American Illuminati (2017) Movie Script

(eerie ringing)
(energetic music)
- [Narrator] This is the tale,
how the Illuminati
invaded and took control
of the United States of America.
(haunting tense music)
This is the real
history of America,
as you've never seen before.
(haunting tense music)
Using new evidence, we will
reveal how this massive,
secret organization
infiltrated the
religious groups,
political parties,
universities and corporations.
(haunting tense music)
How they placed
their own people in
positions of power
and authority.
How they manipulated
the minds of the masses,
and hid it all from view.
This group embraces what
is known as the esoteric,
the so-called spiritual truth
hidden from the rest of us.
Over a vast period of time,
this secretive organization,
turned slowly to the dark
side of these esoteric truths,
and utilized them for
power and control.
(haunting tense music)
They take their orders from
the international
secret Council of Nine.
They are collectively called
the Confederation of Initiates.
They are under the strict
control of their masters,
and to oppose them means
punishment worse than death.
(haunting tense music)
It has been this way
for thousands of years,
and they are working
slowly, but surely,
towards their ultimate goal
of a one world government,
with the nine in control.
(haunting tense music)
In this film, we reveal
their plans and schemes.
We show how the so-called
Land of the Free,
is not free at all, how
it is under the yolk of
a very large, very powerful
and very secret organization.
(haunting tense music)
This is the
Illuminati of America.
(haunting tense music)
In 1932, the international
secret Council of Nine,
who direct the Confederation
of Initiates of Illuminati,
issued the following,
highly secret statement,
to the Order of
the Rosicrucians.
This is the new dispensation.
Under the work of the spiritual
and mystical fraternities
must be re-established
throughout the world,
so that all peoples
may be taught the law,
and thereby enabled to apply it
towards universal improvement.
As the only means
of saving mankind,
we, the Council of Nine, have
selected your organization,
as one of the oldest in
America, to help do this work.
(haunting tense music)
This must be brought
about in such a manner,
that there can be no question
of personal self interest.
May we suggest that you
select as your method,
that of the pre-Christian
Essenian order,
in which Jesus was trained.
Accepting in good faith
all students who apply,
on an absolutely
free-will basis,
instructing them in
the ancient manner,
and permitting these
students to compensate you
on an exchange basis.
The man who wrote these words
was the Comte de Saint Vincent,
the Master of the
Council of Nine.
(haunting tense music)
This small section reveals
a great many things.
Firstly, that the order of
the Rosicrucians did indeed
come under the rule
of the Illuminati.
(haunting tense music)
The Rosicrucians
were and still are
a mystical, secretive
order, originating
in a completely
false origin story,
from the equally
false originator,
Christian Rosenkreutz.
(tense music)
It was in fact, an
organization created by
the Illuminati, to gather
in believers and initiates.
(energetic music)
It worked beautifully, and
spread throughout the world,
and then spawned yet further
secret orders of its own.
This indeed, is how
the web is created,
and the real origin long
forgotten, and hidden.
(eerie tense music)
Secondly, the text reveals
that the Rosicrucians
were in fact much older,
and the oldest in the USA.
(tense music)
Thirdly, they were to use the
old methods from the Essene.
These were the
gnostic Jews who wrote
all the new testament
and all the text that
didn't make it into the Bible.
The Dead Sea Scrolls were
written by these mystics.
(eerie tense music)
They themselves have
their own origins
in the much older Egyptian,
Syrian and Eastern courts.
It stretches back many
thousands of years.
(tense music)
Fourthly, they were not
this time to be too choosy
who they allowed to join.
This implies that
they used to be,
and indeed that is the truth.
Now, with the advent of
the second wave of the
world-wide revolution
about to begin,
with the second world war,
all were to be
accepted into the fold,
for the great work
to get underway.
(dramatic music)
- [Narrator] Six years
of hard training and
actual battle experience
in Spain and Poland
had made the German
Army look invincible.
(screechy violin music)
- This was, and is a group
that has spread throughout the
world and have been involved
in most of the big revolutions
that have occurred,
including the French and
American revolutions.
(anxious music)
Doctor Randolph was a man
who investigated the order
at the time this
text was written.
He stated, "Many,
though by no means all,
"the alchemists and
Hermetic philosophers
"were acolytes of the
vast secret brotherhood,
"which has thrived
from the earliest ages.
"The members of
this mystic union
"were the magi of old,
"who flourished in
Chaldea ages before.
"They were the original
people of Sumer.
"They were the men who founded
the Semitic civilizations.
"Of this great brotherhood
sprung Brahman, Buddha,
"Loa-Tze, Zoroaster, the
gnostics, the Essene.
"And Jesus, who was
himself an Essene,
"preached the sacred doctrine
of the fountain of light.
(tense music)
"This fountain of light
is the illumination,
"the inner enlightenment to
the reality of existence,
"and from where the term
Illuminati is derived."
(tense music)
He continues.
"They were the men
who first discovered
"the significance of fire,
"the transcendent light
now illuminates the world,
"comes from the torches
which they lighted
"at the fountain when
all light streameth
"upon that mystic
mountain of initiation.
"There is nothing
original in thaumaturgy,
"theology, philosophy,
psychology, and ontology,
"but they gave it to the world."
(pleasant music)
Doctor Randolph here
reveals the full extent
of the Illuminati,
that they are secret,
spread throughout the
world, originated religions,
and saw their origin in the
illumination of the mind,
from philosophy to psychology.
(pleasant music)
They therefore believed
they had the right
to rule the world, and
over time they used
their knowledge to force
and manipulate their control
over those who refused
to see the light.
(pleasant music)
They were right,
everybody else was wrong,
and their own
doctrine stated such,
and gave them the right,
power, and knowledge,
to manipulate man.
(pleasant music)
The Rosicrucians are
illumines of the oldest stock,
and were spreading far and
wide across the United States.
They give the following
explanation of their
fire, or light,
the thing which gives rise
to the name Illuminati.
There is in nature
one most potent force,
by means of which a single
person who would possess
himself of it, and
know how to direct it,
could revolutionize the
whole face of the world.
This force was known
to the ancients,
and its secret is
possessed by the
secret schools of
the present day.
It is a universal agent,
whose supreme law is
equilibrium, and whereby,
if science can but
learn how to control it,
it will be possible
to send a thought,
in an instant, around the world,
to heal, or slay, at a distance,
to give our words
universal success,
and to make them
reverberate everywhere.
(eerie anxious music)
Strong beliefs indeed.
And yet, we must also
realize these people
often speak in parables.
They don't always
mean what they say.
(tense music)
They taught that all the
scriptures of all religions
were parables, and hid
the secret doctrine.
The truth of the
scriptures to them,
is that there was
not just one Christ,
but all are capable of
being the light on earth,
all have the hidden
Christ within,
a belief that runs counter
to the established church,
and was therefore hidden.
(serene music)
These teachings are in
fact spread across all
of the secret societies,
for all are linked
under the web of the Illuminati,
all were created directly,
or indirectly by them.
(serene music)
In 1905 one such order
was created in the USA,
by a Doctor Julia Seaton, and
was called the Modern Church.
Its purpose was to prepare
the minds of the people
for the new
civilization to come.
She stated, "The Illuminati
school is the modern school
"of higher psychology
and mysticism,
"where ancient and occult
wisdom is revealed.
"It teaches new methods
of social, ethical,
"industrial, religious,
"and national liberty."
(serene music)
Here is revealed
their belief again,
that they are higher,
and therefore above all.
They will teach the rest
of us about their ways,
because obviously
we need to know.
(pleasant music)
Because they believed God,
or the universal life force,
was speaking through
them, they believe
that everybody else was wrong.
They used their substantial
wealth, and power
to spread these doctrines,
and it was heard.
(serene music)
They called mankind
to join them.
Anybody who did not, was
obviously not listening
to the voice of the
universal spirit within them.
Those who heard the
call, and joined,
were chosen, special.
Similar doctrines
we would hear again,
at the dawn of the
second world war.
(speaking foreign language)
- [Announcer] Delirious madness
possessed the German nation.
- [Narrator] Man, they
said, was not part of God,
nor a creation of God, but
the universal intelligence
or cosmic spirit itself.
(pleasant music)
The purpose of this
system was simple.
It was to take away the
individualism of the follower.
(pleasant music)
He was to listen only
to the cosmic spirit,
and not his own reason.
Through the various initiations,
members of these cults
are washed clean of their own
mind, and given a new one.
They are broken and rebuilt.
This is a very old method
of creating an army.
Their new civilization was
not to be one of light at all,
it was to be one of the
master and blind servant.
(anxious music)
Confuse, and then make clear.
Befuddle, and bemuse, and
then explain in simple terms.
These are the methods
of forcing the initiate
to believe he has
become enlightened.
(anxious music)
By 1925, a new messiah was
launched upon the Americans.
He was a Russian, by the
name of Nicholas Roerich,
a painter, philosopher,
and supposed scientist.
In Russia he had
achieved greatness,
and was adored by many.
He was then invited to the USA.
In 1922, he established the
Corona Mundi, the Core Earth.
He started to teach his
ideology of the new era,
another name for the new world
order, the new civilization,
but the same old story.
(poignant music)
He became so popular,
that his teaching spread
outwards around the world.
He taught the same old things,
that the willpower within
is the divine essence,
and is the answer to all.
It was, he said, "The
creed of a new era,
"of mighty approaching
energies and possibilities."
(relaxing music)
The sheep listened,
and followed yet again.
"The new world," he said,
"would be created by the fire,
"the light within us
all, joining together,
"and allowing the illuminated
to dominate the world,
"and bring peace."
(pleasant music)
Any who did not listen,
were simply negatives.
The world would be
dominated by the Illuminati.
This Russian was
just another mystic
shouting about the
so-called truth.
No scientific
backing, no evidence,
no proof was needed for
such mystic statements.
He was however, a member
of an organization
that was trying to
enlighten the world
to their new world order.
(poignant music)
Their light would shine, and
others would be extinguished.
Much of this is not secret,
indeed it was spread
to all who could hear.
But the truth behind the purpose
of all of this was hidden.
The truth was to take
the minds of the people,
to control for
their own purpose.
(poignant music)
Through people such as
Roerich and Madam Blavatsky
of the theosophists,
the word was heard
and spread into the higher
authorities of the land.
But this was in fact
just a re-invigoration of
what had already come before.
(pleasant music)
From the moment the first
settlers landed in the USA,
the message was being spread.
The fraternity of the
Freemasons was deeply rooted
within government, military,
religion and commerce.
The Freemasons
absorbed, cultivated,
and spread the mystic light,
the messages of the masters,
and the Council of Nine.
(anxious music)
They did not always understand
what they were spreading,
but they spread.
Those at the highest degrees
of initiation were aware,
and they created revolution,
and formed government.
(anxious music)
These are just ants doing
the master's bidding,
the army that is called
to revolution, to fight.
(anxious music)
The true Illuminati are
hidden, true masters, unseen.
(anxious music)
Who were the masters?
In 1912, the theosophist,
Annie Besant, wrote:
A master is a term
applied by theosophists
to denote certain
human beings who have
completed their human evolution,
have attained human perfection.
(anxious music)
It didn't matter what
society, or order,
the followers belonged to,
because the masters
ruled them all.
In reality, the theosophists
and the Rosicrucians
were linked under the
group of esoteric men
we generally term
the Illuminati.
They were all fed
from the same trough.
This hidden group were
known to the various groups
as the Hierarchy of
Light, the Elder Brothers.
Nobody ever saw them, they
just did their bidding.
Under these men were
the seven masters
of the great White Lodge.
These had their hands on
the reins of government.
They controlled
whole continents.
They guided destinies,
inspired statesmen
and rulers to action,
governed over many
orders and groups.
Each master had a name,
for there was no face.
Jupiter, Moria, Pumi, Amore.
The history of one
of them was known,
even if his real name
and location was not.
He had been educated at
a British university,
was widely read,
and was in charge of
revitalizing the
ancient philosophies.
(anxious music)
Their aim was to
ensure that the head
of every government
and organization of
power and authority
should be ruled
over by a master,
or at the very least, one
under the master's control.
(anxious music)
They were to gather
in anybody who showed
an interest in
seeking the force.
(brooding music)
Their ultimate goal, they say,
is to control all the world,
under the power and authority
of the hidden masters,
and to reign over
a world of peace.
(anxious music)
Only be ensuring
that all human minds
succumbed to the will
of the light or fire,
will true peace come about.
All must do the
master's bidding,
if there is to be
peace in the world.
(anxious music)
Through their various
means of establishing
this authority of the light,
they reduce man
down to his shell.
By means of pseudo-yoga,
the pupil's personality
is in return withdrawn
from the physical body
until, they say, the
man recognizes himself
as a part of the
master's consciousness.
The master is only
interested in a man,
from the point of view
of his usefulness,
and his capacity to learn.
(anxious music)
These are their own words.
They even tell us how
the forces are used
to enable this control.
They use, as all cults
have throughout time,
rhythmic sounds,
words and phrases,
music, dance and meditation.
(anxious music)
These methods remove
obstacles in the mind.
The rhythmic nature, they say,
allows true nature to flow.
In essence it is nothing more
than a method of hypnotism,
and it is used in
churches, Masonic lodges,
and all secret societies.
The effects are global,
for all men are the
same natural being.
(anxious music)
In the early 20th
century, the Rosicrucians
and the Theosophists for
America, set out their stall.
They had a plan, given
to them by the masters.
They would take
control of politics,
religion, and education.
Through these they
would control business
and the rest of the world.
(anxious music)
America, by the time
they had finished,
would be the world
dominant power.
Their vision was realized
by the end of World War II,
as their great revolution ended.
- [Announcer] Men,
women and children,
must slave on farm
or in factory,
for the Nazi master
race, or starve.
There will be a class
of subject alien races.
We need not hesitate
to call them slaves.
French children were to grow
up on such inadequate food
that many would
reach the age of 12
before they grew new teeth.
And for any attempts to protest
against these restrictions,
thousands of innocent French
civilians would be executed.
(sorrowful music)
This was the price the
French were to pay,
as they signed the armistice.
And the master of the master
race must go to Paris,
to tour the streets of what
was once the city of light.
You notice, no
cheering crowds here
to welcome in the new order.
(anxious music)
- [Narrator] Old
empires were destroyed
with the two world wars,
and a new one emerged.
Their plans were succeeding.
(anxious music)
In 1864, revolutionary
writer, Maurice Joly, wrote:
Before thinking of actually
directing the public,
one must stun it, dazzle it
by all sorts of movements,
mislead it, insensible
in its ways.
They did stun the world with
two dreadful world wars,
which were nothing
more than revolutions,
no different to the French
and American versions,
which they also set in motion,
through their secret societies.
(anxious music)
In the early 20th century,
one of the nine masters
actually said, "Experiments
are being made now,
"unknown to the
subjects themselves.
"That people in many
civilized countries
"are under supervision,
and a method of stimulation
"and intensification
is being applied,
"which will bring
to the knowledge of
"the great ones themselves,
a mass of information
"that may serve as
a guide to their
"future efforts for the race.
"Especially are people in
America, Australia, India,
"Russia, Scotland and
Greece, being dealt with.
"A few in Belgium,
Sweden, and Austria,
"are likewise under observation.
"Schools have
already been started.
"When they are firmly grounded,
"when they are working smoothly
"and with public recognition,
"and when the world of
men is being somewhat
"colored by them, when they
are producing scholars,
"workers, politicians,
"and educational leaders
who make their impress
"on their environment,
then mayhap will come
"the true occult school."
(poignant music)
The whole idea yet again is
to control the minds of men.
The control is so complete
that in their own words,
the initiate cares
not if he loses
friends, relations,
children, popularity.
He cares not if he seems
to work in the dark,
and is conscious of little
result from his labors.
By 1927, they were claiming that
we are witnessing the birth
of a new world consciousness,
of a world civilization.
Old traditions are
being broken down,
old customs destroyed.
There must be anarchy before
there can be creation.
(anxious music)
Their workers are necessarily
cultured and widely read.
They do not regard their country
and political affiliations
as of paramount importance.
They are equipped to
organize, slowly and steadily,
that public opinion.
The biggest work for
them, they predicted,
was to be the mid-1930s.
It was to be the time of
anarchy before the calm.
(anxiuos music)
They said of the 1930s,
material stress and strain,
the wrecking of old
political parties,
the overthrowing
of trade relations.
All of this came true.
The depression caused
mayhem, political upheaval,
and saw the birth of new
radical political parties
around the world, and none
more so than in Nazi Germany.
(poignant music)
All of this was
needed, they said,
to demonstrate the
necessity of establishing
a spirit of international
dependence and inter-relation,
so that nations would
be politically forced
to realize their
isolation, separateness,
and the cultivation of
national egoism must go.
(poignant music)
After the first
revolution of World War I,
they brought about
the League of Nations,
a group of countries
desiring never again
to see war on such a scale.
It was in fact the creation
of a secretive group
of international
business leaders,
politicians, and mystics,
all linked to the Illuminati,
and all now with the authority
of the broken
public behind them.
(pleasant music)
Phase two would be started
by these same people,
in the 1930s, as Hitler
was founded, funded,
and sent on his merry
way to create mayhem.
(pleasant music)
And what of America?
That was simple, and
was under control.
Political parties there
were almost incidental,
because it was in the teenage
years of true capitalism.
It was therefore controlled,
not by presidents and congress,
but by business.
Business leaders were
already into the power of the
masters through the
Masonic (mumbles),
and they chose and
controlled the politicians,
most of which were
Masons anyhow.
(pleasant music)
The Mason, were directly under
the influence of the masters.
Job done.
The fate of the
world was sealed.
Anarchy was set in motion.
The USA sat back, grew in
power, and watched, and waited.
(energetic music)
They then jumped in
at the perfect moment,
and brought the
might of that wealth
and industrial power to bear.
The world blew a sigh of relief
and shouted "Never again."
(energetic music)
The United Nations was
formed, blame attributed,
and man moved on.
In a few short years,
a disparate world
had been forced to join
together at the same table.
It was unprecedented.
It was predicted.
It was planned.
(energetic music)
In fact, the prediction
was so perfect,
it even gave the year that
World War II would end,
and a new world fate would
begin to take shape, 1945.
(energetic music)
The United States was
called the new world
for a good reason.
It was to be the
place from which
the new world order
would be created.
This plan was centuries old.
The old world of Europe, its
monarchies and religions,
would be left behind,
and enlightened minds
of the United States created.
(energetic music)
All of this takes time,
and a great deal of work.
The very foundations of America,
are those of the Illuminati.
As one writer, in the
early 20th century wrote:
How did it happen, at the time
of the American revolution,
when next to nothing
was known of the
mathematical interpretation
of the Great Pyramid,
that its symbolism was
used in concrete exactness
on the great seal of
the United States,
indicating that it
was part of America
to reinstate the rule
of Christ, the light,
or illumination, on earth?
It happened because
it was a symbol,
and sign for all to see.
For many to rejoice
over, the others to fear.
It was the symbol of
the coming to power
of the hidden masters.
An American High Mason and
Rosicrucian in 1877 wrote:
In the last century, the
United States was freed
from the tyranny of
the mother country,
by the action of
secret societies
more than is commonly imagined.
It was true.
All of those in positions
of power and authority
on all sides of the American
Revolution were in fact
brothers of the same
lodges and fraternities.
(energetic music)
They even held meetings
between political enemies
of brothers on the battlefields.
It was all staged.
It was staged again, but
pushed out into a wider world,
in the 20th century
world war revolutions.
(energetic music)
This is what the Illuminati
said in the 1920s.
"Do you know that
there are men and women
"in the United States,
who are able to look
"into the immediate future
with transcendent vision,
"and discern accurately,
a complete metamorphosis
"of our present institutions,
along more wholesome lines."
This means in plain
language, that they can see
what improvements in our
political and economic order
are going to arise from
this present period
of distress and turmoil.
(energetic music)
They see these
improvements crystallizing
between 1933 and 1945.
Both dates, written large on
the Great Pyramid prophecy.
(energetic music)
1933, is the year that
Adolph Hitler came to power.
1945, is the year
his reign ended.
(energetic music)
This had all in fact,
been going on a long time.
Often, the politicians are
completely unaware of it,
and are just pawns
in the bigger game.
Other times they fully
know, and cover up.
(energetic people)
George Washington, who was
himself a freemason, wrote:
It was not my
intention to doubt that
the doctrines of the Illuminati,
and principles of
Jacobinism had not spread
in the United States,
on the contrary,
no one is more truly satisfied
with this fact than I am.
(energetic music)
There has always been two sides
to the Illuminati movement.
The mystical side
we have covered.
But this is in truth
just a modern cover
for the political schemings
in the background.
In the 18th century, when
the name Illuminati surfaced,
the political clubs were
called Jacobin clubs,
seen by many as aristocratic
groups fostering followers.
Today, their direct
descendants are known
as the Council on
Foreign Relations,
the Trilateral Commission,
the United Nations, and more.
(anxious music)
All of these can be
easily traced back
to those earlier groups.
Even the same bloodlines exist
within all the organizations.
(anxious music)
They plan and scheme,
and throw up congressmen,
senators, and presidents,
and place them where
they are needed.
Through the vast
wealth and media power,
they manipulate the
masses to carry out
that fakery they call democracy.
(anxious music)
There are several well known,
and often covered names
involved in all of this.
The European financier family,
that's had huge influence
is the Rockefeller family.
David Rockefeller founded
the Trilateral Commission,
and was a co-founder of the
Council on Foreign Relations.
The family tree reads
like an Illuminati
greatest hits album.
Through just the minor
work of this one family,
a grand unification
has taken place.
Countries of the world
have been brought together
under the powerful
influence of just one head.
The United Nations is
a group of nations,
but the delegates, all
owe their positions
to the various branches of
the worldwide Illuminati,
and so do the master's bidding.
(anxious music)
What the Illuminati cannot
make happen through influence,
they bring about
through revolution.
The United States was
the major game player
in World War I and II.
Woodrow Wilson's 14 point
plan after World War I
held within it a
veiled attempt to get
all nations to surrender
to their sovereignty.
(anxious music)
It almost worked when they
formed the League of Nations.
However, the US never
actually joined itself.
It didn't really matter,
because World War II
was already under
planning stages,
and the Council on
Foreign Relations
was created behind the scenes.
(energetic ominous music)
This is an almost country-size
secret society in itself,
plotting and planning,
on our behalf.
(energetic ominous music)
Most of the members have
bloodlines that stretch back
to the early days
of the Illuminati,
and royal houses if you would.
The rest are
high-powered businessmen,
and other such people with
positions of vast power.
We must remember, that
all of these institutions
are places for generally
non-elected people.
The same is true of that
other global secret group,
the Bilderbergers.
In the USA there is a
friendly group called
the American Friends
of the Bilderbergers.
Each group is made up
of chosen individuals.
Chosen by whom?
(anxious music)
Somebody here has the
power to choose people,
who already have amazing power.
Surely, in a so-called
democratic nation,
the people should be informed
of what, who and why.
The Bilderberger is made
up from the world of
international banking
political circles,
and business, and
professional people.
They hold top secret
meetings annually,
to promote internationalism.
Each promoter, (mumbles),
a one world agenda.
And it is fully
American endorsed,
with a host of politicians,
scientists and business leaders
from the USA attending.
(ominous music)
All of the meetings are secret.
Nobody ever tells.
So just how and when, did
the Illuminati influence
in the United States begin?
The very first official
mention of them
is in around 1785,
when the Columbia Lodge
of the Illuminati was
established in New York.
Some of its members
were Governor Clinton,
the editor of the
New York Times,
and the early Roosevelts.
In 1786, another lodge
started in Virginia,
with Thomas Jefferson
as a member.
This was followed
quickly by 14 more lodges
throughout the then 13 states.
In 1789, some people
were getting concerned.
The President of
Harvard issued a warning
about their growing
influence on politics,
and even religion.
At the exact same time,
the French Illuminati
came to pay a visit, and helped
to spread it even further.
(anxious music)
George Washington was so
worried about the Illuminati,
and its influence,
that he said it would
shake the government
to its foundations.
Both Washington and
Adams lobbied congress
to protect the US
from conspiracy.
(anxious music)
Thomas Paine, the
author, actually aided
the Illuminati to infiltrate
several Masonic lodges.
(anxious music)
By 1798, the Reverend
Jedediah Morse,
in Charleston, South
Carolina, preached a sermon
about the Illuminati.
Practically all of the
civil and ecclesiastical
establishments of Europe,
have already been shaken
to their foundations by
this terrible organization.
The French Revolution
itself is doubtless
to be traced to
its machinations.
The successes of the
French armies are
to be explained on
the same ground.
The Jacobins are
nothing more, nor less,
than the open manifestation
of the hidden system
of the Illuminati.
The order has its
branches established
and its emissaries
at work in America.
The affiliated Jacobin
societies in America
have doubtless had, as the
object of their establishment,
the propagation of
the principles of
the illuminated
mother club in France.
I hold it a duty, my
brethren, which I owe to God,
to the cause of
religion, to my country,
and to you at this
time, to declare to you,
those honestly and
faithfully, these truths.
My only aim is to awaken you
and myself a due attention,
at this alarming peril,
to our dearest interests.
As a faithful watchman,
I would give you warning
of your present danger.
(anxious music)
In the same year, the President
of Yale University said,
"Shall our sons become
the disciples of Voltaire,
"and the dragoons of
Morat, or our daughters
"be concubines of
the Illuminati?"
(haunting tense music)
Thomas Jefferson, a member
of the Virginia lodge
of the Illuminati, and a mason,
helped the Illuminati infiltrate
the New England Masonic lodges.
(haunting tense music)
Also in 1798, the
Reverend Snyder,
a Lutheran minister wrote
to President Washington,
expressing his concern
about the Illuminati
infiltrating the
American Masonic lodges.
Washington wrote back.
I have heard much about the
nefarious and dangerous plan,
and doctrines of the Illuminati.
Shortly before his
death, Washington issued
two dire warnings
about the Illuminati.
(haunting tense music)
In 1807, the future
president, John Adams,
wrote three letters
to a masonic brother,
complaining that
Thomas Jefferson
was using the lodges
for Illuminati purposes.
The letters have been
stolen, and never seen since.
He also wrote to
Washington, and others,
saying that lodges were
being used by Illuminati,
for their Satanic worship.
(haunting tense music)
Rumors also circulated that
Benjamin Franklin
was Illuminati.
But most of the
focus, and hatred,
was directed at Jefferson,
who the Reverend Morse called,
an illuminatis.
(haunting tense music)
in 1812, the President
of Harvard gave the
following speech.
There is sufficient
evidence that a
number of societies of
the Illuminati have been
established in this land of
gospel might and civil liberty,
which were first organized,
from the grand
society in France.
They are doubtless secretly
striving to undermine
all our ancient institutions,
civil and sacred.
These societies
are closely leagued
with those of the
same order in Europe.
They have all the
same object in view.
The enemies of all order
are seeking our ruin.
Should infidelity
generally prevail,
our independence
would fall of course,
our republican government
would be annihilated.
(haunting tense music)
In that same year, the
British attacked Washington,
in order to destroy
vital documents
that revealed the
Illuminati influence
on the government, and the war.
(haunting tense music)
In 1829, the British
Illuminati were
giving speeches in New York.
Frances Wright spoke for the
Women's Auxiliary
of the Illuminati,
on free love and atheism.
She spoke of the
international secret movement
that was working
behind the scenes,
to foment future wars,
to bring about the
one world agenda.
Indeed, they were called the
communists, before communism.
"It was the plan," she
said, "to create mayhem,
"so that the members of
the Illuminati were seen
"as the saviors,
and bring peace."
(haunting tense music)
In 1843, the poet
Heinrich Heine wrote:
Communism is the secret name
of this tremendous adversary,
which the rule of
the proletariat, with
all that implies,
opposes to the existing
bourgeois regime.
Communism is nonetheless
the dark hero,
cast for enormous,
if fleeting role,
in the modern tragedy,
and awaiting its cue
to enter the stage.
(anxious music)
At the same time, the editors of
the New York Tribune
and New York Sun,
were working with
the Rothschilds,
on a secret
Illuminati committee.
It is believed the
committee was all about
the ruining of America,
from behind the scenes.
(anxious music)
In 1841, Clinton
Roosevelt wrote a book
outlining plans for the New
Deal and National Recovery Act.
Both of which would
not even be realized
for another 100 years,
under Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Long term plans and
family bloodlines indeed.
(anxious music)
In 1835, the Illuminati set up
yet another front organization,
called the Loco-Fop Party.
It was used over a
period of 10 years
to influence other
political parties,
and institutes many of
the socialist ideals
that conservatives
still hate to this day.
(anxious music)
Throughout this whole time,
the Illuminati influence
in the government
of the United
States was immense.
(anxious music)
From the Constitution, to
the political structure,
it was a massive political
influence, and still is.
(anxious music)
But that second tier
of Illuminati influence
also played a major role, for
the two cannot be divided.
The mystical side of the
illumines is clear to see
even to this day, because
of their huge influence.
From the sacred geometry
of Washington, DC,
to the all-seeing eye
on the dollar bill,
the sacred symbols of
illuminism are everywhere
for those with the eyes to see.
In essence, the history
of the Illuminati
in the United States,
cannot be divided
from the rest of the
world, because it is
all about the creation
of a new world,
and the Americas play a vital
role in that grand plan.
They started, many
thousands of years ago,
in the mysterious cults
of Syria and elsewhere.
(brooding music)
They grew a deep, and
profound understanding
of the human mind, within
the universal mind.
The man in matter,
the spirit in nature.
(anxious music)
Through the use of drugs,
meditation, dervish,
and other means, they
tripped the light fantastic,
and began a journey
towards the light.
(anxious music)
Along the way greed, and
desire for power, stepped in,
and turned the knowledge
gained, towards the dark side.
(anxious music)
Over vast periods of time,
power was jealously
guarded, and grown.
But man is a chaotic being,
and power a strong pull.
They didn't always
have it their own way,
and fought many
battles for control.
Over time they have
brought down governments,
royal dynasties, and religions.
They have thrown the world into
the desperate pit of warfare,
and then they have offered us
peace and calm on their terms.
(guns firing)
They have grown wealth so
vast, it staggers the mind.
Nobody now is in a position
to truly fight them,
or has enough knowledge
to truly reveal them,
that is why they are the enigma
we know as the Illuminati.
(anxious music)
But they have taken America.
They do own every
large institution,
every large business.
Their men and women are in the
highest offices of the land.
All listen to the
master's voice,
talking to them, through
the eons of mysticism,
in a political world of power.
Next time you cast your vote,
just ask yourself
why you bother.
You are given two
choices, as always.
Left, or right, it
does not matter.
Both are under the
yolk of the masters.
(anxious music)
(dramatic music)