Amityville 6: It's About Time (1992) Movie Script

(wind whipping)
(deep swishing)
(wind whipping)
(gentle twinkling music)
(deep swishing)
(clock ticking)
(gentle twinkling music)
(clock bells ringing)
(gentle twinkling music)
(deep swishing)
(clock bells ringing)
(twinkling music)
(ominous music)
(deep swishing)
(mysterious music)
(deep swishing)
(light piano music)
(thunder rumbling)
(light twinkling music)
(wind whipping)
(thunder rumbling)
(mysterious twinkling music)
(thunder clapping)
(doorbell ringing)
- Hi, I'm home.
- How was New York?
- Great.
They want to use us.
But they're looking
for a new concept.
Something more
timeless, they say.
Whatever that's got to
do with tract housing.
What the hell are you
doing with that thing?
- Protection.
(door slamming)
- Daddy.
- Hi sweetheart.
- Hi, welcome home.
For me?
You shouldn't have.
- Actually, sugar, it's not.
No this, this is what our
house has been missing.
- Gun rack?
- My bright and cheerful son.
Hey Rusty, I missed ya.
- Well open it.
- It's ugly as hell.
I like it.
- Come on, it's an antique.
The guy who sold it to me
told me it probably
crossed the Atlantic
on a schooner over
Maybe on the Mayflower.
- Oh Jake.
And I bet he sold you
Hitler's pencil box, too.
(gentle twinkling music)
- This will complete the scene.
(clock ticking)
- Well, it's um--
- Creepy.
- Unique.
- I like it.
It was practically free.
It came from one of those houses
we tore down for
the development.
(gentle twinkling music)
(clock ticking)
(thunder cracking)
(bold, ominous music)
(mysterious twinkling music)
Goodnight pumpkin.
- [Lisa] Goodnight, daddy.
- [Jake] Rusty, sleep well.
- [Rusty] Whatever.
(gentle piano music)
- How's college?
- Graduate school,
there is a difference.
- Yeah, about 10,000 bucks.
I'm sorry, I'm a little giddy.
Jet lag.
Look, before you take off,
I just want to thank you
for coming over and
taking care of my family.
I know it was short notice,
but there was nobody else.
I couldn't miss that meeting.
- Of course you
couldn't, it's okay.
God knows I've always
loved this house.
It was nice seeing
your kids again.
- They're all
right, aren't they?
- Yeah, yeah.
You might spend a little
more time with Rusty, though.
He's alone a lot.
- Rusty, he's a trooper.
He'll be fine.
How did you and Lisa get on?
- Still tough.
I mean, she misses her mother.
I mean, that's not
gonna change, right?
Annette's not coming back.
I can't compete
with a dead woman.
God, I'm here three days
and it all comes back.
Same feelings, same patterns.
Jesus Christ.
But we did talk about
boys once though.
For the record,
his name is Andy.
I think he plays lacrosse.
That's all I could
get out of her.
(thunder rumbling)
- Listen to that.
Are you sure you don't
want to spend the night?
- Jacob, we go through
this every time.
I mean, I hate having
regret for breakfast.
- No, the storm.
That's all, I promise.
Unless it gets real cold.
- You know I'm seeing someone.
- Leonard.
We can invite him over, too.
Leave in the morning, hm?
It'll be a river out there.
I'll be a gentleman.
I promise.
(wind howling)
(thunder rumbling)
(Andrea breathing heavily)
(Andrea moaning)
(Andrea laughing)
- Such theatrics, Jake.
I'm impressed.
- Variety.
I got tired of trying to make
the Earth move every time.
Last night in my hotel room,
I imagined you here in this bed.
Like it used to be
before you left.
- Oh. (laughing)
Don't get nostalgic on me,
Jake, it doesn't become you.
- You're so tough, aren't you?
- It's because
you're so dangerous.
- Hm.
You having doubts?
Door's always open.
Maybe I've changed.
(Andrea laughing)
- I don't think so.
I lived here for four years.
Why should anything change?
- I should've called you last
night, but it was past three.
- Three o'clock in the morning?
- That damn clock.
I had it in my hotel room.
It's incredibly noisy.
Of course, the harder
I tried to sleep,
the noisier it got, the
louder the ticking got.
(clock ticking)
God, I'm tired.
- Jake.
(gears cranking)
(Andrea sighing)
(clock ticking)
(drill whirring)
(clock ticking)
(drill whirring loudly)
I'm talking about the
young and the restless
Young and the restless
I want to be the
young and the restless
(upbeat guitar music)
(Peaches barking)
- Peaches.
What're you doing out this late?
(Peaches whimpering)
There you go.
(Peaches growling)
Well excuse me.
Picky, picky, picky.
(Peaches yelping)
Come back here.
(thunder rumbling)
(clock ticking)
(ominous music)
(Peaches barking)
Peaches, come here.
Peaches, come on.
(Peaches barking)
(ominous music)
Peaches, come on.
You scared me there,
girl, come on.
What are you doing in there?
Come on.
Go home, go home.
(clock ticking)
(thunder rumbling)
(tense music)
(switch clicking)
(intense rumbling)
(ominous music)
(switch clicking)
(switch clicking)
(tense music)
(thunder rumbling)
(intense rumbling)
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
(tense, scary music)
(click switching)
(sparks popping)
(Rusty gasping)
(clock ticking)
(Rusty gasping)
- What are you doing down there?
- Jesus, shit, Dad, you
scared the crap out of me.
- I said what are
you doing down there?
- Nothing.
(thunder rumbling)
(birds chirping)
(cup clinking)
- Anything I can do?
- No, we got it.
(car horn honking)
Ride's here, let's go, Rusty.
Bye, Dad!
- [Jake] So long.
- See you, Andrea.
Are you gonna be here
when we get home?
- I'll call you next week, huh?
Maybe we'll go shopping.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Come on.
- Goodbye Rusty.
- [Rusty] Whatever.
(door clicking shut)
- It's all cleared up.
It's gonna be a beautiful day.
- Didn't you used
to be able to see
across the Anderson's yard?
- Yeah, so the hedge has grown.
Actually, it's about two feet
over the neighborhood code.
But it's not worth
making a stink about.
What time's your class?
- Noon, I'll just
leave from here.
You don't mind?
- Of course not.
Make yourself at home.
(watch beeping)
(Andrea giggling)
(door clicking shut)
(birds chirping)
(light, upbeat music)
(car engine revving up)
- [Woman] Tiny, Brooke,
and Lynn, let's go.
(light, upbeat music)
- Here Peaches, come here.
(Peaches whining)
- Peaches really should be
on a lease, Mrs. Tetmann.
(Peaches barking)
(light, upbeat music)
(mysterious music)
(clock ticking)
(breathing heavily)
(watch beeping)
(Jake groaning)
(sighing) High technology,
you gotta love it.
(Peaches barking)
(Peaches growling)
(tense music)
(loud static buzzing)
(Peaches growling)
(Jake yelling)
(Peaches barking)
(Jake yelling)
(glass shattering)
(Peaches yelping)
(Jake yelling)
(Jake yelling)
- [Woman Over Intercom]
Dr. Knox to fourth floor
nurses' station, please.
- [Doctor] Mrs. Sterling?
- Actually I'm, yes, hi.
- Well, he's suffered some
discomfort but he'll be okay.
Now our first concern is rabies.
You said it was a
neighborhood dog?
- Yeah, Mrs. Tetmann,
but I wasn't there,
I mean, Jacob just
came home and...
- Yes, well I see, it's a
good idea to double check.
Now if this Mrs. Tetmann is
in the slightest bit unsure
about when that
dog was vaccinated,
her vet should have the records.
Otherwise, we would need
to begin the rabies shots
immediately and nobody
wants that, right?
- No, no, of course not.
Well maybe he should
just stay here.
- No, that won't be necessary.
He'll be up on his feet soon.
- How soon?
- You're just gonna need to
keep an eye on the wound,
change the dressing
every eight hours or so.
- Yeah, okay.
Well, is there anything else?
- Well he may
experience mild nausea
due to the antibiotics, so
careful what you feed him.
Also, I've put him on
Percodan for the pain.
Mood swings are a
common side effect.
- Thank you.
(students chattering)
- (laughing) Okay.
- Jesus, teen lust,
it's really disgusting.
(school bell ringing)
- [Boy On Right] Want a smoke?
- No, I quit again.
- Going to class?
- Absolutely.
(scoffing) Tomorrow.
(wind chimes ringing)
(birds chirping)
(man breathing heavily)
- Come to finish
the game, Russell?
- Shit.
- Holiday?
- Mental health day,
your move, Iris.
- Mate.
My luck, I guess.
- Iris, some strange
shit happened last night.
- I know.
- You know, so what?
- Depends, what did you see?
- Well, it was
kinda dark you know,
but I think our living room
turned into another room.
It was old and decrepit,
and then back again.
- Oh, is that all?
- Isn't that enough?
- It fears you, it's trying
to make friends, win you over.
- So it, like what,
like the devil?
- No, this is the real thing.
It's very old, and I think
it's traveled a long way.
- Why here, I mean,
people in Burlwood,
all things considered, it
hardly seems worth the trouble.
- It would only
move for one reason.
Where it was safe is no longer.
It must find a new home.
(birds chirping)
(Rusty sighing)
(tires squealing)
- I'll come around.
- Are you okay?
- Shit, Jake, why'd you
have to go and do this?
I've got so much work to do.
I've got a paper
due on Thursday.
I was going out of
town this weekend.
- Well, no good deed
goes unpunished.
- Well isn't that the truth?
Why does this remind
me of our relationship?
Me dropping everything
for whatever you're doing?
- What the hell do
you want me to say?
This wasn't planned.
- Oh Jake, it's always been
this way, and you know it.
- So, is this your theory,
or did Leonard work it out?
He's a therapist, isn't he?
- No, he's a psychiatrist.
And for your information,
I've always been quite capable
of analyzing my own feelings.
You just never
listened, he does.
Okay, this is it.
I will stay a couple a days.
I'll sleep on the
couch or something,
till you're back on your feet.
But then I'm outta here Jake,
and I'm not coming back,
not even as a favor.
(door slamming shut)
- Oh, no!
That hurts my eyes.
- [Andrea] Poor baby.
Oh, honey.
How does it feel?
- I'm cold.
(Jake wincing)
- Oh, I, I have to clean it out.
This might hurt a
little bit, okay?
(peroxide sizzling)
(Jake yelling)
- No!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- No!
- [Andrea] Honey, the doctor
says we have to keep it clean.
- Give me that!
(groaning) Please.
I'll do it by myself.
Just leave me alone.
(Jake groaning)
(door clicking shut)
- What're you doing here?
Shouldn't you be in school?
- Shouldn't you?
- Look, Rusty, your
dad had an accident.
He's been bitten by a dog.
- What?
- Sh, just let him rest, okay?
Now do you know
this Mrs. Tetmann?
Do you know where she lives?
- Mrs. Tetmann, sure, she,
(Peaches growling)
- Mrs. Tetmann, I'm Andrea,
Jacob Sterling's friend.
Uh, yes well, about today, I
hope that Peaches is all right.
Jacob said he cut her
face pretty badly.
Um, anyway, the doctors
have urged me to check
for rabies vaccinations.
- What're you talking about?
- Your dog Peaches bit Jacob.
- Peaches doesn't bite.
- With all due
respect, Mrs. Tetmann,
Jacob was viciously attacked.
I mean, he only got away
by slashing her face.
- You're crazy.
- Can we see her?
- [Mrs. Tetmann] Come here
Peaches, come here honey.
(Peaches whining)
- [Andrea] I don't understand,
Jacob said he knew the dog.
- Yeah, something's wrong.
It's like that
Skull Crusher song.
Evil rules, it has the tools,
but the world's your oyster,
grab her and hoist her.
- Save it, all right,
this is not the time.
- It's not just me,
Mrs. Wheeler saw it too.
- What, saw what?
- Evil.
- Evil.
Oh, of course.
Look Rusty, I think Mrs. Wheeler
sees a lot of things coming
that never arrive, all right?
So let's just leave
this weird stuff,
this zombie, voodoo,
metalhead view of the world
alone for awhile, okay?
(insects chirping)
(somber piano music)
(somber piano music)
Oh god.
- [Jake] New concept.
- [Andrea] Jacob?
- Yeah, that's it.
Timeless new concept.
Bold, hm?
Enigmatic, and bold.
Much bigger than this, too.
- Jacob, why are you up?
- 370,000 square feet
of modern living space
artfully perched above
the San Gabriel valley.
With easy access to
major shopping areas.
Is this what my
life has produced?
- [Andrea] Oh, you're
running a fever.
- Andrea.
Are you gonna come back?
- Come on, let me get you
back in bed, all right?
- These houses are too small.
Too damn small.
(model house crunching)
(model house clunking)
- [Lisa] Think they'll have
to put Peaches to sleep?
- Well once a dog tastes blood,
he wants more and more and--
- Rusty, what did we talk about?
- What, any dog.
Not just one who's possessed
by a demonic force.
- Enough.
Lisa, where do you
keep your phone book?
- I don't know.
- I'll get it.
It's true though about dogs.
This guy at school once
brought a coroner's case book.
And in it was how they
found this old lady.
She died a week before
and no one knew,
except for Poodle, who
started gettin' hungry.
By the time they found
her, the little mutt
had put on a few pounds, and
the old lady had lost some,
if you know what I mean.
(clock chiming)
The thing that I keep
thinking about is,
when did the poodle
decide to eat her?
I mean, it's not the
first thing he thought of.
He must've sat around,
expecting dinner as usual,
and then said, "Fuck this,
she's kibble, takin' a bite."
Where do you think he started?
(clock ticking)
- What happened to you?
- [Rusty] What?
- You got up and walked out
in the middle of dinner.
I saved your plate,
it's in the fridge.
Thanks, I've been
looking for this.
Where'd you go?
- They'll never believe me.
(clock chiming)
- Dr. Leonard Stafford, please.
Oh, it's Jacob, he
was bitten by a dog.
He was torn apart
by a goddamn dog.
It'll be at least a few days.
Well honey, I'm sorry
about this weekend.
(lips smacking) Me too.
- Is that your boyfriend?
Hubba, hubba.
- Hubba, hubba, what's all that?
- Oh, I'm gonna sleep
on the couch tonight.
You can have my bed.
- That's very thoughtful, Lisa.
- Yeah well, I
figure you're old.
We don't want your
arthritis acting up.
- Oh god. (laughing)
(clock ticking)
- Andrea, when Dad gets better,
you're leaving aren't you?
- Oh honey, you know
I love your dad.
But there's things, you know,
and choices that we made.
Who knows if they're
right or they're wrong,
but I do know that we can't
live together, not now.
- I think it's a cop out.
- Why?
- Because, you and Dad
didn't try hard enough.
I don't know, maybe
when you get older
it just gets simpler
to let things go
rather than to fight
for what you want.
- Here I am treating
you like a kid
and you know a lot more than
I did when I was your age.
So, how's Anthony? (laughing)
- Andy.
Oh, he's fine, I guess.
He's got the most
beautiful smile, and...
- And what?
- He's got the cutest
butt on the entire campus,
I swear to god.
(Andrea laughing)
I wish I didn't feel like such
a kid when I'm around him.
I think he's got
his eye on a senior.
- Give it time.
Where you going?
- [Lisa] Say goodnight to Dad.
- Lisa, wait a minute.
- [Jake] Here there, Princess.
- [Lisa] Hi Daddy.
- [Rusty] Well,
you've looked worse.
- When?
- I'll get back to you on that.
- Are you gonna go
to the hospital?
- No, the doctor says
I'll be fine, right here,
I just need a few days of rest.
So for the next couple of days,
I want you to be real nice
to Andrea.
(door slamming shut)
(clock ticking)
- Mm.
(clock ticking)
(Lisa groaning)
(clock ticking)
(Lisa sighing)
Off switch.
(Lisa sighing)
(knocking at door)
(wind whipping)
- Who is it?
- Andrea.
- Hm?
- Can I sleep in here?
My room's really creepy.
- Sure honey, get
your pillow, okay?
(clock ticking)
(clock bell tolling)
- Hello?
Dad, Andrea?
(doors clattering)
I'm stuck!
(doors clattering)
Somebody open the door!
I'm getting scared, open the!
(door creaking)
(wind howling)
(creepy music)
- You can turn the light
on if you need to, honey.
(sheets rustling)
Sweet dreams, night.
(tense music)
(dramatic banging)
(tense music)
- Open the door!
(banging on door)
- Lisa?
- Somebody open the door!
- Lisa!
(banging on door)
- [Lisa] Open this door,
please open this door!
- Lisa!
Oh baby, what happened?
- Somebody locked the door.
Who locked the door, Andrea?
(mysterious twinkling music)
(knocking at door)
- Rusty.
(dramatic swishing)
Where have you been, hm?
- I went for a walk.
- Oh, a walk.
You went for a walk at three
o'clock in the morning?
- Yeah, I had to think
about some things.
- Oh well, I hope
you figured 'em out.
(Rusty sighing)
(wind whipping)
- Peaches.
Come on, girl,
it's cold out here.
What did you get into?
(Peaches whimpering)
(dramatic swishing)
(Mrs. Tetmann screaming)
(people chattering)
- [Man Pointing] In
this neighborhood a
couple of years now
with no incidents, this
is just ridiculous.
That woman there can help you.
The man she's with, it's
his son, it's his son.
- Go talk to her.
- Yes right across the street.
- [Man] Go talk to this woman.
- [Man] Do you believe this?
- I don't know what to say?
- That's terrible,
what happened?
- Mrs. Sterling, is
your son at home?
- Uh no, he's not my son,
I'm Andrea Livingston.
I'm staying with Mr.
Sterling, but Rusty's not in.
- Rusty, Rusty Sterling?
- Yes, he's in school.
You don't think
Rusty had anything
to do with--
- Uh, tell you what.
Why don't you give us a
call when he gets home,
we'll make a special
trip out here.
Thank you, Miss Livingston.
- [Jake] Oh, in time,
time (talking quietly).
(Jake muttering)
- Jacob.
(pencil scratching)
Jacob honey, we need to talk.
(Jake groaning)
I think Rusty's in trouble.
(pencil cracking)
- No!
Not right, not the right,
not the right concept.
Aren't you gone yet, hm?
- Jacob, I'm talking to you.
I'm gonna call the doctor.
- No!
(fist slamming)
I feel fine.
I'm a little under
the weather, huh?
Perhaps not up to speed.
But I've got work to do
and you're not helping me.
I'm facing a deadline.
(breathing heavily)
(gentle piano music)
(distant clattering)
(insects chirping)
- You know Rusty,
I gotta tell you,
we don't get a lot of calls
like this up here in Burlwood.
And with the high school just
a couple blocks away well,
it seems pretty cut
and dry, you know.
Then I was thinking, you
know, you're a sharp kid,
you come from a nice family,
maybe you've got some
not so nice friends.
And if they were doin'
somethin' like this,
you'd know about it.
- I don't know
everything they do.
I don't know everything
anybody does.
- So how can you be sure
they didn't do it, huh?
- I didn't say they didn't,
I said they wouldn't.
- [Male Officer] Now we're
gonna find out what happened.
If not from you, from
one of your buddies,
and where's that
gonna leave you?
- So let's have it.
(Rusty burps)
- Rusty, for god sakes.
(gentle music)
- [Jake] Yeah.
(door handle rattling)
(doorbell ringing)
- Hi. (crying)
- Hey, hey, hey, it's okay.
Let me just hold you.
- No, oh my god, I'm sorry.
I guess I've just been
holding all this inside.
It's really silly.
- No, it's not, now
you just let that out.
That's what I'm here for, huh.
- (laughing) What is this?
- This is fine wine,
this is fine takeout,
I thought we'd have a picnic.
- A picnic?
- Picnic.
- So, did you bring egg rolls?
- [Leonard] Yeah, of course.
- Good.
- The food is delicious.
(knocking at door)
- Rusty?
(upbeat guitar music)
(upbeat guitar music)
Um, this is my friend, Leonard.
- Call me Lenny, hi.
- Nice shoes, Lenny.
- Um, how 'bout some dinner, hm?
Leonard brought
some Chinese food.
- Laotian, actually.
- I'll order a pizza.
- Okay.
- Sure.
Uh, it's nice meeting
you there, Rusty,
and, Rusty, right, I
hope that later on we can
open up a little dialogue, okay?
(guitar riffing)
(wind whipping)
- Oh, Jacob, you
remember Leonard.
He teaches at the university.
- Yeah, I heard about
your leg, I'm uh,
geez uh, that's pretty bad.
You know, if it's painful I
might have something for you.
Andrea tells me that you
don't wanna see a doctor.
I really think that you should.
I'm a doctor myself and I
really think that you uh,
you should have
that looked into.
- Uh, Jacob, why don't you
let me help you with that?
Come on, let's go.
- There's a lot of
hostility there.
(insects chirping)
You wanna know what I think?
- (laughing) Yeah, I
guess I'm ready for it.
- I think that your skin is
so soft and smooth and warm--
- It's the porch lighting.
- You're caught in the
middle of a classic
destructive relationship.
- Is that right?
- Um-hm, upstairs in the
hallway, the way he played you,
it's perfectly choreographed.
Look, on one side there's Jake,
he's a disabled former lover.
Then there's you, you're
soft, you're warm,
you're bright, you're fresh.
But you're still carrying
a burden of guilt
from the breakup.
Now he needs you, he needs you.
But he denies all your efforts,
and he struggles nobly
against these obstacles,
which he sets up for himself.
He feeds himself
with our sympathy,
he nourishes himself
with your guilt.
And in the end, he
makes it look like
he's doing all this for you.
(sticks clattering)
- Leonard, he was
seriously hurt by that dog.
- Was he?
You yourself said
that he lied about
ever cutting the dog's nose,
and that woman denied that
it ever even happened.
- You don't think he could've
done that to himself?
Oh, god.
You always see so clearly.
- Is that good or bad?
- No sweetie, it's wonderful.
I knew it from
the moment we met.
It's just that--
- What?
- Last night, what about that?
I mean, it wasn't a dream.
There was something
in my bed, I felt it.
I turned the light on and--
- It wasn't there.
It's stress, it's a classic
stress-related syndrome.
You know, the subconscious
has a very powerful affect,
not on reality,
but on perception.
Now Andrea, I was not thrilled
about you coming to babysit
for this guy in the first place,
and now you're simply being
drawn deeper and deeper
into his world.
(Andrea sighing)
I know the pain that you've
been through, I love you.
I don't wanna see you go
through this anymore, please.
- He scares me, Leonard.
- Is he violent, is he violent?
- No.
Not yet.
- All right, I
will tell you what,
there's a Dr. Grover, he's
an old friend of my father's,
he works in the
psychiatric ward,
if there's any other trouble
I will have Jake
admitted like that.
Okay, no problem, he's a
friend of mine, no records.
- Oh god, everything's
gonna be all right.
- Mm.
Of course.
- Seconds walk, minutes run,
years fly, decades stun.
(Andrea laughing)
- It's true.
- What time is it?
- I don't know, my
watch is stopped.
(fire cackling)
- Oh my god.
- Andrea, Andrea wait!
- No, please god,
- Andrea.
- [Man] All the fire's out.
- Mr. Anderson, what happened?
- The hedges caught fire.
I gotta say, I don't see how,
what with all the rain lately.
Here, take this.
Careful there, Mickey.
- [Man] Come on,
get a little more.
- Guess we, we
were pretty lucky,
it could've been a lot worse.
- Lucky?
- [Man] Lucky the neighborhood
didn't get torched.
- So how's Mr. Sterling doing?
- Um, he's, he's better,
slowly, takes time.
- Well this oughta
cheer him up a bit.
Hedges are well
below code now, huh?
Give me that, Mickey.
(brakes squealing)
- Oh my god.
- What, no goodnight kiss?
- Uh, just hang on, I
think my house is burning.
What happened?
- Where's your brother?
- I don't know, I just got here.
(upbeat guitar music)
(tense music)
(electric guitar music)
- What's up?
- What the hell do
you mean, what's up?
This house almost burned down.
- What can I say, I've
been here all night.
- All night?
- I took a piss around 7:45,
I'm sorry I didn't call you.
- Look Rusty, somethin'
is goin' on here.
- That's what I'm trying to
tell you but you don't listen.
It's an evil force.
- The only evil force
in this house is you.
- That's what it
wants you to think.
- Stop it.
You know, you are headed
for real trouble here.
(door slamming shut)
- You have a pyromaniacal
Nazi down the hall.
You've got a toxic lunatic
in the master bedroom.
They only one around here
who seems normal is Lisa,
and that's because I
have not met her yet.
I wonder what kind of secrets
she has in her closet.
You know, Barbie doll
vivisection, Pagan rituals.
- Oh god, stop it.
- Isn't there an aunt
somewhere, or like a grandmother
who could take
over for you here?
You've done enough,
you've done enough.
- You don't understand,
this was my home,
I used to live here.
- That's right, you used
to, you used to, no more.
I'm sorry, I don't mean
to yell, I don't yell.
How much more can you take?
- They were almost my family.
- See, you still love
him, you still love him.
- Oh, no Leonard, I don't,
you know that's not true.
- You want him back?
Maybe, because you dumped him,
the only way you can
rationalize being with him now
is not as a lover,
but as a mother.
- Oh my god, this
isn't fair, Doctor.
- Well you tell me I'm
wrong, you tell me I'm wrong.
- You're wrong.
- I'm wrong?
And Quasimodo's still asleep?
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm wrong.
(Andrea laughing)
(eerie music)
(pencil scratching)
- [Jake] Right, the master
makes it work, finally.
The right concept.
(Jake laughing)
(Leonard whistling)
(microwave beeping)
- Ah.
(microwave beeping)
(fan whirring quickly)
(fan whirring slowly)
(microwave beeping slowly)
(tonal swooshing)
- High technology,
you gotta love it.
(Leonard gasping)
Put it here, pal.
(Leonard breathing heavily)
Good firm grip.
You play squash?
Look, I just wanna
take a second here
and let you know how much I
appreciate your coming over
and taking care of my family.
God knows, I've been
in no shape to do it.
I owe you one, buddy.
So, you're a doctor, right?
- Yeah, I'm a psychiatrist.
- A doctor, sick is sick, right?
Whether it's upstairs,
or down in the basement.
Did I tell you I
went to med school?
- Ah no, you didn't.
- You bet, but I ended
up studying drafting,
majored in architecture.
And I build things,
lots of things.
But sometimes Doc,
I gotta tell ya,
don't think I'm weird,
sometimes I get the
urge to tear them down.
Just get ahold of
a wrecking ball
and level blocks and blocks
of ranch-style homes.
- You don't say.
- You must experience
a similar thing.
I mean, you spend all
day just healing people,
making them feel better.
Don't you ever wanna hurt 'em?
Make them bleed, balance
the books, clean the slate.
(breathing deeply)
Take a look at this puppy.
It's a Walther P38K.
Actually quite old, worth a lot.
German construction.
The SS used to carry these.
Some of the Berlin police
still use 'em today.
Although they're
actually being replaced
by more sophisticated sidearms.
It's a terrific piece of
machinery, incredibly accurate.
It never jams.
It's just a work
of art to look at.
But I guess its day has passed.
I'll tell you one thing though,
you turn this puppy
on some asshole
and you can slip your wrist
through the hole
it'll leave behind.
(tense music)
(Leonard exhaling deeply)
Are you fucking
Andrea, my Andrea?
Don't lie to me, you
bastard fornicator.
- What're you talking about?
(dramatic banging)
Look, you guys have
a relationship, okay,
I'm not part of that.
- And what about tonight?
Are you going to fuck her?
Here, in my house?
- No.
- Bend her over the
dresser just down the hall
from where we used
to sleep together?
- No, no, no.
- You fucked her.
- No.
- Don't lie to me.
- Yes, uh,
yes, I did it, okay?
- And what about after?
- What?
- Lisa, are you going
after my daughter?
- Never, I would never.
- I can't let you do that.
I gotta stop you,
right here, right now.
- No, no!
(scary music)
(gunshot blasting)
(Leonard yelling)
(microwave beeping)
(fan whirring)
(Leonard gasping)
- Lenny?
- Ah!
Oh, oh.
- What is going on here?
- Oh, oh, oh.
(clock ticking)
(Lisa moaning softly)
(clock bell tolling)
(clock ticking)
(wind whipping)
(Lisa sighing)
(Lisa gasping)
(clock ticking)
(wind whipping)
- Mm.
(clock ticking)
(Lisa gasping)
(wind whipping)
(clock ticking)
(distant banging)
(Lisa gasping)
(eerie music)
(music intensifying)
(Lisa shuddering)
(eerie music)
(clock ticking)
(Lisa groaning)
(Lisa breathing heavily)
(eerie music)
(Lisa moaning)
(music intensifying)
(Lisa groaning)
(clock ticking)
(Rusty slurping)
- So where's Leonard?
- Well, he just couldn't
wait to get to work.
Rusty, um,
yesterday you said
there was evil here.
- Yeah.
- Well what have you seen?
- Strange shit.
Couple nights ago, Mrs.
Wheeler said she saw it too.
- What?
- There's no sense
in looking for it.
It's not like ghosts
and demons and shit.
See, I think it's inside
of us, it's in everything.
It's trying to make
this house its home.
See that's why I don't
need a heart-to-heart
with your psychiatrist friend,
and why the doctors
can't help Dad.
He's suffering up there because
of whats in this house.
We need to get out.
(cup clinking)
- Well, I think you believe
that, but I just can't.
(tense music)
(Lisa sighing)
- Hello.
- Morning.
- Lisa, don't you think
you'll be cold today?
- Uh, no, I borrowed
Dad's jacket.
Think he'll mind?
- Not.
- Sweetie.
- What?
- I don't want you
goin' out like that.
(Lisa scoffing)
- Andrea, you're not my mother.
Oh, uh, I'm gonna be going
out with Andy again tonight.
Don't wait up.
(heels clicking)
(door clicking shut)
(birds chirping)
- Oh, so many questions,
sit down, Rusty.
The first night, you
said there was a room.
- Yeah, an old and musty room
but I haven't seen it since.
- Take me through this room.
- I didn't go in it.
- Describe it, it's important.
It's all we have right now.
Come on Rusty, you can
do it, concentrate.
Close your eyes.
- (sighing) All right.
All right it was, it was weird.
It was dark.
(thunder crackling)
There was uh, cloth, uh,
pictures made of cloth.
- Tapestries.
- Right.
On the walls, and
candles, black candles.
There was a, a thick wood table,
like a butcher's
block, in the center.
And, there was
knives and like saws.
There was something carved on
the table, like a, a symbol.
- Pentagram.
- How did you know?
- Go on, go on.
- Um, there were,
(chain rattling)
manacles and chains and,
oh god,
it's to hold someone
down on the table.
It, it's small, it's too small.
- It was for children.
(loud banging)
- What?
- [Iris] Have you ever
seen this picture before?
- That's it, that's
the room I saw.
- You've never seen
this picture before?
It is rather famous.
That room belonged
to Gilles de Rais.
- But that's the
room I saw, I swear.
- Oh, and I believe you.
And I think you may have
been looking back in time.
France, 15th century, de
Rais ran a school for boys.
He was a teacher, minister,
inventor, and necromanser.
- A what?
- Oh, it's French.
It means eater of the dead.
You see, de Rais had a habit
of choosing some of the best
and brightest from his
classes, and eating them.
- Should I ask why?
- Poor fool thought that
by eating their flesh
he would gain their youth and
therefore become immortal.
- Okay, so what does it mean?
- Don't rush to understand
Rusty, just listen and feel.
It began the night your
father returned from where?
- Back east.
His company was breaking
ground on a new development.
- Where?
- New York, Long
Island, actually.
I think it's called Amitysville,
Amitysville Manor or some shit.
- Amityville.
- Yeah.
So, what?
- I don't know.
At least I don't
think I know, I,
go home, I have to
work this through.
- Rusty.
- [Rusty] Andrea.
- Get in, school called, in.
(birds chirping)
(clock ticking)
- [Rusty] Why don't you
stop trying to be my mother
for a minute.
- [Andrea] Gladly, soon
as your father wakes up,
he can take over.
I've had as much
patience as I can.
Now go upstairs, all right.
No calls, no TV,
and no discussions.
(traditional orchestral
music in background)
(book thudding)
(scary music)
- What are you?
(clock ticking)
(dramatic music)
(tense, scary music)
(thunder clapping)
A gift.
(thunder clapping)
(clock bells tolling)
(telephone ringing)
- Hello.
No, I'm sorry, Rusty can't
come to the phone right now.
Yes, I'm sure it is
important, Mrs. Wheeler.
No, I'll tell him you called.
(birds chirping)
(dog barking)
(ominous music)
(blower whirring)
("Rock-a-Bye Baby")
(blower whirring)
("Rock-a-Bye Baby")
- Hello Mrs. Thompson,
how you doing?
Here are your diapers.
("Rock-a-Bye Baby")
(blower whirring)
Now we can set the date
for the last two weeks.
(cane clicking)
(twinkling music)
(ominous music)
Just call me, I'll be
here, any time you want me,
I'll be here for you.
That's what you need,
that's what you get.
(deep rumbling)
Hey, stop that truck!
- Someone help me!
Somebody help!
Help me!
Son of a bitch.
(tires squealing)
(van engine hissing)
- Are you okay?
- Just leave me
be, I'll be fine.
- I'm really sorry, I am, I,
I gotta radio this in.
(Iris laughing)
(stork creaking)
(eerie twinkling music)
(Iris yelling)
(tense music)
- Hello?
Anybody there?
(door creaking)
(radio beeping)
(radio power button clicking)
(hand thudding)
- [Woman Over Radio] The name
again is Sterling, Russell.
Aliases include Rusty.
- Time for another chat, Rusty.
- Damn!
(Rusty grunting)
- Turn away please, people.
(door slamming shut)
- [Paramedic] Yeah,
she's gone, she's gone.
Really, a bit crazy.
- [Rusty] Iris!
- [Paramedic] You got
her strapped down?
All right.
- [Rusty] Iris!
- [Paramedic] All right.
All right.
- [Rusty] Iris!
(blood bubbling)
(fly buzzing)
- Jacob.
(Andrea groaning)
Yes, Dr. Grover, please,
this is Andrea Livingston.
(clock ticking)
Yes, tell him that Dr.
Spears referred me.
(ominous music)
Yes, this is an emergency!
- Yes Andrea.
- No Jacob, no, you're sick.
Ah, you're--
- You don't know how sick.
- No, no!
- What?
- [Andrea] Let's get outta here.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Come on let go, let go.
- Oh no, no.
- Come on, come on,
I'm here, I'm here, come here.
I'm convinced we've
got a medical problem.
- [Andrea] What the
hell is this for?
- Thorazine, your fella here
is gonna go to dreamland
for a day or two.
- Is it dangerous?
- I hope so.
No, no, he'll be fine.
He's just gonna sleep,
god knows he can use it.
And Grover's told me
that medical transport's
on the way over,
and by god if I have to
forge the documents myself,
he's gonna go get
taken care of, okay?
Come on.
Come on, that's right.
- I don't care.
(Lisa moaning)
(insects chirping)
- I thought I'd park here
so your dad doesn't see us.
- You're a smart guy.
No, no, no.
- I knew it, I knew this was
just too good to be true.
- Patience, baby, patience.
We're gonna play a little game.
Hansel and Gretel.
Close your eyes.
Count to 10, and
follow the trail.
- I like this game.
- Good.
- One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten.
(suspenseful music)
Oh, yes.
(suspenseful music)
Andy. (laughing)
Oh, thank you.
(train clattering)
Lisa, are you down here?
- Why don't you come
down and find out?
You did very well, Andy.
- (laughing) Oh, Lisa,
I like this game.
- Now I want you
to wait right there
till I give you the signal.
- Lisa, you're giving
me nothing but signals.
I want you now.
- Don't come any
closer, not yet.
You could be a gentleman
though and toss me your jacket.
Varsity, right?
You ready for the big leagues?
Why don't you take off
the rest of your clothes?
- Oh Lisa, I can't
take it anymore.
(tense music)
(train horn honking)
- Choo-choo, all aboard.
- You won't regret
this, I swear.
- You might.
(liquid sloshing)
- Oh, what did I step
in, a storm drain?
Hey, what the fuck?
(liquid gurgling)
I'm sinking.
(liquid gurgling)
Lisa, Lisa help me.
Oh god it burns, oh!
Oh my god, it burns,
it's burning me, Lisa!
Help me, help me, you bitch!
- Bye, Andy.
(Andy screaming)
(Andy screaming)
(distorted gagging)
First time not so bad after all.
(Andy screaming)
(water gurgling)
(water sloshing)
(Leonard screaming)
(tense thumping)
(Leonard screaming)
- Leonard?
Hey, what's wrong?
- Sh, sh, sh.
The water.
- What?
- Sh, blood.
- What're you talking about?
- Sh, there's somebody here.
(water flowing)
(clock ticking)
(Jake groaning softly)
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I can only rely on the
evidence, but judging from it,
I would conclude that
I've lost my mind.
Now is he asleep?
- Yeah, he's out like a light.
What the hell is goin' on here?
- Well somehow Jacob
is behind all this.
Now I don't know
if it's a case of
parapsychological projection,
where he's creating this
with the raging
forces inside of him,
or if he's doing it all
with mirrors, I don't care.
Where the hell is the
ambulance that I called for?
Naturally, it's dead, it's dead.
All right, the car, I
got a phone in the car.
I want us outta here,
I want him outta here.
Okay, I gotta make
this phone call.
You just get everyone
together in the living room.
- [Lisa] Hey.
- You must be Lisa.
- Hurry back.
- Lisa, are you all right?
- Yeah, I think I'm in love.
Excuse me, I'm gonna change.
Is Daddy up and around yet?
(mysterious music)
(Andrea gasping)
(mysterious twinkling music)
(loud banging)
(scary music)
(Andrea gasping)
(loud booming)
(Andrea calling out)
(loud banging)
- Oh god.
Oh god.
(frightening music)
(phone busy signal beeping)
(Andrea crying)
Oh my god.
(Andrea screaming)
Oh God.
Jake, is that you?
Jacob, I really wanna help you.
I do, really.
(Andrea screams muffled)
(crying) Rusty.
- Sh, where is he?
- I don't know, I don't know.
Leonard's dead.
- So is Mrs. Wheeler.
- What?
- How did it get this far?
- What, what is happening?
- It's the clock, it
makes people evil.
It got Dad, I think it
got Lisa, where is she?
- How could a
clock do something?
- Sh, it's not any clock.
This clock, where it's
been, you have to trust me.
We have to get outta here.
(Andrea crying)
You listening?
(clock ticking)
- [Andrea] Uh!
(Lisa crying)
- It's Lisa, get out.
- Rusty.
(Andrea grunting)
- [Rusty] Lisa?
(insects chirping)
(Andrea grunting)
(window banging)
- [Lisa] Rusty.
(car door thudding shut)
- [Andrea] Thank god.
- Until last week
I'd never taken
a single call from Burlwood.
- What'd I tell you?
We should never have let
that Sterling kid go home.
(heavy rock music)
(Lisa whimpering)
- [Rusty] Lisa?
- [Lisa] Oh god,
it's so horrible.
- [Rusty] Lisa, you okay?
- [Lisa] Rusty,
it's so horrible.
- [Rusty] We gotta get
the hell outta here.
- [Lisa] It's so horrible.
- [Rusty] What is?
- That you're my brother.
Don't care about the
young and the restless
(insects chirping)
(doorbell ringing)
- It's pretty quiet, huh?
- [Andrea] Help me!
Goddammit, can you hear?
Goddammit, open the door!
(door slamming shut)
(door handle jiggling)
(Rusty panting)
- Open it!
No, the door!
Open the fucking door!
- [Female Officer] Nobody home?
- Another action-packed
night in Burlwood.
(both chuckling)
- [Andrea] No!
(insects chirping)
(Andrea crying)
What in the hell
is happening here?
- [Jake] It's got nothing
to do with hell, Andrea.
- Oh.
- Heaven and hell.
Purgatory, limbo.
Myopic, Andrea.
Such a small view of the world.
(Andrea whimpering)
(Andrea groaning)
This is about power,
power and sacrifice.
I love you.
- [Andrea] No, no, no, oh, oh.
- I felt your eyes on
me for the longest time.
- Oh yeah, feel this.
(heavy rock music in background)
- Mm, I like that.
Will you spank me too,
I've been real bad.
(Rusty breathing heavily)
Come on, Rusty, just
give me a little kiss.
Pucker up, this could
be your last chance.
(tense music)
- Jacob, this isn't you.
Please, this isn't you.
That's it, that's it.
It's Andrea, that's it, baby.
(Andrea grunting)
- Hold still.
- They come.
(Rusty groaning)
(sparks buzzing)
(Lisa yelling muffled)
(frightening banging music)
(clock ticking)
- [Rusty] Stop!
(Rusty grunting)
- Rusty!
(Rusty grunting)
(frightening banging music)
(glass shattering)
(clock ticking)
(slow, tense music)
- My life is a mess, Andrea.
And you ruined it!
- No!
- My bright and cheerful son.
(loud banging)
(clock screeching)
- [Rusty] No!
(Jake screaming in pain)
(Jake groaning)
- What time,
what time?
The clock, I need more time.
(Jake groaning)
(Jake yelling in pain)
(Jake groaning)
(glass clinking)
(clock ticking)
(dramatic swooshing)
Stay the night.
I'll be a gentleman, I promise.
(Jake groaning)
(weapon clattering)
(clock ticking)
(toddler babbling)
- Rusty?
(toddler babbling)
Oh baby, come here.
That's it, come on,
come on, baby, yeah.
Go wait outside, okay.
Mommy'll be right out.
(clock ticking)
He will get out, understood?
(door creaking)
(clock ticking)
(clock bell chiming)
(clock ticking)
(Andrea grunting)
(clock bell chiming)
It's time.
(Andrea grunting)
(eerie music)
(clock whirring)
(Andrea grunting)
(clock whirring)
(Andrea grunting)
(mysterious twinkling music)
(clock whirring)
(Andrea crying out)
(Andrea coughing)
(clock squealing)
(Andrea coughing)
Oh my god.
(eerie music)
(clock whirring)
(wind howling)
(doorbell ringing)
(Andrea moaning)
(thunder rumbling)
(doorbell ringing)
- Hi!
I'm home, Lisa, Rusty.
They asleep?
- How was New York?
- It was great,
they wanna use us.
They're looking
for a new concept,
something more
timeless, they say.
Whatever that means
in tract housing.
What the hell you
doin' with that?
- Protection.
- Daddy.
- [Jake] Hi, sweetheart.
- Hi, welcome home.
For me, you shouldn't have.
- Actually sugar, it's not.
No this, this is something that
our house has been missing.
- A gun rack?
- Oh, my bright
and cheerful son.
- Well, open it.
(tense, eerie music)
(Andrea groaning)
(music intensifying)
- Not again!
(loud banging)
(Andrea grunting)
(Andrea crying)
- What the hell
was that all about?
- It's about time, that's what.
(mysterious music)
(car engine revving)
(car engine humming)
(mysterious music)
- Pure evil.
(mysterious twinkling music)
(wind whipping)
(light, twinkling music)
(clock ticking)
(mysterious music)