American Made (2017) Movie Script

Exactly three years ago...
I want to talk about the
threat of American democracy.
For the next 5 years will be worse than the previous year
Based on true story
Hello all
I apologize for the delay.
We're number 11 to take off.
We will soon enter the air.
Wake me up in Texas.
TWA 1978
We apologize for the cabin.
Little surprise.
Thank you for flying
with TWA tonight.
Welcome to Rogue Baton.
Selection of people...
... and for history
lovers in lousiana...
- Hey, Luce - it's me
Thank you for flying with TWA.
Welcome to Vancouver.
Welcome to Bakersfield.
Welcome to Denver.
I hope they put us in the
Holiday Inn tonight.
It will be fun.
As soon as I saw the man in uniform,
they were immediately captivated.
About the landing in Detroit.
It was a day...
Thank you, Bobby.
Hey, Chivas with ice.
What do you say
Barry Seal
Indra really.
Land and bring things
here every Thursday.
Cuban exile
They pay commercial pilots
for local smuggling
through Canada's business center.
Vancouver, Montreal.
I'm sorry, I do not
understand what you mean
- no?
- no.
You're smuggled with a cigar.
Your file is interesting, Barry.
What file
Starting with great achievement.
Class Champion in
Civil Air Patrol.
The youngest pilot in TWA history.
You are very successful
What is wrong
Revolution will be here, Barry.
Central America, right now.
We are building a
country there, Barry.
We are building a nation.
This is America's glory.
We need someone like you.
You are from the CIA.
Oh, shhhit
Look at him.
They say it's very fast.
Yes. Yes.
It is the world's fastest
two-plane engine.
This is amazing
Such wings are seen that
seem to catch 483 km / h.
Is this a ClA?
No. No.
Independent flight consultant
You run the company, but after
your business hours work for us.
No, no... I'm at IBM.
You will be the first in
the company to do that.
Everything is done smartly.
So if you get caught...
So, so .. family, friends, even Lucy.
Lucy, is not it?
This one
That would be a problem.
Is this all legal?
If you do it for good people.
But do not get caught.
Do you want to try
You must try!
I want you to try
Everything is in my hands
This is a new business.
This will be my business.
All right Logistics support for the airport.
It is true.
And you call it KPI?
Do you know what business I am doing?
You're a TWA pilot.
- That's what your family does.
- It will be good for us.
How about the benefits?
Health Insurance?
TWA's health insurance is great.
They are ..
... certainly not a problem
And what does KPI mean?
Independent flight consultant
Sounds fake, Barry.
- Warning lights and gestures.
- Verified
- Non-slip lamp.
- Stop it.
- Landing gear - Lever is lowered.
Three green.
- Brake lever - Safe position
- Push the lever - Stop.
- Engine ignition lever.
- Normal.
- Manual control buttons.
- Normal.
Fire warning system
Radar transponder radiation
- Barry? Radar transponder radiation
- Yeah. Secure
- A referring tip?
- Neutral position.
Directorate of Presence?
You'll be fine, Jimmy.
Where are you going
Barry, where are you going
Shit! I know.
He's brave!
He's brave.
I like to go before I think.
Maybe I should have
asked for more.
It was in 1978 and...
By the way...
This is when I entered the CIA.
CIA 1978
At that time, the cold
war was almost here.
The Soviets supported rebels
throughout Central America.
The CIA wants to photograph the rebels.
These photos are good.
What is wrong
I lost him
El Salvador
Come on, come on
Fuck you
So I'll show this to you...
He said, "Lord Schafer, I do
not ask for close photos."
It is said that this is the
best surveillance photo.
- Does that mean my salary goes up?
- Good work
Do you have a family, Schafer?
Strong Push!
Your wife Children?
I did not tell Lucy
that I was out of TWA.
You serve your country.
I need extra money.
You will succeed.
Come on.
We will send them
to Panama tomorrow.
The CIA is happy with my work
... so they gave me another job.
send money
He is Colonel in Panama
called Noriega.
He sells information to all
the communist agencies there.
For your friends
My only job is to
give and receive.
Just give up and wake up.
Here Rogue Baton.
Listen to the best
music from Louisiana
- Luce, pancakes are ready.
- Thank you, dear
Columbia 1980
Get in the car
Where are we going
What are you doing
... a lot.
Get on.
thank you for coming
Sir, I think there's a
misunderstanding, because...
- They took me to the airport.
- No, no misunderstanding.
Sit down.
Do you want coffee, Mr. Seal?
Do you know my name?
You fly to Central
America every week
fly at low altitude
with your plane
Yes, I mean...
the photos...
airlines in South
America Yes, KPI.
Yes, Sir
Or the CIA?
- No, no, no I'm just an entrepreneur.
- I'm an entrepreneur.
lmport. Export.
But now...
God bless this country
with new wealth.
Mr. Seal.
And you can help us.
Is that true?
You know the route...
in and out of the United
States with your airplane.
What do you mean by new wealth?
Cocaine, Mr. Seal.
We have trouble exporting
to your country, Mr. Seal.
Mom, what's in this bag?
We want you to say yes.
We want you out of here
and fly to Miami.
We paid $ 2,000 / Kg.
- how many pounds?
- 2.2 pounds, pack a seal.
$ 2,000...
every 2.2 kilograms
Sorry, buddy I do not
know your name yet
Jorge Ochoa.
Carlos Lehder.
Pablo Escobar.
Later, they are known
as Medellin Cartel.
At that time there were
only three entrepreneurs
who is looking for a way to ship
their products to the United States.
There is only one small problem.
The pilots were killed as they
tried to get out of there.
I see other pilots
trying to fly from here
Poor pilot
Well, yeah...
I'm sure the plane is hard...
brings a lot of fuel to
America, products and...
The airport is in a high
position and the lane is short.
Both sides have trees
and mountains.
Is there another
place to take off?
Soldiers are seen everywhere.
Can we extend the trajectory?
That's crazy
Does he think everything
is beautiful and nice?
It's like this for the first time.
No, we have to kill him...
I told you I had to kill you
You can not do that
- We have people in Miami.
- Yeah.
You will land at Okeechobee
Airport between 2:00 and 6:00.
Listen to me...
It was a change of plans because
we did not land in Miami.
I can not land with this package.
That's your problem
I know in Louisiana, I have a map.
I will bring the product
into the "X" sign.
Okay Anyway...
- What do you mean you can not land?
- OK
Listen, anyway...
Hey, come here.
Check it out.
See it Is it visible?
It's for millions of dollars.
I give it with scotch...
... around it. On each side.
But strong.
No, no, no.
No longer...
I say no more....
That does not fit anymore.
But there is plenty of space, gringo.
No, no It's okay Boys, boys
It's not about space.
It's a tough problem.
We agreed for 200 pounds,
even we took 300 pounds.
No, no, no.
Dude, calm down and listen.
That does not fit anymore.
Encourage. Come on.
I need a good track.
Continue. Continue.
Stop! Stop!
Where did you go, fat?
Come on. Out.
He will be careful
of our package
This guy is fat. They're
over 680 pounds.
Choose... or go fat
or your package.
Good luck
God looks after you
He can not make any more songs.
Hey, Jorge.
Come here, give it.
Let's bet Come on! How much
we bet It's okay Come on!
What it does
What do you see Let's play...
Come on.
Come on!
He got through it.
Bravo. Pay, Carlos.
It is possible to head north...
40 kilometers from the beach.
This is an oil foundation 14.
This is one of the Shell helicopters.
Ignore it.
Good luck!
It's for you Woah!
Did she tell me on Wednesday?
- He asked me to leave on Wednesday?
- Yeah. next Wednesday
This is not a problem.
Soldiers come here...
Pablo, Jorge!
Stay Here Let's Go Back.
Let's go Relax!
We want to run away?
Want to wait here?
Oh, hell.
- Do not shoot - no.
Barry Seal
- Barry Seal?
- Schafer?
Oh, my God!
You look bad
Nice to meet you
- Are your teeth open?
- Yeah.
What the heck
- Look at these guys?
- Yeah.
I think I know I'm a CIA.
You're not a CIA
You're a drug dealer, Barry.
I want to let the Colombian
police take you.
They will attack your
house at 6:00 am.
They will take Lucy
for interrogation.
He can keep it all night.
Fuck you you have to
get me out of here
They gather strength and set it in control
of a small country called Nicaragua.
Sorry, that's El Salvador.
This is Nicaragua.
This is the first successful
revolution in Central America.
Maybe that's bad
news for some people
but not for me There's
a new sheriff in town.
Dear Americans,
I want to talk tonight
about the increasing
danger in Central America.
After all that happened, I
still love Ronnie Reagan.
Anyone who can get out of that monkey
movie... gets to the White House.
- What is wrong with her?
- He needs to know what he's doing.
He wants to pursue the Communist
Sandinistas of Nicaragua.
He wanted a Nicaraguan freedom fighter
named Contras who could do it.
He must have known that the
United States supported them
more than sweet words
and good wishes.
But Congress is worried about
Vietnam's recurring incident.
So I forbid Ronnie to fight.
But do you think politicians
can lead the Gipper?
He asked for help from the CIA.
And the CIA asked for my help.
Schafer, there was a morning
raid on my family...
- is not it?
- no. Everything is done
- What?
- 6:00 am
The basis of this country!
- Wait a minute.
I agree
I'm not a cop, Barry!
I can not undo the search
- She's in the process - Come on.
What should I do?
Get your family
out of Louisiana.
- Where will I get it?
- We have a place for you
Hey, Luce.
- Hey, baby - hey
- God, what are you saying?
- I am fine
Barry, your teeth are ugly.
Hey... we move
We have to pack everything up.
We must leave before sunrise.
We carry clothes and...
Do you still need
all these shoes?
Hi, dear
How are you?
Dad will give you a plastic bag.
Go and put all your
favorite toys...
- go back to sleep.
- Your dad's crazy
- Do it, we want to adventure.
- We are not adventurous.
- Just like camping in the countryside?
- Not exactly the same...
- Because every adventure is different.
- God, you're serious
Barry, at 4:00, I
do not want to go.
Tomorrow, this will be a drama at
school for Christine. Trust me?
But you love me
Of course I love you.
Then we have to go.
We must leave before sunrise.
Mena 1980
Look at this There
is a barbecue.
Many things.
I take a lot of things.
But there is only a
toilet in the back
I think it's a cruel
and unusual punishment
I will scold them on Monday.
Do you agree
The front door opened.
It is okay
Easy to fix.
You must...
Get on. Come on.
We need to hurry.
Maybe he'll leave
before I get back.
All this is yours
Include everything between
here and your home.
Nearly 8 square kilometers.
What do you say
Is this all mine?
All these airports?
Yes. Congratulations.
Soviet to PLO.
Israel confiscates this
and sells us secretly.
You will take him to Nicaragua.
Weapons do not agree.
It's a war, Barry.
Elite fighters can not
fight without weapons.
That's the deal.
Or do you prefer to go
to a Colombian prison?
That's the whole law
enforcement on the East Coast.
FBI, ATF, DEA, customs clearance.
This map is to avoid it.
Oh, shit.
You fly to a place
you can not reach.
This hangar is mine.
The truck is mine
- Instruments - Yeah.
This plane is mine.
This bag is mine
What bag
Children eat.
They sleep.
I pulled my luggage
out of the car.
That is good
I fix the sink.
The pipe was broken.
I told you it would
be easy to overcome.
Damn it, Barry!
Good. Good.
I need time
I no longer work for TWA.
Be embarrassed, Barry!
You want to say something to me?
Do not love
You have to be careful
by this family
Or I'll get the kids.
I'm going back to work at KFC.
Luce, what do I do...
- Barry, I'm pregnant in six months.
- This is a secret
I need a refrigerator.
I need a crib.
I need combo, washing machine.
The washing machine is there.
Let me show you...
Is that illegal?
What will I tell you...
You swear you will not
tell anyone, Lucy.
Do you understand
I work... for CIA.
Hello, buddy
I came to represent the
American government.
Listen, Schafer.
I am not a military expert,
but are you sure
you are not wrong
Because they're more interested
in my shoes than your weapons.
This is very important.
Scahfer, I'm not
the right person.
Keep going to them.
Keep going.
This is a gift.
Do you understand the Prize?
Back. Back.
This weapon is a gift
from the US government.
We are all friends
What are you doing here
This is Adolfo Calero.
He works for your government
during the revolution
handled the Sandinista.
Jorge says you're a crazy
person who can bring anything
We have a new business
offer for you, Barry.
Bring American
weapons to Colombia,
crossing cocaine in Contras,
then Contras took them to
a fishing boat in Miami,
and everyone is happy
This is for the preparation of war.
It seems Contras does
not want to fight.
They just want to make money.
Just like us.
Meanwhile, Cartel wants weapons.
So we are trading.
I am a messenger.
This is the pattern of operation.
I import weapons from Mena,
Then, with Schafer's information,
avoid applying the law...
... and I went straight
to Cartel Air Base.
Colombians love guns
Then they brought cocaine and me I
headed to the exchange location.
Contras brings cocaine to
a fishing boat to Miami.
While we are loading cocaine,
back to America and stop
taking fuel from Panama,
under the protection
of Colonel, Noriego.
Congratulations on your
promotion, General.
Of course he can also
separate himself.
On the way I was treated by DEA,
Then we dropped the cargo
into the Louisiana swamp.
The job is so huge that
I have to ask for help.
Pete Dubois, shoot
until he realizes...
he is interested in selling cocaine.
Stan Mason flies from
Mexico to Arizona.
Bil Cooper,
flew opium around Southeast
Asia during the Vietnam War.
Then Bob.
I do not know much about
Bob, but he's a good pilot.
I call them boys...
We can fly with anything.
How are you?
Hey Boss.
You're crazy, man!
How Business Works?
You know...
Where is he going
We have to borrow some
of our countries.
They want you to bring
him here to practice.
Are you telling me to bring them here?
We created the training ground.
- Am I - Yeah.
Start as soon as possible.
That is good
Is that a problem?
Not Hey.
Whatever you say, boss.
Wait! The sehraus is 15.
Only here 12
Contras is very excited
both in the United States.
He flew faster than
when brought here.
You two go where you go
Do you want four?
We think Contras will
win this summer...
if their needs are met
How much can you get
from your man in Mena?
We will get everything from him.
That's what I want to hear.
We are developing our operations, Barry.
Come on. One person One by one!
Hey, wait!
No, no
We will take care of you.
Back! Do not touch
Help back!
All of you please calm down!
- Hey, Barry - huh?
Do you think Contras can win?
- This is the latest news.
- Come on, Razorbacks, Barry.
Ticket of the middle row season.
This is very nice.
How much land did Chief
buy when he arrived?
I do not know, 2 square kilometers?
Eight square kilometers.
From airport to Ouachita.
What does he want to do with him?
It's not your job.
He's a good guy.
He has contributed a lot
to this environment.
I want to open an account.
Thank you!
I will be right back.
Come on, Christina!
Your game is great
- Great, Christina!
- Come on, come on!
Do you want oranges
I have a pizza
Do you want pizza
That's it Let me put...
That is all
- The car is great!
- Do you like it?
This car has everything.
First in Arkansas,
and that's yours.
That's yours
Oh, my God, Barry!
Thank you!
Any other.
Mrs. Barry!
You have to be careful
of your attitude
I brought you a light
snack, Christine.
In the summer of 1982,
business goes well.
There's a meeting on Tuesday at three o'clock.
Tuesday at three o'clock.
We need to improve shipping.
Can you add Friday delivery?
Friday? Good. Wait.
We want to double the
number of weapons.
- Duplicate?
- The next delivery is Friday.
Wait, what to do on Friday?
I've opened several companies.
I can not wait to learn the
identity tag business, CEO.
I also
I was 30 years old when I was
working at the gas station.
He's afraid you're on your way.
But the money was so fast that
I was overwhelmed to wash it.
I take pictures...
gun shipping...
take and take
We built air force.
New toys, kids.
- I want to buy a
new book - really
What are you doing Barry!
Smile, Barry.
You remember
What do they say What
do you think I forgot?
Your husband is a genius.
When to send in good condition.
My wife, Lucy.
No, no
Its influence is everywhere.
$ 10 Million in
National Currency...
$ 12 Million in the
State of Mena...
$ 15 million at the Mena Trust.
I have 40 million
dollars in Miami...
$ 20 million in Panama, $ 7
million in grass pocket...
$ 8 million in Samsonites, $ 4 million
buried in the back of the house...
and 40 pounds of gold in my closet.
Honey, keep the lever.
It's the best country
in the world
- Hey, brother - JB!
What the heck
Look at you
- Look at you - God!
Please come in.
Look at this house.
Chevy parking is harder
than it looks, Luce.
- Do not swear in front of children.
- Forgive me
They made me squeeze
S-10 every inch...
I heard you
I am sorry
The cars were very close.
- They have to blister do not you?
- Yeah.
Then they cut my salary
to replace the blisters.
- Hey! JB!
- Forgive me
Somehow, you can handle it, JB.
You stay here and find something.
Or I can give you money and
you can do what you love.
Do not look at him like that.
You will find a job,
JB, not a donation.
My brother is looking
for a job, Barry.
You will work.
That's how it should be.
Have you heard This is the law.
You have to work.
- You have to work
- That's right
What is my job
Hey, Barry!
Hey, Barry!
Say, JB?
This hangar is good, I'm
tired of wiping it off.
You can rest after it's done.
Come on. Try!
I have a new job for you.
Give me some beer
He goes
- Barry - huh?
Roscoe dug this in the yard.
There is money
scattered everywhere.
Tomorrow morning I'll take care of it.
We found three more
near the fireplace.
Tickets flowed from all directions.
Who would have thought it would be a problem?
I mean...
I do not have money anymore.
It did not happen behind him.
They are dangerous animals.
- We recommend calling the coach.
- Not under any circumstances. I can
Come on.
JB has a new car.
Did you raise his salary?
Hey, Barry, Luce.
The girl is only 15 years old.
- That's right - I told you
- do you live here - Yeah.
Hey. Can you talk to
you for a minute?
- Why?
- Come here
- What, JB?
- Why?
- I'm not wrong - JB.
- JB. Come on.
- Hi, madam
We just want to swim.
Come here
- Do not tell my parents
- Come on.
Where did you get the
money to buy a car?
I'll be honest with you, Barry.
I will not lie to you.
I stole them from the hangar.
I opened one of the Samson people.
I found a lot of money there.
So much money.
JB, you can not do that
Not permitted
500 to 300.
Beware of the trees at the end.
I remember
Pete, you have to stop him.
I can not see anything
75. 50.
Did you see that?
This is the US Drug Administration.
Still opposed defense
of the region.
We immediately ordered to land.
Follow us at Air Base.
New Orleans.
Tonight will be long.
Back to the sea, 105 knots.
Lift flat fins.
I repeat, my orders
immediately landed.
DEA uses a new jet
that we can not avoid.
Follow us at Air Base.
New Orleans.
But his speed is his weakness.
I can...
but we can fly a bit.
For a long time
Reduce fuel emissions.
We must return.
Reduce fuel emissions.
I am there
All right, guys
DEA not working Time to go home.
Bill! What the heck
Where are you going? Come on.
Let me be careful that's why
Bill? Let's go Come.
Bill? Have you heard
Bill was asleep.
Bill, wake up!
She can sleep anywhere.
Get up, Bill.
- Good morning, Bill!
- Okay, I wake up.
Welcome back
The financial statements
of the bank you requested.
There's a lot of money
in Mena, Arkansas.
You will do what
we do here, Barry.
Did you make me an iron room?
No, no We use this camera
iron for other customers
We will give you the
main room of iron
Aerostar 2-1-9-3-Gold.
You head straight to the Air Force
Air Force Base of New Orleans.
Yes. Come on!
Run better
This is the State Border Patrol.
You are required to land immediately.
Hello, buddy
Finally you are smart
and use a slow plane.
We can be here for a long time.
Aerostar, you are forced
to land immediately.
Let's land
I repeat, I immediately
order you to land.
Is he...
This is your home
It's for damage.
This is a plus for your brother.
Hey, cute boy.
And your bicycle.
You will never see me again.
"A plane collapsed in Louisiana with
200 kilograms of Colombian cocaine."
- That's right -
is that your man?
Excuse me, are you
working for DEA now?
Interesting reading
Let me take it
Hi, man.
We had to get out of Colombia
in the middle of the night.
I'm not just troubled with DEA.
Escobar went mad and declared
war on the government.
Due to Pablo Escobar's
unique management style...
the cartel was expelled
from Colombia.
The only place the
DEA can not reach?
It is true.
Meet Mr. Vaughan.
He is the Minister of the Interior.
Control the air base.
That's how I got you.
Barrt, sit and shut your mouth.
- This is a butcher,
sir - thank you
thank you
How are you?
How are you?
Do not run
- Luce, have you heard?
- Yeah.
- honey What are you good
- Yeah, I can hear
I do not like to say it,
but JB was arrested.
- That stupid - What happened?
I did not know He was caught with a lot of money.
That's crazy
- Dear...
- What should I do?
Nothing to do.
I'm in a meeting.
We talk when I get home.
Do you understand I
will take care of it
Hurry up, Barry.
Do you understand
Just Relax I love you
How many
It's a thousand...
Fifty pounds, Barry.
Yes. One way
In a way
I've never done it before.
Protection is not cheap.
That's a lot
Can you?
I want to go home.
I will go, we will think later.
I'm thinking about it.
Get it done!
Lawyers do not know anything.
Twice we broke the law
and did not understand.
He does not understand.
- Do what he asks - He
does not understand
Another crime and I
can go to prison...
... to live.
JB, wait
Barry, are you there
Hi, dear
What's Waiting.
- Yes?
- Barry
- We tried to contact you
- I know
Can you wait a minute?
I will be right back.
- JB?
- Yes?
Some people want to talk.
No, do not talk to
anyone about anything.
Attorney's order Dan
shut his mouth.
- All right - all right
- Should we break?
- The rest?
- no rest - I understand,
but I have family problems.
Your brother We know.
- We'll take care of that - no.
No, no
- No, I want to deal with this.
- Barry, listen.
- Let me take care of this
- Barry, hear me
- We'll take care of it, okay?
- Do not worry No, Jorge.
- We'll talk later.
- Jorge
Barry, they do not know
about your suitcase.
or the contents of aircraft, weapons.
They do not know everything.
We're safe
I can not finish this.
You will be punished for
10 years to not speak.
That means 10 people are
worried about talking.
But I do not open my mouth!
Talk to a lawyer.
Where are we going, man?
I want family
We are Family!
You are right We are family.
- what's that - Inside
is a passport...
... first class tickets to
Bora Bora and enough money.
Enough to live comfortably.
Log in to car...
and go to Dallas airport
Fort Worth Airport.
You do not go anywhere
You do not stop rubbing.
- You understand
- Yeah, I get it
Good luck, son.
Tell me what it is, Barry.
I will send the address
You will give me money...
... periodically, have you heard?
Can you hear me?
And Barry...
Hell, man!
You and my fucking brother!
Send money every week, wretched!
What the heck
Yes, my goodness.
Hey! Barry!
- Barry!
- Barry! What's going on, Bill?
- Hey, buddy
I'm afraid, what happened to JB?
Do not worry about JB.
What if we talk?
- I do not want -
What if he talks?
- He does not want to talk, Bill.
- How do you know?
I am very confident
I trust you for that.
In calendar year, will your operation
take 10,500 AK from Rus to Contras? Yes.
5000 of which fell into the
hands of the Colombian cartel.
- Yes, but...
- From 916 Contras brings...
... in America for practice,
only half of them...
... in Nicaragua, half...
Once again half...
What is wrong
Yes, we must return.
- Going home?
- Yeah.
- Do not you fight
- It's a reality.
There is no point in their
weapons in Colombia.
Is that right, Barry?
- Now what do we do?
- We will contact you
Did you contact me Schafer?
- Hey, Schafer - Who's Schafer?
You know the manufacturer,
all the envelopes.
Put everything related
to Barry Seal...
... inside it
Come on, we have to hurry.
We have to take all of this.
- Pete. What, everything -
Come on, we gotta move this
Come on! Come on!
Put it in a bag, fast!
Supply order, aircraft invoice
- Let us work together. Clear everything
- God, look at all these weapons.
- We can not move - Where
do you want to put it?
Take it from me.
Anything with the word "Mena".
Fuel payments, notes, names,
indications, photos...
... all things like that,
anything can connect with
him, put in a bag...
- what is it - Burn it, burn it.
- Bob, I need help here - back
- I need help - okay
Wait! DEA!
- Get back from the truck, raise your hand
- Place the box!
- Show me your hand!
- Put the box!
Drop your weapons!
- Hey! DEA!
- Drop your weapons!
Everything is quiet!
DEA, okay?
It's our business.
- Nonsense - No, no, no
Police! Why you guys...
... misery on my birthday?
do not move
Hey, everyone.
How about my phone?
I am sorry,
the number you have dialed
does not work. Nonsense.
Please leave message
recording device.
Come on...!
You know who I am, Mr. Seal?
- Tell me - I'm Dennis Debora
Attorney, you are with DEA, ATF...
..FBl, in their catch list.
- good - Yes, you're involved
in everything, are not you?
I mean, guns, drugs,
money laundering.
Arkansas State...
... will give you severe punishment, we
will hold you in a small cell for life.
- Mom, that's a long time ago.
- Yeah.
Miss Sibota, the governor summoned.
He said it was important.
Connect, empty the camera.
What do you need, Bill?
Luggage from an older Cadillac.
I will give each Cadillac.
- Will you do it for us all?
- Yes, sir I want to.
I'll give you all the Cadillacs.
- What do you want, seal?
- Shoot again? No, no, no.
Give your Cadillac a problem.
What's the problem, Seal?
Because he brought me here.
I'm gonna get out of here
And you can not do
anything for that.
Do it.
- Wait a minute.
- No, it works
- What do you mean, "can he go?"
- It might work
You should have
received a Cadillac.
See you soon, Seal.
Nice to meet you
I am not lying.
No exaggeration, Schafer
knows this, does not he?
Who is Schafer?
All right, serious.
Who are you
I usually talk to you from the office
of the Western White House, but...
... tonight should we talk
about something special...
... and ask someone
who wants to join.
Where are we going...
Oh, I see.
Not long ago, I was asked that
a bunch of kids do what...
... will if they
are offered drugs.
And I replied, "Say no".
Doctor, a lot of meaning.
So we must be smarter
and stronger than us.
That's in your life.
As for drugs and alcohol...
... just say no
Are you a pilot?
- I'm driving the plane - me too
National Guard
from 1968 to 1969.
All right, I see you, pilot?
Sandinista burns...
... the American flag on the street.
- Please.
- No deal if you do not...
... grab the Sandinista.
Then we do nothing.
Do not understand
Can you think why I
am not incarcerated?
- This is disgusting.
- To be honest, that's true.
This guy is from DEA.
And this is a colonel
named Olie Nord.
- He is the Reagan's messenger.
- DEA just wants to complete...
... the Medellin cartel.
At the same time, the
Northern Colonel wanted it
to prove that Communists in Central
America are involved in drug trafficking.
- Let me repeat it, this is disgusting!
- North Colonel wants to prove...
... Communists are in
circulation with drugs
Why am I in this room?
Because I am a messenger.
Do you want to continue?
For my country
We will win them!
You will become a hero
They told me to go
back in business,
Now I work for the White House.
You have three rooms.
Every 50 images.
You have it in your bag.
Her room leads to a bag.
There were two monkeys
on each door.
The room pointed to the door
Each room has coordinates.
Just press this button
to take a picture.
That is all
Let's go
I can see the coordinates.
You can see the coordinates,
which means I can see you.
- We'll hide - I'm
not a photographer.
- Does your finger work?
- Just press the button. Yes.
When should I press the button?
While staying here.
Let me take a picture.
Listen, then do we
have that photo?
Who will see it?
This photo is worth noting.
Should they be classified?
They will be set at the
highest level, Barry.
- Dad!
- complicated?
We are aware of the
dangers that will occur.
Okay, I do.
You can go and spend the
next 13 years in 11 prisons.
Come on Boss!
We must go!
I'll see you soon!
- Smile, Barry - Goodbye, Dad
There are soldiers there.
They will torture us.
They will release us from the tongue.
- That does not help, Pete.
- They will attract us...
... to be fodder I do not
want to be food, Barry.
We can not panic!
We take cocaine...
- Take a picture and get out of here
- We can not panic
Raise your hand!
No, no
Raise your hand!
What about the camera, Barry?
Escobar, Ochoa.
Raise your hand!
Hey, hello.
What is that
This is Escobar's stuff.
Hey, Jorge!
Jorge, shit!
Come on.
A little help Shoot them.
- What?
- Shoot!
- what do you say - Shoot!
- Shoot!
- No, no
You bastards
- They're my friends - Ochoa!
Why are you calling me
I'm here, sir
- what for?
- Shut up.
What is shaking?
She gets wet.
You succeeded in deceiving me, okay.
What happened
I saved you, Barry!
- I saved you -
Remember that Yes.
Come here, Barry.
Hey, Jorge.
Let's take him with Pablo.
- Is Pablo here?
- Yes, it's paranoid.
- He thought everyone caught him.
- Hi, Pablo.
let's do it
let's do it
All right, Barry?
Let me see
I am here
I am here
And I brought you to Harley.
Are we still friends?
That is good
What you do there,
you really cheat me.
- Are we still friends?
- I'll take you back
What did he say? He wants to
meet him at Pablo. Which says...
Look at this, mate.
We will make history.
- Seal Barry He's a genius!
- Yes!
There seems to be no murder
that Sandisnitas does not have.
This is a criminal regime.
Even Sandisnistas is involved in
international drug trafficking.
I know every parent in America who
is worried about a cruel drug.
As soon as Nicaraguan
government officials know,
They are also involved
in drug trafficking.
This photo was taken secretly
at an air base outside Managua.
Show Federico Voun,
the main advocate for one of
nine commanders in Nicaragua.
Loading drugs on
board to America.
That bastard!
That's your face, Barry!
- This is a dirty regime!
- Oh, my God
It betrays us.
Pablo, we must face
it immediately.
Pablo, if we do not take care of
clients, others will accept it.
I'm sorry, Barry.
- North acts quickly.
- You just make the boys in trouble.
We're all in trouble.
Photos can not be circulated.
Not before you catch
the Colombians.
- They'll hunt you - Barry...
... You know the risks
when you're shooting.
You know what you do.
Barry, are you there
Let's buy ice cream.
The FBI will take everything.
When I come...
... you wear all the gems.
Do you understand All songs.
And the necklace.
Because if you wear them, I
can not take them from me.
Do you understand
That's a guarantee for you
Children, do you understand?
Yes. Okay, do not forget,
all will, all right.
- Everything will be fine, I love you
- I love you
As expected, they came.
They took everything.
Hey, Luce, baby
I think...
... maybe you want to
go back to Baton Rouge.
Nothing in the drawer.
Check the lid box, third
holder at the bottom.
You're happy there
How about you
I mean, I...
Looking around...
If I run...
They will also catch the children.
That's what happened.
But in Rouge, you're safe.
No, I'm not going anywhere.
We are family, we live together.
- I know, but...
- I do not want
Honey, do not do this now
- Honey, do not do this now
- No, sir, I'm sorry, sir.
Excuse him for wearing it.
Luce, stop, you know...
- sorry, hey - Can
you take a moment?
Can you take a
minute with my wife?
This is a tough day.
- All right, Barry.
- Yeah.
You have a minute
All right, Luce?
- Honey, listen to me
- Give it time.
Okay, get out.
I'm going to jail.
I'll be in prison...
... briefly.
I'll be fine there.
And we'll take care of everything.
But I need to know that you will be safe.
Everything will be alright.
Trust me.
You believe me, do not you?
There is no!
Finally, Luce and the children
moved to Baton Rouge.
Where can we fight drugs?
If the defeated enemy can be
protected by the parties.
She never gave up...
... wrong operation
is in process.
Defendant, please pick up.
- Barry Seal - Honor you
You are sentenced to a thousand
hours of communication.
You can go
- This is nonsense. Hold your mouth, Mom.
- He's a drug dealer.
- Evidence D!
- The Seal Master Plan...
- I'm sick of this nonsense
- Shut up!
So can I go?
- now - Arkansas State speaks...
Mr. Seal.
- Do I have to go?
- See you later
They stopped in the west.
All right, see you later.
I like to go before I think.
Maybe I should have
asked for more.
Excuse me, sir, madam?
Can you stay away?
I want to start...
... my car!
Yes, I really appreciate it.
You locked my car.
I appreciate.
I spend every day
at various motels.
Get out of there
A different motel.
Every day
For the safety of children.
But I have to come to
the military house,
every afternoon
at the same time.
The order of the judge
Same time, same place.
I'm sorry, what's your name, sir?
- Louis.
- Louis? Barry Seal
- Nice to meet you, -
Nice to meet you.
Sign here
- 120 days indoors.
- this
- Better move the truck.
- Conrtas is happy to be here.
Hi, Barry.
When did you invite me to fly?
- Thank you, Barry.
- Do not tell me what I give you
Day 36.
Actually, I helped
set up an army.
Defend a country.
And he created the biggest
drug cartel ever.
ClA, the White House.
This is a great adventure.
More than I expected.
I mean...
... the largest country in...
Let's face it.
Trusted authorities have
involved Barry Seal...
... driven by drug cartels.
You lied to me
They carry uranium from the Contras.
"Schafer" was promoted
After being released,
Pete is not against God
and became a pastor in Alabama.
Other pilots are
no longer visible
The CIA continues to use
Barry Air Force Contrast.
Come on! Laugh!
Until one of them was
shot in Nicaragua
The case in which he was released is
known in the Iran-Contras scandal
Mr President, what do you know
about funding for Contras?
All I know is that he will taste
delicious and can not wait for tomorrow.
Vice President Bush, Do You Know
About Removing Cons or Not?
Luci and the kids will
return to Louisiana
Here is your command