American Virgin (2009) Movie Script

Want to see pipie a crazy? I have
pipie some crazy, buy this DVD
because these pipiele a crazy,
I just lost our minds.
You must be crazy or some kind of gay
may not buy right now.
Hold your pants on you, just $ 19.95,
Offer is valid now and some
parts of the wardrobe and other accessories
atypical for sexual fantasies,
who are also mad and I am
same type of "Puicuele a crazy".
But I and a crazy announcement made:
"Comandai now.
- Harold?
- Fri, dear.
It ... debt to my father ...
you bring to our attention that ... men,
boys and men are creatures
disgusting creatures who
one thing in mind ...
You have reached the years where ... where ... where
boys will begin to notice.
And will begin to want
things from you.
Horrible, sick,
disgusting things.
Things that we do not offer.
What he does not want to say that
sex is an evil thing.
Sex is a great spiritual document.
But you would have to
never do ...
The idea is that he must
keep your ...
Because someday you'll meet the man
that you your marriage.
And when that happens,
he will have eyes only for you.
And at least occasionally and that of the lemon
marketing department.
It was the Christmas party
office and just dog had died.
I saw how it is concerned are,
damn, you do not think I do not see.
Now is the time.
So until you are happy
and married.
Not even you think ...
Put chewing gum
Do not want to do sex but baby,
no that's not gum ...
... This is a condom.
Be absolutely sure you have the will
a condom.
But make sure you do not
never use.
Because if one do,
you will kill.
That much we love you.
Thank you for all that you are here,
As you know "You can not take time love"
is the largest organization for
puritii preservation.
The purity balls it through
all country we want to show that
America is no country that wants
they may be lost.
November follow Daddy.
It is a country of culture and the curve are
morality a reality show.
Priscilla sacred oath to do
be pure in mind and body
and you will abine from tentaiile
sex until marriage?
Now you can honor Priscilla
puritii ring.
I love you Dad.
Congratulations sir, can you take me?
Can. Make sure and place the
Holy Spirit.
At last year's guidance
campus of the College "Hurry Love"
I intend to follow the successful
University of Michigan
where I continue to maintain the value
sacred abstinen close to my heart.
- Our body, our temple.
- Our body, our temple.
Now I wish to inform you with knowledge and tin
winner of the contest this year.
Great is a young woman,
Ladies and gentlemen
America's future, Miss
Priscilla White.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you.
I am so grateful
Mary Margaret
for inspiration and power.
I wish also to thank them
My mother and father
for implementation in me the values
which brought me here today.
The College Pendington promised to
maintain standards decen
and morality on which this
organization represents.
And as Mary Margaret said with
passion: "Our body, our temple.
Priscilla White 100% pure.
It seems that just as I returned from
college and after a few weeks ...
- I do not even mention.
- Come on honey, do not be so bad.
Pennington and Michigan is
a few hours away.
Five hours and forty minutes.
That if you go the speed autoband
constant of 80km / h.
But if you're caught in a
melee of traffic ...
Okay, okay, okay, so it will be
easy to visit us each other.
- Are you sure you want this for me?
- I'm sure.
My God!
- This is simply disgusting.
- Oh!
Yes, right there!
And not even realize how poor woman
horrible is exploited?
Yes, it is operated at
most miserable way.
I wish only to go up there and
to say a few words.
And I.
Poor her.
Yes, yes sir, yes!
Tell me about it?
College Pennington
First Semester
Mother, father, goodbye, we'll call
every day.
- Hi.
- Beautiful pillows.
Thank you.
- I'm Priscilla.
- Chuck.
Nice to meet you.
So, you will be neighbor of
next year, right?
Nice, so we build tunnel up
the walls tonight.
Chuck, get off the front of the
us because in.
Do you like to design?
You want all prospturile or
they want and Chuck?
Police know and the doctor said Sheryn
clearly, without poliianisme.
Friends ... it is Priscilla.
Sorry, I'm Eileen, live with
one floor below.
He is my friend Kevin.
- Hi.
- What are you doing?
I align the books that you are
seeing titles.
It is hard to read titles of children
if they are to and from the large set.
Why not separate small
of the children?
And to them out of alphabetical order?
So who is mate
your room?
- Natalie Reed.
- Naz?
- A knowledge are?
- Everybody knows.
It never graduate, that will be of
and her seventh year.
You and your roommate with Naz?
What happened with the last fellow
room, Judy or ...
- Jaimmy, expelled!
- Expelled, why?
Not quite sure what
was charged ...
... stuff like that happens when
Naz is around.
Do not you worry, not even
so bad.
No, not so bad, is in
order, is very good.
I'm proud of the fact that I
understand by everyone
and I'm sure that it will not
be an exception.
Hey, you must be ... Priscilla.
I am Naz, and you guess whose
Do not be ridiculous.
Nice to meet you
I took the freedom to make cabinet
Right, but the left is empty.
Organized, right? Should I
are busy.
That is a beautiful vase.
You're funny, I like that.
Lord, what will the bedrooms this,
always smells of urine.
I remember less of Junimea.
God, on my life, I do not get
remember what is this.
Then ...
Please tell me that is a device
back massage.
Oh, Vlad king,
are welcome to it mprumui.
As long as you clean the after using.
But that and word of warning,
If you've never used one of this
do not put intense vibrations.
I swear to God that you will
shot up in the deep.
Smile and you.
- I'd like to change my roommate.
- Well honey, I'll put the name on the list.
And if anything, Do you and give the tire.
But until that happen you with
today you will become the best colleagues.
- You do not understand!
- Mate your room is Naz?
Brad is definitely horrible.
He also put things in a bag
as rectum and degenerated.
You know you, the one with the umbrella, with children,
then the flight and music.
Do not you worry dear, can they find
another room for you.
Brad, live in Festival in October?
What is the sound of that?
Only some children glgio and here
in ... library.
- Brad, I'm so missing you.
- Priss, do not you hear, you hear me?
- Brad, Brad, Brad you ...
- Bad connection.
- Hello!
- Oh, and my celu.
Puicuele a crazy!
- Dudu dear, crazy lady.
- Honey, finally I've found.
You take checks? I thought that
I could go on Mol.
- Need to learn.
- Kevin, baby.
- Dear, and I do that.
- Do you do that?
Let me tell you that. He did not say
Dr. Sherry we should
to work in compliance with program
to learn of Kevin?
But you should spend
time together.
It is as if Ala is prologue
important than me.
The prologue shit is killing me.
- Dude, go to deliberate, is easy.
- You are not intentional.
You say this just to impress girls.
And speaking of ...
I think I have a new patient,
five minutes and eat my hands.
Enter doctor.
Hi Priscilla, is a show in
campus tonight, I want you and accompanies you?
We have to learn.
But it will be a unique spectacle,
books with pictures, numbers illusions.
No thanks, we'll go another time.
Ah ... yes!
Hey, what happened?
Who is that?
Priscilla, this is John, John, my colleague
Priscilla room.
My name is James, actually.
- Hi.
- She is Diana.
We continue once,
I lose my mood.
Hey, wait, come and join us.
Hi Priscilla,
running "Made in Manhattan"
students at home tonight.
Want to come?
I love that movie ...
but can not.
But Wednesday, want to come to
party players?
I friend.
- So, as long as you do?
- 18 minutes and 37 seconds.
Not ... as new freshman I have
said two words.
Can you please do not do that.
- Just relax, are just pictures.
- I meant to not smoke marijuana.
Who has done on this,
are crap.
Strange composition, exposure bad.
This is your friend?
I like guys who have
bul baseball back,
have a red status as u.
Give me it back. Ending.
Girls who are unable to abine
status of sex.
Holy shit, are you.
It is a picture of you.
Jokes are like, damn, you're a
sort by Virginia Professional?
Not only believe in sex before
- Not even with you nsi?
- What?
Do not tell me that does not put his hand
as of and ternuturi
you are in bed and not start
some digital actions.
You know you, scuturnd grain of beans,
and button and your polished piece door.
If you mean masturbation,
if not, I do not do that.
As always said Mary Margaret
"Our body is our temple"
and must be treated as such.
It appears that you treat it your
as an amusement park.
- Which Mary?
- It does not matter.
I think sex is a sacred act between:
a man, a woman and God.
- What is the right thing by hand?
- No!
Manual stimulation of the phallus is
Handling whom?
Biggus, genitals,
male member.
A You mean achievement
"tool" type?
- Ah!
- What "tools"?
Tools is an ugly word!
Tools, tools, instruments, tools, tools ...
It is a colloquial expression that never has and
wants to use.
Then as you say Gainii
I do not mean no man's chickens,
I grew up on farms.
- My roommate is a frisky!
- I am crazy?
- How did you get into this school?
- I slept with the registration agent.
- That is disgusting.
- I know, I think he had irritation.
- Where you going?
- Out.
Priscilly Hey, want to live a second?
I made it off with one motion,
Imagine what they can do with the whole hand.
I got the f, on C and on k, all I
must be u!
I will be in port the ship, I will go before
to Scotland crap out of me.
I think I started it a
bring to the floor.
Ready for party players?
Puicuele crazy one will be there.
I can not go, I have a test tomorrow.
I will stay to learn.
Just kidding. In fact the test does not,
is a big one really.
What ashtray trick.
I found another, this is
that and my cua.
You just have to sit here and you
you read?
It will be a fun party, come on,
something we drink, we dance.
- Come play with us.
- Play with some guys.
Kiss someone's name that do not know are.
We have to learn.
Want to see picture of someone who
he has social life?
If I so see, I see a
teenage priorities straight.
Jesus, no wonder
nobody likes you.
That is not true, everyone
I like it.
Sure, because everyone feels so
comfortable around you.
Shit, is as if you exit with a
nun for less fun.
To go less and lamalelor.
Do you go Already longing.
Think you!
Hi Brad, My roommate
left the city in a kind of festival.
Why not answer the phone?
However, now told me that no one
I do not like.
How can anyone not me
like, not so?
Anyway, my stick,
miss you.
Call me when you receive the message.
- What studiai you two?
- I get my NBA.
Yes, you know the difference between
regression and depression?
To work is a depression,
not you? So it is.
But you, what study?
I study the genetics, because I hope
to save lives someday.
You know, identifying genes and the origin
Their important work, right?
You two should already be very
proud of you.
Now take a look at the camera and say that
you are some dirty whores.
I'm a dirty slut.
They all go crazy when you will see.
Now you go artai butts,
queue is there. Okay?
Shitzdance Hey, let's do get e
different tonight. Okay?
- Yeah right, all right.
- I am sick of same e.
No one seems interested now
I want some heavy e.
- Get some motion.
- Get motion, yes.
- Yes.
- Okay then.
- Where are the least you know that?
- I'm from the White Prince.
- The following motion, the small nose.
- No, go to the crlionat
- You will shoot up!
- Yes, sir.
- Up!
- Yes.
- How about that afterwards?
- Hokey Pops.
- And those right?
- Albinuele?
- Albinuele, exactly, what we do with these?
- Nothing, because it is illegal.
- Exactly, and go to ...?
- Prison.
- Exactly, you understand?
- Yes.
Where you'm Ciorna with ele?
- Where the hell is?
- I left it at the hotel can.
Why do not you bring your fucking
the draft with ele?
- I brought the box.
- Okay, uses a mine.
Fuck the box, give me the plan anyway.
- Okay, so I will.
- Okay.
Okay ladies, let's see
i and some really!
Basic knew I know that the planet
is only 5,000 years.
What nonsense is this, so I
Keep on tmpiii
knew not tell you to your
artai breasts.
Because they are amazing, I can ...
It's ok, thank newcomers.
It is a good doctor.
I can not believe you're here.
How you can support this hideous music,
I can not sleep, can not think.
Calm down, give the body
it a chance.
- And Nattaly, my place is here.
- Come on.
- Get you a drink.
- I do not drink.
- Mary Margaret always said ...
- It takes a hell Mary Margaret.
Just kidding, just wait five minutes,
takes only one drink.
Absolutely not.
If you do not want to wait, we can move
party at home.
- Hey, want to come to us ...
- Okay, okay.
Okay, I'll stay, but only
for five minutes.
Here, take some jelly.
My mother did this house is good.
Ardei guys not only give them down.
Hey, we can meet later.
Man, she got off from a
wrong tree.
It is so good, I love head and certain.
I told you it is good gelatin
head and une.
God, I love Bob.
This is an order.
This material being broadcast all
world, you'll be famous.
The "crazy one Pipiele.
Pipiele a crazy, take a pipiele
crazy, crazy pipiele one.
Pipiele a crazy, take a pipiele
crazy, crazy pipiele one. Yes!
Pipiele a crazy, take a pipiele
crazy, crazy pipiele one.
Priscilla White 69% pure.
ass ... new vagina.
Dude, look, going inii Russians.
Russian Walking inii ... Russian riding inii.
Walking inii Russian, Russian walking inii,
Russian riding inii.
You Rock, withdraw everything I said
about you, all.
- Please, no yells.
- Stirsy, you are my new hero.
What are you talking?
Is that your bra hanging in
outside the house of culture?
- What?
- Jokes are even not you remember?
What you remember, all I remember
is that we danced.
Nataly, what I did
last night?
You become a little wild, that is,
you become really wild.
Even for my standards,
which says a lot.
- And did not you stop?
- You are jokes, fun and you at once.
It was the most hard working guys from
Do you devote a range House new religion.
I swear I knew that it may raise
so a bill of one U.S. dollars.
- What one U.S. dollars notes?
- And not remember anything.
Do not understand, all I got
was jelly!
- As injecii?
- With vodka?
- I need to know exactly what I did.
- You can always look on DVD.
- What DVD?
- Puicuele a crazy shot everything.
You have to delete now.
- No, no, no, no!
- Priscilla, come on, you did something stupid.
Welcome to the human race.
If my parents see this box,
I will kill you.
If "Cann Hurry Love" find out about it
I will withdraw membership.
I'll be thrown out of college.
What will I do afterwards?
Can one ever to do
adult movie.
I'm your pal only 5 weeks and
I turned into a porn star.
Slowly, yet are not porn star.
At least not prior to your
do first demo.
Get off me!
Damn, are more impaired
than you look.
It's your fault!
My fault, how?
How? You are the one who insisted to remain
the party, thou hast drunk.
Yes, but I thought that you ...
so this is not my fault!
Great, finally I get to light and
Now I am "persona ogratan.
That means people with cheese.
My life is ruined.
I did some researches
About Curtzman.
It is the way to Detroit for
October Fest as we speak.
All you have to do is it
find Curtzman
and to persuade him to give us
shooting back.
What would be Mary Margaret, what would
is Mary Margaret.
We can pay with credit card
My father's journey
and we will be there before
You can not go, I meditation tomorrow.
So you will not have to be a porn star and me
can save the membership.
Where we go, I will find
on cheliosul Ala
and I will look in your eyes and I will say:
are a teenager who horribly wrong
and ask that tape back now.
It is a long and sharp.
Not define me, we go to
intimitii doors,
will travel to the center of the abyss
and we find that shooting or my name
is Priscilla White.
This is a virgin angry.
Dude, give up, I catch a reception
the phone here,
'm sure Eileen is okay.
Kevin, Hi, Eileen, Do you bring May
remember me?
Your girlfriend.
Hi, I'm still me.
They passed around ... 5 minutes.
I forgot to tell you I love the message
So previously, I love you.
And I remembered, if you only look at other
pair of breasts
Do you you laugh boa and hairy and they send them
by mail mother know.
I can not hear it.
- Oh, let him on it.
- You fuck with me, do you?
May tcei.
I'll shot the hell up!
This is my song and the Brad.
I shall miss him so.
October Fest, I realize that
will happen here.
I know, not great?
You have room?
- The 27 plus costs.
- Eileen.
What is that?
Someone left cart
room service out.
- It is half empty.
- The fact is half full.
No, no, no, I have come here and find
on Curtzman did not happen.
We will sleep with everybody, we begin
early morning.
7.45 breakfast meeting on 8.20
hall, 9 AM fixed ... door lock a.
- I will bite you and C.
- I know.
What is the problem, we live by
five weeks
in the same room,
I ever hurt?
No, but see how you forget about me when I
prepare for bed at night.
The way I look ... yes, part of you and
Drawing on pajamas
and download that LAPI and fluffy and pink, make me
I'm all wet.
Can I ask you something?
Fantazii you ever?
- What?
- You know you, sexual fantasies?
Of course you have, you do not believe
that are not human.
- Tell me one.
- Yes.
Come on, boys sleep
we are just us girls.
Promii you not laugh?
Okay, so start at my wedding.
I come to church even for lunch.
Bride and her family arrive at 12.30
because the bride has lost much
while dressing himself.
Complete preparations to 2.45
for party
for the ceremony to
may start at 3.
Ceremony extends up to 3.30
for more photos.
Arrive at reception at 5,
first dance at 5.20.
Dinner at 5.30, cutting the cake at 6.35.
We leave the reception exactly 8 and
we take a limo to the hotel.
We arrive at around 8.25, 20
minutes to get up and you unpack.
And then at 8:45 ... do.
- A do?
- You know you, make love.
That is great your sexual fantasy?
You lose your virginity to 8.45
nunii the night?
Plus minus 10 minute
depending on traffic.
This gives a new understand
phrase "ano-sex".
Okay, your turn.
First is a pony.
Oh, kidding, Jesus Priscilla,
not a total pervert.
You do not ever take anything seriously?
Life is not so far from
serious as you think it is.
You are a player, I am libertine,
a free spirit.
I do not want to end the ESC in substrates,
married high school friend.
Wondering how my life would be
when lock-n traffic in my SUV,
and I'm heading towards a dead
more boring
than has ever been my life.
I never imagined that
you'm so afraid.
I am, why I'm afraid the one thousand
this earth?
- Maturing.
- Maturing is for fags.
We take in Taiwan, as always do.
Wait a second, will you?
Dulceao Hi, you got the package?
Exactly, exactly, yes, the instructions for
you should be in.
Well, try not to lose
this time.
Daddy loves you, wait a second.
Hey, hey, I own you
elevator clovnule.
Yes, sorry.
Daddy must close
and loves you.
You late!
Natalie I'll take the east side of
street, you guys take on the Western one.
If someone sees Curtyman
We will call on cell.
If you do not meet up to the end
Today we meet here tonight.
You somehow heard what I spoke
me and Natalie last night?
I do not, I fell asleep when
when I touched the pillow.
And I immediately.
Well, if you do not see him until then,
we meet here tonight.
- Yes!
- At 8.45?
- Not too exaggerated.
- What do you mean.
Two people link to each other in a
person, you know what I mean?
You know, everyone, everyone
- No one to find him and never a.
- Calm down.
Maybe you should ask ... hey do you
Pipiele saw a guy crazy?
- What?
- Pipiele a crazy.
No, no, no.
All right, you need less
Look a free entry ticket
wonderful organization "Can not Hurry in love".
Dude, like something had to search for
Curtzman not to buy cookies.
But I was looking for Curtzman.
I love you, love you.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi.
- How you do?
- Literally 2 minutes ago I spoke.
- Kevin!
- Not that he and like to talk ...
- This is aggressive behavior ...
- No!
If you think I will not say anything
Dr. Sheryn, wrong are wrong sir.
Well, you must exchange a banknote,
can call you afterwards?
But soon.
Bon apptit.
So I thought we should go
to him and to say, one is amazing.
We went to a hockey game,
hockey you know are so incredible.
There are men come to you
very well.
So let me deal with beliefs,
can do whatever you want.
- Come to ask here.
- I do not get here!
That is exactly where it
Curtzman could go.
- No!
- Well, we go to church to ask.
Oh Lord where I put.
It's good, it is as if you
be in a dressing room.
Yes, where prostitutes walk.
Sit down, you go to ask whether
saw someone.
Do not touch anything,
is a factor of infections.
Priscilla come here.
You got wrong person, think that is
a misunderstanding.
No person ... appropriate.
Lick it, lick it, lick it, lick it.
Welcome to the objective.
He and his see some dosuri.
Priscilla White 47% pure!
- Cceii well spent there.
- They treated me like a piece of meat.
- A sex object.
- I can not blame that tastes good.
Natalie, they do not complements,
not realize
that men do this to intimidate
and to intimidate women?
Well, I never thought so,
I feel oppressed but must
are grateful he had a nice ass.
Congratulations, you just turned women
40 years ago.
Lord, I spent all day
trying to help.
Help me? Throughout my future
is in danger
and all you do is to
you pay a guy
clopoelul put me in front and
to laugh at me.
Do not laugh at yourself, but if you want to
stay and to feel offended, you have only.
- I will have fun!
- Okay.
Very good.
- Remember it is coming.
- In Detroit at 6.30.
Domu Curtzman ...
"Pipiele a crazy"!
That was great, ladies.
But 35 years ago.
I'll watch some porn for me
delete it from the brain,
and Do you suggest to do and so do you.
Hi my stick, I am.
I still come voicemail.
I miss you, call me when
you receive the message.
- Hello?
- Hi, Mom I am.
Harold raised is Priscilla.
- What?
- Priscilla.
Priscilla, sweetheart, what do
my baby?
They are great, really great.
Listen, I have a weird question.
Tell me that you had
sexual tendencies.
Of course that never had
sexual tendencies.
No, folks, I had
sexual tendencies.
I only have about a kind of ...
I do not know what would happen if it has and
May have membership?
Well, if you've never had membership of
able to go home.
You get your old job back and you study
here to Richd cultural College.
We could restore the club
Saturday night movies.
- There was nothing bad happened, do you?
- No, nothing bad happened.
Nothing is bad but
I gotta go.
I went to a study group,
love you.
- And we love you.
- We are pretty disappointed.
You complained before?
No, do not complain.
You do not cry, which is kind of right?
My parents will disown me.
And after years of abstinen will be
categorized as a slut.
- Maybe this is a good thing.
- To be considered slut is good?
No, a new beginning, a fresh start,
Take, chocolate treats everything.
I got it from Chuck and Kevin.
It is really good.
Do not you worry, we will find
on Curtyman.
- And if we give the tape?
- Then I would make life a hell!
And I will destroy everything you love.
And I will torture you until I
begging to kill him,
just to get him out of misery
in which it is located.
- While you do that for me?
- Of course.
- That some friends do for others.
- Yes.
I think are really
ntortocheai friends.
Do not be ridiculous.
Yes, dear, keep it down,
keep it down honey.
Excuse me, you know where
Room 396?
Room 396 ...
That should be near 394.
And across from 395.
Usually go in order.
At least the experience of other
hotels where we stayed.
This could be different.
But why?
That is the question.
I am here for you.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
I really need to get stuff
that with you in bed.
Come on, do not hound me with it.
Natalie, if you do not throw stuff
that out, I will.
I fell in love.
Priscilla White 25% pure.
- You go to hell.
- Stop all say that.
- So I did a kind of a manual.
- I never did anyone needlework.
I have worked on the rope.
- How do you call this, a bank robbery?
- I do not even know how it happened.
I ate there anything?
Yes, bruneica.
Unfortunately Chuck and Kevin
purchased a
the less ordinary
That the baker.
Eat something, you feel better.
I feel better? I feel better.
I was in front with nepat duda,
I was drugged with illegal substances,
and now I did a type
a manual.
One more reason my new
life degraded
which can have a festive time
I will rot in hell
since I do not have membership,
because I removed a porn tape.
- Mary Margaret, forgive me.
- Shut up!
I keep quiet? You shut up!
No, because there he shut up there.
God, that is,
what you say.
You have not lost at all until now
when you saw, do you?
You know exactly what you need to tell.
- Yes, I know.
- Yes, now go.
- We'll be right behind you.
- All right.
Stereotype psychological, sexual, emotional
of women who win win when ...
It is when the doctor says that
is a girl. Not correct.
Men can download off their shirts,
can go swimming.
Q and can wash car,
can play volleyball,
But see two women get to him and
off bras
like to play volleyball, men download
lose their minds.
S not only breast and times.
Everyone has breasts,
what's the big problem.
In Europe we just laugh,
I say: I just breasts.
Say: I'm just some didi,
what's the problem.
I just didi, that's the problem.
What happened with this
culture is ridiculous.
You know, you two should be
artai to them.
Want to see them showing them?
Curtzman excuse me sir, are a
Teenagers who bitterly wrong.
If you have a tape, I hold a
for you,
send it to us at the office and if we
uses will give you a shirt.
I have your video now
few nights at the College of Pennington.
Open your coat, get your side
top, maybe it is my memory.
No, please, please, I really need
shots that you have done with me.
My whole future depends on it.
Look, if I had one U.S. dollars from
Every girl who said that I would rich.
But you already are rich, then
I would think richer.
Curtzman Mr., Mrs. White did the
signed any act of distribution,
So we have reason to release actions
legal action against you.
You're a lawyer?
I Prelog, but I thought you
Instead history book.
Have been the "Gallery Bouzard"
in Paris?
It is wonderful, a semester overseas
Think only you.
- Oh, sounds wonderful.
- Try to expose a point here, Kevin.
Your corporation
is founded
on Indian tribal land
any chance?
What matters, of more videos
many girls
So it is, some people would
says an empire.
Look, there is nothing to your
be ashamed,
Be proud of your body that
God gave him.
20 years from now you will be able to
they look good to your children that you were once.
Not you? I only breast and times.
- Not you?
- Yes.
Chuck, it tracks the.
You mean to track the asshole
pipiele whom he shows breasts?
- Yes.
- I can do this.
These girls looks fantastic,
I like forms,
working movements, shoulder
dezvelii beautiful.
What can we offer so beautiful girls?
What can we Offer to you?
For a Pipiele crazy.
Only less, Let.
That is crazy.
That's "a crazy Pipiele"
let's see.
You filmed it, is amazing.
This is crazy.
No more breast.
Without breasts.
I do not want to see it a couple
the breasts in my life.
That I have seen 1000
runs today.
There have been 1000 or 1000 individual breast
form of pairs of breasts.
- Just trying to clarify.
- And what you know of Curtzman?
Here is good news.
When not filming, and i keep bus
in a parking lot 4 blocks from here.
- I think your movie is there.
- Yes, I'd like to kiss you.
If ... and never to have friends,
I mean, you know ... Brad.
Okay, Let, let's go.
Oh, and yet something ... Chuck!
That was fun.
- Let it find one and get out of here.
- Okay.
I do not want to be arrested.
Would you like guys salivating after you
or to give a little break neesenial.
- These are my options?
- Yes.
Let's go.
Of course, where I was thinking.
Naz, of skill.
Take take a look at editions
These special.
Magic to Marty Graw?
Churches are u girls and ugly.
Fund amazingly Amish!
Nun fuck obscene download
This is Eileen?
Oh, take take a look, Curtzman of procreation.
Girls squirrel, how it works
this fact?
Sister in the hole of a house.
So let me understand, you not liked
puicuele any of those?
A girl said it was a little
too open hair.
I thought it was less nice.
Too open hair?
I refer to breasts, do not you have liked
none of those breasts?
I see breasts every day, you know.
They are all as one together.
Maybe you would like it if I
shoot men.
Yes, it would be ...
Maybe we should start like
this business.
- We can say: "a crazy guys.
- Great!
And then we shoot her rooster,
knew you like?
- I like, I like.
- Because you like rooster eii?
I like rooster eii.
"Roost eii a crazy"
you would like that, do you?
You left the door open fucking retard.
You catch them!
- Don 'do that.
- God must.
- Hi.
- What are you doing?
- Hi ...
- You're busy?
God, I was caught!
What the hell is going on there?
I gotta go.
Kevin, I will destroy.
I just wanted to talk.
Dumneze ... Brad!
Where did it go?
- Priscilla!
- Brad!
Mary Margaret!
Priscilla is not what it seems.
Can you explain your.
You were my mentor, I have relied
you all your life.
You truly believe that is a
virgin innocent?
God, what's going on?
God you thought!
Well ... successful with all the work
that of Virginia.
I can not believe.
Pris ... Priscilla wait!
You're still in me.
I need a huricane, please,
largest that I have.
My friend me wrong right now.
The alley, with Mary Margaret
is my model.
That is was my model.
You are going to pay for that?
Take that, we no longer need it.
Priscilla, this is the fifth message.
Listen, I lost Curtzman,
where are you, call me?
- Any luck?
- No, his phone is off.
What to do, you start to call the hospital
or the convention of chastity?
I must be on the road since
right now, stay still.
- What happened to you?
- They lied.
- Who?
- Brad, Mary Margaret.
During this time everywhere
behind me.
Sex alley, crazy, sweaty
and full of desire.
All Support Mary Margaret
is a lie.
Which means that "Can Hurry Love"
is a lie,
which means that I am a joke.
I can not believe I
hold for him.
Let's do it.
- Right now!
- Priscilla, are you?
- Priss, wait just a second.
- What do you mean, wait a second.
I thought just wait to do it with me
but you have to you, that is me.
I wish, I would like.
Trust me, I would like.
But not so, you're drunk, mad, and i. ..
... and do not want to be part of something
Why will not regret.
Sorry ... yes.
Welcome ... there are millions of
boys nfometai
who would die to do it, and if you do not
want, you find someone who does.
Just calm down a second, Made in
Manhattan will begin in a few moments
Give him hell for Made in Manhattan,
are a virgin in Detroit
and I'm going to change that!
Priscilla White 10% pure.
Priscilla wait.
You saw Priscilla, we searched for
everywhere and never find one.
He said that even it will shoot first
man that I see.
It is something her friend would do
sex with Mary Margaret.
Now we know what it is
Mary Margaret, and made.
- Come on, gotta find one.
- Do not you stay here in case that is-returns.
- But he needs me.
- This is a job for girls.
And you do not want to be part and that.
I'm going to stop someone
not to have sex
but if you say that about someone
I will kill you.
I swear to God!
The cigarettes?
Not my usual cargo.
I know exactly what you are thinking and
answer is YES!
If it is indeed a shirt
Kelvin Klein.
My friend thought
Philip is a Lymm.
Girl, I know a Kelvin Klein
when I see it.
Trey's and IC.
Look, all I want is
a night of sex
without names, without questions, without promise,
just you and me hot sex.
- I put?
- Yeah, baby.
Great, let's go.
Who the hell should I fuck
as to seduce be here?
- Wait me.
- Leave me alone.
- You can not do that.
- Why not?
Because it is not good, you're mad,
are not thinking clearly.
- You're so hypocritical one.
- I am a hypocrite?
- And how about the sacred oath.
- I would like to not have it never did.
- I take my own decisions.
- No, you react, do the same thing.
Are mature now and are planned.
Unlike some in which the
greatest treasure
are some condoms and nepenite
vibrating batteries.
- I have a plan.
- Excuse me!
- I have a plan.
- Really? In this must-hear.
A and of me and I was thinking.
- I want to become a photographer.
- Who, for Penthouse?
- I'm sorry.
- Anyway.
I am not a and a.
All I mean is to
take time are.
Think what you want
And if you want to fuck with each
boy in the city ...
... I will sustain.
Hell, even I will join.
But if you decide to be a virgin on
all life is good and the and a.
But make sure it's your choice.
Not your parents' choice, not mine
and not the election of Mary Margaret.
Your choice.
Well, come on.
Let's go.
If loses membership and go
home, I will lose.
- I will lose before I got there.
- Why did you evaded?
I had my reasons.
Hi guys.
Please tell me that you have had sex
sweat in the alley.
Overall it is the virgins.
N-year man to leave him little guy
to ruin my life.
October Fest is ready and starts Curtzman
to Miami the first time. It is over.
You tell me that easily and
simply forgot?
I say that after all that
I want to give up last?
Damn, this is what you want
you tell me?
He said hell, I swear I just
Hell said.
Damn, damn, damn, damn.
God, our little girl
has matured.
Wait, we know where it is right now.
Go to World Record tonight
at midnight.
Picture of biggest boobs in history.
Oh Lord, you catch him on
I said it again.
Festival Pipiele a crazy "is
about to begin.
Pipiele are exploited are pipiele
exploited pipiele operated!
Pipiele are exploited pipiele
are exploited.
Well friends, last chance.
Wait a bit of mascara will make
little more affordable.
What are you doing?
Wait, now rub lips
each other.
- Well, Natalie!
- Shut up.
I love you.
I love you.
Do not answer!
Hi sweetie.
Kevin, one day when you'd expect less
Do you you like that little penis muscle.
You will know when, you know where but
happen bitch.
No, no, stops right there. Listen,
Do you support fiele, Do you support shit.
Go to Dr. Sharon with you.
I am tired, you know what? There are
S over, Eileen, was over.
Oh, yes!
- Chuck?
- Becca, thank you very much for coming.
- Becca?
- Becca?
It is Priscilla, compared to
that I told you.
- Let 's do.
- V.I.P?
Pipiele are exploited pipiele
are exploited.
We do not Pozam bottles.
Until the main man in person,
says: Everyone feels
well doll icilor?
You can do that, you beat long way.
- Give me one second, okay?
- Okay.
Disinfection of hands please.
Come on, hand disinfectant, so,
whenever I have to say.
I do not want to touch on ciudaii
The girl out.
Mr Curtzman.
I know believe in the freedom of women.
You said it yourself.
Need to own control
our destinies.
So allow me to control
Please, give me that disk,
that you can keep my membership and
to receive an education.
Let me go in the future untainted
and to track my dreams.
Nice speech.
Seriously, I could lend him
Spotless, I like that word.
But you lose time, because
do not you will get.
We will break the world tonight
in Detroit.
- Ten seconds Curtzman sir.
- Well, sit.
Look, I know I gave a
the bar, right?
- But ...
- Dad.
Hey, baby ... Why Looking here?
Father, Priscilla made a mistake.
You do the right thing, do you?
I should be here. This is not
a place for you.
You profii of these girls and
This is not good.
I do not bring those girls to do
nothing will not do.
There are some ratai, did not respect
- Listen to me.
- Excuse me.
- Curtzman Sir, I ...
- Shut cea!
Do not speak so to her.
- Becca, listen to me.
- I have to listen.
Hey, your father, you get back
home right now.
And this will be the end, we
talk about
and to not come to any show of
that ever.
Look, I know I gave a bar,
but if i would have done it?
It was more increased.
She and breasts would look for
a free shirt.
Becca, Becca!
In 31 seconds you Curtzman Ed
be on the scene.
You're a small cea.
I'll take those records and tomorrow
this time will be worldwide.
Young teenagers are waking up the morning
and Do you will see breasts.
Oh, little ones boys in Taiwan.
It will look at them and will be
that in their view.
I will use as protection
During this time I complained of miles,
but you cry for your mercy.
Ed Curtzman come in 5, 4, 3, 2 ...
Applause for my man, Ed Curtzman.
I'd like to talk about it
with you, the tea can once.
I have a room full of bitch and
whores out there
that just waiting to show-and
boobs and butts.
And I will love to do it,
so I mbogeasc.
For some ugly door and pro ratai are
to buy these movies,
because it can not be established,
you'll be famous.
You take care of that. Take a
out of here Stavros.
What are security officer,
pay your fucking asshole.
About this talk.
Are you ready to throw the world into the air
tonight or what?
We are ready to show the world that
we do best?
Let, say all that we do
a world record.
"Pipiele a crazy".
This is my daughter.
"Pipiele a crazy".
None of you wants to-and
show breasts.
Then you will receive shirts.
Do not want to Be Famous?
"Pipiele a crazy".
- Crazy, pipie!
- Loser!
You are pipiele that would be
I had a crazy.
Well, without shirts, that is.
Our breasts are probably vo
and false anyway.
I need you and I need
of any breast of yours.
I am tired of breasts!
Pipiele a crazy, pipiele
a crazy ...
Thanks anyway.
I take that back right, you heard
what I said? You are not bitch.
Only the name. Hey, come on let me!
Hey, hey Rudy!
Hey Rudy, what I said hey!
Hey Rudy, security, Stavros!
What's going on, what have I done?
Hey wait, what I ...
Whose hand is that?
Finish ... knew are my pants!
Whoa, whoa, and those were my boa and them!
- Hey Rudy, do something!
- That and I do.
- What are you doing?
- Big movie rooster him.
"Presentation by Ed Curtzman.
DVD That will be so rich!
Not with your fingers, pull them out, they!
That is my head.
There, do not touch!
College Pennington
A week after
If this job to union
students is enough
to pay maintenance
and expense?
Will be, so as to keep students.
Acts to arrive today
but if "Can t Hurry Love of
received the DVD ...
I resigned from Hury Can Love.
Even if I was fired
because the film ...
For to do something very soon that
I will make you be fired!
Do not flirt with him.
Wish me luck.
- Hi.
- Hi.
See you later.
- I stopped somehow?
- No, I was on the end ite anyway.
- Not only for ..!
- Try to create a solid foundation
Workers friendship.
- God!
- Really!
So, you regrei that night in
hotel room?
Each and every seconds of it.
Yes and no, I mean, it might have been
the greatest night of my life.
But the truth is that if should be
do it again, then ...
... and probably do exactly
same thing.
But ...
College boys and reacts as
you should have all the experience, but ...
... not all have ...
... you know, I mean ...
You are a virgin?
God, this is so
You are a virgin, I am a virgin,
both a virgin!
Tell a little hard, make sure
I heard the whole school.
- What is that?
- Do not know.
It is a ticket here.
Dear Cenu and areas, can Do you remember
me in room 369.
I hope that is not terrible for me
to tell you that I will always retains.
Do you think it belongs.
Best wishes for good luck
in all your future forever.
Rudy, his cameraman Curtzman.
- Well, what's the wait?
- Yes.
Here we go.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
- Those are not mine!
- Those are not yours.
Oh, God!
I was me! During this time
I was me.
I just want to remind you that sex
is a wonderful thing.
It is something that frankly should be
to make it all the time.
Exactly, except persons who
you just have separated,
or those who have enjoyed
too much lately,
so I appeal to traveling
fields of their memories.
What seemed to others will be
a very bad idea.
The idea is that prevention
is a good thing.
Now, this is a condom,
That is the taste of grapefruit and
This is "dark".
In fact I'll keep that one for me.
- Naz!
- Sorry? Take it you on that!
Okay, here we go.
That is so beautiful.
You know, I thought it was an opportunity
So special ...
Okay wait, wait, wait.
I expected this time
all your life.
- And I. ..
- And?
That is. How about you?
I expected the right girl.
And they are pretty sure are you.
Well, are absolutely sure
you are you.
Hey, you look great.
Remind me why I have to wear
This ridiculous clothes tomorrow?
Because of the graduated honey.
You think you're ready?
I was born ready.
And deserve even the "dark".
Dumn ... my God!
Oh, my God, O my God,
Oh, my God!
I wonder what it says
Mary Margaret now.
Priscilla White 0% pure
100% satisfied.
"a crazy guys."
Are you or a girl or a boy whose
likes boys
If you want to have
"A crazy guys.
Now, fun cut and
Non censored.
Showing it on so as Curtyman
you have not seen before.
Hundred percent true rooster them.
If you go on the idea of "Crazy crazy"
you will like "a crazy guys.
Pay with credit cards,
or phone ...
And 1-555-AM-COCO EL
And comandai now!