Among Ravens (2014) Movie Script

I read in the "Little Big Book of Birds"
that ravens were once
the most colorful birds.
But they were vain and mean
and never recognized their beauty.
They were too busy
being unkind to each other
so they were stripped of all
their colors and turned black.
They are considered so evil
that their favorite food is said
to be the flesh of a dead man.
But ravens really like
to be together, like family.
Let me introduce you to my ravens.
What's up, man?
Look, it'll just be a couple of days.
They're good people.
You got nothing to worry about, all right?
- Come on, Mom, let's go.
- You know what? You go ahead.
- I just want a minute alone, okay?
- Fine, grump.
- Hello, ladies.
- Hi.
- Hey, Provider-Dad. Can we go swimming?
- We'll go in a little bit.
- Why?
- 'Cause I want to talk to your mom.
- Promise?
- I promise.
Okay. See you at the dock.
- How was the flight?
- Not bad, a little bumpy.
- Glad you're here.
- Me too.
Wendy, hey. Oh, my God.
Come here, group hug, group hug.
- Here you go.
- Yeah? Nice.
Oh, my God, this is Saturn.
She's my life partner for now.
We had to put the finishing touches
on the art car for Burning Man,
so we just worked all night, hopped
in the vangina and, boom, here we are.
All right, well,
if you need anything, just ask.
Yeah, I will.
You're a Virgo, aren't you?
- Triple.
- That is so sexy.
- The truth is always beautiful.
- Mm-hm. Thanks, all right.
There they are. Good times.
Come here.
- You blinked.
- No, I didn't.
You did. Now go get your
victorious bio-dad a drink.
Pink fever dry martini standing up
with a lemon twist... two olives?
- Atta boy.
- Sounds good.
Why don't you get your provider-Dad
one of those as well?
Come here. Show Emma where
you keep the Chardonnay, okay?
Let's grab a round of small ball
this weekend, yeah?
- What's a small ball?
- Golf, darling. It's very, very dull.
- Saul.
- Ellis.
- Saul.
- Ellis.
Here's your room.
Oh, this is very nice.
- We've never stayed on this floor before.
- Oh, really? I didn't realize that.
Yeah, we stay in the room
by the kitchen, the maid's quarters.
What? I'm not saying anything underneath
what I'm saying. I'm simply stating a fact.
Well, Joey's really excited to see you.
All she can talk about is you.
She's a smart kid.
Try and spend some time with her.
It'll mean so much.
You know, Jay's coming.
He's supposed to be here for dinner but...
he's bringing a guest.
I guess he needed a ride.
You know Jay. At least he has a new
girlfriend. He seems really happy.
The drink always goes on the right side.
This is the incorrect side
or the left side.
- Put it on the right side.
- I think I'm going to make a toast.
Ellis and I want to thank you so much for
coming to our home and celebrating with us.
We really appreciate you making
the commitment every summer
to come to our annual 4th of July party.
Tradition is important
and you mean the world to us.
So... cheers, to us and to years to come.
- Years to come.
- Years to come.
- So how's work, big guy?
- It's fantastic.
When everyone in Hollywood is bitching about
the recession, I haven't felt a goddamn thing.
My new book hasn't even come out yet
and I've already sold the movie rights.
Yes, not caving to commercialism
is a real feat for you, isn't it, darling?
And you don't seem to be bothered
by the lifestyle its afforded you.
- Honey, can you get some more wine?
- Yeah, sure.
Joey... could you bring us a bottle
of the '63 Chateau Lafleur, please?
We're out. We have the 2009 Twin Oaks.
That's fine.
Why don't you bring us two of those?
We have one.
I was told I'd get everything I desire, and
you guys are dropping the ball on this one.
Desire is everything.
When it fades, life ends.
That's why I don't have sex.
Not like you guys do.
I fuck only to elevate
to a higher spiritual plane.
The mantra of Tantra.
- Orgasm is a waste of energy.
- Hah!
Anyway, Hal, let's hear... what have
you been up to in your crazy world?
Well... got certified as a life coach.
- Certified.
- What exactly is that, a life coach?
Life is a game, Emma.
You weren't born a starter.
None of us were born a starter.
I mean, take Wendy here, for example,
I mean, humble beginnings, to say the least.
There was a time at Berkeley, she wouldn't be
caught dead hanging out with you people.
But now, she's on the varsity squad.
That's my job.
I get you guys off the bench.
What's keeping you from taking it to
the next level? What are you afraid of?
What truth are you hiding from?
When the student is ready...
the master will appear.
Uncle Jay!
- Ellis. Good to see you, my dude.
- It's good to see you, my dude.
Everybody, this is my buddy, Chad.
- Hi, Chad.
- Hi, Chad.
- Hello, Chad.
- Why don't you come take a seat.
- It's okay?
- It's okay.
Hi, Jay bird. Glad you made it.
So I'm headed into
the back country tomorrow.
I met this cute hippy chick. We're gonna
let our animal instincts run wild.
Chad's gonna let me use
his truck off road.
Is it cool if he stays here
for a few days?
- Absolutely.
- Yeah.
- The more the merrier.
- Cool. Chad makes films.
- What kind of films?
- Nature films.
What are they about?
Well, you know what Thoreau
said about nature.
It has no morality,
only what mankind imposes upon it.
You're Saul King?
I've read four books in my life
and three of them were yours.
What was the other one?
"The Little Big Book of Birds."
I memorized it. It's about birds.
"A Covey of Coots" was funny but...
I thought it was gonna be about birds.
It's a metaphor.
I especially liked "A Cast of Hawks"
but it wasn't about birds either.
It was strange, you know, you really
could have said something interesting.
Where do you get the ideas for your books?
I think of them.
Can I interview you? About your books.
- Maybe later.
- What time?
- I don't know.
- Okay. Can I...
I'm so sorry, can I sleep now?
My room's at the top
of the hall to the left.
Do you want some dessert?
- No thank you.
- Okay.
Hey, a nightcap?
Yeah, something like that.
God, you look beautiful.
- You really think so?
- Absolutely.
No. No, Saul.
- What's wrong?
- No. I can't.
You know, it's funny 'cause I...
don't remember you
ever writing the entire time
we were together.
I don't even remember you reading a book.
It's like...
you left me and...
changed into somebody else.
Look, I'm by myself all the time.
Writing is a God-awful existence.
You should be grateful
you blocked my creative voice.
It would have been hell to live with.
Yes, Chad?
I'm ready for my dessert now.
Sure. Sure, Chad.
What is it, honey?
I think it's Chad.
Chad! Please, come back. Chad, come back.
Okay, come on. It's an antique.
It was not made to get wet, Chad.
Let's do this.
The truth is always beautiful.
What's going on?
- Dad, can you watch me swim?
- I can't.
What's Chad doing out there?
He can't even swim.
Hey, pal, bring it on in, will ya?
It's time to go.
Okay, see you on Independence Day.
May the 4th be with you.
There is a kind of hawk that spends
most of its time in the air.
People think that they're hunters,
just riding the wind, looking for prey...
but they're really quiet and gentle...
even secretive.
They just like to travel alone.
I can't work like this. The food sucks.
The facility's insufficient.
You promised me a cabin
and you stick me in this shithole.
Last time this piano was tuned
like he didn't have a hole in his head.
Hey, you've been paid handsomely for a job
many others would fall
on their goddamn knees for.
What the hell is the holdup?
- I'm stuck, Saul.
- You're stuck.
- Let me help you out.
- No, I'm blocked.
- What do you mean you're blocked?
- It's something that writers get.
I got nothing.
I'm blank. Done with
and washed up, the muse is gone.
What the hell happened?
It just doesn't go away.
- It does if you've banished it.
- Well, invite it back.
I can't.
I quit drinking.
What the hell kind of self-destructive
behavior is that?
I mean, who the hell quits drinking
in the last chapter?
Maybe I do, Saul.
Or maybe I'm just better than you
at making shit up, hmm?
Write your own fucking books.
What are you doing?
You said I could interview you.
- About your books.
- No, I didn't.
I said "maybe." But I meant "no."
You have to ask someone if you're
gonna make a documentary about them.
- Yes.
- Hey, Saul.
- Saul? Saul?
- One. Two.
One, two, three, four.
All right. Here we go.
We go, one, two, three and four.
That's perfect.
Step high. Chins up.
Here we go. Again, we go high,
high, low and low.
And one last time. Make it count.
Leave 'em wanting more.
Yes! You guys were awesome.
- Hey, Chad, this is Olivia.
- Hi, Olivia.
Hi, Chad.
Joey, I'm gonna go get my bathing suit.
- Will you take us swimming?
- I can't swim.
You really don't swim?
Just seems wrong.
Come on, Chad, live a little.
It's just water. Please?
Okay, but not too far, okay?
Whoa. Is that a real gun?
Yeah, it's real.
- Why do you have it?
- I always carry a gun.
Can I hold it?
- Chad's going swimming with us.
- Awesome.
Come on, come on.
Can we stop, please? I want to stop.
I want to stop, please. Can we stop?
Stop. Stop, please, stop! Stop! Stop!
Joey, Joey, what's going on? Huh?
We were just swimming and he
started freaking out. He hurt me.
- He hurt you? How did he hurt you?
- He didn't mean to. We scared him.
I was scared.
All right, you know what?
That's enough swimming for today. Joey.
- But, Mom....
- No, you're done, you're done. Honey...
He lurks. He's always lurking.
Who knows what's going on
in that mind of his?
- He started filming me today.
- Yes, well, he's filming everybody, Saul.
Yes, but he's making a documentary
about me, his favorite writer.
I think he's some sort of a lunatic fan.
Where did Jay meet this guy?
I don't know, but I just...
I don't fully trust him with the kids.
Okay. Well, then, he's got to go.
Look at us, co-parenting.
- So who's gonna tell him?
- I'll tell him.
I'll tell him.
Hey, Chad.
- I've upset you.
- No.
It's just that it's not gonna work out.
The truth is we weren't expecting
another person this weekend.
I understand.
Do you?
- Yes.
- I appreciate that.
You've all been really nice to me.
I wish I could pay it back.
Bye, Chad.
- Where's Chad going?
- He had to leave, honey.
But why?
people are like gardens.
Gardens and flowers want to blossom
but weeds overpower everything
and flowers learn to tolerate weeds
but if they can't...
the weeds need to be pulled
to save the garden.
Who decides what's a weed?
Joey, just don't make
any sudden movements.
Not coming with?
No, thank you. Just gonna take a walk.
I'll walk with you.
Yeah, sure, if it's all right with Hal.
I didn't have a family so it's really lovely
to see one with so much love.
Why didn't you have a family?
Oh, my dad died when I was young
and my mom took off on her Saturn return
and I've been on my own since I was 14.
14, that's young.
No, no, no, no. It was perfect.
To be free at that age, not having
to repress all that sexual energy,
I can't imagine having lived
any differently.
I definitely learned a thing or two.
I can imagine you did.
You need to fuck my yoni puja.
Wow, that's flattering.
I appreciate it. But I love my wife.
That's okay. I do too.
I would love to please both of you.
Okay, Saturn, I need you to stop.
This entire conversation
is making me very uncomfortable.
I haven't felt like this
since my father died.
There's a tribe of tit warblers
nesting in that juniper tree.
- Where? I don't see them.
- They're more easily heard than seen.
I have gifts.
Look who I found, everybody.
It's Chad. He brought gifts.
Gifts? Why?
For being so kind to me. To pay it back.
- Chad, you didn't have to do that.
- Yes, Wendy, I did.
Ellis, this is for you
because Wendy love flowers.
Oh, beautiful.
I thank you, Chad,
for your floral support.
- And Saul?
- Yeah?
- Saul?
- Yeah?
- Saul?
- Yeah?
Saul, this is for you.
Very interesting choice, Chad. I like it.
Oh! Uh, I have something for you.
- So you brought him back?
- He's harmless.
- For our lemonade stand.
- Perfect.
Why are you standing so awkwardly?
- I'll go stand over there.
- No, I didn't mean that.
- I meant, are you feeling uncomfortable?
- Yeah.
Most of the time. All the time, actually.
It's how I feel.
Take a seat, Chad.
If we're going to be best friends,
we have to tell each other a secret,
a secret we've never told anyone else.
I have to tell you a secret?
I left school when I was your age.
I preferred watching birds.
- But I have an even bigger secret.
- Really?
I chose you as my friend
because you're perfect.
- Or just I'm amazing.
- You are amazing.
What amazing things
do you think I'm going to do?
No, if I tell you you'll think I'm silly.
Please tell me.
I think you're gonna make people smile.
That's important, you know?
And I'm pretty sure you're gonna
cure cancer and end hate too, so...
you've got a big life in front of you.
Cool, you're right.
Your turn.
Everyone lies to me.
'Cause they think the truth
will hurt me more.
You have to promise
not to lie to me, okay?
So I'm raising equity for a new startup.
We're in our very first round of financing.
I thought it might be something
you'd be interested in.
Okay, what's the company?
It's not so much of a company per se
as it is seed money.
Investing in the daily cog of my life.
What you'd be investing in is my expertise.
Your expertise?
You're a trust fund kid, Ellis.
I wouldn't know your expertise,
if you put a handgun to my head. Anyway,
a high percentage of these startups fail,
and there's always the risk of losing
your friend's money and the friendship.
I'm just asking for a little bit of help.
Look, Ellis, the last thing that I want
is for these family reunions to turn
more into what the startup is doing
than about catching up
with friends and family.
I just don't think I'm the right guy.
Yup, well, your loss.
Bees! Bees!
Did he call?
- No.
- He's such an asshole.
We were supposed to play
the small ball tonight.
Hey, at least we have each other.
I got attacked by a whole
goddamned swarm of bees.
It's this fucking shirt.
Jesus, it's like they think they can
smell nectar on me or something.
Bees can sense fear.
Sorry. Sorry.
He did this on purpose.
Did what on purpose?
Give me a shirt that was meant to kill me.
- That's ridiculous.
- Is it?
Jay's coming back tomorrow.
Let's just let it go for now, okay?
Oh, that feels good.
You're very pretty.
- Come on.
- No.
- Come on.
- I'm not in the mood.
Then how about just doing it for me?
- I don't want to.
- Come on, Wendy.
Ellis, I don't want to.
- Are you still in love with him?
- With who?
Saul. Saul, Wendy.
No. Why? Did he say something to you?
No, he didn't say anything.
I could see it with my own eyes.
Look, maybe I'm the small person here
but this whole being friends
with the ex-husband thing, it's weird.
I have a child with him.
I mean, what do you want me to do?
I want to feel like you love me the most.
I don't want to talk about this right now,
okay? We have a full house of guests.
- What more can I do?
- Ellis.
- What... what more can I do?
- Ellis.
- Huh?
- I can't do this. I'm sorry.
How much rejection am I supposed to take?
What's the best nap you've ever taken?
When I was little,
I used to pretend to be asleep
so I could hear my mom
and Dad talk about me.
They would say, "That one's a goner"
and then my dad would pick me up
and carry me to bed.
- Yeah?
- How about you?
I haven't really fallen asleep
in a long time.
Hey, buddy.
Do you think a kitty hurt it?
Baby birds fall or...
and sometimes they get pushed
from their nest.
- Why?
- To learn to fly.
That's mean.
No, it's normal.
And if it's feathered, it's a fledgling
and has left the nest on its own.
Then you leave it where you found it.
If it's unfeathered,
then you look for a nest.
And if you find it...
you can bring it home.
Wait for me.
You've got to be fucking kidding me.
Joey, I want you to come down right now.
I want you to come down
on solid ground right now.
- Why do you care?
- I'm gonna count to 10.
- You mean 3.
- I mean 10!
Joey, don't make me
come up there, after you.
I want you to get down
from there right now.
Okay, fine, I'll come up there.
I can climb a tree.
I don't know why anybody would ever
want to climb a goddamn tree
and bring a little child up.
Let's all climb a tree,
let's climb trees and free the birds,
because then, everything's good
and our wives aren't emotionally distant.
Goddamn it!
Don't look at me. Look at me.
Joey. Joey, baby, help me up.
This is how people
ride it out, huh, please?
See you later, sadly.
I read that frightened birds
will freeze in place.
Hoping that they won't be seen or heard
when they're scared or in trouble.
But some birds fly alone.
They're the ones that fly the highest.
And they can see the most.
They can fly so high,
that they vanish into thin air...
like a dream.
Do you know where I go every day...
when I say I'm leaving for work?
I actually go to the driving range
which is ironic considering
that my golf game is for shit.
Just like the rest of my life.
And then if I'm really, really motivated,
I'll come home and I'll jerk off.
That is the sum total of my day.
Sounds pretty good to me, bro.
No, man, you've kind of got to have
your shit together to smoke this. Sorry.
You know...
we live life like it's supposed
to be a certain way and...
when that doesn't happen,
we think that life is wrong.
But you're in control, bro. I mean,
your hands are on the steering wheel.
You crash your car into a tree,
you don't blame the tree.
You could have it all. Like me.
What are you talking about, Hal?
You're not doing anything with your life.
Yeah, but that's the point, man.
That's my choice.
That's what makes me happy and, fuck you,
because I'm right here right now,
which is more than you can say.
You create what you want to create for
yourself, bro. You just gotta keep it real.
So... what is it you want?
- Saul wants to have a baby.
- Really?
- You're surprised.
- I thought he didn't even like children.
He barely even looks at Joey.
I don't think liking children
has anything to do with it.
I think he just wants to have something
of his own, something that he made.
He's made up this story about himself and
now he's convinced himself that it's true.
- Are you pregnant?
- No. Why, do I look fat?
No. No, I just thought since you said
Saul wanted to have a baby.
Wendy, I am not just a vessel
for that man's needs.
You know, my body is not here
merely just to deliver a child.
I told him to get his own uterus.
Or have it with someone else.
And you know Saul, tell him
he can't have something and...
He tricked me.
What did you do?
The love is lost.
And when it's all gone...
it's surprising how freeing it is.
Just not a care.
What can I help you with?
I have an anniversary coming up
next week. It's my tenth, big one.
And I'm honestly not sure
if my marriage is gonna make it 'til then
unless I do something big.
Anything to do with the...
Oh, the bee stings?
No, that's just shit luck.
Okay. Tell me a little bit
about your wife.
What does she... what does she like?
You know what? Why don't you just
show me the most expensive ring you have?
That would be...
this right here.
This is a 6.5 carat
GIA certified cushion-cut diamond.
It's very pretty. How much is that one?
It's $250,000.
You know what? Could you maybe show me
something a little less expensive?
That's pretty.
It's smaller, it's definitely smaller,
but a woman would like that, wouldn't she?
I would.
Ravens usually nest together for life.
But sometimes they visit
with other ravens.
Maybe this is because
they like shiny things
and will even steal them
from other birds' nests.
Anyways, that's what
"The Little Big Book" says.
But I think they're looking
for something that's missing
and they don't know what it is.
And they don't know where to find it.
What did you tell him?
I told him I quit.
You quit?
Oh, my God.
You are amazing.
Will, you did it.
We're free.
- Not exactly.
- What does that mean?
It started out slow
and it's just gotten real fast.
What does that mean?
I told him I quit drinking.
I definitely told him that.
Oh, shit. Oh!
So he doesn't know.
I look at him
and I'm paralyzed with dread.
Yeah, he has that effect.
So what did you tell him?
I definitely told him
he's not the boss of me.
I'm sorry, Emma.
I'm just tired and just
really tired of all of it.
You're not gonna say anything?
It's not easy for me, either, you know?
Just a couple of phonies, aren't we?
We're here today with Saul King,
a former Wall Street Whiz Kid
who was the first American author
to hit the number one spot
with his debut since F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Mr. King's work has been described
as a strange mix of the mythic,
the slightly implausible and...
Thank you, Mr. King, for joining us today.
Terri, it's nice to be here. Thanks so much
for coming along to my house.
- I really appreciate it.
- It's wonderful to be here.
So, Mr. King, tell me,
where do you find your inspiration?
Terri, a story is like a beautiful woman.
For me, writing is like making love.
Wonderful. Do you...
Do you find yourself writing
wherever you are in the world?
Do you have a certain place
where you to write?
Oh, I mean, could this be more beautiful?
yes, it can.
What is that?
This shit's not working at all.
What are you talking about?
I love you so much and I get it,
I understand fear, you know?
I walk into the tiger's mouth
every fucking day.
I got a lot of things
that terrify me, you know?
Spiders and big-ass fucking
malicious hairy predators
and, you know, I'm scared of...
Saturn scares me.
Really scares me.
What the fuck am I doing?
You betrayed the cause.
We were gonna change the world.
- Oh, yeah.
- I like money. Everybody likes money.
I like money.
But do you really need all this shit?
- Why did you bring him?
- Because he's our house guest, Ellis.
Can't just leave him
at the house by himself.
What are you gonna put on, Chad?
Phil Collins?
# I got green and I got blues #
# And every day there's a little less
difference between the two #
# I belly up and disappear #
# Well, I ain't really drowning
'cause I see the beach from here #
# And I could take a Greyhound home #
# But when I got there it'd be gone #
# Along with everything
a home is made up of #
# So I'll take two of what you're having #
# And I'll take all of what you've got #
# To kill this goddamn lonely,
goddamn lonely love #
You never gave me a gift.
Honey, that's enough.
# Sister, listen to what your daddy says #
# Don't be ashamed of things
that hide behind your dress #
Wendy, stop it!
# Belly up and arch your back #
- You two...
- Get off me!
- Get off me! Get off me!
- Don't fuck with my wife!
# And you could come to me by plane #
# But that wouldn't be the same #
# As that old motel room
in Texarkana was #
# So I'll take two of what... #
I don't want to be touched.
- Wendy.
- You're drunk. Go home.
# ...goddamn lonely love #
# Stop me if you've heard
this one before #
# A man walks into a bar #
# And leaves before his ashes
hit the floor ##
You asleep?
Did you finish?
- Do you want to read it?
- No.
Does it feel good?
I love you, Will.
I love me, too.
The fireworks have started.
They're so loud.
Are you okay?
No, I'm not.
Sit with me.
My dad always wanted a boy.
That's why he named me Joey.
I disappointed my dad by being a girl...
and my mom by being too much like my dad.
I think that's why my dad left...
'cause when he looks at me...
he sees himself.
- It's all my fault.
- Hey...
You're just a kid.
How could it be your fault?
I know my family
will never be together again.
But I still hope.
Is that crazy?
No, I don't think it is.
Ravens are territorial
and like digging up against other birds,
especially when they're near their nests.
Anyways, that's what
"The Little Big Book" says...
but I think the book is wrong.
They're just bullies.
They're the ones that are scared.
It's so beautiful.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Is there a Mr. Saul King staying here?
Mr. King was involved in a hostile
incident with a taxi yesterday.
Mr. King, you need to come with me.
Thanks for picking me up.
You're welcome.
I want a divorce, Saul.
Jesus Christ, Emma.
Do we have to do this shit tonight again?
It's been a hard enough day. I swear to
God every time you get 3 drinks in you,
- you want to get a goddamn divorce.
- I'm completely sober.
I've never felt this clear.
I've been unfaithful.
So there's that.
You're unbelievable.
Don't tell me you're fucking someone else
and expect me to fall out
of my goddamn chair, okay?
Your delicate sensibilities
can go fuck themselves.
You have no soul.
You're a fraud and, you know,
I permitted myself to be swallowed up
by you for years and, you know, now...
I just feel like I'm coming
out of this long, slow, dream.
Don't you think
this is a little bit dramatic?
Don't speak for me. For once,
just don't fucking speak for me!
There you go. Every time you try to win
an argument, you've gotta scream.
I know about your lie.
Which one?
How's the writing going, Saul?
You repulse me.
I just don't love you anymore, Saul.
I don't love you either...
and I never have.
Thank you.
You okay?
My wife just left me.
What are you gonna do?
- In my bedroom?
- Yes. I'll just use it,
just for a moment, okay?
Come here.
Mother of my only daughter,
I need to fuck you so bad.
I don't mean to be pushy but I think
if I could just fuck you once more,
I mean, completely fuck you,
that everything in my life would be okay.
No! Saul.
- No.
- What?
Don't fucking walk away from me.
Don't talk to me like that.
I'm not your wife anymore.
I have my own problems.
I don't need any of yours.
What are you doing? What is it you want?
I'm dying here, Wendy. I need you.
You don't need me.
You're just trying to get your dick back
because you lost someone you care about.
Why can't you just admit that you care
about her, that you actually feel something?
And why don't you just admit
that there's no difference
between fucking someone for $10
and fucking them for $10 million?
This is a whore's house, Wendy.
Fuck you! Fuck you! Get out of my house.
Daddy, can I show you something?
I made it for you.
How do you like it?
Well, let's hope it doesn't rain.
- Yeah, I built it myself.
- Well, the seats are comfortable.
- Honey, I have to go.
- Wait, I made you something.
I'll see you tomorrow, okay?
Wait. Can I ask you a favor?
Go ahead.
Can you at least pretend
to be interested in me?
What are you talking about?
Of course I'm interested in you.
No, you're not. And that's okay.
Just thought we could be
honest about our relationship.
I don't want to feel like a fake.
Are you calling your father a fake?
Kind of.
Come here.
You blinked.
Are you fucking my wife?
How'd you know?
A woman like that doesn't leave you
unless she's climbing up the food chain.
- You didn't finish.
- No.
I am too tired to hit you.
I'm choosing the life
that I want to live, Saul.
Not haunting hotel rooms,
anonymous to the world.
I have a story and it will be heard.
- What is this?
- It's your masterpiece.
It's a list of crimes starting
with fraud, ending with assault.
It might be the best story
you've ever told.
It's yours, at least.
- What do you want?
- A clear conscience.
- That sounds expensive.
- Hm.
Truth must always come first.
It's the only thing we never had.
Hey, Provider-Dad.
Are you coming to
the 4th of July party with us?
Well, that sounds fun
but why don't you guys go ahead?
What do you mean? It's the 4th of July.
Cotton candies, candy apples, clowns.
Why don't you guys go on without me?
I'll catch up with you later.
What are you doing?
I want you to have this.
If you ever have any questions
about anything...
all the answers are in there.
How's it going, bro?
Did you have a good time?
Yeah. Everyone was very kind to me.
I want to go home now, though.
Hm. What do you say we just roll here
with the primates a little while longer?
Then we're out of here, easy-peasy.
Oh, my gosh, you must be starving, huh?
Happy fourth.
Yes, Saul.
I'd like to have a word with you.
- You're all gussied up.
- Thank you.
I had it made for a funeral.
- Can I get you anything?
- No, thank you. Are you working?
I wanted to ask you if you'd be willing...
to read my new book?
But there's a catch.
You'd be the first.
How does that sound?
I'd like that, Saul.
Is it about birds?
You tell me.
Did you finish?
He's too good for this world and...
he lives but...
he doesn't.
He needs to die
so that he can live forever.
Anything else?
I don't like what it's called.
Any suggestions?
"Give Up the Ghost."
You're not gonna go run off
some place, are you?
That's good.
That's good.
Fuck you!
- Come on, baby. Yeah. Come on.
- It's not... I'm not there. I'm sorry.
- Yeah, you can do this, right?
- I know.
Come on. Come on!
Fuck me please.
Are you getting too old, huh?
Can't get it up? Can't get it up, old man?
Come on! I need this.
What is wrong with you? Stop it.
Fuck you.
Hi, Chad.
You like to watch?
With your own eyes.
Touch me. Touch me, Chad!
You've got to be fucking kidding me.
Oh, my God, he's got a gun.
He's got a gun.
Chad has a fucking gun.
Get away from him. Leave him alone!
- Get away. Put that down!
- Get back! He has a gun!
He's got a condition, all right?
His nerves get fried.
She probably freaked him out
and he overloaded.
He's a fucking pervert.
He's jacking off in my yard.
- Stop it, you're crazy. Jay, stop it!
- Bullshit.
You want to just fucking hit me, huh?
You fucking hit me?
Don't, don't.
Ellis, stop it, you're so crazy.
Let's take a walk, Chad.
Everybody's happy.
Some fucking vacation this was.
Ellis, what the hell are you doing?
You're scaring the shit out of me.
We're broke. We got to sell the house.
We got to sell all of it 'cause I blew it,
on jewelry and private schools
and antique canoes.
I blew it all. It's gone.
This is just an illusion.
- It doesn't even exist anymore.
- Finally! No shit.
Do you think I'm fucking stupid
that I didn't know?
Excuse me for giving you
everything you ever wanted.
I went broke trying to make you happy.
Do you think any of this shit
makes me happy? Do you?
Do I look happy? I'm lost, Ellis.
I am lost in all this bullshit,
in this whole life we built together.
I don't even know
who the fuck I am anymore.
- Joey! Joey!
- He's got our daughter. Joey!
- Joey! Get back here.
- Joey, stop. Joey, stop. Get back here.
- Come back, what are you doing?
- Chad!
No, no, no! Come on. Come on.
Get away from me! Don't touch me.
Let me go. Chad!
No! No! No!
Don't leave me.
Please. Don't leave me.
I had a dream. I was as light as a bird.
A spirit flying through the air...
and I could see my home...
and my family. But then I woke up.
And I was on the ground.
When you step out of a dream,
things are never what they seem.
What you thought was real,
wasn't real at all.
Nothing is as bright or clear...
but the dream is always there.
And it gives you hope...
that one day it will return...
and if you're lucky,
you'll see your friend again.
It's so beautiful.
Some birds fly alone.
They're the ones that fly the highest,
can see the most.
They can fly so high,
that they vanish into thin air.
Like a dream.
Don't worry, Mom.
All the answers are in here.
# I'll see you in my dreams #
# And we'll dance with you holding me #
# But I know #
# Your heart will never be mine #
# Moon shines bright in the sky #
# And I see the light in your eyes #
# But I know #
# Your heart will never be mine #
# I know we're never to be, oh, dear #
# I fear my heart is lost to you #
# My dear sweet,
how madly I fell for thee #
# Now I fear my heart is lost to you #
# Your heart stole me away #
# And I dreamed of you every day #
# But I know #
# Your heart will never be mine #
# So I'll say my fare thee
well as my tears fall #
# How sadly they tell how your heart #
# Will never be mine #
# I know we're never to be, oh, dear #
# I fear my heart is lost to you #
# My dear sweet,
how madly I fell for thee #
# Now I fear my heart is lost to you #
# Yes, I fear my heart is lost #
# To you #