American Star (2024) Movie Script

Flight Binter Canarias 8135
to Tenerife.
Will passengers please proceed
to gate number C8?
Hello? This is Tiffany.
Bye. Ciao.
No, I'm at the car.
Someone turned up.
No, of course not.
What kind of intel is this, eh?
Yeah, yeah, I'm still here.
No. I'm staying.
Let me know when you need
the package delivered.
There you go.
Thank you very much.
All I do every day
is compromise!
If it's not compromising for
you, it's compromising for him!
My God, I don't even know
who I am anymore!
Can you keep your voice
No, I won't keep
my voice down!
Jesus Christ!
Don't you dare tell me
to keep my voice down!
I'm sick of you
telling me what to do.
Nobody thinks
about me.
What about me?!
- Yeah.
- Yes, you know.
We're leavin' together
But still it's farewell
And maybe we'll come back
To Earth, who can tell?
I guess there is no one
to blame
We're leaving ground
Leaving ground
Will things
ever be the same again?
It's the final countdown
The final countdown
We're heading for Venus
And still we stand tall
'Cause maybe they've seen us
And welcome us all,
With so many light-years
to go
And things to be found
To be found
I'm sure that we'll all
miss her, oh
It's the final countdown
Come on, come on!
Hey, nice party.
You stop here tonight?
Thank you, thank you.
You stop here?
Hey, man.
We'll buy you a free shot,
and to play raffle for win.
Free drinks all night.
Hot chicks inside.
Anywhere around here
with music from my century?
Okay, okay. Go straight on.
And when you see the pink
and blue lights, go left.
I got my mojo working.
Gracias, amigo.
De nada, man.
Dystopia. Fiesta
Scotch, por favor.
in particular?
The oldest one you've got.
Oh, ice?
No. Gracias.
Make my day
This -- This ship?
Yes. The American Star.
The American Star.
Is it here?
Yeah, it's here.
Actually let me show you.
It's on the other side
of the island.
So we're here.
And it's
all the way there.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
All right. You good?
Go ahead, make my day
Go ahead, make my day
por favor.
Make my day, make my day
Make my day
when I come back home
When I'm so tired
and I'm feeling sad
Good night.
iPor favor!
I need help!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Do you want one?
No, gracias, okay?
Thank you, man.
You're a friend.
Thank you.
Hey, hombre.
Mm, mm.
Aren't you hot?
Um, why don't you
put some trunks on?
I don't want to.
Uh-oh. Think Mum's
calling you, Max.
Buenos das.
Buenas tardes.
Buenas noches.
Islas Canarias.
This is new.
I'm trying
to look more like you.
Come here.
Good to see you.
So, why are you here?
Just making sure
everything's in order.
It is.
You sticking around was
a bit of a weird choice.
My job.
I know.
And it's an important one.
They all are.
I don't understand
what it is about this place.
It's just windy,
and it's like Blackpool.
I like it.
Is that why you stayed?
You having a holiday?
Were you born
in that suit?
Classy shirt.
That's what the ladies
say to me.
How's Mum?
She's fine.
Still calls me
every night.
Reminds me to hand in
my bedding.
She's convinced I'm still
in the Paras.
She was so proud of you
in that uniform.
Your dad
would have been, too.
You never stopped talking
about being a soldier
when you were a kid.
That's what we are,
isn't it?
Private sector --
better pay...
less risks.
We still carry guns,
you know.
Still follow orders.
Not the same.
It's not the same.
Dying for queen
and country.
Didn't you and my dad
cover that in the Falklands?
Fuck off!
How does it go?
That thing? The cheers.
"Here's to you...
Here's to us.
Who's like us?"
"Not many.
They're all dead."
Cheers, Dad.
I could get used
to this.
Don't get too used to it,
You don't like my company?
I could give you a hand
with the job.
Bugger that.
It's your job.
Speaking of which,
the target will be here
in a couple of days,
...get your holiday time in
What do you know
about this crowd, anyway?
I didn't even know that.
Rule number one --
The less you know about
the target, the better.
What's rule number two?
Ryan always pays the bill.
Give my love to Mum, eh?
Mention your name,
she gets all pissed off.
You sure you don't want
to borrow my shirt?
Travel safe, Ryan.
I'll try.
No, it's not you.
You're right.
Went looking for
the American Star today
and couldn't find it.
Really? Maybe you got
the wrong beach.
I think
I'll try again tomorrow.
See you then.
Actually, you know what?
Maybe I can go with you.
I mean, I'd love
to see it again.
I'm busy in the --
in the morning,
but we could go at sunset
if you want.
Which hotel
are you staying at?
Oliva Beach.
I'm Gloria.
Nice to meet you, Wilson.
And you, Gloria.
So, 5:00 p.m.
in the lobby?
Great. See you then.
What's going on
out here?
Your key work?
Did you buy
some swimming trunks?
Aren't you going to?
Because I have
no intention of taking a dip.
Can't you swim?
Of course I can swim.
And I can parachute jump.
So what -- what are you
doing out here, Max, eh?
My dad.
He snores.
Sure does.
Do you snore, too?
Very probably.
Do you really know
how to parachute jump?
I wouldn't lie to you.
You're not gonna spend
all night here, are you?
Just a while longer.
Night-night, Max.
Cuatro, cinco...
seis, siete, ocho.
Faster! Faster!
Come on!
Faster! Faster!
Hola, Gloria.
Perfecto for the beach.
iArriba! IArriba! iArriba!
Do you want to join them?
-Uno, dos...
-Maybe tomorrow.
Come on, let's go.
Why Fuerteventura?
Someone suggested it.
Do you always go
on holiday alone?
I like meeting people.
This must be like being
on holiday all year 'round.
Yep. I fucking love it.
Do you mind?
You want one?
No. I'm good.
You always lived here?
Eight years.
What made you move here?
My mom. She lives here,
in Puerto del Rosario.
She's a real-estate agent.
Do you want to buy
a holiday home?
He's around somewhere.
What do you do?
You're a bodyguard?
I deal mainly
with business.
You're from London,
What makes you think that?
Well, because I hear it.
I used to live there.
Wherever they
let me crash for the night.
Are you married?
None that I know of.
And you?
I'm like you.
I like meeting people.
Here. Left.
Now we walk.
How the hell
did it get here?
All right, so basically,
a tugboat was towing it
from Greece to Thailand
to -- to turn it
into a floating hotel.
They were caught in a storm.
The towline snapped.
It ran aground
and broke in two.
When was that?
Early '90s.
They planned to dismantle it
and sell it as scrap.
There was -- There was talk
of taking it to Texas, as well,
to turn it into a prison.
Like the Maidstone.
Prison ship in Belfast.
Are you an ex-con?
Do I look like one?
So the locals looted it.
There's basically bits
of the American Star
all over Fuerteventura.
The currents here
are super strong.
Some people drowned trying
to salvage two grand pianos.
One fell into the sea.
The other one's
in a house near here.
Eleanor Roosevelt
christened it.
The next day,
Hitler invaded Poland.
Not much older than me.
The Yankee Navy painted it gray,
fitted it out with big guns,
and sent it to war.
And that'll be 35 euros,
Papas arrugadas.
Cin cin.
They say there are
three sorts of people
in Fuerteventura.
Those who live here,
and those who are running
from something.
I don't live here.
And you don't look
like a tourist.
I'm going to use
the men's room.
"I can see your house
from here."
You don't get it.
There's a language barrier.
Oh, it's a funny joke,
trust me.
See the moon?
Look at the fucking moon.
It's awesome.
Wilson. Come.
What is it?
He's English, like you.
Oh, this is your friend?
Oh, no way. Let me see.
Hey, mate. Nice to meet you.
I'm Ryan. Wilson, is it?
Nice to meet you.
Your friend here,
she was just telling me --
She was trying to teach
my uncivilized ass
how to eat these...
What are they called?
That's the last bit. Arrugas?
Got it in one. Nailed it.
And it goes with
this sauce, right?
This is the mo-joe...
Moho. So the mojo is...
Not moho. Mojo.
So Mojo is
the -- the bar?
Mojo is -- Yes.
Named after the blues singer.
"Mo-ho" is the sauce...
Mojo is the sauce.
...for the wrinkled things.
Got it. You're awesome.
I'm gonna get out
your hair.
I don't want to interrupt you
anymore, but I'm gonna go.
I've got --
My friends are waiting for me.
So they're in Costa Calma
in the south.
Oh, really?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So I'm staying in the south.
I used to live there.
Actually, yeah.
I can, like, text you
some addresses and...
Yeah, that'd be awesome.
...restaurants and stuff.
Yeah, that'd be great.
Yeah, I'd love that.
It was really a pleasure
to meet you.
I'm lucky I met you here.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
All right, take it easy.
All right.
Put a coat on.
You look cold.
Take it easy, Wilson.
Nice to meet you, mate.
Papas arrugadas!
He's nice.
Yeah. Honestly,
it felt like a miracle.
Well, us being there just
at the moment the ship moved.
It's as if it was waiting
for someone to be watching.
Maybe tonight,
it will sink completely.
That will make us
the last two people
ever to see
the American Star.
My mom loves this song.
It's Julio.
What's the name of it?
"Me Olvid de Vivir."
"Me Olvid de Vivir"?
In English?
"I Forgot about Living."
It's about man
who doesn't know
what he feels anymore.
Look at the stars.
Kill the headlights.
Turn them off.
Me olvid de vivir
Me olvid de vivir
De tanto cantarle
al amor y la vida
Thank you for the ride.
Thank you.
See you at
the bar later?
It's been a long day.
All right.
Actually, my mom's
coming for lunch tomorrow.
Do you want to join us?
Don't you think you should
check with mom first?
Well, she's like us.
She likes meeting people.
1:30 tomorrow.
Where are you?
I thought you might be.
Wait for me.
Easy love
Is the love there,
too much of fire
Easy love
Is there love there,
too much of fire
So what was that all
about today?
I'm following orders.
I've been told to stay
on the island.
I work alone.
Just think of me as the wind
beneath your wings.
I don't need you, Ryan.
Don't shoot
the messenger, mate.
If you got a problem with them,
take it up with them.
Knock yourself out.
Good news though.
Got another job
for you in two weeks.
I'd rather finish
this one first.
Everything is fine,
Of course it is.
Gloria is lovely,
by the way.
She's a bit skinny,
but she's got
really nice tits.
Now don't worry.
I'm not trying
to tread on
your turf, uncle.
I would never do that.
It's my mom.
Stay in the south, right?
Hiya, mum.
Yeah, if you change it
to region two,
it'll start working
no problem.
Yeah, it's
the DVD region.
Easy love
Is the love there,
too much of fire
Hopeless go under
Good morning, Max.
I found one of your toy soldiers
in the corridor.
Remind me to give
you it back later.
What's with
that shirt, eh?
Real Madrid.
Yeah, I can see that.
Where are you from?
So why isn't your
favorite team Cardiff?
I mean, you know,
where you were born,
your hometown team,
or some other Welsh team?
Swansea maybe,
I don't know.
They haven't won
any Champions Leagues.
Well, how about
Liverpool then?
They're nearly Welsh.
How many Champions Leagues
have they won?
Real Madrid, 13.
How many can you do without
it touching the ground?
Oh, you want me
to play keepy up, huh?
How many you think I can do
without dropping it?
Don't know.
All right.
Let's have a bet, then.
I'll bet you
I can do 20.
For the ball.
If I don't,
I'll give you 20 euros.
Just a sec. Wait.
There you go.
30 euros, 20 kicks.
30 euros, 20 kicks.
There's 20.
And there's 10.
30, right? Okay.
It's been a while.
Move back a bit.
Now you get best of three.
All right?
One, two, three...
14, 15, 16...
One, two...
One more.
I get one more go!
Here we go.
Okay. You win.
Can you
really parachute?
Come here.
I want to learn, too.
Well, you're a bit young.
Well, how old were you
when you learned?
Weren't you scared?
I was terrified
the first time,
and I couldn't wait
to go back up
and back up
and back up again.
All right. Off you go.
Off you go.
Unless you want
another bet.
No? No. All right.
Go on. Your mother's
calling you somewhere.
See you later, Max.
That's Gloria.
All those other photos
were taken by her.
She doesn't like smoking
in the house.
My name is Anne.
I'm pleased
to meet you, Anne.
Wilson, isn't it?
Gloria just went out
for shopping.
She will be back
in a minute.
Fancy a drink?
Well, I brought
some wine.
And the flowers
are for you.
We will put it in
the fridge, shall we?
I'm having a beer.
Want one?
Please have a seat.
Gloria tells me that you
are thinking of buying
a house on the island.
It's a fabulous place.
I've been here
for almost 15 years.
I wouldn't change it
for the world.
I'll bet.
You are in security?
I have been.
Is it that obvious?
My father was a colonel
and a full man, violence.
We never got on.
Do you have children?
How long are you planning
to stay?
Oh, just a few days.
This is a short holiday.
Gloria doesn't usually
introduce me to her friends.
You must have made
a big impression.
She took you
to see that ship?
Oh, the American Star.
It's only
a heap of scrap metal,
but Gloria's always
found it fascinating.
Gloria hasn't realized yet,
but the reason of her interest
in you is that you remind
her of her father.
So he's a military
man, too?
And it's not that you look
like him either.
Well, whatever
it is, Anne...
...I'll take it
as a compliment.
Bonjour, mon cherie.
There you are,
drinking your beer.
If you wanted to be on your own
with our guest,
you should have
just told me.
I was trying
to sell him a house.
grab some wine.
So what's she
been saying?
Lunch is ready.
May I?
No, black's fine.
Thank you.
Do you want?
Oh, you lied
right from the start
I can't convince my
stupid heart not to believe
You know, you've got
two good men strung out
And there's not
the slightest doubt
That other men
have loved you before
That's what you
were doing well
And living here
till I can't
Take it anymore
If I had one more
I was surprise
I'd stand up or step aside
But, girl, I love you
So I'll accept
No excuse, my dear.
I can't stop
or rise above you
Now let the other man
speak up for himself
I'll speak for me
and no one else
You and I both
know that you that haven't
the slightest intention of
buying a house on the island.
I dream of heaven
and live in hell
Till I can't
take it anymore
I'm too far gone
Don't hurt
my daughter, okay?
Up off the ground
and start all over
Now here,
I must win or lose
No matter which one you may
choose, you still be in clover
While you're making up
your mind
I'll be praying all the time
Praying you won't let me go
Yeah, you work
your thing so well
I'll dream of heaven
and live in hell
Till I can't take it anymore
Thanks for the ride.
Just promise me
one thing.
You'll buy yourself
a new bike, Mademoiselle.
I promise.
It was nice having you
for lunch today.
It was delicious
and interesting.
You make a nice couple.
With all respect, I don't
think I'm your mom's type.
Nobody is.
When are you leaving?
A couple of days.
Come and say goodbye
before leaving, okay?
What the fuck are you doing?
Are you deaf?
Why are you tracking me?
Tracking you?
I'm tracking her.
Fucking knows
the target.
Here, read that.
You know, the one
you're involved with?
I'm not involved
with anybody.
Don't fucking lie to me!
Read that.
That's for you.
It's your fucking present.
Fucking hell.
You went to a bar.
You went to the beach with her.
You watched her swim.
You went and had lunch
with her mum.
What the fuck
is wrong with you?!
Read that.
Two years in Holloway.
A year in a French prison.
A year on probation.
Shagging a fucking
drug dealer.
She's fucking
Pablo Escobar.
And you're driving around
with her in your fucking car!
Rule number one!
Fucking hell!
Anybody else
know about this?
Yeah, yeah,
I've told everyone.
What do you think?
You trust me?
Fucking hell.
I always trust you.
I'll finish this job.
I'll call you when it's over,
and we can both go home.
Hello, Max.
My dad says I've got
to give you the money back.
You told him?
My mother found it
in my trousers.
Oh, you should have said
that you found it on the beach.
You know when Mom and Dad
tell you
that you must never tell lies?
Sometimes you have to.
Sometimes you have to lie
to whoever it is,
your friend, your best
friend, your girlfriend,
your wife, your teacher,
even your mom and dad.
For your own good.
You won that money
fair and square.
You win those 30 euros.
We had a bet. I lost.
You lose, you pay up.
You win, you collect.
Fact of life.
All right? All right.
Now, when were you supposed
to give me this money?
At breakfast.
We're leaving tomorrow.
Oh, Maxie.
I'm sorry. We're just
getting to know each other.
Anyway, there's 10 euros.
There's 20 euros.
Come on.
And there's 30 euros.
Hide them in a better place
than you did last time, okay?
Hang on a minute.
Don't move.
Stay right where you are.
I'll be right back.
Does it really fly?
It will if you launch it
from a high point.
Come on.
Where are we going?
Come on! Come!
Come on!
Come on!
It's a good place, Max.
Who showed it you?
No one.
It's yours.
You're gonna throw it.
You want to be a paratrooper
one day, don't you?
So go for it, Tom.
You mean Max.
I know it's Max,
but we call every newcomer
in the regiment Tom.
I'm gonna help you, okay?
It's all right.
Come here.
Come on, Maxie.
The thing to remember,
Max, is this.
That every soldier should be
willing to lay his life
on the line
for another soldier.
Vice versa. I guess that's
the best lesson to remember, hm?
So do you trust me?
I'm gonna get
hold of you, okay?
There you go.
I got ya. Look at me here.
Now look down.
Don't be scared.
See? Now, when
I say "now" --
Look down. I've got hold of you.
It's all right.
You want to be
a paratrooper, don't you?
Alright, now,
put your right hand back.
Right, when I say "now",
I want you to throw that
out there as hard and as fast
and as far as you can.
You ready?
Put your arm back.
One. Two. Three. Now!
Yeah. Look over there.
Need a lift?
Well, what I need
is a new bike, as you said.
Oh, actually,
I have to drop some some stuff
at my mom's client.
Can you take me there?
Sure. Hop in.
That's a nice surprise.
Nice, huh?
Shall we go inside?
No, I'll wait.
All right,
I'll be five seconds.
And then after, let's take
a dip in the ocean.
Oh, it's so nice.
Let's -- Let's take a quick dip.
Allez Wilson! Allez Wilson!
Allez Wilson! Whoo-hoo!
What, were you gonna do,
abandon me here?
Are you okay?
What's wrong?
I just want
to get out of here.
Why don't you
take a dip?
Last time I took a dip
in the ocean was 30 years ago.
How come?
I watched my best friend
die in it.
So are you getting in
or what?
He drowned?
What happened?
A war.
A war? What war?
The Falklands.
You were in
the Falklands?
So no ocean for me
since then.
Tell me about
London, Gloria.
What were
you doing there?
Will you tell me about it?
You don't remember?
Maybe this will
help your memory. Huh?
Have a look.
It's you, isn't it?
How was Holloway?
Then a French prison?
Ooh, the fucking lie.
Now your heading straight
for a Spanish nick
unless you change
your lifestyle.
Anything to say,
All right,
just stop the car.
Stop the fucking car!
Stop the car right now!
Stop the car!
Or I jump!
Don't be silly.
Where's my fucking
phone now?
Get the fuck
out of here!
Just go.
Fuck you!
Piece of shit!
Get off the island!
You never saw me!
I was never here!
You motherfucker!
Piece of shit!
I fucking, fucking,
fucking trusted you!
You're fucking
with my mom!
You know what?
I don't fucking need anyone!
I don't fucking need
no one!
You want to
drink something?
Is it yours?
Can you check if we have
some lemon, please?
I told you
to leave the island.
Go now.
There's still time.
Can you finish her?
I'll do him.
Gloria, look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Okay, okay.
I'll be all right.
Look at me.
Goodbye, Gloria.
It's okay.
It's all right.
No, no.
You'll be fine.
let go.
Hiya, Mum.
Yeah. No, I'm a bit busy
at the minute. Can I --
Yeah. I'm still out here.
Yeah, it's lovely weather.
Well, it's mostly
rocks and desert, to be fair.
Uncle sends his love.
Listen, mum, I'm gonna have
to call you back, all right?
All right. Ta-ra.
Who's like us?
Not many.