American Werewolves (2022) Movie Script

- Bringing you
Center Four...
- The shadow that you seen
was bipedal,
and it almost looked like a...
like a giant canine.
It didn't have know,
human features to it.
Seven, eight feet tall,
very broad-shouldered,
and it had this...
and it had this...
canine-looking head.
- I remember
it was a dog-like creature.
To this day, I can distinctly
remember hearing the footsteps.
Bipedal footsteps on the gravel,
and it was shuffling.
- This thing
emerges from the corn,
and it was about six feet tall,
it had the head of a dog,
high-pointed ears,
it's shoulders were...
were rolled, and it's arms
were long,
and I remember it just,
turned its head
like this and looked at me.
- I've faced
Most of your big game predators
that you have in the States.
These things don't act
like that.
You look in these things' eyes,
these things look like they're
trying to figure you out.
They look like they're looking
through you,
trying to figure out what
your next move is.
So they can get around it.
I've been around predators
my whole life,
and I've never seen anything
in my life like that.
So the history of werewolf
and Dogman sightings
is... is ancient.
We have to look at the
Greek myths first,
uh, to come up with the
word "lycanthropy".
- And from
that time on,
we have now had
part of our vernacular
the word "lycanthrope".
And the Greeks were very aware
that werewolves existed.
So when we look at the word
"werewolf" as well,
or you know the word "were"
W-E-R, comes from
the Middle Ages.
And it simply means, "man".
So you have a man-wolf.
We see also, even
in the Viking culture,
you know, a few thousand
years later, 2000 years later,
whenever they
would dress in the furs
of particular animals
of which they wanted
to emulate.
The name "Berserker" comes
from those that wore
bear hides.
But also there were the Vikings
that wore the furs of a wolf,
and they were called
the "drinkers of blood".
Because they believed
that they were able to assume
that animal's form, that
animal's ferocity in battle.
Sightings historically,
I think are often amalgamated
with Bigfoot sightings,
Because, we didn't really have
the differential type of
comparison and contrast
with the Dogman.
I think and just up
until recently,
people were seeing what
they call "Dogman",
or, "werewolf."
More, because now we have that
as part of our language.
But I think a lot of times
when people were talking
about being confronted by
a Bigfoot,
or encountering a Bigfoot that
was acting aggressively.
A lot of those reports
that I'm looking at,
I am now thinking,
are more in the realm
of the Dogman, werewolf,
sightings than a typical
Bigfoot sighting.
It's always seemed like Dogman
is a bit aggressive in nature,
because you hear so many stories
of people that see it,
and it chases them out of
an area,
or it bites them.
There are multiple sightings
up from here in the region
- people
just see it running across
the trail
or it doesn't chase them, know, they'll
just see it.
It's like every encounter
you hear
that they're described
just a little bit different.
People say it looked like
the werewolf from the movie
Silver Bullet.
Or you'll hear somebody say,
"Well, uh,
the legs and the arms
looked like a canine,
but it...
stood up on two legs
it kind of had a coyote head,
but it was much larger."
So, it's a...
it's a little strange
in that way,
you hear a lot of
different types.
They all seem to differ,
in some little manner.
- So anywhere
in the Midwest,
I mean, it just makes
perfect sense.
And there's...there's
a lot of cover.
I mean, there's still...
uh, in the Midwest and
Central America.
There's... North America,
- there's a lot of...
wide open spaces and a lot
of woods.
And a lot of places where
a single person jogging down
a road,
looks like a tasty, tasty meal.
If that's...
If that's what their intent is,
or if their intent is...
"Just stay away from
where we're guarding.
We don't want you, you know,
we don't want you messing...
with what... what we're
Bucyrus, as I understand,
was founded in 1821.
Uh, it was given
the name "Bucyrus",
by Colonel James Kilbourne.
I don't know what his interest
was in Bucyrus,
but, we're forever cursed
with a name, that nobody
could pronounce.
Yeah, it's been around
a long time.
Grew up here? Yep.
North of town, out
in the country.
It's a quiet... existence
growing up, because,
because, I mean,
Bucyrus is a small town.
But I grew up...
very rural... like nine miles
outside of town.
So, you know, we visited
our grandparents in town,
and it was a nice Middle
America small town.
Leave It To Beaver could have
been filmed...
you know, on one
of the streets.
Just a nice place to grow up.
- People, you know,
the...the people here,
are pretty... down-to-earth
You know, we have, uh,
essentially a makeup of people
who was born here,
and a lot of people
that migrated from Kentucky.
As a kid,
you know, my grandparents
would tell us
stories about a creature that
that they refer to
as the Bobo.
Bobo...The other thing
I can figure, Bobo
was some sort of...
some sort of, you know,
bipedal... you know, hominid.
And then they also told us
a story about a creature
by the name of
Raw Head and Bloody Bones.
Which, I had no idea
what that was,
but I presumed it was some
version of the Boogeyman.
And so years later, when
you have the Internet,
I've... I've actually looked
it up,
and, uh, my grandmother
on my mother's side
came from the Tennessee area.
Uh, in North Carolina,
in that mountainous area there.
And it turns out that Raw
Head and Bloody Bones
date all the way back
to 15th Century England.
And you know,
immigrants came over, and the
stories came over
and over the years, "Be careful
going to the woods.
"The Bobo'll getcha.
Raw Head and Bloody Bones
will get you."
You know, things like that.
My parents were no-nonsense.
Uh, my dad would have never...
even entertained the idea
of a ghost
or some sort of monster
running around.
- It was a different time
uh, growing up in the '70s.
Uh, people, especially in
rural America,
the... that was
nonsense to them.
So ...
I mean, there's
no other way to put it.
And my... probably my dad's
solution would have been,
"Hey, if there's a dog,
a Dogman or Bigfoot out there,
we'll just shoot it."
You know werewolves were...
...Lon Chaney Jr. On TV8.
- And that's
my reference to werewolves.
Was, you know,
the werewolf, Lon Chaney Jr.
With the...torn plaid shirt,
and the flat face,
and running around, grabbing
women and running off with them.
My encounter happened
way back in 1972,
Yellow Springs and Clifton.
- It started out as a...
most likely a Friday night,
because I was allowed
to be out on Friday nights.
I was about 17 at the time.
Out with the boyfriend,
and another couple,
we had two different...
we had two cars, two sets of us,
and... well, you know
how kids are.
We were out going to "park".
- We, uh, go down
the road, and the bridge
is totally out,
there's just the barricade.
So, we...
turn around and make sure
that both of the vehicles
are facing out.
So if the cops come along,
you know, "We were just
leaving anyway.
-"No big deal."
Really, really dark.
It was probably...
it was cloudy, I don't know.
There were no leaves
on the trees.
But it wasn't real cold,
so it was a perfect night
to be standing out
and laughing.
I was leaning on...
the car with my boyfriend.
Nice muscle car,
back then.
So I'm leaning...
We're talking with
the other couple
who's leaning on...
their car, I don't know how
long we'd been there,
maybe 15-20 minutes?
There was gravel on the
berm of the road.
And now remember, this is...
just one way in and
one way out,
because the bridge is out.
Well, there's gravel
on the berm.
There's a brush row next
to a creek,
and I see
eye shine,
meaning an animal,
up in the trees,
or so I'd thought.
I mentioned out,
"I wonder if that's a possum,
or a raccoon,
or what's up there?"
And then...
something walked out.
And it wasn't a possum,
it wasn't a raccoon.
It was a...
a creature.
I have no idea
at the time what it was,
nor did anyone else.
To this day, I can distinctly
remember hearing the...
rustling of the gravel
that's on the berm.
- And... there's this
dark creature.
It wasn't huge.
Maybe five foot,
five and a half foot...
six to eight feet away
from me.
When it was in the, uh, weeds,
it had its mouth closed,
its eyes were amber,
almond, sort of almond-shape.
The ears were very,
very close to the head.
- Pointed straight up,
but they weren't real
long ears,
but they were pointed
straight up.
- My belief...
it was August of 1985.
Um, at that time,
there was a friend
of the family,
who, when I was
a high school athlete,
and he had asked me if
I'd wanted
to get into a fitness program,
a running program,
to be in shape.
I said, "Sure."
So the plan was that I was
going to go out and run
five miles
in the evening.
I lived on State Route 4,
North 4381.
At that time,
really the only place
for me to run
was this little side road,
just south
of my house
called Temple Road.
If my memory serves
me correctly,
I was going to try
to get running at,
like, eight o'clock.
And then I procrastinated,
and this happened and
that happened.
And by the time I was actually
ready to go run,
it was dark.
You know, I was a country boy.
You know, I...I was
never afraid of the dark.
So going out and running down
a country road at night,
didn't bother me at all.
I left my house, it was
probably little after nine,
and it just... it had just
gotten dark.
But it was a very clear night.
I mean, it was really clear,
visibility was good.
I start down Temple Road,
and at that time,
on the right hand side,
which would be
the north side of the road,
there was corn,
on the left side,
which should be
the south side of Temple Road,
it was all beans.
And it stayed like that
all the way for one mile.
I made it down the
State Route 19,
and I was on my way back,
and as I approached Flickinger
Road on the way back,
which meant that I had
one mile to go,
I got this weird feeling.
It's this kind of feeling that
you know, something's wrong,
and you know, there's...
something's watching you.
I felt like it was coming
from those woods, so I stopped.
I don't know why I stopped,
but I stopped,
and I looked into the woods...
and I didn't see anything.
I...I didn't hear anything,
I didn't see anything.
As I was about to start
running again,
in the cornfield, I see
the corn start moving.
-Whatever it was... was really big because
a lot of corn was moving.
I mean,
a lot of corn is moving,
and then all of a sudden,
it stopped.
And I thought, "Wow, that's
And so I said, "Well,
I'mma get out of here."
So I take off running,
and when I took off running
whatever was in the corn...
takes off running, too.
And that's what startled me,
because that's not
how deer behave.
Deer gets, you know,
deer gets scared or
they get startled,
or they get surprised,
and they just take off running.
But this thing started
running with me.
And when I say it started
running with me,
it was pacing me.
- It...and it kind of
freaked me out,
so I stopped.
And when I stopped...
it stopped.
To this day,
I think it would've
had to been, at least
three rows in.
And so I remember
stopping thinking,
'How does it know
that I stopped?'
So I stood there,
and as I stood there,
staring at the corn,
I mean,
not a single stalk moved.
I mean, it was perfectly,
just still.
Like this thing that was
in the corn,
like it was just
perfectly still.
And I don't know how long
I stood there,
but it spooked me.
And... not knowing what it was,
I said, "That's it, I'm taking
and when I took off,
it takes off simultaneously.
it's pacing me, and
I start running faster,
and it starts running faster.
I realize...
this thing's stalking me.
Whatever...whatever is in
the corn.
I realize when I get to Route 4,
I'm going to have to
turn left to go home.
And I'm just...assuming
this thing stays in the corn.
- Assuming it did.
When I get to Route 4 and
I turn left to go home,
I'm gonna run right into it,
I'm going to intersect with it.
One of my best friends who lived
just down the road from me,
he was to the right. thought is "Okay."
"I'm not going to turn left
and go home, because
I don't want this...
I don't want to intersect
with this thing,
so I am going to cut right."
So, I made up my mind.
I was just going to stay
on the road.
And when I get to Route 4,
I'm going to cut right,
I'm gonna run to his house.
So I realized that as
I'm going to get there,
there...I'm gonna run out
of corn.
So whatever is in this corn
is going to come out before
I actually get to Route 4.
So, I told myself, "Don't look."
And the reason why I said,
in my mind,
"Don't look." Because...
I had no idea what it was.
And part of me thought,
"If I looked,
I might freeze up."
I'm coming to the end
of the corn,
I looked,
I couldn't help myself.
I...I...I could not help myself.
As I'm running, I kind of
turned my body like this,
to just kind of, like...
side shuffle,
and that's when I saw it.
This thing emerges from
the corn,
and it was about six feet tall,
because that's how tall
the corn was.
And, it...
had the head of a dog,
high pointed ears.
- And it's shoulders
were rolled like this,
like it had, like, terrible a person
with terrible posture.
It's shoulder rolled and
its arms were long,
and, I remember,
it just turned its head
like this and looked at me.
I saw its head,
I saw the ears.
Could I tell you
what color its fur was? No.
It could have been
real dark gray,
it could have been black.
It could have been dark brown.
I can't tell you what color
the fur was for sure.
The interesting thing is,
when I saw it,
I didn't immediately think
I just didn't, because...
as we talked about,
my frame of reference
for what a werewolf was,
was something I had seen on TV8.
It was a man with a flat face,
and it wore torn,
tattered clothes.
It did not look like what I saw.
And the only frame
of reference that I had,
was it looked just
like the Egyptian God, Anubis.
That's the best way
I can describe it.
There was an almost
a crackling feeling.
The hair on the back
of my neck stood up.
Almost like a static,
static electricity, maybe.
- And, I suppose that's
a sixth sense, saying,
"It's time to leave."
I don't know whose voice it was,
and I hear "Let's go, now."
I run around and the creature,
it didn't move like a human.
- Maybe, it moved like
a dog that's walking
on its hind legs.
It almost moved kangaroo-like.
Like the legs were bent
the wrong way.
That's sort of freakier
than about anything,
is to see something that
your mind does not
want to grasp.
And it's on two legs.
- It kind of does
a hop, skipping motion,
not very many feet.
It followed me, which
was no big deal
and it was so close.
It did its hop skipping motion
and I could see it out
of my periphery.
And it followed me
as I ran around.
I managed to get
into my, uh, passenger side.
And, as he pulls off,
because there was so
much gravel,
the gravel
was spinning some,
and it was running
alongside of the car,
looking at me, straight,
you know, straight in the eye.
It's really hard to explain
unless you've ever had
something that maybe
can't be explained.
You know, that's
happened to you.
I simply focused on the eyes
and its movement,
because its movement
was so unusual to me.
I really can't say
how many feet it followed,
hopping along, beside the car.
But, I sort of felt in danger.
I wasn't terrified because
nothing was going into my head
the way it should.
I guess it's what happens
when you encounter something
that you have no parameters
for what it is.
And when I saw it,
I did kind of pause.
I didn't freeze, but I did kind
of pause, and I looked at it.
- Like I said,
there's weeds, wildflowers
and other stuff that runs
right up to the corn.
So all I could see
was from, like, thigh down,
so I don't know what
his feet look like.
I don't know what its knees
look like or anything
like that.
But, I saw its torso.
It... But, when it turned
and looked at me,
it just looked like
it had this massive chest.
So I take off across
Route 4.
So, I'm, I'm gunning it
as fast as I can.
This thing has dropped
to all fours and is chasing me.
As I'm getting closer
to my buddy's house,
I knew that they
had an in-ground pool.
And they had a fence
around, a chain link fence.
But as I'm getting closer,
I look and I see
the gates shut.
I was like, "Oh."
And I know if this thing
is following me,
my only options is,
I'm just going to have
to jump the fence.
- So I jump
and I throw my feet up
like in the air,
like the old Fosbury flop
high jump.
And I put my hand
on the top of the fence
and it was scalloped.
I remember this.
It had those, y'know,
the scallops.
And I pushed it down
and when I did,
and then it popped back up,
it just slashed me
right across my side.
I land in like a stumbling
motion, and I just dive
headfirst into the pool.
- And I'm blowing out
my breath and I am going down
and I can feel it, I can
still feel it, sliding out
the pool. It was ten feet deep.
I'm sliding down.
I blow all the air out
and I get to the bottom.
And I somehow pinch my nose
and I look up and I am fully
expecting to see this thing,
with the rolled shoulders
and the dog head,
and the big chest
sitting on the side
of the pool.
But it seemed like a long time,
I was on the bottom pool
and I'm looking up,
and I'm looking up
and I don't see anything.
So I'm like,
"Oh, my God."
I climb up out of the pool
and I run.
And I rip that door open
as hard as I can.
And my buddy was sitting there,
he screams and I scream.
And I slammed the door.
And I remember screaming,
"Turn the lights out,
turn the lights out."
And he has no idea
what's going on.
So we turn the lights out
and I'm just looking
out the windows.
I'm looking out the windows,
thinking, "Is this thing
out there?"
- The next night,
I played cards with guys
on the basketball team,
and I told them the story.
But I did not tell them
what I saw.
I vividly remember, um,
the next night.
We were at a friend's house.
So we're all in the garage,
outside, playing cards.
It was a... It was a bunch
of us guys, that went
to high school together.
And he's telling the story
about outrunning,
and having something
pacing him in the cornfield.
We... We were all teammates,
and what teammates do is we give
each other a bunch of crap.
He probably already got
enough crap from us as it was,
so he didn't want
to get any more.
And... And you don't want
to be called crazy, y'know,
but he did tell us the story.
I remember the story
and he's asking, like,
"What do you guys
think this was?"
And, nobody had an answer.
- When I did
the research, I found out
that on Flickinger Road
to just down
on Flickinger Road,
is at least two
Indian burial grounds.
So, that made me start
thinking in a, in a totally
different way
than what I always thought.
For years I had thought,
this is a flesh
and blood creature.
That it's wolf-like
or dog-like,
and no one seems
to catch them because
they are really fast.
They're really smart,
they're really stealthy.
Now my mindset has switched
to, um, "I think these
are supernatural creatures."
That's my opinion.
I revisited where this happened
about a year and a half ago.
I hadn't been...
I hadn't been back
in those many, many years.
- I found out there's
Indian mounds there.
Adena Indians, which are very,
were very common in this part
of Ohio.
I've read, where your Dogman,
for some reason,
are found
or seen frequently
where there's Indian mounds,
so I don't know.
Y'know, I just, I don't know
what to say to that.
- If you believe
the aspect of a Dogman,
werewolf creature
being more supernatural
than natural,
you can't hardly go any,
anywhere here and not have
a Native American settlement.
It just lends itself to that
angle of these creatures
being y'know,
the guardians of the Native
American burial mounds,
or grounds.
My name is Adam Davis,
and I've...
After personal experiences,
initially with Dogman,
I've been a researcher since
about, officially since,
about 2005.
The... My initial, actual
sighting was in 2005,
back in October 19th.
After we had initially
started hearing about
different howling
reports of everything
out around
uh, the Germantown
and Liberty, Ohio area.
My girlfriend and I
decided to go out
to Anthony Road and...
And to see if we could find
any tracks.
And as we crossed the bridge,
I was doing my usual thing,
looking down at the sandbars.
Y'know, to see if there
was anything there.
I didn't see any tracks.
Because sometimes we would see
tracks in the sand bars.
And we got across the bridge
and it kind of takes
a little turn.
And down,
down a little downhill.
And, I tell her to stop
because I see something black,
over on the right hand
side of the road.
I was... You know...
I was on the passenger side,
so it was on my side.
And, I was...
Because I was looking
in the mud
and silt and everything,
to see if there was any tracks.
I get out and I go over to it
and I look at it.
And I realize it's an article
of clothing.
It was a pair of pants,
of women's brand of pants,
in a petite size.
And I pick them up
and I'm looking at them.
And there's silt on the back
of the pants from where they
had lain...
lain against the dampness
of the ground, and they were
slightly damp from the rain.
And then I took them and turned
them around, and I realized
that it was...
I realized
that the front of the pants...
were just like,
totally shredded.
And matted with blood.
And it was not dried blood
or anything.
It was just congealing.
I look across the road,
and I see red fabric.
So, I mean, at this point
in time, it was kind of...
And I really
was starting to put together
what I'm seeing.
And, y'know,
as I'm looking at it,
I walk across the road
and I find a sweater and a...
and a T shirt
that are still partially
inside of each other.
I looked... and I looked
at it and there was blood
there on the sweater.
But the T-shirt was worse.
It was shredded
and matted with blood,
and I called the police.
I got ahold of dispatch
and told them what we found.
And, this is what
really kills me.
They laughed it off.
They said, "Oh, it's probably
just someone's trash that,
that they left out there."
It's nothing.
Don't worry about it.
So, I told my girlfriend,
"We're going to go
to the house."
"We're going to get a bag
and come back for this."
Because we didn't have
anything to put it in.
It was maybe ten minutes
from there to the house
and back.
We got back,
those clothes were gone.
They had taken a vehicle
and driven over the places
where those clothes
were laying, where there
was an imprint in the mud,
or any trace of blood
because they were, the...
the sweater and the T-shirt
were laying in...
on the edge of the road
in the, in the tall grass.
In 2015, I wind up meeting up
with this guy from Hamilton.
He was telling us how he had
been, y' know, looking
at anomalous, reports,
and everything, where
he was getting descriptions
of oversize, heeded prints.
He said he was basically
going from house to house,
through the Germantown
dam area, y'know,
where there were...
Where there's houses
along the edge of the park.
And, he came
to this one family
that said that
in 2000... April 2006,
their daughter went out
one morning,
to go out jogging
like she usually would do,
and she never came back.
She went out jogging along
Anthony Road, and up around
the backside of the dam.
I just dropped
to my knees
when I heard this.
I mean, it was confirmation,
but it was like the worst kind
of confirmation.
There was no question
in my mind that if it was
something that he...
It was a Dogman that did that.
Because, first of all,
what would have happened?
What would have happened
to the body otherwise?
The body was gone.
The clothes were shredded.
There's no bear out there.
There's no cougars out there.
There's no natural predators
that would do that.
And there is, from what I've
heard of other reports,
there are the reports of the
where they will, y'know,
essentially shred off
the clothes off of a human
in an attack.
The LBLO case is one of them.
If... from the Land Between
the Lakes back in '82.
That... They said that
the victims were pretty
much disrobed
of their clothes,
they were just shredded off.
And I've heard of other reports.
Where there were attacks
or at least alleged attacks.
- Ah,
there is a great deal of fear
inherent within these
particular encounters.
It is as if a very
intelligent animal
is evaluating you.
I've heard reports
of people seeing them,
just watching them
from the trees and making
no other kind of movement.
Um, I also have taken reports
from people that have claimed
that they've heard them
coming up onto the porch
and trying the doorknob.
Or, y'know, even more uncanny,
trying to call them outside.
These are the things that
that raise the hackles
on the neck and goose bumps
and everything else.
But, we are definitely dealing
with not just an animal,
we're dealing
with something here
that has a particular
intelligence to it.
- Ah, but from all the
encounters that I've...
that I've taken notes on
and the eyewitnesses
I have investigated,
and spoken with,
um, it's never
a pleasant encounter.
You don't come out of this
feeling enlivened in any way.
Encounters with dogmen,
encounters with these
werewolf type beings,
is something that, um,
is the stuff of nightmares.
Again, people
have asked me,
"What happens whenever
you encounter these things?"
Well, we really
don't know, do we?
I mean, a lot of people
go missing and are never
heard from again.
So, it might have been
an encounter with one
of these creatures.
Land Between the Lakes
is the largest inland peninsula
in America.
And it wasn't always like that.
It used to be a much smaller
trickle of water coming through
a couple of rivers.
It used to be called,
Between the Rivers.
And for whatever reason,
they flooded the areas
and made Lake Barkley
and Lake Kentucky.
And that caused the creation
of Land Between the Lakes.
You got that large
inland peninsula, in America.
There are over 200 cemeteries
in Land Between the Lakes,
It's got, really a dark history
because you know a lot
of people's homes,
when they were getting
the area ready, they ran
them out of their homes.
The government threatened them
in one way or another.
There is a lot of dark history
with this land, and I believe
there's even a lot
of cemeteries
that are under water now.
You can still go across
the land and find people's
old homesteads,
where you can see the evidence
where they...
they took over the area
by I reckon, eminent domain.
Since the 1700s,
before they flooded everything,
French explorers
were coming through
the regions,
and they would report that
there were Rougarous
in the region.
Basically a French werewolf.
Y'know, they were very
superstitious about that kind
of thing back then.
So, they probably thought
there are werewolves
in this area.
Of all the Native American
history here,
I don't know of all the
tribes that were here.
But there is a legend
of the Shawnee tribes,
that there was a Shawnee
medicine man, in the region,
who was a skin walker and they
blamed him for some
of the werewolf incidents.
- Some, something
of that nature.
What is so interesting
about this particular area,
is, this was the area of
for the Woodland Indians.
There was a wolf cult part
of that culture at one time,
maybe as early as 1300.
There's instances of
mounds being uncovered,
where the entombed person
was made to appear as if
it were an amalgamation
of man and wolf.
One particular tomb
had the body wrapped in furs
and the jaw was actually
dislocated and some
of the teeth were removed,
in order to place
a wolf snout over it.
What was going on in this area
is really kind of strange,
whenever you talk about this,
this assuming of man and wolf
at the same time.
- Because these mounds
in which this culture
was a part of,
is very near to Defiance, Ohio,
very near
to Elkhorn, Wisconsin,
and also very close to the area
of Land Between the Lakes
as well.
- It's
always seemed like
Dogman is a bit
aggressive in nature,
because you hear so many stories
of people that see it and it
chases them out of an area.
Uh, but, there are multiple
sightings, up from here
in the region where people
just see it run across the trail
or it doesn't chase them,
y'know, they'll just see it.
It seems to be there's
a physical creature of some
kind, uh, y'know.
We find footprints
in the region.
A gentleman's seen a mother
Dogman and pups run across
the roads.
So, there seems to be some kind
of biological animal,
in the region.
- Everything
that we can find, y'know.
You have families
that are physically attacked.
And, people that come up
missing, people supposedly
eating upon.
It's alive, it's aggressive.
It needs to eat.
We had just moved.
I was married at the time.
And my now ex-wife,
we had moved into
this little trailer,
out in the country.
We were freshly married,
engaged, getting ready
to get married at the time.
We got married,
right as we moved in.
And so it was our first.
Our first place together.
Moved in, it was peaceful
and affordable
and we were young
and poor and didn't
have a lot of money then.
So it, it was in our budget.
And we had never...
never had any inkling
going in there?
There was none of that feeling
when we were
looking at the place.
So I mean there,
there was a lot of history
through that area,
but there was, no, there was...
There was slavery there,
there was Union occupation.
Ah, you know, there was,
there was deaths in the area,
and it was very old.
And it, it was Native American
land at one point in time, too.
And we were,
we were settled in and...
I'm guessing within,
like a month, things started
to get different.
You had... During the day,
it was very peaceful
and serene,
very rural, country setting.
At night, from the time
the sun went down,
from dusk until about 4 a.m.,
there was just
this different vibe.
And we would, ah...
feel this different.
You would just walk outside
and it would just initiate
this extreme, instant
fight or flight response.
Ah... mostly flight.
There was no fight
and you just didn't
want to be out there.
Then, we would go into this...
start hearing noises
and scratches outside the house.
You would see from the old
cemetery in homestead,
which was next
to where we lived.
Ah, we started seeing red
glowing eyes, and they would be
seven to eight feet in the air.
And... the shadow that you've
seen was bipedal,
and it almost looked like a...
like a giant canine.
It didn't have any, you know,
human features to it.
And seven to eight feet tall,
very broad shouldered.
And it had this, had this...
canine-looking head to it.
It didn't... you know,
it just did look
like a giant dog.
And... the very first time
that I... that I heard,
heard anything, um...
We had gone,
gone grocery shopping
on Friday night,
gone out to eat, come home,
put everything away,
went to bed.
And when we were lying in bed,
and this,
this raking of claws
was going on, right outside
outside of the house
in the bedroom.
I just, I refused to go out.
We just rode it out,
let it go, and...
We went out the next morning,
and the... from the area,
you could hear the noise
from what's probably,
you know, seven to eight
feet up off the ground.
And, and there were no
claw marks or anything,
but we heard
definitely raking of claws,
the whole night long.
And then shortly
after that, ah, we were,
we were in the kitchen
and, and noticed
the glowing eyes
in the woods.
And then we stepped out
on the front to look and...
And you could just see it
sitting there watching
and just observing us.
And it would just do that
every once in a while.
The, the most...
The most common thing
that it did all the time
was this.
This energy that it put off,
it just inundated your senses
with instant fight or flight.
And, and you could tell,
the sun went down
to about 4 a.m.
You just dealt with that.
And if you went
outside the house,
it, it just overwhelmed you.
It was very, it was the most
intense thing I've ever
experienced in my life.
It would be, it didn't do this
every night. It would
be gone for a few days,
and then it would come back.
And I don't know if we were
just on part of its route,
and that whole area
was its territory.
Ah, but every time...
we saw the eyes, it was always
in the old homestead
at the old family cemetery.
It is where it always was.
My now ex-wife, then she would
see things. And I traveled
for work, which I mostly do.
And she had things happen
while I was at...
I was at work.
And it was to the point
where she was like,
"We have to move.
I can't do this anymore."
So that's when
we decided to go.
It was extremely peaceful.
Other than that,
we didn't have anything.
And that was the only issues
we had the whole time
we were there.
But I mean, we lived there
six months and
it made us leave.
It was very odd.
It was almost like it had
this ability to where it was...
kind of real and then
kind of spiritual.
Like it, it had some,
some physical attributes to it.
But, the rest of it seemed
very, very supernatural
and, and paranormal.
I was 18 when I had
my first encounter.
I was in the Bell City swamp.
I couldn't...
I used to hunt a lot.
Every given night available,
I was out in the woods.
And I had heard
about something
in the woods.
Eighteen. Stupid.
I wasn't scared much.
Took my dogs out.
We're having a good night.
We killed five coons
I think that night.
We trailed a bobcat.
Just got off it.
We went deeper,
about one in the morning.
I should have known.
We didn't hear deer.
We didn't see deer,
we didn't hear crickets.
That's all signs
of big predators in the area.
I should have known.
I had two dogs
come back out of three.
And when I say two come back,
they howled past me
and didn't slow down.
And these are trained coon
dogs, trained to stop.
I was worried because
the one that was missing
was worth about $1500,
and she was my prize dog.
So I went in looking.
A smell hit me.
I've been around dead animals.
I've been around carcasses.
I know what they smell like.
It smelled like rotting meat
and a wet dog.
The growl that coming out
of this animal...
hit me in my bones.
Just you won't forget it
if you could trust me.
I had light touched my hat.
When I flung it around,
I hit something in the eyes
that was standing seven
and a half feet off the ground
at the eyes.
Black fur... Head like a wolf.
Plenty of hairs on top.
I didn't know
what I was looking at.
Here I am
on the double-barrel 20 gauge.
I'm outgunned,
I know it.
I eased away...
backwards, trying to
get away from it...
and... it stepped off.
like it didn't want
to be in the light.
I tried to keep my eye on it.
And it was gone.
I've never seen anything
move that quick. I mean,
it was there. It's gone.
I took off for the truck.
And when I got back,
the truck was facing the woods.
My dogs went back.
They beat me to the truck.
When I turned the headlights on
to turn the truck around,
it was standing in the edge.
Like it had followed me up
until I left.
I've been around enough animals
to know if it's got claws
and it's got teeth
shaped like that.
It, it don't eat plants.
It's got big canine teeth,
and it's got big, sharp claws.
It did not go around
munching on blackberries.
My blue tip coon hound
found a bloody car.
And it was cut in three places,
and it was
a solid leather strap.
Two years ago...
the last encounter I had,
and the one that literally
made me sell my dogs
and quit coon hunting.
Dad called me.
Wants me to train a couple pups.
The problem, I've done
it all my life.
Okay. Run them over.
You run it out.
Run them tonight.
We started out.
I had old black and tan
and an old red bone.
And Dad had his
two little pups.
Dad didn't wanna go that night.
That's fine. I'll take him.
It started out great,
I mean Bella hit.
My black and tan,
she had a trail on me.
We're off, we're both
trying to look for the ball.
That little bit of red bone
that he had on a
section of horse jaw,
I'm guessing around 6-8 inches.
Had teeth in it.
I felt that was kind of funny.
No feelings.
I thought it was...
so I followed him.
I come look...
I think it was
a whole skeleton.
The bones were some
chewed up and mutilated.
I could make out a skull,
the pelvis, some ribs,
and the fingers.
And the skull
was in about 33, 34 pieces.
That put me on alert.
But, predators
tear up bones.
No big deal. Coyote's chew them,
squirrels chew them, calcium.
Pups wouldn't listen.
I wanted to go back.
I was not tired for the night,
anyways. They didn't quit.
My big dog
was still on a trail.
She wouldn't cut off,
so I had to go in at him.
Even farther and farther
I went, the more bones I found.
And, I come upon the pups
and they were just laying
on the ground.
Flat. Just...
Wouldn't move...
The dog was between me
and something in front of me.
Growling. Bristled up.
Snarling, acting like
I've never seen her act.
The growl that I heard
that night...
It was like you could feel it.
It was, it came from its gut.
I was 15 yards from it.
It was massive.
I was close enough
when he could,
when he'd sniff, you could
see his nose wrinkle up.
That's way too close.
Way too close.
I've always been told,
like most kids
in Southern areas,
"Be careful, there's Panthers
in the woods and..."
I mean, this is Western
Kentucky. We don't have bear,
but every now and then,
because they wander up
out of Tennessee, but...
I've faced predators,
most of your big game predators
that you have in the States.
These things don't act
like that. You look
in these thing's eyes.
These things look like they're
trying to figure you out.
They look like they're looking
through you, trying to figure
out what your next move is
so they can get around it.
I've been around predators
my whole life,
and I've never seen anything
in my life like that.
I've never seen anything
look like it had
enough consciousness
to know what you might do.
I think that scares me
as much as seeing them.
This one wasn't scared.
This one wasn't curious.
This one did not want me there.
You would come up closer.
When I cooned, I carried
a double-barrel 410
and a double-barrel 20 gauge.
Double-barreled 410.
Double-hammered old gun.
And a .357 pistol.
The fact that my coon dog
never moved
didn't even faze this animal.
She might as well been
to a piss and come along now.
It walked...
In a semi-circle around me
like a predatory move would.
At this point,
I pretty much know.
It came over, done.
He got three quarter
of the way around me...
in the loudest, deepest howl
I've ever heard that come from
deeper in the swamp.
His ears perked up.
And it was like I wasn't
even there at that point.
He held back.
He acknowledged me
by roaring at me so loud,
I ain't even gonna lie.
I pissed my pants that night.
It scared me so bad.
So I just threw the shotgun up.
Well, at least
I might get blood.
When I threw the barrels up,
he cleared the bushes
behind him that were probably
six, seven foot... and was gone.
Foot towards the hell.
I come home that night.
I sold 17 dogs the next morning.
I sold all my gear
except my coon hunting light.
And the only time I go out now
in the dark, if I'm hunting
is if I'm around ponds
and hunting frogs.
I do not go near
that swamp at night.
I'll go during the day.
I will not go at night.
The reason I wanted to stay
anonymous is I've had people
tell me I'm crazy.
I've had people tell me...
I'm drinking too much,
doing drugs.
They're real.
Science might
not have found them. But...
don't mean nothing.
They stay hidden for a reason.
My name is Martin Groves.
I had an incident in the 1990s
spring turkey season,
that kind of connected me
to the area.
I'm a retired police officer
of 32 years.
I've been with a local,
rural sheriff's department
of which I have now
since retired.
Uh, but I was
with the department
for many years,
and a uniformed patrol officer.
Coming from a... a...
a police background,
ah, it's going to ruffle
a lot of... a lot of feathers.
The only reason why I've even
come forward at this point
is one, I have retired,
and I don't really care
what people think of me
or what will be said.
I feel like there is something
within that park...
animal or beast,
that is a danger to the public.
I was told that this would be
very detrimental to any tourism
and to anything that
any public reports coming out
that there was any kind
of animals eating people.
Or attacking people
within the park.
And there has been a long time,
standing, unwritten rule
that they control the reports
that come outside the parks
because of this.
In the '70s,
there was a group of kids
that disappeared up there,
then Land Between the Lakes.
They heard a bunch
of screaming and...
when the other group
came up to them,
they disappeared,
never to be seen again.
1979. That was over
around Willow Bay,
the members bay area.
There was a gentleman.
He worked in
Kentucky Fish and Game.
He said that he witnessed
a Dogman jump on a couple
that was camping there
along the shoreline,
held them down with its hands
and biting plugs out of them,
and they were able
to confirm his employment
through the state and what not.
Ah, you got the famed 1982
attack of the family that was
slaughtered very terrible.
There's multiple variations
of the story, but largely
they have retained the same way.
So that story boiled down
to its most basic form,
is a family of four,
came down to the Land
Between the Lakes.
They were either
in a travel trailer or an RV.
And they came down
to do some camping
up at the northern end
of Land Between the Lakes,
while they were, I guess,
getting set up
and everything ready.
A Dogman came up
and literally
slaughtered the family.
Just dispatched them
in a grisly manner.
People came back
through, cops, ah...
The government in some form,
hikers and they found
the family dead.
They found three bodies,
but they couldn't
find the little girl.
Anyway, there was a little girl
along with them.
And they eventually found her
either up in the top of a tree
or somewhere about
100 feet away from the RV.
There is a little bit
of contention on that.
It has become a famous story
of the region, now almost
teetering on urban legend.
And you can even find evidence
that it happened because
the spot where
it allegedly took place,
you can find where
the light poles
are cut even to the ground.
You can find the old RV slips.
You can find
the old foundations
for the bathhouses.
Something seemed to
have taken place there.
You can find the old,
the boundary stakes.
It really looks like
something happened.
And then...
some government crew
or the park came in,
tore it all up
and let nature retake itself.
You can tell that, for once
some reason they wanted
to do away with this area.
And that, that's the most
famous story from up there.
The next famous would
probably be, there was
a bow hunter up there
whose body was found dead
and I haven't found them yet.
But supposedly there are
documents showing
he was found in the park.
He was dead.
It was all factual.
When they found his body
in a soybean field over
around where we camp
a lot, Dark Hollow.
His body was fed upon.
I'm going to be very respectful
because of the family
that, uh, suffered a loss.
A hunter was killed...
and was mauled to death.
But the official report says
it was a unknown animal.
Unknown species.
The reports...
that I have read,
and what I have been told
is that the animal
was either a cougar or a bear,
that had ripped
the man out of his tent.
And had consumed him
and pulled his body
three to four hundred
yards away from the tent.
It is my belief that I actually
had met this man the day before
while I was out
and was scouting.
And I do not know
if it was or not.
I do know
that the man that I met was
in the same immediate area,
and I observed
his pickup truck.
And there's just too many
indications to me
that I believe
that the man that I met
is the same man
that was pulled out
of his tent and eaten.
One of the common things
when you're researching
Dogman is, it is strange.
Toward the northern end
of the parks
where they are at,
you'll find Dogman activity.
But to the southern end,
you find Bigfoot activity.
Dogmen in the North,
Bigfoot in the South.
So it does seem
in some ways, there is a,
a territorial aspect to it.
I don't know. It could be
hungry, aggressive predator,
could be territory.
Ah, there's a lot of factors
that could be at play.
In the spring of,
I believe it was 1993-94,
a hunting partner and myself...
A friend that I actually worked
at the sheriff's office with,
had decided to take a trip
into Land Between the Lakes
for turkey hunting.
The first night we came in,
we had absolutely
no problems whatsoever.
The next day, we both got up
and decided to take
a small excursion,
searching for birds,
and we went our separate ways.
We had a very nice
game trail to follow,
and I followed for miles
and throughout the entire day.
At this point
in the late afternoon,
I had a...
feeling that I was being
followed inside the woods.
Behind me I could hear movement,
and I could feel a presence
that I did not know if it was
animal or if it was man.
Being an avid hunter,
I was very observant.
Two to 300 yards behind me,
on the trail behind me,
I could see
movement in the woods.
I continued through
the woods for some time,
and followed the game trail,
edging my way back to my camp.
When I did actually
catch movement in the woods
and I could see
that there was two,
or possibly three animals
that was tailing me,
but when I would stop,
the movement would stop
in the woods.
I continued on,
and as I've become closer
to my camp,
I could hear
a distinct knock in the woods,
and it would be a large boom,
like someone had taken an axe
or something up against a tree.
So, at that point, I believed
it was my hunting partner
and I was getting
closer to camp.
As I got closer to camp,
is when I first observed
what I believe to be
a man in a ghillie suit.
So I just wrote it off,
you know,
I'm a, I'm on a hot trail.
I just need to get back to camp.
Somebody is watching me
to the west of me,
and somebody's coming in
on a game trail behind me
that's an animal.
Something was just tagging me.
I finally did make it
back to camp.
The closer I began getting
to my camp, I heard whistles.
I could hear a whistle
that was human-like,
that was a shrill whistle.
I attributed
a lot of these things
to, 'this is my hunting partner
back in camp.'
'He's knocking something.'
'He's whistling,
trying to get me to come in,
'so, I came in to camp.'
And immediately
when I come in to camp,
my friend that I have known
for many years,
I could tell was very shook.
There was something not right
with my hunting partner,
and I said, look, I'm sorry
I've been gone.
He said, "It's not that. I was
a little bit worried about you,
"but there is something
around the camp".
That's when he broke down
and told me,
he said,
"I've been hearing whistles
and there is something
hitting a tree,
or there is maybe rocks being
clampered against the ground.
He did not know either.
We settled in,
we talked around the campfire.
It got dark at this point.
When it gets dark
at Land Between the Lakes,
it is dark.
There's no car lights,
there's no street lights.
It is as if you were
in the 1700 or 1800s.
We felt like we were
being pressured
to get out of the camp,
and this is
when the activity began.
All that was illuminated,
was our campfire,
and our kerosene lamp.
So we had a period of...
a distance
of 15 to 20 feet at maximum
around the camp
that would be illuminated,
and then we would see shadows.
And I noticed what I believed
to be a man behind a tree.
It looked as if a person
was standing behind the tree,
very large tree.
At that point,
we were locked in.
We were not going to be made
to move by anything or anybody.
This was our camp.
We're staying
and we're gonna hunt here.
A small limb or tree,
piece of a tree
come flying off
the top of the cliff
that was raised above us.
The rock came,
and when the rock comes
so close to in between us,
we were standing within
five to ten foot of each other,
we started getting scared.
At one point,
Harry told me that...
maybe we should get
our firearms,
and, so he set his shotgun
closer to him.
My shotgun was laying
on the ground,
but I had a sidearm on me.
So, I kind of felt confident.
You have to imagine
the darkness and
how dark that it was,
and how limited
vision was for us.
We began to get a growl
from where the person
or persons were standing.
The growl was so intense,
that it vibrated in my chest,
and within my partner's chest.
It was like a vibration.
It was not like a growl
I had ever heard
in my life from...
I've been around bears,
I've been around
pigs, charging boars.
I've been around
all different kinds of animals.
This was a growl
like I had never heard.
All my life, I've been trained
not to be afraid.
I've been trained to attack
anything that comes into vision
if you perceive it
to be a danger,
I could not do anything.
It just is...
It was as if I was this child
and I was five years old,
and I was scared
of a monster in the dark,
and I noticed that my partner
was totally frozen.
He was not moving.
He was breathing fast.
At one point
I've seen his shoulders slump,
and he was not feeling well.
All time had frozen.
Everything had just...
like it had become stilled,
and it It was just a low,
intense feeling that I had.
Out of the left side
of my peripheral vision,
I saw movement.
At this point
I made a physical move,
and once I took a step,
I felt like I could...
I just gained, like, my freedom,
and I pulled my firearm.
I turned my shoulders
to face the object
that I caught
in my peripheral vision.
I faced... I looked forward,
and I could see
what I knew was not a man.
I knew that it was not
an animal I had ever seen,
and it was coming towards me.
In the glow of the campfire
and the glow
of my kerosene lamp,
I caught what I felt
was an upright walking...
It was not bear.
It was like a wolf.
It was large, it was huge.
It was still walking towards me.
I've discharged my weapon
in its direction two times.
You have to imagine
when you fire a gun
at nighttime,
that you have an effect
of almost like a camera
going off,
and that camera instills
something in your brain,
so, I have this image.
instilled in my head
of when the flash went out.
And the animal...
It was like it responded
to the firearm.
It was intelligent.
It knew that that...
firearm was dangerous to it,
because it reacted,
it moved and it went
backwards before I fired.
It is as if
it could jump and leap
beyond any human understanding.
It jumped to the rock face
that was beside of it,
and in an instant was...
it was gone.
It disappeared and went
over the ridge above us.
When I fired my weapon,
my hunting partner behind me
discharged his firearm,
in the opposite direction of me.
I am screaming at this point.
I'm screaming, I don't even know
what I'm saying,
but it's time
to back up to the truck
where we were parked,
and I began to cover above me.
I covered to the left of me,
and he's walking,
and we're walking behind us.
As we get to the truck,
I jump up into the back-end
of the pickup truck.
He gets in, cranks the vehicle.
I am standing in the back
of the pickup truck,
the lights,
flow towards a field
that was in front of us.
Directly in front of me...
were two huge figures,
I believe that what
was stalking
me in the woods,
I believe that whatever I fired
at to the left of my camp,
was what people
refer to as a Dogman.
But I know what was
in the headlights
of that truck,
was not the same creature,
because it towered at least
another two or three foot taller
than the animals
that I had seen in my camp.
These were two
very large creatures,
and I realized that one of them
was the exact thing
that I had seen in the distance,
that I believed to be a man
in a ghillie suit,
and it was not a man
in a ghillie suit.
It was not a bear.
It was on two legs, bipedal.
That's what I believe
was whistling the entire time
that I had heard in the woods.
That's what my partner
had heard whistling,
were the two figures
that I observed in the field
in front of me.
Were they working
with the other animals?
I just say the words.
Were they working
with the Dogman?
Were they guiding the Dogman,
or were there...
Were the two large creatures
there to protect me?
I do not know.
My partner
fires up the pickup truck,
and we speed out of the area.
As I turn around behind me,
something was tearing my...
our camp completely to pieces.
There are Bigfoot
stories from the region.
There's supposedly a large,
aggressive Bigfoot
in Land Between the Lakes.
It just goes wherever it wants.
They've nicknamed it Stonefoot.
And, we even have found
Bigfoot tracks
up towards the north,
close to around the site
where the family was attacked.
So, they are in the park.
- We stopped
and we attempted to report
what took place with us,
and we were told
that we had overreacted,
that we had observed
what they said was a rogue bear.
There are things
that I will not say on camera.
People that I've spoken
with over the years.
You have to understand
that the law enforcement field
is a tight brethren.
There is a unwritten rule
that you will not talk
of anything
coming out of the park.
I mean, these guys
have pensions,
these guys have family.
Can you imagine working
for somewhere for 20 or 30 years
and you are called
into the office
and you are told
that, due to the fact
you spoke
in public about an incident
that took place,
that you're fired?
I believe it's entirely possible
that they cover stuff like that.
They'd lose a lot of money
if people learned
that there was something
that looked like a werewolf
wandering through the park,
or possibly even Bigfoot.
They'd lose a lot of money.
So, if one person disappears,
or a few people,
wouldn't it be for them,
wouldn't it be
the most profitable decision
to just cover it up
and make it look
like something never happened?
At this point,
there are many people
that have went missing,
or have come up,
they've been found dead
within the park.
And this is a phenomenon
that it is not contained
to Land Between the Lakes.
This has taken place
in a lot of our national parks.
It is a very scary thought
that the general public
is tourism.
To a certain extent,
the general public is unarmed
when they enter these parks,
unable to defend themselves
against anything, man or beast.
From all the encounters
that I have talked
to people with,
it's just not
simply encountering
an animal out there.
There are earth lights
often attached
to these sightings.
There are feelings of dread
associated with this.
In my opinion,
what we were dealing with here
is not a human simply
shape-shifting into an animal,
or some sort
of uncatalogued creature
that is roaming
the wilds of America
that has yet
to be categorized by science.
I think there is something here
that is far beyond
our knowledge.
It appears as if
these creatures
are coming from another source,
and they bleed into our world,
or we bleed into their world,
or what have you.
There almost has to be
an unspoken agreement
between the person that is
witnessing these creatures,
and the creatures themselves.
It seems there is some sort
of exchange of energy going on,
and for these things
to manifest themselves,
they would need your energy
to feed off,
to make almost a circuit
in which everything is fired up,
and then these things
can then appear
and manifest within our reality.
It bothered me for years.
I'm not saying that I had
post-traumatic stress.
I'm not saying that,
but I know that every time
I walked out of my house
at night,
I was always had this fear
of what's lurking
behind the house.
What could be under the car?
What could be behind that bush,
because in the back
of my mind, it's always there.
It could be there.
And the other thing that really
kind of stuck out to me,
was, as I sat back
and I reflected,
was, if that thing's real,
what the hell else is real?
- I didn't let it
control my life,
and as a matter of fact,
I kind of swept it into the...
into the back recesses
of my mind,
and now and again
it would come up.
I get the pin pricks
in the back of my neck,
and I think I'm just...
Too much imagination.
I hid this from myself.
I would...
I rarely told anyone,
because you tell someone,
and yeah,
they're condescending at best,
just laugh,
or think you're joking, and...
Now, at this age, I don't care
whether you believe me or not,
it doesn't matter.
It happened.
- The only thing
I could literally tell people
I saw was a werewolf,
which probably didn't help
the fact
that people
thought I was crazy.
And like I've told her,
every time
I talk about it to anybody,
the nightmares come back.
I 've woke up
screaming in the night.
My wife shook me.
It scares me to my core
to know that these things
are still out there,
moving and walking around.
These things are built
to hurt something.
Trust me, you don't want
to see one.
- I have nightmares.
I'm plagued with dreams.
At one point,
I spoke with a professional
that said that I had...
I had seen something,
that had traumatized my memory.
I couldn't accept
what I had saw.
That trauma of whatever
that had occurred that night,
and the incident
that I had seen,
that... It will haunt me.
It will be in my dreams.
They told me
to attempt to work it out.
I will not hunt
in the deep woods any longer.
I have been to different states,
I have hunted in Montana,
I have hunted in Wyoming.
I have fished where
I've had grizzly bears
within 20 to 30 yards of me
when I'm fly fishing.
They don't scare me.
That scares me.
What I saw that night,
was such an intense feeling,
an evil...
A feeling of evil
that cannot be described.