American Wrestler: The Wizard (2016) Movie Script

Freedom. It comes
at a price.
It has to be fought for.
1979, a revolution
through my country.
My Iran into chaos.
Revolutionaries stormed
the us embassy
and took Americans hostage.
The world was watching
as our magnificent nation
was changed, forever.
The United States of America
will not yield
'to international terrorism
or to blackmail. '
Seeing an opportunity,
Iraq invaded Iran
starting a brutal war.
Thousands were being
My parents wanted to save me
from this nightmare.
This is my story.
'Watch it, loser!'
- excuse me, do you know where-
- eww. No.
hey, where are you going?
Totally lame.
Everyone, everyone,
We have a new student.
Alidad, will you please
stand up?
Everyone, this is
alidad garahasnaloo jahani.
He is joining us from Iran.
He's iranian.
Alidad, would you like to say
something about yourself?
- Ali.
- Pardon?
You can call me Ali.
And you don't have
to speak slowly.
I speak English
just as well as Farsi.
Farsi, the most widely
spoken language in Iran.
Okay, everyone, attention,
we're now going to learn
'to conjugate verbs
ending in "- er. "'
Ali, why don't you help
the other students?
This is rad.
Where'd you get this?
Oh, I got it when I was
visiting ucla with my mom.
She's all "go bruins. "
It's really annoying.
- I better get in.
- Yeah, well.
Do you want to see
what else I got?
'Cause you're such
a delicate little flower.
My mom would totally kill me
if she found out.
Yeah, kristi n. Larsen
only sluts and sailors
get tattoos.
- Toad.
- Hmm?
If you keep eating that shit
you're never gonna
make weight.
Yeah, whatever.
I just think you're afraid
to wrestle Knox.
Bullshit, man,
I've taken on
tougher sons of bitches
than Knox.
Not with your pants on.
Yeah, right.
Wrestlers wear singlets
not pants.
What? Why are you laughing?
Forget it,
don't hurt yourself, buddy.
'Bite me. '
Oh, look who it is.
Hey! Hmm.
I haven't seen you
since Brian's party.
- 'Yeah, it's been a while. '
- You're looking good.
Jesus! Would you look
at that sad sack of shit?
'What the hell is he wearing?'
What are you doing?
Aren't they all like
goat herders and farmers
where he comes from?
Oh! Oh, yeah
you mean like 90%
of the people in this town.
Jesus, just look
what he's eating.
Oh, gag me with a spoon.
Nothings says small town
like picking on the new kid.
'Oh, don't cry. '
'If you don't think that
this course that we've been on'
'for the last four years is what
you would like to see us follow'
for the next four,
then I could suggest
another choice that you have.
'This country
doesn't have to be'
'in the shape that it is in. '
English. Speak English.
We're in America.
'How was your first day
at school?'
not so bad.
You're lying. It's written
all over your face.
'Come here. '
you have to be tough, Ali.
'What did you think?'
coming to America
would be like
a Hollywood movie
with a happy ending?
- May I go upstairs.
- Sit down!
When I first came here,
i was treated like a prince.
You think the Italians and
the French guys have it good?
When I used
to walk into a disco
or a restaurant,
the American girls
they would throw
themselves at me.
And now? This is what
they think of us.
This is all they will ever
think of us. Terrorists.
You're bad luck, Ali!
You've brought more
bad luck with you from Iran.
Don't forget your lunch.
I made you chelo khoresh.
Thank you.
- 'So, you wanna play football?'
- Yes, sir. I do.
Have you ever played before?
No, but, i-I'm a really good
learner and I'll work very hard
and-and follow all the rules.
Uh, I'm actually surprisingly
strong for my size.
What position are you
interested in playing?
Um, red 42.
- The red 42?
- Yes.
Well, son, I'm sure
with enough time
and good coaching,
you'd make one hell of a red 42.
But, um..
You really wanna smash heads
with those fellas?
Maybe I try
a different sport.
Maybe a club.
Do you like dragons?
You're not making this
any easier on yourself.
People are just gonna
hate you more.
What the hell!
God. You pushed me,
you dick.
Oh, don't cry, alibaba.
It was an accident.
Hold this.
Come on, man.
Is there a problem here?
- No problem.
- No problem, sir.
Michael, are those
your books on the floor?
The books are mine.
These are for coloring.
Well, we have a comedian.
Both of you.
To my office, right now.
Towel has a trouble.
The next kid I hear
saying anything like that
'is suspended for a week. '
Michael, you know the way.
Thank you, Carla.
Son, take a seat.
'Do you want me
to call your father in'
'to have another meeting?'
'No, sir. '
'You give me
any more trouble'
'I'll have no choice
but to make that call. '
- 'do you understand me?'
- 'Yes, sir. '
'Now, get back to class'
'and see if you can find
a way to behave yourself. '
'Yes, principal, sir. '
'Alidad, you're up. '
you think you're special?
Excuse me?
Do you think you're special?
No, sir.
You're not.
Everyone's family came here
from somewhere else and they all
had to endure some trouble
from the people already here.
That's, that's the way
it works. That's the deal.
'And it's worked that way
for over 200 years. '
now, uh, if you can accept
that challenge
there's nothing
you can't achieve.
I believe that.
'I hear you're a smart kid. '
Act like it.
'Stick your nose in the books,
keep a low profile'
'and you're gonna
get along just fine. '
that's it.
You get one free pass.
Thank you, sir.
Good luck to you, son.
Mom, please don't
do this right now. Please.
Kristi, you know
what our deal was.
You keep your grades up,
you keep the car.
'Mom. '
I, I'll study harder,
i know I can do better.
- 'Please. '
- 'Never. '
'you're into ucla
with a "c" in French. '
this will pay for a tutor
for the rest of the year.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Mm, these are our specials
for today.
I'm not hungry.
Okay. Um, can I get you
something to drink then?
How 'bout I just let you
think about it?
You don't have
to sell your car.
I- i heard you outside
with your mother.
You were eavesdropping?
What is eavesdropping?
Listening to other people's
Oh, yes, I was eavesdropping.
That's really creepy.
Wait, i-i could get you
an "a" in French.
I- i could be your tutor.
- For what?
- For what?
So you can go to college.
No, I mean, like, for what,
like, how much would it cost me?
No comprende, senor.
I see I have my work
cut out for me.
No, nothing. I said,
it will cost you nothing.
'You need help, I can help.
Simple as that. '
Let me think about it.
You let this thing
go to hell, man.
When was the last time
you used it?
Seven years ago.
When we took that trip
to San Francisco.
Huh. That was
over ten years.
1966. I remember the red head.
Oh-oh-oh-oh. Estefani.
Estefani, that's right!
Estefani! Oh-ho!
She was some dish.
I wonder what happened to her.
Don't use the word "dish".
Nobody uses the word
"dish" anymore.
'It just sound old. '
Alidad. Come here.
Pasha, this is alidad.
My sister's son.
'She get him out
of Iran because he was'
too small to fight.
'The army didn't want
to waste a gun on him. '
hafez, come on.
- Uncle, you're drunk.
- So what?
This is my house not yours.
Yet, you disrespect me
by throwing away the food
that I so generously
prepared for you?
No, no, no. Where do you think
you're going, huh?
What, you're too chicken
to face me? You're worthless.
You're no good there,
you're no good here
you're no good anywhere.
You have some good moves,
kid, huh?
Hafez, hafez! Stop!
What are you doing?
He's just a kid!
Come on!
'Tor Wade of windsor'
'is the winner
of the 126-pound division. '
toad looks like
he's gonna shit his pants.
'Now wrestling at 132 pounds,
from windsor'
'two-time state champion,
Roman Knox. '
'And from east petaluma,
Dan Webster. '
relax, Dan. It's okay.
You got this.
Take a breath.
His thigh's all sweaty.
Yo, Wendy!
Ew. It's train sale.
- What are you, jealous much?
- Of that?
Wendy, come on already.
- Dan Webster.
- Uh-huh.
What's up, baby.
Go, toad!
Come on, Knox! Go, Knox,
take him down!
Pick it up, pick it up!
Come on, Danny!
'Whoo! Go, toad!'
not bad.
'Go, toad!'
Two, take down!
Watch the arm.
Watch the arm!
'I need a halt. '
You didn't have to do that.
You could've won
without doing that.
No shit.
Wha.. You think
you're so tough?
What do you know
about winning, old man?
'Thanks for coming, everyone. '
'we'll see you next Tuesday
for the match against'
'tomales high school. '
come on, we'll get 'em
next time.
What are you lookin' at?
You got a problem?
- Mike!
- 'Here we go again. '
you're freakin' dead.
You're freakin' dead!
This way.
What happened out there?
Well.. Unrighteous behavior
from the windsor boy.
Unrighteous, huh?
I hate to see you
living like this.
I got a lead on
a few possibilities.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
This is no place for you.
Are these books helping any?
It's a... Process.
I'm in the middle of one myself.
Unfortunately, mine is called
the process of elimination.
State says I have to make
budget cuts.
And wrestling,
is not inspiring anybody.
Dead limbs from a tree.
That's what they say, Dan.
Well, I'm producing
thoughtful young men.
Well, get your act
together and produce
fighting young men.
Like you used to.
I'm not on the
battlefield anymore.
You guys had it rough.
At least we had a parade or two
to come home to.
Team's coming along.
Doing the best I can.
It's not good enough.
Get some wins on the board.
Get the community
behind the team.
Can you do that, Dan? Because
i do have other problems.
Yeah. I heard about the
troubles with the new kid.
Yeah, the kid.
Damn hostage thing
among everything else.
They say he's trying
to get on a team.
Whoa! You stay away from that.
This kid is
the last thing you need.
It's not what I was saying.
Coaches were talking.
Get too high.
Then flip them.
How easily did you
get off balance?
Go, pair up.
- Coach plyler?
- Yeah.
Hi, my name is Ali jahani.
I know who you are.
Good. I would like to try
for the wrestling team.
Look, um, I'm sorry.
The season's already
started and..
All the weight classes
are covered.
I mean..
...have you ever even
wrestled before?
- No.
- Well..
But, I've endured more pain
than anyone in this room.
Well, the goal is to avoid pain.
Wrestling requires
discipline and control.
But how do you win without
the ability to endure suffering?
Look, I, I appreciate
your tenacity, Ali.
I do.
I'm afraid it's a no.
- 'Coach? Coach.. '
- Alright.
I read that by law
you are required
to let a new student try out.
Check this out.
Well, fair enough.
Okay, let's get this over with.
Marvin. Come here.
No, not him.
Pin him quick.
- Don't hurt him.
- Yes, sir.
You ready?
Come on. Let's go, Jimmy.
- Come on man, get him.
- Come on, get him.
'Yeah. '
pin him quick.
- Take him down, quick.
- To the ground, Jimmy.
- 'To the ground. '
- 'There you go. There you go. '
- come on, come on, let's go.
- Come on, let's go.
- Jimmy.
- Finish it.
- Come on.
- Come on, Jimmy, let's go.
- Let's go.
- Come on, Jimmy.
- Get the back, get the back.
- 'Get him from the back. '
get him.
Get him, get him!
- Come on. Finish it.
- Come on.
The kid's tough.
Alright. Let's get back
to practice.
'Come on. Let's go, let's go. '
'Jimmy, hit the ropes. '
'Eric. '
I'll see you on the mat in five.
I'll see you tomorrow.
'3 o'clock.
Don't be late. '
Sit down.
Sit down, I'm not
going to hit you.
Ali, I am sorry, but
I can't afford
to support you any longer.
'I have no business,
nobody comes to me'
'to fix their cars anymore. '
I will probably
lose this house too.
I am sorry, but I'm going
to have to ask you to leave.
Uncle, if this is
about that food
that I threw out, I'm sorry.
You know I appreciate-
no, it's not
just about the food.
I- i-it's the mortgage,
the electricity
my business,
your attitude, this..
...this country.
I should've never
promised my sister
I could take care of you.
But what am I supposed to do?
W- where do you expect me to go?
I cannot answer that for you.
You know, if I go back
to Iran, they will kill me.
They will send you in
to battle, that is true.
But if you die there, it will
be quickly and with honor.
Not like here.
Breath will seep
out of you slowly.
No, no. What if I get a job
and I help you pay the mortgage?
No arguments.
I have already
signed the papers.
I can no longer
support your visa.
You see?
You can't do this to me, uncle.
You made a promise
to our family.
You can't just toss me out
on the street like-
it is finished!
Go. Pack your belongings.
I, uh..
What is that?
It's my wrestling uniform.
What wrestling uniform?
I made the team today.
You made the wrestling team?
What does it matter now?
I used to wrestle
when I was your age.
You don't have it in you
to be a champion.
You don't know
anything about me.
You have no idea what it took
for me to get out of Iran.
'I couldn't just hop on a plane
like you did. '
Well, I admit
it would be nice to see a
persian boy beat the Americans.
'In front of their
friends and families. '
that is something
i would like to see.
They're not expecting
anything from you.
You will surprise them,
that's how you'll beat them.
And I'm going to teach you
how to bust their faces.
Uncle, there is a coach already.
Yeah, the coach. Coach.
I read the paper, he is
a peacenik on a losing streak.
Do you want to win?
You want to make
your parents proud?
Then you will listen
to everything I say.
So, I can stay?
I heard that you made
the wrestling team.
Oh, thank you.
You still wanna
tutor me in French?
- Yes, of course.
- Cool.
Can you meet me at my mom's
restaurant at, like
I- i have to work until then,
but she'll make you dinner.
Okay, th-that sounds great.
- I'll, I'll see you then.
- Groovy.
- 'What a douche. '
- Keep up the losing streak.
What are you, zero and seven?
'You get two points
for a takedown'
two points for a reversal,
one for an escape
which... Means
getting out of a..
...hold. Right?
Um, come on.
These are your
five basic moves. Learn them.
Wrestling more than any
other sport teaches pride.
Respect yourself,
respect your opponent, and..
And the results will come.
You.. You just..
Come on, boys.
Stretch it out.
You don't listen
too good, do you?
Well, he..
The kid's second-string.
He's not gonna compete.
You know, I just..
- You just felt sorry for him.
- He's got a fire in his belly.
Look, I'm warning you.
It's gonna turn into a circus.
You don't want this.
No good for you
and it's no good for this boy.
My advice..
Let him go now.
What's going on?
This is your zurkhaneh.
Your house of strength.
This is where you'll train.
And you'll humbly bow
in respect to your ancestors
every time
you step inside.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
When genghis Khan invaded Iran
500 years ago
he took away
all our weapons.
Your ancestors secretly trained
themselves to kill people
with their bare hands.
We call this
varzesh-e pahlavani.
The sport of the ancients.
You want to learn, hm?
Or do you want to eat shit
your whole life?
I want to learn.
I want to learn.
Now, come on, be a man.
If you're going to be
irritated by every rub
how will you ever be polished?
'These are meels. '
this set
has been in our family
since the time
of nader shah.
You practice them
in sets of 100.
'If you can get through
100 swings without stopping'
you move on
to the next biggest.
You swing them
like this.
You try.
Strengthen your wrist.
A hundred?
There's no sport
that requires
more stamina
than wrestling. None.
Start again. Go.
Wait. Aren't you
going to count?
What, are you Lebanese?
You want to drive a Mercedes
while your children starve?
Now, you want others
to think you're strong
when you know you're weak?
Count for yourself.
Cheat if you don't care to win.
- Ms. Larsen.
- 'Hi, you must be Ali. '
I am kristi's mom.
Thank you for helping her
with her French.
Of course.
Um, where is she?
I thought you'd be
more comfortable in the back.
Are you gonna sit down?
Looks like your mother has
banished me from the restaurant.
Should I start using
the backdoor from now on?
- I..
- What is she so afraid of?
What your father will think?
My father's dead.
Look, I'm sorry.
Look, the people
in this town..
I mean, it's gonna
take them a while
to get used
to the thought of you.
And I'm sorry
that it's like that.
But my mom just can't
afford to lose business
until that happens.
You understand, right?
Is it alright if I ask
what happened to your father?
He was drafted
when I was little.
He just never came back.
That happened
to my brother too.
I'm lucky to have an uncle here
so I could escape the war.
Wait, lucky?
People here
are so awful to you.
How do you stand it?
I should've been dead.
Instead, I'm here
in California
sitting across
from a pretty girl
who's not covered
from head to toe
and nobody's
putting us in jail.
So, where're you having
the most problems?
Oh, everywhere.
Well, let's start
with personal pronouns.
That's "open your book. "
Yeah, I knew that.
- Sure.
- 'Together.. '
together, we're going to do
what has to be done.
We're going to put America,
back to work again.
Ugh, why do we even bother?
Three matches in and he still
keep Ali on the sidelines.
"Bosom buddies" is on TV
if you want better jokes.
See the way
he look at me?
We should go.
Come on, stand up!
It's alright. Come on, we'll get
'em. Get 'em on the next one.
'One twenty-six pound wrestlers,
please check in. '
- Brian caulfield.
- Brian caulfield.
Stay focused.
Where's Marv?
- Toad, check the back.
- Okay.
I found him. He's puking his
guts out and it-it looks bad.
- Right now?
- Yeah.
Ohh, shit!
Coach, now if we forfeit the
126s, we-we lose the match.
'One twenty-six
pound wrestlers'
the head table, please. '
that's Ali's class.
Look at them.
They would rather lose than see
a persian boy beat a white boy.
Shit, hafez!
What're you doing?
Nobody saw, let's go.
Let's get out of here, come on.
Will the 126-pound wrestler
from east petaluma
'approach the table'
or forfeit the match.
Come on, jahani. You're up.
Hey, it's that iranian kid.
- Hey, look.
- Wait, what?
We lose, if you get pinned
we could tie,
if he beats you by points.
It's the other way around.
- Okay, so don't get pinned?
- No, don't risk it.
If he gets you down on the mat,
you stay on your stomach, okay?
What, what if I can win?
No, no, you win
by not getting pinned.
Or hurt. Understand? Okay?
So, much
for winning the gold.
Don't get pinned.
Ali jahani.
Oh, boy.
'... Ali jahani!'
what did he just say?
I think they just called Ali.
Son of a bitch.
Hafez, wait.
I don't think
it's a good idea.
Iran, go home.
The iron sheik.
Watch out
for the camel plunge.
Don't listen to them.
Come on, Ali.
You got this.
'That's it, stay down. '
That's it, you're doing good.
Just stay down, just stay down.
Great going, yeah, that's it.
That's it.
Face up!
'Ali, pasho.
Lift the back, pasho. '
pasho, Ali.
Ali, pasho.
Ali, pasho! Pasho! Pasho!
Listen to me.
Right there. It's beautiful.
Pasho, Ali. Pasho.
No! Don't get up!
'There you go.
Right there. '
right there, that's it.
Ali, listen to me.
Look at me, lay down. Stay down.
Okay? Go, get on.
Come on, Ali.
'Iran, go home. '
- listen!
- Pasho.
'Stay. '
you're doing great, man.
That's it.
'That's it. '
That's it.
- No, whoa!
- Beat him!
Yeah! Yes!
Stop. Oh, my god.
Winner, at 126 pounds
'Ali jahani. '
you just earned yourself
a ten-mile run.
Next time you don't
do what I say
you're off the team.
You get that?
- But I won. We won.
- No, no, no.
You almost got pinned.
Individual glory
does not come before the good
of your team. Okay?
'From healdsburg, Jeff corona. '
'from east petaluma,
Brad flores. '
good. Sick of losing.
We can win.
- 'Yes! Turn him over. '
- 'Let's do it. '
they almost started to riot.
You didn't catch that?
Dan, this is precisely
what I did not want.
It's good.
You're pushing me right
to the edge, aren't you?
- The kid may have some talent.
- I'm glad you know it.
Come on, watch your leg.
Lean back
and get 'em together.
Take it. Here. Pull over
and pile 'em.
You see? Like that.
One, two, three..
Now, sit
the way I told you to.
One, two, three..
Ali, take a seat, man.
Scoot down, make room.
What is it, goat balls?
You know, I don't get it.
You let your wife throw
you out of your own house
without so much
as a whimper.
And yet this kid,
despite all the warnings.
This, this is where
you make your stand.
I have somethin'
to fight for.
We all chipped in.
- What?
- Try it on.
Does it fit?
Yes. Yes.
- Thank, thank you.
- 'Looks good, buddy. '
he's real tender, ladies.
'Congratulations. '
oh. Gamie.
'Lil' Ali baba gonna cry?'
'Mike, stop it. '
you got a problem, Jimmy?
Don't listen
to that prick, okay?
Now, look at me.
Pick you up at eight tonight.
Be ready.
What a fag.
- Yo, hop in!
- Come on, Ali.
You're a star to me.
Take it. Drink up.
Get some hair on your chest.
That's not the problem I have.
I, I know.
Go on, dude,
we're celebrating. Drink up.
What are we celebrating?
Folks are finally
starting to take notice.
We're starting to win
our matches finally.
There's a college recruiter
called me.
Wait, the college called you?
- No way.
- Hastings.
Can you believe that? I don't
even know where it is.
Of course I can believe that.
All I ever wanted to do is
be as good as my brothers.
Why not be better than them?
That's what I love
about you, Ali. You just..
Good just
isn't good enough.
- Oh, what a wuss.
- Shut up.
Drop your drawers, huh?
It doesn't matter.
do you need help?
- Step here.
- Okay.
Mr. lieberman's house.
He's an ex-mayor,
he's an asshole
but he's an asshole
who keeps his pool
heated year around.
- No, no, don't.
- Come on.
- Move your ass, dope.
- 'I got it. '
you guys ready?
Let's go.
Guys, go, go, go!
Let's go!
You get your sock.
You damn kids,
get the hell outta here!
'This is private property. '
next time
I'm calling the cops.
'It's a time when
much Patience is needed.. '
here we go. Not too much,
you have to make weight.
'Well, I think it's totally
crazy that they take over'
'the American embassy
over there, and then'
they're over here expectin' us
to give them an education.
'From senator Robert c. Byrd'
'majority leader
in the senate'
'I'd feel like taking a punch
at one myself'
'if I could get to 'em. '
'in Cleveland, demonstrators'
'called for all iranians
to be deported. '
And in beverley hills,
a mob cornered an iranian.
When he tried to protect
himself, this is what happened.
They're enemies
of American people. Go home!
Go home!
Get out!
Go home!
Hey, hey!
Stop, stop. Sit down.
Put your energy
out there. Come on.
It will take a while, alright?
Just take a break, come on.
Put your towel on.
I'll call you in a minute.
Let's go!
'Come on. Come on.
The game's over. '
I hear you and your boyfriend
were up to no good
at the liebermans.
He's not my boyfriend.
Well, there's a rumor
going around
that you guys
did it in the pool.
Are you kidding?
That's disgusting.
'That would never happen. '
now, I hate to be
the person that made that up
because I'm going
to kill them.
'One twenty-six
pound wrestlers'
'please check in. '
Go home!
Dan, get him
the hell out of here
before this thing gets ugly.
He's not doin'
anything wrong.
If someone gets hurt
are you gonna take
responsibility for it?
If they got a problem with him..
...they should leave.
Oh, for the love of god.
- Break his neck.
- Go home.
'Go home!'
Ali. Come here.
This is what I'm gonna
need you to do.
- Not bad.
- Awesome.
- Hafez.
- Jane.
Wh-what are you doing here?
My son is on the team.
- Marvin?
- Yeah.
Where is, um..
Where is his father?
In hell,
if there is any justice.
Do you know
who I am?
Yeah, I know who you are.
I'm sucking down to 126.
'I mean, you could imagine what
I'm putting my body through'
'to cut that weight. '
so, out of respect
for the process
if you're afraid
to fight me, tell me now.
I'm not afraid of you.
You have to say that.
I get it.
I have a full ride
to Stanford
if I want.
Lucky you.
I'd say it's a bit
more than luck.
You see,
when I want something
I don't stop
until I get it.
Good work ethic.
You know what I really want?
A sandwich.
Ha. That's funny.
You're quite the comedian.
I'm gonna break your neck.
I'm gonna rid America
of one more
flag-burning sand nigger.
You know, these people,
let's see if they still love you
after I destroy you.
'Knox is strong
as a bull. '
his fundamentals,
tick like a Swiss watch.
And he's clearly
not afraid of pain.
He's merciless.
You see?
Look at the stance,
he's off-balance.
You can almost count his steps.
'You're going to have
to use your speed'
and catch him off-balance
in between steps
that way, you can use
your strength against him.
Surprise him.
Get up.
Okay, so, if I push you,
you, you push back.
Exactly, but watch my steps.
One, two. One, two.
Okay, so in between steps
i go under.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- What if I miss?
Then you go over.
It will take
a lot of practice because..
...that is dangerous.
But you will know
when to do it.
Let the silence lead you.
'Are you listening?'
if Knox is in your head,
he has already won.
You want some pizza?
Go ahead, eat. 136 is wide open,
you will clean up.
You have no pride, do you?
Hm? Eat, eat, quitter.
I don't know
if I can beat him.
Released while the Bible
was still warm in Reagan's hand.
You think
it's a coincidence
the hostages were released
the exact same day?
This country
loves a winner.
They don't care
how you become one.
Don't quit, Ali.
Once you throw
your life away
it is impossible
to get it back.
You can be a champion.
You can be the best.
You're scared, so what?
You're not the first.
You have to do what it takes
to be not scared.
But how?
Is there anyone else
you are scared of?
Hey! Hey, what's your problem?
You've been ignoring me
for days.
Not now.
Don't just brush me off
like that.
I have something to tell you.
I got an "a"
on my French test.
I heard what you said to Wendy.
Yeah, I was eavesdropping
under the bleachers.
You're disgusted at the thought
of being with me?
You will always
be small town
no matter where you go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
what's this?
Let's go!
What, you didn't
get enough last time?
Come on, tough guy.
Now is your chance.
This a joke?
It's a joke, right?
Ali, stop!
- Stop it!
- Ali, stop it!
Stay out of this!
I got you now gym-o jocky.
- Mike, get off!
- 'Is that all you got?'
'is that all you got,
gym-o jocky?'
- Stop!
- Let go, let go!
Hey, knock it off!
Knock it off!
Susan, get the nurse.
Who started this?
Who started it?
You're off the wrestling team.
- No, but, sir-
- shut up!
See if you can
move your fingers.
Can you move your fingers?
Yes, Mr. wingarm.
Chill out, man.
Take a walk.
Just got off the phone
with the principal.
Dislocated shoulder.
That boy will never
bother you again.
I could have hurt him worse,
and I wanted to.
When a hero fights
the dragon
is he worried
about hurting the beast?
No, he takes his sword
and drives it
straight into its heart,
and the crowd loves him for it.
What is the point, uncle?
Now, I'm going to miss
the rest of my meets.
'The whole team
is going to lose'
'and they're going
to be mad at me'
and now the school is going
to hate me again.
My mother will be ashamed.
That is right.
Because she wants
to keep you weak.
To keep you safe,
her little azizam
that is all
you will ever be to her.
Come here.
This is who you are now.
A fighter, a winner.
Who do you like better?
Mr. tabad,
we haven't officially met-
is this
about the fight?
That boy has been bullying Ali
from the first day.
And that's no excuse for Ali
to beat him up.
You're so safe
in your bubble. Soft.
That is why you haven't won
in so many years.
We don't need to agree
but I do need your help.
I'm sure you know that
sectionals is coming up.
Yes, and Ali should be there,
leading them.
And if he's lucky,
he will be.
But regardless, I..
I came to see if you'd help me
with the other boys.
I like what you've been
doing with Ali. I..
Uh, it would have to be in an
unofficial capacity, of course
but, because
you're not a teacher, so..
What are you asking me?
I'd like you
to be my assistant coach.
What about, um..
...the American boys
what will they think?
You've taught Ali
how to win.
They'll listen to you.
But I need Ali
to listen to me too.
Especially around school.
Will I get to wear
one of those?
I think as an assistant coach
you have to.
And there were,
like, five smokin' babes
five smokin' babes.
No, I was walking in the party.
What are you talking about..
Hey, guys, having a good time
sitting around?
'You having fun?'
sectionals are in two weeks
we're seeded last
and none of you..
...are ready.
'Which is why'
I asked Ali's uncle to.. our asses.
Raise your hand if you're
interested in learning
some awesome new moves
for the tournament.
Coach tabad..
...take 'em to the mat.
I'm going to show you
some very advanced moves
world class moves,
olympic-level moves.
Some, very dangerous.
You? Come here.
The first one,
we call gol rizen.
The throne flower.
You control the wrist
use your hips, and..
One move, from your feet,
to his back.
You talked to Skinner yet?
'Feet to back. '
Only those who risk
pushing themselves too far
can possibly know
how far one can go.
Perhaps I pushed you
too far, too soon.
- Why won't he talk to me?
- He's right there, go ask him.
- I said I'm sorry.
- Apology accepted.
Then why do you
keep ignoring me?
I've gotta go to math. Can we
just talk about this later?
Damn, Ali, why do
i have to do all the work?
See? Now, everyone knows.
Call me when you
get back from Mars.
Here, here you go.
We found a tunnel complex
when we were on patrol.
And, um..
Ronnie went in first.
That's when
we heard the blast.
By the time we got him out,
you coul..
You couldn't even
recognize him, you know?
And, uh..
...i went a little crazy.
I did.
This is the grave of my best
friend and I can't even tell you
'the last time
i was up here. '
because I don't want to think
about all the things
that I did over there.
I was so filled with rage
rage like I think
you're starting to feel, inside.
Always ready to even the score
but it never evens out.
Not when it's fueled by anger.
You don't need that.
You hear me?
You're bigger than that.
What the hell
do you think you're doing?
I- i came to say I'm sorry
'and that I know
what I did was wrong'
but I'd like you
to reconsider
kicking me off
the wrestling team.
You're lucky
you're not expelled.
But there are people
counting on me.
My coach and, and..
Oh, yeah, they're people
counting on you.
And you let them down,
didn't you? Everyone. And me!
And the next kid like you
that comes into this school
you let him down too.
Please let me
make it up to you.
You can make it up by taking
responsibility for your actions.
Accept the punishment,
don't whine about it.
And next time,
think about the rules
before you attack
another student.
Now, go on.
Get back to your business.
Go on.
Sir, do you know
what this is?
- It's a key?
- It is a paradise key.
The revolutionary guard
gave it to boys
they thought were too small
or unfit for combat
and they told us it would
open the gates to heaven.
And then we were sent
into the Iraqi minefields
to clear a path
for the soldiers.
'It was our duty to die
so that the more valuable boys'
'the fighters would survive. '
I, I didn't believe that
and my parents
didn't believe that.
So, I, I came here.
If I followed the rules,
i would be dead.
I know what I did was wrong
and I'm really sorry.
But, when you're
fighting for your life
sometimes you don't know
when to stop.
This jacket..
It means
everything to me.
No, I'm good.
Look who it is?
This is what food
should taste like. Are you done?
in the cabinet over there.
'You wanted to see me?'
uh, Dan here
uh, tells me that
you'd be ready to take the team
to the sectionals
this weekend.
- You want me to drive them?
- Sorry?
I cannot believe you.
You-you think I'm-
no, no no.
Hafez, no.
Now, listen,
my number came up
at the veterans
housing association.
I have to sign the papers,
in person, this weekend
Saturday, or I lose it
and I go
to the back of the line.
I need you to cover for me.
To-to cover for you?
We need you to coach
the team, Mr. tabad.
- Me?
- Yes.
Yes. I accept.
Wonderful. Very good.
Oh, sorry.
'Alright. You all
have worked very hard. '
I am proud of each
and every one of you.
We go out there,
we show them what we can do.
We show them
what we are made of.
I am honored
to lead you into this battle.
With me. East petaluma!
Let's go.
'Welcome to
north post sectionals. '
'the winners
from today's matches'
'will move
to the state finals. '
'good luck. '
did you hear about Knox?
Apparently he's already
qualified for state.
Killed everyone in north bay.
He went 8 and 0.
Where are your brothers?
Uh, if I'm not wrestling
for state championship
they're not interested.
'Jimmy petersen,
from east petaluma'
'and cleary hope,
from clovis'
'please check in. '
see you on the podium.
You are a champ
you left it
all out on the mat.
There's nothing more
you could have done.
Hey, I'm proud of you.
'I am proud of you. '
Ali, you do everything
i taught you.
You go out there and you show
them who you're made of.
Go do it.
Don't lose!
'Do you hear me?
Don't lose. '
somebody shut him up.
'Come on. You got him!'
'Winner at 126 pounds'
'Ali jahani!'
Hey, uncle. Everybody's going
to Mary's pizza, to celebrate.
Yeah, yeah. I'll celebrate
after you win state.
What do you think Knox
is doing right now, hm?
He was at the match,
he watched you.
He's home right now,
practicing how to break you.
- You should be doing the same.
- Okay.
Can we just not talk about
the wrestling for one night?
What did that scout
have to say?
He said he's gonna
watch me at state
and if I win,
i get a full ride.
Yeah, that's right,
if you win.
Yeah. Okay, go. Go, go have fun
with your friends.
I promised Jane
i would take her to dinner.
You know, I couldn't have done
this without you, uncle.
Okay, okay, enough
with the mushy stuff.
- Go, go have fun.
- Okay, see you.
Hey, hafez!
You ready?
I received a call today
from immigration
and naturalization services.
U.S. regulation
is very strict
when a minor
loses his sponsor.
Yeah. Meaning what?
Meaning, as of now,
Ali is an illegal alien.
Does he need a sponsor or
something? I'll, I'll take him.
The ins guy said
if it's not a family member
the screening process
could take months
during which time,
Ali would have
to stay
at a juvenile facility.
Well, there's gotta
be something we can do.
Special dispensation
is sometimes made
but not without intervention
at the state level.
They're expecting Ali
at the ins office
in sacramento
by this Friday at 9:00 A.M.
Whoa, whoa, this Friday?
- This Friday is state.
- I know.
Th-that boy wins, he's-he's
guaranteed a scholarship, Bob.
He's full-ride.
He can't miss
this opportunity.
We can't disobey
the law, Dan.
'Where does it all go?'
into storage, I guess.
You could leave some stuff
with me
when you get back.
Maybe one thing.
No. No, you keep it.
No, they're gonna take it
from me when I go back anyway.
- You're not going back.
- Stop.
I'll be happy knowing wherever
i am that you have it.
I'm ready to wake up
at 7: 00 A.M. tomorrow
so you can go to sacramento.
I'm going to state.
Ali, you don't wanna piss off
the ins, they'll deport you.
They're gonna deport me anyway.
How can you even think
about wrestling
when you have all this
other stuff to worry about?
How can I not?
He would want me to go.
He expects me to win.
You know, you're still saying
that though.
You're a bad tutor.
- Check in?
- Name?
Ali jahani.
- You're all set.
- Ali?
- Pac Gordon.
- Oh, hi, yes, I remember.
Look forward to seeing
you in action today.
Well, you won't be
Ready? Alright.
Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to the 1980
California state high school
'wrestling championships. '
'Come on, ladies and gentlemen,
get to your v'
'and let's hear it
for wrestling. '
'Winner at 126 pounds'
'Ali jahani. '
Hey, that's not cool.
Look at me,
look at me.
If he wants to fight dirty,
you fight better.
Ladies and gentlemen,
wrestling for the championship
'at a 126 pounds,
47 and 0 on this season'
two-time defending champion
'from windsor high school,
Roman Knox. '
His opponent, he came into
this tournament unseeded.
He's wrestled his way
to the finals
from east petaluma,
Ali jahani.
- Come on, Ali.
- Come on, let's go.
Come on, jahani.
Alright, heads up.
Come on, look me in the eye.
Come on, come on.
Remember where you come from
and what it took to get here.
Why everyone in this place..
'... is watching you. '
it's because..
...they like fighters.
You fought for your life
once already and won.
Go do it again.
Just do it again.
Ali, the key.
- Thanks, coach.
- You're welcome.
I'll see you later. Okay.
'Shake hands, man. '
Here we go.
Alright, here we go.
Push weight,
push weight.
Move, move.
Take down. Breathe.
One, two.
Put a leg in.
Ride him.
'Yeah. '
- fight, come on. Fight out.
- 'One, two, three. '
'Time. '
Two, near fall, green.
'Let's go, second period. '
green choice.
Green down.
'Bring it on. '
'set. '
That's a foul.
Blood time. Grace.
'One point green. '
Ali, Ali.
Alright, alright,
alright, alright.
Hey, he thinks he can't
make a mistake but he can.
'Use his strength against him. '
Alright. Here we go.
'One... Two'
Four. Time.
Two, green! Near fall.
'Times up. '
Red, red choice.
Red, red's going down.
Now, sit the way
i told you to.
'Okay, red sit.
Green on.
Get him down!
Get him down!
'Out of bounds. '
Ali, Ali.
Remember your uncle's move
that-that crazy, crazy move.
He said don't do it,
it's too advanced.
Go do it.
You can do it.
You can be a champion.
You can be the best.
- Hey Ali, great job tonight.
- Thank you.
How would you feel
about wrestling for Iowa?
I would love to
but there's actually
a problem with my immigration-
I know, I know.
A friend of yours explained
the whole situation to me
and I think we've come up
with a plan
to get out of this mess.
You see, senator Wilson's
an Iowa alumni
and a personal friend
of your principal's.
'Apparently, they served
together in world war ii. '
so, all it took
was a phone call.
Now, I understand you need
someone at the state level
to give a special dispensation.
I- i-i don't know
what to say. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I can stay.
Over 70,000 iranian boys
walked to their deaths
in the Iraqi minefields.
They were told that their
only worth was to die
so that others could live
and a better world waited
for them on the other side
of the battlefield.
About that part,
they were right.