Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi (2003) Movie Script

When lady lecturers are sitting
at the next table, why do ... smoke?
-That is class, this is mass
Why do you support high level
people leaving your canteen work?
Go and count coffee cups.
Didn't you get your tiffin
boxes today?
We are fasting today for
Varalakshmi Vrartam.
Mr. lyer
-Yes madam.
Please try this for a
different taste
See those boys ! Causing us
trouble with their smoking.
They will go to bar in the
evening for oozing. Can you stop?
They are students in class only.
We should not bother about
them beyond that.
Guess her age?
-May be between 30-35
They are talking about you.
-l'm listening.
The saree has covered. See the
fold above her lumbar region
Who might have married her,
but ..
What? What are talking?
Fold? Which fold?
Are you talking of this fold?
Didn't your mother have foldd?
Didn't you see it ever?
What are your comments?
Dirty fellow
Why do you beat me madam?
This is not beating.
This is smooth handling.
l have a son just like you as a
fat donkey. Tall and fat.
lf my son knows of your
comment he will beat you ...
...repeatedly leaving no empty
space on your body
Then your skin will get folds. l
pity U when l imagine the scene.
lmprove your left movements.
Unless you win this you can't
attend National Olympics.
Continue like this. You will
become Andhra Tyson ...
Will you stop?
Let us go. l will give you a
drop, and pick up my mom.
You need not trouble.
l can give her a drop.
Why would U go? lsn't it due to
your craze about girls?
You can go now.
No problem, madam.
We can go afterwards
What? Any of you trying
to woo my son?
lt is not that. We wish to give
you a life if he does'nt come
Why didn't you say 'bye' to her
when she said 'bye' to you.
She is a waste, as she
is becoming too fat.
She is looking at you only.
Excess salt is there in this.
Why, pickle is like this?
lsn't it good?
-No taste, nothing.
lt will be like that my son.
This is known as Marriagaria,
as similar as malaria.
That means this is a disease
which afflicts the youth
Dissatisfaction with the menu of
mother, desiring new tastes ...
... are the symptoms of this
So, now you've to get yourself
married, my naughty son.
l have no mood
for marriage at present
People marry at appropriate
age, not at mood.
Your marriage age has
come and going away ...
... and you are becoming dry.
When the age is barred ...
...nobody will offer a bride to
you.-No problem.
Your father too used to take
water like this.
How many times did l tell you
not to pronounce his name?
Just l referred your father's
name only, isn't it? -No.
Neither he is my father, nor your
husband. He left us for our fate.
He is not related to us,
for that reason.
He did not leave us.
He had a goal in his life.
He didn't want any family trouble
& wanted to live at a distance.
l have agreed to his proposal.
We departed as friends only.
As friends? Meaning? Departed
after shaking your hands?
l need not beat him,
but you only.
Don't repeat his name again
with me.
You need not sacrifice your food
for my fasting. You can eat.
l have striked. Not you.
Go and eat.
OK, give me food.
-l can't.
l am hungry.
Let us go and eat. -No.
Mother! Angry Lakshmi.
Mother! My golden mother!
Please eat.
Please eat.
This is your morsel.
Neither of you nor mine.
l am dying for food.
Get mango pickle for me.
Chandu, Chandu.
Be silent and do your work.
What is the matter?
Our neighbour Mr.Dhanunjay had
been to Tirupati and ...
... left the keys with us. His
elder brother's daughter is ...
... coming from Madras
You have to pick up her from
Railway Station, convince her and...
... bring her here and give a
drop in our neighbour's house.
She got angry with these
people for some reason.
These people are afraid of her
visit to her uncle's house.
Your narration is very clear,
but l could not understand
You couldn't understand?
Our neighbour had been to
His elder brother's daughter is
coming from Madras tomorrow.
Please stop ...
A girl is coming from Madras.
She is naughty.
l am to pick her up and drop her
in neighbour's house. ls it? -Yes.
What is her name?
Name ... l have forgotten. But
she'll come in a yellow chudidar.
That is enough. S5 or S6?
Search in Charminar.
Not in Palaknama.
Yellow chudidar (attire).
What is this?
-Don't you know Telugu?
Are you Tamilian?
Leave my hands. Who're you to
snatch my bag & go? Oh God!
ls there no one to ask this? What
do you think of yourself?
You don't know about me.
l'll kill you.
and get on the bike
No...- Let us go home.
Come on...
Should l invite you?
-This house ...
Some differences may arise with
your uncle. You shouldn't feel.
lt is not that...
-This is also a house.
Your uncle had been to Tirupati
for a total shave of head.
Did you wash your face?
Brush ... brush ...!
-No, not yet.
No brushing! But apply lipstick
early morning. Go to bathroom.
Brush your teeth. Why do you
see like that? Your teeth only.
Eat up. You should not be
so naughty.
Excuse me please. ls this
the house of Mr.Dhanunjay?
Yes. This is the house of
Mr. Dhanunjay
... But who are you?
l am the daughter of his elder
brother, coming from Madras.
l was told that somebody will be
sent to pick me up.
Nobody has turned up. So l came
here after a long wait.
lf so, who are you?
-l am saying that only.
Aren't you the daughter of
Dhanunjay's elder brother?-No
lf so, why did you wear
this yellow attire?
Because this is my own dress
Why did you come with me to
ride on a bicycle free?
You did not give me any chance
to tell you anything.
You have brushed your teeth
and ate four idlis.
l got those idlis for you.
She ate all of them.
Why do you wait still?
Please start and go away.
lf you stay for some more time,
you will eat the whole house.
l've been telling you that for so
long. Do you have any sense?
Enough, go...Auto..Take her to her
destination, she will tell you.
She could've told me at least.
lsn't it, mother?
Where have you given a chance?
You told me that she is naughty,
so l have changed my style.
What happened mother?
-Chest pain.
lf l die, what will
you do, my son?
l'll kill you, if you say it again,
Did you understand?
Call that girl. He is calling you
... -Jerk
Has it worked out?
Who are you?
You will see a girl everyday?
Since you see her, she also
sees you. You will smile.
lf she likes your face
she also smiles.
After that both of you will
have cool drinks and ...
... exchange ''l love you'' words.
Your elders will come to know.
Some annoyance etc. happens.
Then you will threaten them etc.
or you will shift yourselves.
lt takes nearly six months
for a happy end of this episode.
What for will you marry?
-What for? For nuptials Sir.
Please see this. Without any
process, this girl is ready ...
... for your nuptials.
Are you a broker?
Either l am a broker, or
speedbreaker, don't mind.
l can arrange this girl for you.
ls this girl OK for you?
l can pay you whatever you
want. Please set this girl for me
This is not a finance problem.
Have you got a ration card?
What for?
-For address proof.
Have you got passport?
-Yes. -Very good
Please get xerox copies of your
ration card, passport, income tax
.... assessment copy, health
certificate, your 6 months bank ..
... balance to me and fill these
lf we feel OK after our
verification, pay Rs. 20,000
The nuptial marriage will be
ready on the same night.
Are these papers essential?
To apply for a fridge loan the
bank asks ninety questions
...for a small SlM card they
will ask one lakh enquiries ...
Do you know how many
precautions we've to take ... send a pure virgin girl into
a room with you?
You are aware sir, it is only
for one night.
Without knowing you, your
whereabouts how can we?
What would be her fate if you
beat her inside the room?
lf you burn with cigarettes? Or
sell her for Rs.1,000/-?
l am not such a man, Sir.
-You know that. But l do not.
... These verifications are for
that only. Don't waste the time.
... Carry on the process first.
Do you want to see again?
Forgive us, God and hide this.
-l'll do 108 rounds, God
Come fast, all of you
-See there
l feel that, there is
somebody here.
Whoever will be here
at this time? -Come on...
This side. Nobody is here
l can't smoke. Don't know how
the males smoke
See there...
l know, you are so great.
Miss Chennai!
-Come here. Come!
lt is not that, Sir.
These people gave me ...
Do you know Telugu?
-Little bit
You know Telugu little.
And know to smoke fully.
Cigarette only? Rum, Brandy,
Whisky, Gootka, Matka etc.?
Don't enact plays any more.
You came from Chennai, and
spoil these Hyderabad girls?
l fall on your feet Sir.
Please excuse me.
ln Chennai people fall on feet,
but in Andhra they hug.
Yes, hug him.
Sorry sir ! We'll never smoke.
-Good, very good.
This is enough for this day.
Let's see tomorrow.
Why is this so exciting?
Why has'nt he come down
till now?
Madam! lsn't today your
l have practised through out the
night? May l tell you. -Yes.
Stop. First let my son tell it.
You tell after that. Do work.
l will be ready within 10
minutes and then we'll leave
l may forget the song -
l will tell now itself.
Didn't l tell you to let him
greet me first.
Mother, please come.
-Shall we go? -Yes.
She wants us to listen her new
song now. Shall we listen?
l am late for practice, let us
listen to her in the evening.
Don't sing at inappropriate times
and pass time
Did you forget anything?
-No, nothing. -Nothing?
Yes, now l remember.
-l did not have my breakfast.
Go and have your breakfast.
l want you to eat a lot.
He doesn't remember
the birthday of his mother
Good morning madam.
-Bad morning.
You, you and you
you are only me
l do not exist without you
When this bond has formed?
Our happiness is invaluable
You, you and you
you are only me
l do not exist without you
When this bond has formed?
Our happiness is invaluable
Chandu, Chandu. Wake up!
Mother! Let me sleep for a while
You appear in my dreams
And l see you when l wake up
My peril and pleasure are for U.
My smiles and cries are you
You are my companion every
When l can't find you, l search
for you,
When l cry, you console me
One more ...
-Don't be hasty
How can eat a big one?
-l will give smaller one only
You are my light at every step
All my pleasures are with you
You, you and only you
are in me
l do not exist without you
When this bond has formed?
Our happiness is invaluable
Go! Go on with your job.
What happened?
Just coming
What happened, Sir!
-An accident!
lt may be OK if a
lorry had hit me.
An auto hit me.
He says there were no brakes.
What has the doctor advised
He advised me to take bed rest
for 6 months for complete cure.
l know. Your tournament is
fast approaching.
This accident is a great loss
to you at this crucial period
Please do one thing. There is a
coach in Vizag, Mr.Raghuveer.
He is a better coach than me.
He is the only one, who won
consecutively for six times
He is a living legend of Boxing
in lndia. Go to him for practice.
Certainly, you will be the
champion this year.
l won't go Sir-Why?
l can't leave my mother alone.
She is a heart patient.
Please sit in a chair and instruct
me. Get yourself discharged.
But l can't go to Vizag leaving
my mother alone Sir.
Are you mad? Why do you stop
your coaching in between?
Mother! l told you not to
entertain any discussion!
Please go. He says that
he is a good coach.
Amitabh Bhachan cinema is
released in town? Shall we go?
Why don't you answer me?
l do not like tall and
obstinate people.
l am waiting for you only.
You wrote as A.P.Raju in
But here it is coming as
l felt shy and made it short.
Do not make anything short
hereafter. Let it be long.
What is this? Why have your
paid Rs.3,000 in Apollo Hospital
What was your disease?
-Not for me. For my father.
What was the disease
of your father?
Some diseases are
hereditary causes.
No sir, it was for an accident.
Please give a surety signature
on this paper-What for sir?
You see, what happens if
anything happens to our girl?
This is the only last thing.
Get ready for nuptials.
Good morning madam!
You are coming to our home.
We are happy for your visit.
Am l came late Mr.lyer?
-No madam! There is time.
This is my wife, Gayatri.
What is this?
-Go away!
Are you mad?
lf my head is broken?
lt is not broken yet, go - go!
You come down! How dare you
talk like this? U don't know me
Who are they?
Why do you tolerate them?
ls this house yours or not?
They came as tenants like
good people but...
...within 10 days transformed
this into a club.
Why didn't you give a
police report?
This is not our town.
There is nobody to support us.
Do one thing. l will send my son.
He will accompany you.
Please go to Police Station and
give a report.
Then they will fix
these rogues properly
Nothing, you put vermillion
l will send my son. Then you
will face the consequences
Sir, they drink and play cards
& changed the house into a club
Club!, but there is no board.
Sir, does anybody run a club
with a board?
This matter is civil.
Owner, tenant fights etc. are to
be judged in civil court only.
lf we enter into the scene of
playing their cards, ...
... they will say that their
brother-in-law, uncle and...
... brothers are playing
for entertainment.
Playing cards in their own home
may not be a crime
So also, boozing in home is also
not a crime
lf any crime occurs on road, it
comes under our jurisdiction then
Law is like that.
Tell me what we can do
Do you know to watch
if anybody beats them?
You keep watching
What is the way to upstairs?
Why are you here?
- My friend is here....
l will come back after l play
cards upstairs. Stay here
Distribute the cards
to me also.
Three A's -Lift your hand.
-l got three As.
You have lost due to those three
A's only. Lift your hand
What is your cheating?
Which are higher, 3K's or 3A's.?
Such a bang while Playing
Which are higher, 3K's or 3A's.?
Can you hear that banging?
Like that only. Beat them
3A's are only higher
-No, kings are higher.
Yes, Kings are higher.
Then, what's your problem now?
No, 3A's are higher.
What are those sounds?
Why did he push him?
-No sir, he simply slipped.
No problem if he slips. But if he
was pushed, it is a case.
Please stop boss. Whatever you
say, it is higher.
Did he jump or fall down?
Jumping is not a problem.
lf he is thrown, it is a case.
Come on...
-Whatever you say, it is higher.
lt is not that. This place is not
worthy for us.
Let us shift to some other
place, and play there. Come..
Take it fast and go
Take your keys sir. Our
people do not like this place.
This is the way. Civil matters
have to be solved like this.
lf you call police for everything
what can we do? ls'nt it-Yes
Many thanks.
Go man.
No please.-Why?
-l have no such habits, sir.
Do you think that this is the
only job for me?
Let us try slowly.
Why did you came here?
lsn't it for me?
l came to see upstairs
-Let us see afterwards.
ls this Tajmahal?
Didn't you see it until now?
Try to understand?
-No, please.
Don't you like? -No.
-You may go then
Hi Chennai, would you like to try
once? -No - Your wish, then
l doubt that ''l love her''- l am
waiting for your approval
You may proceed as
per your wish.
By the way, what is her name?
-Miss. Chennai
lt might be '' Chinni''
-l call her like that only
She told me her name once. But l
can't recollect-You are an idiot
You love her but don't even
bother to remember her name
Why is she here?
Mom, she is the one.
ls she Miss.Chennai? -Yes
l think l had seen
her somewhere
You be here. l'll talk to her.
We are strangers to each other
l think l have seen
you somewhere!
Aunty, haven't you
recognised me?
We have met in lyer uncle's
house- You are correct
Good morning aunty.
-Very good morning dear
Have you come here for
We have come here to buy
hairpins for her
lt is her marriage
-We came for shopping
Rowdy...-Who is it?
-That one
He scares me. Whenever l
see him, l start shivering
Aunty, he is staring at us only.
My God
Does he trouble you? - Hello
-Aunty, please don't call him
Hello, l am calling out for you
only. Come here
Aunty, let us go from here.
-Don't worry
What do you think of yourself?
-Aunty, let us make a move
Don't worry, dear.
What do you think of yourself?
Do you consider yourself
to be a hero? Be careful
Do the girls look like
dancing dolls to you?
Don't ever dare to tease our
child again. We'll break Ur bones
We shouldn't leave the rogues
like him without punishing
Wait a minute! Do you have any
idea about him? -No
Do you know kick boxing? -No
-He knows it very well
He will crush you in toto. lt will
be better for you to keep quiet
Better be careful henceforth.
Get lost now.
You come aside? -l would like
to have a word with you
Come this side
Don't be oversmart. My one
kick will place you nowhere
Get lost.
-Aunty, please cool down
Shall we launch a complaint to
police? - No
He is a nice ''paiyan''
-What does it mean?
''paiyan'' means a ''boy'' in Tamil
That means you like him. - l
will call him then. Hello ... ....
Aunty, please don't call him.
l am scared in his presence but
like him whenever he is apart
Then you will live with him from
afar only. Let us move
Will you come for lunch?
Will you treat me with Chicken?
Will l be offered a virgin
for dinner?
l will offer it, if you are
ready to accept
Will you synergetically
synchronise with me?
lf you want,
l will certainly do that
Will you come to the mango field
to offer the fruit of beauty
You are welcome to enjoy it
Your touch arouses me
How can one feel shy for
kissing in youth
Just a touch of Urs is increasing
the warmth of my breath
The beauty has a lovely waist
My heart is dancing
-Shall we enjoy together
This is the time to
dance as we wish
You are the most wanted. Will l
be able to fulfil your wishes?
You are my brave king. Come for
a feast for asking my heart.
This beauty is like the cashewnut
-Your one hug fulfils my mind
This blossoming youth is only
for you, my king
My dear beauty, let's share
our happy life together
You are only my gold, dear
and l am yours
We can enjoy the beautiful
evenings together
Your pre-final match will be
conducted next week
You will be qualified for the
finals if you win in this
You will soon be a national
champion. Practice hard for it
You should have an idea
regarding your opponent
You have to face last year's
champion Mr. Satpaal Malik
He is a very dangerous fighter
Mrs. Padmavati, please whistle
once. - l'm sorry, l can't
Mrs. Jayanthi, please whistle
once. - l'm sorry, l can't
Can none of you whistle?
Then, l will do that
Get up & beat him.
You are the best
He is my son
Come and sit here
Come on
Excuse me
Please move a bit aside
Have you come to see him?
-No, l have come for my friends
ls he teasing you again?
He will lose the game,
if you offer prayers to God
He shouldn't lose
Aunty, by the way whom are you
giving support to?
l have for that fellow
with beard
ls he your son?
-He is my boy friend
Look at his body. Doesn't he
look smart? See there.
Why are you clapping?
-l'm very sportive
Aunty, l will make a move
That girl -What? -That girl
-Who?- ldiot, your girl friend
Sir, please take this
l feel as happy as passing an
l.A.S examination
You feel the same before
entering inside
That girl is a very good artist
She wanted to be like Sridevi
and you got her
Sir, please bless me.
-Go ahead-Shall l go...
Do U have any idea regarding the
exams that l have passed for U?
You own me for the entire day
How do you want me to be?
What? -Every guy does have
some unfulfilled desires
Shall l be like your neibouring
beauty or like your girl friend ...
...or like your aunt's daughter?
l prefer U to be like a girlfriend
as l don't have any till today
Gopi, why are you so late?
-Why are you silent?
Who is Gopi? -Do you know
since how long am l waiting?
ls this the time to come?
l am sorry.
Come on
Every one in this park is staring
at us. -So, this is a park
lt's alright- We will close our
eyes and make love. Come on
Every one is against our
marriage in my house.
Who are they?
-My brother
He is waiting for an
opportunity to thrash you
How dare he?l'll kill him and Ur
father and bury them together
No one can separate us.
Come on dear
Gopi, it's enough for now.
lt's getting darker.
We shall make a move now
So early? - Ok, just wait
for only 10 minutes
What are you doing? -lt's alright
You also co-operate with me
Gopi, what is this?
We are yet to marry
All the guys belong
to the same category
They have no respect
for the girls
You just need our body
but not our loving heart
Since l have paid Rs.20,000/-...
The guys like you'll be taught a
lesson for trying to buy a lady
You will realise the
greatness of love only then
Don't show me your
face till then
Get lost.
-My God,
Bye Aunty. -Convey my
regards to all
Give a call as soon as you
reach. -Ok
Come for the wedding without
fail or l'll kill you-What!
l will not come for your
This is that girl's house.
l haven't seen her since 4 days
Just go ask them
regarding her whereabouts?
What is her name? - l have no
idea. She has come from Chennai
That's enough
Good morning Mr.lyer
-Good morning- How are you?
She has gone back to Chennai
and she is already engaged
l was not aware of this.
l shouldn't have loved her
l am not able to forget her
Madam is in special class.
-Will she be getting late?
She has asked you
to wait for some time
Did she ask you
to inform me all this?
Don't you have any lectures to
attend?-Lectures got over
Then, what are you doing here
instead of going back to home?
We will call madam. - You
please wait here. -Carry on
lnform her that her son
has come
Why did he come here?
-For his mother
He comes here almost every day
You unnecessarily lost the game.
He has nothing. Your defeat is ...
... an absurd insult for all us
l should have gone instead of U
We do have certain reputation
as we know that ...
... we have taken a loyal birth
We can fight with each other
lt's very difficult to fight with
a bastard child
Chandu, please cool down.
-Mother, please leave me
l will kill him
-Stop it
Do you know his words?
-You go away
This is college
but not a street
Are you the one who called my
son as a '' bastard''
Yes, he is a bastard child
He is an icon of our love
But, people like you are born out
of performing a mechanical duty
Yes, he is a bastard.
But, don't ever dare
to call him bastard again
lf you dare to do so,
he will kill you
Rs. 20,000 again? -Haven't you
come for a visit again?
But nothing has happened yet.
-That depends on your talent
ls it a compulsion?
-of course, yes
Rs. 20,000. lnform her -You can
inform her on your own.- l'll see
That can be discussed later on.
You have to act as per my wish
That's your choice
Now we are in Ooty.
l own this guest house
lt's raining very heavily outside.
You came to my guest house and
knocked the door
l opened the door and
l saw that you are totally wet
And later on, ... we are
lt's raining very heavily outside
You got wet in toto
Please wear this
Enjoy the warmth.
-Thanks a lot
You have provided me shelter at
this hour of the night
How shall l pay for your help?
l already told you that
a short while ago
What is this? - Romance
This is not at all fair. -You
can't deceive an innocent like me
l have a son.
What can l say? My husband
went away after a child is born
l'm struggling day and night
to earn our bread and butter
He is studying in Ooty school
l have come to see him
and got stuck in the rain
l was betrayed by the destiny.
Will you betray me once again?
l allowed you to come in as l
was not knowing Ur life history
You can stay here itself.
l will go away
When did you come to Ooty?
What's wrong with him?
What about his shirt?
Tomorrow in the lunch hour ..
Madam, what's wrong?
Condition is very critical.
All the valves got blocked
This is happening for the third
time. We're trying our level best
Where is mother?
-She is inside
Don't worry
Treatment is going on
l want to see my mother
l want to see her
You move aside
Are you crazy?
l want to see my mother
l want to know her condition
l want to see her
lf you want, you can go and talk
to her. We are helpless
Please go and talk with her
l don't want to.
l can't see her like that
l have one last wish to be
fulfilled-lt's not the last wish
Please listen to me, dear
-Ok mother, reveal it
After my death .... ....
Dear, listen atleast now
-Ok mother
After my death, you have to
spend rest of your life with ...
...your father. -Mother, are you
mad? -Please do this for me
Mother, this is not at all fair.
Did l ever ask you to learn
kick boxing? lt is in your blood.
Do you know
who is your father?
He is the third person in the
photo which U worship everyday
You denied to go to Vizag,
Mr. Raghuveer...
He was a National Champion
for six times.
He is your father, my son.
Will you go?
Please promise me.
-Yes mother, l will go.
l promise, but you don't
leave me and go, mother
Mother, wake up!
Wake up!
l have phoned to your father and
informed your arrival
l am going to that gentleman
whom l had aversed and ...
... hated all these days.
Take these house keys.
Give for rental.
Chandu! Come...
-No problem.
Come, come. l felt a lot after l
received the death news of Laxmi
She is a nice girl.
For calling her as girl?
She may be your mother, but
for me she is my girl friend
This is our home. Sit down.
Shalini ! l had told you.
Son of Lakshmi.
l am your son too
Tell her.
Who is this lady?
-Your aunt
There is a sister for you.
Where is Swapna?
This is your brother.
l felt very much on the
death of your mother.
What will you take son,
coffee, tea, bournvita?
l do not want anything.
-Do not want? OK.
Come, let us go.
-Where to?
Not here, l have made some
other arrangements for you.
l hate you first. Since my mother
advised me, l came here.
l need not stay in hotels and
guest houses.
l also have one house,
built by my mother.
l'll tell you, come with me.
Would you like to stay
here forever?
What your mother will lose?
She sent you to me.
Do you think her to be good for
offering coffee, tea or drink?
Yes, she is good for the first
two days. After that it starts.
Both of you will complain
against each other.
Oh! all the time family tensions.
Since l could not manage the
family tensions ...
... l left your mother
This is the property l earned
and my ambition too.
Namaste sir! -Hi!
-This boy is my son.
Son? - Very tall. -Keep these
inside. He'll be here.
This is your lodge. Fresh air,
beach. A good atmosphere.
He doesn't say anything to me.
What a man he is?
All these boys are practising
Kick Boxing, a martial art form
These boys stand as
future champions
A great pleasure to produce
these champions
He is Anand.
Would be the next champion
He wll win surely
Couldn't you understand? Sit here
from tomorrow onwards.
They will pay amounts,
collect them.
Clean the entire premises
every day morning.
There is no wrong in this.
All this is our property.
The servant will be with you.
-What an ill fate for me?
There is no fault in working.
lt is not for my work, but
for my co-existence with you.
High temperament.
of course, he is my son.
Mr. Balaraju! -Sir. -What is
this? -Tyagaraya Kalakshetram
This is a dance school
imparting music course.
The owner sings, and his son
follows him with Mridangam.
She is the daughter of master.
She teaches Bharatanatyam..
She loved a disciple in school
He had cheated her & left
There is another daughter to him.
She knows, Kuchipudi, Kathak,
... Cuttack and Calcutta etc.
all the dances.
She might be busy inside the
house. Carry on with your job
Sit, sit.
During my visit to Hyderabad,
some funny things happened.
Shall l tell you?
-Please tell us.
lt is a very old bungalow.
He exists always there only
l do not know whether he was
there or not
l entered to find his existence.
He immediately
appeared before me
l warned him that
l am not a good girl.
He was seeing me
romantically and came near me
l immediately raised into air and
kicked him with my two feet
ls it true, sister-He fell down on
his back at such a long distance
Sister, do you know to kick?
Yes, he was standing quite
against me, l saw & kicked
Miss Chennai! -Yes, he used
to call me like this only.
l warned that l will cut him
if he calls me like this again
Come here!
Come here once!
Why are you here?
Telugu language!
-We stay here itself.
Are you engaged?
Do you have any boy friend?
Don't enact.
Did you love anybody?
So you are free
-Can l try for you?
l am here only. l will come for
you now and then.
Carry on your job.
Try, try!
Miss Chennai! What is your
name? -Moogambiga Ammal.
-Moogambiga Ammal
lt's alright
Chennai sounds better
Oh Chennai Moon!
l lost my heart
Oh Chennai Moon!
Let me reach you
lf l don't reveal it,
l might lose her
l want your companionship
Sweet heart, flower garden is
inviting you with love
l lost myself at this moment
The signs of your lips steals
my heart
lt's a sweet memory
Dear, please come near
My dear naughty sweet heart
Don't kill me with your love
My heart is ambrosia
lt'd dedicated to you
My heart is filled with love
When will he go?
-Who? -Your son
When will you send him?
-He came to stay here only
What is your problem
if he stays here?
When you married me
you told me ...
...that you have no any relation
with that family ...
... and nobody will be coming
from there.
Tomorrow you will introduce him
as your son to the public
Then everybody feels, l'm your
second wife. ls it nice to U?
So my life became as your
''keep'', isn't it?
You know already
that l was married.
Now Lakshmi is no more, and
he will stay here only
This is unjust and cheating.
-Shut up your mouth
Did you listen?
She points me out as a cheater.
lt is true that l have cheated
your mother, then...
Why is she saying that
l have cheated her?
What she said is correct.
You can cheat anybody.
Take this month's collection.
All this is my fate.
Are you the new entrant?
-Yes - Give me juice.
Did you mix any thing?
-Yes, l've mixed glucose.
Did l tell you to mix it?
Why did you mix? Who will
drink it? You or l?
Be careful to work here.
-Boys, what is happening here?
See sir! l take fresh juice every
day. But he mixed glucose
You could have known from him.
You have to know them first.
He is my son, Chandu.
-Sorry sir. l did not know.
lt is all right. Committed an
unknown mistake unknowingly.
Mr Anand! He is more than my
son and my sole heir.
My champion!
Mr Anand! He is more than my
son and my sole heir.
See once again and
then continue
What is this?
Have you lost your mind?
Hey, why are you disturbing
the classes?
You had grown your muscles and
coming from there to here?
Do you export your muscles to
foreign countries?
You can join in military & serve
our country.
Military? Yes, let us sit and
discuss about it.
You can dismiss yourselves.
There is no problem
to go to military?
Then there are 2 problems -
whether l'll be selected or not
No problem if l am not selected.
Again 2 problems after selection.
Whether l will be selected as an
officer or Soldier
There is no problem if l am
selected as an officer
But again there are 2 problems
if l am selected as a soldier.
Whether the war
will come or not.
There is no problem
if it does not come.
lf it comes again there are
2 more problems
Whether l am made to stand in
forefront, or backward
lf l stand backward
there is no problem
There are again 2 more
Whether l will die or be alive?
-There is no problem if l alive.
Again there are
2 more problems if l die.
Whether they will bury or
burn me?
There is no problem
if they burn me.
But again there are 2 more
problems if they bury me.
lf they bury me, bushes and
trees will grow.
lf the bushes are grown
there is no problem.
Again there are two problems if
if trees grow upon me.
Furniture and Paper will be
manufactured from trees
There is no problem with
lf paper is produced again there
will be 2 more problems
Writing paper as well as tissue
paper to clean mouth and anus.
There is no problem
with writing paper
But again there are two more
problems with tissue paper.
Both males and famales can use
the paper
lf a female like Aishwarya Rai
cleans herself it is so good,
... but the people like you clean
then only a problem arises.
So l won't go to military.
What do you say?
Military! Why do they
require my welfare?
Hello, brother-in-law?
-How could you come here?
l feel bored without you in
Hyderabad, so l came to Vizag.
What're these people doing?
To develop muscles only?
How is he here?
-How did you come here?
As the girl is interested, we
came here for holidays.
Has she come?
-Yes, she is in the hotel.
Could you improve your talent, or
remained like that?
Please provide me one more
chance. l will show my talent.
You need not show me.
Show to her. l am ready.
l feel very happy to see you.
Get ready with Rs. 20,000
What happened?
Sir, she is with fever. l've to
see her. l can come by evening
You don't have to come and
you can look after her.
Did you take her to doctor?
-No sir. -Why didn't you?
No sir, no. -Keep this.
-Take her to doctor at once.
Why are you doing this job?
Where is he?
His wife is not doing well,
so he could not come.
His wife is not doing well,
if so what is he doing?
A feminist creature!
-All the people can't be like U.
Since she is not doing well, he
applied camphor to her legs -
...and serving her. All the
people cannot be negligent like us
Do you want to kill me?
Why're you so angry with me?
Do l look like a villain
to you?
l am checking since
your arrival, my son!
l want to tell you something.
-What is it?-Shall l come in
Do you have to come so near
to me to say that?-Yes -Tell!
Please do not tell my father of
my cigarette smoking.
Did you have to come here
this midnight to say that?
There are 4 rape cases on me.
Never come in midnight hours.
Tell me sorry! -Sorry sir.
-Not like this. Andhra style
Sorry sir. l will not come like
this in midnight again
My sister! Did you also came to
me to say sorry like this?
She accompanied me.
lt is alright. But never roam
around midnight.
lf anybody kidnaps you, your
father's house will be stuck up
Go away.
-Good night sir - Good night.
Oh, God
Come, let us go.
Beauty is having a sparkling
You're a stunning beauty and you
are as sweet as sugarcane
Don't be in a hurry
You have got butter and biesting
together. Shall l enjoy?
You accept the truth. l can show
you the distant shores together
l have come to kiss you as you
are a sweet beauty like rose
Come on then. l would prefer to
enjoy with you
l am helpless. l have to
inaugurate your sweet cheeks
Your thin waist is like Arabia
and your beauty is like Nigeria
l have come for you
lt's your wish now
You are my life and
my life is for you
l have come for you and
you are my life
Let me curl around you
Don't stop me
Chandu, my son, come down.
Don't you respect your father?
Come down. Let us finalise our
strength ourselves
Why are you angry with me.
Come ... come with me.
l did not beat and throw her.
We just separated only.
l dreamt to become a champion,
for which l learnt kick boxing
l was getting ready for
... then l found her, your mother
We have loved each other.
We also married.
Life was very happy.
You were born.
Very big companies have come
forward to take me
lf l am sponsored, and sent to
Nationals, l was ready
The finals were on the next day.
Raghu. Now it is 7. We'll come
at 4 AM. We'll go for match
Mr.Raghu. This is a prestigious
matter. You should win.
Lakshmi! Where is Lakshmi?
Babu is with high fever. She
took him to hospital alone sir.
Son is unconscious.
He is inside lCU
What happened, Raghu?
-My son is serious.
What is his present condition?
-Somewhat better now sir.
Now the time is 4 o'clock.
You have no sleep all the night.
lf you just make a phone call,
isn't that we would have come ...
... and look after your son?
See the face. He is almost tired.
-No problem sir. l can fight.
Fighting is not important, but
Sir, l will definitely win.
We spent lacs on you. lf anything
happens, what about our status?
Kindly believe me sir, l will win.
You can't win spending
all the night without sleep
We spend lacs of rupees on you.
Now we should beat ourselves
with our own shoes
lt is not that sir?
-Sir, he will come with you.
Lakshmi! l have a desire. l can
win this any time in future.
l did not regret for my defeat,
but the small reasons for it
l am afraid, that l may not
achieve my goal.
Lakshmi! l should be a Kick
Boxing Champion.
l should break the records.
l should not have this sort of
diversions and tensions.
l should devote my full
attention on goal.
l have entered into a
wedded life by mistake.
This is not a dislike
on our son or you.
l can't bear family tensions
for some time
Let us depart for some time.
Please ... understand me.
After l achieve my goal,
let us meet again
My goal is important to me.
Until that time let us depart.
Yes, let us depart.
Your goal is important to you.
Please achieve it.
We will not meet again.
-Lakshmi, what l mean ...
l too have my goal. l have to
look after my son ...
... so that he will be become a
man of worth.
l, with my whole heart, wish you
to achieve your championship ...
... but once departed, we cannot
meet again
We departed like that.
But after that l have won.
Not only for once, but a record
continuously for 6 times.
Everything is OK. But where from
has this aunt come?
That was an obligation.
When l was defeated the first
time, her father only sponsored..
...& encouraged me.-
So you've encouraged her
l did not love her.
She only loved me. Alas!
Even then, l had phoned Lakshmi
& explained. She denied to meet
l told this girl. She said ''no
problem''. l am checked.
Even then, l have phoned and
l'm not bad & didn't leave your
mother without any support
She is strong
She has become a lecturer
She got a job sufficent enough to
bring you up with self respect
All the employed women will be
left by their husbands if ...
...your foot steps are followed
He will never change
Why are going away without
You can narrate infinite number
of stories if somebody listens
l will never trust you
l can trust anyone but not you
He is very adamant like his
He will not change
Girl is ready
l am very impressed
with your sincerity
l fell some thing else for you
What is it? -Let me finish the
work first. l will tell you then
No hi at all. l can't pay
Rs.20,000 per every visit
l haven't come to listen anything
You have to follow my orders
l'm your husband and U follow
my orders. 60,000 Rs. given
Why are you so late?
ls this the time to come?
lt's my wish.
Who are you to ask me?
l asked you to get milk powder
for the child. Did you get?
l didn't.- You have got no
feelings for me. -You are right
You might be involved with some
other lady in your office
That's my wish. l will do
whatever l want to
Should l act as per your wish?
ls wife like a machine to you?
Did l say that?-My father got
me a collector's match
lt's my fate that
l got married to you
lmpossible. l knew bad repute of
your family on Wedding day
What's wrong with my family?
lt's useless to discuss with you
They haven't even got silk
clothes for my parents
Everyone was laughing at this
You got more than
what you are worth?
lnstead of giving a Hero honda,
They gave a Hero cycle
l can't stay with a person who
have no respect for my family
Even l can't be with
people like you
l am applying for divorce
Go to hell
Call the lawyer urgently.
l have to apply for divorce
He can never have a happy
first night for sure
You really dance well
You may continue
Who are you?
She is a waste and blind. She
is super. You can play with her
Will you dance with me?
-He can dance well
Shall we dance together?
Father, Father...
Why did she stop?
She might agree for the offer
Why are you staring like that?
Will you save her?
Are you a hero? -Not at all
l was eating maize. She came
and stood beside me
You may proceed with your work
What are you saying? Aren't we
neighbours? -So what?
Please save me.
ls there any rule?
Am l nothing to you?
Don't you like me? -Not at all
Why did you hug me then?
-Am l in love with you?
But l love you. -Why didn't you
tell me this before?
But l am telling you now.
-Ok, tell then
Why are you discussing with
her? -Please wait, it's personal
Ok, tell now.
l don't agree for this.
Tell me in Andhra Style
Are you playing drama with us?
We met after a long time.
Please don't interfere
Do l look like a broker? -My
work is to separate the couple
Can't you understand?
My God! l am a bit confused to
fight along with you
Will you please sit
aside for a minute?
l myself didn't hold
her properly till now
How dare you interfere?
How dare you do like this?
Aren't you ashamed?
Can't you learn a lesson even
after seeing your sister
You have disgraced our family
Can't you understand? Our family
is defamed because of you
l will kill you
-Brother, please leave her
Mr. Balaraju,
why have you come here?
l just came to see you
-Ok, come on then
lndia has a population of
100 crores.
Out of which, 19 crores are
elders. They are of no use
Remaining are 81 crores out of
which 25 crores are students
Out of remaining 56 crores, 22
crores are the Govt. employees
They have no other work. 34
crores are the remaining
Out of that 4 crores are the
army people
20 crores of remaining are
behind useless marshal arts
8 crores of the remaining are
uselessly roaming around
Out of the remaining, 1.2 crores
are the diseased
Out of remaining, 79,99,995 are
the delinquents
The remaining 5 are Mr.
Vajpayee, Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu
... myself, my son and you
Both the P.M. and C.M. are busy
We are doing our business.
But you are listening to our
nonsense talk
What is the use of you to
the nation? Do some work, fool
You disturb every one
l like Vizag very much
l want to get settled here
lt is very absurd
Very disgusting
l would stay with you as your
assistant. Shall l?
Why are you slapping him?
-Are you aware of the situation?
of course, who are you to
l am your brother.
-How come?
Are we born to the same
Don't try to rule me. We are
in no way related
We love each other.
l do whatever l want to
Who are you to question me
about my deeds?
Who is he to slap my daughter?
Anand is staying with us since 4
years like a family member
They are young.
Can't they go to pubs?
ls he not roaming with a
Tamil girl?
Did we ever slap our daughter?
Who is he to slap her?
Hold your tongue. He is my son
Who are you to slap her?
They are my sister, aunt and you
are my father. This is my family
Even then,
Why did you slap her?
They took my permission and
went. They didn't run away
You are a irresponsible father
You might send your daughter
but l won't send my sister
He might be in love with her. -lf
so, he wouldn't have done this...
...if he wanted to marry
her, he wouldnt take...
...her to the washroom.
You might keep quiet as a father,
but l won't
bear it as a brother & l'll kill him
Lakshmi, you have nurtured your
son in a great manner
Why have you cheated my
Sir, you have misinterpreted. l
never wanted to cheat her
l love her & married her. But
my brothers were against this
So, all these days l was fettered
by them at my place
They wanted him to marry
another girl
But, everything went on fine
as Chandu went there
Trust us atleast now.
-l am sorry. Please forgive me
Thanks a lot for giving a new
life to my daughter
That is the greatness
of martial arts
Songs will not
workout for all this
Will you get convinced at least
now for our Chandu's match?
You have got no time sense at
all. -Actually, ... -Get lost
Do you agree?
l didn't get you
-Dear son-in-law
Means? -Will you marry our
ls your daughter a good one?
Will she follow the orders?
Will she give a kiss whenever l
ask her to? Say-Yes
Both the lady and her kiss are
l will own her in toto
Shall l come by train or bus or
by flight?
Time will be wasted in journey,
fly with wings and come
Come fast, come fast
Give me a kiss in the morning.
l will even if you don't want
Evening kiss -is asking for help
The lip to lip kiss can't be
lt creates raw wounds in
lt's a very strange feeling
Hug me smoothly
A kiss given to you ...
-Makes me shine maore
A kill on the foot ...
-Awakens the feelings
A gentle kiss on waist does ring
wedding bells
A warm kiss will touch the
heart and unite us
lt's a great pleasure. l will get
the flowers to enjoy
Welcome Mr. Reddy.
-Where is Mr. Anand
He is not even at home. l could
not trace him. He will come.
He will never come again.
-Why so? -Go and ask him
We had spent lakhs on him with
trust with a hope to increase ...
... our company sales
after his victory
He will be fighting on behalf of
our rival group
Today his name will be
announced officially
Someone has misguided you -We
came here after confirmation
See Mr. Raghuveer, Anand should
fight on our behalf at any cost
What is this?
Are you mad? Why are
you behaving like this?
ls it because, Chandu beat you?
He will apologize you
He will beg for your pardon.
Let's move
Don't disturb us. This is a
company party
l haven't come to create
nuisance here
He is my student. l have come to
take him along with me
He will not come.
We are sponsoring him
He is like my son.
l have trained him for 4 years
They are my sponsors.
l won't come
Are you mad? l will be defamed.
l am your master
ls it so? You are not my master
any more. He is my master
Am l not your master?
-How can you be just for fees?
ls our relation based on money?
l have trained you for 4 years
Take him away
Kill him
Anand, please listen to me
Yes Aunty! -Your father hasn't
yet come. lt's 3 O'clock now
He might have drunk heavily and
slept somewhere. He will come
He never does like this.
We are very scared.
We waited for quite a long time
and finally we came to you
He always comes at sharp 9
O'clock. But today he hasn't yet
Father hasn't come. l have been
waiting for him since 25 years
My mother waited for him for 30
years. But he never came
Why are you so scared? He will
not die. He will come
You have no affection
for your father.
Your mother might be the same.
That's why he left her
Chandu, please open the door
-What happened?
Someone has injured your father.
He is in hospital now
Father, who did this?
-Anand has cheated me
What happened?
Tell me the truth.
Chandu, where are you taking
him to? Chandu,please leave him
Chandu, where are we going?
Chandu, please wait
Who has beaten him?
Whom shall we scared of, you
or your handicapped father?
Chandu, please wait
Yes, we did beat him.
What can you do?
Chandu, they will kill you
He is alone. Please leave him
How could you beat
a person like him?
One should be very lucky to get
a coach like him
lnform Anand, that if l happen to
see him anywhere l'll crush him
lnform this
He is my father. He is
responsible for my birth
lf you ever dare to touch him
again, l will chop you all
How could you fight
with many at once?
Chandu, do you know
kick boxing?
Chandu, answer me
Chandu dear! Please come out
l am very glad. l am a fool.
l failed to recognise your
Get lost.
Leave me
l will train you.
You should be a great champion
lf you want, this bubble gum
will be yours
lf you come home, you will be
given bread and jam
My name is Jasmine and my
work has to be feminine
l can jam everyone
l will apply Zandu Balm later on
One should have stamina
One should have courage to
achieve success
You can follow me if you want
You can enjoy if you want
Forget the past, don't bother
about tomorrow. Enjoy the day
Have the courage
Hard work is the key to success
Concentrate on your work
Don't bother about the rest
Let us share the perils and
perishes together
l shall convey the regards and
then let you play
l shall convey you the new year
Please come. l bought a new
house yesterday
l sold out everything yesterday
You can buy furniture
with this money
You may go in
l can't act like you. l have been
paying Rs.20,000/- per every ...
... visit because l like you very
Please co-operate
Shall l keep the light on or
shall l switch it off?
You should have told me this
You are giving contrasting
Police station is very nearby
Let us come to a
conclusion there
Are you a couple
or doing business?
We are planning to get married
We were discussing about the
same but you have interrupted us
ls it the truth?
-Yes sir
He promised to marry me
and l blindly trusted him
What rubbish are you talking?
-You may continue
And now, he is not ready
Don't try to be over smart
-Actually, my family members ...
Do you want to cheat her?
l will kill you
Get the sacred thread. l will get
them married right now
Sir, l will take permission from
the family members ... ...
Have you taken the permission
before falling in love?
Tie the three knots
l will tell you the truth
l didn't want to marry her. l paid
the money and entered in
How dare you
call me a whore?
You want to get rid of me
ls this the price
for my true love?
ls this the respect that
you have for ladies?
Wait! No girl will be done
injustice as long as l am here
Are you the Pakistani Terrorist?
-Do l look like?
Where did you hide your boss
Mr. Bin Laden?
Since when are you training
Al-quaida terrorists?
You can't do this.
l will act as per your wish
Exchange the garlands
Click a snap.
Give a grin
How will l tell
this to my parents?
ls everything fine?
You have utterly cheated me.
-Not at all
Look at her face. She is not a
whore. She is my daughter
l was worried about her
marriage as l can't afford ...
... to give dowry. Luckily l found
you. -Like a fool -Not at all
On my enquiry, l found that
you are a gentleman
So, l had planned like this
-So your daughter ...
l'm a virgin. l wanted none
other than you
But, l didn't want any one
l never thought that l will be
cheated like this
Mother! -Dear son-in-law
console yourself
l will go away
-Ok, dear
Why are you here?
Get lost
Why is she crying?
ls she in love with you
by any chance or ....
... do you love her
by any chance?
Continue to love her only if you
want to marry her
A true lover always wants to
marry his lover
l am not a cheater. l will be
with her till my last breath
Why do you insult me again and
again? Get lost
He doesn't want anyone else
other than his mom
One lady has just come out of
your shop. What did she buy?
She bought a pesticide for her
garden. -What?
Father, l am Chandu here.
-Where are you lost?
Nothing, l just want to know
whether we have any field ...
...near Simhachalam? -Why are
you bothered about the assets
Tell me the truth.
l have no assets other than you
and this training centre
He has already disconnected.
We have to follow his orders,
but he never listens to anyone
Aunty! What is this?
-Anand has cheated her
She is pregnant now and he is
not ready to accept her
l didn't realise your affection on
that day. Kindly forgive me
When l came to know this,
l became helpless
We have no other option
than to give up our lives
You are not punishing yourselves
rather you are punishing us
l already lost my mother but l
don't want to lose you
l will talk to Mr. Anand. Please
don't reveal this to father
Mr. Anand, l would like
to have a word with you
ls it regarding your
sister's pregnancy?
l have already asked her
to get the child aborted
l am sorry, please don't
deceive my sister
Am l responsible for your
sister's pregnancy?
lt could be anyone among the
students of the lnstitute
l will do whatever
you want me to
l beg you but please
don't deceive my sister
Look at her. She is innocent
She is a whore.
l don't want her
l beg you.
Please don't deceive her
Brother, no need to beg him.
He is an idiot
Dear, have patience.
l will talk to him.
Please listen to me
-Let me talk to him
Anand, please listen to me.
Kindly don't mind her words
Dear, you don't have to beg him
-Aunty,please let me talk to him
No need. Let's move. Don't beg
to him. He is an idiot
l know, how affectionately your
father trained him since 4 years
Let's move. -Aunty, let me have
a word with him
Brother, no need to beg to him.
lf needed l will get the child
aborted, but l won't marry him
Have faith in your energy.
Energy is great. lt's infinite
Tiredness doesn't last longer.
New energy will be generated
only if you get tired
You should concentrate only on
opponent's face and eyes
Nothing else should be kept in
your mind
Forget about the rest.
You have to fight rebelliously
with him. You can do it
Don't under estimate him. He
could face 20 at once
Better remember that.
lf we have to win, he should be
psychologically impaired
This is prasadam. -For what?
l went to the temple
to pray for you.
All of us are coming
to watch the match
You will definitely win
Before, mother was there.
But today she is no more
Was your mother present on that
day to watch your match?
Balaraju told me that she is no
more. Who is your mother?
ls she your mother? -Yes
-She is a very nice lady
Why are you wearing
the monkey cap?
My mother will definitely come
to watch tomorrow's match
Keep an empty seat
for her next to you -Ok
Father, who has done this?
Chandu, nothing will
happen to me. You go ahead
l will be here itself
l want to stay here itself.
You should listen to me
Listen to me atleast once
We spoke with the doctor.
He is out of danger
You please go and
practice for the match
Chandu, please go.
-Ok, father -Let's move
We will take care of him
-Father, just a minute
l can't leave my father
here alone
Why are you so obstinate?
Don't you need practice?
l won't be participating in
tomorrow's match
We spent quite
a lot of money on you
Lost money can be regained back.
But will you get me my father
back if l lose him?
Don't under estimate us. lf you
don't participate, we will sue you
You can do whatever you want
-What nonsense are you talking?
Can't you understand?
-Chandu, come here
What is this? This is your goal.
This is your dream
lf you don't participate, all your
hardwork will go in vain
Please go. -Father, you are more
important than my goal
l will go
That idiot should be
crushed in toto
l should see and enjoy that.
Don't leave that bastard
Beat him
You should not be beaten like
this. lf you can't beat him ...
... tell me. l will do that on my
own. You should not leave him
Listen to me. He should not be
alive any further. Kill him
Don't leave him
Beat him
That is the way
l will marry your sister
if you lose this game
Chandu, come on
Why are you losing the game?
He promised that he will
marry my sister
What! -He promised me
to marry my sister
Chandu, you should not
lose the game.
lt doesn't matter at all even if
he denies to marry your sister
You have to beat him
You should not leave him
Brother, l don't want to marry
him. Please beat him
lt's alright. -Please beat him
Please beat him
Chandu beat him.
Chandu, please beat him
What can you do if
l don't keep my promise?
Chandu, please get up
atleast now
Listen to me now. l won't marry
your sister at any cost
Look there! She is my would be
wife. Do whatever you can
He is losing for his sister
or else he will kill you
Chandu, get up and beat him
Come on.
Come on, face him
if you have the guts
Tiredness rejuvenates your energy
You should win at any cost
Please Anand
Please marry my sister
My sister is very nice
Look at her. She is
leaving you and going away
But my sister is not like her
She is very good. l know the
problems of bastard child well
Please listen to me. My sister's
child should not be a bastard
Chandu, please forgive me
l feel like touching your feet
Shall we get married now?
-Do you know Tamil?
My mother is a Tamilian and
My father is a Gujarathi
But he doesn't look like that
My father is a cross breed of an
Anglo-lndian and Gujarathi lady
He got married to a Tamilian
and so l took birth
l am a mixture. Do you have any
problem? -Not at all
ls your sister pregnant?
Don't you want it?
-Not like that
Then? -Marry me first