American Reject (2022) Movie Script

(audience cheers)
- We are not going
to commercial, no,
and we are back in seven, six,
five, four, three,
- No shoes, no shoes.
- two, go!
Pop star now
- One of you was America's
favorite singer this week,
receiving the most
amount of votes.
The other, America's
least favorite singer
receiving the least
amount of votes.
Bethany, only 20 years old.
What a bright future
she has in front of her
and Kay, in her mid thirties,
this could be her last chance.
David, after an exciting
week of doo-wop,
which one of these two
ladies will be going home?
- Kay.
(intense music)
Not a "Pop Star Now!".
I'm sorry, you're out.
- Oh my God, oh my God,
oh my God, thank you so much.
Pop Star Now
- Thank you guys.
- The people have spoken,
Kay, and you are outta here.
19.1 million people are
watching you this very second.
How do you feel?
- Oh, I was just--
- You and me both.
Now we are down
to the wire folks
with only three
contestants left.
So don't forget to vote.
Now here she is singing her
very last song ever, Kay.
(upbeat music)
We danced all night,
from dusk to dawn
We knew every word
when our song came on
That went a bing, bop,
bam, bop, a ding a ling
Oh a bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
You shake it to the left
and take it to the right
It's the bing, bop,
bam, bop, a ding a ling
And right before
the song'd end
The DJ stops and
he plays it again
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Oh a bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
It's just as fine
the second time
It's the bing, bop,
bam, bop, a ding a ling
- Kay, your boob!
- [Buddy] Don't
miss Dustin Diamond
as he jelly wrestles
Debbie Gibson
in back-to-back episodes of
"Celebrity Food Fight" next.
(tissue rustles)
- Kay.
- I am so sorry.
I had no class having
a costume malfunction.
I just was--
- Embarrassed?
- Don't you sweat it.
If I had even one of your boobs,
I would've own a single top.
- Did the cameras pick it up?
- Listen, before you head out,
just gonna have you take
a look at your contract
and you can browse through it
after you sign the exit
agreement on the last page.
Wardrobe needs
your costume ASAP.
OKay, great, great, great,
great, great, great,
great, great, great,
yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh my God, the pen, oKay.
Thank you for your time, Kay.
You have given us some
interesting footage.
- So that's it?
- What do you mean?
- Like there's nothing else?
- Nope, that's all.
Sometimes the network will
book some small things
for the loser contestants,
but that usually happens
pretty last minute.
So you can go back
to your life now
and we will see you at
the finale in four weeks.
- What am I supposed
to do till then?
- Whatever you want, but
we need to chop, chop.
(Courtney clears her throat)
Courtney, what?
She's coming!
- Oh, well I don't
have any place to go.
- What does that mean?
- I've rented out my apartment
for the duration of the show.
- Why?
Oh, you thought you
were gonna win, oh.
You know, I've always
liked that about you.
(duck quacks)
- Perez Hilton is here and
he's dying to meet Bethany.
- [Marissa] I'm on it.
She's coming, what
do you want me to do?
(door clanks)
(cricket chirps)
(thunder claps)
(car engine roars)
(petrol light beeps)
- What?
(Kay sighs)
One, two, awesome.
(car breaks squeak)
(Kay snores)
(car horn honks)
(car engine revs)
(water trickles)
- Kay,
- Uh-huh?
- how long have
you been singing?
- Since I was a little girl.
- And that's a very,
very long time.
I mean, you're no
spring chicken, darling.
- Jesus.
- For someone with
such a long journey,
I hate to have to
tell you this, but,
you're going to Hollywood.
(Kay screams)
Your life is about
to change forever.
(sprays spritzes)
- Oh God.
(urine trickles)
- [Nano] You know what to do.
(duck quacks)
- Oh my God.
I'm so confused.
Oh my God.
(phone rings)
- Hello?
- Kay, it's Marissa
from Pop Star.
- Hi Marissa.
- We need more content.
So we're adding a segment
called "After The Cut".
- "After The Cut"?
- Yeah, it's the
show after the show,
life as a pop star now loser.
We're sending Colin to
film your every move.
- No, I want Janelle.
- So it'll be like
my own show or?
- No it won't, where are you?
- Luckily, still L.A.
- Well, you got to scoot
over to the airport.
You got a 1:00 p.m.
flight to your hometown,
oh God, what is it called?
- Sandy?
- Yes, that's it.
- Why, why are you sending me?
- Every loser is going
to their hometown,
they're moving in
with their family.
- You know, you are not
gonna get much of me at home
'cause my life in LA is
so much more interesting.
- No it's not, we checked.
Look Kay, this is gonna
be amazing TV, oKay?
Big city girl goes
back to her hometown,
no one has ever
seen that before.
- Well--
- Do you wanna be remembered
as a boob girl?
This is your last shot, Kay.
All right, Colin's
gonna be on your flight,
I'm gonna email you
the details, good luck.
(phone beeps)
(toilet flushes)
(airplane engines roar)
(car engine revs)
- I'm just gonna
scout it out first.
Here we go.
(door squeaks)
(upbeat drums bang)
Mom, it's me.
You here?
(Bonnie screams)
- Baby girl!
- What are you wearing?
Can you stop filming?
I'm not ready yet.
- It's not how it works, Kay.
- [Bonnie] 10 Long
years, baby girl.
- Or five.
- You should've won
that damn contest.
I gave those bloggers
a piece of my mind.
- What bloggers?
- And you would be?
- This is Colin.
He's just gonna be doing
some filming a little bit.
So let's just stay
out of his way.
- Wait, is this "After The Cut"?
- No.
- Yup.
- [Kay] How do
you know about it?
- That Marissa called,
you should have told me.
- Oh, they compensated my phone,
- oh wait, I get it.
You planned this whole surprise
entrance, Mr. Producer man.
I'm gonna set up the
guest room for you.
It's a little bedroom
right next to mine.
We'll share a wall.
- Alrighty, I am
gonna go get some rest
'cause we're gonna have
a big couple of weeks.
- [Colin] A month.
(Bonnie laughs)
- Say hello to your
dad, he misses you.
(Kay nervously laughs)
- Looking good.
(sad music)
(paper crunches)
(camera beeps)
- Crap.
Sometimes the bubble burst
And the world
comes crashing down
And even though you
know you can swim
You're worried
you might drown
But you let the moment pass
And the air begins to clear
And the song you're
going to sing
Is a song you need to hear
(audience cheers)
I don't know exactly
where I'm going
I don't mind, I
like the not knowing
Maybe I'll get
lost along the way
It's now or never
I'll decide the road
that's worth taking
Only ride, a ground
that's worth shaking
Might take time,,
least I'm on my way
It's now or never
(upbeat drums bang)
(Kay sighs)
(juice pours)
(cereal crinkles)
(vodka pours)
We need to workshop some
scene ideas for the show.
Something that'll
really make me pop
like Americans love to
watch people eat, right?
So we follow me around eating
different pieces of food
in different spots.
Or you could catch me
warming up my voice
and then I'll warm
up like a part
that like really shows off
my range and I'll be like,
oh my God, Colin, don't--
- So I'm gonna
let you rest today
and we'll pick this
back up tomorrow.
- OKay but like,
what are your ideas?
'Cause this is like,--
- Probably get better footage
once you've had a day off.
- OKay.
(duck quacks)
Good idea.
- Cool.
(upbeat music)
(Kay bangs)
(bottle clanks)
(woman moans)
(doorbell rings)
Mom, the door.
- Oh my God!
I can't believe
you're actually here.
I voted for you so many times.
She's here, she's here.
Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, I'm
sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Can I hug you?
Oh my God.
(Anna screams)
- I knew you'd be excited,
huh, huh?
- Oh my God, Miss Bonnie.
Hi, Miss Bonnie.
- Kay, this is Anna,
the little songbird
I've been coaching
for Spring Spectacular.
- Still doing that, huh?
- No, retired.
Now I just help those who wanna
take it to the next level.
- Oh my God Kay, you should
do the Spring Spectacular.
- Oh Kay is very familiar
with the Spring Spectacular.
She got her first period
at Spring Spectacular.
- Mom.
- One fan kick and boom.
- This year we're raising money
for the children's hospital.
- We have kids who need a
leg here, a kidney there,
and they just can't afford it.
- And Kay, we are so,
so glad you're here
because America is going
to see how amazing you are.
- And might give
a little boot to--
- Yeah mom, I got it.
- So what do you
think you'll sing?
- Excuse me?
- For the Spectacular.
- Just keep in mind,
it's an Easter theme.
So think Jesus, think apostle.
- I'm thinking
"Pump Up Our Love"
but I'm changing all the
lyrics that say baby to savior.
- And we're working
on Anna's vibrato
to give her voice a
more mature sound.
Like Liza
- Uh-oh.
- [Bonnie] Let's get
to it girlfriend.
- OKay well just an FYI
so everyone here is
on the same page,
I am going to need to check
in with "Pop Star Now!" first
to see if I'm even available
because I'm like
on call with them.
So whatever they need, I just
like have to race outta here--
- We'll have they called?
- No, but something
might come up.
- It won't.
- OKay, I'm just saying
that I'm gonna need to
check in with them first
and then I will let you know.
(Anna squeals)
(Kay retches)
So the mall gets really
packed on a Saturday.
So there are gonna be a lot of
people who recognize me here.
So should I act natural
or should I actually
refer to the camera
or you know, should
tell a couple jokes
and really show
off my personality?
- Whatever.
- OKay, it's not
really an answer, but.
Here we go.
(doors clamp)
(calm music)
(Segway buzzes)
Hi girl.
All right, where to next?
- Oh my word, little Kay.
- Hi, Miriam.
- All covered up?
(Kay nervously laughs)
I'm just teasing, whoa.
I'm just kidding you.
We have been praying and praying
that you'd win that show,
but clearly God did
not want that from you.
And you know what?
If I'm being honest,
I just, I think they did
you a real disservice
dressing you in mustard.
- OKay.
- You were just like
walking gray poop home.
I mean, it just washed out
your gorgeous skin tone
and made you look 10 years
older than you actually are
and heavier too.
- OKay.
- So much bigger.
I said Thursday, she's just
a little slip of a thing.
You know, how'd she get
to be like a size 10?
- That much, huh?
- How'd they do that?
But you still look so beautiful.
- OKay.
- Shut the front door.
- Nano.
- How long have
you been in town?
- Just a day.
- A week.
- A week
and you haven't called me yet?
You oKay, buddy?
- Oh yeah, yeah,
never been better.
- Wow, maybe that's why
you haven't called me yet.
Who's this?
- Oh, I'm sorry, this is Colin.
He's like a second skin.
He's my DP for the
next couple of weeks.
- DP?
- Director of photography.
It's like a showbiz term.
- Must be why I
didn't recognize it.
- Yeah, they've added
this "After The Cut"
part of the show I was on.
- Oh yeah, I read about that,
where they follow
around the losers.
- Oh well, kinda.
I mean, I guess there
was like this fan outrage
and they were like Kay, Kay,
put Kay back on the show.
And so I'm one of the
stars of the show now.
- Congrats dude.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Well I have a kid now.
- I see.
- Well you did it, good for you.
- Thanks Nan.
- Too bad you've turned
into shitty a friend.
Did you get any of my messages?
- I'm sorry, what, when?
- Like over the last five years.
(Kay nervously laughs)
'Cause I'm curious why you
wouldn't call me just once
maybe when I got pregnant
or maybe when John left me
six months after
getting me pregnant
or maybe when I actually
pushed the baby out.
But hey, I hope it was worth it
'cause you've changed,
you suck, but welcome back.
Come on, bud.
- How you feeling
right now, Kay?
- Awesome, wonderful
feedback from my fans.
- [Bonnie] It's on.
- [Buddy] This is
"Pop Star Now!".
- This is it.
- Which one of our
singers will be joining Ty
in the "Pop Star
Now!" season finale?
Will it be Jack or
will it be Bethany?
Bethany, please take
one step forward.
(intense music)
Tonight you will be
the one going home
to the mansion!
- Oh my God, oh my God.
(audience cheers)
- [Buddy] Which
sadly means Jack,
this is the end of your
journey here on our show.
- Oh Buddy, you bad boy.
Hey Col, you made it.
- [Colin] I'm heading out.
- [Buddy] Speaking of losers,
America, here is your very
first "After The Cut".
(calm music)
Lock it from the inside
What's in his
heart to break?
- There's something really
good about what you did
and that something
excited me a lot,
probably more than
it legally should.
- I will prove it
to you, America,
that I can be your
"Pop Star Now!".
- [Buddy] You are not
our "Pop Star Now!".
Welcome to Sandy,
home of mature singer
and runner up, Kay.
Boobs, boobs, magical fruits
The more you eats,
the more toots
The more you doopie
doop, a boopity boop
- Bethany's oKay, I don't get
what all they hype is about
(bouncy music)
(audience laughs)
- [Buddy] After months with
her fellow contestants,
it's not easy adjusting to
life outside of the mansion.
- Oh God.
(audience laughs)
- [Buddy] But in a few days
she was back on her feet,
reconnecting with
her humble community.
- I hope it was worth it
'cause you've changed,
you suck, welcome back.
- I mean it washed
out your skin tone
and it just made you
look 10 years older
than you actually are.
- [Buddy] But nothing
cures the elimination blues
like the comfort of your family.
- When did this happen?
What happened?
- Well she started wearing
a bra at nine years old
and she got her first pube 10.
So no, it's not hard to believe
she let her boot pop
out my by accident.
- Oh my God.
- Wow, Kay,
we hope you're doing oKay.
Hopefully Janelle
had a better week.
We'll soon find out, stay tuned.
(audience applause)
(calm music)
(phone beeps)
(phone rings)
- Hello?
- Hi, this is Kay
Montgomery from "Pop Star Now!".
- [Man] What?
- "Pop Star Now!".
- [Man] You say Kay?
- Yeah with a K.
I'm actually just calling
to see is Anna's in.
OKay, thanks.
(Anna screams)
- [Anna] Oh my God,
is it really you, Kay?
- Hi Anna.
- Did you watch
"After The Cut"?
- Yeah I watched.
Listen, you know it
seems that the network
is not gonna have a
problem with me at all
joining this Spring Spectacular.
- Seriously?
- And you know,
I actually think it's going
to be a great opportunity
for me to help the children.
- [Anna] We have our first
rehearsal tomorrow at seven.
- Yeah, oKay, great.
(Anna screams)
See you then.
- This is gonna be
so great.
(slow rock music)
(ducks quack)
(Miriam screams)
- Nice job on the show.
I absolutely loathe
reality television,
but you have an oKay voice.
- Welcome Kay.
- Oh hi, Miriam.
- Now this is Clive.
He's our pianist and also
bit of a local celebrity.
He's just off his tour
de force performance
in his man show
version of "Cats",
which is called Cat.
- Riveting performance
the other night.
(Mick excitedly giggles)
- Gentle.
- I'm so excited to meet you.
I'm Michael Bronson Junior,
but everybody calls me Mick.
I'm so excited to meet you.
- Yeah--
- I'm gonna do
the best job for you,
I promise I will.
- Yeah Mick, it's me, Kay.
- [Miriam] Mick, they just
called you over there.
- I gotta go 'cause I'm playing
the bongos.
- Go, go,
run like the wind.
There was an accident.
We just don't mention it.
I'm so thrilled you're
joining the Spectacular.
It's just wonderful
and we're just gonna
be like old times.
Anyhow, now that you've
met Mick and Clive,
over there that's Holly.
- Oh Holly.
- Oh, oh, oKay, she's busy,
and you know Anna.
(Kay laughs)
Oh, they come and go so quickly.
Now before we go
into the details,
I was wondering if I
could ask you to share
a few pointers with the gang.
- Oh, yeah.
- I think it would
be really good
for that program
that you're doing.
- Yes, good idea, Colin?
- Chop chop, Colin.
Just teasing you.
OKay everybody gather
around, attention, everyone.
That's right, just
keep gathering.
There you go, all right, gather.
Keep gathering, all right.
Great, now I just wanna thank
each and every one of you
for giving your time, your
talents and your trust
to yet another Spectacular
this year, yes.
And we have a very heavy
weight on our backs this year.
As you know, we're raising money
for the children's hospital
and what we're hoping is we'll
raise enough money to buy,
what have we here?
Yeah, for three prosthetics
and two liver transplants.
How 'bout that?
Unbelievable, doing Lord's work
and I'm also very excited
for this year's theme.
Just busted about it,
it's Easter Extravaganza.
- [Clive] Yes, yes!
- Isn't that fantastic?
And I'd like to first
announce that the lead role
in this production
will be played by
Clive, he'll be
playing Jesus Christ.
(everyone claps)
Don't let it get to your head.
But we also have a very
special guest joining us
and that's our very
own little Kay,
but you may know her from
her program, "Pop Star Now!".
- Whoo, I love you, Kay.
- All right, now before we
pass out the song order,
I've asked Kay to
just help us out
by starting us off
with a few pointers,
some professional pointers.
So if you would.
- Well hi, everybody.
Well does anyone have
any questions to start?
- Did you pull your
boob out on purpose?
- Okie dokie, all
right, you know what?
Let's just dive in,
I think is best
with the song order.
I'm gonna do that right now.
I worked very carefully on,
we have five numbers
total as per usual
starting with the
opening number,
that's the group
number, I love so much.
Easter has Sprung.
Love that song.
- Yay!
- And then we're
gonna go to, well,
I'm gonna come out
and welcome the crowd.
It's a big crowd pleaser
and then we're gonna
have Holly and Mick
do their percussion
experimental duet.
- Usually I sing a solo there,
but I'm on vocal rest.
So I'm doing a
percussion duet instead.
I play nine instruments.
- She does and then after that,
we're gonna go to Anna's solo
and then we'll move into the
last supper slash crucifixion,
blah, blah, blah,
and then we're
gonna end with Kay.
So any questions?
Terrific, let the
play practice begin.
I'm so proud of all of you.
Oh goodness, it was that,
how was the volume
on that, Colin?
- [Colin] That was
good, I got you.
- Now as far as distance goes,
like is that, I know a lot
of times like in theater,
you should be far away, right?
But I think it's
more intimate right,
when you're doing television.
Well you probably know, Kay.
- Yeah.
- [Colin] Can get you like this.
- OKay.
- It's not bad.
- [Miriam] Where's my glass?
- [Holly] Are you gonna
be here the whole time?
- [Colin] Maybe.
- I'm super happy
you're doing this.
- Yeah, sure.
- When we started
selling tickets
and when we announced
that, you know,
you'd be part of the show,
we sold like almost
half of them already.
Can you believe it?
Pretty amazing.
Do you know what you're singing?
- Not yet.
I can't really think of
any resurrection ballads
off the top of my head yet, so.
- Well maybe you
could write one.
- Oh yeah, right.
- I was wondering, do
you ever get nervous?
I do, I always get nervous.
Nothing like being on
TV though, am I right?
- Well, I guess on,
I guess when I sang on
the first live episode,
I was nervous 'cause I puked,
but like nerves are funny.
I mean, what's the
worst that can happen?
Well, they could not like you
and maybe vote you off the show.
- True.
(Kay and Anna giggle)
When did you start singing?
- I started singing
after my mum had to go.
- What?
- Oh, she got sick,
so she had to go.
I live with my dad and
my step-mom Jasmine now
and she's pregnant.
So, they mostly just
sit around and watch TV,
stuff like that.
- Sorry.
- Oh, it's oKay.
Sometimes I watch with them.
- No, I mean..
- Oh, it's oKay.
I'm super, super happier here
even though I wish
you would have won.
- You are just too fun,
you're on the wrong
side of that camera,
that's clear, that's clear.
Are you in there?
(Miriam laughs)
- You're welcome.
- For what?
- Introducing you to those folks
so you could do your help
the less fortunate thing.
- Goodnight, mom.
- You know what your problem is?
You want too much.
You always have.
They didn't want ya, you're
not the most talented,
so what?
- Goodnight, mom.
(door slams)
- You'd be a lot happier.
(guitar strums)
- I really can't speak to
this because I'm not her,
but I just think it's really
sad when people feel like
they have to do things like
this to gain attention,
you know, especially women.
We need to stay empowered.
She has a really nice voice
and that should be enough.
Nudity is not the
way to get ahead.
(upbeat music)
(door slams)
- Hey.
(bracelets clank)
Getting a snack?
- Pedialyte, my kid is sick.
- Oh no, I'm sorry.
If you're ever up
her getting a drink,
I'm just here for the
next couple of weeks.
- How about right now?
- Yeah, sure.
- No, I mean like right now.
- Oh yeah, no, I don't
think I can do that.
- Oh that's right, I forgot,
you're a celebrity now.
- No, that's not it.
- Then why not?
- Well I haven't stolen a beer
since like the last
time we stole beer.
- Well, it's not like
it's hard, he's blind.
- Walt went blind?
Security cameras.
- Please, this place
barely has running water.
Oh, that's right, I
forgot you changed.
- No, I'm in.
(fence cracks)
- OKay, it's the same as always,
but now the beers
are at the back.
- What?
- Oh, it's fine.
Come on, you're a pro.
- OKay.
- Go.
- I'm going in.
- Go.
- Wait, your bangles.
Come on, blind people
can hear food digesting.
- True.
- Oh and your shoes.
Oh my God, those look like
who's looked like the shoes
we found in Jessica
Bellerman's dad's closet.
- How are the Bellerman's?
- He goes by Judy now.
- I knew it.
- I know.
OKay, go.
Wait, your skirt.
- What about it?
- It's gonna clack
every time you walk.
- Well, I'm not
taking a skirt off.
- You have to take it off.
- No, I'm not.
- Take your skirt off.
- I'm not taking the skirt off.
- Take it off, take it off,
- No, no,
- take it off, take it off.
- no, no no.
- Is it vinyl?
It's so ugly.
- OKay, going in.
- Oh, it's designer.
- What, why?
Just go.
Wait, don't get
anything too hoppy.
- Oh my God.
- It gives you hemorrhoids.
(door clanks)
(bouncy music)
(Nano laughs)
(door clanks)
(cans clank)
(Nano laughs)
- Wait, what?
- Thanks Walt,
put it on my tab.
- Are you kidding me?
(triangle dings)
(kazoo trumpets)
(triangle dings)
(Bongos bang)
(everyone applauds)
- I don't think anyone
will see this coming.
- I don't think so either.
- All right, Kay,
Kay, you're up next.
- [Clive] Oh, she
had a big week.
Didn't y'all read?
- Hey Kay, you're up.
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
I don't have anything.
- Oh, you don't?
Oh, all right, oKay,
that's all right.
So why don't we just
agree to nail it down?
No pun intended.
- That's me.
(Clive laughs)
- That was not intentional.
All right, but in all serious,
we'll nail something
down next week
and Anna, sweetie,
you're gonna be next.
- Wait, you can sing your
audition song from "Pop Star".
You know, the famous
one that, you know,
what's it called?
- Forget the words?
- Did you forget the words?
- No, no.
- Oh good, that a girl.
(everyone applauds)
- Go, Kay.
- Not yet.
(calm guitar music)
Gonna drink it down
a little harder
So I can feel it burn
Gonna drive to the
edge of a highway
Take a wrong left turn
You're steaming up
my rear view mirror
From 100,000 miles away
I don't remember
all the reasons
All I know is
you couldn't stay
Why'd you have to go?
And things were
just getting good
Why you leaving me alone?
Baby, I don't wanna know
I'm gonna do all the things
We said that we would
Why'd you have to go?
When things were
just getting good
You said that
nothing last forever
But you made me feel
like some things might
You took the edge
of all the edges
Put a little fun
in every fight
I don't wanna know
a life without you
Don't wanna breath
without you near
Didn't know time
could keep on going
I miss me without you here
Sorry, I haven't visited.
Well I wish I had more to share.
Turns out a lot can not
happen in five years.
Nano hates me, so
there's something.
(wine pours)
I really need you, dad.
You always told me
there'd be a place for me,
that it was worth it.
I mean, why couldn't they
see me the way you saw me?
I just think this is who I am.
I think mom's right.
Just like always
gonna be second best.
Like fourth best.
I'm always just not
gonna be good enough.
Need you to tell me what to do.
How to get out of this mess.
I really miss you, dad.
I really, really miss you.
I'm gonna do all the things
We said that we would
Oh, why'd you have to go
When things were
just getting good
- [Colin] Talking
to your dead dad?
- Well surprised the show
didn't rub it in my face.
- I think someone
else's dad died,
so we had to use a
different storyline.
Or was it the uncle?
- You know that I'm
a real human, right?
- Excuse me?
- Thanks for making
me look like an idiot.
- I didn't make you
look like an idiot,
I just got it on camera.
- You snuck it on camera.
- That's my job.
- What a shitty way
to make a living.
And they're just
getting good
They were just getting good
They were just getting good
Oh, why'd you have to go?
(Miriam and Anna applaud)
- [Anna] Whoa!
- [Buddy] This is
"Pop Star Now!".
Pop star now
- It's on.
- [Kay] I'm not watching.
- [Buddy] After
last week airing,
we have received a more
reaction from this contestants
"After The Content" then we did
when she was
actually on the show.
Here's what America can
not stop talking about,
take a look.
- Hey Kay, we are freaking out.
You are so hilarious.
- Girl, you are
cracking us the heck up.
- Hey Kay, is Perez Hilton.
I have been watching every week
and the stuff you've been
pulling is something.
Very entertaining, any
press is good press.
- Wow, I can't believe it.
Here she is, America.
Your old silly girl,
Kay Montgomery.
(audience cheers)
(upbeat music)
(audience cheers)
(audience laughs)
Back in her small hometown,
it didn't take long
for Kay to reunite
with our local Thesbian group.
(lively music)
- Well this year,
we're raising money for
the children's hospital.
- As soon as Kay hear,
she stepped right in.
But Kay still makes time for fun
(audience laughs)
and deep conversation
with herself.
(audience laughs)
Stay tuned for Janelle's
"After The Cut"
and the stars you really
wanna see, Ty and Bethany.
- [Man] All right,
big money now.
(phone rings)
- [Woman] I see you are suing.
(phone rings)
- Hello?
- Kay, it's Marissa,
"Pop Star Now!".
- Hi Marissa.
- You saw the footage,
American's taking to it,
Colin is doing a fantastic job.
Listen, ratings are up and we
are going to need you tomorrow
in L.A. recover
shoot, Humanity Flair.
I'm gonna email you the details.
- You mean like Annie
Liebovitz Humanity Flair?
- No, Annie's not
gonna be shooting this.
We'll need you to fly out--
- Yes, I'm available!
- OKay.
- They need me in L.A. tomorrow.
(camera shutter shutters)
- I'm not sure I
get the concept.
(upbeat music)
- Yous and yous.
- I'm so sorry, I
didn't even know you--
- Right here, down there.
Yous too, come on, I don't bite.
No, inside the coffin.
- Oh, oh, feature.
I don't think I'm gonna be
able to fit inside the coffin.
- Then I'm not really sure I
can fit you inside a photo.
Utter perfection.
Come with me, big guy.
Right here, on
top of the coffin.
OKay peoples, look dead.
- Like this?
- No, no, no, you
killed them all.
You're alive, you're the star.
- Oh sometimes I can be so dumb.
- Yes, more, more, more, more.
Yes, yes.
- Oh!
(camera shutters)
- Girls, five minutes
till I throw you in a van.
Bethany, sweetie,
your car's here.
So whenever you're ready.
- Thank you so much.
No, no, no, no, no
All good over there?
- [Kay] Yeah, just can't
get this makeup off me.
My skin's allergic
to it or something.
- Oh my gosh.
That is like, when I was on
"Up Late Talking" last week
and Bruno Mars came
out and pranked me.
He wore so much cologne, I
could not stop smelling like it.
- Really, you couldn't?
So top two.
- Yeah, yeah, it's all on me
for the next couple of episodes
and Ty of course.
- Yeah, of course.
- It's a lot of pressure still.
- Well this "After The
Cut" thing is crazy
and it like never stops.
- Oh yeah, your
little music troop.
It must be weird going
from such a big stage to--
- Well the troop has talent
and I'm they're
helping sick kids.
So it's like.
- I am just so blessed I
haven't had to go through it.
- Through being sick?
- Oh no, no, losing.
(spray spritzes)
- I saw your interview about me.
- Oh, oh, that one.
Oh my gosh, that is
not how I intended
for that to come out at all.
You know how they take
things out of context
just for a little sound bite?
You're "After The Cut" episode,
I'm sure all that
gross drunk talking
was not how it
actually happened.
- Actually, it was a lot worse.
- Oh.
(Kay giggles)
(airplane engines screech)
(tires crunch)
- Thanks.
(door squeaks)
(slow jazz music)
(breast pump buzzes)
- Oh.
Oh shit.
- Sorry.
- It's a breast pump, Kay.
- Yeah, that's what
I was thinking.
- What do you want?
- I wanna say I'm sorry
for being a crappy friend.
- Shitty, explosive shitty,
- Yeah, got it.
- Where's Scorcese?
- I don't know.
Hand washing is beanie.
I made the front page.
- Anything I can do to help.
- I'm really sorry about
John, he's an idiot.
- Yeah, that's what
you get in Sandy.
- Wanna egg his house?
Can I call you?
- Hey, we have some beer
that's about to go bad.
You can have it if you want
This one only expired yesterday.
(upbeat music)
- [Zach] I'm pretty
sure that one's expired.
- Yeah, I heard.
- Kay?
- Yeah.
- Zach.
- Oh hey, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Mrs. Fillerman's class,
sophomore year, yeah.
- Welcome home.
- Thanks.
- I gotta tell you my mom,
my mom watches the show.
No, it's great, it's very cool.
No, I'm serious, you're
doing your town proud.
- So you work here too now?
- Actually, I own this place.
- [Kay] Uh-oh.
- So you got a big
night ahead or what?
- Nope, just, you know.
- 'Cause you got like a whole.
- Oh crap, yeah.
This was for this thing
I did for the show,
after the first show
and now I just sound
like an a-hole,
so I'll leave it at that.
So you've been in
Sandy this whole time?
- Oh yeah.
- You seem happy.
- I am.
Yeah I am, you?
You sticking around some?
- God no, no offense.
- No, none taken.
- So why did you stay?
- I'm not really the go out
and make something of
yourself kind of person.
I always just assume that
I could make something
out of myself wherever I was.
You still writing?
- What?
- I remember back
in high school,
you were always
jotting stuff down.
- Yeah, I had a extreme
poetry journal phase.
- [Zach] A what?
(Zach laughs)
Extreme poetry.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
You should try some out here.
- Oh, I don't
actually write songs.
I just sing everyone else's.
- Oh oKay, yeah.
That's gotta suck to be
trapped like that, huh?
- [Anna] Can you please
pass the body of Christ?
- [Mick] Sure can, Judas?
(Miriam claps)
- Wonderful, wonderful.
Kay, please tell me
you landed on a song.
- I did.
- Hallelujah!
I knew, I believed
in you, hallelujah.
We are gonna be a huge hit.
I never knew that I've
been waiting for you
(lively music)
I knew the why,
didn't know the who
I never knew that life was
anymore the taking in the view
I never knew that I've
been waiting for you
I never knew that I've
been waiting for you
Waiting for you
I never knew that
God made eyes so blue
I never trusted
signs from high above
Now I'm taking every que
I never knew that I've
been waiting for you
I was just a man,
a blind man walking
Thinking things were
bound to go my way
Saying words, didn't
know what I was talking
Then you came a knocking
- Whoa, whoa, whoa
- Come on stop, God.
- Clive, what you doing, man?
I never knew that I've
been waiting for you
For you, for you
I didn't know good
luck could into
100,000 memories,
not one that I'd undo
I never knew that I'd
been waiting for you
I never knew that I'd
been waiting for you
I never knew that what
you saying is true
You gotta hold onto
the things you love
- So you're 10, are you sure?
I was thinking more like 21.
- No, 22 tops.
- So what's your request?
- Well today is
actually his birthday.
- Oh, then we know what to sing.
(harmonica whistles)
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Frankie
Happy birthday to you
From good friends and true
From old friends and new
May good luck go with you
And happiness too
(Miriam and Anna applaud)
(jazz music)
- [Diane] So what's in
store for us this year
at the Spring Spectacular?
- Well, I'll tell you Diane,
we have a fantastic
show this year
called Easter Extravaganza.
We do have a little
trick up our sleeves,
our very own local
girl makes good,
Kay Montgomery is gonna be
performing here live with us
and she's singing
an original song
that she just made up herself.
- You heard it here, folks,
a special guests from
TV's "Pop Star Now!".
There's only a few tickets left.
So you wanna come on
down and snag yours.
(triangle dings)
- Hello?
- Kay, Marissa, gotta
make this quick.
So the producers want
you to do that song
you've been writing
on the finale.
- Really?
- I know,
I can't believe it either.
- Dang, I mean
this means so much.
- Yeah, that's cute.
So the band needs some extra
time to rehearse with you now.
So we'll be flying
you out a day early.
- Oh, oh you mean tomorrow?
- [Marissa] Yes.
- Can't they just squeeze me in
after I arrive?
- No.
- It's just that it's
Easter Extravaganza tomorrow
and I promised--
- No Kay, it's insane here.
Rehearsing a day early is
the only way they can do it.
You signed a contract, Kay.
This is huge exposure,
they never do this.
What is the holdup?
- They can't make an acception?
- Once again Kay,
not how it works.
I'll be emailing
you flight details,
I'll see you tomorrow.
(phone beeps)
- Of course.
- [Miriam] Try shifting
your weight to your right.
- I think it's the rope.
- Nope.
- See, there's a knot
in it right here.
- Mick, my brother's
a contractor.
I'll get him in here
tomorrow and he can--
- [Clive] Tomorrow?
I'm dangling 10 feet
up in the air, people!
- Miriam, Miriam, if
you have a second?
- What is it doll?
- I just got a call
from "Pop Star"
and they want me to sing
my song in the finale.
- Oh that's wonderful, Kay.
Isn't that sweet?
- Oh my gosh, no way.
- Yeah, yeah.
- And you're making me come
back a little bit earlier
than planned, tomorrow actually.
So I am going to have
to miss the Spectacular.
- What?
- Oh shit.
- Seriously?
- Can't you stay for the
Spectacular and then go?
- That's what you can do.
What she just said,
that's what we'll do.
- You can do that,
that would work.
- Still up here.
- What about the hospital
and all the tickets?
- Anna, Anna, you
could sing my song.
- Well, we'd have to
make an announcement
and refund tickets.
- Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm sure people will understand.
- They will not understand.
The audience was counting
on you and we added a show.
- [Holly] We did?
- [Nano] Just don't go.
- What?
- Don't go.
- How?
- They don't own you,
miss your flight,
take a later one
after the Spectacular.
- Yeah, yeah, you could do that.
Do that.
- Still up here.
(people talking
at the same time)
- Yeah, I can't do that.
- Why not?
- Well I don't wanna
jeopardize anything.
- Oh, so you want to go?
- Well yeah.
Well they're finally
taking me seriously, Nan.
- They're taking you seriously?
When did they start doing that?
- It's just not how things work.
- Right, like in the real world.
- No, I'm just saying I have
to stick to my commitment.
- What do you think this is?
You wouldn't know the real
world if it shat on your face.
- I am just really stuck here.
- [Clive] Tell me about it.
- This is not my fault.
- No, it's your choice.
(Clive screams)
- I fixed it.
You don't have call your
brother 'cause I fixed it.
- [Holly] Yes I do.
I have to have him refix
what you just fixed.
Come on.
- [Holly] Does he have
to go on one of those?
Do you even have insurance?
(sad music)
- Hey, good news
about your song.
Must be good if they're
having you come back early.
- If I can finish it.
- I always knew
you had it in you.
Too bad you have to leave
the gang high and dry.
You know a lot of those
sick kids watch the show.
They voted for you too.
- And what is it
that I owe them, mom?
- I didn't say you owed
them anything--
- Well you didn't have too.
- Why are you
leaving again, Kay?
- Can't you just
be happy for me?
- I am happy for you.
- No you're not.
- Yes, I'm happy for you.
- But?
- Baby girl, you're not happy.
- And how would you know?
- OKay, I have let you play
this thing through, but you...
You are like to Delisa
on "Sunset of Desire",
determined to elope with Derek
when she should have stayed put
and she wound up destroying
the lives of the whole village.
- Well did Delisa have
a mother like you?
Ever since I've gotten home,
all you've done is paraded
yourself around here
and hijack the one
thing I've got.
- I did you a favor.
I gave them something
more than a drunk,
sad couch performance.
- So you did notice that
I was sad and drunk.
- You should be glad
that I care this much.
- Your care is a curse,
it suffocates me.
I've had to be away from
this house for five years
just so I can breathe my own air
and look what it's got me,
I'm America's biggest joke.
- That's not on me,
that was your choice.
And now the dress isn't right
and the camera's not right,
and what, now your
mom's not right?
What the heck do you want?
No, what do you want?
Do you want me to care, do
you not want me to care?
Let me know.
You want me involved,
not involved?
Tell me what to do
and I will do it.
- I don't want to be you.
I don't wanna wear a leotard,
I don't wanna have
ice in my wine,
I don't want to end up with
a shack in my backyard.
Quit trying to be
something you're not.
You are an embarrassment, mom,
and I don't wanna
be a fucking loser.
- You don't wanna be a loser?
Then I suggest you figure
out how you can win.
(sign buzzes)
- America, this is the night
you've all been waiting for,
the season finale
of "Pop Star Now!".
Pop star now
(audience cheers)
Who will go home the
winner of $1 million
and a recording contract
and who will just go home?
Will it be Ty Braxton, Navy
seal and our soon to be
married father trying to
provide for his family,
or will it be Bethany Jacobs,
America's sweetheart
who's devoted her life
to animals with allergies?
It all starts right now.
(calm upbeat music)
Oh baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby,
baby, baby, baby
I hear your voice
in every sound
I think you're there
where you're not around
I'm holding onto
that something
That I thought I found
I'm looking for the
light in the shades
Of lonely black and blue
- America, be my boyfriend.
We can't let this disappear
What if this were more
than just tonight?
You think that we might
feel this forever?
Everything we need is here
What we're feeling
couldn't be right
I'm thinking we might
feel this forever
(calm music)
(speaking in foreign language)
(audience cheers)
(singing in foreign language)
(audience cheers)
- Shit, she's good.
- We're back and just
moments away from crowning
our "Pop Star Now!" winner.
But first we have
another one of our losers
with a very special performance.
Here is your third runner
up, Kay Montgomery.
(audience cheers)
Kay, well you have had quite
the bumpy ride here on our show
and if a natural born
superstar like Bethany
had not shown up,
I would have sworn that you
would have had a better shot.
Let's take a look.
- [Kay] My name
is Kay Montgomery
and I've wanted to be
a singer my whole life.
- [Man] I liked the song, but
I'm not sure about the vocals.
- [Judge] Well something
really good about it,
but something that about like
fingernails on a chalk board.
Right before the song began
- You are not our
"Pop Star Now!".
I'm sorry, you're out.
Quite the journey, Kay.
And America has really
taken to that journey
and the journey
after that journey.
So we have asked you
here tonight to sing
a very special song, haven't we?
- Yes, a song I wrote myself.
- So here's singing
an original song,
here's our troubled girl, Kay.
(audience cheers)
(guitar strums)
- But first I just
want to thank the folks
at "Pop Star Now!"
for covering the costs
of the Easter
Extravaganza ticket sales.
(everyone cheers)
And for their generous donation
to the Sandy
Children's Hospital,
$1 million.
- What?
(audience cheers)
- We need to go to commercial.
- [Woman] We can't.
- What, did you know about this?
- So thank you,
you really do care.
(audience cheers)
Now I don't think it's
right to sing this one
without my friends from
Sandy backing me up.
What do y'all thinking?
(audience cheers)
- Yeah!
- Well then let me
introduce the cast
of your favorite
""After The Cut"",
Holly, Mick, Clive and Anna.
(audience cheers)
(phones ring)
- Oh go, Holly.
- You gotta be kidding me.
(audience cheers)
- Hey look, we're on TV
Hi mom and Jerry.
- You sure are, buddy.
- Just do it, do it, quick,
we are not going commercial.
We are live!
- Well it seems
America wants more.
(audience cheers)
- [Marissa] Zoom
on camera three.
- America, this is why this is
the best show on television.
Anything can happen.
And now here's Kay
and her Easter people.
- This is for someone
who taught me how to win.
Thanks, mom.
One day, they'll write a
story about girl on the stage
And in the chapters
of the book
Are parts where she
won't wanna look
She'll wanna wish them away,
so she'll turn the page
It was only a moment
(calm music)
Isn't who she will be
Go ahead, we're live.
- No, stop.
(microphone beeps)
Somebody's gonna win,
somebody's gonna lose
You think it's gonna scar
But it's only gonna bruise
You might think it's over
You might think it's done
But it's only chapter one
- This is good, we
can roll with this.
- Three, four.
It takes a little living
To know there's
only a choice
(upbeat music)
We've all got
paths we gotta pave
Different ways
of being brave
There's more than just the
song that gives you your voice
Somebody's gonna win,
somebody's gonna lose
You think it's gonna scar
But it's only gonna bruise
You might think it's over,
you might think it's done
But it's only chapter one
Gotta leave to find
where you belong
Find what you wanna sing
and who will sing along
Look at what you've got,
look how far you've come
And it's only chapter one
Sometimes a story ending
Is where the
real story starts
You can let yourself fall
without falling apart
You decide who wins,
you decides who lose
It's not for them to say
It's not for them to choose
You get to decide
when to walk or run
The story's just begun
You gotta leave to
find where you belong
Find what you wanna sing
and who will sing along
Look at what you've got,
look how far you've come
When it's only chapter one
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Chapter one
One day, they'll write a
story about a girl on a stage
(audience cheers)
(everyone screams)
- You!
- Oh my, that was amazing.
- Oh my gosh, Anna,
you were incredible.
- I can't believe
that just happened.
- Oh, I forgot to
set my VCR to record.
- So good, oh.
Amaze balls.
Excuse me, would you?
- I can not believe Colin
was able to pull this off.
- Kay, they wanna speak
with you for a moment.
- Good luck, Kay.
(Holly chokes)
Don't say that.
- I'm going to cut to the chase.
That was fantastic television
and more importantly,
a fantastic song.
We'd like for you and
your friend to feature it
as a duet on the winners album.
We've drafted up a contract.
You can sign on the final page
and we've got one for
your little friend.
- Anna, her name is Anna Song.
- Now that's a stage name.
(David and Marissa laugh)
- Thank you.
I will take a look
and get back to you
at my earliest convenience.
(people conversing)
We did it, Nano.
Ohh, sure, I'll tell him.
(phone dings)
(people speaking at once)
- Oh my gosh, this is crazy.
- Nan says to call her back.
- OKay.
- Thanks for helping
me make this happen.
- It was worth it.
See, it's hard.
(upbeat music)
(cameras flash clicks)
(spray spritzes)
(lively upbeat music)
(microphone beeps)
(upbeat music)
We danced all night
from dusk till dawn
We knew all the words
when our song came on
It went bing, bop,
bam, bop, a ding a ling
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
When the beat hits loud
and the lights get low
Move in close and
we go real slow
With that bing, bop,
bam, bop, a ding a ling
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
The club's gonna close
That ain't on my mind
You say you're going home
Say you're coming
to mine, mine
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
I see where you are,
you see where I'm at
You say you coming to me
I say I'll drink to that
Yeah, oh
Club is gonna close,
that ain't on my mind
You say you're going home
Say you're coming
to mine, mine
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
How you feel now?
Gonna shine from the ground
I could spin 100 rights
online to kill time
I'm a stand up guy, got
a bullet proof spine
I say it to your face
more than 22 times
Stand up, Evil
Knievel is my avatar
I got a lot of green
lettuce like a salad bard
The money's American,
the product is Paramore
The Hulu love me, I hold
it down like a handlebar
I got daughters, I got
enemies and player haters
Pen and paper, I go with
cheese like a baked potato
Green navigator,
looking like a aligator
I'm 'bout to shoot a
documentary, I'm the narrator
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
Bing, bop, bam,
bop, a ding a ling
(Holly laughs)
(everyone applauds)
Sometimes the bubble burst
And the world
comes crashing down
(calm music)
And even though you
know you can swim
You're worried
you might drown
But you let the moment pass
And the air begins to clear
And the song you're
going to sing
Is a song you need to hear
I don't know exactly
where I'm going
I don't mind, like
the not knowing
Maybe I'll get
lost along the way
It's now or never
I'll decide the road
that's worth taking
Only ride, the ground
that's worth shaking
Might take time,
least I'm on my way
It's now or never
Every beat that hurts is
just a chapter in your book
You can rewrite any
line and every hurt
I don't know exactly
where I'm going
I don't mind, like
the not knowing
Maybe I'll get
lost along the way
It's now or never
I decide the road
that's worth taking
Only ride, the ground
that's worth shaking
Might take time,,
least I'm on my way
It's now or never
I don't know exactly
where I'm going
I don't mind, like
the not knowing
Maybe I'll get
lost along the way
It's now or never
I don't know exactly
where I'm going
I don't mind, like
the not knowing
Maybe I'll get
lost along the way
It's now or never
I decide the road
that's worth taking
Only ride, the ground
that's worth shaking
Might take time,
least I'm on my way
It's now or never
It's now or never
(calm music)
Memory come over
and lie here with me
Stay for a moment
while I fall asleep
Kiss me with his lips
Remind me how it
felt to be loved
Memory, you haunt me
but don't pull away
Crawl into my bed
and caress my face
Hold me in his arms, remind
me how it felt to be loved