American Siege (2021) Movie Script

- [waves crashing]
- [seagulls squawking]
[birds chirping]
[Ben] I'm the hero.
Big shiny hero.
[tense music]
A bloodbath won't do anything.
[Kyle] What, are you trying
to be a hero now?
Grace Baker keeps her word.
[heartbeat thumping]
Stay in your lane, Sheriff.
[Charles] You're a fucking
waste of space.
[gunshots firing]
Who the fuck killed my sister?
[dramatic music]
[man speaking indistinctly
over PA]
[indistinct chattering]
[guard] All right, sir,
I need you to stand up please.
[man on radio] You have to
fight for your liberty.
You have to support people
who are willing to fight
for your liberty.
- See you soon, baby! [laughs]
- [guard] Come on!
Wish I were you! [laughs]
[guard] Don't get used to
the fresh air, asshole.
You'll be back.
[music continues]
[indistinct chattering]
[buzzer blares]
[door clanging]
[dog barking in distance]
I hope you don't want a hug.
What are you wearing?
You couldn't pick me up
a little closer?
You look like GI Joe.
The fuck?
You're one to talk, emo kid.
Dude, my plan was
to go to Keats's house,
not the forest.
Like, what are you wearing?
- You look like an idiot.
- Your plan? [scoffs]
It's not your plan.
First of all,
I planned this
for the past 10 years.
I don't even know what
Brigit saw in you.
Get in the car.
Yeah, it's not your plan.
- What's this?
- My ashtray.
What are you smoking
three packs a day?
That ain't gonna be
what kills me.
[engine starts]
Get out, I'm driving.
My truck, my rules.
[Toby] Last time you tried
to drive me anywhere,
you try to take me
to a mental institution,
so I don't trust you.
- Good morning, Toby.
- Fuck you.
I still think this is a bad idea
that we waited for him
all this time.
Everything shit
that happened to Brigit
happened after she got with him.
Now, I ain't getting in
this truck unless I'm driving.
Fine! Christ Almighty
on a broken rocking horse.
It is too early for your crazy.
Get out. Get out!
Thank you, little sister.
[Grace] Oh, my God.
I was listening to a preacher
this morning on the radio
and he said the word "sinner"
six times in six minutes.
You know what that means?
I mean it's gonna be
a glorious day.
[Roy] Give me the gun.
Don't hurt yourself.
[Roy groans]
[engine starts]
[somber music]
[car engine humming]
[tense music]
- [engine roaring]
- [tires squealing]
Someone's here! Someone's here!
[man] The fuck?
[music continues]
[both grunting]
Come on, Toby.
[both grunting]
Does it look like
she needs help?
- [chuckles]
- [man shouts]
[gunshots firing]
Fuck, door's sealed.
[Grace] Hey, asshole.
I can give you
anything you want.
Oh, I think I know what you got.
The only thing you're guilty of
right now is just trespassing.
Nah, I killed that guard
back there.
[Roy] Keats has a guard?
Why does Keats have guard?
And his boys are packing
some real firepower.
That's military spec,
right there.
Grace never mentioned anything
about a fucking guard.
I knew he was hidin' something.
You leave right now,
I swear I won't tell a soul.
I won't say a word.
You can answer a question for us
and we'll be on our way.
[Keats] Yes, anything.
What happened to Brigit Baker?
You were the last person
to see her alive.
House is clear.
See, I told you
this Ayn Rand-lovin',
is hiding something.
[Keats] It's just my safe room..
Fucking open it.
Fuck the door! I want to know
what you did to Brigit.
[Keats] You can still go.
I didn't press the silent alarm.
Go ahead, push it.
You want me to trip the alarm?
Yes we do, Doctor Keats.
I'm not leaving here,
but you can.
Push the button.
Don't make him repeat himself.
Let's get the whole town
in on the fun.
[doorbell rings]
Here's your baker's dozen.
[Kyle] How we doing, sweetheart?
- [woman] Cash or credit?
- [Kyle] Hold on.
What are we working with?
This'll do.
- [woman] Thanks.
- [Kyle tuts]
Hold on.
[woman] Okay, bye.
- [doorbell rings]
- You forgot your gun.
[Kyle] Oh, hell.
All right, see you later.
[doorbell rings]
[insects chirping]
[objects clattering]
- Hey.
- [grunts]
I thought you were dead.
Get up.
- It's time to get up.
- You could...
- You could sit in my lap.
- [Marisa] Oh.
I don't know if it could,
you know, hold both of us.
Come on.
[engine humming]
[indistinct radio chatter]
- [Marisa laughs]
- [horn honks]
Let's go.
- Gotta go.
- Let's have a snow day.
- Nobody cares, Boy Scout.
- [Ben grumbles]
- [horn honks]
- [mutters] Here, oh, yes.
Let's roll, old man.
I got donuts.
- [both chuckling]
- The other one.
- [can opens]
- Woo!
You boys have fun out there.
[Kyle] Christ, Chief.
At least act like
you give a shit.
Let's go.
What's cooking?
I just gotta go
to the kindergarten at 11,
talk to the kids about
being a hero and all that.
Nah, I wish.
Let's go see your daddy.
I need a word.
Let's make it a surprise.
My daddy don't like surprises.
[Ben chuckles]
I understand. [chuckles]
[Charles] Pull.
- [gunshot]
- [clay shatters]
[slow rock music]
[Charles] Pull.
- [gunshot]
- [clay shatters]
[music continues]
[machine clangs]
- [gunshot]
- [clay shatters]
[Charles in distance] Pull.
[kick thuds]
The '66 was better.
- [gunshot]
- [clay shatters]
Morning, Daddy.
[gun clicks]
[Charles] What's wrong?
Maybe we just
want to come say hello.
[woman over radio]
Deputy Rutledge,
Deputy Rutledge,
you got eyes on Sheriff Ben?
[Kyle] Yeah, I'm here.
[woman] Silent alarm
was just tripped
at Doctor Keats's house.
Probably him just
knocking it again,
but when I called the house,
he didn't answer.
- Copy?
- One of his maids again.
Get Marisa to, you know,
to head over.
She ain't gonna be happy,
it's her day off.
Yeah, Aggie, we got it.
We're gonna handle it.
Thank you.
Deputy Marisa.
[Kyle over radio]
Deputy Marisa?
I'm requesting a 89
at the residence
of one Doctor John Keats.
[Marisa over radio]
Are you kidding me?
It's my day off.
crime don't take days off.
[Marisa] One of his maids must
have hit it with her ass.
'Preciate it, Deputy.
- [clattering]
- Oop!
Problem handled.
Delegated. That's the word
you're looking for, delegated.
What you want, Ben?
I've been doing some math.
[Charles] There you go, son.
I saw this real nice boat.
A schooner in, uh, Jacksonville.
Hand me a water, would you?
[Kyle] Pull.
[machine clatters]
- Thank you.
- There you go.
[Kyle] Pull.
[Charles] Why don't you try
hitting one, son?
Those shells are expensive.
Sorry, Pa.
[Ben] He always said
he takes after his mother.
She'd be rolling in her grave
she saw him shoot like that.
How much?
30'll cover it.
Thank you.
Drop by the house tonight,
I'll have it for you.
- [Kyle] Pull.
- [machine clanks]
[Toby] Get in there.
- Get...
- [Keats] Easy. Easy!
- [Toby] Sit down.
- Easy.
- [Toby] You okay, little sis?
- Always.
What you hiding
behind that door, huh?
You the Black El Chapo
or you running
a [indistinct] sex cult
sending in the blood of virgins
to the ultra rich?
You watch
too much YouTube, Toby.
Doctor Keats ain't
sellin' virgin blood.
[indistinct] society's
a real thing, Grace.
What's taking the sheriff
so long?
T, give me his phone.
They don't let me have a phone
who don't let you have a phone?
I've already said too much.
[Roy] T, give me your phone.
Do you think I'm dumb?
I didn't bring my phone,
they could track me.
- Grace.
- All right.
[line ringing]
You ain't never tied
anybody to a chair before?
- That's not how you do it.
- What, you want Roy to do it?
[woman speaking indistinctly
over PA]
[phone ringing]
Albany Federal Bureau
of Investigations.
How can I help?
[phone vibrating]
[woman speaking indistinctly
over phone]
Say that again.
I have one Roy Lambert
on the other line,
he says
he's taken John Keats hostage.
What a horrendous prank.
[woman] It doesn't sound like
a prank, sir.
[door opens]
Hey, Daddy. Yeah,
my friends are on their way.
You're gonna see 'em
real soon.
They'll be there in
just a minute, don't you worry.
Brass will take care of it.
Sir, we have to roll the unit.
Hostage situations are federal,
it's protocol.
[Charles over phone] Perhaps
you never got the call.
It's already been logged.
Where they coming from?
That's an hour to Fitzgerald.
If they get there and sense
there's anything in that house,
they will come in
and they will find it.
An hour.
Stall 'em as long as you can.
Who was that?
Someone we pay
to keep us informed.
Roy Lambert's out of prison?
Go start the truck, son.
Shoulda killed him.
Can you clean this up?
How clean?
Don't have to be squeaky.
- Doctor Keats?
- [Charles] Alive.
Can't lose Doctor Keats,
you know that, right?
He's the best at what he does.
I should send in Silas.
No, no, you don't wanna do that.
Let me try.
Well, Silas can get this done.
[Ben] You want discreet?
That's why I'm here.
[Charles] All right.
You get a shot at Roy,
you're gonna take it, right?
Yes, sir.
[woman over radio]
FBI is 55 minutes out.
Call just went out on the radio.
You contain this.
[tense music]
[Roy whispers] Thank God.
Let's try some diplomacy.
- Grace, give me a rifle.
- [Grace] Why?
The sheriff is here.
Give me a rifle, come on.
- A big one.
- [scoffs] You get what you get.
- I'm gonna do the talking.
- That's all you do.
[Toby] Hey, Keats.
Tell me, how does
a small-town pharmacist
afford a place like this, huh?
I'm frugal.
My family's lived in this house
for 85 years
until you uppity animals
barged in.
Shut the hell up.
Bet the farm
you don't see sundown.
[music continues]
- [button clicks]
- [rifle laser sight powers up]
That's far enough, Ben.
Can we pretend for a moment
that we're civilized?
I need proof of life.
You well?
That's a stupid question
considerin' the circumstance,
you drunk bastard.
Tell them I'll pay them
whatever they want.
- [Roy] Shut the fuck up.
- It's all about the money
with you people.
I thought you were
in the big house.
Got out a few hours ago.
You hurt anyone yet?
Yep, and the day is still young.
You want to negotiate, kid?
Money? Reparations?
How about a nice gin and tonic?
Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?
[Roy] Where's your
hometown spirit, Ben?
I know you know exactly
who to ask to get what we want.
- Which is?
- The answer to one question.
Who the fuck killed my sister?
I investigated.
She went missing.
She probably went to Atlanta.
Yeah, got mixed up
in a bad scene.
My sister wasn't no junkie.
She would never just run off.
The last time she was seen,
she was coming here,
to Doctor Keats's house.
So here's what's what.
You have 30 minutes to solve
the disappearance
of Brigit Baker.
Or I start sending out
John Keats piece by piece
until you got him all.
So let me get this straight.
If you don't hear
what you don't want to hear,
then you're going to
shoot Doctor Keats.
- [Roy] That's right.
- [Ben chuckles]
It took all three of you
to come up with that?
Call the FBI,
get every Leo in the state here,
or I kill my number one suspect.
- No, Roy.
- Yes, Ben.
30 minutes, three-zero,
or I start asking Doctor Keats
the truth.
And if he doesn't answer?
I put a gun to his head
and I ask him again.
And if he still doesn't answer?
[Roy] It's a small town.
She's got a lot of bullets.
Someone's gonna talk.
This started 10 years ago,
but it ends today.
[tense music]
What in God's name
possessed them to do this?
[Ben] They're here for Brigit.
- Who?
- Brigit Baker.
We should smoke 'em out
right now before they dig in.
[clearing throat]
[Ben over radio] Deputy Lewis.
Deputy Lewis, are you on?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, what's up?
Thanks for doing that welfare
check on Doctor Keats.
No problem, no problem.
Did you notice anything,
uh, unusual?
Mm-mm, no. No, nothing.
'Cause he's been taken hostage
- by Roy Lambert...
- Fuck.
- ...Grace Baker, and Toby.
- What?
- What's Toby's last name?
- Tony Cavendish.
- Toby Cavendish.
- Same mom as Grace and Brigit.
- Different dad.
- [Marisa] Yeah, yeah.
I'm on my way, I'm on my way.
[Ben] I want you to go
to the far side of the lake,
- go to the point.
- You got it.
- [Ben] Play God.
- You got it, you got it. Shit.
This whole police department
is fucked.
First thing I'm gonna do when
I get in charge, I'm firing her.
FBI's gonna make a meal
out of this.
We should wait,
let them handle it.
Yeah, the feds are gonna
fuck this up.
Let's let them cool off.
What, are you trying to
be a hero now?
Fuck off.
I can do this.
[Toby] What you hidin'
in that safe room, Keats?
That where you keep your
reptilian friends hidden? Hm?
I'm gonna find out all your
secrets by the end of this day.
What gives you the impression
that I'm anything
but a good man?
[sighs] Well, this is Georgia.
Everyone is doing something
they're not
supposed to be doing.
Sometimes it's their cousin
and sometimes people
are running a satanic sex cult.
I say we just remove
his fingernails
with a fucking blender.
How would that even work?
I read a book about it.
You break the wrist first.
You tap the fingers,
you do one finger at a time...
We're not fucking
torturing anyone!
- [Grace] Yet.
- No.
You don't got the stomach
for this,
why don't you just
walk off, Roy?
- Right now.
- Brigit was everything to me.
I think about her
every fucking day.
She made me a better person
and if we torture him,
we're no fucking better
than him.
We were country
founded on violence, Roy.
You hear me?
Fuck are you talking about?
I'm talking about
our constitutional right
as American citizens
to enact violence on people
so we can get what we want
in the name of justice.
You are fucking crazy!
Yes, I am.
You are a rare specimen, Toby.
And you too, Grace.
Thank you.
I didn't mean that
as a good thing.
You see,
Brigit was nothing like you.
She was a team player.
[Toby] Hey, she worked for you
one summer for two months.
You didn't know her.
Brigit Baker was not the young
woman you thought she was.
What do you mean?
She never loved you, Roy.
Ain't that the truth. [chuckles]
No, you do not have permission
to talk to me like that.
[laughs] I will talk to you
however I want to.
No, you won't.
We were in love.
From the moment I met her,
she was everything to me.
Where'd you meet, Roy?
It's none of
your fucking business.
You met at a show in Bridgeport
and one cool summer night.
[indistinct chattering]
[gentle music]
[Keats] 'Bout 11:05.
She swept you off your feet.
You was her music man.
[no audio]
How do you know that?
She tell you that
before you fucking killed her?
Brigit only spoke to you,
tolerated you,
because Charles Rutledge
ordered it.
That's a lie.
That's a fucking lie!
[tense music]
[Keats] And you two?
She was embarrassed
by the both of you.
Truth is,
she resented the fact that
she was even related to you.
Truth is,
she could be a prissy bitch.
Hey, you don't
talk about her like that.
- sister too, I'mma talk...
- Do not disrespect her name
- right now!
- [both shouting]
[Roy] Stop! He's just trying
to get in our fucking heads!
Well, it's fucking working.
Ain't it?
[music continues]
[indistinct chattering]
[flames crackling]
Mr. Rutledge.
Grace Baker?
Move out.
[engines rumbling]
[mutters indistinctly]
I'm going to find out
all your secrets, I am.
[whispers] Okay.
How does this work?
Oh, and you thought you built
you so smart, you damn door.
Let me tell you,
Toby's going to find a way in.
Fucking find a way.
Oh, guess we're gonna do this
the old fashioned way, door.
[whispers] Here we go.
Fire in the hole.
[explosion rumbles]
What the fuck was that?
- What the fuck was that?
- Sounded like C4.
You are one goddamn
strong door, aren't you?
Where'd he get C4 from?
I don't know.
Probably had it in his pocket.
That was some of the weakest C4
I ever blown up.
[whispers] That's all right.
I'm gonna find my way in.
Here we go.
- [electricity buzzes]
- Ah, shit!
We should get in there,
save the day.
Well, that would be stupid.
Ha-ha! Hell yes.
That's a '61 St. Andrews,
don't you dare.
[sighs] It's a little early
to be celebrating, Grace.
Bit late to be sober.
Nah, you're on probation,
that would be illegal.
Are you ever not a fuck up?
Give me one more ounce of lip
and I will lay you out.
You are a very angry person.
I can be a violent person too.
I contain multitudes,
You people are sick in the head.
We haven't even
gotten started yet.
You killed Kane in cold blood.
Our blood hasn't been cold
in 10 years.
Who's Kane?
Your security guard? [scoffs]
Yeah, I tore through him
like a seafood buffet.
He's not my guard.
The fuck you say?
[Keats] You're so nave, child.
I'd leave this place if I could.
Forget it.
Say that again.
Charles. He's the monster.
He's the one you need to be
asking questions about Brigit,
not me.
They don't let you leave?
Once a week I get to go get
a good meal at a restaurant.
Other than that,
I'll work for Charles.
Over and over.
- You're serious.
- As cancer.
[phone vibrating]
[Roy over phone]
What does Charles Rutledge
have to do with this?
All we want is the truth.
It's not as easy as it sounds.
Nothing worth getting is easy,
except drunk.
Easy? Not the way I do it.
[Grace scoffs]
Oh, we're making jokes now?
Well, here's a funny one
for you.
Brigit was 19
when she disappeared
and she never had
a legal drink in her life.
If, you know you were them,
how would you escape?
Well, we got lake on both sides,
but in the back, it's just bush
all the way to Florida.
They knew they weren't leaving.
[phone dialing]
[Ben over phone]
Mr. Rutledge.
I got this
right where I want it.
- [Charles] Not fast enough.
- I'm taking care of it.
Silas and the old boys are en
route to expedite the situation.
We can't just
shoot our way out of it.
Doctor Keats...
means a great deal to this town.
We lose him, we possibly
lose our way of life.
Am I understood?
There's a chance that this ends
without another bullet fired.
- [Charles] How?
- Anything you can tell me?
About Brigit's disappearance?
- I wouldn't go there.
- [Ben] Or what?
You might join her.
Wherever that may be.
- A girl went missing.
- [Charles] You investigated.
And the town had a vigil,
and no body was ever found.
You even said it yourself.
- No body, no crime.
- Think of their perspective.
Imagine if it was Kyle.
How far would you go for him?
Stay in your lane, Sheriff.
Assist Silas.
The FBI negotiating team is
going to be here in 41 minutes.
I need this wrapped
in a bow in 30.
Your daddy sends his love.
I thought Roy Lambert
was doing 10 years for assault.
- [laughing] He was.
- Who did he attack?
Three guesses.
Doctor Keats? No.
Roy sucker-punched him.
and your dad got him a decade.
10 years for assaulting someone?
Must have been hell of a punch.
It was.
After we called off
the search for Brigit,
your father,
in his infinite wisdom,
told Roy that Brigit
was better off dead.
I woulda punched him too.
You wouldn't've.
[car brakes squealing]
[fly buzzing]
- [phone ringing]
- Shit.
Are you in position?
[Marisa over phone] Patience
isn't one of your virtues,
is it, Ben?
I spoke with Mrs. Baker.
She doesn't want anything
to do with her daughter.
Adopted daughter, that is.
I've got eyes and ammo
on the house.
Unless they don't
get through you...
they ain't comin' through here.
That's my call, don't fire till
I give the green light.
Understood. Sheriff.
[tense music]
[engines rumbling]
Oh, fuck.
We've got it under control.
Doesn't look that way to me.
Look Ben,
it's been a true pleasure
working with you on this,
but we got it from here.
Why don't you and the kid go
set up a perimeter or some shit?
Fuck off, Silas.
[man] 15 minutes to breach,
10 to wrap out.
[Silas] Rutledge wants this done
and we're here to handle it.
Thank you for your service,
but you're on the bench.
Let's go.
[Kyle] Ben,
what the hell's happening here?
Dad sent a militia?
You think you can
get inside the house?
Hug the tree line.
Wait. So you want me
inside the house
so Silas
doesn't shoot the shit up?
Something like that.
A bloodbath won't do anything.
You understand?
[Kyle] All right.
You ain't gonna do it,
guess it's my time
to be the hero.
It's my time.
[Toby] Say what?
You want me to do what?
Get up on in here?
Okay. I can do that.
Jesus be with me.
We're doing
the Lord's work here.
[Roy] Brigit told me
Toby was going off the deep end,
but that guy needs help.
He went downhill after Brigit.
Last year he went to
a donnybrook in Alabama,
said he partied
and got a weird bump of coke.
Didn't you want to be a dancer?
Whatever happened to that
Grace Baker used to...
sell Girl Scout cookies
door to door?
She learned to fight
and shoot a gun.
Must have been real hard
growing up in Brigit's shadow.
She was wicked smart.
I helped her write
some of her college application.
I even helped her win that
full ride scholarship to Yale.
Broke my heart
when Charles convinced her to...
join the town business.
Brigit was a good kid.
One of the greatest kids
you could hope for
coming out of a foster home.
She always looked out for you.
Didn't she?
You and Toby?
Your caseworks failed you.
But the three of you?
You always had each other.
That's good.
I had a foster kid once.
Didn't work out.
Of course, that was
back when the state paid you
good money
to take care of bastards.
[Roy] Do you hear yourself?
Does that sound like
a normal thing to say?
Some of those kids, their
family tree looked like circles.
Grace. I want you to know.
Just because your own family
abandoned you doesn't mean
you have to give up on yourself.
All this hate,
all this anger...
Brigit would have wanted you
to forget her.
Well, I try.
- What? You try?
- Shut up.
You try?
[Grace] That's not what I meant.
What'd you mean then?
Enlighten us.
I've spent 10 years trying
to move on, Roy. 10 years.
And I feel guilty,
but I want to forget her. I do.
I try so hard, but my mind
just doesn't let me sleep.
And I keep thinking about what
these sick fucks did to her!
And I just wanna sleep.
I need to know
what happened, Roy.
I'm tired of visiting
an empty grave.
I spent 10 years in prison.
I lost my career.
I lost everything.
No one cared. Except for you.
You and the memory of her.
That's all that kept me sane.
Okay, well try being free
and not being able
to do anything about it
because I made your stupid ass
a promise
that I would wait until
you got out to do shit.
And every soul
from God to the devil
knows that Grace Baker
keeps her word.
I swore on Brigit's grave
that I would kill anyone
who had anything to do
with her disappearance.
If I find out that you had
anything to do with it,
God fucking help you,
I kill you myself.
[somber music]
- [clattering]
- Shit.
[Roy] You hear that?
Toby, do you hear that?
- [man] Who's inside?
- [Ben] You got Roy,
you got Grace,
and the dipshit cousin,
I can't remember his name.
[man] Yeah, Toby Cavendish.
What a piece of shit.
Toby Cavendish is nothing but
an all-American loser.
[man] I heard he tried
to start a gun store and failed.
Who the fuck can't make money
owning a gun store in Georgia?
[man 2] Are we just
doing surveillance for now?
'Cause this drone could knock
real loud if it needs to.
You're not doing
a fucking drone strike.
You're gonna kill Keats.
Rutledge authorized it,
so we're doing it.
didn't Toby and Grace enlist?
Yeah, I heard that too.
Then they washed out.
[drone whirring]
[dramatic music]
- You find anyone?
- No.
What is that?
Called a drone, convict.
Or in the language of my people,
we call it target practice.
[gunshots firing]
- [explosion booms]
- [men shouting]
Come on!
[Ben laughing]
Oh, what a strange toy that
is for grown men. [laughing]
All right,
we're gonna take this house.
We don't need robots.
You got it?
[Roy] Charles didn't
exactly send his finest minds.
The hell was that?
What? Why are you smiling?
That wasn't a drone,
that was a drone-drone.
They must've packed that TN or some shit,
'cause I only shot it
with my .556.
That means they think
you're expendable, John Keats.
Well, that's fascinating.
How about that, Doctor Keats?
Who's more scary now?
Us or them?
Last time I saw Brigit,
she was getting into the back
of the sheriff's cruiser.
They were taking her away,
I swear.
[tense music]
Put it on speaker.
[phone vibrating]
[Grace over phone]
Why does Doctor Keats say that
you know
what happened to Brigit?
[Ben over phone] Me? I hardly
know my way to the station.
What possible reason
would I have?
Doctor Keats said he saw her
in your police cruiser.
[Ben] 10 years ago?
I blacked out drunk.
If you ain't
trying to hide anything,
why are you sending
drone-drones, huh?
Trying to turn this into Waco?
[Ben] No more bloodshed,
okay? Please.
I don't know
what happened to Brigit.
Grace, you hear me?
I don't... I... I investigated it
and it's... it's tough.
I put together
a list of suspects.
On the top of the list,
Roy Lambert.
When he assaulted Charles,
it gave us a way to lock him up.
- It's bullshit.
- [Ben] Charles insisted
we stop the investigation
after Roy's conviction
to keep the community safe.
And around here, whatever
Charles wants, he gets.
- Anything else?
- [Ben] Just....
let Doctor Keats go.
Nobody else
needs to die today.
[Roy] They fucking set me up.
She was the best girl
that I ever met.
She was too good for me.
But you know there's no way
I could have done this.
She was too good for you.
[Roy] She was.
She really wants.
[whispers] Christ.
I know you didn't kill Brig.
- Thanks.
- You're too much of a pussy.
Now, I definitely know
they're hiding something,
so, Toby, get that door down.
What the hell you think
I've been trying to do,
little sister?
Trying ain't doing, is it,
big brother?
Some things can't be unseen.
If you get through that door,
everything changes.
I told y'all!
I'mma get in that door
right now. You hear me?
[dramatic music]
Holy shit. Charles Rutledge
actually showed up.
I'll say my plan is working.
Your plan?
Boys are preppin' now.
We've only got to do this once.
How did
your delicate approach go?
It's goin'. Kyle's inside now.
What the fuck did you just say?
There was no stopping him.
- He overpowered me.
- Don't get it, do you?
Negotiating with them,
announces to every
goddamn degenerate
that all they have to do
to get ahead in this world
is point a gun in a man's face
that works for a living.
No. Those are assholes.
They have a different mindset.
Now you sent my only son
in there to deal with them.
[phone dialing]
Marisa? Got eyes on Kyle?
Negative. I can't see him.
He's not with you?
S'posed to be the babysitter,
fucking dumbass.
I'm the sheriff of this county.
[Charles] Yes, you are.
Don't forget who put you there,
who keeps you there.
And who could put you
in the ground
faster than a sparrow can shit.
You're a burned out, washed up
disgrace to this town,
and it's only by my patience and
the benevolence of the good Lord
that you're still breathing.
My family, they built this town.
They toiled to make her great.
My blood is in every tree.
My breath in every gust of wind.
Couldn't make it
as a cop in New York or Atlanta
or even as a security guard
in a fucking Walmart.
You're a corrupt,
godless, divorced,
deadbeat dad whose only children
don't even call you
on your birthday.
Yeah, you're the sheriff.
What are you doing?
Still thinking
you're the quarterback?
Well, you're not.
You're a fucking waste of space.
You got me?
A fucking waste! Goddammit!
- Are we clear?
- Yes.
- [Charles] Yes, what?
- Yes, sir.
Now you're relieved, Sheriff.
- Thank you for your service.
- Stop fucking yelling at me.
Gonna send you the money
you need for that boat
you wanted so bad,
then I never wanna
see you again.
That's the deal.
Good doing business with you,
now fuck off!
Get the fuck outta here, Ben.
Goddamn it, boy!
Ben! That's my property over
there! You're fucking walking!
[dramatic music]
[Grace] Where the hell
is the sheriff going?
They're making a play.
Are they really
trying to kill me?
Now we have to
keep you alive. Great.
They'll have to get in line.
T, if you want to get in there,
you gotta do it yesterday.
[electricity buzzing]
[groans] shit.
[electricity whirring]
[whispers] I knew it. I'm in.
That's what I'm talking about.
Come on, Jesus.
Help me open this door.
Hey Grace, I'm in.
[whispers indistinctly]
I can't see shit.
Better not be aliens.
All right, I'm going down.
Stay with me now, JC.
Be with me.
[tense music]
[machinery whirring]
[music continues]
[indistinct voices]
[indistinct muttering]
[tense music]
[tone beeps]
[phone vibrates]
[Charles] The feds are
23 minutes out, three SUVs.
[Toby] You're not
going to believe this.
Turns out that Doctor Keats here
is cooking up more d-rugs
below our feet than
Hunter S, Thompson could do
in 1,000 lifetimes.
You, my friends, are looking at
the Georgia Peach Pablo Escobar.
- It's not what it looks like.
- Really?
'Cause I saw enough d-rugs
to make 1,000 pounds
of fentanyl, crystal, ecstasy.
You name it.
I was right, Grace,
this whole time.
Me! I knew this, I was right,
and y'all will never
hear the end of this.
[Roy] There's four incoming.
Grace, get upstairs.
[Grace] Yeah, well,
if you don't keep him alive,
we won't live long enough
to hear the start of it.
[tense music]
[Roy] They're moving
to the side of the house, Grace.
[whispers] You're the devil.
[phone rings]
Are you making a move
on the house?
Little fucking heads up
would have been nice, Ben.
Ben is no longer sheriff.
You get a shot at those SOBs,
you take it, you got me?
[Marisa over phone]
Oh, Mr. Rutledge.
Okay. Yes, sir.
Oh, I can't wait to see
the faces of those FBI boys
when they discover your stash.
[music continues]
[gun cocks]
[gunshots firing]
Are you kidding?
I lit those fuckers up
like a Christmas tree.
- [gun cocks]
- [grunts]
Come here! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!
C'mere, c'mere, c'mere.
- [Grace grunts]
- [laughs] Wait, wait, hold on.
[speaks indistinctly]
No? Yeah? Right?
Drop it. Drop it!
[Grace grunts]
Shoot this fuck nugget!
[man] Hey, Keats.
What's goin' on?
Did they get a call off? Huh?
Did they? Who'd you tell?
I didn't tell 'em anything!
No, that's bullshit.
I don't believe a word of it.
I found out about
your cave of sin, though.
How many people are in on it,
huh? The whole town?
Oh, I think I know you.
Aren't you little Callan Martin?
You know [indistinct]
you couldn't even spell
your own name till freshman
That's real rich coming from
the guy who wore a tin foil suit
to his own graduation.
Bet your parents
were real proud,
thinking that you're, what?
The fucking NSA was scratching
the inside of your skull?
You loony bin.
That's pretty cocky from
the guy who's got a gun on him.
No, no, the only person
who's gonna be fucking shooting
anybody is gonna be me.
I'm gonna blow
your fucking head off.
And then I'm gonna take my time,
interrogatin' all three of ya.
[gun cocks]
[Kyle] Don't you fucking move.
I heard everything.
Were you lyin'
about all that stuff
they were saying about
that bunker, Toby?
I wish I was, Kyle.
Get it off me.
I'm the only cop here man,
it's time for you to go.
[Callan] You get that fucking
gun out of my back, boy.
You couldn't hit the broad side
of a barn. [chuckles]
You wouldn't know your ass
from a hole in the ground!
You are way
the fuck over your head,
[Kyle] Callan, you know,
I'm warning you.
[Callan] No,
I'm gonna fucking tell you...
[Kyle] Shut up. I mean,
you do not have to die here.
Don't be a fucking hero.
[Kyle] Get outta here, man.
[Callan] Your daddy's outside!
And the only person leaving
here alive is going to be me
and possibly you unless
you fucking turn around
right when you came out of...
[Kyle] Grace!
[breathing heavily]
[somber music]
Never seen a dead body before.
[phone ringing]
[Toby] Roy.
Get the phone.
Come on, Roy, on the double.
[Charles over phone]
Callan, status report.
Morning, Daddy. I'm sorry.
You hurt my boy...
and I'll rain an unholy violence
down upon you Sodomites.
Oh, we found your manufactorium
of iniquity, Charles.
You are responsible
for what happens now.
Tell us everything that
you know about Brigit,
or Kyle gets real familiar
with the inside of my gun.
You want to save your secrets
or your son?
[Charles] I have to give credit
where it's due.
Those three
shot your boys to shit.
Just a warm-up.
We don't have time for games.
Get in there. Get my son.
Kill the rest.
You got it?
[phone dialing]
Hey. How long
to get everybody to Keats's?
[saw whirring]
[phone ringing]
[phone chimes]
[tense music]
[phone ringing]
Got it. On my way.
[engine rumbling]
[engines rumbling]
[Toby] That man
was here to kill us, Roy.
You did the right thing.
Saved our lives.
What happened to my sister?
She's dead.
[somber music]
That's all that matters.
She's dead.
[Grace] Who did it?
It's not that simple.
This all has something to do
with what you're cooking
down in the dungeon, doesn't it?
It was Brigit's idea.
She had a vision.
Really owe it all to you, Toby.
[Keats] She was inspired by you.
She saw you getting high
behind the group home.
[intense music]
[somber music]
All you do is lie, Keats.
And you, Grace.
She saw how
unafraid you were of violence.
She wanted to find something
that would bring you peace.
But you need to understand.
The future pharmaceuticals
is all for the taking.
Once upon a time,
cartels built their empires
strictly on marijuana.
And then, they saw
the coastal elites and posers,
their appetite for blow.
Then the Brit Brigade brought E.
Brought it from the raves
to the clubs.
[pulsing dance music]
And the cartels...
shifted to heroin.
And oxycontin was being
prescribed wholesale.
So the cartels innovated.
Started to cut that demon drug,
fentanyl into every damn thing
and everyone was
pitching a hissy fit.
Not to mention
those gay vegans in Los Angeles
worried about all the additives
in their orange juice,
but they couldn't even pronounce
half the damn shit
that was in their fucking drugs.
[Toby] Get to the point, Keats.
[somber music]
She started off working for me
that summer stacking shelves.
Within a month,
she was running the place.
She would always ask me
mountains of questions
about...'bout the business.
For a moment,
I thought she was...
trying to figure out
how to create a meth lab.
But I knew
she was smarter than that.
You're not just cooking up
any old Dilaudid down there.
- You're experimenting.
- Innovating!
- Brigit was a pioneer.
- [chuckles]
[Keats] She told me her idea.
We needed capital to
build her labs, you know?
Pharmaceutical components
and shit like that.
And I introduced her
to Charles.
I borrowed money for him.
Long time ago.
He liked Brigit's idea.
He liked it a lot.
We was already into
some shady shit, but...
[Roy] But what?
Charles is a diligent man.
He wanted to know how this
new drug
that would be the ecstasy of
the 2000s could be transported.
- [coughs]
- [Keats] Well, Brigit went out,
did some research.
She started to think that...
traveling musicians...
would be the answer,
and they would be the best way
to transport the new drug.
[music continues]
[no audio]
That's where you came in, Roy.
The only reason she was
at that bar that night, Roy,
was to see what she could see.
Then she'd sell you.
She used you.
[sirens wailing]
After you hit Charles,
you were the perfect Patsy
for him.
Anyone who asked about Brigit,
Charles could say that it
must have been her violent ex,
even without evidence.
He had an influence
everywhere, cops, judges.
It was all too easy for him.
And town drunk Sheriff Ben was
happy to look the other way.
We all knew he was
the worst cop in the country.
Couldn't even see
half the cops in the county
were on Charles's payroll.
[Kyle] You're lyin'.
These are all lies.
My dad's a good man.
He can't be doing this.
I have no reason to lie.
Not anymore.
So, you, Brigit, and Charles
were business partners?
And Silas.
There's always a Silas.
Someone to do
their dirty work.
As I started to make headway,
Charles saw the potential.
[whispers] He got greedy.
He invited Brigit here
one night.
And she never made it.
[tense music]
[Keats] Silas pulled her over
in the sheriff's cruiser.
I never saw her again.
[no audio]
I don't know
what happened after that.
[music continues]
[Keats sobs]
I don't know
what happened after...
[flames whooshing]
Meanwhile, Charles told Ben
to stop the investigation.
The town moved on.
Everyone except you three
and me.
Brigit was my apprentice.
My friend.
- [grunts]
- [wood clattering]
[flames roaring]
[music continues]
[engines rumbling]
[tense music]
Answer the phone, Ben.
[thunder rumbling]
Let's trade!
We'll give you free passes out.
Just give us Kyle.
We'll stand down.
Give you my word.
I'll corroborate everything.
You just gotta wait for
the FBI boys to get here
and I'll... I'll back everything
you say, I swear.
Does the sheriff know
about Brigit?
No, no.
We keep the sheriff and Kyle
in the dark about everything.
It's good cover for Charles
to have a son as a deputy.
Everybody knows
that Kyle's a dumbass.
My dad's a man of his word.
You just let me go and he'll...
he'll let you guys free,
I... I promise.
You best keep your word, Kyle.
[whispers] You hear me?
Get outta here. Get!
Run to your daddy.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what for, but...
I'm sorry.
[Charles] Walk to me, son.
You gonna keep your promise?
You gave your word
you'd let them go.
Come on, now.
Just a little further.
Don't be a pigeon of peace, son.
[tense music]
[Kyle] You're gonna let them go.
- [Charles] Doctor Keats alive?
- He is.
Let them pass.
Let them pass
or when the FBI arrive,
I'll tell 'em everything.
You don't mean that.
I swear it.
I swear on my life.
On Mom's grave, I swear it.
[music continues]
[tense music]
What are they doing?
No, no! Get me outta here.
[whispers] Fucking kidding me?
Get this done.
Kill them all, burn the lab.
FBI is 8 minutes out.
[gunshots firing]
Cut him loose, Roy.
If we can get to the lab,
we may be able to hold them off.
[man groaning]
[Grace gasping] Keats got hit!
Toby, he's hit!
- [explosion rumbles]
- [Toby grunting]
[somber music]
[gunshots continue firing]
[phone ringing]
[Ben over phone]
Marisa, it's me.
Don't shoot the kids.
This is on Charles.
[gunshots firing]
[man] Get my gun!
[explosion rumbles]
[tense music]
Stay in your lane, Sheriff.
[Kyle] What, are you trying to
be a hero now?
[gunshots continues in distance]
Hey. Hey!
Let's get these fuckers
for Toby.
[gunshots firing]
[Charles] You're a fucking
waste of space.
[music continues]
- [gunshot]
- [grunts]
[gunshots firing]
Hold still, motherfucker.
[Charles] Hey!
Where the fuck d'you think
you're going?
Ben. How come shit
always lands on top?
It's over, Charlie.
[both breathing heavily]
Do you regret anything?
- [gunshots firing]
- [groans]
[Ben] If anyone is still
breathing in there, it's over.
[somber music]
[Grace crying]
[music continues]
How much did you know?
It was Keats and Charles.
[Roy] Keats ran the drugs.
But Silas killed Brigit.
He had your car that night.
I should have done more.
Yeah, you fucking should have.
And now you're bleeding.
It ain't my blood.
[Grace] You sure about that?
[Ben] The feds are almost here.
So go, you're free.
[somber music]
[engine starts]
[Ben] Marisa.
You were never here.
If anyone asks,
I found a drug den.
Fought off the army.
I'm the hero.
Big shiny hero.
[music continues]
[phone shatters]
[music continues]
[somber music]