American Outlaws (2023) Movie Script

[wind blowing]
[police sirens blaring
in the distance]
[old Western-style
music playing]
[Grace] I want to
tell you a story.
A true story, but truth is
always based on opinion,
and who's to say any of us
are telling the truth?
When people ask me, "Lee-Grace,
what are you
and your brothers like?"
I smile.
I mean, how do you say,
"Campfires and American trucks
and the smell of wet grass"?
We are WD-40, cast-iron gates,
and thermal underwear.
We're broken windows,
shell casings,
and swinging screen doors.
Ryan's my twin.
Dylan's my opposite.
But on the right day...
we're all the same.
[siren noise amplifies]
What I can say about us
Doughertys is this.
We would do anything
for each other.
And I mean anything.
[Dylan] All right.
So, here's the plan.
Lee-Grace, you go in first.
Bang, bang, bang.
You get their attention.
-You get 'em scared.
-[Grace] Uh-huh.
Ryan, you're to the left.
I'm to the right.
Goal is get them on the ground
in the center of the room.
All right? From that point on,
you watch the clock.
Hey, make it just
like movies, huh?
-[gun cocks]
[Grace] Everybody, get down
on the motherfucking ground
or there's gonna be some
serious dying going on!
[film reel clicking]
[gun gas lighter clicks]
[old Western-style
music playing]
[dog barking]
Hell yeah I'm American-made
A bit trashy
And a little insane
I want it all
And I want it my way
Hell yeah I'm American-made
A bit trashy
And a little insane
I want it all
And I want it my way
[tires screech]
[horn blaring]
I understand you got
a thing for little girls.
No, sir. That was a
It was a while ago.
I believed she was 17.
-[bones crunching]
-You got your ID card, boy?
No... [grunts]
No! No, sir! No, sir!
-Where the fuck's your ID card?
-I can't get no ID
without two proper pieces of
mail to show 'em where I live.
Well, how come you can't provide
two proper pieces of mail?
'Cause there ain't no
mailing address out here!
There ain't no mail service
neither. Please!
Look, please, sir, I got
a kid coming, please.
Without that ID,
you're in direct violation
of your parole.
Here is the cold, hard facts.
You have till Monday morning
to fix your shit,
or you're going to prison.
See you Monday.
Come on, Flori.
[door creaks opens]
[door closes]
-[breathing heavily]
-[car starts]
[ominous music playing]
[birds chirping]
[dog barking]
[glasses clinking]
I got a plan.
We go.
What are you talking about, man?
We go.
[scoffs] You gotta be
fucking kidding.
Do I look like
I'm fucking kidding?
Look, we can't just go, man.
I can't just go. Amber's due
in less than a month.
Not to mention
I got this shit here to contend
with. Do you see this?
Yeah, and how much good
you gonna do that boy
locked up 15 years
washing prisoner's
shit-stained underwear
for 20 cents an hour?
Hey, man, you said it yourself.
That parole officer's
got a hard-on for you.
There's no other choice.
[muttering indistinctly]
Look, we get far away from here.
Outta the country.
Somewhere in...
Central, maybe South America.
Send for Amber and the baby
as soon as things are safe.
[Grace] I sure as shit
can't leave, you know?
I've got responsibilities,
I've got a job.
What? [chuckles softly]
Giving $15 hand jobs
on free pizza night
at the strip club?
Lee-Grace, you're coming
all the way if I have to
drag you kicking and screaming.
Oh, and as of right now,
you're off the hard stuff,
all of it.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
You think I'm stupid?
Fuck off!
You know what, Dylan?
What you're asking is fucked.
-Is it?
-[Grace] Yeah.
What do we got here?
What's left for us?
There's nothing else,
never has been.
And what if we get caught?
You think they're
gonna give two shits
about finding some
punk 21-year-old
and his siblings all the way
in Costa-fucking-Rica?
Look, all we gotta do is
get across that border,
and we're home free.
[Grace] Hey.
What do you think, peanut?
I mean, shit, you're the one
with the girl and the baby.
[pensive music playing]
What do you think?
This is the right thing for us?
If Dylan thinks this is best,
I don't blink an eye, I'm in.
[cap pops]
-Always together. Come on.
-[bottles clink]
[Ryan] Always together.
Right, bro?
[Dylan] That's right, bro.
Always together. Come on.
[Ryan] Gracie, come on.
Come on.
[Ryan] Gracie.
-[cap pops]
[bottles clink]
I fucking love you guys.
You know that, right?
-[Ryan] Yeah, man.
-Always together.
[ominous music playing]
[reporter] And
the Great Recession
knocked the stuffing
out of the middle class.
8 out of 10 Americans believe
the economy's in poor shape.
...shrinking number of people
do really well,
while a growing number
barely get by.
One in five children
in America live in poverty.
That's incredible for the
wealthiest country in the world.
When you've been in this
situation for a long time,
you feel beaten down.
I'm tired of being
sick and tired
of being sick and tired.
[ominous music continues
[crows cawing]
He looks up to you, you know?
Yeah, I know.
Well, you think this is
doing right by him?
His life?
Without us,
he ain't got no life.
-[Amber] Promise me.
-[Ryan] Huh?
-Promise you what?
-That you're not gonna
get yourself killed out there.
Shit, girl.
You worry too much.
It's the only way.
Just promise, please.
For me and for the baby.
All right. Promise.
All right.
See you soon, Eric-William.
Daddy ain't gonna
let you down, I promise.
[Dylan] You ready, Ryan?
I gotta go.
I gotta get out of here.
-All right?
Come here.
-I'll see you soon. All right?
-[Amber] Yeah.
-All right?
-[Amber] Yeah.
All right.
[Dylan] You okay?
Yeah, I'm good, bro.
I'm driving.
[old Western-style
music playing]
[car starts]
And do me a favor,
little brother.
What do you see out there?
-What do you mean?
-Out there.
What's waiting for you and Amber
and that little boy?
'Cause I'll tell you what I see.
I'll go anywhere
you tell me to, Dylan.
I'll do anything.
I know, Ryan.
[intense music plays]
[upbeat electric guitar
music playing]
[Dylan] Who would have thought
one little scissor snip
could change the course
of our human events?
-What does that mean?
-It means
we are now officially harboring
a convicted felon.
No turning back.
Where do you think we'll end?
[Dylan] Oh, Mexico, eventually.
But who knows, you know?
Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica.
Hey, why don't we go
to the mountains?
I've always wanted to see
the mountains. You know,
-like Colorado or something?
-'Cause the mountains
ain't south.
We gotta get south,
out of the country.
All we gotta do is
get across that border.
Hey, man, you really think
this is gonna work?
I do. 'Cause it has to.
Way I figure, we'll get settled,
build one of them makeshift
wood huts on the beach,
rent surfboards to tourists
for dough.
Hey, you'll be
watching sunsets with Amber
-and the baby in no time.
-Oh, fuck yeah.
I love the sound of that, bro.
It's like one of them shitty
family road trips
-that we never took.
Listen, you asked
what this means.
It means there's no more
bullshit from our old lives.
Fresh start.
Okay? Past is past.
We can be whoever
we wanna be now.
Nah, sounds too good to be true.
Well, it ain't. It's our
God-given inalienable right.
And just 'cause
it wasn't given to us,
ain't nothing wrong with doing
a little taking now.
Damn straight.
-Oh! Cellphones.
-Hand 'em over.
-That's my phone... Yo, man!
-No, fuck that. No! No!
-You can't take it.
-You can't, Christ!
-Fucking asshole.
Come on. There's a saying.
"Burn the old grass.
New will grow."
-Now, here are the rules.
-[Dylan] Rules.
-[chuckling] Okay.
Well, you just said
we're revolutionists,
and revolutionists don't
play by the rules.
[Dylan] Don't be a smartass.
Rule number one,
always stick near the car.
You got to get food, grab a
smoke, take a shit, whatever,
you gotta tell me,
no ifs, ands, or buts.
Rule number two.
What I say, day or night, goes.
It can't be questioned.
Well, this is getting better
by the second.
There's always got to be
one person steering the ship,
and if shit hits the fan,
you gotta do exactly as I say.
Without question.
Full commitment.
-All right.
-Speaking of which...
-Shit, man. What's that for?
What? You think we'll need that?
Well, if we do, I'd rather be
answering that question
with it than without it.
-And this is for you, Ryan.
-Don't fuckin' speed!
-[all chuckling]
We don't need no unnecessary
attention, got it?
-Well, duh, Dylan.
-I'm dead serious, bro.
You say you got it, you keep
that left foot of yours in check
or I'll shove it
up your ass myself.
Hey, look, chill out.
You got nothing to worry about.
[dispatch speaking indistinctly]
[siren blaring]
[dispatch speaking indistinctly]
[Dylan] Damn it!
What did I just tell you?
Slow the fuck down!
-[Ryan] Hang on, guys.
-[tires screech]
[engine revving]
I can't believe it! We're
not even out of the state
and we're already
going down in flames.
We ain't going down nothing.
Ryan's got this.
You got this.
Just keep calm. Let's go!
-[engine revving]
-[tires screeching]
[Grace yelps]
The way I figure,
we got 20 seconds
before the rest of
the police force is on us.
You gotta give us some distance.
We're doing fine.
I got my foot through the
fucking floor, man.
What now?
All right, screw this.
-Shit's gotta stop.
-What are we, killing cops now?
-Are we killing cops, Dylan?
-We ain't killing nobody.
-[Ryan] Holy shit.
-[Grace] What the fuck?
Just slowing them down.
-[siren blaring]
Whoa! Hey, fuck! Damn it, Ryan!
You keep this bitch steady!
[officer] Shots were
fired from, ah...
[tires screech]
[officer on radio]
We got a flat tire.
[Dylan] Mm-hmm.
Ain't nothing to stop us
damn Doughertys.
We move fucking mountains
if we have to.
Man, I would have loved to see
that cop's face
when the bullet
whizzed past his ear.
[Ryan] Yeah, man,
but that shit was close.
Couple of inches over,
and we would've been
marked for
the electric chair. Right?
Fuck me!
We're just shooting
a hornet's nest.
What do you mean?
We got away, no one got hurt.
Must be fooling ourselves
if we think
they're gonna paint it
that way for us.
Oh, shit.
Shit! Shit! Shit! Dylan's right.
We're in Florida. They're gonna
have us strung up by our balls
saying we're attempted
Just stop it, Ryan.
Okay? We're in this together.
If something happens
to one of us,
it happens to all of us.
Right, Dylan?
Hey, pull over.
Hey, hey, hey. Just pull over.
[breathing heavily] Fuck.
[ominous music playing]
[Grace] What are you doing?
[Dylan] Hey, pop the trunk.
Somewhere along the way...
humanity just...
got stuck at the wrong groove
of the record player.
Spinning round and round.
And while you can't change
the motion on the table,
you sure shit
can change the song.
W... What's this?
Brought this in case
we needed to sell 'em,
but now it seems we're punching
a different ticket.
You see, our whole lives,
we've been the little guy.
Getting stepped on,
stepped over.
I mean, who are we fooling?
What do we got between us
to get us where we need to go?
Huh, how much, Ryan?
Ah, I'm probably six, maybe 700.
There you go, and on that,
we'd be lucky
to make the Amarillo,
let alone Mexico.
So, what are you suggesting?
I'm suggesting
we finally take something...
we never had.
Oh, yeah? And what's that?
-[gun cocks]
The massive FBI search
underway this morning
for three siblings
police believe
shot at a police car in Florida.
A police officer was attempting
to stop this white four-door
sedan for speeding
when he was led
on a high-speed chase.
Investigators say
the Doughertys opened fire.
-[cop] Holy shit!
Maybe use the word "ambush."
But they were trying
to hurt this officer,
if not kill him.
[reporter] At this point,
the three Doughertys'
whereabouts are unknown.
Police are reportedly
following tips
from as far away as Tennessee.
Elaine Quijano,
CBS News, New York.
[Dylan] It's
cops-and-robbers shit.
Like, when we was kids.
[Ryan] I don't know, bro.
You really think it will work?
[Grace] Yeah.
How do you know three minutes?
[Dylan] It's like every movie.
We go in balls-out.
Act like we know
what we are doing,
and the rest will fall
right in line.
Look, three minutes
and we're goddamn home free.
[ominous music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
Good pie today.
Joanne, you tell Connie,
she's outdone herself.
Oh, you boys want
Joanne here to get your tea.
Can we get started?
We're pressed for time
and we have to get on the road.
I told y'all what I know.
Boy ain't nothing special.
He's just another number.
Yeah, well, we believe that
this kid and his siblings
attempted to murder
a police officer.
Well, that seems
jurisdictional to me.
[Agent Donovan] Meaning?
Meaning we can just
cut through the bullshit.
Now, why would federal agents
be sitting here
with little old Flo and I
not enjoying
a damn good pizza pie?
We ran sheets on Ryan's sister
and older brother.
And the sister has a record
as long as my arm, but...
But it's
the older brother, Dylan.
The guy that he lays
asphalt with
says that he's got
a thing for guns.
And that he has a lot of 'em.
So, we just... you know,
we wanna lock this down.
You know, before things
get out of hand.
Yeah, yeah. Look.
I've been in this business
a long time,
heard every story from every
scum fuck in this world.
The girls are whoring sluts
and the males,
degenerate thieves and rapists.
My job,
and only job, is to keep tabs.
Make sure they're staying
where they're supposed to.
How's that working out for you?
You got a point
you getting at, Agent?
'Cause right now,
I see we're all putting
our dicks on the table,
but nobody's fucking.
Elegantly put.
Why did Ryan run?
Don't know.
You got to ask him.
His girlfriend, Amber Suriano,
said you threatened
to violate his parole,
and presented him
with a no-end situation.
-And he was desperate.
-No shit.
Man, we're all desperate.
I see these idiot kids
go through the system every day
one after the other.
Nothing ever changes.
Nothing in life
ever really changes.
What you see is what you get.
Except this pie, of course.
Some days, it just happen
to be better than nothing.
[sighs] Appreciate your time.
We'll be in touch.
[Willy] Hope you
find 'em, Agents.
You know.
Before things get out of hand.
[foreboding music playing]
Maybe it's environment,
upbringing, society.
-I don't know.
-No, no, no.
It's this generation.
They're just different.
You know, it used to be
that we were busting
drug dealers from Mexico
or biker gangs from Canada,
terrorists from places
I can't even pronounce.
Then one morning
we woke up and, ah...
problem wasn't
out there anymore.
It's right here.
Right in our own
goddamn backyard.
They're hardened criminals.
-They're kids.
But lately, kids have been
walking into schools
and movie theaters
and blowing away other kids.
-What's your point?
-My point, Agent,
is I don't care
what kind of upbringing
they had or didn't have,
or what kind of psychological
justification bullshit
you want to throw out there.
I want this halted at all costs
before it escalates.
You got that?
Sounds like the option of
dead or alive is off the table.
At all costs!
[tape whirring, clicking]
[tense music playing]
-[Dylan] All right.
-All right.
-And one, two, three.
-[Ryan] Let's go!
[gun cocks]
[Grace] Everybody get down
on the motherfucking ground
or there's gonna be some
serious dying going on.
[Dylan] Let's go!
In the center of the room!
Center of the room! Let's go!
Come on, let's go!
[Grace] Get down, bitch,
or else I'll blow your head
clear back to the fucking wall.
-Let's go! Faster! Move!
-[Grace] Move! Go! Move!
[Dylan] You heard her,
Get down on the fucking floor!
[Grace] Faster. On the ground.
three minutes.
[Dylan] Now!
Listen the fuck up.
-[gun cocks]
-I'm about to tell y'all
everything you need to know
to stay alive.
-[Grace] Get up!
-Oh, Jesus.
Excuse me, miss. Miss.
Why don't you sit in this
chair right here?
You'll be much more comfortable.
Oh, no.
Have a seat. You're welcome.
If you pay attention,
do as you're told,
ain't nobody gonna get hurt.
Now, who knows the words
to the motherfucking song
"Jingle Bells"?
Come on! Who knows the words
of the song "Jingle Bells"?
Couple of hands here,
couple of hands there.
-[Grace] Two minutes!
-[Dylan] Great.
See, I'm Santa Claus.
And this here,
this is my Santa sack.
This young lady right here,
she's one of my elves.
Her job is to fill my Santa sack
with all the money she can
in the next 45 seconds...
[Ryan] Let's go. we can get on our
[Ryan] All the way to the back.
All the way.
[Dylan] Understand?
Come on, let's go. Start.
And she's not gonna put
one of those exploding ink
devices in there,
'cause that will make
Santa angry.
And nobody is gonna like Santa
when he's angry.
Hey! Let's go.
Lastly, all of y'all,
y'all are the Wise Men.
-You know why?
-[Ryan] Load it up.
Get the money, come on.
[Dylan] 'Cause y'all are
smart enough to know that
this bank, all banks,
is insured by the good old,
government-run FDIC.
Which means we ain't
really taking nothing
from nobody, right?
Right? Great.
Now, "Jingle Bells."
[singing] Dashing
through the snow
-On a one-horse open sleigh
-[Grace] 60 seconds, hurry up!
-Keep going, keep singing
-Let's go, guys. Come on.
Stay on the fucking ground
Now, I want y'all to get
through two more verses
before you even
think about getting up.
'Cause, once again,
you're Wise Men.
Wise Men know
what the fuck's up.
Here you go. Something
for your trouble.
-[Grace] Time!
-Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go!
Merry Christmas, motherfuckers.
[casings clattering]
[people sobbing, murmuring]
[tense music playing]
[engine starts]
[tires screech]
[police sirens blaring]
-There go the cops.
-[Dylan] All right, all right.
Nice and smooth
like nothing's wrong.
Should we go faster?
All right. All right.
-They following us?
-[Grace] No, honey.
No cops anywhere.
-[all exclaiming]
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
[all exclaiming]
Okay. How much...
How much did we get, Dylan?
-[Ryan] Oh, damn!
Fuck, we should celebrate.
-Fuck yeah.
We just popped our cherries.
Doughertys are in
big leagues now.
We can't celebrate,
we just robbed a damn bank.
-Gotta lay low.
-Come on.
Ain't that why we wore masks?
No one fucking knows us here.
-What do you think, peanut?
-I'm down for something.
-Come on, Dylan.
Aren't you the one that
said, "Now we can be
whoever we wanna be"?
Did kinda say that, bro.
-[Grace] You did.
-All right.
Then, who exactly, Grace?
Who are we now?
We're rich.
[phone vibrating]
The accused just hit
a bank in Valdosta.
Whoa, whoa! All right.
Listen up. Listen up.
First of all, we ain't rich.
Only reason why we're here is
'cause we've been thinking smart
and getting a new car is smart.
[Grace chuckles]
Don't be a stick in the mud.
I mean, listen, Dylan,
you've been going on and on
about the system's slanted
in everyone else's
favor but ours.
This is our due and the
world's giving us a break
and you're not gonna take it?
That's bullshit.
Yeah, I think she's right, bro.
We earned this.
I think you earned this.
What did we earn, exactly? Huh?
-An upgrade.
All right. But listen,
nothing too fancy.
Just be quick, all right?
Go on, be quick.
Let's go.
Oh, shit! No.
Look at this.
German piece of shit
going for 7,000.
Here we go. American-made.
Fuck yeah.
[chuckling] It's automatic. Yo!
Yo, it's got a car seat.
[Dylan] Oh, yeah.
V8, four-wheel drive, I like it.
A cup holder.
Groceries in the back.
We can do this.
[distant knocks]
-[young Grace] Father.
-[man] Lee-Grace.
Put the baby in and... close.
Hey, can I get a salesman
over here?
[Bobby] Mm, wow.
Don't you think something
a little hot would fit better?
Excuse me?
Well, I mean, my philosophy is
the car should match the person.
Is that right?
Now, this one.
Definitely makes
a statement, right?
Bobby Junior.
My daddy, Bobby Senior,
he owns the place.
Take a seat.
2008, low-mileage V8.
There's a lot going on
under this hood
if you know what I mean.
-Is that right?
-[Bobby] Yeah.
It's definitely right.
Well, Bobby Junior...
I like it.
But normally I go for something
that would get me
in a little more trouble.
You know where a girl
can find some around here?
Can I please have a salesman?
[both moaning]
All right...
-[Grace] You going to college?
-[Bobby] Huh?
-I said, you going to college?
-[Bobby] Oh.
[Bobby] Yeah,
something like that.
-Yeah? What are you studying?
-[Bobby] Huh?
-I said, what are you studying?
-[Bobby] Um, business.
-[Bobby] I guess.
-[Grace] Oh, college boy.
The only college boys I know
are from work.
-Bunch of assholes.
[Bobby] Turn around.
[both moaning]
It feels like we won the lottery
or something, bro.
Feels damn good is what it does.
-[both panting]
-[Grace] Yeah.
Now, I'd like to find
a real nice guy...
or like a wholesome
small-town guy or something.
-You know what I mean?
-[Grace] He'd go to work
and I'd stay at home
with the kids
and, I don't know...
fucking wash-up or something.
You know, normal shit.
-And you?
-[moaning, panting]
Does that interest you?
What do you mean? [moans]
You know, it's just, like,
finding the real thing
and insulating yourself and...
finding what really matters
and just being.
You know? Would you like that?
What? I don't understand.
Well, how do you
not understand, sugar?
What do you think
I'm talking about?
Fuck, I don't know.
But all this talk
is making my dick go limp,
-so can we just--
-[both grunting]
-You ain't no different.
What-- what did I say?
God damn it!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Fuckin' bleeding heart. I should
just cut the fuckin' thing out.
Always confuses
the hell out of me.
Are you're fucking crazy
or something?
Yeah, I'm fucking crazy,
so jerk your own little dick off
-and step the fuck back.
-Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's not the deal.
We had a deal.
-And I'm not finished yet. So--
[both grunting]
I ain't finished yet. Fuck you.
Hey, you know the good news is
that, you know, the HR5
has the speed you've
been looking for.
And it has the backseat space
for that little one
you got there.
Son. I'm, I'm having
a son, man. So...
-Okay, okay.
-We need space for a car seat.
You know, like a good,
sturdy car seat, yeah.
-[Bobby] Stay down, bitch!
-[both grunting]
Stay the fuck down.
And I told you to get
the fuck back!
[Bobby] Jesus! Ah!
[Bobby groaning]
All we need to do then is just
let you look over the paperwork
and sign right here
on the dotted line,
and we'd be in business.
How do you think you're going
to be paying for this?
-Cash money.
That's what I'm talking about.
[knocks on glass]
Oh, shit!
Hey, slow down!
Hey, slow down!
Wait. Where are you going?
-Anywhere but here.
What about the new car?
[Dylan] What the hell
is going on, Lee-Grace?
God damn it, Lee-Grace.
What the hell is going on?
-What did you do?
-I didn't do nothing.
[Dylan] Oh, we should have
never gone in there
jeopardizing this whole thing.
What the hell happened?
What did you do?
I said I didn't do nothing.
[Dylan] You okay?
[sniffling] Goddamn right
I'm okay, Dylan.
I'm always okay.
Can we go?
Can we please just go?
[pensive music playing]
-[man speaking indistinctly]
-[kids chuckling]
-[cat meowing]
-[distant banging]
-[distant knocks]
-[young Grace whimpering]
[man] Lee-Grace, when you're
done, meet you in there.
[shrill, muffled whimpering]
[ominous music playing]
[snatches of music and news,
radio switching channels]
[switches radio off]
-I don't hear nothing about us.
-Then we're good, right?
We ain't good
till we cross that border.
All right, let's giddy
the fuck up. Which way?
Keep going through the south.
Daddy always said,
"All a man needs
to get to where he wants
to go is a good atlas."
This here will take us
straight to the promised land.
Back roads only, state highways.
-No interstates.
-Well, how's that?
[Dylan] Only reason why cops
hang out in the interstates
is they're like giant
ATM machines.
Ain't no money
on the back roads.
No money, no thieving cops.
That all right with you, LG?
Sure. Right as rain.
Hey, turn up ahead,
we got a shortcut.
Settle in, family.
We're about to see
the real America,
as our forefathers
intended it to be.
[Grace] See, Dylan,
what did I say?
It's like a real-life
family vacation.
[victim] I'll tell you this.
They all had a wild look
in their eyes.
Psychopathic killers for sure.
I thought you said
you couldn't see their eyes.
Because of their masks.
Well, if I could have
seen their eyes,
they would have been wild.
I'm sure of it.
[customer] Well, I found them
quite pleasant.
I mean,
one of the young men
offered me a chair.
Reminded me of my grandson.
[Donovan] We believe
the siblings may be heading west
in an attempt
to leave the country.
And we'll be utilizing
all federal and local resources
to prevent that from happening.
Make no mistake,
the Dougherty gang are armed
and dangerous.
And if you engage with them,
you will be going into battle.
I'll now turn things
over to Agent Morely
for any questions
you might have.
Welcome to the fire.
[reporters clamoring]
There's a massive
FBI manhunt underway
for three Pasco County siblings
on the run from the law.
Dylan, Lee-Grace,
and Ryan Dougherty are accused
of shooting at a police officer
in Zephyrhills,
and then robbing a bank
in Georgia.
[reporter] They wore masks
and used AK-47s
to fire into the ceiling,
but no one was hurt.
Just think that people are
really bold to come out
and do such a thing
in broad daylight.
[reporter] The Doughertys
are no strangers to trouble.
Lee has reportedly been arrested
five times on
hit-and-run charges.
Her brother, Dylan,
has been busted for drugs.
And tonight, detectives tell us
they have received
a number of tips
as to where the siblings
could be right now.
They put them,
some in North Georgia,
some in Tennessee,
around or in Chattanooga.
[tense music playing]
[crow cawing]
[Dylan] In and out,
no fuss. Got it?
[Ryan] Like a ghost.
[indistinct TV chatter]
Hey, man. Ah...
Forty on pump one, please.
Oh, cool.
You know,
my son would love this.
How much?
Although, probably
got to be pretty careful
with all the tiny pieces, right?
He's a baby. Well,
not... he's
not been born yet,
but he will be.
Like, really soon.
So much to learn, and...
think about, you know?
And then you gotta start
thinking about somebody else.
Putting them first.
A future.
[indistinct TV chatter
-[Dylan] All good?
-Good as gold.
What's up, crow?
All right.
Yo, I need another five.
-What for?
-I over-pumped by five bucks.
Thought it was pre-paid.
Oh, man.
That's what the sign says.
What do you want me to do?
Yeah, pay him. Pay him.
Just pay him.
Hey, man.
I don't know what happened,
but I owe another five.
There you go.
[reporter on TV]
...on the run from the law.
Dylan, Lee-Grace,
and Ryan Dougherty
are accused of shooting at
a police officer in Zephyrhills
and robbing a bank in Georgia.
Now, there are reports that
this armed and dangerous
family of fugitives
made it to Tennessee.
And tonight, we're getting
a first look at
the newly-released
dash-cam video
of the attempted shooting
of that police officer.
Chris Martinez joins us live
now at Pasco County
with more on this.
-Good evening.
-[Chris on TV] Good evening.
A Pasco Sheriff says
the video really gives
an up-close look
at just how dangerous
these siblings can be,
and after watching this video,
he says...
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
[Dylan] Whoa. Hey, whoa!
Go! We gotta go, we gotta go.
What the hell is going on, huh?
We're on fucking CNN,
bro. We gotta go.
[Grace] CNN?
What are we, famous?
Where the fuck
are the keys, Dylan?
In the ignition.
Here we go. Let's go!
Put it in drive and get us out.
[Grace] Go, Ryan! Go, go!
-[indistinct radio chatter]
-[Dylan] Keep it slow.
Only way we're getting out
of here, we just roll on
like nothing's wrong, all right?
Slow and calm.
Just slow and calm.
[Ryan] Right. Slow and calm.
[on radio] Dylan and Lee-Grace
Dougherty again fired
-their high-powered guns...
-Fuck. they robbed a bank
in Valdosta, Georgia.
Now, with that just-released
dash-cam video,
-the sheriff says that...
-[Ryan] Oh, shit.
[on radio] several times,
attempting to get a clear shot.
As the officers called...
[Ryan] Are we fucked?
Yo, we're fucked, right?
[officer] They were trying
to hurt this officer
if not kill him.
-[somber music playing]
-[radio continues indistinctly]
[Grace] You think
they'll turn us in?
[Dylan] No, these people
ain't gonna turn us in.
[radio] to where
the siblings are right now.
[Dylan] They're us.
[on radio] They put them,
some in North Georgia,
some in Tennessee,
around or in Chattanooga.
Coming up tonight at six,
we're gonna play for you
an interview we have
with the mother...
[Grace] Where the hell are we?
Feels like we are in
a different country.
[Dylan] Alabama, I think.
[somber music playing]
[dog barking]
And she basically
threw herself at me.
Ah, lured me in
all provocative-like.
What kind of girl just spreads
her legs open to some stranger?
Fucking slut.
My shit's probably gonna stop
burning any second now, man.
[Morely] Did she
mention anything?
Hmm? Happen to say
where she was going?
To hell for all I care.
Crazy bitch.
Man, she's a straight
I'll tell you that much.
She needs to be locked up.
If you find her,
I hope you shoot her.
I hope you shoot her
right in the fucking face.
I mean, look at me.
Look what she did to my face.
[strained breath]
All right.
If you happen to think
of anything else,
you let us know.
I'm not looking for any trouble.
I'm going to school
at the end of the month.
I got a future to think about.
That's funny. 'Cause we
found a box full of drugs
that might dictate differently.
why don't you think
long and hard?
You know.
Make sure you've
shared everything.
And we'll make sure to let you
know about that future of yours.
You get well soon.
Prick kid, sitting in there.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the future of America.
You got kids?
No, man.
The missus and I
have been trying,
but it's been hard.
Yeah? Well, I got two boys.
Their whole lives are rap music
and online knockout videos,
and that's when
they're not sucking up
to their asshole dentist stepdad
for the next Xbox game
that I can't afford to get 'em.
You know, I'd say that
they need to get
their priorities straight,
I'm beginning to think
there is no priority.
It's a new world, Agent.
All we can do is
keep trying to bring
some order to it.
Kind of like punching water.
You know what I mean?
[Morely chuckles softly]
-[Morely] We were cold.
-[Donovan] What do you mean?
[Morely] I mean,
that was our last lead.
We have a few
unconfirmed reports
of the vehicle out in Texas.
But as of right now,
we're still in the dark.
So we wait.
Why wait?
Oh, they'll get
tired of running,
make a mistake.
Eventually, we'll get 'em.
We always do.
It's like punching water, Agent.
Like punching water.
[Ryan] Is it me
or is everything starting
to look the same around here?
Well, if by "the same" you mean
"boring as shit," then yeah.
Where are we, anyway?
[Dylan] Texarkana.
Don't you think
that's a stupid name?
Like a lazy name?
It's like...
"Our town is on the border
of Arkansas and Texas
and we ain't creative enough
to come up with a name,
so we'll just call it
Texarkana." Dumb fucks.
You know, the boredom's getting
to your brain cells.
Dylan, what are you doing
down there?
[Dylan] Working on switching
these. [coughs]
We gotta do everything we can
to keep them off our tail.
-Who's "them"?
-The good guys.
I thought we were the good guys.
Jesus, Lee-Grace.
We're the ones wearing masks
and taking the bank's money,
or hadn't you noticed?
You know what, Ryan?
That's your story.
I've got a different view.
[Ryan] Oh, yeah? And how's that?
Well, we're like crusaders.
Steal from the rich
and give it to the poor.
[chuckling] What poor
are we giving to?
Well, we're poor.
You know, we're giving it
to ourselves.
We're standing for
something here.
Something big.
Who knows, they might even
write stories and songs
about us someday.
Girl, the only song
they're writing about you
is one of those sad, sad
twangy country songs
about a girl
who don't know shit.
[Dylan] Actually,
you're both right.
[clears throat] And wrong.
There's good guys
and there's bad guys,
just depends on who's telling
the story at that moment.
It's all about perspective.
-What are we, then?
Well, seeing as
our story ain't over,
that remains to be
figured out.
-You all right?
Yeah, I'm just, I'm...
just tired, is all.
Man, the only thing I got
is a dry-ass mouth
'cause we're out of water.
When are we gonna
get some more supplies?
-I'm starving.
-[Dylan] Can't.
You saw what happened
at the gas pump.
Look, money we got sets us up
for a little bit,
but we gotta be thinking
We gotta find an angle.
Someone unsuspected.
[coughs] Take what we need.
What, by force?
[Dylan] If need be.
Well, look alive, guys.
I don't know what this is.
-[Harold] Howdy.
-[Dylan] Ah... howdy.
-[Harold] Car trouble?
-Oh, no. Just a loose plate.
Afraid it was gonna come off.
Y'all from around here?
Nope. We're just, ah...
Just passing through.
[Grace] We're on
family vacation.
[couple] Oh.
-It's up to you.
Y'all look hungry to me.
Our place is just
right up the road.
Love to give you a good meal.
Some nice iced tea.
Would that suit you?
Ah... Yeah, that sounds great.
Doesn't it?
Yeah. Yes, please.
-Great. Just follow us on up.
-Yes, ma'am.
[tense music playing]
[Grace] Dylan, what is this?
What are we doing?
[Dylan] Opportunity
just knocked.
[tense music continues playing]
[Grace] So, it was the three
of us siblings, Mama and Daddy,
but Daddy died.
[Loretta] I am so sorry.
Yeah, I mean, they said
it was natural causes,
heart or something, but...
I think life just wore him down.
Yeah, and barely
the early side of 40.
Nothing natural about that.
God bless you and your family.
Oh, thank you.
God bless you too, ma'am.
You got neighbors nearby?
Nah, we like the space.
It's the way most people
prefer it around here.
A few head of cattle
over the hill there.
Just enough to keep
the lights on.
[all chuckling]
Harold's retired from the Navy.
His pension did
very well for us.
Oh, well, we're from Florida
road-tripping south.
I prefer the mountains
'cause I always wanted
to see Colorado,
but we gotta go south.
Ah... where was I? Oh, yeah.
When Daddy passed,
tore us apart,
emotionally and literally.
Wasn't many years later
Dylan here was sent away.
-"Sent away"?
Mmm-hmm. Yeah.
What was he, like, 14, 15?
Uh, 16. I was 11.
You were 16, I remember.
[Grace] It wasn't
his fault though.
He was acting out and Mama
thought it would be best
if he were raised by our aunt
up in Kentucky.
So, he left and things were
different from then on.
And then there was the bastard.
Excuse me.
Did you say the "bastard"?
[Dylan] LG!
[Grace] Yeah, he was just
this man in our lives.
And boy, let me tell you,
he was a bastard.
-I can't even begin--
-[Dylan] Lee-Grace, enough!
-[Ryan] Yo!
-Simmer down, Dylan.
We're just catching up
with these nice people.
-Calm the hell down.
-Yeah? Well, it ain't
none of their damn business.
-[Loretta] Ah...
-I'm sorry.
He just gets in these moods.
Ah... pie!
How about some pie?
I think everyone
would like that.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, that would be great.
She makes really good pie.
You're gonna enjoy it.
[Grace] Oh,
that would be so nice.
[on radio] We now interrupt
our current program
with some breaking news.
The three
central Florida siblings,
two brothers, 21 and 26,
and sister, 24,
are wanted for serious crimes
including shooting
at an officer,
assault, and bank robbery.
FBI special task force agent
Robert Donovan had this to say.
[Robert] Should anyone
encounter the Dougherty gang,
they're asked not to engage
and to contact
authorities immediately.
These are ruthless criminals
that should be considered
-armed and extremely dangerous.
-[plate breaks]
[Harold] Everything
all right in there, Loretta?
[Loretta] Ah... Yeah, um...
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Would you all excuse me
just a moment?
Look, I understand we gotta do
what we gotta do and all that,
but these people
seem really nice.
And they make
really good chicken, too.
You all right, bro?
Something ain't right.
What do you mean?
So, you... uh...
You gonna be staying long?
Why you ask? [coughs]
No particular reason,
it's just that...
most folks just
passing through here,
there's not much for 'em.
-Excuse me?
-Where's the pie? [coughs]
-You said you were getting pie!
-[Ryan] Goddamn it, Dylan!
Dylan, what the hell
are you doing?
What is it that you're
needing, young man?
I'm needing you both
to stand up,
walk towards
the back of the house.
-[Grace] Dylan.
What's your goddamn problem?
-They like us.
-My problem?
You and your goddamn
-They're onto us.
-[Grace] Onto us?
-[Grace] You're paranoid.
-Oh, am I? Really?
Or maybe you're just a little
too fucked up to notice, huh!
-[Grace] Fucking dickhead!
-[Dylan] Your fucking pills!
They ain't our friends
and this ain't our home!
We ain't got no home and no one
gives a shit about us but us.
Now, stand up, walk towards
the back of the house.
-No, Dylan!
-Don't hurt them.
-I said stand up!
Please, don't hurt them!
They treated us like family!
Ryan, you take your sister
out to the car
and you wait for me there.
-[Ryan] Dylan--
-Do it! Now!
-Out! Out!
-[crying] Oh, my God!
Out! I gotta say it again?!
Will you two kindly walk
towards the back of the house?
-[Grace sniffling]
-Hey, it's all right.
It's all going to be okay.
I'm scared, Ryan.
What are you scared of?
[sniffling] Of what
Dylan is capable of.
He's just making sure everything
is all right, that's all.
Nothing to worry about.
Not just with them.
With us.
[ragged breathing]
Over in that corner! Now!
What have you got?
Bunch of nothing.
Fuck it! This? Huh? What else?
What else have you got?
-This shit? Come on, now.
-That's it!
Old people always got cash
lying around.
[Harold] That's it! That's it!
We don't keep much here
at the house.
Oh, yeah? Let me guess, huh?
Fucking safety deposit box
at the bank.
Don't you know
banks get robbed?!
You can trust me on that one.
Hey, don't look at me.
Don't look at me!
I want you to know
something, son.
Want you to know that
we forgive you.
[breathing heavily]
[Dylan] Fuck!
[Dylan coughing]
[continues coughing]
Fuck! Let's go.
Jesus, Dylan, you all right?
[Grace] What happened?
[Grace] Dylan, what happened?
I said, let's go!
Tell me what you did.
I did what I always do.
I failed.
Now, come on, let's go!
Goddamn Costa Rica
ain't coming to us!
[melancholic music playing]
The road I travel
Has no end in sight
The ghosts I run from
Chase me through the night
I killed a few dreams
with my...
They seem obviously brazen,
but reckless as well.
Are you kinda hoping that
that recklessness
may lead to their capture?
That's what we hope, so we hope
they make some type of mistake,
and everybody's bound
to do that,
but as we want
the public to realize,
these are three
very dangerous people.
[melancholic music continues]
[Nocco] And the biggest thing
that we're afraid of right now
is they have three options.
One is that we hope
they turn themselves in.
That is what we hope ends this.
The second thing is,
they got a little bit of money,
but we know they're gonna need
some more money to survive.
We think that they may
go out there
and commit another felony.
The third thing is that
they may end this in a battle
with law enforcement.
No one knows how dark it is
Just before the dawn
[horn honks]
[reporter] The Doughertys'
mother agreed
to an exclusive interview.
[mother] Only Mom knows
what good people you are inside.
The only good thing,
possible thing to do,
is for you
to turn yourselves in.
[reporter] Whether that will
happen though remains unclear,
especially considering
a text message
that Ryan's sent recently
to his mother.
The text message ended quote,
"Everyone has to die sometime."
And the sun comes up
I'm down on my knees
Time goes faster and faster
As I beat my disease
If I could save my soul
I would say a prayer
Lord, I just keep running...
-[pounding on door]
-[man] Lee-Grace!
How long has he been like this?
Since San Angelo.
-[Dylan coughs]
-Is it a fever?
I don't know. There's something
wrong with him.
This ain't Dylan.
Fuck, man.
I mean, shouldn't we stop
to find a doctor or something?
Are you out of your mind?
The crazy fucker
would shoot us if we did.
[news jingle plays]
[on radio] We have
reports indicating
the siblings recently crossed
Arkansas into Texas.
I'll now turn it over
to Texas Marshall Deacon Keifer
for more information.
[Deacon] As we believe
the gang are attempting
to leave the country,
we are concentrating
all our efforts on our borders.
The Dougherty gang
is wanting a fight,
they've come to the right state.
We'll be exercising
every resource at our disposal
to bring these criminals
to justice.
Fuck me.
Look, I'm telling you,
Lee-Grace, we keep heading
in this direction,
we're as good as goners.
Well, then, where do we go?
I think for starters,
we get the fuck out of Texas.
You heard him,
we cross over there, we're done.
Then get us the hell out.
Well, where do we go?
[Grace] I know where.
You gonna take
the blame for this?
[pensive music playing]
[Harold] You're gonna have to
excuse us, young man.
Wife hasn't stopped shaking
since the whole thing went down.
I suppose we both haven't.
It's quite all right.
Just take your time, sir.
Offer him something to eat.
Offer him some pie.
What is it about pie lately?
Thank you, ma'am. But no
pie for us. We're fine.
Now, what would help
is if you can tell us
anything you might
have forgotten.
No matter how small
or insignificant,
it could be helpful, okay?
I believe that's all
we can think of.
All right. Okay.
I really appreciate
your folks' time.
I'm truly sorry,
what you've been through.
If you can think of anything,
just give us a call. Okay?
It'll be okay, ma'am.
-What do you think?
-It's obvious.
They're heading to Mexico.
If they so much
as try and sneeze
anywhere near the border,
we got 'em.
Excuse me, Agents?
The girl did say
something, but...
But what?
It wasn't south.
She said Colorado.
[Dylan] Colorado!
What the hell
are we doing in Colorado?
Well, man, you were all
fevered out and shit,
and things were going bad
in Texas, so we--
So you took us
hundreds of miles north?!
North? Fuck!
-We are so fucked now!
-Calm down, Dylan.
Oh, why the hell should I,
huh? Tell me, why?
'Cause you might never
have seen all of this.
[Hootenanny music plays]
[eagle screeches]
This sure is beautiful, huh?
-It sure as shit is.
Let's go. Come on.
Let's go, bro.
-It's cold though.
-Yeah, come on!
[Dylan] I'm coming!
Just give me a second.
-I'm warning you.
-It's fucking cold.
-Hey! There he is!
-[all exclaiming]
-[Ryan] Oh, here he comes.
-[water splashing]
[all laughing]
This is all ours,
ain't it, Dylan?
That it is, little brother.
That it is.
Can we stay
a little while longer?
Yeah, man. I mean,
who owns this shit anyway, huh?
Oh, it doesn't feel like it
should be owned though, does it?
Can we just stay here?
Just for a little while?
Seeing as nobody owns it,
I hereby declare this land
for nobody and everybody.
-[all cheering]
[all screaming]
Everybody and nobody!
[kids chuckling]
-Say why though?
[distorted buzzing]
[click, silence]
-[fire crackling]
-[distant owl hooting]
[Grace] It sure
is quiet out here.
Yeah, and it's cold.
Cold as a well digger's ass.
Got these to keep us warm.
But we're gonna need to get
some proper supplies tonight
if we're gonna stay here.
I saw a campground not far
from here on the way in.
We could buy some
stuff from somebody.
What's on your mind?
Thch Quang Duc.
Check your brother, Ryan,
I think he's just had a stroke.
[Dylan] He was a Buddhist monk.
He was a martyr
in the Vietnam conflict.
I saw it recently
on one of them, um,
history television shows.
He and his fellow monks,
they were protesting
the tyranny of the...
current government
under the world they lived in.
So, Duc volunteered
to self-immolate.
He burned himself,
set himself on fire.
He and a few hundred
of his fellow pacifists
marched right down
the streets of Saigon.
Found a busy corner,
old Duc reverently squatted,
doused himself with gasoline
in dead silence.
[imitates fire sizzling]
Poof, up he went in flames.
Why are you telling us
this, Dylan?
It's gonna give me
goddamn nightmares.
'Cause when he and his brothers
had no other way
to get their voices heard,
they made
the ultimate statement.
His death made a difference.
Made a stand for something,
for what's right.
Well, it's pretty amazing
what people are capable of
when they're pushed far enough.
[Ryan imitates crow cawing]
What the hell are you doing?
-I'm practicing. [cawing]
[Grace] For what, the loony bin?
No. Not the loony bin.
I was just thinking about this
story that Daddy told me once.
About crows.
[indistinct video chatter]
[Ryan] He said that
in the beginning
when God created everything,
all the crows, they were
spread out everywhere.
They couldn't find each other.
So God gave them
this screeching call
so through all the darkness,
and the distance,
and the fuss...
they'd always know everything
was gonna be okay
'cause they weren't alone.
They had each other.
[kids laughing]
That's the most important thing.
So, I'm practicing in case
I ever lose you guys.
-[Dylan laughs]
-[Grace chuckles] You're crazy.
Those were the days.
Right, Dilly?
We were together.
All we cared about was messing
with bikes and girls.
Things were so simple back then.
Shit, I remember every
piece of stranger I ever got.
[Grace] Know what?
You're so gross.
There's nothing quite
like your first time.
You remember your first time,
don't you, Dilly?
Hell, yes, I do.
Marie Jo Thompson.
I was sure I was in love.
-What about you, Gracie?
You remember your first time?
-No, it's okay.
It is what it is
at this point, right?
Listen. I'm sorry, Gracie.
I wasn't thinking.
I'll tell you,
keeping all this shit in...
gets real fucking tiresome
after a while.
For some strange reason,
I thought that man
was so handsome.
-Oh, Gracie.
-Yeah, fuck off, Dylan.
This is my turn. All right?
Back when Daddy died and...
there was that other, you know?
I was little and I thought,
"Yeah, this one's a prince."
Only 'cause he was tall
with dark, curly hair.
It's funny 'cause I look back
at the pictures and...
he wasn't. [chuckles]
He was ugly, and...
[echo of banging]
...he was plain.
It's funny how we see
things when we're kids.
[young girl's pained whimpering]
Then, as an adult,
you're just smacked
with the reality
of what they really were.
-[glass breaks]
-He actually broke my heart.
-He wasn't...
Eventually, I got older
and he lost interest.
But when he actually
stopped, it...
hurt so bad.
He broke my heart.
My goddamn... [scoffs] prince.
[somber music playing]
Where are you going?
Clearing my head.
Don't wait up.
[imitates cawing softly]
[twigs snapping]
[Dylan exhaling]
-[echo of loud knocking]
-[girl whimpering]
-[young Grace whimpers]
[man] Lee-Grace!
-Come on.
[man] Do it.
Don't! Please, stop it!
[Grace screaming]
Stop it! Stop it!
-[Grace screaming]
-Stop it!
Leave me alone!
[panting, crying]
Take that! Leave me alone!
[repeatedly clicking]
Any sign of him?
No, not yet.
Why aren't you sleeping?
I can't.
Keep dreaming about my boy.
I could see exactly
what he looked like.
He was like two or three
or something.
I can smell his smell.
I could even hear his voice.
Yeah, he's...
I felt at peace.
Oh, honey, that's a good dream.
I don't know.
What if I never get
to see any of it?
You know?
What if it's all just a dream,
and that's all
it's ever gonna be?
[Dylan panting]
[Dylan] Hello?
Anybody here?
I don't know, Gracie.
I'm starting to feel like we're
coming to the end of the road.
Before, I could see it.
I could.
all I see is darkness.
Ryan, I...
Oh, hey. You all right?
[Dylan] Yeah.
Found some stuff,
but I need some help.
Come on.
Looked earlier,
ain't seen a sign of no one.
Look for first-aid kits,
more blankets, food, tools.
Anything we can use.
Hey, we're gonna leave cash
for anything we take.
[man] What are you doing
with our things?
-[gun cocks]
-[Grace] Ryan.
-It's just a family, relax.
-[Ryan] Hey, look, man.
We're just taking some things.
Gonna leave money.
Look, I got it here.
-It's right here.
-[kid] Daddy, the radio.
-It's the people the police...
Take what you want,
just don't hurt my family.
No, man. We weren't
gonna hurt you.
We just needed some things,
and we couldn't go to the store.
-We are gonna pay for it.
-[man] Take what you need.
We can act like
this never happened.
Tie 'em up.
[campers whimper]
-Wait, what?
-[Grace] Dylan.
Goddamn it, I said tie 'em up!
[Grace] They're just a family,
Dylan. What are you doing?
Yeah, well, family sucks
sometimes, don't it?
[Grace] No.
[cocks gun]
Got a bad habit of getting
in my way, Lee-Grace.
What are you gonna do,
Dylan? Huh?
What are you gonna do?
Tear 'em apart
like we were torn apart, huh?
Destroy 'em
like we were destroyed?
Is that what this is all about?
-No, Dylan.
No, it's done. It's over.
Now, we're gonna
let these people go.
They don't deserve this.
Get out of here.
Get, goddamn it! Move!
Go! Don't look back!
You realize
they'll tell the authorities.
We're as good as dead now.
Weren't we already?
All this, and then in the end,
just gave up.
[Grace] I know you think
you forced me to come, Dylan.
But I got a news flash for you,
I wanted this.
I wanted for us all
to be together.
And I didn't care where we got
or how we got there,
just as long
as we were together.
A family.
The family we always
could have been
if life just hadn't
kept dealing us
one fucked up hand
after another after another.
And you know, maybe we were
too young to know any different.
But there was a point...
when everything was okay.
When it was safe and sane.
Don't you remember that?
Did it really happen,
'cause I...
I need to know...
because I mourn that.
I mourn what we had.
[father] Oh, my gosh,
look at you, buddy.
-You got so tall.
-I know.
[Grace] I mourn
the kids we were.
[indistinct chatter]
[crying] It wasn't supposed
to turn out this way, Dylan.
Was it?
Our lives...
It wasn't supposed
to be like this.
[tense music plays]
[continues crying]
There's still a chance.
There's still hope.
What the fuck are you
talking about, Dylan?
Back off, Ryan.
This doesn't concern you.
It concerns me.
It concerns all of us.
No, it doesn't.
This is between me and Gracie.
Now back the fuck off.
You ain't our daddy, Dylan.
Back the fuck off, Ryan!
I ain't gonna ask you again.
You need to understand that!
You ain't our daddy!
You never were, man.
You know why?
He wouldn't have left us.
He didn't have a choice.
You did.
I'll teach you to talk
that shit to me.
[both grunting]
No, Dylan. Get off him.
[Ryan] Why did you
leave us, Dylan?
You promised.
It wasn't his fault, Ryan.
It wasn't his fault.
You-- we all know
why he was sent away.
Shit was fucked up,
and Dylan knew it,
and that's why
they sent him away.
[Dylan] You're wrong, Lee-Grace.
[Grace] What?
I said, "You're wrong."
I wasn't sent away.
I left.
I was 16 by then,
I could do what I wanted.
I begged to leave.
I couldn't stand it no more.
I knew what was going on,
all of it,
to you, to Ryan.
I was too scared to do
anything about it,
so I left.
Turned my back on everyone
and everything about me.
My choice.
And I didn't even look back.
-It's the truth.
But I want you to know,
I died with that...
knowing you and Ryan
were left unsafe.
I saw how things turned out
and I just...
I just wanted to make it
safe again.
You know, like... [sobs]
...put it in a little box
and just wrap my arms around it,
run through the
goddamn fire if I had to,
but make it safe,
no matter what.
All I can say, Dylan...
is that's the past
and you can't change that.
Oh, don't you understand, man?
I... I made a promise.
I broke that promise
the day I left.
Can you forgive me?
I wanna go home now.
I know things can't go back
to the way they were before.
Shit, who'd want 'em to?
But my boy is
coming any day now,
and I'm going to see that.
They can lock me away after,
but I'm gonna have that.
[Dylan cries]
[Ryan] You let go
of all of this,
and you give that to me.
[Dylan sniffles]
Family first, brother.
Family first.
[birds chirping]
[soft music playing]
[reporter] And there are
new possible sightings
of Lee-Grace, Dylan,
and Ryan tonight
near Colorado Springs.
Police say it's possible
they are driving that same car
they took off in at Zephyrhills,
but with a stolen license plate
out of Texas.
[officer] These people, Arthur,
they're extremely dangerous,
and they're street smart,
they know what they are doing.
If these three fugitives want
a battle with law enforcement,
we will win that battle.
[reporter] Well, Jameison, first
tonight we wanna tell you
that a family friend
has confirmed for us
that the girlfriend
of the youngest sibling, Ryan,
went into labor today,
ready to deliver his child.
[pensive music playing]
[melancholic music plays]
[Donovan] We got a positive ID
from that family
at the campsite.
We know the siblings
are in Colorado,
we know where they're headed,
so it's just a matter of time.
You seem pretty sure
of yourself.
Well, it's patterns
of predictability, Agent.
Defines us all.
I mean, these kids are hell-bent
on some kind of Bonnie and Clyde
and Clyde bullshit
they think it's gonna end up
in a Mexican fiesta.
Little do they know that
there is abject
pain and suffering
waiting for them
at every choke point
out of this country.
[dispatch] Attention, all units.
Silver Subaru Impreza
traveling east on Highway 24.
Commence with roadblock nine,
fifteen miles south
of Woodland Park.
[bird crying]
[tense music plays]
Everything okay?
-Everything okay?
Yeah, actually.
Everything is okay.
[dramatic music building]
I always find this the weirdest
part about what we do.
-What's that?
-The take-down.
One minute you're free,
open road ahead of you.
The next...
Game over, man.
How is that weird?
[indistinct police
radio chatter]
I don't know, man,
it's just weird.
Most times life's just
a big bag of suck
waiting around every corner.
I got a question for you, Agent.
Yeah? Fire away.
When did you get like this, man?
Get like what? Bitter?
Jaded? Soured by life?
Yeah, well...
The reality is, kid,
you come into this world alone
and you leave it alone.
The only surprise...
You eventually realize
that the middle part
is pretty fucking alone too.
[gun clicks]
So, Dylan, I was thinking,
you know,
as long as we keep up
a good pace,
still laying low, obviously,
we'll be back
in two or three days.
[Grace] If we consider
turning ourselves in,
then the authorities
will be able to see
that we came back
of our own volition and--
Guys, a crow!
A crow just flew over.
[Ryan] Look, if we go back
and face the music,
and you know, hold our hand up,
maybe they'll take that
into consideration.
-Maybe. Thinking that, you know.
-But there's always a chance.
-[Grace] It would help us out.
-[Dylan] Guys.
-[Ryan] I don't know...
I don't know.
I think we've been made.
-[Ryan] Shit.
-[siren blares]
[Grace] We should stop,
right? I mean...
[siren blares]
-Guys, I'm freaking out.
-[Ryan] And he's getting closer.
[Dylan] All right.
Pick up speed.
[Grace] Should we...
Should we stop?
Should we see? Like...
[Ryan] Holy fuck, man.
There's more.
It's like the goddamn
Horsemen of the Apocalypse!
-[Grace] What do we do?
We should stop, right?
And this...
Fuck. This is gonna end bad.
-Dylan. Dylan!
-If we stop, they...
they're probably gonna shoot
first, ask questions later.
[Grace] But what happens
if we run, huh?
What happens then? Fuck!
I'm scared. I'm scared.
What do we do?
What choice do we have?
I don't know. I...
I really don't.
[sirens wailing]
Yeah, you do, man.
We change the song.
You know, it's like Dylan said
before, we change the song.
See, the truth is we ain't
never had a chance.
But we do have a choice.
To go out with our heads up
and our goddamn boots on.
[Grace] Go out?
But we... w-what, die?
Only death when a man
can't live by his own terms.
Right, Dylan? You in?
-[Ryan] Gracie?
-No... I--
Okay, look, Gracie, I need you
to listen to me, okay?
You take a look
at all those people back there.
For the first time, it doesn't
have to end their way.
Now, I don't know what's waiting
for us at the end of all this,
but I do know
we'll be there together.
I know for the first time
in our goddamn lives
they can't tear us apart.
You understand me?
[sirens keep wailing]
-All right. Now hang on.
[intense music plays]
[Grace] All right, then.
How is this gonna end?
How does it always end?
The good guys win.
I love you guys.
I love you guys.
[handcuffs rattle]
[Donovan] It's over, Doughertys!
[clouds rumbling]
[groaning softly]
Come on out! Hands in the air!
[Dylan] Hey.
[Donovan] This is
the last warning!
Come on out! Hands in the air,
or we will use deadly force!
-[Grace panting]
-[Dylan] You okay?
Let's secure the perimeter.
All right.
[Donovan] They've got weapons!
They're hot, they're hot!
-Hey! Hey!
-Over here! Over here!
-[Donovan] I've got the guy.
-[Donovan] I got the left side.
-No! Dylan!
-[Donovan] I'll push them right.
-No, no, no. Put the gun down!
-[gun cocks]
-[officer] Shoot her, shoot her!
-Fuck! Fuck!
-[gun stalls]
Get down, don't do it!
Don't do it!
[officer] We got a runner!
[Morely] Help her ass. Come on!
[officer] Put it down.
Hands behind your back!
Hold her for now!
It's over, Dylan.
You take a good look, son.
'Cause you ain't never gonna
see each other again.
[Grace] Dylan!
[officer] We got this side.
[Grace screams]
[officer] Water. Water.
Where's the loose gone?
-[distant knocks on door]
-[young Grace] Promise.
[Donovan] You see, Agent.
We enter alone
and we leave alone.
[panting, grunting]
[Morely] Freeze! Right there!
Drop your weapon!
Drop it!
Don't move!
[Ryan mumbles softly]
[old Western-style
music playing]
[indistinct police
radio chatter]
[Grace] And there you have it,
ladies and gentlemen.
The whole true story
of the Dougherty gang.
See, no one had ever
existed for us
but each other.
And that morning,
we finally reached out
through all the darkness
and distance and fuss
and finally found our way.
And just like the crows
in that story,
we weren't alone
'cause we had each other.
And that there
was the most important thing.
The only thing.
The end.
[reporter] Zephyrhills police
are in the news again,
this time with
a reported escape plan.
The so-called Dougherty gang
was finally cornered
in Colorado last August
after a bank robbery
and another shootout
with police.
And Colorado is where
they're locked up.
But as our Brendan McLoughlin
found out,
they're still trying
to break free, Brendan.
That's right, Jameson,
they just don't give up.
Huerfano County Jail officials
claim that they foiled
an escape attempt master-minded
by Dylan Dougherty,
the older brother.
An arrest affidavit indicates
Dylan Dougherty,
shown here on the left,
actually got out of his cell
through a plumbing access panel,
and passed a note
to his sister, Lee-Grace,
promising to break her out.
Deputies say they found
a homemade knife
and a letter in Dylan's cell.
The note allegedly detailed
plans to subdue the guards,
steal keys, and escape together.
Now, there is no mention of the
third sibling, Ryan Dougherty.
The three siblings face
attempted murder
and firearm charges
stemming from
an eight-day crime spree
that included shooting
at a Zephyrhills
police officer...
[pensive music playing]
Contrary to a lot
of people's belief,
I... I never intended to,
I never tried to,
I never wanted to hurt anybody.
It is true that I acted
out of desperation.
And I am sorry for
the choices that I made.
[judge] It's not something...
that the court takes
any pleasure in,
it's what I think is required.
And I hope you find
some, ah, value
in the rest of your life.
Well, the coo-coo
Is a pretty bird
She warbles as she flies
Oh, she never
Says nothing
Till the last day of July
Jack of Diamonds,
Jack of Diamonds
Oh, I've known you
I've known you of old
You robbed my pockets
You robbed my pockets
Of their silver
And their gold
Well, for working
I'm too lazy
And for begging
That's too low
Train robbing
That's too dangers
So to gambling I did go
Well, I gambled
Down in England
And I gambled down in Spain
And it never
Brought me nothing
But this feel-good
And this pain
Oh, the coo-coo
Is a pretty bird
She warbles as she flies
She never says nothing
Till the last day of July
Oh, till the last day
Of July
Oh, till the last day
Of July