American Rhapsody, An (2001) Movie Script

Let's go.
I love you.
- Don't worry.
- Promise me.
Oh, Mom.
Come, my girl.
- How will I find the guide?
- He will find you.
- What about Suzanne?
- Margit, you know the plan.
In a few days you will
all be in Vienna.
What a wonderful friend you are,
See you soon.
- I have things to finish here.
- I know. But you'll join us soon.
We will start another publishing house
in America.
One which they can't take away
from us.
I will miss you.
Be careful.
Let's go.
I will get you over the border
if you do as I say.
Do you have the money?
I said no children!
You said no babies.
Maria is nearly five.
The guards are armed.
Kids are too noisy.
Listen, we have a deal.
We can't turn back now.
This is all we have.
- Today.
- Very pretty.
The train is full of soldiers.
If something goes wrong...
we do not know each other.
You are a peasant family
returning from the market.
No farmer would have such a fancy watch.
Hurry up, get changed!
Come on, hurry up!
Are you hungry?
Mom! Mom!
That's my Dad's watch!
Well, can we go?
New parents?
You'll soon be with your Mom.
She is a good child.
I don't mind the bad ones either.
I'll just give her some sleeping
pills before the border.
Then I'll put her in a bag
and close it tightly.
You can't hear a thing.
Good bye.
Wait, please!
- What are you doing?
- Give me the baby!
Give it to me!
You'll never get another chance!
- What have I done?
- What happened?
She was going to be drugged and
crammed into a potato bag.
The old woman would have just left her
at the slightest sign of danger.
We would never have seen Suzanne again.
Oh my God.
I could not let go.
Margaret is waiting.
Listen carefully.
The police will soon come.
They can't find her.
We have to hide her.
My mother lives in the countryside.
She found someone trustworthy.
And let my granddaughter
live with strangers? Never.
She must leave Budapest
before it is too late.
And you should do the same.
Let's go! Be careful!
- The child will be used against them.
- Margit and Peter are coming back.
No. They would be imprisoned.
I'm going to my mother.
- Send this to Margit.
- Yes. Let's go. Hurry.
Go, quickly, and take the baby.
I'm coming.
Tell me who helped them escape
and you can stay in Budapest.
I don't know.
In that case,
I can't help you.
Prison will be an interesting experience
for a rich woman like you.
Property of the Hungarian People's Republic
She is already an American.
Zsuzsi! Come on.
Another nightmare.
You do know that...
one day she will leave us.
One day.
Until then, she's my child.
Dear Mom...
I pray every day...
for you to stay strong
and healthy.
I miss you so much.
I love you. Margit.
This is a good one.
We are hungry!
We want to eat!
We will not stop
until we are served.
- Bon appetit.
- Thank you.
This was my mother's.
Happy birthday!
Thank you, Dad.
Hello everyone.
Good morning.
Look, Uncle Gyuri is there.
For the lady.
Your parents sent it from America.
Happy birthday!
Time passes so quickly.
Soon she will be in school.
You should tell her the truth.
Why? She won't understand.
She has the right to know.
The glue should be mixed thoroughly.
Who's the lady?
The Statue of Liberty.
Where is she?
Pay attention to the glue.
In America,
on the other side of the ocean.
The doll Uncle Gyuri brought you...
came from the father and mother
who live there.
Dear Mom,
I hope this letter finds you
in good health.
We read about the death of Stalin
in the newspaper.
Reforms are coming.
I long for the day I will see
Zsuzsi and you again.
Like the squirrel in the tree
a pioneer is very happy
The song will not leave our lips
As we set up camp
the little fellow sings
They continue to sing
from dawn to dark
years fly past,
trees in the summer
Life is so beautiful here
joyous melody of this song
illustrates our wonderful life
What do you think?
- For me?
- Yes.
It's beautiful, Dad.
I was lucky
to find one in good condition.
Hurry up, I want to ride it.
Well then, help me.
You have to wait
until the paint dries.
How long will that take?
It will be ready when you
return from Budapest.
Do I have to go?
Such a beautiful city.
Don't you want to see
your grandmother?
Do I have to?
She hasn't seen you
for so long.
Good morning.
Hello, grandmother.
You look like your mother
did at your age.
Come in, come and eat cake.
We must hurry to get to Budapest
before dark.
She is adorable.
Good morning.
Open your eyes wide...
to see everything in Budapest.
The Chain Bridge,
the tunnel and come back quickly.
Goodbye, my little girl.
Look after my red bicycle.
Take care of her.
Good bye.
Good bye, Mom.
Goodbye, my angel.
Teri and Jeno are nice.
They love you like their own daughter.
That's why we couldn't tell them
the truth.
Did you see the beautiful red bike
my Dad gave me?
Yes, I saw, my darling.
You're big now.
You know that Teri and Jeno
are not your real parents.
They are waiting for you in America.
Do you want to see your sister?
Your parents have taken great pains
to get you out of Hungary.
Today, you go to America.
I'm going?
- Where?
- In America.
Can you imagine flying?
Yes, I'll fly like a bird.
Like a bird
into the arms of your mother
The girl is going to America?
This lady will look after you on the plane.
You're my brave little girl.
Kiss Mom and Dad for me.
Tell them I'll see them soon.
I have to go to school.
Yes, perhaps one day.
I promise.
Everything will be fine, you'll see.
I love you.
Goodbye, grandmother.
God protects you.
Take this picture.
Your mother, your father, your sister.
Your mother, your father, your sister.
A banana.
You peel it, like this.
Give it to me, comrade.
Dear Mom and Dad.
I'm on a big plane.
I miss you.
I love you.
How are you?
My darling.
My treasure.
Do you know how much I missed?
It's you and me.
What are you reading?
Sawyer, Thomas.
Or "Tom Sawyer" in America.
I read this book...
when I was the exact age
that you are now.
In Hungary, I published a lot
of great books.
What work are you doing here?
I work at an aircraft factory.
You prefer planes over books?
The books are always
my first passion.
I knew you'd also like books.
Good night, Zsuzsi.
You've had such an eventful day.
Do you need to pee?
Did you bring your doll?
No, she is at home.
Goodnight, my angel.
Sleep well.
Good night, lady.
Where were you, darling?
Don't do that again.
Jeno, what has happened?
They have robbed her from us.
Dear Mom and Dad...
Open your eyes wide
to take everything in...
That incident...
It is very nice.
The jeans, how much?
Come on, how much?
No. I'm not selling them.
Wait your turn!
Down with American
We are hungry! We want to eat!
No, I beg you.
She took you away from us.
Nice color.
We painted it together.
Put this on before you catch a cold.
To remember us by.
Thank you.
I love you.
I love you too.
Translated from French,
sorry if there are mistakes.