America's Family (2022) Movie Script

[gulls cawing]
["Mama's Crying Long"
by Our Native Daughters]
-Mama's crying long
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's crying long
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's hands are shaking
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's hands are shaking
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's running hard
-From the boss' land
-Mama's running hard
-From the boss' land
-Caught her anyway
-The boss' men
-Caught her anyway
-The boss' men
-They lie on the ground
-Again and again
-They lie on the ground
-Again and again
-I can hear her screaming
-Again and again
-I can hear her screaming
-Again and again
-Mama's crying long
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's crying long
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's hands are shaking
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's hands are shaking
-'Cause she can't get up
-It was late at night
-When she got the knife
-It was late at night
-When she got the knife
-She went to his room
-When she got the knife
-She went to his room
-When she got the knife
-Mama's dress is red
-It was white before
-Mama's dress is red
-It was white before
-Lift it up and see
-It was white before
-Lift it up and see
-It was white before
-Mama's crying loud
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's crying loud
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's hands are shaking
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's hands are shaking
-'Cause she can't get up
-All the men have come
-And they brought the rope
-All the men have come
-And they brought the rope
-They came here for Mama
-And they brought the rope
-They came here for mama
-And they brought the rope
-Mama's crying loud
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's crying loud
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's hands are shaking
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's hands are shaking
-'Cause she can't get up
-Mama's in the tree
-And she can't come down
-Mama's in the tree
-And she won't come down
-Mama's flying free
-And she can't come down
-Mama's flying free
-And she won't come down
-Mama's flying free
-And she can't come down
-Mama's flying free
-And she won't come down
-Mama's flying free
-And she can't come down
Mama's flying free
[song ends]
[rooster crowing]
[Valentina] My mother
and my brother, Koke,
were born in a little town
in Mexico.
She believed the best way
to safeguard his spirit
was to keep him close.
And when she couldn't,
she made sure he was safe
and tucked away.
[baby cooing]
-But she was less protective
of herself.
-[baby fussing]
-[bus engine starting]
["The Andes Groove"
by Raul Pacheco]
[Valentina] My father is from
San Salvador, El Salvador,
and he began looking out
for our family
long before we ever came
into this world.
[speaking Spanish]
He likes being useful,
working hard.
It didn't matter that
he started at the bottom...
because he always had
his eye on the future.
[music continues]
My mom came to the US
hoping to find a new life.
But to hear my father tell it,
she really came to find him.
Together, they believed
in the American Dream.
[Valentina in English]
I always felt trapped as a kid.
[Valentina] Having epilepsy
was hard on all of us...
but Koke found his escape
in the waves.
[upbeat surfing music]
Koke is a nickname for Jorge.
When my mother met my dad
and found out
they had the same name,
she took it as a sign
that he was destined
to be Koke's true father.
-[record scratching]
-Again, with the surfing.
You should have been in school.
[Valentina] But they
didn't see it that way.
You're wasting your time
with the surfing stuff.
[Valentina] Trouble
always seems to find Koke.
Are you wasted?
Get out.
[door shuts]
-[engine revving]
-[siren wails]
My brother Emiliano
is like the opposite of Koke.
He works hard like my dad...
and yet it never seems
to be enough.
-Hola, Emil, good morning.
-Good morning!
I finished the Creighton
discovery doc you needed
last night.
Can you go
to that CHIRLA meeting?
You don't have to be
there very long.
Just go talk about our
pro bono work, all right?
That's good.
Okay. Okay.
I know this is frustrating,
but nothing
is happening overnight.
I have three friends
who've lost their homes.
If we get pushed out
of our homes,
we have no protection from ICE.
Don't say that. You have us.
You have your communities.
Some of your churches
offer Sanctuary programs
that can protect you.
Not if you have
your deportation order.
Sorry, and who are you?
Hi, I'm-- I'm from Hillman
Meyers, an attorney.
So you're
an immigration attorney?
-No. Um-
-[people clamoring]
But if you're worried
about getting deported,
you need one.
-[people chattering]
Koke and Emiliano
have always been
kind of competitive.
-You know, it's not that hard
to get an apartment.
Get a second job cleaning
surfboards or something.
[water splashing]
You're a dick, Milo.
We're gonna get our own
place soon, I promise.
It's me and you
against the world, baby.
Me and you.
[Valentina] Koke's only had
one girlfriend his whole life.
And he loves her.
-[woman moaning]
-Really, really loves her.
And that's how we got Esperanza.
Happy Thanksgiving, America!
The fourth Thursday in November
kicks off the holiday season
and the biggest shopping day
of the year,
celebrating gratefulness
by eating, eating, eating,
watching the parade
or American football,
and honoring the pilgrims,
European immigrants
who after nearly obliterating
the lives and culture
of indigenous peoples
declared America home.
-[family chattering]
-Thank you.
[Jorge] Let me get
some of this Turkey.
Ah, you did so good.
[Jorge] Some turkey here.
-Where are you going?
-We go in tomorrow.
Sit down, sit down.
Pass me that wine. Sit down.
-It's Thanksgiving, Milo.
-Pass me the wine bottle.
We were an American family,
like any American family...
until the day that we weren't.
[device powers off]
["El Invento" by Jose Gonzalez]
[bus rumbling]
[cell phone rings]
Good morning, Mom.
Oh, thank you!
Sweet dreams.
[door closes]
-Okay, see you!
-Bye! Pick her up at six!
[cheerful music]
[engines start up]
[dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
[dogs barking]
[faucet running]
[knock on door]
We just wanna talk
to you for a second.
We actually got a warrant.
["Ilumina La Maana"
by Ral Pacheco]
As she passes me by
The sun glows brighter
Flowers and trees
Just like me
Just like me
Whoa, whoa,
Whoa, whoa, whoa
How are we doing here?
Hey, how are you?
Good, good.
We got five of these, right.
-Five are gonna go?
-Yes, sir, yes, sir.
-Okay. You're always doing
good work.
Thank you. Thank you.
Okay, Koke's coming okay?
Alright sounds good,
we'll see you soon.
I'm sorry.
Go, go, tell the guys in
the back and release them.
Diamond Bakery.
Jorge Mario Diaz
is at the work location.
[man] Copy that.
Did you know that your
son was ordered deported?
I want you
to leave my home now.
I want to talk to my lawyer.
[phone rings]
[music plays on radio]
[door chimes]
We're not open yet.
[police radio chatter]
-Sorry, I said we're not--
-You Jorge Diaz?
-We have a final deportation
order for your arrest.
-You need to come with us.
[suspenseful music]
Just getting my stuff!
Thank you, Emil.
I'm sorry you had to work
through the holiday.
-I knew it was a long night.
-That's no problem, sir.
I appreciate
the opportunity to help.
[phone rings]
[officer] You know
you've had a final order
of deportation in 2005.
You failed to show up
for a court hearing
due to an underage
driving charge,
and the judge ordered
you to leave the country.
I went to court for that.
Those charges were dropped.
I want call my family.
Well, maybe you
went to county court.
You should have also gone
to immigration court.
Sorry. Where I am?
Downtown federal building.
Time's up.
[suspenseful music]
Let's go, come on.
Wait, please, wait.
-[buzzer sounds]
-Okay. Okay, okay.
[door opens]
[car door opens]
[car door slams]
Sorry, where I am?
-[door slams]
Diamond Bakery!
Every week, right on time.
Thank you for not forgetting
about us. [chuckles]
Even on the holiday,
which is more than I can say
for my receptionist.
-[phone rings]
-Oh, excuse me.
-Mom was picked up by ICE!
Did you hear me?
[car alarm disarms]
[Emiliano pants]
[in English] Do-- do you mind
if I use your bathroom?
Go right ahead.
Everything okay?
-Can I help you?
-Can we come in please?
What do you need?
We're looking for someone.
You have a warrant?
Can I speak to your supervisor?
Who do you suggest? God?
Without a warrant
I can't give you permission
to search this building.
Is there anything else?
Then I'm gonna have to ask
you to leave.
[footsteps receding]
I am not a criminal.
That didn't even cross my mind.
My son just called,
my wife has been arrested,
and she's not a criminal either.
I'm looking for Marisol Diaz?
Um, we're heading into Shabbat.
You can stay here.
For now anyway.
-Thank you, Sister.
-[chuckles] Rabbi.
Oh, that's right. Rabbi.
They took her
to Mira Loma already.
The bus just left.
The board is gonna
to have some questions.
Mira Loma? Where's that?
Do you mind if I ask you,
what is your immigration status?
I am from El Salvador,
but I've had
temporary protective status
for over 25 years here.
But the administration
just took that away.
It's Koke, leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
Call me, Koke!
[phone rings]
-I've been trying to call
you all morning.
Yeah, I just got the messages.
Have you talked to Koke?
I only talked to Angie.
She's on her way over here now.
Mom is already
in a detention center.
Is she okay?
Yeah, I'm trying to find out.
I'll call you back.
No Milo, Milo,
please don't hang up.
["Camino a Mira Loma"
by Roberto Hermosillo]
[phone rings]
It's Koke, leave a message,
and I'll get back to you.
[car rumbling]
I'm looking for Marisol Diaz.
Do you know her A-number?
Her-- her what?
Her A-number.
-Marisol Diaz?
A-number 0-6-9-1-2-6-0-6-4.
Yeah, can I see her?
-You have an appointment?
-I'm her lawyer.
There is no G28 form on file.
I'm also her son.
You have to make an appointment.
Call them on Monday.
Marisol Diaz, come on down.
Right here, please.
See your hands?
Okay, turn.
Jorge Diaz.
[door opens]
[phone rings]
Hello? Hello?
-[Koke] Hey.
-Where are you?
Holy shit. You're already
out of the country!
-Are you okay?
-I'm fine.
How's Mom? I saw her going
out as I was walking in.
-B18 downtown?
I was there, where were you?
They said I had a final
deportation letter.
And they put me
in a room and they said
to wait there for the bus.
I wasn't even there long.
What? A final deportation
order for what?
When we were kids, Koke?
They said they sent
a bunch of letters,
but I never got anything.
I don't have shit, Milo.
I don't have my phone.
I don't have my wallet.
Where are you?
At the border they said that
I could go to a shelter.
I could be on my own.
It's this place called
Casa del Migrante.
I'm only allowed one call.
Can you please call Angie?
-[Emiliano] Yeah, and Koke?
Please take care of yourself.
[melancholy music]
[people chatting]
[music continues]
-Your brother got deported.
[pigeons cooing]
[Bob] Your father's
in physical sanctuary, right?
He should be safe for now.
Look, I'm sorry about your
mother and not our department,
you know that the firm
only works
with institutional clients.
Family immigration is not--
I know. But I need help.
Can you make a referral?
I'll make a few calls.
-Thank you.
-Hello, Emily? Can you
get Father Patrick?
No, no, no.
His home is good.
Thank you.
[traffic rumbling]
[Angie on phone] Hello?
[Koke] Hi. Hey,
hold on one second.
Let me walk-- I'm walking
outside right now, hold on,
-hold on, hello?
-[Angie] Okay.
Hi. Hi.
-[Angie] Hey!
[Angie] Hello?
Yeah, I can hear you, hi!
Oh, thank God. Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
This guy here
is letting me use his phone.
Milo tells me
you're in a shelter.
Baby, here, color.
-[Koke] How's Esperanza?
-[phone rings]
She misses you,
and your parents,
especially your mom.
[Angie] Baby, here.
-[Esperanza frets]
-[Angie] Baby, please stop.
-You're at work?
-Yeah, I had to bring her.
-How's my mom?
-They can't see her
until next week.
I miss you.
[Angie] I miss you too.
I think we should get married.
Are you seriously asking
me to marry you, right now?
[Angie] We're in two
different countries, Koke!
Milo said he's gonna get me out.
-I don't know.
[computer keys clicking]
The temple is in no position
to harbor people.
We're talking
about one person, right?
His son is a lawyer
and suggested that he stay here.
From what I understand,
Jorge has had
temporary protective
status for over 25 years.
What was he doing here?
Delivering Challah
for the services.
He comes every Friday.
So he's working here illegally.
You want me to be the bad guy?
I'll be the bad guy.
He's probably a very nice
But our responsibility
is to the synagogue.
There are synagogues
in the Sanctuary Movement
all over the country.
We are not joining the
Sanctuary Movement overnight.
That would require
full board approval.
The building doesn't even
have a shower for God's sake.
Actually, there is a bathroom
in my office with a shower.
[speaking Hebrew]
"We shall not wrong
nor oppress a stranger
for we were strangers
in the land of Egypt."
I'm not gonna dispute
liturgy with you, Leah.
He's already here, Max,
and he needs our help.
Do you want to make a motion?
Yes. I want to make a motion
that we offer this man
physical sanctuary
here in the synagogue.
-Wait a minute. What about
the rest of the board?
I think that we should decide
what we are going to offer
for the short term, now.
All in favor?
[bird cawing]
-Oh, Ms. Garcia.
-You got five minutes.
Bob tells me that your
mom is at Mira Loma?
Yes. I have an appointment
to see her tomorrow morning.
My brother has been deported.
My father is in
religious sanctuary.
I'm an American citizen.
Can my mother immigrate
through me?
That depends.
How did she get here?
-The desert.
-Then no.
Now your father,
on the other hand,
if he has never been deported,
and he got here lawfully,
then you can petition for him.
-You're 21, right?
Okay, so then you can file
for the I-130 Family Petition.
Has your mother ever
petitioned for relief?
I think so,
years ago when the notary
got my father the TPS
I think they tried
to get her something
because of my sister.
She's 17 and has epilepsy.
Okay, then you can file for
a cancellation of removal
for caring for a citizen minor.
I can see your mother...
next Friday.
She's already been there a week.
Listen, I have court.
So if you need this done sooner,
you're gonna have to do it.
-Do what?
-Represent your mother.
I-- I'm not an immigration
You won't be the first
lawyer to learn on the job.
I'm barely
a first year associate.
I've been doing document review.
Then you will have no
problem doing the research.
I wouldn't even know
where to start.
Talk to your mother.
And file that I-130
Family Petition
for your father.
And don't forget the I-485
Application for Adjustment.
The forms are on the USCIS
website. Now go.
You don't have a lot of time.
[phone rings]
I know, Dad, so does she.
[wind howling]
Yes, she's with Angie.
[people chattering]
[crowd chanting]
We are boycotting the conditions
of the detention center.
-My mom is in there.
-We're trying to start
a legal clinic.
Most of these people
don't even have attorneys.
-[chanting continues]
-Thank you.
Nice to see you again.
Why didn't you tell that
woman you were a lawyer?
I'm not an immigration
attorney, Tina.
You're gonna have to take
the bus when we get into LA.
-I'm already way too late
for work.
You want me to hit my head
and wake up in another city?
You haven't had a seizure
in over a year.
And if you're worried about it,
your helmet is in the trunk.
I'm not wearing that thing.
Okay, fine, Tina.
Do what you want.
[chanting continues faintly]
Honey, drink.
it's good for your stomach.
[protesters chanting]
Oh, ah, let me
help you with that, Rabbi
Oh, thank you.
I'm just taking it to my car.
-Got it.
[police siren wailing]
You know what?
I want to show you something.
We used to use this room
for our temple daycare.
[keys jangling]
[door creaks]
Some of our congregants
donated stuff from their homes.
This should be more comfortable
than the conference room.
Oh, we have a lot of
bubbes here at the temple.
-A what?
-Jewish grandmas.
Expect some home cooked meals.
[both chuckling]
Okay. Um, there is the fridge,
there is the microwave.
There's utensils in the drawer.
Jorge, I'm so sorry.
I have to officiate a wedding.
Okay? Make yourself
comfortable, all right?
Thank you.
[door creaks and closes]
[drawer rattles]
[plastic crinkles]
[cars honking]
Hello, Emil!
I just got the email
about HLS assignments.
-I'm not on the list.
Oh, well,
you've got other cases.
Is there a problem with my work?
No, no problem.
It's a tricky case though.
-Lots of reading.
-[Emiliano scoffs]
There is always a lot to read.
Well, why don't you focus on
the cases that you've got?
If I don't get new
assignments, I won't advance.
Well, it's not always
about you, Emil.
You're responsible to your
clients and you're distracted.
I don't blame you.
I told you something about
my family in confidence.
It's not right for you
to hold it against me.
Everyone here
has a vulnerability.
You just happen to know mine.
Nobody's holding anything
against you, Emil.
I had hoped that someone like
you would appreciate that.
-Someone like me?
Well, don't take it that way.
Well, what I mean to say is,
you've had
plenty of opportunity
at this firm.
Scouring contracts that
screw workers while billing
hundreds of hours
for the firm for it?
Those kinds of opportunities?
-Bob! I have always put
this firm first. Always!
You know what?
Don't worry about pushing
me out, because I quit.
[melancholy music]
[music continues]
[papers rustling]
[phone keypad beeps]
[phone line rings]
-[Diana] Hello?
Uhhh, are you still
looking for lawyers?
[keypad clicking]
[front door shuts]
-Did you finish your homework?
-A while ago.
What about dinner?
I ate something.
What was I supposed to do?
It's a long drive
to Mom's hearing.
-I know.
Get to bed early, please.
[judge] The request
for a bond is denied.
No, no, no.
The human rights
violations that Mrs. Diaz
has experienced: no drinking
water, no recreation,
no sanitary protection
or doctor attention,
despite repeated requests.
These are not problems
I can resolve.
And it doesn't make her
any less of a flight risk
to join her husband
in sanctuary.
I don't believe
in sanctuary, counselor.
And for this reason,
I'm denying the bond.
She'll have to wait
in detention
until I adjudicate
the cancellation for removal.
You promised
she was getting out!
I can't control the judge, Tina.
I'll just have to try again.
-I don't know.
Six months, maybe.
She's gonna be in jail
on Christmas?
I can only appeal it Tina.
I-- I'm trying to get her
cancellation of removal
by proving she has
to take care of you.
You don't know
what you're doing.
Do you have ten grand to pay
a lawyer and send money
to Koke and pay every
fucking bill in this house?
Right now I'm what
we've got, me, I'm it.
Won't you let me help you?
Oh, please, Tina.
I'm serious.
What do we have to do?
I have to prove that she
has good moral character
so I can file a waiver.
-Okay, and how do you do that?
-I don't know.
By-- by getting letters
from everyone we know...
[voice distorts] see
that she's a good person.
[engine starts]
[office phone rings]
This is the legal services unit?
Why not?
[cheerful music]
-Have a little vision!
I have a BA in psych
and a Master's in education.
I know I'm just
a restaurant hostess.
It's just tough to get
a job without papers.
I'm not at Hillman Meyers
That's why
I am calling actually.
Do you have any
recent grads interested
in public interest law?
I'm waiting for my Bar results.
I'm interested in
the private sector.
In between firms.
-Work here in the meantime!
[traffic rumbling]
[woman singing]
-[Marisol] Excuse me?
Thank you for drink.
You're welcome.
It's better, eh?
-[chuckles] Good.
What in drink?
Vinegar and starch root.
It's good, right?
I have friends
in the kitchen, my people.
-This is good.
-What is that?
Dinner. Can't eat the food
they serve here.
It's-- it's not good.
[speaks in Haitian Creole]
I make my own dinner here.
-Ah, no.
-Newbie, try, believe me.
Good. Eh? Eh, newbie!
I like you newbie.
[singing continues]
[procession music]
[bus door hisses]
[music continues]
[music recedes]
[car radio playing]
[music continues]
[singer vocalizing]
[singer sings in Spanish]
-[players chatter]
-[song continues]
[speaks in Spanish]
[taxi driver]
[dog barks]
[car engine starts]
[hands slapping]
[birds cawing]
[footsteps falling]
[dog barks]
[waves lapping]
[traffic rumbling]
[keypad clicking]
My name is Valentina Diaz
and I'm an American citizen.
ICE came to my house looking
for my brother to deport him.
He wasn't home
so they took my mother
and now she's in detention.
The only thing that we can
do is to submit letters
stating that she has
good moral character
and hope that it helps
get her a bond next time.
They found my brother
and deported him.
My father is in sanctuary
because we're afraid
that if he comes home
that he could be
arrested or deported too.
[soft guitar music]
I have something
called Doose Syndrome.
When I was a kid,
I could have...
more than a hundred
seizures a day.
I have been on
this medical Keto diet,
which seemed
to have really helped.
Only they--
they've been coming back.
And if the seizures
go back to the way
that they were before...
I'll probably have
to have surgery.
And I'm asking you
to please help.
[music continues]
[messages pinging]
[bird cawing]
[waves lapping]
[relaxing music]
[waves lapping]
["Soy Pescador"
By Lila Downs]
[boat motor roars]
[waves gently breaking]
[greeting in Spanish]
[surfer hip-hop music]
["Asi Son Mis Dias"
by Control Machete]
[prison door buzzes]
You make this?
Marisol, this is good.
I like to cook.
You're good at it!
Can you believe they canceled
all of the orientations?
That was my last hope
to get a lawyer.
Hmm. My son is my lawyer.
Your son is a lawyer?
But it's my fault.
I open door for immigration.
It's always my fault.
The father
of my first son said to me,
"Everything's going
to be better here.
We are going
to be so happy here."
But it's not true because
when we come to this country,
he beat me more
than he beat me back home.
But one day it is not
enough that he hurt me.
He hit my son
just to get to me.
When I see my son
of five years on the floor...
finally I go to the police
and they help me.
So when the police
come to my house,
I thought something
really bad had happened.
I don't trust the police.
Never, never, never.
You see me?
Before I come here,
I'm a nurse.
A really good nurse.
I work hard.
All I do is work.
I go home, I go to work.
I go home, go work.
One night after work, I go to
the store to buy some food.
Store manager, look at me.
Everywhere I go, I think,
"Ah, this guy is crazy."
I have to go.
I go to leave
and he stop me and he says,
"Hey, you, you steal
something from my store."
I said, "Me steal?
No, I don't steal."
He says, "Yes, you steal.
I called the police."
The police come.
They search me.
They don't find nothing.
The store manager tell
the police,
"You don't find nothing
because she eat the food."
The police
don't search the camera.
They don't search nothing.
They don't ask questions.
They arrest me. They ask me,
"Where you from?"
I said, "I'm from Haiti."
They say, "You have paper?"
I said, "Yes, I have TPS."
They say,
"Oh no, TPS is no more."
They bring me
in front of a judge.
The judge tell me I need
to pay $35,000 to get out.
All my money I sent
to Haiti for my family.
The judge says, "Well, go back
to Haiti to your family."
I say,
"I can't go back to Haiti.
The earthquake took my house.
And if I go back to Haiti,
surely I will die."
So I tell the judge,
"No, I have to appeal."
Marisol, you say you have
a son that is a lawyer.
You are lucky.
Tell your son
to prepare everything.
And when you get your day
in court, you be strong.
Don't say,
"It's my fault, I'm blame."
No, fight, Marisol!
[speaking Hebrew]
[congregation speaking Hebrew]
Max, may your mother's
memory be for a blessing
and let us say, Amen.
The Weisenberg family will
be sitting Shiva all week.
All are welcome.
Our service
continues on page eight.
[birds chirping]
Is everything okay?
Is Esperanza--
Esperanza is fine.
She's with my parents.
I'm going to Tijuana
to see Koke.
He wants to get married.
It's going to be a least
ten year bar before he can
come back.
Yeah, I know,
but I figured if we get married
then you know we--
It doesn't matter.
I wish it did, but it doesn't.
All I've ever wanted
was for us to settle down
to start a family.
Angie, you are part
of this family.
Believe me, you are the best
decision that Koke ever made.
But could you please just wait?
Just give me a little bit more
time to figure something out?
[phone rings]
["Xue Xua" by Dana Maman
and Robert Easton]
-[boat engine drones]
-[birds chirping]
[guitar plays]
[Grandma] detention.
[Koke weeping]
[Koke sniffles]
[fast-paced guitar music]
[girl giggles]
[traffic noises]
[phone rings]
Ma'am, please, here--
Sorry, I tried
to tell her you were busy.
God bless you
and your family.
Oh, thank you, ma'am.
[envelope rustling]
While I do not personally
know Marisol Diaz,
from what I have learned,
she is a good person.
[message beeps]
[Valentina on video]
My name is Valentina Diaz
and I'm an American citizen.
-ICE came to my--
-[door slams]
Where were you?
Out with my friends.
You're too young
to be out like that.
Why didn't you text me?
You don't text back
half of the time.
And you're never home
before 11 o'clock anyway.
Why do you care?
Have you been drinking?
That's too much sugar,
I haven't had anything
to eat all day.
I have to get my blood sugar up.
So are you trying to
trigger a seizure or what?
-Too late.
-What does that mean?
What does that mean?
I had a small one
after Mira Loma.
I've had a few while sleeping.
Why didn't you tell me?
They were in the middle
of the night,
when would I tell you?
-[door slams]
-You're not a little kid
You could have said something.
You need to go to the doctor.
Who's going to take me?
You're never here.
I already went
to the doctor anyway.
What did he say?
If it gets worse,
I have to go to the hospital,
get evaluated for
medications we can't afford.
Have you been posting
online about the family?
You told me we needed to show
that Mom's a good person.
Letters are coming in, Milo.
From people
who don't even know her.
I'm trying to show the judge
that Mom has a real case
and you're turning it
into a fucking circus.
I have just as much of
a right to help my mother
as you do.
Okay. Fine, Valentina.
[writing pad rustles]
When was the last time
you even talked to Koke?
I text Dad every day.
He says you don't even call him.
I told him
we're in the same house
and you don't even talk to me.
I'm dealing with a lot of shit
you don't even know about.
Well then why won't you
tell me? Talk to me.
Look, you know
that I can take anything
you have to tell me, right?
-I ac--
-Whatever you think
you know, Valentina,
I'm not talking
about this right now.
Of course.
Just ignore me as usual.
Why don't you just admit
that you're scared?
That you're just as freaked
out as the rest of us
instead of screwing
everything up?
You don't think I remember
those 49 minutes
every single day?
49 minutes when I could
have gone to B18
and made sure that she
never went to Mira Loma.
That I could have
warned my brother.
You don't think I feel like
shit that I never filed
to adjust Dad's status
before now?
You think
I don't know I fucked up?
I know I fucked up.
[Valentina moans]
[Emiliano breathes heavily]
I got you.
[melancholy piano music]
["Una Dulce Cancin"
by Raul Pacheco]
[Angie] Oh, my God.
[both laughing]
-[Angie] Let me see you.
-I'm good.
These aren't even my clothes.
I got you something.
-Oh, what?
-You like it?
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
[kiss smacks]
In case Milo didn't send enough.
I got something for you too.
-[Angie gasps]
-My birth certificate.
This is great for you, Koke.
It's great for us.
It's great for us.
Now that we're together,
I want to do this properly.
[music stops abruptly]
[Koke voiceover] I wish
our reunion would've gone
like that.
It didn't.
[both chuckling]
You spent a lot, huh?
It's the same
as a room in LA.
-That's a lot here.
-[Angie chuckles]
You want a shot?
-A toast to us?
No thanks.
[liquor pouring]
["Moving On"
by Raul Pacheco]
[Koke swallows]
[glass bangs]
Are you ready to move on?
Since when did you started
drinking like that?
Since I can no longer
see my wife and kid.
Right? You never got
back to me about that.
They don't let you
drink at the Casa.
I just bought it
on the way here.
-Come here.
-[Angie laughs]
-I missed you.
-I missed you too.
So much.
[Angie whimpers]
Koke, no, stop!
We'll just get all
wrapped up and distracted.
And that's how we ended up in
this mess in the first place.
What are you saying?
That you regret that
I'm Esperanza's father?
Of course not.
Why didn't you bring her?
She's still little, Koke.
Does she ask about me?
All the time.
Your parents
wouldn't let her see me huh?
Your family?
Milo didn't think
it was a good idea.
What the fuck does Milo
get to say about it, huh?
He says it'll be
at least ten years
before you can come back.
That can't be right.
-Or maybe never.
-Well I don't believe him.
And if that's the case,
well, why don't you come
stay here with me?
Yeah. Until we figure it out.
We can't afford
to live here, Koke.
Well I'll work.
I got my birth certificate now.
I could get a job.
Two jobs. It doesn't matter.
-You could work here too.
-I don't speak Spanish.
Can you please
try to make this work?
I practically begged you
to marry me for years.
Well, I wasn't gonna marry
you living at home and broke.
Your parents
already think I'm not shit.
Your father
can't even look me in the eye.
Well, what do you think they
think now? It's humiliating.
Humiliating for you?
I was trying to save money
so we could get a house
so we can do things right.
So I can show your parents
that I can take care of you.
Well, you took too long.
How very you
[singer vocalizing]
[zipper opening]
Got you a phone.
Here's some cash.
-I don't want your money.
-Take it!
[singer vocalizing]
[Koke sniffs]
[music continues]
What are you doing telling
her not to marry me?
I didn't tell her
not to marry you, Koke.
I just told her that nothing
is going to change legally,
even if she does.
She was coming to you
as a brother.
She wasn't looking
for legal advice.
What about Esperanza?
Have you thought about her?
-She's all I think about!
-It's a ten year bar, Koke.
You've committed a crime.
They have your prints.
I was a kid.
Everybody fucks up as a kid.
No, everybody doesn't.
And even if they do,
we are not everybody.
I'm so sick of you and your
self righteous bullshit.
I don't remember you
working a goddamn day
when you were in law school.
I never asked you for shit.
Oh, yeah. Well, who was the
one paying the mortgage, huh?
Who was the one busting his
ass every day in the kitchen
next to Dad?
Don't blame me
for your bad choices, Koke.
I was a great surfer as a kid.
I could have gone pro, man.
Not everyone got
your opportunities, Milo.
You're mad at me
for becoming a lawyer
when being a lawyer
was the only way
I could think of to get us out
of the shit situation
that we were in?
And I've made just as many
sacrifices for this family
as you ever did,
including for your daughter,
who forgive me
if I'm not gonna let you
fuck her up like you have
fucked up everything else.
[people chattering]
Can I get out please?
[in Spanish]
Can you please open the door?
Please! Please!
Hey, mail just came in.
-You okay?
-[footsteps receding]
-[melancholy music]
[envelope crinkles]
[traffic rumbles]
Rabbi, do you have a minute?
My son called.
The letter came in
documenting my case file.
I can go home.
Oh, that's great, Jorge.
Rabbi, thank you
for everything.
It's my pleasure, Jorge.
Jorge? Um...
I noticed you praying at night
behind the screen?
Yes, I know
it's a little strange.
No, um, not so strange.
My grandmother
used to pray in private.
Oh, I got it
from my grandmother.
Did she used to shuckle, too?
Yeah, um, you know.
Ah, I guess yes.
I guess she did.
Huh? You said
she was from El Salvador?
Oh, everyone
originally from Spain,
but that was way, way back.
Wait. Um, have you ever heard
of the Crypto Jews,
also known as the Marranos?
The what?
Well, hundreds of years ago,
Jews were forced to leave Spain,
or else convert to Catholicism.
You know,
only the very religious Jews
shuckle the way that you do.
You think I'm Jewish?
Well, you do make the best
challah I've ever had.
[both chuckling]
I mean, this is largely
an Ashkenazi community,
but, you know, Jews come
from all over the world.
I think it might
be worth looking into.
Whether you're Jewish
or not, Jorge,
we're really glad
you've been with us.
I've been reading
the English prayer book.
Oh, yeah?
What does the Torah say...
about a man who has failed
his family?
Well, there's something
called Teshuva...
but I'm not sure that applies
to what you're asking for.
Things are very polarized
right now...
and our immigration system
is very broken.
This kind of division
is not something
that Jews really believe in.
"Sh'ma yisrael adonai
eloheinu adonai ehad."
What does that mean?
It means
we are all connected...
and God is in
every one of us...
and we are all one.
[Rabbi Tova praying
in Hebrew]
[birds chirp]
[door opens]
Someone wants to see you.
[Valentina whimpers]
I missed you so much.
What are you doing?
Oh, we just got a letter
for Mom from the mayor.
-That makes 1,463 letters
1,400 what?
1,463 letters submitted!
[car horn blares]
[music thumps in the distance]
-[melancholy music]
-[man mumbling]
[police siren warbles]
[police radio chatter]
[punch thuds]
[radio chatter continues]
Koke? Koke!
What happened to you?
Don't you work at the Casa?
Nope, not anymore.
[birds chirp]
[dogs yap]
[dog barks]
[Koke breathes heavily]
[electronic Christmas music]
[footsteps falling]
[traffic rumbles, horns blare]
-[engine racing]
-[church bell tolls]
[upbeat Christmas music]
[people chatting]
[packet crinkles]
We are requesting an early
release for Marisol Diaz.
I read the motion, but do you
want to repeat it?
We are asking for
a reconsideration of bond
for Marisol Diaz due
to an extraordinary change
in extenuating circumstances.
Marisol Diaz's daughter,
Valentina Diaz's
epilepsy has worsened
due to the stress
of family separation.
I sent you a letter
from her doctor
calling for a lengthy
evaluation and the need
for family stability
and support.
Marisol Diaz's husband,
Jorge Diaz,
is no longer in sanctuary
at Temple Tarfon.
In addition, I submitted
almost 1,500 letters
on Mrs. Diaz's behalf attesting
to her good moral character.
These included signed letters
from Congresswoman Karen Bass,
representative Maxine Waters,
representative Hilda Solis,
and one from Mayor Garcetti.
The government objects,
Your Honor.
The sanctuary-movement
is ongoing.
Just because Mr. Diaz
has left sanctuary
doesn't mean he couldn't
go back whenever he wants.
Now we're going
to hold it against her,
for what her husband might do?
The family petition for him.
We've received a receipt.
But she could go, Your Honor.
He's not going back.
I understand this is
personal for you, counselor,
but you need to calm down.
-Please. I want talk?
I worry for my son
because he is deported.
He is not with his daughter.
He is no with the mother
of his daughter.
I know my children.
And my daughter need me.
She no survive without me.
-[car rumbles]
-[inspirational guitar music]
[Marisol ululates]
[music continues]
[uplifting music]
[Esperanza coos]
Let's call Daddy!
[music continues]
Okay, let's go!
[Angie] Come on, go, go!
We're good.
We're good in time.
Okay, Valentina?
Go, go, go, go, go, go!
What's bubbe?
All right, let's go everybody.
Let's go, we're late.
[Festive music]
[phone rings]
-[Emiliano] Hey,
we're at the march
in downtown LA.
Are you in downtown TJ yet?
Yeah! I'm on my way!
[drums pound]
Come on,
we're waiting for you!
-[upbeat music]
-[crowd cheers]
My name is Valentina Diaz
and I wanna introduce
to you my family.
This is my mother,
Marisol Diaz.
She survived
in a detention center.
And this is my father
Jorge Diaz,
who came out
of being in sanctuary.
And next to him
is my sister-in-law.
The kindest person I know,
Angie Pak.
Next to her
is my brother Emiliano.
He's an attorney
that is fighting
with everything that he has,
to keep our family together.
And that little munchkin
right there, that's Esperanza.
She's the hope of our family.
And next is my brother
and Esperanza's father.
Koke Jorge Diaz.
Koke now lives in Mexico
where he was deported
more than six months ago.
But thanks to technology,
he will be marching
along with us today,
with all of the other
deportees from downtown Tijuana
-towards the border.
-[crowd cheers]
My family is brown,
Black, Salvadorian,
Mexican, Korean,
American, old and young,
male and female.
We are undocumented.
We've been deported.
We are citizen able
and disabled.
We are strong, we are proud.
And we have
the most important thing
that keeps families
together and that's love!
[crowd cheers]
A family united
will never be divided.
A family united
will never be divided.
[crowd chanting]
A family united
will never be divided.
A family united
will never be divided!
A family united
will never be divided!
A family...
...will never be divided!
A family united
will never be divided!
A family...
[celebratory music plays]
[music continues]
[music continues]
["Oaxaca Love Song No.2"
by Las Cafeteras]
[singing in Spanish]
["Borders" by Goapele]
Freedom is buried in me
And it's calling out
From somewhere buried in me
2,000 miles on my feet
Walking in this room
It's depending on me
'Cause the borders
We cross over
Can mean our lives
There's no order
As our children
Lose this fight
Do you think them
Less than human
Dying to survive
A storm is turning in me
Where's my family?
A storm is turning in me
My child was meant
To be free
The sun is all we need
Just let us be
'Cause the border
We cross over
Can mean our lives
There's no order
As our children
Lose this fight
Do you think them
Less than human
I have faith that
We can lead a better life
As we die with a will
To survive
Separated at the borderline
Now there's a valley in me
Right where you belong
Feels like a valley in me
See a reflection maybe
Every mother's child
Reflection in me
'Cause the border
We cross over
There's no order
As our children
Lose this fight
Do you think them
Less than human
I have faith that
We can lead a better life
As we die with the will
To survive
Separated at the borderline