Amish: A Secret Life (2012) Movie Script

There is not another
Sister, friend of brother
Loves the way Jesus can
He proved His love for me
when He died on Calvary
He gave His life for fallen man
His love is a boundless love...
In many ways, they were a typical
Old Order Amish family.
His love is an endless love...
They were maintaining traditions
and a way of life
that go back 300 years.
Jesus wants to love you
There is none above you...
A quarter of a million Amish live in
the middle of modern America today.
He won't kill you.
Oink! Oink! Oink!
Just like their forefathers,
they believe in holding on
to the old ways
and leading a plain and simple life.
There is Power...
Power? # There is power...
But what made this Amish family
was the fact
they'd agreed to be filmed.
They were prepared to go against
the strict rules of their church,
which forbids photography.
In allowing themselves to be filmed,
they were taking an enormous risk.
There is power, power
Wonder-working power
In the precious blood
of the lamb...
The film was to be about
Amish family life and faith
and a family had been found
to take part.
But by consenting to filming,
they risked excommunication
from the Amish church.
For two weeks,
they'd been praying,
asking God whether or not
they should participate.
Good morning.
Good morning!
How are we?
I'm good, I'm David Lapp.
Say hello to Steve. Hello, Steve.
Good morning, David.
It's a lovely day.
It is. How are you this morning?
Very well! It's a beautiful morning.
Hello! Good morning.
Say hi, Ben. Hi.
How you feeling about filming?
We have peace with it
or we wouldn't be doing it.
You know,
we sought direction from God
and if we wouldn't have got...
Um, if we wouldn't feel
it would be OK with Him,
we would not be doing it.
Shall we go and meet the family?
Ja. Yes. Please come in.
We got visitors.
Good morning!
Good morning.
How are you?
Fine, how about you?
Good, it's a lovely day out there,
isn't it?
Yes, it is. Yes. Hi, Steve.
This is Katie.
This is our oldest daughter.
Katie, Lynn.
Actually, it's a little bit dark
in here.
Could we possibly pull up
a couple of the blinds?
This is my son, Daniel.
How old are you, Daniel?
This is Jacob.
How old are you, Jacob?
There you go.
You don't have electricity here,
do you? No, we don't.
Why is that? Why do Amish people
not have electricity?
Well, it's because of...
the distraction
that comes with it.
Like, er, rather than
having television and video games
and all kind of gadgets
that run off electricity
we believe that, um...
That's the reason alone,
is because it's to keep out
the distractions
so you can focus on principles of
life, like family time together,
reading the Bible...
The Amish speak a German dialect
as their first language.
They came originally from Europe
in the early 1700s,
settling first here in Pennsylvania.
What do you think people in Britain
will make of you and your lives?
What will they think?
That's a good question.
I have no idea.
Will they think it's real?
I don't know, I don't know.
If they look at our lifestyles,
without electric,
they probably think
we're a little, um...
old-fashioned, maybe,
or too simple, I don't know.
What do you know about
people in Britain?
The only thing I have heard about
Britain is the Prime Minister,
Tony Blair, I believe,
and about the Queen and the King.
But I have no idea how, um...
How they'd compare with
the United States, really.
We've got a new prime minister now,
actually. Tony Blair's gone!
OK! Yeah, I don't keep up
with the facts.
Without radio and television
and the internet,
the Amish exist in a world
quite separate - but alongside...
the rest of America.
A great deal of modern technology
is rejected.
They live by a set of rules
designed to retain their identity.
David and Miriam were breaking
the rules by being filmed.
Amish church forbids people
from posing
or actively giving their consent
to photography or filming.
Is lunch ready, Jacob?
Who's gonna take a nap after lunch?
Not me! Not me!
Heavenly Father...
we come before you
in the name of Jesus Christ,
our King.
We thank you that you have allowed us
to stand up today
for the beautiful day, Father.
Heavenly Father, I ask that
you will bless Jacob and Daniel
and Kate and Benuel James
and my beautiful wife, Miriam.
Father, I ask that you will bless me
as well so I can do your will.
Heavenly Father,
we ask that you would,
in the name of Jesus Christ,
that you would allow the BBC
to bring honour and glory to you,
We ask that it would
soften somebody's heart
and that that result will build
your kingdom, Jesus Christ.
We ask for a blessing and strength
upon the work
that people are doing for it,
Father, and we just ask that we could
be doing your will throughout.
And that all honour and glory
will come to you, Jesus. Amen.
Go, Ben.
Yeah, like soldiers,
because the rooster
is not always nice to 'em.
There is the rooster.
Woo! Kidoo kidoo! Kidoo! Kidoo!
Kidoo! Kidoo!
Was it just five? Seven? Seven?
What is your approach to
the number of children you have?
To me, I don't even have a goal.
I don't...
Are your children planned?
We just rejoice
when God gives us another child.
There is no planning on our part.
I'm not sure what the definition
of "plan" is,
but I think I know
what you're talking about.
Well, contraception?
No. Like, control? Yeah.
No, there is no planning.
For me, it's...
I think Miriam thinks
about children more than I do.
For me, I'm so busy with the ones
that He has given us
when He gives us another one,
I'm rejoicing,
but I'm not really thinking
we should have another one
because how could I be one-on-one
if we had ten,
instead of five or four?
But God would...
He doesn't make mistakes.
So I'm sure there is a way.
"Happy is a man that has his quiver
full of them."
I think, a quiver of arrows
is 12 arrows.
Is that... Am I right? I think so.
And happy is the man
that has 12 of them.
Is that how many you would like?
Would you like 12 children?
Well, I can't quite see it possible
any more. I'm 32!
And I've had four.
Er, I need a couple of sets of twins
maybe to be able to make 12!
But I've always, I thought
a family of ten would be ideal.
The family were happy
to be filmed shopping.
But it had to be discreet.
Other Amish also shop at the store
and could challenge them
at any time.
Thank you, Lord,
for your blessings on me
Thank you Lord for giving to me
All of my friends and family
Thank you lord
for your blessings on me
All of the days,
the rest of my life
No matter what life holds for me
I could be on my knees
Forever you know
But I never could thank you enough
Everything for your honour and glory,
in Jesus' name, Amen.
Let's get started.
It's about 6:15.
..Forever you know
But I never could
thank you enough.
And now I lay me down to sleep
I pray thee, Lord, my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray thee, Lord,
my soul to take.
O, they tell me of a home
far beyond the skies
O, they tell me
of a home far away
O, they tell me of a home
where no storm clouds rise
O, they tell me of an unclouded day
O, the land of cloudless day
O, the land of an unclouded sky
O, they tell me of a home
where no storm clouds rise
O, they tell me of an unclouded day
O, they tell me of a king
in his beauty there
And they tell me that
my eyes shall behold
Where he sits on his throne
that is whiter than snow
In the city that is made of gold
O, the land of cloudless day
O, the land of an unclouded sky
O, they tell me of a home
where no storm clouds rise
O, they tell me
of an unclouded day.
I love you.
Sabbath today.
Yeah. What a beautiful day. It is.
You are welcome to come in
and worship with us.
"We have here..."
The Amish attend church
every other Sunday.
In between, they worship at home.
"..Of all time.
Thou shalt not kill
"and whosoever shall kill shall
be in danger of the judgement."
O, let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine
Hide it under a bushel, no
I'm gonna let it shine
Hide it under a bushel, no
I'm gonna let it shine,
let it shine, let it shine
Let it shine.
We don't work Sundays
more than necessary.
Um, I might go out to the garden
if I need an onion
that I didn't bring in Saturday,
and I decided I'll make
some soup and I need an onion.
Things like that, except, but, er...
We try to use the day totally for...
spiritually renewing and, just
to spend time with our children.
Sunday before noon,
the children don't play outdoors.
And in the afternoon, it's a time
with us to play games with them.
Miriam and David have been married
for nearly 11 years.
How did you get together, then?
Why, you know,
in the traditional way,
you just, er... muster up
enough boldness and courage
to ask a girl if you can court her.
So that's what I did
at the age of 18.
So we had a year and a half of
courtship then we were married.
And that was a blessed
year and a half.
And I did not doubt
that relationship.
I clearly felt it was God
leading us together.
Miriam had a conviction
for a hands-off courtship,
so we had a hands-off courtship.
I mean... No touching at all,
or, what's the line?
A hands-off...
We didn't embrace each other.
We didn't hug each other,
we didn't kiss each other.
But we would sit together.
We sat beside each other
and enjoyed each other's warmth.
A squeeze of the hand sometimes.
This is my wedding dress...
that I had with a white...
We wear white cape aprons.
I feel it's very important
to make the dress in such a way
that it adorns our inner spirit
and not bring out our...
our bodily figure.
No, it-it should be,
men are attracted to the heart,
not to the figure.
As a woman, we can do a lot
to not bring a man to lust.
I feel us women don't quite realise
men's battle with, um...
it's just,
God made them with that nature.
They have this lustful nature.
The natural instinct is there
but if we encourage it,
it might make them stumble.
I never knew about it
before my husband told me.
You know, the battle that, um...
he had with women
that had a lot of leg exposed
or even lower necklines
and I had no idea
that he had that battle!
Good morning!
Good morning! Good morning!
Come on in!
It's 4:30 in the morning.
Every day, Miriam gets up
to cook breakfast for Dave
before he goes to work at 5:00.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning. Good morning, Steve.
Two eggs and a cornmeal mush.
It's my favourite.
Heavenly Father, I ask for a blessing
upon the hands
that prepared this food.
I ask for your protection
around my family today
as I go to work
and Jacob and Daniel go to school,
as Miriam and Benuel
and Kate are at home,
Father, I ask for your protection
around them all
and that you will keep them safe
and that it be your will that
we could be together tonight
at our supper table.
In Jesus' holy name we pray.
Amen. Amen.
Dave usually gets a lift to work
from one of his staff
who isn't Amish.
The rules forbid car ownership,
but there's nothing to stop people
from accepting a lift
or using a taxi.
Hey, good morning, Benuel.
Danny, Jacob? Let's eat!
Jacob, do the blessing for us?
Yeah. OK.
Hey. Have a good day.
God bless you.
OK, see ya.
See ya, Jacob!
You get up for Dave? Yes.
Every morning?
Unless I'm not feeling well. He'll
get his own breakfast and lunch.
But he COULD get his breakfast
himself, couldn't he?
Yes, he could.
He's very... He's quite able.
So how comes he doesn't, then?
That's my job!
He has other things
that are more important and are...
I'm the...
I'm the queen of this house,
so I need to see
that everybody is well fed and...
What does the Bible say
about your role, then?
They call on us to be...
keepers at home...
submissive to our husbands...
and look well to the ways
of our household.
And how do you feel about that?
I feel it's perfect.
It's perfect, it's a perfect order.
50 years ago,
the majority of Amish were farmers,
but, in Pennsylvania,
high land prices
mean most now work
in Amish-owned small businesses.
Dave has his own
concrete construction firm,
employing Amish and non-Amish staff.
He makes a decent living
but is trying to get back to
the traditional model of Amish life.
He wants to buy his own farm.
Good morning!
This is a bit different from being
at home with the children.
It is, it's a lot different.
Something I always enjoyed.
But as my children get older,
my heart's not as much here any more.
I think about my children
waiting until I come home evenings.
Er, eight years ago,
I could have worked
from five in the morning
to six at night, not a problem.
But now, when school is out,
I'm like, "You know what?
"My children are at home.
I need to go home to my children."
So does being submissive work, then?
Can that work for a woman? Yes. Yes.
I do feel we need
to share our views.
We can't just quietly submit and not
share how we feel about some things.
He still can offend me,
which I want to overcome that.
I feel so privileged
that he does mention my weaknesses
and, er, I don't want
to be offended.
I just want to be thankful
that he points those out.
I believe it's important
that we're obedient to God's word.
So that our family can function in
the way he designed families to be.
Dave's asked Miriam
to pop to the bank today.
It's a three-mile buggy ride,
and most of Miriam's errands
are within an eight-mile radius
of her home in Lancaster County.
It takes at least five minutes to
get my horse out and the children.
But I like it.
I always like
to get out with my horse.
His love is a boundless love
And he reaches down and touches me
His love is an endless love
That will love for all eternity
Jesus wants to love you
There is none above you,
you are precious in his sight
He will never fail you...
Good afternoon!
He'll be with you day and night
His love is a boundless love...
There you go. Thank you!
Thank you, Margaret.
And it reaches down and touches me
His love is an endless love
That will last through all eternity
His love, his love,
his love is a boundless love
His love, his love,
his love is a boundless love
Since the Lord saved me
I'm as happy as can be
My cup is full
and running over...
'Tis the old-time religion
'Tis the old-time religion
'Tis the old-time religion
It's good enough for me.
Hey, Dave!
Miriam, the children always seem
to play very well together.
Well, you're not here every day!
Some days they are like children.
They can play very nice,
but they also can fight nice!
Yeah, there's selfishness
in everybody
that just needs to be... broken.
What's your attitude to discipline?
Well, in Proverbs it says
"Any foolish shall be driven away
with the rod."
And I have seen very good results...
with using the rod.
Of course, you always need
to have a relationship
before you handle
a child with a rod.
You need to have a relationship.
I have a small, little paddle.
It's just my baking tool
where I, depending on
the transgression
it'll be just a light tap.
But, er, for instance,
if they wouldn't tell me the truth,
it might be a hard paddle.
This is what I use.
I call it my smiley, and it often
brings a smile in the end.
If I see they have
a need of change in attitude,
I'll bring out my smiley and often
they'll respond with a smile
but there is times
where there's a...
there's an ongoing issue.
I like to watch
for any signs of rebellion
and then I'll address it.
But how would you use that?
I feel the seat is the best place.
If they'd be at the table,
and got something I'd said no to,
then I might tap the hand.
Was ist es, Benuel?
Paddle. Paddle? Ja. Smiley?
Das ist Smiley?
Niet tapper.
Niet tapper? Nee.
Benuel ist niet bad.
What's he saying?
"Niet tapper" means "Not paddle me"!
And I said "No, Benuel's not bad."
Two months later,
the risk of the family being
challenged by the Amish church
hadn't gone away.
Hey, welcome, Steve and Lynn!
Come on in!
Good morning. Morning! Morning.
We're just about ready to get out
and set the benches.
Good morning.
Good morning, Miriam. Come on in!
What's happening this weekend?
Oh, we're getting ready for church.
Church services
are going to be at our house.
Everybody takes turns.
Every two weeks, somebody opens
their house up, or their home.
And it's your turn this week? Yeah.
So we're preparing seating and food
for, I don't know, 100 people.
20 families.
An average of five children
per family.
Danny! Danny!
These are the benches for the church
that the people can sit on.
You just sit.
It's a little bit over
three hours mostly,
like eight o'clock to 11.30
or something.
What's your favourite bit
of the church service?
The last song.
Then you know the church is out!
We as Old Order Amish,
we don't have a church house,
so every able member
that has room on their property
takes a turn to provide
space and food for service.
We need to make sure we have a place
to tie up all the horses
and feed them.
We need to make sure
we have enough lunch for everyone,
which is a cold lunch,
the traditional schnitz pie.
The word "church" in the Bible,
in Greek it means "assembly."
So, our forefathers assembled
in their homes 400 years ago,
and that's where
the practice started.
An Amish church service
is led by a number of elders...
a bishop and ministers.
They sing from a songbook
containing hymns
written by their forefathers.
The ministers
will read from the scriptures
and the congregation
says silent prayers.
The church people are very dear.
They are close friends.
We get together every other week.
If there is a need,
if you have a hospital bill
and you have a need for finances,
the church people
are there to help you,
so it's really
a close-knit community.
That was very interesting.
It was the Jonah story.
There's no way
we could film tomorrow?
You could attend,
but you couldn't film.
There's no way you could film,
the church would stop if you'd film.
There would be...
I have no idea what would happen,
but it would not continue.
You could attend. You are invited
to sit right here in our midst.
It doesn't happen a lot because
people don't understand German
and don't like to sit
for three hours on hard benches.
For David and Miriam,
it was a balancing act.
They wanted outsiders
to understand Amish life
but also to respect
the private traditions
of the Old Order church service.
It was decided to film
but from a distance.
O clemens
O pia
O dulcis Maria
O clemens
O pia
O dulcis Maria
O clemens
O pia
O dulcis Maria
O clemens
O pia
O dulcis Maria
O clemens
O pia
O dulcis Maria
O clemens
O pia
O dulcis Maria
Salve Regina
Mater misericordiae
Salve Regina
Mater misericordiae
Salve Regina
Salve Regina
Salve Regina
Salve Regina.
Good morning. Good morning.
Until now, Dave and Miriam
were the only Old Order Amish
who'd consented to filming.
But, today, Miriam's holding
a tea party for some women friends.
For the first time, there were
other Amish who were prepared
to take a risk and be filmed.
There appeared to be
two different groups of women...
some were Old Order Amish,
others were clearly not.
We've gathered
for about three years.
I joined about three years
and then we were all
members of the Old Order Amish.
But as time went on,
a few of them were excommunicated
on spiritual beliefs
and so now,
we are still continuing...
and we've been friends for so long
and it just seems
we meet each other so much.
Come on up!
As members of
the Old Order Amish Church,
Miriam and Dave are obliged to shun
anyone who is excommunicated.
It means they shouldn't eat together
or gather together.
It has been too long!
It's about half and half.
About half have gone through
the fire of being excommunicated.
But they really hold onto the values
and still want to be
alike to their own people.
'They see a lot of righteousness
in our culture
'and want to keep our values.
'And there's many things we hold dear
and don't want to lose.'
I may never fly over the enemy
But I'm in the Lord's army
Yes, sir
I'm in the Lord's army
Yes, sir
I'm in the Lord's army.
We're in a time...
In a generation where...
I feel the spirit is moving.
I think...
there's people rising...
who have studied the Bible
and see the need for us
to just break down some lies that...
I believed
or that our people believe.
I may never march in the infantry
Ride in the cavalry
Shoot the artillery
I may never...
Miriam was revealing
that she and Dave
are part of a movement
within the Amish community
which is more open than evangelical
in its approach,
and whose mission
is to spread the word of God.
Yes, sir
I'm in the Lord's army.
Yes, sir!
'I think the rules
can be overemphasised
'and we look to that as, you know,
a way of...'
It can make it confusing.
Miriam was picking her words
because she didn't want to offend
her Old Order family and friends.
It was clear they no longer believed
that keeping to every church rule
was the route to heaven...
although they still valued
the Amish lifestyle and traditions.
We'll lead you right down to it.
They explained
they'd been re-baptised at night,
in their garden, a year ago.
They felt their original baptism
as young adults was not valid.
This re-baptism was a whole new
affirmation of their belief in God.
It was right about
this time of evening.
Right in there,
it's about three feet deep.
Two-and-a-half, three feet deep.
So, we all came down here and
someone held the lantern like this.
About 50 people
standing around here,
and four couples
had decided to be baptised
in the name of Jesus Christ.
And that's what we did.
A year ago, on this day.
Two people went out in the water
to help you,
so you went in the water and knelt
down, and then you leaned back
till you were completely submerged
in water, then you come forth
and you're...
you're buried and you rise up...
Rise as Christ... as Christ, yeah.
And you go in the house
and grab a towel, real quick.
'If our people
were to find it out... #
we couldn't be Amish.
Cos there was people being...
There have been people excommunicated
because of re-baptism.
So that was...
That was very hard for me to just...
put me in that situation
where I'm re-baptised
and where I know our leaders
wouldn't approve.
But they will learn about it now.
Um, you mean now that...?
Well, I guess, you know,
if you put that on the film.
So, we have...
We have...
told my parents.
And... I felt their blessing.
Especially Mom's.
There's been much conflict about
practices on how to baptise
or re-baptism within our church.
It always brings strife and conflict.
And it's because of
the spiritual war.
How do you think people will feel...
if it's known from the film
that you've been re-baptised?
Well, it's the truth.
A guy can always use the truth.
He can always...
make good of it.
If I just dwell on people
finding it out, I'm fearful.
You could still be excommunicated
for being re-baptised?
Oh, yeah. I have no idea what our
people would really do in our church.
Or for taking part in this film?
Yes. Yes.
Less than a week later,
another group of people gathered
at Miriam and Dave's house...
this time, to worship together.
Again, many of them
were excommunicated,
and some of them were driving cars.
You're allowed to get together
and talk with excommunicated people,
but you're not allowed
to eat with them
and ride with them.
So there's some risks, yeah.
Some people come here in secret.
The Amish church doesn't know.
You know, getting together
with a big group regularly
that's excommunicated,
they would start to wonder,
you know,
"Why are we getting together?"
Because, you know,
"Why don't you get together
with people that are still Amish?
"Why do you hang out with
the excommunicated?"
Yeah, that makes it uncomfortable.
'That makes the leaders
and the elders uncomfortable.'
If we're ready?
Let's all stand up and pray.
Heavenly Father, we come before you
in the name of Jesus Christ,
because Jesus said He is the way,
He is the life.
He is the only way to you, Father,
so we come in His name
and we ask you that
you would be with us.
We thank you for the food
that we ate,
we thank you for the building
that you have provided,
we praise you, we praise and glorify
your holy name.
- In Jesus' name we pray, Father.
- Amen.
..we shall wear a crown
In the new Jeru-sa-lem
Wear a cro-o-o-own
Wear a crown
Wear a cro-o-own
Wear a crown
Wear a...
If you were excommunicated,
what would you lose?
I mean, would you be shunned
by your family and your friends?
Some, I'm sure.
I assume some family would not,
but others would.
They would shun you? Yeah. Yeah.
What would they do, exactly?
Well, they wouldn't come any more,
they wouldn't invite us...
to gatherings, or...
they might avoid us, you know,
if they do see us.
They would be required to do that
by the church?
By some people.
But that would represent a huge loss
for you, would it?
A huge loss?
It might seem so, but...
Jesus calls us to rejoice
if we're put out because of his name.
For his cause.
I know it would be hard,
because it would be...
the reality of rejection.
And I know that's hurtful.
These are people you love. Yes.
I know this li-i-ife is precious
The next breath you ta-a-ake
Could be your last one
Another day is come
Another sunrise
Another day God holds
Every moment of it!
This life we have
Is the gift of our maker
This sacred freedom
Here in our land
This divine hour
I recognise
We'll hold on tight
To this precious life...
Five months later,
and the family were moving house.
Dave had managed to buy a farm,
75 acres, a mile away
from their old house.
..below me at God's creation
And I'm overwhelmed
with all the beauty in me
He's filled my eyes
and I realise.
It's the glory now
that fills and fills my soul
As I walk the night away.
What can you get,
one last hill here?
Come on.
Amen with the horns now
With the rhythm now, A...
I think God has a special place
for farmers.
And it's on my heart, too.
I'll be living by working the land.
There's something special about
putting seeds in the ground
and watch it grow.
This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine...
Katie, hey!
The family will have less
income from farming
than when Dave
worked in construction.
Hey! Hey!
How was your day? Good.
Hiya, James.
Being together
and having each others hearts
is more important than finances.
Love requires time.
If you... If you want your cow
to feel your love,
you will need to spend
time with it.
By working together, I expect
to be able to connect with them.
Because, once I'm an old man,
80 years old,
I'll need to ask Katie, my daughter,
if she's going to be my nurse
when I'm 80 years old.
I am fully persuaded if I have time
to meet her needs now,
she will have time...
to meet my needs
Hello, Kevin?
This is David Lapp,
I'm looking for a brown Swiss cow.
Do you know of anybody
that has brown Swiss cows?
Yeah, one or two family cows.
I'm looking for a cow.
We want to get a cow or two
because we want to make our own
yogurt, butter, cheese
and stuff like that, ice-cream.
We will have all
the fresh milk to drink.
This is the phone shanty.
The traditional Amish kind
don't have phones in their houses.
So they have a phone in a shanty
outside somewhere.
We're quite a long way away
from the house now? Yeah.
Most people don't have it
this far away.
People are starting to have it
closer, like in the garage
and that's quite acceptable
in our area.
Are you going to leave it here
or are you going to move it?
We'll probably get it closer
to the house, yeah.
It's just the way of the Elders'
decision to keep life more simple.
Personally, I see it
as a waste of time.
The idea had been to make a film
about Amish family life and faith.
David and Miriam
embraced the risks of taking part
because of their beliefs.
The threat of being forced out of
the Amish Church has not gone away.
The family see themselves
as Amish Christians.
They have put their new beliefs
before the Amish rules.
There is no way of life
that will bring peace and joy
to a person's heart.
Some people think if they would
only live a unique lifestyle
like the Amish,
that will help them to be happy.
Some people think if they would have
a bigger house, they would be happy.
But my message is,
all those things are good
but if that's what your happiness
is based on, it's not going to last.
If you accept Jesus,
that will be the true happiness.
The reason we took part in the film
is because
one of the last Commandments
that Jesus gave to his disciples
before he left
was, "go ye and tell the world.
"Go ye to the outermost parts
of the world,
"teaching and preaching
and baptising in the name of Jesus."
There might be consequences,
but we pray that we ask Jesus
that we would not offend people.
God bless you in Jesus's name.
God bless you. Bye!