American Samurai (1992) Movie Script

What was that?
The engine sounds rough.
Are you sure it's okay?
You better strap the baby
in the back seat, honey.
Robert? Robert!
Hold on to it. I'm gonna put it back
in control in a minute.
All right.
On it. Let me jump start it.
Come on, man, we'll be okay.
Honey, the altitude...
We're losing a lot of pressure.
Mayday, mayday. This is the EM4B.
We're in trouble about 170 miles
east of Tokyo.
Yes, Control Tower. EM4B, come in.
I repeat, mayday, mayday.
Hang on.
Mayday, mayday.
Oh, Andrew...
It would be quite...
Okay, if you just wanna...
If I can make it to that clearing...
I'm gonna try to make it.
Robert, do something.
Do not be disappointed, Andrew.
You are only a beginner.
Your parents would have been proud
to see how well you are doing.
You must learn to use all your senses.
And in that way, you will turn
a disadvantage into an advantage.
But I can't see,
that's the most important sense.
There are five natural senses...
...sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.
...which sense did you just use?
Still you reacted too late.
A samurai learns to use all five senses...
...and then develops a sixth sense.
Then he knows what will happen
as it happens.
He sees with the eye of his mind.
There's something else.
-What is it?
He's close, but he doesn't approach.
-How is it that you know this?
-I sense his anger.
It poisons the air.
Kenjiro, come forward and join us.
As always, Father,
you have time for him but not for me.
That is not true. I love you both.
Why does he say that?
Because he fears you will one day
become his equal if not his superior.
You have acquired
the samurai's sixth sense.
Should ever you lose an ability,
trust your sixth sense.
It will serve you well
when your life is in danger.
Thank you, Father.
As a symbol of your character...
...and your accomplishments
in the martial spirit...
...I bestow upon you
the family sword of the Sanga clan.
Remember your lessons well, my son.
You are now the keeper of the blade.
And with it comes the responsibility
of upholding our long samurai tradition.
How is it you have chosen to give this...
...this gaijin...
...our sacred family katana...
...when I am your son
and clearly the better swordsman?
It is the proper choice, Kenjiro.
Your brother has mastered
the most important technique.
You have not.
You have yet learn to defeat
your greatest enemy.
I have defeated everyone!
...except yourself.
And that is partly why Andrew
has surpassed you.
Surpassed me?
I should cut you to pieces right here.
your brother will be leaving us shortly.
You must make your peace with him...
...and with yourself.
I am your son!
Your own blood!
Then behave like it.
Please forgive me, Father.
I have dishonored you.
We will talk about it later.
But now congratulate your brother.
I have no brother.
But I must offer you my apology
in the way of our ancestors.
No! That is not samurai!
That is Yakuza.
The way of the gangsters!
That is because I am a gangster, Father!
I am Yakuza now.
...what have you done?
You have disgraced our family.
You are no longer welcome in this place.
I order you to leave.
Return when your skin and your soul
have been cleansed of this evil!
I will not spill your worthless blood now.
But someday you will have to face me.
One day, I will come for my sword.
What is this?
Keep it down, guys.
-Is this the right place?
All right, where the hell is the stick?
Come on, let's go, let's go.
Let's do this
and get the hell out of here.
Hurry up.
Where is this guy?
Now we get into this thing.
-Freaking locksman.
-Hurry up! Let's go!
What the hell?
-Heads up, we got guests.
-Right, he's a dead man.
I'm gonna give you two seconds
to get out of here.
Come on, sucker.
Who sent you? Tell me.
Tell me or you'll never see again.
Shoot, man, that's Mickey.
Looks like you killed them both, man.
-Guess it wasn't Mickey's day.
-Give me the sword.
Oh, man, what a mess.
You got, you gotta break some eggs
to make an omelet.
You have lost the sword...
...our family's heritage!
The power of your mind is weak!
You should be cut into pieces by the sword
you are unable to hold.
This comes with disgrace and dishonor
of shaming the samurai tradition!
Because of your cowardice,
you lost the sacred sword...
Disgracing and dishonoring and shaming
our family, our tradition!
No real father would accept a son
whose cowardice has lost the sacred sword!
Disgracing and dishonoring and shaming
our family...
You're not worthy. You are a coward.
You must rise above the pain
of mortal men.
Do not let cowardice
drain your inner strength.
To conquer one's own pain
is a greater victory...
...than to overcome a thousand swordsman
in a hundred battles.
After three months
of police investigation,
they come up empty.
Then Finley
at the "Los Angeles Gazette" called.
He wanted me to go to Turkey
and complete a story...
...that Ben Levi had been writing
at the time of his murder.
I had agreed to go.
The problem was to get Finley
off the phone.
Look, you know how I feel
about being on time.
I hope you didn't do what I think you did.
No, what I need is a good photographer.
This is an important assignment!
There's the door, finally.
I'll talk to you later.
Hi. You must be Janet.
That's me. Sorry I'm late.
Nice place.
You spend a lot of time in Japan?
A bit.
I read the piece
you did on the Kurds in Iraq. Not bad.
Oh, well, thanks.
-What went there?
-Just a family heirloom.
-Like what?
-Just a sword.
Are you gonna question me
all the way to Istanbul?
-Thanks for the warning.
Maybe I'll just call Finley
and get another photographer.
-You can't. He owes me this one.
-Gonna strangle Finley.
He said you were going to cook.
You like Chinese?
You can order.
-He was...
-Can you pass the soy sauce?
He was a close friend
and a damn good correspondent.
And the mustard.
-Yeah, Levi.
We covered the Gulf War together.
But he's not the one
whose picture's in the file.
No. That was the Saudi prince
whose death Levi went to investigate.
So the Saudi gets sliced up...
...and Levi thought you might
have some special assignment to do?
Because he was killed with a sword.
As in sword?
No, that was more than just a sword.
-Let me see the pictures.
But you're not gonna like it.
Oh, God.
Levi is not exactly dinner material.
Grainy as hell. Who took this?
Turkish police.
I bribed one of them for it.
So this is the Saudi.
And the same thing happened to Levi.
I don't get it.
Why are you going to investigate?
I mean, what can you do
that the Turkish police can't?
I wanna see the wound on Levi.
I just wanna see it.
You're hiding something.
I'm not hiding anything.
There are just certain
things I'm not revealing.
-And we've got a rush to the airport.
-All right.
Just give me a minute and I'll get ready.
And then I'll help you clean up.
-Have you been listening to me?
You can tell who the killer is
by looking at a wound?
A swordsman perfects a signature cut.
You really get off on the stuff.
There is an art to it, Janet.
An art to killing? It's sick.
I listened to your uninformed,
ignorant opinions...
...for the last 15 hours.
Uninformed, ignorant opinions?
The trouble is that you know I'm right.
Janet, shut up and let it rest.
Why did you have to bring that up?
Why did I have to bring you?
It's a sword, Drew. A goddamn weapon.
No wonder they hassled you at customs.
I would have.
Yeah, well, you're hassling me right now
and we're long gone from customs.
No thanks to you.
-They could have arrested us.
-But they didn't.
Still why there's something like that
on an assignment?
I have my reasons.
Which I might have told you...
...if you would have let me get a word in
But for now, just be patient.
How can I be patient when you're trying
to get us thrown into a Turkish jail?
Don't be ridiculous.
Just keep your mouth shut
and maybe you'll learn something.
From you, Mr Genius?
Drew Collins and Janet Ward.
Two separate rooms.
I'm sorry, sir. We have only one.
And we are fully booked.
No, there's got to be some mistake.
I made the reservation myself for two.
Nice try, Casanova.
But I'm not staying
In the same room with you.
Look, think what you want
but I sure didn't plan this.
I didn't request you, remember?
You were given to me.
Given to you?
Why don't we get a little more sexist?
Okay, fine. Go.
I'm sure you'll find another hotel
to your liking.
Wait, I don't know the city, you go.
I'm the senior correspondent.
The reservation's in my name.
It's on my credit card.
Now I'm here.
Let's just make the best of this, okay?
That's it. When all else fails, great.
Okay, fine.
What are you gonna do, get a room
at a local Turkish police station?
Drop dead.
Well, second prize.
Gee, I don't know, Janet.
I'm starting to feel right at home here.
I guarantee you'll see very little.
-Oh, good, a suite. That makes it easier.
I can have complete privacy.
Sure, I won't come out without knocking.
Out already.
If it makes you happy, take the bedroom.
I'll get my stuff out later.
Don't bother.
Are you gonna stay in there and pout
or come with me to the police station?
You are not a policeman.
You're not even a Turk.
Why should I show you this file
just because you are an American?
Because I think
I can help you find his murderer.
Anything you know about this file,
You must reveal to me immediately.
That's what I've been trying to tell you.
I won't know if any of my suspicions
are correct...
...until I see picture of the body.
I need to see how he died.
So tell me your suspicions
then I will decide if you can see it.
No deal.
Mr Collins...
...we are not making deals.
You will tell me now
or I'll put you in jail.
Both of you.
You know something, Chief?
You may not be big on cooperation,
but you got great light in this place.
-You must stop this.
-Great light.
-This is not...
-No, don't be crazy, don't be crazy...
We're talking "Time," "Newsweek,"
maybe in the cover of "People Magazine."
-This is not permitted!
-Hey, wait a minute.
Let me shoot you by the light.
You know, you look really great
like that, really commanding.
You must stop this.
This is not permitted!
Hey, be careful.
You'll break the camera...
There are important stuff in that roll.
David Hasselhoff is on it.
-David Hasselhoff is involved?
Listen, Captain Cordiga, I'm sorry.
You're right. We've been out of line.
We only came here to try to help.
And I apologize
for my assistant's behavior.
We will not be causing you
any more problem.
That's good.
Because the next time you do,
I throw both of you in jail.
And you never get out.
-Is that clear?
Captain, thanks for your time.
Take my advice, Collins.
Forget Istanbul. Leave Turkey.
Go back home.
Did you see the film "Midnight Express"?
So you know what I mean.
-Of all the dumb, stupid...
-That's it, quick thinking...
...ridiculous things to pull,
and in a Turkish police station.
You're welcome.
Hey, wait.
Come here.
Did you see the morgue shots?
Do you know who the killer is?
I have a damn good idea
and I'll prove it tomorrow.
Right now let's make it
an early night, huh?
Jesus, what, you do stuff in your sleep?
Are you okay?
A bad dream?
Sorry to wake you.
Do you wanna talk about it?
No, but thanks.
Do you wanna sleep with me tonight?
Drew, you gotta relax.
You need to open up.
That's easier said than done.
You're carrying a lot of baggage with you.
This is really upsetting you, isn't it?
I used to think I could handle anything.
Yeah, just Superman and fools think that.
And you're not a fool.
And I'm not Superman.
But you're kind of cute.
Come here and kiss me
before I give up on you.
When I was a baby,
I survived a plane crash...
...that killed both of my real parents.
We were traveling
over a remote area of Japan.
Something went wrong,
the plane went down and...
...for some reason, I survived.
That's when Master Sanga, my stepfather,
found me and pulled me
out of the wreckage.
He and his wife took me in
and raised me with their son, Kenjiro.
Whatever happened to Kenjiro?
That's a good question.
Whatever happened to Kenjiro?
The pot has reached
an extraordinary sum of...
...120,000 dollars.
Gentlemen, one of you will take it all.
Betting is closed now.
There can only be one victor.
Let the fights begin.
The winner and still the champion...
...Kenjiro Sanga.
The single greatest champion
this arena of death had ever known.
Who will dare to challenge
the deadly sword of the mighty Kenjiro?
Once the samurai learns to utilize
the sixth sense...
...body and mind will become one.
You will hear the bell before it struck.
He will be the director
of his enemy's fate.
All of this he will see
through the eye of his mind.
Hey, Collins.
We can sell a lot of posters of this.
Samurai, huh?
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Can we talk?
What do you want to talk about?
Your brother.
What about him?
You didn't tell me he was here.
I didn't know for sure.
Why do you think he's the killer?
It's the cut on Levi.
Drew, anybody could have stabbed him.
He wasn't stabbed, he was cut.
In a particular way.
There are certain strikes
only a master swordsman uses.
And even those
have a particular signature.
That still doesn't prove
it was your brother.
What would a Japanese swordsman
be doing in Turkey?
He's Yakuza, remember?
That's right,
they're here for the opium trade.
Do you think Levi was killed...
...because he found out
the Saudi prince was involved?
No, I doubt
the prince is involved in opium.
It's gotta be something else.
Like what?
Don't know.
But I've got an idea
where we can start looking.
This is the number one night spot
especially for the Saudis.
Somebody here probably knew the prince.
We'll separate.
Let some of them think you're available.
Who says I'm not?
Come on, baby.
Let's get you to a motel, you know?
-Go, man!
-Wait a Second.
You know, back in the States,
we got ourselves a holiday.
We carve a turkey.
And eat them!
Hey, now, wait a second, guys.
No, wait, wait...
Okay, now...
Come on, boys. See what you can do.
See what you can do in this, yeah.
You really ought to watch your butt
6in Turkey.
Much obliged, buddy.
You know this man is a gangster?
Of course. He works for me.
You're a very impressive fighter...
...Drew Collins.
How may I help you?
I think you know another gangster, too.
Kenjiro Sanga.
I'm looking for him.
Would it have anything to do
with your visit to the police?
News travels fast
in this part of the world.
Among friends, yes.
And is Sanga among your friends?
I wanna talk to him.
Cherie, we will take to Kenjiro.
Wait. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, please. Drew.
What have you done to him?
Drew. Where are you taking him?
Somebody tell me.
Tell me what's going on, please.
Tell me what they're doing.
I knew it was you.
The sword and the murders.
Easier with so fine a blade.
Especially when that blade
is one's birthright.
We are in the basement of an arena
where men fight to death.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the cage.
Our combatants tonight
have come from all over the world... provide you with the best
in sporting entertainment.
For the benefit of the newcomers,
...let me acquaint you
with the rules of the game.
There are none.
Where is it?
Where it belongs.
With me.
That sword doesn't belong to you.
Not by birthright. Not by any right.
I told you I'd come for it one day.
Didn't I?
Yes, you did.
But why didn't you come yourself?
Why the errand boys?
Your country does not welcome Yakuza
with open arms.
I wonder why.
No matter.
And now, ladies and gentlemen...'s showtime!
Now here we are in Istanbul.
An unlikely place, wouldn't you say?
Not really. I heard the Yakuza are here.
The opium.
But one night a drug lord
brought me to the games for entertainment.
And I found him with a great advice.
Live blade.
For me, it's about achieving perfection.
Miyamoto Musashi,
the greatest swordsman who ever lived.
He killed 67 men in single combat...
...before he considered his technique
Miyamoto lived
in the 16th century, Kenjiro.
And even he finally realized
that perfection...
...has more to do with non-killing
than killing.
No one is forced to fight.
They do it for the money.
It's the prize
of suffering out in the ring.
I wanna bring you back to the path
that we both started on.
The path of our father.
The path of my father!
He never was your father.
He isn't yours either, not as you are now.
You had no choice but to come to me,
do you realize that?
Think it was your destiny.
Your karma.
Dropped out of the sky
into the path of my life.
It's our mutual destiny that
only one of us continues on that path.
You'll be taken to a room
for all the combatants.
This is all you need.
It's an excellent sword.
Kenjiro... this really necessary?
Tell me what's going on here.
Tell me what's going on here.
Son of a bitch.
I figured I'd see you here.
Name's Harrison.
Collins. Drew Collins.
You know, it's gonna be weird
having to fight you...
...after you just saved my ass and all.
No offense, Harrison.
I don't think you know
what you're getting into.
Hell, I don't.
Some of the persons in these things...
...can go upwards to a million dollars
to the window.
Now, where else can a cowboy like me
gets to handle cash like that legally?
See my "legally"?
People are getting killed in that arena.
You've got time to pull out of this.
You know... way or the other,
this is the end of the road for me.
See, if I win, it's Tahiti.
If I lose...
...there won't be no problem, anyway.
Damn, man. I didn't know
there are gymnasts in this one.
What the hell is this guy doing in there?
Wushu. It's Chinese.
I guess if he loses his weapon,
he can just leap over the pit
and run home, huh?
He is not gonna lose his weapon tonight.
He will lose his life.
-What makes you say that?
-Economy of motion.
He wastes too much energy.
And that's what defeats him.
I guess he should have a bit more at home.
may I have your attention, please?
It is time to select opponents.
Please, come forward and pick a number.
Excuse me, Kojak.
I'm not fighting anyone...
...until I see the woman
that was brought here with me.
That can be arranged.
But you must first pick a number.
Then see I what I can do.
I'll take the number,
but I'm not gonna fight
till I know that she's all right.
As you wish.
For your comfort and pleasure,
now the attendants will take your bets...
...and serve you with refreshments
compliments of the house.
Talking about compliments,
for the highest roller in each round,
and only for the highest roller
in each round,
a dozen beautiful ladies are waiting
to fulfill your every wish and desire.
Remember, a samurai
learns to utilize his sixth sense.
You will hear the bell before it struck.
You will sense the blow before it falls.
You will see through the eye of his mind.
Hey, Bam-bam, where's your weapon?
I beg your pardon?
Well, it's a fight, you don't have to beg.
Where's your blade, boy?
What are you gonna do,
fight with your dick?
No, no, if were to use my dick,
I'd have an unfair advantage.
Attention, please.
All right.
We have our first match.
...and Hsing Yi.
Let's go.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
our first match of the night,
between two spectacular combatants
from China.
Mr Phan-Xu...
...and Mr Hsing Yi.
Aren't they amazing?
Two fighters who are perfectly adept
with their deadly weapons.
How would you decide
who to put your money on?
Everybody gambles...
The minimum bet is 10,000 dollars.
No, ladies and gentlemen,
life is not cheap in this arena.
Oh, no worries, mate.
You know, I was just trying
to ease a little tension.
Let the combat begin!
That concludes the fight by our winner...
That son of... sure can dance.
You were afraid.
And so you fought poorly.
A samurai embraces death.
When he encounters danger,
he welcomes the fact
that death may result.
When one fights as if seeking to die...
...he fights completely without fear.
And it is usually his opponent
who finds death instead.
Hey, check out that pirate.
I would fight with him.
-You better hope you don't.
-That handicap could be his advantage.
-How's that?
Really causes your opponent
to make assumptions.
Like you just made.
Remember, you've got five senses.
When one is hindered,
the others can be heightened...
...with the proper training.
With the eye of the mind,
you will hear the unhearable...
and see the unseeable,
and you will have no fear in combat.
We don't have to take much time,
We bring you Mr Tekar,
the dreaded pirate
on the coast of Asia Minor.
And Mr Ed Harrison from the US of A.
Hey, partner...
...I think you got something of mine.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Mr Harrison seem to be squeamish tonight.
However, his opponent
is unable to continue.
So our finest American friend
advances to the next round,
perhaps to meet his fate
in the hands of a real warrior.
You know, I've been to Tahiti.
It's overrated when you look
at alternative you're considering.
Well, I don't know why you're here,
old buddy.
For me, this is my last shot
at the whole nine yards.
Lars and Collins.
I told you I'm not fighting anyone
until I see her.
It has been arranged.
You will see her as you enter the arena.
Cherie, go for the woman, please.
-Let's walk.
-Where are you taking me?
I told you to walk.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be all right.
-What is going on here?
-Never mind that.
-All right?
No, we have to get out of here.
I think I can get you out.
After my next fight.
Can you get hurt?
All right, Collins. Enough.
I'm bringing your opponent in now.
I have to go.
You wanna do this.
You knew we were headed for this
the whole time.
-I have to do this.
You wouldn't understand.
Try me.
Giri. It's an obligation. Identity.
Something that's right,
my virtue of it having to be done.
You're right.
I don't understand.
Collins, now.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Mr Lars Olsen of Sweden.
Who made a smorgasbord
of his last opponent.
What sumptuous feat can we expect tonight?
It will be okay.
Come on!
Come on!
You think you can beat me?
Finally, ladies and gentlemen,
Mr Drew Collins.
Here by special invitation.
Has finally decided to grace us
in this competition.
Nice hat.
Let the combat begin.
You got a headache?
You gotta react...
Very slow learner.
I want her released now.
Otherwise, I don't fight again.
-I told you she will be released.
I warned you, Collins.
Your life is in danger
if you do not fight.
And if I lose, you'll never get
out of here alive, anyway.
So I might as well
just let you kill us both...
...without me making you any money.
You tell Kenjiro
I'll give my word of honor...
If Janet's released,
I'll fight to the end.
I will ask him.
But it was stupid of you
not to kill the Swede.
-It is bad for my business.
Harrison, you're next.
Well, who do I fight?
Bring it on, man.
I'm gonna fight some bitch.
The field is narrowing
and the pot is growing.
We have Ed Harrison from the US of A.
Let's hope he can do
more than he did last time...
...than being too squeamish.
And our champion, Kenjiro Sanga of Japan.
East meets West. Who will triumph?
Fight back, little one.
Time to make up,
playing around with death.
Come on.
Come on.
You gonna fight or what?
Come here. Come and get it.
Come and get it! Come and get it!
Come and get...
The winner and still the champion...
...Kenjiro Sanga!
Ladies and gentlemen,
Kenjiro is leaving the pit
with 643,000 dollars.
Remember, my son,
invincibility is in one's self,
vulnerability is in the opponent.
You asked to see me?
Why don't you just kill me
and get this over with?
Do not worry, Andrew-San.
I would not deprive myself the opportunity
of killing you in a fair fight.
Forget it, Kenjiro.
You have always been afraid of me.
I have been afraid for you.
I've been afraid that you had become...
...what you might have become.
Stop me.
I can't stop you.
You are gonna have to stop yourself.
I won't fight you.
And I will test the sharpness of my blade
on your traveling companion... our ancestors did
on their prisoners.
Not Yakuza. Samurai.
...leave her out of this.
It's between you and me!
If you survive... does she.
I'm sorry.
Drew, you can't do this.
It's insane!
There's no stopping now, it's gonna go on.
Listen to me.
I know you feel this giri,
but no obligation
is worth risking your life.
-We went through that already, Janet.
-Just tell me who you're obligated to.
...and my father.
The code that he raised me to believe.
It's ridiculous.
You're gonna live by some code
that means getting yourself killed?
Living by it is my best chance
of staying alive, Janet.
Drew. Please.
Let the fight begin!
Don't push it, McKinney.
Now, are you really gonna attack me
with that little stick?
I think it's time we stop, don't you?
Drew, never forget.
You have acquired the samurai sixth sense.
If you ever lose an ability,
trust your sixth sense.
It will serve you well
when your life is in danger.
Phan-Xu...'re fighting Kenjiro now.
For a very special event...
...the next two warriors, together,
...have killed over 50 men
in mortal combat.
Never before
have they left an opponent alive.
Both of them have proven themselves
time and time again.
This is truly a battle of champions.
A samurai will taste victory
without drinking from the cup of vanity.
You will see the arrow fly
before it leaves the bow.
You will be as swift as lightning.
And as strong as thunder.
Well, the big moment has finally arrived.
You rigged it, didn't you?
Rigged what?
The selection.
You made it so Xu fought him and I'm left.
Kenjiro requested it.
He wanted you for last.
He also requests that you wear this
for your fight with him.
-When do we fight?
We need a few moments
to clean up the pits...
...after what he did to Xu.
A samurai embraces death.
When he encounters danger,
he welcomes the fact
that death may result...
...and thus fights as if seeking it.
What I can do, Father?
He leaves me no choice.
I'm afraid, Father.
As any man, you must walk
through the fire of destiny alone.
Do not fear,
your destiny has brought you here.
Do not dwell in the past,
do not dream of the future.
Concentrate your mind
on the present moment.
What will be will be.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the arena champions proudly presents...
...Mr Kenjiro Sanga...
...and Mr Drew Collins of US of A.
The stakes of this match are higher
than they've ever been before.
They now stand at 610,000 pounds sterling
or a million dollars, US.
This is an extraordinary fighter.
These two warriors brought up together
as brothers in the mountains of Japan.
I know I gave my word of honor
that we'd fight to the end.
But there's no need, Kenjiro.
Keep the sword...
...but call this off.
You've done enough killing here.
Not until I kill you.
It's not about the sword.
It's about who is the best.
I must prove to my father he was wrong
by choosing you as the better swordsman.
Because I was the one.
And I still am.
You're an excellent swordsman, Kenjiro.
Haven't you proven that enough?
Not to him.
Not until I kill you.
Prove to the world
that you are unworthy...
...of my family's honor
and samurai tradition.
Only then will that stupid old man realize
he was wrong.
Then I can kill him, too.
Drew, remember your sixth sense.
Remember your sixth sense.
Remember your sixth sense.
Controls the eye of your mind.
Hey, it's blinding you.
Come, Kenjiro! Go!
You must kill me.
You must kill me!
It is the samurai way.
You are still afraid!
Then I will do it myself.
That is your choice.
Why couldn't we have just been brothers?
You have withstood
the thunder of the past...
...and the fire of the present.
Leave with the wind of the future...
...and let the eye of the mind
guide your steps in whatever may come.
It's over, Drew.
Let's go home.