American Romance (2016) Movie Script

Mr. Stern.
Mr. Stern...?
Mr. Stern,
I'm Faye Williams.
We spoke on the phone.
Are you from the barber college?
I'm researching a book
about the diorama killings.
Mind if I set up here?
Uh, yeah.
I'll make some space.
Uh, can I get you a soda
or anything?
No, thank you.
Big martial arts fan?
Uh, yeah.
I used to watch
a lot of Chuck Norris movies.
Um, I didn't really watch
his television shows,
but I've read his books too...
Except for one.
But... not so much
Did you talk to anyone else yet?
Agent Torres is on assignment.
She sent me her deposition.
Tried talking to Krissy,
but wasn't much help.
How's she doin'?
Physically she seems well.
Uh, so how does this work?
Just start from the beginning.
The beginning.
It's kinda hard
to remember the beginning.
The end kinda
overshadows everything.
When did you first know
the murder spree
was moving through your county?
We didn't.
I mean, seemed like everything
was movin' east.
It's not like it was
a direct line through Clay.
Law enforcement in all the areas
were keepin' a lookout.
Nobody wanted that
in their patch.
Due to the sexual nature
of the murders?
The staging?
No. Because nobody wanted
anybody they knew
to end up dead.
Even though it seemed like
he was killing people
who deserved it.
"Deserved it"?
You know what I mean.
It's not like it was
a slaughter of the innocents.
It was hookers, child molesters,
you know, deviants.
We're a godfearing people,
We know what sinning is
and we recognize justice.
When did you call in the FBI?
We didn't.
They just showed up.
Made a bunch of noise,
but nothin' happened.
They headed up north.
Except for agent Torres.
She stayed behind?
She came back.
She had a hunch
the diorama killer
was still in my county.
She was very intuitive.
Though at that point,
we still had no idea.
And that's when it started?
For us, yeah.
I guess it all really started
with a couple on honeymoon
in a red ragtop caddy.
Wish I was a mole
in the ground
wish I was
a mole in the ground
I was a mole
in the ground
I'd root
that mountain down
wish I was a mole
in the ground...
Come on, that was a classic.
That was one
of my favorite songs
in the whole wide world
when I was a kid.
What? When?
When would you have ever
heard that song as a kid?
When I would go visit
my grandmama
and she would sing it to me.
Why do you act
like I don't know anything?
I know a lot of things
from out here.
A lot, a lot.
Oh, I know you do.
Where the hell are we?
Haven't seen a house in forever.
It's kinda spooky.
I would say
in my expert opinion,
we're about five hours away,
which is, uh, 20 minutes since
the last time you asked me.
Smarty pants.
Tell me of a home
where no storm clouds rise
oh, they tell me
of an unclouded day
oh, they tell me
of a home
where my friends
have gone
tell me of a land
far away
where the tree of life
in eternal bloom
sheds its fragrance through
the unclouded day
oh, they tell me
of an uncloudy
We blew a tire.
Well, get out there and fix it
before we die from the elements
out here in the middle
of frickin' nowhere.
"The elements"?
"Lions and tigers and bears.
Oh, my."
Well, the good thing
is that most cars
have things in the trunk
for these sort of situations.
Pull the trunk lever, baby.
Where is it in this car?
Okay, okay.
I find. I find. Rude.
You know,
if any horror-movie shit
comes out of these woods,
you better lead it away
from the car.
We're like
sitting ducks out here
for roaming bands
of redneck cannibals.
And horseflies.
Did I ever tell you when
we were at that training camp
I totally saw a ufo?
Why would you scare me
like that?
Wasn't trying to.
You promised me you wouldn't
do that anymore.
Did you find anything
in the trunk?
Nothing but a dead body.
Looks like we're walkin'.
Yeah, that's funny.
What? I don't wanna go walk
out into the wilderness.
We've got shelter
and rations right here.
I mean, it's only one piece,
but it's long-lasting flavor,
Doesn't make sense
for us to wait.
No telling how long
it's gonna take
for somebody else to drive by.
Mm, we could always make use
of this big old back seat.
Chewing my half.
You'll just have
to come get it, then.
All right, we gotta go.
We been walking forever.
I bet you the only house
we'll even find out here
will be a cannibal's kill shack.
Don't worry.
I've got my knife.
Do you think there's wolves?
Like werewolves?
I don't know about wolves.
Coyotes, maybe.
Well, those skinny little things
will eat you.
Tell me about
the "swung" murders.
We got a call.
Another diorama.
Right where agent Torres
said it'd be.
Wife swappers this time.
Looked like our guy
gate-crashed the party
and did some preaching
on morals.
So Torres was right.
Like I said, intuitive.
- Hey.
- What?
Hey, I was almost asleep.
Look what we got here.
What, this?
This a driveway?
It's more like
a hillbilly landing strip.
Hmm. You look like someone
who owes me a ride.
Let's walk.
We come in peace!
Our tire hit a nail.
I'm not a mechanic.
Just need to borrow basic tools.
You got a Jack?
No, um...
It's broken.
Um, could we just...
Just use your phone?
Maybe to call a tow?
Look, my girl here...
My wife...
Is afraid we might get eaten.
By cannonballs.
- Cannibals.
- Canni-balls.
Where exactly
did your car break down?
Uh, about a mile from here
at the fork.
Bet you don't get too many
guests around here.
It's not fair.
You come bustin' in when
my balls are hanging out.
I'm gonna go put my jeans on,
you know?
And, uh, you can
get comfortable.
Sit down.
Just don't touch anything.
We good?
So... do you want me
to call you a tow truck?
We failed
to introduce ourselves.
I'm Jeff and this here
is my wife Krissy.
Yeah. Uh, Emery Reed.
Yeah. My phone
is in the other room.
I'm gonna go in there
and call you a tow truck.
And I want you
just to sit right here.
Don't touch anything.
Does your delorean have a Jack?
It's not mine.
Now either you want me
to call you a tow truck,
or y'all can get
the hell outta here.
Your call.
Tow truck would be
real nice, Emery.
Whose is it?
Does it go back in time?
I have some stuff I would redo.
I bet you would.
Yeah, the world's full of 'em.
Thanks, Tonya.
Should be a truck here
in a little while.
Actually, it might take 'em
a couple hours.
Y'all want
a cup of coffee or tea?
Coffee would be nice, Emery.
The FBI suspected that Elam Gill
was the first victim.
The murder scenes
were very different.
Gill wasn't as obviously staged.
Gill wasn't a nice man.
He used the children of sunshine
to feed his perversion.
Little kids.
All the victims shared
some level of sexual deviance.
Agent Torres had a theory
that all those perversions
led back to Gill,
that the killer was trying
to cleanse the world
of any people like him,
and then tell the world
why he was doing it.
He was refining his skill
as he went along.
Was there any hard evidence?
Yeah, in every scene there was.
But that wasn't leading us
to who was doing it.
We were playing catch-up.
Couldn't get a break.
And that was at
the swung murder?
Yes and no.
Police work, it isn't always
about followin' a trail of clues
in a perfect line.
Sometimes you have to
follow the wrong thing
to move in the right direction.
I don't follow.
It confirmed there was a why
to the killings.
And if you have a why,
it allows you
to find out who might be next.
So you live here all alone?
We're on our honeymoon.
Just married.
So you're newlyweds, huh?
Yeah, newlyweds.
I know.
Will we last?
You are young.
Age, experience,
not mutually exclusive.
We've seen things.
Bet you seen some things.
You drive that big rig outside?
So I can put food in the pantry.
And thank god.
In times like these.
So what do you do
to support your wife, Jeff?
We support each other.
Jeff's a brilliant artist.
What do you do?
Are you a painter or a sculptor?
Free form-ish.
How long have you two
been together?
Right, honey?
We're soulmates.
It was love at first sight.
Everlasting love.
You folks caught me
on a bad, bad day.
I've got a lot of work to do.
That's interesting.
No rest for the wicked.
Excuse me.
No tow truck yet?
Instead of just standing there
and gawking at me,
you wanna help me?
Doesn't look
like a man cave to me.
Is that your wife
and your kid in the photo?
- Yeah.
- Where are they?
Do you, uh...
Are you into that, uh...
Into that fairy...
Fairy thing?
I'm flattered, Emery.
I mean, like, fairytale stuff.
Like, a soulmate.
I have beliefs.
I believe in...
I believe in destiny.
I believe in justice.
Another belief.
See, everybody
has to have a belief.
Love is hard work.
Sometimes even that is, uh...
Did you and your wife
get a divorce?
Life's more complicated
than that.
It's not just about paper.
Is your wife snoopy like you?
Mind if I use your phone?
Jeff, can you come here
a second?
What is it, baby?
Jeff, watch out!
So we knew our
guy was killing people
he thought deserved it...
Sexual sinners,
people who offended
his moral righteousness.
So we get a call
from the truck stop.
They found some blood.
Agent Torres believed
that the blood was human blood,
reckoned that it was fresh.
So maybe our guy
abducted somebody.
So we started thinking.
Who hangs out at truck stops?
Lot lizards.
A what?
A "lot lizard."
A hooker.
Hangs out at bars
and truck stops.
Plies her trade
in the back of semi trucks.
So our guy comes across
a lot lizard.
He's offended by that, right?
So he takes her, kills her,
I don't know. Something.
But the point is that he needs
to set up a diorama.
He's got a hooker.
What else does he need?
Trucker who sleeps
with lot lizards.
Do you know how many truck stops
there are in Clay county?
So we start working our way
down the list,
looking for anything
out of the ordinary.
Still a needle in the haystack.
It was a long day.
But the blood was only
a few hours old,
and that was the closest
anybody'd ever been.
- Webber.
- Sheriff.
We want to ask you
a few questions
about your morning clientele.
I wasn't here this morning.
Uncle bones was.
Is he coming back in
later today?
Bones stepped out
for an hour or so.
Why don't you guys go over there
and make yourself comfortable?
He'll be back.
Stay out of trouble, will ya?
What am I gonna do?
Emery, where's my wife?
Okay, just take it easy.
Just calm down.
What did you do
with my wife, Emery?
She's fine.
What did you to her, Emery?
What did you do to my wife?
Now just calm down.
Don't do that.
- What did you do...
- Just take it easy, all right?
She's in the car, all right?
She's in the car.
I just want you
to calm down, okay?
You know, I'm just
tryin' to do a simple thing.
I wanna put a dog on its back.
A dog I love.
You know,
I mean, a good dog.
Not a bad dog.
Bad dog, you just put down.
You know what I mean?
I do understand.
Hey, Emery,
why don't you be a champ
and hand me one of those
malt balls over there?
That's good.
That was a kind thing
to do, Emery.
Okay, enough of this.
Emery, I need to see my wife.
I have made a commitment.
Don't you understand?
I've made a commitment
to my wife.
Now, you might not understand
what that word means...
What did you say?
You have the audacity
to come into my house
and put your dirty shoes
on my fuckin' coffee table
and say I don't have
a commitment.
You wanna see my commitment?
I'll show you my commitment.
I'll show you my commitment.
This is my wife Brenda.
She screws around.
She got no feeling
from the waist down.
And she screws around on me.
I got a bitch
in the bathroom back there
that was screwing her.
I saw them.
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna put you
and that wife of yours
in that bathroom with him.
What were you doing
wasting all that time
with this idiot, huh?
- Did he do anything to you?
- He doubted our love.
It's okay, sweetheart.
Well, I'll be darned.
Our day couldn't get
any weirder.
Gotta say, Emery,
you have thrown me for a loop.
I am thoroughly intrigued.
We've never seen anything like
this before, have we, honey?
In all our time
on this glorious mission.
No, we have not.
I'm starving.
Here's what I wanna know.
How did you two meet?
I was in high school,
and he had a truck.
Thank you.
Have you always
been handicapped?
No. No.
Thank god.
Your legs look fine to me.
I'm paralyzed.
So you can't feel anything?
Mm. What
do we do now?
Oh, my god!
Not even a tickle.
Don't like her very much
right now, do you?
Teach her a lesson, baby.
Old man, get.
'Cause I want you to know
how your beautiful wife feels.
That's why.
I wanna check out
the bitch in the bathtub.
I'm gonna go hang
with the cripple.
Did you know this man?
Tell me how it went down.
It was early in the morning.
I was supposed to haul a load
of plastics to Chicago...
But my boss
dropped the contract,
so I was free to go home.
Surprise the wife.
Oh, my god!
What have you done?
Oh, god.
Oh, my god.
Why are you even here?
Oh, my god.
You were our fuckin' therapist.
You sick fuck.
Your therapist?
Well, not so bad.
It was all just an accident.
If you explain it to the guy,
he's a doctor.
He's used to dealing
with crazy people.
I'm sure he'll get over it.
Hey, bitch, it's all
just a misunderstanding.
Why don't you let bygones
be bygones, you know?
You and Emery.
Hug it out.
Excuse me?
What was that, gory man?
What an asshole.
But he is dead.
The blood sprayed out,
white pillowcases
over their heads
to cover their filthy faces.
And then we marked them
so people wouldn't be confused
as to why we offed them.
There's a passage in the Bible
that sums it up pretty well.
It's better to hang
a millstone around your neck
and be cast into the ocean
than to offend
one of these little ones.
You do degrading,
deviant sexual things
to people who are just
begging to be loved...
Little kids,
you deserve to fucking die.
Yes, i... I hear you.
You're right. I...
Krissy, I can see that
you've had a really hard life,
and you need help,
and if you let me,
I can help you.
Help? You wanna...
You wanna help me?
No. You're the one that's gonna
need help today, Brenda.
Oh, man.
Now I gotta piss.
Thing is, my friend,
I don't think
this was an accident.
I think you killed this man
because you wanted to.
Because you needed to.
Because you enjoyed
the act of it.
Because you were
flexing your power.
So which one is it?
A, b, c, or d?
All the above?
I can see
that you are a good girl.
I see it.
You remind me of me
when I was your age.
Please, don't let
a deranged man ruin...
Don't you even understand?
Or do you just buy right into
this whole idea
of what's right
and what's wrong?
First point, you are a whore.
Second point,
you say you love your husband,
which makes you a liar.
Mm. What's this?
Another couple killed
off the interstate.
Was it you?
Or was it...?
You don't look the part, Jeff.
What the fuck's
this country coming to?
I know, right?
And yet you
think that I'm the one
that needs help.
"Help" is a dirty, ugly word.
I remind you of yourself?
Jeff loves me.
He heals me with his love.
God, it must be so easy for you.
In this society
where adultery is tolerated.
Where... where drug dealers
and pimps
and... and whores
are celebrated by the media.
At least we're doing
something about it.
You ladies having fun?
Not really.
Brenda's boring me.
She doesn't have a clue.
She's just a whore.
Oh, Brenda.
Brenda, Brenda, Brenda.
Emery just showed me the remains
of your chopped-up lover
in the bathtub.
How's that make you feel?
God, please, just...
You two like art?
You wanna be art?
Nobody cares about you.
Whole fuckin' world
doesn't give a fuck
about two demented people,
just running around
doin' all kinds of shit
and killin' people,
and... fuck.
Shut the fuck up!
You can't even
keep your wife satisfied.
You push her to cheat on you.
That does not excuse you.
I say we kill her.
We kill her first
and we mark her down as "slut."
And Emery...
Mark him down
as "cuckold."
No, no, no, no, no.
I wanna hear
the whole story first.
Talk to me, Brenda.
When did Emery
stop having sex with you?
After the accident.
Emery must have been a leg man.
You watch a lot of porn, Emery?
That's a lie.
Hmm. Another juicy piece
of information.
I wanna hear about the kid.
I don't want you
to talk about my son.
You never wanna talk about him.
You just wanna pretend
he never happened.
Just let it out, Brenda.
Talk about it.
It was just really bad luck.
- No.
- What happened?
We were driving
to football practice
on a Saturday morning,
and a drunk driver hit us.
He was just 13.
Emery wasn't here.
Emery was out on the road.
I was on the road.
Okay, okay, and then he dies.
So what?
Then he stopped touching her?
If you had made any effort
at our marriage counseling,
we could have had
a shot at this.
Oh, and maybe...
Maybe he would fuck me too.
Fuck you.
All right, that's enough.
Why don't you
just fucking kill me?
Krissy, tape this fool up.
Show them what
they've been missing.
But there are very few
Hannibal Lecters in real life,
so when a case
as sensational as this
hits the airwaves,
every crime unit
across the country
sends in their unsolved.
Half the time,
we're just weeding through.
It's a frustrating process
dealing with media,
local law enforcement,
and their ridiculous theories.
No offense.
But there are specifics
you begin to spot.
Without seeing a face,
you get to know
your killer personally.
- Like a lover.
- Yeah.
I guess you could draw
that comparison.
You see, I reckon
that this guy and this guy
are one and the same.
There's a consistency
in the weapon used.
The deep puncture to the neck.
Same murder technique.
Same weapon.
Yeah, but what confuses me
about the truck stop
is that the spray is wider,
possibly created
by a different weapon.
Couple slain by diorama killer.
And we still don't know for sure
if it's the same guy,
'cause a perp doesn't usually
change his pattern so radically.
Not unless he's afraid
of being caught.
But from disorder
to this kinda structured thing?
Maybe he fell in love.
With another killer,
explaining the female DNA
at all the murder sites.
Love forms that miracle
every day.
You all lookin' for me?
That's what they call me.
We've got this
suspected homicide
down by the truck stop.
Actually, we have maybe
more than one homicide.
Sir, were there any truckers
in here this morning?
Honey, there's truckers
in here every morning.
Yeah, but anybody
out of the ordinary?
There was one.
Hank Zimms.
What's so special
about Hank Zimms?
What's so special about Hank?
He was the perfect victim.
He was a degenerate, a lowlife.
It didn't get worse than Hank.
He'd been arrested for drugs,
petty crime,
slept with hookers.
He was also
the worst tow truck driver
in Clay county.
So find Hank and...
We might be onto something.
You guys gave your kids toys.
Good parents
give their kids toys.
I know you won't
believe me, but...
I don't look at porn.
It was Kurt's.
I didn't want you to find it.
Why didn't you just
throw it out?
They were my son's.
where good and evil
virtue ebb and flowing
with the tides...
Logic falling prey...
Oh, shit. Babe.
Huh? Huh?
Here, fucking shoot him.
No. No, go get Brenda.
You gonna come in nicely?
Got her!
- Who's that?
- Help! Help us!
Keep yelling, and I'll kill
whoever's out there.
It's my buddy.
He's a cop.
He comes by to visit.
If you let us go,
you get out the back door,
you can get away in the woods.
Answer it.
Dad, I told you to shut up!
You looking for Hank?
He's been out
with the tow truck all mornin'.
God bless America.
Who are you?
I'm, uh, Hank Zimms.
Hanky-panky towing.
Emery called.
Is everything all right in here?
I heard some yellin'.
Yeah, no, everything's fine.
Um, I was just...
I'm a massage
and physical therapist.
Nudastic massage.
I, um, I help Brenda
with her condition
and Emery too.
Um, yeah, it was actually
my car that broke down,
so I'm just gonna
go put my shoes on
and I'll be right back, okay?
- Sure.
- Okay.
You looking for Hank,
he been out all morning
with the tow truck.
Call all the way out
on I-84.
So he's working?
I told you, Emery called Hank
and asked him
to bring out the tow truck,
so that's where Hank be heading.
So can we get
his address please?
I don't know it.
You got a warrant?
Tonya, he's not in any trouble.
We just need to talk to him.
I don't know if I want her
talking to Hank, Ricky.
Unless maybe
we're doing a man swap.
You can have my pig of a husband
and I'll tuck in
with Ricky here.
- Look, ma'am...
- Tonya...
I'd consider it a personal favor
if you'd get the address for us.
Who is it?
The tow truck.
You really call the tow truck?
I'll be damned, Emery.
All right,
you need to go with him,
get our tire changed,
come right back.
Why do I have to go with him?
Because I said so.
You're treating me like an
annoying little kid right now.
And will you just admit
that you're being bossy?
Yeah, I'll admit that.
But you still need
to go get our tire changed
and bring the car back.
Don't let him
get suspicious either.
I'm gonna go with him
and get the car
because that's what I wanna do.
What do we do?
We don't.
Thank you.
For what?
For trying to save my life.
So you got a caddy?
I got a hemi in here.
I can hook it up to just about
anything and make it move.
It's a big hemi.
So what you're saying is
it's the size
of the hemi that matters?
Uh, yeah, I guess I am.
But isn't it really
more about how you use it?
I mean, I don't really know
how... how it works.
Most boys don't.
Well, thank you.
Thank you for
the tow truck, Emery.
He's a real catch.
He deserves a reward.
Something like...
A faithful wife.
Shame on you.
You will never go hungry
with this man.
Emery's address.
I found it just for you.
If you throw him in jail,
don't call to tell me.
You just come 'round here
in person.
Ugh. This tire's
getting me all grimy.
Let me get it.
You know, I don't mind
gettin' a little dirty,
if you know what I mean.
So, um, that's the Jack,
and then, uh, what's
that other thing do again?
The Jack is for gettin' it up.
And the wrench
is for playing with nuts.
Now, you seem kinda like
a hands-on girl.
Right now...
I don't think your wife
would really like hearing that.
My wife is a cow.
And she knows I'm a pig.
You're as hot a goat
in a pepper patch.
You sure know
how to talk to a lady.
Um, i... oops.
My hands are all dirty.
Uh, you know, I have
some baby wipes in the car.
Would you mind
getting them for me, please?
I don't mind a little dirt.
Oh, yeah, but I wanna
be clean just for you.
Pretty please?
That's sweet.
I like that.
That is sweet.
In the front?
Where are they?
Oh, they're, uh,
they're in there.
I don't see 'em.
Oh, well, they're...
They're just a little bit
deeper in the front there.
Are they under the seat?
Are they in
the glove compartment, maybe?
Did you let your
marriage counselor kiss you?
Did you let him
put it in your mouth?
Leave her alone.
That all you got, Emery?
You feel that?
What about that?
How do you want it, baby?
Looks like I found
the only place
open for business.
Leave her the fuck alone.
It appears
that all your wife needed
was a good banging.
Leave her the fuck alone, Jeff!
I'll fuckin' kill you!
I love you, Emery.
How do you feel about this,
Emery, huh?
I'm sorry.
I'm home.
Hey, baby.
What? What is it?
What did you do?
Tell me there's still blood
left in the hooker
and he didn't notice.
He didn't notice.
But I may have kind of...
Just a little bit killed him.
You are so impulsive.
If you don't watch it,
you're gonna get us caught.
It's not like I left him
lying in the middle of the road.
I put him in the car.
And the truck?
What about the truck?
What about the truck?
No one'll notice.
They'll think
it just broke down.
What a lot of people
don't know about Chuck Norris
is that he was actually
trained by Bruce Lee.
He hangs out with, like,
Buddhists and all sorts
of different people like that.
He's a lot deeper than people
give him credit for.
Uh-huh. Huh.
If Zimms is
anything like his wife,
I kinda doubt
he's gonna be much help.
Hank is definitely not
the sharpest tool in the shed.
I feel like I been sucked
into the land of deliverance.
Krissy. Krissy, stop.
I'm not chasing you.
What the hell?
You drove on the flat?
We can't afford to be reckless.
There's no point
to your violence right now.
We're not mass murderers.
- Where are you going?
- Where are we going?
Nowhere until I fix that tire.
Why don't we just take
one of the other cars, Jeff?
Sometimes I feel
like you're just
doing things to get attention.
Because I'm drawing
all sorts of attention to us
coming here in the middle
of frickin' nowhere,
la, la, la, la, la.
If someone finds out
about that tow truck...
Babe, he was married
and vile and perverse,
and he hit on me.
I thought you'd be proud of me.
He hit on you?
And he was into
some real sick shit too.
Pigs and goats
and bestiality bullshit.
All right.
I need you to trust me.
I do.
I just... I wanna make sure
we're on the same page.
How's Krissy?
I told you earlier,
she's physically healthy.
She quotes a lot of scripture.
I doubt she learned
much else in the cult.
Do you really think
she killed all those people?
She's a pretty little thing
and I guess she's manipulative,
but some of those guys
were big men.
She didn't even have
a bruise on her.
She confessed, didn't she?
There's a lot of detail
about certain killings
and not others.
She goes on for four pages
about how and why
she killed Hank.
Her statement about Gill
is full of anger and rage.
It's self-righteous.
But she mentions
Stewart only once.
He was beaten to death.
It wasn't with a knife.
Seems more likely
that Jeff killed him.
But why would she confess
to something he did?
Did you talk to Emery or Brenda?
They do not wanna talk.
- I bet they don't.
- What does that mean?
I was telling you about Hank.
We were on our way to Emery's
and we came across
Hank's tow truck,
but no Hank.
Come on.
What do you think
Emery and Brenda are hiding?
Better question is...
Why did Emery and Brenda
I'll check out the car.
Now you take care of Emery.
Krissy, you sick bitch.
I'm gonna kill you!
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Oh. Oh, fuck.
Oh, Jesus.
Emery! Emery! Emery!
So how are we gonna do this?
I stuck him in the leg.
We're not.
'Cause I think they can make it.
So you're giving them
a second chance?
They were in love
the whole time.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, god.
Ah, shit.
Look at this beauty.
Look at this perfection.
Sappy man.
Human beings
can be this perfect.
This harmonious.
We just keep fucking up.
If I could only create balance.
Little understanding
of how easy it is to...
Lose it all.
When I was a
child, I never felt safe.
Never felt safe my whole life.
Today I saw a love story.
Imperfect, sure, but...
An honest love story.
All this fear
we grow up with, Krissy,
the fear you felt in the group,
the fear Brenda and Emery
felt of us.
I don't wanna fear.
All this fighting,
and nobody cares.
Do you know the difference
between right and wrong?
- Gun.
- FBI, drop your weapon.
Sheriff's department.
Drop your weapon.
Get on the ground, ma'am!
Get on the ground!
Thank god you're here.
Drop your weapon, sir!
You don't wanna hurt me.
- You're my brother.
- Don't move, sir.
And our intentions match.
You're officers of peace, right?
I'm a citizen who wants peace.
Why wound someone
with good intentions?
Ma'am, put your hands
in the air!
They call this "artwork."
Drop your weapon.
Okay, brother.
I'm gonna drop my gun.
To be a police officer,
you have to know the difference
between right and wrong.
I believe that...
People who commit crimes
should be punished for 'em.
The diorama killer
was a bad guy, right?
He killed over ten people
we know of.
But he let Brenda
and Emery survive.
Maybe you killed him
before he had a chance.
He did beat and torture them.
The righteous kill.
They gave me
a medal of valor for that.
People think you're a hero.
Do you regret taking the shot?
What if Jeff and Krissy
didn't kill the therapist?
Then who did?
Emery was the only other
person there.
Why would Emery kill Stewart?
And why would Krissy
confess to it?
Do you believe
in second chances?
What kind of person
deserves a second chance?
A good guy?
A stand-up guy?
A guy who's suffered,
who's made mistakes?
Bad, bad mistakes.
And who loves his wife.
And what about the serial killer
who gave him that second chance?
Blessed is she,
the daughter of peace
that hath found a place
within his kingdom.
My tears are all flowed.
I cannot cry more
for these things,
for these things.
We're forever.
I have to go to sleep now, baby.
How guilty are a
couple of screwed-up kids?
A couple of kids who've seen
the worst abuse you can see?
A couple of kids
who have killed,
who've murdered,
who've tortured...
But who believed in love enough
to take the blame
for another man's sins?
Was there any
evidence to confirm that?
Brenda and Emery survived.
Survived as people,
survived as a couple.
- But...
- There's your ending.
That rebirth came at a price.
Everyone involved
paid for their survival,
paid for their renewal.
Even me.
Maybe it was worth it.
You should end it that way.
Focus on the survivors.
A happy ending.
Ah, jeez.
You can run on
for a long time
run on for a long time
run on
for a long time
sooner or later,
god'll cut you down
sooner or later,
god'll cut you...
My good gracious,
let me tell you the news
my head's been wet
in the midnight dew
I been down
on a bended knee
talking to the man
from Galilee
and my god spoke
and he spoke so sweet
I thought I heard the shuffle
of his angel feet
he took one hand
upon my head
great god almighty,
let me tell you what he said
"go tell
that long-tongued liar
go tell
that midnight rider
tell the rambler,
the gambler
the backbiter
tell 'em god almighty
gonna cut 'em down"
you can run on
for a long time
run on
for a long time
run on for a long time
tell you god almighty
gonna cut you down
you may throw your rock
and hide your hand
working in the dark
against your fellow man
sure as god
made black and white
what's done in the dark
will be brought to light
you may run and hide,
slip and slide
try to take the mote
from your neighbor's eye
sure as god
made the rich and poor
you gonna reap
just what you sow
gonna tell
that long-tongued liar
gonna tell
that midnight rider
tell the rambler,
the gambler
the backbiter
tell 'em god almighty
gonna cut them down
you can run on
for a long time
run on
for a long time
run on for a long time
tell you god almighty
gonna cut you down
Some people go to church
just to signify
try to take the bait
with the neighbor's wife
but brother, let me tell you
sure as you're born
you better leave
that woman alone
because one of these days,
you mark my words
think that brother
he's goin' to work
you sneak up and knock
on that door
that's all, brother,
won't knock no more
well, you can run on
for a long time
run on
for a long time
run on for a long time
let me tell you, god almighty
gonna cut you down
you can run on
for a long time
run on
for a long time
run on for a long time
let me tell you, god almighty
gonna cut you down
You can run on
for a long time
run on for a long time
run on
for a long time
let me tell you, god almighty
gonna cut you down
you can run on
for a long time
run on
for a long time
run on for a long time
and tell you god almighty
gonna cut you down.