American Pets (2018) Movie Script

[wine pouring]
[glass clinks]
[insects chirping]
[soft music]
- [Judy] Did you get her?
- Him.
Only males have antlers.
- [sighs] Did you get him?
We can always burn it down.
- I'm not ready to leave yet.
- He has to be gone.
He's eating all
my bougainvillea.
You can start the breakfast now.
[lighthearted classical music]
- Hi.
- Hi.
We left the money on
the kitchen counter.
- Great, okay.
- If you ever wanna get
rid of the polar bear,
let us know.
- Yeah, sure.
[faint opera music]
- Who is it?
- Your brother.
- Jesus Christ.
- Turn your eyes away.
This is not for you.
[cat purring]
Are you coming, or just him?
- [Lani] Would you
kindly fuck off?
- [laughs] Come on, finish up.
Finish him up, wrap
it up. [laughs]
Ooh. [laughing]
Did you brush your teeth?
How long's that been going on?
- What?
- Ooh.
Oh, oh!
- Okay, okay.
- Ooh, oh.
- You hired him.
- Is he your boyfriend now?
- Fianc, actually.
Yes, we're very much in love.
- Oh.
Does Judy know?
- He's the house painter.
- So?
- So.
Don't be dumb.
[upbeat music]
- Woo-woo!
Stiff competition.
You, you're all I see
- Hi, Hallie.
- Hey, Tod.
- Hey.
Um, I'll text you
when we're done, okay?
- Good luck.
Anywhere but here with you
[speech drowned out by music]
- Terrible.
No, don't go to
that side, why...
- [Mechanic] Hey-oh.
- Hey.
- Almost done.
- So is she.
- [sighs] I think
I found a buyer.
Judy asked me to
find you a buyer.
- Can't you see I'm
trying to watch?
- It's on mute.
- Is that what it is? [laughs]
I thought maybe
I was going deaf.
Go to camera two.
[bell buzzing]
[soft music]
[muffled chattering]
Great show, Barb.
Loved every minute.
- Why do you think our
ratings are such shit?
Do you ever look
through that camera?
Oh, you think that's funny?
You think it's, get out!
Joke's on you, babe.
Get out.
Out, out, now!
Take a walk.
All right, say
what you wanna say.
Please, be my guest.
Say what you wanna say.
- Hi, Judy.
- What a day.
- It looked intense.
- Oh, it's a disaster.
Fucking disaster.
I'm just not me anymore.
[exhales forcefully]
Did you watch?
- [Tod] No, uh, I missed it.
I got stuck at the mechanic.
The car is worse
off than we thought.
- Ooh, great.
What about Lani?
Did she see it?
- [Tod] Uh, I, I don't know.
You'll have to ask the painter.
- Meaning what?
- Use your imagination,
lucky slip.
- So she's fucking him.
You caught them, didn't you?
Tell me what you saw.
I wanna know what
you actually saw.
- [Tod] Nothing.
- Fine, then I'll
ask her myself.
- [Tod] Oh, please don't.
She won't trust me.
- Well, she's not trustworthy.
Fucking the help.
He's a criminal, I might add.
- Oh, they picked up the zebra.
I put the money in the lockbox.
- Poor animal, stuck in
the corner for 30 years.
- [Tour Guide Host]
Coming up on the left
is the infamous
Bridgehead Mansion,
former home of the late
legendary director,
Igor O'Coolich.
You may remember Stone Henge
from a cinema appreciation
class, if you had one.
Oh folks, through the gate is
looks like actress, Judy Mormon,
Igor's widow, who was
wife number three.
She still lives here with
his two grandchildren.
I think that looks like
Tod at the wheel there,
in the driver's seat.
What a funny name, Tod.
Hey, expect the unexpected
here on Buddy Fun Bus Tours,
am I right?
I told you it'd be an adventure.
[cat purring]
[muffled opera music]
- And that was it.
I mean, you can't really call
that an audition, can you?
- Did Hallie scream?
Can we hear that?
- And then they actually
did make us sign up
in our underwear.
- Were you wearing any?
- Yes.
Why wouldn't I be?
- Hallie?
- You take your clothes
off for the director
and the director only,
never for these
casting directors.
To be successful
in this business,
a girl must always
have her standards.
What about you, Hallie?
Are you the same?
Strip down for any felon
that stumbles in your way?
- Uh, no.
No, I went out for
a different part.
- Ahh, excellent.
Keep 'em guessing.
Mystery is an
actor's only friend.
You're not eating.
Why not?
Your sister's not eating.
- She had a late lunch.
Liquid diet, right?
Okay, I have a speech
or toast, whatever.
To Judy.
- Oh!
- [Todd] After a long
week, she still...
- Oh, look who it is.
Come here, please.
Aw, Jacob, are you working hard?
Or getting hard, I should say.
Isn't that what happens
when the old lady isn't around?
Pull down your pants.
I'm serious.
Pull them down.
I wanna see what I'm missing.
Okay, then.
I'm sorry, Jacob, but
if you're not willing
to share the wealth,
unfortunately I cannot pay you.
- Why can't you pay him?
- Because that's how it works.
- But he did the
work all week long.
- On you, not my house.
- What?
- Your big fucking
mouth, that's what.
- I figured it out.
- No, you didn't,
that's bullshit.
- That's enough.
Now, Jacob.
Jacob, hello.
You listening to me?
I'm all for rehabilitation
but I will not
be taken advantage of.
- He stole a car.
- A couple.
- Jesus Christ.
- Tomorrow, when you arrive,
I'll let you know if
you should continue.
- You can't be serious.
- I am.
- [Lani] But that's not fair.
- Ooh, Lani, I'm sorry.
He's being paid for a service,
not to waste time pleasing you.
- Fortune cookie?
[footsteps clacking]
[soft classical music]
[clock ticking]
You will always be successful
in your professional career.
Ooh, you will inherit some money
or a small piece of land.
What about you.
[gentle string music]
[cat meows]
[kettle whistling]
[muffled speech]
- I should go.
[soft instrumental music]
- [Judy] Hm.
- Psst.
She's vigorous, isn't she?
[footsteps clacking]
You're still here.
What are you doing?
- [Hallie] Waiting for my lift.
- Lani didn't offer to take you?
She still pissed?
- You know, your sister's
a pretty good actress
when she wants to be.
- Don't you think she likes him?
- I don't think she
cares one way or another.
[Tod laughs]
I should shut up.
- No, don't.
I won't say a word.
I actually agree.
I can give you a
ride, if you prefer.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- [Hallie] Thanks.
[water splashing]
- They're definitely
replacing Judy.
- [sighs] So they are.
- Yeah, now it's official.
They're comin' into
town on Sunday.
- Who?
- The guys from headquarters.
They're gonna take
us out to dinner,
make some big announcement.
- Big annou...
Well, does Judy know?
- No.
- Do they know who's
gonna replace her?
- They have some ideas,
but nothing's set.
- Well, is it up to you?
- I have a say.
Some recommendations
I could make.
- You ever think about implants?
[steam hissing]
[lighthearted classical music]
[water splashing]
Did Jacob show up today?
- [Lani] Yes, he was here.
- There's lots of other ways
we could be spending that money.
- I, for one, think we're
spending it the best way.
On paint.
We have to sell this
place, don't we?
Anyway, I could use
a change of scenery.
- [laughing] Oh, please, as if.
I mean, that was
almost believable.
That acting class is
really paying off.
[clock ticking]
[gentle instrumental music]
[glass clinks]
How'd you sleep?
- Ugh, tossed and turned.
- You decide about Jacob?
- Yeah, he can stay.
I want you to watch Lani.
Keep a good eye on her,
better than you've been
doing before, okay?
Do you hear what I'm saying?
- [Tod] Yeah, I hear you.
- I want you to watch her.
I can't watch her
when I'm at work.
[Tod imitates gun firing]
Can't be in two
places at one time.
You're the only one I trust.
[gun firing]
[soft, eerie music]
[Tod breathing heavily]
[eerie music]
- Excuse me.
- Get out, we gotta go.
Judy's really sick.
- What do you mean, she's sick?
- She won't leave her room.
- Why?
- [Tod] Because she's sick,
says she doesn't wanna go.
- Go where?
- I'll tell you in the car.
I'll tell you everything
you need to know.
We gotta go.
Can you just get out, please?
- [Lani] Are you gonna
tell me where we're going?
- You're doing the show.
- What?
- [Tod] Judy wants
you to do the show.
- She picked this?
- [Tod] It's what she wants.
- It's one of my favorite ones.
[soft music]
- [Tod] You're gonna be fine.
You've been watching
her for years.
- [Lani] I feel like she just
wants me to be embarrassed.
- No, she wants you
to be great, okay?
She asked for you specifically.
That's no joke.
Just be yourself, okay?
[Lani sighs]
- Where's Judy?
- She's sick.
- What, what do you
mean, she's sick?
- She's sick.
She wants Lani to take
over, just for today.
- What?
- Hey, can you go
straight to hair?
- Wait, no!
- No, go, go, go, go.
- What are you doing?
- She's sick.
Okay, she's not sick.
She's scared if
she loses the show,
her career's over.
- Probably is.
- She's scared she won't
be able to support us.
- So get jobs.
Because it's happening,
she's losing it.
- Well, not if Lani's the
one taking over, am I right?
- So that's what this is about?
- Look, she just asks that
you give her one chance, okay?
- On a rehearsal,
maybe, or a dry run
but not the actual
broadcast, for fuck's sake!
- Look, okay, okay.
If she bombs today,
fine, whatever,
just move on and blame Judy.
But if she's good,
and she will be good,
I promise you she will be good,
then you take the credit
and everybody wins.
- It's a live show, Todd.
- But is anybody watching?
Right, yeah, thought
that was the whole point.
Hey, she might surprise you.
- She's not even
fucking wearing shoes.
- Hey, she's gonna be great.
I tried calling you.
- I have my phone right here.
- Well, you didn't answer it.
No, no, no, no, come on.
No makeup.
She's beautiful.
She's my sister,
and today's her day.
Without the makeup you're
telling the audience,
this is me, this is the truth.
If you look right down
the barrel of the lens,
right into their eye
and tell them they
need to have it,
they'll pick up
the phone and call.
- [clapping] Nice speech, Tod.
I'm impressed.
Leave it off.
Let's go.
- Good luck.
- Okay, this is her first day.
We're just gonna
give this a try.
I want you to be wide
for the whole thing
unless you're coming in
to focus on the gloves.
- You sure about that?
Won't shooting it
all in the wide
suggest a lack of
confidence in your host?
- That's exactly
what it'll suggest
but it'll also
hide her mistakes.
- I'd try the opposite.
- I don't fucking care what
you would do, all right?
If there's anything
else, tell me now.
Anything else?
- No.
- [Barb] All right.
If you want, just,
you can stay on the
gloves the whole time.
- And what we have here
are 100% authentic calf
leather gloves from Italy.
They come with a
lifetime warranty.
Not only will we
send you two pairs,
but you will also
get a wooden box
to keep them in to
protect them from the sun.
So remarkably soft, my goodness.
You'll never want your man
to take them off. [laughs]
Can't you just see him
riding around in his Ducati?
Vroom, vroom.
And ladies, if you order now
for the next three minutes
we'll send you two pairs,
so why not get yourself one?
[uptempo music]
We are offering them to you
from the comfort
of your own home,
so that you don't have to
make the trip. [laughs]
They are all leather,
Italian, handmade sewn.
My dear friend, Bobby,
brought these back from Rome
and I just had to bring
them to show to you guys
back in your own homes.
[Tod grunts]
You, too, can feel
like you're riding
your own Ducati through
the tiny streets of Italy.
Aren't they lovely?
They come in such
colors as ox, blood,
chocolate, oh, and this
is really my favorite.
Look at how lovely they are.
- Did you cut yourself?
Lots of blood.
- See something you like?
- I need to close the windows.
It's easier to scrape.
- Sure.
Yeah, all you gotta do is ask.
- Jake.
Hey! [clapping]
I need you to take a break.
- What?
- Yeah, I need you
to go get Lani.
- Why?
- Well, that's
what boyfriends do.
They pick up their girlfriends
in exchange for head.
- [Jacob] I think your
Rolls is blocking me in.
- Take it.
I'll get you the keys.
[suspenseful music]
- [Delivery Man] Hello.
Come on, anybody home?
- Hello?
- Hey, yeah.
- Can I help you?
- [Delivery Man] Uh, yeah.
I got a delivery for Jake.
- He's not--
- No, uh.
Hey, sorry, man,
I can't see you.
You still there?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm down here.
How much is it?
- [Delivery Man]
It's, uh, $15.30.
- Great, okay, hold on.
Here, that's it, that's a $20.
[can clanks]
Can you leave that in my van,
on top of one of
the, the paint cans?
- [Delivery Man] A'ight.
A'ight dude, thanks.
[birds chirping]
- How was it?
How'd you go?
- Ask Barb.
- Why?
What, what did she say?
- Here.
- Thanks.
Oh, your lunch is in the van.
- No, don't, I took care of it.
- Hello?
- We have to meet.
- It'll take more than
looking good, Tod.
The few calls that did come in
basically stopped after
the first half hour.
- [Tod] We actually
liked what she did.
- Who's we?
- Me and Judy.
She wants to give
her another shot.
- Look, it doesn't matter,
I need to talk to her.
Is she there?
Put her on.
- I'll bring her to dinner.
- Fine.
Tonight at the
Tavern, eight o'clock.
[cork popping]
[soft music]
- Lani.
Judy's giving you the show.
She wants you to take over.
- Well, according to Barb,
the collars didn't like me.
- So, make them like you.
- How?
- I don't know, act.
Isn't that what you do?
Barb wants to meet us
at the Tavern at 8:00.
You'll discuss tomorrow's show
and then I'll come and meet you.
- [Lani] You know that
pussy's old enough
to be your mother's right?
- Hm.
[glass clinks]
I think we should drink
champagne more often.
[insects chirping]
[dog barking]
[soft music]
[phone ringing]
- [Barb] I said eight o'clock.
- Yeah, I, I'm on my way.
- Your sister's here.
I didn't know she was coming.
- I'm leaving now, okay?
I'm on my way.
- And Judy?
- What'd he say?
- He's on his way.
[Barb sighs]
- What are you doing here?
- Lani called me.
- [Tod] She left.
- What's in the bag?
- Nothing, just some laundry.
- Can you tell her I called?
- Maybe.
[footsteps clacking]
- Where's Judy?
- [Tod] Uh, she can't make it.
Can you move over?
- No, she goes.
- [Tod] Okay.
- [Lani] Have fun.
- What is it with you two?
- How do you mean?
- [Barb] Entitlement.
- Did you eat?
- Fuck you.
You're a child,
making me sit here
with your sister all night.
- Well, you could've left.
Why didn't you leave?
Why didn't you leave, Barb?
- 'Cause I was waiting for you.
Look, I appreciate
what you're doing
or trying to do.
It's not your fault
that Judy won't let go.
It's not your
sister's fault either,
but to force me...
[slow, distorted speech]
[gentle music]
- That was beautiful.
- [sighs] Oh my God,
you're such a dickhead.
- No, Barbie, come, come on.
What are you doing?
Come on.
- Okay.
- You wanna buy me a drink?
- Uh.
I know people here, so.
- Okay.
[soft music]
- [Tour Guide Host]
Up on the left
is the infamous
Bridgehead Mansion,
former home of the late
legendary director,
Igor O'Coolich.
I'm gonna let you guys in
on a little Buddy
Fun Bus Tour secret.
The property is
apparently on the market
so if you've got,
oh, look at this.
It looks like his
grandson, Tod, pulling in.
What a treat.
Up next, where George Clooney
takes his dry cleaning.
You guys ready to see that?
[gate creaking]
- [Tod] Here, let me
give you some light.
- She's not responding.
- That's because she's asleep.
She took some pills.
What, what, hey.
Come on, stop.
You look upset.
She's fine, man.
She just,
she had a rough night.
Know what that's like?
Have some pills,
get knocked out.
What were you doing
in here, anyway?
- Can't paint the windows
if they're closed.
- Oh, well just say the word
and we'll get them open.
- Well, I tried to knock
but nobody answered.
- Hey, check this out.
How sweet is that?
- You threw me a gun?
- It's an antique.
My grandpa brought
it over from Russia.
- And why, why
would you do that?
- Ever since he died,
she keeps it beside her bed.
I don't know, I guess
it makes her feel safe.
- No, why would
you throw me a gun?
I mean, it could've been,
it could be loaded.
- Shit, it could be loaded!
[laughs] No one's
loaded it in years.
- How do you know?
- 'Cause I know Judy.
It's just for show.
[Tod sighs]
You're lucky she
likes her pills.
Going in her room
like that, uninvited.
Don't let her catch
you doing that again.
[suspenseful music]
[phone beeping]
- [911 Operator] 911,
what is your emergency?
Are you there?
How can I help you?
[phone beeps]
[easygoing music]
- Come on in.
[Hallie shrieks]
- [Hallie] Hey!
[speech drowned out by music]
- That kick really hurt.
- It's your fault
for pulling me in.
- Tell that to my kids
when they come out
with two heads.
[both laugh]
- Who are you having kids with?
- You.
[Hallie laughs]
- I'm serious, it's
on my vision board.
- Your what?
What's a vision board?
What is it?
- It's all the things
I hope come true.
Stuff I want this year.
- Have any?
- Some.
This is grandpa and me.
And, uh, see?
- What, that's us?
- It could be.
We just need to tape
our faces over theirs.
- Tod!
Tod, it went great.
People actually called in today.
- Well, that, that's great!
- I know!
- It is great.
The guys just called.
They want you to come to dinner.
You too, Tod.
- Why me?
- To thank you for
being so helpful.
Who's this?
- Hallie, this is Barb.
She produces Judy's show.
- Pool warm?
- Uh, yeah.
- Well, I guess we now know
why Lani needed a ride home.
Where's Judy?
- The cops are here.
- For you?
[laughs] I was just kidding.
What are the cops here for?
What the fu...
Can I help you?
- Is everything okay here, sir?
- [Tod] Yeah, I think so, why?
- A 911 call.
- [laughs] I'm sorry.
My, uh, my grandmother's
an actress.
As you can imagine, she
can be very dramatic.
She does things like
this to make us worry.
- [Officer] And is she here?
- Well, that's my point.
She probably made
the call and left.
She must've left when
I was in the pool.
The painter might have seen her.
He's got all the best views.
Hey, Jake.
Did you see Judy leave?
- No.
- [Tod] Are you sure?
- [Officer] Does she
have a cell phone?
- [Tod] Uh, yeah, she does.
It's me, usually.
I handle all her
personal affairs.
- Whenever she gets
back, she should call us
so we can mark it
as a false alarm.
- Yeah, of course, of course.
Oh, and hey, sorry, I'm so
sorry for wasting your time.
- No problem.
- [Tod] And drive safe.
[engine igniting]
[soft, suspenseful music]
- Where'd she go?
- How should I know?
- She doesn't tell you
when she's leaving?
- [laughing] Yeah,
usually she has to.
I'm the one that takes her.
I, I don't know.
I guess she, I guess
she took a cab.
- Well, we need to find her.
- Maybe she doesn't
wanna be found.
- Tod, she has to
be at that dinner.
- Well, I bet that's
exactly why she left.
Listen, we were
just about to eat.
You wanna join us?
I made sandwiches.
- No.
[sighs] Enjoy your sandwich.
- What?
I wasn't trying to be mean.
It looks like she
doesn't even care.
- I don't believe that.
- This is Judy's life,
and all she thinks
about is that show.
- I just think she
still likes you.
- Come to dinner.
Be my date.
Um, I'm so sorry.
Judy sends her regards.
She couldn't make it.
- Lucky you.
We certainly underestimated
the intelligence
of our audience.
- Who knew that
they'd appreciate
a hot girl in a vintage dress.
- Instead of a vintage actress.
- Well, we like what we see,
so what we want you
to keep doin' it.
- Yeah.
Today's call center numbers
were the best we had in months.
- Yeah.
Which is not saying much,
considering they've
been in the toilet.
- Well, key word
there being been.
- All I can say is, what
if today was a fluke?
I mean--
- Actually, um...
- What?
- No, never mind.
Go ahead.
- Spit it out.
- [Tod] Well, it's
just a thought.
- And we like thoughts.
So does Barb.
Especially when
they're good ones.
- Well, I think we
should be confident
about the fact that
this is the start
of something epic and new.
- And it could be.
- No, it is.
- [Executive] [laughs] That's
the kind of attitude we need
with the [mumbles].
- And shouldn't Lani have
a say in what she wears?
Still from Judy's
closet, but picked out
by the host herself.
- Tod.
I'm sitting right here.
Who the fuck do
you think you are?
[soft, tense music]
- Um...
[laughs] Sorry.
Uh, I'm gonna use the restroom.
Excuse me.
[phone ringing]
No, no, I can't...
I'm sorry, that was
fucking, that was bullshit.
She can't do...
I'm not a fucking child!
Like, no, I'm not coming back.
Can you just, can you call,
call Jacob to give you
a ride or something?
[phone clicks]
[floorboards creaking]
[suspenseful music]
[Tod grunting]
[Tod breathing heavily]
[exhales forcefully] Fuck.
- What are you doing?
- I was looking for the cat.
He, uh, he got out when I left.
Let me get changed.
I'll give you a ride.
- Actually, Tod...
[soft music]
[Tod grunting]
[lighter clicks]
[operatic singing
in foreign language]
- What's up?
- Your hand on my leg.
You wanted her to see.
- So what if I did?
- [Hallie] I thought you
didn't wanna hurt her feelings.
- Maybe now I do.
[lighter clicks]
- Well, I don't like being used.
- I won't use you.
No being used, no drama.
How about I help you instead?
- Help me how?
- [Lani] Why do you always
have to perv on my friends?
- Nice choice.
- [Lani] Yeah, I think so, too.
I mean, you picked it out--
- Fuck!
- What?
- Gardener.
You're early.
[gardener speaks in
foreign language]
- Lost some clients.
Uh, is that a problem?
- Uh, not really.
It's just, I have to go.
- [Gardener] Well,
that's all right.
- No, it's, it's not.
- So then, what?
You want me to come back?
- Is that all right?
- [laughs] Do I have
a choice, seor?
- I guess not, if you don't
wanna lose another client.
- No problem, seor.
[speaks in foreign language]
- I have to stay.
- What, why?
What happened?
- Until Jacob's done, the
garden can be left alone, okay?
So can you, you
can take the car.
Can you drop Hallie off?
And, um, have a great show--
- Yeah, but you're
being very weird.
- I'm not being weird.
Are you nervous?
Don't be nervous.
Hey, you're gonna be great.
Break a leg, all right?
- Okay.
- Okay, hurry up.
Don't be late.
[gate creaking]
[gate bangs]
[tense music]
[Tod grunting]
[engine ignites]
[dogs barking]
[horn honking]
- [Jacob] Hey, you took my van.
- Do you mind?
I had to be somewhere.
- [Jacob] You should ask.
- I tried, but your headphones.
- How'd you know where
to find the keys?
- Kind of obvious,
don't you think?
- No, I don't.
- Well, I'm back now.
If you've got a problem,
you're welcome to
take it up with Judy.
- I found this under her bed.
[suspenseful music]
I thought you said
it was never loaded.
- I guess I was wrong.
No, keep it.
- [Jacob] What's
with the gloves?
- Oh, I like 'em.
Feel like I'm James Hunt.
Do you know James Hunt?
He was very famous.
[laughing] No, probably not.
Probably too classy for you.
- When's she coming back?
- Who?
- Judy.
[Jacob winces]
[Tod shrieks]
[gun shell clinks]
I fucking quit.
- You quit?
Who fucking quits?
[Tod groans]
[steam hissing]
[helicopter humming]
- Hiya, Tod.
Good to see you.
- Yeah.
- Listen, here's the money.
Do me a favor.
We're gonna be switching
routes next week
so if you could make the drive
up, like, 30 minutes later.
- Mm-hm.
- That would be great.
And listen, hey, if
Judy's in the car,
hey, if Judy's in the car
double the money next time.
- [Tod] Sure.
- Brat.
Them people, I tell ya.
[gentle piano music]
- Detective Rowan.
- Hi.
Uh, thanks for coming.
Come, come right in.
This way.
- Okay.
- What happened to your face?
- It was Jake.
I don't know why.
- You must've done
something to upset him.
- [Tod] Has he ever hit you?
- [laughing] No.
He barely even talks.
- [Tod] He talks to me.
- Only because you hired him.
Other than that, he thinks
you're pretty strange.
- I'm not strange.
- Yes, you are.
You threw him a gun.
- I'm sorry, what?
- Judy's gun.
You threw it at him
and told him to catch.
- Who the fuck plays
catch with a gun?
- [Lani] You're so full of shit.
- What the fuck?
How does he even know
that gun exists?
- Tod, Tod.
- Is he going
through Judy's stuff?
- Don't.
- Barbara.
I need to talk to you.
- So talk.
- Can we go somewhere,
can we go somewhere private?
- What happened to your face?
Somebody get to you before me?
[Tod crying]
- Something's wrong.
something's wrong.
I don't know, I...
- What?
What happened?
- Can I come home
with you please?
Can I?
I don't, I just don't
know what's happened.
- Okay, okay.
- I just, I need,
I just need to talk to someone.
[suspenseful music]
[helicopter humming]
[door creaking open]
[door creaking open]
[flames crackling]
[sirens wailing]
[police radio
chattering indistinctly]
[door banging]
- [Officer] Let's go.
[engine ignites]
[fire crackling]
- How did you do it?
- What do you mean?
- [Lani] Spill the beans, Tod.
- Is it loaded?
[gun clicks]
- Thought I had all your
little schemes figured out.
- His sperm was
inside of her, Lani.
- So she was fucking him.
- Use your imagination.
- [Lani] Still, you
should've told me.
- Mystery is an
actor's only friend.
[imitates gun firing]
Let's go get that deer.
[operatic singing
in foreign language]
[gun firing]
[birds chirping]
- What do you think?
- You look good.
- Come on, let's go.
[uptempo music]
You, you're all I see
You should stay with me
While I wander
through my mind alone
Like I've always been
I could never be anywhere
but here with you
Of all the colors
of the washed up sun
Disappear in laughing
'Cause after all
it's only nothing
After all it's only nothin'
Safe as though sound asleep
With the mystery
and the darkness
You're my only friend
Though I cannot see
In between the sheets
Everything I do for you
Of all the colors of
our washed out sun
Disappear in laughing
'Cause after all
it's only nothin'
After all it's only nothin'
After all it's only nothin'
After all it's only nothin'
'Cause after all
it's only nothin'
'Cause after all
it's only nothin'
[uptempo music]