American Woman (2018) Movie Script

can you get in here?
I need your help with something.
Hey, Bridge?
I'll be in there
in one minute, okay?
I'm trying to put him down.
But, uh, bring a sweater
if you're gonna be
out and about.
And perhaps we'll start to...
I just need your help
for a goddamn second, all right?
So, uh,
speaking of getting out...
- Bridget.
- Mom, seriously.
Hey, Tommy,
what do you got happening
for this weekend?
Hey, how are you doing?
We've actually got a lot
of great events
coming up this weekend.
If you go down to Philadelphia
on Thursday night...
Hey, Bridge?
Bridge, can you come in here
for a second?
I need your help.
I need your help with something.
Which boots do you like?
I think he's cutting
another tooth or something.
Which boots? Hurry up.
- Brett's going to be here.
- Black.
I was thinking the brown.
I don't like the brown.
There are too many straps
going on or something.
I like all the straps going on.
I feel like it gives it
a little something extra.
Where's he taking you?
Some new place out in Media.
Like Rustica or...
The Rusticana,
or something rusticky.
Ooh, it sounds fancy.
Well, I'm a fancy girl.
Don't expect to buy me
a hamburger
and get a look at the goods.
- Ugh! "The goods"?
- Right here.
I'm fat.
You can keep the dress.
All I ever wear anymore
are baggy T-shirts
and sweatpants anyways.
You're not fat, sweetie.
You're stuck in a rut.
Do you know how much weight
I gained when I had you?
- No.
- Forty-five pounds.
That's a lie.
I'm serious!
I had this crazy,
crazy craving all the time.
There was this place...
out on 352 called Wagon Wheel.
It's not there anymore,
but it was this big, like...
like Sizzler-type place.
And every night, my friend,
Karen G. Russo,
used to pick me up.
And we'd drive over
to Wagon Wheel
so that I could get
the spicy meatballs,
and I'd top it all off
with sour cream.
It took me two goddamn years
to get back
to my original weight.
So, you can quit feeling sorry
for yourself.
It's just I want things
to go back
to the way they were before.
They are not gonna go back
to the way they were.
You make do with what's left.
Oh, shit, that's him.
All right. How do I look?
- You look pretty.
- Just pretty?
Not drop-dead, or stunning,
or beautiful?
You look drop-dead
and stunning
and beautiful as always.
- Love you, sweetie.
- I love you, too.
Don't wait up.
- Look at you.
- Hi.
You look handsome.
What the hell
are you doing out there?
Setting up the lights
on the catwalk.
Come on out.
Did you really pick
these out yourself?
The girl
at the counter told me
it's what all the hot mistresses
are wearing these days.
Oh, that's really fucking funny.
Come on out, babe.
You're driving me crazy
out here.
Well, put some music on,
for Christ's sake.
There's nothing worse
than dancing in the quiet.
Whoa, go back, go back.
I like that one.
This one?
He was in my panty drawer again.
How do you know?
Because they're
all over my floor.
What is it with him
and the panties, anyway?
I don't know.
Maybe he likes how they feel,
or something.
It's weird.
It's not weird, Mom.
He's a baby.
He doesn't know
what he's doing.
He knows something.
Six drawers in that dresser,
he never goes after the socks.
So, um...
Tyler texted me...
to see if I wanted to go
to dinner with him tonight.
So... Oh, come on,
don't make that face.
Can you watch J for me
for a couple of hours?
If I have to.
Don't let him
sweet-talk to you
into starting something
up again.
I'm just saying,
you get amnesia.
He says one nice thing,
takes you out...
Poof! You forget
all the shitty things
he has done to you.
Well, at least
he's making an effort.
If he was making an effort,
he'd come over to see his son
once in a while,
instead of playing video games
and scratching his ass.
Oh, Christ, don't say nothing
about Brett taking me out, okay?
- I won't.
- I'm serious, Bridge.
I don't wanna hear
her shit right now.
- I won't. Jeez Louise.
- Yeah?
I need some milk.
The boys are about to get up.
Aren't you lucky you live
so close to your little sister?
I'm not sure
how you'd survive without me.
Something tells me I'd manage.
Will you send Terry over
to fix the garbage disposal?
Every time I turn it on,
it makes this like...
...sound, like there's a cat
stuck in there or something.
So, how was your night out
with Brett?
What? I didn't say anything.
I saw his car pull up
in the driveway
at four in the morning.
- Oh, you.
- I thought that was all over.
I don't know why
you're thinking about it at all.
- The hell are you doing, Deb?
- Hey, you know what? Get out.
Didn't we just have
this conversation?
Get out. I don't want to deal
with your shit right now.
You're gonna get yourself
in trouble
running with a married man.
Sooner or later,
you will get caught.
It's where I find
Myself again
Carry a laser down the road
That I must travel
You know those aren't
the lyrics, right?
Carry a laser down
the highway of the night
Carry a laser down the road
That I must travel
You're torturing those children.
Aunt Kath,
I wasn't laughing at you.
Grow the hell up, Deb!
What'd she do this time?
Go fix her garbage disposal.
What's wrong
with it now?
There's a cat stuck in it.
Hey, Cindy?
Hey, Cindy?
What? I'm over here.
Cindy, get over here.
- Paul asked me to restock.
- Fuck Paul. Let's go.
She'll shit herself
when she sees it.
Oh, my god.
Who got me this? Deb!
Wait till football
season starts.
You'll be pulling that thing out
more than your wallet.
- Oh, my god.
- I'm not wrong.
Uh, sorry
to break this up, guys,
but we've got quite
the line out there.
You want the blueberry,
Mrs. Riley?
You usually get
the home-style kind.
This is blueberry.
Let me go get
the home-style for you, okay?
- Hey!
- Hey.
Hey, Patrick, put this
on the steps for me, will you?
You're not the boss of me.
I'm the boss of everyone.
Now put it on the steps.
Can I please hold Jesse?
- Need a hand with anything, Deb?
- No, beer's on the front steps.
And can I show him
my new Viking battle sword?
No Viking battle swords.
Remember what happened
last time you did that?
He had a bump on his head,
the size of an orange.
No, Murph.
Hey, hey, hey!
What are you doing?
Put that down.
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey, Deborah.
- Thanks, Terr.
- Yeah.
Do you want to say something?
- Do you?
- No.
Okay then.
Looks like you got something
on your mind.
Where's Bridget?
Date night with dipshit.
I don't like that word, Deborah.
Oh, I don't really give
a crap, Mom.
Well, are they at least trying
to work things out
- for Jesse's sake?
- God, I hope not.
I think it would be a good idea
if they tried
to patch things up.
No one really cares
what you think.
Haven't you learned that by now?
Hey, cut it out.
Cut it out.
Make yourself useful.
Get the drinks ready
or something.
Yes, sir.
One on.
Right back in the third base!
In the second base!
Double play!
Are you at least gonna apologize
for lying about Brett?
Katherine Margaret Tate,
I'm truly, deeply sorry
for my behavior.
Yeah, you really sound like it.
Just everything with you turns
into a goddamn lesson, you know.
I get tired of hearing that shit
after a while.
Do you think I want to do that?
Do you think I want
to look out my window
- to see if he's coming over?
- I don't know.
You do it all the time,
so you must not hate it.
Maybe you're bored
with your own life,
you got to spy on mine.
Okay, you know what?
I do it
because I care about you.
And God forbid, Mom finds out
you're going with a married man.
Oh, God forbid.
Oh, God forbid. Amen.
Holy Family might kick her out
of the Parish Bridge Club.
Or, oh, Father Cassano might not
let me receive the Eucharist.
You haven't gone to mass
in years, Deb.
Because they look at me like
I'm some kind of leper there.
Remember when I was pregnant
with Bridge,
I used to walk in and see
all of Mom's friends
pointing at me whispering... little asshole mice.
Don't be so dramatic.
Try looking at it
from the other side.
He's got a wife
and three young children.
They made a commitment
to each other.
You're living in the Stone Ages,
you know that?
What's that supposed to mean?
What it means is,
when you get to the altar,
and you promise
to love and honor
all the days of your life,
it doesn't mean what it used to.
Okay? It's not practical.
Well, worked for Terr and I,
didn't it?
Well, you know why it worked?
Because you never experienced
anything else.
How do you know if what you got
is the best thing
in the whole world?
Terry's dick...
is the only dick
you've ever seen.
Oh, my god.
Who else's?
Oh, my god, Kevin Kramer.
Kevin Kramer?
Was it as big as they say?
Carrie Manfry said
he had a hose.
Do you always
have to be so crude?
And what, you're proud
that you slept
with half the men
in Delaware County?
- Not proud, no.
- Kath?
- I'll have my coffee now.
- Okay. Just a sec.
But I know what's good
and what's not
'cause I've been around
a few times.
Oh, congratulations.
Okay, what if someone else
came along?
Someone else like Tom Selleck?
Tom Selleck walks
into this kitchen right now,
he says,
"Kathy, I gotta hard-on.
Take you upstairs..."
"Kath, I've got a hard-on."
"Kath, I've got a hard-on.
Take you upstairs.
Go down on you for an hour."
Would you say...
Would you say,
"Tom, I'd like
to fuck your brains out,
but I made a promise to Terry
at the altar."
Yes, I actually would.
- Bullshit.
- Oh, god!
Oh, god, you probably would.
That's even more depressing.
Oh, Jesus fucking Christ.
Oh, come on. Okay.
All right. Okay.
Oh, goddamn it.
Hey, this is Bridget
and Jesse. Leave us a message.
Bridget, it's 8:20.
I don't give a shit
how hungover you are.
You get your ass home.
I'm not
your personal babysitter.
Come on.
Hi, Aunt Deb.
- Hey, Kath?
- Down here.
No, I already paid for that.
What, with cash?
Yeah, 700 dollars.
I need you to watch him
for a little while.
Bridget didn't come home
last night.
- What's going on?
- I can't get ahold of her.
Don't do anything stupid, Deb.
I'll get my keys.
All right. All right.
I'm coming. Jesus.
- Can I help you?
- Where's Bridget?
How would I know
where she is?
She went out
with Ty last night
and she never came home,
so I assume she slept here.
- She never slept here.
- Where's Tyler?
Out with some friends.
Hey, you can't just barge
in here like that, Deb!
Hey, Carol.
You'd better get her
out of here.
I'm going to call the cops
on her ass!
Where's Bridget?
You got 15 seconds to get out,
or I'm calling the cops, Deb!
Tell me where she is,
and I'll leave.
What did you do that for?
I don't know
where the hell she is.
I dropped her off
at Jenna's house.
Dropped her off
at Jenna's house?
- Jenna Cunningham.
- Why?
All right,
we got into an argument
- at dinner...
- Down to ten!
Shut up, Mom!
And she didn't want to go home.
The girls were all hanging out
over there,
so I dropped her off.
Jeez, you crazy bitch.
What did you call me?
You're a piece of trash,
you know that?
- Five seconds.
- You're fucking trash.
All right, come on, Deb.
Let's go.
- I'm trash?
- Yeah, you're trash.
You're a dirty skank
who has phone sex
with all her boyfriends.
I'm trash.
Yeah, Bridget told me
she could barely sleep
because she'd hear her mom
fingering herself all night.
Why don't you ever come by
and see your son, huh?
Because you're a piece of trash.
Because I know
you're going to be there!
- His brain is about trashed.
- That's it. I'm calling.
- Get the fuck out of here.
- Call them, Carol.
Fucking call them!
- Come on.
- Fuck you!
- Deb, you can't just go busting
- Fuck you, Carol.
into people's house like that,
you know that?
Now, where are you going?
She got here at around ten.
I guess.
She was upset.
Said she had another fight
with Tyler.
We had a few drinks.
She left at around midnight,
I guess.
So, she was just gonna
walk home?
It's got to be over three miles.
That's what I said.
No, I said she should
just sleep here,
and I'd drive her home
in the morning.
But, um, she said you'd be mad
if you woke up and had
to take care of Jesse, so...
she left.
What about Bridget's father?
He's not around.
How long has that been the case?
Since he found out
I was pregnant 17 years ago,
he never wanted anything
to do with her, so...
would you sit down, please?
Where is he?
- Where is he living now?
- South Carolina, Florida.
Look, you're wasting your time
with him, okay?
Tyler Hanrick,
this is who you need
to be looking at.
They got
into an argument last night.
He admitted that.
He never wanted her to have
Jesse in the first place.
And he has been violent
with her before.
What... What do you mean
he has been violent?
I mean, he has hit her.
More than once.
And Bridget never liked
telling me all the shit he did.
So, if it was more than once,
you can bet it was
a lot more than that.
Has an Incident Report
ever been filed?
I told her to file one,
but she wasn't going to do that
to the father of her kid.
What I'm saying is all the boxes
are checked off here. Okay?
Deborah, would you
just please sit down?
Mom, if you tell me
to fucking sit down
one more fucking time,
I swear to God...
Kath, can you just get her
out of here?
Because I can't fucking
deal with it right now, Mom.
We, uh, we understand
what you're trying to say,
but Tyler claims he got in
from the date around 10:30 p.m.,
and he stayed inside
the rest of the night.
- His parents said the same.
- Oh, big fucking surprise.
They'll say anything
to protect him.
They will say any fucking
bullshit to protect him.
They're fucking trash,
those people, okay?
Is there anyone else
you can think of,
besides Tyler...
...that would have
a reason to hurt her?
There's no one else.
Look, if you think
of anything else, let us know.
In the meantime,
we have her photo
in all of our patrol cars.
Chester and Bucks County, too.
If she is out there,
we're going to find her.
What did you say?
I said, if she is out there,
we are gonna find her.
So, we're just supposed
to sit here and wait?
What are we
supposed to do? I mean, just...
We will call you, Deb. Okay?
- As soon as we get something.
- Okay.
- I promise.
- Okay.
You do that. Yeah.
Thank you very much.
Okay, um,
you all have a good night.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
We're gonna split you all up
into four groups.
Vans are waiting outside
to transport you
to the search areas.
And once you're there,
listen to your group leader.
If you find something
that you think
might be evidence,
do not touch or move the item.
notify your group leader,
and we will process it.
Miss Callahan, anything you want
to add, by chance?
Go on up.
Want me to...
It's been, uh...
It's been three days
since we last saw Bridget.
She left home around seven.
She was wearing
a pink sweatshirt
and white sneakers.
She had her hair colored
a few days ago,
so it's a little lighter now,
little more blonde.
But not much.
This is a mother's
worst nightmare.
To know that your daughter's
out there somewhere,
and that she's calling for you,
you can't get to her to help...
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I miss my daughter.
Her son misses his mom.
We just want to find her
and bring her home.
Bridge loves animals.
Especially horses.
She used to volunteer
over at Willowmay Stables.
And this is Clover.
Bridget's grandfather
bought her for her
on her 12th birthday.
If Bridget's
out there watching right now,
what would you like
to say to her?
Just that I love her.
That I'm always with her.
You have to eat something, Deb.
You're scaring us.
Now, I am going to stand here
until you eat that,
and I am not going to let you up
until it's done.
Deb, where are you going?
I'll be right back.
Oh, Jesus, Deb.
Just... I don't even know
what to say.
I just can't even imagine.
Will you come and stay with me?
This week's really tough.
The regional manager's in town...
I... I can't...
I can't take another day
of just sitting around
with my family.
I just... Will you just
come stay with me,
so I don't feel
so goddamn alone?
I'll come stay with you
on Saturday.
Try and get some sleep.
Hey, it's me.
Uh, just wondering
when you're going to be here.
Call me back, okay?
We get one night together
in the past month,
and you decide to show up late?
Fuck you, Brett. Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
If you don't call me back
in 30 seconds,
I'm going to drive over there
and tell your wife
how you begged me
to let you come inside me
because she wouldn't let you
do that anymore.
Thirty seconds.
Want some coffee?
Deb, what the hell?
Jesus Christ.
You need to leave.
Get out of my house.
You think you're special?
You think you're the first one
of his whores
who has come to my house?
J, it's 7:15.
Get moving. Come on!
Where are my clothes?
I left them on your dresser.
- Morning, babe.
- Hey.
How about some eggs
and sausage, huh?
I'm playing poker
over at Timmy's later.
Was going to call Terry to see
if he wanted to join.
That's a good idea.
So you won't be home for dinner?
No, I want to have something
before I go.
I don't want to eat
that fast food shit
they got over there
all the time.
Twists up my stomach.
J and I are gonna go over
to Kath's house, I think.
Make something up for me
before you leave, then.
J, it's time to get moving!
You're gonna miss the bus again.
Hurry up.
Why does your grandmother
always got to scream at you
to get you moving?
Because I'm tired.
You're tired because you're up
all night playing video games.
Cut that shit out.
Your ass will be running down
those stairs every morning.
Want some cereal, hon?
Put that thing away.
Because I said so.
That's the only reason you need.
Don't look at her.
I told you to put it away.
All right.
You're gonna learn
to listen to me.
And until you do,
it's going to stay up here.
Why is he always
taking away my things?
Ray likes to be in charge, okay?
It makes him feel good
to be the boss of everything.
It's annoying.
Well, you don't have to be
a shit all the time either,
you know?
I'm not a shit.
Not all the time.
Look, Ray's a hemorrhoid.
What's a hemorrhoid?
A pain in your ass
that doesn't go away.
But he's a hemorrhoid
who's paying for the house,
and the groceries,
and the bills
while I'm in school,
so we have to put up
with some of his bad qualities.
Do you have to keep dating him?
Can't you find someone better?
Well, that's the thing.
There is no one better.
They're all the same.
Sweet and charming
when they're chasing after you,
then after they got you...
...all that good stuff flies out
of the window.
You're not gonna marry him,
are you?
God, no.
I'm not marrying anyone.
Besides, Ray farts in his sleep.
Fill out the Taxes column
by using a formula
that calculates 35 percent
of the gross pay.
What's the problem now, Deb?
Nothing, um...
Did you...
Did you say 35 percent?
And fill out the Net Pay
by using a formula
that subtracts 35 percent
from the gross pay.
Wait. Shit.
Something just happened.
It all just went... Poof!
Has anybody here ever seen
their computer go "poof" before?
Can somebody please volunteer
to help Deb out,
so she doesn't keep
on slowing us down?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Is it serious?
He's 16.
I had Bridget when I was 16.
Oh, I reminded him of that.
Oh, shit, he's in love.
Hope she's not with him
just because he's the big
swinging dick football star.
- Ew.
- Ew.
And no, she's not like you.
So, how is Ray?
Ray is Ray. You know.
Heard you fighting
the other night.
And I've been hearing that
a lot lately.
So, buy a set of earplugs, Kath.
Is it going anywhere?
- It's been over a year.
- Oh, Jesus Christ.
I'm sitting here
doing you a favor
cutting out
stupid-ass footballs.
You really gonna start in on me?
- What's going on?
- Don't.
You talk to her.
All I did was mention Ray.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Is that going anywhere, Deborah?
Do you see
what you just started, Kath?
Well, we all think that
he's pulling you away from us.
"We all"?
What, you all got together
behind my back?
No, not behind your back.
We were all together
at Murph's football game,
and Ray's name came up,
and we all came up
with the same idea about him.
Which was what?
He likes to control you,
and that's pulling you
away from us.
Do you know what's
pulling me away from you, Ma?
- Ray.
- Not Ray.
You assholes
fucking interrogating me
all the goddamn time.
Were you in on this little Ray
powwow thing, too?
- Huh?
- "Huh? Huh?"
- You fucking heard what I said.
- Just ignore her, Terry.
All right, leave me alone, Deb.
I'm trying to watch the game.
Did Ray come over here earlier
to see if you wanted
to play poker?
Yeah, yeah.
He called over earlier, yeah.
so why didn't you go?
Uh, I don't know. I'm tired?
You know,
I've been working all week.
Do you think you're better
than him? Is that it?
What the hell are you even
talking about, Deb? Really?
Is that what you're gonna
go with me?
- We support you. That's all.
- Support me?
When have you
ever fucking supported...
Name one fucking time, Mom!
You name one time
when I haven't.
Do you want me to sit here
and start rattling them off?
Because I'm very happy
to do that.
Do you want me to do that? No.
No. Because then everyone
would know
what a fucking hypocrite
and a fucking fraud you are.
What have I ever done
to you, Deb?
- Oh, god!
- What is it that I've done
that has made you
hate me so much?
My whole life,
you've tried to silence me,
- because I didn't fit in
- Silence you? Good lord.
- to what you wanted me to be.
- I couldn't silence you
- if I try, nobody could!
- And all you ever did
was made me feel shitty
about feeling good.
The only fucking person,
damn it!
The only person, the only...
Oh, here you go again
about your father.
The only person who ever
- understood you, right?
- Yes! Yes!
The only person
who ever loved you!
Yes! Oh, there you go,
tuning me out again.
And you never answered
my fucking question.
You want to know
why I didn't play poker?
I just fucking
asked you that, didn't I? Yes!
'Cause Tim Haggerty's
an asshole. Okay? All those guys
- Ray hangs out with,
- Maybe you're the asshole!
- they're all fucking assholes...
- Did you ever think about that?
Maybe you're
the fucking asshole.
- I'm the fucking asshole?
- Yeah!
You know what, Kath?
Get her out of my house.
Oh, you want me to get out
of your house?
Yes! Please get the fuck
out of my house!
You want me to leave?
Fine. Fuck you.
- Okay, cool.
- Fuck you all.
Jesse, let's go!
Your aunt's kicking us
out of her house.
But I wanted to play Nerf.
Wanna get
the other side, Mom?
Are you going to put in 22?
So, where's Ray, Deb?
At the refinery, Mom.
Don't start. Not today.
Okay? Not today.
- Can I have cake now?
- Not now.
- It's not ready.
- But I'm starving.
It's not ready, okay?
Just sit down.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight...
So I just want to thank everyone
for making it out again
this year.
Today, Bridget would've been
22 years old.
More than anything,
I just want her to know
that we still love her.
that we haven't forgotten
about her,
and that we're still
hunting down the answers.
Happy Birthday, Bridge.
Second down,
17 yards to go in the quarter...
- Go!
- Come on!
Attaboy, Murph!
Attaboy, Murph!
I'm going to go get a soda.
Do you guys want anything?
- Can I have a hotdog?
- Sure.
Who were you talking to?
At the snack stand,
you were talking to some guy.
Oh, Matt Carter.
We went to high school together.
Must be funny, huh?
Class clown,
the way you were laughing.
Whatever you're getting at,
I wish you would just hurry up
and get at it
instead of talking
all the time about it.
Everybody told me about you,
to stay away from you, Deb.
You want me to keep paying
for your house and your car,
and your fancy fucking haircuts,
then your attitude's
gonna change.
Do you understand?
Why do I even have
to see him?
'Cause he's your dad.
Not really.
I mean, he has never been around
or done anything
like dads are supposed to do.
I know.
One day, you're gonna
come to me,
and you're gonna wanna know
what he was like,
and if he did skateboarding...
...played basketball,
and you're gonna have
all these questions
about why you are who you are.
So, think of it
as me covering my ass, okay?
Hey, little man.
Brought you some bottle rockets.
It's been a while, huh?
It's good to see you.
It's good to see you.
You got so big.
Look at you.
I quit.
I wish I could.
Thanks for bringing him
to see me.
So you're living
down in Florida now?
Yeah. Sober living house
for now.
But if things go right,
Kaylee and me are gonna get
our own apartment.
She seems really sweet, Tyler.
I'm happy for you.
You really fucked me up.
You know that?
All that shit you made up
about me being abusive
to Bridget.
Everyone looked
at me different after that.
No one ever laid
a finger on her.
I swear, half the shit
I got going on right now
is because of what happened
back then.
I was in a really...
bad place.
Goddamn, I lost my daughter.
I was looking for someone
to blame.
You were just an easy target.
I'm sorry.
My mom came down to visit and...
brought a bunch of old pictures.
Oh, yeah?
No, you keep it.
And you can even cut me
out of it if you want.
- I don't care.
- Thank you.
- You don't still think...
- No.
I stopped thinking that
a long time ago.
I appreciate you raising him.
Who knows?
Maybe one day, I can put
all this shit behind me
and be more a part of his life.
Is he a good kid?
I mean, he's not a troublemaker
or a smart-ass, is he?
He's a really good kid.
Really good kid.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
Picked you up something
on the way over.
Do you like Warheads?
Got plenty of those in there,
and some Nerds Ropes
and Lemonheads, too.
My gran says
I'm not allowed to eat junk.
You can have it this time,
sweetie, say "thank you."
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Be good and listen
to what your gran says, okay?
I love you.
And keep in touch, Tyler.
I will.
See you soon, I hope.
Hey, Deb!
Oh, god, this is trouble.
Let me transfer
my last two tables, okay?
Don't eat that.
What are you talking about?
It's gonna get cold.
What time did you get in
last night?
Last night, I don't know.
- Eleven?
- Eleven?
Maybe later. I don't know.
Some of the girls I used to work
with at Trucchi's came by.
We sat around catching up
for a while.
I stayed up until 1:30,
waiting for your ass
to get home.
Then I drive by Coco's
and see you outside
talking to some black fella.
You mean Paul?
I don't know his fucking name.
Paul's gay.
Okay? A faggot.
That's what you'd call him.
So, if you're worried
about me and Paul doing it,
you can throw that idea out.
Nobody's eating
until I say we're eating.
Mm. Nice and fluffy.
You know what the secret is?
A fuckload of butter!
Oh, yeah, you want to eat?
Eat! Eat it all,
you fucking bitch.
Yeah, eat it all!
You want to eat.
There, fucking eat it all.
Want to? Yeah. Fucking...
Ray's hurting Gran!
Ray's hurting Gran!
Goddamn it! Oh, shit!
You fucking...
Goddamn, Deb,
that hurt! Fuck!
- Goddamn it!
- Get out of my house!
put that goddamn thing down.
It's over.
I made a mistake.
Are you all right, Deb?
I will be when this son of
a bitch leaves my house.
The cops are
on their way.
If I walk out now,
I'm never coming back.
You sure you want that?
Get out!
Right. Yeah.
Good luck finding somebody else
to put up with your shit.
Fuck you, too, Terry.
You all right?
You bet.
Hey, Terry,
you want a beer?
Yeah, I'll take another one.
I need a breather.
Aunt Claire has got my ear
about her gallstones.
Oh, god.
- Deborah.
- Hi, Ma!
Is that for me?
I got you a present.
- You didn't need to do that.
- Well...
- Should I open it now?
- Yes.
"To Deb.
All my love. Mom."
That can go on the wall
of a new office.
Yes, it can.
Thank you. Thanks, Mom.
You're welcome.
Oh, I'll be right back.
She's so proud of you.
Actually get a job,
maybe she'll have something
to be proud of.
You should try calling
that Nancy Evans.
She works over at Pennhurst,
- that assisted living place.
- Oh, yeah?
She has done real well
at that company.
I'll take anything
at this point.
Not just anything.
You've worked too damn hard
for just anything.
You deserve
something great, right?
Hey, you ready
to start dating again?
Oh, hell, no. Why?
I might know a someone.
He works with Terry.
He's cute.
He's young.
What do you mean young?
Kath, he's a baby.
Jesus Christ, no.
Trust me,
it wasn't my idea.
I know what a pain
in the ass you are.
He pointed you out.
What do you mean
he pointed me out?
He was over for dinner last week
and saw a picture of you.
What picture?
Why's it matter what picture?
'Cause if it's like a picture
from seven years ago
when I was tan
and my ass was tight
and my tits were standing up.
What picture?
Oh. A new picture.
What's his name?
Chris McGuire.
Chris McGuire.
We could all go out
together, if it makes it easier.
Hey, Deb?
Uncle Jack
and Aunt Dottie are here.
- Dottie.
- Hey!
How are you?
Oh, shit.
Yeah, so, great. I turn around,
I sit back down,
and the guy pours a cup of beer
on top of my head.
Oh, come on.
Tell me you knocked him out.
No, I wanted to.
Trust me.
But I got my nephew sitting
right next to me.
So, you know,
I'm just stuck with it
the entire game, you know,
drenched in beer,
freezing my ass off.
But, you know, what can you do?
So, uh, Deb, you like football?
Oh, no, not really. No.
What do you, uh,
like to do for fun?
So busy with work and school.
When I have time off,
I usually just sleep.
Right. Yeah, I understand that.
Well, when you're not tired
and working,
what do you like to do?
I can't remember the last time
I wasn't tired and working.
You know what?
I'm going to go to the bathroom.
Deb, do you want to come?
I'm good, thanks.
- Night.
- Night.
Send J over.
Jesse? Come on.
- Hello.
- What was that?
You didn't say a word all night.
You just sat there
like a little statue.
Yeah, because I obviously
didn't want to be there.
Then why did you go?
- Because you made me.
- Night, Aunt Kath.
Night, hon.
I didn't make you
do anything, Deb.
I'm tired.
I'm going to bed.
Oh, I know you're tired.
Everyone knows you're tired.
You made that very clear.
He made an effort.
- He brought you flowers.
- Oh, oh, he bought me flowers.
So I guess since he spent 7.50,
I should just spread my legs,
let him do me under the booth?
You've done it before for less.
Flowers. I hate fucking
flowers anyway.
All they do is sit on a table
and die and smell like shit.
Go to bed. Wait, give me that.
Go to bed.
It's not a match, okay?
What was wrong with him?
A lot of things.
Like, I didn't find
him attractive.
Like, if he really wanted
to make an effort
he wouldn't have come
in his goddamn work clothes.
Maybe he would've washed
his fucking hands.
Fine. He thought
you were too old anyway.
Brian, can you give me
two of those beers?
- Hm.
- Get you started with a drink?
Yeah. Could I get
a Bud draft, please...
Oh, whoa, Deb.
I didn't know you worked here.
Cut the crap.
I just saw you.
You turned to my station.
What do you want?
I'm gonna do the,
uh, cheesesteak
- and fried onions.
- No. I mean, what do you want?
I'm 38 years old,
raising a seven-year-old boy.
If you're looking for a fling
or a party girl
or someone you can have
some fun with,
just keep on looking.
Well, I just so happen
to be in the market
for a 38-year-old waitress
that has
a seven-year-old grandson
that just doesn't like
to have any fun at all, so...
it's kind of perfect.
Bud draft with a cheesesteak,
fried onions?
- Ketchup?
- Hell yes.
Pick me up at seven on Saturday.
You wanna come in?
That's Terry's house.
Come on in.
Hey, we just got back.
Will you send J over?
Well, how was it?
It was good.
Did he clean up?
How was his outfit?
Can we talk about this later?
Because he's standing right
in front of me
and I want to wait
until he leaves
to tell you what
a shitty date he was.
Call me
as soon as he's gone.
I'm going
to use the bathroom.
Don't get too comfortable.
You're not staying long.
Oh, that's fine.
I got another date
I got to get to anyway, so...
I'm Chris.
J, this is Chris.
Yeah, we just met.
Go take a shower, 30 minutes
of TV in my room, okay?
- But I wanted to...
- But nothing. Go, 30 minutes.
You want a beer?
Sure, why not.
Thank you.
So Kath made you dress up?
She, uh, she might've hinted
that improving
my wardrobe could...
produce better results, yes.
Oh, really?
I liked you better before.
Hey, so, uh...
Terry told me about what
happened with your daughter.
Deb, I'm real sorry.
I don't really smoke anymore.
I just...
Every now and then,
I get the urge.
Kath told me
you're a great mother.
I wish that were true.
I was 16 years old
when I had Bridget.
Slept with some guy two times,
that was it.
First boyfriend?
- First everything.
- Hm.
And he wanted me
to have an abortion,
but I wanted her too bad.
I was so nervous,
I slept on her floor every night
for the first year.
I didn't know what I was doing.
I don't know
how you made it through it.
I almost didn't.
Well, you made it back.
Back to what?
That's the question.
What's it telling you?
I wish I knew.
Why can't I go to Music Beats
after school?
Who are the teachers?
- I don't know.
- Exactly.
I don't want you
spending time alone
with people I don't know.
Timmy's allowed to go.
So is Brian.
I'm not in charge
of Timmy and Brian.
I'm in charge of you.
You never let me go anywhere.
I feel like you're
suffocating me.
You don't even know
what "suffocating" means.
Like, you can't breathe.
You seem to be breathing
just fine to me.
Get in the car.
Steelworkers' Sons.
That's what we called ourselves.
Were you any good?
No, no, no.
We were awful.
But we, we did
the whole Jersey Shore tour
for like a few years.
Point Pleasant,
all the way down to Wildwood.
It was beautiful.
All the college girls
throwing themselves at you?
Oh, you would not believe it.
I would walk off that stage
every single night
with a trash bag
full of panties.
- Ew.
- Yeah, that was gross.
That was actually
not true at all.
You know, I had this, uh...
I had this routine where...
I would pick out
the prettiest girl
in the audience
real early on
in the show, and...
when the last song
came around, I would...
ask her to join me on the stage
to dance with me.
You know, I would've picked
you out right away.
- Oh, really?
- Mm-hm.
- Hm.
- My god.
Um, actually,
you're going to want this.
Trust me.
I'm not.
No, you're gonna,
you're gonna love this.
Hey, everybody, thank you.
Please, please calm down.
Would the beautiful girl
in the blue jeans
and the gorgeous pink top...
come up here
on the stage with me?
No, thanks.
Well, I'm not going
to sing us out of here
until you're up here
with me, so...
I'm just gonna stay here
with my friends.
Oh, you're going to stay
down there with your friends?
Yeah. Mm-hm.
- You sure?
- Mm-hm.
Oh, Deb.
Come on, try me out.
I'm not that good of a dancer
but try me out. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
I don't dance.
I'm a terrible dancer,
too, so...
I just made all that shit up,
so you'd dance
with you, you know?
I figured as much.
Steelworkers' Sons.
I don't know.
Hey, Deb?
Is everything okay?
I can't.
Come here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Come here.
- Okay.
I'm not going to hurt you, Deb.
You want to say
some words, sweetie?
Bye, Clover.
I'm going to miss
making you obstacle courses.
I hope you were happy here.
Say hi to my mom if you see her.
Is everyone here?
- Everyone but Cindy.
- Where the fuck is Cindy?
- We're starting in 15 minutes.
- She went to the Wawa
to get coffee creamer.
Relax, breathe.
Hello. Hello!
Where's the gorgeous bride?
Mom, I told you
to stay down
'til we're ready to come out.
Well, I wanted
to give you a present.
I wore this the day
your father and I got married.
Does that mean
I have to wear it?
Yes. It's an heirloom.
Oh, you shouldn't be drinking.
So, I suppose you're gonna go
through with this.
Oh, my fucking god.
Mom, are you
really doing this right now?
I am just asking questions
that any mother would ask.
You've been dating him for what?
Eight weeks?
I mean, I don't even know
his last name.
Well, see,
I didn't know that.
It's on the invitation.
Kath, could you get me
a cigarette, please?
Don't smoke.
Your dress is going to smell.
Oh, my god.
I am not trying
to make you anxious.
But eight weeks
is just not enough time
to get to know somebody...
So you thought you would come
in here and talk me out of it?
Well, I thought
I'd give it a try.
Have I ever listened
to you, Mom?
- No.
- Right.
So, I'm going
to smoke that cigarette.
I'm going to go
downstairs and marry the man
that I've been dating
and screwing...
...for the past fucking
eight weeks,
and I'm going to give everyone
a big bear hug.
Oh, shit.
Oh, my dress,
it smells like smoke.
Oh, god.
Mom, just...
- Here.
- Right.
- All right.
- Go now.
- Goddamn it.
- At least he's Catholic.
Mom, you going to go
in the other car?
- Be careful.
- Oh, god.
All right, we're going
in the van. Let's go.
You're gonna trip.
Be careful.
You got lipstick?
I got it!
All right. She has got it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I introduce to you,
Mr. and Mrs. Chris McGuire!
Okay. Uh...
Excuse me, everybody.
I'd like to say a few words.
Oh, god. Oh, god.
I promise it won't hurt
that bad, Deb.
Uh, if any of you don't know
who I am,
then you should probably leave
because you're on my property.
I'm just kidding around.
I'm playing around.
My name is Terry, and, uh,
I'm very proud to be
Deb's favorite brother-in-law.
- Only brother-in-law.
- Only brother-in-law.
- Yeah.
- Whatever. I win by default.
- No choice.
- And she's just as beautiful
and as much of a pain in the ass
as she was
the first night I met her.
But, uh, they're
a wonderful couple.
And I just want to say
that, uh...
it's, it's, uh, really great
to see them together,
and it's something
that Kath and I
have wanted for Deb
for many years.
And I...
And I also want to say that...
that, you know, I know that
if Bridget were here,
she would welcome you into
our family with lots of love...
just like we all have.
And I just want to thank you,
Chris, for taking care of Deb.
Guys, dinner.
- Hello.
- Be right up, babe.
Good, right. Yeah.
That sounds good. That was good.
You ready
for the talent show, J?
Still got a long way to go.
Oh, are you kidding me?
Kid was born ready.
Clapton's shaking
in his boots right now.
I bet.
What do you want to drink, babe?
I'm fine with water.
Hey, did you get
your science test back?
B plus.
- Nice.
- See?
Aren't you glad we started
studying a little more now?
Are you going to go
to the dance?
What dance?
There's a mixer
over at the high school.
Mrs. Kiefer asked me
to chaperone,
but she said J hadn't bought
his ticket yet.
Dances aren't really my thing.
Aren't really your thing?
Um. Girls, slow-dancing,
making out.
Not making out.
that's every guy's thing.
Look. If you need any lessons,
back in the day, girls used to
refer to me as "The Grind King."
Did you know that, babe?
You see, you just press up
against them real close
- like this.
- Okay. All right, Grind King.
You can sit down now.
We get the point.
Show Mallory what
you got working with down.
Who's Mallory?
No idea.
Never heard of her.
Well, I think you should go.
I think a lot of girls are going
to be disappointed
if you don't show up.
Oh, yeah, right.
Thank you.
Okay, everybody calm down.
contract is not
what you deserve.
So, what do we do?
You walk out.
And the people in
the big offices out in Phoenix
are going to wait for you
to blink first. Don't do it.
And the first contract offer
they send through
will be a shitty one.
Don't take it.
You stay strong, stay together.
Remember how we did it
in 2012, Lorraine?
Yeah. We didn't break.
It's the only way,
the only way that
they will take you seriously.
And what about you, Deb?
Doesn't that put you in a bind?
It will, but we'll manage.
We'll just dump all
of the extra work on Shawna.
Oh, really?
I don't think so. Um...
No, no, no. We'll bring
in some per diem nurses
to sort of bridge the gap
if we need to.
We'll be fine.
We'll be fine.
What time are you guys
taking off on Saturday?
Can't come with us?
God, I wish.
I got that flip project out
on Providence Road
we're scrambling to...
finish up.
You're working too hard.
Maybe we can go on a trip,
you know,
just you and I.
Jeb's got that timeshare down
in Clearwater.
What about New Mexico?
What about New Mexico?
I saw this travel program
the other day.
People were hiking
along the Rio Grande.
There was art,
like these incredible...
ancient paintings on the walls
of these caves and...
I don't know. It spoke to me.
Yeah, what did it say?
"Come to me, Chris and Deb."
Well, you say it like
that then... yeah.
Yeah. Why the hell not?
I'm going to bed.
Love you.
Come on, babe.
We'll hit traffic.
- All right, hey.
- Got everything there?
- Take that, Terry.
- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Did you double-check?
- Drive well.
- For the stove?
- Bye, sweetheart. I love you.
- Love you.
Call me when
you get there, Jesse.
We will.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Miss you.
Bye, Kath.
Pack a hoagie
for the road?
See you.
- There she is.
- There's the lake.
About time.
Are you drinking a beer?
It's spring break.
- So?
- So this is the first of many.
Oh, honey.
How's college life?
- It's, it's amazing.
- Yeah?
- It's amazing?
- Yeah, we'll see how
amazing it is when
we get his grades.
Oh, no, no, no.
We're not doing that.
We're not talking about school.
No! No, wait, put me down!
You're going to have
fun on this trip
- whether you like it or not!
- Guys, my sunglasses!
Grab them! Grab them! Grab them!
No, you guys, don't. No!
Don't you dare! Don't you dare!
Get her a drink!
Mom said
you forced her to go
to Bingo at the home last night.
She seemed pretty down
when I was over there
on Wednesday.
I think that stroke
took more out of her
than she's willing to admit.
I keep telling her,
she can move in with us.
- We've got two rooms upstairs.
- I know.
Terry's friend said
he would build a ramp
outside for her wheelchair.
She doesn't want to be
a burden, you know?
I think she's
a little embarrassed.
Why is she embarrassed?
She's been independent
her whole life,
and suddenly,
she has to rely on other people.
It's... It's not easy
on her, Kath.
I spoke to someone before.
I'm being charged for something
that I returned two months ago.
Do you know the account number?
I don't know the account...
Where is the account number?
It should be
on the upper right-hand corner.
Hey, Chris,
where's the Sears bill?
Oh, shit, I might've tossed it.
Do you have it?
I'm going to have
to call you back.
Why did you throw it out?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Everything okay?
Well, I have some good news.
Corporate called.
They're sending over
the new contract offer
to the nurses this afternoon.
We won, Deb.
- Oh, my god.
- We did it.
Will you let everyone know?
You sure you're okay?
- That's such good news.
- It is.
- Well done.
- You, too.
- Hey.
- Hey, babe.
Hey, I just wanted to call.
We're running a little behind.
- I'm not sure...
- What time will you be home?
Not that late.
Love you, babe.
Love you, too.
What's with the bags?
How long has it been going on?
Been going on?
I saw you at her house.
How long?
No, Deb, I can explain...
Do you really want me
to scream and yell
and throw my fucking glass
against the wall?
Do you want me to do that?
- Because I fucking will.
- Hey, she...
She's just...
- Whatever you think you saw...
- Chris.
Six months.
Who is she?
Her name is Sarah.
I met her at a bar
in Wilmington.
- Deb...
- Why?
What didn't I give you?
Hey, bud.
What did you do?
I'm just going to go away
for a little while.
Hey, J.
Is she pretty?
Nice tits, too.
- Shit.
- Mm-hm.
Really nice tits.
Well, you're not crying.
That's good.
Oh, I will, eventually.
It'll all come pouring out.
Right now, I have
to chaperone this damn thing.
- Too tired.
- Whoa! Look at you.
So handsome.
All right. I'm going.
Hey, Mom.
Mom, it's Deborah.
Hey, Mom?
What? What?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Nothing. I just thought
for a second...
I'm not dead.
- Yeah?
- I'm sorry to interrupt.
Deb, there's a Detective Morris
here to see you.
You go.
I'll sit with your mother.
As you know, last week,
we arrested Frank Gerald Derrick
of Eddystone
and charged him with kidnapping
and murder of Amanda Butler.
While interviewing Mr. Derrick,
he subsequently confessed...
to the kidnapping and murder
of three other victims.
With Mr. Derrick's cooperation,
we have located the remains of
Jessica Edmonds, Kelly Ryerson,
and Bridget Callahan.
We'll take questions now.
My name is Deb Callahan.
Your husband murdered
my daughter.
I want to speak with him.
- Please go away.
- I'm... Don't touch me.
Don't fucking touch me.
I want to know
what happened to my daughter.
Please just leave us alone.
I'm not going to do that.
I am not going
to stop coming here
until you let me speak to him.
You have to let me
speak to your husband.
I need to know what happened
to my daughter.
I am begging you to tell me.
Get him to speak to me.
I need to know what happened
to my daughter.
I'm begging you.
I'm begging you.
I'm begging you!
Goddamn it.
it's Detective Morris. I...
I got word from
the DA's office this morning.
Frank Derrick's
going to meet with you today.
What time?
5:00 p.m.
You okay?
Think so.
Deb, you go.
We'll stay back here.
You want to stay here, sweetie?
No, I want to go with you.
Yeah, so four dollars?
- Four bucks.
- Do you want to...
Let me get my bag.
We can see how many
are in there.
I have four bucks left,
so, you know?
- I'll do them for four.
- Okay.
How are you doing, bud?
Good, good.
Good to see you.
Studying hard?
I got a girlfriend now.
You talking about Mallory?
We made out for the first time
at the mixer.
See, "The Grind King's"
rubbing off on you a little.
Isn't she going
to be heartbroken
now that you're leaving town?
I told her we'd be back
for the holidays.
She said she'd wait for me.
Good for you.
Why don't you go help that lady?
What are you doing here, Chris?
Well, you won't meet up with me.
You won't return my calls.
Figured that this might be
my last chance
to see you before you took off.
How's it going?
Seventy-eight dollars so far.
Should get us as far
as Harrisburg at least.
Anything set up out there?
Not really.
Year lease on
a two-bedroom place.
Well, you know, maybe I could...
take a trip out there sometime,
you know, get out of the cold.
Spend some time with J and...
you too, if...
you know, if that's...
that's all right.
I still love you, Deb.
That never changed.
Well, let me at least
buy something.
All right?
Got an entire apartment
I need to fill, anyway.
What will it be?
How much for this?
- Oh. Keep it.
- Thank you.
Push you past the
Harrisburg city limits at least.
That should help.
Goodbye, Chris.
You ready, kiddo?
Okay, J.
You call me every
couple of hours,
because you know your
grandmother's going to forget.
- I love you.
- Love you, too.
- Bye, Gran.
- Bye.
God bless.
Good luck, bud.
Well, this is it, Mom.
The moment you've been waiting
for for 40 years.
Cut it out.
My heart.
Okay, you first.
Safe travels, Deb.
Love you.
You keep my sister busy, okay?
I thought that was your job.
I love you. I love you.
I love you.
Buckle up.