American Honey (2016) Movie Script

Rubin? Come on.
I got a chicken. Let's go.
Are you ready? All right. It's heavy.
Open your hands out like this.
Like this, so you can catch it.
- That way, yeah. Ready?
- Ahh!
- Oops. Almost.
- That... This was heavy.
I know.
Are you Spider-Man?
Yeah. I'm Spider-Man of the dumpster.
Yeah. Put it in the bag.
All this stuff is worn out.
All right, we're gonna get this next one.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Damn it.
[BOY] We need some more.
Look sad. Come on, look sad.
Come on.
- [BOY] Wha...
I did it!
- I'm gonna die of thirst.
- No, you aren't.
I'm gonna kill you first
if you don't shut up. Let's go.
Come on, come on, come on.
- Stop, stop, stop, stop.
- Come on.
- Please.
Fuck you!
I hope he comes all over your car!
- Star. Star!
- Hold up.
Are we invisible? Fucker!
[BOY] Did you see that hairy butt?
Who did that?
- Who wants a Mountain Dew?
- You said you didn't have any money.
Yeah, well, last one there is a pedophile.
- Yeah!
- Watch the road, you little fuckers.
- Pedophile!
- Pedophile!
All right, y'all win.
Go get something to drink.
Who put this shit on, man?
Security to the front
of the store, please.
Security to the front of the store.
Hey. Get down.
- Come on. Hey!
- Whoa!
I'm out. Leave me alone.
You ain't catching him.
[SECURITY GUARD] Hey, stop it.
Come out here. All right, fuck you.
Kelsey, here.
[GIRL] Hey, cigarettes!
Stretch it out, then flip
I'm all about my chips
I get it out the mud
Yeah, yeah I get it out the mud
Yeah, yeah
Flip, I'm all about my chips
I get it out the mud
Yeah, yeah, I get it out the mud
- Is this yours?
- Yeah.
- You like the shiny thing?
- Yeah.
You get a prize for that.
Come on.
Ooh, get it. [LAUGHS]
- What are you doing today?
- Why?
- Wanna go to Kansas City?
- Kansas?
- Right now.
- Now?
Right now.
What kind of dumbass are you,
asking random girls
to go to Kansas with you?
I don't know. It's a fucking job...
You know what I mean?
This is a job, prop job...
I can't even talk, man. You see?
- What kind of job?
- It's a job, a business opportunity.
We go door-to-door. We sell magazines
door-to-door, being friendly.
You know, you seem friendly.
You make $300 a day if you're good.
If you're smart. You seem pretty smart,
so figured I'd ask.
Hmm? Come with us.
You can't just give me a job like that.
Yes, I fucking can.
I'm a business manager.
[CHUCKLES] Is that why
you're wearing those pants?
What the fuck's wrong with my pants?
You don't like my pants?
I don't know. You kinda look a little...
Donald Trump-ish?
You kinda look more like a gangster to me.
- Really?
- Except for the sparkly phone.
- That's part of it.
- Hmm.
Come with us.
We do more than work, you know.
We explore, like, America. We party.
A whole bunch of shit. It's cool.
- Hey, yo, Jake!
- I think they want you.
- Everybody wants me.
- Let's go, man.
- I don't.
Yeah, you do.
No, I don't.
- Fuck, okay.
- Let's go.
Come on, Jake.
- Last chance.
- [MAN] What's up, bro?
- Hey, last chance.
Tomorrow morning. Motel 6.
Is this the same chicken that lays eggs?
- What you got there, honey?
- Give me a minute.
I've been waiting.
I'm so hungry I could eat a cow.
This chicken don't have any eggs.
Shut the fuck up, Rubin.
Get these dogs outta here.
- [RUBIN] No, give it.
- [MAN] Come on, get them...
Oh, I don't care. Come on.
Go get them dogs outta here.
Let's go. Get them outta here.
Go on, you can play.
Here, go take these out to your brother.
That one's for you.
[SINGING ALONG] # I know your name
# 'Cause everybody in here knows your name
# And you're not looking
for anything right now
# So I don't wanna come on strong
# So don't get me wrong girl
your eyes are so...
- Are you gonna eat it?
- What is it?
You've got eyes.
- Let me take that.
- I've got things to do.
Come here and dance with Dad.
Come on, now. It's just a dance. Come on.
# I don't have to make you love me
# I just wanna take your time
# I don't wanna wreck your Friday
# I ain't gonna waste my lines
# I don't have to take your heart
# I just wanna take your time
# And I know it starts with hello
# And the next thing you know
you're trying to be nice
# And some guy's getting too close
# Trying to pick you up
# Trying to get you drunk
# ...go to hell
[RUBIN] Throw my stuff out the window.
I'll go with...
He ain't tired. Hey, Timmie...
Have you seen my Spider-Man jump?
Have you seen my Spider...
- Where are we going?
- Shh. It's a surprise.
[RUBIN] A surprise.
- Shh...
- Rubin.
All right, Rubin, come on. Out.
Come on, Rubin, out.
All right, go. Shh.
What's all this mud? Ooh!
Step in the water.
I got a job.
It's in Kansas.
Did you come all the way here
to tell me that?
What kind of fucking job
you got in Kansas?
Nathan can't have them, you know that.
I can't have them.
Is that the surprise?
I can't take you to Kansas. I'm sorry.
Hey, what's going on?
She wants us to have the kids
because she's got a fucking job in Kansas.
- They are yours.
- Fuck you, bitch.
Settle down, both of y'all.
I'm just gonna go
to the bathroom, all right?
I'm going to the bathroom.
Come on, Star!
Star! Get the fuck back here!
[MAN 1] Come on, dog. Come on, dog.
[MAN 2] Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- [MAN 1] All right, y'all.
- [MAN 2] Wait a second.
[MAN 1] Come on, man.
Go ahead. Go ahead.
Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead.
Get it good. Come on, brother.
Go on. Wait. Nah. Nah, nah.
- Come on, dude.
- That second one didn't count, bro.
Go, go, go. I'm letting you have it.
I'm letting you have it.
All right, fine, fine, fine.
Watch out, watch out,
watch out, watch out.
Watch out, watch out. You bitch.
Watch out, watch out, watch out.
Watch out.
Oh, shit.
Hey, you decided to come, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I figured you would.
- Did you, now?
- Yeah.
I mean, you like me, you know.
It's obvious.
- You always this cocky?
- Yeah... Huh?
- Yeah. You?
- Yeah.
You're not part of this, bitch.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Can you stop fucking around and help me?
- You wanna go get the trunk?
- Here.
[JAKE] Right here.
- Are you coming with us?
- Yes, ma'am.
You must be the little redneck Jake found.
- What's your name?
- Star, ma'am.
- That's your real name?
- Yes, ma'am.
- How old are you?
- Eighteen.
- So you're a grown woman now?
- Yeah, I guess.
[JAKE] Open it, open it.
- Where's that accent from?
- Texas.
So you're a Southern girl.
A real American honey like me.
You know that song?
Get off, get off, get off, get off.
You know how to work hard?
Business is tough.
I only take hard workers.
- Shut the fuck up.
Yeah, I can work hard.
- Yo, get in there. Hey.
- Hey. What the fuck's going on?
- We're getting in.
- Get in the car.
That's what I'm doing.
You got anyone who's gonna miss you?
Not really.
Okay, good. You're hired.
There's a new girl!
I guess she decided to show up.
[GIRL] Now you gotta turn
and lick his collar grease.
- Yo, it's Mary Jane.
- Y'all got that?
- Hey, what's up? Are you new?
- Yeah.
Yeah? You should let me be
the first one to fuck you.
Hold up, hold up. Don't worry,
he wouldn't know where to
fucking put it if you had it,
'cause you're still a virgin.
Man, I ain't no damn rookie,
and this is no damn toy.
Corey pulled his dick out
in front of the new girl!
You got me in the ass!
- [BOY 1] Get him!
- [BOY 2] Get his ass!
Get my shoe back.
[BOY 3] I'm sorry. My bad, y'all.
Yo, my bad!
[BOY 2] We got his ass!
Hey, you gotta learn to
leave the new girls alone.
[BOY 1] Don't worry, new girl.
We do that all the time when he does that.
Stop looking so damn nervous. Come on.
- We're gonna have fun.
- Come on, new girl.
I've been in my own world, dog.
Y'all ready?
Kansas City, here we come, bro.
I smell something good.
- A whole bunch of cigarettes.
- Fuck, no. It ain't pot.
I smell something even better...
- You want a shot?
- Thanks.
Hell, yeah, you can just hit me back
when you got some.
- What do we sell again?
- Magazines.
- People actually buy those anymore?
- Fuck, no.
- [BOY 1] What happened to the music?
- [BOY 2] Who has DJ control?
[BOY 2] I would say that too but... Hey!
Yo, you act like we don't have a system.
[GIRL] Turn that shit up!
[GIRL] Hey, don't give me
that shit, man. I don't need it.
Let me see you rap.
[BOY 1] She started stabbing everybody
in the restroom right there.
[BOY 2] Oh, damn.
Oh, damn, she got a bird brain.
A bird brain.
All right, what's next?
# You're a dumbass bitch
I ain't fuckin' with you
Remember Jay-Z? No?
- Yo, where are y'all from?
- [BOY] Shit, nigga.
All over.
Krystal gets people from all over.
I'm from Panama.
I'm QT. I'm from Panama City.
I'm the cutie of the crowd.
- What's up?
- I mean, she's the rider.
Like, if you're friends with her,
she will make sure that you are fine.
Regardless. Re-fucking-gardless.
And she's a fucking G.
I'm JJ.
I was born and raised in West Virginia,
and all these are my bitches.
His name's GayGay.
Hey, right here is Pagan.
She's from New Jersey.
- I'm from Orlando, Florida. I...
- Riley. Mississippi.
Thank you. Thank you for interrupting me.
You're welcome.
My name is Austin, and I am from Florida.
Orlando, Florida.
I'm Runt,
and I'm from Tennessee, Nashville.
He's the baby of the group.
I got hit by a car when I was little.
- I punched him in his shit.
- [GIRL] I'm so sorry.
Hey, bro, you seen that dog?
- He's so cute, ain't he?
- Poor little Runt.
And this dude right here,
Billy he is our designated driver.
He's an awesome dude,
and he lives in West Virginia.
And this man can sing and play guitar.
- Hey, I'm Sean. I'm from Texas.
- Texas? I'm from Texas, too.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- You wanna see something?
- Yeah.
Holy shit. What is that?
- It's a flying squirrel.
- And he carries a rat.
He's chill.
- Oh, yeah. That's so sick.
- Yeah, she might shit on you.
- Hi.
- She fell out of a tree.
- Her name is Sugar.
- Oh, yeah?
- Ow, shit...
Fuck. Was I not doing it right?
No, you gotta be gentle.
Kal with the long blonde hair,
he's from Missouri.
He really don't talk much about himself.
He's scared of flies, moths, birds,
and damn near anything that flies.
- Shut the fuck up.
- It's fucking crazy, man.
- Corey, tell her where you're from.
- I'm Corey. I'm from Baltimore.
- I'm Katness, and I'm from Miami.
- She got mean pole-dancing skills.
Katness is so beautiful, loving, caring...
I don't even know
what to say about that girl.
So, I have this obsession
with Darth Vader.
To me, he's just like the epitome
of just darkness and suffering.
- [STAR] Yeah.
- Um, and misunderstanding.
Um, I feel like he was just a broken heart
that lost any hope for love and life.
What about Jake?
What about him? Where's he from?
- [QT] He's from Bakersfield.
- [AUSTIN] Let me tell you something.
This man, when it comes to his job,
he takes that shit serious, like.
This dude can sell,
like anything and everything.
You give it to him, he'll sell it.
- Jake is a power agent.
- I don't know what the fuck he says.
Maybe it's his personality, I'm thinking.
He is Krystal's bitch, like super bad,
and he has to drive her around everywhere.
- She loves the ass...
- [RILEY] A puppy in heat.
- [QT] Yeah, yeah.
Hey, Billy, can we stop? I need to pee.
[SEAN] Are we able to get us
something to drink?
[JJ] Hey, can we just pull over
and go randomly milk a cow?
[RUNT] Hey, there's water right on
the floor, man, right in front of you.
[QT] I'm gonna piss in my seat
if you don't stop.
We'd better go through
a fucking drive-through.
Food, yeah.
Is this of you selling?
Yeah, we're at a Walmart
selling some shit.
- So this is what I have to do?
- Yeah, sell magazines.
You just gotta come up with
your own spiels and shit,
like I use the whole,
"Oh, my dad was killed
in Afghanistan" shit.
[STAR] Shit, was he?
No, but, shit, people love
that patriotic shit.
- [COREY] Kansas City, y'all!
- Oh, shit. Kansas City.
I never seen so many
tall things in my life.
This is where Superman lives.
- [JJ] That bitch is fucking huge.
- [AUSTIN] Oh, hell, yeah, dude.
- I wonder what those buildings are?
- [KAT] It's a city.
[AUSTIN] I know, but I wonder what
the bigger buildings are?
Holy shit.
Look at those fucking buildings.
Kansas City, baby!
- [STAR] Hell, yeah. Kansas.
- [QT] Wizard of Oz. Dorothy.
I ain't never seen so damn
many train tracks in my life.
[STAR] Is this where we're staying?
[QT] Yeah, this looks like
where we're staying.
[KALIUM] It's about damn time.
It only took, like, fucking forever.
Is this the fucking place?
[AUSTIN] It looks like
a fucking crack fucking motel.
- Oh, fuck.
- Fucking bird.
[AUSTIN] Look at this fucking place.
[JJ] There's kids right there,
watch your mouth.
Pet the poochie.
This is a sketchy-ass motel.
[AUSTIN] It looks like you go up in
there and get a good staph infection...
[JJ] I'm excited.
Hey, look, Krystal's car.
Yeah, that's Krystal's car.
- That's what her and Jake came in.
- [KALIUM] Serious?
- What the fuck, y'all?
- Damn, dude!
Chill the fuck out.
[AUSTIN] Fuck, man. That's some
bullshit. Get his fucking ass.
[QT] The motherfucker can't drive, man.
- Hey, hey, hey...
- Oh, my God.
[JAKE] Star, wait up a second.
- [GIRL] Maybe we need to roll one up.
Hey, get your girl. This is your blanket.
[AUSTIN] Who the fuck are you talking to?
- What's up with you?
- Hey.
- Are you good?
- Yeah.
All right, so this is
your welcome packet, yeah?
So in there are the crew rules.
You gotta memorize this shit
by tomorrow morning.
Basically, you just, like, memorize
the first ten parts. It's quick.
This is where all the magic happens.
This is your pad case.
So it's got everything you need in there.
I got your stickers and shit,
so you can decorate it however you want.
- Stars.
- Yeah.
Stars for Star.
So your contract's in there.
You gotta get that signed by 7:30.
You get it to Room 233 for Krystal.
And Krystal's, like, she's a bitch
until she gets to know you, you know.
But she's good people, you know? She is.
It's just she doesn't know you,
you know. You're new.
So... Oh, and, um, I got you a present.
You got me a present?
You don't have to
close your eyes or anything.
You just gotta prove to me
your real name is Star.
You're funny.
Prove to me your name is Star,
and I'll give it to you.
It was my mom's idea.
She said we're all made from stars.
From Death Stars.
Can I get my present?
I made that.
You got girly handwriting.
You're a Death Star?
Bang. [LAUGHS]
What the fuck? What's up, G?
You can't be doing that shit.
You came too close.
- You came too close.
- [GIGGLING] Stop.
And now you're stuck.
- And now you're stuck.
- Stop.
- And now you're stuck.
- Jake, stop.
[SIGHS] Okay.
"Be on time for all meetings,
curfews and pick-ups.
No males in female rooms.
Dress for success.
Don't tell anyone where you're staying.
Uh, "Do not talk to motel guests.
Be on time for all meetings,
curfews and pick-ups.
No males in female rooms.
Dress for success.
Do not tell anyone where you're...
They're gonna send us
to the spice mines of Kessell,
and they'll fuck with us.
They'll fuck with us.
Hey, don't let her go on the road.
Goddamn world of Google.
Fucking McDonald's poisonous shit.
You're late.
I'm sorry. I...
What's rule one?
Don't be late for anything.
Bitch, you don't make money,
I don't make money. You get it?
I'm gonna let it slide this time
because it's your first day.
You keep 20 percent of what you make,
25 if it's cash.
- Always try and get cash.
- Okay.
The rest is management fees,
goes to motels, gas.
That's basically it.
Jake'll train you.
You like that idea?
He's the best I got.
He knows everything on how to make money.
And what are we here for?
To make money?
Hold on.
Here's for food and things
till you start earning.
Thanks. I'll pay you back.
Damn straight.
This isn't no fucking charity.
I'm gonna take it off your first paycheck.
We have a crew meeting
at 8:00 in the parking lot.
Where'd it go?
Point at it. Point at it.
Let's fucking bounce. K.C., K.C.!
That's right. What's up?
She looks just like she wants to fight.
Nah, I'm good.
You see the stickers Jake got me?
- Hey, that's pretty.
- Yeah.
He got me Princess Leia stickers
when I first got here.
He got you stickers, too?
Yeah, I used to have them on here,
but the rain kind of washed them off.
- Hey. Hey.
- [JAKE] Hey, shut that off.
All right.
Okay, listen up.
Where y'all headed today
is real wealthy territory.
I ain't tried this kind
of territory before,
but these people are loaded
and it shouldn't be hard.
- So what are there?
- [ALL] No excuses.
And with Loser Night
coming up in a few days,
some of y'all need to step the fuck up.
[ALL] Step the fuck up.
I said one, two, three, four, five.
This loser ain't got no job.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Let's back it up and do it again.
- Say I.
- Hey-o!
- Got money.
- Got dough.
I said shit, goddamn.
Get off your ass and slam.
071, 071, 071!
All right, get to work, you lazy fuckers.
[JJ] I'll tell you what.
Ain't nobody coming to my fucking room
to take a shit again.
You and Runt can go to
y'all room to take a shit.
[AUSTIN] When I walked in the fucking
bathroom, there was a fucking cow patty.
[GIRL] That wasn't me. I fell asleep.
[AUSTIN] And there was
a little fucking Hershey kiss
just floating in the toilet.
I don't give a damn who takes a shit
in my room as long as you flush it.
Febreze, though.
If somebody comes over to my place I ask
them to use Febreze in my bathroom,
so if you do take a shit, you better
spray and you better flush.
[JJ] I don't know. Everybody knew
my fucking toilet didn't work.
[STAR] Hey, Austin.
What's Losers' Night?
That's a fun motherfucking
night right there.
Yeah, kinda, sort of.
It's a party practically.
It's where the two losers of the week...
- Whoever makes the least amount...
- Least amount of money.
...has to fight each other.
It's a game, but technically
it's not a game.
- 'Cause they're physically fighting.
- It's like a tradition.
They're putting their hands on each other.
- Krystal kinda set that shit up.
- Y'all are fucked up.
- It's stupid shit.
- It gives us something to do.
When you're on the road most of your life,
you need something to get some shit out.
We gotta have something
to occupy ourselves.
Like every time he whips his dick out,
we all jump on him? It's a game.
We all have our little thing, you know.
Like when the Rihanna song comes on,
you know how, in Kmart,
we all, like, dropped.
Yeah, it's stupid shit. It's bullshit.
We have fun.
- It is tradition.
- [COREY] I never lose.
You know what Darth Vader
looks like inside his suit?
No. What?
He's a skeleton. Just like the rest of us.
[QT] Look at the water fountain.
The fucking water fountain.
[AUSTIN] I was laying down, right,
and I seen these little fucking shadows
on the fucking ceiling dancing, dog.
- It's called acid, bro.
[JAKE] Look at this fountain.
Look at this fountain.
Look at this fountain.
Look at this fountain.
- [QT] Holy shit.
- [AUSTIN] That's big.
- [QT] This is a nice-ass neighborhood.
- [COREY] Mission Hills.
It's not like you just get
a couple of magazines...
- [AUSTIN] Give me your money, bitch!
- [COREY] You rich motherfuckers.
These are, like, lawyers and shit.
[COREY] Yeah, we're all gonna do
very well today.
[MAN] Yeah. Yeah.
[QT] Let's go to that house first.
[COREY] Dude, that fucking place is sick.
Oh, yeah, like, I was in Del Rio, Texas.
I was hunting turkey with my stepdad.
That motherfucker was, like,
chasing me for, like, 20 minutes,
like, pecking my ass while
I was running and all that shit.
Man, my stepdad had to shoot the
motherfucker off me, like, straight up.
- [COREY] Look at that horse.
- [SEAN] Shit, that's tight.
- [QT] Yeah, yeah.
- [COREY] It's badass.
[JAKE] Let me get your number.
Let me get that number.
That is. That's like a ten.
That's like a ten.
Yeah, it probably cost like a thousand.
Damn, look at that house down there.
[SEAN] The thing about it was, I wasn't
even hunting turkey. I was hunting deer.
I wasn't even trying
to hunt the motherfucker.
You'll see me with
a skate park in the back,
a skate park in the front.
A skate park through the house.
I don't give a fuck.
- [KALIUM] I'll be skating all day.
- Fuck this place.
- Yeah.
- That's what I got to say.
[JAKE] Hey. All right,
I'm calling out teams now.
We're going backwards from yesterday.
QT and Austin is team one.
Kat and Gay Ray's team two.
[COUGHS] Kal and Riley's three.
Sean and Shaunte again, four.
Pagan, Billy, five.
- Corey, Runt, six.
- Hell, yeah.
Me and new girl.
[JJ] I need my pad case
and my cigarettes and my phone.
- I'm ready for this.
Let me get out of this car
before I slap the bitch out of her.
Good luck. Have fun.
- You stay on your own side.
- Yeah, faggot ass.
- [JAKE] Hey, you guys got phones?
- Hey, JJ.
- Yeah, I got 'em.
- [JAKE] Sell as many as you can, bro.
- Bitch.
- Dicks.
[JAKE] So it's me and Star next,
and then you're gonna take
Pagan to the church,
- and then we'll just all hook up there.
- [BILLY] All right, cool, yeah.
All right.
How do I look, Death Star?
Let's see.
Hold up.
- Like a smart-ass power agent.
- You know what I'm saying?
Fuck, yeah, like a power agent.
Shut the fuck up.
- Wanna see something crazy?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Pow.
- That better not be real.
- Dude, are you fucking kidding me?
- You just put that shit in my face?
- You're fucking laughing.
You just put a real-ass gun in my face?
Yeah, but it wasn't chambered.
It's not like...
What do you need a gun for anyhow?
I don't trust many people, you know?
- What the fuck?
- Let me see it.
Come on, give it here.
I got it. I just don't know how to...
What did you press?
What did you press?
You really put a fucking gun in my face,
and you don't even know how to use it?
I know how to use it.
I didn't know how to press the release.
There's nothing in it. Relax.
You read the handbook last night
- about the five sales steps?
- Yeah.
That's a bunch of shit, all that.
You don't gotta listen to that.
See, 'cause in Jake's book
there's one fucking step.
Not five, just one.
It just takes one step.
Once you get this one fucking step down,
you're the chief of the tribe.
And I'm gonna teach you
that one step today.
You hear what I'm saying?
Basically, as soon as they
open that door and look at you,
that's the critical moment,
that's the make-or-break moment.
'Cause in that second you gotta work them,
you gotta read them, you gotta be able
to scan them and figure them out,
figure what kind of person
that person wants in their life.
Then you gotta be that person. You know?
So, like, a couple of the
other agents are really rigid
about the five sales steps
and all this shit.
So they'll pick a spiel that's,
like, some sad shit, like...
"Mama's got cancer"
or, "My fucking foot is falling off."
"I'm trying to get my life back together."
You know, "I got a little
lost there in my teens,
and now I'm really working
on myself, man," and,
"Oh, you know, my dad, he died in Iraq."
Any sad spiel, and they'll just say it
over and over and over again
until it's meaningless.
This person? This person doesn't
give a fuck about magazines, right?
They want something from me,
so if I'm a G,
I'm gonna figure out what that
something is and I'm gonna work that.
- Yeah?
- And that's a power agent.
All right. Let's go.
You're my good-luck charm. Here we go.
The thing you gotta remember is,
every Jones is different.
Every sale, right?
You gotta treat it like it's a game.
You know?
- Hi.
- Hi.
No, we've never met. I'd remember
a face like that. What's your name?
- Destiny.
- Destiny, I'm Jake. How are you?
- Nice to meet you.
- This is my younger sister, Star.
- Uh, you want my mom?
- No, but can you do me a favor?
One favor. Can you feel this material?
Just feel it.
What does that material feel like to you?
I don't know about that.
You know what kind of material it is?
- Uh-uh.
- That's boyfriend material.
You know what I'm saying? Look right here.
- Who is it?
- Genuine boyfriend...
- Hi, there.
- Can I help you folks?
Hi, yeah, I was just
explaining to your daughter,
we're part of the Three Cs contest,
which is a collegiate
communications competition.
So we've been going door-to-door,
sort of garner support for our team.
Walking all day. You think
I can get a glass of water from you?
- Where's your accent from?
- I'm from Bakersfield, ma'am.
- California.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
- [WOMAN] You're a long way from home.
Long way. But you gotta do
what you gotta do, you know.
Um, I'll get you guys a glass of water.
- Thank you.
- Hold fire, Destiny.
Just you go join your friends.
I'll deal with this.
Uh, good day to walk, though.
Really good day to walk.
How long we walked now? Five, six miles?
- Something like that.
- A little dehydrated, ain't you?
Six or seven miles in this is pretty good.
It could be worse, you know?
- Okay, you can come in.
- Thank you.
- Just for a moment.
- Thank you so much.
Excuse the mess.
Destiny had a birthday sleepover.
I'll just grab you something to drink,
and then you can tell me
about the contest.
[JAKE] Okay.
- This is a beautiful house.
- [WOMAN] Thank you.
Yeah. Thanks so much for letting us in.
[WOMAN] We have just about everything.
What would you like?
I'll take a beer if you have it.
- How about you?
- I don't want anything.
I thought you were on your last legs.
Well, I'm not.
Okay, well, look, I don't have much time,
so if you wanna just tell me
about the contest.
Well, so basically I'm working on
gaining points towards school.
That's the ultimate dream,
to study, you know?
So if you just... Do you mind if
I put this on the floor for a second?
Oh, sure.
So if you just pick
two items off this list,
that will go a huge way
towards making my dreams a reality.
- How does this get you to college?
- It's an old-fashioned magazine drive.
So for every subscription that
you pick, I get points for.
When I get to 100,000 points,
I'm at like 88,000 now,
I get a free year of school.
So, you're selling magazines?
Yeah, that's what he's doing.
He's selling you magazines.
I'm selling magazines, yeah,
but I'm also selling myself,
you know, belief in my future.
You know, they put us through a whole
course for, like, five months where...
I'm sorry. I just...
I don't really read magazines anymore.
[JAKE] Yeah, you could give
the magazines to whoever you want.
I mean, it's less about the magazines
and more about sponsoring
impoverished youths,
so that they can chase their dreams
and actually make something
of their lives, you know.
It'd be a belief in me, you know.
I come from nothing, ma'am.
Like I'm an impoverished youth,
bottom barrel,
and this would be my chance to, like,
achieve something more with myself.
- And what do you plan to study?
- Politics.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Why is that funny?
- Oh, it's not.
- No.
- I was just... I was surprised.
- It's a strange pick, you know.
- It's a strange major.
- Why?
I'm sorry. She's my sister.
I love her, but she's special, you know.
I'm not your fucking sister,
and I'm not special, all right?
- Hey.
- You can go fuck yourself.
Hey. I don't allow language
like that in my house.
Well, I don't live here.
You know, it's been really hard
for us emotionally since my mother
threw herself in front of
a cow truck about four years ago.
We've been trying to acclimate.
- That's not even funny.
- Hard to adjust emotionally.
No, it's not funny.
I'm just trying to give her some insight
as to why you're acting out.
Okay, I think it's time for you to go.
I think if you gave me
five more minutes, ma'am.
I have been trying to be Christian,
but I can see the devil
has a hold of the two of you.
[SCOFFS] I think the devil
has a hold of your daughter.
Destiny, turn off the music
and put some clothes on!
No! It's my birthday,
and you said I could do what I like.
[JAKE] Thank you so much for your time.
- Happy birthday!
- [WOMAN] Turn it off!
[JAKE] Hey!
Hey, hey! Hey! What the fuck was that?
- You went too far.
- With what?
With the whole mom
and the cow truck thing.
- You can't say shit like that.
- I said it to you before we went in.
I said it doesn't fucking matter.
You say what you have to say. It's a game.
- You treat it like a game.
- But what if it's true?
- But it wasn't true.
- What if it was?
Oh, what the fuck, man?
It's not fucking true.
You don't know that. What if it is true?
Okay, do your thing. Do your thing.
Do your thing. Do your thing.
I got you a present, and now
I'm gonna throw it in the garbage.
What's crazy is I got you a present,
and now I'm not gonna give you
a fucking thing, stupid.
What present?
What about my present?
Ain't no fucking present no more.
It's gone. Forget about it.
I'm gonna throw it in the trash.
Fuck your present.
I'm gonna throw this shit
in the fucking river right now.
Go swim for the present.
You know how to swim?
You know how to sw...
- Get the fuck off me. Get off me.
- No.
- Get off me.
- No.
- Get off me.
It's not like it's... All right, come on.
Give me my present.
Give me my fucking present!
Give it to me!
Get the fuck off me. Stop.
- Then give me my present.
- All right, all right, here.
Did you steal it?
They have everything, you know,
including insurance, so it's fine.
- What if it's her wedding ring?
- Who gives a shit?
What, are you fucking
religious or something?
No. God can go fuck himself.
God's a cunt.
What were you, like, sticking up
for me back there or something?
She laughed at you.
I like that you did.
I'll do it again sometime, then.
What the fuck is this thing right here?
[GIRL] Enough of this rap shit.
We're gonna listen to something I like.
- What did you say?
- You heard me.
No, I never hear you. That's the problem.
I said enough of this rap shit.
We're gonna put on something
I like for a change.
Go for it.
- ...get hit that time.
You didn't even get hit that time.
He hit me right in my fucking knuckles.
He didn't even touch you that time.
He didn't even touch you that time.
He fucking hit my knuckles,
and he fucking knows that.
Why'd you hit her knuckles?
Hey, bitch!
Why'd you hit her knuckles, bitch?
Hey, bitch. Hey, bitch.
Watch it. Your fucking elbow.
[JJ] Hey, yo, there's Krystal.
[AUSTIN] Let's do this shit. Come on, bro.
- [QT] Hey, excuse me.
- [SEAN] Fuck!
- [KRYSTAL] All right.
- [AUSTIN] You're getting whacked.
What you get?
- [AUSTIN] I feel bad for you ladies...
- What you get?
Corey, what you get?
I'll take it. How much you get?
- That's good. That's fine.
- You need these too.
Damn. That's a girl.
How much?
- I ain't got shit.
You what?
- I ain't got shit.
- You didn't get shit?
- Hell, no.
- Is that a joke?
No, I really ain't got shit.
All right. Jake?
I know. I'm on it.
All right, blank-to-blank for Sean.
Blank-to-blank for Sean.
- Get his ass.
[COREY] I was like, "What are y'all
doing out here from Houston?"
They said, "We're salesmen. Door-to-door."
I was like, "Shut the fuck up."
Who the best seller?
Okay, who the best seller?
The best seller? Probably Jake.
Jake can hustle. Jake can hustle.
[MAN] Okay. He the top guy?
[QT] We gotta round it up. Let's roll.
- Right now.
- [QT] We gotta go. Let's go.
- [MAN] Who is the...
- [COREY] The worst?
Who is the owner of the magazine crew?
[COREY] That would be Krystal.
She's not here yet.
Krystal not...
Oh, y'all got a female owner?
- Yeah. She's the boss woman.
- [QT] Bye, you guys. Nice meeting you.
She's the boss fucking woman.
- [QT] Bye.
See ya.
[QT] Show and tell.
Yeah, work it, work it.
- [QT] Give it!
[SHAUNTE] Yeah, nigga!
How you doing? I don't believe
we've met yet. I'm Jake Boga.
- This is my sister, Star.
- Hi.
- How you doing, ma'am?
- Good.
- What's your name?
- Pam O'Neil.
- Pam? Pam O'Neil, huh?
- Yes.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Have any other students
walked by your house
- from Kansas State?
- No.
- None?
- Not that I'm aware of.
Okay, so we picked a good spot.
So, basically, we're here with
the NCA Communications Competition.
We're 50 girls, 50 guys.
Top five get to travel to Hawaii.
Me, too, sir. We're coming from
the United Methodist Baptist Church
about 45 miles from here.
We build a little bit
of a traveling distance.
Come here, Star. This is my sister.
- Hi. Hi there.
- Hello.
How are you? Whole family's here, huh?
How you doing? I'm Jake.
I don't wanna take up
too much of your time.
I just wanted to come by, say hello,
sorta give you an introduction
as to who we are.
We're coming from K State,
we're doing a magazine drive,
sort of gain some money for
the new cafeteria we're trying to build.
[MAN] Yeah.
I go to K State, and I haven't heard
about this new cafeteria.
Yeah, there's a new
cafeteria they're building.
They're trying do it altruistically
as opposed to using like student funds.
Trying to sorta see if we can
get it from the community.
It seems like you'd have to
sell a lot to, you know,
actually make enough to build a cafeteria.
Well, here's the thing...
Mmm. Now put your finger right here.
Thanks for keeping it alive for me.
- Where you from?
- We're both from Kansas.
- Where?
- Uh, where are you from?
- I'm sorry. I just... My...
- That's okay.
We just walked through a whole bunch
of pollen coming across the street.
- My eyes...
- Kansas City. It's really pretty.
- All the bridges.
- Yeah, yeah. Kansas City.
You know where Zeke's Barbecue is?
So maybe about three blocks around
Zeke's Barbecue by the coin laundry,
there's an apartment building
there called The Magnolia.
- Yeah, I'm not familiar with it.
- It's a really nice area.
- I love barbecue.
- I do, too.
- Yeah. Does your husband love barbecue?
- Mmm-hmm.
You're not gonna believe this, but
there's an outdoor frontiersman magazine
that basically is all about
paleo diets and outdoor eating,
which is a really nice pick,
um, if you have any interest in that.
Ooh, I got this one now.
Watch this. Don't say anything.
# We gotta keep on dreaming
# We gotta keep on dreaming
# Dream on, dream, baby, dream
# We gotta keep our hearts open
# We gotta keep our hearts open
# We gotta keep our hearts open
# Dream on, dream, baby, dream
- You like that, huh?
# We gotta keep our hearts open
- Is she okay?
- What's that?
- Is she okay?
- Oh, yeah.
You just gotta keep her
in your prayers, darling.
We're coming from the Covenant House.
We're trying to help...
- What's the matter with her?
- ...homeless children.
You got five seconds
of your time to spare?
Oh, I really don't have time right now.
Not even five seconds
for homeless kids, huh?
- I am so sorry.
- You sure?
I'm so sorry. Not right now.
[SIGHS] I'm fucking tired, man.
There's only so many
fucking houses, you know?
Hey, it's not that funny.
Come here. Come here.
Come here. Come here.
That's it.
Over to the left, one, two.
Down, up. Down, up.
One, two.
Three, four.
Now flip and do our shit.
Five, six, seven, eight.
- Your way.
- Hey, Star.
Hey, Krystal wants you. She said now.
- What?
- What you do?
You asked for me?
You know Jake's
one of my top sellers, right?
So how come in the past couple of days
he made less than he ever made
in the past year?
He's training me.
Jake's trained almost everybody on crew.
That ain't stopped him
making money before.
So I wanna know why.
I don't agree with the way he does things.
You don't like the way he does things?
- Mmm.
- The fuck you doing?
- Start with my legs.
- Yep.
So, tell me, what was it that
you don't agree with that Jake does?
The lying.
He ain't lying.
He's selling. That's his job.
I don't get what you want.
You wanna make money or you don't?
- I wanna make money.
- What?
- I wanna make money.
- She just needs more time.
I'm good with the wild ones, you know?
I'm not a fucking cow.
It costs me when you don't earn.
Do you get that?
This shit, the motel, the gas,
everything, that costs me.
And I can't run my business like that.
So you show me you can do it, or I'll
leave you on the side of the road.
Is that a joke?
That's it.
We have business to take care of.
Turn around.
- [QT] Somebody opened their door...
- [KAT] Is this Nebraska?
...trying to let their dog
use the bathroom.
And I seen this bitch, I was like,
"Damn, she's a badass bitch.
I gotta have her."
So this nigga right here... [LAUGHS]
Ran up and snatched this bitch.
- Now she's ours.
- She's our dog now.
Nobody's ever gonna get her back
'cause she's gonna be
the new dog-food dog.
- Hell, yeah. It's our dog now.
- Or I'd kill you.
Hey, do you think I can borrow
your phone real quick?
[STAR] I just got one quick call to make.
Make yourself useful. Hold this.
Who the fuck are you talking to?
- You.
- Okay. I'm sorry.
- I'm fucking talking to you, damn it.
- I'm sorry. I apologize. Damn, chill.
Get another fucking tampon or something.
[SHAUNTE] Suck on that.
Make sure it bubbles good.
No, it needs more water.
Hey, Misty, it's Star.
I was just seeing
how Kelsey and Rubin were.
Just... I'll call you back later.
Just don't call this number,
but I'll hit you back.
- [JJ] That's good.
- [SHAUNTE] Shut up.
Bella don't want it. Listen, dog, you're
gonna be a stoner by the time it's over.
There's no doubt in our minds.
Can we get the dog high?
Oh, shit. [LAUGHS]
We're getting the dog high, Pagan.
[PAGAN] You mad motherfucker.
Bella wants to get blazed.
[JJ] Wait. Is that animal cruelty?
No. By far.
[JJ] Are you okay?
Yeah, I know. Avoiding the question.
Shall I take it?
- Bella?
- We good?
[SHAUNTE] Bella?
- [COREY] Miss Katness.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Where's the rooms?
I'm assuming
they're up there with Krystal.
[COREY] Miss Pagan. Is that me?
[QT] Is there a bar here?
Where's the fucking bar?
Hey! Hey!
# I ain't got no type
# Bad bitches
is the only thing that I like
# Cups with the ice
yeah, we do this every night
# so I spend it how I like
[COREY] Shaunte.
# ...tell you nigga I ain't living right
# I like what I like
Yo, you guys want out here?
Okay, here we go.
You just gonna play
the silent treatment the whole time?
You forgot to wash your hands, Power Boy.
I was actually keeping her
sweet for you, Death Star.
- You ever think of it that way?
- I don't need you to fight my battles.
I'm not fighting. Actually, I was doing
a service if you think about it.
- Yeah, you were.
- Yeah, for you. You need me.
I can do this shit by myself.
I don't need you.
Yeah? You're fucked without me,
you understand? I have insight.
I can teach you this shit.
Without me, you're...
I don't need your help.
I can do this shit on my own.
You wanna do this on your own?
Got you. Do you, then.
I will.
Star. Stop being stubborn. I have insight.
- Hey!
- Where are you going?
To make money.
[JAKE] You don't know how!
What the fuck are you doing?
Is that punk giving you trouble?
[JAKE] Oh, my God.
- What the fuck is this?
- Yeah, he is actually.
- Are you going to the fucking rodeo?
- Hop in.
This is like a fucking TV show.
It's like...
- Thanks.
- [COWBOY 1] You bet.
# Mamas, don't let your babies
# Grow up to be cowboys
# 'Cause they're never alone...
[COWBOY 1] Who is that?
- Some asshole.
- I don't give a shit, Star!
- Really, I don't care.
- Your beau?
No, he's just training me.
[COWBOY 2] Where can we take you, darling?
Anywhere, as long as
it's far away from him.
Where you from?
You don't sound like you're from Oklahoma.
I was born in Texas.
My mom died three years ago,
so I was sent to Oklahoma.
I'm sorry to hear about that. Cancer?
You're a long way from home, huh?
Yeah, I do selling. Door-to-door.
Door-to-door selling? What you selling?
Nothing anyone ever wants to buy.
Try us.
What kind of magazines?
Is it like porn magazines?
Porn, crochet, fishing. Everything.
I'm shit at it, though.
No one ever buys from me.
Well, I tell you what.
We're gonna go burn some steaks,
have some beers.
Why don't you come join us?
We'll buy some of your magazines.
Y'all would do that?
We ain't got nothing better
to spend our time and money on.
All right.
It'll be my first sale.
- [COWBOY 1] I'll get the charcoal.
- Is this your dog?
[COWBOY 2] Have to get that stuff out
of your truck.
- [COWBOY 1] Come on.
- Hi.
[COWBOY 1] This way then.
- This your house?
- Yep.
All right, baby, right this way.
We're gonna go downstairs
and out back to the patio,
fire up the barbecue.
Step right this way. [HUMMING]
Watch your step, now.
These stairs are a little creepy.
All right.
[COWBOY 1] All right.
- You've got a pool?
- [COWBOY 1] Yep.
Towels are right in there in the cupboard.
- You want another beer, honey?
- Have you got something stronger?
Well, I think I might have some mescal.
- What's that?
- Mescal!
That's... That's some kind
of a spooky, powerful drink.
That's... That's kind of a hard liquor.
Women can't normally handle that.
Give me some of that, then.
[COWBOY 2] You want some of that, dear?
Is that what you want?
- Well, all right then.
- I don't know.
It's not like normal liquor, you know.
It's got some other kind of power to it.
Sends you to kind of an ecstatic place.
Come here.
Like... Like ecstasy. Love drug.
[COWBOY 3] Yeah, I drank
a little too much of this...
I got you.
[COWBOY 2] Some kind of hoodoo-doo-doo.
You drink enough of that, you'll bark
like a dog and howl at the moon.
[COWBOY 2] Mescal.
I would like some of this.
[COWBOY 2] You wanna go for a swim?
I don't know how to swim.
Well, you don't really have to swim.
You can stand right there.
Your head'll be above the water.
- Holy shit. [LAUGHING]
- Come on.
That's the best way to learn.
Here you go. There you go.
You're all right. [LAUGHING]
There you go.
That's the best way to learn.
I cannot stand in that.
[COWBOY 3] You're a little wet
behind the ears, aren't you?
- Pour that up.
- Here you go, darling.
[COWBOY 1] You want another one?
Oh, yeah.
- I like a girl with spunk.
- Easy.
- There you go.
- [COWBOY 3] Yee-hah!
[COWBOY 2] That's a hoodoo drink.
I told you, women shouldn't drink that.
That's bad for women to drink.
- Fuck it.
- Hey, hey!
[COWBOY 1] Hey, hey, hey. Careful.
That's a hoodoo drink there, baby.
- Oh!
- Hoodoo, voodoo drink there.
[COWBOY 1] Oh, no.
Careful with that stuff.
Hoodoo voodoo-woo. That's a hooja!
- What the fuck is that?
- [COWBOY 1] That?
That's a worm.
- A worm?
- Yeah, you're supposed to
eat it when the bottle's empty.
Oh, gross.
Well, it's supposed to bring you love.
[COWBOY 2] And luck. [CHUCKLES]
Wait. Is it dead?
Either that or it's real, real drunk.
That's so gross.
[COWBOY 2] Yeah, people like that worm.
[COWBOY 1] Some people says
they have magical properties.
[COWBOY 3] You eat that worm,
you'll go on a trip and not even leave.
[COWBOY 3] Oh, no.
- Oh!
[COWBOY 3] Magical.
That'll wake you up in the morning.
[COWBOY 3] No. Put you to sleep.
[COWBOY 2] I think that's enough.
I told you now, that's a very
powerful kind of a substance there
to be fooling around with.
You're fascinated with
that worm, aren't you?
You thinking you might
wanna eat that worm?
No, she ain't woman enough to eat that.
Put the bottle away.
- [COWBOY 1] It's not for women.
- [COWBOY 3] No.
And especially not for little girls.
Well, then, let me eat the worm.
- [COWBOY 2] Let you eat the worm?
- I got this.
You wanna eat that worm?
We'll buy five of your magazines
if you wanna eat that worm.
Go ahead, eat the worm.
We'll buy five of your magazines
right now at the table.
That's my proposition for you, right now.
[COWBOY 1] I'm in.
You know they're like
40 bucks each, right?
[COWBOY 2] Yeah.
Boys, put your money on the table.
That's $120 apiece.
[COWBOY 3] I only got $60.
[COWBOY 1] Don't worry about it.
I'll put in for you.
You should. I bought the steaks.
[COWBOY 2] Here we go.
[COWBOY 3] Yeah, you got me
in trouble with my wife.
[COWBOY 2] There you go. Done deal.
Take it easy. Just take it easy.
[COWBOY 1] Money blowing everywhere.
- Let me go get my pad case.
- [COWBOY 1] Okay.
[COWBOY 2] Get her a towel. [STAMMERING]
What you got there?
I need your name and your address.
[COWBOY 3] Name, address, phone number.
You want our blood type too?
[COWBOY 2] I need my glasses.
[COWBOY 3] Put my name at your address
being as I spend more time at your house.
[COWBOY 2] Forms.
I don't believe in that protocol.
Y'all are serious, right?
- [COWBOY 3] A deal's a deal.
- [COWBOY 1] Yep.
- And we are men of our word.
- [COWBOY 3] That's right.
- [COWBOY 1] Uno, dos, tres.
- Okay, little guy, I'm sorry.
- [COWBOY 3] Oh, there it goes!
- [COWBOY 1] There it goes.
- [COWBOY 3] Well done.
- [COWBOY 2] Waggy-daggy!
[COWBOY 3] There you go. Yay!
- All right.
- Pow!
[COWBOY 3] Well done. Well done.
- [COWBOY 2] Hey, hey, hey.
- [COWBOY 1] Careful.
- [COWBOY 2] You all right?
- A deal's a deal.
- I get the money, right?
- [COWBOY 3] Yes, ma'am.
- It's all yours.
- It's all yours.
You're gonna start
hallucinating here in a minute.
I've never seen this much money before.
See? We told you it'd bring you luck.
What was that? Was that your dog?
[COWBOY 1] Was it like a... I don't know.
He ain't never done that before.
[COWBOY 1] You're kind of
a crazy one, aren't you?
It sounds like a wolf.
[JAKE] It's a party!
It's a party! It's a party!
- It's Jake.
- Are you a wolf?
- Where's your jacket at?
I don't have it.
Wow! Hey, can I party too?
Come on, come on. You got towels?
Let's get in the pool.
- Get in the fucking pool.
- Whoa! Hey!
Jake, what are you doing?
- Hey, wait a second.
- Back up. Back up.
Calm down. They've been nice.
Drop in the fucking pool.
They've been nice.
Get in the fucking pool.
Get in the fucking pool.
- In the fucking pool.
- What are you doing? Jake.
Now. Now. Get in the fucking pool now!
[COWBOY 2] Hey, you,
that's a very expensive proposition.
- Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up.
- I'm sorry.
Back up, back up, back up.
Get the keys. Get the money.
- Get the money. Get the keys. Move.
- Okay. They were nice to me.
Grab your shit. Where's your jacket?
I don't have it.
How the fuck you don't know? Move.
Hey, get the fuck, fuck... Move.
- What are you doing?
Car, car, car. Come on, come on.
Jump in the car.
- What are we doing?
- Jump in the car. Jump in the car.
- You in?
- Yeah.
How much you make?
About 400.
Wow. $400.
Did you let them touch you?
- Are you kidding me?
- No.
It was a sale.
I got the receipts to prove it.
It's $400.
$400. I made real cash. All signed.
- And they paid you in cash also?
- Yeah.
And you didn't do nothing?
I'm gonna fucking tell the world.
Four hundred fucking bucks!
Whoa, I feel like I'm fucking America.
- You know what I mean?
- Yeah.
You came looking for me.
Can I come?
I'm gonna come.
Can I come?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Huh?
- Hey.
- Hmm.
- Are you awake?
- Mmm-hmm.
You make a good wolf.
When I was younger,
like when I was eight or something...
- Mmm-hmm.
- ...nine, eight, nine,
my dad used to drop me off
at his old man's house in Bear Valley.
It's Tehachapi,
it's like the hills of Bakersfield,
and they got all these woods up there.
And he used to just let me free,
just let me roam, you know.
He taught me that wolf noise in case
I ever got lost or got into shit,
you know, I'd just do the noise.
How could he tell
if it was you or a real wolf?
'Cause there's no real wolves up there.
- So you were the only wolf.
- Mmm-hmm.
Losers' Night.
Come on.
Let me get the money.
- My sales?
- Just give it to me.
Krystal's gonna be pissed
'cause we missed the pick-up.
So I just need something to grease
the wheels, like a peace offering.
But I did the sale.
It's my money. I've got it.
- No. We did the sales.
- No, I did the sale.
Can we not argue?
Can you just give it to me?
Do you wanna be on the mag crew?
You gotta listen to me.
Just give it to me.
We missed the pick-up.
We gotta do something.
Just give it to me.
Can I have the slips, too?
You don't have to give me attitude.
You gotta listen to me. Just listen to me.
Don't fight me right now.
And this relationship thing
with me and you?
It's not happening, you know.
What do you mean?
I mean, we just can't talk
about it 'cause it's, um...
She's got this thing. She says, you know,
love is bad for business.
So there's no relationships
in the mag crew.
It's just her thing. Just go with it.
- But what about you and her?
- Just go with it.
Did you hear me?
# I'm figgedy, figgedy fucked up!
Jake, what about you and her?
Why the fuck is that bitch
wearing your jacket?
- 'Cause I was hot.
- 'Cause what?
- 'Cause I was hot.
- 'Cause you was hot?
Can I give you this money?
We did really well today.
Here's the cash.
And here's these three slips.
She made that by herself?
[CHANTING] Fight, fight, fight!
D-O-G! Come on!
Hey, bitch.
Get up. Come on.
[CHANTING] Fight, fight, fight!
- Think I won't fight a girl?
- I don't wanna fight you.
- I just wanna kiss the winner.
- You wanna kiss the winner?
- Fuck yeah?
- Holy shit.
Hey, Billy.
We're going on to the oil town
to find somewhere to stay,
but I'll text you when it's good to come.
All right.
And work all the
truck stops up on the way.
- You ain't got none in your pocket.
- [KRYSTAL] Star.
I'm watching you, country girl,
and you're starting to get on my nerves.
So your training's done now.
You fuck up this week,
I'm gonna leave you in the plains
with the mountain lions.
You think that's a joke? Jake, tell her.
It happens. In Nevada, left a girl
in the desert with nothing.
It just happened before you came.
East Texas, gas station.
No food, no water,
no money, no shoes, no shit.
So don't fuck me off.
Thank you. Everybody good? Are you good?
[KAT] Ow! My fucking toe!
[RUNT] Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, Pagan!
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
Happy birthday!
[ALL SINGING] # Happy birthday to you
# Happy birthday to you
# Happy birthday, dear Pagan
# Happy birthday to you #
- Hell, yeah!
[BOY] Come on, now,
get your ass in the car. Let's go.
[QT] Come on, Runt, let's get gone!
I dedicate this to Pagan for her birthday.
# With a hole in my head
# I looked for you
# Through the trenches of war
# The whole world through
# My desire to leave with you
# I just can't constrain
# I regret everything
# I've done so far
# When the pillars of love
Hey, Pagan. For your birthday.
# I stumble through the rubble
# And decay
# When I'm terrified, I close my eyes
# When I'm sad and blue, I choose to fight
# Heartbreak can only take you to #
[JJ] This place sucks, man.
[MAN] Yeah, it does. Middle of nowhere.
[JJ] It's fuckin...
it's hot as shit out here.
What about your city and shit?
[MAN] Uh, 323 West 8th Street.
[JJ] And... phone number?
- You need my phone number?
- Yeah, well, no...
I mean, hey, I could use it.
I could use it, you know. Shit.
[MAN] I think the address will work.
- Yeah, okay.
- All right.
[JJ] Let me see how much we owe here.
Give me 20 bucks, man.
- [MAN] Twenty bucks?
- [JJ] We take donations, too.
You can help us out with the,
you know, the gay club fee and shit.
Shit, them bitches are expensive.
Hell, yeah.
- Here you go.
- I appreciate it, man.
Heya. He bought that shit, girl.
Shit. Hey!
Hey, can I ask you something?
You kids selling something?
Yeah, magazines.
I don't do magazines. Sorry.
Well, you don't have to read 'em.
You can use 'em to wipe your ass.
Hey, mister? Excuse me.
Do you have about five minutes?
Sure. What can I do for you?
Um, okay, so I'm selling magazines,
you know, like subscriptions and stuff.
Do you by any chance read those?
- I do. I like my magazines.
- Yeah? That's awesome.
That's actually really, really awesome.
Okay, um, so I have
a bunch of truck magazines.
It's like $35 for one year
and for two years, like 60 bucks,
and the more you buy 'em, the more
years you do, it just keeps going down.
Will it take long?
I'm running a little bit late.
I've got a drop up the road.
I know this one.
- The Boss. I love The Boss.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
# Dream, baby, dream
# Dream, baby, dream
# Come on and dream, baby, dream
# Come on and dream, baby, dream
# We gotta keep the light burning
# Come on, we gotta keep the light burning
# Come on and dream, baby, dream
# We gotta keep the fire burning
# Come on, we gotta keep the fire burning
# Come on and dream, baby, dream
[STAR] Is that your family?
That's my daughter.
She got married last year.
I gave her away.
That's sweet.
# Come on and open up your hearts
# Come on dream on, dream, baby, dream #
Are these your magazines?
Yeah, I read 'em from time to time.
I got boat magazines.
Just like those. I got some right there.
I know I got more.
And I got these ones, look.
No, I love boats.
You got a boat?
- Never even been to the ocean.
- Me neither.
I know it's crazy, but one day.
It's my dream.
How about you? What's your dream?
- No one's ever asked me that before.
- Well, somebody has now.
I wanna have my own place,
and my own trailer.
You know, somewhere with lots of trees,
like real big ones.
And lots of kids.
Well, you'll need a big trailer.
How much for these two?
- You're gonna get both of 'em?
- I figure I will.
Bye. Thank you.
[GASPS] Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!
Be happy for once.
- She's happy all the time.
- No, she's not.
She's only happy when her dude's around.
- Who's her dude?
- I don't have a dude.
Let me know who the fuck her dude is.
You don't know who the fuck her dude is?
- Let me know. Jake?
- I don't have a dude.
Yeah, she doesn't have a fucking dude.
Yeah, she does. She's...
She's fucking whipped.
Are you whipped?
Wow. That water's really dirty.
[MAN ON RADIO] Gary on the line.
Gary, you went out with Tonya.
Tell us a little bit about the date,
how it went and what's going on.
Well, you know what,
thanks for having me on.
I thought it went really well.
Uh, you know, it seemed like
everything was going right.
We had a nice dinner, we danced...
[JJ] There's just some fast money.
Let's go rob the oil thingy.
Hell, yeah, you can.
I really wish I could meet the
motherfucker that invented selling dirt.
[COREY] Everybody looks
rich as fuck around here.
- [AUSTIN] They got big-ass nice trucks.
- [KALIUM] So much oil around here.
[SEAN] I know, right?
[JJ] Y'all, this little town
looks sketchy as shit.
There's a lot of fucking
redneck trucks here.
I don't know if I'm gonna be
able to sell here. I'll get shot.
No, dude. I heard this story, right,
and in Montana, these two meth-heads
grabbed this woman,
killed her, raped her,
and then drove to this town
and bought a shovel at Walmart,
buried her in this town,
and then returned the shovel at Walmart.
- Yes, yes, yes. Now.
- Oh, shit.
[KALIUM] That's some fucking whack shit.
- Now, Star, are you gonna walk alone?
- It felt a little dangerous...
[QT] Where are we even staying?
This is the middle of nowhere.
- [PAGAN] We got a house?
- Here you go.
[KAT] My God. We got us a fucking house.
[GIRL] Here we are!
- [BOY] Y'all, get out my fucking...
- [JJ] Bullshit.
- Shit.
- Yo, this place is dope!
[RUNT] I'll be able
to look at the stars tonight.
I bet you it's awesome at night.
- [COREY] This place is big as fuck.
- [QT] This is dope as fuck!
[COREY] Where the fuck did Jake just go?
[QT] What the fuck?
[BOY] Yo! The bathroom's sick too.
[RUNT] I'm sleeping outside!
[COREY] And we got a kitchen!
[KAT] We can have home-cooked meals.
- [COREY] There's a symbol on the wall.
- [KAT] Oh, look at that wall.
You got water to wash your dishes.
- [COREY] Are we picking rooms?
- [QT] No more catfish.
I hated that fish, nigga.
[COREY] Are we picking bedrooms?
Look. I already got a sign on my door.
[COREY] All right, this is my room.
All right, me and Kal got this room.
[BOY] Yeah, I want that one.
[KAT] This one's my room.
That's my room. Yeah?
Where's the necklace I gave you?
I gave it to Pagan for her birthday.
You gave it to Pagan? You always do that?
You always give presents away?
You don't keep 'em?
- New boots?
- Mmm-hmm. Present.
Sun-tan duty present?
I do other shit than sun-tan, you know.
This is like the most
expensive rent in the fucking country,
and you're staying in a free house.
That's on me.
Good job. Real proud of you.
- Fuck off.
- You fuck off.
Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait.
- Wait.
- I can't stop.
- Do you mind?
- No.
- That feels good.
- Okay?
Yeah. Please.
Oh, fuck.
Right there. Right there. Oh, yeah.
Oh, fuck.
Do you have any dreams?
Dreams? Like future dreams?
Nobody's ever asked me that.
I mean, I collect...
I got a secret thing I'll show you.
What is it?
It's just better if I show you.
to say it. I'll just show you.
[WHISPERS] Wake up.
[GASPS] Stop.
[AUSTIN] Fuck, man.
Shut the fuck up, man.
I'm trying to fucking sleep.
- What?
- It's later.
You said you'd show me later.
- What?
- You said later.
- All right.
I don't show nobody this.
So, my dream.
Here is... dream.
I've been collecting this for two years.
- It's like treasure.
- It is treasure.
All this stuff is from the houses?
Mmm-hmm. Yeah.
You think they're gonna miss
any of this stuff?
- Who?
- The people.
I don't know.
How is this your dream, though?
Well, that's not the dream,
but that buys the dream.
I just wanna get, like,
my own spot somewhere in the woods
and just fucking...
Just stay small, you know.
Like a little duplex or something.
Like the 40 acres and a mule, you know?
Just some piece of land
in the woods somewhere.
This is a lot, though.
It's gonna be enough.
Not quite. I need a couple
more thousand probably.
- Did you hear that?
This is so fucking crazy.
- Whoa.
See? You're not the only wolf.
- [JJ] Fucking pizza.
- [KAT] Fuck you, pizza.
[KALIUM] Where's that pepperoni?
- [QT] What up, Krystal?
- [KRYSTAL] What up, QT?
What's happening? What's up?
- I got presents and I got you pizza.
- You got some presents? Okay.
Okay, so this town has got people
from all over the country
and it's filled with fucking oil.
- So what does that mean?
- [ALL] Money.
# Money, money, money
[KRYSTAL] It means these people
are making a shit load of money.
And how does that make people feel when
- they make that kind of cash?
- [QT] Amazing!
- [JJ] Makes me wanna cream my jeans.
- No, it makes them feel like shit.
- [QT] Yeah.
- It makes them feel guilty.
So I want y'all to dress
like dirty white trash,
and then they'll pity you.
- [JJ] Dirty white trash.
- [SEAN] Like we're not trashy enough.
[AUSTIN] Can I be clean white trash?
[KRYSTAL] Oh, no, that's the boys' bag.
- Pagan.
- It's a shirt.
- [KRYSTAL] No, that's a dress.
That's what you wear. That's for Shaunte.
That's a dress.
Yeah, you don't wear
underwear with that too.
So the men here work 17 hours a day,
so there are some lonely ladies here.
So I'm gonna drop all the boys off here.
- Jake.
- Yeah.
[KRYSTAL] Billy, y'all get out here.
[JJ] Make that money, honey.
[SHAUNTE] Look at that mama with her baby.
Kalium, there's a bee. There's a bee.
[QT] Put some fucking shoes on.
Put some damn shoes on.
Hey, why are you dressed like that?
- [MUFFLED] You dressed me like this.
- No, I didn't.
[MUFFLED] Yes, you did.
Y'all are gonna make hella money today.
I'm taking you out to the oil fields.
These guys make
like a hundred grand a year.
[QT] Shit got real.
They're away from home,
- there's no ladies...
- Ooh!
[QT] Butter 'em up, baby. Butter 'em up!
- It's gonna pump you up.
- [KAT] It's gonna pump me up?
I love getting pumped up.
[KRYSTAL] So get 'em
before they get off to work.
[QT] Let's do that shit.
Long day selling magazines, huh, Bella?
Check out this song I got for you.
- Hey!
Check it. Let's go. Let's pump it up!
[CHANTING] Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
[SINGING] # Yellow diamonds in the light
# Now we're standing side by side
# As your shadow crosses mine
# What it takes to come alive
# It's the way I'm feeling
I just can't deny
# But I've gotta let it go
# We found love in a hopeless place
# We found love in a hopeless place #
Yeah, QT.
[CHANTING] Hey, hey, hey, hey!
[MAN 1] Whoo-hoo!
[MAN 2] Oh, yeah!
- Thank you.
- Whoo!
[MAN 3] Shake it!
What's up, ladies?
You girls prostitutes or what?
The fuck? Do we look like prostitutes?
- I mean, kinda, yeah. Sorry.
- Ooh!
Actually, we're sales
associates and we work hard.
- [MAN 5] Okay, okay. Well...
- [MAN 6] What are you selling?
- I sell magazines.
- [MAN 7] The bus is here.
[MAN 6] You gotta make your money somehow.
- I respect that.
[MAN 5] Good luck, sales associates.
Can I get you to go for me?
[MAN 6] It's okay. All right.
How about, er... I gotta go to work.
How about you give me your phone number?
- Go get some drinks?
- How about a kiss?
[MAN 6] A kiss? Already? Damn.
You called me a prostitute.
- Do you like prostitutes?
- [MAN 6] I love prostitutes.
Well, put your sunglasses
on top of your head.
- [MAN 6] Not right now.
- Are you sure?
[MAN 6] Yeah, I'm all right.
I gotta get to work. Thank you.
- It's free.
- [MAN 6] I know it is.
All right, then.
- [MAN 5] Come on, let's go.
- Ask for five minutes.
[MAN 6] You're not gonna find
many good guys here.
I didn't say I was looking for men.
- Hey, wait!
- Whoa.
I wanna see the oil field.
Do you think I could ride with y'all?
- What do y'all think?
- Yeah.
Climb up in.
Y'all are good.
[GIRL] Star!
What the fuck?
Where you going?
So you're all rich?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we're filthy rich.
Hell, everyone working
the oil field's rich.
If you're all so damn filthy rich,
y'all can buy some of my magazines.
So you hopped in the bed of this truck
to sell us fucking magazines?
- Basically.
- What kind of bullshit is that?
- You make money selling that shit?
- I got a shit-ton of titles.
What kind of titles are
we talking about? Playboy?
- Well, anything you like.
- You like boats, deer?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
I'll give you $500
to hang out with me tonight.
- Yeah.
- Oh, hell.
- $500?
- Coming on strong.
- That's exactly what I said.
- Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.
How about a grand?
For a grand, I'll do it.
A thousand dollars? I can get that.
- When?
- We get off work around 10:00 tonight.
- [MAN 1] He's a dog. [LAUGHS]
- [MAN 2] I got it.
- I definitely got it.
- [MAN 1] All right.
You actually came.
Get on in.
I brought some wine for you.
I figured all girls like wine.
Yeah, thanks.
- Cheers.
- So where are we going?
- It's a surprise.
I think you'll really like it.
Especially for you.
This is a good deal, isn't it?
There are a lot of guys
that would get you drunk
and take advantage of you anyways.
Can you play with me a little bit?
This is a nice truck.
What's funny?
You're sitting there talking about
my truck while you're stroking my cock.
Well, it's a nice truck.
Yeah. Kinda turns me on.
Am I doing this right?
Can I ask you to do me a favor?
- Since I am paying for this.
- Okay.
Could you be quiet?
Okay, I'll shut up.
How long do you think you need?
For fuck's sake.
Can we try something else?
Can you take your panties off?
Turn and face me.
Open your legs.
You can pull over right here.
Don't I get a kiss good night?
- What the fuck are you doing?
- [JAKE] 071, motherfucker.
[MAN] Get the fuck off!
[JAKE] Fuck you, dog!
Star, stop. It's fucking me. Stop.
[JAKE] You okay?
You missed your pick-up.
I got stuck in town.
You got stuck in town?
Yeah, who was the Jones in the truck?
He just dropped me off.
You fucked him?
- [SIGHS] Did you fuck him?
- No.
[SIGHS] Did you fuck him, Star?
Look at me.
- What did you do?
- Look at me.
Did you fuck him?
- Star...
- [WHISPERING] No, I didn't.
I got his money.
I thought we could maybe get a trailer
in the woods together.
Don't fucking move. Just stop.
Just tell me.
I just thought
maybe we could leave together.
What do you care? You fuck Krystal anyway.
Fuck, man!
You fucked him.
You fucked him.
You fucked him!
[QT] Fuck, Star, you all right?
[GIRL] Bella.
- [SHAUNTE] Bella, come here, baby.
- [QT] Hey, everybody, let's go!
[BOY] Go!
Move that ass, come on.
Come on, Drema.
Shit, we ain't got all day.
What you just standing there for?
[BOY] Hey, Star, hurry up!
We need to pack up!
[PAGAN] I liked that house. Bye, house.
- Hey, what's your name?
- Drema.
Drema, I'm Star.
[DREMA] It's so cute.
Hey, yeah. Put it on Drema. [LAUGHS]
It's got really big eyes.
[JJ] I got the munchies.
Twelve miles.
[BOY] Are we there yet?
[RUNT] Hey, yo, what's this place called?
- [COREY] Rapid City.
- [QT] We're in Rapid City, bro.
[RUNT] Hey, do they got,
like, white water rapids?
[QT] No, they got Krystal's family here.
She grew up here and shit.
- [COREY] There's Taco Bell!
- [ALL] Taco Bell!
[BOY 1] I've been looking for Taco Bell.
[BOY 2] Fuck you, Burger King.
- [KALIUM] Bro, that's a skate spot.
- [RUNT] I found my smoke shop.
[RILEY] Cheap smokes, vapor,
e-cigs, hookahs.
[JJ] No, I don't wanna
eat in there. It's stupid.
[COREY] I bet Jake's
waiting for us at the hotel.
[BOY] He never ran off before.
About goddamn time.
# Bitch, you guessed it
# Whoo!
- Let's do this.
- [COREY] Get our bags. Get our bags.
- [JJ] Somebody grab my bag.
- [KALIUM] Fuck this van!
[JJ] Y'all grab my bag. I'm not doing it.
- QT!
- Yes, ma'am!
- [SHAUNTE] Come on, Bella.
- [AUSTIN] What up?
[SLURRING] I got three rooms.
You deal with this shit, 'cause I can't.
- All right, I got you.
- Star, I gotta talk to you.
Hey, guys, we got three rooms.
Two for the boys, one for the girls.
23, 36...
- [JJ] Bam! 36.
- ...12.
[PAGAN] We're 12?
You think you're special.
You know, I pay Jake... girl-money.
A hundred dollars
every time he finds a girl.
Where you think Drema came from?
And he fucks all of them, too.
Y'all don't mean nothing to him.
I've been trying to think
if I should keep you or not.
Did you make any money in Williston?
Yeah, I did, but I ain't got
the slips for you.
That's cool. Just give me the money
and give me the slips later.
Did you think that was Jake?
That's Bill.
- Bill, that's Star.
- Hey, Star.
And that's Frank.
Jake's gone.
I told him he can't come back again.
[KRYSTAL] Hey, so this is all... Hey!
- [COREY] Krystal's fucking talking.
- [BILLY] Yo, everybody.
[KRYSTAL] So this is all poor people.
I've got family from here.
It's just poor people like y'all,
so they'll pity you because
you're just like them.
- [AUSTIN] Got you. Got you.
- [KRYSTAL] So just act normal.
- Have normal conversations.
- [BOY] Yes, ma'am.
I'll pick y'all up here at 8:00. Okay?
- [QT] Right here?
- [KRYSTAL] Right here.
- Yeah.
- All right.
Good enough.
# I said, one, two, three, four, five
# This crew don't take no jibe
# Six, seven, eight, nine, ten
# Let's back it up and do it again
- # Say I...
- # Hey-o!
- # Got money
- # Got dough
# I said, shit, goddamn
get off your ass and slam
[CHANTING] 071, 071, 071!
[QT] Hey, let's get that money, crew!
# It's all about the money
# Money, money
[KRYSTAL] Yeah, try getting money from
these motherfuckers, see what happens.
Hey, is you guys' dad home?
- No.
- What about your mom?
Our mom...
- Hello.
- Hey.
- Is that your favorite band?
- No. Come in.
Come in?
My favorite band is Dead Kennedys.
And their best song is "I Kill Children."
Know it?
Have you heard "I Kill Children?"
No. How does it go?
It goes...
# I kill children, I wanna see them die
# I kill children to make their mamas cry
That's good.
What are you looking for?
- Candy.
- Candy? I don't got any candy.
I'm sorry.
- You wanna see that?
- What that? Spider-Man?
Yeah, Spider-Man. Do you want it?
Okay. I'll put it on your shirt.
- Pin it right here.
- Okay.
On your shirt.
My mom's sleeping.
Uh, what about your dad? Where is he at?
He's in Omaha.
You guys think I could have
something to drink?
We have Mountain Dew.
- That works.
- All right.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
- I should probably get going.
- Wait.
Can I sing you the rest of the song?
Yeah, go for it.
# I kill children, I wanna see 'em die!
# I kill children to make their mamas cry
# Crush 'em under my car
I wanna hear them scream
# Poison their Halloween candy
to ruin their Halloween #
- That's awesome.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'm gonna go to my room and play.
[BOY] Oh, yeah!
- [QT] Finally the bus is here.
- [DREMA] Is that a wild dog?
- [BOY] I'm just high...
- Get some decent air conditioning.
- [QT] She's sweating her ass off, too.
[KAT] I'll just take
a picture of you guys.
I would not wanna have dreads right now.
I couldn't even fucking sell.
It's too hot.
- Like this.
- [BOY] How much'd you make?
[COREY] I didn't make shit.
[BOY] You didn't make nothing?
- Take me from behind.
- Get away!
I'm like, "Where do you think
you're going, bitch?"
[SEAN] She's like, "Yeah! Yeah!"
Jake's in the van.
Where the fuck you been?
Yeah, where the fuck you been, bro?
- Hey, let's go.
- Running off like that.
# She grew up
# On the side of the road
# Where the church bells ring
and strong love grows
# She grew up good, she grew up slow
# Like American honey
# Steady as a preacher, free as a weed
# Couldn't wait to get going
# But wasn't quite ready to leave
# So innocent, pure and sweet
# American honey
# There's a wild, wild whisper
blowin' in the wind
# Callin' out my name
like a long-lost friend
# Oh, I miss those days as the years go by
# Oh, nothin' sweeter than summertime
# And American honey
# Get caught in the race
of this crazy life
# Tryin' to be everything
can make you lose your mind
# I just wanna go back in time
# To American honey
# There's a wild, wild whisper
blowin' in the wind
# Callin' out my name
like a long-lost friend
# Oh, I miss those days as the years go by
# Oh, nothing sweeter than summertime
# And American honey
# Gone for so long now
# I gotta get back to her somehow
# And American honey
# And American honey #
[JAKE] Hey, Krystal, where's the music?
[COREY] Let's go. Let's go.
I singed my goddamn eyebrows, bro.