American Psycho II: All American Girl (2002) Movie Script

Clara was my babysitter.
I was only 12 years old,
naive and somewhat trusting.
But all that was about to change.
Some babysitters take you to the movies,
or roller-blading in the park.
Mine brought me on a date with
a serial killer.
Patrick Bateman.
Not my idea of a romantic evening.
God, look at her.
All drugged up and tied to a chair.
I knew we should have gone to the movies.
At first, I was scared.
I wanted to get out of there
as fast as I could.
But then...
something came over me.
As soon as I was free,
I got really pissed.
He was about to make a real
mess of my babysitter.
So, I did what many of you would have done,
I took matters into my own hands.
And it changed my life forever.
Is everything all right in there?
-I thought I heard a crash.
-Yes, everything's fine. Thanks.
They found Bateman and his final
victim a few days later.
The FBI quickly uncovered a psychopath,
and a few extra unsolved murders,
and he became an instant celebrity,
an overnight sensation.
They even wrote a book about him.
Only in America. As for me?
I was never tied to the scene.
And rather than self-destruct,
or spend the rest of my life
on some shrink's couch,
I told no one of what had happened.
I silently vowed to devote my life
to stopping other psycho killers.
I couldn't wait to grow up.
The next six years of my life were a blur.
My parents wrote me off emotionally.
My mom became a raging alcoholic,
and my dad was busy fucking the secretary.
Pretty clich, huh?
So, here I am today,
attending the most renowned behavioral
studies program in the nation.
Here they focus on profiling,
the art, craft and science of
tracking serial killers.
The subject matter itself attracts some weirdos.
Hey, Rachael.
But then again, maybe it's just me...
The problem is,
I don't have time for games.
I have got to focus on my work.
-You can do better than that.
-That's what your mama said.
And what can I say?
Studying murder often brings
out the best in people.
Thought you quit!
Getting into West Washington wasn't easy.
I busted my ass in high school
and maintained a perfect
4.0 grade point average.
All this, so I could study with
the best mind in the field,
Professor Robert Starkman.
Possibly the most revered
hunter of serial killers
the FBI ever produced.
After solving every high profile
crime ever thrown at him,
he suddenly made a startling life
change and became a teacher.
Some say it was his last case,
the mysterious death of serial
killer Patrick Bateman.
Good morning.
Funny how life works, isn't it?
Good morning.
Starkman never discusses the Bateman case...
Congratulations on getting through
the first half of the semester...
I have here...
the official application form
for the teacher's assistant
position for next year.
This is my golden ticket to Quantico,
the FBI's elite training program.
Unfortunately, everyone else is
here for the same reason.
They know that nine out of
Starkman's last 10 assistants,
-were accepted into the FBI.
-...Announcing my new assistant
by the end of the week, just before
we head off for Spring Break.
And, talking about Spring Break,
don't forget the party at the Dean's mansion.
We will have the opportunity to
say goodbye to Miss McGuire
who's leaving us for bigger
and better things.
Well, after weeks of grueling,
if not gruesome work,
let's have some fun, shall we?
Today we will be looking
at the unique aliases
the FBI, the press and the general public
have nicknamed serial killers, and why.
His present TA is Elizabeth McGuire.
She's already been accepted to Quantico...
Early admissions.
I am the front runner to replace her.
Nobody comes close to my rock solid GPA.
Dr. H.H. Holmes was once vilified,
in a biography,
as the "Arch Fiend."
I'd like to say none of them have a chance,
but grades aren't everything.
And I do have some competition.
Contender number one: Brian Leads.
A GPA as low as his wouldn't
normally pose a threat.
But his family's fortune,
easily numbering in hundreds of millions,
can open a lot of doors.
How do you think he got into the school?
Can you spell "donation"?
He can't.
Albert Fish, AKA "The Moon Maniac"...
AKA "The Werewolf of Wisteria."
Contender two: Cassandra Blaire.
They say she and Starkman
have been going at it
since the beginning of the semester.
But my guess: No way.
He's old enough to be her grandfather.
Nannie Doss...
"The Black Widow" who murdered
four of her husbands.
Contender three: Keith Lawson.
He poses the biggest threat of the three.
He and I have been sparring
all year in this class.
But, I have yet to lose a single round.
The fact is, none of them have a chance.
Oh, Bobby.
Red lips, red leaves fall
on my knees like autumn
I miss cigarettes every
single day of my life
When you make love to me
I close my eyes and pray you say goodbye
She's dawning on me
She's beautiful
She's beautiful
And I bet you don't know what love means
It's just that you do not love me.
The application is a mere formality.
Come Friday, I will be
Starkman's new teaching assistant.
The position is mine.
I deserve it and I am going to get it.
Yes, there may be a few more
hoops I have to jump through,
but I can handle them.
Besides, failure is not an option.
Why don't we just start over here,
because I suggest you reconsider
your position on this.
I am sorry, Mr. Leads.
I can't make any exceptions.
Your GPA is simply not high enough.
Are you saying no to me?
Do you know who my father is?
Mr. Leads...
I am well aware of your family's legacy.
Heed my advice. A bird in the
hand is worth two in the bush.
That's your fucking advice?
I have some advice for you.
Get ready to take a long vacation.
Go with God, dear heart. Next!
Can you believe this shit?
Wait till she sees my GPA after
my cousin hacks into their mainframe.
Do they give these things
up for bitch of the month?
That hag could be the reigning champion.
She's lucky I don't bash her brains in.
I was told to drop off my application here.
Looks like everything's in order here.
Thank you.
Wait a second.
-What's this?
It says here that you're a freshman.
Yeah, so what?
We don't usually allow freshmen or
sophomores to become TAs.
You have to be a junior or above.
This isn't your usual situation.
Professor Starkman told me I could apply.
Shouldn't this decision be
left up to the professor?
Afraid not.
I will run this up the flagpole
and see who salutes.
I will have to speak with your teacher.
I have a schedule to keep.
It's all worked out.
We do this for your own good.
Freshmen can be extremely
overwhelmed, being at college,
and away from home for the
first time in their lives.
Here, take this.
"Beat common freshmen fears
in 10 easy steps."
So many new experiences.
It's so exciting.
Look, the only experience I want
is to be Professor Starkman's
TA next semester.
Afraid not! It just wouldn't be right.
I am sure he will put in a good
word for you,
but I don't see how I can make any
exceptions at this point
without setting a dangerous
precedent in school policy.
I will be informing the Dean
of the situation.
I am sorry, Miss Newman.
You will just have to wait.
Have a nice day.
Ricky Martin?
Ricky? Come to mama.
Ricky Martin? Ricky?
Ricky, you got some explaining to do.
Oh, thank God.
What happened to you?
Bad things
Dead things
Sad things have to happen
Bad things
Dead things
Sad things have to happen.
Hey, Miss Newman.
Wow, Brian.
Are you stalking me now?
No, Rachael. If I was stalking you,
you'd know it.
I mean--you wouldn't know it.
You know?
I thought we should get together and...
discuss the state of the union
and life in general.
Get to the point, Brian.
My inside source says
he has narrowed it down.
Guess who's still in the running?
Keith, Cassandra and me.
Unless you can raise your GPA.
That problem's already solved.
Do you want to catch a bite
to eat tomorrow night,
maybe some dinner and discuss it?
What's to discuss? It's no big news.
We were always the front runners.
We could get together and
form an alliance,
eliminate our competition.
That sounds intriguing but...
-I have a paper to write.
-A paper?
We should get to know each other better.
Is it just me or is there
unspoken sexual tension between us?
We should bring it to the
surface and stop lying to each other.
Are you on crack?
I don't know. It was white,
it was in a pipe--
-So, what do you say?
-I have a paper to write.
No, no, no...
I won't take no for an answer
twice in one day.
You have to eat, right? I have to eat.
We both have to eat.
Let's just eat together.
It's no big deal.
I was just fucking around with
this sexual tension stuff.
I just throw stuff out there.
I am crazy, I am like a volcano,
just waiting to erupt--
Okay, fine. Pick me up at 8:00.
-Eight? Like 8:00 pm?
-Between 7:00 and 9:00?
Because it's great for me--
-I will see you at 8:00.
Maybe I will be there five minutes later.
So...what are you doing for Spring Break?
I am just going to hang around and
get some work done.
What, "hang around"?
You mean stay on campus?
You're not going home?
Because I have work to do.
My family's coming for my mom's birthday
to see how the other half lives.
-Okay, that sounds terrible.
-I know.
What are you doing?
Bobby's taking me up to his
cabin in the Northern Cascade--
Cassandra, don't call
him Bobby in front of me.
I am sorry.
Professor Starkman is
taking me up to his cabin.
When do you guys leave?
He's got to go upstate first,
to meet Diane and Louisa.
You mean, his wife and his daughter?
Whatever! Yes, them.
He's meeting them at his in-laws.
I can't stand how much of
his time they take up.
Cass, they're his family!
I am late for a study session.
I should just go.
I can't believe you're actually
going out with Brian.
How did that happen?
the other day, our eyes met
across a crowded room,
and there was this--this spark,
the sign I have been waiting for
my whole life.
It was then that I knew that
Brian was my soul mate.
-Oh my God.
-I know.
-No, not really.
It's great to be with you tonight.
Hi. Can I get you something to drink?
Yes. I will have a Kettle One martini,
straight up,
very dry. Very, very dry.
And the lady will have...
-I will have a glass of house red.
-House red.
Good. I will be right back.
-So, you look great.
Your hair is different.
It looks good.
-No problem.
It's great that we finally
have some "us" time.
-You and I hanging out.
-I agree.
Yeah. Listen, Rach,
before we embark on our evening,
I have a confession to make.
Can you wait until we get our drinks
before you start making your confessions?
-Oh yeah, sure.
Look. Our drinks.
Thank you.
-There you go.
-Thank you.
It's my first day.
So, ready to order?
Can you just give us a minute here?
Take your time.
Thank you.
Okay. What would you like to confess?
This is difficult for me,
because I really want us to
remain friends after--
regardless of who Starkman
picks for the TA position.
Wow, I am touched.
Brian, I really am.
You should know I am determined
to get the position.
Over the last few months,
I have been doing a little
research on Cassandra Blair.
What kind of research?
Let's just say that if
she gets the position,
the Dean's office is going to
receive an anonymous letter
regarding her and Starkman's relationship,
accompanied by some very revealing photographs.
-How Christian of you.
I guess that narrows it down to three.
You know who my father is, right?
Yes, we're all in awe of your family's money.
You know, you and Keith are very smart.
So I have had to go to great lengths
to ensure that my bright future in
the FBI goes without a hitch.
What are you smiling at?
That is the press release
for the new Carson-Leads Behavioral
Sciences Building.
It's just one of my dad's new pet projects.
I have an offer you can't refuse.
Drop out of the race for the TA position,
and I will ensure you have seven digits
of my family's gratitude.
Are you bribing me now?
Bribe? Did I say bribe?
Just think of it as a business opportunity.
Trust me,
the alternative wouldn't be too pleasant.
"I will let you be in my dreams
if I can be in yours."
-It's a quote.
Bob Dylan, maybe you have heard of him?
-Oh, yeah.
-You know, Brian,
you should get out more.
Maybe I will.
The night's young.
That it is.
We're home, we're home.
This is like...a room.
Do you want to be my girl?
Do you want to be my friend?
Do you want to start it all?
We can stop if you want.
-No, no...I just don't-
-What, you don't have any?
Don't worry, I will take care of
everything when the time comes.
Oh, the old "pull out and pray" trick.
Great, a Renaissance man.
Wait a second!
The convenience store, down the street--
I will just go down there,
it's right around the corner.
It's really convenient and
I will get some, I will get tons.
Wait a minute, what am I saying?
My roommate's got tons of them,
drawers full of them.
A real prophylactic factory.
Are we done here?
No, we're not done.
I will walk down the hall,
and get some from a friend.
-Oh, great.
-Make yourself comfortable.
Sure, great.
I will be here.
Jeez. A piss-sheet.
What the fuck.
Ribbed, for her pleasure.
Yep, I just killed Brian.
But you have got to look at
the positive side...
I am killing for a better tomorrow.
Once I get into the FBI,
I will be able to stop dozens,
maybe even hundreds of serial
killers every year.
Okay, think about it...
I am killing the few to save the many.
Sort of like Robin Hood, you know?
God, I think I need some professional help.
Rachael, have you ever been
to a psychiatrist before?
-No, how does it work?
-It works like this.
You want answers,
so we get together weekly,
and we ask the questions that
will lead you to your answers.
All right?
I could tell you anything,
and you'd still never know me.
You could, and that's your choice.
But why would you lie to me?
Because I don't expose my
Achilles' heel to anyone.
-Why do you say that?
-I just need to be on watch.
If I am not looking out for
number one, then who is?
It's a dog-eat-dog-world out there,
and my future depends on not
getting eaten by the other dogs.
I have schedules, appointments and dreams
that only I can fulfill.
No one is going to do that for me.
Who do you think is keeping you
from achieving these goals?
-Other people.
-What people?
Anyone who gets in my way.
If you could be anyone in the
world, except yourself,
who would that be?
Elizabeth McGuire.
Elizabeth McGuire? Who's she?
She's Professor Starkman's present TA.
And the next in line to go to Quantico.
-And Quantico is?
-My goal.
-My destiny.
-I see.
Have you ever wanted something so bad
that you'd do anything to get it?
Go on.
And that's why I went to West Washington.
I have always known that, really,
there were only three other people
who could steal the TA position away from me.
What happens if you don't get the position?
I can't even consider that.
Failure is not an option.
I will get the position.
-How can you be so sure?
-Because I am.
-Why don't we stop there?
My secretary will get your billing info.
So, same time next week?
-You bet.
Hey, Bobby. It's Eric.
Hey, Eric. What's up?
I just had a first time session
with one of your students.
Wow, wow, wow...
Aren't we violating some sort
of privacy code here?
Yes and no. I will tell you what...
I won't tell you the name,
if you promise not to say it
once you have figured it out.
-Is that a deal?
-Okay. Fire away.
All right.
I think I have identified this
person as a textbook sociopath.
It's a prerequisite for getting
into college in the first place.
Tell me about it. Still, this
girl has no concept of reality
or the difference between right or wrong.
A girl.
Mmm, the plot thickens.
She's obsessed with becoming
your assistant next semester.
If that's her obsession,
it's no big deal.
These kids think I am their
ticket to the FBI.
Just keep your eyes open.
This girl--
she scared me.
Jesus, if she's that dangerous,
tell me her name
before she turns up in class
with an AK-47.
I can't do that. I have already
broken the law by placing this call.
Just be aware this student's in your class.
What exactly do you mean, "be aware"?
25 years in the FBI...turn your radar on.
Just make sure she doesn't get out of hand.
-She's identified three of her peers--
-Dr. Daniels?
-Okay, okay, Mother.
I have got to go, I have got an appointment.
I love you. I do.
Okay, I will see you this weekend. Bye.
I am so sorry to disturb you.
I didn't realize you were on the phone
-and your secretary wasn't there.
-It's okay.
I just left my keys here.
I am such a textbook nut case sometimes.
I'd probably lose my head if
it wasn't screwed on.
Oh, there they are.
It's so nice that you stay in
touch with your mom.
-How old is she?
72, that's a great age.
So many new and exciting things,
the golden years.
No. I am--
My wife and I never had children.
Was she not able to?
Actually, we're divorced.
I have another patient coming in soon.
I have to prepare for him.
So I will have to ask you to leave.
Which is it, Eric?
An appointment downtown or a
patient in your office?
It's not nice to lie to your
dear old mom.
See you next week.
After my session with Eric,
I really needed some therapy.
That guy just about drove me nuts.
So, I went back to something
my dad always said,
"nothing like a change of
scenery to clear your head,
to ease the burden of a busy schedule."
tonight's the Behavioral
Sciences party at the Dean's.
I have to look good.
I want to be dressed to kill.
Sometimes she feels so sad
And other times feels twice as bad
When the tears are in her eyes
She never cries
Ordinary girl
I know
We're different
But I am stranger in the world
Ordinary girl
-Excuse me?
-Bite me, Barbie.
The Anthony Perkins character
in Psycho was modeled on Ed Gein.
My heart rate nearly triples when I get there
and see the vultures have
descended upon Starkman.
He broke the mold because he only
killed two people in his entire career.
I must have lost track of time running on.
I had planned to get here early to get
as much time with Starkman as possible.
And now I am late. This is a disaster.
...for Leatherface in The Texas
Chainsaw Massacre--
-Hello, Miss Brown.
-I will be right back.
It's good to see you.
-Hey, how is it going?
How was your date with Brian?
Fine. Short. I don't know.
Short? How short was he?
I mean, "it."
We didn't get that far.
He went home after dinner.
What do you mean? Why did
you come to borrow a rubber,
-if he went home after dinner?
-What's up with the third degree?
I am just confused. Did you
guys get it on or not?
It's none of your business.
-Can we drop this, please?
Sometimes I don't understand you.
It's like you're not even here.
What did you do last night?
-Bobby came over for--
I am sorry. Professor Starkman
came over for a study session.
And let me assure you, it was
definitely not short.
I am going to vomit.
What are you smiling at, freak?
Come here.
Bob--I mean the professor,
said I am a shoo-in for the TA position.
I wasn't supposed to tell anyone,
but since we are so close...
I was going to burst.
Now I get to spend all this
time with my sweetie.
And his wife will think we're working.
Wait, maybe I will go to Quantico.
How great would that be?
Just don't tell anyone, okay?
-Not even Brian.
-Don't worry.
Your secret's safe with me.
This party's such a dud.
Let's blow it off and you give
me the details.
Perfect. Let me talk to Starkman,
and we will go to Jittery Joe's
for coffee.
No! It's way too crowded.
You don't want anyone to know
about you and Bobby.
Let's grab some wine and go to
your room.
That sounds great!
Just make sure you don't tell anyone, okay?
-Don't let me down.
-Don't worry,
I would never let you down.
Like I said, Cassie,
student-teacher relationships
just never work out.
It's Cassandra,
I can't get to the phone,
so leave a quickie
and I will get back to you.
Hello Cassandra. Professor Starkman here.
Listen, it's 11:25 and you
missed your study session.
Call me back to reschedule.
Doctor Daniels?
I am sorry to drop in without
an appointment,
but there is something on my mind.
Sure, Rachael.
-How are things with you?
-They couldn't be better.
Any word on that TA job yet?
He won't announce
it until before Spring Break.
When does that start for you guys?
-End of the week.
-Two days?
-And how do you feel about that?
-Pretty confident.
-You think you will get the job?
-I don't think. I know.
Okay, Rachael.
Worst case scenario:
you don't get the job. What then?
What are you talking about,
Dr. Daniels?
It's mine.
You want me to come up with some
idea of what's wrong with me,
but I will be honest. I came here
to tell you I am not coming
back next week.
Don't worry, I have every
intention to pay for your time.
However, I feel the problem
we have connecting lies mostly with you.
Look, this is a small town.
My guess is you know almost everyone here.
You were born here, right?
It must be so disappointing to
see all these college kids
come in and out of your town
every year,
moving on to bigger and
better opportunities,
while you stay here, year after year,
getting older and older.
And all while taking care of
your dear old mom.
And on top of this, you're divorced?
God! The female population
in this town,
aside from the sexy little college
girls running around,
must be pretty weak.
This alone would cripple any man.
Your level of frustration must
be through the roof.
A dead-end job with no love life,
all while taking care of your sick mom.
Just the other day,
I noticed you were judging me.
Is that fair? I mean really, is that?
I don't think so.
Your life is very similar to Ed Gein's.
Ed Gein?
Yes, Ed Gein. Very famous serial killer.
A bachelor, raised by his
domineering mother,
until she died when he was
roughly your age.
God, he went nuts! He couldn't
handle the loss.
What would you do without your mother?
Okay Rachael, that's enough.
You don't know me,
and I don't know you.
We were getting to know each other.
These sessions are a process.
So don't go jumping to conclusions.
No. I am not jumping to any
conclusions here.
If you just open up your eyes,
you'd see I am already there.
Have a good day, Doctor.
Let's talk about
Ted Bundy for a minute, shall we?
What kind of a killer was he?
How was he perceived?
Mr. Lawson wishes to participate.
Please, let's hear it.
He was perceived
as a very organized killer.
-Very calculated.
You don't agree, Miss Newman?
Yes and no.
Come on, this guy planned each
and every detail in advance.
He chose his victims with extreme accuracy,
stalked them meticulously,
and waited for the precise moment to attack.
All while maintaining an air of patience
not even the FBI's greatest could penetrate.
-No offense, sir.
-None taken.
-But I still don't agree.
-And he picked all his dumping sites
with the outmost caution.
He was unquestionably an organized killer.
-Premeditated, with a capital "P."
-Capital "P"?
It's a letter in the alphabet.
Between "O" and "Q."
You have something to say, Miss Newman?
He started out organized,
but spiraled down late
in his so-called career.
He began to keep bodies for days,
washing their hair
and even applying makeup before
disposing of them.
And he littered the dumping sites
with evidence, using the outmost caution.
However, his last victim,
and his youngest girl ever,
fell out of his typical victim selection.
She was chosen out of sheer availability.
The sheer need to kill.
He was both,
an organized killer
and off-the-charts lunatic.
With a capital "L."
You're right. He was both.
Very impressive, Miss Newman.
Now, Professor Starkman,
how would you classify a killer
whose downward spiral was
actually calculated into their grand scheme?
That's a very interesting hypothesis,
Miss Newman.
Unfortunately, in this class,
we stick to the facts.
And there's no known
case-study of that nature.
Keith's little display of brainpower
was totally unacceptable.
It's a day before Starkman
announces his new TA.
This could be catastrophic.
I wasn't about to watch years of
hard work go down the drain.
It was time to pick Keith's brain.
You know that feeling you get
when you realize that there are
people out there just like you?
It almost makes you feel normal.
All this time,
I thought he was taking notes.
But no. Look at his work, his sketches.
They're absolutely brilliant.
This may be a waste of a rare mind.
But, a girl's got to do what
a girl's got to do.
Hi, Professor Starkman.
-Miss Brown.
-How are you?
So, the big day's tomorrow, right?
-What do you mean?
-For the TA position.
-You're announcing it tomorrow?
-Yes, of course.
-At noon, in my classroom.
-I can't wait.
My chances are much better this
year than they were last.
I would think so. It's a very
tight race this year.
Were you looking for Cassandra?
She wasn't in class.
She probably left for Spring Break.
-Well, actually, the--
-It's Cassandra, isn't it?
She got the position.
Good for her, but--
I can't say I am not disappointed,
but "what doesn't kill
you makes you stronger."
I will see you.
It's Cassandra.
I can't get to the phone,
so leave a quickie and
I will get back to you.
-Eric, for God's sakes!
She's dead!
-Who is?
-She is!
The "she" whose name we agreed
not to say aloud.
My patient? Dead? How?
She hung herself.
You didn't say she was suicidal.
She had suicidal tendencies,
but I was more concerned
for the sociopathic
and homicidal patterns that were emerging.
Spare me your psychobabble bullshit.
This girl...
she may have been a little forward,
but she wasn't crazy!
I am sorry,
but you didn't see what I saw.
-She was not a pretty picture.
-Listen, Eric,
I spent a lot of time with her,
and I have to say I don't
agree on this one.
There are tons of kids
in your classes.
How could you know her
as well as you think you did?
We're bound by the guidelines
of doctor-patient privilege, right?
You didn't, Bob?
You weren't sleeping with her?
No wonder she was obsessing over you.
-How could you do this to Diane?
-None of your business.
Fine. Why did you call me, then?
Because you're my fucking shrink!
I am sorry.
I just needed someone to talk to.
I loved her.
Can you get me some Valium?
Yeah. I will call it in to the pharmacy.
Can I give you some advice?
So, here we are. The big day.
In moments,
I will be crowned Starkman's new TA,
and be one step closer to the FBI.
Too bad Brian, Cassie and Keith
couldn't be here to watch me.
But wherever they are,
I am sure they will realize they
didn't give up their lives in vain.
I will make them proud.
Guys, can I have your attention, please?
Professor Starkman told me to tell you
that unfortunately he's decided
that his sabbatical,
which was scheduled for next year,
is now effective immediately.
In other words, there will be no
TA position for next semester.
Have a great Spring Break.
This is an obsession
A kind of aggression with himself
It's the way he will always be
He loves to rebel
To go against his Ten Commandments
For him
That's just being free
And over there
Stands my angry angel
And he's shaking his head
In disgrace with me
Over there
Stands my angry angel
And he's frowning like hell
But I am not feeling guilty.
Professor Starkman?
Professor Starkman?
why haven't you gone home?
I will just hang around
here during the break.
Don't you have family
waiting at home for you?
Actually, they will come visit me here.
Are you okay, Professor?
I heard about the change in plans.
Is that why you're here?
Is that all you people ever think about?
The Goddamn teaching assistant job?
Don't you kids get it?
It's not that important.
It's important to me.
I have a schedule, a plan,
a dream. I need it!
What makes you think you will get it?
Other students have applied too.
-Some more qualified than you.
-I beg your pardon?
I believe I am the most
qualified for this position.
Name someone who's
more dedicated or intelligent,
that's had more experience than me.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Go home.
-What are you doing?
Just relax, Bobby.
Where did you get that?
And the dress?
-What's going on here?
-Bobby, what's wrong?
Don't fuck with me.
That necklace...
and Cassandra's dress.
It was a present.
Bobby, don't you remember?
You gave it to me.
Stop it...
this instant!
I said, go home.
I mean it.
I have a confession to make.
I have had feelings for you for
a long time,
longer than you can imagine.
I have always wanted something to
happen between us.
Something beautiful.
I love you, Bobby.
-Please, don't be upset, Bobby.
Stop calling me Bobby!
Okay. I am a little confused.
You are? How do you think I feel?
Rachael--Ms. Newman...
-this is unacceptable.
-It is?
But it was okay
for you and Cassandra?
How did--
I don't know what
you're talking about. Leave.
I have always loved you.
Ever since I first saw you.
Before Diane ever loved you.
Before Cassandra.
Before Clara even ever loved you.
It was always me.
Don't you get it?
How did you know about Clara?
That was six years ago.
I was there, Bobby.
-Clara was babysitting me that night.
He's here! Do something.
I was in Bateman's apartment.
Clara used to babysit me
all the time.
She'd tell me about your
relationship with her.
She'd show me pictures of you.
You were my first crush.
You were in Patrick Bateman's
...the night he killed Clara?
I know you quit the FBI because
of what happened.
I think you blame yourself for
her death.
Bobby, all work, no play.
-You want to play?
She was the one who looked through your
stuff and found Bateman's file.
She's tracked him down.
And she went to his apartment
that night and dragged me along.
Rich and good-looking.
Why are we together again?
You shouldn't blame yourself.
She went over there to cheat on you.
-She was a slut.
-Shut up!
It's the truth.
She got what she deserved.
And so did Cassandra. She thought
you didn't love her enough.
It's my turn now.
I have waited six years.
I won't let anyone stop me,
not even Diane and your baby.
Don't you threaten my family.
So now you care about your family?
You just can't hold
a relationship together.
-You think you're a catch.
But you're just the
opportunity of a lifetime.
-After you can't break any more hearts,
you will still break
one more...your baby daughter's.
Please, no more.
Goodbye, Bobby.
The sun is shining
We should be making haste
I hope you had a safe trip.
Hey, nice mop!
Sweet dreams.
We are sleeping on our feet
We stole the songs from birds in trees
But it's time on easy street
Now it's past, and it's not me.
Hey, stop!
Yeah, that's it. Bring it back.
Yeah, bring it--yeah.
Back it up. That's it. You got it.
Bring it in here. Thank you very much.
Driving around like goddamn maniacs.
That's good. Perfect.
Thank you very much.
I sure do hope you have got--
Holy shit.
(car door closes)
-What the hell's going on?
-Oh, that?
That's Professor Starkman.
He's out of it tonight.
You have reached Professor Starkman,
in the Behavioral Sciences Department.
Please, leave a message.
Hey, Bobby, it's Eric.
I felt bad about the other day.
I wanted to say I am sorry.
I hope you got that
prescription filled okay.
Call me if you need anything. Bye.
-Dr. Daniels' office.
-Mary, if that's Bobby Starkman,
-I will take it.
-He will take you at 3:00. All right.
It was for an appointment,
not the professor.
I put her in at 3:00,
Rachael Newman.
She wanted to come in today.
Rachael Newman? Are you sure?
Yeah. Are you okay?
I can reschedule if you want.
I am--
no, I am--I am fine.
It's just--it's been a long day.
-Let me know if you need anything.
Bye, Mary.
Come on.
You have reached Professor Starkman
in the Behavioral Sciences Department.
Please, leave a message.
It's Eric again.
Call me when you get this.
I am really confused about something.
If you don't reach me by 3:00,
I will drop by your
office between 4:00 and 4:30.
-Hi, honey!
-We made it!
Hello, princess.
Won't you invite us in?
Jeez, I am sorry. Please, come in.
Wow! Hi, happy birthday!
Thank you, sweetie.
We have been planning this for months.
Sweet Jesus! It smells
like somebody died in here.
The toilet's clogged up
and maintenance isn't up and running,
-so there's nothing I can do.
-That's wretched.
you are such a clothes-horse.
-What will I do with you?
-Don't open the closet.
-Your present's in there.
-Oh, I am sorry, sweetie.
Look at me, always spoiling the surprise.
What will we eat? I am hungry.
Good. I made reservations for 5:30.
I am going out of town later tonight.
Is this restaurant reasonably priced?
Is there an early bird special?
-I don't think so.
-That's too bad.
-What's it called?
-Chez Gerard's.
Is that Italian? Your father
cannot digest Italian food.
-It's too spicy.
-Mother, it's French.
-How sophisticated!
-Yeah, okay.
I have got to finish packing and
finish writing some papers.
So why don't you go back to the motel
and we will meet at the restaurant at 5:30?
Sounds good to me.
I have got to use the head.
Get maintenance up here.
Daddy, I called.
How will we ever find this place?
We will be back at 5:15 to pick you up.
-Bye, princess.
I love you, guys.
-You have reached Professor Starkman
in the Behavioral Sciences Department.
Please, leave a message.
Bobby, it's Eric.
I know you're going through tough times,
but she--the she who hung herself--
she made an appointment to see me.
I don't know if it's a joke,
but something's off.
Call me, all right?
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
the Daniels will
soon be calling back you.
Mom, you have got to
change that message.
I will come by around 5:30 to
pick you up for your big date.
And I will get you back in time
for Murder She Wrote. Bye.
-Bon appetit.
-Happy birthday, Mom.
- Oh!
- It's gorgeous.
This is the most beautiful thing
I have ever received in my life.
How did you afford it?
-Stainless steel.
-It's silver, you old lump.
Stainless steel. Silver has...
that distinguished look about it.
Anyway, as I was saying before,
I said to Leora she ought to have
it looked at immediately.
So what does she do?
She waits an entire month.
And when she sees the doctor,
he orders a biopsy and it
comes back positive.
Well, could you just die?
If she had taken my advice,
she could have avoided this mess!
I know we will eat dinner at some point.
-The question is, when?
-I will go use the restroom.
Don't forget to wash your hands.
Now, where is my steak knife?
My mother drives me crazy.
That sounds clich,
but how many people envision
carving into their mother's neck
and yanking out her vocal cords?
Or ripping her tongue out and
serving it to her as an early-bird special?
-Bonsoir. Daniels. Table for two.
I have got a table right here for you.
After you.
Why don't you sit on the other side?
Get a view of the whole thing.
Excusez-moi, garcon.
Could I have un autre, uh...
steak knife, s'il-vous-plait?
-Of course. Voila, madame.
How about a table closer to the window?
-That would be very nice.
-Okay, I will ask.
-Good evening.
-Good evening.
I was wondering if we could get a
table closer to the window.
That section is closed for Spring Break.
No problem. I understand.
This table is fine.
Can I get you something to drink?
I will have a whiskey sour. Mom?
I will need some water to take my pills.
As I stare at myself in the mirror,
I realize I can't let my mother
get the best of me.
I am Robert Starkman's next TA.
And that's where
I will focus my energies.
I should set up a meeting
with Bobby when I get back.
Maybe we can brainstorm at
his cabin tonight.
I will make him my special eggs.
Ready to order?
Maybe you'd give us some more time?
Sure. Of course.
I will be just over there.
-Take your time.
-Thank you.
-Cheers, my dear.
Oh my God.
Hello, Dr. Daniels.
It's great to see you.
And this must be your mother.
Hello, Mrs. Daniels.
How are you doing?
I am fine, dear.
Oh my God.
I just love that hat.
I'd kill for a hat like that.
It is just so cute!
I have to be getting back to my table.
-It was great meeting you.
-It was nice meeting you too.
See you later, Eric.
Who is that pretty girl?
A new girlfriend, I hope.
She's a patient.
A very sick patient.
-Excuse me for a second.
-Of course.
-I will be right back.
Excuse me.
Sorry to interrupt your dinner.
I am a friend of your
daughter's. Ms. Newman,
could I have a word
with you for a moment?
Mom, Dad, I will be just a minute.
Excuse me.
That's it. I am eating.
Didn't he call her a different name?
You have some explaining to do.
First of all, you insult me.
Then you threaten my mother.
You're seeing a married man.
Then I hear you have hung yourself.
And you act like nothing happened.
-What's going on?
-You heard I hung myself?
Eric, why would you say that?
Let's say a mutual
friend told me he found you.
-Is this some sort of sick joke?
-He never found me. He found her.
Her who?
It doesn't even matter anymore.
It's not important.
What's important is my
mom's birthday, and she's here.
I will catch up with you later.
Honey, why did he call
you Ms. Newman?
I don't know. Could we just eat?
-I have to go home and pack.
-Can't you cancel?
We never get a chance to see you.
I wish I could, but I can't.
-They're very special plans.
-A boy?
-Yes, it's a boy.
-What's his name?
Bobby Starkman.
-Hey, Jim.
-Dr. Daniels.
A cup of apricot-peppermint blend?
Thank. We might have a bit of trouble.
-Is Harv in?
-He's in the back.
If it's not Sigmund Freud himself!
-What's the good word?
-Not much.
I want to file a missing person's
report on Robert Starkman.
-You're kidding?
-I wish I were.
His wife called 20 minutes ago to
do the same thing.
He didn't show up at his in-laws
upstate like he was supposed to.
-You're kidding?
-I wish I were.
-It's been a crazy year.
-What do you mean?
It's the third MPR we have filed
this year. Right, Jimmy?
-That's a record around here.
-Who else was there?
Let's have a look.
I have got a brand new one here.
A woman, Gerty Fleck,
from Student Services.
Just up and disappeared.
And of course, that Newman girl.
Newman, yeah,
that was seven months ago......
...A student, Rachael Newman,
The first day of the semester.
Jimmy and I toddled up on
campus to check it out.
And guess what?
I am Sheriff Winslow,
and this is Deputy Duncan.
Just looking for a--
-Are you Rachael Newman?
-Yeah. What's wrong?
We're checking on a MPR on yourself.
You're not missing, are you?
No, I am okay.
She was there, unharmed.
Are you sure
I can't offer you some tea?
No, thanks, Jim.
I actually know
this Rachael Newman girl.
To be honest, I don't trust her.
Are you telling me the parents
just dropped the report?
I never said nothing about parents.
The Newman girl,
she was an orphan.
The report was filed by
some student friends of hers.
-But it was a false alarm.
-How do you know it was her?
There's only one Rachael
Newman registered at school.
Can I convince you guys
to come to the campus with me
to make sure everything's okay?
Yeah, no problem, Doc.
-Should I get in here?
-That's fine.
You're reached Professor Starkman in
the Behavioral Sciences Department.
Please, leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
I am almost done packing.
I will be there soon.
I hope you're as excited as I am.
If you need me to go to the store,
I will be here another five minutes.
Otherwise, see you soon.
I love you. Bye.
God, you stink.
Now, how did you get open?
Trying to sneak out on me?
I just brought you up and you're
already causing problems.
Don't fall apart on me now, Rach.
Wow! I like your room.
I like your name too.
You don't mind if I borrow it?
Well, this is a wild-goose chase,
I guess.
-Have a good day.
-You too. Thank you, Officers.
Hey, Mom, I know I have been
out of touch,
but I got accepted to West Washington.
I know. Can you believe it?
It's so sad about your parents.
That car accident thing and all.
So tragic.
Must have been hard growing
up an orphan.
But, I am glad you shared it with me.
Oh, Bobby.
I told you to get your beauty sleep.
We have a long night ahead of us.
You're disgusting.
So, I am two cans of gas and a
brick away from Quantico.
I just have to dot the I's and cross
the T's, and I am home free.
Look out!
-That was the Newman girl!
We're on the move! Hang on!
Not now, Bobby.
Wait till we get to the cabin.
I will make you a fire.
I will heat you up real good.
This qualifies as breaking
the speed limit.
-Don't you think?
-in a 35.
She's coming up on Old Mill Bend.
She will slow down for the curve.
-We will take her there.
-Take it easy.
-We don't want anyone getting hurt.
-It's all under control.
That's 275 bucks.
-Can you pull up next to her?
-Yeah, for a bit.
-Can you do something?
-Yeah. Take the wheel.
She's slowing down.
That did the trick.
Doc, you stay here.
Just be careful. She's a loose cannon.
It's all part of the job, right?
Ma'am, open the door.
Come on!
Come on, guys. Don't let her get away!
This don't look good.
-What the hell?
-Don't let it be Bobby.
How the hell...
Where the heck is our lady friend?
Come on.
A bizarre killing spree came to
an end last night
when 18-year-old West Washington
student Rachael Newman, now identified...
Rachael Newman's killing spree
is believed to have begun
Wednesday evening with the murder
of Gertrude Fleck...
The body of Cassandra Blair was found
-hanging in her...
-Brian Leeds' body,
-from the Leeds family...
-Keith Lawson was...
The bodies of a West Washington
security guards
-were found within hours...
-Once a typical girl,
Rachael Newman's death leaves many
questions unanswered.
The most burning question of all: Why?
As a case-study,
Rachael Newman was as rare as they come.
She was more obsessed than Dahmer,
she was more calculating than Bundy,
and certainly more faceless than Bateman.
In a perfect world, she'd still be alive.
But for her, it all ended...
in a blaze of fire
in which she and her final victim,
a friend of mine, Robert Starkman--
they burned to death.
I wish I had a chance to
study her mind more,
but all we ended up with
were dental records.
All in all, she killed eight people.
Eight people which we know of.
Rachael Newman is one in a billion.
One in a billion.
She's in a league of her own.
But she will remain a
constant and strong reminder
that people aren't always
what they seem to be.
Thanks for taking the time to come out.
-Thank you for coming, Doctor.
-It's a pleasure.
-Who should I make it out to?
-Louis Okon.
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
-Can I have a different pen?
-Here you go.
-Who should I make it out to?
-Elizabeth McGuire.
Your work is so inspiring.
It's a huge honor to meet you.
If you could be anyone in the world,
-who would that be?
-Elizabeth McGuire,
Professor Starkman's present TA,
and the next in line for Quantico.
-You can't be?
-What, Eric?
One in a billion?
Hello, Dr. Daniels--
-Do you know that girl?
-Elizabeth McGuire.
-You mean, Agent McGuire.
She's the first Quantico
student in history
to be drafted into the Bureau
in her sophomore year.
Are you all right, Doctor?
It's like they say...
"The brightest futures are
based on forgotten pasts."
In the end, I did put Dr. Daniels
in a bit of a pickle.
But you have got to give to take.
He gets his national best-seller,
which is ever so flawed...
I wonder how he sleeps at night,
knowing I still walk the streets.
I need for him to know.
What's the point of pulling off
the perfect set of murders,
to realize my dream,
if there isn't someone alive who knows?
It would be as
if I'd done nothing at all.