America's Most Haunted (2013) Movie Script

"America's Most Haunted 2013" ^ (Run time : 01:24:29)
I thought I was doing upstairs.
You better be.
I don't want to be here all night.
Whoa, whose up here then?
What's wrong?
Is someone else up here?
I'm not.
What do you need?
It's probably a ghost.
Want me to come up there
and hold your hand?
- Shut up, Mike.
- You shut up.
Both of you shut up.
I swear to god you guys are
too old for this crap.
Kyle, finish up.
Yes sir.
Alright, Mike. You're wasting time
we could be drinking.
Every week, we visit
a new location,
rumored to be haunted by
America's most notorious ghost.
Go, go, go.
Rob Jackson
Emily Sweet
These ghost have
overstayed their welcome
and it's time to serve them
some other worldly justice.
Scotty McDonald
Technical Specialist
Oh my god.
Leon Falco
Lead Investigator.
We're not here to prove anything.
- Leon. Leon, get me out!
Get me out of here!
We're here to kick
these ghost out.
and send them back
where they belong.
Welcome to
America's Most Haunted
I got something here.
You can feel that.
Did you feel that?
Yeah. Yeah, I felt that.
I felt it too.
It looks like as if...
it just feel like, it got like really,
really cold.
Yeah, like the temperature
just dropped.
- Yeah. Do you guys feel that?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah.
He's definitely here.
- Whoa. Whoa.
- Look. Look.
Just then, the ghost
monitor we have placed
at the other end of the
hall was activated.
Okay. Don't move.
Don't move. Shh, shh.
I'm just gonna try
to talk to him.
James Baker.
James, are you here
with us?
Did you hear that?
- Yeah. Yeah, I heard it was...
- Like 2 words.
Yeah, it was like uh.
it's like "Get out", right?
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It sounds like
- Like "Get out".
"Get out."
- As you listen again,
- Shh, shh.
and we amplified the audio,
you can clearly make out
the words "Get out".
Shh, shh, shh.
James, we heard you.
If you're here.
If you're here with us,
let us know.
You got to give us
a sign, James.
- Oh my god.
- It was right behind me dude.
That was right behind me.
He's here.
Let's get this ghost.
Let's get this ghost... st.
Let's get this ghost.
- He's here.
- Let's get this ghost.
Okay. Okay.
Go back to the bucket.
Right there.
Do you see it?
What is it?
It's Jimmy.
Yeah. That's as close
to the wall as I can get.
Alright, my friend.
You are the editor now.
That means you are
the last line of defense.
Okay. We can't have stuff
like this making it to broadcast.
I mean although Jimmy is
terribly, terribly frightening.
It's a...
We can't have him in the shots.
It sort of ruin the mystique.
- So I'll cut it out.
- Magic out the whole thing.
Yeah, I understand.
So, I'll cut it out.
I don't know.
Cut it. Zoom it. Paint it. Edit it.
Edit. You edit it.
That's why we hired you.
- Okay.
- See, that's why Pete left.
- What?
- That right there.
That's why Pete left.
You come across like a um.
How do I want to put this,
like a dick.
Pete left because he got
some job and some
Special victims, Crime scene investigation,
Missing person show.
- Really, which show?
- I don't know, pick one.
- You know you're a dick right.
- Look, it doesn't matter now. Okay.
Pets's gone.
Kurt's here.
- Kevin.
- Kevin's here.
- Kevin?
- Yeah.
Kevin's here.
See, and he's going to
continue our
noble tradition of providing the
highest quality of entertainment
for our many, many loyal fans.
Right, Kevin?
So, stop pooping
on my parade, Jimmy.
This is going to be great.
This is it.
It's going to be great!
I can feel it!
Production meeting in 10 minutes.
He's a dick, right?
- Is any of it real?
- Real?
Yeah, like.
You know. Do you ever see
any real ghost and stuff.
No, no, no.
Not really.
So, what does all this do then?
Oh. Mostly it lights up,
looks good on camera.
I mean its...
it's real stuff.
Like this is a real motion sensor and
this is really an EMF detector.
I just.
I modified them for the show.
so we can trigger it remotely
and stuff like that.
Okay, so that it all
would work if it had to.
No. No. I modified them
passed any practical usage.
- Oh.
- Except.
This puppy.
Built it myself.
From scratch.
- What's that?
- I called it...
The "Ghost burst."
- Ha-ha.
- No, shh.
What does it do?
It emits a small scale of EMP
and a blast of full spectrum light.
Wow. I have no idea
what that means?
Truth is,
I've never really tested it.
It would probably destroy
anything electronic within 500 yards.
If it worked.
That's why,
I also build a small scale version.
What does that one do?
Lights up,
looks good on camera.
- Right, yeah.
- Yup.
Last resort on this puppy in case
things ever get, you know.
Real scary.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Cool.
- Yeah.
So as... soon as Emily has done
with her personal business,
- we can all get started.
- Thank you so much. I'm...
really looking forward
to meeting you.
Okay, great.
I got a...
I got a call back.
That's great Em.
When do you leave?
Next week, but it's just
a call back. So.
Okay. Well, just to...
You know, be clear.
Do you still have time for this or
there is somewhere else you need to be.
I'm here Leon, okay.
Let's just focus on what's next.
Nobody knows what's
going to happen anyway.
So it's nice.
Did I hear something
about Michigan?
Next up, we have.
Saqwasibi Fine Arts Camp.
A secluded artist school and
retreat center in northern Michigan.
A 5 mile, one lane dirt road that
winds through the dense forest
is in fact the only way
in or out of Saqwasibi.
Mid 1800s.
Michigan's logging industry was booming.
Making more people rich than
any gold rush out west ever would.
The George family fortune
was made here.
Ralph George.
Owner and operator of Saqwasibi,
which is band his family since
it's original construction in 1852.
Ralph George, Owner
- This is a Saqwasibi hotel.
It's no longer a
logging camp but
the houses, the structures, the grounds
are pretty much the same.
Except for some basic upgrades,
a few modifications
Well the camp is remained
relatively unchanged,
it certainly has seen
it's share of disturbances.
Our story really begins in 1859.
When a lumberjack by
the name of Pierre Boutierre
killed a whole bunch
of people.
All of them right here
in this hotel.
A serious change in behavior for
Mr Boutierre was first noted
during an incident involving
some of the children of the camp.
The children used to like to
play around Boutierre's cabin
One day, one of them,
accidentally I am sure,
threw a rock and it went
through his window.
Pierre just lost it,
he really lost it.
Well... all of a sudden, Pierre
tears out the of the cabin.
And he's carrying a
fire place log in his hand.
And he begins to
beat the kids up,
and he be actually breaks
a couple of their bones.
He nearly killed one of them
before he was stopped.
The community brought
Mr Boutierre
before the foreman and
the other heads of the camp.
Well, it was right here in this
very room that they had their
gatherings and their meetings.
So it's probably in this very room
that they had their questioning or trial.
They decided it was best to
ask Mr Boutierre to leave
on the next wagon out of town.
Much of the logging was
done in the winter months
because it was easier to
sled the lumber down
to the river's bank
and then wait for the foreman
and rafted down the river
But this year was a
particularly tough winter.
Bad patch and they were
completely snowed in.
Nothing went in or out
of that camp.
Boutierre was asked to
stay in his quarters
until the roads were passable.
Guess they, they never thought
they needed to lock him down.
There've never been
an incident like this before
He was a man.
A quiet man, very quiet man.
They certainly never anticipated
what was going to happen next.
That night,
Pierre left his quarters.
Got an axe.
He snapped.
He just snapped.
Pierre went from
room to room.
Terrifying, maiming and killing
anyone unfortunate enough
to be caught in his
murderous path.
When it was all set
and done.
Pierre Boutierre had murdered
13 men, women and children
before being gunned down
in front of the hotel.
But it seems Pierre is not the
only spirit in Saqwasibi.
Kyle Rivera, Ghost Attack Victim
- We don't even, you know,
Kyle Rivera, Ghost Attack Victim
- really come out here in the off season and uh.
But to check on the place,
you know.
You know, but you know.
Some people, you know.
They've seen a big bearded man
and then he wasn't there.
You know, some people said
they've seen uh.
women, kids.
Doors opened and shut.
Sometime, you think there is
someone in the room with you.
It's just...
no one there.
Sometimes, you feel someone
in the hallway brushing by you.
There's nobody there.
However the spirits were
never overtly hostile,
until recently.
Couple of months before
we called you, I was
out here doing my checks
and uh.
Felt like someone was
in the room with me.
It knocked me down.
I got back up.
It threw me down again,
and then
knocked me down the stairs.
Malinda Sullivan, Clairvoyant
- I hope people who experienced
Malinda Sullivan, Clairvoyant
- unexplained phenomena in their home or buildings.
This camp is
filled with spirits.
I believe one of them is evil.
This is the room
where you claimed to have
communicated with Pierre.
Or mostly communicated about him.
The other spirits seemed
tormented by Mr Boutierre.
Someone's not a people person.
So, I asked them
what I could do and.
They pleaded with me
to banish Pierre.
But I have no experience dealing
with such an evil presence.
I believe he's wanting a
a direct confrontation
And I'm certainly
not willing to do that.
Well, you're smart.
That's why we're here.
You made the right call.
So, Mr George.
How can "America's Most
Haunted" help you.
Well, there is someone
or something
that is making my staff
very uncomfortable.
And it's very possible that
it is now attacking them.
So you want them gone?
I want them something and
I dont give a damn what.
Do you want him gone?
Yup, I do.
Then let's get this ghost.
And with that,
we were left on our own.
Short of walking 5 miles
through dense forest,
we were stranded at
Saqwasibi for the night.
With accommodations and
the hotel for all of us.
And who knows who,
or what else.
- Excuse me.
- Did you say something?
Ah, here they are.
- You all shoot the intro yet.
- It's finished.
Oh, the squibs.
I love the squibs.
Yeah. Would have been nice
having a couple of extra hands.
Oh, I know.
And I'm so sorry
I couldn't been
those hands for you.
Why don't you come inside
and I'll show you
the rest of your job
I've done.
Michael, get off your ass
and give them a hand.
And you. You know a little
exercise wouldn't hurt you.
Look at all these hands.
Lead on, it's a hand party.
I almost had a bar.
Jimmy and the
new guy are here.
I really hope nobody
has to reach me.
So when're you
going out there?
When's the audition?
You know. The, the call back.
When is it?
Wednesday or Thursday.
I just know I have
to be there Tuesday.
Hey, I'm, I...
I'll go with you if you want.
You would go to LA?
I thought you hate LA?
No, I don't.
I don't hate LA. I mean.
But I mean, I would go with you,
if you want me.
If you want someone
to go with you,
I mean I would.
You know, it probably be even,
you know for me to go out there
You know, check out
the city and stuff.
That's really sweet.
The thing is, I'm not sure
I'll be coming back, you know.
We'll pick you up in the morning.
Thank you, Mr George.
I'm sure we'll be fine.
So. You really think
you can get this ghost.
Of course.
That's what we do.
Well. I can't wait to
see it, Mr Falco.
See you in the morning.
Alright, nobody at home,
set it there.
Oh thanks.
Looks cosy.
Does anybody has cell service?
Coming to get us in
the morning, Emily.
- I'm sure you'll be okay.
- I'm fine.
Okay, so we have the old
original hotel over there.
It looks really great. There's a
lot of great location we can get
most of the show in the can,
in a couple of different spots.
We can do some ghost lights.
We can do uh
some door gags,
we can do some mist.
There's some good
opportunities for
some obscure figures
behind corners.
Yeah, I'll look around.
See what I can find.
- I have a question. Sorry?
- Go ahead.
Guys, take a look at this place.
Don't you guys think there's
actually a chance that
you might catch something
real on camera.
Real ghost.
I mean this place
has to be haunted.
You know,
it may very well be.
But ghost don't typically follow
production schedule very well.
We're only here for 1 night.
And we can't expect
ghosts just show up
because we happen to
be here in shooting.
Not to say that they're not here.
'cos they maybe here.
Mad respect.
But, it's just highly unlikely that
they'll pose for pictures, that's all.
You seemed disappointed.
You wanted them to be real?
I kinda hoped
but I figured that.
Let's hope we packed
ham and cheese for lunch.
That's my hope.
I mean. We've caught
real stuff before, right?
We were warned that the
spirits in this house hate books.
Then, there's the thing
with the toy train moving.
Of course we did have to
shoot it for like 7 hours
and speed the footage up
like 500%
so you can actually tell
that it was moving.
What we've learned
over the years is that
patiently and respectfully
waiting for ghost
to appear just
makes for bad TV.
Even worse,
boring TV.
If we're going to stand
out among the millions of
ghost huntings, spirit whispering
paranormal shows
With lots of ghosts.
I mean I think we've a really
great fake ghost show.
Jimmy does a great job
making fake ghost.
Thank you, darling.
It's nice to be appreciated.
We're on the same page here,
Okay! Let's rig up
this old crap shack.
We hurry up, we can have this
whole show in the can by midnight.
Careful with her, boys.
She's a lady of age and distinction.
Why're you all
still sitting here?
While encounters had been
reported from almost
every location in and
around the hotel
There was definitely
a consensus on locations
where the evil presence
seemed to be concentrated.
With our cameras in place,
ghost and EMF monitors,
on and active
and our dedicated crew ready.
We were sure that this
would be the last night
Pierre Boutierre was going to
spend in the Saqwasibi hotel.
Okay, everybody...whoa.
- Something's down there.
- Yeah.
Yeah. I think we spit up
I don't know, try to
get the big stuff first
and then just fill
in what we need
Yeah, let's split up.
Me and Scotty will stay upstairs,
and Rob and Emily downstairs.
- Lock the doors up here
- Door gag, got it.
Basically, it's simple version.
We'll find the ghost.
Drive him downstairs into that room,
And expel him.
Okay, so just uh
I send it downstairs.
Oh yeah. Actually that's good.
That mean that would be cool
because that's where the trials
are placed or whatever.
You know. Maybe you're down there,
you're rolling you hear something.
Play it up.
Do we have surveillance
in that room?
Yeah, I got a camera in there,
1 in the main hallway there.
1 in the stairway
we just came up
and 1 in the back stairs where
the kid got pushed or whatever.
- Great.
- Uh, ghost light on the stairs?
Yeah, that's good.
Let's set...
See, that's what I'm
talking about. Right.
Ancient old building like this.
It should make noises like this all night
and do our job for us.
You roll in on that,
you hear something,
you play it up, there's
you segment. Done.
- Cool.
- Let's get to work.
- Always rolling. Always rolling.
- Right.
So uh, I don't think
Emily is coming back.
I think Rob's thinking
about leaving too.
Wait, what?
What makes you think that?
He's got it for her bad.
He wants to go with her.
I don't think the feeling is mutual.
Emily is never uh.
What about you?
What about me?
Come on.
I think we all had it for it.
One point or another
over the years.
And you do know she's the reason
our audience watches the show, right?
You don't really think that?
Look at her.
Look at her and then.
Remember what it was
like to be 16 years old
and stone and horny.
Sitting down on your parents' couch.
watching stupid television
shows all night.
Yeah, she's why they watched.
Scotty, that can't be
the only reason.
Wanna bet?
She's going to LA.
She's going to get that show.
And then we'll find out,
won't we.
Alright, okay.
Let's say you're right.
What's the plan?
Reinvent ourselves.
Reinvent the show.
Make the show we said we were
gonna make when we started, right?
And when that doesn't work.
Find a new hobby.
- Hey, you guys like this door?
- Yeah it looks good from here.
Yeah, I like this door.
It's a good door.
Still scary,
but better.
Okay. This should be in
frame don't you think?
Oh yeah, yeah totally.
Those things are so wide
this whole room is
probably in frame. So.
I was probably.
Let's do something in fable.
We'll sit. You sit on the couch.
I'll sit in the chair.
Yeah, maybe gen
a little scene first.
Yeah, yeah.
Like brain in the middle is good.
- Okay, Jimmy?
- Yeah.
Can you hear me like this
or do we need a signal?
Yes, you can hear me or
yes, you need a signal?
Yeah, I can hear you.
What if we talk a
little quieter like this?
Okay. We're gonna do an
it's getting cold talk.
And then you slam the door.
- Slam it?
- That's right.
- You got it?
- Cold talk, slam it, copy.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
- Good to go.
- I'm gonna walk in the frame.
This hallway is one of the main
concentrations of the haunting.
We've been hearing things
up here all night.
Cut, Jimmy!
- What?
- You're early, buddy.
Yeah, I can't hear you
at all in there.
That's why I asked, Jimmy.
- Can you hear me right now?
- Yes.
Go in the room.
- Can you still hear me?
- Yes.
Okay, remember.
Cold talk.
- You said "Cold talk".
- You're hilarious.
I like the ghost Bette 'cause
you're dead on the inside.
Take 2.
This hallway is one of the main
concentrations of the haunting.
We've been hearing things
up here all night.
It's. It's almost like
something feel
It feels like something
is up here, you know?
Yeah, I know what you mean.
I've like sometime in my stomach.
Like a, I feel,
I feel sick, dude.
You know just when you said that,
I started feeling really nauseous.
Whoa. Whoa.
Are you kidding. Are you kidding.
Are you cold.
Freezing. It's like the temperature
just dropped like 10 degrees.
What was that?
Did you get all that?
- Nice door gag.
- Yeah.
Alright, I'll start with the
intro of the room.
You know. This is where the trial
was held and blah blah blah.
And uh.
Then take our seats.
And go ahead and lead in
with "Did you feel that."
- And then we'll go from there.
- Yeah sure.
You just start talking. I'll do a
little pan around the room and...
- Ready?
- Yup, how's my hair?
It's... It's good.
So, alright.
Night vision.
I, I don't know.
I thought, I thought I saw someone.
- Was it me?
- No! No, no.
It was other, other than you.
Like, right behind you. Like...
- Shut up.
- real, when I turned
the night vision on it.
Just, real quick.
- Nobody's there.
- I mean. Yeah, I know.
I wouldn't. Not now!
Nobody's there.
But I mean it.
Just real quick, there were...
- Well, who was it?
- I don't, I don't know? Be...
Crazy ghost or just.
Never mind, maybe it's...
Well, rewind it.
Let me see.
I wasn't recording.
- Press "Record".
- Okay, alright.
There's definitely
something up here.
Every door in this hallway
just slammed shut.
That was crazy.
What was that?
I don't know. There's...
There's something in that room.
Shh, shh, shh.
Is someone up here with us?
- Hey, you guys hear that?
- Jimmy, what the hell.
- Did you guys hear that?
- Yeah.
- What was it?
- There's something in
the room with me, man.
- How did you get there?
- Oh yeah. Check this out.
See, there's a door between this 2 rooms.
These lumberjacks were swingers
- Serious, there was something in the room.
- Yeah, what?
I don't know.
I didn't stick around to find out.
You do it.
Get that ghost.
- Okay, Scotty?
- Yup, almost.
Let me know.
- Jimmy.
- Yeah, chief.
- Get off camera.
- Oh, that's right.
We found the door
in this room that
leads to the room where
we heard all the noise.
We're going to check it out.
It's quiet now.
Look at the bed.
Yeah, the dresser too.
Someone was in here
and it wasn't any of us.
- Rob and Emily aren't up here right?
- Nope, they are downstairs.
We just went though this place
an hour ago, it didn't look like this.
Is there anybody here?
Is there anyone here
that wants to talk to us?
We really want to talk to you.
We saw what you
did with this room.
Just give us a sign
that you're here.
Can you move the bed again?
Come on, give us a sign
that you're here.
How about the dresser?
Can you move the dresser again?
Just move the dresser.
- Do you want me to move the dresser.
- Cut.
- Dude, what are you doing?
- 'Cause I can crawl over there and move the.
So, James.
You didn't do any of this.
- That's what you're telling me?
- That's what I'm saying.
Someone else left
the furniture like this.
Alright, if that's true, I don't know
what's going on but I like it.
You got all the doors stuff and
the noise coming from this room.
Yeah, I got it, and the surveillance
camera at the end of the hall got it.
We should probably
set a camera up in here.
Yeah, there is an extra
we can set up.
So is that a
break for lunch.
- You tired? Jesus.
- I'm hungry
- Okay, let's take a break.
- Alright.
Guys, come here.
What was that?
What was what?
It's been happening
a couple of minutes now.
There he is again.
- I'm not seeing anything.
- What?
Yeah, I'm not seeing anything.
Did you see it,
that type.
- Rob. You are recording, right?
- Yes.
I'm not seeing him
in my camera.
Oh my gosh.
What is he doing?
He's looking at us.
Oh shit, Leon.
Talk to him, try talk to him.
- Okay, yeah.
- Yeah.
Go talk to him.
- My name is Leon.
- Shit! - Oh.
- What? What, he's not there anymore?
- He's gone
- No.
- You scared it away.
Damn it.
What now?
- I'm still hungry.
- Yeah.
And if this kind of stuff
is going to be happening
we should get the
other camera set up.
And we better be well fed for it.
Let's get sandwiches.
It's your call.
Okay, go, go.
- Yes, sandwiches.
- I'm down with that.
- What was that?
- I don't know.
It's got to be something
with the night vision.
- One of the infrared, maybe.
- Hey, let's lunch.
Okay, there's something
really going on here.
- Yeah, no kidding.
- Uh. What're you guys talking about?
Just all the ghost,
all over the place.
Like, real ghost?
That one you guys saw
wasn't the only one.
I mean, before you
came down, I swear
- I saw something right behind Emily.
- Right behind me.
I mean it was really quick though.
You look in the view finder and it was gone.
- Did you see that one?
- Uh-uh.
I... I wasn't rolling.
Okay, so it's an artist camp.
While these, pictures of Pierre
and portraits around.
A portrait is a profound interaction
between the artist and subject.
Often capturing a piece of the
subject's soul in the process.
All these pictures and
paintings around it
All these souls trapped here.
They must be channeling
all this activity.
Hey Leon. How much of that
did you just make up?
All of it. All of it. I'm just
trying to find the angle here.
Did you guys remembered
the mustard?
Okay, just wait a second.
So I mean.
I don't know if you guys
are messing with me or.
If you're seeing any
actual real ghost then
maybe that lady was right.
Wait, what lady?
I don't know. The clairvoyant lady
or whatever you called her.
Maybe, yeah why?
Well, I don't know I mean.
She said that she talked to it.
And if things get real out of hand.
- Got this baby.
- "Ghost burst". Right.
Alright, okay so,
first things first.
We need to get more
of this stuff on camera.
That means rolling.
Always, always rolling.
Want me to take the
camera up to room 9.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. You want help?
- No, I got it. Um.
I think I left my bag of
mustard up there anyway.
I don't want to get all the ghost
before Leon scares them away.
- Jimmy, becareful.
- Hey, careful is my middle name.
- No, it isn't.
- No, it isn't.
Shh, shh.
You guys hear that.
Hear what?
No, no. Never mind.
We, okay. So we all get
cameras. We all split up.
Make sure you're
set to night vision.
Because for some reason
they showed up on night vision.
We'll just have to.
Right, split up.
I'll take the back hallway.
- Do I get a camera?
- No, no. You stay here.
This is headquarters. You just
sit tight. You'll be fine.
Yeah, sure.
I'll be fine.
Hello ghosts.
Where're you gonna be.
Shit. Shit. Shit.
- You got your night vision on?
- Yeah.
Creepy ghost vision on.
- Raah.
- God.
Oh my god.
You should have seen your face.
So, uh.
Are you seeing anything?
Just know I'll let you know.
Maybe we should just
go back to the main room.
That door just open while
we were standing here.
Yes, it did.
You think something
wants us to go in there?
I think you're right.
Oh my god.
Now they're out there. It's like.
It's like they're messing with us.
- Emily?
- Oh my god.
- Emily?
- Rob.
Emily. The door is
locked or something.
I don't.
I don't see a lock, Rob.
There isn't a lock.
Somehow it locked.
Just relax.
I mean, I'll get something
to open the door.
I can't open it.
Just, just hang tight.
I'll be right back with something.
Come right back.
Oh god.
What's going on?
What do you want?
Of course you want me
to go down there.
(Thou... shall...)
(get... out...)
Oh, come on!
What are you doing?
Oh. I just.
Did you hear something?
What did you hear?
Voices, you know.
Typical haunted house stuff.
Yeah, I heard... stuff.
- So, this is kind of unusual huh.
- What?
Like. You don't experienced as much
activity on a normal shoot
Never seen anything
like this before.
You still think we're, you know.
Safe, right?
I think, I think so.
Isn't this what you were hoping for.
Uh, yes. Yes, this is cool.
Don't get me wrong.
It's just that, you know.
I'm a little creep out in here, that's all.
- Well, it's creepier out there.
- Okay. I'll come with you.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Rather not,
sit in here alone anymore.
- Stay off camera.
- Okay.
No, no, no.
No, no, no...
- Leon?
- God!
- What're you doing up here?
- Is he gone?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Are you okay?
Oh man, look at this, dude.
Look what he did.
- Wow.
- Did you get it.
Here. I thought
I was going to die, dude.
Can you get up?
Oh yeah, I can get up.
Look, we have to
find Rob and Emily.
Are you sure he's gone?
Yeah, I mean, I think so.
I mean I haven't seen him at all
since you, you know, since he...
Hey, to be fair. He had an axe.
I didn't have anything.
- Oh yeah. He's kind of going for you.
- Like this.
Go, go, go.
I'll be right behind you.
- Leon! This way.
- Hi.
- Emily?
- Where is she?
- She was in here.
- Where were you?
She got locked in here.
I went to go get something
- to open the door.
- Hey.
Keep it down.
What happen?
- Why did you scream?
- It wasn't me.
I was in here under the bed
and there was a girl.
She told me to hide and
- some guy came in.
- Pierre.
And he saw me.
Then she screamed and
she ran out of the room
- and he chased her.
- Are you okay?
I'm fine.
It's Pierre.
You mean like, Pierre Boutierre?
What're you doing here?
Me? What are real
ghost doing here?
- Look. I was told when I first started.
- Wait
Where's Scotty?
Hey guys.
Where's Jimmy?
No, seriously.
Has anyone seen Jimmy?
He went up to that room.
I'll check the other room.
- What happened in here?
- Ghost.
Yeah, he's probably
just messing with us.
He's not over there and
he's not anywhere in the hallway.
It's not like Jimmy to leave
gear laying around like that.
Well, there is his
backup mustard.
He wouldn't leave the
building without that.
- Are you sure this isn't in the show?
- No
- No, it isn't or no, you're not sure?
- No, it isn't.
- Did you find him?
- No, nothing.
We walked further than
Jimmy would have walked.
- He's not here.
- Well, if he's here.
he's set us up
for a good scare.
Because we didn't
see him anywhere.
Well, maybe we
should just stay here.
No. No, no.
We've to go back over there.
I mean. I think
we have to, don't we?
Well, what about Jimmy?
He's got to be in the
hotel still somewhere.
We should go back over.
We should wait for him and
we should finish the show!
Might as well. They're not coming
back till the morning anyway.
Those ghost ain't gonna
shoot themselves.
See! That's the
attitude I'm looking for.
And Scotty took an axe
to the chest.
- What! - What!
- Well, a ghost axe.
Yeah, still hurts.
Look, you guys.
Pierre did that?
- Yeah, yeah, upstairs.
- But I thought he was a ghost.
Yeah, he's a ghost
exactly but he did that.
I think we need to think
about leaving, you guys.
On the contrary.
Leon, look!
They can physically hurt us.
Yeah, I have to admit that sort
of changes the game a little bit.
You guys.
- Scotty's okay. Alright.
- That's not funny.
Besides. I don't think
they can kill us.
Oh, you don't think
they can kill us.
Right. Because they, you know.
They're... cause of different...
You know, I can't even
make anything up right now.
I mean. Maybe they can kill us.
I don't know.
Alright, well.
Jimmy's missing, presume dead.
- Whoa! We're presuming he's dead.
- Yeah.
Isn't this something we
should decide as a group.
Just because we didn't find him,
doesn't mean he's dead.
Give us this last one.
Then you can leave
without feeling bad.
Who says I feel bad.
We cannot run from this.
I mean, how pathetic is it that
we have a ghost hunting show.
and when we actually encounter
a real ghost we want to run away.
- Why would I feel bad, Leon?
- Fine, you don't.
Just finish this show with us.
This is why we all started doing
this in the first place. Isn't it?
You think I feel guilty
for taking the other show.
Wait. You mean
going to the call back.
She's already got it.
You're beautiful.
You're talented.
You're strong.
You got a great personality.
You're going to be
very very famous.
And I love you very much.
We all do.
And for a second,
I need
every one of you guys
to try to remember
why we started doing
this in the first place.
Because we actually
believe in this stuff.
And now, here it is.
You guys aren't
mad at me, are you?
I couldn't take it
if you guys hated me.
Nobody hates you Em.
How could we.
Yeah, you.
You got to do what
you got to do.
Well. Would be kind
of a cool way to go out.
Good! Alright.
I got a plan.
Well, I hope so.
Now, first I.
I can't explain everything.
I just need you
guys to trust me.
And I need you to
grab the "Ghost burst".
That's your plan?
Leon. None of this
stuff actually works.
Trial by fire.
Let's burst this ghost.
Okay, it's a real ghost.
And that's a fake solution
to a real problem.
Look, I need you
to trust me.
I think I actually know what
I'm talking about this time.
Look at this.
The journal of Pierre Boutierre.
- Where did you find that?
- Some place you don't want to go?
Look. If you're ready
for another big shock.
The journal of a lumberjack
is pretty damn boring.
There's a lot of stupid things
in here like.
Blade sharpening techniques.
- The biggest tree ever cut down.
- What was it?
- What was what?
- The biggest tree.
How big was it?
That's so not important
right now.
What is important is
the last 2 journal entries.
I'll read it to you.
I'm going to quandary over
a recollection of a dream.
In that dream,
I spoke with a spirit.
A spirit who called himself
He made me a most
peculiar yet tempting offer.
To my surprise.
When I became aware
of my surroundings
I was standing over
nearly a pack of wood
that I had split with
my very own hands.
It was as if I had not
been dreaming at all.
And this is the
final entry here.
I've accepted the
offer of Bumshara
This would be my last
entry as I am leaving
for more rewarding
life endeavors.
Well. What do you
think that all means?
I believe Bumshara
is a demon.
Well, that's nice.
So you want to take on
what you believe is a demon.
Yes. And I can't explain why right now
but you just have to trust me.
I knew it. See, I knew.
That's why it hurts.
It was a demon and he had an axe.
I didn't have anything, you guys.
Okay, so.
Heh heh.
Let's say we trust you.
We take the "Ghost burst".
Then what?
Then I.
I try to lure Pierre into the
common room downstairs.
You know.
Then I.
I kick him out of there.
You know.
Just be ready with that burst.
Big Finish!
How exactly are you going to
kick him out of there.
Trust me.
I think I'm staying here.
- Heh-heh. I wouldn't.
- Come on.
Come on boys and girls.
Grab your cameras.
Let's get this ghost.
Are you kidding me?
We're actually going to put our fate
in something called a "Ghost burst".
Jimmy said it would work.
Did Jimmy said that?
Yeah. He had a lot of
technical terms for it.
It's got like uh.
ADD or something.
- Yeah. I'll buy that.
- Listen.
Leon is obviously crazy.
but he can't be crazy
enough to think that,
that is all of a sudden
going to work
Okay. I'll bring him
down through here.
Okay. Where do you
want this thing?
Over there.
You need to keep it in frame
but you also need
to be able to get to it.
If you're gonna stay up here,
you have to stay off camera.
So, maybe back in
that corner over there.
Yeah, no problem.
Rob and I are going
to go upstairs,
and I will attempt to
lure him down here.
How are you
going to do that?
I have an idea.
Are you up for this?
You'll be fine.
It's just a ghost axe, right?
But if you do see Pierre coming
at you, I suggest you run.
That's actually my idea, so.
Let's do it.
Okay, stop.
This is good.
Right here.
Okay, rolling.
Just a second.
Okay, I'm ready.
- What're we doing?
- I'm gonna try and call his name.
- Pierre?
- No.
- Where was it?
- Over there.
It came at me in there.
And knocked me
down the steps
over there.
Something is here.
- It isn't good.
- Is it ever?
Sometimes they're nice.
I want to talk to you.
- Leon.
- What?
There's something.
You see something?
Yeah. Yeah.
Right by your head.
What, what.
You see her?
- Her?
- Yes, her. Do you see her?
I'm, I'm see.
I see something.
She's been talking
to me the whole time.
What do you mean,
the whole time?
Ever since we got here.
- What's she saying to you?
- She.
Welcomed me to the camp when
we first got here. She
lead me to the back hall.
She helped me find the book.
Honestly, I didn't say
anything because
I thought I was insane.
No one else was hearing it but me.
Well, who... who is she?
No. No.
Her name is Mary.
She's telling me what to say.
How to get rid of him.
She says we have the tools.
The "Ghost burst"?
I think so.
Keep rolling.
Rob, is he back there?
Do you see him?
Him or her?
You were saying her earlier.
Him, Bumshara.
But I hear something.
I think he's back there.
Are you there?
Come on.
Don't you want to talk to me?
Come on, man!
- What're you doing?
- What?
Are... Are you taunting him?
A little.
Let's... Let's get this ghost.
Come on, camera.
Pierre is not your problem.
Bumshara is your evil spirit.
He's trapped here,
in Pierre.
- There's a journal.
- Journal?
Pierre's journal.
- I don't know.
- Some old books in the basement.
There's a journal.
Show yourself!
- Did you hear that?
- Oh yeah, I did.
I actually mean did you really hear that.
I'm not doing a gag.
Yeah, Leon, Leon.
I heard it.
He's here.
- Leon.
- What?
He's right there.
- Is it Pierre?
- Well , he's got an axe.
- What, what did she tell you?
- Just keep rolling.
Come on,
I wan to talk to you.
- I'm right here.
- Leon.
- I'm right here, man.
- Leon, Leon.
- What?
- I don't think you want to do that.
- Where is he?
- Well. He's walking at us
He's by the stairs.
I heard that.
Did she say run?
- She said run.
- Can we run?
- Yeah, let's run.
- Okay.
Go, go, go...!
He's coming!
He's coming this way!
- You said he was coming that way!
- Never mind what I said.
- He's right behind us!
- Oh shit! Leon.
- We're all set up this way.
- I didn't send him this way.
Hey guys!
He's right there.
And he looks pissed.
Bumshara is your evil spirit.
A demon.
But there is a way
to make him leave.
Someone must confront him.
You need to confront the thing
that knocked me down the stairs?
But that's not all.
Are you talking to someone?
Mary was a residence here.
Pierre killed her.
She wants to tell us
what to do.
Oh my god.
- (Bumshara.)
- Bumshara.
- (Bumshara.)
- Bumshara.
- (Bumshara.)
- Bumshara.
- (Bumshara.)
- Bumshara.
- (Bumshara.)
- Bumshara.
- (Bumshara.)
- Bumshara.
The "Ghost burst".
- (Bumshara.)
- Bumshara.
Someone needs to hit
the "Ghost burst".
- (Bumshara.)
- Bumshara.
Leon, stop.
I hope the shit works.
- (Take me.)
- Take me.
- Mary!
- Leon.
Hit it.
Hit IT!
- Jimmy.
- I knew it.
Someone must invite him in.
And whoever does so
will take Bumshara with him.
- Away from here.
- And then what?
I mean like.
Where do they take him.
I don't know. Wherever
he or she goes I suppose.
Who the hell
would do that?
Certainly not me.
We all know what this
demon did to Pierre.
Or at least made him do.
We just got to
get him out of here.
The liability insurance
is killing me.
Well then you going to have to
find someone who will take him.
- Just who the hell would do that?
- Hold on.
What about those
ghost hunting shows on TV.
- They're fake, you know that.
- Yeah, probably.
But have you seen that
America's Most Haunted one.
- Get this ghost.
- Right. So, you have seen it.
They go in and they.
They don't just go in and
try to contact the ghost.
They kick the ghost out.
They are idiots.
They sound perfect to me.
Oh oh.
- Was that the ghost burst?
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
My camera won't turn on.
That son of a bitch.
Nice going, Jimmy.
You said ADD.
Did you mean EMP?
Is that what he said?
Oh yeah, right.
That's it, EMP.
That's what I meant.
The EMP.
Jimmy actually did it.
- That means everything is dead.
- Except us.
I can't believe Jimmy
actually created
an ElectroMagnetic Pulse generator.
I'm still be able to
have kids, right?
It means. That's a break.
That's a break. Your's a break.
Everything electronic
in this room is gone.
Are you okay?
Whoa, who.
Hey buddy, hey buddy.
Hey, you're good.
Come on.
- Oh.
- Whoa, whoa.
Hey Emily.
Are you okay?
He's gone.
Jimmy's ghost burst
actually worked.
That's nice.
But I..
I think it fried all the.
I think it fried all
the equipment, Leon.
All the cameras.
I think the cards too and
we lost all the footage.
That's good too.
That's great.
Leon. No, no.
Show gone.
Footage gone.
I've said it before but
I mean it this time, guys.
He needs help.
- Let's get you out of here.
- I'm a hero.
Yeah. That'll be a
real good work today.
- I think I fell down.
- I think we all did.
So, I pooped
in my pants a little.
Haven't seen Jimmy in town.
Have you seen him
around here?
We haven't seen him
since last night.
What do you want to do?
I guess we'll just go back to
town and talk to the police
I think we should.
I'm a little worried.
Let's just get out of here.
Well, whatever you say.
Mike and Kyle will
take you back to town
and I'll be back shortly.
I'm okay.
So, what do you think?
He's gone.
He's definitely gone.