American Muscle (2014) Movie Script

Listen, no matter what happens,
just stay behind me, okay?
One thinks in the cage only to a cause
Time time time,
Every second, every minute,
every hour, every day,
The clock becomes a
vital part of you,
In the last 10 years of my
Life was all about time,
Time to reflect, time to
to be honest with myself,
Time to wait,
Today opens the cage,
Yes, today is my fucking time
Shit, Falcon, leading to
Hell are you doing?
You owe me,
- I owe you?
What are you talking about?
- The bet from yesterday,
Come on, man, You are in a
Hour out of this hole there,
Do me a break,
- You owe, you pay,
I'm still fucking 18
Years bring, man,
Can not you a little blind eye?
You owe, you pay,
John Falcon, the most glaring
Son of a bitch in the tract,
This is crazy, Do you like so
risking your freedom?
Oh well,
- The bet was about two boxes,
I do not think so,
Here, Are you happy now, you wanker?
Fucking asshole!
Two black gloves, a
worn jeans, a shirt,
black boots,
What's this?
I know my stuff,
- What are you doing when you get out here?
Visit the family,
- Ah, family is good;
keeps you away from the rabble,
You do not know my family,
Hey, your wedding ring,
Thank you,
Where are you going?
If that is in the direction
is your lucky day today,
Just got out of prison?
- Yes,
Not a big talker, what?
- Yes,
What's with the gloves?
Married? Did not she picked you up?
- No,
It's really cold,
But well, my husband and I
were being happy 20 years
before we met,
Want to fuck?
Do you want that, right?
Show me how much you want it,
Show me,
Harder, harder, oh yes!
Yes, exactly, exactly, exactly!
And, do you want my number?
- I will not be long enough outside,
to use them,
Thanks for the ride,
- You need a girl
then we can make a foursome,
You like girls, right?
- Oh yeah,
Yes, fact, Even though I
so am in the minority,
I like tits but rather than tails,
I just do not have the
right woman found it with me
durchgeknalltem Spinner endures,
Do not be so critical of yourself,
Nah, he's been an asshole,
I need nice and hot,
Brother, you may sometimes?
- I already go well,
Do you have to play the scout for ever?
- Yes, yes,
The Scout must pee,
Wait, wait, what are you doing?
- I want to give it a try,
No, no, no, the want
not you, No, no,
John will beat us all to a pulp,
... I've got pubic lice, but I do not care,
Oh shit!
Shit, shit, asshole!
Shit, shit, shit!
The girl - where is she?
Fuck you, man!
- Sam,
The next stage is to our own little
Desert Rose, Scarlett!
Shit, it's hot in here,
Hey man, uh, you pills here?
No pills,
Maybe some coke?
- No,
Oh, you know what, okay,
What's wrong with grass?
Holy shit!
You are Sam's brother, right?
Shit, man, you just get out?
- Me too, man,
Hey, man,
- What?
You've got blood on your shirt,
That's not my blood,
That's what happens when you find yourself
mess with the giants,
That's what happens when you find yourself
mess with the giants,
Do not mess with the giant, Tommy,
Do not mess with the giants!
Do not mess with the giant, dammit!
Good Morning,
- Morning,
You like it certainly did not hear
but that's just my job, so:
On offer today is a steak with eggs,
two in number, potato pancakes,
two in number, and a free
Lapdance with a lady of your choice,
Jack Daniels, double, pure,
What are you doing here, John?
I've heard you have something going,
Really now? Want now
Skeletons in the closet?
I thought you liked sedentary
play are homeowners,
I need money to the
To buy house, Sam,
Do you have a crew?
Did it about a girl in the
"The 3 Holes" met,
In fact, I think it would be good,
if you are about to
because I do not want a bullet in
Head end when the job is over,
What's this?
Yes, there are these Hollywood types,
who has a house in the desert,
The girl the dancer in "The
3 Holes ", gives private sessions,
Did I say stop? I did not say stop!
Sucking on to the stump!
Sucking on the butt!
She said that since lying around everywhere stuff,
Speed?, coke, everything - and also coal,
She makes him high and then come
we vacate and from the booth,
Is a breeze,
I want to join,
You know Darling in the Department
is? You will join there,
Yes, she told me,
Is that a problem?
This is business, your marriage quarreling
because there is no room,
Here you are, my beauty,
Hey, buddy, how are you, brother?
Everything was good, -Thanks,
- Yes,
That's impossible,
I knew I would you again one day,
As only they will come
premature to dismiss you?
Good leadership,
Hey, Falcon, since proposes yes
my cock harder,
Go to bottom, Falcon, asshole!
Oh fuck!
Where is Darling?
- I do not know, man,
I swear I do not know anything,
Since that night, a lot has changed,
Sam is now a big shot
- Where is he?
Today at noon is on the
Junkyard handover,
He... he meets Sinko, running errands,
Look, what happened in the night,
I had nothing to do, man,
Donna? Please hold me,
You've forgotten something there, Donna,
Donna, Donna, Donna, Donna!
I told you, stay behind me,
Stop the damn music!
Understand that for none?
Listen to the music!
a new
Dancer is in my house!
Put their money in!
That's what I mean all the time!
Well, finally, man, damn it!
Okay, Sassy sees us,
the back door is open,
John and I will go in here
should be no problems,
The rest of you, thinks Sassy, shall after
forward, Get your act together merely
nobody loses his head, no one
does anything stupid,
No one gets hurt,
Who is doing here in my house tattoos?
Can I get a fucking tattoo?
Yes, exactly like that,
That's all what you want, This is
everything you want - fucking money,
What the hell is that?
Damn, I do not like, Do you know
what I want to hear? This is...
Hey, who are you?
Skin now available here! And you,
immediately get down on your knees!
Let it all down, Welcome...
- Are you crazy?
- Watch it,
otherwise I cut down for you!
Where's the rest?
- That's all, We can get out, go!
No, damn it, that should be full!
- No, no, no,
He should be full!
- Let's take this!
We are still looking for the rest!
- Take the here and fuck off!
Do you want the house? want
the house? Do you want the house?
Shit, Sam,
- That's only the half,
We get everything, Los, we get the rest!
Who are these guys?
- You ass, fuck off from here!
Where did you get these guys?
Take from that shit!
- Come here, come here, come here...
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
- Hey,
I know that you have money, and
I know you have drugs,
I should have money?
- Are you kidding me?
I should have money? Oh dear...
I have tons of money and
I have tons of drugs!
Where's the rest of it?
Wait a minute, wait a minute!
Sass? Sassy?
Yes, yes, yes he is, the is he, Oh fuck,
Hey, brother, you're next,
No, no, no, no!
Please, please do not!
you have to go for me to "The 3 Holes",
If you have a yellow '73 Coward
Duster see, this is my brother,
You have to do as a favor to me,
And though?
You have to kill him for me,
Yes, it is done,
'Yes, yes?
We have no more candy,
That's all? Should not I
Rocco with? Rocco is a beast!
He is loyal and stupid, He is too stupid to
run away, too stupid to quit,
He comes clear with my brother,
What I need from you on the other hand,
are damn candy!
Okay, well, boss, Candies,
- Go!
If you trust me, then listen
on trying to control me,
I like to party, okay?
I like to be on drugs,
I like to fuck on drugs, do not do
as if I could not handle it!
I have slept and you
have overreacted genuine,
What do you want from me?
- I want you,
I want a life with you,
Just promise me that you will try it,
I'm not your darling,
Do you have a spare room?
- Do you have $ 35?
Are you all right?
I need to sleep only,
Room 3, the door on the right,
Tongues, Tongues, Tongues,
you dumb bastard!
You have to go for me to the meeting,
And you'll help him,
- My brother has just been released,
We'll be fine,
as long as we do ourselves smart,
Come here,
What do you want?
- I want you to open the door,
I can sew,
What did you do?
I was approached a school bus,
Wedding ring?
Okay, that should be enough
And now, get up,
Do you got another
Try position?
- Why not?
I do this only with my wife,
Also good,
Oh, oh God...
If you stop with the fucking,
then the seam could hold,
Speaking of which, what do the -
all the X on the knuckles?
That one owes me 10 years of life,
How do you get the back?
You owe,
you pay,
Well, you know, it is said:In life
there is always a second chance,
It is called "tomorrow",
Only if you can survive today,
I have knots in their hair,
Room Service, asshole!
Damn it,
He was in debt,
He has paid,
Sam sends a mute, to make a deal,
Is this a joke?
For me, this is so over anyway,
And now here with my damn money,
This is good stuff, of which you are
Hair growing on the eggs, my friend,
And maybe even a few on the head,
What the hell is this now?
You set me up!
Son of a bitch!
Get me out of here! come over
already driving me out of here!
Come on, damn it!
Get a move on, go!
Get me out of here!
Get me out of here!
Fuck it!
Damn, you know who I am?
On your fucking knees,
Wait, wait, wait...!
- He is half empty,
Where's the rest?
- Wait, wait, wait
Where's the rest of it?
- You want everything? Then take it yet!
What the hell !?
- No, no, no, wait, wait!
Last chance, asshole,
Wait, wait, wait...!
I want to tell you something:You will
the star of my next movie!
You are perfect!
Oh my God!
- Fuck what the fuck?
A clean team is,
fucking psychopath!
That was fucking murder!
This goes on your account!
We are now looking for... We are looking for
- Sit down and stop!
Stop it!
- Put it down, down, down!
Sam, what the hell is this, man?
We need to do that,
No, we do not have to!
- You've seen us all,
We need to do that,
No, please!
- Hey, no! No, wait, wait, no!
Please, do not!
What the hell?
Say, will you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?
Chill out, -The go to your account,
- Chill out, -The go to your account,
that is triple homicide!
- John, we had...
This is real shit!
- Find now the drugs!
He is a psychopath!
I have 10 years later
been waiting to tell you,
Aha, pink,
Darling said already, that you
a real charm bolts are,
Where is Darling?
- You do not want to be found,
He is outside,
- No idea,
We should prepare ourselves,
I have Rocco and Sassy sent,
Tongues will cut it down, he is
big, but he is not a killer,
He never had a reason to,
People do not change, Darling,
Oh Sam, but they do,
People can not change for the better,
but they can for
Change bad,
He does not care whether he is caught,
He does not care whether he re-
going to jail,
He goes there solely
just that you pay,
I was not alone to blame, you bitch,
- Yes, you were,
Now I need some good news
Was he there? Is he dead?
He is there, He is wounded,
but still alive,
Are you kidding me? where is
Tongues? Where is my order?
Tongues is dead, Sinko
the errand boy is dead
and your brother is with the money
and the drug took off,
You said he is wounded?
Yes, I have shot faster,
but he is really a closet,
Come on, go wash yourself,
- Another Line?
Got it, man, I'm at it!
I do not need a line, but
Killer, You have to get out on the road,
You have to get me killer,
depending merciless better,
You can do it,
- I? Up!
I grab this, Sam, Do you want me
kidding, man? I grab it!
Come on... do not come back without,
Hey man, you know what to
Hell is going on up there?
Sam's brother was released early,
Who the hell is Sam's brother?
- His name is Falcon, That was before our time,
And where is the damn problem?
- The guy was Sam Bat,
The must be pretty crass
be on it, no idea,
See you here just once,
Husband, We have a dozen
genuine killer on the payroll,
- When the brother
can rot in jail and
Meanwhile hands around his wife
could be paranoid,
- Maybe, yes,
The point is:I do not care,
how pissed Falcon is,
Anger does not make one bulletproof,
Hey, boss,
Oha! Hey, hey, wait!
Have times better have a damn
good reason to show up here,
Wait a minute, hey! Hey, money, okay? Money?
Money is always a good reason,
Yes, I thought so,
I want you to stop,
Darling to give this shit,
Then it stop, but John, I'm not...
I'm not the only one... dealer here,
She has her own head, John,
As long as you're not,
I will not be, Everything...
everything okay between us?
Are you crying?
Why? Why? Why? Why?
Am I not good to you?
You have a nice roof over
his head, So why tears?
Does not matter,
- Take!
I do not want,
Come out of there, You now take these pills!
I need you back to normal,
Girls, and fast,
My brother will not come
and save you,
And I... I'm starting to really, a
Reluctance to develop against you,
Fuck you,
I wish I could
be like you, brother,
Clean, nice car, nice
Do girls, beautiful things,
But I do not care,
For something you can not force yourself,
Either it is or non-
and for me it is so,
Such a statement is really stupid, man,
Because you then lonely
'll end up, broke and
sometime then dead,
You think you're something better, right?
Yes, you think you're
better than anyone else,
Not at all,
- I need help,
Darling needs help,
Did you ever in your mind,
that you're the one who might,
the ass is?
He's in there, man, he's in there,
You want your money? Then go in there,
grabs him and takes him out,
If the fucker comes through the door,
I blow him off the fucking head,
And how the hell we want
out to get him there, huh?
Is that his?
- Yes, that's his,
Shit, dude,
What's the point now?
Has barricaded himself as...
What the hell, man...
- Like what the hell?
I thought you were the full
stark killer! Come on, kill him!
I have something for you, Johnny Boy!
Do you like this?
If you want to get something done, must
you fucking do it myself, what?
Come on, motherfucker, come on out!
Show yourself, damn it!
Hey, how are you?
Do not kill me, John,
do not kill me, man!
I was not in the night time
here, you know, man!
I want to live, I want to live!
Where is Sam?
- I do not know, man,
I do not know, I do not know,
I can already hear all day,
Okay, okay, listen! There's... there's a
huge ranch up at Hill Ridge,
You can not overlook, okay? the
is the only house there, Please... please...
You know, you're right,
You were not there,
Yes, man, Yes, yes, yes,
- This is a family affair,
If you call at Styles?
Yes, but he's not answering,
Then he's dead,
Why am I me from the
Be persuaded bitch?
I see you,
I love you,
Round two, motherfucker,
You are on the train, Peacock,
Thanks for the love bite, you bitch,
- John,
Come over,
Come over!
I'm so...
I love you, I love you,
I'll be right back,
I love you,
I Carry The Shredder!
We were brothers,
- We are still brothers, John,
What are you doing?
The pain is more
than the balls, John,
Over the knife more than my
falling damn levels,
Takes you just to the end,
what it started,
What the hell are you talking about?
Tell 'him,
I wanted to marry you, John,
But I wanted to fuck Sam,
Not that!
Listen, John, Yes, it was a time
because we were both happy,
You were happy, I was happy, you
were married and I fucked her,
It was great! But seriously, John,
they never loved one of
us so much like this,
Tell him the rest,
Triple murder!
- Chill out!
I will not go down!
- Chill out!
- No, we wanted to take everything!
You fucking psychopath!
I've had enough now!
Stop looking at me like that,
What do you want from me?
I never told you, I love you!
Have you never promised that I
will make no more party,
So stand 'around here not so,
like you're something better,
Whoa, wait, wait, wait! You want revenge,
I understand, I understand, yes,
But not like this, Let's do it the way
it's your and my daddy did before,
Do you remember how he always us
has beaten the crap?
Okay, we just change the from, two Men
go in, one comes out again,
We fight to the death, you
and I, brother against brother,
Okay? You know you want it,
You know that you feel it,
We put the guns away and
get it right, Down and...
You should have time to mention!
It seems like I would be the last 10
Run after years of remembrance,
And I'm tired,
And, who is now bankrupt,
lonely and dead, John, huh?
We both, Sam,
You just do not know yet,
I think now not more,
Goodbye, John,
You had debt... and have paid,
Have you ever wondered
why one remains simple?
All move, but one that
one simply stops,
Furthermore, I have recently
Time thinking a lot,