Amish Stud: The Eli Weaver Story (2023) Movie Script

save yourself
for the devil's on his way
so you pray...
so you pray
but you can't hide
you can't hide
when evil calls you away
and the lord said,
"I will give you
glory and grace.
No good thing will I withhold
from those that walk upright."
Right? To which
the man replied,
"well, I will gratefully
accept glory and grace...
And also sadie..."
"And clara and anna."
ah, eli.
How is it I'm a mennonite,
And you're making me blush?
Ah, because you may look
english on the outside,
With your fancy
clothes and your car
And your cell phone,
but we know that,
On the inside, you are
more amish than me.
Hmm. Yeah, from your
lips to god's ears.
Eli, it's your neighbor woman.
Tell her I'll talk to her later.
She... she says
it's important.
I'll talk to her later.
talk to you later.
Barbara's dead.
Come here.
You don't get a lot of
murders in amish country.
I thought they
lived in communes.
Look, I know you're
new to wayne county,
But try to understand,
This is a religion, not a cult.
Who's he?
That's the bishop.
Be respectful.
I'm detective bruce london.
This is my partner,
detective mike maxwell.
Our people are terrified.
What has found its way
into the lord's country
Is ungodly.
We're gonna do everything we can
To find out who did this.
We're hoping that
we can work together
To bring them to justice.
And I hope you can respect
That we amish do
things differently
Than the english.
We handle things in god's way.
We do respect that, sir,
But this is a homicide,
And this is wayne
county jurisdiction.
God's jurisdiction
has no bounds.
He'll be of no help.
did he
call us "english"?
Well, to the amish,
There's only two
types of people...
The amish, who are humble,
Devout, and will
achieve salvation,
And everyone else... everyone
else are "the english".
What happened to my sister?
Oh, please, lord,
let it not be so.
I have to see her!
- No.
- I have to see her!
The english
detectives are inside.
I-I can talk to them.
I can tell them what I know!
You know that is not our way.
We are responsible
For the protection and
punishment of our people.
protection, and punishment
Would've been helpful before.
Do not be blasphemous, abigail.
are the children?
Next door, with the neighbors.
so, what
do we have so far?
Neighbor called it in.
Uh, hold on. I thought
they didn't have phones.
They have a shared phone
line they keep outside,
In a booth, for emergencies.
The children found their
mother, barbara weaver,
Aged 29,
Dead of a gunshot
wound to the chest,
And ran over for help.
She confirmed that
she was unresponsive,
And called 9-1-1 from
the phone shanty.
Based on her age,
and the children...
I assume so.
Then where's the husband?
This is my house.
Eli weaver?
Detective london.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
I know this is an
awful time for you,
But due to the nature
of your wife's death,
I'm gonna have to ask
you a few questions.
I just want to find out
whoever did this to my wife.
You have no idea how
much I loved her.
I love
the simple life.
You see god everywhere...
In the trees,
In the wind,
And in the smiles of children.
A time to run around
and experience life
Before deciding to get baptized
and commit to amish rules...
The ordnung.
People think they'll find
what they want in the city,
But I already know what I want.
"he kissed her so deeply
That she could no longer
deny her faith in god.
In that moment,
With that man,
She knew that she
had been saved."
Oh! Please!
You're telling me a
kiss is going to reveal
Anything about a person,
Never mind enough to know
You're gonna spend
your life with them?
Love is undefinable!
It's a-a feeling
that overwhelms you.
Love is not some "feeling".
Love is action.
It's responsibility.
It's waking up
And showing your
commitment every day.
I think what is happening here
Is that you don't
believe in love.
Believing in your love
Is like believing in
santa claus or magic,
And amish don't
believe in magic.
Well, it's my rumspringa,
And I can believe
what I want to.
This is hardly a rumspringa!
You haven't deviated at
all from the ordnung.
You haven't gone to a movie,
you haven't driven a car...
You haven't even so much
as worn english clothes.
All you do is read these
wretched bonnet-rippers.
I like our rules.
Is that a sin?
I just think one should know
Exactly what
they're getting into
Before getting into it for life.
That's why I'm doing
my rumspringa properly.
Are you not going
to be baptized?
Of course, I will,
I'm gonna be sure about it.
Well, see, that's the thing.
I'm already sure.
Get some rest.
We have the gathering in
the barn tomorrow morning.
one time, when I
was on my rumspringa,
I came back from a club,
and I was reeking of beer,
And my dad was so mad
at me, but I said,
"dad, what is the
point of a rumspringa,
If I'm not allowed to
break the rules," right?
Well, uh, he couldn't
argue that point,
And my punishment was dropped.
So, I encourage all of you,
When you are on
your rumspringa...
Break the rules.
How's the pie, barbara?
Well, why don't
you try some, eli?
Well, I want to know
if it's good, first.
Well, I'm biased.
Why's that?
I baked it.
You're eating the
thing that you brought?
What does that say about you?
It says I like pie.
Well, if I like you,
Does that mean
I'll like the pie?
I think it means you like me...
Which I find rather fascinating.
Oh, no, I'm just
wondering about the pie.
Well... Take a
chance and try it.
I do love a challenge.
I still like you.
But what about the pie?
The pie is delicious.
Your chariot awaits.
Please don't be mad.
You're honestly leaving
me for eli weaver?
Rachel and levi are going
in the same direction.
You won't be alone.
It's not the walking
I'm concerned about.
There's something
about him, abigail.
He's different.
He's not good enough for you.
His father and
brother are ministers.
Every litter has its runt.
your sister
didn't seem very happy
With your travel plans.
I love her
more than anyone...
Well, other than god
and my parents...
But she's always
so dissatisfied.
It's all right.
I'm used to it.
Used to what?
Being a disappointment.
My brother was selected
to be a minister,
Just like my dad,
And the eyes of the
community were on me,
But no matter what I did,
I let them down
and it was wrong.
You must feel so misunderstood.
You get me, don't you?
I think so.
What do you want
in life, barbara?
I... Want to live a
good amish life...
Devoted to god and my
husband and my children.
Oh, no. What do
you really want?
I want...
But not just regular love?
No, I-I want big, exciting...
Life-changing love.
You can't do that.
Photography is wrong.
No, it would be wrong to
not preserve this moment.
What? The-the moment
that I broke your camera?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
The moment that I realized
I met the woman who
would change my life.
when's the last
time you saw barbara?
Uh, around 3:00 a.M.
Jeremiah peters came by to
pick me up to go fishing.
I was out cold.
Barbara heard the knocking, um,
I kissed her...
And that was goodbye.
Is there anyone who
might've wanted to hurt her?
Barbara? No, gosh. No.
She was the kindest
person you'd ever met.
She wouldn't hurt a fly.
In fact, she'd probably
invite the fly for pie.
She loved pie.
how was your
marriage, mr. Weaver?
My marriage?
Your marriage.
Well, we had our struggles...
But who among us doesn't?
yeah, don't I know it?
Bruce can attest to this.
Sometimes, I like
to stay out late,
Playing poker with the
fellas, and my wife...
She gets so mad at me,
Sometimes, she can
downright kill me.
It's a good thing she didn't.
Yeah, sure is.
You ever feel that way?
That I'm glad my
wife didn't kill me?
Like you could downright
kill your wife?
Am I a suspect?
Oh, we're just asking questions.
I swear to you, as
god as my witness,
I did not kill my wife.
who did?
I don't know.
You know, maybe it was...
A robbery.
The hunting and tackle
shop on the property...
Is that yours?
Uh, yes, um...
My family's.
And you sell guns?
Hunting rifles, fishing gear,
How long have you
owned this shop?
Going on three years.
It's hard being a
small-business owner,
Don't you think?
I do okay.
No money problems
with the recession?
We are not that affected
by big banks and globalism.
Well, you can't live off
Just selling to the
amish, though, can you?
Uh, we live amongst the
mennonites, the english...
They're all our customers.
Never used.
Is that what the...
Anyone else have
access to these?
Oh, uh...
My neighbor, linda yoder.
She works here sometimes.
- "yoder"?
- Yoder.
We're gonna need you to
come down to the station
And do a few tests...
Gunpowder residue, fingerprints.
Yeah. Of course,
whatever you need.
I just want to find
out whoever did this.
I keep waiting for
him to ask about his children.
I know. He's more focused
on us than his own kids,
Who just found their mother with
a hole blown through her chest.
Yeah, he's not afraid of us.
He's acting like
he's nothing to hide.
He's not acting like
he did it, though.
he sure as hell
ain't acting like he didn't!
You think any of those
guns are gonna come back
As the murder weapon?
Not a chance.
So, no murder weapon,
No phone records, no
browser history, no email,
No witnesses,
And nobody's talking.
What's our move?
Mm, don't let 'em fool ya.
The amish know a lot more
than they're letting on.
Gossip is practically
part of their religion.
I think we just keep
asking questions,
And maybe somebody'll
tell us something.
The elders know what is best.
You have to trust them.
Trust them?
I did trust them,
And now my beloved
sister is dead.
When will mom be back?
Oh, sarah...
Your mom isn't
coming back, sarah.
She's gone to be
with her creator.
Don't do anything
foolish, abigail.
I know who killed my sister.
thanks for
the ride, barb.
It was a real pleasure.
I'll call you later if
I need to go out again.
Where have you been?
Please tell me the truth.
I shot a deer in
the hind, and it...
It ran away.
I wish you'd spend
more nights at home.
It's hard, all alone,
With the house
And the children.
Sometimes, it seems like
you don't want me here.
I do.
I do.
That's not how you submit.
Eli, please?
I want to... To be
intimate with you.
Want to submit?
Take off my pants.
I can't...
I can't, eli.
It's wrong.
You reject me?
No, no!
I reject that which goes
against the ordnung.
So is turning
against your husband.
You are a disgraceful wife.
I'm sorry.
I-I will do better!
It's too late.
I'm done with you.
Eli? Eli, please.
Eli, please, don't...
There's no way in hell
that was a robbery.
There's nothing taken
from the unlocked safe,
There's money left
on the counter,
No sign of forced entry.
Yeah, the kids
didn't hear anything,
Except some thunder.
Well, still doesn't
mean the husband did it.
He's cooperating.
yeah, but come on.
You gotta admit...
He's acting weird
For someone whose wife was
just murdered in his bed.
Find me a man who wouldn't.
And most of them did it.
Well, we still have to prove it.
All right.
Coroner says barbara weaver
was shot at close range
With a .410-gauge shotgun.
Puts it between
midnight and 5:00 a.M.
Gunpowder-residue test on
the husband came back...
No cell phone records
for him or the store?
Except a six-month
period in 2006.
Well, that does us no good.
Cell-phone records
vaporize after five days.
You know, the sister...
Was so sure it was him.
Yeah, but that's all based
on hearsay of a dead woman.
That's not going to
hold up in court.
I wonder what else he was doing
In those six months in 2006.
What... Or who?
Looks like he left
the amish life
For a woman named laura kelley.
Let's go.
You drive!
Laura kelley?
Detectives london and maxwell.
You got a minute?
I was wondering when
you were gonna show up.
Thank you.
I swear, I have nothing to
do with eli's wife's death.
I was at work.
I do the graveyard at the diner.
You can check.
Well, good, then
you'll have no problem
Answering our questions.
I'll tell you whatever I can.
Well, what was the extent
of your relationship
With eli weaver?
He was the love of my life.
Excuse me.
You've got an unfair advantage.
I'm gonna have to report you.
What is this supposed advantage?
You're too hot.
You're distracting
the other players.
Hmm. I can't be
held responsible
For your lack of focus.
Oh? Feisty.
Maybe you bring it out in me.
Yet I don't even know your name.
Laura... Kelley.
Nice to meet you,
laura kelley. I'm eli.
You wanna play?
We can start there.
You know I'm going to win.
We'll see about that.
What's the prize?
You win, I buy you a beer.
And if you win?
What? What do you win?
We both win.
How so?
You'll see.
Are you some sort of
hustler or somethin'?
Or somethin'.
Not bad.
God, I can't get enough of you.
I wish I never had to leave.
You know you don't have to.
Oh, yeah?
You can't live in
the motel forever,
And you spend so
much time here...
Oh, laura kelley, are
you asking me to move in?
I guess I am.
Well, I wouldn't want to...
Please, impose.
I see a future with you.
It is insane how
well you get me.
Laura kelley,
I would love to
move in with you.
how long did
he live with you?
I don't know.
A few months, maybe.
He was gone for
good by the fall.
Did he have a cell phone?
He did, but it's shut down now.
did he ever
mention his wife?
A lot.
She was pretty awful to him.
Really abusive.
He told you that?
It's why he never went
to visit the kids.
I really wanted him
to be a good dad,
But it was too hard for
him to be around her,
And he claimed all he wanted
was to start a new life with me.
Hmm. I guess that
didn't happen.
No. It didn't.
It was like, one day, he
was madly in love with me,
And the next, he was just...
Well, what happened?
it was
after I caught him
Using one of those
dating chat rooms.
I told him, if he'd
stop, I'd forgive him.
Did he?
And I'll never forget
his screen name.
It was just so... Wrong.
"the amish stud."
"who wants to do an amish guy?"
This can't be real.
oh, it's
real, all right.
Yeah, he likes the ladies.
Look at the names.
He's a player!
Somebody's gotta know something.
this guy has
been very, very busy.
Father, I know I
have done you wrong,
And I...
I've asked for your forgiveness,
time and time again, but...
I need to, one last time.
Son, you have strayed
from the ordnung before,
And you repented, and
you strayed again.
You have deeply
hurt your family,
And you've embarrassed me!
How can I know that this
time will be different?
Father, I remember
you telling me
About how the apostle peter
Also suffered with the
question of forgiveness,
And he went to jesus,
And he said,
"lord, how many
times can I forgive
My brother who has
sinned against me?"
Peter suggested...
Seven times.
But jesus replied, "not
seven times, but 77 times."
If I do not offer
you forgiveness,
How can I expect god to
forgive me for my sins?
How can I expect to be received
into the kingdom of heaven?
I want to go to heaven, too.
If you are true to your desire
to seek forgiveness and return,
You will repent to the bishop.
Of course.
And you must sell your truck.
- Yes.
- And return to your wife
And your family.
I don't know if barbara
will have me back, father.
She will forgive you as well!
How can you be sure?
Because she wants
to go to heaven!
So long as you continue
to live by the ordnung,
I will help you.
I will buy you a
house and a business,
So you can build a new life,
But you must remain faithful.
I will. I will.
I will remain
faithful, I promise.
do you want
to go find your room?
Is this really our house?
Yes, son.
This is our new home.
Now let's eat.
- Dad?
- Hmm?
Could we walk up
the hill tonight,
To see the stars?
Please, dad?
Whatever makes you happy.
This family is all that matters.
- Where are you going?
- I forgot my drink.
Well, I can get it for you...
No, no, no, no. You relax.
I'll be right back.
Want to take a bite?
mm! Mm-hmm.
who is stacy?
A girlfriend, I'd imagine.
I see.
heart is broken.
I want to do the right thing.
I-I want to submit to him...
But the way that he continues
to act against me...
Against god...
What do I do?
You have done the right
thing, coming to me, barbara.
I know that was not easy.
You must look inside
yourself and ask
Why you are making him
disobey the ordnung.
You must be a better wife,
so he can be a better man.
gotta do something fast.
They were asking laura
questions about me.
They think I did it.
No. I don't care.
Just do it!
What happened, eli?
Who did this?
I sincerely do not know.
People are talking.
Well, the amish always talk.
Especially about me.
They don't care
that their gossip...
Which is all that it
is... wounds me deeply.
Especially when me and
my children's hearts
Are so broken.
I will pray for you, every day.
Thank you.
Come on, children.
there is something
That has not been
seen often before...
Eli showing attention
to his children.
Other than today,
He hasn't seen them
once since barbara died.
your sister?
What have I done to
deserve your wrath?
You killed my sister.
I am an innocent man, abigail.
You... Have never
been innocent.
I cannot believe
The taxi lady had
the guts to come.
Sometimes, when I was
covering for him at the store,
Barb would pick
him up in her suv.
He claimed she was driving
him to go fishing, but...
I did not see any rods.
How long did this go on for?
As long as I worked there.
why didn't
you say anything?
Why didn't anyone say
anything about his affairs?
His father protected him, and...
Barbara could not divorce him.
She would have been shunned.
It's not fair!
I know it doesn't feel that way.
We must forgive.
Why does he deserve
my forgiveness?
Your forgiveness is not for him.
It is for you.
It is not god's will for
you to live in anger.
It leaves no room for love.
None of this is god's will.
There are several messages
on the shanty phone.
Some are claiming that
they got the wrong person.
He wanted to kill you.
We must take this to the police.
Can I help you?
Barb raber here?
That's my wife.
She'll be home soon.
She's out driving someone.
Y-you mind if we wait inside?
Thank you.
My wife doesn't like
to let anything go...
Even when she knows better.
Is she like that with friends?
Sometimes, I think
she's too generous.
What do you mean by "generous"?
Honey, these detectives
are here to see you.
Eddie, what did you say to them?
Why were you worried about
what your husband said?
He's not very smart,
And I didn't want him
saying something stupid
And making you think
something that's not true.
Now, what would
we possibly think?
That I had something to do
with barbara weaver's death.
did you?
Of course not.
well, isaac dirk
seems to think you did.
Isaac dirk's a liar.
You don't even know
what he told us.
I know they were lies.
He said that you had a
sexual relationship with eli.
Is that a lie?
No, that's true.
Don't tell eddie.
Oh, your secret's
safe with us...
But barb...
We traced one of the
threatening calls
Back to isaac,
And he told us
that you called him
The day after the murder,
And told him to
leave that message.
I told you, he's a liar.
Why would he lie about that?
I don't know! Ask isaac.
Does eli have a cell phone?
I-I don't know!
I don't know nothing. I
just drive eli around.
If you want to know something,
You should probably
talk to tamara jones.
Tamara jones?
Who's tamara jones?
Well, she's some woman
that eli met online
And they got very close,
And maybe she got jealous,
And wanted him all to herself.
Thanks, barb.
You've been great.
Tamara jones?
Hey, guys...
Do you want to go
inside and grab a snack?
I'll meet you right there, okay?
I'm not talking to you.
We just want to ask
you a few questions.
Am I a suspect?
Do you want to be?
'cause you're acting a
little guilty right now.
We just want to know
If eli weaver talked
to you about his wife.
Yeah, sure. We were friends.
Just friends?
Just friends.
Listen, he didn't hurt
her. He would never.
He's the best man I know.
Who wants happy boxes?
Eli, you're out
of your damn mind.
You're right, I am,
Which is also why I brought...
Hot fudge sundaes.
We're gonna be sick.
No, we are going to be happy.
Heck, yeah.
I have so
much fun with you.
I have a hard time believing
you're not always like this.
No. No, no. Not at home.
"fun" is against the ordnung.
At least, that's
what my wife says.
I'm sorry it's so
hard for you at home.
Wish I could help.
Maybe you can,
With a little... Hmm?
You know we can only be friends.
Is there a law that says that?
You're married.
But I don't want to be married.
- Then get divorced.
- I can't.
The amish would never allow it.
Come on!
If you really wanted
to, you know you could.
We've been over this
a thousand times.
If I leave, I would
lose everything...
I would lose my
house, my business...
Then start over.
People do it every day.
With what?
I have no education.
I'd lose my family.
I would lose...
My friends.
You got me.
That's all I want.
Hey, what is it? What's wrong?
I got laid off yesterday,
And there's, like, no jobs
out there with the recession,
And I don't know
what I'm going to do.
"start over. People
do it all the time."
Yeah, well, I better
figure something out fast,
'cause I don't
have enough savings
To pay for the rent,
feed those hungry kids,
And have enough left over
to pay the insurance.
You know what?
Don't worry about it.
I'll cover you.
You can't.
Why not? Business is great.
Consider it a loan.
Honestly, I don't know
what I'd do without you.
Maybe you can give
me a little kiss?
There's never just "a
little kiss" with you.
Ah, well, maybe one day.
One day, you'll see.
Barb, get him home safe.
I always do!
Back to prison?
Look, I know it's
hard to imagine,
But a person can be more
than one thing at once.
Doesn't make you stupid
because you don't see it,
But if you continue to ignore
what's right in front of you...
That is pretty stupid,
Because it could be you
or your children next.
I'm not.
What about a cell phone?
He's amish.
Well, if you think of anything
That could help our
Call me.
The detectives were just here.
Yeah, they just
got to barb, too.
What'd you say?
I'm not talking to these guys.
I know you didn't
do this, right?
No, of course not!
Don't you trust me?
Just be patient.
This will all blow over
And we can finally be together.
You'll never have to worry
About money again.
Ah, it is finally happening,
just like we hoped.
I am so excited,
Maddie's calling. I gotta go.
Okay. I love you.
It's insane how well you get me.
You think?
Hell, yeah. It's like
we're the same person.
Both of us born into this...
World we're not meant for.
With no way out.
I don't know why
you like me so much.
You're so handsome
And charming and
funny, and I am...
You're my misfit.
When I left,
Everybody turned
their back on me...
Including my wife...
but you never did.
You never judged me, you
never talked behind my back.
You stood by my side.
And on top and underneath...
see? You get me!
I more than "get" you.
You know how I feel
about you, right?
Yeah. Yeah, I do, of course.
Hey, you know how you put
me on your family plan,
Um, so barbara wouldn't
know about my phone?
I was wondering
If maybe you could do the
same thing with tamara?
Uh, she's going through
some money problems...
- Ohh...
- And, uh, I'll pay you back.
You still haven't paid
me for your phone...
Or last month's car rides.
I... you
know I'm good for it.
Besides, I mean, you
know where I live, so...
That's not all I know.
Hey, pull over.
I got something I
want to give you
And I can't wait another second.
He looks at me
And lies.
What scares me more is...
It's not that I'm not
able to trust him,
It's that I'm not
able to trust myself.
I don't know what to believe.
Barbara, are you
afraid of your husband?
I don't know anymore.
God calls on me
To submit to him,
And I want to...
But eli asks me
To do things in bed
That are not right.
what's wrong with me?
Am I not... Pretty enough?
Am I...
You are not unlovable, barbara.
You are a loveable woman
In a very unhealthy
Have you considered leaving?
I would be shunned!
They would take my
children from me,
And I would never
be able to see them,
Or my family, ever again!
What about the bishop?
Could you go to him?
He told me to be
a "better wife",
And I am trying!
And I keep trying and trying
And trying and...
And I don't know
what else to do.
I want you to start
Keeping a log of everything
that happens with eli...
Every coming and going...
Every time he asks
you for oral sex.
Every angry word,
every raised hand,
Every time he's with
another woman...
You are going to
write it all down.
And then what?
Then you will go to the
bishop and ask for help.
As a man of god, he cannot
see the totality of the abuse
And turn away.
I'm not abused.
mike. You gotta
let go of the phone.
We've talked to a dozen people.
They told you a dozen
times, he doesn't have one.
The phone company
Hasn't got a record of
his account since 2006.
Then how the hell is he
meeting all these women online?
I don't know... hold on.
Yeah. Detective bruce london.
It's tamara jones calling.
What can I do for
you, ms. Jones?
I didn't
tell you everything.
No kidding.
Eli did mention something
about his wife to me.
I'm listening.
You have to go home!
No! Aw.
I hate her so much, tamara.
She refuses to lie with me.
She's turned everybody
in the church against me.
What if... Barbara were gone?
Would you be with me then?
Like, she died?
Then what?
I guess I would.
It would be a lot
of kids between us,
But we'd figure it out.
But she's not.
But she... She could be.
You could kill her?
Uh... Eli. Tell
me you're joking.
Come on, you're smart.
You can figure this out.
We can finally be together.
You're kidding.
Of course, I'm joking.
of course, I'm joking!
Okay, you, go home. Go home!
We are done.
What do you mean, "done"?
You think she's ever gonna
let me drive with you again?
I don't want to lose you!
I don't want to
lose you, either,
But as long as she's
still breathing,
She will make it her
job to keep us apart.
I wish she was dead.
Trust me, I...
I've thought that.
You have?
I cannot tell you
how many nights
That I have prayed that
she dies in her sleep.
Okay. Let's do it.
often comes quickly.
She who today is vigorous
May tomorrow or sooner
have passed away.
There she goes.
But yonder, on the other
side, on the heavenly shore,
She is welcomed with
"there she comes!"
dad, I need your help.
However I can, I will.
I need a lawyer.
I heard about this
guy named andy...
Amish don't need lawyers.
These detectives
won't leave me alone.
The only defense that
matters is with the lord.
He knows the truth.
God bless, my son.
I'm so sorry, barbara.
God, I'm so sorry
Hey, jeremiah.
I was thinking.
You remember seeing barbara
That night you
picked me up, right?
To go fishing?
You-you saw her that
morning. Right? Remember?
If you could tell
the detectives,
That would really help me out.
I just don't need this
pressure right now.
I-I didn't see her, eli.
Yeah, you did, remember?
You, uh...
You waved at her.
No, eli. I didn't.
If you could just
say that you did,
It'd really help me out...
Cover for me, you know?
Like I did that one time,
Uh, we met up with
those two girls
On that hunting trip.
That was your girlfriend.
Yeah, well, your wife
didn't know that.
I'm so
sorry for your loss.
I pray that god is with you
during this difficult time.
Detective london.
What are you doing here?
I'm just here to
pay my respects.
I cannot see how accusing my son
Of murdering his wife
at her own funeral
Is very respectful.
I haven't accused
him of anything.
Please, lord...
Give me clear guidance.
I know you will direct my path
Through jesus
christ, our lord...
My sister kept a diary.
She logged everything in here...
Everything that man did to her,
Every abuse, every sin...
And there was a lot.
Don't let him get away
with this, detective.
The lord showed me this,
and the lord wants justice.
Do thy will.
Have eggs always
been this expensive?
How much money do you have?
He gave me $300 at the
beginning of the month.
I have six left.
I don't know where it all went.
That's barely enough for coffee,
Cleaning supplies,
milk, and eggs.
Not to mention
Baking supplies for
gmay this Sunday.
You should ask him
to buy the groceries,
Then he'll understand.
I've tried. He won't.
I don't understand why
he must be so cruel.
Because he can be.
I can't afford my
share of the taxi.
I know.
oh, oh.
What about
That insecticide that vets
use to kill bugs on the farm?
Yeah, I feel like
it takes too long.
Are you in a rush?
Yeah. If you are ready to
start living your life,
Why wait?
Oh... When you
put it that way...
Yeah. Look up "fast
ways to kill somebody".
What about
carbon-monoxide poisoning?
I don't have a car.
That bug stuff...
We put it in a spiced cupcake,
And then maybe she
can't taste it?
Hmm, no.
What about pills? I keep
seeing, like, pills...
I don't know where...
I don't know where
to get any pills.
I don't... I have
some sleeping pills.
Uh, we could crush
up a bunch of them
And put it in a drink.
Would that work?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
What the hell, barb?
Your lights are
gonna draw attention.
They'll think I'm a customer.
Everybody knows your car!
I crushed it up for you.
How much should I use?
I don't know. All of it?
All of it? That
seems like a lot.
What if she knows?
I don't know!
I've never done this before.
Okay, yeah.
I'll, uh...
I'll do it tonight.
Ohh... I can't believe it.
It'll be so nice not to have
to sneak around so much.
Yeah. Yeah.
Get out of here.
Okay, bye.
I love you!
What was in that?
Sleeping pills. It
wasn't meant for you.
- I was trying to kill myself.
- Eli!
Eli, no! What are you doing?
You and the children would
be happier without me!
No. No.
I-I would... I would
give my own life
If it would save
your soul from hell.
Don't bother.
Hell is the only place
that will have me.
How is it?
I'm halfway through, I feel like
I'm witnessing the murder of
this young woman's spirit.
Anything in there about
the actual murder?
Not yet.
You know how he was
giving tamara jones money?
At the same time,
He was withholding
money from his wife.
He's buying them happy boxes,
And she can't feed her children.
That poor woman.
She didn't deserve that.
He's guilty all right.
We just need evidence
to prove it's murder.
Maybe you can find it.
I'm going home.
- You finish the journal?
- Yeah.
There's clear motive.
He wanted her dead and he
wasn't subtle about it.
I'm sure eli weaver
Is responsible for
his wife's murder,
I just... I can't put
the damn gun in his hand.
Mike, we're missing something.
Yeah, I know.
Mennonites like to gossip!
Jeremiah, this is my partner,
detective mike maxwell.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Hi.
You ever been here before?
This place has the
best milkshakes.
Do you like milkshakes? I...
I feel like a milkshake.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
I'll take a
milkshake. Chocolate.
Yeah? Chocolate? My man.
All right. Done!
We're gonna get three
chocolate milkshakes.
Thank you so much.
Listen, jeremiah, we know
that eli's a good friend,
And this can't be easy for
you, being here with us.
No, sir.
But with the little
interaction that we've had,
I can tell that
you're a good man,
But I get the sense that
you're sittin' on something
That maybe you want to tell us.
I just thought it
was all for show.
What was?
The talk of women,
complaining about his wife...
Okay, if it wasn't
for show, what was it?
I think he was just
looking for approval.
Approval? Approval for what?
Listen, I'm a mennonite.
I can't just go around,
Making accusations
against anyone
Without real merit.
Come on, jeremiah.
Just tell us what you know.
Jeremiah, as a mennonite,
I know you're also thinking
about barb's children...
Children who lost their mother.
Somebody walked into that house
That night with a shotgun
And took her life.
Jeremiah, if you know anything
That can bring those
children justice,
I mean, my god, isn't
it your responsibility
To tell us?
He was texting someone
When we were on
our fishing trip.
He was acting all weird...
He had a cell phone?
what was the number?
I-I don't know.
Who was he texting?
- I don't know.
- You gotta know something.
I-I do know it's under
barb raber's account.
She opened up a line for him,
And maybe you can
trace it that way.
yeah, it's maxwell.
Thank you.
I need a warrant
for all phone lines
Associated with barb raber.
Barb raber, you're under arrest
For the aggravated
murder of barbara weaver.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can, and will,
Be used against you
in the court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you can't afford an attorney,
One will be provided for you.
Eli weaver?
You're under arrest
For the complicity to
commit aggravated murder.
Cuff him.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can, and
will, be used against you
In a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one,
one will be presented to you.
Do you understand your
rights as I told them to you?
Put him in the car.
Where have you been?
Linda told me she
hadn't seen you all day.
I will go to the bishop.
I will tell him everything.
The lies.
The women.
The withholding money.
The abuse.
You will not tell him your lies!
They are not lies.
They're the truth,
And the only way
to your salvation
Is through the truth.
You must repent!
If you say anything
to him, or anyone,
About any of this,
You will not live long
enough to see me repent.
What difference does it make?
I'm not living now!
miss me already?
you gotta do it.
Do... do what?
Take care of barbara.
She's gonna go to the bishop.
Why do I got to do it?
Because I can't do it again
After your crap plan
almost got me busted.
If you don't do it,
we can't be together.
Yeah, okay.
It's gotta be Tuesday morning.
Why Tuesday?
Because I'm going fishing.
I don't know how, but...
Blow up the house or something.
Well... What about
the children?
They'll go straight
to heaven, it's fine.
Wait... no! No, I can't do that.
Not the children!
I don't care how you do it.
Just do it.
pack it up. Bag
and tag everything.
Take it out.
Hey. What are you
doing with those?
We have a warrant to
search your house.
Where's my wife?
Your wife was
arrested, mr. Raber.
I don't understand. For what?
For the murder of
barbara weaver.
That's not possible. Why
would she kill barbara?
She's close friends with eli.
Mr. Raber,
Your wife was having an
affair with eli weaver,
And we have reason to believe
she killed his wife for him.
Sometimes, I forget how
blessed my life is...
But I am beginning to see
The joy and beauty
of life again.
I see the children,
Our house,
Eli can't take that from me.
You seem different.
I confronted eli.
About everything.
You did? How did he respond?
Not well.
But, nevertheless...
I'm going to the
bishop tomorrow.
You've been to
the bishop before.
Why would now be any different?
Because, this time,
I have put together a log
of eli's transgressions.
They are many,
And they are varied,
And they are not my fault.
I know that now.
I've prayed on it, and...
And I will ask for help.
I will show the bishop
That eli is not
acting in god's image,
That he is not
following the ordnung,
And that he does not deserve
to call himself amish...
Or my husband.
Aren't you afraid?
God will protect me.
Mom? Mom!
She's scared.
Oh, are you okay?
Mom, I'm so scared.
Oh, but we're all safe here.
We have a roof over our head.
We have god watching from above.
We have everything we need.
It's so loud upstairs.
Can I sleep with you tonight?
of course, you can.
Come here. Ohh!
You go in there, okay?
There you go.
What's bothering you?
Dad's still out.
Do you think he will be okay?
God will watch over him.
Everything will be just fine.
I promise.
Let's get some rest.
I want to stay.
Wait for dad.
I will see you in the
morning, sweet harley.
It will be a new day.
And at all times.
It'll help alleviate...
Some of that stress that
could kill a marriage.
is a collect call
From the wayne county
correctional facility.
This call may be monitored.
Do you accept the charges?
- yes.
- Eddie.
I need you to help me out.
I need you to give the
detectives my alibi.
What happened, barb?
They think I killed
barbara weaver,
But I didn't.
I swear.
You need to tell
them I was home...
That you saw me at home.
Why do they think
you killed her?
I don't know,
But we need to help
them see the truth
So I can come home.
What is the truth, barb?
I told you...
I didn't do it.
No! Eddie, I only love you.
I can't help you, barb.
can I have an attorney?
You can have an attorney,
if you request one.
Do you understand?
yes, I do.
Barb... We're just gonna need
to ask you some questions.
Are you clear on your rights?
I suppose.
Why don't you tell us
What happened on the
morning of June 2nd?
didn't do nothing.
I swear.
"I should just do it now?"
"how am I supposed
to see in the dark?"
"do you think I can drive
in behind the pines?"
Now, if you think
those texts are bad...
You should see the
internet searches
Asking whether to kill somebody
with poison, gas, or a gun.
Personally, I
would've chose gas.
that was inspired.
Don't lie to us.
I guess it looks bad for me.
It sure does.
So, I'm gonna give
you one more chance
To answer my partner's question.
Just tell us what
happened on June 2nd.
It was an accident.
I just
wanted to scare her,
And then the gun went off!
I didn't mean to...
I didn't mean for
that to happen.
I di...
I love you.
I love you.
I'd like to
call eli weaver to the stand.
I swear to tell the
truth, the whole truth,
And nothing but the
truth, so help me god.
You made a plea
deal with the state,
Confessing to conspiring
In your wife's murder,
is that correct?
That's correct.
order in the court.
Can you tell the jury
What happened on the
morning of June 2nd?
I woke up to a
pounding at my door,
About 3:00 a.M.
What took you so long? I
been banging for 10 minutes!
I was sleeping.
Let's go.
...And she's
talking about seeding it,
And I'm telling her
the crop's not ready,
But I'm excited to go fishing.
Are you listening to me?
Who are you texting
at 4:00 a.M.?
And what...
your wife
stop feeding ya?
You said "mwah".
What does that mean?
it's like blowing a kiss.
to the woman who
was about to murder your wife?
I didn't want her
to chicken out.
And by "her", who are
you talking about?
Barb raber.
What was your relationship
with barb raber?
I mean, we were good friends...
But we were more than friends...
For a long while now.
Back to June 2nd,
What happened after
you sent that text?
barb came to my house
And entered through
a door I left open...
And then she shot my wife.
Why did barb raber
kill your wife?
she was in love with me.
I was tired of
living this life...
Being married.
I mentioned the idea
to her, and she...
She ran with it.
She would do anything for me.
Why didn't you
just get a divorce?
This seemed easier.
I have no further questions.
may I
call you abigail?
What is your relationship
to the victim?
She was my sister
and my best friend.
She was the best,
most loyal person
I've ever known.
Was her husband loyal?
Based on your discussions
with your sister
Before her passing,
Who do you feel is
responsible for her murder?
Barbara had so much
life and love to give.
She loved god,
Her family,
And being amish.
She devoted herself to eli.
Made him a home,
Birthed him two
beautiful children.
She submitted to him...
And he sucked the
life out of her.
He took all the light
and joy from her heart
Until she was a ghost.
Before that bullet
ever pierced her heart,
She was dead.
We all failed her.
We should have listened
when she asked for help!
So, there's that question
of responsibility.
I don't know who
pulled the trigger,
But I do know who
is responsible.
Eli weaver.
He is responsible.
He killed her.
would prosecution
like to cross-examine?
case is cut and dry.
Barb raber plotted the murder
with ample online research.
She has text messages
Placing her at the
scene of the crime
And, most significantly,
Barb raber confessed to
killing barbara weaver.
In her own words,
She explained how the
murder took place.
When someone tells
you who they are,
Believe them.
Barbara raber is a murderer.
My client's confession
is not a confession.
It doesn't align with the facts.
There is nothing
To prove that barb
raber was in that house
And pulled the trigger
that killed barbara weaver.
The only person
we know for a fact
Was with her that night
was her husband...
Her husband
Who repeatedly
plotted her murder
With multiple people.
He was willing to
do whatever it took
To make it happen.
Who's to say he
didn't kill his wife
Before he left the
house that night?
Now, the state can
point their fingers
All day long at barb raber,
But they don't have
a murder weapon,
An accurate confession...
Or a witness to the crime.
Defense rests.
have you
reached a verdict?
we have, your honor.
In the matter
Of the state versus barb raber,
The court has
reviewed the verdict.
The jury finds miss raber
Guilty of aggravated murder.
I often think
of christ's words...
"forgive him for he
knows not what he does."
It reminds me I must
also forgive myself,
For I did not choose this life.
But I do not have to accept
that which was thrust upon me.
I know in my heart
this is not god's will,
And he is the only man
I need to listen to.
Sour patch kids?
We don't got sour patch kids.
You think you're
at a movie theatre?
If I was, would you
share my popcorn?
You ain't gonna be
seein' no blockbuster
For a long time.
The view's not so bad in here.
You got no funds, romeo.
Ah, that's a shame,
'cause now I don't have
an excuse to see you.