American Ninja 5 (1993) Movie Script

# ...and talkin' back #
# When I was born #
# My daddy tried to send me back #
Whoa, buddy...
- What are you doing?
- Hi.
Lisa Strobel.
Key West Boat Repair.
Joe. Joe's Gym.
What are you doing to my boat?
You wanted a varnish.
The Brass is tarnished.
I thought this "T" was a "V".
- I wouldn't go in there.
- Why not?
Because I varnished the cabin, too.
- It really needed it.
- Yeah.
How long does it take
for this stuff to dry?
48 hours.
That's two days.
- Where am I going to sleep?
- Oh, well.
- Do you live on this boat?
- Yeah.
I got an idea.
I got an extra bunk on my boat.
Oh, no. That's OK.
I'll be fine.
Then let me make you dinner.
What do you like better,
chicken or fish?
Uh... what?
What do you prefer,
chicken or fish?
Usually, uh, chicken, but--
OK, great. Chicken.
It's about 2:00.
We could eat about 6:00,
or would 7:00 be better for you?
I really got to go to the gym.
7:00 it is.
Look, I'm in Slip 36-D.
- You're going to love my cooking.
- Yeah.
Everything is secure, Mr. Glock.
The hotel's closed for one week
at your request.
Thank you.
Take a vacation for one week, huh?
[alarm sounds]
Flathead, I have done it.
My pesticide leaves no residue,
not even a trace.
Congratulations, Doc.
Perfect timing.
Now we'll have a real test.
We're not testing Z-B-12
that innocent animal.
I have my orders.
And I have my morals.
Take me to Mr. Glock at once.
Trust me, general.
You'll receive your
merchandise soon enough.
I better.
Simon, I must speak with you.
- I'm in a meeting, Doctor.
- I'm afraid this cannot wait.
Excuse me a moment, general.
What is the meaning
of this interruption?
Z-B-12 was designed for insects.
True, but we must
determine its toxicity, Doctor,
otherwise, human lives
may be at risk, correct?
Please, Doctor, my intentions
are nothing except honorable.
Then why is General Zubino here?
Escort the good doctor
back to the lab
and keep him there.
- More delays, Glock?
- No, not at all, general.
- You have two days.
- Two days? But we agreed--
Deliver the gas, Mr. Glock,
or my army will use your hotel
for missile practice.
Get me the Viper!
Viper, we need assurances
that Dr. Strobel
will complete his work.
Go to America at once.
Perhaps his lovely daughter
will help convince him.
Joe, we got to talk.
In a minute, Tetsu.
I'm kind of busy.
I got a plane to catch,
and obviously this is not your day.
Now, come on, Joe,
you going to housesit
for me this weekend or what?
- Oh, yeah. I forgot.
- Forgot?
- What, problems?
- No. No problems. Uh,
- perfect timing.
- Great. Great, great, great.
Here are the house keys.
- Trash out on Sundays.
- Trash out on Sundays.
Who's the boy?
That's my nephew Hiro.
Bonsai need watering
every morning.
Take them out now
and then to breathe.
Take them out to breathe.
I didn't know you had a nephew.
He's my grandnephew.
The last of my Ninja Todai Clan.
Oh... that's your last ninja, huh?
Yeah. He needs a little help,
but he's great at computers.
Loves football.
Hey, Joe, maybe--
Maybe you could teach him.
Ah, Tetsu, you know
I don't teach kids anymore.
Aw, come on, Joe.
I mean, what--
Oh, no.
That's Tadashi's student.
Well, maybe it's time
you tried to do it again.
Look, bedtime's at 9:00,
and don't let him play
with the machine too much.
Hey, Tetsu, I said
I'd housesit, not babysit.
Joe, there's nobody else.
Well, what about his parents?
Come here.
Her mother died during childbirth.
Daddy was killed a few years later,
and he's just blocking
everything out.
He's numb.
He's out there.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Banged around foster homes,
back and forth.
I'm his legal guardian.
I'm his only living relative.
But you're too old
to raise a boy.
That's why I need a vacation.
I got a plane to catch.
Wait, Tetsu.
Where are you going?
- Athens.
- Athens?
Sayonara, fellas.
How'd he do that?
It's a ninja secret.
- Show me how.
- Maybe some other time.
- I'm Joe.
- So?
So... so, uh, wait here.
I'm going to go
take a quick shower.
Yeah. Good idea.
- Hey, Tadashi.
- Whose kid?
Uh, Tetsu's. Supposed to
be the last of his Ninja Clan.
You kidding me?
Do you mind watching him
for a bit?
- OK.
- Thanks.
Hey, uh... can I try those?
I don't think so.
This can be dangerous.
Oh, uh, come on, uh,
I'll trade you.
Be careful.
[glass shatters]
- Sorry about that window.
- Yeah, well, it happens.
- [music plays]
- I like your truck.
Thanks. I just got it.
Can I drive?
- How old are you, anyway?
- 12.
I'm letting a 12-years-old
drive my new truck.
- You are? Great.
- No.
You just said I could.
I meant you couldn't.
A conversation
with you is not easy.
Well, maybe we should
just not speak for a while.
- So, where are we going?
- You're speaking.
Silence is boring.
- We're going to the Marina.
- Why?
Pick up some things
off my boat,
then break plans with a girl.
- You have a fight.
- No.
Is she pretty?
I didn't really notice.
- I notice that a lot lately.
- What?
If a girl's pretty.
So, what plans you have with her?
If you really must know,
she invited me to dinner.
- Spending the night?
- What?
Never mind.
So, what's she cooking?
You ask a lot of questions.
- That's what brothers are for.
- I'm not your brother, bubba.
Play your game.
- Do you live here?
- Yep.
Sure is nice.
I always wanted to live on a boat.
Maybe you will one day.
- See what I mean?
- What?
Me... noticing girls.
Ha ha.
It won't kill you.
Something sure smells good.
This must be it.
Lisa. Hello.
Over here, Joe.
Come on aboard.
Whoa. She is pretty.
Yeah. Not bad.
Wow. Some ship.
It's a boat.
- Your boat like that?
- Uh... yeah, kind of.
It's blue.
- Glad you could make it.
- So am I.
But I thought you said
that you didn't--
Hope you don't mind.
I had to bring him.
I'm Joe's brother Hiro.
He's not my brother.
- Stepbrother.
- Nice to meet you, Hiro.
The pleasure is all mine.
Cut that out.
- He's absolutely, darling.
- Yeah. He lights up my life.
Why don't you come on aboard?
Get a hold.
Varnished his whole boat?
I wanted to meet him.
I worked nearby for two weeks.
He never noticed me.
- I thought you were a guy.
- Yeah, right. Some guy.
So... I set the whole thing up.
I'm glad you did.
- That was some dinner, huh?
- Yeah.
Thank you.
But wait till you try my dessert.
- Who are you?
- A friend of your father's.
[muffled scream]
Not bad... for a rookie.
You stay here.
I'm going below.
I, uh, want to talk with
Lisa alone for a little bit.
Oh, I get it.
Right. Cool.
Go for it.
I'm just going to
help her with dessert.
- Lisa.
- [clunk]
Someone's taken Lisa.
Whoa! Aah!
Aah! Whoa!
Ohh! Look out!
- You OK?
- I think I swallowed my gum.
Stay here.
[engine starts]
Not to worry!
What are you doing?
Hold it!
That thing's brand-new!
Hey, kid!
I'm driving!
We're outta there!
What are you doing?
Pull over.
I can't.
We'll lose them.
[horn blares]
Have I figured this out
fast or what?
I've never driven a truck before.
It drives better in the right gear.
We're not getting off
to a good start, kid.
Look out!
Holy smoke.
How long you been driving, anyway?
Well, actually,
the only driving I've done till now
was on my game gear.
Life is not a game.
- Maybe it is.
- Who knows?
- Hands off.
- You going to tell me?
- Tell you what?
- What we're doing.
Who's stealing that girl and why?
- I don't know.
- Why are we following them?
I don't know.
- Seems like the right thing?
- Right.
Maybe I was right.
Life is a game.
Watch out!
Hey, pal, how much
longer you going to be?
Got a few more.
Warm her up, and I'll call you
when she's secure.
I want you to call the police
and wait in the truck.
What are you going to do?
[Game Boy beeping]
- Naw. It couldn't be.
- Yeah.
I told you to call the police.
I did. They told me
to stop watching TV.
Oh, making a compass, huh?
So, where are we heading?
Looks like, uh... southeast.
South America?
- Such a chatterbox.
- Listen, when we land--
He speaks.
You're getting on the
first plane back to Florida.
But you need me, Joe.
Like a bad cold I need you.
- Where are we?
- Be quiet. I'm looking.
- What are you doing?
- You don't know doritos?
I know doritos.
I found a whole case of them.
Want some?
Just be quiet.
And chew quietly.
Welcome to Venezuela.
- How did you get here?
- You miss me?
- You look terrible.
- I'm OK.
- I came to say goodbye.
- What do you mean, goodbye?
I'm taking the next flight out.
- How'd you get a ticket?
- You to wonder, me to know.
What-- wait a minute.
Maybe you should stick
around for a while.
- Why?
- Maybe I could use your help.
I didn't quite hear that.
I said I could use your help.
- My help?
- Yeah.
You need me?
- Just for a little while.
- Well... I don't know, Joe.
- I've got a plane to catch.
- Oh.
OK. Well, fine.
Adios, Hiro.
- Under one condition.
- What?
You teach me ninjitsu.
- I don't teach kids.
- Why not?
Listen, Hiro,
this is important, now.
I need you to go find
the American Embassy.
- Bring back some help, OK?
- OK.
- What now?
- I was right, wasn't I?
- Now what?
- You are a decent guy.
Get out of here.
And be careful.
If you do not cooperate, Doctor,
the consequences will be--
No! Wait!
- Lisa!
- Daddy!
What's the meaning
of this, Glock?
I think you know.
You have exactly one minute to
reconsider your position, Doctor.
What's going on?
I was such a fool.
They've used me.
But, Lisa, I have created
the perfect insecticide.
Z-B-12 works within seconds
and leaves no toxic residue.
That's fantastic, Daddy.
I thought so, too.
I thought so, too.
But in high concentration,
Z-B-12 destroys the
nervous system of humans,
and Glock wants me to make
gas bomb for General Zubino.
He's a madman, a maniac.
But I'll stop them.
When they test it,
it will backfire,
and Glock and General Zubino
will die.
- But you'll be there, too.
- I don't care.
No! Wait!
Have we reached
a compromise yet, Doctor?
- The boy stays.
- You better stay, son.
[phone rings]
- Yes. Who is it?
- It's me-- Halden.
- Well, Ambassador?
- He claims to be American.
He has no passport.
I'm checking.
If he is, it could be
a problem for us.
I pay you for solutions,
not problems, Mr. Halden.
Don't worry. As we speak,
he's on his way to Krikesh Prison.
People talk in prison, don't they?
- Who could he talk to? I suppose--
- Suppose nothing!
If this American
is resourceful enough
to find his way to Caracas,
then he's not a man I want alive.
What route are they
taking to Krikesh?
- Joe!
- Hiro. I'm going to be OK.
- You stay with Ambassador Halden.
- What's happening, sir?
They're chargine Joe with Espionage.
He's not a spy.
He didn't do anything.
They can charge him
with anything they want.
What's going to happen to him?
They're putting him
in a holding facility.
These things take time.
Now, unfortunately--
[speaking spanish]
iVen aca, calatito!
iMi bicicleta!
iVerdad que se esta
levando mi bicicleta!
[honk honk honk]
Hiya, bro.
Want an apple?
Surprise, surprise.
What are you doing?
I got it under control.
How are you doing?
- Pull over.
- Can't.
No place to turn around.
- No joking. I got to drive.
- Relax.
I'll wake you when we get there.
How about that apple?
It figures.
- Hiro.
- Yeah, Joe?
- How'd you do this?
- My secret.
Got me there, kid.
Hiro, what happened?
Out, kid!
Hey! Back off!
Back off!
Let me go!
Get off of me!
- Let me go!
- Aah!
Aah! Aah!
Ah... get that guy off me!
No, no! Stop! Stop it! No!
No! Stop! No!
No! Stop!
If you're going to hit me,
hit me hard.
Joe! You're alive!
Just barely.
- Who are those guys?
- Oh, they're crazy.
They just cut me off.
I recognize that one
from the airport.
He was taking Lisa.
What's up with this girl, Joe?
That's a good question.
Come on.
Get me down, bro.
Please? Get me down.
Just hang in there, kid.
Joe! Joe! Joe! Help!
Help me!
Joe! Help! Help!
Help me, Joe!
Help me!
Let go!
Help! Joe!
Help me! Help me, Joe!
Joe! Uhh!
Aah! Aah!
Oh, God.
God. Oh, Joe.
You were so awesome.
You really kicked their butts.
Boom! Bam! Baah!
God, that was so good.
You were awesome.
You got to teach me
that stuff, all right?
Teach me how to use these.
Come on. Come on.
Promise me.
- What are you giggling about?
- Why not?
- We don't know what we're doing...
- True.
- Why we're doing it...
- Also true.
- Why Lisa's in trouble.
- Yeah.
- So?
- So what?
So what's so funny?
Well, maybe it has something
to do with the father.
- Lisa's father?
- Uh, yeah. She said he was a...
- scientist.
- Right. Uh, yeah.
- Right, yeah, what?
- Well...
scientists are always
screwing up the world
- with one thing or another.
- Yeah.
That could be the connection.
Sure. That's it.
Well, I'm glad you cleared
all that up for me.
All you had to do was ask.
Now you're going home, bubba.
But you need me.
Listen, Kemosabe,
from now on...
- call me the Lone Ninja.
- Joe--
Ha ha ha ha!
I got him.
I got him.
Senor, do you know where
the American Embassy is?
No te comprendo, nino.
Master Tetsu, I have failed.
I have lost the boy and need help.
Please show me a sign.
[Game Boy beeps]
I'll give you this
if you tell me where
the American Embassy is.
American Embassy?
Does anyone know where
the American Embassy is?
Anyone know where
the American Embassy is?
[speaking spanish]
Let me go!
You are mine.
Let me go!
Tu vienes a robar aqui en LaGuaira,
entonces tu pagas con tu finger.
- Papaya?
- Joe!
Good to see you again, kid.
Get on my back. Now!
You ready?
Let's swing.
Always works in the movies.
Ha ha ha ha!
What do you mean,
an American Ninja?
That's ridiculous.
Only a ninja can fight like him.
He's an American,
a friend of the girl's.
And if he finds out that I'm involved,
my career is finished.
Your career is the least of
my concerns, Mr. Ambassador.
As for this... American... Ninja...
he may come to your embassy.
When he does, bring him to me.
- Do I have a choice?
- No.
And don't come back unless
you bring the American with you.
I'll be on the, uh, General's yacht.
You know how to...
get in touch with me.
He is no longer trustworthy.
Uh, bring me this-- this... ninja.
Go. Go!
One thing, brother--
OK, Joe--
Next time you decide
to play Robin Hood,
look before you leap.
- You know what your problem is?
- I have no problems.
- You still think life is a game.
- Oh, some game.
I never played make
a fool of yourself
- and jump into a mess of rotten fish.
- You need guidance.
You need a steady,
normal adult in your life.
- You need to be back in school.
- I do.
So if we get out of this alive,
it's back to school.
Hey. Not to worry.
- I like school.
- Good.
This was just supposed
to be a vacation--
meeting my big brother.
Kid, I want you to put a lid
on this big birther stuff.
- I'll promise you something--
- Yeah, right.
We'll always be together,
friends for life.
- I promise.
- Calm down.
Now, what I want from you
is no more craziness.
Give yourself a reality check.
Get back on track.
- Like you.
- Yeah, like me.
- It's a deal.
- No.
- No?
- I don't want you to be like me.
- You said you did.
- I meant the opposite.
- Why?
- It's a figure of speech.
If we're going to get along,
you'll have to say what you
mean and mean what you say.
- Truth?
- Truth.
Like when you said
you could drive my truck.
I did drive your truck.
I did. Admit it.
I had to ask.
[Game Boy makes
machine gun sound]
Hands in the air.
These are games...
and there are games.
I look forward
to our next enounter.
Where's the girl?
- Melia Caribe.
- Where?
The suite Del Presidente.
Hey. Now, wake up.
It's OK. Wake up.
Hey, it's all right.
Come on,
you're having a bad dream.
It's all right now.
What happened, Joe?
We were attacked by
five purple people eaters.
You want up?
I remember now.
I hid while that guy killed my father.
- I'm a coward.
- No, no, you're not.
Come here, come here.
Look at me.
You were born a todai ninja.
You're stronger
and more courageous
than he could ever be.
That's why I need your help, Joe.
Teach me ninjitsu.
I can't.
I know about your younger brother.
- Yeah?
- Tetsu told me he was killed in a fight.
- Mm-hmm.
- But it wasn't your fault, Joe.
I was his sensei.
I was responsible.
Yeah, but you couldn't
have just stopped him.
Just like you can't stop me.
I've got to regain my father's honor.
And I need your help.
We need each other, Joe.
See, inside your soul is all
the strength of your forefathers.
But you got to reach deep
into your heart to find it.
The nine levels of
power configuration
will help you focus your energy.
No, like this.
Yes. Good.
Now, let's concentrate.
Clear your mind and think of nothing
but the fire burning before you.
Just the fire.
Concentrate on the fire before us.
It's kind of hard with you
talking like that.
OK, I'm not talking.
Done very well, Joe.
You've managed to reach the boy
in a way that no one else could.
- Uncle?
- Master Tetsu to you, Hiro.
You carry a burden much
too heavy for a young boy.
From now,
it's more important
that you remember beyond your pain.
Your father was one of the
greatest warriors of our clan.
Think back, Hiro.
Think back before tragedy
darkened your world.
Even when you were very young,
your father was teaching you
things that you now suppress.
Even before you could walk,
you were being taught the
Ways of the Shadow Warrior.
Hiro, your father has never left you.
His blood will always flow
through your veins.
- You understand?
- Yes, Master.
Good. You've taken
the first step in becoming a ninja.
Joe, you must also
release your pain.
He was always a part of your life,
and that will never change.
But now you have a new brother.
You must teach him well,
teach him everything you know.
Hiro, you must promise
to obey without question.
I promise.
I must warn you, too,
about the Evil Samurai
known as the Viper.
Banished from Japan because
of his evil ways and treachery,
he now intimidates the Earth
with other Mercenary Ninjas
who work only for
the highest bidder.
They owe loyalty to no one.
Hiro, as great a warrior
as your father was,
he, too, understimated
the poison of the Viper.
I advise you two to
not make the same mistake.
How does he do that?
When you become
a true ninja, you will know.
- Gin.
- [speaking spanish]
[speaking spanish]
Mira. Un ninja chiquito.
Que pasa, chico?
[speaking spanish]
- Hyah!
- Hyah!
- Way to go.
- You got it, bro.
I always wanted to do that!
Hyah! Yes.
Hey, not bad, Joe.
I lead, and you follow.
Sure thing, dude.
I mean Master.
After you.
Don't look.
You'll start sweating.
Right, Master.
Don't look.
Your father has almost
finished his work.
You're going to kill us,
aren't you?
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
You're much too pretty to die.
It was a reflex.
Ha ha!
I love a tease.
[knock on door]
Grrr! Excuse me.
What do you want?
- Someone tried to rescue girl.
- Is it the American?
- Bingo.
- Joe.
- How did you get here?
- It's a long story.
Look out!
- Chill, babe.
- Hiro?
The one and only.
Like I said,
it's a long story.
Come on. We're going
to get you out of here.
- Want to go for a ride?
- Huh?
Hop on.
This time, I'm driving.
Uh-oh. Whoa!
Give me the shurikens.
That's for you.
Watch out!
- What now?
- Smoke pellets.
- We disappear?
- Not quite.
Those are real guns.
What do we do?
Not to worry.
Ladies first.
One more time, bubba.
Here's to a better landing.
- What's next?
- Run!
Where did you learn
how to do that?
I work on boats.
Shut up and run!
- American Embassy.
- OK, senor.
[speaking spanish]
Flathead, would you mind
telling me what is going on here?
The American.
He got the girl.
- Who? Who took that?
- He wasn't alone.
How many were there?
One other.
A little ninja man.
A little ninja man?
Are you crazy?
I supposed you've been
sniffing that Z-B-12 again.
Look, he was about this high,
but he fought like 10 men.
I've had enough,
enough of this foolishness.
You were instructed to
look after Dr. Strobel.
Let's finish this business
with him right now!
All right.
My father designed a new pesticide.
It has no side effects
when it's washed with water.
That's terrific.
No. Joe, in high concentrations,
it kills everything.
- Everything?
- Yeah, everything.
Glock is in Cahoots
with General Zubino.
They forced my father
to build a nerve gas bomb.
He rigged it to backfire.
He'd rather kill himself
than give it to them.
Ambassador Halden.
Is he in?
You can wait inside.
Tell Halden to bring as
many men as he can to the lab.
- I'm going with you.
- No.
Yes. I'm the only one
who knows where it is.
What are you looking at me for?
- You're going to stay.
- What about my family name?
What about my honor?
What about our deal?
I'm your master, remember?
You're to obey me without question.
These ninja rules are bogus.
Come on.
Move over.
Progress report, Doctor?
I have condensed the Z-B-12
into the form of a pill.
Coat it with this compound here,
then submerge it into this acid.
When the coating dissolves...
The nerve gas is released.
Brilliant, Doctor, brilliant.
The briefcase has been rigged
with a special mechanism
exposing the pill to the catalyst.
Push in this button here,
and the carrier has
five minutes to escape.
Why so long, Doctor?
- The gas covers a wide range.
- Excellent, excellent.
Could we have
a demonstration, please?
I'm not quite ready.
[dog whimpering]
I said I'd like to have
a demonstration now.
- If you insist.
- I do.
[snaps fingers]
Why, you...
[alarm sounds]
- You swine.
- [coughs]
I told you to watch him!
Now we will test the gas
on you, Dr. Strobel!
[tires screech]
That bastard.
What are we going to do?
Come on.
Watch him.
Sorry, kid.
It's worth a try.
OK, wait here.
I'll be back in a minute.
- I want to go.
- Wait here.
Lisa. Lisa.
When the timer reaches zero,
the pill will drop...
and the gas will be released.
Goodbye, Dr. Strobel.
And this device will make us rich.
We must take it to
the general tonight.
Someone's broken
into the compound.
I think it's the American.
Yes, we've been expecting him,
haven't we, Viper?
Keep an eye on the doctor,
and this time, do not fail me.
It works!
Come on, kid,
let's get to work.
Come on,
before I start sweating.
So there really is a little ninja man.
And you must be this American
who's been causing me
so much trouble.
And who are you?
My name is Simon Glock.
You are trespassing
on my property.
The penalty for such a crime is death.
This is one harsh town.
Kill them!
This stuff really works.
Lisaa, we must get out
of here immediately.
I knew you'd come back to me.
Well... it's either me
or the gas.
Well, quite frankly,
I prefer the gas.
Ha ha ha ha!
All right, where's Lisa?
Your Mercenary Ninjas
are worthless.
Get down there
and kill him yourself.
I thought only women
dressed in red.
Aah! Aah!
Sending a boy to do a man's job.
He's got the Heart of Five Vipers.
Ha ha ha ha!
I never thought
this would happen.
- Can you forgive me, Lisa?
- Forgive you?
You're my dad. I love you.
I would enjoy watching Viper
crush the life out of you.
However, we have more
important business at hand.
Come. We must meet
with the general.
Which one of you is to die first?
- Are you OK, kid?
- I think so.
Good. Come on.
It's not over yet.
Sweet dreams, Dr. Strobel.
Let's go make our fortune.
[dog yelps]
No! Don't--
Don't open that door!
- Get the gas masks, quick!
- Gas masks.
You want this?
There are two masks and three
of you, gentlemen. Good luck.
[dog yelps]
Here, give me the gas masks.
All right.
We'll let the authorities
deal with him.
Here, let me see the pup.
All right,
let's get out of here.
OK. Where's Hiro?
- [Hiro] Joe!
- No.
Come on, Joe!
Hey! Come on!
Viper. Go.
Ha ha ha ha ha.
- Who are you, boy?
- You killed my father.
- I've killed many fathers.
- Mine was the owner of this.
[beep beep]
Not to worry.
I got it now.
Joe, you were right.
You can learn to play
a plane from that thing.
Now you shall taste my poison.
Ha ha ha ha!
[water pouring]
Oh, God!
- Take us home, bubba.
- You got it.
- What you playing?
- Moon Walker.
You're going to learn
to fly the space shuttle.
Requesting permission
to come aboard.
Ho ho, look at you.
Sensei, good to see you.
Permission granted.
Good to see you.
You, too.
How's it going?
- Oh, this is Lisa.
- Hello.
- And her father Dr. Strobel.
- Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Well, I see you've taught him well.
You bet he has.
I'm getting too old for this crap.
Besides, Joe is now your master.
Uh, not tonight you won't.
You've got a date with me.
- Sit down.
- Thank you. Thank you.
- Anything to drink?
- What everyone else is having.
Now, how does this work?
- [beeping]
- Push there.
I'm sorry I dragged you
into that mess, Joe.
Don't apologize.
I think it was worth it.
Bug off, bubba.
Can't you see I'm busy?
Captioned by Grant Brown