American Ninja 4 - The Annihilation (1990) Movie Script

We haven't got time for that.
C'mon, c'mon!
Run, head to the river!
Get on, c'mon!
Watch out.
You got the ring?
What ring?
The ring!
Dearly beloved,
We gathered here today, to
celebrate the marriage of...
Carl Brackston to Tilly Ammeson.
If anyone here, should know
of any impediment ...
why these two should not be joined
in holy wedlock...
let them speak now, or forever
hold their peace.
Would thy have this woman,
thy I wedded wife,
to live together after god ordernents,
in the holiest day to man?
Would I love her, comfort her,
honour and keep her...
What is it?
Brackston and Davidson,
report to G-6 immediately.
We're standing at the altar.
- The altar?
- I will.
I repeat Agent Davidsone.
We got triple red alert!
You don't pay me enough for this.
Keep him in sickness and in health...
Excuse me, vicar.
Red alert Carl, we got to get now.
Sorry buddy.
Look honey I got to go, I'm sorry.
Where is he going...?
Carl, you can't go now
We make great bonds.
I know you don't meant it honey,
I love you, bye.
Okay, let's go.
Okay, Carl...
Tell me what you know about,
Colonol Scarf Mulgrew...
Scarf Mulgrew is an ex-British
policeman who was...
jailed by the British, by killing
several men under interrogation.
He's mad, he's a sadist,
he hates the British.
And most of all,
he hates Americans.
And this is him.
Now we know for months that, Mulgrew
has been helping Sheik Ali Maksood...
To train their assassins in at old
British fort, up in the mountains.
And probably paying him several
many years for his favours.
But lately, things got much worst.
Its been confirmed that, those bastards
on the verge of creating a nuclear device
small enough to fit into a suitcase...
to carry it to New York.
Holy shit!
My sentiment, exactly.
Now, here this.
Last week, the President sent in a
secret delta force unit,
to wipe those bastards out,
it was a king size failure.
We got this tape an hour ago.
Who are those guys?
That's the Japanese red vection army.
That's the best them got.
Along with the tapes, we got a message.
All four prisoners will be burn alive,
a week from today.
Unless the United States pays a
ransom of 50 million dollars...
And release this all of god
freedom fighters.
Oh, this guys are crazy.
Right, now here's our problem.
We only have a few days before the
media get a hold of this...
and all hell will break loose.
The President will be force to
pay the ransom,
or send in the B-2 bombers.
When do I leave, Gavine?
When you're both ready?
You're parachute in before dawn.
The local operative will
meet you there.
The password will be: The Big Blue
Racking Crew.
You get the rest of your
instructions there.
Would you excuse us for a moment,
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
What the hell is going on, Gavine?
Carl is not a field operative.
You haven't red his files.
I have.
He came top of his class.
A brilliant linguist,
a superb marksman.
He's the best train
operator we have.
He's also a fantastic bowler,
but this is not a game, Gavine.
Those were ninja.
Where did training get
your Delta Force?
He's the best we have available!
What about Joe Armstrong?
Joe is with the peace core.
His head is full of peace,
love and life.
Give him a call, Gavine.
I did.
He cut me off.
Good luck.
We gonna need it.
Hey, Sean, wait up...
40 seconds to jump time.
We are on position.
So where's our contact?
This way.
Hey, what was that?
That could be him.
Okay, that's far enough.
Move, like you're hands on eggs...
Because this thing is lucky to
get off if I get nervous.
Okay, who the hell are you?
We are the "Big Blue Racking Crew".
Whoa, why the hell didn't you
say on the first place?
Hi, I'm Pongo.
The contact.
The numbers out back.
It's air conditioned.
I don't know...
I think he's been watching to
many movies.
Come on, get in.
That's ridiculous!
It's a new engine!
Stupid hippo rust!
- Yeah, Cagny no it was Brando.
- No it was Cagny.
- No it was one eye Jackson and
Marlon Brando... - It was Cagny.
Cagny is my favourite.
Hey, Marlon Brando is the boy, okay?
Pongo, Pongo.
What's so funny?
Mowgli's friends.
Why bother the best unit,
Delta Force could find.
G-6 sent us 2 guys,
who look alike...
That's what funny about.
Hey, Igo.
Throw this bums out of here.
My apologise, gentlemen.
I'll make sure you are the right people.
Come with me.
Geez, guys,
that was really great!
- Family?
- Yeah.
Well here's a quick run down
on the situation.
There's a fort.
Somewhere in the middle of that
complex, is a bomb making facility...
and the dungeons, holding the
four Americans...
is almost impregnable, but...
not quite.
Hey, It's Mulgrew and O'Reilly!
Holy shit, no!
If anything happens, head straight
for Sulpher Springs...
ask for Doktor Tamba.
He's the only one can help ya.
Okay, Sulpher Springs, Doktor Tamba.
They musn't find you here.
Hello, Freddy.
How my fat friend today, huh?
Where's those strangers you're hiding?
Sorry colonel,I don't know what
strangers you're talking about.
It's just me and a...
my yound friend.
You're not going to...
try run on my patience, are you?
Tell me.
Where are those two strangers? Huh?
They are in the coffin.
Don't kill them.
I want those bastards alive.
- Now where do we go?
- c'mon.
You two go this way.
You two round the back.
Now what do we do?
We get out of here.
You guys alright?
Where the hell did he come from?
Hey look I'm really sorry ab...
Shh... c'mon.
Let's go.
Okay, quick, this way.
Hey listen, where are you taking us?
Relax, I got this covered.
Hi, Pongo.
What's wrong?
Mulgrew's men are aftering us.
This way quick.
What is this place?
It's a mortuary.
Is this what you do for a living?
I hope they pay you well.
Okay guys, get on the cloche.
What, you gotta be kidding?
Hurry, hurry...
Kick it open...
Bloody idiots.
Hi, you guys come for bodies?
What bloody bodies?
The bodies from Lipper Colony. They
brought them in yesterday for autopsy.
Lipper Colony you say?
No, we are looking for two
very dangerous looking men.
- Seen any?
- No, not since I left Chicago.
Go on have a look around.
Bloody hell.
In second thoughts, I think
they went the other way.
If you seen them, phone police
headquarters immediately.
Okay, sure.
No problem.
Damn, that was close.
I can't believe that worked.
Guys, this is Sarah Pess
peace call.
Saved my ass a dozen times.
A dozen too many.
Hi Sarah.
Carl Brackston, CIA.
and we have to say...
Sarah this is my buddy, Sean Davidson.
Hi Sarah.
Hi Sean.
Thank you very much for what you
have done today.
We appreciate.
Look guys, I guess we better go.
Hey, where are you going?
Sarah, look...
I can't involve you in this any further.
You done enough.
But I am involved.
Mulgrew and his men will be after me.
Look I can take you as far as
Sulpher Springs and that's it.
Okay Pongo, which way is to Sulpher Springs?
That way.
C'mon, let's make some time.
You are not exactly build for
running are you?
Who are those bastard?
More bloody Americans.
British S.A.S?
Or maybe slime from Sulpher Springs?
What's the matter gentlemen?
Cat got your tounge?
Please Colonel, I don't know nothing.
Now don't you make me loose my bloody
temper, you asshole!
Please Colonel, none of us ever
saw them before.
If we had, we would have told you,
I swear!
This is all such a bore.
You know I like you.
I really really like you.
I give you 500 dollars and let you go,
if you told me who those men were.
The demons send from hell to get you.
Tell my friend the devil, I'm not
ready to come home yet.
Have a nice day.
get them undercover.
Use your gun if you have to.
What do you mean dissapear?
I tracked them down half town
to the main street...
I have searched the place top to bottom.
There are no sign of anyone.
Except for the American, peace congress,
Well she obviously took them out
the back way, you little prick!
I should've kill her, when I killed
the father.
Now you get your skinny ass onto the
street, and find them immediately,
you understand?
Bloody idiot.
My dear Scarfie, what concerned you?
There's a problem.
I think the Americans infiltrated
two more of their damn assassins.
Why so worried my dear friend?
Have we not always dealt the pigs
of mortal blow everytime...
...our paths have crossed?
There is something that worries me
about this two.
I think you should execute the prisoners
And make arrangments to have the bombs
transfer to Bairut as soon as you can.
My dear Scarfie, you are far too impetuous.
Bravo, bravo.
A man of steel.
It is as if they are almost proud to
die like a man.
I always try to impress upon my people
that to die in holy battle... a passport to heaven.
It is always full of shit, Ali.
Are these the Americans
of whom you spoke?
I told you my dear Scrafie... worried to much.
You American fuck...
I going to teach you a lesson you'll
never forget, as long as you live
...and I'm happy to say, it won't
be very long.
We will carried out the execution
in 48 hours.
I will inform the American embassador
and the President this evening.
You didn't have a sense of the
dramatic, Ali?
So gentlemen...
What're your names and what are
you doing here?
I see...
These other animals once thought they
were superiour to us mere mortals...
Until I gave them a lesson in a foley
of full surprised.
Lick my shoe.
Now gentlemen, one more time.
What are you names and what are
you doing here?
Very well, gentlemen...
This will be your first lesson in
the blind obedience.
Oh god.
Do not kill them my dear Scarf...
They should give far more pleasure
to Allah and myself alive.
Let us call Bairut and make arrangements.
The girl...
what she need is a stiff talking to her.
I'm gonna have you, but I won't
keep you too long.
Morning, Joe!
Good morning.
Today lesson is gonna be about environment.
What is environment?
Our surroundings.
Everything around us, okay?
Now I want you to go outside...
and find example of our environment.
...when you come back we discuss it, okay?
I told you last time, it was
a last time.
Joe.,, already know what happened
to Delta Force...
Well we sent in two agents...
They both been captured and they
will be executed...
One of them is your friend, Sean.
Everything you need to know is
right here.
...incase you change your mind.
We need you Joe.
What exactly are you doing
here Mr. Armstrong?
- Profession?
- Teacher.
- Have a nice day.
- Thank you.
Joe Armstrong?
Where to man?
Sulpher Springs.
Okay, quick get in.
Am I glad to meet you.
Hi, Pongo.
Let's get out of here.
Well that's the end of my story.
You know, you got hell of a nerve,
Joe, Coming here.
Sean and Carl couldn't even
handled these guys.
Seems like nobody can.
The guys might even be dead.
Even Sarah.
Who's Sarah?
Americana, work on a peace call...
She was helping us out, but got
captured with the others.
Tell me more about Sulpher Springs.
Well, Sulpher Springs used to be
a peaceful colony.
But after Bender became President,
the President's took over...
and now, live there ever since.
Nowdays its a rallying point for
everyone who have pissed off on
Mulgrew and his rats.
Why hasn't Mulgrew and his men
blowing it up?
They tried a while back, but got
a good kicked up their ass.
That was before the ninjas
arrived of course.
Who's this guy, Tamba?
Tamba, well he was the
prison's doctor.
Now he runs the joint.
And now, if you can get Tamba
and his guys to help you...
there's a good chance you can do
what they been trying to do.
Who are you?
Hi, I'm Pongo.
...and that's Joe Armstrong.
What do you want?
Guy named Tamba.
never heard of him.
My friend Freddie said he live here.
And he could used some good men.
Good men?
This way.
We are always looking for good men?
Mr. Armstrong, why don't you show
us how good you are?
You ain't see nothing yet.
He'll take all three of you in
the same time.
That's a big boost Mr. Armstrong.
The three of us?
Yeah, all three.
Not here.
Hey, stop this!
Stop it!
The man won, fair and square.
We need man like him.
Very impressive Mr. Armstrong.
Welcome to Sulpher Springs.
Come up here.
I am Doctor Tamba.
Joe Armstrong.
Paul Freddie told Pongo about me?
Yea, he said you, the only guy
who can help us.
What can I help you?
Well, we have to rescue the Americans
from the guard executioners.
So, if you can get us to the Dragon fort
and make as many diversion as possible
...we may have a chance.
Getting into the fortress
supposed to be impossible.
but there may just be a way.
Many years ago, the British dug
ammunition tunnels underneth the fort.
These were flooded when the
Dragon river overflowed.
Over 200 British troops were drown.
The engineers dug in from the other
side of the mountain to release the water
everybody thinks that this tunnels
were dinamited shut.
But we think, maybe they missed one.
All the engineering plans are
kepted at Pacific Centre.
President Bender is going to
a reception there...
for the Ted welfare finance minister.
Perhaps we could all go as
uninvited guests, hmm?
Mr. President, my government has
instructed me to inform you that
Sheikh Ali Maksood
and his associates release the
hostages immediately...
I can't believe my eyes.
Mr. President...
who invited that scum?
You were saying, Mr. Ambassador?
I was refering to you and your
associates as
scum, Sir.
Ah yes, a popular American expression
... when refering to other races.
Mr. Ambassador, we have very important
thing to tell you.
Oh, that so? What do you want?
- Somewhere quite, perhaps.
- After you.
- O'Reilly, keep an eye on things.
- Now, hold this.
...that we have captured another
two of your adventurers...
and an American nurse.
They will be executed with the
other 'scum'.
What do you mean the 'others'
you pig?
Oh yes...
We also wish to tell you, we have
move the execution forward,
It will now take place
tomorrow morning.
Remember, the basement in 9:45
Hey, you!
Where do you thing you're going?
There you are.
My son, I'm having confession down
stairs and I like you to come.
You are under arrest.
Oh no, my son.
Bless you, my son.
You so as much harm one hair...
on one of those men heads...
and I will personaly see this
place disintegrated.
Then New York will quickly follow
soon, Mr. Ambassador.
You basterds.
Well, you are such a rat sometimes, Ali.
What's that?
What the hell are you doing
down there, O'Reilly?
Bloody priest!
What bloody priest?
I show you, he's a priest.
He's holding...
confession downstairs
in the basement.
Are you mad?
There are no bloody priest.
I shot them, old months ago.
Priest? You idiot!
Some basterds is after the plan
to the fort!
We can get in here.
Thru the cliff's loose gate.
They didn't think anyone who'll be
crazy enough to try climb up there.
How are you doing?
I know we all gonna die.
Mulgrew kept my father...
I know he's gonna kill us.
I never thought its gonna end
like this.
I do not like it, Scarf.
Why did they want the plan
to the fort?
To find a bloody way in of course.
Macca is that way, old chap.
Anyway, they're isn't one...
trust me.
What are you plans, Ali?
Helicopter will arrive tomorrow,
to collect the bomb.
If necessary, we can leave with it.
I'm gonna bet.
Wake me in the morning.
People of Sulpher Springs!
We have a mission!
- We must fight for our freedom!
- Freedom!!!
With the help of the American,
who have proof himself to be our
friend and our equal!
We must finally free ourself,
of the powers of darkness!
Colonel, come quick!
What do you want?
It's an emergency.
They are riotting all over the place.
- Who is?
- Sulpher Springs.
Well, cut the slime like dogs and
no mercy, do you understand?
I don't know the meaning of the
words your honour.
You are early, Scarfe.
Something's up.
I want to see the prisoners.
All still here, gentlemen.
Plus the playmate of the month.
Stop it!
Damn you!
Prepare them for execution.
Take me to the lab.
There she is.
Made by the hand of Allah,
to bring the great satans,
to his knees.
Why the hell do you do
that old chap?
It feels me with ectasy, to think that I
was just 1 second away from meeting Allah.
Is there another way in to this lab?
Tell them to keep on guard, and tell them
to keep their hands off the bloody bomb!
I got a bad feeling about this, Sean.
It's not over yet.
Alright, you basterds.
That's far enough!
This is a legal gathering!
- You all under arrest!
- Attack!
Get me into the fort.
Where's that noise coming from?
From the old ammunition tunnels,
underneth. I think.
Old ammunition tunnels?
Bloody hell! there're coming from
the ammo tunnels...
that's why they want the engineering plans!
I must be going bloody senile!
Oh my god!
Sound the alarm.
Move the bomb to the helicopter
immediately and proceed the execution.
The rest of you, get down
there and kill them.
Is this dangerous?
(in foreign language)
Exquisitely dangerous, my son.
Treat it with care.
It does enough power to blow New York
off the face of the earth.
Allah goes with it.
C'mon, let's go.
We need to be hurry
You, okay?
What are you doing?!
True believers,
last night
I heard a jackle
scream in the mouth.
It was an omen
sent to me by Allah,
to tell me, that I have been
to merciful.
So my children,
because the great satan
has not fulfill the just immane...
Fight Joe.
This American criminals...
Get on with it, Ali.
Let the execution begin!
Please God no!
Release me!
Kill the infidel.
You guys okay?
Kill them.
Kill the cowards!
Kill the unbelievers!
No, you stay here.
I'll be back for you,
as soon as I can.
- Go!
- Where to?
You Arab prick!
You bloody were all the same!
A bunch of inconcinnous!
The whole bloody Arabia.
Come here you bitch.
Oh God.
It's over.
Everything's gonna be okay now.
Why did the ninja untie you?
Well, that's a friend of mine.
He's not much for words, but he
comes through at the end.
You can find me at the school.