don't aggravate me.
Thanks, lady.
That's me, Lady Charlotte.
Best damn hot dog
I ever had.
Excuse me for speaking
with food in my mouth.
It's a funny name.
Yeah, that's French.
How much did this cost?
30 bucks?
Here's to you.
Here's to me.
You like your dogs?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Cool. I like it.
Check out brother's
dope threads.
You got a cigarette?
Man, he's down to the curb.
What are you
dissin' me for, Molly?
Get back, faggot.
No, I got something for you.
Dancing around in a two-piece
for frat boys.
Pays good.
You dance, I deal.
It's easy money.
One, two, three.
Leave her alone.
What did you say, punk?
I said, "Leave her alone."
Now, what are you doing
with my skateboard?
Ha ha.
Hey, Stony, man.
Leave the kid alone, Stony.
Fuck you.
Oh, punk.
I don't want
to hurt you, Freddie.
You don't have
to hurt me, Stony.
[all yelling]
Fucking punk.
Get the fuck out of here, punk.
What you going to do?
Get the fuck out of here.
Thanks, I could've handled it
if my back wasn't turned.
You got to watch your back
around here, all right?
Listen, I've been in
over 600 fights down here.
My specialty's the hook.
Guess which hand I hook with?
Left's a lot bigger, right?
Hook him in the jaw.
You okay?
Well, you know,
I would've helped you,
but some two guys jumped me
and pinned my arms, man.
One of them had a knife.
I should've stomped on them.
Rollie, I'm fine.
My dad hit me
with a 9:00 curfew,
so I got to go.
Listen, uh--
Later on, man.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Did you have fun today?
What are you making?
Tomato soup. Want some?
It has a bona fide
penitentiary aroma.
Did you rob
a lot of banks, Jack?
Why, you think
I'd be good at it?
I was a smart thief.
What did you steal?
What, are you writing a book?
All right.
I was in for the quick score.
Jewelry stores.
In and out in one minute
and I'd be gone.
You can steal a lot
in a minute.
You can steal
a lot in 30 seconds.
When did you start?
You don't start out robbing
a jewelry store.
You work your way up.
From where?
I stole my first car
when I was 12.
I was just about your age.
I stole this beautiful,
brand new maroon Chevrolet.
Road that baby
all the way to Coos Bay.
Two inches off
the ground with girls.
I got pretty good at it.
If I ever catch you
with your fingers
where they don't belong--
...I'll string you up
by your short hairs.
What are you worried
about me for?
Yeah, you got that right.
I got enough to worry about.
Things could be different
for you.
What's the matter?
What happened?
Come here, let me see.
I said nothing.
Let me see.
Come here, you.
Ooh. Ow. There you go.
That's it. All right. Okay.
Okay, okay, turn around.
All right, put your hands up.
That's it. Now, chin down.
There you go. Now, look mean.
Mother of Jesus.
Oh, you don't have to worry--
I can take on two guys.
Oh, yeah? You punch one guy,
and the other guy falls, huh?
Something like that.
You're slight in the butt.
You better not got to prison.
Hey, Nick!
Come here for a second.
Hop in. I want to talk
to you for a second.
How are you doing?
Where you at these days?
What are you doing
for pocket money?
Um, I just got
a paper route.
Is that right?
Your old man is
a righteous dude.
Taught me everything I know.
I can see it, man.
You got the bloodlines of a pro.
I'm looking
for a back pair of eyes.
Pays good.
No risk.
Think you're the one.
Why me?
'Cause I see something in you.
I got a feel for this.
I know your old man
just got out of the joint,
but believe me, he had
a lot of fun doing this.
He was good at it, too.
Think about it.
[all laughing]
What is the tea, Mary?
Get your hands out
of his pants, Terry.
Well, is he a he or a she?
I'm a he.
How old are you, nine?
Shit, I'm 15.
You don't look but nine.
I better not catch you downtown.
You're too cute.
Show us something
you do on the farm, boy.
[snorts like pig]
[all laughing]
[siren wails]
["Jersey Girl" - Tom Waits]
Come on. It's your shot.
Did you win?
Feels like it.
You going home
to that old jailbird?
His girlfriend's
probably still there,
I bet.
You can stay with me
if you promise
not to rip my mom off.
I owe you a favor.
You don't owe me
a favor.
Nobody better rip Diane off.
My dad, he remarried
a long time ago.
I've never seen him since.
He lives in Tacoma.
I know he's got new kids.
He has one my age.
Wonder if she's like me?
Close your eyes.
You can't kiss me
if you're mad-dogging me.
But I want to see you.
Because I think
you're pretty to look at.
[dog barks]
[bottles clatter]
What the hell am I,
the old woman in the shoe?
Somebody stole
my goddamn dress.
This time, Molly,
I am really going to kill you.
You don't believe me?
I do.
Thought you weren't
hanging out with her.
She's not our type.
You like her?
Yeah, I like her.
Okay, so you like her.
Is she your first?
What do you mean?
Your first time out.
You mean my first time out?
I would say most probably.
Now, I know what it's like,
your first time.
They can break your heart.
But you got to remember,
you're a good-looking kid.
You got my looks.
You got to learn
to keep your heart, see?
Let them lose theirs.
You keep yours.
That's the trick
of being a heartbreaker.
Did you break
my mom's heart?
Maybe I did.
Why are you telling me
all of this?
Because that's the way
a father and son
should be together.
I'm just trying to do for you
what nobody ever did for me.
Don't put all your beans
in one pot, Nick.
There'll be hundreds of dames.
She's not a dame.
It ain't her first time around.
What do you know
about her?
Hey, I'm just trying
to keep you straight.
You keep me straight,
I'll keep you straight.
[Charlotte laughs]
Let me call that action.
Give it here.
Okay. You have to read it.
Smells like me.
Return to sender.
Yes, I got that.
"Dear sweet Jack,
It's 4 in the morning.
The rain is pouring down.
I want to kiss
your big mouth--"
"Your sweet mouth."
"Your sweet mouth,
"and lie down with you
under a big, big, big tree--
"On the wet, mossy ground."
On the wet, mossy ground--"
Oh, God.
"And the droopy violets
brush against our nakedness."
Brush against--
I can't read
any more of this.
Oh, why not?
My shorts are too tight.
And my kid's around.
What do you think of him?
I can't tell if it's an act
or if he's a sad kid.
Yeah. I know what it's like
to be 14 and sad.
I never really
had a mother.
Grab your coat
and get your hat
Take your worries
to your doorstep
Just direct your feet
To the sunny side
of the street
Can't you hear
the pitter patter
And the happy tune
is your step
I sang that song to you
a long time ago,
when you visited me
in Walla Walla.
You and me
are going north, Nick.
You said--
I know. I changed my mind.
Hey, when it's 50 below
in the Klondike,
a man needs a partner.
Hey, I finally got a rise
out of this kid.
Here. Drink up if you got
hair on your ass.
Come on.
To Alaska.
Hey, don't I rate a beer?
Oh, I guess.
Here you go.
All right.
Come on. Okay.
When are we going
to Alaska, Jack?
Well, not tomorrow.
Remember that picture
of Mom?
She was a model, right?
Yeah, sort of.
Did you ever know
your mom?
Yeah, for about three hours.
And I never seen her since.
How about your dad?
What is this,
more for your book?
My dad was an asshole.
Weird. I wish
I got to know him anyway.
When I was born,
what did you like
about me?
You know what I liked
about you?
You had a nice laugh
when I stole your nose.
We didn't see
too much of each other.
You know what I liked
about you?
You sang me songs.
All right. Real easy.
I'm gonna go in.
Give me two beats.
Duck as low as you can
on the floor.
I'll distract them. Just--
[phone rings]
Lusty Lady.
We run from 11 until 3 A.M.
Yeah, well, we--
Yeah, go on in.
We start with Ruby at 11,
end up with Raven at 12:30.
[women moaning]
Darling, don't say a word
'Cause I already heard
What your body's
saying tonight
I'm tired of fast moves
I've got a slow groove
On my mind
I want a man
with a slow hand
I want a lover
with an easy touch
I want somebody
who will spend some time
Get out.
Not come and go
in a heated rush
I want somebody
who will understand
When it comes to love
I want a slow hand
Did you get
my dress back, Molly?
Mom. Can we leave Roy here
and have some money, Mom?
Do I look like I have
my purse on me?
You better get
my dress back.
Son of a fucking bitch.
It ain't my fault.
Was it that guy
who isn't a guy?
Terry what's his name?
I'm not a snitch.
You going to run around
all day with your cutie pie,
or are you going
to take care of Roy
like you're supposed to?
Bubblegum, what are you doing?
They're minors.
This is totally against
house rules.
Fuck the rules.
How about all this
nurturing attitude
we're supposed to have?
I'm nurturing here.
You're not staying with me
tonight unless you get
my dress back.
I am very upset with you,
Nicole, can you get the kids
something to drink?
And I think there's
a Popsicle left for Roy.
You've got about
another minute on your break.
You're going to get me fired.
Well, I ain't
sitting Roy, either.
I'm tired of this shit.
I need money, Mom.
I've got five more hours
left on stage, Molly.
How much money
do you need?
Nothing. I'll get it.
I'd shoot the guys who killed
those animals if I could.
I'd look filthy
in one of them fur coats,
driving a fast car
like a "Testeroni"
or something.
Homeboy's getting worked.
Aren't those wicked?
Aren't those
the prettiest shoes
you ever saw?
I once showed up
in a dress downtown,
just for the fuck of it.
Nobody recognized me.
I looked good, too.
I want those shoes.
I want them bad.
What, those butt-ugly ones?
Baby, I know
what's coming next.
Shut up, Freddie.
You wouldn't get those
for a working girl like me,
would you, homeboy?
Come on, let's go.
What, do you really like
this cleaning business, Jack?
You see a future in it?
Tell you what,
there's no end to dirt.
Come on. Listen to reason,
would you, Jack?
Where's the reason
to walking sideways
my whole life?
What are you doing?
Remember the good times, Jack?
What are you going to do
for real money, Jack?
This is real money, Rainey.
Everything I ever taught you
was bullshit.
I'm sorry for it.
Are you shitting me, Jack?
You got something planned.
I know it.
If I have to work
neck-deep in shit
the rest of my life,
it's better than jail.
It's over. Finished.
I want you
out of my life, get it?
Stay away from me.
Keep away from us.
Keep my name
out of your mouth.
That's the way
you want it, Jack.
What you got there, Nick?
Give me those.
They're mine.
What the hell?
You a fruiter?
No, they're not mine.
They're for somebody else.
Where'd you get
the money for these?
You steal them?
Yeah, you did, too.
For her, right? Huh?
You could put me
back in the joint
for this.
I'll get rid of them.
No, I'll get rid of them.
What are you messing
with that weed for?
Look at me
when I'm talking to you.
Marijuana has
medicinal purposes.
Oh, yeah?
How do you know?
I read it in a book.
That's the biggest
bunch of bullshit
I ever heard.
What else are you doing?
Let me see your arm.
Get off my back.
I stole them because
I'm saving my money
for Alaska.
Oh, I see.
That's real smart.
You land in juvie,
I'll go north myself.
Back to plan A.
Where'd you get this?
I didn't steal it.
I earned it.
It's for our tickets.
First things first.
We almost have enough
to pay off the landlady.
Keep her off our backs.
Another week,
we'll make it.
Why won't you take half?
So she can give us
the bum's rush.
We ain't going
to let that happen.
You want to go
for a bike ride?
It's a good thing
you're such a shrimp.
I don't know when
I'm ever going to grow.
When I was your age,
I was small.
You were?
Yeah, and then I grew
to how I am now.
The fishermen up there,
they're dying for
a New York steak.
Cruise around
one of these cubs,
selling steak and gas
at inflated prices.
Make a fortune.
How's that for a dream?
Not bad, huh?
Not bad.
[ship's horn blows]
How much money
do we have now?
About 200.
We save our pennies,
we'll make it.
You going to come with me
when I leave town?
Will you come with me
to this party?
If you come with me
when I leave town.
Whereabouts you going?
Where is that?
Gnome, Alaska.
I hear there's mass money
in Anchorage.
You wouldn't
be selling yourself.
I'd find a straight job,
working construction.
There's places up there
no man has ever set foot.
Just wolves and bears.
I don't know. Maybe.
All right, now,
put your arms like this.
Like this?
All right. All right. Ready?
One, two, three, down.
We got beat.
You see anybody
walking out with my bike?
Our policy is
to keep the doors open
during business hours.
Mr. Kelson,
I want the full amount.
Can you cut me
a little rhythm on that, huh?
I can't feed Lisa on rhythm.
I just got beat.
Uh, just
a temporary setback.
It'll slide back my way.
Mr. Kelson.
I want you out of here.
I'll get you the money.
You all right?
Guess you don't know
the way to the street.
You don't know
the way downtown.
Nick, I'm in kind of
a situation here.
Yeah, bring my pants.
I'm on the corner of, um...
Yesler and Madison.
Well, that's it.
Flat broke.
In three days,
we'll be hugging
the pavement.
It'll be okay.
Ah, it's all fucked.
We can't give up, Jack.
We'll get there.
Yeah, after 8,000 more
fucking windows.
What are you talking about?
My job, boy.
Washing windows.
Washing windows?
You said you had a job
in construction.
You're a building supervisor.
So I lied.
Ain't the first time.
All you've been doing to me
is lying to me
since the day you left me
back there in the bus station.
Put your mouth in park
till you can get
in your room.
I don't have a room.
Well then, get out!
You're cramping my style.
Where are you going?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
You're a fuck-up
and you're going
to fuck me up, too.
Don't bother with that.
It only looks
like your mother.
She was no model.
I'll tell you what she was.
A whore.
A $5 street whore.
My parents were breathing
holy hellfire down my neck.
Sure as shit, they're going
to call a cop or something
if they find you.
What you going to do?
I don't know.
I can't go back there,
That's cold,
your old man threw you out.
You're a genius, Nicky.
You don't deserve this.
Wake up
before my dad finds you.
Brothers forever, man.
Aren't you going
to look for him?
He's 14.
He's got lessons to learn.
Yeah, he's 14.
Remember what it was like
to be 14 and out on the street?
Yeah, he'll be scared.
It'll be cold.
He'll be hungry.
He'll come back.
You didn't.
You had to get dragged back
by the authorities.
Just leave it alone.
Is that what you want?
He'll come back
when he's ready
to appreciate
how good he's got it.
Come back to where?
He can't go back
to Battery Street.
You could stay
at my place.
Nick can, too.
[horn honks]
How's it going?
All right.
You have a place
to stay tonight?
That's terrible.
I know how it feels,
not to have a roof
over your head.
Look, I have
an extra bed.
You can stay there.
I'd like to help out,
if I can.
My name's Steve.
What's yours?
You're a nice-looking kid,
Did that make you
Or did you like it?
I'm sorry, I thought
you were somebody else.
You seen Nick?
Nick? Who's Nick?
My kid. Remember?
Oh, yeah.
Molly's Cutie pie.
He's out on the streets
too now, huh?
Kids. What are you
going to do?
You want to get a drink?
No, I'm looking for Nick.
You talk to Freddie.
Everybody down here
knows Freddie.
If you see Molly,
tell her to come home.
Do you want to touch?
Do you want to touch?
Do you want
to touch me there?
Well, do you want
to touch
Do you want to touch
I could have had
Bobby do it,
but I wanted you.
And you're better-looking
than Kathy.
I'll give you
20 more dollars than her.
Come with me.
Get out of here.
Get out of this place.
I need to do this.
I need the money.
I don't want to go down there
to Gnome or whatever.
I'm happy with my life here.
There you go.
Half a yard each,
since you decided
to bring your friend.
50 bucks?
Beats the minimum wage.
That's okay. I didn't
do anything, right?
I just stood there.
That's what a lookout
does, man.
There's more
where that came from.
Next time come inside.
I'll cut you in.
I can't get caught.
Me neither, man.
Hey, it's a bird's nest
on the ground, man.
Wait a minute, Nick.
Where you been?
Been living.
What have you
been doing?
That's none of your business.
Hey, I'm responsible
for you.
Hey, I'm staying
at Charlotte's.
I want you
to stay there too.
Hey Jack, don't do me
any favors, remember?
We have to
pick ourselves back up.
I'm going to Alaska.
Where the crap
have you been?
Where have you been?
I told you, living.
And when I die, I die.
And you want to live
on the street,
huh, big tough guy?
Have you seen me
sleeping on the street?
Have you been hustling?
Have you been
peddling your ass?
You wait right there. Hey.
That's right.
Just keep running.
Just run away.
What are you looking at?
What the hell
are you doing?
Family problem, sir.
This isn't a crisis center,
it's a bank.
It won't happen again.
I said I'm sorry.
I could lose customers
with this kind of nonsense.
I said I'm fucking sorry.
What did you say to me?
I said blow it out your ass.
You're fired.
I do a good job here.
Hey, you can't take
my job away.
I was afraid
something like this
was going to happen.
His mother was a mess.
He was coming along,
learning stuff.
He had a hell
of a potential, that kid.
He could have been anything.
What happened to him?
He isn't dead.
No, not yet.
Why do you think
he's out there?
He started hanging out
with that chippy downstairs
and those street punks.
The next thing,
he's coming home
with a pair of high heels.
The rest is history.
You don't think that
filling up that boy's head
with dreams
and then kicking him out
on his ass
had anything to do with it?
Hey, when he came to me,
he didn't have any dreams.
He had nothing.
He had a picture of a pig.
Don't pin that rap on me.
I'm out there
busting my hump
while this little
wise-ass punk
is out there thieving.
Getting mouthy.
I take him in,
he gets mouthy.
You miss him.
It's all falling apart
on me.
I wasn't afraid in prison.
Now I'm really scared.
God, I hope I can
help the kid.
I don't know if I have
anything good to give him.
He needs so much.
This is no good.
I got to turn this around.
Get some money, quick.
How are you going to do that?
I got my ways.
Are we going back
to jailhouse correspondence?
I gotta split.
You should find somebody
better than me.
You're all right by me.
I want to be with you.
It's a nice house.
Hey, what could we do
with this?
Is it worth anything?
Beats me. Take it.
[imitates gunfire]
[imitates gunfire]
Ah, stale.
Your hair's getting long,
you know that?
Get you a little cut here.
Did you just hear something?
Hey, check this out.
Hey, goldfish
don't have teeth,
do they?
Yeah, they do. Look.
What are you doing
in my room?
Close the door, boy.
Rollie, put it away.
I'm going to get my dad.
Put it down, Rollie. Jesus.
Look what you did,
you big dummy.
You're supposed
to keep watch.
You were.
You're such a bonehead.
What the hell
is going on in here?
[glass shatters]
Oh, my God.
It's me.
Freddie told me
you'd be here.
What's wrong?
Hey, Jack,
I want to go home.
What's all the tears?
What are you crying for?
He's dead,
and it's my fault.
What happened?
Me and him,
we broke into this house.
There was a gun,
and this man came in.
We were fighting,
and the gun went off.
Rollie got shot.
He's dead.
All right.
[clears throat]
Listen. People like us,
we make a lot of mistakes.
I wish I was dead.
You can't roll over and die
every time
something goes south.
You got to pick yourself up.
Get on with life.
There's nothing you can do
to bring that boy back.
Now listen to me.
We're going north, okay?
You keep me straight,
I keep you straight.
We'll feel clean up there.
But we have to keep running.
Say, I never told you,
but I used to be a runner.
Just like you.
Now listen, is there anybody
who saw you in that house?
Anybody that might
rat on you?
Didn't I tell you
to stay away from Rainey?
All right.
Never mind that now.
I want you
to get the tickets.
You leave one for me,
and you get on that ferry
and wait for me.
I'll meet you there.
Think it leaves
around 7 or 8.
Where are you going?
I got business
to take care of.
Don't leave.
I'm not going anywhere.
I just got to go somewhere.
Please, don't go. Please.
I'll meet you
on the ferry.
Now, can you
stay out of trouble
from now until then? Hmm?
From here on in,
you're all I've got.
I'm all you got.
[chatter on TV]
What's up, Jack?
You scared me, man.
I thought you were the cops.
Where you going, huh?
What are you packing for?
Come here, fucker.
I'll kick your ass to hell.
There are a million
punks on the street.
Why did you pick on Nick?
What do you want to do, Jack?
Kill me?
I told you,
you son of a bitch.
Come here.
Get the fuck out of here!
You're dead, motherfucker.
I'm taking my end, Rainey.
[horn blows]
[car honks]
Look out.
Get out of my way.
Get out of my way.
Give me my money.
Stop him.
[horn blows]
[baby coos]
What do you know, kid?
We made it.
I've been looking
all over for you.
Give me a hand.
I don't feel so good.
What's the matter?
I never was
much of a sailor.
Should I get a doctor?
No, no. Stay here.
Don't leave.
Step back.
I'm an old man.
People are going to tell you
you're no good.
Don't listen.
Whatever's happened,
I want to see you make it
up there, little man.
Things could be
different for you.
You won't have
to keep running.
I did the best I could.
Not going to let you
off the hook.
Well, ring the bell backwards
and bury the axe
Fall down on your knees
in the dirt
I'm tied to the mast
between water and wind
Believe me
you'll never get hurt
Our ring's in the pawnshop
The rain's in the hole
Down at the Five Points
I stand
I'll lose everything
But I won't let go
of your hand
Well, Peter denied
and Judas betrayed
I'll bail with
the roll of the drum
And the wind will tell
the turn from the wheel
And the watchman
is making his rounds
Well, you'll
the skin of my teeth
I've only got
one leg to stand
You can send me to hell
But I'll never
let go of your hand
Swing from the rope
on a cross-legged dream
Signed with
a one-eyed Jack's blood
From Temple to Union,
to L.A. and Grand
Walking back home
in the mud
I must make my best
of the only way home
Molly deals
only in stones
I'm lost on the midway
I'm reckless in your eyes
Just give me
a couple more throws
I'll dare you to dine
knights cross-legged
Dare me to jump and I will
I'll fall from your grace
But I'll never
let go of your hand
I'll never let
go of your hand